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    21.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Chapter 4

    [more chapters]

    CW: Smut,vaginal fingering,wing kink(?),creampie,loss of virginity,premature ejaculation

    “You’re gonna have to prepare me first”


    You lift your hips to slide your undergarments off,throwing them somewhere in the nest, “Or else It’ll hurt,you don’t wanna hurt me do you?”

    “No!” He warbles, “Never”

    You smile and lift your dress to show him your vagina, “Have you seen one of these before Kei?”

    He shakes his head,eyes fixed firmly on your pussy, “It’s cute”

    You snort and open your legs wider, “Thank you, I’m gonna show you what to do okay?”

    He watches intently as you reach down and spread your pussy for him, showing him your clenching hole, “I’m wet for you Kei”

    He swallows, “Is—is that good?”

    “ Very . Touch my clit,here” you show him the button

    He reaches out and pokes your clit harshly and you squeal

    “Sorry! Did I hurt you?”

    “No, feels good, play with it some more”

    “Like this?” He circles your clit with his thumb, your back bending the slightest bit with the hums of heat it sends up your spine. “ Yeah. It feels really good if you touch it nice. It’s very sensitive though.”

    Keigo nods. His hair is mussed up with some strands falling over his face and his wings are twitching softly at every noise you make. His free hand is palming at the bulge in his trousers,trying to find friction.

    This must’ve been scary for him. All the vulnerability of not only being bare for someone else but being bare for you .

    “And here—” you guide his hand lower to your dripping hole, “That's where your cock goes”And then, finally, he feels the heat of you against his fingers.

    The wetness of you — velvety, soft. He feels your breaths catch in his mouth as he drags his fingers through your pussy. Feels your hips buck up, little noises spilling from your mouth that are getting him drunk. His mind is buzzing; his dick is twitching in his trousers. He wants to hear more . To hear you better. So he moves forward,hovers over you so he can kiss your neck and jaw,hissing at the way your fingers dig into his shoulders

    He sinks a finger into you. Feels you suck him in, your walls dripping wet and fluttering. He gets higher on the sweet noises you make as you part around him

    “Another one Kei” you moan,high and needy

    So he obliges, sucking softly on your neck as he sinks another finger into your pussy. He can feel your walls stretching around his fingers, then clenching. You’re getting wetter with each moment that passes. Louder . And he needs you too, so badly. There’s so much precum dripping out of his dick that he’s soaked through the material. He feels like he’s harder than he’s ever been.

    Your pussy feels so good around his fingers. He’s dying to get all of this slippery heat — all of the twitching, dripping wetness of your insides — around his dick. He knows it’ll feel amazing, better than anything he’s ever felt.

    “C-curl your fingers. Up”

    He’s confused but he does so anyway and the way you arch into his chest makes his wings open. You’re gasping,body clamping down on his fingers.

    It’s amazing

    “Do you like it?” He asks against your jaw, “Am I making you feel good?”

    “So good,keep going”

    He thinks that he might not even last to fuck you — that he might cum just from listening to your soft whimpers.

    So when you reach between his legs, fumbling with his shorts between hazy gasps, he thinks that he really won’t last. Not with the way you’re taking his dick out — hard, hot and dripping — and wrapping your soft, warm hand around it. Not with the way you’re dragging the precum down it, that first wet stroke sending a shudder down his entire body. And when you start to pump your hand down his aching dick, with precum dribbling out of the tip and saturating the soft fabric of your dress, he has to grit his teeth to stop his orgasm from building

    He moans feverishly against your neck, still pumping his fingers into your pussy. He can barely focus; his head is cloudy, and his breaths are catching as he feels your soft, slick hands pump up and down his dick.

    “I want you. So bad,please” he whimpers

    “Come on” you coax him,letting go of his dick and he whines. Keigo pulls his dripping hand out of your core and watches the slick string his fingers together before hesitatingly bringing it down to smear all over his length.

    He adjusts himself quickly between your legs,trying to slip into your hole but it’s so wet, it slides away from his goal and bumps your clit

    You stifle your giggle at his annoyed pout but finally he gets it,sinking deep into you in one smooth stroke,hips meeting yours

    “Oh Keigo ” you sigh

    “Fuck…. fuck” he groans,biting his lip to try and hold off his orgasm. He’s sure if he moves he’ll cum and die from embarrassment

    But it’s just so fucking good

    He gives a few aborted thrusts and warbles loudly,wings shooting open and shivering

    You feel the liquid heat bloom up into you and moan,watching his brow pinch in worry

    “I’m—i'm sorry y/n” he mumbles against your neck

    You pull him closer and kiss the shell of his ear, “It’s okay. You’re still hard,see”

    He hisses when you clench around him

    “Can you try again?”

    He hesitates then nods,thrusting his hips more surely,the curved fat tip dragging right over your g-spot. Your combined fluids making the slide easier and disgustingly loud

    “Oh gods,it’s so good” he grunts, “You're so warm”

    You whined at the praise, falling deeper into Keigo as he ate up everything you gave him.

    His wings were stretched behind him, each word and touch sending them fluffier and wider. The canopy of scarlet ringed around the two of you.

    It was entirely impossible to focus on anything other than the other, not that either of you wanted to.

    “Fuck, Keigo,” His name was sputtered from your half-open mouth as his kisses trailed lower, sucking his own marks into your skin.

    Ownership , or something like that. Taking a bite of you to show anyone who dared to come too close that you were indeed his, and he was indeed yours.

    The pain of your nails radiated down his spine, going straight to his cock as he fucked you in earnest. Each ram of his hips brought you both closer, his feathers out and wide and fluttering to help the force of his thrusts.

    One loud moan you let out makes him pause

    “Why’d you stop?”

    “I like the sounds you’re making” he says plainly, “Also…..I want to see your boobs,please”

    You blink at him a few times, “Of course” you pull the strapless dress down your chest and free your tits,smiling at the faint wow coming from your lover

    “You have the best boobs,” he smiles,palming one gently. Your cheeks flush from the compliment, “You don’t have to ask,just do what you want”

    He starts moving again,torturously slow.You’re hyper aware of the path of his fingers while he circles your navel, tickling over your stomach and ribs and up to your breasts. He pinches at your nipple without warning and you cry out despite yourself and instinctively tighten around his dick in response to the simulation.

    you shut your eyes so you don’t have to look at that absolutely sinful expression on his face as he continues to fuck you at a brutally slow pace. Keigo shows no sign of giving up, he’s only spurred on by the squeezing of your cunt that you can’t control. He pulls you closer, nips at your ear and his tongue follows a bead of sweat running down your throat. His lips find your nipple and suddenly it’s hard to breathe, your eyes snap open and he’s just staring at you, sucking it into the heat of his mouth and you can’t stop the way you clench tight around his dick.

    “H-harder Keigo” you beg,dragging your hands up his back to the base of his wings,remembering how sensitive he was there

    “Touch my wings,fuck, please touch me ”

    You slowly circle the base of the right one,feeling the powerful muscle there before digging your fingers in the soft downy feathers

    Immediately,he holds you closer,chirping and cooing in your ear,your soft chest squashed against his own hard one

    “Keep touching me!” He growls,pounding into you faster, “M—my tail too”

    Keigo doesn’t know why he feels the overwhelming need for you to have your hands all over his body,he just knows he needs it now . And when you finally do play with his tail feathers,he cums

    And cums….

    And cums

    Shivering violently against you as he screeches in your ear something about being full of his brood

    The words send you over. Crying out for him and cumming around his still kicking cock

    He finally relaxes,panting wetly while you stroke his back

    Keigo lazily puts his hand on your abdomen ,massaging the small bulge and making you keen

    “Good mate,carrying all my seed,we’ll have beautiful eggs ”

    “Keigo,I don’t lay eggs” you chuckle breathily

    “Oh…..that’s okay. I still love you”

    You kiss his sweaty temple, “Love you too”

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    21.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Chapter 3

    [more chapters]

    CW:Monoma existing

    The spring festival is an annual event where all the creatures of the field can get together for a day of peace,love and unity

    This year,the fairies are in charge of setting up and you happen to be put on clearing duty with a fire nymph

    You watch from a safe distance as the fire nymph ignites the acre of dead woods in an inferno of red before you can wave your hands for new flora to grow. Soon the area is lush and green again,ready for the festival

    “Thank you Denki” you smile

    The nymph flashes you a thumbs up, “No problem babe. Always ready to help out the fairies”

    “So who are you going to the festival with this year?” You ask him,waving your hands and sprouting a line of roses

    “I’ve had my eye on this siren” he replies bashfully, “He’s a little rough around the edge but oh, if it doesn’t do something to me”

    You laugh, “I’m sure he’ll be happy if you ask him”

    “How about you?”

    “Me? Oh,there’s this harpy—”

    Denki squeals, “A harpy? How spicy . Tell me everything”

    You roll your eyes and grow out a wall of ivy, “He’s……A little awkward but sweet. Handsome in a mischievous,boyish way.”

    “Are his wings big?”

    “The biggest ”

    “You know what they say about big wings”

    The two of you wiggle your fingers together and squeal

    “You better reel him in,y/n. I hope you plan on snatching him up”

    You swoon, “I do”

    “Well then you better make it official tonight!” Denki shouts, “Or I will get Katsuki to rain hellfire upon you”

    “Sure Denki”

    Back at the caves,Keigo is busy doing……… his best

    He’d stuffed himself full of small birds and rodents just so he can puke up the pellets onto the floor,shaping the squishy material into hearts

    “That’s a lot of pellets” Touya notes,busy stringing together a line of feathers

    “She deserves the best” Keigo huffs,admiring his work as he lays them down to dry, “How’s the feathers coming along?”

    “Almost done,just have to put the biggest one on”

    Keigo hacks up another pellet,examining it but this one’s too small so he tosses it out of the cave

    “ What the—ew! ” A disgusted voice sounds from below making Keigo wince

    “Sorry Tenko!”

    “ You dumbfuck! Fuck you!”


    The festival starts in early afternoon and people start to come from near and far to the fields

    You’re walking with Michelle when you see a familiar blonde head and red wings half flying half jogging towards you

    “Y/n! Hi!” Keigo chirps,wings fluttering

    Michelle snorts and elbows you

    “Hi Keigo and friend” you nod at Touya

    “Touya” he nods back

    Keigo shoves his small sack in your hands, “I made these for you”

    “Oh” you smile,thank you”

    Keigo is vibrating with excitement as he watches you open the sack

    “What are these?” You hold up three dry heart shaped pieces that had flecks of bone and feathers in them

    “Pellets” he chirps


    “It’s basically just undigested food we spit out,we use it to decorate our homes” Touya explains

    Michelle gags and you smile tensely

    “Oh…..thank you Keigo”

    “You’ll put them in your nest right?” Keigo grins

    “I don’t have a nest,but I’ll put them on my shelf”

    That seems to satisfy him. The last thing in the sack is a string of red feathers

    His eyes widen as he watches you examine the gift, “This is beautiful Keigo”

    “They’re my shiniest feathers” he says proudly, “Do you accept them?”

    You glance at Touya for an explanation

    “He’s asking you to be his mate”


    “Oh my goddess” Michelle gasps, “Say yes”

    “I—wow—“ you stare at the gift

    You feel pressured with several eyes on you. Keigo is looking at you expectantly,eyes shining with hope

    Before you can answer,you’re grabbed

    “What the fuck?” Neito shouts at you, “What are you doing?”


    He sneers at the harpies and sees the gift in your hand, “What the fuck is that?”

    “Keigo gave it to me” you huff, “It’s just feathers”

    He scoffs and reaches for it but you pull away and stand closer to Keigo

    “Hand it over”



    “I said no!”

    Touya steps forward,clearly annoyed, “What’s your problem dude?”

    “My problem is you filthy harpies getting your stink all over my sister. I know what your kind really is” Neito growls, “Women snatchers and hoarders”

    Keigo snorts, “I wouldn’t know about hoarding but there’s definitely a woman I wouldn’t mind snatching up right now” he looks pointedly at you

    “Cheeky” you smack his chest lightly

    Neito sputters angrily, “I can’t believe this shit. If you want to dirty yourself up with these….. pigeons, be my guest”

    “I’m a red tailed hawk ,not a pigeon” Keigo says

    “And I’m a dove,Tenkos a pigeon though” Touya chuckles

    With one final scoff,Neito storms off,wings stiff from anger

    You all laugh at his expense before turning back to Keigo, “Sorry about him”

    “It’s fine,he’s probably just hungry”

    Touya subtly nudges Michelle with his wing,jutting his head to the side

    “Well,we’ll leave you two alone” Michelle announces

    “Yup. See you later” Touya agrees,wrapping his wing around her and saunters off

    “Well” you chuckle, putting the feathers back in the sac,

    “I like your dress” Keigo smiles

    You hold the sides of the dress, “Thank you. I made it myself”

    “Wow. You’re so talented!”

    “Shall we?”

    “M’lady” Keigo holds his hand out for you to take

    Keigo follows you around like a puppy,looking over your shoulder when you stop to talk to someone and cooing softly in your ear. He gets startled at one of the fire nymphs creating an explosion with his hands and his wings cover both of your faces as if to hide

    “Silly Birdie” you coo

    Evening falls and the fireflies come out. Keigo flicks one from his face and you squeal, “Keigo no!” You cup your hands around the bug, “I’m so sorry”

    Keigo leans forward and watches the bug straighten itself out,buzzing angrily

    “He’s sorry” you coo and it flies off, “You have to be more careful Keigo”

    His wings droop and he looks so upset “I’m sorry”

    “It’s fine. I’m not mad at you”

    It’s comical how quickly he perks up, “You’re not?”

    “No,accidents happen. Plus you’re too cute to stay mad at” you cup his cheeks and squish his face

    He stares into your eyes,getting lost in the reflection of the moon in your irises. His wings flutter, “Kiss?”

    You gasp softly, “We’re in public”

    “Then let me take you to my nest”


    He nods vigorously,shaking himself out of your hands, “I want to show you my home”

    A harpy inviting you into their home is a huge deal . It means they trust you enough to show a vulnerable space to them. It’s an honor

    “I would love to”


    Keigo's home is dark . Not like the fairy homes that has the fireflies as a source of light or lanterns

    “Sorry,I didn’t start a fire” he chirps

    “It’s alright” you cup your hands for a moment and let out glowing spores into the space

    It’s cleaner than you expected. A soft looking pile of leaves,straw and feathers with a dent in the middle lays near the far wall. Some shiny trinkets like gold nuggets and feathers line the walls and lay on the floor. It’s cozy

    “I like your home”


    You nod and walk further inside,bending down to pick one of the nuggets, “Where do you find these?”

    “Some nymphs give them as gifts when we help them with rodents. I don’t know what to do with them but they’re shiny so I keep them”

    You nod and drop it back in place and walk over to his nest

    “You like the nest?” He asks hopefully

    “Yes,it looks comfortable”

    “You should sit on it” he says plainly,catching you off guard, “Are you sure?”


    You hesitantly approach it and lower yourself down to sit,wobbling slightly, “Feels nice”

    He lets out a content chirp, “Kiss now?”

    You laugh lightly, “Sure”

    He kneels down and pushes you to lay down,mindful of your wings

    “Kiss” he breathes,leaning down until your nose touches his. He smelt strongly like a mix of fresh grass and sweet oil.

    The first kiss is gentle. He’s hesitant,pressing his lips against yours like he was scared

    But then you wrap your arms around his neck and he coos,pressing his chest further into your own. His hands slide down your thighs and tease the hem of your dress

    “ Mate ” he mutters against your lips.

    You yelp when he bends your knees,slotting his crotch against yours so he can rub against you “Mate”

    “Keigo— Ah —slow down” you push his chest until he gets up

    He coos sadly and his wings droop, “No mate”

    “No,I want to,you’re just moving to fast”

    “I’ve never done this before” he pouts, “Harpies mate for life so I’ve been saving myself”

    “Aw” you grin and squish his cheeks, “That’s so sweet. But are you sure that you want me ?”

    He nods vigorously, “Ever since I first saw you,I knew you were the one. But if you don’t want me—“

    “Keigo,I’ve known you since last spring and you’re probably the best man I’ve met. You’re smart,strong and so handsome . I’d be honoured to be your mate”

    He warbles loudly and presses his forehead against yours, “That makes me happy. You’re my new favourite thing”

    “I’m replacing the gold nuggets?”

    “They’re not as shiny as you”

    You laugh and wrap your arms around his neck again, “You're so sweet. I can’t want for you to rail me”

    “Rail?” He blinks

    “Oh,sweet boy. I’m going to ruin you ”

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    Into The Dragon’s Den (season 4)

    *Monster Movie Night*

    Evie, cuddling w/ Mal: baby

    Mal: hmm? *half sleep*

    Evie: i have a question

    Ben, leaves: i’ll get more popcorn

    Carlos: take me with you!

    Ben, slowly closing the door to the kitchen: sorry my friend but this is a journey I must do alone

    Mal, throws a pillow at him: go for it?

    Evie: do you like dragons? *running fingers through her hair*

    Audrey, trying to figure it out:..she’s a dragon

    Uma: *pats her thigh* it’s not worth it

    Carlos, banging on the door: for the love of Zeus let me in!!

    Mal, purrs in dragon: interesting question but yeah?

    Evie, grips her hair pulling her head back: good because I’m gonna be dragon this pu-[Redacted] across your face later~

    Mal, going through 50 shades of emotions: mommy?..I’m sorry…mo-..I-I mean we can go now if you want

    Ben: *comes out w/ a bowl* so! what I miss?

    Carlos, getting cuddled by Jay: fuck you traitor!!!

    #malvie#ao3 writer#descendants #i write too much #jaylos#ao3fic #i write fanfiction #blue and purple #pansexual#umaudrey#whereslonnie#benry
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    So I wanna write the prompt Flirting at Work. I'm thinking Ron and Hermione.

    But honestly, I have no idea how to write flirting. I've never flirted, I don't even get it. Help?

    I feel this is something I should know, as old as I am, but it really isn't. Like what are they even supposed to do or say?

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    The Strings that Bind Us: Ch. 11

    Day 11: alt prompt: Candy



    “The boy is watching us.” Damian complains, poking her arm to get her attention. Marinette’s head snaps up to look in the direction he was pointing. She hated being so on edge, but this was Gotham, and this was one of her boys. She wasn’t about to let him get hurt. When she sees the boy in question though, the tension falls away. 

    “That’s our neighbor, Tim.” She tells him softly, ruffling his hair gently before standing up and waving the boy over. He blushes, but walks over. “Hello Tim, how are you?” 

    “Hello again, ma’am.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly- an action she’d seen Adrien do a million times when they were younger. 

    “Are you here with your parents?” She asks, glancing around as she tries to push down the bad feeling. It wasn’t the same kind of bad as when she lost Jason, but it still wasn’t pleasant. 

    “Er, not exactly.” He says. 

    “Not exactly like they’re at the other end of the park, or not exactly as in they don’t know you’re here?” She asks, crossing her arms. She holds back a snort as she glances down and sees Damian mimicking her body language and facial expression. 

    “The second one.” Tim mumbles, his face bright red. She sighs, frowning. 

    “Sweetie, you do know Gotham is incredibly dangerous, right?” She asks. He nods. “Well Damian and I were about to go home for lunch and I don’t feel right about leaving you alone here. Wanna join us?” She asks, heart clenching as the boy’s entire face lights up. It reminded her of Adrien, how Gabriel never spent time with him, how he was deprived of love and affection for years. Seeing those same signs on Tim, she swears that it won’t go on as long as it did for Adrien. She won’t let it. 


    “Mari, love.” Bruce says. Marinette glances up from the cookies she’s helping Tim and Damian decorate, raising an eyebrow at her boyfriend. “Could I see you for just a minute?” She frowns, but nods, kissing the top of Damian’s head and ruffling Tim’s hair as she walks past them. Following Bruce out of the kitchen, she makes sure the door stays open so that she can still hear the boys. After the initial antagonizing from Damian, he’d stopped trying to hit Tim with kitchen utensils. Progress. 

    “What’s up?” She asks. Bruce raises an eyebrow. 

    “Um, we have a new child?” He says, the confusion clear on his face. She snorts. 

    “He’s not ours,” She says. Not yet. “He lives in the manor next door and we ran into him at the park. I didn’t feel comfortable letting him walk home by himself. I promised Damian candy if he let Tim ride home with us but we didn’t have any candy so we made cookies instead and-” She rambles, only stopping when kisses her. She melts into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

    “Maman, Tim stole the green sprinkles.” Damian says, barging into the room. She steps away from Bruce, moving her hand down to hold his as she turns to the youngest member of their family. 

    “Did he steal them or did you decide you wanted them after Tim picked them up?” Marinette asks, raising an eyebrow. This had already happened with the blue spoon, the red icing and the rainbow sprinkles. Damian scowls, crossing his arms. 

    “But I want them.” He says. Marinette glances at Bruce, who simply shrugs. She resists the urge to roll her eyes. This was definitely a teachable moment, and Bruce….was being Bruce.

    “Minou, remember when we talked about sharing, earlier? And how sometimes it’s okay to let other people have a turn instead of getting mad? Did you hit Tim again?” She asks, and he shakes his head. 

    “No.” He says. She searches his face for a minute before grinning widely. 

    “I’m so proud of you.” She says, letting go of Bruce’s hand so that she can scoop up Damian. He huffs, but doesn’t object as she hugs him to her. “Let’s go ask Tim for a turn with the sprinkles, okay?” She suggests, grinning as the boy nods. The only way things could be better would be if Jason and Dick were here too. 


    Once Tim’s gone home and Damian was taking a nap, Marinette decides to go sketch in the library. She wanted to try and make some new outfits for her family, even though she hadn’t designed in ages. Well, besides the logo for her cafe (a place that she felt she was never at anymore). Walking into the library, she smiles at Jason, nose stuck in a book as he sits on the window seat. He glances up, but scowls at her before looking back at his book. Ouch. 

    “Jay?” She says tentatively, stepping closer to him. He huffs and shifts so that his back is facing her. “Are you okay?” 

    “Why do you care?” He snaps, whirling around to glare at her. She flinches back. His face wasn’t angry like she expected. Instead, he looked incredibly hurt. 

    “Because, Jason, whether you believe it or not, I have always seen you as my son. I care about you, honey, and when you look so upset- it worries me.” She says, practically hugging herself as she stands a foot away from him. She wanted nothing more than to wrap him into her arms, but he’d kept her at arms length since they got back to Gotham. And she didn’t want to push him. 

    “Then why the hell did you replace me?” He yells, his voice cracking. She blinks. 

    “Replace you?” 

    “You told me, before I even agreed to come home, that you didn’t replace me. That I wasn’t replaceable. And we get back and I’m replaced with that stupid neighbor kid and the Demon Spawn, so yeah, M, I’m kinda pissed.” He rants. 

    “I didn’t replace you, Jason, I would never replace you. Damian is still little, and I know he might not have had constant supervision in the League, but he will here. He needs to be a kid. And Tim-” She stops, pursing her lips. “Jay, there are more types of abuse than physical.” 


    “He didn’t say it, not exactly. But I had a friend growing up, and everyone thought he was so perfect, even I thought that for a while. He was rich and smart, and I just knew that he had the best life.” She says, stopping and letting out a shaky breath. Adrien didn’t bother her, but this story was going to bring up Gabriel. And she wasn’t really over that yet. Didn’t think she’d ever be over that. “His father was emotionally abusive, and neglectful. He was never around and he didn’t care about Adrien’s wellbeing, just what Adrien could do for his image. Eventually, Adrien’s father was revealed to be Hawkmoth- Paris’ villain. Looking back on it, there were so many red flags. So many things that happened that someone should have seen. Someone should have read between the lines and got him out of there. But no one did.” 

    “And you think Tim is going through something similar?” Jason asks, his voice softer than it had been when they first started talking. She nods. 

    “I haven’t figured out how to see if I’m right in a legal way, yet. But until I can figure out how to get him out of that situation, I figured I could show him that people care about him for who he is, rather than what he can do for them.” She explains. Jason nods, slowly. 

    “I uh, I could help too.” He says. Marinette smiles. 

    “Only if you want to. It’s not your responsibility to fix the mistakes of adults.” She says. Jason nods. 

    “Yeah, but knowing you and B, the Replacement’s gonna be a Wayne eventually. Might as well get used to the kid.” He says. She rolls her eyes, reaching out to ruffle his hair- breath catching in her throat as he wraps his arms around her. Immediately hugging him back, she can’t help but sigh lightly. It may not be today, but they were going to be okay. All of them- her boys.

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    A Court of Whispers and Song Chapter 48 is up!

    There was a beauty in the wildness. Freedom in each labored huff from the horse.

    Did I get a chapter done on time and finish reading A Shadow in the Ember? Yes. Yes, I did. Anyway, enjoy this chapter of Valkyrie shenanigans!

    Read it on AO3

    Read it on Fanfiction.net

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    @worse0mens can you make it into a TV series? please? like GOT but wholesome

    #good omens#fanfic fanart#aziraphale#crowley#fae au#ao3fic #unsurprisingly my fav parts are azrael and the tree part of Az
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  • starillion
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    summary : Annatar reminisces the past, and his friendship with Telperinquar. Or, what he had thought it to be.

    characters : Sauron | Mairon, Celebrimbor | Telperinquar

    word count : 1,445


    The air molecules vibrate. Bright red drops of blood sprinkling onto his spotlessly white robes, Annatar frowns. Because of this, he hates having to resort to such tools, but it was his choice to sacrifice the silk. His eyes then turn to the figure hung before his eyes. Celebrimbor's body is wet with his own blood. More of the fluid drips from his blistered lips that exhale unstable breaths.

    The tip of an elaborate whip falls from his back, landing on the stone floor. Its lash is crude leather - coated silver. Silver, like the light of Tilion that wrenches its way through the small gaps amid the stone walls. Like Annatar's long fair hair flowing down to his waist. Strands of fine sterling trickles as he bends one knee. He can see up close the dark pupils of Tyelpe's eyes that stared back in.. hatred? betrayal? The Maia smiles. His hand holds the other end of the whip.

    "I did tell you that the this wasn't the best option, Tyelpe," he says in a lulling voice. A mother scolding her child. "I don't take pleasure in seeing you like this, either."

    Tyelpe coughs out blood drops - the action alone has him flinching from the pain.

    "You torture me in vain... I know not what you seek."

    Tyelpe spoke the truth. Annatar was well aware. The last smith of Eregion had no part in the concealing of the elven rings nor the initial realization of their true use. Only if he had ever managed to deceive the servants he placed near the elven lord to report any transactions outside the forges would it be possible for him to plot such a thing. And had he, Annatar is certain that already Tyelpe would have told him.

    That is not what had brought down their relationships to......to this.

    Annatar tormented his friend out of disappointment. Anger, even, that he dared to forge in secret his greatest crafts. He had thought them to have been closer. He was disappointed.

    He would rather have everything just a big misunderstanding. For unlike whatever Tyelpe had thought, or what he thinks of him now, Annatar had considered the elf more than his liege, servant, nor coworker.

    Faithfully he had passed on the skills of Aulë he knew, but the works forged from it Tyelpe had dared hide from Annatar.

    . . . . . .

    He remembers that day he first came into Eregion. It had barely been centuries since, yet it feels like a whole age had passed.

    He had planned everything - and had everything under control. A fraction of the future he had envisioned long ago danced before his eyes. Realms under the controls of the One Ring and its master - lords of men, dwarves, elves. Still of little rivalry to the might of Melkor his old master, but also of little matter to the Valar. They shall watch as the free folk of Middle-Earth be reduced to thralls of orcs and men of Sauron.

    No, it would be a surprise if they even cared at all.

    So he had believed, and so had Telperinquar welcomed him.

    But as the years went, the mind of Annatar had begun to sway. The Elven-smiths of Eregion had meant to be no more than his pawns in a game he played with Gil-galad. Dispensable after their assigned works have been finished.

    So had been Tyelpe.

    The great blood that flows in him - along the line of Fëanor the great craftsman. A bit of regret, no less would he have given to the elf if that was all. No more.

    . . . . . .

    "It seems that I'm always at the receiving side of gifts," a hand extended after a moment of hesitation. In it was a small brooch. A white gem - delicately carved and trimmed, enveloped in silver. A moonstone.

    "Not anything of great value, but I thought it might fit you well."

    His words were humble, but Annatar could sense anticipation lingering in Tyelpe's eyes. And he had every reason to. The gem was beautiful. A mysterious light entered his retina when the stars above reflected from the brooch. A few hours' worth of work, at the least. "Are you not worried that I may meet my end sooner as had been with Lúthien - whose beauty with the Silmaril was too great for Middle-Earth?"

    Tyelpe's ears reddened in understanding. "Oh I- "

    Annatar chuckled. "Apologies for the jest, my lord. It is an honor." Tyelpe finally managed a small smile as he picked up the brooch.

    The lord of Eregion visited him many times after with other gifts - big and small. During the short lapses Annatar learned, of the histories of the elven kingdoms of the first age that he had before not known, the pasts of many of the elf-lords and stories of Tyelpe. It was a feeling different from that of gathering information.

    He longed for the elf who came to him day after day. When they weren't together he waited for him outside the forges, later inside, watching him finish his work in silence. Tyelpe did little to hide his pleasure. In the form of Annatar he had felt - first in a long time - friendships of love.  At the beginning, after approaching the elves in a friendly manner, he had planned to force the makings of the rings, but now he called for a change of his design.

    Telperinquar would willingly forge him anything of demand. And Sauron would not have to kill him. A fine compromise.

    But in his mind that still was not enough. He wanted Tyelpe to craft for him, more to love him. He wanted Eregion as the fairest realm - their realm and for none to challenge it. Thus the rings he needed still. And their powers greater.

    So he had thought. And hoped. And taught Tyelpe the fashonings of his works. Until he forged the three rings and betrayed Annatar by giving it away to the elves.

    Tyelpe, we could have been lord together. Kings....! How have you betrayed me..?

    . . . . . .

    Seemingly under the bright Fëanorian lamp that lit the windowless chamber was Telperinquar alone, but not a few steps away stood Annatar, quietly watching the elf at work. Tyelpe regarded him not, and after hours of sitting there let out a small sigh as he took off his gloves.

    When he held up his hand to the blue-lit lamp, the gem in his grasp radiated. Its surface looked like a sphere, but seen up close in fact refracted light from thousands of polished slabs. Annatar exclaimed silently when he perceived that the jewel was designed so that it stored the lamp-light inside. Dazzlingly beautiful.

    Maybe... with this gem he might make the elven rings. Even as he hated having to give it away he could imagine how more beautiful it could become with adornment and magic. That, even the noble Galadriel must come to love.

    "Bravo, Tyelpe - a masterpiece," Annatar acclaimed, walking over to the light. Automatically - and as he did dozens of times before - he reaches his hand to grasp the gem, glowing azure. But Tyelpe now wraps his fingers around, almost protectively. He breathes a shivering sigh.

    "Annatar.....please, touch them not," his last word was almost buried under his shoulders, subtly shaking.

    He retrieved the awkward hand. Tyelpe turned his chair around and looked upon his friend.

    "For years you have guided me, Annatar. Under your teachings was I able to develop and make yet greater works."

    "But this... this I want unsullied by any hand other than its maker's. Such a jewel I can make again. One greater, perhaps. Let me gift that to you." I'm asking you now because I know I won't have the power to deny you later. "Up to now I have willingly submitted my works to you, for you have empowered them, and perfected my jewels. But then I realized that those were not mine anymore. At least not entirely. Please, allow me a work of my own..."

    Annatar gazed into Tyelpe's eyes. He could sense fear for a denial as answer. He enjoyed the sensation.

    "Of course," he said, rather benevolent than apologizing. "You need only have asked."

    . . . . . .

    Had he said no that day, would Tyelpe have not forged on his own the renegade three rings? Had the subtlety of Sauron's magic been infused in them, would the elves have even noticed the existence of the ruling ring?

    He fiddled with the moonstone brooch by his collarbone. A habit formed some time ago.

    "You still.... wear that," there is astonishment in Tyelpe's voice. Not disdain, not you don't deserve that.

    "Why shouldn't I?" Annatar smiles. "Is this not the token of our friendship?"

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    Blowjob- Lucifer X Mc

    Blowjob- Lucifer X Mc

    A hand discreetly brushes down the back of Mc’s back as Diavolo talks to everyone about what they were going to be doing next during another one of his sleepovers. A shiver runs down her spine as she leans gently into Lucifer, trying to not draw attention to their playful touches. The next couple of hours were filled with longing gazes across the room, fleeting touches when they were able to get close enough, and even the occasional glare (pout) from Lucifer when one of his brothers got too close to Mc. Finally as the night was winding down and most groups were going their own way, leaving them with some private time.

    Walking through the halls of the castle, Lucifer grasps Mc’s hand, suddenly pulling her into a vacant room. The door shuts behind them with a click before he presses her against the door, crashing his lips into hers in a passionate kiss. A moan escapes Mc’s lips, parting to let his tongue slip in as he deepens the kiss. Mc’s fingers thread though his raven hair as she presses her body into his warmth, a whimper escaping her lips as he bites down on her bottom lip before trailing down her neck to bite into her pulse.

    A curse leaves her lips as her mouth drops from the sensation of his lips on her sensitive skin as a leg wraps around his waist in desperation.

    A low chuckle rumbles through his chest, “Keep it down, Love. Don’t want us to be caught now do you,” He teases against her skin, the action making her walls clench with need.

    Mc brings his head back up to steal a kiss from him as his hand comes up to grope her chest though her shirt, brushing against the clothed hard bud as he kisses her breathless. Mc’s hand goes down to grope his clothed erection, the feel of how hard he was already making her weak in the knees.

    Lucifer pulls away with a hum, “Do you want this,” He questions as he takes Mc’s hand to grip his cock tightly, making her pump it the way he wanted her too.

    Mc nods as she bites her bottom lip, her mouth watering at his actions as she unzips his pants to release his cock for her to fondle. She pulls it out, enjoying the way it throbbed in her hand as she slowly stroked it without taking her eyes away from him. Stroking him with a steady pace she enjoyed the feel of how hot and ready he was in her hands, his precum slicking up his cock as she continued her menstruation before getting down on her knees in front of him. Without breaking eye contact, Mc let's her tongue glide up the underneath of his cock before taking him in her mouth with a hum. Mc flattens her touge as she takes him to the back of her throat, the feel of him twitching inside her mouth making her cunt ache, his hand coming to thread into her hair as she bobs her head on his cock.

    “You’re such a good girl for me,” Lucifer pants as he watches her with hooded eyes, the sight of her happily devouring his cock making it hard not to throw caution and plow into her mouth.

    Pushing her head all the way down on his cock and holding it there with a moan brings a visible shutter from Lucifer as she swirls her tongue on her way back up. Lucifer's mouth drops open as she continues to work his head with one hand pumping his base and the other massaging his balls. Grunts and praises fall from Lucifer's lips as he thrust up into the warmth of her mouth, the sensation driving him closer over the edge as Mc’s mouth works its magic. Mc feels his cock pulse and swell inside her mouth as she pushes it to the back of her throat, reveling in the feeling of his hand tightening in her hair and the moan that was pulled from his lips. The feeling of him cuming hard in the back of her throat causes a shutter to run up her spine as Mc makes a show of swallowing every last drop, pumping his cock to make sure she gets everything before pulling off with a lewd plop.

    Mc gets pulled to her feet for a kiss as Lucifer reaches between her legs, “Let me repay the favor, Love.”

    #obey me shall we date #smut#kinktober#kinktober 2021#lemon#ao3fic#obey me#ao3 link#ns/ft #obey me lucifer #obey me lucifer x mc #obey me smut #obey me fanfic #obey me x mc
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    ✨chapter 7 out now✨

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  • bau--fics
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    Trigger/content warnings: Kidnapping, death, mentions of blood (non-descriptive) Relationships: Spencer Reid x Maeve Donovan Spoilers: Season 8, episode 12: "Zugzwang" Prompt: "Apologizing before they pass out" Word count: 1062 Summary: An alternate ending to zugzwang

    zug·zwang noun a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one's turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage.

    From the minute that he'd answered the phone in the park, he knew this wouldn't end well. And yet, adrenaline continued to pump through his veins, taking him a step closer to a sight he'd never wanted to see. His hands shook and his face was desperate, but his voice managed to keep an ounce of calm.

    "Diane, Diane," Spencer began. He sounded as if he was pleading for his own life, when in reality, it was the complete opposite. "There's still a way out of this-"

    Diane's sharp voice cut him off. "You never wanted me. Never! You lied!" She yelled. Maeve's eyes widened with fright as she felt the arm around her tighten and the gun dig into the skin of her neck.

    "I didn't. Diane, I offered you a deal and you can still take it." His eyes pleaded, switching between Diane and Maeve as if that would give just the slightest chance of her letting his love go. "Me for her. Let me take her place."

    How could someone love another so much that he'd die for them, yet her parents couldn't even seem to stay alive for her? "You would do that?"


    "You would kill yourself for her?"


    That type of love was far from anything that Diane could fathom, yet she wanted to destroy it nonetheless.

    She let her arm lower, removing the gun from where it pressed ever so harshly against Maeve's neck. As soon as Diane's grip loosened, she ran free, taking a spot standing behind Spencer. Even when an agent behind her told her to go, she didn't budge.

    "Maeve, go." The tears in his eyes as he turned to meet hers held a mix of emotion. Maeve would live. But, he knew full well that meant that he wouldn't. He would never get to see the smile that she gave him before leaving with Blake again. He'd never get to call his mom again. There were so many things that he'd never do again, but that was okay. Maeve would live.

    He didn't want to die. Although it was bountyless, he attempted to offer a government deal again.

    The only thing that Hotch and Morgan could do was watch in horror as Diane drew her gun again. Unknowingly, Reid had positioned himself in such a way that neither of the agents could get a clear shot of her without moving. If they moved, he died. He would die anyways.


    Two of the agents ran as the third fell to the floor.


    Hotch shot while Derek slid his gun into his holster. Without a care for his own safety, he'd ran to his friend.

    "C'mon Reid, Reid, stay with me, man." A tear rolled down his cheek as he watched Spencer's hazy eyes drift somewhere between in and out of consciousness. One arm cradled his neck, his hand cupping his cheek, while his other applied pressure to the wound on his chest. He knew it wouldn't do much- there was already too much blood- but if there was any chance at saving his friend, Morgan would take it.

    His vision was blurry and spotted, and nothing seemed to focus. "Morgan?" His voice weak and somewhat raspy, but calm overall. There was no hint of panic or pain that's expected in a dying person's tone.

    "Yeah. Yeah, it's me, Spencer." A relieved smile appeared on his sorrowful face. He may be weak, but he wasn't dead.

    "I don't think you've ever called me 'Spencer'," he remarked. Given the other's silence, he added, "I guess there really is a first time for everything." The two laughed for a moment, despite how painful it was on Spencer's part. It was soon interrupted by a few heavy yet frail coughs, bringing blood from his throat. The young doctor lifted his trembling hand to wipe the crimson that dripped from the corner of his mouth, then rested it atop Morgan's hand. "Is Maeve okay?"

    He nodded softly, but quickly realized that he probably couldn't have seen it when he repeated his question. "Yes, she's just outside." This news brought him a relieved smile as he closed his eyes. "No, no, no. I'm not gonna lose you. C'mon, Pretty Boy."

    "I'm still here," he muttered, "just tired." Spencer leaned into Derek's hand while gently rubbing his thumb over the other. "Maybe I'll finally get some sleep," he joked. It pulled a sad laugh from Morgan, but he was right, no matter if he lived or died. Reid took a moment to rest like that, almost as if he'd need some energy to get back up. But he knew that wouldn't happen. A slightly familiar cooling sensation washed over him, causing him to shiver oh so slightly. "Morgan, can you do something for me?"


    Spencer sighed, looking to Derek hoping that he'd meet his eyes. "Tell Maeve that I love her." His voice waivered while tears slipped down his cheeks. He'd hoped he would've been the one to tell her, but he had to know that someone would.

    "No, no," he shook his head as he talked. "You'll be able to tell her that yourself."

    "But you said that she's okay..?"

    Spencer watched the droplet roll down his friend's face, mesmerized by the way it glistened in the dull light. He wanted to reach up and wipe it, reassure him that things would be okay, but he couldn't. His limbs felt so heavy, so instead, he gave Morgan's hand a squeeze. "I'm sorry," he rasped.

    "No, kid, hang on. There's medics on the way."

    He admired the hope that his friend had. If only things could work out the way Derek wanted them to. He gave a sad smile while helplessness and fear swam in his eyes. "I'm so sorry."

    "It's okay, kid. Everything's going to be alright." Spencer nodded, gently pulling Morgan's hand away from his chest and clutching it with both of his own. A weak cough escaped him as he closed his eyes, still clinging on to his friend for dear life.

    When Morgan repeated that phrase, it was only to himself. Spencer's smile had softened, eyelids stopped fluttering, and heavy breathing came to an end. He couldn't help but cry; he seemed so peaceful, and the only time he'd ever looked like that was in death.

    "Everything's going to be alright."

    "Sometimes all you need in life is someone to wrap their arms around you, hold you tight, and tell you that everything's going to be alright." -Anonymous

    A/N: Originally posted to my Ao3 on 4/5/21

    #spencer and maeve deserved love #maeve donovan lives #but at what cost #criminal minds#spencer reid#fanfic#fanfiction#ao3fic #criminal minds fanfiction #spencer reid fic #derek morgan#maeve donovan#whumpblr#whump fic#whump#whump writing#alternate universe#alternate ending
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    Double Pump Bargain || Explicit || 504 words

    Author: allmystars

    Sneaking into Costco after hours for a blow Job from your boyfriend is all fun and games until your O-face gets posted on a life-time ban poster for the world to see.

    Link to Fic

    Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Tags: Suptober Day 19: Eighty-Sixed. Semi-public blowjob, trespassing, caught, banned for life, Costco, smut.

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    words ╱ 4.6k

    warnings ╱ public sex, skater toji, violence, oral (m.receiving), vulgar language, minor mention of blood, mention of knives, spanking, choking, slight nipple play, cockwarming, fist fighting, alcoholism.

    note ╱ I really liked writing this one. it’s a little lengthy but y’all gonna read it regardless. there’s a lot of humor in here so enjoy! oh, this is lowkey inspired by the song hearts & wires by deftones.

    BLOOD. It's seeped into the pearl white T-shirt of the man walking down the hall past you, dripping from his mouth, the look in his eyes careless as he held onto the strap of his book bag on his shoulder. To this day it felt like you were seeing him in slow motion. You could still hear how fast your heart paced, the intense eye contact between you two, your sneakers squeaking against the high school floors, hallway empty other than you and him—and the principal beside him.

    His other hand was buried into his jean pockets, strolling with his chin up as if he wasn't phased by his injury, like he barely felt it. The dark-haired man burned his green eyes into you, side-eyeing you and your skimpy cheerleader uniform, wanting to smirk at how entranced you were by him but couldn't given the pain on his face. For some reason you wanted so badly to ask if he was okay. Clearly, he wasn't. The man had just been in a brutal fight where some kid cut the side of his mouth with a switchblade. This you found out later in the day at lunch. People wouldn't stop talking about it. Fushiguro, they called him. It was only his last name, simply because that's all people would refer to him as.

    There was no explanation for your sudden infatuation for him. It was nonsensical. You never felt anything like that before, and you've only looked at him for literally no more than ten seconds. It was even more intense the moment you walked past each other, both of you looked back to catch another gaze for a few seconds, only you were too stunned, eyes widening and quickly whirling your head back around. He was suspended. Why? He wasn't even the one to start the fight. Since he had a reputation, it was easy for the school to see him as the bad apple. You actually despised the fact that the culprit who started the brawl was back in school only a week after while Fushiguro remained absent.

    I want to see him again. He's all you could think about. This town wasn't too big, so it's odd that you haven't gotten even a glimpse of him the entire two weeks he's been gone. Not while walking the streets, not the mall where every teenager in town visited—then again he didn't seem like the type to do that. Not the smoke shop you worked at part time—nothing.

    Friday comes around and you’re stuck at work, the usual. Since the tattoo shop you worked at didn’t close until 2AM, your manager decided to let you out an hour early just to rest up for the weekend, thankfully off. For some odd reason, you weren’t tired, even after working a full week on top of dealing with senior projects and mastering cheer routines. Balling the plaid black and white flannel your hands created sweater paws with tighter in your fist, you scroll peacefully down the sidewalks looking at the pretty city lights, blasting rock music until coming into view with an overnight bodega, wanting a few snacks for the night since you knew you were going to be up reading on your phone until possibly five in the morning.

    You’re greeted by the owner, smiling and waving, making sure to turn down your music to listen in on your surroundings. Grabbing mostly chips and Slim Jim’s, you hold all of your junk to your chest while making your way over to the refrigerators, needing a real drink since you haven’t had one since Jesus invented the calendar. Trailing your fingers across the cool cans, you scrunch your face up at any Budweiser, Yards, or Bud light. Beer? Hell no. Soju sounded more like it. As you go to reach for one, you catch a glimpse at a buff man at the front counter; midnight hair, all black clothing, skater Vans, and ironically, a skateboard clutched between his right underarm hand. His items are being rung up, but you can’t stop staring, squinting your eyes knowingly towards the stranger. Why does he look so familiar?

    “See you around, Fushiguro,” the man waves off, your eyes widening at the name, nearly tripping over a rack full of peanuts as you watch him nod once and exit the store, seeing the side of his face where his recent scar laid.

    He’s already out the store, and you rush to the counter, checking out after having to show your ID for the Soju, saying goodnight as you snatch the clear plastic bag with a ‘thanks!’ and rush towards the mysterious man halfway down the block. He has his AirPods in, so he doesn’t hear how loud you’re breathing or the thuds of your sneakers hitting the gravel. You practically bunny hop beside him making the insanely hug man jump a little, thick brows scrunching with annoyance at the inconvenience beside him. He pauses his music, never stopping his tracks as he continues to walk with you beside him.

    “Hey stranger,” you cheekily grin.

    “Hey,” his voice is gruff, slightly scratchy. You clear your throat, ignoring the whiplash you were just given. “What are you doing out this late? Pretty girls should be home around this time. It’s not safe.”

    Wow, protective already. You raise your brows at his sentence, slightly shocked he didn’t tell you to fuck off—at least with that wording. Wait, he called me pretty?!

    “Pretty girls have adult responsibilities. I just got off of work. Besides, shouldn’t reckless teenagers be on house arrest around this time?”

    He ignores you, so you come up with something else. “How’s your scar?”

    “It’s a scar,” he sighs.

    “When will you be back in school?”

    “Not sure.”

    “In my opinion, I think that jackass dick sucker should get his shit kicked in. What fucktard cuts someone in the face?”

    The man stops abruptly, causing you to let out an ‘oof’ as you bump into his side, the man giving you zero attention as he drops his skateboard on the ground to use, stepping onto it and begins to stroll away.

    You drop your mouth open. “Rude!”

    “Why are you talking to me?” He doesn’t even have to yell, his voice is deep enough for you to still hear him. Huffing, you jog towards him, trying your best to keep up with him.

    “I like you!” You groan, irritated that he was being so ignorant, and that he was making you run in a goddamn skirt.

    Fushiguro laughs, and the reaction stuns you, as if he wasn’t capable of such an action. “You don’t know me. We go to the same school, that doesn’t make us friends.”

    “I’d like to be your friend, though, asshole.”

    “I don’t need any friends.”

    “A girlfr—”

    “No,” he shuts down sternly, stopping at a walkway, looking both ways before crossing the street. You roll your eyes, chewing your inner cheek when you notice he’s heading to a skate park just across the road, dark and empty, a few street lights illuminating just enough light for him to see the cemented ramps.

    Like he’s getting away from talking to me that easily. You let a car pass by before rushing behind the muscular man, Fushiguro seeing your presence once more and releasing an exasperated sigh. He just wanted to be alone.

    "Guessing 'no' isn't in your vocabulary," he scowls, taking a seat at the edge of a ramp.

    "No," you say, a cocky smile following.

    He scoffs, digging into his grocery bag for a pack of skittles and a green apple flavored vape pen, laying on his back on the gravel to stare up at the moon, blowing out the vapor he sucked into his mouth. You pout your lips, taking a seat next to him, reaching into your bag for your Soju, knocking a few sips down in silence.

    "What's your deal?"

       "I just find you interesting."

       "No one talks to me. So why are you?"

       "Not even pretty girls like me?" Biting your lip, you scan over his face, and it remains the same; stagnant. "I know there's women bowing at your feet to fuck you."

       Toji rolls his eyes, a habit. "Whoever I fuck is none of your concern."

       "So he's not a virgin, duly noted," you whisper to yourself.


       "[Your Name]"

       "Cute," is all he says before standing to his feet, taking one more puff out of his pen before grabbing his skateboard and positioning it on the ledge of the ramp, steadily dropping his foot and falling down. You watch him with fascination as he skates, laying your chin in your palms with your elbows on your knees, leaning in like an attentive child. He looked so pretty under the moonlight.

       This daydream ends when you notice a group of four men far behind bushes, titling your head to see them clearly. One of them, lanky with shoulder-length blonde hair, is seen handing the person before him a clear bag with tablets in them, and in return, gets cash. They're dealing drugs. Minding your business, you turn your attention back to Fushiguro whom notices this, and easily you can see the anger flash in his eyes as he jumps off his skateboard and lands on his feet beside you. It's not until the group of three approaches the two of you that you see why he's mad.

       The guy dealing drugs just so happened to be R, aka the asshole who slashed his face. He stalks closer with a nasty laugh, clicking his tongue as he keeps mainly his attention on the big man beside you. "Fushiguro!"

       "Toji," he corrects, not fond of people using his last name. Toji, you repeat in your head. Hot.

       "Good to see you all healed."

       "Healed is an understatement."

       Aw shit, you just know some shit is going down. You gather yourself, standing nearby but not too far behind him.

       "The fuck do you want?" Toji snarls, and you swallow your own lips, barricading an inappropriate sound.

       R holds up a few clear zip lock bags stashed with drugs from his hoodie pocket, jangling them with a grin. "Selling the goods. Do you want some? Ohh, wait. That's rude of me, I forgot you lived in a household full of mentally unstable people who feen for drugs."

       You couldn't help but fix your posture and stand in front of Toji before he beat the asshole to a pulp. By all means, don't hesitate. But, you wanted your turn first. Toji doesn't allow it to phase him, since he's heard similar things a million times. What's funny is that this kid barely knows him, yet he seemed to acquire so much intel on his life.

       "Watch your fucking mouth," you seethe, face close to his and fists balled up. "Before I cut your tongue out, then what will you have to talk shit?"

       "Out the way, bitch," R snarls, his hand wrapping tightly around your arm to yanking you to the side. "None of this has to do with you."

       Murder could sum up the stone cold stare in Toji's eyes, the man inhaling before kicking his skateboard away, emerging forward with his head slightly cocked to the side. Until you make this direct back to you by standing back in between again, scowling up at R who's ready to strike you this time, but, doesn't have the chance as you ball your fist and punch him hard across his jaw, not once either. The second hit is an uppercut. Then comes the finale; kneeing him in the dick where he stumbles to the ground with a strained grunt.

      Toji stares down at the back of your head with an impressed raise of his brow, an ounce of his anger sufficing.

       "Last thing I am is a bitch. I'll fuck you up if you say some stupid shit like that to me again. The fuck," you're not even half done, marching forward until Toji grabs your forearm and stops you, whipping your head around to catch his gaze, telling you to chill out without saying it. Really, he's amused. But this isn't your fight.

       He crosses around you, crouching down to R's level, latching his hand around his collar and dragging him to his feet without any emotion implanted on his face. It's all in his eyes. He's pissed that he insulted you. Furious that he scarred his perfectly imperfect face. The nerve.

       "The only reason you're alive is because I couldn't kill you on school grounds. Don't think you're getting away so easily after what you did to my fucking face."

       Punch. The hit is so hard it makes you jump, practically hearing the bones in R's nose crack as Toji hits him again, and again, again. All in his face to make a point. He's bleeding excessively, his so called 'friends' waiting until he's half beaten to try in step in.

        "Step back unless you wanna get fucked up next," he points, voice ravenous, making the two men freeze nervously. You shift in your spot, pushing back the acknowledgment of dampness between your legs.

    "Like I was saying," Toji sniffs, ducking when R makes a lousy attempt at throwing a punch, Toji grabbing his wrist, balling it in his palm as if it were a piece of paper, twisting his arm as R screams. Toji pins it behind his back, shoving him down on the ground where he then presses his right shoe on the side of his bruised face. "Don't look so tough without your knife now, huh? You're stupid to even try that on someone you just met. You don't know me. You don't know where the fuck I'm from."

       "Fuck. You," he spits out blood over Toji's Vans. You hold a hand over your heart dramatically, upset about him ruining his shoe. Not so much about the fact that he's brutally assaulting a sophomore, a kid. A kid whose also old enough to know right from wrong. He stepped into the wrong territory like an adult, so now, he'll get his ass whopped like one. He's lucky Toji didn't press charges.

       Should I kill him? He wanted too, badly. The kid ruined his face, a scar impossible of fading into nothingness. It's there for life. He's an idiot kid. Besides, he couldn't traumatize you like that. Actually, he's scared you've seen worse. Sighing, he picks the boy up once again and shoves him in the arms of his friends who weakly support him. R's sight is barely there, heaving over the gravel. 

       "I advise you not to cross my path, since I'm back in school tomorrow."

    You gasp, catching everyone's attention. "You are?! Oh my god."

    Toji's eyes widen the moment you squeal happily and jump into his arms, wrapping your legs around him. He's stuck, hands instinctively going to your waist, watching one of the guys before him turn beet red and quickly divert his attention to a tree. Toji now realizes your skirt is riding up your ass, rolling his eyes and turning the other way, setting you down and tugging it back in its position with a clench of his jaw.

    R stands from his feet, shoving away his friends and holding his gushing nose while staring dead at his partner who was beginning to grow a boner. He scoffs, disgusted. "Tomato, quit acting like you don't jerk off to porn every week. It's just an ass."

    "A nice one," the other says, boldly.

    Toji folds his arms across his chest, you mocking him by doing the same, waiting for the group to disperse. R, their wonderful leader, steps up to Toji who ups his chin, ready to clock him, as if what he had gotten wasn't enough.

    "This isn't over."

    "Yeah, they all say that. Just make sure you take that advice seriously if you'd like to see another day," Toji grits his teeth, R holding back his tongue, letting out a small 'tsk' before stumbling off with his posse.

    "Bitch ass—" you mumble.

    "Enough," he snaps his finger in your face. You swallow, his hard stare and sudden closeness makes your stomach do backflips. Fuck, he's so hot. "You're stupid for attacking him. He could've hurt you."

    "Stupid for standing up for myself? Nah. As for him hurting me? You wouldn't have let that happen."

    "Said?" He sassed.

    "I can see it in your eyes," Toji's eyes divert to your plush lips, watching you move closer until you're chest to chest, feeling your hardened nipples graze him through your lace crop top. "You want me, therefore, you gotta keep your prize clean."

    The sound of a switchblade catches him off guard, seeing you pull the weapon from your back, grabbing the bottom of your skirt and shredding off a long piece straight across.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Your knuckles are bleeding," you say, tucking the blade away before grabbing his hand which he's stubborn on releasing strength before finally relaxing his hand, letting you bandage it. When you lower your lips to his palm, he feels his chest warm up, your teeth locking onto a piece of the fabric to pull the knot you made tighter. "All done."

       You stroll away from him, taking a seat in your original position, Soju and his skittles in your hand.

       "Hey, didn't you but your own shit?" He growls, stomping near you, the barbaric man so intriguing to toy with. He snatches them from you, sitting down and popping some into his mouth.

       "Share atleast." You pout.

       He sighs. "Hold out your palm."

       Giddy, you do as he says, Toji pouring the contents into your hand, swinging your legs as you happily enjoy them. 



    "It's what you said earlier. That I have to keep my prize clean. Is that your way of saying you're rewarding me?"

    "I think you're a cool ass person underneath that cold," you poke his chest. "quiet exterior. I salute you for not taking shit from so many people that look at you like a threat instead of a person. Maybe I'm exaggerating, maybe I'm delusional, but—I feel like I see myself in you. Or at-least the person I'm trying to become."

    "Vacant?" He jokes.

    "Admirable," you correct with a tiny smile, Toji blinking. Finishing your Soju and tossing your head back, you hum contently from the feel of nighttime breeze. "From what I've heard, you deal with a lot, so I admire you for still being you aside from, you know, bullshit."

    "That was sweet, I'm disgusted."

    You hit his shoulder, sucking your teeth as he laughs wholeheartedly. He sits up, emerald eyes hunting you like prey as you run your fingers through his straight hair, leaning closer to press a gentle kiss to his healing scar.

    "I'll kill him for this," you fume silently, highly upset that a human being could do this to another. You knew it hurt like hell that day, he just didn't want to show it.

    "It's nice to have someone care, I've never had that."

    "Me neither," those single pecks of kisses turn into multiple, the alcohol in your system giving you the balls to direct the situation, holding his face still in both your hands before gently kissing him. "Let's care for each other."

    Toji grabs the back of your neck and pulls you in, opening his mouth to slip his tongue over yours, moaning through the pain on his face and deepening the kiss, free hand groping your ass over the thin black skirt you wore, thighs covered in fishnet stockings. You exhale, disconnecting your lips, licking them to relinquish the taste of him, desire fueling you completely. You sit on your knees, ignoring the pain of the concrete, deciding to shrug off your flannel and bundle it up beneath you; substitute for a pillow.

    He's gawking at you like a hawk, groaning as you trail your lips over his neck, kissing, sucking, all while unzipping his jeans and pulling his heavy cock out, brick hard for a good minute now. It rose when you told him you'd kill R just for cutting his face. Couldn't help it.

    "Been thinkin' about you all week," your head lowers, and his skin prickles with heat the moment those full lips encase his cock. You whimper with satisfaction before wrapping your dainty fingers around, barely fitting.

    "Me fuckin' too," his jaw drops, tossing his head back while leading his hand to your head to gently guide you, hissing once he easily hits the back of your throat that compresses around him salaciously. He hasn't gotten head in a while, almost forgot how good it felt. So much better than his hand. You moan from the approval, gyrating your hips in the air after feeling how soaked you were. Your head bobs and your lips glide to his exact desire.

    His thigh twitches the more you gag or swallow him down, a lewd pop sounding the empty park as you kiss along the underside where a prominent vein pulsates, sensually kissing at his tip, slicking the point of your tongue between his slit which makes him gasp, the sensation ticklish. You took pleasure in giving men head, making you drunk off it every time.

       "Ooh, fuck," Toji throws his head back, slowly thrusting up into your mouth, hearing him hit into your throat, pupils flipping white. You moan when he whispers 'baby' or whimpers out a 'stay here' before holding your head down for a second or two, keeping that warmth around his cock a little longer, letting you go and to his surprise, not coughing.

    You leave your tongue to drool over his tip, licking your swollen lips before hiking up your skirt, Toji holding the back of your thighs as you arch above him, chest in his face, gasping as he latches his mouth over your nipple through your shirt, tearing open your stockings, imbedding his fingers into your skin, so fucking soft it makes his dick jump. You smelt nice, you looked pretty, you made him feel good—a prize indeed.

      Arching your back, you keep your left knee to the ground while your right foot remains flat, leg bent as you lift your ass and slick your entrance over his timid head, biting hard on your lower lip as you sink yourself down, clenching tight. The burn is pleasurable, so fucking thick you weren't sure if he'd even fit.

       "You can do it, be gracious. Aren’t you rewarding me?”Toji drags his teeth over your neck, behind your ear, clasping your hair once again. He's right, you totally can. It's just been a while since you've had anything remotely close to his size. You slowly work your hips to accommodate him, shuttering the lower you reach, taking a minute until he's somewhat in.

    "Feel that? How deep I am?" He taunts, hands gripping your hips to sink you down entirely, closing his eyes in bliss. You cry out.

    Toji finds it amusing that you’re so fussy and talkative while engaging in conversation, but when he’s smacking your ass and grunting by your ear each time you drop your ass down onto his jean covered thighs, grinding on his cock pruriently, you’re not much of a shit talker. Instead, you’re sensitive, extremely. He rushes his fingers over your clit; you’re crying. He pulls your hair; you’re whimpering. He tongues your nipples over your top; you’re screaming. He couldn’t think properly. He’s done this plenty of times, many women. With you, it’s different. Is it because there’s an actual connection? He’s fond of you. How the fuck was that possible after being in your presence for only two hours?

    “Yes, yes, yes,” the deluge of whines makes the black haired man spellbound. Your nails are forming crescents into his shoulders the faster you bounce, the two of your breaths mingling in the air, panting quicker.

    “Fuh—fuck,” Toji’s brows curl, paying close attention to the lecherous noise of your pussy taking him, dropping down his lower half like a faucet. “I'm getting fucking close.”

    “Fuck me back,” you plead, shifting forward as a way of telling him to lay down. He sighs shakily, your voice so goddamn venereal it’s killing him. He tells you not to stop, laying on the gravel and bending one of his legs he uses to push up into you, getting rougher, bruising your flesh as he fucks you hard until you salivate, tongue sticking out and pupils scrolling back into your skull.

    "Good girl, cum for me," he hovers his hand inches away from your ass before hitting you over and over, your small hands compared to his balling up the black shirt on his chest, hips buckling and downright filthy moans leaving your throat as you cum to his command.

    “The hell are you kids doing!” A flashlight shines over the two of your faces, and you swear your heart falls to your ass. It’s a cop. Shit. Gasping, you hide you hop off of him without hurting him, Toji laughing as the two of you scramble to gather yourselves.

    “Go, go!” You yell, yanking his arm as you both run out of the park, Toji being sure to snatch up his skateboard, leaving everything else behind. Sprinting, the two of you rush past bushes, cars, and streets until you come in contact with a dark alleyway.

    “Fuck, we got caught,” you laugh as you check the corner of the graffitied passageway in search for the cop you’re almost sure didn’t have the patience to chase either one of you.

    A rough hand grabs onto your cheek, turning your gaze back to him, eyes sparkling under the dimly lit street lights. A solemn looks paints his features, fingers digging into your cheeks to make your lips pout. He traces his thumb over them, and you can tell what he wanted, reading him so well. He pushes you down to crouch before him, snagging your hair to lock you still while pulling his aching cock back out. By docility, you spread your lips apart, welcoming him with pride. He wastes no time, sliding his dick as deep as he desired and pounding until he’s satiated. Keeping that hand in your hair, the other resides below your chin, cupping it gently while fucking your mouth savagely.

    “Yes, baby. Fuck,” he’s spent, knees bending as he cums with a breathy moan, head resting on the wall behind your body. It’s a lot since he’s still sailing through his orgasm, slowly rolling his hips. You fall back, gulping before sucking him clean, making sure to hollow your cheeks, giggling when he whines. He’s glaring down at you, always, dark hair dismantled over his forehead. You kiss his tip, licking your lips before tucking him back into his jeans and zipping him up.

    Toji helps you to your feet, wrapping his hand around your neck before kissing you tenderly, melting in his hold.

    “Good girl,” he slips his tongue in your mouth, squeezing any part of you he liked. Everywhere, basically.

    Good girl. It has you throbbing all over again. His praises felt warm. Made you feel submissive, small, obedient.

    “Wanna come to my house?”

    Toji nods, smiling shyly. “Sure.”

    “Can I Tony Hawk my way there?!” You ask excitedly.

    Toji raises his brow, shrugging with a chuckle. “Okay?”

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    The Strings that Bind Us: Ch. 10



    Walking into the Batcave, baby monitor in one hand and a plate of cookies in the other, Marinette can’t help but smile softly at the sight in front of her. Immediately after Bruce’s revelation about the DNA test, Marinette had called Dick. He’d been reluctant to swing by, he hadn’t stopped by since right after the funeral, but now it didn’t look like he had any intentions of leaving. He was practically attached to Jason’s side. And as much as Jason was griping about it, she could tell by his small smile that he was secretly pleased. She tries not to flinch at the small flash of red in his hair. It was weird seeing Tikki flying around again. But they had insisted that they needed to be out to help Jason. Apparently, there was some intense negative magic stuck to her son, and Tikki was determined to coax it out in a way that wouldn’t hurt Jason.

    “Damian’s asleep in our room.” She says, shooting Bruce a small smile as she sets the cookies down in front of her boys. She ruffles Dick’s hair gently, knowing that he was still struggling with the whole ‘Jason is back’ thing.

    “What’s that?” Dick asks, nodding at the baby monitor. She knew that Damian was definitely too old to actually need them to use a baby monitor, but she also didn’t want him waking up alone in a new place. Especially since they were all in the cave.

    “A baby monitor, Alfred had one. I’d say I’m surprised, but knowing you boys, it’d be more surprising if he didn’t have one.” She teases, walking over and leaning against Bruce. He immediately wraps his arms around her and she sighs, content with this little bit of peace.

    “Baby monitor? There something you’re not telling us, B?” Dick asks with a grin. Marinette turns to her boyfriend, raising an eyebrow at the expression on his face. Before she can ask him about it, there’s a loud beep and everyone turns to the screen. DNA match found. She feels Bruce tense beside her.

    “Congrats, it’s a bouncing baby assassin.” Jason snarks, whacking Dick’s hand away as he goes to flick him. Tikki sticks their head out and looks longingly at the cookies. Rolling her eyes fondly, she moves away from Bruce to grab a cookie for her oldest friend. They scoot forward so that they can eat the cookie without dropping crumbs into Jason’s hair.

    “M?” Bruce says, his voice soft and unsure. She turns, frowning at how worried and unsure he looks.

    “You okay?” She asks softly, watching as the majority of his face stays blank while his eyes rush through several emotions. “Bruce.”

    “Are you mad?” He asks, and she snorts before shaking her head, uncontrollable laughing at the idea. Why would she be?

    “Why would I be mad? I was terrified that that woman was going to come and try to take him back. I’ve only known him for a day, but I would raise hell for that kid. He deserves the chance to be a kid, and now he can be!” She rambles, pausing as her more rational thoughts catch up with her. “Unless you think he would be safer elsewhere.” She says, hoping her face doesn’t show how much she truly hates that idea. Instead, she squeals in surprise as she’s picked up and spun around before he’s kissing her so deeply, she has to clutch his arms to keep standing. Bruce pulls back, but keeps his forehead against hers. She blinks, vaguely aware of the boys complaining in the background.

    “I love you.” He says simply, no other explanation given. She smiles and kisses him softly.

    “I love you too.”


    “Marinette?” Damian says, looking up from the sketchbook he was drawing in. Marinette hums in response, not glancing up from her crocheting. She’d made blankets for the other two boys months ago, and had started on Damian’s after figuring out what colors he preferred.

    “Where does Father go at night?” He asks, and she immediately stops crocheting, turning her full attention to the youngest member of the family. Sure, he was young (three and a half) but all he’d ever known was the League of Assassins. Where observation skills were just as important as weapons training. Damn that organization and its insistence of weaponizing children. They were lucky her boyfriend had a strict ‘no killing’ policy (not that she would listen to that policy if she ever saw the Joker in person).

    “He has a second job.” She says, carefully. She didn’t want to lie to him, but it wasn’t up to her when he would learn about the whole ‘Batman’ thing. Sure, he already knew about the Miraculous, but that was because they’d used it for their escape. And because Plagg adored Damian and was rarely seen away from the boy. She also knew that- despite bringing Jason home when she did- Bruce was still upset about the whole ‘infiltrating the League of Assassins alone’ thing.

    “Oh.” He says, frowning. Glancing at the clock, Marinette’s eyes widen at the time.

    “It is way past your bedtime, Mr.” She says, setting her yarn and hook down. His frown deepens into a scowl. She was sure that one day it would be as intimidating as his father’s, but today was not that day. Instead, she had to resist the urge to coo at him.

    “I’m not tired.” He declares before yawning widely. He huffs, obviously frustrated.

    “But we have a big day tomorrow, minou. You want to be well rested for that, don’t you?” She asks.

    “A big day?” He says, his scowl lessening as his eyebrows furrow in confusion. Marinette hums in agreement.

    “Oh yes. Dick has to work, your father has some things to sort out with Jason’s legal status and Alfred has a full day as well. So I thought that you and I could go make some pastries for my bakery, and then head out to the aquarium. They have a new sea otter exhibit.” She says, smiling softly as his eyes light up. He nods.

    “Very well.” He says, obviously deciding the ‘bedtime’ would be acceptable. She reaches her hand out, expecting him to hold it as she walks him to his room (their usual routine). Instead, he swats her hand away and reaches up. A motion she’d seen Manon use many times when the girl (woman now, she reminds herself; Manon had graduated University last year) was tired years ago. Her heart warms at the gesture, the extension of trust. Scooping him up in her arms gently, she hugs him close as he lays his head on her shoulder. He must’ve been more tired than he let on. She tucks him in quickly, kissing his forehead before flipping on his nightlight and leaving quietly. It would take time, but she knew Damian would heal from his time with the League. She was just thankful they got him out before his entire childhood was ruined.


    Staring down the barrel of a gun was not exactly how she’d expected the aquarium trip to go. Sure, she should’ve expected the possibility of a Rogue attack, it was Gotham after all.

    “The way I see it, we have two options.” Two Face says, a wicked grin on his face. Marinette keeps Damian behind her, hoping he won’t say or do anything to irk the villain any more than her presence had. Though she wasn’t sure why the man seemed so put out with her.

    “And those are?” She asks, fighting to keep her voice steady. She should’ve been terrified, but instead she was angry. A nice day out with the youngest member of the family was all she’d wanted. But no. Of course one of the more unstable Rogues would have to show up.

    “People or parts.” He says simply, making her eyes narrow as he begins to explain. “People, the coin decides if I shoot you or the boy clinging to your leg. Parts, the coin decides where I shoot you.”

    “Parts.” She says without hesitation. Two Face laughs.

    “What a mom thing to say. Sorry, sweetheart, we have to let the coin decide. Scarred side- people, unmarked side- parts.” He says before flipping the coin. Marinette silently hopes that luck will be on her side. She refuses to watch another one of her boys be hurt, even if she has to kill every damn goon in this room. She holds her breath as he catches the coin to reveal the unmarked side. Sighing in relief, she feels Damian tighten his grip on her leg. To an outsider he probably looked terrified, but one glance at him and she knew what he was doing. He was marking exits, trying to find a place to run. She wishes she would have made him run when the men first stormed the room.

    “Unmarked side, I’ll shoot your leg and try my best to avoid the arteries. Scarred side- it’s heads.” Two Face says and Marinette bites back the urge to snap at the man. She’d heard of him before, but he hadn’t seemed quite this...unhinged. The unmarked side of the coin was typically the way out. Nothing was supposed to happen with it. But today? Today there was no way out. She watches as he tosses the coin into the air, watches as it falls into his hand. Just as he’s starting to open his hand, two figures dart into the room. Batman goes straight for Two Face, his cape streaming behind him, while Nightwing goes after the goons. Usually, Marinette would help. But not this time. This time, she scoops Damian up into her arms and rushes for a corner. Somewhere she could still see what was happening, but without the chance of someone sneaking up on them.

    “I’ve got you.” She says softly, hands shaking as she hugs him tightly. She was relieved that he was letting her do this. Knowing the boy had probably been through much worse, she knew that him allowing her to hold him like this was more for her benefit than his. They sit for fifteen minutes while Batman and Nightwing secure the situation. The second the police flood the room, Batman is in front of them, his frown visible.

    “Are the two of you alright?” He asks, his voice tense.

    “We’re fine.” She says softly, knowing from experience how hard it is when someone you love is targeted- when you can’t do anything about it because you’re masked. She glances at Damian, frowning at the look on his face. “Minou?”

    “Let’s go, Maman.” Damian insists, scowling at Batman. Her eyebrows shoot up. Maman? That was- that was new. Jason hadn’t even called her ‘mom’ again since coming back. She still had hope that he would, but...

    “My apologies. Someone must be tired.” She says, giving her boyfriend a look that they’d talk about this later. Damian’s scowl lessens the farther they get away from Batman, and for a minute she thinks he must have figured out his identity. But then-

    “He liked you.” Damian practically spits out. Marinette blinks in confusion until it hits her. Of course Damian was upset. Although not as good as Bruce (since he is only three), he could read body language. And apparently, her boyfriend wasn’t as unreadable in costume as he thought he was. She squeezes Damian quickly before kissing the top of his head.

    “He might, but I love your father.” She gently reassures him. He frowns, but nods, accepting her answer for now.

    “Can we get ice cream?” He asks, his frown melting away into a pout that he knows she can’t say no to.

    “Of course we can.” She says, making a mental note to talk to Bruce about the Batman thing later. Hopefully he understood and didn’t think his youngest son secretly hated him. Pushing aside the thoughts, she readjusts Damian on her hip. Time to go get ice cream.


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    Fanfiction Masterlist

    Currently accepting prompts!

    Message me if you'd like to be tagged when I post updates!

    HLizR50 on AO3

    From Blood and Ash:


    Unveiled - Hawke POV of the Maiden's unveiling

    Thank You for Saving Me - Cas addresses some scars that he and Poppy don't usually talk about *AKOFAF Spoilers*

    Tell Me - Kieran confronts Cas about some of Poppy's scars *TCOGB Spoilers*


    Revelations (WIP) - What if Hawke found out about the Duke's abuse? How the story could change if his time as the Maiden's guard became a rescue mission instead of a kidnapping

    This is Wrong

    The Rise

    Midnight Conversations

    Throne of Glass:


    Terms of Endearment (Nestaq) - snippets of escalating pet names

    Aggressive Affirmation (Elorcan) - Lorcan finds an innovative way to ensure that Elide gives herself more credit

    A Court of Thorns and Roses:

    (Gwynriel unless stated otherwise)


    What's in a Name? - Gwyn and Az discuss surnames (inspired by the epilogues of A Court of Smoke and Shadow by @daevastanner)

    Reunion - Az finds Gwyn after her return from the Blood Rite

    Bow or Bleed - Gwyn and the Valkyries visit the Court of Nightmares for the first time

    An Unexpected Training Session - Gwyn POV of the Azriel bonus chapter

    Leathers - Gwyn surprises Az in her new Valkyrie leathers

    Gwynriel + T. Swift:

    Modern AU: Gwyn is a historical documents expert and Azriel is a high-power executive, but it's the same fluff and banter that we all know and love

    You Belong with Me

    Safe and Sound

    How You Get the Girl


    Scrunchies and Scrunched Noses


    These Scars Paint the Map that Led Me to You (Complete) - Az and Gwyn show each other that scars don't make them any less beautiful

    The Raven and the Songbird (WIP) - A story of Azriel and Gwyn as they begin to build their lives together, even as darkness - from around them and within - threatens to tear them down

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    YYH Fall Event Prompt: Full Moon

    Summary: Kurama stands in the middle of the field admiring the moon. Caught in between furthering the reaches of power in the Demon World for Yomi and keeping up appearances for the sake of his family in the Human World; a specter comes out of the shadows to give him yet another proposition to consider.
    He's torn among which three identities to keep. A choice that is only made harder when he finds that one identity is lusting after the other...
    Does the moon's magic really bring this ghost back to life? Or is this all an elaborate fantasy of his own desire?
    He hardly thinks it even ethical to ponder on this developing circumstance. But he finds that he can't lie to himself either—the demon's air just tastes so sweet...
    Rated: E (Hesitantly, I wouldn't call what's in this chapter explicit sex, especially compared to my other works, but there is tame m/m sexual intercourse that takes place. Other than that, no content warnings.)
    Genre: Mysticism/Romance
    Characters & Pairings: Youko/Kurama (Shuichi)

    The image before him—it shouldn't be possible.

    This man of all-white hues and an ethereal emanation.

    Did his hair really blow in the passing air? Did his presence really take shape in the tangible? Were his eyes really like fire—glowing and luminescent like burning flames shining through the moonlight beams of the night?

    Or was it just his own invention? The image of a legend he wanted to be?

    All he could conclude in that moment was that he was lucid enough… and yet an echo stood before him.

    He turned to face himself. He saw his own inkling of self-understanding in the silver hair and the imposing, towering stature with the critical stare that was like a grim presage.

    There, stood before him, was his leprosy.



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