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  • sonofthesaiyans
    04.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Eren killed his own mother.....

    Hey to those older fans out there, do you remember Roseanne? Do you remember why its original finale was so despised? 

    To those too young to remember, do you know what it was so despised? Or maybe you have a better memory of something else like, How I Met Your Mother? 

    Why did they suck? Because they changed everything the series built up for absolutely no valid reason except for a bunch of last minutes twists that had not been even slightly hinted at at any point prior. Making everything from before feel irrelevant. 

    And THAT is Hajime Isayama’s Fumbling in a nutshell: He changed every fucking thing the series was built on and tampered with whatever its meaning from the beginning was. 

    I’m not saying anything new here, but Eren Yeager sending Dina to eat his mother so Eren would follow through on his plan for global genocide is one of the most fucking idiotic things this author could’ve done, and that’s saying something! Especially on a blog dedicated almost solely towards condemning Garbage Braun and the entire Sasha affair. Like seriously, how does this make any sense? 

    Eren murdered his own mother for his own ends. So him being motivated by that entire trauma rings pretty goddamned hollow, as does Grisha’s sacrifice in the entire thing, entrusting his son to do right by the Eldians only for us to realize that it was all one massive deception. From a time unrealized! So if Future!Eren did all this shit, what was history like before this motherfucking time loop was set in motion? How was it set in motion! 

    There’s so much wrong with this revelation that I cannot adequately express it in words, but it made up of like twelve different levels of wrong. It sure raises a lot of questions of Eren’s failure to save many of his comrades and why he spared others. Yeah, why did he go out of his way to protect his remaining friends again if it meant him getting his head sliced off thus ending his plans for global destruction? 

    How does the cunt feel about his own mother if he was willing to do that for his own plans? Everything just makes his goddamned plan which only resulted in Paradis getting leveled later feel so convoluted. How does any of this add up? No this doesn’t come in full circle, it’s just going in fucking circles. 

    And is that what AOT’s big endgame is? It’s just one big fucking circle? All that cycle of violence bullshit is one thing, but doesn’t everyone appreciate why the time loop as a whole DOES NOT WORK? Imagine how much more sense this season might have made if that was never there. As is, what goddamned purpose did it honestly serve? 

    Carla’s death is what triggered all of this. Suggesting that it was all premeditated REALLY cheapens Eren’s motivations and everything he was before he kissed Historia’s hand (That’s also idiotic, btw, the kiss that doomed humanity, somebody just hit me with a fucking brick). So in the end Eren is just a fucking sociopath with a bloodlust only matched by his entitlement to a girl he treated like dirt? 

    Guys, writing this shit is making my brain hurt. And I can’t imagine what was going on in the studio when this fool wrote this final chapter. When somebody gets some answers from him, we all deserve to hear them. But it sure reinforces my case that season four needs to just be written out as non-canonical. That seems like the cleanest fix. 

    If you don’t know where this story REALLY ended by now.......You must be an anime-only. And now I need a cold drink. 

    Fucking time loops, fuck that noise. 

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  • jeagersruletheworld
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Greatest piece of foreshadowing

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  • jeagersruletheworld
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It just hit me that Eren lived in a never ending loop through his life, continuesly living out the past.

    “I feel like i just had the longest dream” yeah…must be tiring reliving the suffering of 2000 years, must feel like the longest dream ever.

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  • universeaaa
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My forever beloved💖😚

    #attack on titan mikasa #attack on titan #mikasa ackerman #shingeki no kyojin #mikasa aot#snk#aot#snk mikasa#anime #shingeki no kyojin mikasa
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  • loveinfall
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Pairing: Eren x Reader

    Format: Angst w/ no comfort- Season 4 spoilers

    Warning: none

    Summary: In which Eren pays a bittersweet visit to some strangers old friends.

    This isn’t what I want at all.

    I wish the good old days would come back—the days where we were we all were close and felt close. The days where everyone was on the same page and had the same goal, to destroy the titans and restore humanity’s freedom. The days where Mikasa, Armin, Eren, and I would run around in the walls that sheltered Shiganshina and its citizens as we’d listen to Armin’s ambition about proving the sea.

    The days..when I had him.

    Isn’t that right, Eren?

    The atmosphere was heavy.

    Shuffling could be heard outside the door but I couldn’t bring myself to care. Not when the man sitting in front of us could transform any minute.

    “We’re going ahead.” A male voice outside the door spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

    “Very well.” Eren replied.

    It was silent again. I hated this kind of silence, the silence where you know something bad is bound to happen. I could easily guess I wasn’t the only one nervous, just taking one glance at Gabi’s expression you could easily guess she was beyond horrified. If it wasn’t for Armin speaking up then we all would’ve just been sitting here with our hands on the table.

    “Was that Floch’s voice? Did you come here with Floch?”

    “Yes.” Eren blankly replied.

    I looked at Eren then looked around the room, everyone’s face was covered in dread. I looked at Eren again and held eye contact with him for a split second until looking down in realization of what I’d done. It hurt to see that the light that once sparkled in his eyes had died and dimmed over the years. His determination and passion wasn’t visible anymore. Eren looked so…dull.

    “I just wanted to speak with you. Just a quiet chat…Conflict is not necessary to solve Eldia’s problems.” Eren announced.

    I wanted to talk too but the words weren’t there. I was afraid that the questions I had would make me seem too inquisitive, in which I probably wouldn’t get any answers to. I believed it’d only leave me more curious. The thought of it only made me bite my lip and squint my wide eyes in anxiousness.

    I could at least start it off shallow.

    Releasing my lip from my teeth I spoke up, “Are Hange and everyone else…” I was cut off. “Hange and the others will be fine. We’re just re-locating them.” Eren reassured looking at the table.

    Well that’s a relief. I let a small smile bloom on my face as I kept my eyes on my hands that’s still sat on the table.

    “Eren, we’re the ones that wanted to speak with you.” Armin stated. “We just wanted to know what you were thinking, Eren. Why did you decide to attack Marley on your own…?” Armin sputtered.

    “Eren, have Yelena and Zeke really won you over?” I asked looking up at the brown haired man who’s attention was now on me. Mikasa also looked up at Eren with worry in her eyes.

    Eren lightly leaned in his chair with his hands still on the table.

    “I am free.” He responded. “Huh?” Armin questioned as we all looked at him shocked yet confused. “Whatever I do. Whatever I choose. I do it out my own free will.” Eren added on. Mikasa, Armin, and I just looked at him with worry and confusion.

    “You met with Yelena in secret the night the railway opened, right?” Armin interrogated. He pushed farther “Even after that, this has all been what you wanted?”

    “That’s right.” Eren simply stated. Mikasa quickly cut him short. “No. You’re being controlled.” I nodded in agreement.

    “The real Eren would never get innocent citizens and children involved, even if they did live in the enemy’s territory.” Mikasa voiced looking him dead in the eye and stood up.

    “Not to mention you…you said it yourself…you care about us more than anyone.” I uttered recalling the time we discussed who was gonna inherit Eren’s titan.

    “Are we wrong? You saved me from those kidnappers…and wrapped this scarf around me…you did it all because you’re a kind person, right?!” Mikasa mentioned. “Didn’t you also hold my hand to reassure me anytime I was scared because you’re kind!” I added slightly standing up and holding my hand out as a demonstration.

    “I said keep your hands on the table.” Eren remarked in a cold tone.

    The tone he used was so unlike the Eren I knew, so it made me flinch in surprise. Even though I had more to say, Mikasa and I just sat down with my eyes casted back on my hands that now lay on the table. Accepting the fact Eren didn’t have ears for anything me nor Mikasa had to say.

    “I hid myself in Liberio and spoke with Zeke. Brother to Brother…” Eren said. “I learned a lot then. Zeke knows more that Marley does.” Now focusing his attention on Armin, he asked “Armin. You’re still going to visit Annie aren’t you?” Armin didn’t respond but instead looked at him shocked. Eren took it as confirmation and continued.

    “Do you choose to do that? Or is that Bertolt?”

    Now Armin was alarmed “Wh-What do you..” Armin trails off.

    “If memories play a major role in forming a person’s identity, that could only mean that Bertolt’s become apart of you. A part of an enemy soldier that feels love for another enemy soldier is influencing your judgment and how you move.” Eren asserted with a sharp look.

    How could he say such things out loud and to Armin of all people? Even after all the hardships we’ve been through together this is the thanks we get? Eren, just what the hell are you up to?

    “Armin…Bertolt’s gotten into your brain. You’re the one being controlled by the enemy.”

    “Eren!” I snapped, looking at him with now furrowed eyebrows and a frown. “What’re you trying to do?” Mikasa spoke up with a hardened gaze. Eren turned his eyes to left of the table where we both sat.

    “I’m saying that there’s nothing further removed from freedom than ignorance.” He mugged. I grimaced at his use of the word ignorance to mock us. “I learned about the Ackerman there too.” Eren added closing his eyes and pausing. “The reason…you’re strong, Mikasa.” The male continued.

    Mikasa perked up at the mention of her clan and name. I raised an eyebrow at his second sentence. “Eren, what’re you talking about.” I spoke up with a voice laced with obvious confusion. “For all their efforts, Marley’s scholars barely have any information about titans.” The emerald eyed male voiced.

    “But they did discover there was an accidental byproduct of Eldia’s experiments with the subjects of Ymir over the centuries…” He trailed off before continuing. “…A bloodline that could partly manifest the strength of a titan while in human form. The Ackerman clan.” I let out a silent gasp with wide eyes.

    Mikasa’s really strong but Eren could still be lying. Manifesting strength? C’mon now.

    “The Ackerman clan was designed to to protect Eldia’s king. Traces of that instinct still remain. So when Ackerman sense the presence of a certain host, the remnants active in their blood.” Eren continued. “Huh?” Mikasa expressed through both words and facial expressions. “In other words, you only cling to me…” He stopped before furrowing his eyebrows.

    “Because of your instincts as an Ackerman.”

    Mikasa eyes widened in shock but I could also see the hurt in them. I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted by Eren.

    “In that moment, when you were facing death, you obeyed my order. To fight. All of the conditions were complete to awaken the instincts that hid in your Ackerman blood.” He said reminiscing both him and Mikasa’s first life-or-death battle. “…You gained the battle experiences of all past Ackermans—by way of path. Only because your blood mistakenly thought I was the host you had to protect.”

    “…This can’t be.” Mikasa quivered. She looked so hurt it made me hurt, my hurt was quickly turning into anger by the second because of how much Eren downplayed Mikasa’s sacrifice for him. “It can’t? Why not?” He asked as if to mock her. “It was not.” She paused before continuing. “…a mistake.”

    “It was because it was you…because of you, Eren.” The coal haired girl desperately tried convincing with a pained smile, whilst shaking. “…I was able to become strong. It was all because of you.” She claimed. Mikasa’s right—everyone became strong for Eren.

    “Based on the research—once an Ackerman awakens their powers, they often suffer from sudden headaches. They say this correlates to the real self resisting from being forced to protect the host. Sound familiar?” Eren countered.

    Dread and a mix of hurt covered Mikasa’s face. I could assume it was true. “What I’m saying is that the real Mikasa—disappeared in that cabin on the mountain at nine years old. Leaving only you behind, ever faithful to your Ackerman instincts.” He resumed. “No…” Mikasa denied.

    “A clan created to follow order. But don’t worry Mikasa. Y/N here is just like you.” He “reassured”. I let out a confused noise, ripping my gaze from Mikasa to Eren. “You aren’t tied by blood but most definitely created to follow me around like a pup with no owner. I held your hand because I love you? Don’t make me laugh.” Eren professed burning holes in my face.

    His gaze made me feel small and alone at this table full of people. Eren doesn’t love me? Even though we indirectly expressed our feeling under the fireworks that night? I could feel that familiar burn at the tip of my nose that made it flare up into a soft red.

    It hurt.

    “You mean nothing to me. All those words I said were meaningless. All you did was put a weight on my back, weighing me down with this dumb romance of yours.” Eren spat. “You trained like a mad dog to keep up with me just for it to mean nothing, giving up time and meals, all for nothing. Silly don’t you think?” He continued

    “No—it was for you. Because—It was because you pushed me to-” I tried explaining with a lump in my throat preventing me from speaking properly. “Now you’ve gone mad and you’re starting to sound like Mikasa.” The male asservated. I leaned back slightly and let my shoulders drop, hurt and confused.

    “Both you and Mikasa are silly. One tied by blood, the other by delusional—one sided love. Following orders without a protest for no reason even if it meant giving up their own lives and bodies. In other words slaves.” Eren presumed with a never wavering expression.“Stop it, Eren!!” Armin desperately tried stopping the brunette.

    “Do you know what I hate most in this world?” The expressionless male’s question hung in the air. “Anyone who isn’t free. They’re no better than livestock.” He stated matter-of-factly.

    “Eren!!” Armin shouted again.

    “Just looking at the both of them made something inside me boil. Now I’ve come to see why.” Eren continued verbalizing.

    “I couldn’t stand to look at delusional slaves who never failed to follow orders without question”

    My breath hitched and I could only look at my hand that would most likely never feel warmth or comfort again. I could only think about the moments me and Eren spent together in Marley. Did it mean nothing to him? Was our—my love really one sided?

    “Ever since we were children…Y/N, Mikasa—I’ve always hated the both of you.” Eren finally put into words.

    I couldn’t contain contain the tears that finally spilled from my eyes and the little noise that slipped from the back off my throat.

    “Eren!! How dare you!!” Armin screamed jumping out of his chair onto the table ready to punch Eren.

    “Armin hold on!” I said reaching for him. Before I knew it Mikasa had slammed Armin onto the table using a technique taught to us during our cadet days. All three of our chairs were now on the floor. “I told you. All you both have done was dedicate yourselves to a delusion and nothing else, even attacking and threatening to attack one of your closest friends.” Eren spoke eyes darting to my hand reaching out for Armin and to Mikasa’s grip on Armin, voice and expression never wavering.

    I quickly rejected my hand and pulled it to my chest. “N-No” Mikasa stuttered backing away from Armin with her hands up as a surrender. I saw a tear escape from her already clouded eyes. Next thing I knew Armin had punched Eren knocking him out the chair, and knocking the table over in the process.

    Armin had yelled so loud that Eren’s guards had entered the room to check up on him. “Mister Jeager!!” Both men yelled with beads of sweat on their face. “It’s fine.” Eren replied with blood running down his nose to his chin.

    “So Armin…” Eren spoke, whilst throwing Armin into the shelf of wine in the process. “We’ve never fought before, have we?” He continued, walking over to Armin who was recovering from the previous attack and bleeding from the mouth.

    Armin ran forward with a war cry preparing to punch Eren but Eren was quicker. “Know why that is?” He paused in between punches. “Because it’d never be a fair fight!” Eren finalized giving Armin a knee to the side. Armin fell to the floor. He was done. “Just stop…” Mikasa pleaded, tears streaming down both our faces. “Armin…” I whispered in between sniffles walking over to him and passing Eren in the process without sparing him a glance. Dropping down on my knees, I helped Mikasa lift him up.

    “Like I said at the start. If you told me where Zeke is…there’d be no need for us to fight.” Eren reminded. “So just come with us. Take them away.” He ordered the two guards. “Yes, sir!” they both complied.

    “So? What is it…you even wanted to say?” Armin breathed. “Is this the freedom you wanted? The freedom to hurt Mikasa and Y/n…? Tell me.” Armin asked. I looked down at the floor with slightly blurry vision and a frown. “You’re a slave, too…and your master’s a worthless bastard.” Armin insulted. “Who’re you calling a slave.” Eren grunted gritting his teeth, his expression and voice wavering ever so slightly. “Let’s go.” He demanded.

    “Where?” I asked, voice shaky. “Where it all started. Shinganshina district.”

    I look down at my hand and tear up at Eren’s words from earlier.

    My hand’ll never be held again, huh..

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    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Building a Gingerbread House

    (Jean Kirstein x Female Reader | Fluff)

    Day 3 of 25 Days of Christmas with AOT Characters

    A/N: I realized I repeated a prompt on for one of the characters. Might change it might not

    Also, this short ASF!

    Taglist: @didiyogo (Comment to be added)

    Warnings: None...unless you're dirty minded

    Summary: Jean and y/n do shit that I will never see myself doing unless my s/o is as fine as Jean.

    *516 Words*

    You laughed as you watch Jean struggle to keep the sides of the gingerbread house up. “Keep holding them like that. You need more frosting.” You reached for the piping bag and squeezed the frosting along the cracks.

    You giggled as you heard him fuss under his breath. “Don’t laugh at me.”

    “I’m sorry.” You replied trying not to laugh at his expression and the frosting that was smeared on the side of his cheek.

    “Stay like that.” You said and stood on your tiptoes to lick the frosting from his cheek and then placing a kiss on his mouth. “Better?”

    You could tell he was blushing because he avoided eye contact with you and tried to hide his goofy grin. “You can remove your hands now. It should be dry.”

    “I’ll do the decorations and you put the rest of the house together.” Jean claimed

    “Deal because you suck.” You joked

    The house was now put together and Jean was carefully putting gumdrops along the roof. He was concentrating so hard on each placement of the gumdrops that you had to leave the room to try not laugh and compose yourself.

    When you saw that he was almost done you decided to wrap your arms around his waist and kiss his back. “It’s looking great.”

    “One more gumdrop.” He said and then slowly placed the last piece on the roof.

    He admired his work, and you rolled your eyes. So dramatic.

    “How does it look?” He asked.

    “It looks great. Now let’s eat it.” You went to reach for a gumdrop, but Jean grabbed your hand.

    “Nuh uh…I worked too hard on this.”

    “I worked hard on it too!”

    “Well, I carefully made sure to place each gumdrop perfectly y/n”

    You groaned. “Then what’s the point of building it if we aren’t going to eat it?”

    He glided behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “To admire it.”

    You rolled your eyes.

    You noticed the frosting in the bowl and thought of an idea. You took the spoon in the bowl and rubbed it across Jean's face. “HAH admire that!”

    He grabbed the frosting from you and smeared it in your hair.

    For five minutes straight you two continued throwing frosting on one another. It sticking in each other’s hair, face, and clothes. (Bruh the way I have the power to turn this shit into a smut)

    When you ran out of frosting, you two sat on the kitchen floor laughing at how childish you two were. “You know I love you right?” Jean said.

    “I know” you gave him small pecks around his face and then a longer kiss on his mouth. The taste of the sweet frosting lingering on each other's lips. You then pulled away from him and smiled. “And I love you too.” And gave him another peck on his lips. “And I love you more if you let me eat one of gumdrops on the gingerbread house.”

    “It’s still a no.” He joked and you two spent the rest of the night arguing who did the most work.

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    . Shingeki no Kyojin headers

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  • salibraham
    03.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Why Eremika is Canon?

    Manga Spoilers!

    1. Because these moments exit.

    2. Because Eren kept reminding Mikasa he's not her brother (while you all see them as siblings, lmao) fr, look at the way he was looking at her, how his dilated pupils were shaking.

    3. Because mostly, you'd always find them together, not with Jean or Historia.

    4. Because of Eren's jealously when he figured out another guy is interested in her. Him noticing her physical health ain't doing well, and her power of making him calm down.

    5. Because they care for each other. Because when Levi kicked Eren's ass, Mikasa was ready to kick his, and when everyone tried to drag Mikasa into the case, Eren snapped out defending her.

    6. Because they're always there for one another.

    7. Because of all the stolen glances, blushing and longing stares.

    8. Because why would Isayama put these two in an obvious intimate situation, unless they both share the same feelings towards one another.

    9. Because Armin witnessed these!

    10. Because of *the drinking from her cup as if indirectly kissing and Eren happy about it*

    11. Because of the promise of wrapping the scarf around her over and over and forever. (Don't forget the kiss Isayama was shy to draw, and instead gave us a death kiss.)

    Because he told her he hated her just for the sake of her safety. Look for the gestures and body language, not always the words are all you could get as proofs.

    [Wattpad: Vylerieya]

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  • xotwodllfl
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #anime#art#manga#manga icons#anime characters #manga and stuff #aot #attack on titan manga #attack on titan #levi aot #levi attack on titan #levi ackerman #shinegki no kyojin #shinegki no kyojin manga #titans
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  • daydreamingaboutleviackerman
    03.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    modern dad!levi and reader shopping for their kids christmas gifts <3

    not proof read and maybe ooc but hey it's a christmas fluffly fic...

    « No,y/n. There’s no way we’re buying that. »

    His arms crossed over his chest,Levi slowly shook his head,showing his disapproval . Behind you was a cart already full of toys,making Levi afraid of how much it'll cost you.

    Levi hated and loved christmas at the same time. He hated it because there was always a lot of money spent,a lot of things to prepare,and a lot of people to meet and thank. But he secretly loved how his family was always so excited for it,and he loved to see his children's excited face on christmas morning.

    "C'mon Levi,I'm sure Isabel will love it."

    "You mean our nearly ten years old daughter will love a unicorn pyjamas ? Even though she said yesterday that it was,let me quote,"for kids,and I'm not a kid anymore" ?"

    You sighed,holding the sparkled clothe in front of you,a sudden sad look in the eyes. If he hadn't been with you, you would have definitely bought the whole store,not caring if your house and belongings had to be sell to afford it. Even if he wanted to make your children happy,Levi still wanted to have a roof over his head,and he'd insisted in coming with you.

    "She'll always be a little kid in my eyes. And,at her age,you're still young enough to wear this ! Please ,Levi,just this one,and after this we're going to pay."

    "Are you sure you want to buy it because she'll like it,or because you want to see her wearing it ?" He asked,already knowing the answer as you chuckled and leaned forward to kiss him.

    "I'll take that as a "Yes,my dear y/n, you can buy it." And I'll also take it as a "you can ,of course,get it in another colour for Furlan,so he can match with his sister.""

    Rolling his eyes,Levi pretended to be annoyed,badly hiding the small smirk on his lips. The cart was already full of too many gifts for your kid's already-too-messy-rooms-that-didn't-need-any-new-toys,but it was christmas,and Levi felt happy simply looking at how your face sparkled in excitement. And he'd never been able to tell you no.

    Walking toward the cashier,Levi posed his hand on your back,tilting his head so his field of vision was resumed to your face.

    "And what about you, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas ? If all these gifts don't ruin us,I should try to get you something"

    Smiling,you remained silent for a few seconds,and then said : "I'm already lucky to have a perfect husband who loves me even though I just spent the equivalent of three months salary,I shouldn't ask for too much."

    And,not needing to look at him to know his face had just turned red as he coughed to hide his flustering,you began to put your purchases in a bag.

    #levi x reader #attack on titan #levi ackerman headcanons #levi ackerman#aot hcs#levi headcanons#captain levi#anime #levi x y/n #levi aot #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x reader #levi x you #levi ackerman fic #levi ackerman oneshot #levi imagine #levi ackerman x reader hc #levi hc#levixreader
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    Requests: OPEN ✯ - headcanons 𖧷 - general fluff ⌘ - angst

    Keeper of the Lost Cities

    Attack on Titan

    My Hero Academia

    Demon Slayer

    Percy Jackson

    Batfam / DC


    #marvel#aot#snk #attack on titan #kotlc fandom#percy jackson #percy jackon and the olympians #dc heroes #heroes of olympus #anime#bnha#mha#batfam#dc comics #boku no hero academia #demon slayer #shingeki no kyojin #kimetsu no yaiba #masterlist
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    snk #44: “Wish”

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    Eren x Mikasa

    #anime#wallpaper#AOT #Attack on titan #Eren x Mikasa
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    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    connie would flirt with you like he's trying to move to you no matter how long you've been in a relationship. one reason is cos he's a dumbass and loves to act like he has some "moves" but the other reason is cos he loves to see you laugh while you tell him what an idiot he is before planting a peck on his lips

    #im in love with connie springer #i havent shitposted about him in so long lmao ldfjgdfh #anyways this connie: are you a parking ticket? cause you’ve got FINE written all over you #its always them cheesy ass pick up lines lmaooo #i love his dumb ass 😭 #connie springer#aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #anime #hazel's.rants
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    𝘭𝘦𝘷𝘪 𝘢𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴₊˚⊹

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  • astralwaifu
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Mika’s 50 followers match up event <3

    hi!! I wanted to say that I am thankful for everyone that decided to follow this blog and to all those that enjoyed my works! I love you all and you are so kind an amazing! To show my gratitude, I’m doing this event (my first one!) and I hope you will like it!

    So basically, this event will consist of matching up my followers and everyone that wants to join on it (you don’t have to follow me, I am doing this for fun) with an anime character from a certain fandom and give you a few headcanons about your relationship!

    You can also do a match for the character that would be your best friend from that universe if relationships aren’t your cup of tea!


    - send me an ask where you talk a little about yourself (it can have any length, you can rant about yourself how much you want)

    - specify which anime you want (i do MHA, AoT, JJK and KNY)

    - in your asks you can write things such as: zodiac sign (big 3 if you know them), your kins, your hobbies and passions, your dislikes, your fashion style, some fun, random facts about yourself - literally anything!

    - the more you write about yourself, the more hc will be (since i need inspo)

    - anyone is free to join!

    This event will end on 12 december, bc from then on I I will start to have exams.

    Anyway, thank you all so much and i’m waiting for your asks! :)

    #bnha#mha#jjk#aot headcanons #attack on titan #snk #shinjeki no kyojin #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #jujutsu kaisen#matchup #match up event #match up requests #anime#kny#demon slayer #mha x reader #mha x you #jjk x reader #jjk x you #aot x reader #aot x you #kny x reader #kny x you
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  • aikuverse
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    salvete everyone!! (lol that means hi in latin—when she’s in AP Latin IV 😩‼️)

    i apologize for not uploading, ive been pretty sick with a fever n a sore throat so ill try to finish one of my drafts today :')

    anyway, i love you all and don’t forget to leave a req :]

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