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    26.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Loves, I am heading back to the land of wifi after a weekend of camping. Can't wait to release chapter 4 of Come Back to Me maybe this Tuesday or Wednesday! I've been writing this story for almost a month and am so excited to post it, and also hoping to expand on this AU once this tale is told.

    Thank you to those who have read, commented, liked, and reblogged! I took a long break from writing (nearly 15 years!) and this has been such a nice welcome back and confidence boost.

    I thought it might be fun to do a little get to know you post, so here you go. Thanks again, darlings!

    Name, pronouns: Juliana, she/her

    Orientation: Bi romantic, though happily married and not looking. I'm lucky enough to have married someone with a lot of Jean Kirschtein’s qualities. 😍

    Location: Missouri, USA

    Age: LOL, y'all... I feel a little shy divulging but I'm a few months away from 42. I hope that gives the 30+ y.o. tumblr users some comfort. 😁 I've been crushing on 2D people since fuckin' Keith in the 80s Voltron.

    Sign: Libra sun, Aries moon. The inner turmoil is real.

    Writing influences: J.R.R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Lindy West, Jenny Lawson, Rebecca Roanhorse, Amy Tan, a lot of others.

    What's on my Spotify playlist currently: Always AoT OSTs, Florence + the Machine, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Of Monsters and Men, Iron and Wine, Jukebox the Ghost, Cosmic Johnny, Ben Folds, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, lots of romantic lofi and Fruits Basket OST when I write because I'm a soft little nerd.

    Favorite anime: Voltron, Digimon, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daioh, Attack on Titan, Knights of Sidonia, Oh Suddenly Egyptian God, Aggretsuko, Inu to Neko Docchi mo Katteru to Mainichi Tanoshii, Cowboy Bebop

    Random stuff: Kinda obsessed with cottagecore and witchcore right now. Love crystals, tarot cards, astrology. I can be found at a thrift store or a bookstore on most days.

    Pets: Lifelong cat mom, currently have 2: A 2 year old brown tabby boy with the cutest white socks and maybe 3 brain cells, and a 7 year old grey tabby girl who owns the house.

    Non anime obsessions: DnD, Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, Marvel comics especially Xmen

    🙏 Thank you again for reading! Blessings and sweet dreams 💖

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  • exe-ackerman
    26.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    hi.. heres some cute levi visuals <3

    cw: bondage play, vibrators


    cw: fingering, edging, impact play (this was so good..)

    sexy visual

    #levi smut#levi ackerman #i was looking for more but i accidentally clicked off #levi ackerman x reader #captain levi smut #aot#aot drabble#aot fanfiction#aot smut #aot x reader #levi ackerman smut #shingeki no kyojin #levi x you #levi #shingeki no kyoujin levi #shingeki no kyoujin imagine #aot imagines
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  • kippielovesyou
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Why couldn't he talk to her? Why couldn't he tell her what was going on, what his plans were? She just wanted him to trust her, to let her still be in his life. Because if she was in his life, he could still be hers.

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  • commander-erwin-smith
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #snk#reibert#reiner braun#gabi braun #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#reibert fanfiction#snk fanfiction #attack on titan fanfiction #shingeki no kyojin fanfiction #aot fanfiction#my fanfiction
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  • fridaynovella
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Eren x Reader headcanon

    a headcanon for you thirsty ass bitches (this is not a part of my ongoing mini erenxreader "the thirst we quenched" series)

    Just about when you were about to let out a moan he put his mouth over yours stifling it

    "..please, I want to, I want to cum Eren p-please let me" you begged him tears escaping your eyes

    He didn't respond. He was grunting while destroying your insides ,his balls slamming against your wet leaking cunt. Your nails digging his shoulders.

    "Fuc-fucking hell, why the fuck are you so tight you slut, I-"

    Eren's body tenses and his thrusts falter. You feel a wave of heat inside you as he cums, head thrown front against yours, his teeth sunk deep into your lips making it bleed. For a moment, you're worried your orgasm is going to escape you, but Eren thrusts harder with the little of the energy he has left.

    You scream, the sensation tears your insides apart, filling your head with nothing but pleasure. Your orgasm is so strong, pulsing through the depths of your core. His arms give out and he collapses against your chest, laughing.

    -The fanart is from the Instagram account @roredwarrior

    #eren jeager#eren yeager #attack on titan #aot #shinjeki no kyojin #snk #eren jeager smut #eren jeager x reader #eren x reader smut #eren yeager smut #eren yeager fanart #eren yeager oneshot #eren yeager headcanons #aot headcanons#snk headcanons#smut #eren yeager fanfiction
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  • http-loriel
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    intro & rules !

    heya ! vincent's the name, fanfics are the game. he/him pronouns please ! i mostly produce fluff/angst, but occasionally my dirty mind plays in and i do release some smut here and there. i am an aot writer only! requests revolving around any other fandom will be denied. even though i myself am a minor, i welcome all to my blog. bitches, bros, n the non binary hoes. adults and minors are allowed to interact with my page! just, of course, please be mature and responsible. i'd hate to block & report you (only if really serious, otherwise it's just a block), but i will do so if necessary. my timezone is est! you can see when i'm online and writing or when i'm offline and sleeping in navi, along with what my current thoughts are, my current favorite song, what fics/headcanons/drabbles are wip, and what i just recently released. i'm updating it daily. i also curse a lot! i make nsfw jokes and i love dark humor. dark content is my specialty in angst. now that you learned a lil bit about me, let's move onto rules ! Rules 1. respect that i have a personal life. i'm always trying my best to release things for you guys to enjoy, so i'd appreciate if you're patient. rushing me is not acceptable, and it stresses me out. i'd like to produce something i'm proud of! 2. i don't tolerate gabi hate on my page. if you don't like her, that's fine, but don't get pissy because i add her as a character into my fic. you're not 'built different' for hating a certain character. 3. all characters in my fics are already of age, as i write them in their current s4 setting. i do not condone to aging up minors for smut fics. even if it's fiction, it's still wrong and disgusting. don't be a yagami yato, please. 4. do not steal, copy, translate, repost, or edit my work. please contact me via my ask box (i have dms closed) if my work is being stolen. you will get reported and blocked from my page if you're caught plagiarizing. 5. my reader will be female with she/her pronouns.. however! i'm open to the idea of making a male reader, trans reader, gender neutral or nonbinary reader! along with that, i try not to go too into depth with the reader's weight, height, appearance, etc as i want the reader to be a self insert for you guys. but! i will cater to you if you ask. 6. all types of readers are allowed! (poc, chubby, skinny, etc). i do write for neurodivergent readers as well!! i wouldn't say i specialize in writing for autistic readers, but i do have quite a bit of knowledge on them since i have neurodivergent family members. 7. i don't write for piss, scat, foot fetishes, pedophilia, zoophilia, rape/noncon, stepcest, incest, etc. dubcon is allowed, but even then i'm iffy about that. 8. if i'm uncomfortable by a certain request i have a right to turn them down! please respect that. 9. and finally, have fun ! this is a safe space i've made for you all to interact. submissions are open as well. i love listening to hc ideas, memes, and questions about aus! i welcome them all :) How to Request & Inbox Rules 1. you MUST be specific in requesting! let me learn a little bit about you so i can personally cater to YOU. tell me your appearance, personality, likes & dislikes, etc! 2. i usually write for requests before releasing my actual works ! 3. drama/gossip/hate about another writer will be deleted. i don't like to spread stuff around, sorry. 4. they/them pronouns for hange always! 5. please specify if you'd like a certain au or canon-verse. i'm open to doing fantasy aus as well :) just nothing revolving around another fandom. 6. i don't write for character x character! this is an x reader blog. 7. for submissions, please don't send nsfw or gore. it's disturbing and just genuinely disgusting, so don't. 8. feel free to send me hcs or ideas :D i'm always down to interact and talk to you guys. i don't bite, i promise! masterlist - currently being revamped navi - go back to the pinned post

    #rules and requests #rules and guidelines #rules and info #requests #rules and regulations #requirements#read byf#aot #send me asks #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot x reader #snk x reader #aot writer#snk writer#aot fanfiction#aot fanfic#snk fanfiction#snk fic
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  • lostbbygorl
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago




    The dark gray clouds that hung in the sky perfectly described the mood of the young woman who ran as fast as she could, hot tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, and feet aching out of exhaustion. But no matter, she still ran with her burgundy dress so soaked she was positive it even reached her corset. The rainfall grew heavier and heavier by the second.

    At last, Y/N reached the pillars in the vast garden that offered her some shelter. Her back hit the walls with an inaudible thud, and she shut her puffy eyes and felt pure misery as well as icy rain.

    Her head hurt and her mind raced with depressing thought after depressing thought after depressing thought… and then anger!

    Levi Ackerman was behind her dearest sister, Christa’s, unhappiness!

    Christa had previously been madly in love with Ackerman’s bestest friend, Erwin. The entire family was expecting a proposal when Erwin explained his departure from Trost in a letter which broke Christa’s heart. Christa was still mourning over the man as he had left so suddenly and with barely any explanation. Seeing Christa so broken had dampened Y/N’s mood as well, and now that she found out that the man she most hated was behind this outrage, she wanted to burn all his miserable property to the ground!

    Speak of the devil.

    Just as the rainfall had gotten calmer, Y/N noticed a figure dressed in an expensive black suit approach her. Even in the pouring rain Y/N could make out the expressionless, solemn, infuriatingly handsome face of Levi Ackerman: one of the richest but also one of the most arrogant, rude, and unfriendly men to walk on earth.

    Levi’s usually neat hair was tousled by the raindrops, and his usually spotless attire was spoiled by the mud he was trudging on to reach Y/N. Still, the young woman jumped slightly at the intrusion of a deeply vulnerable moment.

    Levi didn’t notice the woman’s tears or her red eyes. His mind was too preoccupied with the heavy confession and proposal he had planned.

    It was the two of them alone now, just as he had always wanted it to be. Levi took a deep breath, and with a soft gaze, he stared into Y/N’s eyes.

    “ Ms. Y/N, I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer”, he started, still very much focused on the young woman’s eyes, completely oblivious to her now confused expression.

    “These past few months have been a torment. I have come to Shiganshina with the single motive of seeing you, I have to see you”, he continued, surprising not only himself but Y/N as well. Levi had never confessed feelings to anyone, especially not deeply romantic ones. Y/N was different. She made him feel warm. She made him want to come out of his comfort zone, and she brightened his day whenever they met with her charming wit and honesty.

    “ I’ve fought against my better judgement, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth, my rank, and all these things and circumstances I’m willing to put aside. I ask you to end my agony”, he finished. He thought he made himself very clear. Apparently not.

    “ I don’t understand”, asked Y/N, confused and with no hint of anger in her soft voice. Y/N always was sharp and intelligent. 9 times out of 10 her intuition and hunches were right, but god she hoped that wasn’t the case now, as this hunch seemed absolutely ridiculous!

    Levi was screaming inside, but as always, maintained his perfect composure. The time had come, and for the very first time, he was about to say three words he had never ever dawdled on in his life.

    “ I love you”, he breathed, his stoic expression softening further. His usually cold expression melted into one of sincere affection and hopefulness. But Y/N wasn’t impressed! Her prior anger had returned, and this time, it was more intense than ever! With her mouth agape, Y/N stared at the man in front of her with eyes as wide as saucers.

    “ Most ardently”, Levi cut through the white noise that was the rain with his crisp, deep voice, gray orbs never leaving Y/N.

    “ Please do me the honor of accepting my hand”, Levi requested.

    “ Sir, I”, she stuttered, her mind reeling once more. She was repulsed, but she’d be maintaining her composure too. Y/N decided to gracefully reject his proposal.

    “ I appreciate the struggle you’ve been through and I’m sorry to have caused you pain. Believe me, it was unconsciously done”, she said, her tone as cold as ice. Levi was taken aback. He hadn’t expected such a cold, curt response to his proposal. Now it was his turn to have his temper rise…

    “ Is this your reply?”, he asked still in disbelief

    “ Yes, sir”, Y/N confirmed

    “ Are you laughing at me?”, Levi asked, his heartbeat quickening

    “ No”

    “ Are you rejecting me?”, he said, his already pale skin growing paler, making him look like a ghost.

    Y/N didn’t know what part of her response wasn’t going through his skull, and decided to make her point clear once more, this time with less civility.

    “ I’m sure that the things you’ve told me which hindered your regard will help you in overcoming it”, she spat, riling Levi up more.

    “ Might I ask why with so little endeavour at civility I must repulse?”

    “ And I might as well enquire why with such evidence of a design of insulting me you chose to tell me you like me against your better judgement”, Y/N spat back, all composure gone.

    “ No, believe me, I didn’t mean-” Levi began only to get off by a fuming Y/N.

    “ If I was uncivil then that’s some excuse, but I have other reasons, you know I have”, Y/N shouted back, pouring all her frustration and unheard thoughts onto the man.

    “ What reasons?”Levi asked, genuinely lost.

    “ Did you think that anything would tempt me to accept the hand of the man who has ruined the happiness of my dearest sister, perhaps forever?”, Y/N finally voiced, lips quivering.

    Levi made a little “oh”, realizing what put a damper on their possible relationship. Still, he didn’t back down. Levi may have been in love with Y/N, but his stubborn nature and pride made him refuse to let her off. He didn’t let anyone win in a fight, not even Y/N.

    “ Do you deny it, Mr. Ackerman, that you’ve separated a young couple who really loved each other, therefore exposing your friend to the censure of the world for caprice and my sister, to its derision for disappointed hope?”, she began again, this time with a slight cry in her voice.

    “ I do not deny it”, Levi deadpanned.

    “ How could you do it?”Y/N demanded with a soft voice.

    “ Because I believe your sister is indifferent to him”, he said honestly.

    “ Indifferent?”

    “ I watched them most carefully and realized his attachment was deeper than hers”

    “ That’s because she’s shy”, Y/N yelled!

    Levi took a second to process her words. That may be true, he thought, but still, he wouldn’t give up.

    “ Erwin, too, is modest and was persuaded she didn’t feel strongly for him”,

    “ Because you suggested it”

    “ I did it for his own good’

    “ My sister hardly shows her true feelings to me”, Y/N exclaimed, shaking with a rage so pure she could hear her heartbeats in her ears!

    Levi’s eyes widened, and he was unable to close his mouth. He realized the depth of his mistake, and internally cursed at himself when he realized that this mistake was nearly impossible to fix. But even now, he still had one last argument to make, and this argument was the strongest and most heartfelt of all. Infact, even Y/N didn’t have much in her mind to counter it!

    However, before he could speak, Y/N started talking again.

    “ I supposed you suspected his fortune had some bearing on the matter”, she accused.

    “ No, I wouldn’t do Christa the dishonor”, he denied, almost offended.

    “ But it was suggested”, Levi admitted.

    “ What was?”, Y/N asked, loudly, her previously hung head now erect.

    “ It was made perfectly clear that an advantageous marriage-”

    “ Did my sister give that expression”, Y/N was outraged!

    “ No, no, no”, Levi countered, trying to calm her down.

    “ There was however the matter of your family”, Levi added. He knew it’d make things more heated, but he had to be honest. Honesty, brutal honesty to be specific, was something Levi was always known for.

    “ Our want of connection? That Mr. Smith didn’t seem at all bothered by?”

    “ No, it was more than that. It was the lack of propriety shown by your mother, your three younger sisters, and even on occasion your father”, he revealed. The look in his eyes was one of regret yet sternness. He knew that his words had deeply hurt Y/N, perhaps more than hers had hurt him. Y/N was grossly offended! How dare this snobby man insult the people she held most dear? How dare he hit her with the cold truth that she herself knew deep down…

    Y/N remembered how boisterous and embarrassing her family was being at the ball where she and Mr. Ackerman had first met. Everyone was staring disapprovingly at them, and some of the wealthier attendees had whispered amongst themselves about her younger sisters. Y/N knew her family had a lot of improvements to make behaviour wise, but that didn’t stop her from feeling hurt.

    " I’m sorry”, Levi apologized. He truly was sorry, but he couldn’t change the truth or take back his words.

    “ You and Christa are excluded from the category I put the rest of your family in”, Levi added, hoping it’d make things better.

    It had done nothing, as Y/N still had more points up her sleeve.

    “ And what about Mr. Zeke Yeager?”, she questioned. Zeke Yeager had charmed Y/N months ago, and told her about how Levi had wronged him so terribly without reason. The mention of his name had hit a nerve in Levi. What was that expression on his face now? Jealousy, bitterness?

    “ Mr. Yeager?”, he repeated.

    “ What excuse do you have for your behaviour towards him?”

    “ You take an eager interest in that gentleman’s concerns”, Levi seethed, confirming that he was indeed jealous. Levi strode up to Y/N, shortening the gap that was between them before Yeager was brought up. Levi’s eyes searched for any hint of pettiness in Y/N’s. Maybe she was just as stubborn as he was and continuing an argument that should’ve been resolved by now. But no, to his sadness, Y/N’s eyes were full of affection for Yeager, and anger at Levi.

    “ He told me of his misfortune”, Y/N said.

    “ Oh, yes, his misfortune is big indeed”, Levi scoffed sarcastically.

    “ You ruined his chances and yet you treat him with sarcasm”, Y/N noticed with disgust.

    Levi wanted to scream and tell her that her impression of Yeager was completely wrong and that she was deceived. He wanted to defend himself, but for the first time in his life, he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Levi’s stubbornness faltered, and he felt that winning Y/N’s heart would be near impossible now. There was so much she didn’t know, there were so many misconceptions she had, and there was so much she had against him rightfully. Levi hid the sorrow in his heart by letting his usual monotonous tone return to his voice…

    “ So this is your opinion of me”, he asked, trying to sound calm and indifferent, but accidentally letting a sliver of sadness seep into the question. Y/N noticed everything, but she couldn’t get herself to care about his feelings right now. She was seeing red, but so was he.

    Y/N’s silence agitated the man more.

    “ Thanks for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might’ve been overlooked had your pride not been hurt by my honesty in a bit of a scruple about our relationship”, Levi let his tongue fly! He knew his words had stabbed Y/N in the same places hers had stabbed him! He couldn’t keep his calm anymore. His patience and grace was tested, and now Y/N would face its consequences.

    “ Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?”, he questioned, his voice raising with each syllable. Y/N could feel tears welling up inside her again. My god, she hated this man. He insulted her family and status, then proceeded to hurt her pride and scathingly expose it, and now he was showing his superiority complex!

    “ These are the words of a gentleman?" Y/N wondered aloud, her glare burning holes in Levi’s face.

    “ From the first moment I saw you your arrogance, your conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you are the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry”, she yelled! As always, Levi was silenced by a remark made by the spunky, sharp tongued Y/N L/N. Levi’s heart was glass, and Y/N had dropped it on the floor without a care in the world. How could he have been so stupid to think he could lash out at a woman as strongheaded as Y/N, insult everything she held dear, an get away with it with no harm done? Y/N’s glare lost its intensity as she blinked a few times. Her sight didn’t leave Levi, but it faltered. Levi came even closer to her. Even though she had left scars on his heart, even though she had yelled at him and called out every single one of his biggest flaws, he loved her. He wanted her, and he warmed at the thought of being with her. He looked longingly at her lips, then her eyes, and then her lips again. There was no touching, but Y/N was disarmed.

    She felt herself softening, and for the first time she noticed Levi’s attractiveness. Like a magnet, she subconsciously felt herself nearing Levi’s lips. She was attracted to him, yes, but she hadn’t forgotten the prior row, and that stopped her from closing the gap between them officially. She didn’t pull away, much to her surprise, Levi did.

    “ Forgive me”, he said once again, knowing she wouldn’t forgive him so easily, but still meaning the apology. Now that his head had cleared, all the most miserable emotions hit him like a cane. There was sadness at the rejection, bitter jealousy at Y/N’s affection going to Mr. Yeager, the pain of having one’s pride being minced to shreds, and of course: heavy remorse for yelling such mean things at the woman he loved…

    “ I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time, madam”, he whispered loud enough for Y/N to hear. And then he walked away without taking a single look back, leaving Y/N to drench in the rain some more.

    Y/N stared at his back as he walked away, thinking of the argument and her feelings towards him. She didn’t understand how a man could infuriate her so much, but still disarm her with barely any effort and make her feel intense warmth.

    Meanwhile, Levi’s heart cracked with every step he took. His love remained the same, even worse, it grew more severe. He wasn’t sure he had given up on winning Y/N over, but for now, he’d give her space, and pray to any lord up in the heavens who’d listen to him to change Y/N’s opinion on him, and to make him a better, more deserving man so that he could have her and make her happy, and of course: to make Y/N forgive him for all his grave mistakes which had caused this mess.

    #aot fanfiction #aot x y/n #aot x reader #captain levi x reader #levi ackerman x reader
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    Zeke would tell you to hump objects- like the corner of the table or the side of a chair- and laugh as he watches you try to make yourself cum. He might even pull out his cock and stroke himself to your pathetic mewls. Only when you start crying, though, will he even consider fucking your stupid cunt.

    #Zeke jaeger#Zeke yaeger#tw dacryphilia #tw mean dom #snk zeke #zeke x reader #zeke jäger#zeke smut #zeke attack on titan #AoT#AOT headcanons#aot fanfiction #aot x you #attak on titan #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #tw degradation
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    26.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    me: hey i’m pretty tired, i have to wake up early tomorrow. let’s sleep.

    my brain: but,,, fanfiction,,, spicy part,,, no,,,

    me: well, can’t argue with that, ur absolutely right

    #aot fanfiction #i wanna sleep #but i cant #so tired
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  • fridaynovella
    26.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    the thirst we quenched (part 3)

    Your mind went blank.

    “What a pain in the ass “ you heard those drunk men murmur and you turned around to see them a few feet behind you.

    You got inside his car without even thinking twice about it.

    Who are you fooling, you didn’t even think once . Anything is better than walking here alone .

    Eren got inside the driver's seat and put on his belt and glared at those men. You could see those men feel intimidated because they moved back and if someone had glared at you with those deadly eyes you would’ve died on the spot.

    “Put on your seatbelt,” he told you while glaring at them

    Once he started the car and he turned toward you.

    You swore that his gaze had softened for a second.

    “Put on your seat belt, its alright now, you’re safe” he said

    You realized that you were frozen stiff.

    “Um yeah yes one second” you mumbled while fumbling with your seatbelt.

    Your hands were shivering and you cursed yourself.

    You heard Eren sigh and he reached over to pull your seatbelt over you with one hand and his other hand on the steering wheel.

    You held your breath. His hand didn’t touch you and somewhere inside you felt disappointed because it didn’t.

    “Um, Eren?”

    “Yeah?” he answered

    “What were you doing in that street “ you asked him

    “I came to pick you up of course,” he said

    “What, why, and how did you know that I'm heading over to Reiners house” you asked

    “Ask one question at a time will you,” he asked irritated

    Normally if someone had spoken to you in that tone of voice you would’ve let them have one but this was Eren and he just saved your life so you decided not to be a bitch and fight.

    “Okay. Why were you in that street”

    “Didn’t I answer that? I came to pick you up “ he answered

    “And why did you want to come and pick me up,” you asked him

    “Why? Ah well, Your friend was drunk and she called Mikasa and started saying some shit about her being a what, I guess a man stealer or some shit because of Horse face and started swearing and yelling at her”


    “And?” you asked him

    “And, well, Mikasa told me this”

    “Oh, you were with her?” you asked him and you felt hurt for some reason

    “What? No. Why do you care about that?” he asked

    Yeah he had a point why do I care about that especially when Sasha did something this idiotic.

    “Yeah no I don’t I was just asking, yeah and what happened”

    He was quiet for a moment..like he was thinking of something.

    “Mmhm yeah,Mikasa called me up and told me that your friend is probably drunk at Reiners party because according to her she'd never do something like this if she was sober and you'd probably be going to pick her up and since you don’t have a car you'd be taking a bus and she was concerned about you so she asked me if I can take you there so that you'd be safe”


    You didn’t know what to feel. You never really liked Mikasa. Not that you disliked her but you were never a fan of her either especially after the jean sasha incident. But she was worried about you and understood that sasha would never do something like that on purpose. You felt a rush of guilt for disliking her. You were so thankful. No wonder why eren likes her . She's really understanding and went through the trouble of calling eren and asking him to pick you up because she was concerned about your safety.

    “You’ve been quiet for a while now,” eren asked looking over

    “No, I'm just grateful because she did that, I mean I can see why you like her so much”

    “No. I mean I do like her but as a friend. Nothing more”

    “Yeah” you replied even though you didn’t believe that

    You reached Reiners place a few minutes later. It was a quiet drive after that conversation.

    Once you reached his place you heard eren mumble “Why does it have to be this motherfuckers house over all the parties you could’ve gone to”

    You knew eren hates Reiner but you didn’t know the reason and didn’t wanna ask either because you weren't even friends in the first place. You didn't wanna cross the boundaries.

    “Its not my fault sasha and ymir decided to come here,” you said smiling slightly

    "Yeah well"

    He looked at you saying nothing and you felt the atmosphere tense up

    You suddenly felt really self-conscious and looked away. You forgot you were in Erens Jeagers car at 1 am in the morning and that man is sitting here right next to you and staring right at you. You looked at him one last time and you knew if you stayed in his car for one more second you'd either jump on him or pull him toward you because oh for the love of god this man is the literal symbol of sex appeal.

    “I think I should go,” you said softly

    “Yeah, you probably should” he replied

    You got off the car and walked toward the house not looking back.

    end of part 3 <3

    do check the previous parts to get the continuation

    hope you all are safe

    #eren jeager #eren jeager x reader #eren fanfiction #eren yeager fanart #eren yeager fanfiction #eren yeager x reader #eren yaeger smut #eren yeager x y/n #shingeki no kyojin #snk x reader #aotfanfiction#aot fluff#aot fanart
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    26.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    look at me…

    ch.2 / pt.1 | under pressure

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    pairing : jimin x reader, taehyung x reader
    rating : 18+
    genre : friends with benefits to lovers, slow burn, lots of smut, fluff, and angst, university!au
    summary : the university duo, park jimin and kim taehyung, both fall for you simultaneously after taking you under their wing three years ago. one male’s confident, the other… not so much. things take a turn for the worse when jimin makes his move behind taehyung’s back.
    warnings : severe language, abusive relationships, emotional manipulation, alcohol intoxication/consumption, mature violence, eventual!explicit sexual scenes, oral (f. & m. receiving,) vaginal fingering, hand jobs, dirty talk, power bottom!taehyung, dom!jimin, praise kink, jealousy sex, protected sex, whiny jimin moans, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, eye contact kink, mirror kink, hair pulling, cum eating, just lots of cum play and an insane amount of teasing (overall, jimin’s a kinky little shit)
    possible song list : daddy issues remix-the neighborhood, love affair-umi, streets-doja cat, call out my name-the weeknd, don’t play-ozzie (feat.themxxnlight)
    note : this is part 1/2 to chapter two since i went a little overboard on the sex scene 😶 you’re welcome…? i apologize in advance

    “I’m really sorry all of this shit is going down.” Jimin sighs, tossing your food into the fridge that you’d only managed to take a couple bites of.

    Your boyfriend—no, ex boyfriend, has been getting to you mentally. He’s really fucked you up. And now you have more concerns than just him controlling you—now there’s a great possibility of him going after your friends. Fuck That.

    “You’re a nice girl. You really are… you deserve so much better.” He sighs to himself, watching as your fingers shakily type out something on your phone. You hear him and acknowledge his comment by lightly smiling.

    “Y/n.” He speaks up, causing you to glance over and hum in response.

    “You deserve the world. You know that, right?”Jimin boldly states in the silent and tension-filled room.

    “Uh… Thank you? What’s this all about?” You awkwardly chuckle at his sudden compliment and smack his arm playfully. He just eyes you cautiously in response. You were at least expecting a slight smile…

    “So, if you know that, then why are you always dating people who do you wrong, y/n?” He asks, tilting his head while gazing into your confused eyes with gentleness.

    “Just my luck?”

    “No, why are you dating? Are you just picking anyone that’ll give you love and affection?”

    You look away, scratching at your head nervously. “Excuse you.” You huff, rolling your eyes at his comment.

    “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I mean are you drawn towards men who are like a fatherly figure towards you? Controlling? Abusive? Because of—“

    “Yeah I know. Because of my father.” You tsk, not liking the new atmosphere of this conversation. You continue talking before he gets too uncomfortable, “It probably is. It has some psychological affect on the men I choose unfortunately. I guess I just enjoy the comfort of that masculine figure? Just having someone to do things with? Someone to care about me? Protect me?”

    Jimin quietly gasps. He’s taken back by your words since that’s what he least expected. “You know that’s what we’re here for, right? Us? Your best friends?” His bottom lip pouts as he huffs “Now let me ask you this—have you even thought about friends with benefits so you can’t be tied to them?”

    “Of course I have, I just need to trust them first. It truly depends on the person.”

    “Well…” He confidently shifts towards you, hands resting on his knees as he nearly thinks about moving in. “Do you trust me?”

    “With my life.”

    “Then what are you waiting for?” His voice is laced with proposition and subtle hints of lust. His eyelids flutter down, creating a sensual stare. His pupils dilate as they secretly take in the way your tongue nervously wets your lips.

    Panic-stricken eyes stare back into his suggestive ones. “Jimin! It’s not like that…” You snap, scooting a tad bit away from him. He feels your heart pound through your chest and internally beats himself up for being so irrational with you.

    You’re his best friend. He can’t imagine you up and leaving because of his actions. If he could stop being a fuck boy for ONCE…

    “Let me rephrase.” Jimin rubs his temples with his index fingers soothingly. Your eyes glue to his fingers, watching attentively as they move in a clockwise motion. Lust swells within you immediately. “ You don’t have to have feelings for me. Friends with benefits don’t. You can just use me however you please. Nothing will change between us. I’ll still care about you as much as I do now.”

    “Why are you even offering…”

    “I’m sorry.” Instant regret fills his eyes and he jumps off the couch to leave, however, you lean over just in time to grab his wrist.


    Your acute stress response has been engaged through this entire conversation, so you’re a little off balance and clumsy with your movements. They’re quick and impatient.

    You yelp, losing your balance and nearly tumble into him due to the panic within you. Thankfully, you catch yourself before disaster could occur.

    “Y-y/n…” Jimin mumbles softly, eyes wide and peering down as he leans against the couch, body threatening to fall backward onto it. One arm holding you up and the other straightened out against the back cushion to hold you two up.

    “What?” You whisper, naturally matching his tone. His nervous expression is unclear to you so your eyes follow his subconsciously.

    A hand. On his abs. Other hand. Gripping onto his bicep for dear life. So that’s what you caught yourself on.

    And—it’s hard… God, so very hard. You swear he works them round the clock.

    Well… you were close enough…? However, Jimin was the one who caught not only himself but you as well. Anxiety was coursing through your system that badly that you hadn’t even realized Jimin was holding you up.

    You gasp, yanking your hands away and crossing your arms self-soothingly. “I’m sorry. I was trying to catch myself so I didn’t knock you over.” You step backward unsteadily.

    “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have even said anything.” He states, hesitantly glancing down and covering his clothed bulge with his pumpkin-shaded hoodie. The same baggie hoodie you helped him pick out. The one you stated ‘would help during specific emergencies’ as you pointed to his lower region in the middle of a bustling mall. However, you didn’t think his sexual emergency would be you. “Your food’s in the fridge. See you tomorrow.” He continues, adjusting his hair briefly under his hood as began heading towards the front door.

    Fuck… what’s the harm in it…

    “It’s a deal.” You spit out suddenly, hands slapping your your mouth.

    Jimin slides to a stop and slowly spins his head around. “You sure you know what you’re signing up for?” He lifts an eyebrow with suggestion.

    “I trust you. You practically do this for a living.” You smirk, shuffling your feet so your leg is kicked outward sassily.

    “Ouch. Harsh…” Jimin giggles, clenching his heart dramatically as he begins walking back to you with power behind each step.

    The dim house lights and occasional passing of vehicles outside envelope you two in a warm shade of beige. The aroma of sweater weather and nearing winter fills your nose as a whiff of your ignited seasonal candle blows past. The spicy yet musky smell of autumn eases both of you as he takes one last step toward you. He licks his lips subtly, a fresh scent of mint briefly meets with your nose, causing you to smile.

    “You might want to spit out your gum, Jimin.”

    “That—that would probably be smart” he sighs, lightly slapping his fluffy cheek.

    You know exactly what he’s saying to himself by the way he clenches his jaw.

    ‘You idiot Jimin! You ruined the flow!’

    He plods over to the kitchen, spitting out the gum, and proceeds to shyly walk back. “Kind of ruined the moment…” He states.

    “Oh, you’re fine.” You tsk, finding the courage to adjust his bangs that are threatening to fall over his eyes.

    He smiles widely all of a sudden. A deep blush overlays his cheeks that rise up and hide his eyes. His bleached teeth break loose from their encasement within his plump lips.

    “What’s so funny?” You ask, smiling along with him.

    “You’re being all confident now. You were shy earlier.” He pats your head, earning himself an exaggerated groan from you.

    “Shut it. Your hair was covering your eyes.” You stick out your tongue.

    “Cute.” He retorts. You paw at his hand, hurriedly smacking it away before he even thinks about playfully rustling your hair.

    Time slows down as his smile begins to fade alongside yours. Lust clouds his vision. His eyes go dark and search yours for the same emotion, praying you feel the same. “Let me take care of you tonight.” He mumbles under his breath.

    His hands drive towards your waist, pulling you into his torso as his lips collide with yours. Your hands reactively meet his chest and your nails dig into the flexed muscle. Your don’t dare move your hands, shyness is ruling over your life once more.

    His head leans down to match with yours and take charge of the moment. Butterflies swarm your stomach and threaten your thoracic cavity. They flutter against your chest, causing your heart to palpitate anxiously. Your body shutters as he reaches his hand up to adjust the loose strand between you two. His fingers gently graze your cheekbone and eventually slide down to the nap of your neck. You gasp into the kiss and begin deepening it once he pulls you closer.

    The ebb and flow of your kisses have your heads bobbing in time with one another. He inhales greedily over your mouth, immediately coming back down to suck your bottom lip between his teeth. A small satisfied sigh lingers in your throat, and you feel his free hand clamp down on your chest. His hands massage your clothed mounds and he groans into the kiss just thinking about what’s underneath.

    His hands slide down sensually to your waist, pulling you with him as you feel him stepping backward. You don't know which room he went into but you automatically assume it’s his bedroom.

    He didn’t turn on the lights and you couldn’t flutter your eyes open properly, too caught up with his lips that are now on your jaw and currently moving to your neck. He stopped kissing when he gently pushed you to sit on the edge of the bed. You opened your eyes then and witness see Jimin looking at you hungrily. You grab the collar of his sweatshirt to bring him closer, and he kisses you for a few seconds before abruptly pulling away to kneel in front of you.

    “That was… wow…” He mumbled, licking his lips to savor the taste of you. It consisted of the few bites of blueberry muffin you’d picked out from the store moments ago and the faint zesty mint that his mouth possesses, but nonetheless—you. The rich flavor of the fruit, spice, and subtle hints of you on his tongue drive him mad. He wanted to taste all of you.

    You shyly smile, lifting your legs from where they were once dangled off the bed and into your chest. Your hold your legs tightly to your chest and try to control your breathing.

    You cannot believe this is happening between you and Jimin…

    “Why so quiet?” He smirks, pressing on his knees from his squatting position to stand over you. His hands grab ahold of your knees and push your legs back down onto the bed. “You shy?” He asks, rubbing soothing circles onto your thighs. Your eyes wander around the room, avoiding any and all eye contact. Jimin deeply sighs to himself and grabs your chin to make you look at him. “Look at me.” Your eyes meet his lips, jawline, and arm that is currently stretched out to hold you in place, but never once do they meet his eyes. “Look. At. Me.” He repeats dominantly, hand sliding down to your neck to lightly choke you. As if he had found your weakness, you instantly whine and glance up at him with innocent eyes. “When I say look at me, I expect you to obey. Okay, sweetheart?”

    “Sweetheart is Taehyung’s nickname for me…” you retort, letting your bratty attitude out.

    “Well that’s just too bad. What do you want me to call you? Hmm?” He smirks, closing the gap to press his hand on the bed in between your thighs.

    “Whatever you want.”

    “Oh. That sounds like fun.” He says, eyes watching as his own hands touch your skin daintily. “You’re prettier than I imagined.” He suddenly speaks up, still letting his fingers make their way up your thigh, tracing the cold exposed skin until they find your shorts. He gently tugs on them before continuing, “You gonna be a good girl for me tonight?” He smiles at you, watching as your cheeks flush. You nod your head slowly, hands reaching down to grab his arms. “What is it?” He asks, pausing his movement.

    You decide to play around. Toy with his feelings just a bit. Get him riled up.

    “You know, you’re being really slow…” you smirk, watching as his jaw drops to the bed.

    “Oh really now? Maybe I’m just teasing you? Ever think of that?” He growls softly, moving onto the bed to tower over you. “You play all shy and innocent. Come to think of it, maybe it’s all an act? You’re naturally bratty—I know that for a fact. I’ve known you for years.” He says, setting his index finger under your chin to tilt your head up. “Act out. See what happens.” He crawls in between your legs and attacks your neck with his plump lips. He moves in aggressively and doesn’t stop until your back hits the mattress and his knees are digging into the bed.

    You whine and sigh, letting your head fall back onto the comforter. His lips attach to your neck suddenly, sucking and nibbling at your sensitive region.

    How does he know? Maybe from years of ticking you? Maybe he’s thought about this before? Wouldn’t be surprised, he do sleep around…

    “Jimin…” you whimper, digging your hands into his fluffy brown hair and begin tugging at it reactively. He soflty moans into your neck and it reverberates within your head.

    God… he’s so hot.

    Everything happens so fast that you can’t even recall how exactly you got into this situation.

    Jimin removes his lips with a wet pop and drags the tip of his nose up your neck till his face is aligned with yours.

    He looms over you, legs now straddling your body and hands steadying him near your face. He’s so close to you. His breath fans over you, eyes flickering over the beautiful features of your face. Your lips that he was tasting a moment ago tease him. They catch his attention. He wants to devour them again. Feel them pressed against his. Taste you. Go through all of the sizzling emotion he went through when you both first kissed.

    A short peak to your eyes tell him that the same thoughts are flowing through your mind.

    With that in mind he leans closer to you, lips now barely grazing. Your arms almost naturally wrap around his neck, fingers itching to just push him down and press your mouth against his, but the serene ambience inclines both of you to act slow and just take in one another. You got on him earlier about it, but now, it’s all you crave.

    Your hands skim over his shoulders, the anticipation of Jimin’s next move starts titillating your fingertips and seizes your whole body in prickling avidness.

    You reminisce over how it first went down. Your heartbeat thunders in your chest and you’re certain he can hear it too.

    “Watcha thinking about, princess?” He whispers, pecking your lips to knock you out of your trance. His voice dark and tinted with lust. Yet, velvety and soft. Perhaps you’d go as far as saying his voice is comforting. There’s something that soothes you when you hear the familiarity to it. You’re so used to men you’d only been in contact with for a few weeks mumbling words against your skin. But, Jimin? You’ve known him for years… it’s weird yet reassuring to have his gentle voice speak to you in this manner.

    “Jimin…” you whisper back, not really sure why you’re saying it, but it naturally flows out of you. His name rolls off your tongue like a prayer. He hums like he knows what you mean. He knows what you’re feeling. And without a doubt, knows exactly what you need.

    Your eyes fall closed, head sinking further into the rustled blankets. You then suddenly tilt your head upward, chasing after his lips. When you don’t seem to reach his, your head lifts up off the bed, searching for his mouth, expecting it to be right there. Yet, you don’t find it.

    You nervously open one eye, confused about why he’s not pressing his soft lips against yours. You definitely did not expect the sight that you peer at.

    Jimin is actually—legitimately—flashing you the most conceited smirk. He pulled away from your face and watched you aiming for that damn kiss—when you had finally decided to make a move. He watched your eyes close, lips pucker, and search for his. In all honesty, he probably had to prevent himself from laughing right in front of your face.

    With a frustrated puff, you let your head fall back onto the bed again. Your hands leave his nap and flop down onto the bed. Embarrassment floods over your glowing bundle of excitement and anticipation. You were so eager to finally feel him against you once more, but no. He had to be a flirt and a tease. Like he always is... That idiot had to ruin it.

    You feel your cheeks warming. You’re still lost in the fog of desire that had previously crept over you. However, you still wouldn’t show your true feelings. Jimin has to do more than that to get the reaction he craved from you.

    “Fuck you, Park Jimin.” You say, voice small—despite your attempt to come off across as not affected—and for some reason also breathless.

    He bites down on his lip, stopping himself from widely grinning before muttering in response.

    “Well… how about I fuck you?”

    You roll your eyes, “Stop being such a tease. And get off of me now, I’ve had enough of that face so close to mine.” You grimace before averting your eyes to look at anything but his exultant looking face.

    There it is. Your bratty side he’s being trying obtain. All he needed was to trigger you in some manner and allow it to break free from it’s enclosure.

    “I’m not teasing, princess.” A short brush on your cheek with his thumb, eyes watching you with such an intensity combined with that bodacious glint before he continues to speak. “Why on earth would you ever think that?” He coos, acting all innocent despite his mischievous grin that framed his face a second ago.

    “Shut it.” You snap, going to raise up and slide out from under him. Unexpectedly, he shifts his weight so it’s now holding you down.

    “Getting feisty now are we?” He snorts amused, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head. His single hand locks them in place and gently squeezes them with dominance. He watches as you immediately give in and expose your neck to him. He knows what you’re craving. He’s heard all about your fantasies and kinks during drunk nights of truth or dare. “I see. Want me to?” His head moves down, nose faintly brushing the skin of your neck. His mouth so close to your sensitive skin, yet, he doesn’t touch it.

    His question catches you off guard. Yes, you want him so badly, you think you never wanted someone as much as now. Shit, you even think you’re starting to fall for him.

    “As long as you behave, I’ll give you whatever you want, princess. I’ll give you whatever you desire.” His whispers against your skin, breath ticking your neck, giving you goosebumps.

    You bite your lip to not give into his persuasion. It’s scary how the words that he wishes to hear almost spill out of you.

    “Wouldn’t you like me fucking that brat out of you and teach you how to be a good girl? Hmm? Tell me…” he shakily sighs, the lust almost boils over within him. He squeezes his eyes shut, now trying everything in his power to control himself.

    You want it so bad. And his constant light touches on your body make it hard to say anything besides how badly you need him.

    “Please…” you mumble, “just do it.”

    “Do what?” He teases. “I can’t read your mind.”

    “You’re driving me mad. I’m not gonna name every little thing I want you to do to me. You know exactly what I want.” You whine, kicking your feet impatiently like a child.

    “You’re cute, princess.”

    If Jimin doesn’t stop with these damn pet names—and the way he pronounces them with a subtly raspy and horny voice, god—he’d soon have you wrapped around his finger. (Funny how you think that’s not already the case…) “You’re so bratty. And unfortunately it’s not helping you right now.” Jimin states, spreading your legs and settling himself between them. His eyes roam over your body, glancing at your breasts through the thin white fabric of your top.

    One hand is placed on your stomach, his warm hand languidly drifting down to your aching heat. Your brain is not able to comprehend what’s right and wrong anymore. It only knows that you want Jimin and you no longer can pretend to be unaffected by his actions.

    “Jimin, please.”

    “Just say it.” He coaxes you, eyes focusing back.

    “I…I want you. I want you to put me in my place. Choke me, kiss me, fuck me senseless.” You say, for the sheer reason of pleasing Jimin.

    And oh boy was he pleased.

    He practically tosses his head back and sighs from your sexual comments.

    He smirks again, that damn flirty grin you’ve come to hate so much. But right now, you don’t pay much attention to it. His digits that are now gliding above your shirts keep your attention focused elsewhere—on his movements. The way his nails barely graze your stomach makes you shudder. His hand sinks into the shorts and make their way to your core. Your bite your tongue and hold your breath and you suddenly feel his fingers make contact with your clothed core. His smile broadens when he realizes how we you are for him.

    “How are you this wet already?” He asks, eyes staring at your core. The fabric of your shorts stick to your wet lips, a slight dark color painting them.

    You clench your jaw, keeping a sassy retort from slipping off your tongue. You’re aware of what game he wants to play—and in all seriousness—you just went to get laid by the Park Jimin himself. The hot womanizer of your university, who also happens to be your best friend, is inches away from fucking you. Unbelievable.

    He presses his mouth to yours, tongues immediately intertwining. You cup his cheeks with both hands, pulling him closer to your body. You moan loudly into the kiss and it feels utterly satisfying after all his damn teasing.

    It’s a passionate kiss for sure: tongues darting out to taste one another and hard pants captured by one another’s mouths.

    His fingers slip under your shorts and panties this time. He parts your wet folds and begins stoking. You don’t want to part from the kiss, you want to get lost in it forever. But, the way his thumb reaches your clit to draw circles on it makes you suddenly pull away, breath heavy, and eyes out of focus.

    “You’re so sensitive.” He comments, ogling your twisted features. He tweaks your little bud between his digits and when your body jolts upward he smiles appeased, your whines that fall from you go straight down to his cock.

    Jimin plants kisses over the swell of your breasts, his tongue tracing over your skin soon after. Fingers combing through his hair in an attempt to countervail the sizzling bundle of sparks inside of you. You whine after he stops his fondling on your clit, his fingers occupied with dancing over your entrance, but not gliding in yet. You rut your hips against his hand, eagerly trying to get back to the rapid motions of his fingers and Jimin most certainly allows you to have your fun for a split second, letting you think that’s he’s not fully in charge. But then he draws his hand from you completely, coaxing another displeased whine for you.

    “What a desperate brat you are.” Jimin says, voice completely drenched in dominance. His coated fingers linger above your lips. “Suck it off.” He demands, prodding your mouth open. He doesn’t need to repeat himself, you’re already obeying his demand and willingly taking in the two fingers. Your tongue slides of his digits, tasting yourself.

    His hand drifts over your breast, thumb gingerly moving over your nipple. You answer with a soft groan against his fingers in your mouth. His hand rolls the little bud between his fingers and gently pulls at it. He watches your eyebrows knit and thoroughly enjoys the show.

    After you licked his fingers clean, he shuffles on the bed and sits down next to you, propping his head up against the headboard.

    “Take your clothes off and sit on my lap.” He instructs, a hand coming up to run through his brown hair. You can’t say that this simple movement didn’t let a chill scuttle down your spine because he looked so hot doing it.

    Taking off your clothes didn’t take long, you were only wearing short pieces of clothing—a beige flowered t-shirt and exercise shorts. They were merely clothes to chill in—which is what you were doing with Taehyung before everything went to shit.

    And god, you still feel guilty doing this with Jimin after crushing on Taehyung for more than half a year. But, at this point, it’s safe to say you’ve fallen for Jimin too.

    Once everything is removed, his hands are immediately on you. Warm hands slide over your waist and eyes dare not to part from your nudity. Jimin has to swallow the groan that almost escapes him as he takes in your body. He savours every little piece of it. Then he realized something—he’d never get enough of you.

    He’s always liked you. You’ve always been someone he could go to. Someone who knew when he needed comfort and affection. He always looked up to you despite you being two years younger. He internally despised Taehyung for catching your eye. He never thought he had a chance, so he’d keep at his routine and slept around the campus, go party every night, and hope one day he’d grab your attention with his charismatic and sweet personality.

    His hands move down to your ass and massage it tenderly as his mouth moves to your nipple. His tongue darts out and swirls over the bud. You sigh and grind against his thigh, hands digging into his shoulders, searching for some sort of pleasure.

    You readjust your hips and place them over his groin, carrying out the same action. He groans at the motion of your pussy rubbing against his hard-on. It most certainly doesn’t leave him unaffected.

    “Lean back.” He groans with lust coating his voice.

    Begrudgingly, you obey and lean back, hands placed beneath you and steadying you. Your pussy is exposed to his eyes.

    His thumb gingerly flicks over your clit. You shapely inhale and he beams at your reaction. His other hand rubs your thigh. Jimin’s thumb reaches down and slides over your pussy, gathering your arousal and circling over your  entrance.

    “Want my fingers inside?”

    “Yeah.” You whine, body shuddering as you think about it.

    He slides his index finger in, a second one follows shortly after. You moan softly, closing your eyes as once he starts thrusting them in and out.

    “Oh God.” You mumble, arms trembling from holding yourself up.

    “Mmm. You like that?”

    You nod vigorously, eyebrows furrowing when his pace suddenly gets more rapid and rough. The wet sounds of your pussy ringing through the room and your shallow breaths only spurt Jimin more on.

    But then his fingers are gone, making your walls contract around nothing and letting an invidious mewl fall from you.

    Jimin only tsks, “you get to come when I tell you to, got it?”

    You clench your teeth and don’t say anything.

    “Understood…?” He cocks and eyebrows.

    You huff dramatically. “Fine.”

    “Good girl.” He gives your thigh a short pat. “Turn around and lean against my chest.”

    While you get off his lap he slightly turns around. You have no idea what’s he’s plotting, but when he spreads his legs giving you room to settle between them, you know what he wants.

    You’re both facing the mirror—the mirror you didn’t even notice until now—your legs spread for the both of you.

    He skims his fingers over your perky breast, over your stomach until he is back at your drenched pussy. But, he is still not touching it.

    Jimin’s other hand turns your head to him, digging his fingers into your cheek.

    “Open.” He demands. You hesitantly open you mouth for him and shockingly watch him spit a glob of saliva into your mouth. “Swallow it.” His hand travels to your throat and he wraps his shirt fingers around it, feeling for the muscle contractions. “I remember this little kink you have. Couldn’t ever forget it. Well, it’s kind of hard to forget a fact like that. You even blacked out right after from drinking so much.” He chuckles, watching you stare at him in shock. “Go ahead, swallow.” He tightens his grip on your neck and you immediately force it down. He feels the contractions and hums in approval. His hand falls from your throat and to your breath and stays there. His other hand teases your entrance.

    Once you begin to think his teasing will never end, you begin to feel him pushing in two fingers, catching you off guard and leaving you a gasping mess.

    “Oh fuck, Jimin.” You whine, pressing your head against his chest.

    “God, your face looks so beautiful. Don’t turn away.” Jimin moans, leaning down to suck on your neck as you ride his fingers.

    His instantly finger fucks you at a fast tempo, making your eyes screw shut as you’re savoring the feeling of him inside of you. His thumb reaches up and rubs that same bundle of nerves roughly.

    “Faster—oh my god it feels so good!” You yelp, hands gripping his thighs from behind you.

    “My brat wants it faster?” He moans with you, getting off just by feeling you convulse around his fingers.

    “Yes.” You rasp.

    “Look at me, princess.” He growls as soon as you dig your face into his neck shyly, completely aware of your incoming orgasm. “Look at me now.” He repeats. You still don’t move and your eyes begin to squeeze shut as you tighten around him.

    “Jimin… s-stop, let me cum.” You lips shake and you bite down on them to control your voice. “Mmph!” You whine.

    “Open your fucking eyes and look at me. Look at how you’re getting finger fucked by me.” He demands, leaning down to bite your neck.

    “Ah!” You yelp, eyes shooting open and back to the mirror. It’s hard, but you widen your eyes and watch his fingers repeatedly go in and out of your dripping cunt, thumb circling over your most sensitive region.

    You feel the knot in your stomach tighten as you watch everything unfold in front of you.

    You’re so close to cumming, so close to letting yourself fall into complete euphoria. A few more strokes against your clit and you’d finally be reaching your high.

    Your breathing stops, completely concentrated on how his fingers feeling inside your dripping cunt.

    Apparently, it’s still not on Jimin’s schedule to make you cum just yet. In an instant, his fingers are gone from your throbbing pussy. Your cunt is quivering and hips uncontrollably rutting against thin air in search for something—just literally any friction that you need to reach your high. A broken moan falls from you, body quivering and legs trying to close to stop the unfulfilled sensation that rattled through you, both of course, Jimin doesn’t let you. He holds your thighs wide open, eyes wavering over your destroyed body hungrily, finding so much satisfaction in your current state.

    “Come on, princess. What do you say when you want something?”

    “Hmm.” A fervid whine leaves you. You’re so on edge, you can’t control anything that leaves your mouth. “You’re a tease.” Your voice sounds nothing like you anymore. It’s filled with so much desperation and yearning and that idiot, despite saying he was going to treat you like a princess, is being his typical idiot self and teasing you senseless. You convinced yourself he was going to treat you differently than the rest of his girls, but then again, he was only your ‘fuck toy’ now. You sighed to yourself as you thought about how he felt towards you. A ‘friend with benefits,’ and just like the rest of his girls, you could be easily replaced.

    You sit there lifelessly, thoughts running rancid. He caught on almost instantly. He’s known you long enough to read your eyes like a book. He knew everything about you at this point and could feel the growing coldness of your heart.

    “You okay?” He asks, tucking your hair behind your ears, voice laced with concern.

    “Mmm.” You mumble and he still continues to stare at you with troubled eyes. You shook your head, pushing aside the thoughts and made your move.

    You’re feeling so forlorn that you grab his wrist in an attempt to pull him back to your pussy, but he doesn’t relent. Your hand stays there, nails digging into his tanned skin like it’s your last shred of hope to finally get what you want.

    “Blame yourself, you didn’t ask nicely.” He tells you after you whine again. He rests his arm on your thigh, his fingers teasingly close yet so far. Jimin’s fingers that once dug into your hip wander up in the blink of an eye and his hand collides with your tit. “Did you still not learn? Huh?” His tone spattered in degradation leaves your body in shivers.

    “Please, Jimin.” You mumble lowly, eyes blinking shut as you grow tired of being kept on edge for so long. Your body rests against the chest, completely spent. You think you must look so pathetic right now. You didn’t even cum and you’re so strained by him.

    “Get out of our comfort zone. What do you want princess? Tell me.” It’s not the first time your heart flutters at that nickname. The fact that after calling you princess all these times still creates butterflies in your stomach leaves you questioning why he has this effect on you.

    Aren’t you just his toy? He cares about you and all but its not like he likes you? Right?

    Jimin.” You whimper, chest still heaving after holding your breath for so long.

    “What do you need?” He gives you another chance, though his patience is running thin.

    “You. I n-need you.”

    “Use your words big girl. Don’t act all shy now.”

    And maybe that’s the second where the last price of intransigence gets crushed into a mass of nothingness, leaving you utterly blank for Jimin to rewrite you to his pleasing.

    “I just need your fingers, your cock, anything. Just make me cum. I thought you wanted to treat me right.”

    He nibbles at his lip, turned on by your words but slightly taken back by your last comment. His heart aches only momentarily, not enough to create any sort of pause in his actions. “Good girl. He praises you. “Wasn’t that hard now was it?” You both look at each other through the mirror and realize that you want to kiss those playful lips so bad. Yet, you remain silent. He presses a few kisses on your neck, almost like a little apology for his behavior, but your mind is too foggy to acknowledge his small actions of affection and care.

    He feels sorry. He really does.

    But your mind is too focused on pulling his hand back to your pussy. Now, he actually gives in and a pitiful whine emerges from you when he slides one finger over your drenched folds. Eyes already fluttering shut, you manage to keep your moans at bay, but it’s really hard when you’re so damn sensitive. The slightest brush of his fingers kindling all the pent up feelings that he mercifully snatched from you.

    Jimin got you exactly how he wanted you. He is enjoying this to the fullest. He got you—the bratty and needy y/n he is all so used to—is now wrapped around his finger and doing exactly what he pleases. You’re begging for him—you’re at his mercy. That’s a great improvement from where you were first at mentally when he offered this to you.

    The squelching sounds of his two fingers entering you again almost make your cheeks heat up for the millionth time. But feeling embarrassed after everything you’ve said and done is just redundant by now.

    “Fuck. Just look at your tiny pussy taking my fingers so well.” Jimin whines, his hot pants shooting another chill down your spine. “Just imagine it being my cock. Wouldn’t that feel good, princess? Think you could take it?” He moans, digging his chin into your shoulder as he leans his head down to watch from your point of view briefly. “Look at me.” He commands and you instantly obey his command. His lips crash against yours and he sucks on your bottom lip, occasionally nibbling on it. “Feels good, huh, princess…” he sighs, pulling away and licking your residue off his lips.

    You’re already breathless again. Jimin is moving his fingers in rapid motions inside you. “Jimin! I can’t take it!” You bite down on your lip to subdue your cries. Your eyes follow his hand as his thumb moves to your clit, rubbing fast circles onto it.

    “Yeah? I want you to cum on my fingers, okay, princess?” He whines, crooking his fingers at just the perfect angle, hitting your g-spot with precision. He’s definitely done this more than a million times… that much is obvious. At this point, he’s practically a sex god.

    “Ahh! Don’t move! Right there! Right there. Right there.” You gasp, scream, and cry—letting out all sorts of moans Jimin had only every imagined hearing while he’s stroking himself to your cute and innocent Instagram pictures. He’s never heard this side of you and he’s really losing his patience because of it.

    “God damn, I make you feel that good? God, you sound so amazing. What’s my name? I wanna hear it right now.” He moans along with you, peppering kissing against your ear. “Call out my name.” He whispers seductively.

    “Jimin! Oh fuck, Jimin! You feel so good Jimin!”

    “Thatta girl.” He whines, biting at your earlobe.

    “I-I’m really close, Jimin. I’m gonna cum soon.” You whimper, reaching back to grip his thighs. Your head falls back against his chest as you hold your breath and take in all of the sensations.

    “Good girl. Let it all out. Don’t hold back for me okay? Look at me me when you cum, okay? I was wanna see that pretty face when you orgasm.”

    Your back arches off of his chest, heart thundering in your ears and your throat begins to heart from all the moans and whines.

    With another stroke against your sweet spot, your climax is washing over you. It starts from the pit of your stomach and the sparks of your high spread all over you within a second.

    “Oh, fuck! Jimin! I’m cumming!” Your body lurches forward, but Jimin holds you back. Eyes tightly shut close as you let yourself get lost in the feeling.

    “Ah, shit. You look so fucking hot right now. I could cum just by watching this.” Jimin gets lost into the moment too and quickens his pace.

    You came so much. Your cunt is dripping with cum, staining the brown silk sheets beneath you.

    You’re enjoying your high to a certain extent when you notice Jimin still hasn’t seized his movements. The overstimulation becoming a bit too much for you.

    You quickly yet clumsily grab his wrist. “T-too much. S-stop. O-oh shitttt…” you whimper.

    “What’s wrong? You too sensitive?” He smirks, still rubbing tight circles on your clit.

    “Yeah…” you reply, body still shaking.

    “But, I want you to cum again for me, princess.”

    “I can’t handle another round. Not right now.” You state, your voice trembling.

    “Remember what I said earlier?” He asks, intently eyeing your sensitive body through the mirror. You merely shake your head, it’s all too foggy for you to think right now. “You get to cum when I want it. And I want you to cum again, now.” He demands from you. A prolonged whine leaves you.

    He cannot be serious.

    You twist and wind, eyes tightly shut closed and lips parted but there is no sound coming from you. Legs are shaking, chest is tightening, and hand are searching for something to anchor them on—his thighs once again being the most suitable option. You dig your nails into his muscular thighs. Your body is turned to the side, cheek resting on his warm chest as his fingers flick over your used clit harshly.

    The amount of opposing emotions that rattle you are so confusing and it’s something you never felt before. It’s too much, but at the same time, it’s all you want.

    You’re also not able to control any reaction from your body, it does as it pleases. You don’t even have the slightest chance of stopping anything from the sheer brutality that these looming emotions hit you with.

    “Cant even recognize my sassy little y/n because of how much of a whiny and squirming slut you’ve become.” He belittled you, glance drifting from the mirror and now looking down to see your face pressed up against his chest from up close. “Look at you… so pathetic and whiny for me. You’ve always been a whiny brat, but from now on, you’re gonna be my whiny brat, okay?” His fingers go faster and he presses a couple kisses tenderly to your forehead. “Always playing so innocent and hard to get. But look at you now. It was so easy to make you beg.” Jimin says, his breath hitting your neck softly. He studies your face, remarking every little detail of your features that are so beautifully twisted.

    “Ji-Jimin! I think I’m going to—“ you yell, not able to finish your sentence. The tight knot in the pit of your stomach doesn’t allow you.

    “You’re gonna fucking cum again, aren’t you? Such a good girl… of course you’re going to cum again. You do as I say—you always have. God, you’re such a bratty little thing but so damn cute.” Jimin rambles on and on. He’s totally mind-fucked just watching you make a mess of yourself all of his bed and his hands..

    Your toes curl, fingers still boring into his thighs, but Jimin doesn’t care about the pain.

    His hand sneaks up from your breast and wraps his hand around your throat. The simple act of his fingers cutting off your air supply turns you on badly.

    “Fuck! Jimin!” You rasp. “I-I’m gonna—“

    You wander into uncharted waters. An unfamiliar feeling washes over your body. Your climax feels much different this time around. Your gladly accepting the new and overwhelming feeling of your orgasm. It makes your whole body shake, causes wretched whines to fall form your lips, and your hands to dig a little too deep into his thigh. You feel light trickles of wetness coating your nails followed by Jimin groaning loudly and biting into your neck. The way his teeth pierce into your skin while he moans against it enhances your orgasm more so. The slick noises get louder as you cum. The room silent expect for the two of you.

    “Oh fuck!” Jimin growls, finally letting go of your neck as he glanced down at his thighs. “God, you’re rough.” He winces and immediately looks back at the mess you are through the mirror. “Holy shit, y/n. Are you—god damn.” He gasps, eyes watching intensely as you let your orgasm rip through you.

    You’re way too caught up in the excruciating high that still tickles your limbs so you don’t realize what’s happened—both to you and poor Jimin.

    Your eyes are still lazily closed and you tenderly nuzzle your face into his chest. You almost fall asleep in the process.

    “Wow… I thought you made a mess of the sheets before but this is…you got them all soaked this time, princess.” He states in awe but then briefly nuzzles his head into you adoringly once he feels you snuggling into his chest. “You made such a mess. You’re cute.” He smiles. He lets a digit glide over your folds in an attempt to wake you up.

    And oh boy does it work.

    You immediately react by squirming out of his grasp. You open your eyes to swat his hand away, you can’t take anymore teasing. You’re completely wasted. But, before you’re able to swat him away, you realize the sheets are wet—like someone had poured water all over them. But, it’s not only the sheets, it’s also your thighs.

    “Have you ever squirted before, y/n?” He asks softly, eyes entranced by your slick pussy.

    “Did I ever… what?” Your chest heaving, heart racing, and the sheer fact that Jimin made you squirt—something you have never done before—is making your blood pressure rise even higher.

    “You didn’t realize?” He questions you, gaze shifting towards yours.

    You shake your head slowly, returning his stare rather timidly.

    A grin spreads across his lips. He ducks down to kiss your check. “Did I make you feel too good?”

    “Not more than anyone else did before.” You say defiantly. He gave you attitude and you were about to return the favor.

    But he’s glad he got your true self back, he didn’t like it when you got shy towards him earlier. Sure, he thought you were adorable as you’ll get, but he felt things were becoming stagnant and awkward between you two. But, now he’s got what he asked for.

    You watch the change of expression through the mirror. He doesn’t need to show nor tell you—you know that your words ignited a distinct fire inside him.

    “I see you still haven’t learned anything.” Jimin traces his finger over your arm, goosebumps following right after. “Don’t worry. This ain’t the first time I’ve heard bratty nonsense come from your pretty lips.”

    You furrow your brows and he answers that with a deep chuckle when he remarks your face.

    [ continued in ch.2 / pt.2 ]

    click link @ top of post (posting tomorrow) <3

    #taehyung college #jimin college au #jimin smut#jimin fanfic #jimin x reader #bts jimin #bts jimin smut #park jimin #park jimin smut #park jimin scenario #jimin scenarios#bts ff#jimin ff#jimin #jimin x you #bts smut#kpop smut#wattpad#aot fanfiction #new writer boost #writing#fanfic
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    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    RivaHisu Week 2001



    “I am not the man/woman you think I am” (anymore)

    Your Ackerman

    Historia leaned over the wooden perimeter fence, watching the sky as the streaks of tangerine and purple, the dying embers of sunset, bathed the greener pastures of the old Reiss family’s estate in the scarlet light. A sudden gust of wind brought the cold haze of the distant mountain ranges towards her, and a chill run through her body.

    Full fic here

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  • nagisashipsdontlie
    26.07.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #niccolo#aot #attack on titan #manga#anime#xreader #niccolo x reader #x y/n#they them#they/them #gender neutral reader #gender neutral#fanfic#fanfiction#headcannon#x you #niccolo x you #niccolo x y/n #niccolo x gender neutral reader
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  • exe-ackerman
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    OKAY hi.. more dad levi thoughts.. nsfw!

    imagine dad!levi coming home one day, suddenly taking you to bed and praising your little cunt, worshiping it for creating the beautiful child you both have. you’re laying on your back, legs spread and palms buried in his raven hair while he’s settled in between you, face right in front of your warmth. he’d spread your folds apart, breath fanning against you before placing a gentle kiss on your bud, mumbling “such a pretty little pussy, did so much work creating isabel” he’ll spit on his fingers, letting them align to your hole, other hand coming around to gently rub your sensitive clit as he slowly fucks his fingers inside you. “g’nna treat it like gold, make it feel so good for you”

    #DAD LEVI BRAINROT #levi smut #yes isabel is their daughter #dad levi#levi ackerman #attack on titan levi #captain levi smut #levi x y/n #levi x you #aot x reader #aot#aot drabble#aot fanfiction#aot smut #levi ackerman smut #shingeki no kyojin
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    26.07.2021 - 17 hours ago


    If I don’t do this, I’m giving you all permission to humiliate me as you desire for not feeding the Rivamika nation

    #aot fanfiction#levi ackerman #levi and mikasa #levi x mikasa #levimika#rivamika #mikasa x levi #attack on titan mikasa
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  • nicolekillme
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    Why do I want to start writing fan fiction again?? Why can’t I leave my comfort ships from 2017 to die!! I get too attached to imaginary characters. Messy sad shit. I think I’m regressing into my middle school self as a freshman in college. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME

    #fanfiction#writing#voltorn#klance#i’m done #what is wrong w me lol #i’m so lonely #aot
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    Falling In Love With… Levi

    Falling in love with Levi is rough around the edges.

    It’s strong. It’s intimate. It’s private. It’s quiet date nights. It’s tough love at times. It’s love that is primarily shown behind closed doors. It’s small gestures in acts of service as ways to show love. It’s being the Scout mother. It’s loving unconditionally no matter what. It’s loving even harder when he or both of you come home alive. It’s loving the feeling of one more day together… even in a doomed world.

    It’s also breaking down walls that were never meant to be broken. It’s angry. It’s fighting. It’s lashing out. It’s wishing things didn’t have to be this way. It’s reassurance that you’re not going anywhere. It’s trying to reassure that you’re going to live another day. It’s dangerous and scary. It sometimes seems as though it’s not worth it, but it is and it works out in the end.

    #aot fanfiction#aot blog #aot x gn!reader #aot x y/n #aot hcs #aot x you #levi x gender neutral reader #levi headcanons #levi x reader #levi x y/n #levi x you #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x reader #ackerman x reader #levi ackerman hcs #aot writing#aot fluff#aot drabble #snk x y/n #snk hcs #snk x you #snk imagines #snk x reader #snk headcanons#snk fanfiction#aot imagines
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    imagine dad!levi taking his son— furlan (yes he named his son after furlan.) — to his first soccer game. someone forcefully tried to push furlan with their hands to the ground and the referee didn’t call a red flag. levi gets mad because he knows the refs son is the one who pushed his own, and who the hell would try that move against his kid and not expect some punishment? he storms to the ref in the middle of the game and complains. the ref comes up with some stupid excuse like ‘didn’t happen if i didn’t see it. now get out of the field.” making levi scoff and grab the referees whistle— (he wipes it down with a cleaning wipe) — before pushing him out the way, making himself the new referee and taking charge of the game, yelling at all the kids😭😭😭 furlan gets embarrassed and yells, “daaddd!”

    #DAD LEVI BRAINROT #HELP #this is a joke #but... #dad levi#levi ackerman#aot drabble#levi drabbles #aot x reader #aot fanfiction#levi smut #captain levi x reader #levi ackerman smut
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    waves against rocks

    cross posted to ao3 and wattpad

    pair : mikasa x reader

    content : fwb to lovers, cunnilingus, fingering, vibrator, strap-on, lil fluff at the end

    content warnings : sex toys, edging

    w/c : 3.6k

    a/n : this was written with a chubby!reader in mind (as all of my fics are) but there aren't a ton of indicators. i rarely include any details about the readers body in my fics so this was a new experience for me. also mikasa can pick you up no matter how much you weigh, mf has titan biceps!!!

    the sweat on your body had dried and resurfaced at least three times now. every time you came close she pulled away, leaving your skin to cool right before she dove back in, fertilizing the warmth in your core with her physical attention. your plush thighs held her head between them, warming her ears as her tongue lapped at your clit. you were so sensitive for her. every individual taste bud added a friction that your body couldn’t miss.

    “you’re about to cum, aren’t you?” you whine when she pulls away, the beating in your cunt becoming so much more apparent when there wasn’t another object in contact to absorb some of the impact.

    “i told you to tell me when you were about to-“

    “mikasa, i need you inside.” her eyes go a little wider at your words. she nods, looking down at her middle finger pressing at your entrance. her spit and your wetness created a pool that left her digit soaked just from the simple push.

    “you want my fingers? oh fuck-“ her words are interrupted by your moan from the 2 knuckles inside you. mikasa grinds into the buzzing between her legs as she kisses the fat that cups your cunt.

    “so wet. so pretty. sound so pretty. feel so warm.” she babbles into the crease of your thigh as she gets off to the way your pillowy walls hug her so lovingly. you bite your lip, wiggling downward to try and swallow more of her, to try and fill the ever expanding void her fragmented breaths of praise tore in you.

    “fingers aren’t enough mika, need—ngh…—need to be full. need to be fucked.” your eyes stay squeezed shut as her fingers curl inside you. you don’t see her pull her head back and sit up straight, you only hear the sound of her skin rubbing against the couch fabric as she crawls up your body, straddling your bare hips with her thighs. her fingers finally pull out of you as her lips open to yours, but she lingers for a moment, knuckles brushing your folds while she works at something between your heated cores.

    “need you to close your legs when i say to.” she mumbles into your mouth, wet lips sliding against yours. the “wha-” barely leaves your throat before you feel it. the buzzing your ears had grown to ignore after a half hour of the sound being muffled by mikasa’s thighs were now between yours. your brows furrow as a less than pretty moan escapes you at the sudden stimulation. even though your eyes were still wrinkled from how harshly your lids were closing in on one another, the tightening muscles you felt against your cheek let you know that your sounds had made mikasa smile. it would have made you smile too if your own muscles weren’t preoccupied trying to process the sense-blinding sensation to your clit. you hear two—maybe three clicks before she’s cupping your cunt with only the little bullet shaped vibrator separating your skins. the buzzing quiets, and you can breathe again. you weren’t entirely sure it was a good thing.

    “close.” she says, this time above a whisper, like the lack of whining had allowed her to regain her composure. you clench your jaw as your thigh flexes, squeezing the fat together to hold mikasa’s hand between it. she swoops back down to your lips as she pulls her hand back slowly, giving you a long, wet kiss to make up for the missing contact below.

    “stay.” she orders before standing abruptly. your eyes follow her as she moves through the dark room, her bare backside being the only thing you see of her before she disappears into the hallway.

    you were alone, alone with nothing but the vibrator that still had residue of her on it. you knew the way you longed for mikasa after only a few seconds of being parted wasn't appropriate for the state of your relationship. you were hookup buddies. that was all. you shouldn’t be missing her this much, squeezing your legs as your lips fold in on each other, trying desperately to replace the feeling of silicone with that of her soft ivory skin that glowed every time her gray eyes landed on yours. and fuck—the way those same eyes were glued to you anytime you were in the same room as her, the way they practically planted messages in your mind, messages of how bad she wanted you. the way you two would sneak off to the bathroom together while your friends were in the next room, her nose brushing against yours as her hand covered your gaping mouth, her own jaw slacking from the way her cunt throbbed as the gray eyes watched you fall apart on her fingers.

    even with the solitary stimulation of the toy's lowest setting between your legs, you were about to cum. the flashing images of mikasa in your mind were leaving you breathless again. you grip the couch pillows as your thighs squeeze together, the fat of your stomach creasing from the contraction of your abdomen. your vision was already being hit with white light, any longer like this and you were going to-

    “sit up.” her stern voice and hand that yanks you up by the shoulder pull you out of your pre-orgasmic haze. the vibrator falls to the crease of your ass as your knees bend, thighs breaking apart, causing your grip on the toy to be lost. the buzzing felt so insignificant when it wasn’t pressed to your most sensitive bud. it would have never been enough to make you cum if it had been anyone else’s hands that put it there.

    you look up, seeing her blank expression as she lowers herself behind you, back pressed against the armrest of the couch.

    “i didn’t tell you that you could cum.” she says with a heavy exhale. you didn’t want to call it a huff, but her dissatisfaction was clear, leaving an ache in your chest.

    you feel something press into your lower back as she grabs your forearms to pull you against her. her hard nipples press into the blades of your shoulders, a whimper barely hitting your ears as the object is repositioned under your ass. her hands wrap around your waist, arms pressing into the fat at your sides, surrounding her biceps in an embrace.

    “you were going to cum without me.” her voice was monotone. the difference in pitch between her praise and scolding was barely noticeable, but she always made sure you noticed it. you were so familiar with the sound. it made an appearance everytime you and eren got a little too flirty, everytime you added distance between your two bodies, anxious that her lingering touches would become noticeable if you didn’t overcompensate by swooning over the nearest bachelor.

    one hand stays to hold your stomach while the other slides up your breast. she’s thoughtful with the fat, hand gliding past it so firm, yet the touch still had goosebumps forming. your tit falls with a bounce as her hand slides further up your body until her pointer and pinky finger rest on either cheek, thumb indenting into your jaw with her remaining fingers stroking your kiss-swollen lips.

    “suck.” her breath is a soft wind against your ear, her voice a hard command. you do exactly as she says, parting your lips with a gasp, granting her entry as her pads brush past your bottom teeth—swirling your tongue around the digits that had been soaked by your cunt only minutes ago, tasting yourself on them. you moan into her knuckles at the feeling of them on the inside of your cheek, the dildo pressing into the fat of your ass unleashing your mind and letting it run to places that were going to leave a wet spot on the fabric where you sat.

    “your moaning. my fingers are in your mouth. i’m nowhere near your cunt.” it hits you then that she can’t hear your thoughts. she manages to push your every button without even knowing how. she’s blinded, yet still able to perfectly steer her way through the curves of your mind and body. you want to tell her how bad you crave her. how bad the just the thought of fucking her causes your cunt to throb. but the path of your words is diverted by the fingers in your mouth, coming out as a slurred moan. she pushes in towards your throat at the sound, heavy exhale against your neck.

    “this is turning you on. you like having me fuck your mouth.” she didn’t say it like it was a question. it was a statement. maybe she could hear your thoughts, because she managed to voice your opinions better than you would have been able to. she pulls her fingers out, tracing them lightly down your chin, the wet spot turning cold as she glides past it. then again at your breast, the same coldness causing your nipple to harden. then again down your abdomen, drawing a line down the soft hill of fat. the sound she makes when she’s finally engulfed by the warmth of your folds shoots you up with arousal like it was a drug.

    “you’re even wetter than you were before.” she mumbles quietly, probably to herself. her fingers massage you like they were trying to gather every bit of wetness between your thighs. your hips push down into her, the object behind you sinking deeper into the soon-to-be bruised skin of your ass. her hold on your waist tightens, restricting your movement as she readjusts. you swear you felt her moan into your hair.

    her breath picks up as her fingers travel lower, skipping over your hole completely.

    “mika, not there.” you whine, still squirming in her grasp, urging her to fill you. you only realize that you’d gone blind to the sensation again once she pulls it away, leaving you so little time to prepare before she’s filling you like you had wanted--with the little buzzing toy as her guest.

    the sensation was strange, you rarely had anything inside you that wasn’t mikasa’s or your own fingers, let alone something that vibrated, quite-literally shaking your core.

    she holds it inside you for a moment before pulling out, sliding up enough to brush your clit, then pushing right back in, repeating the motion over and over until your cunt falls numb to the continuous vibrations, your body squirming backwards to escape it, only to be blocked by the iron wall of mikasa’s frame.

    “you're close?” she asks, placing a kiss to your shoulder, looking down at the way your clit has swelled as she does. the moan you give her answers her question. she scoots your body up the couch with ease, allowing her feet to detangle from yours and land on the floor. you fall back at the loss of the only support you had been offered, your own strength being of no help. she reaches down, pulling the fallen vibrator from between your legs, turning it off before taking a few steps forward, now towering above, perfectly in line with your eyes. you catch your breath, staring up at her, your arms thrown up, either hand level with your ear.

    “open.” and as predicted you did exactly that, it was like every word that came out of her mouth skipped right over the part of your brain that needed time to process. your compliance was immediate, like she was controlling you with a remote. so when the taste hit your tongue--the taste of your own cunt--it still caused a stutter in your thoughts, despite the prior warning.

    “clean it.” her voice remains monotone, your brows turning up in confusion at the request.

    "...i'm kidding. i just like the way you moan when you taste yourself." she says it like you were the strange one for not understanding. her jokes never did land well, somehow turning you on over humoring you.

    she grabs your wrists, pulling you up straight. your muscles are still incapable of holding yourself up, but she gives you no time to slump back down, hands moving under your thighs, lifting you off the couch, holding the entire weight of you with ease. your legs wrap around her waist, arms around her neck, giving your body support and comfort as you pull yourself impossibly closer to her. the dildo she wears situates itself between your lower abdomen and your cunt, giving you enough friction to grind into.

    she kisses your shoulder as her legs start to move. you observe every piece of furniture you’d become so familiar with. you knew her apartment like the back of your hand, and the only direction she could be headed towards was her bedroom. you let out a muffled noise of confusion around the silicone in your mouth, pulling your head up from her shoulder to look at her with furrowed brows.

    she stares at your expression for a moment, the moonlight bleeding through the window creating a pool of light in her eyes that resembled a look of adoration. then her lips meet with you, your top lip fitting between hers, pressing into you so softly--so sweetly--turning the look into a feeling.

    “i know, but… i’ve already fucked you in every other room of this apartment,” she starts, answering the question you hadn’t even successfully asked her. she kisses you again. “on every other surface…” another kiss, legs moving across her living room in slow strides. “and you’re so pretty.” another. “and so sweet.” another. her voice has been abandoned, words spilling out in airy whines. “and i-... you deserve to be fucked into a bed, into my bed. i want to fuck you into my bed” she pauses to look from your lips back into your eyes. “will you let me?” you feel the wood of her bedroom door against your back as it pushes open. you were in her bedroom.

    you remember what she had said the first time her lips were on yours, after a small get together that you had stayed late at to help her clean up, leading to you laying topless on her little loveseat. ‘i don’t really like to hookup in there, can we just stay in the livingroom?’ she had asked. you were okay with the arrangement. you never would have asked her for more than the breathtaking sex on her couch, on her kitchen counter, her shower, her balcony, anywhere in her apartment that she could reach your clit was another place she had made you cum.

    except for her bed. but now she was going to make you cum on there too.

    she drops you onto the mattress, the fat of your tits and stomach bouncing with the springs. you finally get a good look at the strap-on connected to her hips. but there were no straps. you think back, remembering how she moaned every time you shifted against it.


    the toy wasn’t connected to her hips--it was connected to her cunt.

    her knee settles into the mattress, dipping as she crawls over you. her legs sit between yours, one of her hands resting next to your shoulder, eyes staring down at you as the other hand parts your lips, retrieving the toy now soaked by your spit. she looks at you like she’s about to kiss you, but instead taking a soft inhale, before breathing her words onto your lips.

    “...will you let me?” she asks again, this time looking for an answer. “will you let me fuck you?” she pronounces every syllable with such mindfulness, the words seeping into the deepest parts of your mind, communicating more than just the obvious. her hips buck barely, the tip pressing against your hole still painfully noticeable. she leans down closer to your lips, trying to keep from pushing into you, but the neglect to her own clit was becoming uncomfortable. you part your lips, ready to take her mouth back into yours, but instead she finds the corner, letting her closed mouth rest there until she’d regained enough composure to keep from fucking into you.

    she pulls back, desire in her iris. you reach up to hold the side of her face, swiping at the defined curve of her cheekbone. she needed your words. you knew that.

    “...yes.” you whisper, neck craning up to push your lips against hers as you do. she doesn’t let you leave her, hand reaching down to adjust the toy at your entrance without breaking the contact above. she moves to your thigh, handful of fat pulling your legs further apart to allow her to thrush all the way in, clit finally finding friction against the ridges of the object inside you both as she does. your moan slips into the still air as she pulls her mouth away, forehead staying on yours.

    “i want you to stain my sheets.” she thrusts in again--more forceful this time, pulling a louder moan from your throat--lips brushing against yours as she does. “wanna make you cum so hard that you're bedridden.” she’s rambling you think, but her words were making the feeling in your cunt so much more potent. “wanna keep you here.” the brushing at each thrust turns into sloppy kisses, her lips desperately trying to get ahold of yours. “so that i can keep coming back to fuck you anytime i want.”

    her words linger, your mind latching onto them to fuel the fire in the pit of your stomach, pulling you closer towards the release you’d been chasing all night, but the understanding of them is delayed.

    wanna keep you here she said. you were in her bed for the first time, and she didn’t want you to leave. she wanted to keep you.

    she collapses onto your chest, lips pressing into your shoulder as she humps into you with fervor. your back arches, a drawn out moan traveling through your throat as she angles at your sweet spot, brushing against it over and over with every complete thrust. you weren’t going to last much longer, and neither was she with you crying into her ear about how good she felt. every shift of your body against hers since the fake cock entered her had pushed her closer and closer to climax without her even knowing it.

    her rhythm in your cunt is continuous until you’re nearly screaming in her ear. that’s when she pulls back, when she’s sure you’re about to cum she pushes her body off yours, pulling your hips off the bed with her own as she stands on her knees. the absence of your warmth against her body pains her, but she needed to see your tits bounce with every rock, your face scrunch in ecstasy as you come undone.

    and you do. after a few sloppy, urgent thrusts you’re gushing all over the toy, mikasa’s continuous movements even after your climax causing your release to spill out from your cunt, dripping down to soak the firm muscles of her flexed upper thigh, like waves crashing into cliffs.

    almost as if her body was synced with yours, her own release followed shortly behind. the feeling of the grinding on her clit paired with the mess you made all over her thigh, and she was clenching around the opposite end of the silicone dick, smooth moans falling from her lips.

    she hunches over you, hands holding her up as she catches her breath against your breast. your guts meet at every heavy breath you share, harmonizing with one another in the wake of your orgasm.

    “i l-... i like you.” she whines, lips closing around your nipple in a soft kiss after. even though it should have been a given, her words still left a sweet taste in your mouth. you reach down, running your fingers through her hair as you take in the look of daze, the half-lidded eyes, the coat of sweat making her glow even in the dark room, the sight of her was a comfort. even as you panted, bolts of euphoria still shocking your body, your heart felt at rest.

    her legs toss over yours, cheek staying pressed against your chest until she rolls over, landing next to you on her back, head in the nook of your elbow. she stares at the ceiling for a minute before reaching down to remove the dildo, tossing it to the side. she looks up at you once she’s free of the sensation, hand sliding across your stomach, holding it as she rolls back to her side, cheek on your shoulder as your own hand moves to rub her back.

    “will you stay?” she finally says, arms squeezing you closer like it will coerce the answer that she wanted out of you.

    you already had that answer. but you still think, not because you had to, but because you wanted to. you wanted to imagine how it would feel to fall asleep with mikasa in your arms. how it would feel to press your naked body closer against hers when you craved her in your sleep. how it would feel to wake up with the dim orange of the peeking sun bleeding through her windows, her next to you, limbs tangled in one another. how it would feel to see her smile down at you, kissing your lips before she’d even begun to become lucid. maybe you’d get up before noon, throwing on one of her t-shirts to help her with breakfast, giggles and kisses disrupting the cooking process. maybe you’d even stay with her the entire day, talking with her, cuddling with her, fucking with her. and then maybe you’d do it again the next morning.

    you take your eyes off the ceiling, turning them to her as you kiss her forehead, tasting the sweet warmth of her skin that you’d crave for days to come. she feels your inhale against her hair.


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