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  • iris-ren
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    jean boy is sweet and gentle giant but is also like dominant and territorial does that make sense

    #jean boy#<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3#jean kirschtein#jean kirstein #jean kirschtein headcanons #jean kirstein headcanons #aot headcanons#aot drabbles #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirstein imagines #jean kirstein drabble
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  • bigtitygothgf
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Request are open!

    You guys may request anything you would like for aot, jjk, arcane, dorohedoro, and saiki k

    But here's a small list of stuff I refuse to write

    Nsfw(full on smut)


    Rape/sexual assault



    Besides that it's free real estate<33

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  • tatakeeee
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i love this omg. had to 🦾

    armin arlert /mirio togata !head canon!

    warnings: sweet !reader, heavy manipulation, dub con



    my boy armin is a manipulative little one
    i feel like there are times where he really doesn’t even know he’s doing it.
    he had been hard all day from thinking of how submissive and also sometimes dominate you could be at times with him.
    “pretty girl/boy. i’ve been so hard, please.”
    “i’m sorry ‘min, i’m too busy right now.”
    “don’t you love me anymore? you know, it’s okay.”
    he pulls this shit so much. he knows it’s bad but he just loves you so much that he thinks he’s doing it out of love.
    you look in his face and see his puppy blue eyes with a pouty lip.
    “fine..” you give in
    “that’s my baby.”
    fast forward he’s jackhammering into your pussy/ass so hard you’re numb but all the while praising your behavior.
    “ooh. my sweet baby. you look so pretty/handsome and dumb taking my cock.”
    you want to speak back but you feel so numb and brain dead.
    “hmm i like that look on you; aren’t you so glad you said yes?”



    now this man has some morals but he definitely had a thing for convincing you.
    “sunshine, you sure you don’t want to do anything?”
    “i’m sorry miri, i’m just too busy right now.”
    “oh, alright then.”
    you notice how dry he gets after.
    “yeah” “haha” “no”
    “mirio, what’s wrong?” you finally ask.
    his puppy dog eyes are evident to his tricks
    “fine miri.”
    his eyes light up immediately as he figuratively tackles you too the bed. “thank you sunshine.”
    this man fucks you so hard against the wall, your legs are numb in three seconds.
    after about four rounds of constant abuse to your soaking pussy/ass, you’re begging for an end.
    “p-please miri, i can’t t-hake it anymore!”
    “oh yes you can my beautiful sunshine. and you will: you do love me right?”


    tagging my new best friend for this one <3

    @addiesshrooms !

    ~ @tatakeeee ~

    #aot fanfiction#aot smut#snk smut #attack on titan smut #aot x reader smut #snk armin#armin smut #armin x reader #armin arlert#armin headcanons#mha#mha fanfiction #my hero academy fanfiction #mirio smut #mirio x reader #mirio x y/n #mha mirio
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  • bummie
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    00 | 進撃の巨人 | ATTACK ON TITAN !

    18+ | not suitable for work.

    ( g.neutral. reader )

    levi’s december: day two — sensitive.

    content warnings: dom!reader, bodily fluids, dacryphilia, nipple play, praise, minor sadism, body worship.

    synopsis: levi ackerman is pretty sensitive.. but can he cum just from having his nipples sucked?

    love note: *gulp* god he is so cute.. anyway, day one is doing pretty well! i wanna thank everyone who reblogged it. much appreciated!!

    however, i do wanna remind y’all that i block ageless blogs, so please do not interact if you don’t have your age visible on your blog.

    with that being said, please enjoy this lil thirst. <3

    levi ackerman had never been touched. not by himself, not by anyone. though, he’s tried before, but.. he couldn’t go through with the thought of doing something so “disgusting”.

    he had his urges, of course, like nearly every other living being, but he was willing to suffer with sexual frustration rather than just alleviating it himself.

    because of this, any stimulation, whether kissing him, running your hands through his hair, or just letting your hands wander his body, those such movements could quite possibly send him over the edge.

    his inner thighs are particularly sensitive..

    he looked so cute as he watched your fingers graze the sensitive flesh of his thighs, your tongue flattening on the delicate bud of his nipple.

    listening to his voice as it let out a melody of shaky whimpers, his back arching into you, body quivering from your touch alone.. such a privilege to witness. a privilege that must be earned, and only you have earned it.

    your hands slipped under him, pulling his smaller body from the mattress, into your lap, lips only detaching when you switch to give his other nipple some much needed attention.

    levi twitches in your grasp at the sudden flick of your warm tongue, muscles flexing as your hands continue to wander over his soft skin. he grips the fabric of your shirt at your shoulders, his head hanging low into the crook of your neck.

    his beautiful black eyelashes are decorated with tears as his eyes squeezed shut. you continue to caress him, eliciting an accidental moan to escape his throat as you did so, though slightly muffled by your shirt.

    suddenly, you feel his legs press hard into your thighs as he tries to close them, his breathing quickening as he feels that vaguely familiar tightening of his lower half.

    you grip hard at his hips, the pain sending electricity throughout his reddened body. he jumps, biting your shoulder to stifle his whimpers.

    his cock twitches a few times, and it’s not too long before you’re watching as white, hot, strings of cum shoot out onto your chest, and his abdomen.

    levi’s fingers were digging into your biceps as his body shook in your lap, shaky breaths of relief, combined with short whines of need slipping out of his mouth.

    leaning your head up, you press a quick kiss to the corner of his quivering lips, running your hand through his messy hair.

    “so, so pretty, baby. y’did so good..” you kiss his temple, “can you do that one more time? for me?”

    #levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#levi#levi smut #levi ackerman smut #sub!levi #dom!reader #aot headcanons #levi x reader #:☁️: #☕️. levi’s december: 2021 ! #🧷. levi !
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Dating post-timeskip!Reiner would include:

    Reiner has changed a lot since his time in the Scouts, both his view on the world and his view on himself. Because of that, it’s likely he’d be rather different in a relationship too

    His most prominent feature is the sheer level of self-loathing this man has. He’s haunted by all the things he’s done and often struggles to find a reason to continue living

    Once you start dating him, it’s likely you become at least part of his motivation for sticking around - in his view, it’d be even worse to abandon you now 

    Despite wanting to die so badly, Reiner would go to the absolute ends of the earth for you. He’s completely devoted and would get you anything you asked for and more 

    He’s the sweet kind of boyfriend that would just turn up out of the blue one day with flowers because he thought you’d like them, he’s always doing things to try and show his feelings 

    Reiner always pays for things when the two of you are out together, no exceptions. Even if you’re another warrior so have a steady wage, he’ll still insist 

    He’s a gentleman through and through so expect him to offer you his arm and hold doors open for you 

    Speaking of feelings - Reiner doesn’t. Since most of his inner monologue is pretty dark, he doesn’t want to burden you with anything like that. 

    A lot of the time he feels like he doesn’t deserve you so needs a lot of reassurance in this relationship. And have you seen him? Why wouldn’t you want to reassure this teddy bear of a man?

    He’s not very good at communicating his own wants and needs or if there’s an issue. It definitely takes a lot of time to get him comfortable like that

    Reiner is always impossibly soft with you. He sees himself as a monster and would die if you thought of him like that too so goes out of his way to prove otherwise 

    Sometimes Reiner gets so wrapped up in his own head that he disassociates from his surroundings. 

    It can be pretty difficult to pull him out of these episodes but the most reliable way is to kiss lightly along his jaw, it’s soft and distracting enough to pull him out without making him tense up

    When Reiner falls, he falls hard. It comes as no shock to anyone that he’s considering marrying you before his time is up.

    He’s very conscious about how long he has left and wants to make sure your left in the best possible position. If marrying you makes you an honorary Marleyan, he’d do it

    #reiner#reiner braun #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun headcanon #snk#aot
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  • rokiboki
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    aot modern headcanons

    survey corp boys // sfw


    loves texting you this face :D

    uses super expensive mint shampoo and takes very good care of his hair

    likes to think he’s intimidating, but once you get to know him he’s a big softie

    when he drives and listens to music, he always taps his fingers to the beat on the steering wheel and on your thigh

    junk food addict

    100% has ADHD that’s untreated 

    when you’re talking to him he never looks you in the eyes cause he’s too busy watching your lips move, and then when you blush he grabs your face with both hands and peppers you with kisses

    one time jean dared him to paint his nails and now he never had unpolished fingers

    an “ass” man but anytime that question comes up he likes to bat his eyelashes with huge puppy dog eyes and say “personality” just bc he knows it annoys you

    most listened to band is Arctic Monkeys and his favorite song of theirs is Knee Socks

    favorite color is dark green

    lets you braid his hair, but if you ever told anyone he’d kill you

    literally whines if you say youre busy and can’t give him attention

    wants to watch scary movies but then ends up hiding under the blankets during the scary parts

    gets hangry


    blow dries his hair after a shower 

    a nervous driver which results in you driving most of the time

    has an intricate skin care routine that takes forever and always makes him late to everything

    most definitely a “neck & collarbone” man

    favorite coffee is an iced americano with caramel syrup topping

    wins at clue. every. time.

    doesn’t like confrontation, but if your order is wrong he’s the first one to march to the counter and demand for it to be fixed

    🦭 is his favorite emoji bc it looks like the seal is smiling

    the sweetest and most caring person,  but when he gets truly angry, youre in danger

    absolutely will not leave the house without chapstick and his airpods

    loves taylor swift but refuses to admit it

    most of the pants he owns are corduroy

    the tip of his nose is always a little pink, and when he blushes it turns bright red

    likes to walk most places if they’re close enough

    green apple is his favorite candy flavor

    thinks crocs are hideous but then wears socks with sandals on vacations


    will text you every time he goes to the bathroom and let’s you know if it’s #1 or #2

    has a genuine love for romcoms

    started texting 😮‍💨 ironically but now he can’t stop

    has adhd that IS treated but still out of control

    street smart

    shares one academic brain cell with sasha

    is really good at sports but would rather be in an anime club or something stupid like that

    afraid of snakes and the dark

    “boob” man

    has matching stick n pokes with sasha and jean


    skittles are his favorite candy

    is a gamer

    loves doja cat

    will put his arm around your shoulders when walking

    let his hair grow out one time and donated it because sasha said to

    has soft muscles

    mamas boy


    screams to taylor swift songs in the car with armin and made him swear not to tell anyone

    spoils/babies you 

    absolutely loves it when you kiss his forehead

    smells like coffee and frozen strawberries

    argues with eren just to get a reaction out of him

    is incredibly toned

    likes to ruffle your hair when teasing you

    kisses your bruises

    has no idea how taxes work

    “ass” man

    watches Mama Mia religiously and his excuse is because his mom likes it but really it’s his comfort movie

    “ladies man”

    wears contacts

    enjoys getting his nails done with you


    is a “thigh” man

    smells like vanilla and laundry detergent

    when youre around him, he’s never not touching you whether that’s his hand on your back or his knee touching yours

    essentially a malewife but he won’t admit it

    won’t let you drive and he says it’s bc he wants you to relax but it’s really cause when you drive it makes him nervous

    watched glee once and now all of their covers of songs are saved to a private playlist that no one will ever know about

    melts whenever you play with his hair and run your fingers through it

    needs reading glasses

    if he’s on time to something, he’s late

    prefers phone calls/facetime over texting

    genuinely enjoys being around kids but always keeps a stern expression so he doesn’t give in to his soft side

    favorite song is Becca by The Sukis

    actively prays on peoples downfalls if they hurt you

    would own every cat if he could

    prefers bitter tasting tea over sweet tasting

    would rather stay home and read than go out with people, unless it’s with you

    owns too many plain white tshirts and button ups

    #aot headcanons #aot x reader #eren jaeger#armin arlert#connie springer#jean kirschtein#levi ackerman #eren x reader #armin x reader #connie x reader #jean x reader #levi x reader #headcanon#modern headcanons #can you tell eren is my baby
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    02.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Reiner Braun and insecure!Reader would include:

    It might take Reiner a little while to catch onto your insecurities. While he’s rather perceptive, the thought of anything being wrong with you isn’t something that really crosses his mind 

    He notices how you’re usually slow to initiate things between the two of you. First of all, he just puts it down to nerves, but then be understands the fear of rejection flickering behind your eyes

    From then on, he does his best to initiate things so you don’t have to, helping you to build up your confidence and understand that sometimes it’s ok to be clingy or ask things of others 

    Expect targeted tickling and kissing attacks to whatever part of your body you’re insecure about. He’ll do his best to get you to love it as much as he does

    If you’re insecure about something else, Reiner will never stop complimenting you on it in an effort to persuade you it’s not a flaw

    He’s always very encouraging about your progress with things and your actions, trying to get you to be the best you can be - if there’s something you’re struggling with, he’ll go the extra mile to help you 

    Reiner is just so proud of you, he’ll show you off constantly, even if it’s embarrassing. He just wants everyone to see you the way he does 

    As you might expect, bullies are immediately shut down, if they have the courage to speak at all that is. 

    While Reiner is well known as a teddy-bear, there’s still this feeling you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him 

    Sometimes it might seem like Reiner doesn’t understand - with all his bravado and PDA, getting to the feelings underneath can be difficult 

    And afterall, he’s near perfect in your eyes - how could he understand what it’s like to be flawed?

    But in reality, Reiner understands your feelings of inadequacy better than most, and he wishes more than anything you could understand just how deeply he feels for you

    #reiner#reiner braun #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun headcanon #snk#aot
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    02.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Dating Levi Ackerman and being insecure would include:

    When Levi finds out you’re insecure, he kinda understands but isn’t really able to grasp the concept to its fullest 

    He’s not a particularly cuddly person and doesn’t really use verbal affirmation much so reassuring you isn’t something that comes naturally to him

    I suppose the only area he’d be naturally good at this is if you’re insecure over your skills as a soldier. 

    Levi knows a good soldier when he sees on and if you’re not up to scratch, he knows how to fix that

    Nevertheless, once he knows what you’re insecure about, he’ll do everything in his power to protect you from those thoughts and from other people 

    Since Levi is seen as rather desirable, you’re bound to have a few jealous people hanging about and talking shit about you

    Levi is always pretty quick to shut them down - putting them on his shit list for the rest of their lives 

    Levi has never been one to mince his words so expect him to be brutally honest in his opinions of you - even if they’re pretty favourable 

    If you argue with him about your flaws, levi isn’t one to back down. He’ll do everything he can to persuade you they’re not as bad as you think 

    “I don’t mind it, and I’m an irritable fuck, so can it really be that bad?”

    He just kinda aggressively loves you, so whenever he sees you retreating off into your head, he’ll give you a complement to draw you back out again

    At first, they seem rather unnatural and forced but you can see Levi is really trying. It makes you feel lucky since Levi isn’t really willing to change and adapt for anyone other than Erwin

    Over time, he definitely gets better and more comfortable complimenting you. It’s not uncommon for you to walk into his office and him to greet you with a “Hey beautiful”

    It never fails to make you blush because when compliments come from Levi, they just seem to mean so much more 

    Its crystal clear how dedicated this man is to you so how could you possibly argue with his taste?

    #levi headcanon #levi x reader #levi imagine#LEVI ACKERMAN #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman headcanon #levi ackerman imagine #snk#aot
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  • bokutosdove
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #aot smut#snk smut #eren yeager x reader #reiner braun x reader #jean kirstein x reader #bertholdt x reader #connie springer x reader #eren jaeger x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #reiner smut#eren smut#jean smut#bertholdt smut #aot x you #bertholdt hoover x reader #reiner x reader #aot x y/n #attack on titan headcanons #attack on titan x reader
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  • arminsrealwaifu
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    My take on how different AOT characters would do this IG trend.

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#armin arlert#mikasa ackerman#eren yeager#erwin smith #attack on titan hc #Hc#headcanon#Eremika#Eremikamin#Shiganshina trio #eren mikasa armin
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  • zekefreak
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Zeke looking like he's deep in thought but really mind empty just Mii channel music on loop

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  • sofiakistein
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❱I´ve been having a Zeke brain rot for a while so enjoy. you might see more Zeke in my blog lol I CAN´T HELP IT HE´S SO HOT

    └➤ 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌: zeke jaeger x fem bodied! reader
    └➤⚠️𝖙𝖜: step-cest, sex without protection, light praise, breeding kink kinda (? porn without a plot.


    tagging list

    Stepbro Zeke!, who comes home for the holidays and can´t help but notice how much you´ve grown since the last time he´s seen you

    Stepbro Zeke! always remembers your last encounter, the night before he went away for college. He remembers your high-pitched moans, your body covered in spit and cum, your toes curling at the sensation of him filling you to the max.

    Stepbro Zeke! knows you´re such a good girl, deciding to enroll in community college so you´re closer home and can help your parents.

    and of course, good girls deserve a reward and Stepbro Zeke! knows it.

    he chooses to sit next to you at the Thanksgiving dinner, your white floral dress decorating your body so delicious, Stepbro Zeke! can´t keep his hands to himself, placing one of them between your thighs.

    the warmth of your cunt hugging his hands while he speaks normally with your parents. Stepbro Zeke! knows what he is doing.

    and later, your mom asks for a picture, because her stepson is finally home, and she needs to remember this moment for the rest of her life.

    Stepbro Zeke! tells you to sit on his lap, and your mom agrees. You look like a sweet little sister.

    but you are feeling his hard cock inside his pants, so you decide to grind gently, in return for what he did at dinner. Stepbro Zeke! can´t wait to bend you over the kitchen counter and fuck you stupid.

    and he does. Stepbro Zeke! volunteers to organize and clean the kitchen, and he drags you with him, telling you that you have to let your parents rest.

    so you two organize and clean the kitchen as you told your mom, the talk is fluent as you only talk about school and family, but as soon as you´re done... oh, boy!

    Stepbro Zeke! doesn´t hesitate when he takes off your panties and puts them in your mouth to muffle your moans. He bends you in the kitchen counter and gives a nice and clean spank to your ass.

    "That´s my good girl, let me take of you,"

    and he starts trusting inside you as if the world were to end and this was his only opportunity. Stepbro Zeke! does lazy circles on your clit while his dick is kissing your cervix.

    "none of those boys will fuck you as I do. I´m the only one that can make my baby cum like this"

    and you cum, you cum violently. Your juices dripping into the kitchen floor, and your knuckles white for grabbing the counter which such strength.

    Stepbro Zeke! loves seeing how his cum leaks from your pussy, so he shoots his seed inside you, painting you white and admiring your twitching body.

    "now imma tug you in bed, and I'll fuck you again, ok?"


    – all rights reserved © sofiakirstein 2021.  please do not repost, plagiarise, distribute or translate my work on ANY platform

    #aot♟️#aot smut #aot x you #aot#snk#snk manga#snk scenarios#snk s4#aot fanfiction #aot x y/n #aot x reader #zeke x you #zeke x reader #zeke headcanons #zeke jeager x reader #shingeki no kyojin #zeke jeager smut #tw: stepcest
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  • iris-ren
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    finishing up finals this week & hoping on a plane to new york on saturday, but don’t fret! i’ll be writing while i’m there.

    send me requests for one shots or headcannons for

    levi // jean // eren // gojo

    #iris ren speaks #ask iris ren #aot drabbles#aot headcanons#jjk drabbles#jjk headcanons#aot oneshots #levi ackerman x reader #jean kirstein x reader #eren jeager x reader #gojo x reader
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  • cartoonhaven
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    where are the erwin x mike x nile fics?? give me "nile and marie get divorced, nile hangs out more with erwin and mike (established couple) and finds out he's into men too, nile starts having feelings for them, and then heavy pining, heavy angst, erwin and mike find out nile is into them, more angst, and then BOOM they're a throuple" like is that too much to ask?

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  • bummie
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    00 | 進撃の巨人 | ATTACK ON TITAN !

    18+ | suitable for work.

    ( g.neutral reader )

    levi’s december: day one — sweet tea.

    content warnings: kissing, fluff.

    synopsis: to think that humanity’s strongest soldier could be so.. sweet.

    love note: day one of my ‘levi’s december’ series where i write a lil somethin’ about levi every day until his birthday! hope you enjoy <3

    the sound of raindrops beating softly on the rooftop echoed throughout the dimly-lit room. every now and again, the sky rumbled lowly, creating a soft symphony that subdued the silence between the two of you. it was comfortable. peaceful.

    weeks worth of dirt and other debris rinsed smoothly down the sides of buildings, splashing and jumping around on the cracked brick below. the rain gave off that familiar damp, organic scent of petrichor. the earthy-smell of soaked wood, combined with the former, soothes your nostrils.

    your body lay sprawled out across levi’s bed, calves dangling off the side. the pure-cotton sheets were extremely soft, and well knit. no doubt they were made by experienced hands.

    there was no sign of wear. it was as if they’d never even been used. the mattress pressed firmly against your back as your weight barely sank into it. there wasn’t even a small divot where one would usually lay. you knew levi didn’t sleep much, but when he did, it definitely wasn’t in his bed.

    levi’s chair was a different story, however. the cushioned seat was pretty much perfectly fitted to the shape of his bottom-half. it was kinda funny seeing the outline of his butt indented into the chair, but you never say anything. it’s something only you and hange have the privilege of seeing, and you plan on keeping it that way.

    thick, humid air seeped in through the poorly sealed window, cooling the room down, while also making it heavier. it sent a wave of goosebumps over your body, however, not phasing your wandering mind in the slightest. your eyes were trained on the ceiling, absentmindedly tracing the patterns engraved into the large slab of wood above you. each intake of breath you took was silenced by the rain beating on the roof just above it. not that you were loud. on the contrary.

    levi sat peacefully at his desk, attentively flipping through stacks of letters and documents. the tea you had prepared for him minutes before let off a stream of hot steam that battled with the cold air surrounding it. it was putting up a good fight.

    you turned your attention toward his desk, watching as his fingers periodically rest gently on the rim of his porcelain cup, resting there until he lifted it to his reddened lips. the heat of the brew stung the delicate skin of his mouth, resulting in the attractive color.

    his eyes were low, as usual. fixated on the sentences of every page, studying each word, re-reading it over and over just to make sure he hadn’t mistook any information. he was thorough.

    hange tended to lessen his load of paper work, knowing very well how much levi struggled with reading and writing. he would turn the page every few minutes or so, gaze gliding across each sentence, again and again.

    it was clear that he was struggling with whatever he was currently focused on, but you didn’t want to interfere unless he asked. eventually, he’d get frustrated by it, and only then would you step in. he seemed to be doing just fine for now, so, once again, you turned your attention to the ceiling.

    you hadn’t realized how heavy your eye lids were until they were actively battling with your own urge to keep them open. it was short-lived, however, as you decided to let them rest. only for a short while, of course.

    “dozing off already?” your heart jumped as you were awoken, rolling your gaze toward levi’s chair, where you met his eyes. his damp hair hung messily over his forehead, a few strands clinging to his skin.

    you couldn’t help but get trapped in them, mesmerized by the contrast of his dark hair and blue eyes.

    he’s so perfect.

    “the rain is making me tired.” you smiled, amused by your own words. “it’s early. are you sure you can’t stay up a little longer?” you took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. “don’t think i can.”

    for a second, a flash of disappointment formed in his expression as he shuffled in his chair, breaking eye contact for only a short time. “why don’t you make yourself a cup of tea?” he asked, getting a little bit needy for your company. “there’re no more tea leaves left.” he turned his head back toward his hand, gripping the rim of the warm tea cup again, only to turn, making a silent offer to you.

    levi’s eyes followed you as you made your way over to him, tenderly receiving the cup into your own hands. the heat of the tea warmed the tips of your cold fingers. the bitter smell of the tea made you uneasy about drinking it. you liked sweet things.

    “i’ve never had black tea. ‘m not really fond of bitter flavors.” you stated, embracing the warmth of the cup.

    a small pout formed on his lips, brows furrowing as a mask to cover it. it was barely visible, in fact, but you could see it. you mirrored his expression, pushing your bottom lip out into a pout. “aw, don’t do that..” you say, lightly tapping the underside of his chin with the knuckle of your pointer finger. the small gesture elicited an unexpected heat to prick at his cheeks. to his luck, you didn’t notice the pink tint.

    er, at least, you pretended not to.

    “can you at least taste it first?” he asked, unable to calm his excited heart. your gaze snapped toward his, causing him to stiffen.

    you placed the warm china on the wooden table, listening to the quiet thump it made as it settled.

    turning, you steadied your body with your arm on the seat of his chair, beside his thigh. looming over his figure, you watched as he leaned his back into the seat, pressing his legs together.

    with your finger, you angled his chin up to meet your lips. it was a quick movement that caught levi by surprise.

    his lips were hot to the touch, probably because of the tea, shocking the nerves of your own. he didn’t reciprocate it, as he had no clue what was going on. he was stunned, unable to process your sudden closeness.

    you were actually pretty shocked yourself. his eyes were wide, his lips were parted. may as well have been the most he’s ever used his facial muscles.

    levi’s heart was beating out of his chest, and he was nervous you could hear it pounding against his ribcage. he calmed down after a few seconds, and though he was still a bit wary, he didn’t pull away as you leaned in for the second time.

    your breath felt feather light on his damp lips as you paused, waiting for his approval. his fists gripped tightly around the arm rests of his chair, the color returning to his knuckles as he loosened up a bit. levi’s eyes were darting between your eyes and your lips as he prepared for you to do it again, and you obliged.

    he angled his chin upward, this time of his own accord. though his breathing was shaky, his nerves were attempting to settle themselves down from the sudden rush of adrenaline.

    and again, this time more gently, you pressed your lips to his. he made a little sound as you did so, squeezing his eyes shut, and indulging in the warmth of you. though, most of the heat was caused by the excitement of the intimacy.

    it took a second, but levi imitated your movements, hesitantly reciprocating the kiss. you could feel his nervousness as his lip quivered against yours. the bitter taste of the tea was accompanied by an unexpected sweetness as you pulled away.

    standing up straight, turning toward the cup of tea, you brought the liquid to your lips, taking a small sip. you were shocked to find that it was completely bitter. your eyebrows furrowed, “it’s not as sweet as your lips, but i guess it’ll have to do.”

    “a..are you doing that on purpose, brat?” levi asked, putting on an angry expression to try and mask the fire burning at his cheeks. a snide smile spread across your lips as you let out an amused chuckle. “doing what on purpose?” the room was silent for a moment before he huffed and looked away. “you’re annoying.. you know what i’m talking about..”

    setting the tea back down, you resumed your previous position. again, moving in closer to his face. “what?” you leaned in a bit closer, watching as he averted his eyes from your intense gaze. “this?” your tone lowered at the last word, yet it remained soft.

    your lips ghosted his. “y-yes..” his voice was hushed as he met your eyes once more, anticipating your next move. it was almost as if he wanted it more than you did, but didn’t have to guts. he was so caught up in what you were gonna do, that he subconsciously leaned in first.

    happily accepting, you felt your heart flutter for the nth time tonight.

    levi’s sudden neediness was so adorable. it was hard to believe that he was not only comfortable with this big step forward, but he was asking for it. it was heartwarming to know he truly does trust you. he really does love you.

    without any more hesitation, your lips gently met his, molding to eachother’s shape, consumed in the warmth of eachother, completely engulfed in the feeling of not being alone. finally, he had someone that he knew would be by his side forever.

    you. you were gonna be his.. forever.

    so this is humanity’s strongest, huh? he’s so.. cute.

    #levi ackerman #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk#levi #levi x reader #levi fluff #levi ackerman fluff #aot headcanons #sub!levi #:☁️: #☕️. levi’s december: 2021 ! #🧷. levi !
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  • bummie
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    00 | 進撃の巨人 | ATTACK ON TITAN !

    18+ | (not) suitable for work.

    ( fem.reader & g.neutral reader )

    levi’s december — event.

    december is the month that levi ackerman was born. so, as a way to celebrate him, i will be writing something about him every day until his birthday, december 25th. i hope you’ll enjoy! <3

    day one: sweet tea. — suitable for work.

    synopsis: to think that humanity’s strongest soldier could be so.. sweet.

    day two: sensitive. — not suitable for work.

    synopsis: levi ackerman is pretty sensitive.. but can he cum just from having his nipples sucked?

    #levi ackerman #attack on titan #aot#levi #shingeki no kyojin #snk#aot headcanons #sub!levi #levi ackerman smut #levi smut #dom!reader #:☁️: #☕️. levi’s december: 2021 ! #🧷. levi !
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dating Levi Ackerman and being touch-starved would include:

    When you and Levi first start dating, the fact that both of you are relatively touch starved becomes obvious very quickly

    Things like hugs can be overwhelming for someone that’s not used to them so it takes some time for the two of you to work up things like that together

    Linking pinkies or holding hands is generally a good way to start. Levi’s hands are strangely cool so they’re not clammy and actually quite nice to hold 

    At dinner, Levi will often have you sit next to him, closer than anyone else is really allowed so your legs are touching under the table - it’s like a little secret only the two of you share 

    He finds he actually really likes the attention from you (not that he’ll admit it) so makes more of an effort to give you little gestures of affection going forward

    At any point if you get overwhelmed, Levi will be extremely understanding. He’s not one to panic or beat himself up over doing something wrong if you get upset

    The two of you will simply sit down, address what happened and then move on so you’re both on the same page 

    He’s surprisingly patient for someone with such a hard-ass reputation. Sometimes you’re not sure if it’s the same person since his role as ‘captain’ and how soft he can be with you don’t always align

    Pretty much all affection is kept behind closed doors because of this - the two sides of him shouldn’t really mix otherwise Levi worries people won’t respect him enough 

    If anyone brings up your hand holding, Levi might straight up murder them, even if their intentions are good 

    He doesn’t appreciate being the topic of gossip which is likely why he’s never really dated anyone before 

    He’s also slightly possessive over you because of this. Being so touch starved, he’s never really hand someone he can hold hands with an hug before - he wants to keep you to himself 

    The only person that still brings up your relationship is Hanji, often commenting on how cute the two of you look linking pinkies or some shit. Even Levi’s best death-glare can’t shut her up

    #levi headcanon #levi x reader #levi imagine#LEVI ACKERMAN #levi ackerman x reader #snk#aot
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Drunk Reiner Braun would include:

    First of all, a drunk Reiner is a loud Reiner, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule - drink just amplifies all parts of his personality 

    He’d definitely be a bit of a frat guy if he were real but not in an obnoxious way. More like a cross between the ultimate hype man and a doting mother to those that need it 

    It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Hold my beer!” accompanied soon after by a huge crash and an ambulance having to be called 

    During cadet training, he’d definitely find a way to sneak alcohol into the boys dorms, and then they’d pass it around and try not to gag

    “Reiner, where the hell did you get a 2L bottle of vodka?” 

    Reiner is also the kind of person that can’t do things half-assed. So there’s no getting a bit tipsy with him, it’s either sober or black out drunk with no inbetween

    It doesn’t help that he’s got a pretty low tolerance for alcohol in the first place, normally a few beers or ciders is enough to have him slurring 

    If you happen to be around when he’s drunk, Reiner is also prone to getting excessively handsey and flirty with you, the company around him be damned 

    He’ll insist you sit on his lap and be really whiny if you refuse. He’ll go so far as to paw at you until you agree

    And when you’re there, you’re trapped. Even if you need the loo, you’re not leaving. Even when drunk, he’s still strong enough to physically fight you 

    Expect him to be rather touchy and gropey too - it pushes on the borders of inappropriate as his hands wander 

    And then that always leads to Reiner getting horney and grinding up against you from underneath. It’s painfully obvious to everyone what’s going on and it’s up to you to take him home - if you allowed it to continue Reiner just wouldn’t stop humping you 

    He’s more likely to pass out and fall asleep the minute you get him in bed though, smiling and being all clingy while talking about how much fun he’s had.

    #reiner#reiner braun #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun headcanon #snk#aot
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  • pr1ncessm00n
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Aries: Petra, Reiner, Pieck, Colt, Sasha, Zeke, Marcel Marco, Mikasa

    Taurus: Armin, Porco, Miche, Hange, Levi, Bertholdt, Historia

    Gemini: Erwin, Floch, Reiner, Sasha, Marcel, Colt, Pieck, Jean, Eren

    Cancer: Levi, Historia, Annie, Porco, Armin, Miche

    Leo: Erwin, Floch, Marco, Petra, Jean

    Virgo: Armin, Miche, Annie, Connie, Levi, Historia, Bertholdt, Hitch, Onyankopon

    Libra: Mikasa, Ymir, Yelena, Annie, Marco, Colt, Sasha, Reiner, Pieck

    Scorpio: Annie, Hange, Eren, Onyankopon

    Sagittarius: Jean, Eren, Reiner, Colt, Pieck, Marcel, Hitch, Yelena, Mikasa, Erwin, Marco

    Capricorn: Hange, Sasha, Armin, Porco, Miche, Erwin

    Aquarius: Jean, Eren, Petra, Floch, Marco, Ymir, Historia, Bertholdt

    Pisces: Armin, Porco, Miche, Connie, Hange, Annie

    #aot headcanons#aot imagines #attack on titan x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirstein #jean kirstein x reader #jean x reader #shingeki no kyojin #aot #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager #eren jaeger x reader #armin x reader #armin arlert x reader #reiner x reader #porco galliard x reader #porco galliard#petra ral #reiner braun x reader #bertholdt x reader #mikasa ackerman x reader #levi ackerman x reader #zeke yeager x reader #ymir x reader #erwin smith x reader #hange zoe #historia x reader #connie springer x reader #aot zodiac signs
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  • icarus-fell-in-spring
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Colt Grice calming you down after a panic attack would include:

    Colt loves you very intensely and takes on each of your hurts as his own. He’s also very in-tune with how you’re feeling so will probably notice beforehand if something is off

    If you end up having a full-blown panic attack, unfortunately Colt’s first reaction is to panic too - not particularly helpful 

    He just desperately wants you to be ok and hates seeing you in distress and being so powerless so it takes a moment for his training to kick in and help him perform under stress

    After his mini-freak out, Colt is quick to take you somewhere quiet and comfortable if you aren’t already. He understands that this is probably something you’ll be embarrassed about later so it’s better if you calm down behind closed doors 

    He’s not particularly well-versed in how to help people with anxiety but his instincts tell him to do all the right things

    He’ll rub your back and hold you close, reminding you over and over again that you’re safe and you can get through whatever’s causing the anxiety

    His reassurances are mostly for you but also partly for him since he’s terrified seeing you so out of control and upset 

    Colt is also the kind of person to try and help you to breathe but then end up getting out of breath himself - sorry about that 

    But he’s also very good at distracting you from the anxiety and panic which is good - he’ll tell you how much he loves you right down to the way you flip your hair

    And then once you’ve calmed down enough to talk about it, he’ll want to know what’s caused the event - although he’ll understand and give you space if you need it. 

    Once he knows what triggers your anxiety, Colt is studious at spotting potential hazards before they become a problem

    He might seem a little overbearing at first but he’ll quickly find a balance, being able to enjoy spending time with you while also keeping you away from any triggers

    #colt grice #colt grice x reader #colt grice headcanons #colt#snk#aot
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