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  • silversatoru
    17.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    just chatted w @arlerted about connie fucking you standing and now i’m nothing but horny for the fucking bald man so here you go

    connie fucks you against a wall

    t/w: nsfw 18+, female-bodied reader, standing sex, connie likes to be loud, cumshot (plus a very mild facial), streaking? aftercare? idk

    connie’s fingers squeezed the underside of your thighs, your skin burning and aching from his tight grip as he held you up against the wall. your shoulder blades rubbed viciously against the cool surface every time he bounced you down on his dick, but the pain was secondary to the blissful feeling of being stuffed full with his cock.

    your neck was sticky with his hot breath, fluid pants and throaty grunts falling from his lips to your skin and filling your ears with gratification. connie always makes sure you know how good you feel on his dick, whether it be through the unsteadiness of his breath or the vulgar comments he lets fly from his lips. you never feel like anything less than the most desired person on the planet while he’s fucking you dumb.

    he had you propped up at the most perfect angle too, his cock pounding into the back of your cunt with every stroke. he loves to make you scream, clawing at his shoulders and begging him to slow down because your friends are just a few rooms away. sadly for you he could care less about what his friends think, right now the only thing he’s focused on is whether he wants to pump you full with his cum or spray it all over your angelic-looking body. (plus he’s gonna brag to jean about fucking the baddest girl on the squad later anyway, who cares if he hears a preview?)

    at some point he’d lose his grip on your leg, your body almost falling to the side before he caught you again. his tough exterior that he wore while he fucked you would break for just a moment, a combination of your breathy laughter bouncing off the walls while he mumbled a quick apology and got you situated again. you’d get a quick peek at his typical loving and goofy self, but the second he had you back in his arms and bouncing on his dick, his eyebrows would knit together as his expression hardened up again.

    he fucked you till both of your bodies were aching and you were a mumbling, drooling disaster. your legs were slimy with your own juices, because he’d be fucking dammed if his girl didn’t come at least two or three times before he did. and now that you were a tired, satisfied, incoherent mess, he finally decided that he wanted to paint your body with his seed.

    he flopped you down on the bed that was there the entire time (he just likes to fuck you against the wall), and placed a few hasty kisses to your face before standing up and wrapping his own hand around his cock. it only took a few firm strokes to finish what the warm, plump walls of your cunt had started, and he threw his head back as white ropes flung onto your bare skin. he’d intentionally aim some onto your tits, just to see the way it coats your nipples and drips down the curves — and he’d fling a few drops onto your face just to be an asshole too.

    but connie considers himself the king of aftercare, so he grabbed a few towels, scooped you up, and shamelessly carried you out of his dorm room. you’d crumble in embarrassment once you came to your senses, clinging to connie’s body as he giggled and sprinted down the hallway to the shared bathrooms. luckily for you there was no one around to see the two of you streak through the dorms, but that didn’t make it any less embarrassing.

    you’d punch him in the chest once he finally puts you down, but he’d just ignore you, pulling the curtains shut and laughing maniacally. he got so serious when he was fucking you that you’d almost forgotten how much of a complete prick he was normally.

    he’d wash your hair and help you to scrub your body clean, but he’d also slap your ass and try to suck on your wet tits. this results in you attempting to scold him, telling him to stop being such a fucking horn-ball, but you can’t suppress the grin that tugs at your lips.


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  • piecksluvr
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    k. (eren j. x reader)

    summary; you're well aware by now that your feelings of eren have blossomed into something more than a fuckbuddy. but you're not quite sure if he'll agree.
    content warnings; smut (18+), fingering, oral (f. receiving), vaginal, unprotected sex, unestablished relationship, degrading, use of pet names, creampie, slight dumbification, hurt at the end i’m sorry.
    word count; 2.2k
    a/n; the fic that has been sitting in my drafts for 2 months has been completed! anyways i’m sorry i’m advance

    you're well aware by now that eren jaeger isn't just a one night stand you had a week ago. you couldn't quite call it a friendship now, but perhaps fuckbuddies- or people who banged on the low with no strings attached.

    well, you wouldn't say you didn't have feelings for him by now. you couldn't tell if it was his mischievous personality or his nine inch long dick, but there were certainly more than platonic feelings on your end.

    you two had met when armin, mikasa and eren bought a house to rent out for college. you were a friend of mikasa's and had nowhere to go except to the house they rented, so you moved in. you and eren clicked almost instantaneously, as if you were best friends your whole life.

    the sexual tension between you two was inexplicable. and you both knew it. and that's why one day, eren chose to make his move when you two were watching "finding nemo: blu-ray dvd edition" on the couch in the living room.

    you two fucked during the scene when the little red-headed girl was terrorizing the other fish. but you two don't talk about it. all that mattered was that it was good sex- and by good, you meant really. fucking. good. you had no clue how he gained all this experience, but that didn't matter either.

    now you were here, nearing the end of your sophomore year. this little rendezvous with eren had lasted five months now. you two definitely fucked often- sometimes sucking him off while he was studying for is psychology course, other times bending you over the bathroom counter with a death grip on your asscheeks.

    this time he had walked into your room while you were clicking away at your laptop while you sat on your bed, doing your best to study for the exam you had next week. he didn't say a word, just laid down on the bed next to you and stared up at the ceiling.

    you tried your hardest to ignore him, but your train of thought was lost when he cleared his throat unnecessarily loudly as if you couldn't already tell that he was right next to you.

    you shut your laptop in defeat, and turned your head over to eren, a smile ever so slightly curling on his lips. you were unamused at his behavior.

    "yes, eren?" you ask, eyes locking with his jade orbs. he clearly hasn't slept in a while, telling from the dark circles under his eyes, contrasting his somewhat tan skin. his brown hair was in its messy bun like normal, tied up sloppily with some baby hairs poking out here and there.

    "dunno", he responded. "just seeing what you're up to."

    "mhm? well, that sounds like bullshit to me, mister jaeger", you scoff. "you always come in here and make yourself at home when you're horny."

    eren sighed, and sat up from his position. "fine, you caught me red handed. but i know you're as horny as i am."

    "...you're right", you admit, before he flips over so he's on all fours and crawls over so he's in front of you. the several rings that adorned his fingers glistened in the ceiling light above, his grey sweatshirt hanging loosely around his body. though what he always wore was so simple, he never failed to look breathtaking in it.

    tugging at the waist of your sweatpants, eren growled a "take it off" before you slid your hands down to your waist and did as he told you, leaving you in your panties. you didn't wear nice ones today assuming you weren't going to be fucking somebody, but here you were.

    the rest was done by him as he pulled down your panties, breath hitching at the sight of your wet cunt. eren licked his lips hungrily.

    "wet? already? what are you, some kind of whore?"

    when you only looked at him with doe eyes, he rose his voice. "well? give me an answer, slut."

    his very words made something awaken in your core, and you responded with a "y-your whore, eren."

    eren nodded in satisfaction, content with your answer. "you're learning."

    in past experiences, you had been quite a brat to him- as he would say. constantly going up against what he wanted, trying to dominate him. but every single time he ended up pushing you back down and pounding you into the nearest surface, making you state exactly who you belonged to. but since you were being good this time, he relented.

    dipping a cold finger into your folds, he collected the juices that wetted the outer lips of your cunt, savoring the warmth it provided him in contrast to his hand. in response, you jolted at the cold temperature, only for eren to hold you down by the waist to prevent too much movement.

    working his fingers inside your impossibly tight cunt, he pushed in one, swirling it around in an attempt to find your sweet spot- in which he succeeded. with a hum of approval, he pushed through another finger past the bit of muscle and into your walls, placing it in the same spot the other finger was. curling his digits around that spongy spot and placing the gentlest pressure upon it. letting a pathetic whimper escape your lips, eren is quick to stop what he's doing and reach for your panties.

    "w-what are you doing?" you croak, voice weak from the recent stimulation.

    "shutting you the fuck up", he snapped back in response. balling up your pair of soaked panties, he stuffed them in your mouth, making you gag a little. he only smirked at the fact you were struggling. "you're just too fuckin' loud. if armin and mikasa weren't downstairs i would let you have at it, but we've gotta keep this a secret baby."

    resuming what he was doing a minute ago, he moves his mouth closer to your cunt, ever so gently wrapping his lips around your delicate little clit. your hips bucked upwards as he put his two fingers in their previous spot, pumping slowly in and out.

    you're only able to mumble in approval as his pumping turns languid and rough, and before you know it you're already feeling that knot that's all too familiar in your stomach. you yelp into your balled up panties that occupied your little mouth, the sound coming out muffled. erens brow raises as he removes his fingers from your fluttering cunt.

    you're about to mutter something in disapproval, but eren starts talking before you. "i told you to stay quitet, princess. what don't you get about that? are you that stupid whore i thought you were? yeah, i thought so."

    "'m not a stupid whore", you say, making your statement clear even though there was a piece of fabric in your mouth.

    "then show it", eren demands as he slides his fingers back in, his thrusting become too quick for you to resist an orgasm, but still staying quiet so he would let you cum.

    you gush all over his fingers, creamy white liquid coating his fingers as he pulls out, and places his fingers in his mouth, licking off the substance. you're reduced to a panting mess on your bed.

    "that tired, are ya?" eren mocks you. "too bad. i still've got a hard cock and you're gonna take care of it." he isn't wrong. his print is easily visible in his grey sweats, at its full length and glory.

    "more", you pant out. "want your cock, can handle it, eren..."

    "i know you can, princess", he coos as he practically rips down his pants and boxers at the same time, exposing his hardened and flushed cock. the tip was tinted red, a few veins protruding through the skin on the side. he had a pretty cock indeed.

    "bend over", he commands. shakily, you comply and get on all fours so that your head is near a pillow in case your legs give out. "that's'a girl."

    you can feel him come up from behind you, and rub his warm tip over your cunt, making a shiver run down your spine. his size never failed to make you at least just a little bit nervous, it always hurt a bit when it went in but he prepped you well enough that it would slide in easily.

    with his right hand, he grabbed the sturdy frame of the headboard, and with his left, started to push his cockhead into your tight little hole. you squealed as you felt his flesh enter you slowly, but soon sheathed his whole self in with one thrust.

    "fuck- you're tight", he grunted, and removed his left hand so it was now gripping your ass. you could feel his fingernails digging into the supple skin, likely leaving red crescent marks. after eren took a deep breath or two, he started his movements. and he didn't relent.

    the pace he was moving at was almost dizzying, making you let out a few high-pitched wails. his balls slapped up against your behind, lewd noises of skin on skin filling the room. he held onto the headboard, making the bed shake and creak with every new thrust he took.

    "eren, eren, eren", you mumbled, completely cockdrunk by him. "more, more please".

    eren smirked, his hair starting to fall out of his bun. "liking that? i knew it, you're just a whore. begging for my cock like always, just like the slut i've always known."

    his words were mean, but they made you clamp around his dick, making him release a stuttered moan. were you perhaps sick for liking the way he degraded you? you didn't know and didn't care.

    "s' good, 'ren", you gasped, wanting him to keep calling you these names and degrading you down to the bone. you would never let any man talk to you like that- only eren could, he did it the right way.

    "i know baby, i know", he purred. "m' gonna cum, you gonna cum with me?"

    "y-yes!" you shriek, feeling your second orgasm creep up on you, making your stomach do a somersault. "please 'ren! make me cum! need you filling me up!"

    eren gave a dark chuckle, and threw his head back into a moan. your orgasm hit you like a truck, the pleasure taking over your entire body and making you shake uncontrollably, squealing into your pillow as your legs gave out. eren knew this was coming, so he removed his right hand from his headboard and put both of his hands under your legs to hold you out as he rode out his high. he jackhammered into you, balls tightening as the knot in his stomach finally snapped, making his cum spurt out of his tip and into your cunt. you were left immobile and speechless, drooling into your pillow as he pulled himself out and let his semen leak out from your hole and all over your sheets.

    after he finished panting, he looked over to you. "you good?"

    "mmph", you mumble, eren barely hearing you. you meant for that to be an affirmation.

    he flipped you over so you were on your back, your sweatshirt still on your body. he cursed himself for not removing it, but there was always a next time. he smiled at your state, knowing he fucked you that good.

    “you did good, princess”, he grinned, and pulled up his boxers again, and searched for his phone which he left somewhere in the room.

    “eren”, you ask. “where are you going?”

    “there’s a party at jeans dorm tonight. you going?”

    you sigh. “no, studying for the exam. i need to pass it, maybe i’ll go next time.”

    eren nodded, and walked out the door. “thanks again.”

    staring up at the ceiling, you wondered how eren could always treat the fact you two fucked on the regular so casually. he always went around and flirted with other girls at parties, but never took them home.

    well, it was now or never that you were going to make your move.

    you grabbed your phone from your nightstand and unlocked it, your home screen being a photo of you, eren, armin and mikasa all huddled around the couch for a movie night. you opened your messaging app, and clicked on erens contact. this is where you began drafting your message.

    | You: um okay hi eren! so thanks for today, it felt really good as always. but i was wondering if maybe you would want to take things further? we can go out to dinner thursday night if you’re free :)

    reading it over once before sending, you pressed the blue button that sent the message to him. it took two minutes for him to read if.

    the three dots in a bubble popped up on his end of the conversation. you internally panicked, wondering if this was the right choice.

    | erennn: i mean don’t we fuck? don’t get me wrong u cool but i mean idk man

    your heart quite literally froze at the sight of his message. the dots popped up again, and you held your breath waiting for an answer.

    | erennn: so like fuckbuddies basically, that’s all i want rn so uhhhh yeah 💀

    this was the exact moment you felt your heart physically sink. fuck, now you’ve embarrassed yourself. would he think your weird?

    wanting to act calm and unaffected by his answer, all you wrote was one letter.

    | You: k.

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  • phenxmena
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • marviesss
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago


    content — oral, throat fucking, deep throating, dom! jean

    word count — 1.4K

    genre — smut

    It was endearing to see you like this, sat right between his legs with the prettiest flush to your cheeks. He finds himself wishing he could imprint this image in his mind and keep it tucked away forever but the twitch of your fingers against his thighs has his thoughts reeling back to the present moment. Your head is hung low, trying to keep yourself hidden away from his cock that strains against the material of his boxers. 

    "Don't hide away from me now," his voice is lower than usual, a teasing lilt to his words as he tilts his head at you, one of his hands coming up to nudge your cheek, slender fingers curling across the curve of your jaw. His movements are firm, domineering, a silent warning for you not to disobey. "You were the one beggin and cryin for my cock. It's not fair to get all shy on me now, huh?"

    There's a glossiness to your eyes when they flick up to meet his own that has blood rushing straight down to his cock, a groan bubbling in his throat. With a jut of his chin he motions to his cock, his dark expression telling exactly what you need to know. Your fingers twitch against his thighs before they slide upwards, brushing right over the bulge of his cock before they feebly tug at the waistband of his boxers. To help ease your movements he lifts his hips to help you slide them down, his head lulling back when his length slaps against his toned abdomen.

    It doesn't matter how many times he forces your head against his cock, his length never failed to catch you off guard. Though not carrying a lot of girth he still had one of the prettiest curves you've seen, long and lean just like the rest of him. There's a flush to the tip where a pearl of precum sits, shimmering under the low lights of the bedroom and sending another wave of heat pulsing through you, settling in your core. Jean doesn't miss the way your thighs rub together, one of his eyebrows raising knowingly at the action before he shifts in anticipation.

    "C'mon, baby," he encourages though the edge to his words hold warning, a promise that there would be repercussions if you didn't follow his orders. "Your actin' like a fucking virgin, just suck me off."

    You know you shouldn't get turned on by his words but something swirls in your stomach anyways, heat spreading from your cheeks downwards. A small part has always loved it when he was a little mean to you and he knew this.

    Shuffling forward on your knees does one of your hands tentatively wrap around his cock, giving it an experimental stroke or two just to hear the moans tumble from his lips, sweet and saccharine sounds that send a thrilling shiver down your backside, arching further into him. Your thumb slides over the thickened head, collecting some of the precum there and popping it into your mouth as wide eyes watch his reaction, yet all you're met with is a sly smirk.

    "Dirty girl, always so greedy to have a taste of me," he murmurs, his words slurring together when your hand resumes its motions, gliding up and down with languid strokes that has his hips arching into your touch the slightest. "Well, don't be shy. Give me your mouth since you wanted to keep whinin' and cryin' earlier bout needing my cock."

    He was right. The second he had gotten home you'd tugged at his shirt, pawed at his crotch, begged him to give you something, anything to relief the ache you had for him. And here he was, seated right at the edge of the bed, being kind enough to stuff his cock right down your throat. His hands clench the sheets beneath him with steady whitening knuckles when your plush lips lower to wrap around the tip of his cock, suckling him softly him for a few seconds and mewling softly when you get to taste him again.

    Jean's always had difficulty with his self restraint when it came to you. He desperately tried to keep himself together but he found it nearly impossible when you peered up at him with those wide eyes of yours, lips tinted pink and pouted with his cock halfway in your mouth. That's when he lost it.

    He doesn't mean to yank at your hair so harshly but the whimper that leaves your mouth lets him know what you do, keeping you secured in place with a tight grip as his hips rise off the bed and he forces your head further down on his cock. The warmth of your mouth and the wetness of your spit drooling at your lips makes him groan, squeezing his eyes shut tightly and chest heaving with heavy pants as he fucks your mouth. Your hands come up to grip at his thighs as tightly as you could, nails digging into the skin, letting him have his way with you. Yet, as indulged in his own pleasure as he was, you could feel your own arousal starting to stir, cheeks flaming at the shameful thought, how he'd tease you to no end if he know how wet you were down there right now.

    But Jean's far too fixated on making a mess of your mouth at the moment to think about anything else. His nimble and slender fingers control your movements completely, pushing his cock further into your mouth until you gasp sharply when you feel him nudging right at the back of your throat. Tears sting in your eyes, breathing through your nose and trying your best to stop yourself from gagging with every erratic thrust of his hips.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he chants, a crease forming between his brows as your throat tightens around him, daring a look down at you and nearly feeling his entire resolve crumbling. You're a mess, cheeks stained with tears, spit dripping down your chin and stringing where his cock meets your mouth, your eyes glimmering with something utterly needy and desperate.

    "Gonna cum," he warns you with a raspy tone, pressing you down until your nose practically brushes right against the neatly trimmed hair of his pubes. "Yeah? Gonna let my cum in your mouth like the dirty little girl you are? So you know exactly what I taste like, hm? Yeah, you are. Yeah..."

    There's not much else you can do but keep your eyes trained on the pleasure that takes over his face, features crumbling into that of euphoria when you hum eagerly around his cock, the last push he needed to finally tumble over the edge. The cry of your name is high pitched and drawn out, a sweet sound that draws a string of whimpers from your throat. He pushes you down further than he had before, indulging in the way your throat clenches and contracts around him before warm cum spills into your mouth in a stream. He doesn't let you move off of him, even when you try to push at his tighs, even when you gag and cry, keeping you there until you've milked him dry.

    When you pull away a string of spit and cum still connects you two, shushing you gently when you cough, your mouth a mess.

    This time there's something a lot softer about his touch when he cups your cheek, shivering as the after shocks of his orgasm ripple through his body. His thumb brushes over your cheek in silent reassurance, letting you catch your breath as he does the same.

    "Look at me, baby," he requests softly, his tone much lighter than before, waiting patiently for your eyes to rise. There's the faintest of smiles tugging at his lips when you look up at him, his thumb brushing over your puffy lips, tugging at it slightly. "There's my good girl. You gonna let me fuck you? Give that greedy cunt of yours a taste too?"

    Through hazy thoughts and with a fucked out expression you can only muster a nod, catching sight of his sadistic smile before your body is on the bed and Jean's on top of you with the same feral glint in his eyes as before.

    "I hope you know exactly what you've got yourself into," he draws out, starting at the inside of your thighs as his lips ghost upwards, dragging up and up until he blows a hot breath against your already flushed face. "Cause I'm not stopping till I've given every hole a fill."

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  • ouchhawks
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    eren x fem!reader

    dark content

    the soft patter of ash on your leg, made your hips jump up. you could do nothing but whimper as your arms were held behind your back, your legs shaking from the thigh that was jumping you up and down.

    your pretty brown thighs no longer looked smooth as circular lesions were scattered up and down the inside of them, deep, red and starting to welt. dried up tears made your cheeks sticky and uncomfortable. 

    tilting his head, eren blew a streamline cloud of smoke in the air, making sure your hips stay grounded on the thick of his upper thigh. his left hand stayed wrapped around your wrists, the ache dulling as the pain in your cunt became unbearable.

    the boy noticed the wet patch on his jeans, who wouldn't? you were practically drooling from both ends.

    “wanna cum?” he grinned, hair covering his face, the only thing of his you could see being the smoke that left his mouth in transparent billows whenever he spoke.

    “please.” you whimper, only squealing in response when you were thrown onto the floor, knees grazing the hardwood flooring. your hair was pulled tight in his hands so your cheek was pushed up against the hard material of erens jeans that his cock strained against.

    “then say ahh.”

    #eren jeager x reader #eren jaeger#eren smut#eren #eren yaeger icons #eren yaeger angst #eren yaeger headcanons #jaeger family#jaeger #snk x reader #snk manga#snk eren #aot x reader #aot headcanons#aot smut#aot#poc#aot poc #attack on titan #armin attack on titan
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  • armins-bowl-cut
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    high - eren yeager

    a/n: i write smut now i guess 😪 a big thank you to @ensta and @fiaficsxo for beta reading!! you two are life savers!! Inspires by this anon brainrot!! anon if u see this i wanna kiss ur big beain

    WARNINGS: 18+ only; drug use;

    PAIRINGS: Eren x fem!reader

    TAGS: smut

    REQUESTS: Open

    Your mind was a little hazy, body feeling fuzzy.

    You didn't know if the warmth spreading through you was from the joint you hit a few moments ago or from the way Eren moved in and out of you.

    Eren was always more calm, more relaxed, when he was high. His movements were a little slow, a little lazy, but he knew was he was doing. And this was exactly how he fucked you - slow, torturously slow, hitting all the spots that made you feel higher than you already were.

    Your body was tingling and you weren't sure if it was from the high from the blunt, or the high from Eren's touch lingering on your waist, his other hand bringing up the blunt to settle between his lips.

    Eren was addicted to the way your body responded to every move he made. He watched the way your back arched the deeper he thrust into you. Through a clouded mind he could think of nothing but how good it you felt as your walls fluttered around his cock

    "Fuck, Eren" you moan, a new wave of warmth taking over body. The mewls and whimpers were music to his ears and the only thing he could thing of now was how badly he wanted to make you sing his name.

    He kept his deliciously slow pace, but he fucked you harder and deeper. Each thrust of his hips made the white-hot pleasure build up inside of you until you could handle no more.

    "Eren, 'm gonna cum" your body is on fire when your high hit you, moaning Eren's name over and over again, your senses are filled with nothing but smoke and him.

    Eren couldn't help but smirk as you come undone on his cock.

    Poor you, he thought. You already looked worn out, and he wasn't even done yet. He took a deep drag from the blunt between his lips. He leaned over your fucked out figure and playfully blew smoke onto your face, his hair falling over his shoulders and to the side of his slightly flushed face.

    His half-lidded roamed your body until his gaze met yours. His free hand cupped your jaw, rubbing small circles on your cheek as his lips captured yours for an all-consuming kiss.

    #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin imagine #aot eren#eren#eren jaeger#eren yeager #eren x reader #eren x y/n #eren x you #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager x y/n #eren yeager x you #eren jaeger x reader #eren jaeger x y/n #eren jaeger x you #aot smut#snk smut #snk eren yeager #snk eren#tw: drugs #attack on titan eren #eren aot
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  • zeeroweenies
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #🍓 jess writes #tw drug mention #tw breeding kink #tw cheating#tw humiliation#tw corruption#tw spitting #aot x reader #eren smut #jean kirschtein smut #eren x reader smut #eren x reader #aot imagines#aot headcanons#aot smut#snk eren#snk smut #jean kirschtein x reader #eren jaeger smut #eren yeager smut #eren headcannons #jean kirschtein headcanons
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  • starrynightlys
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    don't tease me

    featuring levi ackerman.

    content: nsfw (minor dni), edging, orgasm denial (f. receiving) fingering, unprotected sex, mention of praise kink, creampie, female bodied reader.

    word count: 1,2k

    Agonizing burn and sweet torture, the painfully slow pace he set made you whimper, helplessly begging for more, back arching and eyes squeezed shut. Slender fingers circling your aching clit, toying with the swollen bud and lips leaving wet kisses in the crook of your neck, warm breath of his fan over your skin, head light and mind dizzy. With his free hand, he was holding your wrists behind your back, preventing you from touching yourself, or digging your nails into his forearm. His legs were spreading yours wide open, heels buried into the mattress, back of your head resting against his bare shoulder as you can’t do anything, letting him play with you just the way he liked it.

    For how much time did he have you like this — A hopeless mess, moaning and crying his name, tears pricking the corner of your beautiful eyes as he was edging you relentlessly, never allowing you to reach your orgasm ? You couldn’t even tell, unable to think straight, unable to focus on anything beside the feeling of his lips on your sensitive flesh and the teasing touch of his fingers in between your legs. Every time your body would shiver, legs desperately trying to close around his hand, overwhelmed by his twisted game, he’d groan, teeth sinking in your neck as his one and single warning.

    He was just as naked as you, sometimes rutting his hardened length against your ass and the small of your back, having you squirming against him. Yet he didn’t come once, eyes locked on your slicked folds, sometimes drifting to your breast carefully bouncing from time to time, nipples perked and light sheen of sweat covering your entire body. You were painfully ready for him, and the smirk stretching his lips, sole witness of his pride, betrayed his sick plan.

    ‘Please Sir, let me cum,’ you breathe, air stuck in your throat, lips parted and legs shaking uncontrollably. Isn’t it crazy, how completely fucked out you looked when all he did was teasing you ? The squelching sounds your pussy made when he slid —and it was laughable, how easy it was for him to do so— two of his fingers in you, stretching your velvet walls and curling them against this soft spot of yours had your face heating up, brows furrowing and hips bucking.

    You let out a sigh of relief, eyes rolling at the back of your head, teeth nipping your lower lip as his fingers were now scissoring you, thumb pressing against your clit. In any other situation, you’d be embarrassed at how wet and messy you were, pool of your own arousal staining the sheets and coating his digits with your fluid : But as of now, you were too far away to realize, mind going blank, stars dancing across your vision.

    But once more, the disappointment rushing through your veins as you felt empty all over again was unbearable, a high-pitched cry leaving your mouth, head shaking furiously. You curse under your breath, tears threatening to spill, body aching and frustration filling you whole. Low chuckle of his rush to your ears, goosebumps taking over your body. And you yelp at the stinging feeling of his hand crashing on your ass, back arching once more, almost trying to get away from his firm grip.

    ‘Such a good girl, you deserve a reward,’ the praise went straight to your core, making your heart flutter and your stomach flip. These few words were worth all the pain and teasing of this world, and you’d gladly endure them all if it meant making him proud of you. ‘Look at you, beautiful, just for me,’ his hand carefully cup your jaw, lifting your face so your eyes could meet your very own reflection in the mirror nicely sitting in front of you.

    And you nod, eyes focused on the both of you as you take his fingers in your mouth, tongue swirling around his knuckles, tasting you on his digits. The raven head groans, watching you intently, his other hand finally breaking your wrists free.

    Suddenly, his back hits the mattress, holding you tight against his chest as his legs spread yours wide open. You shudder at the change of position, but the surprise you felt was soon replaced by something you were eagerly waiting for, tip of his cock teasing your entrance, sometimes slapping your clit and collecting your arousal. One arm wrapped around your waist, his right hand holding the base of his cock to guide it, he pushes his hips forward, burying himself in you in one single thrust.

    The burning sensation taking over your inner thighs was nothing compared to the waves of pleasure washing over your body, loud moans of his name falling off your lips as you feel him stretching your insides, buried to the hilt. His warm hand crawled over your stomach, reaching your bouncing breast to squeeze it roughly, hips snapping against your ass, nose nuzzling in the crook of your neck. He loved how helpless you sounded, how fragile you looked in this position, unable to move, or to follow the fast pace of his. Grunting into your ear, his fingers slid on your left thigh, brushing over your skin before they could reach your clit, circling it quickly.

    ‘Levi,’ you choke, overstimulated, the feeling of his hands all over your body and his cock pounding furiously into you having you numb, ‘I… I’m cumming—‘ the sweet sob you let out was soon followed by a silent cry, back arching and every single muscle of your body flexing. Velvet walls fluttered around his cock, hugging it tightly as your fluids drip off your cunt, streaming down your ass and finding his balls.

    He gave you little to no time to rest, riding you through your high and beyond until you could feel the warmth of his cum filling you whole, whisper of your name falling in your ear. Slowly, his hips slow down, and his fingers stop moving, making sure you were slowly coming down from your wherever you were in this exact moment. Levi didn’t want you to feel any lack of stimulation, hence he took the time set a slow pace before he could finally allow himself to stop moving.

    ‘Here you go, good girl,’ he murmurs, tenderly kissing your earlobe as you open your eyes, tired smile ghosting over your lips. Tilting your head to the side, you hide your face in the crook of his neck as he peppers butterfly kisses against your temple, hands caressing your body to soothe you down.

    #snk#aot #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #snk smut#aot smut#levi#levi ackerman #levi x reader #snk x reader #aot x reader #levi smut #levi ackerman smut #levi imagine#aot imagine#nsfr
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    17.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    aot band! au headcanons pt. 1:

    pairing: jean x fem! reader, eren x fem! reader, zeke x fem! reader
    wc: 1.2k+
    cw: smut (18+ minors DNI), reader has female autonomy, manipulation/corruption, dumbification/incoherence, sorta dubcon (?), mentions of spit, cockwarming, unprotected sex, cursing, dirty talk, creampie/breeding, cumplay, degradation, perv! zeke.
    a/n: okayyyyy, so im reposting this, because i didn't like it the first time i posted it lol. i added and cut out some things still don't know if i really like it. anyways, i tried my best with tagging everything, i really hope i didn't miss anything, if i did please let me know. this is my first time writing anything smutty, i'd love to hear any feedback or criticism !!

    smut under the cut

    jean kirstein

    Jean would play the electric guitar.

    He wouldn't have any big tattoos but tiny stick and pokes, but when he takes off his shirt, there would be this giant, intricate tattoo that spans his entire back.

    He wears thin white t-shirts that cling to his body when he gets all sweaty from performing or when he douses himself in water because the lights make it really hot on stage, babe. The shirt becomes practically see-through, and when he turns around, you can see the outline of the back tattoo. You swear he does it on purpose.

    HIS HANDS, calloused from hours of practice, wears chunky silver rings that make his long fingers stand out. He keeps his ring finger empty, though (he's a romantic and a big ol’ softie).

    When he's writing songs or can't figure out what chord would sound right, he plays with his rings. He takes them off, sliding them up and down his finger until he's satisfied and moves on to the others.

    It drives him insane if he sees you singing along to his songs at the concerts. He'll smirk at you, opting for a quick wink, before getting back to performing.

    After the show, he’ll pull you into his lap, in whatever empty room is available. He’ll have his hands on your hips, the cold rings contrasting against your hot skin.

    His heart would be beating so fast, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He just got off stage, and here you are, grinding down on the growing bulge in his pants, driving him crazy.

    On most days, he liked it when you would fuck him post-show, sliding your skirt up and sink down on his cock.

    He loved watching you fuck yourself dumb around him, tits bouncing in his face, head thrown back in pleasure. His cock would reduce you into an incoherent blubbering mess. The only thing making sense was the way you were chanting his name like a prayer.

    this fucker would love to whisper the most filthy things in your ear, “you’re making such a mess around my cock, petal. You’re gonna be a good slut and clean it up after, right?”

    when he’s about to cum, he turns into an absolute mess. He gets super whimpery and will hold you close to his chest as he dumps his load in you. He stays like that for a while, watching as his cum drips out of your cunt and down his dick.

    He doesn’t let you get off his cock, partly because he’s so sensitive and partly because he secretly wants to stuff you full of his babies.

    after he’s calmed down a bit, he’ll open his eyes and run a hand through his hair, letting out a small chuckle, “shit, baby, you keep fucking me like that and I might just have to put a ring around that finger.”

    eren yeager

    plays bass and is on vocals

    he has a sleeve on one arm, and the other one is empty. It's pretty cohesive, and the pieces link together-think American traditional; he takes great pride in his tattoos. After all, they're pieces of art on his body.

    He likes showing off on stage. He’ll take off his shirt and throw it into the crowd, and he loves hearing the screams that ensue afterwards.

    Always the performer; he’ll walk off the stage and stand on the rails, getting the people in the crowd to run their hands down his sweat-slicked torso. It’s another crowd favourite.

    he wears rings too, and his favourite thing to do is to get you to pull them off his fingers using your mouth. He has to coax you into each time, “I can’t pull them off by myself; they’re too tight, need your help, angel.” He just likes having you suck on his fingers; he won’t tell you that, though.

    He likes the attention from the fans, but he mainly does it to get you hot and bothered. Eren stares at you while strangers are practically grabbing at him. It’s a game for him. Figure out just how many ways he can get to you.

    you always avoid him after the shows, in a way to tell him that you're not impressed by the stunts he pulls.

    As much as you try to run and hide, he always finds you. He’ll come up from behind, hands on your waist; you don’t need to see him to know that he’s got that Cheshire cat grin on his face.

    Try to escape from his grip, and it’ll only get tighter, “what’d you think of my little performance, princess? Did it make you weak in the knees?”

    He loves pushing your buttons, does everything to get a reaction out of you, try all you might, the night always ends the same way, you bent over his dressing room table, skirt lifted, panties to the side, and him fucking ruthlessly into you from behind.

    the stoic front you put up would be practically erased from the way his cock slides in and out of your spongy walls, hitting that sweet spot over and over again.

    He loves hearing you beg for him; he wants to listen to the vulgar words fall from your mouth, wants to have you begging him to let you cum, pleading for him to cum in your pussy.

    He’ll tease you endlessly, “what’s that angel? If you want my cum so bad, you gotta beg better than that.” In the end, he always gives in, also liking the way his seed drips out of your pulsating hole.

    Before any can drip down your thighs, he’ll slide back your panties, straighten out your skirt and send you off, saying that, “it’s for later, for when you try fingering that pretty little pussy, you’ll always have a reminder of who owns it.”

    Bonus: tour manager! zeke yeager:

    tour manager zeke, who watches the shows from the venue’s back, keeping his eyes trained on you.

    Tour manager zeke who has a reputation for being a sleazebag, a cheapskate and vile to women.

    Tour manager zeke, who watches as you stay back after each show to clean up, smiling ever so sweetly at him, “no mr. yeager, I really don’t mind helping out. It’s the least I can do.”

    tour manager zeke, who can’t help think of shameful things when you bend over to pick up the crumpled posters, his eyes that linger a little too long at the swell of your pert ass.

    Tour manager zeke thinks about how your mouth would feel around his cock, how your eyes would tear up as he pushed your head further and further down his cock. How pretty you would look with spit and cum coating that sweet face of yours.

    Tour manager zeke, who has always been kind to you, offering to take you home for the night, telling you how cute you look and how he can’t believe you’re over 18.

    Tour manager zeke wants to defile you and make you his, ruin you so that you can only get off from his cock and no one else’s.

    Tour manager zeke wants to teach you how to suck dick, how to ride, how to fuck.

    Tour manager zeke, who treats you so nicely, putting false notions in your mind so you can let your guard down around him, hoping that one day he can shape you into his plaything.

    a/n: hope the smut sounded right this time around lmao, i might scrap it in the morning again idek yet, just wanted to see if i could even write smut.
    I am working on the second part of somewhere only we know !! thank you for all the love on that.
    if this does well, i'd love to do a part two to this with armin, mikasa and connie, please let me know if that is something you would be interested in !!

    as always, if you enjoyed, leave a like/reblog, i truly appreciate it <33

    #tw: manipulation#tw: corruption#tw: dumbification#tw: dubcon #tw: unprotected sex #tw: cockwarming#tw: degradation #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #eren jaeger x reader #eren jaeger#jean kirstein #jean kirstein smut #jean kirschtein smut #jean x reader #jean smut#aot smut #attack on titan smut #eren jaeger smut #eren x reader #eren smut#zeke jaeger #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke jaeger smut #tw: breeding#aot headcanons #jean kirschtein headcanons #eren jeager headcanons #zeke jeager headcanons #my writing
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    A Helping Hand

    A/N: I don’t really know what I want to do with my blog. So I’m trying out these cute soft-hentai headers I’ve seen. Also, I can't remember if I read a fic or head-canon with this prompt. If you've read something similar dm me so I can credit the idea

    Pairing: Erwin x Reader

    Word Count: 2.1k+

    Warnings/Tags: oral (both m/f giving and receiving), use of “Daddy” and “princess”, unprotected sex, nsfw, smut, explicit content, 18+, light choking, hair pulling, minors dni, etc. 

    Enjoy ;)

    Normally when you stumbled upon Erwin wearing only a towel (it happened more often than the two of you would like to admit), the sight of his sculpted muscles would elicit a sultry response. The curves of his body would force your gaze to his delectable v-line, stirring a familiar heat between your legs. He'd shoot back an equally witty remark before scooping you in his strong embrace. Slowly, the two of you would melt into a passionate kiss. Losing your sense of self as the fire between your bodies ignited. 

    This time was different. Leaning against the bathroom door, you watched the normally stoic commander struggle with his straight razor. The blade catching his skin and tearing the stubble was beyond irritating. He was brimming with frustration, soft curses falling from his lips. It was amusing how unlike himself he was. 

    In his defense, he wasn't himself. The scout's mission to rescue Eren Jaeger was successful. It only cost the commander his arm.

    He adjusted to his new life rather quickly. Compared to the grand scheme of things, losing an arm was a trivial issue - At least that's how Erwin Smith felt. Except in this moment. His beard, and your relentless teasing over it, were becoming unbearable. He desperately needed to shave - a task he very much needed two hands for. 

    "You doing alright Winnie?" you chuckled, making your way towards him. 

    He huffed in response, rolling his eyes - clearly not in the mood for your usual antics. 

    "How many times do I have to tell you. It's not a nickname if it's longer than my name. It's not logical." 

    "Really? because last time I checked, "Eyebrows" is longer than Erwin yet, it stuck around." Placing a finger on your lower pouting lip, you looked up, exaggerating a "deep in thought" expression. "Pretty logical too. Those bad boys could kill."

    "I thought you liked my eyebrows" he frowned, furrowing them. 

    "I do," you said, wrapping your arms around his bare chest from behind. The fresh scent from his shower lingered on his skin. It was intoxicating. It was one of the little things you loved about him - Erwin always smelled amazing. 

    "Come with me, Love," your lips pressed gentle kisses on his nape, "I'll help you. Your suffering was entertaining, but now this is just painful to watch."  

    Another pathetic attempt to swipe the blade along his jaw was made before giving in. 

    Erwin followed you to the kitchen. Taking a seat and placing the razor on the table, he watched you intently as you prepped to shave him. He observed the sway of your hips as you filled a bowl with warm water, he eyed the curve of your ass as you sorted through the linen closet, looking for a small cloth, and noticed the way your fingers delicately placed everything beside him.  

    Before straddling his muscular thighs, you removed your pants. The action caught him off guard. 

    "I don't want to get them dirty or wet," you spoke, noticing the questionable look in his eye. 

    Not a complete lie. After all, they were new. But a piece of you also liked the idea of teasing him. 

    Trying to "readjust" your position, you slowly rocked your hips against his. He immediately knew what you were trying to do, but decided he wasn't going to give you the satisfaction of taunting him. His usual calm and collected expression remained. 

    Grinding a little harder, you stopped once you felt the growing bulge underneath the towel. His cock had betrayed him. He couldn't stop the blood from rushing to his sex. 

    With a devilish grin and the look of a vixen gleaming in your eyes, you began to shave Erwin's handsome face. 

    You'd pull the razor down his cream lathered cheeks, applying just the right amount of pressure in each stroke, dip the blade in the warm water, and repeat. 

    His eyes never left your face. You were his weakness. Knowing his life would be short, Erwin never bothered with relationships. They weren't worth the inevitable heartbreak. However, you were different. 

    No matter how much distance he tried to put between you, no matter how hard he tried to push aside his feelings, he always found himself next to you - limbs entangled with one another, questioning whether it was love or lust. 

    Over time, Erwin began to appreciate your intimate moments more. Especially the soft ones, like this: you, helping him shave. It was sweet. It was innocent. 

    The thing about you was, you could make even angels’ sin. 

    Every so often, you'd grind your hips into his once again, increasing the pressure on his already hard membrane. It was difficult to appreciate the purity of the moment when all he could think about was fucking your pretty cunt.

    Luckily, the commander was a patient man. He'd let you finish before turning you into a whimpering mess beneath him - begging for his cock. 

    After wiping his cleanly shaven face, you eyed your work, satisfied. Erwin looked good. Then again, he always did. 

    "Much better," you smiled sweetly, planting a soft kiss on his lips. 

    As you stood up, Erwin's strong arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you back down onto him and into a hungry kiss, making your stomach flutter. 

    "Babygirl" he groaned, the gravel in his voice increasing the pooling in your underwear. Your panties already slick with heat from teasing him. "I'd like your help with something else." 

    With those words, you were his. Ready to submit. 

    "I'm always willing to lend a helping hand, my dear." you cooed, nipping his ear lobe before standing up. He watched you with hooded eyelids as you repositioned yourself on your knees, between his thighs. 

    Your eyes locked onto his icy blue irises as you removed his towel. The sight of his thick, long erection springing free had you drooling. 

    Maintaining eye contact, you licked a strip from the base of his balls to his leaking tip. The salty taste drawing a moan from your lips, making his cock twitch

    Wrapping your plump lips around his head, you sucked his tip softly. Swirling your tongue around it, before drawing back. 

    A hiss came from above as your tongue swiped along his length once again. Your hand wrapped around his girth, coating it with saliva while your mouth greedily took in his balls. 

     “babygirl, please don't tease me..." he pleaded. 

    His large hand came down onto your head. His fingers tightly gripped your hair, forcing you up to take him. 

    As soon as your pretty, pink lips were parted, Erwin thrusted his hips up, groaning as he felt the back of your throat. You resisted the urge to gag at the sudden intrusion. 

    He held your head down, not letting you move an inch, relishing the sight of you choking on his cock balls deep.  

    You felt the heat spreading across your cheeks from the lack of air. Tears beginning to well. 

    "Fuck...your mouth looks so pretty stuffed," he huffed in awe. His grip on your hair relaxed slightly, indicating you were free to move. 

    Like a good girl, you began bobbing your head up and down, intermittently pursing your lips, hollowing your cheeks around him, and alternating speeds. 

    Velvety groans mixed with sloppy, lewd noises echoed in the room. 

    Your clit was pulsating in response to the sounds. Desperate for release, the tips of your fingers edged your soaked panties. 

    Erwin noticed, abruptly removing his cock from your mouth. 

    "Princess, if you want to cum you just have to ask." he hummed. 

    You shook your head "No, I want to make you feel good." 

    He yanked your hair to stand up along with him. 

    Releasing the strands from his hold, he wrapped his arm around your thigh. His immense strength lifting you onto the kitchen table. 

    "It's a good thing I'm in charge then." he purred into your ear as he pushed you down. The cool surface against your back sent shivers down your spine. It was a striking contrast to the heat emitting from the large body towering over you. 

    "I'm going to make you feel so good, princess" The vibrations of his voice against your skin as he peppered kisses along your body had you withering with anticipation.

    His mouth moved from your jawline, down your throat, and across your collarbone. His teeth grazed both your erect nipples, before latching onto your stomach, leaving hickeys. 

    As he positioned himself just as you were moments before, his face was between your thighs, your glistening womanhood on display before him. He took the liberty of removing your panties when he slithered his way down.

    Puckering his lips into an "O" shape, Erwin blew his hot breath on your clit. The tingling sensation against your bundle of nerves made you squirm. 

    One of his fingers dipped inside of you as his tongue lapped tight circles against your sweet spot, gladly licking up your delicious juices.  

    Slowly he inserted a second finger and began pumping them in and out of you. Your hips involuntarily met his movements. 

    Soft mewls escaped your throat as the coil in the pit of your stomach began to tighten. The orgasmic sensation building from within you.

    "Er-Erwin, pl-please" you whined. "Need more." 

    "What's that princess? You want to cum?" 

    You nodded in response, unable to find words as a third finger entered you, curling up to stimulate your g-spot. 

    "Ngh - fuck. pl-please" you whimpered pathetically. You were so close to reaching your peak. You just needed that extra push. 

    "You have to use your voice baby. I can't hear you. Tell daddy what you want." his voice soaked with honey. 

    "Please, Daddy. Please, let me cum" you cried. 

    His tongued returned to your clit, applying more pressure than before, while his fingers continued to press against your g spot. It was all you needed to unwind.

    Your thighs were shaking, clenching against his head, as your hands tugged wisps of his blond hair. Waves of ecstasy flooded your system as you rode out your orgasm. Erwin licked up every drop before standing up. 

    Spreading your legs open wider, the commander positioned himself at your entrance. He teased his tip up and down your folds, loving the way your stomach twitched each time he hit your clit. 

    Once his cock was slick with your juices, he inserted himself. 

    Your walls tightened around his girth as he bottomed out. 

    His hips snapped into you, at an excruciatingly slow pace. Your body ached for more speed, but Erwin was lost in the sight of his cock burying itself deep within you. 

    "Fuck princess," he groaned, "you feel so good. You're so tight around daddy. Does it feel good?" 

    You nodded in response. Suddenly his hand was at your throat. His thumb applying pressure to the side of your neck. 

    "What did I say?" he warned. "Use. Your. Voice.” each word punctuated with an aggressive thrust. 

    "Ye-yes Daddy. You feel so good. m'love your cock inside me." 

    His lips locked with yours as his hips picked up speed. You could taste yourself on his tongue. 

    The brutalizing pace was becoming too much. He fucked you hard, and deep, reaching your cervix. Before long, your second orgasm was building. 

    "daddy, 'm gonna cum again." you huffed in between his insatiable kisses.

    "Please, princess. Cum all over daddy's cock." his plea raspy and breathless. He needed you to cum. He was chasing his own release. 

    The slaps of his skin pounding against yours rang through your ears. Your toes curled as his thumb found its way to your clit once again. His tight figure 8 motions allowing you to reach your peak. 

    You cried his name over and over, as the pleasure swept through you. 

    The feeling of your walls clenching around him sent him over the edge. His hot release spurred into you, coating your walls. Erwin's sweet grunts matched each rope he pumped inside of you. 

    The two of you stayed motionless for a few moments. You were both sweating and out of breath. 

    "I guess I have to shower again" he giggled against your chest. 

    "Mmm, do you need a hand with that as well, Winnie?" you teased. 

    "Absolutely" he responded, pulling you into a tender kiss. 

    #aot#snk #attack on titan #erwin x reader #erwin smith#commander erwin#erwin aot#smut#aot smut#hanimehub#hanime hub#divine-delight #not safe for minors #minors dni #attack on titan erwin
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    Ready when you are!

    #eren yeager #eren yeager smut #eren aot #eren attack on titan #eren jeager smut #aot#snk #attack on titan #aot smut #attack on titan smut #shingeki no kyojin
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    [triple drabble]: you loved the thrill of fucking in a public restroom.

    pairing: eren yeager x reader

    genre: modern au. smut. NSFW.

    smut tags: sex against the wall, public sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk

    angel: my writing blog is shadowbanned. might post here for a few weeks until it’s all okay.

    word count: 300 words

    dim the lights masterlist

    “Fuck, fuck baby,” Eren whispers, thrusting upwards while you are on top and in front of him, your arms wrapped around his hickey-covered neck. Sweat trickled down from the back of your ear, reaching your pink dress. “Love your pussy.”

    “Yeah?” a chuckle vibrated from your throat as you clenched your walls hard for a brief moment, earning a weak moan from Eren.

    “Don’t do that,” you bit your lip when you felt his tip hit your sweet spot, he knows what to do to make you feel so good. “You’ll make me cum.”

    The noise coming from people going in and out of each cubicle never bothered you, rather, it made you both hornier. The adrenaline build up from the possibility that you’d get caught made your pussy a little bit wetter, and his cock harder.

    Your eyes rolled upwards as he fucked you against the filthy wall, his arms around your back to support your weight, while your legs wrapped around his waist.

    “You have to cum, Eren,” his thrusts are becoming harder and faster each time, you know he’s near. “They’re- ah!— waiting for us.”

    “Yer pussy’s clenchin’”, he whispers. Amusement and naughtiness dripped from his voice, while the hot breath the swirled on top of your skin felt like kisses from his tongue.

    “Mhm-ah! Ah, ah, oh!” you couldn’t stop yourself from being noisy anymore. Especially not when you could feel how hot his cum is inside of you.

    “Just you wait ‘til we go home,” his warm palm smacked your exposed butt, the slight sting clung onto your skin, “I am going to fucking wreck you.”

    He went out of the cubicle first, as you stare at his form, dazed and in haze. Eren is nasty. And he exactly who you’re craving for.

    #attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #aot#aot eren#eren yeager #eren x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren smut#aot smut#eren jaeger #eren jaeger x reader #eren x you #smut #dim the lights #rulerofstars
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    i mean, they’re not wrong 🤷‍♀️

    #attack on titan armin #attack on titan jean #attack on titan edit #attack on titan #armin aot#aot anime#aotedit #aot season 4 #levi aot#aot #aot final season #mikasa aot#eren aot#aot smut#aot headcanons #aot x reader #aot imagines#aot manga#aot 139 #shingeki no kyojin mikasa #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #shingeki no spoilers #shingeki no kyoujin levi #shingeki no kyoujin icons #shingeki no kyoujin eren #shingeki no kyoujin manga #shingeki manga #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #shingeki! kyojin chuugakkou #shingeki no kyoujin fanart
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    this is a test because i posted a fic preview for a itadori x reader x sukuna fic and it didn’t get anything so i’m just checking to see if we’re under tags...


    #jjk x reader #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #jujutsu kaisen x reader #aot smut #aot x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut#istg omfg
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    ᴏᴠᴇʀʜᴇᴀʀ ᴏᴜʀ ꜱᴇx

    synopsis: levi had accidentally listened to you and erwin having sex and gets super turned on. he starts to notice all the subtle touches you give one another through the day, he thinks that you don't know that he sees it, but both of you just want to see how far this can go until levi snaps.

    thanks @gipumar for an idea, i hope you'll like it!

    pairings: levi x fem!reader x erwin.

    warnings: nsfw, exhibitionism/voyeurism, threesome, oral [both fem and male receiving], cigarettes and alcohol mentioned, upprotected sex, size kink, double penetration.

    w/c: 3.6k

    the room is illuminated with a muffled light from the trembling candle in the corner, which barely burns by reason of an opened window. the captain levi has been stuck here since he came up from the escapade, trying to deal with the stack of paper. he's smoking the cigarette apathetically, frowned and clench the cheekbone, reading the next article.

    levi lazily rubs his eyelids, straightens his legs, taking a comfortable position. erwin gave a massive heap of different articles and direction, saying: 'we lack chaste people here who can deal with it, would you mind do it?' levi couldn't say no - the question formulation will hit on his ego if he rejected the task.

    the head tossed back when the flame of the candle had faded out from the breeze outside. the ackerman is out of composure, not having the force to maintain an urge deep inside his soul. sitting in a semidarkness room when only the faint light of the moon illuminates the office.

    he stood up from the chair, coming to the window. outside the building only drunken people are speaking loudly about nonsense. the captain snorted, exhaling cigarette smoke he'd lost count of. third or fourth, maybe seventh - he doesn't know; all he knows is to deal with a paper and take a warm shower after all.

    'he probably busy or sleeping, erwin' he hears a female voice from erwin's office. first, he thought is his hallucination awaken due to the work he's been doing.

    'wait for me in our bedroom, honey, i've practically done with it'

    'i want you now, my captain'

    he overhears the dialogue he shouldn't have to listen to, break into the intimate relationship. that's counting as voyeurism, hearing as his commander, although he rarely calls him the commander only among the people to be respectful, spending his time with you. levi recognized your voice by the little whine you put at the last word; you did it seldom when erwin prohibits to do your requests. levi isn't the type who would spying or pursuing insofar as heard someone voice in the erwin's cabinet.

    he took a puff from a cigarette, wiggling his head as he's trying to deal with an obscene thought in his mind. levi is used to be stern and rectilinear, but currently, his clarity of mind hammered with one question: they'll be doing intimate intercourse in the office?

    nobody's gonna find out the captain of the survey corps being listened to how his allies are having sex. how would they know? he crossed his arms on the chest, holding the cigarette with his teeth, prick up his ears.

    it's inappropriate to be listening.

    in the next room reached out chair squeak and some heavy objects, probably books that being on erwin's desk, fall onto the ground. perhaps his hearsay has improved, thanks to the dead silence in the town. people are peacefully sleeping, only a few drunken people are wiggling among the alley. he extinguished his cigarette on the wooden table, leaving it there as well, and left the room. a clock is reading far past midnight: cadets are sleeping, even though several people guarding the building, probably lurking in a secluded area and taking a nap. whilst levi is scrutinizing through the papers, erwin is having a ravishing night.

    the hallway is illuminated by few candles, the atmosphere is electrifying: getting caught by spying at the erwin's and his lover isn't the wonderful feeling he'd like to feel. the door is closed, but sounds are still coming from the room: smooches and squelches, the quiet whimpers you're trying to quell, are knocking out from your hazy mind. if there would be an opportunity to have a peek on you, levi'd take advantage of it, scorching the image of you and smith naked deep in his mind.

    not that levi couldn't please him by himself or find a girlfriend, what happened if he'll take a quick peel on both of you? clearness of his mind is dazzling by the cigarettes he had been smoking. he's declining the thought it may be because he hasn’t gotten a possibility to masturbate in a few weeks. presumably, the momentary expedition had taken more days than it should be, leaving levi in a desperate state. naturally, he can go without masturbation for months but he is a grown man with needs, as silly as it may sound.

    'captain, slow down if you don't want to be heard'

    'he probably busy or sleeping, have you forgotten your words, dear?

    the sudden way of arousal covered him, levi has gotten barely prominently shiver, as he heard your conversation. obscene squelches are increased and levi should be gone, if he doesn't want to be declassified. it was obvious from the sounds that you're having a climax, as your previously whimpers turned into the purr reaching it. levi swallowed with a certain breathlessness, looking down: it must those days without touching himself.

    'i'm not done with you, naughty girl. do you think you dare interrupt me from my work? leave the room after me'

    it's the moment when levi shall pace back to his office and mind his business but still standing there, wait for erwin's appearance. he takes some steps back, pretending he left the room contemporaneously with erwin, without knowing it. proofs of being worked as hell are his sweet on the hairline and bags under eyes: he has made an excuse. why he must make excuses for leaving the office at the midnight? erwin went from his cabinet covered with a little bit of sweet on his forehead and an unbuttoned shirt.

    'levi? aren't you supposed to sleep? it's ... quite late for awakening'

    the ackerman snorted, rolling his eyes. the erwin's appearance instills him he had been pleased for the time levi's been doing the task. smith yet is regaining breathing, closed the door.

    'i'm doing your task, erwin, you forgotten? anyways, can we talk in your office?'

    'i'd like to, but i'm exhausted as you. why don't we both come to our rooms and take a nap?'

    the levi's mind issues a telltale signal to stop talking and do as erwin told him: he needs to remove the bulge in his pants. light illumination in the hallway concealed a levi's problem.

    'yeah, you should take a nap, you look really exhausted. come to my office as soon as you'll wake up, erwin'

    as soon as he turned around toward his office, the commander quite exhaled, button his shirt. as he closed the door, he tossed his head back against the door, unzipped the pants to release the problem. what happened in the hallway, why he acted like a moron if he can go back to his chair and scrutinize papers. something snapped in the mind to dare to talk with erwin after his quick sex unawares him and declassified. he should have been gone when he overheard as both of you reached the climax, wanting to have aftercare in the bedroom or kiss each other there without being exhibited. the clarity of mind was full of dirty thoughts he was incapable of deal with, still having a dizzy mind. those days without even touching the area he wanted, might put him in a trouble.

    levi is melting when he spat in his hand, making strokes on his cock. a blissful moment of delighting. he never thought that spying on someone who is having intercourse will set him on the pleasure. with the other hand, he clutches his shaggy hair, imaging erwin and you in his office having sex. erwin spinning you around to face the desk, going inside you without a warning, stretching your walls. you could feel his curves and every vein in his dick, you swear you could: erwin's dick is hot and hard of the anticipation. foreboding the orgasm which will come over him with a wave after a few minutes being inside you - marvelous.

    'i'm gonna deal with papers, not imagining them being closed'

    he has your hands behind your back, squeezing your wrists hard 'till you can't fill your fingers, leaving on your soft skin half-moons, subsequently will turn on into small bruises in the morning.

    'i shouldn't have to think about it, it's obscenely'

    the climax makes you and erwin melting: you're squeezing his dick, making him lose the vestiges composure.

    'maybe i'm gonna think about it once'

    - - -

    the next days were less troubled: levi was training new soldiers, trying not to stay up too late, so that he won't have repeated incidents. he was trying to read a book but failed up by caught himself thinking about that night. levi couldn't help himself every time he looks at you or erwin side. it wasn't a big deal - getting caught isn't a good memory, but levi thinks both of you didn't know he was listening to it.

    it was less troubled until he started to notice all frisky touches you gave to erwin. those touches were clearly aren't purposeless or aimless, you rub his shoulder when you see nobody's watching. you look around, ascertaining everyone is busy, ruffle your lover's hair, laughing as he takes your wrists, mildly leaves kisses from the wrist to the knuckle. it doesn't bother him - conversely, he smiles when sees the way erwin raises the corner of his lips ogling at you.

    being in love is cool, especially when the feelings are mutual. once levi peeks, not that he was spying all the time on both of you, he went out from his bedroom to have a glass of water. you and erwin were at the dining room, chatting and laughing over some situations, maybe you had been planning your future together. suddenly, erwin hoisted you up by your waist as you were enclasping your legs around his torso - you're a perfect couple, aren't you?

    light touches when erwin checks up on new soldiers, you lightness conducted at his spine with your finger, perhaps feeling as he got tensed by your unexpected touch. ackerman isn't jealous but deadpan - why you kept touching him if there's a risk to be declassified. you aren't children to hide your relationship, no one dares to acknowledge to discover your secret as if it can be called a secret.

    the night he awakes isn't a specific one, levi has sort of nightmares of war and titans inside the wall, demolishing and killing people, soldiers, crushing everything on their way. a small walk around the building may help him takes a brief nap. apprehensions about you and erwin disappear well, yeah, he has gotten both of you, but it won't happen again. although, he got turned on that night, masturbating lately at his bedroom, scorching an image of you at smith's lap bouncing on his dick, sort of deviated thoughts he couldn't get out of your head.

    the hallway is illuminated by candles, guards are sleeping or chatting at the roof because no one could make debauchery due to levi and erwin are here. soldiers basically scared of being beaten by levi, knowing his passion to learn dissidents to be respectful and know their place.

    levi walks among rooms in a leisurely way, enjoying the silence and solitude of a warm night. the wind isn't exhausted the candle in the building - calmly summer night without any accidents.

    for the time being.

    sitting in the cellar by his own, drinking the sturdy alcohol, attempting to recover from thoughts: it's sort of drug he is addicted to. addicted to sounds and imagies in his mind. regardless of how many shot glasses he has been drinking, he could feel the intoxicated state, a certain state of being wobbly, but his mind keeps being clear.

    returning back to his bedroom, thinking that alcohol might help him take a short nap, he overhears your voice from erwin's room. he's losing his self-restraint as your voice is quieting down for a second, again he hears your purr and mumbling, not being unable to understand what you're muttering. levi coming close to a small gorge between the door and the frame, swallowing, before have a peek at you.

    just as he was contemplating: you're half-naked, wearing only pants, baring your upper body to your lover. heartbeats are increasing when he takes a look one more time, seeing as the commander stroking the bulge through the trousers. he shouldn't have to be here, ogling at you and erwin but he couldn't move, only stares at you squeezing your nipples, quelling your moans by biting your lips.

    it won't happen again, it won't happen again, but it's happening right now, levi is substantially is peeping at you. the commander is sitting at the edge of the bed, smirking at your naked body, perfect and well-tightened body.

    he should run away from your bedroom, it isn't correct to barge into your intimate life or relationship at all but one look at your body is melting him, overwhelming the mind. you moved on his lap, slightly push your lover into the bed, sat on the bulge. you're squirming on it, making round movements on it, unbuttoning the shirt.

    pads of your fingers are feeling the muscular erwin's body, running over his abs and chest, breathing out heavily. you stood up only to tug your trousers down to the floor, stay completely naked moving again into his lap.

    'for how long you're gonna stand there and watching us having the fun, not joining?' the question you uttered was addressed to levi; you turned toward the door, having an absolutely accurately he is standing behind the door. 'levi, come and play with us, we know you've been listening to our sex in our office'

    he acts childish but opened the door, entered the room. the atmosphere is arousing captain, seeing woman's body like it his first time. you aren't hiding your body though. levi absentmindedly stares at you, closed tight eyes trying to make an excuse yet not having enough time. his hairline his hairline is covered with sweat as evidence of his excitement. your taken body is beckoning him to touch your curves, leave on your neck a couple of hickeys as if you were taken by him. levi might be listened to by your sweet moans but not touching you.

    'come and touch her, levi, it's alright'

    erwin's permission makes levi moves to the bed, stood by your back as his long fingers running over your back to the nape.

    'i-i won't be soft with you as erwin does, y/n, you get it?'

    you laughed at his warning while smith rolled backward, providing you a bulge.

    'wanna feel two dicks in my cunt'

    you uttered the phrase frivolously like it's the basic phrase you say every day, not worrying what will be in a few minutes. your words were like a red cloth for a bull released from the corral. he's losing composure when staring at how fastly you unzipped erwin's trousers, quickly going over the glans of the penis with a tongue. before you could put his cock inside, you felt on your head levi's palms, holding your by temples, swiftly forcing to place your mouth into the dick.

    you'd lie if you tell you don't like it.

    with one hand, levi makes a fist of your hair, regulating the pace and the depth of penetration of the penis inside you, controlling every your movements, adjusting everything on his own. with another, he reached down to your already willing pussy, as you were sopping for hours, finally getting what you've been needy. your wetness is overwhelming, you're constricting when he entranced with one finger inside, massaging spongy spot deeply there, knocking out a serial of quell whimpers from your mouth.

    levi kneels, wobbling for a second, shall he continue or stop. the answer to his unnamed question was your shift back in levi's face, kinda begging for initiating from his side to lick or press his fingers on your swollen clit. you're definetely been playing for some time before he interrupted their foreplay.

    he tugged your hips on his face, lick from the clit to the wet entrance, making a serial of an acute moves on your hole, burying his face deep as far as it's possible in your pussy. your willingness and desire to be fucked by two thick cocks makes levi's cock twitched in the fabric, speeding up the shift of the tongue, keeping thinking about the future events.

    'wanna feel two dicks in my cunt'

    an echo of your phrase is on replay in his mind as a reminder that he should make you cum before giving you a double penetration. you're melting by receiving and giving oral, attempting to focus on sucking dick and wiggling on levi's face, when he slaps your booty. levi slightly bite your inner things, kissing the mark immediately back again to your drooling cunt.

    ackerman put inside two fingers, stretching sticky walls, kissing your legs and ankles. being soft, retaining the remnants of composure, for now, to show the dark side afterward. afterward, he makes you cum on his fingers. you squeezed fingers when he's massaging that spot, feeling how your legs are shaking.

    'keep sucking my cock while cumming'

    erwin's severed voice didn't give it a chance to pull out cock, but you don't want to disappoint your commander. levi masterfully uses his fingers to make you shiver and bringing your knees together to climax as you're tensing and dripping. he didn't miss the opportunity to walk on the moist crotch, licking your juices.

    levi is blossomed by your quelling moans and your willingness to obey a commander, though you wanted to stop sucking and scream erwin's name in delight. your desire you pronounced at the beginning levi couldn't forget, standing up from knees. you're still shaking and being mild from an orgasm you've gotten.

    the thought of being flattened by two hot and muscular bodies, covered in sweat and those dicks are twitching, wanting to feel and stretch your cunt. you moistened commander's dick last time, moved your body between his member, leading his cock in your soggy hole, putting his cock inside with a squelchy sound.

    the goosebumps run down your skin and your heart beats at a frantic pace. you gasps for the air, regardless of the opened window, it's hard for you to breathe. because of their bodies and fingers, because of the thought have your first penetration with the strongest men.

    'i'm going inside, y/n'

    a spontaneously levi's warning makes you bend over closer to erwin, kissing his lips, feeling the second dick inside you. you don't regret what you've said, digging your nails into the blond's strong shoulders as levi going inside, stretching you to the max.

    at first, they give you a few seconds to adjust to the new feeling, before erwin did a slight thrust in you. he did it purpose: he wants to see his chest and shoulders dotted in the half-moons and patterns from your nail in the morning, so he could be mocking all day, telling you how dirty you were.

    ackerman words 'i won't hold back, y/n, i'm going to be rough' come into reality, when he pulls your hair back, makes you arch your back. he holds your waist, going higher to clench your hard nipple. ackerman is closed to your ear, kissing under your earlobe to the jaw, moving in a very tight hole.

    being flattened by two hot and muscular bodies is mind-boggling as their tips are reaching to the inner lump. smith's hands are running over your hips as he's ogling you and levi having a deep and humid kiss. sharing the lover is inappropriate but turns him on even more. the friction of two cocks going in and out, obscene squelches spread throughout the room. it's too much - incorrectly be fucking by the captain while you've got the one who can put on high, although two dicks feels too good to deny anything.

    the shiver again caught your body as you're feeling your soon climax. both of them are feeling it too.

    'cum one more time, constricting your cunt on our cocks'

    the tense between your legs, and your orgasm crashed in an instant wave, creaming their dicks. the mess down there and your licentious attitude erwin's gonna remained you for weeks, telling how slutty you were, tightening over cocks and creaming on the length.

    what happened next was like a fog - both of them yet took out their dicks to cum all over your body. the fluttering on your body is feeling perfect, had been fucked by two captains.

    'how do you feel, sweetie?'

    not giving a damn about formalities and the fact that you are his property or girlfriend, levi affectionately kisses your back, caressing your hips. erwin kissing your stomach, pressing your chest against his, tugs your face close to his, left a soft kiss on your lips. you didn't answer, there was no need for that: your contented expression was the evidence of your wonderful well-being. he lay down on the bed without strength, covering the blanket bodies, holding your waist, burying his face in the back of your neck. erwin holds your tiny hands in his, staring at how you falling asleep, smiling.

    still, your request was admirably was made.



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    summary; it’s been three years since eren ended the worlds suffering. thanks to his sacrifice, you’re able to start a new life with the one you love. 
    warnings; 139 spoilers, brief mention of intercourse, pregnancy
    a/n; i’m in need of a reiner myself, i just thought writing this would be cute because yk reiner and children

    “where did daddy go? here he is, peekaboo!”

    you woke up to the noises of soft laughter and little giggles coming from the other end of the room, where the golden sunlight peeked out of a large glass window. sitting next to it in a mahogany rocking chair sat your husband of one year, reiner braun, swaddled carefully in his muscular arms, your new addition to your growing family.

    your daughter giggled at his antics, reaching out her chubby hands to grab his face. reiners expression was gentle, soothing as he held his cherished little girl in those broad arms you had always known. it seemed funny, to see such a brawny man hold such a tiny baby as if she were a porcelain doll.

    she grabbed his cheek, now turned rosy out of the much love for his child that he had. you could see his smile- genuine, loving, gentle. he pressed a kiss to her tiny nose, making her coo. with that, he looked over to see your gaze on him, your prideful eyes observing how he interacted with your shared creation.

    “mornin’, darling”, he cooed. “sleep well?”

    you mumbled in agreement, and attempted to swing your legs over the bed to move closer to reiner and your child, but only to be stopped and reminded of the previous nights events by the sharp pain in your legs and core.

    the night before, reiner had planted yet another seed in you, in hopes to welcome another miracle of his into the world. he stood above you, sheathing himself in and out of you, while silently praying that in nine months he would see you swollen again like you were a year ago when you got pregnant with your daughter.

    reiner dreamt of a family from the very day he was in his titan form for the last time, when the steam cleared and he was finally able to see you again without the knowledge that he would leave you within the year. he ran into your arms, tears pouring out of his eyes, as he embraced you tightly looking for tangible evidence that he was here with you.

    from then on, the two of you were inseparable. you quickly got married and moved to the large apartment where you were now. the rest was history, and it lead up to where you were now.

    “what’s wrong, a little sore?” he asked, cradling the baby in his hands and walking over to you, making your job easier. your child’s eyes widened upon seeing you, a smile curling on her little pink lips. the sight made you smile as well, whispering a good morning to her.

    “i got up a little earlier since she was crying, but i never mind spending a little extra time with her”, reiner mentioned. “i’m sure daddy’s little girl wouldn’t mind either.”

    he passed her over to you, her limbs flailing excitedly as you placed her in a position where her tiny round head rested on your shoulder. “thank you for that, reiner. it’s appreciated.”

    reiner nodded, and pressed a kiss to your forehead. his lips were slightly chapped, tickling your skin but nonetheless it still felt like home. he was still warm, as always. it was always comforting to sleep next to him at night, your body never ran cold due to him clinging onto you like a sleepy koala.

    “you know”, reiner said. “i never thought i would end up here with you. it just feels too good to be true, you get what i mean?”

    you nod, and place a small kiss on your child’s cheek before giving reiner the same affection by rubbing your lips on his stubble before kissing his cheek as well.

    “i wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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    Therapy: expensive ☹️

    Mikasa saying "Ereh": free

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    someone make a levi fanfic based on this picture PUHLEASE

    #levihan#levi#levi ackerman #levi x reader #levi x reader smut #aot #attack on titan #aot smut
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    #not hq #jean kirschtein smut #aot smut
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