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    06.12.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Ruin that makeup

    Jean Kirstein x reader
    summary: you’re new to the campus and need friends, Jean is more than happy to be your friend, right?
    word count: 1.6k
    warnings: smut, oral, (male recivieng) modern au, college au

    Stepping into the new school with your lightweight backpack on your back, you looked around to ask for someone’s help to get you to the principal’s office. You weren’t going to lie, you were kinda scared to face the new school, teachers, and most importantly: the students. One thing you hated about getting into a new school was searching for new friends.

    There was a lot of type of people in this world. Assholes, soft ones, judgemental, and many others.

    "Can I help you?” You turned your head to the side and the owner of the voice. It was a mid-dark and light brown-headed girl who had a boiled potato in her hand, “you look lost” she continued before taking a bite of the potato. You didn’t say anything, just simply staring at her.

    It took a second when she stared at you too, taking her gaze to the potato, eyes widening and lifting the gaze back to you. “Here, take a bite” she offered the potato. “Oh no no, I’m not hungry,” you said, hands gripping the straps of your backpack. “But could you help me find the principal’s office?” The girl smiled before nodding.

    “I’m Sasha, nice to meet you”

    Sasha helped you to get to the office, after a little chit-chat with the principal, you finally got your schedule and surprisingly you had some of your classes with Sasha. “How about going to the classes of the day and I’ll show the school after we’re done for the day. I can tell you, the teachers here don’t like it when the students are late to class,” she whispered the last parts while walking past a teacher.

    The day was going well, you were thankful Sasha spent the day with you, especially at the cafeteria. Eating in the cafeteria all alone at the table was something making you look like you were lonely, so you couldn't tell her how happy you were she was keeping you company. 

    “Alright, so now you know all the classes on floors, but you need a locker, so come on.” Sasha grabbed your wrist and started walking towards the principal’s office. The hallway was full of students, some were in a hurry to get to their class and others to get home, next thing you knew was when you bumped into someone.

    “Ay, watch where you’re going” you looked up to see the rude tone of the owner, it was a tall guy with a brown mullet-styled guy.

     He was hot. You couldn’t deny that.

    “It was an accident, Jean, she didn’t mean it” Sasha huffed coming over to help you get up.

    “Whatever” Jean grumbled and walked off with his friends, one of his shave-headed friends fist-bumped Sasha before leaving with Jean. “That was Connie, he’s pretty nice, you can get to know him at some point,” Sasha said with a bright smile.

    You opened the door to your apartment, sighing you took off your clothes and got into something more comfortable. You poured hot boiling water into the cup noodle you had bought from the little market next to your apartment.

    Sitting down on the couch with the cup in your hands you put on a movie to watch. Just when you finished your noodles, a notification went off on your phone.

    Sasha added you to the group chat The three musketeers

    You opened the group chats to see who else other than you and Sasha were in.


    Now there’s four of us, Sasha :/


    Whoops sorry

    Sasha changed the group chat name to The four musketeers


    Happy now, Connie? Y/n the other unknown number is Jean :D

    You responded with an okay and a smiley emoji beside it and added Jean and Connie to your contacts. You weren’t so sure why Sasha added you to the group chat if Jean was in it too. You didn’t have a problem with the guy but they did with you. Or that’s what you thought, especially Jean. You shook your head and went to your bedroom hoping to get some sleep before waking up again to do your homework and then go back to sleep.

    You jolted up when your alarm went off, you didn’t like the sound, but if you changed it to a sound you would like then you’re most likely are going to have a hard time waking up. 

    For breakfast, you didn’t have anything too much just a simple sandwich and a glass of juice. For the outfit, you went with a short-sleeved collar white shirt and put on an oversized baby blue sweatshirt with a white knee-length skirt.

    “Oh my god, I’m so hungry” Sasha whined behind you, “we had lunch just before the class” you chuckled, searching for the next class's book in your locker. 

    “Oop, here comes the school’s jock,” Sasha said making you turn around to see who she was calling a jock and it was none other than her very good friend Jean Kirstein.

    “Oh wow,” Jean rolled his eyes, “you’re so funny, could you give us a minute,” he motioned to Sasha to leave the two of you alone.

    Sasha nodded her head telling you she was gonna go to the bathroom before the class was going to start.

    Jean wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close and making you blush. It wasn’t an everyday thing a guy would do that as you both walked to your classroom. “I’m sorry if I sounded rude yesterday.” He was talking about when you bumped into each other in the hallway.

    “It’s okay,” you said awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

    “Hey, some people I know are hosting a party tonight, wanna tag along with me?” You thought about it a second, you didn’t have any other plan and this was an opportunity to have friends other than Sasha.

    “Uh yeah, just give me the address” you smiled, “no actually, you text me yours, I’ll pick you up at 8″ he winked and side hugged you. “Well, I guess this is your stop,” Jean said as he opened the classroom door for you.

    “What’s up with that smile,” Sasha asked teasingly, knowing full well it was because of Jean.

    Looking at the mirror you were pretty satisfied with the outfit you had on. A blue silky thigh length dress and black heels, to complete the look you put on a glossy lipstick on your already nude covered lips. After taking some pictures, your doorbell rang.

    “Wow, you look stunning” Jean gushed just when you opened your door for him, you couldn’t help but blush at his words. “Come in, I still gotta add a few touches to this” you smiled and pointed to your makeup, leaving him waiting for you on the couch.

    Jean couldn’t lie, he wasn’t a very patient guy, that’s why he got up to search for your bedroom. Peeking into the door that was cracked open, he knew it was wrong to peek, you could be naked or something. Jean loved taking risks so he just pushed the door open enough to have your attention.

    “I can’t get over the fact that you’re going with me, look at you” Jean moved his hands to cup your jaw from behind staring at your expression in the mirror in front of you. Before you could even respond, Jean locked his lips with yours, tongue slipping into your mouth, while his right hand gripped your throat.

    “You don’t know what you’re doing to me” Jean breathed out, taking your hand and sitting on the edge of your bed with you on his lap. At this point neither of you cared about the party it was the last thing in your mind. 

    You could feel the growing bulge second by second underneath you as you ground on it, making Jean let out those beautiful moans “Get on your knees, baby, wanna ruin that makeup” Jean pushed you on the ground on your knees, you didn’t waste a second and started to unbuckle his belt, taking his hard cock out.

    You gave a few kitten licks and kissed it a couple of times before taking it into your mouth, you started to bob your head up and down, trying to take all of him. Jean took a hold of your hair, pushing your head deeper, making the tears you have been holding fall. “Yes, feels good, just like that” Jean praised, head thrown back. It didn’t take long for Jean to shoot his load into your mouth.

    “Did you actually swallow it?” Jean asked still out of breath, just as you pushed your tongue out to show him. Jean couldn’t lie, he was impressed, he saw you as the good girl who would make a grossed face when talking about sex.

    You squealed when Jean’s strong arms grabbed your shoulders, pulling you up onto the bed. You took off Jean’s shirt while he pulled down your dress straps carefully to not rip them. 

    Jean started to kiss your jaw to your collarbones and lower, he placed one last kiss on your tummy before lining up his cock in front of your entrance. You let out a sigh of nervousness which made Jean look up, “don’t be nervous, just relax” giving you a reassuring kiss Jean finally pushed in, making you hold onto his shoulder as if your life depended on it. 

    “you can go now” you breathed out as Jean pulled out and pushed in right away, “ah, Jean” you whimpered. “Does it feel good? Tell me, baby, tell me” Jean picked up the pace which got you a whimpering mess.

    “Gonna cum” you cried out as soon as you felt your stomach tightening knowing what was coming up, “Yeah? Cum for me, Y/n, come on” Jean encouraged still going on at the same pace.

    “That was amazing,” you said out out-breath while Jean rolled off of you, taking his shirt and pulling it over his head.

    “We still gotta go to that party”  

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    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i’m really sorry #i want it to come out well! #don’t wanna publish a shitty chapter ya know? #sofi chat’s <3 #eren x you #eren x reader #snk eren#eren aot #aot x reader? #aot x oc #aot reiner #reiner x reader smut #armin x reader #jean x you #aot levi #levi x y/n #literally my fic does shit #pinehurst updates
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    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Humanity’s Strongest, you say?

    Tags/CW: Explicit sexual content, multiple positions, overstimulation, (m) oral, degradation, name calling, rough sex, mentions of choking.

    Its been AGES since I've written anything for AOT and Levi brainrot is slowly creeping into my brain so…

    Thinking about how STRONG Levi is. How powerful and chiseled his abs are from years of using ODM gear, how hard he’s trained and refined his body to it’s optimum strength and ability to the point where he can have you in whatever position he desires, regardless of your size. How he can pick you up, toss you around, and bend you over without even breaking a sweat.

    Thinking about how his hair sways and gets in the way of his handsome face as he pounds you in missionary, blocking the hungry look he has in his mesmerizing gray eyes as they roam over your shaking body. How they watch your tits jiggle every time he thrusts into you, over and over again. 

    Or what about the way he rolls his eyes when anyone besides you tries to flirt with him? Smirking to himself when he thinks about how he’s gonna fuck you into the mattress when he gets home just to prove you’re the only one for him.

    And how could you ever forget the time your friends acted happy for you, telling you size didn’t matter? Oh, how terribly wrong they were. Size doesn’t matter, sure, not until you’re being fucked within an inch of your life with an seven-and-a-half inch cock that’s long and thick enough to make you dizzy.

    Thinking about how hard he makes you cum. Every. Single. Time. The way you grip his shoulders and clench around his cock as he brings you to your umpteenth orgasm in just one night and how it inflates his ego like nothing else, overstimulating both you and himself until your whole body feels like it’s on fire. And he’s far from over.

    Or how he likes to pull your arms back, hooking his hands into the crook  of your elbows when you’re fucking reverse cowgirl, telling you to “Take it all, brat,” as he fucks up into you, brushing your cervix with the tip of his cock.

    And his hands? How they’ve killed literal monsters the size of mountains and sliced through them like jelly but when they’re wrapped so lovingly around your throat and waist you tend to forget how delicate he can be.

    Or how nasty he likes to degrade you for getting on your knees to suck him off with your dirty mouth, such a greedy little whore you are, always making sure to swallow every last drop because he’s just cleaned the floor and he'll be damned if he has to do it again.

    And when the last time you called him short he--quite literally-- blew your back out and all but scoffed when you limped for a week straight, and stared anyone down who tried to question you.

    And finally, thinking about how he tsk’d his way into your heart, and eventually all the way down your throat <3

    #nalas nasty thoughts #levi smut#levi brainrot#levi imagine#levi thirsts #levi ackerman smut #levi ackerman x reader #aot smut#snk smut #n.sfw
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    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Being married to Armin Arlert

    posted: 6/12/2021, 17:30

    content: sfw | fluff | modern au

    pairing: Armin Arlert x reader

    warning: suggestive content but still pretty sfw

    a/n: sorry for the wait. uni hw. You know how it is haha

    Your last name?

    He didn’t mind if you double barrelled your last name once you got married. You went the whole way though <3

    Who’s the breadwinner?

    At first, both of you were working. Your combined income was quite nice. Sweet apartment. Sims 4 starter home type of thing but now Armin makes enough for you to not work and still live a nice life. His boss stepped down and wanted Armin to take over!


    He really wants a lot of kids. Like 4 kids. If he wasn’t married to you it would be him and his grandpa, who won’t be around much longer. He doesn’t want to feel lonely anymore. Armin won’t mind if you don’t want that many and he can settle for 2 children but it would mean the world to him to be surrounded by the products of your love.

    Love language?

    His love language would be physical touch and words of affirmation. He just wants to be held and kissed and ******- woahhhh there. His heart flutters when you tell him how much you appreciate him, compliment him and… just tell the bubba you love him, okay? He can’t keep his hands off you :’)

    Pet names?

    “Careful baby!”

    “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll get that for you”

    “Are you okay my love?”

    “Good morning angel.”

    His pet names for you are so cuteeeeee! 😭


    Armin loves it when you straddle him and lay your head on his chest. That way he can pepper your face with kisses or play with your hair. And if your hair is natural and in a fro, he’d sometimes sniff your hair. (He loves the way your hair products smell)

    He’d also like to lay his head on your lap, between your legs while you’re watching stuff on TV, so you can rake your hands through his hair. That makes him feel soooo relaxed.

    How often do you…?

    Almost everyday. Sometimes he’d tease you for two to three days, just to up that desire and tension.

    When you do go at it… you’re at it till dawn ;D

    (As long as he’s not working the next day)

    Do you still go on dates?

    Because Armin got busy, not as much as you used to and he hates it. He used to take you out to the beach with a picnic he prepared, or dates you could do stuff together.

    Once you two get the chance, he promises himself he’ll take you on a week long getaway to Fiji.


    You two try to talk things out so you don’t argue but they do happen. Armin will try to resolve the issue and usually apologises first.

    “Hey baby, have you seen my dress?”

    “What dress love?”

    “The dress I’m wearing to your company fundraiser tomorrow. I can’t find it anywhere. You did bring it back from the dry cleaners right?”

    “I did… it should be in a box somewhere.”

    “It’s not anywhere Armin. I’ve looked.”

    “Look again, I’ll help you.”

    “I’m telling you it’s not here!”

    “….and I’m saying I’ll help you look!”

    “Hey why is the charity box still here?”

    “That’s the box your dress is in love.”

    “It’s the charity box Armin!”




    “Armin! Did you give my dress away?!”

    “Stop yelling! I’m sure we can get it back!”

    “Get it back?! You know that dress was tailored for tonight…. Armin!”

    “Could you just….. not yell at me darling..! It could still be there.”

    “You better pray it’s still there! And don’t darling me, you’re the one that gave my dress away!”

    “And I’m sorry. Look we’ll just drive down there now. I doubt anyone bought it…”

    Someone already bought it. You had to settle for a different dress. It was nice but not as as the one Armin accidentally gave away. To make things worse, one of the couple’s you spoke to was wearing your dress.

    She takes you aside and whispers to you.

    “Look at this stunning dress! I had it tailored. Word of advice dear, prepare for these events ahead of time, you look a little..uncomfortable.”

    You cried over the comment once you got home and Armin couldn’t help but beat himself up about it.

    “Please don’t cry sweetheart… I’ll do better next time. I’m so sorry.”

    You saw how sad he looked and gave him a lot of kisses, apologising for yelling at him, reminding him he’s not stupid and that mistakes do happen.


    Armin is usually at the office during lunch time. That wasn’t a problem until he started working 5 days a week and he’s missing you, so he face timed you just before he started his meal.

    Luckily for him, you had just started eating your lunch too! You and Armin talk and flirt over face time, happy that you’re seeing each other. When his lunch break is over, he kisses his fingers and places them on the camera for you to catch :’)

    On the weekends, you two cook together! I think he’d love pasta or lasagna :)

    If you have traditional foods from your culture, he’d be sooooooo excited you made it for lunch. He’d absolutely love the food, even if it’s spicy!

    Bed time?

    After a long hard day at work, he comes back home, takes a shower and finds his lovely angel fast asleep in bed. He thinks you’re so cute when you sleep.

    He loves sleeping in the spooning position. Him being the big spoon, with one hand on your breast because it’s soft and squishy.

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    dilf!erwin x f!reader
    wc: 1.5K
    tw: pet names, coersion, fingering(f!recieveing), breeding, degredation, rough sex, edging
    dilf december collab

    dilf!erwin - erwin was a good guy. always helped people out when they needed it, and always put others first, especially his daughter. he does his best to provide for her, even though she begs him to take some time for himself now that she's in college. he knows he should loosen the reigns a bit because she is now a young adult, but she's still his daughter after all.

    erwin was mid forties. his hair was graying but his face looked no older than 30. his bright blue eyes always seemed to capture the hearts of those around him. in his younger days, you'd catch him with his hair slicked back and his face cleanly shaven, but as the years went on, he let his hair grow out slightly as well as his beard grow out into a stubble adding to his mature look. women would die for a chance to be with him, but erwin on the other hand just wanted something new, refreshing and something that will last. he thought that he'd never find something like that until he met you.

    you'd just transferred to this college and you hadn't made a lot of friends. on the odd occasion that you are invited to one of your new friends' houses, you're confronted with one of the most handsome men you have seen. blonde hair stuck to his sweat ridden forehead and his arms flexing in that white tank top as he fixed a cupboard.

    you were even more speechless than you were to find out that that was her father. you looked up at him as he offered his hand, and noticed how big he was. god this man was huge. broad shoulders, broad chest and huge hands. you kindly accepted his handshake before your friend pulled you upstairs.

    erwin was taken aback when he first saw you. you were gorgeous to say the least. he saw the way your expression changed when you found out he was a father. your cheeks flushed pink and you blinked a little too much. he found it oddly adorable how shy you'd gotten and it made his heart skip a beat. he didn't know what this feeling was but he liked it.


    in the next few months you came over almost every day, you basically lived there. you had also found out quite a bit about erwin during that time: he was single, hadn't been on a date in more than 2 years, and was very much alone. some parts of you felt sorry for the man, but the other parts felt some sort of need to change that.

    every time that you were there, you became bolder. stolen glances became slight "accidental" touching, long pants became short skirts and your advances had become blatantly obvious to him. he had no idea what to do with you. he couldn't betray his daughter by being with you, but the way his name sounded when you called for him made his cock ache.

    he blamed his inexcusable feelings for you on the fact that he hasn't been with anyone in years. yes, that was it. he was just being tempted by you and he was sure as hell he was not giving in. he wasn't going to stare at your breasts as you leaned on the counter while talking to him, he wasn't going to look at the way your hips sway as you walk, and he sure as hell would not fuck his hand to the thought of fucking you on his livingroom couch.

    his resolve was faltering, and you could tell. you saw it in the way his hands stayed on your lower back a bit too long as he moved past you, the way his eyes roamed your body when you showed up in a skirt that was his favourite colour and the way his breath hitched as you hugged him. you knew you were close to breaking him, and you had one last idea.

    on a day when erwin's daughter was out with her boyfriend for the day, you decided to pay him a visit, conveniently forgetting that your best friend wasn't home. he opened up the door to see you in a little pink skirt and a low cut crop top. his eyes almost jumped out of his head as he stared at your outfit, his cock stirring in his sweatpants.

    "are you gonna stare at me all day, or let me in?"

    you spoke in a low sultry tone that made erwin lose his mind as he stepped to the side to let you in. you walked straight to the kitchen to get yourself a snack. all erwin could do was watch as followed you into the kitchen. he leaned against the kitchen sink as he saw you grab a snack, and sit on the island counter opposite him. as you ate your snack your eyes never left erwin. you could see how his eyes explored your body and the way his cock grew harder by the second.

    "what are you waiting for?"

    he was taken aback at your question. what was he waiting for? he never wanted to hurt his daughter but god did you make him feel alive. he started walking towards you as he stood between your legs. he grabbed your cheeks and pulled your face closer to his.

    "anyone finds out about this, you'll be answering to me. got it?"

    you gasped slightly but nodded, happy to finally be getting what you wanted. he pulled you off the counter, turned you around and pushed you against it in one swift motion. you were already out of breath as his hands caressed up your thighs to your pussy.

    "naughty little thing, wearing no panties. did you expect something to happen, you little slut?"

    without warning he shoved two fingers inside you making you scream in pleasure. his fingers were so big it stretched you out so well. you let out a mewl when he brushed over that spongy spot inside you. once he knew he found it, he began to continuously abuse it, making your mind go fuzzy. you were on the verge of cumming before he pulled out, making you feel empty. you whined and squirmed, trying to get some sort of friction before his hand came down on your ass which made you jolt.

    "sit still brat, before i change my mind."

    you could hear him shuffling his pants down his thighs before he tapped your pussy with his cock, teasingly grinding it up and down your folds. you tried your best not to squirm but you couldn't take it anymore.

    "please put it in. i'll be good! i promise i will, just please fuck me. god just..i need to feel you!"

    he smirked as he heard you pleading continue before he decided it was enough. he slid his cock inside of you till he bottomed out, sighing shakily as he felt how warm and tight you were. you were drooling, eyes already rolling back. his cock was the biggest thing you've ever had inside of you and it felt amazing. he started moving slowly, giving you some time to adjust before his selfish desires had him pistoning in and out of you.

    he grabbed you by the back of your neck, getting more leverage to fuck into you harder. you were moaning non stop, on the verge of cumming again and he was just getting started. he could feel you clenching around him which made him go even faster. you could barely handle his pace your orgasm approaching quickly when he stopped immediately, his cock still inside you.

    "did i say you could cum?"

    he asked as he pulled you by your hair closer to him. you had never seen this rough side of erwin and you absolutely loved it. you could barely mumble out an apology before he started fucking you again.

    "you cum when i tell you to. you won't like what'll happen if you disobey me."

    he started fucking you at an unrelenting pace, making it harder for you to hold back from cumming. erwin was getting close too, your pussy was too good for him to handle, and he didn't fail to tell you how much he loved it. his thrusts became sloppy as he was nearing his edge.

    "you'll cum with me, yeah? you'll cream all over your best friend's father's huge cock won't you?"

    it wasn't long before his sweet praises and his hard sloppy thrusts had you creaming around his cock. he came right after you, filling your sweet pussy with his cum. he pulled out of you as he watched his cum drip out of you. he wet a clean cloth and started to clean himself and you up.

    when your breathing turned to normal you got up from the counter. your legs were still weak and you almost tripped before erwin caught you in his arms. he gave your forehead a little peck before he helped you stand up.

    "if you think this is just a fuck and forget situation, then you're messing with the wrong guy."

    he said while washing out the now dirty cloth. you rolled your eyes and punched his arm playfully.

    "when have you seen me not follow something through?"

    you saw his face turn into a huge smile. he was gonna have a hard time hiding whatever you two have, but it's all worth it in his eyes.

    tagging: @nanami-luvr

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    ◦•●◉✿ATTACK ON TITAN✿◉●•◦

    ⟼ Levi Ackerman

    The Last Time

    Dark Red

    ⟼ Armin Arlert



    I Love You So

    ⟼ Jean Kirstein

    Why Not Me?

    Play Fire With Fire

    ⟼ Eren Jaeger

    I Wanna Be Yours

    I Wanna Be Yours (part2)

    ⟼ Reiner Braun

    Forever Winter

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    Where they bite you

    Your neck

    Bakugo, Gojo, Rengoku, Zeke, MIKEY, Suna, MEGUMI, Koko, Sukuna, Erwin, AIZAWA, Nanami, Mitsuya, Sugawara, Hakkai, marco, Kazutora, Choso, Angry

    Your breasts

    Atsumu, Baji, Eren, WAKASA, Reiner, Rindo, Iwaizumi, Hinata, Koko, Levi, Sanzu, Chifuyu, Kenma, BOKUTO, Shigaraki, Shinchiro, Kita, DENKI, Smiley

    Your clit

    Sakusa, Geto, Mikey, RAN, Jean, Osamu, Baji, Wakasa, DABI, Toji, Hanma, Sanzu, Tsukki, Kuroo, Izana, Shoto, Armin, Tendo, Kakucho, Lev, Sero, TENGEN

    Your thighs

    Kirishima, Sanemi, Draken, GOJO, Yuji, Keigo, Toji, Porco, Sukuna, Asahi, EREN, Inupi, Daichi, iida, deku, Takeomi, AAKASHI, Kakashi, Ukai, Shinso, Nishinoya, Akaza
    #i was writing a kiri & baji drabble and thought why not #jjk headcanons #tokyo revengers headcanons #demon slayer headcanons #bnha headcanons#aot headcanons#haikyuu headcanons#kakashi smut #gojo satoru smut #sukuna headcanons #ryomen sukuna smut #katsuki bakugou smut #dabi smut#hawks smut#oikawa smut #toji fushiguro smut #megumi fushiguro smut #demon slayer rengoku #yuji itadori smut #eren headcanons#levi ackerman#tokrev wakasa#wakasa smut#mikey smut #haitani brothers smut #ran headcanons#rindou headcanons #tokyo revengers sanzu #jjk x reader #aot x reader
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    #levi ackerman x reader #levi x y/n #levi x reader #levi ackerman #levi ackerman smut #aot#aot smut #aot x reader #aot x y/n #attack on titan #snk smut #snk x y/n #snk x reader #snk #shingeki no kyojin
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    fyi i know a lot of authors struggle w writing trans characters & im open to any questions my writer mutuals may have! i’ve helped other writers w tips before and maybe one day i’ll make a big general troubleshooting post

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    Our little remedy- Levi Ackerman x Reader

    🌿 Apart of Hozier inspo playlist 🌿

    Song: Moment's Silence (Common Tongue) - Hozier: Nina Cried Power EP Pairings: Levi Ackerman x Reader Warnings: mature! smut! Word count: 1K

    a/n: not proof read sorry

    🌿 A moment's silence when my baby puts the mouth on me 🌿

    Levi often finds his mind racing and unable to shut up but he knows his love is always there to offer peace amidst the chaos.

    There was never a moment’s silence within Levi’s mind. The ever-turning wheels of the captain’s mind were kept occupied with attack formations, causality list, reparations for those lost, food shortages, training modules, supply lines, whether or not there was any point to this fucking fight. Just how much longer would they have to kill beast after beast before the race was wiped out and he could live easily. Live was the word he dwelled on. Life. Those who had been lost and would lose; how many he could stop from losing. The thoughts of his past comrades; Isabelle, Furlan, Petra, Erwin, each day the list grew and would continue to grow unless he did something different. Something- ohh the recruits need new ODM gear. Add that to the list

    Tick. Tick. New tactics. New Gear. Tick. Tick. Compensation for the families. Housing and feeding the brats. Tick. Tick.

    “Levi” your voice amidst the chaos that was his mind, brought him back to reality.


    The fresh-faced cadet who had been by his side for the past five years. You, who had been through the wringer just as much as Levi had, who had suffered just as much and was still hopeful in this horrible never-ending nightmare of a world. You, his love, the light of his life who had seen the worst parts of the captain and stayed. Stayed through panic attacks and nightmares. The nights where he didn’t sleep, holding him as he cried and soothing him as he spilled his guts. Your delicate fingers pushing back his hair and wiping his tears, offering him tea and a seat in your lap for him to curl up in. You allowed him to feel small, to feel like a human; to feel. And it was you who was able to calm his racing mind, to give him a moment of respite.

    On your knees between his legs, one hand gently entwined with his and the other at the base of his cock, stroking and pumping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. Still in your uniform, the top buttons of your shirt opened to reveal your breasts, that was Levi’s doing.His need to feel your skin taking over him as you walked into his office, tea and bread in hand there to offer him a break from his paperwork. He had pinned you to his desk, hovering over you he trailed kisses down your neck, nipping and biting marks just below the collar of your shirt before you had slipped out from under him and sat him in his chair. Dropping to your knees, you slowly unbuttoned his pants, not pulling them off because you would need to remove the leather straps and that was a chunk of time none of you had. Levi sighed as you palmed him through his pants before fully committing to the act of sucking him off.

    You hallowed your cheeks, sucking him further in as Levi let out a shaky breath above you. His fingers tightened against yours as you licked up, flicking your tongue over the sensitive head before taking him in your mouth again. He cursed and looked down to see you staring up at him, waiting and expectant. Levi loved eye contact. Watching as you took him in, tears clouding your waterline, cheeks reddening with effort but you still gulped him down. He enjoyed watching his love struggle, how a few tears would slip from your eyes at the burn at the back of your throat, how you would nod as he asked if you wanted more, if you could take more. It was all for him, all to make him feel good.

    Levi threw his head back, hand still in your hair, now guiding you in a quickening pace. His chest heaved and stuttered as you swallowed around him. The thin white shirt stuck to his sweat-slicked skin, small bruises blossoming from behind the fabric. He’d punish you for leaving marks, not that anyone could see or that he minded, but he loved finding excuses to fuck you dumb. To take you over his desk, or bed, or behind a thicket of trees, rutting into you as you desperately held back your cries and moans before ultimately letting loose and crying his name. He loved the way his name fell from your lips, like a prayer, like you were worshipping him. It made him feel a type of way that he had never felt with anyone else. He knew it was love but it was something better, something more powerful.

    You sucked hard once more, Levi’s hips jumping from the chair to thrust further down your throat. The hand that was holding yours moved to tangle in your hair, holding you in place and giving him leverage. Taking a deep breath in through your nose, you opened your jaw wider and loosed your throat a bit more to allow him to use your mouth. Levi looked down at you, searching for a sign to continue and when you blinked up at him he started his slow pace.

    Levi gulped, hips moving on their own accord as he fucked into your mouth, keeping eye contact the entire time. The view he had was enough to have him cumming. Sat prettily between his legs, eyes staring up at him with nothing but admiration and love, eyebrows screwed together in concentration and your lips. Fuck. Your pretty mouth around him, lips swollen and red, greedily taking everything he was giving you. He flicked his eyes back to yours, a plead within them.

    Please baby, cum for me.

    Even as you held all the power, his pleasure literally on the tip of your tongue, you were still begging him.

    Another thrust into your hot mouth had Levi cumming. Head dropping forward, mouth open as he let out a strangled moan, he spilled into your throat. The grip on your hair tightened, stinging as he pulled. You swallowed around him, taking all that he gave you and more. The blood pumping in Levi’s veins was white-hot as he continued to cum before finally stilling as you continue to swallow around him.

    You pulled off his cock, the grip he had on your hair softening, allowing you to move to breathe. Spit and cum trailed down your chin before dripping onto your thighs. You raised a hand to wipe your mouth but Levi had another idea. He pulled you up, gently tugging your hair and pressed his lips to yours. Smearing the mix of fluids over his mouth before tonguing at your lips. Licking along your teeth, he kissed you deeply. Your hands flew to his jaw, holding onto him as he kissed his love into you. As you pulled away you noticed the mess that was now on his face. Eyes blown wide, hair sticking to his slightly sweaty forehead, cheeks burning red and lips and cheeks glistening in the low light.

    “Fuck, I love you so much” he whispered, voice hoarse as he moved his hand to cup your cheek. You responded in a kiss, using that moment to move up to sit in his lap hoping to continue what you had started. Levi smiled against you, knowing exactly what you meant. He knew you loved him, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been here like this for him.

    Levi was thankful for those few moments he had with you. Those moments of silence where nothing mattered except you and him. His racing mind and horrible reality shut out for a few minutes as he lost himself in you. God, he loved you. You and that mouth that offered him a moment of silence.

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    Waking up next to Levi be like:

    ART CREDITS: @suzupiyosan on twitter!

    I personally love suzupiyosan twt account! 😩💘

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    Levi decorating the christmas tree with you and your kids only for him to fuck you under it later at night after tucking your precious little angels in bed.

    #levi smut#anime#manga#levi brainrot #levi ackerman x y/n #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader #levi x y/n #levi x you #aot#levi aot #shingeki no kyoujin
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    Just Eren being the most beautiful character

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    The Evidence of Your Love

    A/N: this post made me think of Eren and I couldn't help myself. Unedited.

    Length: 3.6k

    CW: NSFW 🌶, established relationship, Eren the simp Jaeger, body worship? (hell yes i'm worshipping Eren's body), soft and fluff as fuck sex, oral M & F, a little overstim, a little deep throating, no condom duh

    “FUCK!” Eren yelled, his fingers smashing buttons on his controller as his eyes were trained on the living room TV. You snickered as you watched his character fall off the ledge and die off screen.

    “I win, Eren,” you laughed, sticking your tongue out at your boyfriend. Most nights Eren played shooting games online with his friends. But today you asked him over dinner if you could play smash together - and he could never say no to his favorite girl. So he told his friends to play without him, opting to snuggle up with you on the couch. Only it quickly turned from calm sweet snuggling to all out brawling. Eren was so competitive, but you were too.

    “Okay, cheater,” Eren said with a pout, crossing his arms in defiance.

    “How did I cheat!” You were practically shouting, you voice lined with mirth. It was rare you ever won a video game against him, so you were ready to shove it in his face.

    “I dunno, you just did, I know it.”

    “I beat you fair and square, Eren,” you grinned while he continued to pout, giving him a light punch in the arm for being a sore loser.

    He rolled his eyes and reached for his controller. “You’re the worst. I’m gonna play with the guys instead, at least they aren’t cheaters,” he said as he began to change the game.

    But you wanted Eren all to yourself tonight.

    So you immediately moved to straddle him, plucking the controller out of his grip and tossing it to the side.

    “No way,” you planted a kiss to his neck as his hands went to your ass underneath your skirt, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise in response to your movements. You brought your lips up to his ear and said in a sultry voice, “I wanna be the only one you play with tonight, ‘Ren.”

    “Oh?” His hands squeezed the fat of your ass before giving it a light smack, “What do you wanna do, baby?”

    "You." Your hands moved down his chest before looping under the hem of the bottom of his t-shirt. He lifted his arms, knowing you were asking to take his shirt off. After you removed his shirt, your hands roamed his sculpted chest while his went down to hold your thighs. No matter how many times you’d seen him, the sight of his body never failed to amaze you.

    He bent his head down to plant a hot, wet kiss behind your ear, “like what you see?”

    You nodded, the heat of his breath going straight to your core. He leaned in for a kiss and you eagerly kissed back, the taste of his peppermint candy that he was chewing earlier coating your tongue. Your arms went up to wrap around his neck as he pulled you in closer, bringing your hips in to grind against his. He was already hard, one kiss of your sweet lips was enough to ignite his craving for you.

    You bit his lip, your tongue begging for entrance, and - competitive as always - Eren wouldn't even let you win this, his tongue pushing back and touching every surface of your mouth like it owned the place. When he finally pulled away, his lips barely hovering over yours, his eyes lidded and darkened with desire, there was a thin string of spit between the two of you, which Eren broke by sticking out his tongue.

    "Can I show you how much I like it, 'Ren?" He could feel your lips brush against his as you spoke before you stole another kiss from him, this one so forceful he could feel your whole body push against his. His hands immediately went underneath your tank top, so hot against the skin of your waist it made you shiver. When you pulled away from the kiss his hands went higher, until your tank top was completely peeled off your chest and pulled above your head. While he reached his hands back to unclasp your bra, your hands went down to his sides as you leaned down to suck on the skin where his shoulder and neck met. His breath hitched in his throat as you swayed your hips against him once more.

    Once your bra was off you saw Eren trying to lean in, so you brought a palm to his chest and pushed him back so that he was laying against the back of the couch. He gave you a questioning glance.

    You answered by bringing your lips to his neck and planting another kiss, "I just want to show you just how much I love it, Eren."

    When your eyes turned up towards him, his mouth was agape, and you could've sworn there was a light blush dusting his cheeks. Normally he'd be the one to be showering you with kisses - to be on the receiving end of this was making him bashful.

    "Let me kiss you, pretty girl," he said, his hands back on your waist.

    "Since I won the game, you're gonna let me kiss you," you said, emphasizing your words with kisses to his collarbone. He felt hot with each brush of your lips against his chest, but he wasn't about to protest.

    He did, however, begin to pant like a dog when you began to suck on his skin. You started by his clavicle, nipping and sucking until your lips left red marks behind. He bit his lip, suppressing the whines that wanted to escape, but you could tell by the grip on your hips that he was enjoying your touch. You went lower, arching your back so that your body was at a certain angle against his groin - with only the thin layer of your panties and his sweats between you, you could feel his dick against your cunt even through the fabric. He groaned as you left more love bites across his chest. At the point that you could no longer go lower without getting off his lap, you stood up and kneeled in front of him. His face was flushed, a mix of embarrassment and heat from your touch.

    His heart wasn't prepared for what you said next.

    You looked up at him through your lashes, your gaze so full of adoration and lust it made Eren want to take you right then. But he was so whipped for you - whatever you wanted to do, he'd follow. A devoted worshipper to his divine goddess.

    Your hands came up to palm him over his sweatpants and his hips stuttered. There were so many times, but especially times like these, when you'd look at Eren - his handsome face, his incredible body, and those gorgeous eyes that harbored his love for you - that you couldn't believe he was yours, or that you were his.

    "I love you, 'Ren," the words tumbled out, your thoughts so clouded by your feelings for him.

    His heart threatened to burst in his chest when he said, "I love you too, beautiful."

    Your fingers looped around the edge of his sweatpants and briefs. You look up at him, your eyes questioning. "Let me make you feel good, baby."

    He lifted his hips up as you pulled down his bottoms, his cock smacking his abs and dribbling precum in its wake. Your placed your hand around its base as you planted a kiss onto the inside of his thighs. The feeling was foreign, almost ticklish, making him shudder.

    Just like his chest, you began to kiss and bite at the soft, taut skin of his thighs, your hand pumping up and down his shaft as you did. He brought a hand up to his lips, as if to stifle a moan.

    "Rennie, I wanna hear you," you pleaded against his skin, your thumb brushing against his tip.

    When your hand came up you squeezed him gently, your thumb rubbing across his slit, you earned a "Fuck, baby," from the brunette.

    You brought your hands up and down, squeezing just a touch more, and moving just a touch faster, as you planted more love bites up your lover's thigh. You reached the skin of his thighs just adjacent to his member when he'd finally snapped.

    "Ah, babe - please - 's too much" he said in between breaths, his head thrown back against the couch, as he leaned into your touch. You could feel his legs trembling as you kissed the tanned skin of his inner thigh.

    You gave his tip a few soft licks before taking it into your mouth, pumping the shaft that couldn't fit. He sighed in pleasure as the heat of your mouth took him in. Eren reached a hand down to tangle it in your hair.

    "You're so good to me, fuck," he couldn't help but grind his teeth together as you bobbed your head up and down his length, your tongue rubbing against the thick vein along his member.

    You replied with a low hum, the vibrations sending tingles up his body. He lowered his head back down to watch as you took him into you over and over, your eyes clouded with desire and need. He loved the sight, loved to see the way he fit into you so well. The sight only pushed him further and he wanted more. He brought his hands up to your head and you knew what it meant. You relaxed your jaw and flattened out your tongue as he pushed down, your mouth sinking down onto his cock, further and further until your nose was flush with his pelvis. He groaned loudly, the sexiest sound, as you sputtered and coughed, your throat closing in around him. As much as he wanted to push it further, he was already so close, that he only pushed you down his length a couple more times before pushing you off. Spit and precum trailed down the corners of your lips.

    "I wanna come inside you," he replied to you before you could even ask to continue.

    You stood up and leaned down to kiss him again, and he could taste himself on your lips. His hands went straight up to your hips, pulling you in so that you were straddling him again, the only clothes left between the two of you being your skirt and panties.

    His hands went to your bottom and he stood up, keeping you wrapped around his waist. You felt his rock hard cock pressed tightly between your two bodies.

    "Let's take this to the bed, hm?" He said as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He easily carried you down the hall to his bedroom, kicking the door open with unnecessary force in his excitement.

    He laid you down, your head resting on his pillows. Then he removed the last of your clothing and took a second to admire your body. A hand landed on your breast, the other rubbing up and down your folds.

    "So gorgeous, baby," he planted a kiss onto your neck as he pinched your nipple, a moan escaping your lips as he teased your clit. "And so wet," he brought the finger that was on your clit up to his mouth, licking it, his eyes never breaking contact with yours. "All for me?"

    You nodded, "All for you, 'Ren."

    He inserted his wet finger into your hole and it immediately clenched around him. He chuckled at how eager you were for his touch. "I'm gonna make you feel good, too," he said as he lowered his head towards your glistening cunt. He flicked his tongue against your bud, immediately making your back arch against the mattress. His finger pumped into you as he expertly lapped at your body with his tongue. His name escaped your lips between your breathy moans and he only hummed, the vibrations teasing your sensitive cunt. You involuntarily squeezed your thighs around his head, but he brought a free handdown to hold your thigh firmly up.

    “E-Eren, fuck”

    His eyes flickered up to see your face, your lips parted, curses tumbling out, your eyes lidded as you watched him. And suddenly he couldn’t decide which he loved more: your lips around his cock or this look of yours, so sinful and so sexy, as he brings pleasure to your body.

    He inserted another finger, closely watching your reaction - a gasp, followed by a groan, then followed by you whimpering his name as his two fingers curled up to reach that spot inside you that you loved, the one he knew would push you over the edge. Combined with the touch of his tongue, you were a goner.

    “Fuck, ‘Ren, I’m coming,” you cried. He said nothing, instead continuing to lick and suck at your dripping wet center as his fingers continued to brush against your sweet spot. He felt your walls tighten hard against them as you reached your peak, and he gently slowed down his movements as you came down from it.

    While you were catching your breath, he brought his two fingers up to his lips again, sucking them off like he’d just eaten an incredible meal, before coming down to kiss you. You tasted yourself as his tongue met yours, the taste sweet, and he groaned as your kiss became heated once again. Without even breaking the kiss, his hands came up to wrap your legs around his waist. The tip of his cock brushed against your sensitive cunt, still reeling from your orgasm. You whined against his lips as his shaft rubbed against your clit, overstimulating you.

    “‘Ren, please,” you cried as you pulled away from his kiss. You reached a hand up to try and angle his member but he pinned your wrist down to the bed. He opted to tease you a little, despite how badly he wanted it too.

    “Please what, baby? Use your words,” his tip glided up and down your folds a second time.

    You couldn’t help but shut your eyes as you clenched around nothing, so desperate for him. “Fuck me Eren, please.”

    “Well when you ask so nicely,” he easily slipped inside, your center already drenched, “how can I say no?”

    He moved slowly, so so slowly, that you could practically feel every inch of skin dragging along your plush walls.

    “God, you’re always so tight,” Eren said, his voice strained as he continued to move, his thrusts slow but deep. You brought your hands up to his shoulders, your nails digging in as you cried his name, over and over. He didn’t mind, the sharp pain of your nails only fueling his desire - knowing that you were enjoying it only made him want it more.

    He came down to capture your lips into another kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in so close there was nothing between you, skin against skin. Eren unwrapped your legs from his waist and brought his hands to the back of your knees, pushing them back until your ankles were practically at his shoulders. The new angle somehow making him reach even deeper, kissing your cervix every single time.

    He muttered against your lips, “Fuck you feel so good.”

    You nodded frantically as he continued to thrust up into you, your whole body jolting up with every thrust.

    He felt you clench around him and he knew you were coming close. “I’m gonna go a little faster okay?”

    “Please,” you begged, the coil in your center winding up as he continued his motions.

    With your one word confirmation, he quickened his pace, his lips against yours swallowing every cry, every moan. Your hands around his neck pulled at the hair that was loosely tied into his bun, the locks falling out of his hair tie. His loose hair brushed against your shoulders, moving back and forth against your skin with every thrust of his hips. You felt his shaky breaths against your face, and the hoarse grunts coming from the back of his throat, as he pushed up into you over and over.

    You pulled away from his kiss. “‘Ren, shit, I’m gonna cum,” you said between trying to catch your breath.

    “Fuck, baby, me too,” his voice was low, absolutely dripping with sex. You couldn’t help but come even closer to your peak, his voice spurring you on. He knew it too, a smirk on his face as he felt you about to come undone around him. “Gonna let me cum inside your pretty little pussy?”

    Your walls tightened around him as you came, his voice continuing to babble curse words between his moans as he felt you tense up. That feeling, combined with the sultry sound of your voice as you cried for him, the fucked-out expression on your face, it all quickly brought him to his own climax, his hips stuttering as he slowed down. He kissed you, his moans trapped by your lips, as you milked him, his cum filling you up and spilling out onto his sheets below you. For a while you both laid still, catching your breaths. You stared into his impossibly beautiful green eyes, his long thick lashes blinking up at you. How is it real that he’s yours?

    You gave him a sheepish smile, “you’re so pretty, Rennie.”

    Despite the activities that you had just engaged in, your words still managed to make Eren feel embarrassed. His face was most definetly flustered, a combination of his embarrassment and his previous exertion. “No where near as pretty as you, princess.” He placed one last kiss onto your lips before adding, “let’s take a shower together?”


    He stood up and before you could get up, he carried you to the bathroom bridal style, your arms wrapping around his neck. He put you down and you stood in the shower, starting the water. He took a moment to stare in the mirror, and saw how his body was completely littered with the evidence of your love. He brought one hand up to rub a particularly red patch of skin, his lips turning up into a grin, the tips of his ears red all over again.

    God I love her.

    He was so caught up in his thoughts as he stared at his chest in the mirror, that he almost forgot you were waiting for him in the shower.

    “Hey Rennie, you coming?” You called out from behind the curtain.

    He felt one more smile come over his face again before he turned around towards the shower and said, the happiness oozing out of his voice, “Be right there.”

    Eren and his teammates sauntered into the locker room, exhausted from their practice on this incredibly hot afternoon. He stood still in front of his locker for a moment while his teammates - Jean, Armin, and Connie, in particular - all changed out of their clothes in front of him, peeling off their sweaty tee shirts and shorts.

    The boys were chatting about an assignment due for their upcoming psych class when Jean noticed something - Eren wasn’t changing.

    “Oi Jaeger, the fuck you standing there for?” Jean asked, his hand on his bare hip, his tone annoyed - Eren always took way too long in the locker room and Jean wasn’t gonna be late for their night class again.

    “What? I’m waiting for you guys,” Eren said, turning his head to the side hoping his friends wouldn’t see his burning ears.

    Armin raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t you gonna shower?”

    “Yeah Eren, I’m ditchin’ ya if you’re gonna be walking around campus sweaty and smelling like shit. Take a damn shower,” Connie said.

    Eren sighed. He really didn’t wanna get undressed, knowing his friends would absolutely never let it go if they saw him underneath his clothes. But they were right, practice had them so sweaty it would be a crime to walk around campus like that.

    The guys watched him curiously as Eren peeled off his t-shirt, starting from the bottom hem upwards. He bent down while he did so hoping the guys couldn’t get a glance at his chest. Then, while still bowed down, he pulled off his shorts, the fabric clinging to his muscular thighs with the moisture of his sweat. When he was finally out of his clothes, except for his briefs, he let out a shaky breath and stood up tall. He was met with the shocked stares of his three friends.

    “Damn Jaeger, what happened to you?” Jean snickered. Eren was absolutely littered with love bites, from his collarbone, down the ridges of his abs, to his mid-thighs.

    “Fuck off Kirschstein,” Eren muttered, his face in flames as he turned his head to the side.

    Armin looked away, his face the shade of tomatoes, while Connie laughed.

    “No wonder you didn’t wanna game last night. Looks like little Rennie over here was real busy,” Connie jeered, using the nickname that you often called Eren.

    Steam was practically pouring out of Eren’s ears. With a mighty pout and a glare at his friends he said, “at least I’m getting some, assholes,” he turned towards the showers, “hurry the fuck up or we’ll miss psych class. Right Jean?”

    Jean and Connie shared a look, laughter threatening to break through their lips, before following behind Eren towards the showers.

    Yup, they were not going to let this go. But, as Eren walked to the showers, he thought back to last night when you gave him all these hickeys and he thought, with an impish grin: I wouldn't mind doing that again.

    The Eren Jaeger Taglist: @mtyobr @leauleo @missyasma @luda-mlada @songbirdgardensworld @stressed-reader @erispancakes @suikrem @chocoboba @coyloves @mikasavqx @ackermanskata @shujisslut @erentoes @psaikichic @j0livi0ni @jaegerxbhg @fay @leeviiieee @kipani-snow-25 @didiyogo @itsjuliee

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    #aot x reader #snk x reader #aot smut#snk smut #attack on titan smut #reiner braun x reader #jean kirschtein x you #erwin smith x reader #aot drabble#snk drabble#tw cucking#tw degradation#tw foursome
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    warnings: Hand job, fingering, +16

    "Good morning" you sketched a playful smile as Levi's eyes fluttered open. It had been a long time since you had woken up before him. He didn't have enough time to reply though; your right hand had already intruded his boxers, wrapping your fingers around his growing erection. Levi groaned. Despite the cold that engulfed the room, you were warm.

    You must have warmed your hands before; how long had you been awake?

    He didn't know. And he didn't mind.

    His breathing hitched, his heartbeat quickened; and you didn't stop looking at him, you didn't stop touching him. You had him at your mercy.

    Levi leaned closer to eat your mouth but you pulled away... you just wanted to play.

    Your gaze wandered to his lips. You were aroused, and he was even more aroused knowing that you were aroused by him.

    You continued to caress him biting your lower lip without taking your eyes off of him.

    Levi loved your confidence and your shameless way of not asking for permission to take what belonged to you, what was yours by right in the room, on the bed, under the sheets.

    He was all yours.

    You reached for his right hand, and slipped it inside your underwear. You were wet already. He explored your domain and slipped two fingers into you, starting the private concert of your sweet moans. You grabbed his wrist tightly to control the pace and tempo; you were bossy.

    Another finger joined the party and you moaned louder. A cocky grinned drew on his lips. "Who's in charge now?"

    You quickly positioned yourself on top of him, straddling him, and took your shirt off, while he lifted his upper body to get rid of his. The winter cold enveloped your bodies. You knew Levi was sensitive to low temperatures even though he'd never admitted it. The palms of your hands rested on his chest sharing your warmth.

    You looked at him, your pupils dilated and your eyes full of desire. Even with messy hair, for Levi you were the most beautiful thing in the world, and even after all this time together, he didn't understand how someone so heavenly could fixate their eyes on him.

    His hands roamed over every hill and valley of your body intensifying the fire within you.

    You pushed him back colliding your mouth on his, your lips traveled to his ear and you whispered "Fuck me"

    It was the best way to start the day.

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot#levi ackerman #levi attack on titan #snk#snk levi#levi aot #Levi x you #levi x reader #levi ackerman fic #levi ackerman fanfic #levi ackerman smut #Levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x reader
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    #armin arlert smut #armin smut #armin x reader smut #armin arlert x reader #armin arlert x reader smut #armin x reader #attack on titan smut #aot smut#snk smut#armin arlert#armin #attack on titan #aot fanfiction #aot x reader #aot x reader smut
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    𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬; 𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐧

    reiner braun x reader. nsfw. oral sex mentions, comparison between religious services and sex, reader is called god, might offend religious people?
    notes: i have two quotes for this. "i like big noses cause you can sit on them" and "oral na minha mulher é minha oração". enjoy. started to write with no character but then i wrote 'big nose' and who has a big nose? reiner does. love him so much. repost.

    Reiner doesn’t actually believe in any God. But he knows that when he’s between your legs, fucking your cunt with his tongue and fingers until you cum against his face is his fucking prayer. If any deity exists, it must be proud of him, since he’s the best devotee amongst its followers. Even if he wanted, he could never stop his urge to come back after a stressing day of serious work and place his head on your thighs, kissing and biting and marking his the soft skin. It is a part of his nature to sneak his hands under your skirt and push your panties aside, finding your wet pussy already waiting for him. Reiner never fails, he never misses a day of worshipping and thanking the deities for one more fucking day alive, for the blessing of inserting two fingers into you with his tongue rubbing your clit, for the luck of having his eyes and ears all sane to see your body squirming, your eyes begging for more and listening to your pretty voice, like coming from heaven, murmuring and babbling and crying and moaning his name. If he has a good day, Braun’s quick to make you climax, tongue fucking you until his jaw is hurting—but it doesn’t matter, never ever, because when you place your legs around his neck and your hands bring him closer, nose buried into your cunt, he’s good again. Not even a single pain he feels when you tell him to move away and lie down on the mattress. “Let me sit on your face,” you say and he’s not one to deny you. Lean over him, ride his face, spread your juices all over his face; let him out of breath, tired of holding onto your waist to help with your balance, accidentally rub your clit on his big nose and his soul has your fucking name tattooed on. Come with loud voice, allowing many of your colleagues to hear how good Reiner eats you out, and he’s ready to fulfilling his promise to fill you up with his cum, because while oral is his prayer, having sex with you is his worship. Maybe you’re God, after all.

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    Plants soft kisses, and is constantly asking if you're okay when you guys do it for the first time. He is so gentle with you. Eyes sparkling watching you— your brows furrowed because of the stretch— he pounds a little deeper. You moan his name out loud, forging your nails in his arms, as rams his cock inside you. "I know you can take it, baby. I'm so proud of you. You're always a good one for my dick. Stretch a little more for me, please?"

    Iwaizumi, Bokuto, Aran, Kita, Daichi, Tendou, Semi, Megumi, Nanami, Choso, Chifuyu, Kakucho, Rindou, Smiley, Mitsuya, Shinichiro, Kirishima, Kaminari, Tamaki, Izuku, Toshinori, Twice, Porco, Erwin, Rengoku, Tanjiro, Denji, Kishibe.
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