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    • 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚋𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚎𝚛, 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 •

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  • I got myself a fucking pinterest bed and I dont know how to feel about it.

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  • ~Handyman~

    This piece is dedicated to the beautiful Maintenance Guy in my apartment who always fix my needs but will never know how much I want to fix his..🥴💖


    The move was smoother than I expected. With the upcoming heat wave that was about to hit the beautiful upstate New York, I thought moving into a new home and transitioning into a new job at the same time was going to be a pain in the ass. Everything has been falling into place perfectly so far and I have little to no complaints. Perfect timing if you ask me.

    I fortunately found this apartment by the skin of my teeth, and at the last minute.

    My relationship with my mother was getting worse by the day. With her finding new ways to get under my skin and me thinking of new ways to kill her and hide her body for good. The mental state she was putting me in was either gonna put me in a psych ward or jail.

    The search I went on after our last argument is what got me to this point. I was determined to leave and never come back, I didn’t have time for negotiations or dilemmas, so when the private landlord messaged me back on Craigslist after I basically harassed him about the place I didn’t wait another second, taking a look at the place on the same day, signing the lease three days after that, and getting the keys a week later.

    It was small but it was mine. And it met my needs enough as far as having a wall splitting between my bedroom and the living/kitchen area and being on the whole other side of town, far away from my mother.

    Now here we are a month later and the heat of upstate New York is making my back itch, unfortunately that’s not the only thing doing that.

    “Yes Brandon I’ve tried turning it off and back on it still won’t work.” I huffed through the phone at my landlord. My air conditioning picked the perfect time to cut off on me right after I came back from a run and the last thing I need is to already be hot in a hot ass house.

    I turned the switch one more time loud enough for him to hear over the phone. He sighed through the speaker making me roll my eyes. Brandon owns the small building I live in , having only four tenants you would think he’d be more willing to come and help out whenever needed but he always made excuses. He isn’t even the one who does the matenance. His brother Derek does. And when I say he can maintain me anytime.

    I Mean That!

    “How long did you leave it on for, you probably shorted a Circuit.”

    “I didn’t leave it on long, it was off most of the day I just turned it on before I went on a run and when I came back it cut off.”

    He sighed again. I could tell he was rubbing his temples at me and my lack of electrical knowledge. This is the third time I’ve called him this week. First my Stove broke, then I needed a light switch, and now my AC. I could tell he was starting to regret giving me this apartment.

    “Can you just call Derek for me if you can’t come please.”

    “I’m surprised you don’t have his number with how many times he’s been there.” He muttered.

    “Soooo you will cal-“

    “-I will give you his number for YOU to call him since you are in such Dyer need of Air conditioning” he belted cutting me off. I sucked my teeth ready to comment back but instead I agreed silently. After spitting out his brothers number with the struggle of him repeating the last three digits slowly, I hung up and proceeded to dial the number making sure to add his contact info to my phone.

    The phone rang three times before a low voice came through the speaker.

    “Hello” I sucked in a breath as my core began to warm up, making me more hot than I already was.

    “Um hey Derek? It’s Lana, I was wandering if you have time my AC isn’t working and I called Bran-“

    “-I’ll be there in an hour.” He cut me off. The fuck is wrong these niggas and not letting me finish my sentences.

    I nodded, realizing he couldn’t see me and mentally face Palmed.

    “Ok I’ll leave the front door unlocked.” With that I hung up, taking a look at the clock on my wall, before heading to the bathroom to take a cold shower.


    The knock that rapped at my door was hard enough to break it down. I jumped from my couch and made my way towards it. Trying to stay as cool as possible, I only put on a thin crop tank top and pajama shorts, though my body was hot my nipples stayed hard from the cold shower I just got out of not 5 minutes ago.

    I swung the door open and expectantly stepped to the side for him to enter. He stood at the door staring at me.

    “Please come in.” I said snapping him out of his daze.

    After stepping in and taking the largest step to get around me, he made his way to my AC. Bending down in front of it to inspect the problem, I couldn’t help but stare at his backside. The black wife beater he wore clung to his long torso as the tool belt he wore wrapped around his lower midsection. The muscles in his back contracted as he went to work on the broken machine. I couldn’t help but imagine sinking my teeth into his shoulder as he fucked me standing.

    “Come here for a second.” He motioned me towards him with two thick fingers. I walked to the side of him bending over fully so my tank top fell from my chest and exposed my breast slightly.

    “You see this.”

    He said holding up a long white cord that I haven’t noticed before running along the floor.

    “Yes I see it. What about it.”

    “This Ms.Lana, connects to the generator in the basement. It was knocked out of the AC so all you have to do is…” he drifted off plugging the cord back into the box. I closed my eyes, embarrassed by my own lack of observation. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before and now he Probably thinks I’m some young damsel in distress who can’t plug in a simple cord.

    “I’m sorry I swear I would have not called you to come out here if I’d seen that… I promise I’ll pay more attention.” I declared, my dark face getting hotter by the second.

    “It’s fine don’t worry about it that’s my job…. How’s the shelf holding up?” He asked standing to his full height of over 6 ft, adjusting his tool belt on his hip. I motioned for him to follow me to the kitchen where he had assisted me a mere four days ago with my stove.

    “It’s doing good thank you so much for putting it up for me.” I smiled gesturing towards the small shelf he put above my stove to hold my seasonings. I turned back towards him in enough time to see his eyes leaving a lower part of my back side. I smiled at him nonchalantly, acting like I didn’t notice before brushing past him to get to the living room. He followed in close Pursuit. I stopped abruptly not realizing how close he was behind me before his Lower abdomen collided with my back. I gasped at the impact as He grabbed ahold of my arm to keep from sending me to the ground.

    “My bad I didn’t see you.” He smiled down at me, going around me to pick up his tool box.

    “If that’s your way of calling me short then we’re gonna have a problem, Derek.” I pouted crossing my arms over my chest which made him laugh. He made his way towards the door, resting his hand on the knob he paused shaking his head and turning back towards me.

    “Can I ask you something. It might be totally off and if you disagree then just say that okay.”

    I nodded in response, raising my eyebrows in curiosity.

    “Lately I’ve been feeling like… you know… somethings going on…”

    My face contoured into an expression of confusion.

    “Again if I’m wrong than we can just ignore I even said anything…. but lately it seems you’ve been… flirting with me…?” He Ended it in a question like statement, like he wasn’t sure but at the same time he knew.

    “You think I’m flirting with you… ha” I chuckled a bit surprised at his lack of forwardness.

    “Yes and I don’t want to make things awkward but I jus-…. you know what never mind.” He shook his head trying to shake the thought he had away.

    “If I was flirting with you how would that make you feel…”

    “I don’t know what you mean..”

    “I mean.. the lack of ring on your finger indicates that you’re not married at your big age, and every time Brandon talks about his kids you jump on that wagon and gloat about your niece and nephew so I’m assuming you don’t have any yourself. Based on that info alone I would say you’re on the market. So if I WAS flirting with you how would that make you feel..?” He paused for a moment obviously in deep thought.

    “I don’t know… I’m like twice your age.. I was literally a teenager when you were born.”

    “And so was my mother.. that didn’t stop her from laying down and having me. Also I’m an adult so no matter the age gap I am old enough to make big girl decisions.”

    With that being said I turned on my heel and strutted over to my dining table, giving him a full view of my ass. I stepped on my high rise chairs and turned to sit on my table legs spread.

    “If I ,A grown Woman, decides to flirt with a grown man, as long as the feelings mutual I don’t see a problem… Do you.?”

    I smirked at him as he dropped his tool box and made his way towards me, stopping right in between my legs before resting his closed fist on either side of my hips.

    “Even if I didn’t see a problem with it. What makes you think I want you…” he grinned down at me, I puffed out my chest and let my clothes breast rub ever so softly against his.

    “Then, like you said you could leave now and we can forget this conversation ever happened..” he leaned in closer , I could feel his hot breath across my lips, I smirked at his attempt to keep direct eye contact with me despite our chest now pressing against each other firmly.

    “I’ve always said I like my men how I like my fine wine.” He raised an eye brown at my comment. I couldn’t help myself as I stuck my tongue out licking his bottom lip before finishing my one liner.

    “Aged, and a little Rough..”

    With that being said a switch in his eyes indicated I wasn’t the only one feeling the heat between us. He swiftly grabbed me up by my ass, cupping both cheeks in his large hands before grinding our lower abdomens together. I yelped, surprised by his sudden act before grabbing the back of his neck and smashing our lips together.

    He opened up immediately letting my tongue slide into his mouth. We fought with our mouths for dominance as he lifted me up slightly and held me tighter with one hand. I clung to him taking a Chunk of his slightly graying hair into my hands. I felt him hit my inner thigh slightly sending wave shocks to my core, before finally unhooking the latch too his tool belt and letting it fall to the floor.

    We broke apart as he roughly sat me back on my high table, both reaching to take our very thin shirts off. I assisted him in unbuckling his pants as he stood watching me, rubbing my thighs. The rough cargo fell from his waist revealing his skin tight boxer briefs and his bulge at almost full stand. I reached down cupping him into my hands, rubbing softly along his shaft as he threw his head back in pleasure. I took this opportunity to latch onto his nipple as I wrapped my hand fully around his clothed dick. It was thicker than I expected which made me excited.

    I watched him through my lashes, listening to him moan in pleasure as I snuck my hand down his boxers and begin to pump his full erection. The friction from the end of the table mixed with the thought of him in my mouth made my pussy throb. I couldn’t help myself, I pulled away from him, jumping off the table and falling to my knees. I pulled down what was left of his undergarments, watching his cock spring to life. I didn’t hesitate to lick him up and down from the tip of his dick down to his balls before completely engulfing him in my mouth.

    I took as much as I could, gulping when it hit the back of my throat so that it added suction to his tip before pulling back fully and repeating. This made him jerk as I swallowed him whole without struggle. I felt his dick pulsing in my mouth giving me a signal that he was close. I stopped all together with my last pull back, lingering on his tip. He began to get frustrated taking my hair into his hand and slamming me back down to fuck my throat. Tears welled up and my eyes as I stared up at him, mouth gaped and tongue holding the bottom of his shaft as he pumped himself in and out of my throat.

    “Fuck” Derek choked as he held my head into his groin one last time before letting go and snatching me back up. He hoisted me up by my waist throwing me slightly into the air so that he was holding me under my legs. I grabbed onto the back of his neck once more as his moved my pajamas shorts to the side and lined his shaft up with my entrance. He rubbed his tip against my soaking lips before slowly forcing himself inside of me. I shivered in response as his cock stretched my pussy. He stilled himself letting me get comfortable before going any farther, watching me as I squeezed my eyes shut bringing my forehead to connect with his.

    “You okay babygirl..” he asked me breathlessly, I nodded in response taking a deep breath before beginning to bouncing on the tip of his dick while trying to hold in my moans.

    God he was So thick.

    I rested my head against his hard shoulder and listened to his grunts as he fucked me in the air with little to no effort.

    The sweat the accumulated between us made it difficult to keep a hold of him as his strokes became more rough. He noticed my struggle to hold on and sat me back on the dining table before positioning him self lower and drilling into me. I couldn’t contain my screams as I bit down on his shoulder. His jagged breathing in my ear made my spine shiver sending me into over load. I couldn’t hold myself back as my climax took over my body, throwing my head back I gave him access to my exposed breast and he began so suck on my right nipple. I rode him through my orgasm watching as his dick slide in and out of me.

    He’s rhythm became sloppy as he feathered kisses along my chest. pumping a few more times before pulling out and nutting on my stomach. I smiled as the sweat that built on his forehead dripped onto my chest.

    “That was fun.” I perked up.

    As if on cue his phone began to ring. He pulled away from me searching in his pants for his phone retrieving it from the right pocket.

    “Hello… Hey yea I was just heading back” he muttered breathlessly through the phone, I assumed he was talking to his brother the way his dameaner changed. I watched as he struggled to put his pants on before scuffling to collect the rest of his stuff from the floor.

    “Yea I checked it… Yea it’s Fixed.” He said glancing at me indecating his brother was talking about my AC. Yes it’s fixed alright.

    “Yea she has my number so she shouldn’t have to call you anymore…. Ok I’ll be there soon.”

    He hung up picking his up his tool belt and walking over to me. I had just finished putting my my tank top back on before he took my face in his hands and planted a hard kiss on my lips.

    “I’m happy the feeling me mutual..” I bellowed through the kiss making him smile. His cheeks began to redden, it was almost comical how I, a mere 21 year old, made this grown ass man blush.

    I walked him to my door after he picked up his tool box. He tried to throw it over his shoulder but winced and nearly dropped it again, taking a look at his shoulder, teethmarks where I was biting him still lingered and were bright red. I rubbed his shoulder softly apologizing with my eyes before opening my door for him.

    “If you need anything… Anything. Don’t hesitate to call me.” I smiled at his ‘Willingness’ to help.

    “Will do.”

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    Pepsi Cola mirror on a yellow wall

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  • Sketchbook work


    To prepare for my wire workshop, I started off by looking at the simple 2D shapes I see around the city. I began to do line drawings of apartments near by to get a similar result when doing a sculpture with wire. I decided to start planning what I might do for the wire workshop and the different techniques I could do.

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  • How to make a stylish black and white industrial space more cozy and warm? The answer to the question lies in the design of this Soho loft – just fill the house with details of beige shades, such as natural textiles, dried plants and woodwork. Agree, such a home immediately radiates much more home warmth than typical spaces of this type. It is much easier to imagine the life of a happy family with children here than in many classic lofts. At the same time, the style and character of this apartment are still in place. Great loft!

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