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  • stevesnailbat
    18.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    how am i supposed to remember what all to pack for a whole month long trip when i literally can’t even remember everything to bring home to survive for THREE DAYS.....

    #i am falling apart <3 #the way i had a panic attack for the first time in months while packing bc of. life #my luck i’ll forget like. my passport or something like that <3 #jen talks too much
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  • rithmeres
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #i will not get into arguments with jaegerists on the internet i will not get into arguments with jaegerists on the internet i will not ge #this is why i cannot engage in fandom spaces and dont put my art in the tags bc yall cant BEHAVE #incoming tag rant nobody read this lmfao. cringe that im posting this but its bothering me and i gotta say it #next person who says erwin would have supported eren's terrorist attack on marley can and will catch these mf hands #theyre like 'erwin was ok with letting people die so he would have been fine w erens plan' #like wtf no??? do you not see a difference between sending soldiers to die on a battlefield vs blowing up civilians in their houses?? #and i would not say he was '''''ok''''' with the deaths he was responsible for. that man shouldered immense grief and guilt to his grave #i mean. soldiers dying isnt a good thing but there was honesty and personal agency there and i respect that #literally his recruitment speech is 'if you sign up you're gonna die' so it's not like his soldiers didnt know what may be expected of them #'but what about stohess--' oh you mean accidental civilian casualties when plans a b and c to keep the fight away from bystanders failed #the intention was NEVER to kill civilians. like what's not clicking #meanwhile mr warcrimes georg over here committing textbook crimes against humanity and perpetuating the cycles of hatred and grief and war #‘average person commits 1 war crime in their life’ factoid actualy just statistical error. average person commits 0 war crimes in their life #eren jaeger who ate 3 titans & commits over 10000 war crimes each day is an outlier adn should not have been counted #i will not deny that erwin probably would have struck marley hard esp after the declaration of war but . #or maybe he wouldnt have. he was very good at politicking so maybe he could have negotiated peace #i really do not think he woulda been like yeah lmfao lets let the titan kid blow up they apartments with families still inside #anyway tldr erwin smith and his big tiddies would never. the end #snk spoilers
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  • imgoingtokeepshippingtokka
    17.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “the winner takes it all” makes me cry every fucking time it should be illegal to write sad songs like this

    #maybe because it’s also comparable w my life who know #but the actress’s game in this scene was unbelievable #i really love it #takes my heart and tears it apart but i kinda adore it
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  • the-orphan-jedi
    17.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Currently trying to think of a suitably gruesome fate for the book character I create out of the supervisor who bullied my mom into quitting her job

    #it's really the only way i can retaliate #because if my mom badmouths the company she could lose her pension/retirement #it's not just my mom's supervisor it's really the whole company treating older employees horribly #to the point of making them quit...so they can hire younger cheaper employees to replace them #the problem is...my mom's job is the only thing supporting our family #bc my dad does nothing #and my mom is job hunting but nobody wants to hire her at her age #it looks like i might be on my own even sooner than i expected if things get as bad as I think they will #and all of this...because this awful supervisor bullied my mom relentlessly until she quit #this lady took time off during her own personal vacation to call my mom and chew her out for everything she does inadequately #it's possible this lady doesn't even realize the extensive ramifications of what she did. that my family could fall apart because of this #or at least go back to poverty level like where we were living before moving to az #except now my parents have run out of time to get new jobs at their current ages #anyway. i think a really gruesome fate should befall the book character i create from that supervisor lady who ruined my family #i know this is not how life works but...i hope someday in her future she gets an otherworldly revelation #of the horrible consequences of her actions...which i'm sure was just her following orders from the corporate chain of command #but just because you're following orders doesn't clear you from the negative consequences of your actions
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  • sufferthesea
    17.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    saw au (or canon, really) where adam survives his trap, gets taken to the hospital, recovers completely, realizes he wants to live and help people the way he was helped (by the nurses not jigsaw), and so he gets his GED and then goes to college for a nursing degree, and becomes the best, kindest, most understanding nurse in the hospital ESPECIALLY if he has to deal with other jigsaw victims. and this would work because it would be a callback to lawrence, his in-game partner, who was put into the game for being a careless doctor AND zep, the one person adam killed, who was an orderly at the hospital. it would literally be full circle. it started with an orderly and doctor being put into the game, and it ends with a victim getting out of the game and becoming a nurse. also, it would be a similar path for adam to take since he wanted to be a vet but didn’t have the grades to do it. and he continues to feed the stray cats in this au. 

    #saw#saw au #adam faulkner stanheight #adam stanheight#adam faulkner#leigh whannell#jigsaw#john kramer#zep hindle#lawrence gordon#cary elwes#tobin bell #i would die for leigh whannell #hospital au#nurse au #adam is alive #adam gets his GED and a nursing degree #adam is happy and living his best life #adam can afford to move into a better apartment #and he adopts animals #i love my bby #my sister is a nurse lol #and i thought about being one #butttt it's not for me #mine 44 #akimi.txt
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  • adoracja
    17.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #the bottom line is tjat i dont want to be friends with him anymore ive had enoiugh of everything and i simply cannot do it!!!!! #but then my brains like 'what if youre wrong.......what if youre making a mistake. you should feel bad about not wanting him in your life' #why should i feel bad abt it. cmon tell me!!! why should i? are my feelings so unimportant? am i in debt to him? is it my fault weve grown #apart? no! to literally all of those questions! so what is stopping me. why is it so daunting to just cut the thread. #it might be fear of loneliness but its not like i need a best friend to function. and i DO talk to people anyway. #it might be fear of the fallout but thats just a natural part of it. i cant just send him the text and block him. well i could but #ive done that before and while i think i was justified in that situation i dont want to make it a behavioural pattern #so ive only got one choice really #im holding out til my next therapy appt i wanna get a third opinion on this (the second being my mama) #i dont know. i just dont know. im so panicked over something that could be so small in the long run
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  • hadesdyke
    17.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    hyperventilating first thing in the morning because of a fistful of shit fucking things happening before i have even gotten out of bed

    #x #dreamed i had a miscarriage #was awoken from that dream by my cat puking ON THE COUCH #then found out he posed on the bathroom floor again bc our Large litter box is too fucking small #pissed *** I FUCKING WROTE PISSED #it said pissed and changed it to posed after okay fucking whatever #then my sister in law wants to see us for her mom’s birthday but does not want to give us a ride even tho her house is inaccessible by bus #and then my girlfriend is just trying to start her game up on the playstation and it fucking won’t let her even tho she’s fucking mashing #the correct button #she was so upset and making angry noises and our apartment is too fuckign small i can’t just go somewhere and let her be mad in peace #i hate this fucking apartment i hate my fuckin life i hate the fucking world and what the fuck it expects from me i hate fucking existing #i want a baby but i’m gonna fucking die before that ever gets to happen and i’m so FUCKING ANGRY AND SAD #IM TIRED OF THIS #IM SO FUCKING TIRED #PLEASE
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  • iwasprelaw
    17.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    not to be like oh ahahahaha ADHD but this shit do be extremely fucking difficult to deal with man executive dysfunction and time blindness is no joke 

    #and getting diagnosed late is so annoying because you're trying to fix that shit while your life is actively falling apart because of it #sorry for complaining (again) but i needed to acknowledge that im kinda having a rough day with it today and thats okay! #you can call me al #adhd tag
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  • bending-sickle
    17.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    apparently i can still read books. i just have to be interested in them.

    unfortunately i have now finished said book in three sittings and all my mental barriers have been neglected and are crumbling.

    #it was atwood's the testaments #the extended and detailed elisa lam references was...a surprise #now idk what to do with myself #i'm alone and lonely and if i think about any part of my life past present future i'll break apart #if we stop swimming we die #randomness #anyway hey first book finished in a year yay #eta: no authorial confirmation on the reference but like...it's pretty on the nose
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  • astoldbykmh
    17.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Tips and Trick -when looking for an apartment

    I promised I was going to cove all the stages and phases of apartment hunting, and hey you may even be able to use some for house hunting; personally wouldn’t know I do not own a house just yet. One day I’ll be there and I’ll share all about the mistakes, issues, errors, tips, and tricks I made/learned while doing that too. When it comes to apartment-hunting I find us as people tend to be a bit…

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  • robotogato
    17.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I made the mistake of looking at clothes online and now I want nice things.

    #i really need to do some spring cleaning #like i think i actually do need new clothes #but i never do anything with the ones that are falling apart or that don't fit #God i really want those boots #they would look really good with the skirts i haven't had the occasion to wear yet lol #and i need bras #but I'm such a ridiculous size that there very limited options and none of them are cheap #and to be honest I'd rather pay the money for a nice bra that fits bc i enjoy how they make me look #i need pants with no holes in the crotch and that fit #life blogging
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  • zorkaya
    17.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Zarina seeing Albedo and Klee together with Traveler the first time...

    ...  And they get to see a glimpse of her one and only time when she’s getting a flashback and the look in her eyes is so pained and there’s so much grief until Traveler calls her out and she snaps back into her usual persona as if nothing happened. 

    And it’s like? Wow. And OW.

    #LISTEN ALBEDO AND KLEE MAKE ME HAPPY #BUT THEY MAKE ZARINA FUCKING UPSET BECAUSE ITS THE BROKEN THREAD TO HER HUMANITY THAT SHE'S BEING REMINDED OF #AND ITS JUST HHHHHHHH #❄  ―  OUT OF CHARACTER.  ╱  fun time’s passing by like river’s flow. #❄  ―  RAMBLINGS & SCREAMS.  ╱  discussions of life and the beautiful under the sun. #❅  𝐕.  GENSHIN IMPACT  ⤻   defeated by the enemy you’re still standing,you’ll bury them and tear them apart. ❞
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  • silversprings1997
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    just spent the past two hours having the most emotionally draining conversation with my boyfriend. tired

    #so hard being upset when we're apart because i cant see how he's feeling by looking at his eyes #and we cant hug which usually makes things so much easier #but nope just me crying because sad and lonely for two hours and basically needing him to confirm he does in fact still want to spend the #rest of his life with me #to which his answer was 'i dont even question it because i know we're meant to be' #'i picture us old together in my head all the time i talk about kids and later life all the time' #like.... that's the love of my life right there he sure is it for me
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  • hajimeow-archived
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    #no worries this isnt much of a vent i just dont feel like typing a long ass post #anyways. #so yesterdays thing has not gone away #and if u have not seen yesterdays thing basically i could not look in mirrors becausw i do not know who is looking back at me #no shade! shes very pretty! just not me #im living her life too. it kinda sucks and i wanna go back home but i dunno how #i mean its not like i dont know whats going on tho like i have a good understanding of her and her friends and the memories she has #but why am i here? #home isnt too much better but at least im an adult and i have a cool boyfriend and no responsibilities #this girls life kinda sucks #its hard to explain but i feel more like myself (hajime) than usual to the point where i am disconnecting myself from my physical life #-and body #and i cant tell whats real anymore #fuck i just wanna go back home #u guys are nice of course and its not like ur talking to a different person than before or anything #just. somethin weirds going on #she might be doing this for coping reasons maybe but why did i have to be apart of it #i should be making dinner with the tv on waiting for my boyfriend to come home right now not whatevers going on here #preferably dont rb/comment unless u know what the hell is going on and might be able to help #i just wanted to say this out loud mostly #her friends seem nice so im guessing u guys can help or at least offer a pat on the head #hajime.txt
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  • bubblegum1425
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I got closed on a house! It hasn’t really sunk in.

    I think that’s partially cause I’m not actually moved yet honestly and partially because I finally get to tell the manager of my shitty apartment complex good f*ing bye. The maintenance went to shit the last two years and I was feeling like I lived in a garbage.

    #house#living#landlord#apartment building #I own a very large something now and that’s freaky #major life milestone unlocked
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  • mythvoiced
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    @jeoseungsaja​ | " there's so much you don't know. " (v4!Yeo to Shin, possibly with the aCHE of wanting to tell him more about hiM) random dramatic prompts


    Is it just him or isn’t... his house brighter when the fox is around?

    Plenty of light breaks through the many windows, there is no secrecy to the world outside, it seeps into any crevice it finds and as such the light within the various rooms is always painted by sunshine or rain, pattering against windows equally, usually with different intents. And yet, even though he can’t say either of the two of them is actively controlling the weather, making the sky brighter, encouraging the sun to paint the various halls, he leather and fabrics on seats and the clear floor, it always seems as though the air is lighter.

    When the fox is around.

    Usually, at least.

    With the line the man utters, it gains in weight. As if gravity had accentuated itself and began pulling dust particles floating about down, or perhaps as if they were touching upon a topic so sensitive that it begins shaking, at the mere idea of being regarded makes it want to bury itself into the ground, while dragging all the air around itself down with it.

    Or maybe Shin simply understands, what he doesn’t understand. He turns around, away from the large glass panel taking up this part of the house, a small hallway with outlook towards sun and rain alike, and looks at his companion. He’s been memorising him lately, and he doesn’t like the idea of that.

    He’s been memorising the way he moves and the way he speaks, he’s been memorising the sound of his voice, the inflections that differentiate good-natured mockery from heavy seriousness, the cadence of softeness when it presents itself. He’s been secretly and jealously counting the strands of red brushing against his temples when he moves his head too fast. He’s been memorising the details of his facial expressions, the shape of his hands, the echo of his steps, and the shoes he chooses to clad them with.

    He’s been memorising him lately and that’s usually not a good sign.

    And as he sits there and speaks that line, he wonders if that’s another one.

    He understands pain he doesn’t understand. He understands how much can lie beneath one self, what clutters the road they’ve walked upon, how difficult it is sometimes to turn your head and acknowledge the debris there, the blood splattered upon it. He too, struggles. He understands that something is attached to Yeo’s soul, something he hasn’t seen yet, something he can perhaps attempt to peek at, cautiously, by wondering about some of his habits, his need to give too much of himself in altercations that may spit him out as the winner, but spit him out nonetheless.

    “I know,” he starts, gives the two words a moment to breathe between them, to settle perhaps, or to keep his attention. Then he sits down next to him, with a sigh almost comically indicative of his actual age. He leans back, continues to look outside. Then his posture relaxes somewhat. “And that’s okay,” he turns his head, watches Yeo, carefully, intently, adamant on catching what expression may rest on adored features.

    He nods, slowly, poignantly, to drive the point home, as gently as he’d wish to take his hand, but doesn’t dare to, not at this very moment. “We’re old. Aren’t we? We’ve seen a lot of things... we’ve done a lot of things. Your past is not mine. I am not entitled to it. There might always be something I won’t know. If you’re ready to tell me, I’ll listen. If you want to share it with me, I’ll hold it preciously. But it’s okay.”

    He turns one of his hands over, rests it near Yeo’s, palm up. “These hands... have done a lot of things. Recently, they were good. Or have done things with the intention to be good. But I’ve shed a lot of blood. I’ve ended the lives of a many. I’ve destroyed families.” He looks up again. “I am here now, as punishment for those deeds. I can’t judge. I won’t judge.” He turns his hand again, rests them both back in his lap. “You’ve accepted me in spite of this. And while I don’t know what you fear to share, I know you. Mostly.” A smile, thrown in to alleviate along with the adverb. “You’re good, Wang Yeo. Isn’t this indicative of that too?”

    #jeoseungsaja #the goblin;kim shin #a drop of red is it the wounds in your soul or the bright fox heritage on your head;verse 4 wang yeo #the length of my life becomes apparent when i realise how much of it we spent apart;verse 4 wang yeo & kim shin #WOUNDING ME IN THE BEST OF WAYS THANK YOU-- #I HOPE? THIS IS OKAY? I JUST KIND OF? LET HIM GO when he's up against Yeo or Saja because? IDK just #take the reigns sir I know you want to HAVE AT IT-- he just feels SO MUCH for Yeo he cannot be held back #SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING THIS IN AND I HOPE IT'S NOT TOO GODMODDEY? OR #METAGAMING IN ANY WAY PLEASE LET ME KNOW if there's anything you'd like/need me to change aT ANY MOMENT ♥ #thank you ;WWWWWWWWWWWWW; #;queue
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  • kingreywrites
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    If Zhan Tiri had waited just a bit more, Cassandra would have gone kaboom while taking the sundrop, possibly killing Rapunzel too in the blast, and then Zhan Tiri would just have to take the fused stones and enjoy her ultimate power forever...

    #on the list of thoughts that haunt me #i mean technically zhan tiri saved cass' life just as much as cass saved rapunzel's by taking the moonstone ghsjddk #i think it's funny how the entire finale falls apart if they allow zt to use her brain like she usually does #anyway hello i think an everything goes extremely wrong AU should exist asgsjks #tts rambles
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  • amandarrollins
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    So I'm finally watching Batwoman and I'm literally just skipping half these scenes because I only care about Kate rn lmao like my brain has no room for anything else.

    #sorry not sorry #batwoman#kate kane #kate getting her apartment her suit her batcave and her life back #and her bar back #WHEN
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