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  • chonkoart8794
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sexi Murder Robot is finally finished! I enjoyed doing this piece so much!

    Follow me on instagram: @chonkoart


    Reading your AO3 story truly inspired me to do this drawing of Revenant!

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  • stinkyratshadowgod
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    New legend be like

    #apex legends#seer#apex seer #seer apex legends #is his real name out yet? #i left the fandom and the game for a time so i missed the lore and the new character #but my love for Revenant is just like DOOM #as in ETERNAL #i'm loosing track
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  • stinkyratshadowgod
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Why in the last trailers that we got, my boi Revenant only got beated up again and again?

    You're hurting my special boy, Apex and i don't like that >:(

    #apex legends#revenant#apex revenant #revenant apex legends #also hey i'm back into playing Apex Legends #i just got a win with Wattson #yeah i just lost interest #and there was the anniversary event in Dead by daylight #but it's good to be back #(but now i realise that i need a new ps4 controller)
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  • deathxsndr
    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Two idiots with nessie hats

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  • lovelyyweather
    31.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    There's something so FUNNY about how revhound are literally bald. like -

    Revenant takes off his scarf - bald robot head

    Bloodhound takes off their hat - secondary bald hat


    #THEY'RE SO BAD BUT BALD #i dislike it #hrmdgrmdbd #i love revhound with all my life though #apex legends#revenant#bloodhound
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  • lesbianrevenant
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i dont have a dick but id really like to blow a fat load in revenants robussy

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  • nevaryadl
    30.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
    Day 26 of the 31 Days of Apex: Legacy cw:  Mild Revenant/Pathfinder, fluff, mention canon typical elements

    "I want my legacy to be flowers."

    Pathfinder's greenhouse was doing better and better with each month he put into it. It flourish and thrived, and a lot of people liked the pictures that he took of it and posted online. People were really happy that he was putting so many flowers into the world. He got all sorts of people that messaged him tips and tricks. He had people that contacted asking him for seeds, asking for advice on how to tend to flowers, asking for him if they could send him seeds. So many people were so happy to see him putting so many flowers into the world. And it made him happy, both to do it and because other people were happy.

    "Flowers are... nice. They make people happy. I like to give flowers to my friends. Bangalore has a number of my roses. I grew some Blue Mountain Heath for Bloodhound to remind them of home. Mirage has asked me for a number of yellow flowers for his mother. Caustic asked me for a small cactus that he could keep on his desk. Flowers have let get just a bit closer to my friends."

    Pathfinder had managed to make a few rare flowers bloom in his greenhouse. It took a lot of work for some of them, a lot of time and dedication, and even with his blocky hands, he managed it. That made a lot of people happy, and a number of plant biologists asked if he could send them seeds when they were at the seeding stage, so that they could repopulate the flowers and make them less rare. He was happy to help science, and promised to do so. He also promised to share what he had done about getting them to flower to help then along. People would also send him rare or stubborn to grow flowers, just see if he could do it, and he was always happy to share the pictures of their first sprouts and show off his success.

    "It is nice to make something grow, to nurture and raise it and help it grow and make it into something wonderful and amazing. It is nice to help grow new life where there was nothing."

    Pathfinder was... missing a lot in his life. Memories scratchy and missing pieces. Sometimes he felt listless and purposeless, not held back by anything, but also left floating free and without any ground underneath of him. Sometimes it was scary and lonely. Sometimes he was sad. Recent events with Ash, not withstanding, life in his current time was turbulent. Tending to his flowers help him find a sense of calm, helped ground him. Helped lift up his spirits as he worked the soil and let his flowers grow.

    "I know it may be strange for someone like me, who is involved in a blood specter sport, to want my legacy to be this, but... sometimes you just want to put good into the world when most everything you just takes people out of it. I want to do good, I want to put good in this world. I want to put flowers and let them blood and thrive. And when I am gone, for whatever reason. Time, destruction, weapon fire, rust, rot or ruin. I want my legacy to be the flowers I left behind. How they made the world a brighter place, a happier place."

    Pathfinder liked to think that his simple goal of leaving the world a little brighter was not too ambitious of a goal. Especially if it was through flowers. But a simple dream was often easier to do and accomplish. And when you lived by fighting to the death in an arena, even if he was a MARVN unit, he liked to think that he was conscientious about the fact that there was a chance that he would 'die' in the arena. And that would be okay, because he had his flowers and they would be his legacy.

    The interview was done, Pathfinder flashed a smiling emoji when the reporter thanked him and praised him for what he wanted his legacy to be. It was nice to hear other people say so. When he rose to free up the room for the next Legend to be interviewed, he stepped outside and almost bumped into Mirage holding a... pot?

    "H-hey Path!" Mirage said, quickly adjusting the pot in his hand. In it was a small lilac tree sampling, it looked very young but very healthy. "Um..."

    "Hello, friend Mirage! Are you here for the interview?" Pathfinder asked.

    "Nah, I already did mine," Mirage said. "A-actually I was hoping to catch you, pal."


    "Y-eah. The nurse that takes care of my mon said she f-fe-fo-- that this was in her yard," Mirage said, holding up the pot. "Um... figured you'd know what it was and maybe a g-good home for it?"

    "That is a lilac tree, a fragrant flowering tree that blooms for a short time with aromatic small pale purple flowers," Pathfinder said. "And yes! I have been asked to help grow some trees past the first few stages to plant in a local park. They will love a lilac tree!"

    "Well um... here ya go pal!" Mirage said, holding out the pot for Pathfinder to take. "An-and thanks again for the sunflowers for my mom... she really loves them."

    "I am glad!"

    He carried the pot for awhile, intent on taking it back to his greenhouse to plant and prepare to grow for a short period. Before he left the building, he almost startled himself by almost walking past Revenant, carrying a small pot with a small rose with white outer petals and apricot petals in the center.

    "Hello friend Revenant, what are you carrying--"

    "Take it."

    Revenant handed the pot off to Pathfinder before turning and leaving. Pathfinder cocked his head, but did not say anything. Revenant was very odd, but he really liked Revenant. So he just took the new flower with him. He looked down to identity it--

    "Juliet Rose, a very... very... very rare breed of rose," Pathfinder questioned.

    Revenant had gotten him a rose. Revenant had gotten a very rare rose.

    Pathfinder's screen turned into an embarrassed emoji.

    #Apex Legends#Apex Fics#revfinder #Revenant apex legends #Kaleb Cross #pathfinder apex legends #fluff#long post/
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  • relevant-revenant
    30.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Fun fact: Revenant is an Offensive Legend, which are Legends with abilities that are useful in combat.

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  • clairepngart
    30.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    on game day we wear pink

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  • prosyscomtech
    30.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Apex Legends: How to Get Revenant’s Heirloom
    The new Genesis collection event for Apex Legends has arrived, and players can get fresh cosmetic items, including an heirloom set for Revenant.
    ---------- Click Below For Read More ----------
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  • chonkoart8794
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The basic coloring for revenant 🥰

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  • pathyfindy
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    ok i drew them. anon i hope you see this

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  • deathxsndr
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    #apex legends#revenant #ITS SO CURSED #JUST LOOK AT HIS EYES
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  • shvdowsdrowned
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Before season 10 starts does anyone (revenant) wanna admit they have a crush on me

    #apex legends #revenant: just minding his business #me: your hand in marriage NOW 😤😤😤😤
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  • chonkoart8794
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm currently working on this piece of Revenant from Apex Legends! I've been playing for awhile but barely started taking interest in this robotic murder fuck 😭 I'm so obsessed especially after reading fantastic Fanfiction on AO3 by @revenant-dumpster-fire !!!!

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  • therevenantspeaks
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Daily Routine:

    1. Wake up in the morning.

    2. Check recent post in the Apex Revenant tag.

    3. Cry when there's not.

    4. Rinse and repeat.

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  • urfaveistransandplaysminecraft
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Revenant from Apex Legends is trans and plays Minecraft with his boyfriend, Pathfinder!

    #Apex legenders#Pathfinder#Revenant #ur fave is trans and plays minecraft #minecraft#queue#request#mod beau #Hope The picture is okay i couldn't find one of them together
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  • fictionalfreaks
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I have a theory: Revs Death Totem is linked to Seer somehow.

    When asked for an explanation of Revenant's Death Totem, one of the apex writers said that there is a story behind it, but he couldn't say what because it is tied to a future Legend. This was before seer was revealed.

    Some of the legends voicelines seem like it might be evidence pointing to the connection. Crypto saying he spends too much time in the shadows ( possible link to the shadows from Revs totem?) and Rev comments that Seer is cursed too and they might get along (curse powers/is a part of the totem?)

    Also the shape/build of Seers micro drones and Revs totem look similar to me:

    But why would Seer create something like the death totem? Also Seers curse has to do with his eyes, so I’m not sure how that would link with the totems powers.

    Sorry if I’m all over the place, I’m just getting my thoughts down

    Also I thought I posted this earlier today and I just now realized I saved it to my drafts on accident, no wonder why I wasn’t getting any notes

    #apex #apex legends revenant #apex legends#seer #apex legends seer #revenant
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  • deimosmorelikededmos
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I remember joking abovt Revenant wearing a tvtv while I was playing Apex with a friend, so I ended vp doodling! Not extremely happy with it, bvt hey! It can be improved, plvs, it IS a mere doodle! Nothing more, nothing less. Its also nearly 5 am mental ill where v at

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  • smo-0-sh
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Here is what i think the apex legends smell like

    Mirage- probably some like really strong cologne and i mean like s t r o n g

    Bloodhound- just straight up nature, like flowers n leaves in stuff

    Caustic- absolutely fucking horrible, he needs a lot of showers and deodorant

    Fuse- smoke and axe body spray

    Gibby- just axe body spray thats it.

    Reveanat- blood

    Crypto- the few men who wesr deoderant there so hes alr

    Octane- some sort of drug

    Pathy- oil

    Lifeline- a lot of different medicines

    Wraith- probably flowers and sweat

    Wattson- simply flowers

    Rampart- oil and smoke

    Loba- a new car smell

    Valk- ashes n smoke

    Bangalore- sweat and smoke

    Horizon- probably bad, when was the last time she got to shower after beinf stuck in space

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