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  • the-engdyssey
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #hetaliapolyshipweek #arthur kirkland x elizabeth i #arthur kirkland x elizabeth i x alfred f. jones #arthur x elizabeth x alfred #ukus#APH England#arthur kirkland#APH America #alfred f. jones #hws elizabeth i #outlaw au #outlaw au for the ot3 #fluff and silliness #questionable soup
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  • gamer-logic
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 6: 1p-2p Drunk Headcanons!

    Alfred: Thinks he's Captain America and uses a trash can lid as a shield. Knocks out Allen with it accidentally after trying to throw it.

    Allen: Gets a Texan accent and will sing country songs horribly and annoyingly loud.

    Mathew: Doesn't drink often, but does it for hockey. Immediately goes into hardcore mode and gets aggressive. Has succeeded in beating up both Russias before with his bare hands after losing a game. James is subtly scared of drunk Mathew.

    James: Surprisingly is a lightweight but won't drink to keep Mathew in line when he does. Has tried to tie hockey sticks to his and Kuma's heads to make them look like moose and try to start fights. Kuma just inwardly polar bear sighs at his owner's antics and quickly knocks him out and carries him on his back. Kuma lets him and sometimes Mathew sleep on his back when they're passed out or having a hangover.

    Arthur: Well, we all know how he is when drunk, but one should never give him a spellbook. The last time that happened, he made Alice in Wonderland real. Now that was a trip!

    Oliver: Unsurprisingly, he's a complete lightweight and can't hold his own. Gets really bubbly and tries to bake everything while dancing. When I say everything I mean everything. The kitchen still stains on the ceiling after he chaotically baked every sweet known to man and then proceeded to initiate a one-person food fight.

    Francis: Gets really silly and loses his fashion sense. Arthur has a video of him trying on curtains for a dress, toilet paper for a cape, and a lampshade for blackmail purposes.

    Luiz: This is a man who has a tolerance level rivaling Thor. Has a preference for aged wine.

    Yao: Actually lets loose and acts more like Xiao. Xiao takes full advantage and they immediately cause havoc. Yao may have a high tolerance due to his age, but Xiao's combos will affect him almost instantly, as will any other combo since he's only ever drunk Baiju and other old drinks straight.

    Xiao: If you thought he was a chaotic force of nature before, he becomes the perfect storm when drunk and no one can stop him! Also, his combos will get anyone drunk within the first 10 minutes and he especially loves using it on Yao who he'll follow behind with a camera for blackmail. He and Gilbert are the two major sources for blackmail and will compete over who's got the best pics.

    Ivan: Has a high tolerance, after all, he drinks vodka on an almost daily basis. If one can get him drunk though, he'll actually start getting sad and cry, pouring his heart out. Viktor will sit and be there for him while also making sure he never goes hard so he doesn't end up like he did.

    Viktor: Literally never gets drunk and no one has ever been able to get him drunk. Some think it's because he has an astronomical high tolerance level and they're not far off the mark. He's drunk so much to cope with all the terrible stuff in his life that it's lost its effect and he literally can't get drunk anymore, no matter how much he wants to. Even hard liquor doesn't work and he keeps trying to fill the void.

    Ludwig: Can't handle anything besides a good beer. He'll be the life of the party, completely contradicting his usual strict demeanor and everyone will collect blackmail for when they get in trouble at the next meeting. Gilbert has the most and will sell it for a good price. He's made a good sum of money and this keeps his video game funds filled.

    Lutz: Will get so energized he'll be doing laps for a while until he eventually crashes once again. He's got to retain those muscles somehow! Also has a reasonable level of tolerance.

    GIlbert: Likes going on rants about the old days as the Teutonic Knights. Ludwig and Klaus like hearing the stories he otherwise wouldn't share if sober. They've sworn a vow of secrecy.

    Klaus: Loses his anxiety and depression for a while but believes he's still a knight. But this knight is more akin to a stereotypical knight and he'll try rescuing the dogs, Klaubird, and Gilbird from the vacuum.

    Luciano: Also has a huge tolerance level but on the rare occasion he gets drunk enough, he'll start acting more like Feliciano and say Ve~ after every sentence. According to Flavio, this is how he use to act before Rome died and he had to become the boss. Also, Flavio has managed to get pics of him while wearing a homemade Wario costume courtesy of Flavio who's dressed up as Waluigi to compliment Feliciano and Lovino who're wearing Mario and Luigi costimes.

    Feliciano: NEVER, EVER GET HIM DRUNK. If you thought he was hyper before, he goes ham like the Tasmanian devil when drunk. Though he's fine after drinking wine, if he gets anything stronger he'll become chaos.

    Lovino: Will get affectionate, more happy-go-lucky, and cuddly, completely contrasts his regular tsundere attitude. Flavio takes advantage to have him try on his new clothes. Has been convinced to wear the Luigi costume by a sober Feliciano because he thought it was fun.

    Flavio: Prefers drinking while designing. He gets a lot of inspiration while tipsy so he has a reasonable tolerance level.

    Kiku: Otaku side comes out and gets extremely extroverted. Alred thinks drunk Japan is really fun to do stupid stuff with.

    Kuro: If he gets drunk he won't show it. But Gilbert has somehow managed to acquire video of him pretending to be an actual ninja and trying/failing to stick to walls and naruto run. We suspect Kiku may have something to do with GIlbert getting the video. Never let him find out!

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  • thatsamericano
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Paolo: [Charges $10 for one hand-stitched buttonhole because he’s particularly proud of the work he does with buttons and buttonholes. Takes off the jacket he made for himself to show Arthur and Francis so they will see the quality of his work and pay him to hand-stitch the buttonholes Matthew needs to wear cufflinks on his shirts.]

    Arthur and Francis: [Nerding out about two $10 hand-stitched buttonholes that won’t even be visible most of the time because Paolo is creating it so Matthew can wear cufflinks with one of his shirts.]

    Alfred, internally: It’s a buttonhole!

    #it's gonna be a bespoke level buttonhole lol #i looked up the prices for some of this stuff and found out about the milanese buttonhole #which was actually popularized by french suit designers but whatever #paolo is from milan and he does amazing buttons #alfred doesn't get it at all lol #he's starting to care about menswear but i don't know if he'd ever care to this level tbh #hetalia #romerica stepbros au #fruk#hws france#hws england#hws america#face family#hws canada#aph france#aph england#aph america#aph canada#fic spoilers#my writing#original post
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  • iship2muchshit
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hetalia Poly Ship Week 2021: Day 6 & 7: Coffee date and Rainy Day.


    Note: Again combining tropes because sometimes I’m busy and got shit to do but I still wanted to fill in these tropes. How rare is this ship? Hmmm? Anyway give it a try, I think I managed to make it work!

    Relationship: RomaBelUk? (Romano X England X Belgium) Word Count: 1228 Title: When tea drinkers visit coffee bars 

    It rained, God, it rained so much and Arthur being the idiot that he is decided not to take his coat because the weather app on his phone had told him the chances of rain were less than five percent. He should have known better!

    He’s halfway on his way home when he decides to give up and take shelter instead. He walks inside the first building he sees and immediately knows he made the right decision.

    The smell is heavenly. Freshly baked pastries and the distinct smell of coffee. Arthur is still recovering trying to get the rain out of his eyes so he could function when a voice speaks up from somewhere in the room.

    “Oh dear! Un petit chaton tout mouillé!” /A tiny wet cat./

    Arthur opened his eyes to be met with the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. 

    “Uh, sorry about that, ma’am, just trying to escape the rain.” Arthur shivered a little. 

    “Oh! I’m afraid our little bakery-coffee place doesn’t offer blankets but I’ll go get you one from upstairs. There’s no clients anyway, just sit down and I’ll be right there with you!”

    While he had thought his day couldn’t be getting worse things seemed to be looking up. Being taken care of by a beautiful lady, what more could he want?

    “Here you go, darling,” the woman cooed as she gave him a warm towel to dry his hair and a warm blanket. 

    Arthur slowly warmed up and started looking around the shop; many baked goods greeted him and he felt his stomach rumble.

    “Do you want to order something, sweetheart?”

    “Yes please!” 


    That’s how Arthur found a new favourite bakery and coffee bar. 

    Despite preferring tea, he didn’t mind a cup of coffee from time to time. What he liked most about the place though was Emma, the lovely and kind Belgian lady with the smile that could outshine the sun. 

    Arthur wasn’t usually this awkward around women but she had a way of making him lose any mental ability over his words. She made him incredibly nervous and yet, she made him feel so very alive. It was indescribable. 

    It took a couple of weeks but Arthur finally decided he was going to ask her out. Unfortunately the day he decided to do so was also the day Arthur met the brash and mouthy Italian man that was apparently her husband who returned from a trip to Italy.

    When Arthur saw how Emma smiled as he dipped her, greeting her with a kiss in the neck, he couldn’t bring himself to be jealous, or to hate him. The Italian made her happy. 

    The Brit still kept coming to the coffee bar though, suddenly stopping after having met her husband would give Emma the idea he didn’t value their friendship, which he did not want at all. 

    Slowly, Arthur got to know Lovino Vargas as well. 

    The man liked to greet him with a kiss on the cheek, which he had found incredibly strange, but Emma had assured him it was an Italian custom. 

    Sometimes the three of them watched football which ended with both almost threatening bodily harm. Emma always disapproves but that’s only when her team’s not playing. Arthur still remembers the way she had grinned and slapped him playfully on the cheek when her team had defeated the English. 

    The three of them also went to the pub sometimes, but usually it was just Lovino and him as Emma said they could use some “guy time,” whatever that meant. Arthur didn’t mind much though except that Lovino was a very emotional and handsy drunk, practically always ending up hanging all over Arthur. 

    That was just when he was the only one drinking, when it was the both of them, that’s when the problems began. The amount of times Arthur and him had both ended up drunk on their couch, could not be counted on one hand anymore. Emma always made sure to wake them up with a loud noise to punish them. Although she did leave painkillers and a glass of water. 

    What he liked most about the Italian was his ability to pull him into heated debates about all kinds of topics that really shouldn’t be debated over. Lovino could get so riled up. Arthur found it very amusing. Emma always rolled her eyes, when her husband threatened to ban their most loyal customer. Today was no different. 

    “Emma, that bastard comes here religiously and then has the audacity to maintain he prefers tea?!” 

    Arthur felt himself blush, when Emma looked at him with a twinkle in her eye before saying, “well perhaps he’s not here for the coffee.”

    Of course I’m not.

    He just smiles at her and winks and he’s amused to find that she gets a little flustered. Her husband doesn’t even seem to mind, rolling his eyes. Oh that’s interesting, Arthur notes, trying to see if he can up the ante. He finishes the bite of whatever he was eating and opening his mouth just to say, 

    “Obviously I’m here for the attractive personnel, where else would I find such a beautiful Belgian and such a handsome Italian to feed me the best chocolates and treats. Absolutely delicious!” and he made a show of licking his lips, unclear to the owners of the bar if he was referring to their hosts or the baked goods.

    Both of them seemed to go red in the face.

    Arthur grinned and returned to the pastry in front of him. It felt good to know he could still have that effect on people despite not being the young man he used to be. You’d think he would have lost his touch after years of working his arse off as an editor and not getting out of the house much. The pastry somehow tasted better as well.

    From the corner of his eye he saw the couple discussing something, he was wondering what it was about as it seemed to get surprisingly animated. The Italian nodded and they seemed to come to an agreement. Arthur was surprised to find the man walk towards him, his wife in tow.

    Lovino moved the chair to sit in front of him.

    “My wife and I have discussed something and have a proposal for you.” The Italian was leaning forward and had a tiny smirk on his face.

    Suddenly there were two arms moving around his shoulders, “it did not take much convincing, I assure you.” Emma almost purred into his ear.

    Arthur was frozen in his seat. He thought he could be charming, which was nothing compared to the combined charm of the other two apparently.

    The Brit swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous, “I’m listening.” 

    “We like you, and we want you to join us for dinner sometimes, and maybe our bed, and we can see where things go from there.” 

    Holy shit. Arthur’s eyes went wide. 

    “Please say yes, Arthur,” Emma breathed against his ear and how could he say no when she asked so nicely. 

    “Yes,” he whispered, still staring into the Italian’s chocolate eyes. 

    The man’s smirk widened and he felt soft lips on his neck. “You won’t regret this.”

    Oh, he’s sure he won’t. 


    A couple of months later the bakery and coffee bar added a number of teas to the menu.


    The End

    #Romabel#Belmano#Engbel#Engmano#Aph England#Aph Belgium #Aph south italy #hws south italy #hws Belgium#hws England#Engbelmano #Hetalia polyship week 2021
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  • hetaliablogforblue
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    FACE family goes to the beach and Francis and Alfred come out with a gorgeous tan. Then there's Matthew and Arthur who both end up looking like shrivelled up tomatoes even after wearing sunscreen and staying in the shade.

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    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    s̶͕̯̯̙̋̔͝t̸̥̞̬̝̤̜̳͔̂̎̀̓͌̄̈́͊͑͌ͅr̷̨̹͓̮̓̽ą̸͇̯͉͖̟̯̺̂̀̕͜͜w̷̙̼͎̬̣͓̥͂̑b̷͓̉͐̿͂̃̀̉̈e̷̛̛͙̣̬͔͔̥̰̬͌̂̽̊̀̑͊̂͜r̵͖̱̝̣̥̫̘̼̆͌r̴̨͙̤̥̼͎̣͖͕̬̓̍ý̸̫̼͇̳͉̩̳͇͑̃ͅͅ ̷̗̎̅͋̄̒̕͘m̴̤͉͕͎̤͂̆o̴̘̬̿̃̓̔̊̾̍́̕ͅc̸̛̛̭̪͇͙͇̀̈́̆́͝h̸̘̥̲̲̍͊͠i̷̧̖̗͍̣̇̚i̵̬̗̫͕̹̅ĩ̵͚̩͔̜͖̭̘̼͝i̴͕͕̒̐ǐ̴̡͈͔̲̖̤̮̤͇͛͂̾̌͋́̃̀ i love you!

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    17.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    boyfriends x3

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    17.09.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • ifindus
    17.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Favourite Memories - for the first day of @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek

    During the 1800s it was very popular for the British upper class to spend the summer in Norway to fish for salmon. There were farms that became based around their claim to rivers and hosting/helping the Brits. This was a good relationship because the Brits only fished for sport and so the farmer got all the salmon in the end anyway, in addition to all the money they would spend there.

    #hetaliaplatonicshipsweek#hetalia#aph england#aph norway#hws england#hws norway#historical hetalia #I know I am late with this but this seemed like too good an event to pass on #I've caught a bit of a break rn so I hope to be more active here now
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  • betty-bourgeoisie
    17.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    America: Hey dude!

    England: why do you insist on calling everyone dude?

    America: Oh sorry man, I didn't mean to misgender anybody, do you prefer dude, dudette or duderino?

    #hws america#aph america#hws england#aph england#usuk #? #hetalia#aph#hws #this on todays installment of real conversations I've had as an American west coaster
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  • kayanote
    17.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Lover's squabble.

    @cinemairon helped me with the English check of the manga dialogues. Thank you @cinemairon😊

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  • succralose
    17.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    France, the person who always sees beauty in all things, the man who somehow saw beauty in a drowned rat man like England

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  • a-simple-cup-of-tea
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    tbh my favorite hetalia characters are probably:





    north & south italy


    for not particularly other than the fact that they are pretty as fuck

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  • meeps-madness
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just imagine...

    The beautiful holy trio of hair and clothing stylist connoisseur and esthetician god, Francis.

    He can dress you, bring life to your hair, and make your skin glow like the heaven gates. Absolutely. He's the mom friend that looks at how you're taking care of yourself; just to click his tongue at you for the lack thereof. Only to take you on a shopping spree for health essentials for hair and skin right after. Also, reminding you constantly afterward to wash your face properly and drink enough water daily. Or how he praises you for taking his advice and feels all proud of himself. Throwing compliments left and right.

    Obviously, I have to imagine a scenario where he visits Arthur, just to look at him with disappointment and disgusts. The unusual monotone to his voice as he comments 'dull and dry' while looking at Arthur. The sudden jolt of irritation and offense from Arthur as he questions his remark. Francis only waves it off for now, only for when their next visit with one another comes around. Francis hands him a gift bag filled with creams and serums to rejuvenate Arthur's skin. A sudden dilemma for Arthur to decide on thanking him for the gift in itself, as it's what you should do or if he should dislocate Francis's jaw for the obvious offense. Most likely going with the latter first and the former second.

    #just wanna see esthetician Francis #whether its in a human au or him as a nation #doesnt matter #his eye for beauty and health care plus his cheeky remarks #love the thought #hetalia#hws france#hws england#aph france#aph england
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    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hetalia x bleach

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  • deliciousartiesscones
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    boyfriends (again)

    #hetalia#aph england#aph america#usuk#arthur kirkland #alfred f jones #they cant be away from each other
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    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #Arthur my baby🥺 #the sadest moment in hetalia🥺 #sad sad sad #hetalia#aph england
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  • bryndzove-halusky
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    rewatching hetalia after many years has led me to fall in love with my old OTP again...

    #finally i have skills to make fanart for them #my 13 year old self would be so happy #hetalia#hws#hws england#hws japan#asakiku#iggypan#aph japan#aph england#fanart#my art#digital art#sketch#aph #anyways i'm looking forward to seeing the newest season that i haven't seen yet #which is the reason i started rewatching this show in the first place #anyways enjoy
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    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I actually ended up making a fairy design for both Aster and Arthur and will probably do some for other characters as well!

    Might do Kiku or Ivan next.

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    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    some doodles i did in the last 24 hours

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