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  • phosphenes-in-night
    08.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Booktok be like: lets make the worst books popular

    #i said what i said #the romances are basically 300 pages of unemotional heterosexual sex #the fantasies are all outdated and ran their course in 2014-2016 #have better taste #no i wont apologize #booktok #light academia aesthetic #dark academia aesthetic #light academia#dark academia#romanticism#love#poetry#tumblr poetry#bookworm#fantasy#romance books#hopeless romantic#literature#classic literature#book reccs#moodboard
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  • b1rdza
    08.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #comms #it was SO good #the way scar Immediately resigned himself… #THE WAY GRIAN WAS GONNA KEEP FIGHTING FOR HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! #and then scar saying ‘it burns! it burns!’ while grian profusely apologized
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  • imabiconbitch
    08.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Nate Heywood

    #idk if someone has already done this #I apologize if they have #legends of tomorrow #lot#nate heywood
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  • yandelenka
    08.12.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    #my friends are not. as clean as i am lol and i knew this but im now kind of processing my relationship with tidyness #uhm idk. i can't expect people to read my mind but it feels like #disrespectful? i don't like that word but i can't think of anything else #idk i guess we have different priorities. cause like they're all very apologetic about things that make no sense to me like #'why on earth would i expect someone to apologize for that' type stuff #but then when it comes to things that actually Do bother me they just have no idea #ik i need to communicate better. im just saying #and like with my disability i always hope my friends will remember on their own that i can't just clean up after them #or maneuver around all their stuff left Directly at my bedside where i wake up and put my feet down #let alone recover easily from the resulting fall #but. i still have yet to learn that people w/o ur disability are not just going to consider it on their own #they just don't deal with it on a practical level you know #its nothing against them i just. sigh #idk how to handle this effectively ig #anyway id better sleep. #op
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  • pierremichelofavignon
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this is so many tags. though i'm not entirely surprised tbh

    #i have to add commentary in the tags. especially if it's my own post #also the way my ramble tag is my second most common tag #1154 i really do not shut up ever. apologies followers but i have no intention of changing ever #i wasnt sure if this was a high number comparatively but. after seeing other people's. uh. it's pretty high #neon has thoughts #look at me rambling in the tags on my post about how much i ramble in the tagd #*tags #my blog is just me standing on a balcony voicing my thoughts to a crowd below nonstop #is this number unique tags or just amount of tags ive used? bc either way the point stands
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  • theravenscape
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #(too lazy to crop lmao you have my deepest apologies for this peasant's presentation) #kia tag smh
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  • humorwithatwist
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Paul and the Gentile Problem

    Paul and the Gentile Problem

    This post is part of an ongoing series on Paul and Pneuma, Justin and Judaism. The status of the Gentiles within the Jesus Movement seems to have become a topic of concern soon after the death and resurrection appearances of Jesus in the mid-30’s CE. By the time Paul began his missionary work, likely in the late 40’s, at least two perspectives on the “Gentile Problem” (if Gentiles could belong…

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  • bugquartz
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    : (

    #i miss themmmmmm #i thought i had finally found a real friend #but they havent been very good to me the last few months #like do i just forgive them without an apology and hope i can keep them in my life #or do i give up #i dont wanna be alone again
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  • arcadequeerz
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it is. so close to when security breach comes out, and i am so not ready

    #Cade.Txts #i deeply apologize in advance 4 who i become when it comes Out ok #i cannot wait for it. PLEASE IM SO EXCITED TO SEE GLAM FREDDY #i want the animatronics to be good guys so bad. please plese please
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  • jinkushiroll
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    You can just say that "eh I don't vibe with this ship" instead of saying that ChuuAku is like a father-son relationship



    Chuuya does call Akutagawa "my boy" (WHICH IS REALLY ADORABLE AND SWEET) but it's like an older brother at most, or even a mentor figure as I see it

    And so is with OdaZai and DazAtsu

    I have no idea what I'm talking about tbh but if you don't vibe with a ship, ignore it nobody cares

    I need coke

    #bungou stray dogs #chuuaku#kinda#bsd aku#bsd aktugawa#bsd chuuya#okay so #i have no idea #what is going on #in this post #but you get it #hopefully #it is what it is #just ignore it #not that anyone cares #yayyyyyyy #idk how to tag stuff #my apologies
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  • fireflyxsky
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #sunny asks#https-rat #btw i love ur new url #do i need to tag the image as anything bc it is a bit... much #welcome back i hope this haunting image of my dog losing her mind makes u smile #my apologies its late and my brain is fried
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  • jogwangil
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #does he know i fucking love him #kid milli#choi wonjae#khh#khiphop #debut kid milli gifs apologies for how they look on mobile 😭 im Working on it
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  • bigworldflameup
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Anyone who bought those books when they were twelve and didn't burn them the second her tweet dropped enables her transphobia

    #harry potter #for blocking purposes #more so you don't have to see my apologism #soliloquy
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  • jessannperreault
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #<333 #Happy Birthday!!! #Please enjoy this Calendiles fic written entirely in your honour #jenny calendar#rupert giles#Calendiles#Ao3: Jess_Ann_Perreault #I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors that may be present
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  • canyoutakemeback
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Jealous Guy’s bassline.

    #that’s it #that’s the whole post #but wait I should mention the piano too #it’s so lovely #oh and the melody #the way it goes down and then down and then up #like y’know what I mean #it’s so beautiful #AND THEN THE WHISTLING PART #IT BREAKS YOUR HEART #SO SAD #It’s such a melancholy song #it’s just so so sad #just musically #I haven’t even gotten to the lyrics yet #it’s like reading someone’s (his) diary #it’s so open and vulnerable #such a real apology #such a human song #such a sad song #but anyway the BASS #thank you Klaus #and John
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  • roundo
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    This isn’t even sexual but we need to start kinkshaming whatever this is

    #I don’t know op’s age so I apologize if they’re like 14 #but anything older than that nah you gotta stop
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  • flammaelunae
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    iamx - animal impulses // my chemical romance - the sharpest lives // neon trees - animal // arctic monkeys - dangerous animals // motionless in white - wasp // bryan dunn - animal skin // iamx - animal impulses // marina - savages // crosses - bitches brew // iamx - animal impulses

    #so first of all this post only looks like it should with the dark mode / low-contrast classic / goth rave theme and i apologize for that #because otherwise you cannot see the dividers between the screenshots #obsessed with lyrics like these right now #and the general theme? #also i may have or may have not developed a predator/prey kink during scorpio season #yeah we.... are just not gonna mention that again lmao #lyrics#parallels#lyric compilation#compilation#lyric parallels#iamx #my chemical romance #mcr#neon trees#arctic monkeys #motionless in white #bryan dunn#marina diamandis#crosses #not me annoying everyone who searches for those tags #you're welcome lmao #i should really stop saying 'lmao' all the time
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  • e-l-l-y
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I just wanted to take a minute to apologize.

    Sorry for my irregular responses and for the fact that some days nothing new comes. Currently it's a bit hard because I'm in a toxic relationship and have to change some things privately to get my beloved life back. I hope you understand that. Thanks for everyone who is behind me.

    Love, Elly 🖤

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  • sif-the-tsunami
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    But Baby it’s cold outside

    Just some Winter fluff, for @cavillsthighs​ writing challenge.  

    Sy and an unnamed OFC

    PG 13, just some spicy language, no smut

    Word count: 1300ish

    It had been a cold, miserable day. The snow was turning into slush, graying with dirt and grit from the street. The retired Army captain sighed as he hopped out of his old beat up Jeep. The damn cold made his old bones hurt. The chill felt like it was seeping in as he carefully walked to the front of the porch attached to a bungalow. Sy took his gloved hand and brushed the snow off of the banister. Before he made it to the door, he heard the familiar happy barking of the little dog who lived there. The lock clicked open, there before him stood a woman wrapped in a big sweater and fuzzy socks up to her knees.

    “Come in, come in, its so cold.” She said, ushering him inside her home. “Thank you for coming, I have no idea how to fix my stupid heater but the fireplace is working well.”

    Sy just grunted a little, and kissed his favorite human on her cheek. She smiled at the cranky man, knowing that once he warmed up his disposition would thaw out a little as well. The woman went back to her laptop on the kitchen table and worked on the novel she had been writing. Sy went to the furnace and started tinkering with the machinery. About forty-five minutes, he came back up the front of the house and witnessed the human burrito swaddled in her fuzzy blanket.

    “Baby, I got to go get a couple pieces from the store to finish fixing the furnace. Do you want me to bring you back some coffee or something else to heat you up?”

    She said softly. “If you want to being me back anything though, I would love a cold brew.”

    “A cold brew? One of those iced coffees?”


    “You shiver every time you walk out of the range of the fire place, and you want an iced coffee?”

    “I’m asserting my dominance over this damn cold front, don’t you judge me, Sy.”

    “You are so lucky I love you as much as I do,” he chuckled, “Because, my hand to Jesus, you are the most stubborn woman I have ever met.”

    He watched as she stuck her tongue out at him over the top of her computer. She might have also playfully given him the finger.

    A quick trip to the local hardware store and a stop by their favorite coffeehouse later, Sy made it back to the house and let himself back in. His beautiful companion was napping on the couch near the fireplace with her tiny dog snuggled by her feet, her laptop was still open. She must have just drifted off. Worried that she might drop the expensive equipment, Sy moved the laptop to the coffee table next to her. He then placed the cold brew in the refrigerator and went back to work. The small dog would wag his tail whenever the grump Captain would look over at them. He eventually hopped down and walked over to the large man.

    When the first met, he had told the pup while teasing him that “Dogs under fifty pounds were essentially cats, and cats are worthless.” However, the dog never seemed to hold his prejudice against small animals against him. After a short while of being together, Sy would have no problem with sitting down on the couch with the ten pound pooch sitting in the crook of his arm like they had been best friends for years.

    The little dog laid down with tiny crossed paws, and kept a watchful eye on the man doing the repairs on the house’s furnace.  Sy, who was not one for useless words, started telling the little dog what he was doing the same way a dad would explain to a child. He would occasionally reach down and give the small animal a little scratch or some love. The two of them spent the next hour getting the furnace up and running.

    After getting it repaired, Sy set the temperature to a wonderful cozy setting and then leaned over the sleeping woman and kissed her forehead to wake her up. He waited until she woke up before he stopped rubbing the back of her hand. She smiled as soon as she saw him.

    “Hey, sorry, I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

    “It’s okay baby, I fixed the furnace. We will be nice and warm here in no time.”

    “How long have I been out?”

    “I’ve been back for maybe an hour, so you have a nice little nap. Did you get any writing done while I was gone?” “Yeah, I got some proof reading done and made some adjustments. My editor is happy with my progress. Once I wake up all the way, I’ll start working on dinner.”

    Sy decided that he was going to help her in the kitchen. He had a feeling that between the joking, the kissing and general shenanigans it probably took longer to make their meal than it would have if he lover had just made things by herself. Once they where able to settle down with bowls full of steaming chicken soup with biscuits swimming in broth. They sat down on the couch in the back room with the fire place and watched a silly action movie. As the sun set, Sy didn’t notice that outside of the cozy home, the snow had started coming down in earnest.

    “Well, baby, I think it’s time for me to get going.” He said as he put his hoodie back on.

    “I’m glad you came over today, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    “You could have with the right tools, I believe in you.” He looked out the window on the front door and sighed deeply. He pulled on a knitted hat that she had made for him.

    “Sy, it’s really coming down out there. You have some clothes here, stay here for the night. Its nice and warm in here.”

    “I don’t know, you know my roommate will have some opinions about me staying out all night. I told him I would help him in the morning.”

    “Its cold outside, I don’t think they will mind.”

    Sy smirked for a moment, “But what will your neighbors think?”

    “That I saved your life, now you won’t catch pneumonia. I’ll be a hero. They will throw me a parade.”

    “Oh yeah? I think they will all be talking tomorrow. I can’t besmirch your honor.” Sy teased.

    This made his love laugh so hard she snorted. He felt like he won just a little bit. “Tell them you slept on my couch if it makes you feel more noble. It’s up to your knees, and I know how this makes you hurt. Stay with me, we’ll have some more wine or some cocoa and go to bed. Tomorrow you are free to do whatever you want.”

    “What if your mother comes over in the morning, what will we tell her?” Sy said thinking this was it. This would make her crack.

    “My mother is wondering when we are planning on giving her grandkids, not if we are ever going to move in together, or get married. She wants to know when you plan on knocking me up. So… there’s that.” She made a face that said she wasn’t joking.

    Sy’s eyes almost popped out of his skull and he choked on his own saliva. He couldn’t think of a comeback. He looked off into the distance for a moment like he was doing the mental math. “Well shit, sugar, I can’t think of another reason to leave.”

    “What can I say, I can be very convincing.” She said as Sy leaned in to give her deep kiss. “You aren’t any obligations to get me pregnant thought. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “Hun, I thought your mama hated me, so I’m just excited she doesn’t. Now, let’s get to making that cocoa. You have the marshmallows I like so much?”

    #my apologies to henry cavill #henry cavill fanfic #captain syverson #captain sy x reader #fluffy mcfluff fluff
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