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    And now, the end is near

    And so I face the final curtain 


    My friend, I’ll say it clear
    I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
    I’ve lived a life that’s full
    I travelled each and every highway
    And more, much more than this, I did it my way


    Regrets, I’ve had a few
    But then again, too few to mention
    I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
    I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
    And more, much more than this, I did it my way

    Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew

    When I bit off more than I could chew
    But through it all, when there was doubt
    I ate it up and spit it out
    I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way


    I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried
    I’ve had my fill, my share of losing
    And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
    To think I did all that
    And may I say, not in a shy way
    Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way


    For what is a man, what has he got?

    If not himself, then he has naught
    To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows I took the blows and did it my way

    Yes, it was my way 


     He would have if he’d thought about it. In  New York and the chance to sing something by old blue eyes, must have been quite a temptation. Of course the other option was……



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  • What G-d Thinks

    I am continually amazed by the lessons I learn talking to people I once agreed with - particularly the Christians I was once very close to. I will never stop being a student, but things I once believed now confound me when the tired old lines I once used are turned on me.

    I wish I knew back in my teens and twenties just how arrogant I was. My religion was everything - I made all of my decisions based on religion and church. I wouldn’t take a job that forced me to work during church times. I voted based on my religious beliefs. As you can imagine, my beliefs ran pretty predictably: America was a Christian nation that had turned its back on G-d and the only way to fix it was to squash LGBT rights, end all abortions under all circumstances, hang the Ten Commandments in every courtroom, and being back mandated prayer in schools.

    That’s an abbreviated version, but I’m sure I don’t need to share every detail. Any LGBTQ person has encountered the brow-beating Christian mafia before.

    Today I got into it with a man whose family I was once very close to. He posted a meme that was designed to be hurtful to transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people - it was a photo of Indiana Jones and it read, “why is it that when archaeologists find human remains, they’re either male or female and none of the other 700 genders?”

    Normally I don’t engage with him on these things, but he posted it and he is in youth ministry. I called him out as politely as I could. He feigned ignorance, wanting to know who he was hurting by posting the meme, accused me of calling him a homophobe (I never even hinted at calling him anything like it), and went on a tear about “it doesn’t matter what man thinks, it only matters what G-d thinks, and I answer to him.”

    Being hit with the same line of bullshit that I once used was stunning. I wasn’t quite sure what to say at first. It never occurred to me that the things that used to come out of my mouth were gaslighting until he turned it on me. That’s exactly what it was; he quoted scripture to back up his claims that there are only two genders (the same clobber passages they’ve been using for decades, essentially using a bullying tactic), accused me of using propaganda, calling him a hatemonger, and skirting the issue, then tried to tell me that I was the bully for quoting scripture back to him (verses about love and how to treat other people) and that I was upset because I was “convicted by the truth.”

    I still haven’t backed down. A man in youth ministry is making fun of people already very hurt by society and he claims he’s not insulting anyone. I asked him if he thought a teenager with gender questions would feel comfortable talking to him. He never responded to that.

    Nobody struggling to define their gender would want to have anything to do with a person who would think something like that, let alone say it. I also now find it breathtakingly self-serving to claim that taking such a stance is based on “what G-d thinks”, as if we can divine the will of G-d by a collection of writings that nobody can agree on interpretation of. These are the same people who lose their minds about the prospect of Sharia somehow being used on US soil. As if what they’re spouting isn’t based on Sharia.

    Every time I learn something new about what I used to be like, I feel the need to apologize all over again. Talking to these people is maddening. They want to be allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ people, then turn around and claim we want “special rights”. They kick their LGBTQ children out of their homes and churches, then complain when anyone says G-d doesn’t love them. I’m trying to remember to be understanding, but it’s difficult. I used to be them and I know exactly which game they’re playing. That makes it so much more difficult.

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  • So…

    I know I’m years late on this but… if someone were to ask me what my favourite scene in Coco was well… I think people might be surprised. The obvious choice of a favourite scene is Poco Loco or Miguel singing to Coco for the emotional hit, or hell, the ending but… For me… the scene that stuck with me the most, and thus rings as my favourite, is actually Héctor’s apology scene.

    Now hold up, back up… I’m sure some people are out there going “What?” But… there’s actually a good reason for this.

    And it’s to do with what the scene doesn’t do.

    SO, so many apology scenes add on a “Forgive me” or “Can you forgive me?” into the scene. Or even redirecting the blame, or you know… it feels fake. But not in Coco.

    And… the way it begins.

    “This is my fault, not yours”

    Now… why is that important? And even following, it’s just a straight apology. No big fanfare, no explanation, just the taking of the blame, and then apologising. A masterpiece in simplicity. But… why is this the scene that sticks with me?

    Well… culpability. And… in the way that it handles the obligation side of an apology.

    Now… here’s something a lot of people don’t think about. What is the obligation in an apology? And well, that comes in how so, so many apologies shift into that “Forgive me” side of things, or the ever so famous, insincere side. Basically too often an apology is just used as a cheap play for forgiveness but here.

    There’s a whole other air.

    And… there’s a distinct lack of that sense of you are obligated to forgive. If anything… I think there’s power in the way it’s all framed. Imelda’s anger, her pain, it’s continued to be validated. It’s not reversed, and even Miguel’s statement from earlier in the scene, the lead to it.

    “You don’t have to forgive him!”


    And… it’s a subtle one. But… I think that it’s a really important one. Especially because well… recently rewatching the movie, and especially this scene. It’s what made me realise. I needed to do this. And… I got about the response I expected to my apology. And that’s to say, no response at all…

    But… that is a response. And it’s important to remember. An apology is two-fold for the power of it. It’s levelling things and in the end… the obligation for resolution is on the one offering the apology.

    Whether it’s accepted, rejected, or just acknowledged is on the recipient. And they have no obligation to smooth it over. No obligation to forgive or let go of their hurt and anger, because here’s the thing… an apology… is truly supposed to an acknowledgement of what wrong was done.

    And honestly.

    The sooner people start to learn that an apology is not a requirement for forgiveness, but the first step in healing a wound… the better we’ll be.

    Imelda was never invalidated for still being angry and hurt when Héctor apologised. Hell, there’s no explicit acknowledgement of her accepting the apology. The closest we get is her agreement to help… and… honestly. I think that’s the power in the scene. The power in the subtly and the meaning in it all.

    And why… why I think this is what truly makes this scene my personal favourite in Coco.

    We all hurt people sometimes.

    And we need to apologise. But the thing is, we need to learn to be able to accept how those apologies will be received. And not expect instant forgiveness for it.

    “I’m sorry” You don’t have to forgive me

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  • More like, some updates on my feelings about Rika, Ray, and Yoosung..and I know that I’m probably gonna get hate for this post, but whatever. I’m stating my opinions. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled, because this post will most likely have some! 

     Basically, the more I play V’s route (I’m halfway through Day 8, right now), the more sorry I feel for her. I don’t think she’s a “snake”. I feel like…at this point and time, she really needs a lot of professional help. She is mentally ill…and because of that, I don’t see her as a snake or a monster or just evil. Her actions concerning V, the RFA, Ray, and Mint Eye are not something to be condoned, of course. However, I feel like the people who hate Rika and call her all of these horrible names are missing the point and fact that she was mentally ill. Depression, multiple personalities, etc…her views are also very warped and she could not control that. I understand that V had tried to help her…but he was not the right person to do so. I feel like he should have been insistent (persistent?) on her continuing to seek professional help from psychiatrists and whatnot. 

     Speaking of V, I really do feel sorry for him. Now that I’ve been playing his route, I can see where he was coming from about everything. I think he could’ve found more rational ways to go about certain things…but otherwise, I just don’t understand why he gets so much hate from people. He had some personal problems of his own that I feel like he couldn’t fully control. He tried to, and he has realized some things. Honestly, if I were in his shoes, there’s a possibility I would do the same things that he did. 

     Now, about Yoosung. He is still very annoying to me with all of his whining and crying (seriously, I think he’s overused that sobbing emoji of his). However, I have calmed down, a little, since my last MM post. I am not as strongly emotional about certain things as he is…probably because I was born a quiet person, and I’m able to control my feelings like anger, confusion, and sadness. Also, I was never one who got easily or incredibly angry, confused, or sad. I sometimes think things through before speaking my mind (otherwise, I just keep to myself, tbh). I will say that Yoosung needs professional help, as well, in that area. At least, that’s how I feel. No, he doesn’t need as much help as Rika does, but he needs help nonetheless. And honestly, I don’t think Zen is the right person for that. I saw and get that he tried…but he’s just, not the right person who can give Yoosung the sort of help he needs.

     As for Ray…can that boy just stop being brainwashed and be happy? Please? I hope MC gets him to snap to his senses in his route ^^;. I do feel really bad for him, though, especially during every phone-call and text from him. I can just feel myself becoming sadder from that :(. He really deserves better….

     Welp, I think that’s about it for my updated opinions on a few characters. I’m not done with V’s route, yet…but something tells me that my opinions about him, Rika, and Ray/Saeran are gonna be the same after all of it.

     I feel like these characters are my children xD. I know they’re really Cheritz’s children, but still. Ray, pull yourself together and give me a hug. Rika, just go see a psychiatrist…please…. V…pull yourself together, as well, think rationally, and come give me a hug, as well. Jumin…be more considerate of others in a not-so-CEO way…. xD. 

     Ok, I’m done, now. Btw, just a reminder, this is all just my opinion! I don’t hate any of the characters, at all! I’m just stating my opinions on them. I love the game, nonetheless.

    #Life of Mika #Mika squawks#Mystic Messenger #mystic messenger opinions #Rika is not a snake #she just needs a lot of help #I meant to write this under the cut #apologies
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  • i feel like im falling and waiting for someone to catch me but like,, no ones there for me lmaooooo

    #jwnsjsb idk im #kinda #bitchy and sad #apologies #i feel lost #alone#mm#vent
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  • #;Meme#;Nice things#aaaah#Unfortunately #I don't think Mira will ever #be active on her Hiei again for a long time #Apologies #but aside from that #this made me happy to read #and receive #thank you so much #friend!! #I hope you've been doing well #I will do my best to keep trucking #next year#♥#snowcompassion
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  • The World Tried to Burn All the Mercy Out of Me by BleatingGoat (Nat20) - T, WIP - Draco Malfoy has been attending therapy for about a year. His therapist gives him an assignment to apologize to those that he has wronged in the past. Not in person right away, but to do so on paper or in his head. Yet a chance run in with Hermione Granger, the Minister of Magic, turns that plan on its head. A blessing or a curse? Only time can tell.

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  • #anons#asks#apologies #things that make me smile and cry #for reasons
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  • #apologies#but like-- #you did this. #|| Asks & Answers
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  • Sorry about not responding to asks

    This week has been crazy, I’ll respond to everything this weekend!!

    -mod ricky 👾

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    Nadie quiere arriesgar nada y el amor es una apuesta

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  • unfortunately i am away from my laptop and cannot answer the spotify asks so i will answer them tomorrow :)

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    Like for a starter for miraculous au (cat noir! shoto).

    #013. time to begin — starter call #this verse does feature izuku as ladybug exclusively with @oneforzuku #so i will not be writing starters for over izuku rpers #apologies #it's just i did develop it with meg #so it'd feel weird writing with a diff izuku
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  • I think a lot about the lines “cause when it got a little too hot in there, he was always stepping out for air, and he froze” because wow

    #personal#words #....oh #grace potter#apologies#negative #okay to reblog #not about n
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  • I’m sorry if my constant gif reblogging is annoying lmao for some reason in my head I feel like if I reblog happy times then everything will magically go back to how it was haha but unfortunately that’s not the case

    #apologies #i forget that theres real people that follow me haha
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  • Self Awareness brings awareness about your actions torward others, especially if having a rough day. It helps prevent what negative behaviors you have going on inside to project to others that’s around you. If it happens to come out and projects to the person(s) at your workplace for instance, then a self aware individual apologizes. Let’s promote more self awareness ladies. It’s more sophisticated to acknowledge your actions, motives, behaviors, and characteristics.

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  • “im sorry, but…”, “im sorry i offended you…” or “im sorry you feel this way…”

    are. not. apologies. period!

    those cancel out apologies and replaces what they’re saying as criticism or an excuse! an actual apology focuses on YOUR actions, NOT the other person’s response.

    #just so everyone knows #!!! #apologies#apology #the right way #toxic#toxic behavior #shut up jocelyn
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  • Geonocide is not the answer

    Freshly fallen, recovered and adjusted to the new form of life I will admit that I did some terrible shit.

    I got angry.

    And I threw myself into my chosen work. No longer would anyone use me to understand or see what is fate and what is to be altered.

    I became a judge and executioner.

    I am remorseful and I regret those choices. I wake up screaming sometimes it still haunts me.

    I thought I was doing the will of good. Delivering the souls of those who were tarnished and vile. Those who killed for pleasure and pleasured themselves without gaining permission first. Then the deeds got less terrible. For just being associated with them I would lose control.

    I am not proud of those years. But one offender got away, he stole my brothers life source and his wings and if I saw that asshole today I wouldn’t have mercy.

    I am not entirely cured see? Irena did her best and I have journeyed long and hard to this point. I have a more solid understanding and acceptance of my sight. But I forge my own task.

    No apology can amend for those souls lost and consumed. I cannot cleanse the time nor places of my crimes.

    I have seen and accepted my fate and whats to come.

    It was never the answer. Its was wrong and I don’t blame anyone for hating me for it. Civilizations where new and hopeful then, and that one never truly recovered.

    I am Silver. Girl of Shattered Sword. And my remorse and regret, my apologies will never be enough. My madness cannot be excused. One day I hope to give peace and hope instead of the monsterous begining I made.

    That was many centuries ago, the lands have changed and languages have long perished. The people have evolved and society risen and fell. Before religion was truly forged.

    Just because it is so far distant in the past does not mean it is forgotten.

    #if I could change those years i would #but nothing can change history #apologies#fallen angel#fallen #its not a story its a nightmare in history
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  • Stupid Soldier

    //this escalated. Serious angst coming, so read the tags folks. Love y’all.

    “We don’t talk anymore. Why?” Sebastian spoke without turning his head, but Jim knew he was addressing him. Jim sat down with a quiet sigh of resignation at the kitchen counter, just two seats away from Sebastian. “Why.” Sebastian demanded, focused on the empty glass of whiskey cradled by his hands, averting his gaze at all costs.

    “I don’t care anymore.”

    Silence. That was all there was to say, really. Jims eyes were cast to the floor - he felt nothing. He was effectively numbed to the liveliness and loving he had experienced initially with Sebastian. It was for the best. He had made himself force the love from his mind, because that’s what needed to be done. He could feel it writhing inside of his heart somewhere. He would squander it completely when Sebastian was gone. He had to.

    “Did you ever love me?” Sebastian’s voice was blank. He knew pleading wouldn’t work. There was nothing to do to bring Jim back anymore. Jim didn’t want him. Worthless. Stupid soldier, you don’t get to have a good life after all you’ve done.

    “I thought I did. But you’re not the one. I don’t think there is anyone left.”

    “You don’t deserve anyone.” Sebastian felt the despair inside of him, the infuriating desperation to feel loved and feel not so alone burning in his veins. His breaths hurt- his heart pounded.

    “Sebastian. You-”

    “You don’t deserve anyone!” Sebastian slammed his fist down on the counter, forgetting the glass in his hands. It shattered against the marble, pieces cutting into his hand and fresh blood leaping out of the wounds.

    Jim stared at him. Neither of them said anything. Sebastian didn’t react to the dripping crimson trailing down his wrist. Jim saw the fury. For the first time, he felt fear towards Sebastian.

    “This is all a game to you, all a fucking game, until someone gets hurt.” His voice was a quiet yell, somehow. A child’s scream. Sebastian forcefully pulled shards of glass from his hand with abandon, turning to face Jim. “I will take your life.”

    “Oh, you really think-”

    “I know.” Sebastian cut Jim off, taking one step towards him. His arm was covered in blood. His eyes were…soulless. Where had the heart gone? Who had made this side of him?

    “Do you know how much it hurts? Every day, how much it cuts into me that I’m not enough, that some day my guns will be the only thing I have, until they’re gone too and I’m replaced!!?” Senseless babbling. Jim watched wide-eyed. Subconsciously he took a step away from Sebastian. Sebastian advanced a step in response.

    “Tiger, you asked for the truth, and I gave it to you!

    "Why don’t you be fucking human for once?! You bastard you belong in hell with the other devils!” Sebastian, breathless, rage coursing in his veins, pulled a handgun from his waistband and advanced on Jim.

    Click. Loaded.

    Jim stepped back again, but his back was against the wall. He couldn’t breath. Why aren’t you moving?! Do something!! Kill him!!

    “S-Sebastian.” His voice trembled. Too late, Jim realized it was a mistake. Blocking out the emotions, pushing Sebastian away… “It was a mistake!!” His voice was desperate. Sebastian reached him.

    Jim felt the barrel pressed against his forehead. He closed his eyes, feeling a whimper slip from his lips.

    “No…Sebby…not like this.”

    A few moments passed. Nothing.

    The sound of the handgun dropped. When Jim opened his eyes, Sebastian was crying with his face in his hands, gun abandoned on the counter.

    “You- stupid - unfeeling - genius.” Sebastian sobbed, gasping for breath. “I fell for you!!”

    “I-i fell for you to, please, this is a mistake, it’s my fault, it’s my fa-”

    “This is the last time I feel this- this- aching of rejection. This is the last time I feel my soul torn away. I’m broken, Jim!! I’m broken, and- and I thought you could fix me…” Sebastian’s eyes darted to the counter. He lunged.

    “Sebastian, no!!” Jim darted after him, but he was too slow. Sebastian grabbed the gun, held it to his own forehead.



    It’s over.

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