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  • Vanessa taking over this credit card transaction from Paddy at the vets as her very first act on the show is possibly the most Vanessa thing I can think of. Bossy much? 

    And very big Lesbian energy, to be honest. Judging incompetent dudes literally from Day 1! You love to see it.

    Seeing her immediately salivate over a “hot” guy though is…weird.

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  • It has come to my attention that one of my responses to the Bad Spirk AUs ask meme I run on this blog could be interpreted as deeply transmisogynistic, and as a result I have deleted it. It was this one:


    …and the images of three different Spocks in bad wigs that I created to go with it.

    For any harm caused by the images I edited, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies. And I would appreciate it if my followers continued to inform me of any subsequent mistakes I may make. I am, still learning and I am, after all, only human.

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  • ok anon should be. working now. sjdkfjfjfk

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  • Seems I’ve upset alot of people. I’m really sorry. That is the last thing I ever intend to do.

    I’m in the U.K and have some of my US friends explain the heat behind what’s going on. I did not realise there was such political meaning behind a post which was about a fictional character that we all love.

    I fully support the black lives matter, always have, always will.

    So again, I’m sorry if I’ve upset any one, that was not my intention.

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  • #these tumblr blogs have certainly been inactive for a while #apologies #our lives are busy #Please do not ask me any more furry questions... Please. Ask Leo instead.
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  • Yesterday, I realized that I had omitted a very important step in my introductory process to tumblr: Namely asking what is and is not acceptable in terms of reposting other peoples art. I have been, in my ignorance, simply been reblogging art that I liked from secondary sources. Because said reblogs contained attribution to their original source, some part of my old person brain had come to the conclusion that this was good enough.

    Then I realized I had not asked about that, and it turns out that no, it’s not good enough, and I understand why, since it deprives the original creators of traffic and other forms of internet social currency. I’m still writing my fanfic on Ao3, and I’d be annoyed if someone simply copy-pasted the entire thing and posted it elsewhere, even if they properly attributed it to me. In hindsight, it should have been obvious, but my brain is an old, and doesn’t always work as well as all you youngsters.

    So I’m going to rectify this. In a moment, I will be deleting all of my fanart posts, and replacing them with identical versions which are, instead, reblogged from the original source. This will of course mess up my timeline, but them’s the breaks. And going forward, I hope to conduct myself in an ethical fashion. If I fail to do so, somebody immediately call me out on it, okay? People who know me will all tell you that I take constructive criticism extremely well.

    In any case, I love you all, and sincerely hope that I haven’t hurt anyone by my previous actions.

    “I’m still learning. I hope you understand. I want to understand”

    -Peridot, “Steven Universe,” “Too Far.”

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  • #asks#oops #my tags said she was bi #apologies
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  • (bolded words and phrases are important points, for those of you with reading comprehension struggles like ADHD and dyslexia.)

    A lot of debate has come up as to how to apologize properly.  As a person who experienced 12+ years of verbal abuse and probably over a thousand fake ass apologies, I feel like I’m pretty qualified to teach people how to apologize.  This is all based on my experience of things that soured an apology for me/tipped me off that it wasn’t sincere.



    [Start image description] rainbow gradient picture with the text “don’t make excuses” written in the middle [end image description]

    Remember that an apology isn’t about making you look better, it’s about making the other person feel better.  Avoid phrases like “I didn’t know it would offend you” or “I had a rough childhood” or pretty much anything that tries to paint you in a better light.  The person who wants the apology doesn’t want to hear any of that shit.  They just want to hear you apologize.



    [Start image description] orange-pink-purple gradient with the text “don’t get defensive” written in the middle [end image description]

    If you’re trying to defend yourself, it means you’re not really sorry.  Avoid saying things like “it was just a joke” and “don’t be so sensitive”.  Really anything that indicates that the other person is at fault.



    [start image description] yellow to orange gradient with the text “don’t cry” written in the middle [end image description]

    Crying, whether you mean it or not, is emotionally manipulative.  I know that for people with certain mental disorders like RSD or anxiety, not crying can be a very difficult thing, but it’s very important.  Your goal should never be to make the other person feel bad for wanting an apology.  This is especially true if you’re apologizing for racism, as white people are very well known for playing the victim when they are clearly at fault.



    [start image description] yellow to blue gradient with the text “keep it short” written in the middle [end image description]

    Apologies don’t have to be an hour long.  The longer you make your apology, the more likely you are to make the mistakes listed above.  Sometimes an apology can just be “I did x thing, it was wrong and I know I hurt you.  I’m sorry and I’ll try my best not to do it again.”



    [start image description] green-blue-orange gradient with the text “don’t expect forgiveness” written in the middle [end image description]

    Remember that you might have deeply hurt the person you’re apologizing to.  Even if it seems small to you, it might be a really big deal to them.  You’re apologizing because you feel remorse and you want to make amends with the other person.  It’s up to them to decide whether the relationship is worth mending.



    [start image description] orange to red gradient with the text “don’t do it again” written in the middle [end image description]

    This is by far the most important part of apologizing.  You’ve acknowledged that your action hurt the other person.  If you continue to act in a way that is hurtful, you are basically saying “your comfort and happiness doesn’t matter to me”.  If you’re not willing to put in the effort to change your behavior, don’t apologize.  A fake, empty apology hurts worse than no apology at all.

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  • Also for you bitches who keep arguing the argument of

    “If this apology for being racist was not directed towards you it is not yours to accept”

    And you argue with that stupid ass shit comment

    “ uwu so I can’t accept an apology against black and poc people because I’m white? Lol sounds racist to me 😗🤪”

    So you’re telling me if I go ahead and kick you in the face and push you in front of a moving car coming down the street at 80 mph and you get hurt and all but your neighbor says “ no don’t worry about it, it’s all good, I forgive you for hurting someone who isnt me”

    That’s okay? Cuz you’re saying it’s okay. Come outside real quick since it’s okay. It’s the lunch rush you’ll be okay.

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  • i’m held up tonight so everything will be organised/answered tomorrow.

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  • I know I talk a big game about how it was Walt’s toxic ideals that destroyed him— how becoming Heisenberg actually ended up being not just ~bad~ in general, but bad for Walt (his family disgusted with him, his empire in the hands of the Nazis who murdered Hank, his meth made and distributed without him) and this demonstrates the show’s thesis of, like: sociopathic power is idealized for men but is actually BAD. But, I don’t talk enough about how the actual mechanism of Walt’s defeat hinges on Jesse. The thing Walt does that ultimately ruins him is his abuse and manipulation of Jesse.

    If Jesse hadn’t turned on Walt, Hank never would have arrested him at To’hajilee. Without Jesse’s testimony (enabled by him bearing intimate witness to all of Walt’s crimes), and his idea to go after Walt’s cash (arising from his fundamental understanding of who Walt is), Hank had no case.

    If Jesse hadn’t turned on Walt, Hank wouldn’t have died at To’Hajilee. Hank’s death is on Walt, in many senses. He chose to put out the hit on Jesse, and he called Jack and his gang to the site of Walt’s defeat. But, I think the show gives us good reason to believe that if Jesse hadn’t turned on Walt, Walt never would have turned on Jesse. He never would have wanted him dead. Walt felt that his protectiveness of Jesse redeemed him, and it was the final line he wasn’t willing to cross. Until he crossed it.

    If Jesse hadn’t turned on Walt, Nazis couldn’t have run Walt’s empire and cooked his meth without him. Not only did Jesse’s work with Hank bring the Nazis to To’Hajilee where they could find Walt’s money, but without Jesse and without Walt’s permission to use him however they pleased, they didn’t have Heisenberg’s blue meth.

    Only Jesse could have brought Walt down. Jesse was the only one who knew Walt well enough, who had been with him every step of the way. And, with Jesse’s comparable meth cooking skills, he was also the only one who could replace Walt (however unwillingly). And, in terms of moral decay, Jesse was the only one who could push Walt over that final line (by betraying Jesse), and cause him to commit in a final way to his own evil.

    So, Walt’s demise hinges on Jesse turning against him. And this is incredibly fitting for several reasons: it’s fitting for the reason I just gave— Jesse is the one best armed to destroy Walt. And obviously it’s fitting because Jesse is our second protagonist, and is the person who our loyalties shift to as Walt more and more becomes the villain of the show. But it’s also fitting because Jesse is the best judge of Walt’s character. He is the person most intimately involved in Walt’s journey, the person who ends up understanding Walt the best, and the person who Walt hurts the most (I know this last one is debatable, but, come on, Walt really did take everything from him, including Jesse’s relative moral innocence). When Jesse turns on Walt— Jesse, who was repeatedly drawn back in by Walt’s influence and manipulation, who refused to let Gus kill Walt even after Walt belittled and verbally abused him— it can’t be for some small, petty reason. When Jesse finally sees through Walt and realizes he needs to take him down, this is the ultimate condemnation of Walt’s actions.

    It wasn’t just one thing Walt did that brought about his demise, one little misstep (although, his little misstep with the book in the bathroom certainly helped). It was everything he did. Because that’s what turned Jesse against him. Not one mistake, but a year of abuses and lies and manipulations, brought into sudden clarity for Jesse when he realized Walt poisoned Brock. Jesse knows everything that Walt did, because he was right there. He’s even the person most likely to sympathize with Walt, given their shared history. So, he truly understands Walt. When Jesse decides to take Walt down, this is the sum of all Walt’s evil actions converting his closest ally into his most dangerous enemy. Jesse turning against Walt is the ultimate chickens coming home to roost for Walt. Walt’s pursuit of his toxic, sociopathic ideals sowed the seeds of his own destruction, in Jesse. Walt’s own misdeeds destroy him, because along the way, they also destroyed Jesse, and they armed Jesse with the knowledge he needed to take Walt down.

    TLDR: given their shared history, Jesse turning on Walt is the ultimate condemnation of his actions as well as the ultimate example of Walt’s own misdeeds coming back to haunt him, and so it’s fitting that Jesse is the person most responsible for Walt’s demise.

    #breaking bad#brba#walter white#jesse pinkman#jesse#walt #i know this is long a f #apologies #i dont know how to add a cut on tumblr mobile and i am lazy
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  • I’m so disappointed in the internet. I’m a little late to the news, but this is heartbreaking. Jenna Marbles is one of purest and kindest people on the internet who is always quick to correct herself, apologize for any wrong she has done, and be better while making high quality and fun content WITHOUT sponsorships or constantly trying to sell you merch. She has even shed genuine tears and apologized for not giving her own fish the best care in the past when fans brought it to her attention because she seriously cares that much and has that big of a heart. And you really think cancelling this amazing, caring, and open-minded person is the way to go? Jenna inspires me to embrace my true self and always be better. You bored assholes have nothing better to do than bring up videos that have been privated for a good while now that she is STILL willing to apologize for and for what? I really hope this isn’t the end of Jenna’s YouTube career because she is seriously an awesome person who always puts a genuine smile on my face and is just the kindest person, especially on YouTube, that I have ever watched and followed. You can see the hurt in her eyes in this video and it sickens me to see what Cancel Culture has become. Keep watching her videos and keep supporting her as much as possible because she is clearly a great person and is always willing to apologize and be better while making great and fun videos for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Jenna Marbles is a fucking queen and we are blessed to have someone so kind and funny on the internet, especially nowadays! 👑❤️

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  • image

    Decimaared Trollhunter Troll!Me

    #procrastinated on everything to make this #apologies#twistedmashup draws#ttm art #we are the trollhunters #watth#trollhunters #tales of arcadia
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  • Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past, let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

    John F. Kennedy

    #move on#move #keep moving forward #past#mistakes#apologies#apology#sins#problems #let go of negativity #let go quotes #let go and let god #let go today #let go #let go of the past #leave it be #leave it behind #look forward #look to the future #future
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  • Hey, I know it’s been, uh, awhile. Sorry about that. I stopped using Tumblr after the purge happened. Well, I caved and downloaded it recently and am wanting to start roleplaying again. Hmu if you’re interested

    #ooc; talking crows #apologies
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