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  • theyreonlynoodlesmike
    20.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago


    #the timeline of this crush #is insane #the way ive always had a crush on him apparently
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  • marv3l-drag0ns
    20.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago
    #deadpool#anonymous #hes also very funny #my first official comic with him was the Spidey/Deadpool ones which were awesome #Apparently they had a robot kid together or smth???? #anyway Deadpool va zombies is very good
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  • guccifloralsuits
    20.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Okay literary girlies which one of these should I buy for my shelf…..

    #I’d give ANYTHING for them to make this candle with a Mary Oliver Wolf Geese quote…..but in the meantime…help #kinda leaning Tolstoy but damn if that EP quote doesnt trigger old nostalgia #apparently the scents are weak which honestly I’m not mad @ bc this is more for book shelf decorating than burning
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  • tomanpeach
    20.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    alright i’m thinking very specific thoughts about boyfriend benkei tonight

    i’m thinking about handing bottles, jars, etc. over to him to open when the lid’s on too tight bc he’s big n strong!! and there’s not a word exchanged between y’all it’s just a quick exchange, a totally automatic thing after a while, or when he comes up behind you and pulls things down from the top shelf with ease whenever he sees you struggling and when you thank him after he’ll just kiss the top of your head and act like it’s no big deal even though he secretly loves helping you out however he can

    idk this man just loves being ur big n strong bf please let him do it and thank him for being a big strong sweetheart 🥺🥺

    #where is this coming i’m not a benkei fucker??? #am i???????? #thinking domestic thoughts apparently #he’s so good #acts of service love language benkei #tokyo revengers headcanons #benkei headcanons
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  • charlierejouis
    20.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Quick Notes: Chapter 175

    How are we so close to 200 chapters? It feels like Shiki got shot a week ago? Let’s go!

    This cover reminds me. I hope Touran gets her Plue doll. (You either get the reference or you don’t.)

    Let’s not lie to ourselves. Captain Connor deserves all the ire he’s getting from the EZ Crew.

    Rebecca... let’s say, experienced, Universe 1 Connor taking them through a debris field in a fraction of the time it was supposed to. Of course, she trusts his ability.

    We know that Captain Connor is one of the good guys because, despite everything he’s done up to this point, he’s against killing his enemies.

    Sawyer? We wondered where you went after FT ended. It turns out the answer is... another series.

    Are we let Mashima get away with putting Racer in charge of the fast ships?

    If you look carefully, you can notice Connor left the ships spinning as he passed by them.

    I’m not going to pretend to understand what Connor’s doing to the EZ. All I actually understand is compile, which begs an important question: is this programming skill or crazy driving skills?

    I love these little gags of gravity not mattering to Shiki.

    Hey, look! ANOTHER debris field for Connor to flex his skills using.

    It turns out we were lied to about Feather. She does have a different ability to Noah.

    Hey look! Mashima’s lamp shading his own writing. That makes it totally okay! (At least it’s not Cross Ange.)

    Re-watching the series for the dub has me noticing how weirdly important bathing scenes are in this show. Not sure how I’m supposed to recommend this to my friends knowing this.

    See you!

    #quicknotes#edens zero #edens zero spoilers #edens zero chapter 175 #edens zero 175 #time is going forward #new chapter looks good #apparently people thought connor uses eg #turns out he's just good at this #i've had your boy sponge on repeat #for a week now
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  • starkcapaccinos63
    20.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    Yeah okay fine. Maybe I’m crushing on Steve again 🥰

    #steve rogers#captain America#shmaptain shmerica #Tony and I have the same taste in men apparently lmao #I understand the simping now
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  • obi-one-drop
    20.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Watchung LRR videos and got an ad for a movie distributed by The D*ily W*re 🤢

    #today is not a good ad day for me apparently
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  • lonelyheartsmotel
    20.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    ngl i’ve never admitted this but every time i descend a tall flight of stairs in public i expect someone to push me down them from behind like i literaly can’t stop thinking about his when i go down every flight of stairs and i have to hold on to the handrail or i’ll be really scared lol

    #and i didn’t look it up bc i don’t wanna but apparently the violent incident of the day was someone shoving an asian woman in my city #and i was supposed to go out tomorrow to run some errands but now i’m like maybe i’m too much of a fragile delicate little snowflake #to go out ahahahahhaa #🤪
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  • trifoliate-undergrowth
    20.01.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    I hope hell is real just for self righteous Christians who kick out underage or struggling family members for being queer

    I want them to experience one iota of the terror those kids feel and maybe for once have the thought "would Jesus actually want me to be a huge fucking dick or am I adding that part myself bc I want to feel powerful and I feel that this person offends ME"

    I just think hell should be real but only for shitty religious people and that they should send themselves there voluntarily when you tell them it's the place they deserve to be after all they've done in God's name "hey why are there pitchforks" "idk why do you think the God of love and forgiveness wanted your teenager to be homeless when he's given you such wealth"

    #woke up from a nap to a text from a somewhat new fellow transmasc friend having been apparently kicked out of a SECOND relatives house #this has happened TWICE they fled their parents and an aunt was like of course you can stay with me! wait you're trans? nah actually scram #i hate it i hate it #personal (ok to rb) #vent#apostasy tag#transphobia mention
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  • halogaland
    20.01.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    while it feels like the “standard” housing goals of most people is to have a place for themselves and maybe a partner and children, i kinda, no longer feel that?

    like, my ideal living situation is to live in a house with a living room or two, a large kitchen, and a bunch of bedrooms

    my experience with living alone for so long has made me want to have roommates

    #apparently having roommates is hell so i may just be mentally ill but whatever
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  • watermelinoe
    20.01.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    impossible for me to be ovulating yet i'm weirdly missing the piece of shit who semi-took my virginity in college

    #idk ladies lol #specifically i miss spending the night in his bed #not having my cat to snuggle me at night makes me fucking insane apparently #i didn't even have this blog way back then so i don't think i ever detailed just how much of a piece of shit he was but trust me #this is a low for me
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  • fiona-fififi
    20.01.2022 - 50 minutes ago


    #just rewatched 5x10 again and chris's worry for eddie hits me so. hard. #and like i know that's true for everyone #but it brings up so many memories for me #because my dad's dream since he was little was to be a firefighter and where we live we have volunteer fire companies #so he decided he was going to become a firefighter when i was around 10/11 years old #and when he told me i was so. scared. #i was absolutely convinced he was going to die and i sobbed for hours #my parents told me over a campfire while we were camping at a local(ish) theme park and they thought i would be excited #but i was just terrified and inconsolable and i accidentally scared my poor little sister too #and that was before he had ever even started the job or the training #i just heard 'dad is going to walk into fire' and my mind went 'he's going to die' #(and in retrospect i apparently had some pretty extreme anxiety as a kid that i didn't recognize until much later in life 🙃) #but that is to this day the most vivid memory of my entire life #and so my heart breaks so deep for christopher because he's almost lost eddie for real not just in theory #and he's already lost one parent #and i still don't think that eddie's making the right choice in the long run but i do understand christopher's fears in a very personal way #and i do think that taking some time away from the job and working to heal together is very important for both of them at this point #and i don't know why i'm making this post it just hit me really hard after rewatching today
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  • tinselsamberg
    20.01.2022 - 50 minutes ago
    #/./apparently i missed most of that starter lmfao #so then so did andy
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  • let-them-eat-cheesecake
    20.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    The very first patient in the door this morning, bright and early at 6:58am, was an older gentleman who came in for an appointment that had been canceled (the provider is out for the week), despite that he was called numerous times and he's apparently notorious for not being able to get a hold of and no voicemail set up. Grown-ass grandpa, he threw a fit after I invited him to go talk to the scheduler, he swung the door open very abruptly, loudly said "God damn it" and stormed on back there, and came back up just as quick and left.

    He was dismissed as a patient after that.

    #apparently that's just how he is #he was pleasant when i first greeted him #then flipped a switch at the drop of a hat #apparently all sorts of providers and specialists have made note that nobody can get a hold of him #i told the scheduler about his little outburst and she told the doctor and the decision was made to dismiss him #the scheduler apologized profusely #as did one of the nurses #i'm very happy that the doctors and nurses consider the perspectives/experiences of those of us up front #because a lot of the time the patients will lose their shit on us #and be calm and collected by the time they go back #despite that we're 'only' front desk workers they listen to us #i've had worse interactions but it was not a great start to the day #journal
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  • theepitomeofamess
    20.01.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    so tiktok kept tellin me i was autistic and i was remembering weird shit i used to do so i decided to self test (after getting inconclusive results for other conditions, adhd, ocd, etc) and the results were pretty damn conclusive..... 38/50 on the AQ (twice), 157 on the RAADS-R, and 135 on the CAT-Q.

    so while i come to terms with this, here's some thoughts i had while taking the RAADS-R because my brain was having a field day (unclear if pos or neg)

    food texture question, thinking back to how i used to eat pizza (catalyst for all this testing, it was weird) and thought "IS THIS WHY I CAN'T DRINK SODA?????"

    question about liking to talk about only certain things: "i don't like to talk in general, but also nobody shares my interests and i know that they would just be bored and want me to stop, so..... how do i know?"

    how clothes feel is more important than how they look "bro if it squeezes me wrong or has a bad texture or makes me aware of my body because i can feel it i'm not gonna wear it, that's normal"

    "okay, test, mirroring people is a gemini thing and it helps me seem likable to people so i'm gonna say yes but it's a gemini thing"

    (literally 2 questions later) i have to act normal to please other people & make them like me "FUCK YOU I SAID IT'S A GEMINI THING"

    about never wanting or needing an 'intimate relationship': "i'm ace fuck you"

    about a single question: "this is 2 different questions with 2 different answers that you smushed into one and i don't like it." (this happened multiple times)


    i don't like being hugged or held: "bro it depends on the day stop making me choose between not liking contact and being touch starved

    in conclusion: I am Angry :]

    #asd#aq#raasd-r#autism self-test#my thoughts#so apparently #i probably need to take this to a doctor #but i'm broke so #instead#funny thoughts#i am#irrationally angry #like i should be glad some of this feels explained #but like #at the same time #i am 22 years old #i had other reasons for some of these things #i was comfortable #and now#i just #time to overthink if i actually answered truthfully or if i faked it subconsciously #because that's what my brain does
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  • chasing-starlights
    20.01.2022 - 55 minutes ago
    #apparently yes ahsksjdkdjdl
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  • duncebento
    20.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago
    #shes 29 n shinji is 14 apparently.
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  • worksby-d
    20.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    -20 degrees and my heated blanket is starting to go to shit 🥲 no one talk to me im going through it 🔪🔫

    #it's me and my heated blanket against the world #but APPARENTLY not ANYMORE #need a muscly man to steal body heat from now 😣😣 #imagine if the heat in my apartment just worked jsjsk #can't imagine#dest speaks
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  • kisefishplz
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Oh we’re


    #apparently I have to replace the screen #I was in the middle of a good fic too #*softly and with a lot of feeling* #fuck
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  • softimaginescity
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    TikTok is just so insistent on showing me like curvy ladies talking about being in happy relationships with their guys who love their body type like... "When he hugs you from behind and grabs your fupa" or "when he gives your love handles a little pinch" I also so saw one about like "Why do you keep pulling on your dress? You look cute with a little tummy" and y'all...

    Imagine this but like reverse and with the doc 👁️

    Like, giving his tummy roll a little playful pinch when you walk past, or if you're out and about and he's pulling on his sweater bc it's hugging his stomach too much for his taste, and you're like "Aw leave it alone, you look fine to me 🥺"


    #not to get freaky but uuuuuh #imagine he gets a little turn on when you pinch or grab his love handles/tummy 👁️😭 #idk i always imagine that wouldn't be too unbelievable especially since hes like soooo touch starved #if the comics are anything to go by apparently he gets excited enough to blush just by having his hand held soooo #hmmmmm thots #doc ock x reader #marvel hcs #dad bods 😌💖
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