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    I got it! And it was a good price.

    The store didn’t have eggs or toilet paper, but they had this!

    It’s delicious!

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    Winter Quarter 2020 equaled ten weeks of a second chance. I feel like students on academic probation rarely speak out about their experiences. Difficult - the best word to describe telling your parents you’re receiving almost straight A’s when in reality you only have one A+ secured, but you know it’s the best you can do! I fought hard this quarter although another part of me knows I can fight even harder and even smarter! The photo above is just before I went into a major energy crash. RIP the me that had to push through finals, but that apple cider I got from the local farmer’s market was absolutely refreshing! COVID-19 is forcing us to have Spring Quarter online which scares me A LOT, but I have a week to clear my mind and space. My workload for next quarter is tear-worthy, but I feel like I got this!

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    omg. This looks good.

    I did not get it. But I thought really hard about it.

    Feel free to send me fat checks so I can afford slurge cider purchases.

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  • Part 1, 2 : 

    Make hot cider with cinnamon stick

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  • (apple cider)

    Your mother hands you a glass of hot apple cider, and you take it with trembling hands. The trees are coated in a thick layer of snow, muffling the noise until the clearing descends into silence. She tells you not to go on the ice. She tells you she’ll be back in a moment.

    She told you not to go on the ice but you want to go on the ice, because you want to feel the frozen ground sliding under your feet, you want to feel like you’re flying as you cruise above it, you want to listen to your mother because your mother always knows best but you don’t want to listen to your mother. You want to take the skeleton of your life and rearrange it into adventure, like the ones of characters in television shows your mother makes you turn off at seven.

    So you step on the ice. You step and the ice creaks like the monsters you’ve dreamed of, light footsteps across the floorboards of the attic above you. You keep walking, and you want to turn around to show your mother you want to show her you can walk on water and you yell. She turns back around and there’s this emotion that sweeps across her, this emotion that drains the color from the shell of her face. She takes a step towards you but you don’t notice, because you’re twirling on the ice, twirling and twirling alone. The world swirls around you and bends itself to your imagination, you spin and spin until you lose your balance and crash into the ice, and it breaks into a thousand beautiful shards. 

    The cold hits you first, and it burns. It burns through your bones and grasps your lungs in its hands, it whispers frost into your breath and freezes your veins, it rips away every memory of warmth you’ve ever had while the styrofoam cup, the one that once held burn-your-tongue apple cider, floats away from your fingertips. 

    You want to scream but the cold water clutches your throat, it burns and it burns and it burns. 

    Your mother isn’t there to read you stories while the heater rattles on, your mother isn’t there to tuck you in under your blanket.

    It’s just you in the cold, you who’s drifting endlessly through ribbons of water, you who has grown silent, your lungs that are gasping and sputtering for air, your teeth that chatter, your eyes that are shut and cold.

    An arm grasps at your side, and you’re moving again, you’re drifting towards the surface and the air hits you like a dozen sharpened knives. 

    You cough and you sputter as you’re dragged out onto the grass, your lips blue and eyelashes flecked with ice -

    But maybe you’re dreaming. Maybe you’re drifting, drifting away from the surface, breathing in the water that you should have never fallen into. 

    Somewhere in the distance, a mother cries. 

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  • Got a friend on facebook claiming apple cider vinegar will cure or prevent covid19/SARS-2.

    And I am sad for humanity that someone thinks this is a thing that they are recommending to people. Might as well say drink essential oils.

    #ooc#mun talk#covid 19 #apple cider vinegar is not medicine.
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  • Slow cooker apple cider pulled pork

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