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    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Greg is LYING. Indeed, he's been REDUCING LGBT representation.

    Fuck it Greg, that's not enough representation for me.

    Oh, how I would love to have a DC Comics series with more LGBT representation. Wait! There's one!!


    Lesbian mothers

    Women flirting

    Gay lovers

    Astonishing Drag Queen

    Genderfluid street

    Pride karaoke

    Open mind Robot ally

    Dead Gay Detectives

    And whatever the fuck is this

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    19.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Superman Son of Kal El

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    A Siren's Call: Alpha Male

    Mount Justice

    September 23, 06:30 EDT

    Siren was on a mission. Not a literal one though.

    The moment she entered the Cave, she briefly acknowledged her other teammates before she made a beeline over to Aqualad, who was standing a considerable distance away from the others.

    "Have you talked to him yet?" she asked, foregoing a greeting as she crossed her arms.

    "He has not arrived, but I had already requested to speak with him once he had."

    Siren huffed impatiently. All night long, she had thought about Red Tornado's betrayal. "Do you think last night and our encounter with Sportmaster have a connection?"

    Aqualad sighed, looking away. "I cannot be sure which is why I want to discuss it with Batman. I had been ready to do so yesterday, before the attack."

    Batman had arrived without Siren realizing it, seeming to suddenly by their sides from one blink to the next. She could see where Robin got it from.

    "You wanted to speak with me?" he asked, looking between Siren and Aqualad, taking note of their serious expressions.

    Siren turned to fully face him. "As you know, two weeks ago, Red Arrow enlisted the two of us to help defend the peace summit between North and South Rhelasia against the League of Shadows." Batman's eyes narrowed at both the mention of the group of assassins and the reminder, wondering what it had in correlation with the night before.

    "It was during the mission that Sportsmaster revealed the possibility of a mole on the team," Aqualad continued.

    Siren's frown deepened. "He knew about the mission in Bialya, so who knows what other intel he has. Secret identities, the League database, all of it could be in their hands without us even knowing."

    "In light of last night's attack, Red Tornado would appear to be the traitor. But whether he betrayed us willingly or was pre-programmed is still-"

    "You knew?!"

    A loud, angry voice cut off Aqualad. The three of them turned toward the source and Siren had just enough time to quickly step out of the way before Superboy grabbed Aqualad. The force of Superboy's lunge knocked Aqualad back with a grunt.

    "Conner, stop!" Siren had rushed to Aqualad's side, reaching out to press against Superboy's chest and try to prevent him from shoving their leader any further.

    "That android and his family nearly killed M'Gann!" he snapped, glaring right at Siren but she didn't back down, meeting him with a similar look.

    By then, Miss Martian was flying over. "Conner, what are you doing?"

    "Kaldur and Jenna knew we had a traitor among us and said nothing!" Superboy snarled, fists tightening their hold on Aqualad's straps.

    "You knew?!"

    "And didn't tell us?"

    Siren looked over to Robin's and Kid Flash's betrayed expressions. They, along with Artemis, had hurried over once Superboy attacked Aqualad.

    "It's more than that," Siren tried to explain.

    Aqualad looked directly at Superboy. "I only sought to protect the team from-"

    "From what?" Artemis snapped. "Knowledge that might have saved our lives?"

    Superboy turned to look at Miss Martian. "You almost died!" She had yet to say anything in retaliation to Aqualad and Siren but looked upset when Superboy addressed her.


    The stern voice of Batman snapped everyone out of their argument. Superboy released Aqualad when the Dark Knight narrowed his eyes in a silent warning.

    Batman continued. "With Red Tornado…missing, the team will now be overseen by rotating supervisors. Captain Marvel has volunteered to take the first shift."

    The man in question stood by Batman, a small, almost eager, grin on his face. "I'm really looking forward to hanging with you guys."

    Superboy clearly had other things on his mind. He turned to snarl at Aqualad over Siren's head. "After I dismantle Red Tornado, you and I are gonna-"

    Batman wasn't having any of it, drawing closer to the clone. "Red Tornado is a member of the Justice League. That makes him a League responsibility. You will leave him to us." He turned slightly as a screen appeared by his head. One of a newspaper article titled Gorilla Trades Bananas for Bullets. "I have another assignment for this team."

    "Gotham Mayor Attacked by Guerilla Gorilla?" Kid Flash read the other article headline, sounding skeptical.

    "Batman, please. Tell me you're not sending us on this joke of a wild ape chase," Robin begged.

    "I never joke about the mission." Batman's sharp tone made Robin look away shamefully. "I've checked the sources. I've studied the patterns. Mayor Hills' encounter is only the latest in a series of incidents."

    Batman looked to the team leader at his side. "Aqualad, you and your team will depart for India and check this out," he said to which Aqualad only nodded.

    The rest of the team were already dispersing to board the Bioship and only Aqualad and Siren remained where they stood. Kid Flash walked directly past them, huffing as he shot Aqualad a look.

    "Your team," he mocked, continuing to walk away.

    The two eldest members only watched as their teammates left them behind.

    "We're in for a long day," Siren sighed, glancing back at Aqualad while she walked away.

    She entered the hangar to see Captain Marvel had joined the group. Her eyebrow lifted in annoyance. Great, now we have a babysitter. She liked the man and all from what few interactions she'd had with him, but was it really necessary?

    "You're coming with?" she could hear Robin ask.

    "Sure! We'll have a blast." The man had an easygoing grin on his face as he entered the Bioship.

    "Translation: he blames us for 'Red Fiasco'," Robin muttered to Kid Flash. "He doesn't trust us."

    Kid noticed Siren approaching with Aqualad close behind and scowled. "It's a big club," he said sarcastically before turning away with Robin to board.

    Siren and Aqualad exchange a long look before they finally step onto the ship. A very long day indeed.


    Northern India

    September 23, 21:36 IST

    The flight was beyond excruciating. Tension within the ship was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. The team had wanted nothing to do with Aqualad and Siren, leaving the two of them plus Captain Marvel to one side of the ship.

    Siren could have cried tears of joy when they made it to India. Being stuck in the Bioship with all of their moods was going to drive her up the wall. At least they had the mission to focus on and could maybe avoid the conversation that was a long time coming.

    Robin and Artemis dropped out of the Bioship first to check their immediate surroundings as the ship lowered to the ground and opened up to let the rest out. Once everyone had stepped out, Robin and Artemis returned.

    "All clear," Robin confirmed.

    "Switch to stealth," Aqualad commanded, taking the lead by changing his own suit colors. Siren and Miss Martian didn't hesitate once the words left his mouth. "And we will review mission parameters," he added.

    "Parameters?" Kid Flash questioned, but changing to stealth anyway. "We don't need no stinkin' parameters."

    Apparently, Robin had the same thought. "It's recon. We know what to do."

    Then I won't say I told you so when you inevitably get caught because the two of you are acting petty and can't focus. Siren knew better than to say that out loud though.

    Kid and Robin turned away to take off into the jungle, but Aqualad tried to stop them.

    "Kid, Robin…"

    Robin immediately rounded back on them. "The four of us started this team because the Justice League was keeping secrets from us," he snapped.

    "Or did you two forget that like you 'forgot' to tell us about the mole?" Kid's voice dripped with sarcasm as he pulled down his goggles.

    Then they were gone. Siren ground her teeth, shoving her hands in the pockets of her jacket. Perfect, just perfect. She knew they would react this way. She would have been more surprised if they hadn't.

    Siren then took a breath to steady herself. No need in getting worked up. She knew emotions were just running high after the disaster from the night before.

    Superboy suddenly grabbed Miss Martian's arm. "Come on. I'll keep you safe."

    Miss Martian ripped her arm from his grasp, shooting him a steely glare. Siren suspected that she was berating him through a telepathic link from the way the pause drew out as the Martian crossed her arms and looked away.

    "I just wanna protect you," Superboy said feebly, confused but unhappy that he upset his girlfriend.

    "Like Aqualad protected us?" Artemis snapped, approaching the secret couple. "I'm not sure your protection or your patronizing is good for our health." She jabbed him with the edge of her bow for emphasis as they glared at each other.

    The two girls started walking away and Artemis grabbed Siren's shoulder as if planning to drag her along. Siren held her ground and instead smacked her friend's hand away.

    "Look, I get why you're mad, but if all of you are going to act like children rather than let us explain, I'm not going anywhere with you," she said firmly, staring Artemis down.

    Artemis scowled, rolling her eyes. "Fine. Have it your way." She stormed off, Miss Martian following.

    Superboy turned on Aqualad angrily once they were gone. "Why didn't you stop them? You're supposed to be in charge," he admonished.

    "I am-" Aqualad trailed off when Superboy just held a hand up to stop him, turning away to leap into the jungle.

    The silence stretched out until Captain Marvel spoke up. "Um, did I miss the part where you actually said what the plan was?"

    Aqualad let out a long sigh that resonated within Siren's bones. She looked up from her shoes, meeting Aqualad's eyes, hoping that her expression conveyed support.

    "Should we scope out the area? See what we can find?" Siren softly suggested, choosing to walk on a visible path. She led, allowing the team leader to follow in silence.

    Not much was said as they, along with Captain Marvel, made their way through the dense jungle. Aqualad had moved slightly ahead of Siren, leaving her to risk glances over at him every couple of minutes. He was unfocused, only paying enough attention to stay on the trail.

    Not that she could blame him. She never wanted to hurt her friends, she just wanted to keep them safe. That's all she ever wanted to do. But in doing so, she had betrayed their trust. Was it even worth it in the end?

    "Guess this is where Mayor Hill's…monkey business went down," Captain Marvel speaking up made Siren blink, leaving her heavy thoughts behind for the moment.

    She hadn't realized that they were standing over footprints. Human and…not so human. Siren knelt down, holding up one of the several bullet casings that scattered the ground.

    "So at least we've confirmed his story, right?" Captain Marvel questioned, but received no response. "Aqualad?"

    Siren looked up at her teammate who had been staring off in the distance, lost in thought just as she had been. She picked up another casing before she stood, deciding to pocket them for examination later. And just in case KF needed a souvenir. She still wanted to make him…them happy.

    Aqualad finally turned around, looking apologetic. "My apologies, Captain. I am…plagued by doubts," he admitted, looking away, troubled. "Perhaps I was wrong to withhold." He made eye contact with Siren when he said that, making her frown. She stepped forward, about to assure him when a rustling in the trees caught their attention.

    Siren stepped away, eyes scanning the edge of the small open field they stood in. There was a rumbling that steadily grew closer until she recognized it to be footsteps. Heavy footsteps. A trumpeting broke the silence as an elephant barged through the trees.

    But it was no ordinary elephant. Bone spikes embedded cracked skin that exposed thick muscle underneath. Large, deformed tusks extended out from its face. And the monstrosity was heading straight for them.

    Captain Marvel acted fast, flying straight toward the monster, the force of his push sending the elephant back several feet. But he was only temporarily successful as the elephant grabbed the Captain with its trunk, flinging him into the trees.

    More rumbling tore Siren's attention away from where Captain Marvel had fallen to look behind Aqualad as yet another elephant made its entrance. Siren and Aqualad split, both jumping out from under the beast's foot before it crashed down.

    "Something feels a bit too familiar about these things," Siren said, noting how similar the elephants' appearances were to those affected by Kobra-Venom. No way that it was a coincidence.

    As Siren circled around, she caught a glimpse of Aqualad being knocked to the ground. She flinched as the thud of one of the elephants' feet suddenly felt extremely close to where she stood. Whirling around, she had just enough time to shield her face with her arms before a trunk slammed into her, sending her flying high up in the air with a frightened yell.

    Her body arched when gravity took hold, quickly dragging her back down. Oh god, oh god, oh god.

    Siren braced herself as best as she could, preparing to come out of the situation with a concussion or even some broken bones.

    But her fears were quelled when she felt something soft and fluid wrap itself around her waist and sharply tug. Siren had no control of her movements as whatever had latched onto her jerked her into another direction. It released just in time for her to come to a very abrupt stop against something solid and warm.

    Groaning from the whiplash, Siren opened her eyes, blinking up at the still rampaging elephants as one similarly smacked Captain Marvel away. However, its raised trunk finally allowed Siren to notice something from where she sat.

    "Do you see what I see?" she asked, finally looking over her shoulder at Aqualad who hadn't moved from his position after catching her. His hands remained firm around her waist as he eyed the very thing Siren noticed. He nodded at her question, releasing her before he pulled out his water bearers again.

    Weaving through the monster's legs as it attempted to attack him with its feet and trunk, Aqualad took advantage of the opening and leaped into the air, wrapping a tendril of water around the collar around the elephant's neck, a collar extremely similar to those used at Belle Reve Penitentiary. With his full strength, he pulled, breaking the collar off and sending it flying off to the side, over Siren's head.

    Aqualad dropped back down to crouch beside Siren and the two heroes watched the animal as it paused upon the collar being removed. It stared at them, blinking before it peacefully shuffled back into the jungle. Siren let out a sigh of relief, holding a hand over her heart while she steadied her breathing.

    Aqualad turned around to where Captain Marvel was still facing down the second elephant and cupped his hands around his mouth. "Remove the collar!"

    "On it!" The Captain dodged the animal's trunk as it reared back on two legs, circling around to punch through the collar. It broke off, falling to the ground just before it was crushed underfoot by the elephant. Calm settled over the field as it, too, silently left, no longer interested in fighting.

    Siren finally stood, looking out over the field warily. Knowing what was out there, she was worried about what else might turn up. She only hoped the rest of the team hadn't dealt with the same fate.

    Movement in Siren's peripheral turned her attention to Captain Marvel landing beside her and Aqualad. "Pretty sweet the way you figured out the problem was the collars," he praised.

    But Aqualad was still troubled, however for different reasons than before. "But the collars indicate an intelligence behind this attack. The rest of the team may be at risk." He pressed on the comm in his ear. "Team, report status."

    Siren flinched at the high-pitched feedback that rang in her and Aqualad's ears. "Ow," she said with a flat tone, scowling.

    "Comm is jammed," Aqualad sighed. "And Miss Martian failed to establish a telepathic link before we split up."

    "Actually," Captain Marvel interrupted, "you let everyone split up before communications were set."

    Aqualad was defensive. "They would not listen!"

    Siren crossed her arms, still annoyed at her teammates. "Not to mention they were pouting," she grumbled under her breath, looking away.

    "I guess," Captain said with a smirk. "But back at the Cave, Batman stopped everyone from fighting with just one word."

    "Because Batman is…Batman." So eloquently put, Kaldur.

    Captain Marvel chuckled. "Hey, you don't have to tell me. When I first joined the League, all he did was boss me around. And it's hard not to take it personally," he joked before his tone turned more serious. "But I never disobeyed an order and that's probably what kept me alive."

    Aqualad mulled over his words. "Batman takes command. He has to, for the good of the League." He gave Captain Marvel an appreciative smile. "Thank you for helping me understand."

    "Hey, Wisdom of Solomon," the Captain said, in a half-joking manner, pointing to his head.

    Siren laid a hand on Aqualad's shoulder. "You're a great leader. Trust me, they think so too, even if they're refusing to admit it right now," she mused, shrugging as she let her hand fall to her side.

    Aqualad had a ghost of a smile on his lips before he suddenly stepped away, something distracting him. "Yes, Miss Martian, report."

    Siren stared at his turned back, missing when Captain Marvel's attention was drawn elsewhere too. "Cool, the tiger! I'll be right back!" the man called out.

    "Captain, wait!" Aqualad's plea was useless as the hero had already flown off. He gave a deadpan look, slightly rolling his eyes. "Hey, Speed of Mercury," he mocked, making Siren openly laugh.

    But it was time to go back to business.

    "Link established."

    Siren felt the telltale sign of a mental connection form once she heard Miss Martian's voice in her head. She sighed, bracing herself for the inevitable argument as she followed Aqualad back through the jungle, in the direction of where Captain Marvel had wandered off to.

    "Should he really still be giving us orders, and should you really be following them?" Artemis questioned.

    "Listen, please."

    Aqualad's attempts were once again futile as Kid Flash interrupted. "Oh good, Aqualad's voice in my head. I've so missed that."

    Robin decided to speak up as well. "Hey, Kaldur, Jenna! KF and I were attacked by giant vultures. 'Course, since we're moles, you probably think we attacked ourselves."

    Siren couldn't help the sudden stabbing feeling to her chest. Guilt. But she couldn't deny his claims because it would only cause strife with the newer team members.

    "If they did, they wouldn't tell you," Artemis huffed.

    "Superboy, are you online or just pouting?" Miss M asked when their seventh member had yet to say anything.

    "Busy. Call back later." That was all they got before he went silent again.

    Aqualad and Siren broke through a line of foliage, into a small clearing. It was obvious that there had been some kind of trap sprung, judging by pylons extended from the ground and the sign of something being drug away in the dirt.

    "What gets me is how nonchalant they are about not telling us," KF griped.

    "They should be chalant. Way chalant. Extremely chalant!" Robin agreed.

    If it was any other day, Siren might have ribbed him about the word he butchered. Aqualad, however, was barely listening to the conversation as he examined the tracks and where they led out to.

    "How are we supposed to be a team if they don't trust us with their secrets?" Artemis asked.

    "Or if Conner doesn't expect us to take care of ourselves?" Miss Martian added, clearly still miffed about her boyfriend's actions.

    Siren moved beside Aqualad, looking down at the ground where similar tracks from before were visible. Gorilla tracks to be precise. The tracks, the pylons, and the fact that Captain Marvel was nowhere to be seen had Siren's brow wrinkle with worry.

    "Did they really think you or I could've been the mole?" KF asked Robin through the link, clearly wanting their two friends to hear on purpose.

    "We've known each other for years!"

    "Trust is a two-way street!" Artemis piped up, not happy with what Robin said as he unintentionally, or intentionally, jabbed at the teammates who hadn't been their friends for all that long.

    "And you'd know they'd hate it if we kept secrets from them!" M'gann snapped.

    "Not that we'd ever do that. Never."

    Siren ignored Artemis' blatant lie as she brought her hand up to her forehead, the arguing starting to give her a headache and make it harder to focus on the task at hand.


    Siren dropped her hand, eyebrows raised slightly as Aqualad's sharp tone. It seemed he was taking Captain Marvel's advice. He gripped one of the pylons, muscles tensing as he tore it off its base, making Siren's eyes widen even further. Something unknown stirred in her stomach and she couldn't figure out why.

    "Captain Marvel has been captured. And we must act as a team to save him," Aqualad said, taking full command.

    Kid made a sound that filtered through the link. "Under your leadership?" he asked, making Siren's eyes narrow in response. "I don't think s-"

    "Alright, I've had it!"

    The link went dead silent when Siren finally spoke up for the first time since they were connected.

    "Like it or not, we willingly decided to make Aqualad our leader," she snapped though she looked straight at him with a calm expression. "And as of right now, he is still just that. So try to have a little more respect and let's keep our heads in the game until the mission is complete. Then we can continue to hash this out if you're all so determined to."

    Aqualad lightly shook his head at her. "There will be no need," he said, resigned. "When this mission is over, if you wish to select a new leader, I will happily step down." Siren's jaw dropped in surprise. "But until that time, I am in command here."

    Aqualad threw down the pylon with a grunt, heading off in the direction of the long tracks. No one dared to speak so the link fell silent.

    "Did you really mean that?" Siren asked softly, trailing after her teammate.

    "This team will not benefit from a strained relationship with their team leader," Aqualad pointed out. "It would not do well to have similar arguments on every mission."

    Siren's brows furrowed as she looked away, unhappy. "Who would even be able to lead the team after this?" she asked herself with a sigh.

    "I was hoping you would."

    Those words made Siren's head snap back to find Aqualad was already watching her. She couldn't help but scoff as she looked at him with wide eyes. "You do realize they're just as upset with me as they are with you, right?" she grumbled. "Why do you think I'd be a good choice as the leader anyway?"

    Siren came to a stop when she noticed Aqualad was no longer walking. "You are more capable than you realize. You have been able to take command when needed," he began, "you are a very skilled fighter and you know how to use your resources, you are intelligent and tactical. And most importantly, you care deeply for the well-being of every member of this team."

    Siren's cheeks bloomed red, flattered at Aqualad's words. She shyly looked away as she shoved her hands into her pockets, not used to such praise. Forcing the blush down, she cleared her throat before looking back up at him.

    "Thank you," she said, truly meaning it. Her smile slightly faded. "But I mean what I said earlier. When it comes down to it, you're the leader we need."

    He simply looked at her sincere expression, seeming to still be conflicted.

    "Rendezvous on our coordinates and we will come up with a strategy for rescuing Captain Marvel." Instead of responding to Siren, his thoughts went out through the mental link.

    The others had yet to say another word. Whether that meant their teammates were talking behind their backs outside the link, or just that they didn't have anything worth saying after being berated was to be determined.


    Siren crept closer to the edge of the slope that overlooked a compound. The tracks discovered by Aqualad and Siren had led the whole way.

    Upon joining the others, they managed to push their bitterness aside and work together to create a plan. Superboy had yet to arrive, but he had confirmed that he would be on his way, so they conversed through the telepathic link to keep him informed.

    Their plan was set, they just had to get inside.

    The whole area was clear around the compound, not including the pylons surrounding it, making things feel suspicious. Siren doubted they could just waltz right in. Because it was never that easy.

    "I'll fly over," Miss Martian offered, seeing as it appeared to be safe.

    "Negatory," Kid said sharply, looking out over the compound with his goggles down. "The shield extends like a dome over the whole compound."

    "Pylons are insulated," Robin remarked, reading his computer. "But one good shock could cause a momentary gap."

    "I see a target." Artemis had her bow drawn, ready to fire.

    "Then be ready to hit it. Be ready, all of you," Aqualad said, leaving Siren's side. From the corner of her eye, Siren noticed as Robin and Kid shared a small look.

    Aqualad ran up to the pylons, his tattoos glowing as electricity ran through his hands and impacted the invisible barrier.

    The silence drew out for only a moment.


    At Kid Flash's command, Artemis let the arrow fly, directly between Aqualad's hands, and hit a large, red button attached to the wall of the compound.

    The panel beeped and Aqualad's magic faded once the barrier was gone. When he signaled, the team left their positions to join him.

    Things spurred into motion after Siren drew near her teammates. One moment it was silent, the next, a loud screech pierced the air. Siren jolted, eyes darting around until they landed on a howler monkey perched on top of the compound. Then came several others.

    Siren didn't have time to see the outcome as one of the monkeys had set its sights on her, the weight of it knocking her to the ground.

    Siren grunted as she grabbed its arms, trying to keep it from getting close enough to bite her. They wrestled for a few moments before a blur zipped by, knocking the monkey off her.

    Siren paused, looking at Kid Flash's hand that was extended out to her. After some deliberation, she accepted it, allowing him to pull her to her feet.

    "Thanks," Siren mumbled.

    "Remove their collars!"

    Aqualad's interruption made them break eye contact. Siren's eyes flickered to the side, seeing the monkey that tackled her and its friends race toward them again.

    Reaching into the inner pocket of her jacket, she grabbed two throwing knives that sat waiting. After the attack at the Cave, she didn't want to be caught dead without backup weapons ever again. Besides, she was still healing and didn't want to use her power until she was one hundred percent certain she was better.

    Siren swung her arm out, letting the knives fly in an arc. Her precision was on point, no pun intended, slicing clean through the collars of two monkeys.

    KF handled the other two, his speed giving him a one-up to break off the collars before they even knew it.

    The poor creatures' minds cleared as they stared at the teenagers with confusion before running back into the jungle.

    The sound of a door opening drew the two heroes' attention. Exiting the compound was a large gorilla wearing a beret and holding a machine gun.

    "What the-"

    The gorilla sniffed before reaching behind itself and grabbing something invisible. Siren already knew it was Miss Martian before her body de-camouflaged.


    "Already on it!"

    The speedster zipped forward as the gorilla reached out to grab their unconscious teammate. "Get your paws off her, you darn dirty ape!" He went to shoulder-check the beast, but at the last second, it turned, making KF bounce off his chest. Siren ran forward, catching him as he slid across the ground to keep him from going any further.

    She noticed Miss Martian come to, quickly taking advantage of the gorilla being distracted. Miss Martian levitated the gorilla before it had a chance to realize what was happening, and threw it into the side of the compound, making the wall crumble.

    Damn, M'Gann.

    The rest of the team hurried to the opening, finding an operating room where Captain Marvel was laying, unmoving but conscious, on a table. Near the hole in the wall, Siren saw whom she recognized to be the Brain, a mad scientist that no longer had his body and instead was just a brain inside machinery to keep him alive.

    "It's the Brain!" Kid Flash exclaimed, recognizing him as well.

    "Ugh, I see it's a brain," Artemis retorted, disturbed by the sight in front of her.

    KF shot her a look over his shoulder. "Not a brain, the Brain!" As if that would make things so much clearer.

    "In the flesh, so to speak," the tin-can villain said. "Mallah."

    Suddenly a set of pylons sprung up from the floor, surrounding the team. Before she could react, Siren was paralyzed, dropping heavily to the ground. If Artemis' leg hadn't been in the way, no doubt Siren would have smacked her head upon falling.

    "Miss Martian, Superboy, now."

    At Aqualad's command, the remote in the gorilla's hand flew out, hovering over Miss Martian as the button was pressed again to release the team from the trap. At the same time, another wall broke apart, revealing Superboy all scratched and beat up with a new friend by his side. Without a word, the wolf charged at Mallah, snarling.

    It set off a chain reaction. The goal was to take down the big guy with the mini-gun first.

    When the wolf pushed the gorilla back down, Kid Flash ran up, knocking it back before dodging the bullets. Siren was upon it in an instant, punching it in the face with brass knuckles to distract it long enough for Robin to swing in, kicking Mallah in the jaw. They split, giving room for Miss Martian to lift the gorilla and drop it back into the floor, but the bullets prevented from her doing any more damage.

    Superboy came to her aid, attempting to land a hit on the gorilla, but it was able to quickly and easily dodge, firing at Superboy instead. Luckily, his invulnerability was able to prevent any real damage, only knocking the Kryptonian back beside his wolf friend.

    Siren sprinted forward, jamming one of her knives into the pack on Mallah's back as she jumped past. It tore through a layer of the pack, but it was Artemis' explosive arrow that started making it smoke. Once Robin threw some of his disks the same time Artemis fired another arrow, the pack fully exploded, falling off the gorilla's back along with the gun.

    Siren adjusted her brass knuckles as she and her teammates surrounded the gorilla while Aqualad freed Captain Marvel. Soon, with Superboy covering the hole in the wall, Mallah and the Brain had nowhere to go without a fight. The gorilla growled threateningly.

    "Try it," Superboy challenged. "I hate monkeys."

    "No, Mallah, this will not be our Waterloo," the Brain decided. Compartments started opening up around his 'body', charging up. "Au revoir, mes amis."

    "Get down!" KF called out.

    Siren backed away, holding her arm out to shield Miss Martian. She braced herself for anything that might transpire.

    But then the lights went out.

    Once they were back on, the Brain and Mallah were gone, leaving the team and Captain Marvel behind.

    Kid Flash straightened up, looking confused. "Wait. That big weapon thing was…a light switch?"

    Siren tsked. "Cowards," she muttered.

    Since the mission was technically over, Siren was least excited for the next part.


    Siren stood near the Bioship, waiting for everyone to catch up while Aqualad and Captain Marvel worked to remove the rest of the animals' collars. Siren noticed Kid Flash had a big grin on his face as he approached, seeming more gleeful than usual. She wondered why but had a pretty solid guess.

    "What're you grinning about?" Artemis decided to ask, wondering the same thing.

    "One word: souvenir." Knew it. Siren shook her head, watching as the speedster placed the gorilla's beret on his head.

    "Two words: gorilla lice," Artemis countered.

    Kid froze momentarily before he realized what she said. He was quick to yank the beret off his head, holding it far away from his body.

    Siren laughed, walking up to her friend. She stuck a hand in her pocket, pulling out one of the bullet casings from earlier.

    "I know it's not as cool as a beret, but I wasn't sure if you would have time to find a souvenir so I grabbed this for you," she spoke up, tossing the casing to KF. He easily caught it, recognizing it to be from the gun Mallah had.

    Surprisingly, Kid Flash was a bit quiet, eyeing the casing before looking up at Siren. He looked grateful, even a bit apologetic.

    "Thanks, Si."

    Siren only smiled as she walked back over to the team. She approached Miss Martian, Superboy, and the wolf he had befriended. The animal seemed to have no intentions of leaving his side.

    "The rest of the pack is gone. What're you still doing here?" Superboy chuckled as he pet the big creature.

    "I think he wants to stay with you," Miss M said with a grin.

    "Can I keep him?"

    Siren laughed at his excitement. "Another 'souvenir'?"

    "First the Sphere, now this beast?" Kid asked, laughing as well. "Dude, you sure make a habit of collecting strays."

    "Maybe because he's such a stray himself," Miss Martian teased before smiling down at him softly.

    Siren giggled, moving toward the Bioship to get ready to board. She reached the bottom of the ramp, looking up at Robin who was staring out over the group. He intentionally waited for Aqualad to come up beside him before speaking. Even with the mask on, she knew he was looking directly at her.

    "Look, I need to know. Why did you keep the mole intel a secret?"

    Siren internally sighed, feeling her teammates come up around her. Aqualad looked out at them before shifting his glance to Siren. She gave a very brief, encouraging nod, crossing her arms.

    Aqualad paused for a moment longer then answered. "The source of the tip was Sportsmaster."

    Artemis immediately tensed up beside Siren. "What? You can't trust him!"

    "We don't," Siren was quick to say. "That's exactly why we didn't want to say anything. We wanted to be sure that he was even telling the truth before revealing the info to the rest of you." Artemis turned to her, eyes wide for some reason.

    "It seemed possible, even likely, that he was attempting to divide the team with false information," Aqualad added.

    "And given how this mission went, he nearly succeeded," Robin realized. "But you had to consider it might be true."

    "Yes. As leader, I did. In which case, I did not wish to alert the traitor."

    Robin sighed. "I hate to say it, but…makes sense." He looked up at Aqualad, offering a one-sided smile.

    "Y'know, we could have gone past all of this if you let us explain back at the Cave," Siren pointed out, lightly punching him in the shoulder after she had walked up the ramp. She shot a halfhearted glare at the rest of her teammates.

    "I am still prepared to step down," Aqualad said.

    Siren looked at him, brow furrowed. She still didn't agree with that part. She had a feeling that they would still choose Aqualad to be their leader. But if for some reason the others still didn't want him to be leader, then what else could she do?

    "All in favor of keeping Aqualad as leader?"

    Siren's lips turned back up when she saw Kid raising his hand to vote. The rest didn't hesitate to do the same. Knowing that her vote would never change, Siren raised her hand anyway, smirking at Aqualad.

    "I would like you to lead with me."

    Siren's smile fell as did her hand. She eyed Aqualad carefully, but his gaze was unwavering. "You're still set on that?"

    "You have shown that you are capable of stepping up as a leader," Aqualad explained again. "Even tonight, you were a voice of reason. You do not have to accept the role, but you have the potential and I trust you to help lead."

    Siren's brow furrowed as she looked uncertain. She crossed her arms, glancing out at her teammates. "Well, I-"

    "All in favor for Siren to become leader?" It was Artemis instead who spoke up, hand raised to vote. Siren pursed her lips, shooting Artemis a mildly annoyed look, but the archer only smirked. She then looked out over the rest, seeing each of them holding their hands up confidently.

    Siren turned back to Aqualad with a raised eyebrow. He was smiling. Dropping her head to break eye contact, Siren sighed. She raised her head back up after a split second, propping a hand on her hip,


    Captain Marvel who had been silent the whole time, approached Aqualad, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Guess it's unanimous," he said, smiling over at Siren. He and Aqualad shook hands. "See you tomorrow."

    "You're not coming back with us?" Aqualad asked, keeping the man from flying off immediately.

    "Nah, gotta fly." Just like that, the hero was gone. Siren watched until he was a mere speck before looking back at Aqualad.

    "So, what are you gonna call him?" she could hear Miss Martian ask Superboy about the wolf.

    "What's wrong with Wolf?" Superboy decided.

    "Generic, but acceptable," KF relented, nudging Siren with his elbow on the way past.

    That left Aqualad and Siren standing out on the ramp. Siren moved closer, bumping his arm with her shoulder.

    "Would it be too much to say 'I told you so'?" she teased.

    "Not if I can say the same."

    Siren rolled her eyes before letting out a sarcastic laugh. "Funny."

    She entered the ship, looking out over her teammates. She still couldn't believe Aqualad wanted her to lead too, but she supposed she would get used to it. She lightly smiled as she made her way to her seat.

    She would do anything for her team and now she really could.


    Star City

    September 23, 19:42 PDT

    "Do you really think it was Red Tornado all along?"

    Jenna took a sip of her shake, thinking over her answer. Roy watched her, eating a couple of fries while waiting. Jenna then leaned back into the booth seat, rubbing her face.

    "I don't know," she admitted. "I'm obviously angry that he would do that, but at the same time, he's been part of the League for how many years? Even back when it was still the JSA. Why would he betray us now?"

    The two young heroes of Star City were relaxing in a corner booth of their favorite diner. They first found it after a mission five months prior when they prevented some pathetic burglar from escaping with all the cash from the register.

    As a way of saying thanks, the owner of the diner only let them go on their way after they had milkshakes in their hands. Jenna immediately fell in love with the treat, so she happily dragged Roy back the next week in civvies to have a meal.

    "So what happened today?"

    Roy's question made Jenna sigh. "The team found out that Kaldur and I were keeping the mole thing a secret."

    His eyebrows raised. "Wow. How did they take it?"

    "Not good," Jenna answered with a cringe. She shook her head. "It's all okay now, but the mission was pretty tough when no one wanted to talk to us and split off on their own." She reached out, grabbing a fry from the basket in the center of the table.

    She continued to recount the mission and Captain Marvel's advice to Kaldur then at the end when Jenna and Kaldur revealed everything.

    "Seems like they were all pretty forgiving pretty fast," Roy mused. "Especially after how they reacted in the first place."

    Jenna chuckled. "I'm not really gonna hold it against them. I get it. I probably would have felt the same way," she decided. "But it's gonna be interesting to try and handle similar situations now that I'm the leader."

    Roy's eyes went wide. "What?"

    Jenna realized what she said and winced. She leaned forward, pulling her shake toward her. "Yeah…so I'm the leader now?" she mumbled around the straw in her mouth.

    "What about Kaldur?"

    Jenna shrugged. "He's still leading too. But we talked after he told us he would step down should the others still be angry after the mission. He…he basically made a whole list of why he thought I'd be a good leader." Jenna fiddled with the straw, thinking back to their conversation and how sincere he sounded.

    "And you accepted?" Roy pushed.

    "Yeah, I did," Jenna said, tone firm despite her expression seeming unsure. "I mean, I'm willing to do it, otherwise I would have said no…but it's a big responsibility." She looked up at Roy, looking nervous. "I just don't want to mess up since they've all put their faith in me. Especially Kaldur."

    The wrinkle in Roy's brow softened. "I think you can do it."

    Jenna had an almost hopeful look on her face. "Really?"

    Roy nodded encouragingly. "Yeah. From the sound of it, the last two missions the whole team had, willingly or unwillingly, you didn't hesitate to take charge and you did well," he pointed out. "And there are probably more instances that led Kaldur to decide this. He wouldn't just throw this on you for no reason."

    Jenna let her shoulders relax slightly, not even realizing that they were tense. She took a sip of her shake and pushed it off to the side when she realized it was empty aside from a bit of whipped cream at the bottom.

    "Yeah, I guess you're right," she admitted.

    "I'm always right."

    Jenna barked out a laugh. "Yeah, just like you were right when you thought you could handle Taipei on your own," she jabbed.

    Roy rolled his eyes. "I'm working on it, okay? This solo stuff isn't easy."

    It was Jenna's turn to roll her eyes. "Duh. Dude, you just turned eighteen and you've only been doing this whole gig for a few years," she pointed out, gesturing at the window that looked out on the streets of Star City. "It's not like you have a ton of experience in this."

    Roy had looked away, slightly frowning and Jenna felt a little bad so she reached out to lay her hand over his fist that rested on the table. In doing so, the gesture made him turn back to her.

    "That whole thing you said that if we need you, you'll be there? That goes both ways. Obviously. That's the whole point why Kaldur and I were quick to go help you," Jenna said, a soft smile on her face. "But that also goes for here too. This city is both of ours. I get it if you wouldn't want to go to Ollie or even Dinah, but I'm here too."

    She retracted her hand, holding them up in mock surrender. "No judgment involved either, no matter what you need help with. If you need backup, I won't hesitate to suit up."

    Roy gave her a slightly fond smile which she returned. "Thanks, Jen."

    "You're my family, Roy. You're stuck with me forever."

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    You know where - Jackson Hyde x Ha'wea (fanart © malisvaart) If Jackson and Ha'wea don’t kiss in the last issue of Aquaman: The Becoming I will be soooo mad.

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    When is someone going to make a Young Justice AMV with the song Surface Pressure from Encanto?

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