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  • babyxcv
    23.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    virgo sun + capricorn moon + aquarius rising + libra venus

    ( anon )

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  • librawoodrabbit
    23.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Dear Dragon,

    To All Dragon Years… and most Zodiacs

    Have you found yourself at the end of another disastrous relationship?

    If it’s the Rat…

    You might as well cut all ties… The Rat takes from all… they fuck anything that is in their presence TOO LONG… don’t feel bad…

    If it’s the OX…

    You will have to give up YOUR TREASURE! It’s the whole reason they were with you… and because they thought you were stupid

    If it’s the Rabbit… you are going to miss their direction of Logic…

    If it’s the dragon, you will miss their competence…

    Snake… wit and facts…

    Horse… protection…

    Goat… Humor…

    Monkey… Sex…

    Rooster… their stupidity…

    Dog… love…

    Pig… production

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  • leloest
    23.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago
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  • astrolodivine
    23.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    What did you get? 😺 What's your zodiac sign? Follow my full page @astrolodivine for more posts😍 . . . . . . #zodiac #astrology #zodiacsigns #zodiacfun #horoscope #virgo #leo #scorpio #capricorn #aesthetic #disney #zodiacmemes #gemini #cancer #aquarius #sagittarius #love #astrologymemes #horoscopes #zodiacposts #zodiacsign #astrolodivine #astrologyposts #zodiacfacts #zodiacpost #firesigns #zodiacs #kpop #zodiaco https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeN0pnt9nz/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • wyrdandwanderful
    23.06.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Being fixed they are magnetic:

    Taurus (earth) as in magnetic green atoms around #Venus

    Leo (fire) as in magnetic plasmic solar flares on the #Sun

    Scorpio (water) as in magnetic liquid lakes on #Pluto

    Aquarius (air) as in magnetic storms on #Uranus

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  • bronzewool
    23.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Ligeia bust commission by @wily-art

    #gifts and commissions #original story: aquarius #it's the history nerd #her face is so cute
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  • moonfloewr
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    as i learn more about astrology i am interested in seeing how the signs get along with each other. reblog this with your and your best friend's sun, moon, and venus :)

    #astrology#sun signs#moon signs#venus signs #i am a pisces sun aquarius moon and aries venus #she is a cancer sun aquarius moon and gemini venus #i know the 11th house has a lot more to do with friendships but i am focusing on the signs and planets themselves for now :)
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  • zodiactalks
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Great Flirters

    Let's face it; some people are just better flirts than others.

    What makes a good flirter varies from person to person, but generally speaking, a self-confident person who knows what they want and isn't afraid of failure is going to have more success than others, only because they're willing to try and try again until they get it right.

    Flirting, just like any other talent, is the kind of thing that you get better at the more you do, but just like talents, it's also the kind of thing some people are naturally good at.

    It can be that they ooze self-confidence out of every pore of their body; it can be that they purposefully cultivate a cool a seductive image, or it can be that they flirt so often they don't even realize they're doing it.

    Whatever it is, these five zodiac signs are excellent flirts.

    #1. Aries

    Arians flirt whether they realize it or not, as their playful and self-assured nature makes them capable of winning over even the most stubborn of individuals.

    They don't make a big deal out of their flirting either, nor they spend too much time on it, preferring instead to flirt only when the situation allows it, and when they're sure it'll get them the best results.

    They're not known for using cheesy pick-up lines either, choosing instead to show their personality, confidence, and sense of humor and hope it'll get them where they want to be. (It usually does.)

    #2. Gemini

    While Geminis know better than to flirt left and right, they're often on the lookout for potential partners, or at least for people receptive to their advances.

    When they find someone, they're interested in? It's go-time, and Geminis will display all their charm and energy to prove themselves a capable and interesting individual.

    They're open-minded, courageous, amazingly good at reading people, and good with verbal and non-verbal communication, so they're excellent at telling how other people feel and gauging their reactions to increase the odds of their advances being welcomed.

    In short, they know exactly how to seduce others, and when they find someone they want to seduce, they'll bring all their skills to the table.

    #3. Leo

    It's hard to think of a flirtier Zodiac sign than Leo, and that's because Leos love being in the limelight and commanding their audience's attention, even if that audience consists of a single person.

    No one knows better than Leo how to display their style and abilities, and few people can flirt with as much confidence and charm.

    Leo already knows themselves to be the prize, so their flirting style already assumes that they'll succeed, which gives them the kind of security most people just can't ignore.

    #4. Libra

    Libras are one of the most traditional flirters in the Zodiac, armed with a repertoire of charming pick-up lines and romantic plans to woo the pants off anyone out there.

    Unlike other signs in this list, Libra isn't really interested in casual and playful flirting, and they won't flirt with people they're not interested in, but when they find someone they want to flirt with, it's like they can't stop.

    They know precisely how and when to flirt, and their self-confidence is such that they're more than willing to go all-in if they think they have a chance.

    Libras aren't afraid of failure, and this goes double when it comes to flirting.

    #5. Pisces

    Pisces have two levels of flirting. The subconscious, low-key kind they're not even aware it's happening, and the full-on flirty mode, where they bring out their charm and outgoing tendencies to paint themselves in the most favorable light.

    As we mentioned, the first kind is entirely subconscious, and the result of Pisces friendly attitudes and charming personalities. They flirt without even knowing they're doing it, and they often won't realize it's happening unless they say something particularly overt.

    The second is a lot more intentional, and that's when Pisces brings out all the charm and magnetism they're known for.

    When they decide to seduce someone, they will achieve it, and they'll do it in a way that makes it seem natural and spontaneous, which only adds to their appeal.

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  • sagigirlie
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Moon in the signs

    Aries moon ❤️‍🔥

    I’ve noticed these people are very independent usually. They don’t like being told what to do. They like doing things their own way. Can be quite bossy and irritable. Can get angry easily or be childish at times. Loves attention and can be self absorbed/selfish. If they don’t get attention they will act out so people notice them. Loves compliments and feeling desired and sexy. Can be goal-oriented. Very competitive, even if they won’t admit, which might lead to insecurities. Passionate about the things they love and cherish. Can have a fierce look.

    Taurus moon 🌷

    very sensual and serious energy. Elegant aura. Good at taking care of others. Very loving people. Closed off at first and don’t trust easily, they don’t let just anyone in- they have to feel a real connection for that. Really loves food lmao. It can be their coping mechanism or comfort them for anything . Artistic. Creative souls. Loves art & culture. Loves animals. Grounded. Loves being in nature. Can love the more natural look. Needs to feel secured, whether with material possessions/ money, strong relationships etc. comfortable around women for both sexes.

    Gemini moon 🎭

    intelligent, sarcastic. Memes and Netflix as a coping mechanism lmao. All over the place. In their heads a lot. Overanalyze & overthinks Which can cause them anxiety and depression. Can worry a lot sometimes. Anxious energy. Can actually have social anxiety at times. Good sense of humor. Loves making others laugh. Funny. Loves music & parties. Natural acting skills or can be quite good at lying. Theatrical personality. Many known and funny actors/actresses have this placement. Youthful & cute smiles. Can give crazy energy/vibe haha. They don’t always feel comfortable showing their more vulnerable side so they use sarcasm instead, more closed off emotionally. Either that or they overshare lmao no in between. Can actually feel like they have a few totally different people inside of them which makes them at times feel confused or lost and seem unpredictable like u don’t know what mood ur gonna get (that’s me yay) hard to feel stable. The mom can be a best friend. They can consult her about everything and like hearing her opinion. Though it’s more of a rational relationship rather than emotional.

    Cancer moon 🧸

    sensitive. closed off with people they don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with. Can be shy but don’t like looking that way. Can have their guards up with people. gives more feminine energy to both sexes. holds grudges. Can get hurt easily. Loyal to people close to them. Cares about people they love and likes taking care of them somehow and feeling like people depend on them. Can find it hard to let go. Might act manipulatively to make things go the way they want or make people depend on them. Takes things personally. Gets deeply attached to things and people. Can be insecure.

    Leo moon 🎁

    loves attention A LOT. Needs it for their well being haha. Especially from people close to them. Theatrical in their personalities. Funny. Can act crazy to draw attention. Can be loud and/or obnoxious. Can create drama without even noticing they started it cause they are drown to it with their intense persona. Can be envious of others. competitive. Can give Mean Girls vibes haha. Can look fancy. Loves luxury & fashion.

    Virgo moon 🧿

    very critical of themselves. Cares about how people view them. Polite and good mannered. Can be very insecure but don’t like showing it. Hard workers. Can be people pleasers due to insecurities. Loves satisfying the people they love. Can suffer from anxieties and nervousness or depression. Can find it hard to accept themselves so they always want to feel accepted by others somehow, wether for their looks, intelligence, personality etc. might feel inadequate somehow & try to compensate for that. Can have eating disorders due to self esteem issues or be overly body-conscious to the point they overwork their bodies. overall they do seem to take interest in healthy lifestyles & workout regimes. It’s either that or they don’t care at all to the point of neglecting their health, I guess maybe if underdeveloped they don’t have a good balance when it comes to that. Can give a fox-like look to the face. Also needs to have a somewhat clean and neat environment for their mental health lmao (that’s my mom).

    Libra moon 🦋

    They seem to have balance issues. If underdeveloped they’re either focused on keeping the peace at all cost in a need to be liked and accepted, or the opposite- attract and are attracted to drama and violence, and act aggressively themselves. They seem to have dealt with some type of mental issue at least at one point in their life. Can over-think and analyze situations and people, or if people like them or not. Probably have to be with their childhood. Gives some detached aura to the personality. Rationalize their emotions. Charming. Might flirt or use their charm to get the things they want. Can be manipulative and/or self-destructive in relationships. Naturally Attracted to relationships though. Can have co-dependence issues which brings me back to the unbalance thing- they’re either too afraid to lose their independence so they stay alone for a while until they mature (mainly for guys) or they feel incomplete and insecure without a partner, to the point of being overly dependent on them and depending on them for their overall well being or mental wellness. Might have had issues with unstable childhood or a disconnect from mother/parents (they might not be so present all the time) that caused them to look for a family or stability outside from their homes. They either look for friends for that or romantic partners, or other figures. They would still, even if had issues with the mother consciously or not, always talk nicely about her and view her in a graceful & kind light. Are quite artistic & creative and like aesthetically pleasing surroundings & people.

    Scorpio moon 🌚

    Gives intense aura and gaze. They seem like deep people. Not showing a lot of their true self to the public, only people they trust. Don’t trust or let others in easily. Very Selective of their surrounding. Look powerful on the outside. closed off aura. Can have deep insecurities, some derived from their childhood. Although when they grow or are more developed, they can be very mature and have a lot of recuperating powers, can handle a lot of hardships. Might have suffered from trauma but it’s their source of strength. Very wise. Can be very manipulative when they want and can be good liars. Magnetic aura. Tbh they can look crazy sometimes lmao don’t know why something in their eyes or gaze, if you look closely enough you’ll see it. Their eyes are usually very prominent & distinctive somehow. Can attract, consciously or not, drama into their life, or just intense experiences. Are attracted to intensity. Possessive in love and can have stalker tendencies sometimes haha.

    Sagittarius moon 🎠

    Jokes and sarcasm as a coping mechanism. Loves people that can make them laugh or making others laugh. Vibrant energy. When underdeveloped can act wildly and irresponsibly and have self-distractive tendencies. Loves being around people. Can have some sort of disconnection from the mother from what I’ve noticed. Can hold her grudges or feel neglected or detached from her from a young age (either mom or other care giver) or was given too much independence and lack of structure, or just overall have some issues & disagreements with her/them. Therefore the child might feel lost and alone or neglected or still feel like that when they grow up so they look for some stability maybe outside.

    Capricorn moon 👔

    As I’ve said before, cap moons might have had to grow fast due to a missing parent from a young age or had heavy demands from parents, or had to work from a young age, many times willingly so. Was forced to grow up fast in their younger years which might give the opposite affect in later years and cause them to act out. Might feel alone or like the black sheep inside, but doesn’t like to show it. Guarded. Doesn’t like showing too much emotions on the outside, especially not crying in front of people. They give off a stable/grounded or sometimes a bit Indifferent energy. Looks at money as a security blanket. Aspires to have materialistic possessions. Ambitious and hard workers. Self-sufficient. Needs to feel like they are productive to feel stable mentally & emotionally. Can have suffer from anxieties/breakdowns/ depression without anybody else knowing. Good at concealing it. Can have a very well-developed & dry sense of humor.

    Aquarius moon 🧊

    Can have Calculated, Detached aura, or quite quirky and goofy in personality (especially if they feel comfortable around u). Might try to give a more serious self impression at first, but are goofballs inside. Intelligent. Independent. Good at small talk and communicating with strangers. Loves traveling and meeting new people and places. Adventurers. Might feel detached or somehow distant from the mother, she might have been more rational & practical and the person grew up being more independent and introverted bc of it. Might not feel too comfortable with too many intense emotions or feels awkward expressing or sharing them. In their heads a lot and can over think & analyze things. Likes doing things their own way and doesn’t like feeling too strict by others. Might have a complex relationship with siblings, especially sisters from what I’ve noticed (for the guys especially), which might affect the way they view or treat women in general (together with the relationship with the mother).

    Pisces moon ⚓️

    As I’ve mentioned before, Pisces moon can be very deceiving or manipulative when they want, especially when young or underdeveloped. They might suffer from pathological lying disorder at some point , but that’s in extreme cases. They twist reality as they want to see it and can be delusional and disconnected or unrealistic. Can have a victim complex, putting their own faults or blames on others or refusing to see other sides than their own. Very sensitive and can be very close to the mother. Ethereal look especially the eyes, can be very hypnotic, deep and doe-like. You can really get lost in them. Gives soft/angelic features or look somehow , even with harder placements. Usually spiritual somehow or believes in faith or the greater good, or that everything happens for a reason. Can be very giving and loving or selfless with people they love. Might get hooked on people easily and then lose interest. Can be flaky and unstable emotionally. If underdeveloped might actually use people for their own interest and be quite self-absorbed and/or narcissistic.

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  • mistressjadetrenzalore
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My signs ♉🐂 ♑🐐 ♒🏺

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  • mbticomrades
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    nana!! zodiac hcs and mbti typings: blast members :p


    nana osaki: isfp ☆

    aquarius sun, capricorn moon, and scorpio asc:

    nobu terashima: enfp ☆

    aquarius sun, pisces moon, sagittarius asc:

    shin okazaki: entp ☆

    scorpio sun, gemini moon, leo asc:

    yasu: infj ☆

    virgo sun, scorpio moon, capricorn asc:

    ☆♬○♩●♪✧♩ ♩✧♪●♩○♬☆

    i ADORE nana. shin is my favorite ALWAYS, but ren and reira r close… trapnest zodiac hcs and mbti typing coming soon ;)

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  • 808chiffon
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Lil lobsters on my briefs but I’m Louisiana raised so they really jus lil crawfish.

    #I opened my ask so pls feel free to send random shit 🖤 #send me asks #black tumblr#808chiffon#black qwoc#black woman#Aquarius
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  • melancooly
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i’m a very docile person but as soon as someone takes the stance of “you HAVE to treat EVERYONE with respect, there’s NEVER a reason to be nasty” i immediately want… to bully them very specifically

    #I just think it’s a lil purposefully dense #sometimes people don’t deserve respect idk what to tell ya 🤷🏻‍♀️ #it might be the being told what to do idk the aquarius might be jumping out there
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  • 1angelicfool
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

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  • alchemabotana
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Capricorn June 24th 2021

    Antonina “Little Thunder” Whaples


    If you enjoy these horoscopes, please consider supporting by voting for me as Ms. Health and Fitness 2021 for Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine. You can vote once every 24 hours for free. If I win, I am donating the proceeds to herbal medicine school scholarships. To vote: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2021/antonina

    Strawberry Moon - Pen & Ink Sketch by Antonina Whaples 

    Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Capricorn June 24th 2021

    Strawberry Moon

    This lunar Opening in Capricorn June 24th 2021 is a cry of righteousness on the hilly planes of our spiritual landscapes. With this meregoat’s lunation, we will experience the inherent benefits of the systematic work we’ve done since 2018, with a special emphasis on decisions made to change personal system errors. The Gods of karma are smiling at our intentions and efforts, and rewards will be reaped by those who invest in self discovery. Our ritual work has been seen and blessed in the Summer Solstice shifts by the spirits of the Land. If you listen closely on this strawberry moon, you may just hear the call of the Cosmic tricksters as they work their mojo on the psychopomp of Earthly frustrations. When you’re feeling the pull of your natal oppositions this moon, tune into the tendons of your actions and see where the motion stems from. You may be relieved to find that the strings that once pulled your puppet are made of finer ancestral threads and your permission to be free was always there. When you check into the Cosmic Chess Board you may find something of a rubix cube has emerged in your new dimensional awarenesses. Instead of throwing yourself into the equations necessary to unlock this next level, revel in the achievements that brought you to this very moment. In a cosmic landscape where the processes of life and death have been hyper focused in our collective consciousness it feels rebellious to change the font and type settings of the ancestral notepads in our minds. Representing the waters that run deeply within the Earth, Capricorn’s fullness in the night sky will illuminate various Spirits whose presence have been well established, but not necessarily recognized. A sign of the power of mental affirmation, your thoughts and words will hold a special magic in this moment. Remember that your Guides, Spirit Animals, Power Totems, Good Medicine Ancestors, and the Spirits of the Land are excellent translators, and with Mercury about to pop out of retrograde (watch out for its shadow til June 30th), its final lesson is one of the personal spiritual variety. When what we seek is Truth & Justice, we allow our souls to attune to protective forces that help us autocorrect, fold into origami, and transcend with temperance.


    It’s no surprise that an old tune holds the secret code from that earlier recording of the master tape your memory has been searching for in the old filing system. In these moments you realize just how deep and densely tracked the highways and byways of your mental system are. You’re the original wayfinder of your own uncharted territory of the mind. This state of curiosity opens you up to spiritual healing that aligns your personal ideals and values with the actions a person desires to embody. When your actions meet your words, you tend to feel the most at home in the grander machinations of Spaceship Earth.

    I’m not sure if I’m feeling funky or groovy, jazzy or bluesy? Does it jive with you? Is it feeling all right? What songs have got you buzzed on this full moon night? I’m enjoying the humour of the human experience, and I find ways to incorporate positive sources of enjoyment into my daily routine. I recognize that I can be sensitive to the frequencies I consume mentally, and I’m manifesting sources of comedic gold into my awareness. I can be my own clown, and enjoy an inside-inside joke anytime my mind decides that laughter is the best medicine. I love to laugh, and allow myself this simple pleasure in life. 


    Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus has been creating a nuanced ping-pong table in your mind. This influence has been upon your daily life for sometime, and shall continue on through the rest of the year, with another exact square in December 2021. Accept the exactness of this T-squared engineer level measurement on the corners of your ascension blueprints. It’s ok to look at the world from your own angles, and you may be happily surprised by the moments that unfold joyously when you use your sharpness to hone the hedges of your self doubt. There’s a special magic in this moon for you, as the meregoat lights a part of the puzzle we wanted to get done anyway. This refocused energy gives you the internal resources to wait to make your next move, even though the ones you’ve planned are quite clever already, when mercury rx clears you’ll have fine tuned your intel.

    I give in to the epic bonestructure of my cosmic face in the universe. I know that on these edges are where the hedgerows grow. In these sanctuaries of my boundaries, I give spaces for things I truly want to cultivate to be engendered. I find which spaceships are allowed to dock at my intergalactic port of plenty, and make sure that my shields are up when psychic frequencies intend to disrupt my qi. When I breathe, I give space to the energy around myself, and I feel permission to let go. When I let go, I allow myself to accept instructions in the forms of feelings and intuitions. I do not allow the opinions or voices of others to upset my internal compass. I feel centered and grounded and know I will continue to make positive choices and believe in myself. I choose to honor myself, and that makes me feel good. 


    You’ve been carefully funneling resources into a variety of investments. Financial and interpersonal projects and alliances deepen, although it is not a time to throw caution to the wind. Caution and planning is what has allowed you to learn to trust the ebb and flow of the cosmic money winds, and you’re trying to siphon your own renewable sources, not steal from the Gods. When you place yourself in alignment with your internal resources, you can learn to embody compassion to provide yourself when feelings of self worth or insecurities prod you to feel guilty about the ways you regenerate. Let your conscience be your guide, and allow others to do the same. The path of self acceptance is most rich for you at this juncture, and it would be wise to use the Full moon to clear the psychic debris of your aura through ritual bathing, sound healing, and aromatics. 

    I can sometimes turn my mirrors askance to the equations I cannot seem to readily solve. But, in doing so I lose reflections that empower me. I accept that it's time to look at some of those patterns again and see if they even deserve a place on the chalkboard of my mind. When I make space to use my memory card to run programs that make me have feelings I actually enjoy, I look into my secret box of fantasies and realize I may have already realized many of those experiences. In these moments of clarity, I hold a space for myself to enjoy what I may not have allowed myself to in the past. In this way, I take back my energy and transform myself in the present. 


    In this moon you are finally able to feel that rebound-snap! Ka-bow! sh-zing! of Mars’ exit from your cozy airbnb. You’re reminded that you should be charging premiums for your ability to stay level-headed when the Gods and Goddesses war in the Heavens, and on Earth. You enjoy a good ritual bath, but to stay out of hot waters, this crab needs a cool-down. This Capricorn Moon is just what the doctor ordered, and something about the good medicine flowing through you can’t help but seep into certain streams where the mojo is most needed. This is an excellent time for you to pause in your personal space and take a moment to feel the beauty of your domain.

    My soundtrack of life is a high luxury five star bathhouse of the Spirits. I’ve been Spirited Away to lands of emotional remembrance. The roots of my ancestors have spoken to me, and I have heard their instructions. I need not fear the judgments of others, because I am a sacred part of creation. I will not allow negative voices to infiltrate my consciousness, but instead, I will choose to believe that my work has been blessed by the Cosmic Super Computer and shall continue to have its content prioritized. In this space of trust, I allow myself to turn my consciousness to what I’ve relegated as “frivolous artistic pursuits”. I find the time and space to make something just because. When I experience this energy releasing through the act of creation, I realize why it mattered in the first place. 


    The grass is pretty green in your patch. Both career aspirations and spiritual wealth appear to be presenting itself to you in all new fashions. You may literally be feeling called to new ways to express yourself externally, and this exploration of your presentation to the world helps you heal. You’ve been feeling called to healing in general, feeling like it may be a good time to start a new way of moving, or to add a healing ritual to your daily experience. If you happen to use stone medicine, Turquoise will be especially healing in nature during the transit of Mars through Leo, and can be just the cooling mechanism you need to keep your Roar without the bite.

    Sometimes I’m just feeling high octane. When I find the right stomping grounds to release my charge I am able to do so safely through friendly communication strategies, good topics of conversation, interesting objects within my spacial periphery, and calming colors. It’s ok to turn the volume all the way up, but when the outside world adjusts its tone to match, I can switch to a different groove. I’m in awe of my co-creative power to engage my environment and use my influence therein to bring forth collective healing experiences.


    Something about this moon in Capricorn feels familiar to you, and perhaps it's the quiet watch you’ve held & the prayers of your heart being answered. Your physical being is finding ways to heal through your insights to your movements in daily life. As your mind/body/spirit awareness grows, you find new ways of expressing yourself. This ability to shift and transform might seem like deja vu, but it's your memories finding their way to the surface. When our minds give us abstract feelings and visions, we can move mountainous emotions safely within our systems, without harming ourselves or others. Breathe deeply and find a place to scream loudly if you need that release.

    I have crossed some barren deserts, but I have not died of thirst. I am blessed with the life I have co-created in the spiritual planes of my intelligent manifestations. My awareness of the barren corners of life have given me compassionate reflective capacity and a recognition of my gifts by those whose opinions matter to me. I am enjoying the small moments of joy and call them precious to me. I forgive myself for any moments where I’ve expected too much of myself while I was grieving a loss. My heart is tender, and my spirit gentle. I wish to live in harmony with myself and others. 


    This Capricorn moon you are more annoyed than usual at laundry, other people’s messes, and scapegoating. Your sensitivity to physical objects is heightened under this Full Moon and it may feel overwhelming to be in the midst of the messes others leave for you to clean up. It’s more than frustrating when you acknowledge how your time/energy has been appropriated. Instead of letting loose the fire brigade when the bridge seems to be burning, walk away from the moments today that feel like a temptation. Make sure to find objects that reflect healthy energy back to you, and sit amidst a tiny oasis of your creation, and pay no attention to chaos of the Gods. You deserve a Full Battery, and the spirits are conspiring to recharge your battery banks this lunation.

    I gather strength from my service to my community. When I have been unbalanced in the past, I allow my weight to ground in all directions through the sacred communions of my own secret tabernacles of the human experience. I make new covenants with myself and the way I speak and treat myself, so that I no longer need to suffer under the weight of the past. I don’t need to feel any guilt in laying down my load, and don’t need any permission to do so. When I feel safe, I will allow those who I trust to provide the respite necessary for me to heal my visions of my life and expand into an abundant awareness of how truly loved I am for being myself, and how needed my cosmic ray of intellect is to this world. 


    Known for your secrets and depth, you’ve been hiding like the Cosmic Sphinx between the pillars of the temple gates. You’ve been allowed to watch the clashes of the Giants unscathed, and your insight will outlast this passing phase of planetary tensions. You’ve been sending alien text messages to Neptune’s work phone, and the intel has been legit. Your attraction to Art, Color, Shape, Form, Music, and Theatre are encouraging you to make insightful investments in your own dreams. This Full Moon beckons you to create with abandon and let the waves of inspiration quench your desire for pleasure. 

    I feel like the whole choir singing in one unison. I weave through the soundwaves, key changes, and rhythm switch-ups as I keep time with the sacred union of celestial sounds. I am aware that the tunes of the planet herself offer me a sacred respite from the cacophony of the cosmic movements. When I ground myself into the soothing waters of my spiritual essence I define for myself how my energy is used for the goodness of my own healing. 


    It feels like you’ve been getting along pretty well with the planetary forces, and everyone secretly enjoys the protection that your bow provides for the tribe. You may be feeling a bit cramped in the yellow submarine of the pandemic, dare we say you could have cabin fever? The Trines, Sextiles, and satellite signals of the skies indicate that you can find a special type of relief from the feelings of squished with mandalas, botanical drawings, and spirographs. When you take the time to let your mind journey in these ways, it lets your hunter’s mind relax for the next best chance. And no worries, you’ve got plenty of chances ahead, Sagittarius. 

    Life is good. I do my hair toss, check my nails - baby how you doing? Hey, life is good. He’s got his eye on the sparrow and I guess that’s me? I’m playing with the chemistry... cause that’s how I be? When I look into the mirror I see a babe, a real dude of the neighborhood - my sister, mothers, daddy, and the community. I guess when I see you, I see me. And when I’m in that light in me, and you are in that light in you. There is only one of us: namaste my bissssssch 


    This Full Moon in Capricorn you endeavour to ask outloud: “What Giant’s Bones Have We Built Ourselves Upon?” Your Full Lunation is opposing the Sun in Cancer, shining a shadow on our collective exoskeleton. This Full Moon feels like an archeological discovery when proverbial bones rattle out of the closet to give us a hoodoo prayer’s chance for self liberation. You’ve been waiting for a moment like this, and it's OK if you’re not ready to take that leap of faith. But should you choose, the moon lights up an emotional healing around the concept of “home”. You really want to know if you’re believing the right thing from one moment to the next, but keeping your head out of the secret sauce is key to giving your subconscious the space it needs right now to send out signals to the future. Soon enough you’ll be receiving confirmations of cosmic flavors right into your spiritual inbox.

    I called Stephen Hawking and he called me back. My voicemail said: “Hey friend. I know this is a hard time on planet earth. I think people are doing better than they believe they are. It’s hard to be a human. I remember the constraints of the body, and I understand when you want to just fly away somewhere. I believe in you. Capricorns get a bad rap sometimes. I can see your progress, and I hope you take the time to see it too. By the way, we always have the time to say how much we matter to each other. Thanks for being, and enjoy this life, you deserve it”. 


    There have been a lot of light bulbs going off in your spiritual laboratory. This Full Moon when the light shifts, your awareness of the dimensionality of the objects and purpose of your life is heightened. You may be experiencing some grief and loss around feelings of closeness with others. Recently you’ve been asked to hold a deep stability for the collective’s growth. Your actions haven’t gone unnoticed, and you’ve been receiving opportunities for advancement in your career. However, you are feeling uncomfortable with commitment while under a deep pressure to perform. These archetypal struggles are up for healing on the altar of the Full Moon. Your magic fairy dust works the best when you sprinkle it on yourself. You are learning the ways of Illuminated Prosperity.

    My voice is a symphony of grace within a cacophony of sound. I breathe in the knowledge that my very existence is a miracle of my own embracing. I find myself at home in my surroundings and know I belong. Whoever “They” are, I know I can be myself around “Them”. I trust that my instincts are perfected beyond doubt. I’ve taken all the tests and quizzes and my insights are showing precision on whichever experiments have survived my tests of time and spirit. When I tune into my highest self it's because I’m recognizing my ability to be in that place no matter what surrounds me. Even when my circumstances deny me, I do not deny myself. I believe that I am worthy of the life I am living, and anticipate my surroundings shifting to match the unique vibrational fingerprint that I offer planet Earth. 


    You’ve been holding down some major spiritual territory during the recent seasonal shifts. The light of the meregoat acts as a lighthouse beacon for the whales and whistleblowers of your waters. You’re not particularly interested in that island, and prefer to spend this Lunation in Capricorn Gardening, Cleaning Out the Car, Writing about your art, Feeding the fairies, Calling in positivity, Releasing the Past, Testing New Grounds, and let’s just say it: looking pretty guuuuuuud while doing it. So good. You might want to tune into some whale call noises, or turn on a beachy video. The seas are definitely calling your name, and your inner explorer could watch Moana a few times through the eyes of the grandmother, the eyes of Moana, and the eyes of Te Fiti. 

    I am a sound rising on the waves of creation. I turn my eyes to the heavens and I’m in the medicine nation. I forgive myself for all my wavering, I know my power lies in my cravings. I can wish upon the starry skies, and watch the birds where e’er they fly. I’m curious to know the names of all the fairies, and their games. I want to know what games I’ll win when I’m laughing with a cheshire grin. I know what gods have sent me here, I know which path I’m meant to clear. And when the waters run to quickly, or the bushes get too prickly - I can lay my spirit down. My minds’a palace, my head a crown. You could call me king or queen, but my magics’still unseen. I’m so much bigger than my titles, or whichever ones I didn’t get. I’ve given all at my recitals, and I’m my own best bet. 

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