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    Libra Rising Culture 🦄🌷

    • Might be obsessed with Ariana Grande perfume 😍
    • Love perfumes in general
    • Usually do light makeup
    • Loves soft furry things 💓
    • Peace-loving ✌
    • Attract people effortlessly !
    • Usually well-liked
    • Popular somehow
    • Love participating in group activities
    • Social Butterflies
    • Soft spoken
    • Love aesthetics
    • Has their own aesthetics that stand out
    • Beautiful hair usually wavy or curly
    • See beauty in people
    • Care about a lot what others think!
    • Social chameleons
    • Private af.
    • Intelligent
    • Artistic and Creative 🎨
    • Gorgeous smiles
    • Elegant style
    • Can effortlessly pull of any look
    • Charming af
    • Have sort of angelic look
    • Well proportioned body
    • Very Argumentative !
    • Values good manners.
    • Polite
    • Nice to EVERYONE
    • Minimalists in fashion
    • Soft and feminine aura
    • Easy going
    • Classy
    • Walk gracefully
    • Literally they represent a swan
    • Reflectors. They will exactly treat you how you treat to them.
    • An aggressive romantic partner
    • Likes being in relationships
    • Dislikes conflicts
    • Loves pastels, light pinks and other light colors and also satin
    • Love to gossip
    • Flirty
    • Musically inclined
    • Love to buy expensive things
    • Love makeup and beauty products
    • Speak for the justice for people
    • Diplomatic
    • Know how to impress people 😉
    • Looks cute a lot of times though
    • Idealists
    • Hopeless romantics
    • Seeks passion and honesty in relationships
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  • You might want to review an online course to hone your skillset or research a trip you began planning that ended up on the back-burner while communicator Mercury moves backward through your ninth house of higher education and adventure from October 27 to November 3. Allowing yourself room to follow your instincts, even if you don’t have a specific big picture goal in mind, can be good for your soul now.

    You might feel like figuring out a better way to balance your professional and personal responsibilities is a must around October 31 when the full moon falls in your fourth house of home life. You’re simply spread too thin and need to streamline your efforts. Take a step back from the daily grind to assess the tasks and commitments that matter the most, and you’ll soon know how to proceed.


    Take care of the details on Monday and they won’t come back to bite you later in the week when things are well underway. On Tuesday, you’re going to connect with someone you normally wouldn't—someone in the mailroom, someone outside the office, there’s really no telling who—and they might have an idea or two that could be of use to you. You never know where inspiration will come from. Some of the pressure that’s on you later in the week will finally lift on Friday, and you’ll have the opportunity to spend Friday afternoon and a good chunk of the weekend contemplating long-term career goals.


    Your regularly scheduled love life could be interrupted for an important message on Monday, and it may come in an unusual format. Be on the lookout for a hidden meaning or sudden discovery. Stay grounded around Wednesday. Escaping into your own little world means missing out on something (or someone) in this one. Thursday through Saturday offers a stellar opportunity to make a thrilling connection—or make one you’ve already got even more exciting. Be warmly ready, and set any shyness aside. Cocooning sounds good on Sunday, solo or with another social-butterfly-to-be.

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  • Sagittarius: The only thing stopping you from doing crack? Personal motivation.

    Aquarius: I’m gonna do crack!

    Virgo: Please don’t do crack.

    #zodiac signs #incorrect zodiac quotes #zodiac#incorrect quotes#sagittarius#aquarius#virgo #shit my friends have said
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  • Aries is the invincible character who somehow manages to survive getting kidnapped by the killer even though they’re reckless as fuck. They can jump out of a three story window and keep running. They’d also probably be the one who says “hey, over here!” to the killer to distract them so someone else can escape.

    Taurus either skipped the Halloween party where all the spooky shit goes down because they were tired or they ARE the killer because they have some long life grudge against someone. But they’d definitely never run, only speed walk because, ew, running. They’d still end up catching and slaughtering everyone regardless.

    Gemini would be the ghost that scares the shit out of someone when they close their bathroom cabinet mirror and they’re standing right behind them. Then they’d give a creepy smile and disappear when the person turns around.

    Cancer is the type of person to trip while a guy with a chainsaw is running after them. If they’re not tripping over nothing, they’re running upstairs and hiding in a closet instead of running out the front door.

    Leo is the one who hears a noise in the dark basement so they decide to investigate. When they get to the bottom of the stairs they say “hello?” only to be met with silence until a figure suddenly lunges at them and, to Leo’s credit, they try to fight back but end up getting killed anyway.

    Virgo is smart enough to try and get the fuck out of the there immediately but they’re clumsy as shit so they’d definitely drop their keys when trying to put it into the ignition and VERY narrowly escape.

    Libra is the one who taps the shoulder of the guy in their group who got bit by a zombie and didn’t tell anyone, so now he’s a zombie and when he turns around he bites the shit out of Libra’s neck. RIP Libra.

    Scorpio is the crazy neighbor who everyone thinks is the killer because they’re creepy as fuck and are always seen spying or lurking but turns out they were trying to break the curse the whole time.

    Sagittarius would definitely want to split up and look for the killer themselves instead of just calling the cops. As soon as everyone went their separate ways, they’d get grabbed by the killer and be the first to die.

    Capricorns are the definition of perseverance… which is why Capricorn would definitely be the killer who you think is dead because they were just shot in the chest at close range and then stabbed multiple times, but then they get up and start chasing everyone again because they ain’t giving up just yet.

    Aquarius would definitely be the last one standing because they had enough sense to stay put in their hiding spot and turn off their phone after calling the police (who happen to show up way too late btw). They also may or may not unmask the killer who happens to be the creepy old dude who warned you to stay away from this place.

    Pisces is the one writing obsessively on the walls and leaving really creepy messages written in blood because they got possessed or went insane. If they ever get released from their trance, they ask where they are and how they got there. 

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  • 🍷🍐🦚🍭🎧🧹🆎📭☕️🌹🕷👩‍👧🧛🏼





    What cards were drawn:

    ~ “This was out of my control.”

    ~ “I feel lost without you.”

    ~ “This connection is toxic.”

    ~ BLAME: I accept responsibility for my well-being


    ~ WELL - DESERVED AWARD (reversed)

    ~ FLOW

    ~ WIN OR LOSE (reversed)


    ~ GUIDE





    ~ GET HELP


    ~ “LET’S GET REAL”


    ~ Shocking twist

    Wow, so for you guys I sense that for some of you guys there may have been a split from someone due to fear. There’s up and down emotions of liking and then next it’s opposite. Conflicting emotions about whether the possible connection could be toxic and then there’s taking blame knowing that you are not always at fault. I feel that there’s a deeper issue as to why you react or pop off in a way toward this person because you fear of getting friend zoned or fear of opening up emotionally to this particular person.. but spirit is nudging you to open up and express your emotions to them. Seek out to others you trust before going to them. Get advice. Explain why you react the way you do toward them. There’s a reason why you do what you do so tell them. I feel it’s time to confront to this person. Dreams may come true once you lay everything down on the table but being so open and exposed you may not feel comfortable to be awarded. You may not feel deserving. You love that things are going the way you want it after opening up but then again feeling emotionally open doesn’t feel right. I feel emotions may be difficult. The cards are are saying to change your focus for a bit and believe that you can achieve anything you want. Go with the flow instead of trying to question everything.

    If you find this to be helpful please tip here:

    PAYPAL: www.PayPal.me/AL09110

    CASHAPP: $Airyfiery93

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    💨 Bowie — Aquarius 💨

    ~ visionary ~ original ~ free spirited ~


    This piece is dedicated to my fellow aquarius @tea-j-kippen 🌟

    #andi mack#bowie quinn#bowie mack #one left how we feeling #andi mack art #andi mack fan art #am art#my art #andi mack zodiacs #andi mack zodiac series #aquarius#♒️
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  • ✨Weekend of October 23-25✨

    Astrology Transits by TripleAqua💜

    Edit: I apologize I set this post late by accident (Mercury retrograde 🤦🏻‍♀️)


    Originally posted by trip-with-the-sky

    Friday, October 23, 2020

    • Moon Enters Aquarius ♒️ (0816 EST)

    This is a time to be in your own space. Stabilizing yourself in your own thoughts and mind can bring you a sense of freedom. Observing is in order during this time. You may be attracted to new & unusual subjects. Reactions will come from an intelligent point of view, before action is taken. A focus on goals of the future, planning, brainstorming, and social gatherings may be in order. If you have a schedule for the next two days, you may as well throw it out because personal freedom is going to be at high levels. And since Mercury retrograde is causing delays, inner thinking, & technical difficulties, it’s time to stay home, put on a documentary, and swim in your thoughts.


    Originally posted by pennym00

    • Scorpio Sun squares Aquarius Moon (0924 EST)

    Confidence may retreat in the face of a challenge. This is a time to avoid confrontations but that doesn’t mean pulling out of the situation entirely. Today’s outcome will have uncertainty & shifty grounds. Mild challenges to your emotional security & contentment may be experienced. Inner stress and tension can cause dismay and plans to not go as smoothly as you wanted. This transit doesn’t last long, so breathe and try to stay grounded.


    Originally posted by deseos-de-la-via-lactea

    Saturday, October 24, 2020

    • Virgo Venus trine Capricorn Saturn 0° orb

    This is an easy flowing energy, and if you are planning on getting married, THIS IS THE BEST ASPECT TO HAVE A VOW OF MARRIAGE!! 💜🤍 It entitles a serious, longieyity of love. However, if there is issues in a relationship, it can assess and reassess how the relationship is working and if any adjustments need made up to and including termination. It’s seeking a stability in love. So, if it’s unstable, it will force to end the relationship. It also brings out the beauty in love. Emotions should be easier to keep in check (especially with the help of the Aquarius moon helping us think more logically with emotions) and could even come off as cold.


    Originally posted by anakilah

    Sunday, October 25, 2020

    • Scorpio Sun conjunct Scorpio Mercury rx 2°

    Everyone will be feeling eager for connection with this energy! However, with both the Sun & Mercury being in Scorpio, expect there to be deep conversations & investigative work with others. Conversations could reveal the truth or shine light on a subject that needs to be looked into further. This aspect also gives us easier access to our intuition to help us better navigate our lives.

    • Moon enter Pisces 14:18 EST

    This will spike the already high levels of intuition we are able to reach with the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect happening. Emotions are also heightened and the investigative side to us, really starts to use it’s tools to find the truth.

    • Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Mercury rx

    This energy will restore our mental and physical energy. The trine between the Moon & Mercury rx brings harmony to our awareness and communication. The trine between the Moon & Sun creates an energy that emphasizes on our intuition. This Double Water Trine will boost our intuition & bring a focus to our paths until early Wednesday Morning.


    Originally posted by ethrealconsciousness

    #astrology #astrologyforhumans #tripleaqua #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #zodiac #horoscope #retrograde #planets

    -TripleAqua 💜🔮

    Natal Chart Interpretations🪐, Tarot Readings 🔮, Holistic Healer🌿, Crystal Healer 💎

    💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫




    Venmo~ TripleAqua


    Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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  • Isn’t this Aquarius bracelet awesome?! It’s just one of several items we’re currently giving away! Be sure to check out our giveaway post for details on how to win! 🥳♒

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  • Tarotscopes – From October 25th through October 31st. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.


    Aries – Patience is a virtue and with The Hierophant in your reading this week you feel the need to take things at a slower pace. Most of you have found your footing during this retrograde by learning how to control your anger and practice more self-control. As we get closer to November, you will benefit from the lessons learned during this Mars transit.

    Taurus – This will be a period of changes with Death appearing in your reading. Overall, change helps you push further and tap into learning more about yourself. As we all enter this Scorpio season, you might see the transformations in your personal relationships. It can be a period of empowerment and understanding as you take the next steps forward towards the final months of the year.

    Gemini – As the Knight of Wands this week, you are coming into your power and feeling a little better than the Fool from last week. Scorpio Season will get you working harder and smarter. You have the energy to pull through and make things happen without fear or doubt.

    Cancer – Take things easy with Mercury in fellow water sign Scorpio still retrograde. Your words can sting and with the King of Swords Reversed in this reading. Thing before you speak because you would not want to burn any bridges. This season promises to bring you excitement and happiness, so go with the flow and mind your tongue.

    LeoThe Eight of Wands appears in your reading, a reminder that things are going to be moving unexpectedly and changing this season as we wait for Mars and Mercury to go direct. The sky is the limit now, as you can see yourself getting things done from the comfort of home. Venus and Mercury will be in Libra later this week, giving you more mental stimulation to get those creative juices flowing.

    Virgo – Appreciate any blessings that have arrived in your life and make sure to always give back. This is what the Six of Pentacles in your reading is prompting you to do. Evaluate how things have changed for you and if you can, give a helping hand to others. It does not have to be financial, sometimes many of us could benefit having someone who will listen and be there for us when we need them.

    LibraThe Six of Swords shows a transition from your season into Scorpio season. Or this can be a new phase for your personal life. You have grown and fought through those challenges this year. Now with Scorpio Season here, you are ready to feel empowered and grow. Nothing will hold you back if you see your strength.

    Scorpio – With the Two of Cups in your reading, this is a romantic period especially with Venus moving into Libra. You can expect to hear from people in the past due to this retrograde transit in your sign and making some aspects in your house of partnerships. Play it cool and go with the flow this season.

    Sagittarius – There could be feelings of doubt holding you back with the Three of Wands Reversed. This is a reminder that you should not dim your light during this Scorpio season and to trust yourself. Opportunities await, especially once Mars goes direct. Keep your head up.

    CapricornThe Empress Reversed in your reading is a period of change and reflection. You are not allowing yourself to fully touch into this delicate side. If you have not felt strongly about yourself, including your appearance, this is the time to stop the doubt and learn to embrace you fully without fears. You have much to offer and sometimes, we need to treat ourselves and ego, especially with this upcoming Venus in Libra transit when all eyes will be on you.

    Aquarius – With the Ace of Pentacles Reversed, you do not feel confident enough to dive into any new projects or entertain any new prospects. This Scorpio Season you will be working hard, making moves and showing others what you are made of. Be diligent before accepting proposals from potential business partners.

    PiscesThe Ace of Cups Reversed shows you might prefer to be more reserved with your emotions. This Scorpio Season can help you push your boundaries and releasing all that has been building up. It is the perfect time to let go what does not serve you and think about the things that bring you happiness.

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  • I know I saw and liked your Instagram post but that doesn’t mean I’m going to respond to your text message.

    #dark academia#introvert #I’m not responding #aquarius
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  • aries: this will be a week to focus on your relationships, of all kinds, but with venus in the mix you can definitely expect romantic tones to be involved in that.

    taurus: although libra’s airy quality is not something you’re extremely familiar with or comfortable with by default, venus’s ingress into that sign is auspicious for you, as libra is her other home (besides your sign). so the world takes on a pleasant sweetness for you this week.

    gemini: your retrograde ruler moves backward into libra this week, lightening the mood somewhat, likely much to your relief. but recall that this is a highly temporary situation, and it is not wise to shove aside or place on the back burner any intense or uncomfortable issues that have recently arisen.

    cancer: mercury backing into libra may be a little less comfy for you than when he was in scorpio, but it also means he’s close to turning direct again. then he will head back for your fellow watery sign and whatever seems a little bit through-the-looking-glass now will seem to correct itself.

    leo: your solar ruler opposes uranus in taurus this week. this is an alignment which likely conflicts with some of your natal leo placements, especially if you have more than one of those. surprises that occur in this time may seem unpleasant, and they may seem to send you a few steps backward, but ultimately they will probably lead you to powerful innovations and insights.

    virgo: as your retrograde ruler mercury continues to retrace his recent steps, retrace your own steps with him and see what you can find that you may have missed before. he moves briefly back into libra this week, so carefully avoid big expenses, loans, signing contracts, etc.

    libra: mercury backs into your sign, and your ruler venus promptly thereafter enters for the first time in about a year. this is, of course, her home sign, and with mercury being retrograde and synchronous with her moving, this casts a glamor on you and makes you supernaturally attractive to others - the way you look or your overall vibe or both. but the same spell can be cast on others, so just be aware that not all that glitters is gold.

    scorpio: a full moon halloween is a scorpionic thing indeed; it occurs in your relationship house. that can certainly be lovely. in the spirit of spookiness, though, keep in mind that the 7th house is sometimes also interpreted as that of open enemies, not just lovey-dovey stuff.

    sagittarius: this week is full of astrology that is mildly supportive to you. nothing huge, and also nothing very bad. it is auspicious to have friendly conversations with your neighbors, siblings, and cousins at this time.

    capricorn: mercury moving back into libra this week contributes to a wide sense that the endless squares to the big planets in your sign never end. but this week also marks the halfway point in this retrograde process and, after a final round of such squares from mercury, things lighten up a little bit soon.

    aquarius: the sun opposite your ruler uranus, in fixed signs square to yours, is perhaps uncomfortable but it also makes you a genius. it’s not easy! perhaps you don’t wish to know *quite* so much. but if you keep grounded and ethical all week, the knowledge and foresight granted by this opposition pay off.

    pisces: the sun remains in scorpio but otherwise the watery quality ebbs slightly this week. this can leave you feeling a bit stranded. embrace the fact that air and space are as dreamy as the deep sea.

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  • astro observations pt2 🍓

    • Earth sun + pisces moon makes for a deeply sensitive person.
    • Taurus risings are “lazier” than taurus sun & moon.
    • A lot of moon and venus influence in the chart make a person’s beauty very feminine and youthful, regardless of their gender. ( ariana grande, mariah carey, emilia clarke, asap rocky, etc)
    • I feel like no one talks about how stubborn sagittarius moons are, holy shit. Taurus who?
    • I’ve noticed how fixed signs always end up with other fixed or cardinal signs. I rarely see fixed X mutable.
    • Virgo placements & their explosive anger is never talked about.
    • Celebrities known for being “divas” always have either Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Leo or Virgo in their big three. (aretha franklin, mariah carey, whitney houston, ariana grande, cher, beyoncé, madonna, naomi campbell, etc)
    • capricorn risings/heavy cap placements have beautiful bone structure. sharp jawline and high cheekbones.
    • libra risings with mars aspecting their ascendant always have darker features. dark hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows. vs libra risings w/o mars aspecting prefer lighter more neutral tones. light browns, dirty blonde, light eyes…softer features.
    • this isn’t really astrology, but i think it could still fall under the category. but a lot of people born in june have curly hair, or at least some sort of wave to their hair. it’s easy to spot someone born in june, i don’t know why.
    • i said it once and i’ll say it again: cancers are effortlessly funny & they’re not aware of just how funny they are.
    • A lot of taurus people have button noses.
    • aries are the biggest pranksters known to man kind. that is their humor, 100%.
    • gemini & virgo placements have no problem being called haters. shadiest signs by far & u have to respect them for that.
    • also, weird observation. but how much sense does it make that the ladies in the “how do u knew what’s good for me?” “THATS MY OPINION!” were an aries and virgo respectively. can u guess who is who?
    • people say sag & taurus is the worst match, but aquarius & taurus is a absolute match made in hell.
    • pisces placements may struggle with people not liking them for no reason.
    • libra rising/venus aspecting the ascendant men are suuuuuchhhhh pretty boys (and players) all the way.
    • virgo moons are so sexy. end of statement. like literally all vigo moons are hot.
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  • Singles

    Consistency counts, especially when a situation is making the move from fling to real thing. A romantic interest really shows that they have what it takes when they make small, thoughtful gestures.


    Dream big when it comes to this relationship. Your partner is giving you a stellar opportunity to break through some past limitations if you’re brave enough to take it. Succeeding at this will increase your confidence.

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