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  • Tarot weekly messages for Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius)✨

    (Sun, moon, rising or Venus)


    -Union with a fire sign male(aries, Sagittarius, leo). Or if you asked for a new deep loving connection then that is about to happen.

    -healing from a broken heart. Ready for the next. Get ready to be sucked into the love machine….lol that was so cringe of me to say😂but for real. Everything that you go through is molding you for what you asked for.

    -yes, that person was involved with somebody else and they may reveal that to you this week. Something tells me you don’t even care because you moved on.

    -someone sort of celebration or victory that you do not see coming at all. Sorry for ruining the surprise🙃

    -someone is busy or pretending to be busy but you are on the forefront of their mind. Someone loves you and your energy.

    -changes in your career or change in how your business has been going.

    -some sort of clarity or confession from someone snakey.

    -stand your ground. Know your worth.

    -someone is lowkey highkey obsessed with you and I don’t think they can play it cool any longer.

    -someone misses you but that’s their loss.


    Read the pinned post on my page for a personal tarot reading🥂

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  • aries: you are extra magnetic in business this week. you have power over others in a social sense, in an almost secret and magical way, and it’s a great time to make sales if you do that kind of work.

    taurus: mundanity truly fails to engage or interest you this week. you are living in etheric realms even if you’re not aware of it. adopt a spiritual attitude and believe in magic.

    gemini: nodal activity like this can mean glitches in the “matrix” or simply weird dreams for you. but there are messages in all of it, for those who know and care to look for them. this goes double and triple with a mercury retrograde beginning this week.

    cancer: mercury teases you a bit this week by almost going into watery pisces, which would definitely feel easy and fun for you, but instead backing up deeper into aquarius. just remember there’s nothing really wrong with aquarius, even if it’s not a vibe you naturally understand. in fact, mercury is a magician, and aquarius is your 8th house which involves magic and sorcery. make use of it!

    leo: this week the sky is focused on your long term relationships/partnerships. don’t be spooked by the upcoming mercury retrograde. your ruler the sun in league with lucky jove makes for one of the best combinations you could even ask for in this arena, and mercury retrograde has its plus sides too!

    virgo: your ruler mercury takes a retrograde in late aquarius this week. consciously and carefully revisit your last couple of weeks and see what ground you are re-covering again now. expect a final sweep of that territory when mercury goes direct again.

    libra: a number of factors make this likely to be an intensely romantic week for you. romance is fun but it can also be nerve-wracking, so work to consciously enjoy it and all its quirky twists and turns, and also to increase your self-care protocols.

    scorpio: the beginning of mercury retrograde is, for you, nicely balanced by venus on your ruler pluto in capricorn. your charisma levels shoot through the roof. just avoid a tendency to take obsession to an unhealthy degree.

    sagittarius: sun-jupiter conjunctions tend to be lucky for everyone and this one is especially lucky and especially for you. for extra magic write handwritten notes to your loved ones this week.

    capricorn: venus on pluto in your sign this week can definitely be something like a rebirth of your self-image. self-love practices are extra auspicious now. be radical about it. go beyond the bubble bath.

    aquarius: mercury retrograde begins this week and keeps mercury in your sign for extra-long. it makes you a bit of a genius but it is not without its trials. strive for balance.

    pisces: many factors contribute to a dreamlike quality for this week. you thrive in such dreams, more lucid about them than others tend to be. everything is an omen; what do you see?

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  • Singles

    You have a strong competitive vibe. Will jumping ahead of the pack endear you to the person you’re trying to impress? Just try to avoid being overly aggressive in your quest to be in the lead.


    It’s time for the two of you to address a habit that’s on the verge of becoming an entrenched pattern. Maybe it started during your courtship, or maybe it’s a recent development. Whatever the case, deal with it now.

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  • Tarotscopes – From January 24th through January 30th, 2021. Feel free to check Rising Sign, Sun Sign and Moon Sign.

    Aries – Do not be afraid to open up with the Two of Cups Reversed in your reading. This is a time of compromise and reaching harmony with the Full Moon in Leo transiting this week. Try to opt for diplomacy and listen to others.

    Taurus – Be open to accepting your calling with Judgement Reversed. You are on the right path and the only blockages come from your own insecurities. Change your mindset and see the shifts follow.

    Gemini – Consider taking the role of mentor with The Hierophant in your reading this week. These Aquarius transits are opening your mind and heart. Your discipline is allowing you to grow spiritually.

    Cancer – As the High Priestess, you are more intuitive and in your power. This Full Moon transit will have you more receptive to the things going on. Trust your gut this week as many new things begin to present themselves.

    Leo – Many options are presenting themselves with the Two of Wands in your reading. The Full Moon in your sign is a time of opportunities presenting themselves. Connect with your subconscious for answers.

    Virgo – With the Seven of Wands this week, you are here to defend yourself and reclaim your sense of control. Saturn is here to restructure your routine so you can feel more confident and prepared. Get focused.

    Libra – What you worked so hard for is starting to show and you should take pride in your accomplishments. The Nine of Pentacles shows the beginning of a period of abundance and prosperity. Claim it.

    ScorpioThe Six of Cups Reversed in your reading shows you are focused on the past. This Full Moon in Leo transit this week will give you the strength needed to overcome and to heal. Get ready to empower yourself.

    Sagittarius – You are not feeling very confident in your abilities with the Ace of Cups Reversed in your reading for the week. Trust yourself. This Full Moon in Leo has you energized to make changes, to raise your confidence levels and bring prosperity in your life.

    Capricorn – With the Five of Wands Reversed, you need to take things easier this week. There is a lot that might be on your mind and this Full Moon transit will expose that. Meditation can help calm the nerves and anxiousness.

    AquariusThe Ten of Pentacles is a sign of abundance and joy. You are on the right path and with this upcoming stellium in your sign, things can only get better for you. Be patient though and take things one day at a time.

    Pisces – Expect the unexpected with the Three of Wands in your reading. This upcoming Full Moon in Leo is prompting you to explore, to take charge and to believe in yourself. The world is filled with amazing opportunities if you take the leap and have faith.

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  • January25th #supportsmallbusiness #blackbusinesswomen #january25th #melanatedmagic #candles #valentines #blacklove #aquarius #support (at Inglewood, California)

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  • Your life is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have plenty of ground left to cover. Do things today that help conserve your energy, not use it all up. Physical activity is fine, but don’t go overboard or try to show off. There’s a risk of injury or embarrassment (neither of which is very pleasant to consider). Keep working away at a person you’re trying to deal with. If they’re trying to get the better of you, your perseverance won’t let them win.

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  • image

    Spicy and loud is this archetype! First know that despite being associated with Saturn and being a fixed sign Aquarius is associated with change and chaos. In the air element they are the tornado, microburst, hurricane, a damn storm. I would actually love to hear people’s thoughts on Aquarius being both fixed and yet the sign of unpredictability, change, future or forward looking, and chaos. I’ve written some of my own notes on this in the past, but sometimes I even get conflicted about the dynamic, sometimes it feels like as an astrologer you are pressured to pick between the cold, serious, aloof side of the sign or the 🤪 side. Aquarius can be the “anarchist who didn’t notice the end of the revolution. One of the great movers and shakers of social change. All Aquarius is looking for is equality and justice. It just so happens that this involves widespread change, breaking free from convention and exploding the status quo. The Saturnine shadow is cold, rigid, and disapproving, a perfectionist craving control, which it may through anarchy. The second co-ruler, Uranus is unconventional…. doing things simply for the sake of being different. Sometimes psychotic, this shadow figure aspires to anarchy and annihilation.” - Judy Hall. 

    Aquarius has an active, curious, restless mind that is constantly wanting to learn and expand. From that the self and soul are also always looking towards evolution and stepping into the future. Many times change and liberation require destruction. While mutable signs are usually the keepers of change and flexibility, it could be that the focus and staying power of the fixed quality is needed to push forward with the large, earthshaking, mind blowing shifts. Maybe this can also be said for Scorpio and their association with regeneration and transformation. But Scorpio is shedding skin, Phoenix rebirth in the flames, a beautiful and poetic growth from adversity, the self is modified, metamorphosis. Aquarius is a building burned to the ground to make way for fields. It is from simple form to a more complex form. It is about steps into the future - always. Development to where there is no turning back. Maybe just the difference between transformation vs. evolution. Both powerful and needed. 

    In anarchy there is also freedom and separation - two very important things to Aquarius. In anarchy there can be the ultimate expression of individuality, it can also act as a statement for the collective, both so *Aquarius*. Here is a sign who does not fear the unknown but craves it. A sign that is most known for intellect, logic, and “quirkiness” but is much more extreme, hardcore, intense than a cool gust speaks for. 

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  • Aquarians… Weird change-makers but Big hearted care-bears!!! Lol @natassia_r1 #aqua #aquarius #aquarian #aquarians #zodiacsigns #birthdaymonth #february #febbaby #aquababy #foodie #upcoming #stillloading #zodiac #zodiacs #airsigns #Overthinkers #thinktoomuch #canthelpit #jokeoftheday #johannesburg #sandton #vegans #foodblogger #picoftheday #photooftheday (at Sandton, Gauteng)

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  • Help. I’m 25 and still very emo and very horny.

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  • Drama Time

    Photo credit: Getty Images

    We are about to feel the Full Moon at 9 degrees Leo on 28th January big time.

    Each full moon is a culmination of the previous new moon. Emotions tend to escalate, reach a point of eruption and then release. This is an extra charged full moon, because it’s aspected by four planets. Full moons are emotional as it is, but when we have so many planets bringing their…


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  • have any other fixed signs noticed they keep being friends with fixed signs or is it just me

    #moved countries yet keep having fixed friends #leo#scorpio#aquarius#taurus#astrology
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  • Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Sunday 01/24/2021

    Aquarius Daily Horoscope | Sunday 01/24/2021

    You have some heavy issues on your mind, while at the same time feeling relieved that you are leaving the past in the past as you move along. Not exactly prone to give in to opinions of others, you would rather stand in the middle of the riot than join a belief system that does not fit with what you feel is authentic.
    Source: https://www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com/horoscope/aquarius/daily


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    All zodiac signs have their own specific birthstones and zodiac stones that can be used for luck, abundance, protection and guidance. There’s actually more than just one stone that is favorable for a zodiac sign. In this post you will learn more about the favorable crystals for Aquarius.

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  • I think people should talk more about the developed and undeveloped archetypes of the signs. I haven’t seen a lot of posts talking about the shadow side of the signs and how you can reach the signs full potential. It would be great to know which traits are toxic and how to get rid / correct them. 

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