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  • tangerinedre4m
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The signs as playlist I made for them in 2021

    My goal this year was to make a playlist for each Astro sign that captures their enegry, I hope you enjoy .













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  • lalunanymph
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #this song is peak air sign culture #‘if you act brand new i can change up too’ #like #yes my aquarius queen #my aqua rising is preening #dawn.tunes🕊
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  • moonchild-astrology
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago



    💞Air Rising Celebrities

    Outgoing, stylish, air risings are over represented in Hollywood. Air risings have a compellingly unique appearance and make for charming company. Air ascendants possess well defined facial structure and striking features. They have the same placement as celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Brittney Spears. Doja Cat’s pouty lips and strong cupid’s bow are common air rising traits. Beyoncé’s thick hair and slender nose come from her libra venus, air ascendant. In photo shoots Drew Barrymore and Anna Nicole Smith’s sparkling eyes and wide smiles show that they’re air ascendants.

    Chic and charming, air ascendants combine glitz with a lively glow.


    You’re the kind of girls who played dress up in their mothers closet playing with the textures and colors in her wardrobe like paint on an artists palette. Your sense of style is chic, avant garde and mischievous. You look best when you stay true to your exciting sense of style.



    vibrant colors like teal amber and violet

    bold fabrics like velvet and satin

    flirtatious side slits and short skirts

    staples from bygone movements like bell sleeves, chain belts and gogo boots

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  • caprivirgogrl
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Virgo sun, Aries moon, Leo rising, Scorpio venus (f) X Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Scorpio rising, Aries venus (m) for @lbb062120

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  • anontarot
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Henry Cavill#asks#celeb tarot #very Aquarius rising
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  • lunarliyah
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Astro Observations Part 7 🏵

    By lunar liyah

    A lot of Aries placements/mars dominate people are into entrepreneurship. They will only work for themselves.

    They’re good at executing a project or business. These people may or may not be the best at coming up with the most effective and creative ideas, but they’re the people who get the ball rolling. They don’t overthink. They don’t sit on plans. They just start. That’s what it takes to be a strong entrepreneur at that. Not the most creative or innovative, someone who is brave enough to just start. It works for them because they are the sign of impulse so sometimes planning and being strategic is not necessary.

    Sagittarius risings do great in any social setting.

    Venus ruled men make great actors. Two of my favorite actors are Michael Rainy jr and Demetrius Flenory jr.

    The charisma and charm (Taurus) it takes to play a role and being able to relate and portray the characters on the script. (Libra)

    7h sun/Libra moon people love love. They want a relationship. These could be people who date to marry. Not the people who date for experiences. They are most likely in it for the long run.

    Sagittarius sun women are extraordinary. These women have HUGE personalities. I’ve never met an introverted, closed off, dull, etc sagittarius women. Shout out to y’all! Y’all my fav! So unapologetic, keep that <3!

    Mutable dominate individuals can a lot have conflicted feelings or thoughts. These people can feel confused a lot, their mind really goes a mile a minute.

    Pluto sag generation are true truth seekers and rebellious. You see how upset sag gen gets previous generations. They love to call sag gen sensitive!

    Mutable Risings can look like 20 different people lol. But no, these people could make a slight change in appearance and look completely different. Plus they tend to change their look often too. Kim K for example (Sagittarius rising)

    Sidereal Pisces are more Pisces like than actual Pisces. What I mean is that a lot of Aries sun people in tropical Astrology love escapism like drinking or other vices similar to that. A lot of Aries women do have this soft/sensual touch to their personality. These people in love…I really don’t even have to explain.

    Summer Walker, the singer, is a sidereal Pisces sun, her music is about love, loosing herself in love, and being with people she shouldn’t be with, that selflessness! That’s Pisces energy that can manifest.

    Ari Lennox, the singer, is also a Pisces sidereal sun, she loves wine and she is very sensual. Her voice is soft (like Summer’s too) and majority of her music is about love.

    Not to mention, these people (Tropical Aries sun) seem soo mutable. Like yes they’re fast paced, like a typical Aries, but it seems like they can fit in anywhere. They’re very good at fitting in, if the sun, moon, mercury is not afflicted.

    Uranus aspects and Aquarius placements that aren’t so good at fitting in. In fact, that’s their whole brand, not fitting in and to stand out. Mainly aspects to the moon and Aquarius moon and mercury. They aren’t the people to change up in a crowd to blend in like a chamaeleon. Even if they tried, probably could never pull it off. And they will be perceived as very weird. More weird than usual. And others can definitely tell.

    Chiron aspecting the sun, yes even oppositions, can manifest a very violent and sadistic person. Check the charts of criminals and you’ll see Chiron all up in the chart if it’s not aspecting the sun, it’s definitely somewhere.

    Libra risings get away with a lot. They could be clearly terrible at something but still be liked and sometimes even favored. Kind of like the relationship between a caregiver and a younger child/sibling, they mess up, they get a pass. Venus trine ascendent too.

    Squares in a chart are “aggressive”. They are what I look at first, when looking at someone’s aspects. They tend to be more likely to manifest in my opinion. Next to conjunctions.

    9 degrees mars makes someone vindictive. Or just very much the type of people that don’t take disrespect very well, to put it in other words. These people can loose control of self/emotions.

    8h moon mothers can be the most controlling people. Especially money wise. These people, if they don’t have the actual information to access your money, they’ll definitely find ways to make you either spend money on them or give them money. Yes, their own kids. They can exploit their kids basically and unfortunately.

    Taurus risings tend to have stallion bodies. Yes sag is the sign of the man/horse figure. But Taurus is the sign of the bull, which tend to be built. And active as well. A lot of Taurus risings I know and come across, has n a t r u a l l y built bodies.

    If you’re are looking to owning a business and running it through social media especially or you want to be a social media content creator... Look into planetary hours in your area. And post during the sun or mars hour :) watch your business get a lot of traction. (Will do a separate post on this) :*

    Scorpio Venus people seem like they want praise for being private sometimes. They’re the type of people to say constantly words or phrases like “I keep my business to myself” “I live a private life” “I don’t post much on social media” “I’m not into *insert a social gathering*, I’d rather be at home”

    Also, Scorpio placements are homebodies. They love to stay home. In their little scorpion shell. With Taurus on their axis .. this makes sense.

    Surprisingly, Pisces Venus are quite flirtatious. Yet they seem very shy and reserved. These people love to ‘shoot their shot’. They’re very confident in that area of attraction. If they want it, they go get it, precisely though. Very calculated, never tasteless.

    Gemini Venus people are calculated as well when flirting. But in a different way.. These people can make nerdy jokes just to get the person to laugh. These people are good at it too, never corny. Also these people love to laugh.

    Naomi Campbell, for example her flirtatious remarks and responses to the interviewer are never aggressive and super straightforward. Instead they’re rather charming and friendly.

    Sagittarius MC or Jupiter aspecting Midheaven can make someone excel in their career when they travel. I mean large traveling too, from country to country.

    Rihanna has a big hand in her own country, Barbados. And it drew more attention than she already had as a women to go down in history for the huge roles she obtained in Barbados. She has a lot of Jupiter influence in her chart.

    Aquarius mercury dress in a lot of colors. They dress more ‘Aquarius’ like than actual Aquarius sun and ascendent placements.

    Moon opposing the sun placement in a chart can make that person see divorce or separations between parents. Sun reps the father. Moon reps the mother. Or they themselves could pick and choose which parent they gravitate towards more. These people could feel a disconnect to their father figure.

    Capricorn Chiron could feel insecure, if their financial state is not going well. As if their confidence relies on their career and money. These people could isolate until they’re back on track/on top of their money again.

    Virgo placements love to support small businesses. They’ll look into small businesses before looking into big companies to invest their money to.

    Libra moon people do not know how to cut people off. They couldn’t ghost if they wanted to.They rather wait until the relationship just dies or low key wants the other person to initiate the relationship ending so they can stop pretending.

    Cancer moons on the other hand, tuh, they’ll gladly show you or anyone how it’s done, to cut someone off. People get cancer placements (excluding cancer venus, it takes a while actually) misconstrued. These people especially with air placements, are the master/head honcho’s of leaving someone cold and dry with no explanation, when they come to their sense’s that this person isn’t to be trusted.

    Along with the infamous, Scorpio placements. These people are super intuitive and does not come out of that shell very often, if they do and you remind them of that reason why they don’t, they’ll leave fast. And early on too, like I said they can tell when a persons intentions aren’t what they seem to be.

    Back to the previous observation, Libra placements love acting. They love movies and binge watching series.

    Hannah Montana was definitely a Leo moon, Pisces sun, and Sagittarius rising. The whole character change and people believing it, *mutable ascendent things*and her family actually being from the south. The star power she had and being an entertainer, *Leo moon things*, and being a hopeless romantic person all in all… *Pisces sun things* … I would add a libra mars, being able to stay in that act she portrays as Hannah Montana. That takes libra skills and drive to do that for her career.

    Aquarius placements love anime. The originality of it. The creativity of it. Yeah, it’s up their alley.

    Pisces, libra, gemini placements, along w 7h placements, are the r e a l fashion girls. They set the tone for the trends in the near future. The things they wear now, will not be worn by them anymore but worn by the majority then.

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  • astro-sunflower
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    moodboard: capricorn sun aquarius moon cancer rising capricorn mercury capricorn venus sagittarius mars (f) and capricorn sun gemini moon sagittarius mercury sagittarius venus scorpio mars (m) couple

    ( requested by @fragilecapricornn )

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  • 777mak
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Aquarius Rising

    .Stand out, no matter how much they look like others

    .Fiercely independent

    .Absolutely hates when others judge or try to control how they look

    .Stubborn, they'll do things their way

    .May come off as cold or detached

    .Are actually pretty chill and funny when you meet them

    .Like to be different, will get irritated if you tell them they look basic or if they're showing something off and you're like, "I have that too!"

    .Flamboyant, won't admit it but they like to have all eyes on them

    .Friendly and likable

    .Standoffish and may like to brag

    .They don't really like change. Yeah, Aquarius is an air sign, but it's also fixed.

    .Often have dyed hair, especially blue hair for some reason

    .Zone out often

    .They cross their legs a lot and may have closed off body language

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  • saintzjenx
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    imma just say this once and only once because I know some of y'all will do sum bad with this💀, keep being consistent with us fixed Venus/Moon (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). that's literally the fastest way to our hearts.

    i'm not gonna lie all that stuff you read before is true. we fear changes💀 especially with things we have already associated with comfort. stubborn as hell too so it will take us some time to move on from people. make yourself memorable and stand out but be consistent with your intentions. one flighty act and you're dead to us lol. but if we already passed the talking stage and have started to really let you in and find comfort in you, we gonna justify everything you do LMAOOOOOOO like it's so bad but its a fixed thing haha

    literally I have been saying this from day one too of how easy it is to pull fixed Venus/Moon if you actually put effort into it because all we need to see is you putting work into the relationship. don't do that toxic shi here because we'll reciprocate it right back. make sure your attention is genuine and constant. keep it coming and we'll cave. trust the process😎

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  • llviragoll
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    Libra Sun (8H) at 4° Aquarius Moon (12H) at 6° Aquarius Rising at 9°
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  • jennellastro
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ahhh I checked my old crush’s birth chart and 😭😭❤️

    He has

    a Libra Sun

    an Aqua Moon

    a Sagittarius ASC

    😍🥰 no wonder why I still miss him and our funny moments

    we used to go pillow fighting, just chilling and talking about our lives.. 🥺 and we still text sometimes <3

    Ugh I just want to laugh with him again and play fight 😭😩

    He also was so like a gentleman to me and SO kind and UGHH I LOVED HIM 🥺😭

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  • noctus2cents
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    🌌Noctu's astro observations part 1🌌

    Hey there! I've been studying astrology for awhile now and finally decided to start compiling my observations together.

    These are from my own experiences with the signs, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. With that, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well (we're all students here 😉), so please don't hesitate to share yours.

    Apologies in advance if some of these seem pretty blunt. I have a Sagittarius mercury and know no other way 🙊


    🗝Aquarius Moons have the best taste in music, hands down. Not only that, but they have this knack of discovering artists before they're famous. Back in the day, my bestie introduce me to Gym Class Heroes before they got big. My boyfriend also introduced me to Twenty One Pilots when they were still underground. Within 1-3 years of them recommending those artists, they became huge lol.

    🗝Further on that note, Aquarius Moon's love language is music. I want none of that "detached" nonsense. Aquarius Moons will speak to you through music because they feel it speaks their heart better than they can. This goes for platonic and romantic relationships.

    🗝this may seem out of left field, but Scorpio Risings hate having the spot light taken from them during social gatherings. I don't know if it's their Leo MC or what, but they either become jealous or really passive aggressive. My mom and cousin both have this placement and let me tell you, they are entertaining to people watch at parties because of this. They will go on and on about all of these amazing things that happened to them recently and really get into it, but as soon as someone else pipes up to share something and the spotlight gets moved away for a moment, the Scorpio Rising will either leave the conversation entirely or make polite passive aggressive compliments/comments until the conversation is back on them.

    🗝 I have never met a Pisces placement who were into feet, including myself. If anything, we're grossed out by them. However, I know many of Cancer venus/moons who have some wild foot fetishes 🙃

    🗝Capricorn Venus is widely known to want to date older, which is true...until they get to the age group that they are attracted to. That's when they typically start dating around their age. I've noticed this in males more, though.

    🗝 it would behoove those with 8th house placements, especially those with stelliums, to give that hobby that they were intrigued by but too afraid to try a shot. You may just uncover a hidden talent that you're oddly, but satisfyingly, good at 🤗

    🗝Scorpio Risings don't have the dark aesthetic that most Scorpio placements are known for. But they do have a magnetism and glow as tempting as Hades' gold. They have this energy about them that says "you can look, but don't you touch". Even if they have other placements that would make them appear softer or more innocent.

    🗝i have noticed an uprise in posts saying that Libra Mars aren't as passive aggressive as people make them out to be. Being raised by two Libra Mars, I will very much stand by that they ARE the most passive aggressive placement and will absolutely sweep any inconvenience to them under the rug. It's when you don't let them get away with it or the nonsense they may have started that you'll see any aggression or anger come out of them.

    🗝Libra placements in general have an issue with taking accountability. This is a bit of a call out for me too as I have a Libra moon. But developed and developing placements are aware of this issue and constantly work on it.

    🗝Heavy 11th house placements come off as awkward or somewhat aggressively friendly when you first meet them. I think it's because they're still testing out the waters before they feel comfortable enough to give you their full out personality. But once they feel comfortable, they blossom! 🌸 truly beautiful energy.

    🗝Sun/Moon in 7th, you are so much more than the partnerships you create in this lifetime. You are no one's shadow. Stop hiding yourselves behind your best friends and romantic partners. Let your personality shine away from them from time to time.

    🗝Taurus Suns (need for security) with Gemini Venus (love for communication) need to be careful of manipulative partners winning them over with words. They tend to stay in toxic relationships because their partners keep persuading them to stay with empty promises for the future. Please move on if their actions dont match their words.

    🗝Having a Gemini IC along with Mercury in 9th could mean you grew up in a bilingual home or learning about culture(s) was prominent in your childhood.

    🗝Mars aspecting Ascendant usually have a prominent or at least visible "battlewound". Typically with a crazy story behind it.

    🗝Men with their Sun/Moon/Pluto aspecting Mars in 11th are the type of guys that love extreme sports, martial arts/MMA, or sports that will draw in a crowd. My honey and a handful of his friends have at least one of these and their group helped evolve parkour to what it is today. They also all have a background in martial arts.

    Welp, that's all I've got today... Thanks for making it this far! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I know I'll be making more observation posts in the future, whether or not anyone reads this lol. So I guess this post will be a test to see if I'm just speaking into the void or not. Either way, I truly enjoyed doing this 😊

    Until next time,


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  • twinkphobe
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #asks #scorpio sun and aquarius rising? i’m sold 🖤
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  • dreamsmadeofsugarandspices
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    “Happy Loner” by MARINA gives me the big three in Aquarius/Capricorn kind of vibe (especially for Aquarius moon).

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