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  • pinotorto
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Why is everyone so fucking tall in Arcane? What do they have against average height people?

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  • artificialcaretaker
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Which one do y’all think Jayce is gonna pull on Mel next season?

    #arcane#arcane netflix#arcane spoilers#arcanestuck#mel medarda#jayce talis#meljay#jaymel#MOREOVER #does it work #or does he get hit with the ‘Sorry kid. It’s too late’ #cause that would be tragic #but also we all know that MEL IS OK #BECAUSE SHE HAD TO TIE HER SHOE #AND SHE BENT DOWN THE EXACT MOMENT OF THE IMPACT #anyways#homestuck #also I’m not implying either of the actual images as shipping #because ew
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  • bexxkimboo
    27.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Just want to give her a hug

    #arcane league of legends #arcane netflix#arcane series #caitlyn and vi #arcane#vicait #arcane act 3 #arcane spoilers#caitlyn kiramman #dickinson apple tv #hailee#hailee steinfeld
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  • calamityfroggywitch
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Just started watching Arcane and um...what even was episode 3, this is fucking heartbreaking omg

    #did I mention I was freaking loving Vander sm and they killed him- #also that whole freaking scene with Vi and Powder broke me bye #arcane spoilers#arcane#text post
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  • magneticflower
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    I'm so afraid

    Of what you have to say

    'Cause I am quiet now

    And silence gives you space."

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  • sualne
    26.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Jayce will understand.

    #arcane#arcane spoilers#viktor arcane#eye strain#my art #this year i'd like to try drawing more illustration/composition stuff
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  • dubiousdisco
    26.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    "her last act as powder was to kill silco and her first act as jinx was to avenge him" analysis hit hard but it also makes me think of this:

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  • kvnikuzushi
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #[☂️] cel / 💜 #arcane spoilers
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  • kvnikuzushi
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #[☂️] cel / 💜 #arcane spoilers
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  • everyguysdirtymind
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #arcane league of legends #arcane fanart#arcane lol#lol arcane#arcane netflix #league of legends #arcane spoilers #league of lesbians #caityln#caitlyn kiramman#caitlyn#arcane powder#arcane ekko#arcane caitlyn #arcane vi icons #arcane vi fanart #arcane viktor #arcane vi x caitlyn
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  • kvnikuzushi
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #[☂️] cel / 💜 #arcane spoilers
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  • a-gal-with-taste
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #i SAID 10 feet! #spoiler alert #prelude!verse #until i have a name for it #ask#answered#silco#arcane#arcane silco #silco x reader #dad!silco #mom!reader #sevika#my writing #sevika has a tape measure ready for babysitting
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  • queenvisaide-blog
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    "Y creí que podrías amarme como antes, aunque ya soy... diferente.

    Tú también cambiaste. Así que, por nuestros cambios."

    Les juro que esa frase me eriza la piel. La buscó porque quería sentir ese calor de hogar que tanto extrañaba. Estaba segura de que Vi la amaría como es: Jinx y no por lo que fue: Powder, pero no fue así, porque es otra persona y Vi estaba aferrada a que fuera de nuevo la niña que conocía.

    Y Jinx también se dio cuenta de que Vi ya no es la niña que la dejó sola aquella ocasión (Vi creció y ahora tiene un interés amoroso por una persona que lleva el uniforme de los que mataron a sus padres).

    Al decir: "Por nuestros cambios", está dejando ir toda esa esperanza que alguna vez tuvo de volver con su hermana y ser como antes: niñas cuya meta era hacer que tanto Piltover como Zaun las respetaran. Básicamente se dio cuenta de que los intereses de ambas cambiaron drásticamente.

    ¿Entienden? Aceptó que ya no hay marcha atrás y que los caminos de ambas tienen que separarse.

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  • sweatandwoe
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Secret Ingredient - 15

    Paring: Silco/Fem!Reader
    Rating: Explicit (**This chapter is NSFW**)
    Warnings: Canon typical violence, dark themes, Silco, large amounts of fluff, no angst this chapter, vaginal fingering
    Summary: You had grown up on the streets. You knew the Underground. Which is why you decided to try and stay away from the main parts of it. Baking was safe and easy.
    Helping to take care of a Crime Lord’s daughter? May have been easier to join up with a gang

    Note: Look at those new warnings at the top. Don’t make me tap the sign. 

    A huge thank you to mama @chickenparm for looking this over and editing my mistakes. 🥺🥺I love you so much

    Also we about to hit 1k followers. Thank you all so much ;3;

    Also also next update may be delayed/faster idk yet. I’m gonna put the reasoning in the tags cause I am a lameo and don’t wanna put it up here

    Previous chapter - Next Chapter

    Ao3 Link


    There was an odd calmness that had spread over the day like a blanket, though it provided little warmth. The cold had settled in more now near the end of January, with harsher, icy winds constantly in the Lanes. A few days ago, a little bit of snow had even been swept down into the highest parts of the Lanes. Though most of it had now blown away by the next day, Jinx had made a small snowman with a large amount of pride. Though she had less pride when you made her take a hot bath in order to warm back up. 

    Today though, you and Jinx sat in The Last Drop; Barely anyone had come in tonight. You were just waiting on Silco to finish this meeting, and then you’d finish up the lessons upstairs in his nice and warm office. You heard some rumblings coming from the ceiling there, more easily heard with the lack of bodies and voices in the club. 

    “What does ‘catastrophic’ mean?” 

    You glanced over the picture she was looking at. One of the riots that had taken place in what was now the Dredge almost a century ago. It showed some of the wreckage that eventually turned into Voss’s prison. Luckily there were no bodies being shown in this photo.  “A bad thing. A very bad thing that happens suddenly.” 

    Jinx gave a nod, her small face scrunching up as she brought the book up closer to read it over. Then taking a crayon and she began to make a doodle next to it. Something she often did if she learned something new, a little doodle, a little memory. And it wasn’t like these books would probably be used again, so you allowed her to do as she liked. 

    The doodle of this one was of a fire, starting at the bottom corner of the page and climbing upwards. 

    Your hand came up to her head, gently stroking your fingers through the loose hairs at the top. Her braid was getting longer, along with the rest at the front. 

    “Dad’s making sure we don’t get another Dredge or Heaps, right?” 

    You paused, watching as her eyes never left the page. You gave a nod. “He’s protecting us. Giving us a chance to become our own people.” 

    She gave a swallow, her throat bobbed before she rocked herself back against the cushioning of the booth. “He won’t… die, right?” 

    And all at once your arms come around your daughter, tucking her close against your side. “Of course not, Jinx.” There aren’t any tears, and her lip doesn’t wobble. You could see her fists clench together before she moved to settle her hands on you instead, returning the hug. 

    There were no tears, just a hug for a few minutes, before she pulled away. You turned the page for her, and she settled to read more. You kept an arm around her while reading from the textbook with her. 

    It was maybe half an hour later, when you heard the door open above your heads. You watched as Silco descended down the stairs, and he made to move towards the doors to the lower level.A quick call of his name, and his head turned. He tilted his head, before calling back. 

    “Why are you up here?” 

    “It’s cold.” Jinx said simply, hooking her thick pink sweater at the hem to display it to her father. You patted her head once more. 

    “We were hoping to sneak into your office, Sevika said you had a meeting.” 

    One hand went behind his back, as he walked over. Easily he slid in beside Jinx, and he kept the one hand, his right hand, hidden beneath the table. “I did. My office just needs a quick tidy.” 

    You glanced at him more pointedly, flicking your gaze between his face and the arm he was attempting to hide. A slight tilt of your head and he gave a small roll of his eyes, an even smaller nod. Then a pointed look towards Jinx. You gave your own nod, and let your gaze fall back onto the history textbook. 

    You both had gotten very good at silent conversations around Jinx. 

    “Anything in particular you learned today, Jinx?” Silco asked, settling his uninjured hand along the booth’s edge, letting his arm stretch across it until his hand brushed over the edge of your shoulder. It was a quick touch, accidental in the way he jerked it back, before settling it against the grains of the wooden edge. 

    You didn’t glance at him, knowing it was an accident. Instead you turned your gaze to Jinx. She grinned, eager as she closed the history book and instead grabbed her chemistry one. “How to make a smoke bomb.” 

    Jinx was quick to retell Silco how to make one, and you watched as he nodded his head, smiling down at the pages when she pointed at them. She even regaled you as well, with little extra bits that you recalled from this morning’s lessons. 

    You ended up having dinner at the booth, but to Jinx’s enjoyment and surprisingly your own. Even Silco looked a bit happy as you all sat in the booth, enjoying dinner and listening to the music. 

    It however didn’t last as Jinx began to kick her legs, having spent no real energy today, besides a quick game of run-away-from-mom when you had tried to wipe her face off after lunch. “Can I go dance?” 

    You glanced down at her, before turning your gaze onto Silco. Jinx followed it, and you gave him the reins. You watched as he considered it a moment, surveying the dance floor. There were far less people in tonight, mostly the drunkards and shimmer addicts that had shifted to the corners. No one had gone near your booth section. 

    Then he hummed approvingly, and held out a hand. “Only with a partner.” 

    Jinx giggled and took her father’s hand as he led her out across the dance floor to the Jukebox. You watched as they both eyed the tunes, flicking through, before settling on a few. Silco slipped a few coins in, before they returned to the dance floor. You settled into the booth, smiling as you watched as he picked her up, setting her feet on top of his own. 

    He was still much taller, as he held both of her hands and began to dance. The song wasn’t too fast, nor was it too slow. And they remained close to the edge, where few would still see them, almost still covered by the railway. You could hear Jinx’s giggling, and you felt a familiar warmth feel your chest at it. 

    Only growing warmer when you heard Silco beginning to laugh too. 

    By the time the third song was playing, you watched as Jinx suddenly turned her head. She let go of one hand and gestured for you to join. And well, you couldn’t say no while she looked so terribly happy already. 

    Silco took her off of his shoes, but blinked when she did not let go of his one hand. She held one to you, and you took it. She then stared a little pointedly between your empty hands. Jinx hadn’t tried to push anything between you and Silco since Snowdown day, and even now she didn’t look like she wanted that. Just to dance with her parents. 

    So you took Silco’s hand with a smile. There was a moment where he froze and you didn’t move any further. It took a second before he slid his fingers along your own, entwining them. 

    You danced for a few more songs, at one point letting go of Jinx’s hand so Silco could spin her about, and then he did the same thing to you. Eventually you let go of his hand, and you both shared a look, before leading Jinx down to the doors, swinging her as you all went. 

    She giggled as you reached the stairs, as you both swung her one last time before you had to climb down them. “Can we do more dancing again? Tomorrow?” 

    Silco answered then, his voice carrying the warmth that was being held in the small smile he was wearing. “We have plans tomorrow, pumpkin.” 

    You glanced at him, seeing his shoulders square together when you turned his way. The look he threw at you was far more apologetic than whatever words he might’ve thrown at you a month ago. Something that had honestly slipped his mind. 

    You would ask later, as you both set to work on getting Jinx to bed at a reasonable time. 

    Luckily, having an extra set of hands made it easier to collect and deposit Jinx into bed after her bath. Soon enough she was asleep, or close enough that you and Silco slipped out of her room. 

    You walked up back to his office, and he spoke a little about his day. And the paperwork he still had to get done. 

    "Do you want help with it?" 

    He held the door open, as he always did, letting you step through. There was a new dark stain in the carpet near the desk. “If you’d like. It’s a little tedious.” 

    You moved to his desk. “It’ll give you time to tell me what’s going on tomorrow.” 

    The door closed behind him, and he strolled over to sit in his chair. Leaning back in as you reached into the drawer for his medicine, pulling out the device and checking the dosage. He needed so little, one capsule usually lasted a week. 

    He was also still quiet, as you walked around his chair. He grew slack in it, but you didn’t move to approach. When he raised an eyebrow, you simply raised one back. 

    He sighed, and reached out hand towards your free one. You let him draw you forward, to place that hand along his jaw, to hold his face steady. Then gripping the armrests of his chair. “I took Jinx out last year too. It’s just a day where we go out. I’ll take her to the armoury to test her shot, to get candy.” He waved his hand three times, and you got the ‘etcetera, etcetera, etcetera’ from it. 

    You frowned, steadying the device against his face. “Is it the day that… everything happened?” 

    “No.” He said, but he grew tense. You gazed over his face, pretending to still be just settling the device against his eye. 

    He looked a little tense, and staring pointedly not at you. His gaze to the ceiling. 

    Father’s Day wouldn’t be for months yet. There weren't any holidays. Was it the day Vander had betrayed Silco? You weren’t sure if he’d want Jinx to be there, or if she’d be a distraction for a day that would bring him painful reminders. 

    But one thought entered your mind. A thought that didn’t worm it’s way out, something you decided to ask aloud. “Silco,” you drew his attention to your face. You held his jaw steadily. “When’s your birthday?” 

    When he didn’t answer after a few moments, not even giving a twitch, you pressed the needle down. Setting it down and catching his face in your hands. You ran one hand up his face into his hair, an additional set in this routine, as you played with it a little. Holding and comforting until he was stable. He still didn’t answer your question, at least not with words. You could see the lingering glance he gave you, before gently pulling your hands away. And then moving to the stack of paperwork. 

    He showed you how to run the payroll, and was patient when you had any questions or needed a repeat of anything. The sound of scratching pens filled the air, as you let some thoughts churn in your head. 

    He told you of the full plan tomorrow, to go visit several different shops as they saw fit. Bringing some guards with them, they’d head out right after breakfast and be home for dinner. 

    Once the pile was gone, you both headed off to bed. A quiet series of goodnights, with Silco’s addition of wishing you ‘sweet dreams’ continued. 

    You fell into bed after a shower easily enough. Your brain exhausted as numbers still flew past you. Yet you thought about it, if it was Silco’s birthday tomorrow, you hadn’t gotten him a gift. In fact probably no one had. Probably nobody had done anything for him in years. 

    A thought began to spread through your brain like wildfire, and an excited rush going through your body. Even if it wasn’t his birthday, if you had guessed wrong, it’d still be a nice idea. Something nice for the three of you to enjoy. 

    You slept only for a handful of hours, awakening due to Sevika knocking on your door. Getting out of bed, to open it. She looked exhausted from whatever the night had entailed. Only lucid enough to shove a letter in your hands, as she leaned heavily against your doorframe. “If you’re going to receive mail, you should get a slot.” 

    “I didn’t order anything.” You said, eyeing the envelope. A bright green one. You blinked at it, and turned it over. It was only addressed to The Last Drop with your name on it. No return address. “Do you have any plans tonight?” 

    “Yes. Silco’s shutdown meetings today, he’s not even going on rounds. I plan on taking my girl out.” She grinned, a little wolfishly.  “She’s excited to be able to wear that dress out.” 

    “You picked good.” You said honestly, before almost mangling the letter as you attempted to get it out of the envelope. It was addressed to you at the top, but you recognized the writing from months of orders down in the fissures. “It’s Gunther.” You said, gently looking it over. 

    “You can tell me about it tomorrow. So long as it’s not poisoned, I don’t care.” Sevika said, and bid her a quick goodbye as she headed home to sleep the day away. 

    Your eyes went to the letter. Gunther was good, his wife was pregnant once more as they settled into their new home. He was inviting you over for dinner, along with Jinx, whenever you were free. And to bring a loaf of bread when you did. 

    You’d write back to him later, when you had a less planned day, and tucked the letter away in your nightstand. Though it was still early, you didn’t crawl back into bed. Instead changing quickly into something that you could work in, which today was an old brown dress with a fuller skirt. It belted around the middle, and if anything spilled it would be easier to draw away from your skin to prevent any burns. 

    Grabbing a jacket and your coin purse; you headed out. It was a quick trip to get what you needed. Stopping at the butcher’s first, to get a decent cut of meat, before you made your way to grab a few more items. You had a nice bundle, and though you were shivering by the time you got back into The Last Drop. 

    A quick glance at the clock told you it’d be another hour before Jinx woke up.

    It didn’t take long to put everything away, hiding away some of the more obvious things just in case. The timing was perfect too, as Silco slid through the kitchen doors. His scar was prominent on his uncovered face, and he froze for a moment. His shoulders slipped down as he realized it was you. Then a quick glance over your dress, though he didn’t comment on it. “What are you doing up so early?” 

    “Sevika dropped off a letter. Gunther invited us over for dinner.” Technically he hadn’t invited Silco, but you were sure it’d be fine if you brought him too. 

    He gave a small grunt, moving over to the stove. He began to boil some water, and you watched as he grabbed the press for some coffee. Silco, you had come to realize in your few months of living together, didn’t like breakfast. He hated eating first thing in the morning. His stomach was only able to handle water or coffee until lunch, along with at least three cigars. 

    His bag of coffee grounds was closeby and you set it down near his spot at the counter wordless before heading over to start making breakfast for Jinx. Eventually he had a steaming cup of coffee, and he sat back at the table. He drew out a small compact, and began to cover up his scar in between sips. 

    You had eggs and some toast ready for Jinx, setting them down at the table. A glass of orange juice as well. You glanced over at his face, perfectly put on while his hair was still a mess. He was running his hands back through it, but he kept missing over the one section. A small sound of frustration leaving his lips. 

    “Let me.” Was all you needed to say, and he dropped his hand into his lap as you approached. You did your best to ignore the way he so easily leaned into your touch now, relaxing even as you began to fuss with his hair. It made your chest tighten at how much he trusted you now, barely giving you even a glance as you began to fix his hair. 

    A yawn interrupted your thoughts, as Jinx stepped into the kitchen. You tucked a final lock of hair away on Silco’s head, walking over to press a kiss to her cheek as she settled into her chair. “You’ll need a sweater today, sweetie.” 

    She gave a sleepy grunt, not unsimilar to her father’s, and reached for her juice. It was almost cute how they both took a sip, Jinx a much tinier mirror of Silco. Before she began to devour her food and looked far more like a possessed gremlin as she shovelled everything into her mouth. 

    At least today she remembered to use her napkin when she was done. And even wiped down some of the mess she had left on the table. “What are you doing today, mom?” 

    “I think I’m going to go through my new cookbook. Pick something nice out to bake with dinner.” You said, tidying up your breakfast dishes. Silco quickly finished his mug of coffee, before moving to help you dry them, despite your protest. Jinx left to go get her sweater and a thicker pair of pants on.

    “We’ll be home for dinner.” Silco said, a soft reminder of what he had said last night. “We shouldn’t be home too late.” 

    “I’ll make sure to have dinner ready and warm when you two are back.” 

    There was a small pause. He didn’t look at you as he spoke. “Do you want to come with us?” 

    Your gut twisted at the offer. You did, desperately so. But you didn’t want to intrude either. So when you turned to him you offered a small smile. “I don’t want to intrude on Father-Daughter time. You rarely get one on one time with her as it is.” 

    He only gave a nod in return, moving back to dry his dishes. So solemnly, you couldn’t help but add: “Maybe we can plan another day of this. A family outing.” 

    His lips curved just slightly at that. 

    Jinx came back, ready in her sweater and the scarf you had given her. You still made her bring a jacket, and Silco came down in his own coat, looking more tattered with all the patching on it. “You really should get a new one. You’re going to catch a cold soon enough.” 

    “It’s kept me warm for years now.” He said, but glanced down when you easily found a hole in the arm of it. He shrugged your wiggling finger off, his lips curling in what you’d call a pout on anyone else but Silco. You still smiled at it. “I can patch that.” 

    “I think there'll be more patches than jacket.” 

    His lips continued to curl, but he didn’t say anything else. 

    Soon you were kissing Jinx on the cheek, making sure her ears were covered by her hat and watching as Silco took her by the hand. You waited by the window, waving as they slid into the carriage. Your lips twitching as both waved back, before you watched as black smoke bellowed out of the pipe at the end, and then the driver took them. A second carriage followed, no doubt the guard crew Silco had set up for the day. 

    And once they rounded the corner and were out of sight, you damn near sprinted back down the stairs. You almost tripped off the last one, and hurried into the kitchen. Throwing on your apron before you set to work. 

    The first thing to do was get the stew on. A mixture of what stock you had left, and then filling the rest of the pot with water. Getting it on a low heat, and adding a mixture of seasonings and the herbs you had just bought in. The meat was next, you made sure to cut it into a little bit larger chunks than a bit sized. They’d render down and become the correct size. Vegetables went in after, a series of carrots, onions, two kinds of potatoes, and celery. 

    You made sure it was set to a low heat before you went to grab your new cookbook. Flipping through the pages, until you came across one that stood out. 

    A nice onion and cheese bread, one that you could start and it’d be ready to bake by the time dinner was ready. 

    Once that was resting and proofing, you wiped your hands down over your apron. You stirred the stew, and glanced at the time. Still plenty of hours to kill. You drummed your fingers against the counter for a moment, before flipping through your book once more. There was a huge section about desserts. 

    It would be hours later, and you would still be in the kitchen, now standing by the oven. Stirring at the simmering liquid for a moment, before you dipped a spoon in. There was a little bit of an oil on the top from the fat that had rendered down into it, but you could taste the herbs and spices, the soft texture of the meat melting in your mouth. 

    It may need a bit more salt. 

    You heard two sets of footsteps, but only one continued down the hall. The swing door opened, and you turned your head, ready to ask how their day went. Only to blink as you saw Silco, not in his old raggedy coat. A brand new one, black with gold lining and buttons. Burgundy on the inside, from what you could see with the large collar. 

    He carried two large bags with him. With a logo in the shape of a ‘Z’, with some pictures of needles and thread next to it. 

    “Don’t you look dashing.” You commented, turning your gaze back to stirring. There was a small pause in his step, before he continued sharply. 

    “What are you making?” He approached the oven, and gave a small sniff. “Smells good.” Then he eyed the pot. His blue eye widened a little as he recognized what you were cooking. “You made stew?”

    “Do you want a taste?” You offered, scooping out another spoonful. He approached and didn’t remove the utensil from your hands, simply opened his mouth slightly. “It’s hot.” You warned, and he gave a small roll of his eyes. He blew air over the spoon, and then he leaned forward once more. 

    He blinked as it entered his mouth, pulling back after a moment. He held it there, and stared down into the pot. The blink he gave was slow, and he chewed the bit of meat in his mouth even more slowly, before he swallowed. Then he asked again, “You made stew?”

    You moved to stir the soup again, with the larger ladle you had left in the pot. “It’s not ten years, but I thought ten hours might still be good.” You glanced at him, finding him just staring at the pot. He looked dumbfounded, lips parted and blue eye still widened. “I think it needs salt.” 

    His gaze snapped from the pot of simmering broth to your eyes. There was such a heat in his gaze, almost angry. You couldn’t have looked away even if you wanted. “You’ve been doing this since we left?” 

    “I wanted it to be ready for dinner.” 

    Then suddenly he was stepping forward, but he didn’t seem angry as he moved in close. His brow furrowed instead, as he stared at you. He was confused, you realized. “Why did you make this?” 

    You felt your entire body soften, and face warming a little as he stared down at you. He looked almost adorable, with his eyes wide and brows knitted together.

    “I wanted to make you happy.” You said, as simply as you could. Because it was a simple thing to do. It wasn’t that hard to make a stew, so long as you kept the heat low enough to slow cook it throughout the day. You only needed to check on it every half hour or so. “I know you’ve had a rough few weeks.”

    Now his brow furrowed even more. As though he couldn’t comprehend what you had just said to him. “Why do you want me to be happy?” 

    You met his gaze. Slowly you skewed an eyebrow. “Because I care about you?” 

    He was quiet for a long moment. Then his gaze went back to the stew, and you could see a little hint of red along his cheek bones. Face softened considerably as he spoke. “It needs a little salt.”

    “Knew it.” You said, before sprinkling more in. You gave it one more stir. “I just need to put the bread in, and then it’ll be ready.” 

    His face looked oddly pale, you could see the foundation on the left side a little bit more clearly now. “Did you do anything else?” 

    You moved to grab the bowl, the dough had been resting in. You gave a small hum, as you moved the proofed dough out of the bowl carefully. “Is today your birthday?” 

    You heard a small shift of feet. Then a very quiet, “Yes.” 

    You smiled. “Then birthday cake for dessert.” 

    “What if it wasn’t my birthday?” You heard the sound of his boots, tapping lightly against the floor as he came closer. 

    “Then it’d just be regular cake for dessert.” 

    His chuckle is warm, and surprisingly closer than you thought he was. His hand ghosted over your back, as you went to turn, making sure you didn’t crash into him. He didn’t move it as you gazed at him. His smile is clear, and there’s an odd shininess to his good eye. “I’ll make sure Jinx and I are washed up for dinner. How long will the bread be?” 

    “Forty minutes give or take.”

    He headed out soon after that, giving a small nod and a promise Jinx would be clean before dinner. 

    Jinx came back at around thirty minutes. Helping you set the table while she told you about their day. They had shot targets at the armoury, Silco had taken them both to the tailor’s where he got some new outfits and his new coat. Jinx had gotten some new pants there, with a lot of flowers embroidered into them, promising to wear them for you tomorrow. They had gotten candy, lunch, and Silco had taken her to a general store to get some snacks, along with some stationary she had thought was pretty. 

    “Oh and Dad got a new knife.” 

    You blinked down at her, as she watched you slice the bread into thick slices. It steamed a little as you cut into it, but you kept a cloth down on your balancing hand to hopefully not burn your fingers. “Your dad likes knives doesn’t he?” 

    “Yeah. This one was pretty too. It had a cute red stone set in the handle.” Jinx held out a plate for you to collect the pieces of the bread, and you could see her lick her lips. “When can we eat?” 

    “In a few minutes, your father will be down soon.” 

    “Probably changing into his new clothes.” Jinx said, moving to the table to set down the bread. You could see the temptation on her face. “Can I-”

    “We’re not eating yet, Jinx.” You said with a smile, watching as she huffed and went to sit down in her seat. Her lip coming into a pout, that had you sigh. You took the small bit of an end piece, gave a generous portion of butter on it, before you walked it over to her. 

    It wasn’t long before the kitchen door swung back open. “Finally!” Jinx said, as you were dishing out some of the stew. 

    “That’s not any way to greet your father.” You said, more teasing than scolding before you turned. You almost dropped a bowl of stew. 

    Silco stood there, wearing a brand new outfit. A pair of pants that were brand new, black with golden buttons that were tucked into his boots. A black waistcoat, with a series of gold buttons and tassels. And the burgundy dress shirt he still wore tucked underneath, almost the same as the one before it, except embroidered along the cuffs 

    “Mom, you’re going to spill.” 

    You quickly re-adjusted your hold, and turned to hide the way your face was burning now. You didn’t hear anything from Silco, only moving to his seat. His hand took one of the bowls gently, with the other hand on your waist for a moment to make sure you were steady. 

    When had he started touching you so frequently? 

    Your face had cooled by the time you slid into your own seat. “Hope it’s good.” 

    “The bread is!” Jinx piped up, before inspecting the liquid of the soup with a squinted gaze. “What is it?” 

    “Shark.” You said easily, and watched as her eyes lit up. The meat wasn’t shark, but you found saying dangerous creatures were part of the food, she’d be far more tempted to eat them. Last week she had eaten ‘bear’ burgers. “Eating it gives you sharper teeth.” 

    You watched as she took a piece of bread and dipped it into the stew. 

    Then you gazed at Silco, you knew he had tasted a bit before. Still he dipped his spoon in slowly, before he lifted it to his mouth. There was an almost serene looking smile to his face, as he took another spoonful. Then grabbed a piece of bread, to dip into 

    You all talked more about your day. You told them what you had baked, had heard Chuck yelling at the bar for being filthy when he had come in. You had also met the new busboy Therium, who you didn’t mention you had seen Chuck tussling his hair or how they shared the same nose. 

    Silco went on about his new knife, the quality of the blade and the beautiful stone set in it. And then he stood, almost awkwardly as he tried to be too casual as he went and grabbed a second bowl. That familiar warmth filled your chest again.

    And it didn’t seem to be leaving now. Just settled and pooling, stretching out into your veins. 

    You played some board game Jinx had found, once the table was clean and leftovers were put away. Silco knew to reach into the junk drawer and find a cigar there, one that he lit up after dinner, using a small bowl as an ashtray. He blew out a ring of smoke before he spoke, eyeing down at the game. “I think that’s a ladder.” 

    Jinx's smile was wide. “Then I win!”

    You glanced at the clock. “Which means, it’s dessert and then bedtime, for our winner here.” 

    Jinx’s head whipped over to look at you. “We have dessert?” 

    You gave a nod, a quick glance to Silco. There was a very subtle shake of the head. “Cake.” You answered. 

    Jinx looked at you with suddenly narrowed eyes. “We only have cake on birthdays.” 

    You took a moment, before answering. “That’s for a birthday cake. This is only a regular cake.” You drew out the cake, it was simple. White cake, with white icing and a soft yellow shell trim that matched his tie. His name wasn’t written on it, as you had guessed he may not want happy birthday sung to him. And in case you had been completely wrong. 

    You sliced it up, Jinx making quick work of her own slice. Silco took his time, and you finished your own faster than he did, so you took Jinx to prepare her for bed. 

    He didn’t join you both again until Jinx was in bed, pyjamas on. A story ready in your hands, as you sat on the floor next to her bed to read it. He sat right beside you, rather than his usual spot on the bed. He helped you hold the large book open, reading over the adventures of Teemo. 

    When his fingers brushed over your own, you tried to ignore it. An accident, you thought, as he helped show Jinx the pictures, pointing out the little details in the background that Jinx beamed at. When he placed his hand on your back it was to guide you out of the room. Then it was to help you up the stairs as you walked silently, his hand steady on your lower back. 

    You were running out of reasons by the time you got to his office, but his hand left you to handle the door. You made your regular routine, moving to the back of his desk, ignoring the new large stain on the carpet. Leaning over to grab the needle, only to feel your brow furrow when you only felt the capsule box in the drawer. A quick glance showed it wasn’t in or on his desk. “Where is-” 

    “Here.” He was sitting on the couch, one leg crossed over the other. The box of cigars opened and sat at his side already. He held out the needle. “I forgot I brought it down with me. Wasn’t sure how late we were going to be.” 

    That was different, but you gave a nod. Moving slowly, you sat down next to him. It was a bit more awkward from the couch in order to give him his medicine. 

    He was taller than you, and had to lean back. Which meant you were almost straddling his lap as you brushed the hair out of his face, and pressed the device against his eyes. He was staring at you with that same heat in his eyes he’d had in the kitchen, and you felt that hand again against your lower back. And you weren’t sure if it was for steadying you or him. 

    Then you felt his fingers, dragging slowly against your back, moving toward your side. Almost like rubbing circles into your back, like when you had cried before all over him. It made your throat dry, as the circles drew further into your side. When his thumb brushed over your waist, you pressed down on the needle. 

    You managed to move it to the side, but when you brought your head back, his head came down almost flying forward. Cracking against your own. 

    His hands left you. Moving to rub at his forehead and cheek. “Sorry.” He grumbled, with a small groan. You fell back into the seat next to him, your heart racing and pain pouring out of your skull, as you rubbed at the spot he had hit. 

    He still checked over your head, frowning at the small darkening mark he had left on your skin. It would be clear by morning, but he still wouldn’t stop frowning about it. 

    So instead you set to work, moving to grab the tools to take off his makeup. You didn’t go near the same position as last time, and his hands remained folded on his stomach this time as you worked in silence. It wasn’t a comfortable silence, you felt like he could take that new knife and cut the tension out of it. 

    You managed to finish in a few minutes. You could now see the reddening mark on his own forehead, which would go away by tomorrow as well. 

    There was a temptation then. To run your lips over it. Brush them over his forehead and see how he looked when you did it. What he’d say. 

    Instead you pulled away, still offering a smile as you moved to put away the things. You could feel his eyes following you, as you dutifully placed them back in their spots. And he spoke, so softly you almost missed it. “Thank you.” 

    You wiped your hands over the bottom of your dress. You smiled a little at him. “Happy Birthday, Silco.” It was well past midnight now, but it’d only be close to the end of the day for both of you. You could feel the tiredness beginning to steep through your bones. 

    Silco said nothing as you made your way across the room, but you could feel his eyes following you. When you glanced back, you could see the one glowing in the dark light of the room. But the small shiver that ran through you, was definitely not one of fear. “Goodnight, Silco.”

    The glowing eye watched you, saying nothing for a moment. You watched as he didn’t move his gaze from you, as he cut the top of a cigar off, perhaps too much and only looked away to light it up. 

    Your name came out as he breathed in. And when he spoke again, all the smoke flooded out of his mouth. Both eyes were on you, and you were unable to look away. “Sweet dreams, darling.” 

    Your throat grew too dry to do anything but give him a small nod. Shutting the door a little too-quickly. The tiredness you had been feeling, suddenly left instead as all you could feel was the warmth in your chest had spread down to between your legs. 

    A shower didn’t stop the heat rising through your body. The thought of his hands along your back, that thumb brushing over your waist. The way his eyes had followed you tonight.

    You laid in bed thinking about it, almost nervously staring at the ceiling and at the door. You hadn’t done anything since you had arrived here, too exhausted at the end of the day after handling Jinx (and the fear she might have a nightmare and want to come see you often burst the thought of doing anything). 

    But tonight, you couldn’t help but lick over two fingers, and shove them down your pyjama bottoms. Your other hand coming up to curl over your mouth, moaning in it as you moved your fingers. Sliding against soaked folds. How would he have reacted if he had simply lifted up your dress and found you like this? 

    You tried to remember those small rubs along your back. The feel of his thumb on your waist. How would his fingers feel inside of you? 

    “Sweet dreams, darling.” A muffled moan came from your mouth, as your fingers slid inside easily. You curled them, as you thrusted them in and out. Trying to imagine his voice speaking to you, and it came far too easily in your head. “That’s it, darling. Show me how you please yourself. Let me watch.” 

    You kept the blanket tucked to your chin just in case. But you ground your palm against your clit, fingers thrusting further. “I bet you’d take me so well. Like a good girl.” And you whined against your hand, feeling that band snap in your lower stomach. Panting as you simply rubbed the palm of your hand against your clit through it. 

    You sighed, sliding your fingers out afterwards. Your breath coming out in small pants. 

    Clarity came back into your mind. And a nervousness settled into your stomach. 

    You liked Silco. You liked him a lot. But getting with Silco would be a risk. He was becoming one of the most feared Chembarons. And Jinx. If you two got together only to separate, you feared what would happen with her. Would you even be allowed to see her anymore? 

    And that’s only if he wanted you long term. Most likely, he didn’t want you at all. He called Jinx all sorts of nicknames too. Maybe Darling was just an endearment like that. To let you know that he cared about you. He probably didn’t care about you the same way you were growing to care about him. 

    Maybe you just needed to get laid. It had been… a while. Though your stomach churned at the thought of sleeping with anyone but Silco right now. 

    You laid your head back onto the pillows, curling up against them. Tugging the blanket around you, as you felt the cold of the room hit you. Exhaustion now came at you full force, not letting your mind run anymore. You closed your eyes and even in the darkness his eyes followed you still. His words were still rattling in your head. And you were only left with one thought, your last gaze towards the ceiling. 

    Sweet dreams, Silco.

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    i’m sure i’m not the first to mention it and i won’t be the last but…there’s something so very sad and beautiful about the hextech boys stopping each other from committing suicide at different points in time, especially since it’s at their lowest moments. the parallels, the emotions…i’m so hurt by this show

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    rewatched arcane ep 7, have my instagram thoughts

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    It’s kind of weird how much people expected Vi to just like. Immediately hug Powder and put her feelings above her in ep 3. Sure, hitting her and calling her a Jinx was a bad thing, but this is a teenager (15 to 17) who just watched her entire family get killed and learned her sister (accidentally) did it. Of course she isn’t going to take this well. She regretted doing that and left to cool off, not like she could predict that she’d get kidnapped.

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