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  • Traits related to the Astrology Signs. This is a part of Study of Astrology Learning Academy.


    Good Traits: Active, Assertive, Adventurous, Confident, Young at Heart, Full of Optimism, Strong, Tough, Passionate, Aggressive, Courageous, Daring, Direct, Incisive, Headstrong, Athletic, Action-Oriented, Enterprising, Competitive, Ambitious, Quick Reactions, Independent, Self-Motivated, Enterprising, Pioneering, Self-sufficient, Competitive, Desire to Win, Relentless, Born to Lead, Expressive, Straight-forward, Inspiring, Influential

    Challenging Traits: Egotistical, Selfish, Narrow Minded, Demanding, Argumentative, Angry, Fast Temper, Violent, Impulsive, Brash, Foolish, Reckless, Prone to Accidents, Injuries,  Impatient, Naive, Insensitive


    Good Traits: Down to Earth, Natural, Solid, Stable, Practical, Conservative, Relaxed, Predictable, Routine, Slow, Reserved, Laid Back, Easy Going, Patient, Steady, Deliberate, Enduring, Pleasant, Charming, Domesticated, Family Oriented, Survival Minded, Financially Motivated, Financially Responsible, Hard Working, Productive, Dependable, Artistic, Musical, Sensual, Stylish, Comfort Driven, Pleasure Seeking, Romantic, Affectionate, Sexual, Steadfast

    Challenging Traits: Intensely Stubborn, Resistant to Change, Adamant, Complacent, Passive, Lazy, Selfish, Indulgent, Materialistic, Hedonistic, Greedy, Frugal, Prone to Exhaustion, Jealous, Resentful


    Good Traits:  Energetic, Youthful, Light-Hearted, Quick, Dexterous, Adaptable, Flexible, Versatile, Multi-faceted, Many Interests, Jack of All Trades, Savvy, Skillful, Mechanical, industrious, Mentally Driven, Intelligent, Smart, Scientific, Rational, Curious, Observant, Clever, Stimulation Driven, Clever, Cunning, Social able, Communicative, Verbal,  Responsive, Informative, Witty, litterateur, Humorous, Comical, Sexual, Flirtatious

    Challenging Traits: Nervous, Anxious, Restless, Scattered, Impatient, Short Attention Span, Prone to Boredom, Fickle, Verbose, Indecisive, Flighty, Non-Committal, Negative, Ruminating, Lacking Purpose. Mischievous, Deceiving, Copycat, Sexual Player


    Good Traits: Reserved, Private, Innocent, Soft, Shy, Quiet, Private, Sensitive, Emotional, Vulnerable, Intuitive, Instinctive, Shrewd, Reflective, Contemplative, Comfort Seeking, Security Minded, Domesticated, Homebody, Old Fashioned, Strong Memory, Nostalgic, Sentimental, Hoarding, Motherly, Caring, Nurturing, Affectionate, Provider, Generous, Sympathetic, Devoted, Protective, Imaginative, Creative, Hard Working, Competitive, Tenacious, Tough,  

    Challenging Traits: Moody, Withdrawn, Oversensitive, Secretive,  Irritable, Insecure, Sarcastic, Easily Offended, Sulky, Defensive, Inconsistent, Possessive, Smothering, Controlling, Manipulative, Vengeful, Lonesome, Sore Loser


    Good Traits: Optimistic, Bright Aura, Youthful, Full of Life, Vigorous, Willful, Confident, Enthusiastic, Fun Loving, Spontaneous, Magnetic, Charismatic, Creative, Talented, Self-Expressive, Animated, Entertaining, Dramatic, Flashy, Luxurious, Prideful, Courageous, Dignified, Authoritative, Regal Ambitious, Competitive, Demonstrative, Headstrong, Opinionated, Warm, Reliable, Generous, Romantic, Affectionate, Confiding, Loyal, Protective

    Challenging Traits: Stubborn, Egotistical, Snobbish, Pompous, Arrogant, Bossy, Domineering, Inflexible, Possessive, Loud, Dogmatic, Conceited, Naive, Sulky, Melodramatic, Deceitful, Impulsive, Spoiled, Jealous, Impatient, Lazy


    Good Traits: Realist, Practical, Humble, Reserved, Modest, Patient, Caring, Helpful, Nurturing, Intellectual, Logical, Well Educated, Inquisitive, Mentally Agile, Analytical, Factual, Detail Oriented, Systematic, Organized, Productive, Responsible, Dependable, Motivated, Service Oriented, Hard Working, Efficient, Diligent, Reliable, Perfectionist, Skillful, Self Improvement Focused, Organized, Health Conscious, Fit, Tidy, Cleanly, Pure

    Challenging Traits: Standoffish, Self Doubting,  Self Critical, Cynical, Excessive, Anxious, Restless, Irritable, Stressed, Picky, Skeptical, Conscientious, Judgmental, Critical, Nagging, Inhospitable


    Good Traits: Balanced, Intelligent, Logical, Objective, Constitutes Ideas, Civil, Just, Good Discernment, Socially Active, Communicative, Observant, Companionable, Approachable, Accommodating, Cooperative, Persuasive, Impartial, Diplomatic, Compromising, Fair, Sophisticated, Stylish,  Refined, Luxurious, Tasteful, Sensitive, Peaceful, Light-Hearted, Charming, Harmonious, Charming, Well Bred, Graceful, Courteous, Pleasant, Agreeable, Sexual, Flirtatious, Affectionate

    Challenging Traits: Lazy, Passive, Unreliable, Tentative, Skittish, Fluctuating Ideas, Indecisive, Lacking Sincerity, Co-Dependent, Controlling, Argumentative, Superficial, Vain, Detached, Self-absorbed, Indulgent, Intellectually Manipulative


    Good Traits: Emotionally Deep, Sensitive, Survival Driven, Realist, Tough, Courageous, Passionate, Intense, Determined, Competitive, Regenerative, Daring, Exacting, Direct, Sharp, Intuitive, Observant, Investigative, Deep, Intuitive, Insightful, Private, Dark, Brooding, Cautious, Covert, Mysterious, Quiet, Powerful, Ambitious, Extremist, Masterful, Resourceful, Self-Transformative, Magnetic, Charismatic, Mesmerizing, Sexual, Seductive, Devoted, Protective, Spiritual, Mystical

    Challenging Traits: Moody, Distrustful, Fixated, Extremist, Self Destructive, Immovable, Withdrawn, Obsessive, Stubborn, Fearful, Possessive, Compulsive, Overbearing, Vindictive, Resentful, Reactive, Confrontational, Combative, Suspicious, Jealous, Controlling, Manipulative, Cruel


    Good Traits: Intellectual, Curious, Broad Minded, Knowledge Seeking, Highly Educated, Philosophical, Spiritual, Idealist, Moralistic, Of High Principles, Outgoing, Expansive, Future-oriented, Energetic, Optimistic, Confident, Enthusiastic, Spirited, Inspiring, Hopeful, Fun Seeking, Spontaneous, Versatile, Adaptable, Lover of Freedom, Adventurous, Traveler, Jovial, Generous, Independent, Honest, Bold, Forthright, Nature-loving, Ourdorsy, Sports Loving

    Challenging Traits: Overly Confident, Outspoken, Prone to Exaggerate, Making Sweeping Generalizations, Frank, Rude, Tactless, Temperamental, Arrogant, Sarcastic, Cynical, Dogmatic, Impatient, Careless, Extravagant, Over-Indulgent, Restless, Gullible, Impulsive, Accident Prone, Commitment Phobic


    Good Traits: Mature, Conservative, Reserved, Cool, Serious Disposition, Structured, Responsible, Prudent, Punctual, Organized, Efficient, Methodical, Practical, Resourceful, Security Minded, Provider, Consolidating, Competent, Patient, Disciplined, Capable, Professional, Business Minded, Occupation Driven, Status Driven, Ambitious, Self-mastery Seeker, Goal Oriented, Determined, Hard Working, Productive, Reliable, Consistent, Reputable, Humorous, Silly

    Challenging Traits: Pessimistic, Cynical, Dark, Melancholy, Insecure, Uncertain, Fearful, Worrisome, Doubtful, Emotionally Guarded, Self-Limiting, Overly Strict, Rigid, Cold, Distant, Hard to Reach, Famished, Utilitarian, Uses People, Slow, Delayed Success


    Good Traits: Intellectual, Logical, Rational, Ingenues, Quick-Wit, Free-Thinker, Highly Opinionated, Scientific, Innovative, Objective, Unconventional, Independent, Strong-Willed, Determined, Freedom Seeking, Original, Eccentric, Quirky, Visionary, Revolutionary, Sociable, Friendly, Tolerant, Impartiality, Idealistic, Unselfish, Genuine, Humanitarian, Tuned to Collective Consciousness, Progressive Thinking, Solidarity Minded

    Challenging Traits: Impersonal, Detached, Preoccupied, Aloof, Nonchalant, Disinterested, Above the Earth, Malcontent, Outspoken, Defiant, Extremist, Perverse Behavior, Paradoxical, Unpredictable, Controversial, Erratic, Fixated Feelings, Inflexible Opinions, Lacking Empathy Judgmental, Propagator, Unpredictable in Response,


    Good Traits: Emotional, Sentimental, Compassionate, Empathetic, Receptive, Open Minded, Intuitive, Sensual, Modest, Gentle, Soothing, Dreamy, Imaginative, Creative, Artistically Expressive, Inspirational, Quiet, Laidback, Fluid, Easy Going, Adaptable, Diverse, Unselfish, Subtle, Approachable, idealistic, Kindhearted, Unconditional with Love, Generous, Spiritual, Mystical, Transcendent, Universally Conscious

    Challenging Traits: Shy, Self Isolating, Vulnerable, Un-shielded, Confused, Restless, Indecisive, Elusive, Hard to Pin Down, Vague, Nebulous, Impressionable, Mysterious, Deceptive, Immoral, Un-grounded, illogical, Disorganized, Easily Overwhelmed, Prone to Environmental Overload, Escapist, Moody, Sensitive

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  • fire and air placements will link up and then its just chaos running wild

    #the way they will encourage each other bad ideas and take it even furtherHFKSKGKSK #half my chart aqua + aries mars. so yes. we like gettin into shitdhs 💅🏽 #my impulsitivity is still smth im tryna get a reign onsnsns #leo#sagittarius#aries#libra#aquarius#gemini #NO WAIT BECAUSE. A LOT OF MY HOMEGIRLS ARE AIR OR FIRE SIGNNSNSJFJS #LMFAOOO JUST CHAOS TRULY #me and mikki
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  • Libra: Fist me

    Aquarius: I- what the fuck?

    Libra: *Holds out hand for a first bump*

    Aquarius: Right, that’s what you- right, okay, God, Jesus fucking Christ

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  • image

    Mañana se produce la entrada del Sol al signo de Libra, cardinal y de aire, marcando el equinoccio de otoño o primavera, depende del hemisferio donde vivamos. También es el día en que tenemos la misma cantidad de horas de dia y de noche. 

    Esta polaridad, luz-oscuridad, también aparece astrológicamente. Hay una T cuadrada (una oposición -Aries y Libra- unida por dos cuadraturas -Capricornio-) entre Mercurio en Libra (24°), Marte Rx (retrógrado) en Aries (26°), Saturno y Plutón Rx (22° y 25°) ambos en Capricornio. Es una dinámica muy interesante que nos llama a la acción (los aspectos tensos son dinamizantes), pero al estar planetas en Capricornio y Marte Rx presente, también nos pide cautela. Una teoría sobre las T cuadradas es que para encontrar su equilibrio debemos apelar al signo faltante, en este caso Cáncer. Es decir, tratar de estar en contacto con nuestras emociones (es un signo de agua) para poder pasar esta T cuadrada muy mental y quizás áspera (ya que involucra un signo de aire, Libra y planetas como Marte y Saturno). 

    Los demas aspectos del día son de orbe más bien amplia: la Luna en Sagitario le hace trígono a Venus en Leo, día bueno para expresarnos emocionalmente, a su vez, este Venus le empieza a dibujar un trígono a Marte Rx en Aries, muy bueno para poner en acción algunos temas relacionados a los sentimientos, dandoles otra perspectiva quizás un poco más reflexiva. Y Venus cada vez más se aleja de su cuadratura a Urano, que nos pedía más libertad en los vínculos para entrar en una fase de más estabilidad cuando esté en Virgo. 

    Una vez más, trabajar las polaridades en nuestras relaciones, el eje Aries-Libra, ya que todo lo que pase por Libra aspectará a Marte Rx en Aries y también a los planetas a finales de Capricornio. 

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  • Aries:

    “Mi vida es un constante monólogo interno de “por qué hice eso”



    “- No te obsesiones con eso

    - Ah, gracias, me re arreglaste”



    “Vos pensas que VOS querés callarme? yo me tengo que escuchar hasta cuando no estoy hablando”



    “Pasando de “hoy es un buen día” a “odio mi vida” me toma aproximadamente 2.6 segundos”



    “Cómo te atrevés a no notarme cuando te estoy ignorando?”



    “Mi estrés me estresa al punto de que estoy demasiado estresadx para lidiar con mi estrés”



    “Pánico! en frente del chico lindo”



    “Quiere ser una perra sin corazón*
    Es en realidad una perra que se re preocupa”





    “A veces estar solx es el verdadero crecimiento”



    “la masculinidad es una prisión, el tiempo no existe, el género no es real, la virginidad es una construcción y jesús no es blanco. yo @ en cenas de fiestas.”



    “Una vez en quinto grado este pibe me llamó un “homo” y yo pensé que se refería a “homeless (indigente)” y estaba tan confundidx que le dije a Jeremy “vos estuviste en mi casa”.

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  • El amor es un veneno. Un veneno dulce, sí, pero un veneno que mata.

    De: Piscis, Libra, Leo, Sagitario, Aries y Cancer

    Para: Capricornio, Géminis, Acuario, Tauro, Virgo y Escorpio

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  • Me, laughing whenever people claim Libra characteristics as Scorpio traits, or when people say they can’t relate to their sign but I know for a fact if they just went 24° back they would:


    Originally posted by yeezusxvi

    Me laughing when I saw somebody roasting the Taurus sign because H*tler was a “Taurus” but actually had a stellium in Aries with his Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in the EIGHTH house


    Originally posted by holdmyiceshawty

    Me when a Pisces goes on and on about how they’re so unique and I already know they’re sidereal Aquarius:


    Originally posted by 106th

    Me trying to seduce people into sidereal astrology:


    Originally posted by jinv

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  • harry potter characters as zodiac signs

    Aries: James Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley

    Taurus: Pomona Sprout, Horace Slughorn

    Gemini: Draco Malfoy

    Cancer: Dobby

    Leo: Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley

    Virgo: Hermione Granger, Dolores Umbridge

    Libra: Minerva McGonagall

    Scorpio: Sirius Black, Molly Weasley

    Sagittarius: Rebeus Hagrid, Bill Weasley

    Capricorn: Severus Snape, Tom Riddle

    Aquarius: Lily Evans, Luna Lovegood

    Pisces: Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin

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  • ✽Libra✽


    Traits ✽ Gracious, Social, Diplomatic, See’s the world with rose colored glasses, indecisive, Avoids conflicts and runs from problems

    Element ✽ Air

    Quality ✽ Cardinal

    Flower ✽ Bellflower

    Civilization ✽ Ancient Greece

    Represents ✽ Music, Dancing, Love interests, Youth, Beauty

    Fruit ✽ Banana

    Dance ✽ Belly Dance

    Colors ✽ Green, Pink, White

    Best matches ✽ Gemini, Scorpio


    Hogwarts house ✽ Gryffindor

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  • Flash - Jay Garrick

    #Flash#The Flash#Jay Garrick #Jason Peter Jay Garrick #Aries
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  • Neighboring signs

    Aries & Taurus

    A natural occuring disaster. Flooding, hurricane, tsunami, tornado. These two together are chaos, noise, life happening in a flash, diaster and beauty. A life tangled together in mystic plays and days you wish to never end, to never forget. Cold hands held by warm ones. Thoughts that intertwine, rage, thunder and lightning. Sudden down pours. Nothing and everything is surprising.

    Taurus & Gemini

    The beat of a heart, a collective thought. Poetry and rhythm, you create your own beat together, a harmony and song of written words and a language only the two of you can speak, sassy retorts, embarrassment that later you laugh about together, abandoned motel rooms and stories you can’t wait to tell others. Living in a world that no one will ever understand or invade, a place only for you and you together.

    Gemini & Cancer

    Classical music, the feel of a piano beneath your fingers, the look of your hands dancing across, you are soft movement, gentle, care for one another to the end of the earth, protective so deeply it hurts, cutting words and broken glass, if one goes down the other comes right after, together forever or forever together, no way around the love you created. Dangerous yet precious like an uncut diamond.

    Cancer & Leo

    Romantic comedies, overwhelmingly cheesy, hilarious, always a happy ending? A wonderful creation, such bliss in the beginning, such funny inside jokes, kissing beneath the mistletoe, facebook announcements, baked goods and sneaking away to have a romeo and juliet moment. The relationship everyone knows of and everyone is betting on whether you and you will make it. A famous romance, you made it clear you are together, you make it loud, you go out with a bang. Good or bad.

    Leo & Virgo

    Warm rain, a gentle wind. Surprisingly comforting, arguments, playfulness, swing sets in the middle of the night, sleepovers under the stars, big plans created but never done, crying over the phone, going places without each other to prove you don’t need one another, long hugs and so much uncertainty yet so much tenderness.

    Virgo & Libra

    The rising sun in the chilly morning, a breeze rustling your hair and the night disappearing, your life feels never ending and wonderful, with a whole new day to spend together and all the days to come. The quiet soft moments, hands brushing, cheeks blushing, wondering how the world could ever be more beautiful. Wondering if you could ever love more then you do in this moment.

    Libra & Scorpio

    Hot coals burning, the strong smell of fire going out and smoke spilling all around. It’s a moment of deep wonder and the rest confusion. Back and forth and so undecided. Restless love and timeless movements, diving in head first and getting lost in a single thought. Buckets of love overflowing with no idea how to give it to the other. Curious love.

    Scorpio & Sagittarius

    Late nights, moon trickling down, stars shining high above. Forgotten where you are, uncaring, happy to be, happy to be breathe, adventures together, wherever, whenever, whatever. You are timeless yet your time is running out, exhausted by each other, the telling one another to go further leading to going too far, pushing too hard. Scattered but beautiful.

    Sagittarius & Capricorn

    The sound of gentle rain beginning to turn to hail, painful and drenching. You forget to water each other and nourish one another and then devote every last second to them in one day, with every forgotten word given all at once. Sarcasm and starting a band, writing on sticky notes, messy living rooms and forgetting to call when you promised you would. But always making it up to them.

    Capricorn & Aquarius

    Camping in the winter, fluffy white snow pressing in, chilly air, only each other to keep warm. You are hot chocolate in the evenings before bed and I love yous in the morning, you change each other and help one another grow. Starting a garden, settling in, making art together, soft giggles. Drama on an off and fights bigger then big. Sentiments forgotten and anger wins. Pressure to be bigger, pressure to be better.

    Aquarius & Pisces

    A chemical reaction, sudden explosion. Somehow turns beautiful, unusual colors a mistake turned to art. Living in a dream together and no one needs to wake you, you’d rather not be in the world right now. You help each other disconnect from the world, intoxicated, lost in one another. No one else matters and you don’t need another soul. You have each other.

    Pisces & Aries

    Melting chocolate, hot and sweet. Emotionally driven, cozy, playful. Easy to love these two together. Both funny and true, touching and raw. Suddenly more interesting, adventurous, crazy parties, social, happy when with others and feeding off one anothers energy.

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  • he is not wrong ✨🙈

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  • The signs in my opinion, based off people I know in real life. (A Leo’s Perspective)

    Aries - Honestly my favourite sign. Aries are super fun to be around. Can be a little childish and immature at times but honestly I find it endearing.

    Taurus - Very split opinions about Taurus’. Some of you guys can be super toxic but the other half of you guys are sweet hearts who just want to be loved. Super big foodies. Always have fantastic asses.

    Gemini - Many of my closest friends are Geminis. You guys are funny as hell. Kind of intimating upon first meeting you but super great and protective once you befriend. You usually have a problem with authority and can sometimes be a little bit egotistical. But you always speak your mind, which I respect.

    Cancer - Can be very ambitious and creative at times, quick to pick up skills and adapt but damn you are emotional. My advice to a Cancer is to stop taking everything so personally and stop caring about what other people think. Also maybe avoid dating fire signs.

    Leo - Leos get a lot of bad rep for being loud and having a big ego which isn’t always correct. They feel insecure a lot of the time and try to hide it behind a ‘bad bitch’ facdé. Contrary to popular belief leos are usual quite quiet around people they don’t know, their bigger personality comes out more around friends. Speaking of friends, leos are super loyal to their friends and would do almost anything for them.

    Virgo - I LOVE Virgos! You guys are super sweet! I really admire how independent, organised and smart you guys are. Honestly kings and queens! Very great friends. Can be quite particular about how you like things done, but you do you!

    Libra - Literally either friends with everyone or you know everyone. Social butterfly. Super flirty, although most of the time unintentionally so. Also really into fashion and appearance. Usually have a great social media presence. (insta always poppin)

    Scorpio - I would NOT want to get on the bad side of a Scorpio, you guys are darksided. Usually kind of quiet around people you don’t know but super loud with your friends. Really fun to hangout with, especially when you’re drunk.

    Sagittarius - Super fun, Super Adventurous! Loveable weirdos that i admire a lot. I really need more Sagittarius friends to go on adventures with because you guys can make the smallest things feel like a movie!

    Capricorn - I honestly don’t know a whole lot of Capricorns so this will be brief. You where either where the nerd/emo in school or you where the bully. No in-between.

    Aquarius - You are super chaotic and I love you for it. Could be considered weird but you are so damn funny. Some people may view you as cold but the people close to you know how lovely you really are.

    Pisces - You are very dreamy, creative, intuitive and empathetic. Your head is always in the clouds. You have a great way with words and are naturally brilliant at writing. Very sensetive. Some of you have the tendcy to play the victim and be unintentionally emotional manipulative so be sure to check yourself. Apart from that you are lovely.

    These are just my opinions, so it may not resonate with all of you. Again this is based off of people in my life.

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  • Aries: The art of flirtation is drawn in the ink of being a dork in public until someone falls in love with you.

    Taurus: All sources of information have an agenda. Free yourself from the prison of memory and perception until the world becomes a glorious and unending present where all is new.

    Gemini: Your problems at work will be solved after you find your finest tooth comb and eat it slowly over the course of several days.

    Cancer: Despite the fact that you may be feeling better, the giant evil bird that saved you as a child is coming to collect your debt.

    Leo: Today is a great day to get into full contact curling and aged meat.

    Virgo: Work a little bit harder on getting yourself unstuck from the industrial rock smashing machine you appear to have gotten yourself caught in, again.

    Libra: Are you worried about getting too big for your britches? Where did you even get britches? Gonna go ride to the next town over and pay for some fruit with a bag of coins? Thats valid and the stars say your thighs look great.

    Scorpio: Can you have too many friends? The answer is absolutely yes but when has that ever stopped you? Please let those people out of your attic.

    Ophiuchus: The people you associate with today will be important! They’re you from an alternate timeline where you are cool.

    Sagittarius: While this might begin as a typical day, as each hour goes by, you will begin to notice the people in featureless porcelain masks.

    Capricorn: A relationship you thought was broken will be repaired when you are hit in the face with a sock full of nickels, and then a sock full of love.

    Aquarius: Accidents are called accidents for a reason, but the stars and I forgot what reason was so for the rest of the day consider everything that happens to be an intentional work of conspiracy.

    Pisces: Investing in your relationship will become much easier once you finally find that abandoned train full of cursed nazi gold.

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  • send me a message of your birth chart! and I can look into it for you! and share what I see and think ! 

    personally I would love more into this practice as well! 

    all for free!!

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