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  • astrologyartandcinema
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Astro Notes

    Juno Conjunct Ascendant/Descendant in synastry can create the one sided illusion of an ideal mate for the holder

    Mars Conjunct Rising from the 12th and an Aries Moon are in the three diagnosed female manic depressive's charts I have saved.

    Saturn in the fifth can manifest in fertility issues, especially for women, Saturn in 7th can represent delays in forging (any) strong romanic relationships, especially in men.

    Intercepted and Duplicated Signs on houses in Placidus System are sadly overlooked / unacknowledged by many software generated natal chart interpretations, they represent imbalance (the archetypes of missing signs and the modalities and elements that are underrepresented) and how you compensate for them.(The duplicated signs houses and elements and modalities) Intercepted planets' and signs energy are stifled and may not emerge until after Saturn Return.

    Intercepted and Duplicated Signs also are very significant in synastry. You will be drawn to individuals with personal placements of these signs, duplicated because you will embody those signs effortlessly especially in regards to the houses they rule and fall on. Your attraction to intercepted will be more complicated, because of this lack in your chart you will project upon and desire individuals with placements and dominances in these signs with less scrutiny because your insight is skewed by the unfamiliarness of the qualities they represent and your own however temporary lack in the archetypes these signs represents. The person with the placement in the intercepted sign in your chart may appreciate the flattery of your attention but may not feel the more existential lack that drives you to them.

    You may be drawn to people platonically and otherwise with the same duplications or duplications on signs that you have interceptions, with more or less the same ease with the former and imbalance in the latter that comes with personal placements in these respective signs.

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  • aertem
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    .•° ✿ °•.

    mercury retrograde just annoys me in general. how did I believe that it wouldn’t affect me when I literally have a gemini rising, (moon) and a mercury chart ruler. IN FACT, my head has been aching for hours now, I was irritated with the people around me due to misunderstandings and miscommunications which lead to me being impatient and feeling misunderstood FOR NO REASON. I couldn’t even get my daily tasks done for weeks. even when I was inspired to do something, it felt like a barrier stopping me from moving and getting myself anywhere. plus the technical problems?? I was gonna send an email, tell me why even that communication has failed. I could list so many things that I wasn’t even aware of at the beginning but honestly… there goes my beloved libra season. I cannot WAIT for venus moving into sagittarius :D.

    °•. ✿ .•°

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  • divinelyviolet
    15.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    My astrology observations:

    -Aries Risings are the calmest Aries placement out of having Aries in Sun/Moon/Rising/Mars/Venus

    -Gemini Mars have a hard time deciding on mundane/little things (like: what movie to watch/where to go eat/etc) mainly because they’re (probably) ok with either option

    -9th house placements love learning/very good at it but can struggle with structured learning environments that restrict how/when/what they learn (will still excel in them somehow)

    #astrology#astrology observations #ive been making plans/studying a lot #will be bringing more content and most likely content easier to consume/understand and have more info #yee#aries rising#aries#aris sun#aries moon#aries mars#gemini mars#9th house#tropical astrology#aries venus
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  • clutteredmbti
    15.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    So I am truly an ENFP!

    (My opinion about astrology is very neutral.)

    #gemini rising#sagittarius mercury#sagittarius moon#aries saturn #i was really into astrology at some point and not sure how i feel about it #sometimes very accurate #sometimes not #it's fun though #enfp#mbti #mbti personality types #mbti humor
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  • divinelygifted1111
    15.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    🌕Full Moon in Aries🌕

    Oct 20th 9:57 PM












    Releasing toxic situations

    Wise Insights


    Embracing sacred rage

    Learning to surrender


    On October 20th, a powerful and transformative Full Moon in Aries rises. This lunation has themes of power, growth and catharsis attached to it. There are both positive and challenging aspects linked to this Full Moon, all of which can be used to step into the fullest and wisest expression of ourselves.

    Aries is the archetypal warrior, the pioneer, the courageous fighter. This is the sign of independence and leadership, of self-assertion and bravery. Opposite to the Libran Sun, this Full Moon can highlight relationship topics, specifically around needing to find a balance between pleasing others and pleasing ourselves.

    It may be important, then, to release those relationships or projects initiated either at the Aries New Moon on April 11th of this year or earlier, or to transform them in some way. After all, Pluto is connected to this Full Moon, promising a major purge and catharsis, a reclaiming of power.

    But first, we have to surrender. We have to surrender our old, worn-out battles, our anger and our fear of letting go. It’s only when we do so that we will be able to find that sense of evolution and transformation which is the gift of Pluto.

    We’ll also need to move past the people-pleasing energy of the ruler of this Full Moon, Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra is like a warrior in peacetime, frustrated and passive. However, his gift is the gift of diplomacy, fairness and justice. Let us keep in mind that the right thing needs to – and will - be done. Karma is here to bring us all more balance and equality in every area of life, and that may require a detoxification.

    It’s essential during this Full Moon not to allow our impulses to run away with us. A Moon in Aries is impulsive and reactive, sometimes to our detriment. However, at the same time, Moon in Aries energy is decisive and assertive, qualities important to access at the moment.

    Fortunately, we do have wise heads on us during this time, able to make solid long-term decisions about what to let go of. We can attribute this to the Saturn and Mercury trine, bringing seriousness and an understanding of the consequence of our actions. Jupiter is linked to the Sun and Mars via a helpful trine as well, inviting growth and expansion to both ourselves, our relationships and our situations. This planet promises some sort of luck, some ease as we push and strain to release. It’s crucial not to lose our power completely, as Mars in Libra square Pluto can indicate where we could allow our values and integrity be taken from us for the sake of peace.

    Honoring the sacred emotion of rage will also be important during this period, as well as embracing the concept that fury can be a cleansing experience, an experience which simply reveals the underlying core of hurt or even fear. Aries is the infant, so let us be as gentle as possible with the vulnerability that is bound to come up during this time.

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  • ecka2c
    15.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My big four as make up.

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  • llviragoll
    15.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Pisces Sun Leo Moon Gemini Rising Aquarius Mercury Aries Venus INFP Female x Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Libra Rising Sagittarius Mercury Sagittarius Venus ENFJ Male (Relationship) Playlist 1. Bruno Mars- Treasure

    2.Ariana Grande- Positions

    3. Taylor Swift- Willow

    4. Tom Odell- Concrete

    5. Clean Bandit- Rather Be ft Jess Glynne

    6.The Chainsmokers- Don't Let Me Down ft Daya

    7. Bebe Rexha - I Got You

    8. Ed Sheeran- One

    9. James TW- You & Me

    10. Maneskin - Begging (Cover)

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  • plutobabyy
    15.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    Art by Jana Brike

    Libra Season ⚖️🌺

    {9/23 - 10/22 , 2021}

    This Libra Season shadowed by Libra Mercury Rx & 3 other retrograde planets going direct has us collectively reevaluating the sense of harmony within our lives & where we need to create equilibrium. Our ability, or lack thereof, to confidently stand up for ourselves & others has been in the spotlight this month but Libra helps us ‘fake it till we make it’. The vitality-giving Sun gifts Libra the strength to focus on this where we need to, depending on which of our natal planets/houses Libra resides. So much quick movement in so many planets have us frequently changing positions & opinions, asking new questions & not being able to make a decision. What do you advocate for? Where in your life do you need balance & peace? What needs to be released to make space for something new? Personally & collectively?

    Just before Scorpio season begins, on 10/20, this dynamic reaches a peak when the Moon becomes full in Aries. Its opposition to the Sun becomes our release like a tea kettle left too long on the stove. This Aries Full Moon we may very well realize that there’s something we’ve been suppressing or ignoring throughout Libra season & the recent retrogrades. If we haven’t already spent the past month (whole summer really) working on creating balance in specific areas of our lives, we’ll sense a rage quickly boiling to the surface of our consciousness that we can no longer brush under the rug to spare disagreement or disappointment. We must ask ourselves what the root of our anger is (hint:if you’re blaming someone else-keep digging), as well as ask ourselves what actions we can take to be the creator of the peace in our lives & all the people our lives effect. The Libra Sun opposite Aries Moon wants us to engage with others in new, healthier ways while expressing the root meaning and cause of our distress.

    We’re undergoing a Dark Night of the Collective Consciousness, humanity is rewiring itself where it can within individuals. What’s different this Full Moon is we look gorgeous pissed off; it shows we give a fuck about something. Libra Sun opposite Aries Moon is big Peace Warrior energy that makes me think of an incredible individual my partner is inspired by, Tu Lam. He’s a US army veteran who chose an ancient Japanese Samurai philosophy to follow in his life, ‘The Way of the Ronin’. A Ronin is a masterless Samurai who keeps personal guidelines to live by, mastering themselves. This philosophy combines a sense of inner peace & humble purpose to the fluctuating waves of violence, war, & oppression that humanity experiences. With the deep rooted levels of pissed off everyone will for SURE be this next Aries Full Moon, we would do well to recenter, ground & balance our vessels with precise action & sound mind.

    For the axis of the signs Libra & Aries, I love the representation of the interchangeable leader archetypes of The Warrior & The Peacemaker. Both of these energies “fight” in various ways, physically & mentally & emotionally, for something they whole heartedly advocate for. Through different approaches, both of these archetype energies will stand on the brink of life and death in the name of justice. The outlet we choose for our angers & frustrations is what differs between these cardinal sister signs. Aries chooses violence, war & the physical body where Libra chooses mediation, law, & the tactical mind. Warriors kill what Peacemakers want justice for.

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  • myownastrologyblog
    15.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    My Astro Intro ✨

    You can call me Helen. (She/Her/Any Pronouns) I'm 21 years old Burmese NB Queer who's stuck in coupvid hell of Myanmar. I never wanted to run a blog, let alone an astrology blog but I have ran out of people to talk about astrology with so here I am. I'm gonna introduce my placements and talk about them a bit. If you have any thoughts about my placements, chat me up!

    Capricorn Sun in 9th House and Capricorn Midheaven - Hardworking. Ambitious. Skeptical. Fluctuating between egotastical and insecure most of the time. All that jazz but with some 9H flavor so now I'm here talking about astrology on tumblr.

    Virgo Moon in 5th House - Critical. Caring. I love, love, love helping other people. One of my dreams is to become a writer and writing stories as gifts for other people gives me so much joy. Sometimes need to be needed.

    Taurus Rising with Saturn 1H - I am fixed and earth dominant so I tend to identify a lot with this placement. Patient. Easily annoyed. I react very slowly to change and I struggle a lot with my identity and my image etc. But I love it. I love working hard to gain something.

    Sagittarius Mercury and Pluto in 8H - These placements are the reason I got into astrology. I'm very interested in psychology and I love to see what makes people tick. I also have Chiron and Lillith 8H so this is a big theme for my life. Because of my Sag Mercury, I love languages, literature etc. I speak 5 languages and work as a translator, writer, language instructor... I've lived a long life in a very short time.

    Scorpio Venus in 7th House - I never gave much thought to this placement until recently but holy shit, the amount of women I know is insane. I have like 40 friends (using this term lightly) with heavy Scorpio placements and they're all women. Also, relationships with people affect me so much. I've learned so many lessons because of this placement.

    Aquarius Mars, Neptune, Uranus in 11th/10th House - I've seen someone said "Aquarius stelliums will literally throw hands with you if you tell them you don't vote" and just weeks before that, I broke off with a friend because of the same reason. It's also the reason I started believing in astrology tbh. I like mental debates. I like fighting for social justice. My friends are very active and ambitous and socially aware as well. About Uranus and Neptune... Well. I've had five careers/jobs so far and I'm only 21. You get how it is.

    Aries Jupiter in 12th House - One of my favorite placements! Jupiter in 12th House is known as Guardian Angel placement because it gives you hidden luck, even when you don't ask for it and that's exactly how it is to me. I just help people and take risks and get lucky all the time. I also recently found out I actually have a Spirit Guardian and she's a Celestial. Mind. Blown. I nearly cried that day.

    Obviously, I have an Earth dominant chart with moderate fire and air placements but with only one water planet so sometimes, I don't know what's going on with my emotions. Planet-wise, I'm Uranus dominant with strong Jupiter and Saturn dominance. Yes, I know. If I use traditional rulership, I'm probably a Saturnian through and through but I really like modern rulerships!

    For the aspects, I'm only gonna talk about one. I have a fixed T-square with my Aquarius Neptune, Taurus Saturn and Leo North Node. A lot of internal conflicts. Leo North Node 4H is probably the reason I love found family tropes but instead of trying to actually build that dream family life, I'd rather daydream and write stories about it. I have a lot of Saturn dominance so my Taurus Saturn really tries to keep it all together. I'm 21 and falling apart but it's all great!

    I also have interesting (read: academically interesting but personally annoying/confusing) aspects like Moon square Mercury, Lillith conjunct Mercury, Moon square Pluto and Venus square Mars. I have other things like Jupiter conjunct Ascendant but honestly, I don't like to talk about my positive aspects. I prefer to pick out my negative aspects/problems and battle it out. After all, I'm a Caprisun through and through.

    That's my intro for now! I'll start doing astrology posts and pick a pile readings et cetera. Truly can't wait to interact with and learn from y'all.

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  • astershadow
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    October’s Full Moon in Aries

    Each month brings us a new Full Moon, and with it, new opportunities for manifestation and reflection. October’s Full Moon is set to occur on the 20th, at 27 Degrees of Aries. This is an incredibly vibrant and bold placement urging us to balance our need to please our loved ones with our own desire to be heard and understood.

    The Full Moon is a time of culmination, and with it taking place in Aries, we can understand that the major themes will be self-assertion and autonomy.

    This Full Moon is set to occur at the tail end of Libra Season, which draws attention to the polarity between Aries and Libra. Aries represents the Self, while Libra represents the Other; Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromises.

    This Full Moon will urge you to strike a balance between these energies. It will prove helpful to unpack your perception of autonomy and relationships moving forward. Give yourself the space to uncover the beliefs you hold about those subjects as they relate to your history, future, body, mind, and soul.

    Any conflict present in your life, specifically relating to the dynamic between Libra and Aries, will be illuminated by the Full Moon. Neglecting either end of the Aries-Libra axis will create a Tower Moment.

    Additionally, emotional declarations take center stage this Full Moon. Something has been building inside of us, likely of an intimately personal nature, and now is the time when the astrological energy fairly demands that we let it out. Prepare to discover what your declaration means for you and your relationships.

    You can’t ignore or suppress your feelings anymore; you need to express them.

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  • aertem
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    ˚         ⊹           ·  *    ✧    ⋆    · * . · .          · ·       ..     . .       · +       ·  * ✫    *                   ⊹ * ˚      . .        ·   ⋆        *        .          * .     . ·  .   ·     .           *  ·       . ·   · +  .        · ** ˚      . . +       ·   ⋆      

    virgos (also virgo venus) notice and mention the smallest details about someone. just had a talk with a virgo about something personal? if the conversation was cut off by some reason, they will tell you their opinion at the end of the day or whenever they see you again. they don’t forget.

    this is an observation I got from tiktok but when I thought about my own experience with pisces men… yes, they have high tendencies of being alcoholics. pisces women also enjoy alcohol though.

    this is more like a rant but many people forget that taurus also rules venus, so let’s appreciate taurus risings and suns a bit more ♡.

    leo suns/risings get attention, leo moons seek attention. leo risings are way cockier tho.

    pisces and aqua are so much alike. It’s a bit hard to differentiate between them to (according to sun signs).

    aries venuses RUSH into relationships. as I said, they are very direct and will make it very clear that they like you, they will always find ways to catch your attention, touch you, make you laugh, anything. they also don’t judge their partner, meaning if they find someone attractive, they immediately wanna shoot their shot.

    mutable signs get nervous very easily or seem nervous all the time (you know when someone trembles with their legs? exactly).

    sags are honestly just living and vibing. I never saw a sag worry about something or something worth worrying for.

    virgo placements (also pisces) are good with animals and usually bond with them on a deeper level than most people.

    gemini risings have a witch or pixie fairy like beauty (big eyes, rounded faces). virgo risings also look like fairies (garden fairy; the greenish fairy).

    ik this is nothing new but cap risings (especially males with cap placements) usually have this typical greek-roman statue vibe and prominent cheekbones/jawlines. even if it’s not their cheekbones, cap rising women have sanpaku eyes!

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  • phoebosacerales
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #I only had one friend with an aries moon and he's a normal and centered cool guy #he likes muay thai and one time as a kid he set his sister's bed on fire but it was an accident lol #the moon#aries moon#scorpio moon#aquarius moon#traditional astrology#answered
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  • starcrazypie
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    October's Full Moon in Aries: The Hunter's Moon

    My latest post is on the Full Moon in Aries later this month - and what a powerful lunation it's going to be, full of Mars and Pluto energy. Be prepared!

    October’s Full Moon in Aries is called the Hunter’s Moon, as it’s around this time that the hunting season begins in many countries. I recall, in the days when I spent a lot of my time in France, that the huntsmen and their dogs would turn up in October to hunt the wild boar that foraged in the maize fields and woods behind our house. I never once saw a wild boar – but (apologies to any…

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    #aries full moon #Featured #full moon in aries #full moon in aries 2021 #full moon meaning
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  • babyxcv
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    scorpio sun + aries moon + capricorn rising

    ( anon )

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  • babyxcv
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    gemini sun + aries moon + libra rising

    ( @oldveins )

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