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  • Aint that the truth.


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  • Okay, descubrí que puedo anotar mis cuotas de astrología aquí. Así que, vengo a dejar un pequeño consejo acerca de la “compatibilidad astrológica”.

    Para saber cómo será una persona a largo plazo dentro de una relación, vale decir, cuáles características presentará finalmente, debemos chequear la séptima casa (que es el opuesto complementario de nuestro ascendente, es decir, el signo descendente).

    Los opuestos son:

    Aries: Libra

    Tauro: Escorpio

    Géminis: Sagitario

    Cancer: Capricornio

    Virgo: Piscis

    Leo: Acuario

    Por ejemplo, mi ascendente es Tauro, a largo plazo en una hipotética relación voy a presentar mayores características de escorpio que de Tauro, lo mismo sucedería con los otros signos opuestos. Cabe destacar también que, usualmente atraemos personas con el signo opuesto a nuestro ascendente, si una persona tiene ascendencia en leo, es probable que atraiga a personas de acuario.

    Para saber cuáles son los signos que tienes en cada casa recomiendo entrar al sitio web carta natal.es.

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  • Astro notes anyone? 🐲

    (kinda nervous because it’s my first time posting these, so yeah, please be kind. these may/may not apply to you. Feedbacks are appreciated 😵🤠)

    🤔 capricorn sun + aries moon placements in the the natal chart make good singers, example: Kim Taehyung.

    🤡 people with sun in 8th and rising in sagittarius can be pretty friendly and might have a wide circle of friends, but they will still keep a lot of things about their life private. My friend has this placement and he’s like very social, yet i know very little about his life. :/

    🤝contrary to the popular belief that virgo and geminis don’t get along, they actually make solid good bonds of friendships. as both signs are ruled by mercury, they have no problem communicating with each other and conversations are usually intellectually stimulating.

    🧞‍♀️ people usually say that leo venus people are flighty, but i think that maybe they’re just afraid to commit unless and until they are 100% sure that the person is absolutely right for them. they often have this outlook - ‘what if something more amazing is out there?’ which makes them seem flighty to others. nonetheless, these people, once committed are VERY loyal.

    💃🏽 lilith aspecting uranus makes someone rebellious. if they don’t seem so, it’s most likely that these people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.

    🪁 mutable sign dominance in someone’s chart makes them want to try different things, or things that seem ‘trendy at the moment’ to them. they really don’t want to miss out on anything and want a bite out of everything, lol. the definition of “jack of all trades, master of none.”

    🗿a relationship with someone who has the same sun sign as your 12th house cusp, can be either a hit or a miss.

    🧮 people with plenty of fire and earth placements in their chart might like to start arguments about literally anything with strangers on the internet. they might even regard these much heated arguments as ‘friendly debates’.

    🔊 people with north node in 5th house, really do crave the spotlight, recognition and loads of attention.

    🩹 people with virgo and 10th house stellium, really do hate being proven wrong. i have this, and i actually started crying once, because everyone was disagreeing with me and i was (pathetically) losing the argument. (the topic was the movie ‘The Lion King’ btw. XD )



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    This week I’m seeing a celebration over what looks like a finish line that you’ve crossed or an end goal that has been achieved. It’s a very clear self assured boss energy that is all over this reading. You’re surrounded by people who are patting your back, congratulating you and stating uplifting phrases like “I knew you’d get it” or “Get that bag ! “ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. You’re feeling so confident and centered that despite what may be going on outside of yourself you feel that things are finally starting to fall into place financially or in your career. Now is a great time to future think. Imagine what your life will be like 1 yr, 3yrs even 5yrs from now. What does it look like to you? Once you have that ironed out, manifest it, plan for it and watch the universe respond in positive ways.


    🔸I use cards for readings only. They are not my creation nor do I have any ownership over them. Below is the link to purchase & support the creator/artist/company.

    ✨Tarot deck used: Modern Witch Tarot

    Link: https://www.lisasterle.com/mwt

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  • Hey, can we get some Aries and Nashi art. I just headcannoned that Aries is a Nanny and Big Sister for Nashi and the two are extremely close, having tea parties, braiding each other’s hair, cuddling when tired into Aries’ warm wool, Aries holding her as a baby and falling completely in love, and so many other things.

    Just, ouch, why do I do this to myself?!

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    You’re weighing the options. There is a lot to consider and this is no easy task to undertake. You may be thinking ‘Well, maybe if I just wait it out things will just sort itself’ and honestly you could take that route because even if you don’t want to make a decision / can’t make a decision … inaction is a decision. Not making a decision is a decision. I know, right ? Not a great feeling. Especially for you fire signs. You’re always so self assured and take life by the horns so to speak. But there is a need to keep things in check, even and balanced. You’re teetering on the fence and waiting for the wind to help tip you one way or another. Consider your deadline to make this decision whether it be self imposed or real and set by something outside of yourself. In the end I believe you will make the decision that will best suit your situation as only you know how you will act, react, process and progress.


    🔸I use cards for readings only. They are not my creation nor do I have any ownership over them. Below is the link to purchase & support the creator/artist/company.

    ✨Tarot deck used: Golden Wheel Tarot

    Link: https://www.usgamesinc.com/tarot-of-the-golden-wheel.html

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  • People that say Aries are straight forward and uncomplicated have obviously never lived with one.

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    🔥FIRE SIGNS - February

    ⬇️TLDR: at the very bottom of post

    1. Current Energy: You are eager and driven to get wheels in motion to bring about an event. I get big energy of slight anger, frustration and a sense of …. dare I say it, retribution?

    2. Experiencing/Enduring: there have been nights where you spend hours thinking about the situation , how it could have gone different. But not anymore. You’re are big DONE with that energy. You’ve processed and you’re ready to move forward with purpose and conviction.

    3. Challenge: You want… no…. you need a sense of justice to be brought in for whatever situation you are focusing on. However, the reason why justice is in your challenge is because the universe/divine bring in karmic lessons when it sees fit and when the recipient will learn best. Unfortunately, it’s rarely on our own timeline. Which likely frustrates you as you want this person to feel what you felt or to feel the consequences of their actions.

    4. Guides: They say the key to moving pass this feeling is to realize that everything we do, what we choose, how we work has a response/consequence or reward. In time all lessons will be learned both by the person/situation that is in your mind as well as yourself. Eventually the object of you focus will have their time with their karmic lessons. You are currently learning yours. And that is to allow the universe to bring in the lessons when it does and for you to let go. Let go of wanting or trying to manifest justice, let go of the thought “i hope they get theirs” or “I want them to feel the full responsibility of their actions”. In time they will learn what they are meant to. For you, it’s about learning your own lesson on how to let things go knowing full well that the universe teaches and instructs us all in time and in the way it sees fit.

    5. Past: You’ve been though it. A series of let downs and broken hearts. It was hard at times to see the possible new offers that were around you. You were hurt, you were analyzing what went wrong and just couldn’t bring yourself to engage in new possibilities. It was a time of shadow work & inner healing .

    6. Recent Past: Having processed the hurt and pain you moved into an energy of being cautiously optimistic. Open for people to approach you but keeping them at arms length to protect yourself and to have more time to create an informed and logical opinion of them.

    7. Immediate future: I do see some push back in regards to having justice brought in on a timeline that isn’t your own. It’s difficult and it makes you frustrated perhaps even slightly combative. These are all real and valid feelings when you look at the object of your ire. You can’t help to be frustrated over the delayed justice.

    8. Future: Eventually in time the universe instructs us all. You are at the point when the justice you so seek has come to pass. They have learned whatever lesson they learned and you feel satisfied with the outcome. More content that finally both you and they have moved through and past your lessons.

    9. Alternate Future: If you decide early on to leave the lessons up to the universe to handle. If you’ve realized that all you need to do is move through your disappointment, process it , forgive them ( not for them, but for yourself ) and go on with your life without focusing your energy on this past situation. You realize you feelings of happiness, contentment and calm is exponentially bigger. More abundance comes into you life. More abundance is found in the connections you create. You are at peace and so the universe sees that you are ready to received more due to you high vibrational state. When you focus on someone else “getting theirs” your are focusing you energies in the wrong area and are blocking your own path for happiness.

    10. Universe: In this read either way you handle it you’re moving forward. One cycle is ending while another begins. It all depends on where you want to be. Do you want to be content ? Or do you want to be happy and surrounded by abundance? Do you want to feel satisfied? Or do you want to feel at peace , calm and emotionally lighter and less bogged down? The universe says it’s in your hands how you want to move forward because whether you choose one path or the other. You’re on a course of moving forward. Period.

    ** TLDR:

    This month your in a state of mind of bringing in justice. You’ve been let down, you processed your feelings and went through nights of circles thinking and now you want to have justice brought in. You’ve been hurt and you feel it’s only right that this person “get theirs”. However my guides are telling me that while eventually the universe teaches everyone YOU are also going through the lesson of letting go. Letting go of wanting the object of your disappointment to feel the full responsibility of their actions. That isn’t something you should worry about or concern yourself with needlessly. If you focus on someone else ‘Getting what’s coming to them’ energetically you are blocking your own abundance. I can feel the fire collective squirming and pushing back with the ‘but they honestly deserve it’ and you are likely very right. Your feelings are real and valid but if you release that level of focus and allow yourself to move forward from this you will see how things will unfold. Like I said the universe teaches us all and brings in the lessons ( repeatedly if needed ) for us to learn and grown from. Trust in that, release the hurt and let your own abundance roll in.


    🔸I use cards for readings only. They are not my creation nor do I have any ownership over them. Below is the link to purchase & support the creator/artist/company.

    ✨Tarot deck used: Smith Waite deck

    Link: https://www.usgamesinc.com/Smith-Waite-Centennial-Tarot-Deck.html

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  • The Aries zodiac sign is the first of the signs. Individuals born under this fire sign are characterized by their eagerness, competitive spirits and their dynamism. They take on every aspect of life with unmatched enthusiasm, determination and optimism. They have, however, been known to be attention seeking, overly aggressive, and impatient individuals.

    Aries born individuals have a combination of traits that allows them to thrive in work environments or careers that are challenging and require a risk it all kind of attitude. Another favourite in terms of career choices would be something that allows others to shower an Aries with praises of their prowess. With that said, let’s take a look at the top seven career choices for our temperamental dare devils shall we!

    7 Best Jobs for Aries Zodiac Sign

    #1.   Entrepreneurship

    In order to make it in the world of entrepreneurship, one needs to be a calculated risk taker. Leadership, confidence and determination also have to be engrained in you. This is not a field for the faint hearted. Luckily for Aries born individuals, these are qualities that come naturally to them.

    Aries live for the challenge and will go to great lengths to see that their ideas and innovations come to fruition. Their need for recognition cannot allow them to give up. Business requires one to have a fighting spirit and this perfectly describes the general attitude of an Aries.

    #2.   Sports Personality

    There exist endless possibilities for an Aries to thrive in the world of sports. It does not matter whether you are a sports’ narrator, a coach, a sports journalist or an athlete, as long as you are an Aries you are bound to excel in the world of sports.

    The energy, enthusiasm, determination and leadership skills housed within an Aries predispose Aries born individual to success in this field. Again, this is a lime light industry and Aries tend to thrive in those.

    #3.   Producer

    The work of a producer is one that comes with pomp and flair as well as its fair share of challenges. Aryans will definitely be at home here. Whether they are producing for the music industry, curating art pieces for art pieces for a gallery, producing for film, or in the fashion industries, Aryans will be able to easily navigate their way.

    Challenges within the production space appeal to them and so does the recognition that comes with a successful production. Their energy and dynamism also make them ideal for the creative world. Their leadership skills allow them to thrive here as they are responsible for making the tough calls. These skills also help add a sense of order to the chaos that is the creative world.

    #4.   Fire Fighting

    Fire fighters are some of the bravest individuals. Their job description is heavy laden with dangerous situations that require quick reaction times and on the spot trouble shooting.  They are also some of the most celebrated individuals.

    It is easy to see why this would be an ideal fit for an Aryan. Fighting fire with fire is an ideal way to put this career choice. Aryans have a drive to them to see that they succeed at everything that they do which is a literally a lifesaving trait in this career choice.

    The challenging situations that fire fighters almost always find themselves in is a genuine attraction for Aryans. Their ability to think fast and their general fast paced nature is also another trait that makes them suitable for this career choice.

    #5.   Public Relations

    To thrive in the public relations space, one needs to be able to draw and retain the attention of their target audience. One also needs to have the ability to make tough on the spot decision in order to ‘manipulate’ the market conditions to achieve a desired outcome.

    Aryans’ love for the limelight, their natural leadership as well as their enthusiasm make it easy for them to thrive in the industry. Their love for challenges also makes them ideal candidates for work in the public relations industry.

    #6.   Emergency Response

    To be a successful emergency response personnel, speed is a necessity. Thinking on the spot and quick responses to the emergency at hand is a must. Aries born individuals are known for their speed in reactions, both physical and mental. As such, Aryans would thrive as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or as ambulance drivers.

    #7.   Surgeons

    To be a surgeon, one is required to have quick reflexes, quick decision making skills and decisive leadership qualities. These are all qualities possessed by Aries born individuals. The work of a surgeon is one that comes with its fair share of challenges. The passionate nature of Aryans makes them suited for this career choice.


    The qualities of personalities of individuals born under this fire sign make them suitable for any number of high stakes careers. They are in no way limited to the seven career choices outlined above. Are you an Aryan working in any of the above industries? We would love to know how you are liking your experience.

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    My two Aries designs are now available together on my redbubble as a sticker pack!

    Redbubble in reblog and pinned post

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    aries moon are very loyal people. they have attachment issues. once they fall for someone, their heart belongs to them. one of the most intense lover in all the moon signs.🖤

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  • My biggest flex is that i have the same star sign as gerard way… doesnt that mean im also as sassy as him…? i sure do hope so

    #aries zodiac#gerard way #my chemical romance
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  • ✰𝙸'𝚖 𝚊𝚗 𝙰𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜✰

    ⇝ 𝙸-𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝⇜
    ❦𝙴-𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚢 𝚝𝚘 𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛❦
    ✛𝚂-𝚂𝚞𝚛𝚙𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚕𝚢 𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚎✛

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