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  • rhi-ads
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    rumor has it that you have something to hide—but in this opulent life, tell me, who doesn't? here, it's no rumor when they say promises are broken, relationships are shattered, and evident truths become lies. 
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    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy grad to Amara and Arin!

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  • srquinnhexa
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Go Ahead And Drive Me Insane Baby

    Sam Wilson x fem!reader


    Summary: Olivia Rodrigo isn't the only one screaming 'jealousy'. It's our boy Sam too when he sees a certain 'God' nearing y/n, on whom he may or may not have a small crush on. Will today's pop culture bring them together?! [Based off of the video of the song 'stuck with you' by Ari and JB]

    ⚠Warnings: none! Just pure fluff.

    Word count: almost 2K.

    The beeping sound of the microwave bought you back to reality with a tiny startle. Taylor swift really knows how to transport her listeners into her own dimension, you thought as you reached the counter from the appliance in a few twirls. 

    Grasping the wooden spoon in one hand you stroll around the kitchen humming as you wait for the main lines.

    “Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset babe, red lips and rosy cheeks say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams….aha...ahaaaaaaa!” Your perfectly toned voice goes overboard into a scream, finding Sam, Natasha & Bucky leaning on the kitchen door frame with shit-eating grins on their faces.

    “What the hell guys, you don’t have to be the creepy sneaky, assassins inside the tower too” you reason, turning to the counter to continue making dinner. 

    “Don’t try to change the subject woman, we know you have your little concerts when you're cooking.” Sam teases you, rampaging through the snack cupboard.

    “Hey no snacks before dinner” you accuse, pointing the spoon at him.

    “Okay, mom” he retorts, earning an eye roll from you, knowing more than well you’ve warned him plenty times not to tease you like that, Natasha mumbling ‘doesn’t he drive you insane’ crossing her hands.

    “Watcha cookin doll?”. Finishing off the salad you place the bowl at the end of the counter turning to Bucky. 

    “Panini, thought I'll  go for something...Italiana” you answer, changing your accent at the end, earning a chuckle from Nat which soon turned into a gasp as the opening lines of ‘Lips Are Movin’ by Meghan Trainor blasted through the speakers.

    You turned giggling as both of you started grooving to the music.

    “Boy, look at me in my face, Tell me that you're not just about this bass. You really think I could be replaced? Nah, I come from outer space. And I'm a classy girl, I'mma hold it up.You're full of something but it ain't love, And what we got, straight overdue. Go find somebody new.You can buy me diamond-”

    Turning to glance at Bucky, you shoot him a wierd glance for his abrupt gasp. “What?” you ask with an airy chuckle. 

    “When Bucky said you could sing...i didnt know you sang this well”. Sam confessed quickly after Bucky gave him a nudge with his elbow. Looking down at your feet you felt your cheek turn crimson and butterflies erupting in your gut. “Thanks” you mumble lightly, shooting him an eye roll when he winked at you.


    Constant cuddlings during movie nights, fussing over how careless you were during a mission when you merely had a gash on your arms and legs, passing a handful of Nerds’ while Tony had mission briefings and the endless yet harmless, flirting has been consequent during the past month. This might seem like typical Sam, but something about the lingering glances when he thinks no one is noticing, but Wanda and Natasha is, somehow Bucky’s conversation with him always ending in something adorable ‘y/n’ did, all seemed to go unnoticed to you unlike the whole compound.

    “Sing?!” Wanda exclaimed, entering the kitchen with a groggy Morgan in her hands. 

    “She could putatively be the twin sister of Ariana Grande. Raps, high notes, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, you name it she’ll sing it”. Wanda quipped, you now feeling even more flustered start to murmur incoherent words of disagreement, turning to finish off the dinner.

     “One might say she’s the ‘goddess of music’”. A groan fell from your lips as you turned to Wanda to warn her. “Did someone say goddess of music?” a voice agnize for you to overhear speaks from behind Sam. 

    “Loki!! You’re back from Asgard”. You throw your hands around him, attaching like a koala bear. “Aww I missed you too bug!” he replies ruffling your hair, you both drown in conversation as Sam’s growl and Bucky’s gasp go dubious to you unlike Wanda and Natasha. Bucky’s gasp was expected, that nickname for you was entitled by Sam, the god using it made his blood boil.

    The scene was sprawled out in front of the falcon’s eyes in slow motion. You smiling from ear to ear and tumbling over in laughter as he whispered something in your ear. “What does she see in that guy anyways? Aren't you guys a little concerned she’s spending way too much time with him? I bet he’s using her. Then finally when she gets hurt I'll be the only one to help her-”

    “-Atleast he’s making a move...” Natasha quips, popping a tomato in her mouth, leaving Sam’s wide open. The ex-assassin pulling the right strings to get him riled up while bearing a little secret oblivious to the one’s surrounding her. 

    Sam had been partly true when he rambled about him using y/n, but it was mutual. Loki had his eyes set on Agent Quinn, when she had helped them during one of their missions he was impressed by her fighting skills, thus asking a favour to his Bff to help him in the dating field. And Loki knowing the Bird’s crush on y/n decided to help her in return & it seemed to be working just fine.

    “You guys can continue catching up, I can finish making dinner” Wanda announced as you both made your way into the living room trying not to crack up.

    If it had been a cartoon, Bucky would have sworn the kitchen would be clouded by the smoke coming from Sam’s ears. “Why on earth would ya do that?”. Sam screeched, his voice turning all squeaky and high-pitch. “What else do you want me to do? Go there and so rudely interrupt their conversation? And why on earth are you so mad about her talking to Loki? In my opinion, they would make a cute couple”.

     Wanda chirped, walking past him. “Oh.. so that’s how it's going now- well then i guess dont forget to invite me to their dinner rehersals” sam growled marching out of the kitchen. 

    “Did we go too far?” “Nah he’ll be alright?” Bucky reassured Wanda, poking her head into the hallway. 


    A cold night, a lucid moon, heaven’s eyes shine in the black as a divine watchful mother. Into the rich tapestry of blue, a woven blanket of hearth-spun grey, a comfort to each soul who dreams upon such icy nights. The moon came to the sky as a mother comes to sing a soft lullaby, to ease her children into a star-filled night. A cold night gives us ever more reason to draw closer to one another, to feel the natural warmth we are born to give. Rubbing your palms along your arms in a failed attempt to keep yourself warm you sigh out a shuddering breath.

    “Try harder and eventually you may grow some fur”. Rolling your eyes at his snarky comment you feel a soft, warm flanell being wrapped around your frame. Mumbling a quick ‘thanks’ you pat the spot next to you, scooting over to sit closer to you he wastes no time to second your voice. “Not sleepy?” “nope” he replies to you popping the ‘p’. “Same for you too...i assume”. Moving a strand of hair as a result of the wind picking up, you nod slowly. 

    A comfortable silence washes over the twain listening to the tranquil music of the fissling of dry, autumn leaves. “How was the chat with ‘reindeer god’?” he questions, immediately cringing at his choice of words. “Gave him the whole packaged crash course on dating, improved his flirting skills, converted his horrible asgardian jokes into....pretty impressive midgardian ones…” taking in a deep breath of fresh autumn air you blurt a few chuckles, being obscure to Sam’s confused face. 

    “Imma stop you right there….Am i missing something here?” “you’re missing a lot of things” you drop a hint, retorting in a monotone. “No, not that- wait what do you mean by that?” he asks, slightly taken aback but you only reply with the click of your tongue dismissing his question, gesturing him to continue. “I'm confused, i thought you were-” “you thought me what?” 

    “That you and Loki-” “Me and Loki, what?”

    “Fon…doue..?” Sam slows down as he realises what he has blurted out. He’s been waiting awkwardly for a few minutes for you to stop laughing, finally when he’s had it, as cliche as it may seem he leans in to grab your chin down for a sealing kiss just as you absent-mindedly stand up making him fall face first onto the floor 6 o’clock to the platform. 

    Both hands clutching your gut you tumble over in laughter, the flannel casing over both of your frames as he yanks your wrist towards him. Laughter quickly dies down as you realise how close both of you are. Legs tangled like a forgotten roll of threads, breath ragged like you just finished a relay, eyes darting back and forth from lips to eyes like a Heron preying on a Minnow. Drifting closer to each other like an iceberg to the Titanic on that fateful night. 

    “JARVIS play ‘Stuck with you’ by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber”. You’re violently snapped out of the trance as he stands up holding out a hand. Faded confirmation of the A.I was long forgotten as you gave him a questioning look. “Sam, whatcha up to?” “hope you wouldn't mind if you’d join me for a dance milady~” he purrs into your ear sending a shiver down your spine, taking your hand in his, your silence posing as an affirmation. He slipped his hands to your waist, yours going to his shoulders involuntarily as Ariana started singing to the low beat of the song. 

    “It's just you and me...n there’s nothin I, nothin I, i can do...” you sing barely above a whisper only for both of you to hear. Dancing together amid the light, amid the evergreens and aromas bright, you were more at home than you’d ever been. A tousled hair meets bony wind as cheeks take a rosy glow, warmth seeping into your heart like sunlight on a cold December morning as he does a slow and elegant dip. 

    “So go ahead, and drive me insane, baby” he rasps, twirling you out and into his arms. You quirk an eyebrow at him teasingly earning a scoff. “Cut the check!” he says, almost in a whiny voice. “So?” “So what?”

    “You willing to be stuck with me?” “Hmm...guess I could stay here for a lifetime” you reply with a cheeky grin and single nod.

    “Can I kiss you right now?” Sam’s face was inches from yours, and you'd already started closing your eyes, and you could've sworn he had too.

    “Since when do you ask for permission, Mr. I'm-such-a-bad-boy?” You teased, trying to dismiss the flurry of butterflies nesting in your stomach. “Since this amazing, beautiful girl came and changed me and my point of view”. That was it. The butterflies took over your whole body, and all the heat in the body rushed to your already red face.You tried to look down, but Sam gently grabbed your chin and pulled you closer, our lips meeting briefly. He pulled away almost instantly. Had I done it wrong? “Sorry, you never actually said yes-” “Oh shush,” .

    And, with that, I grabbed his face not nearly as gently as he had mine, and connected our lips once more. In his kiss is the promise of years and the sweetness of waiting for real love. In his kiss I am home, that I am stuck with him.

    #marvel#mcu#the avengers#marvel fic#avengers fic #sam wilson x reader #falcon #the falcon x y/n #marvel x reader #avengers x reader #Avengers x female reader #Anthony Mackie #Anthony Mackie x reader #sam x reader #stuck with you #Ariana Grande#Justin Bieber #song based fic #Arinator#beliebers#loki#wanda maximoff#Natasha romanoff#morgan stark#bucky barnes #cut the check #Taylor Swift#Meghan Trainor#wildest dreams #lips are moving
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  • paraelamor
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    his hair is supposed to look like a pile of plopped down grapes so have this

    #arinarts#/arin#green grape #hard at work i see #im too lazy to make a cookie style desk
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  • gamegrumpsindex
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Climbing the Mountain (by Ryslife98) - Game Grumps Animated


    Rage Scale: 1

    Starring: Arin & Dan

    Animation by: Boz

    Classic Moments:

    "Grab my hand"

    Basketball doesn't bode well

    "NO!" "THE COIN!"

    "...and now we kiss"

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  • luminarin
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    What is wrong with people today like wtf????

    Someone was like "oh teens esp teenage boys hitting each other is normal and just teens being teens, no big deal" tf???

    Then someone else said that they wanted to lose their virginity by having a threesome with their blood related stepbrothers bruh u need to stop reading so much smut, it's rotting your brain

    And then someone really said "i am god" like girlie u can take charge of your life and manifest stuff but that doesnt make u a god 💀💀

    And then someone else was like "i buy condoms for my younger friends (15-17yo) but i dont condone minors having sex" WHAT R U DOING SIS U LITERALLY ENABLING THEM

    And then my friend told me this story of someone fucking her stepdad bc the stepdad was nice and took care of her gently like wattafaq??? She legit went like "he was gentle to me so i fucked him" WHAT



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  • idolsgeneration
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #arin #oh my girl #kpop
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  • nicholask-la
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    From July, 2021

    #Arin DeGroff#girl #black and white #big hair dont care #original photography on tumblr #leica q2 monochrom #curles#natural#malibu#october 2021
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  • paraelamor
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    this is my truth

    #arinarts#/arin#green grape#cr #to tag later #she need to wear gloves!! #if alchemy were real and practical itd be a true science i think #hes on the floor
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  • idolsgeneration
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #arin #oh my girl #kpop
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  • fizzie
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Just had a horrible vision of David and Trexel but as Dan and Arin from gamegrumps

    #The way sum ppl draw them remind me of sum game grumps animated #Im so sad to admit I can see arin as trexel #game grumps#stellar firma
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  • luminarin
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    PAC ⊹ Messages From Your Shadow Self <3

    Pick a Violet Evergarden!
    ⌗ Date of reading: 26.10.2021
    ⌗ Tarot deck used: Anima Mundi Tarot
    ⌗ Question asked: What does your shadow self want to say to you?
    ⌗ Instructions: Focus on the topic and choose the picture/pile that you feel most drawn or connected to.

    𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟎𝟏

    Cards: 2 of Wands, Ace of Swords reversed, The Sun, King of Wands, 7 of Cups

    Dear Y/N,

    I've been stuck inside here for so long, just watching you go on with your daily life. I feel alone, did you forget about me? Did you not know that I exist? You ignore me and just so you know, you're only hurting yourself by doing so. Don't you think it's time for you to come out of your comfort zone and acknowledge me? I know you don't like me but you can't just keep burying me in the deepest parts of your mind. I know what you want; to be happy, to be active in your life, to do something good in your life and be successful, have good relationships, to be confident and happy in yourself. That's not going to happen if you keep ignoring me. Stop ignoring me. Start accepting me. It's getting way too lonely here.

    Come find me. Come work with me. I am the key to your happiness.

    From: Your shadow self

    𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟎𝟐

    Cards: 4 of Swords, Wheel of Fortune, 4 of Cups reversed, 8 of Cups, King of Cups, The Hermit

    Dear Y/N,

    Are you resting right now? If you're not then you should. Take a break especially when you need it. A good rest would be nice. You know, life is full of ups and downs. I hope you won't let the downs get to you. It's necessary — in order to feel happiness, you must first feel sadness and vice versa. Life is not all about just one thing. Likewise, things will get better. I see you've been distancing yourself lately because of self issues, that's not a bad thing. Take some time off for yourself, take care of yourself, spend some time meditating. Now's a good time to work on your emotions and spirituality. It's your time, focus on yourself right now. Don't run away from this, now is the perfect time for change and transformation.

    Come work with me. Some self discovery will help you more than you would think.

    From: Your shadow self

    𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝟎𝟑

    Cards: The Hierophant, King of Wands, 9 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 10 of Swords

    Dear Y/N,

    Woah, you okay there? You do realise that you're draining all your energy right? Have you been overworking yourself? Setting high unrealistic and unhealthy expectations on yourself? Or is someone else making you feel that way? Are you being forced to get into fights and conflict? Your relationships, higher education or workplace is affecting you negatively. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, it will be your downfall, I can see it now. You probably feel some injustice going on but it will pass soon. Just keep on going, keep on being the great you that you are. Your goals are near and they require hardships, this is the hardship. You're almost there and I can see you becoming a stronger person as you get through this.

    You can and will get through this and when you do, be sure to indulge and treat yourself.

    From: Your shadow self

    Ko-fi: Here

    That's all for today! I hope it resonates <3 and if you have any questions, feel free to ask ^^

    Masterlist: Here

    Book a paid reading with me here!

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  • tiergan-andrin-alenefar
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Girl help I desperately need socially acceptable alternatives to saying “who are you”

    #it’s happened three times. #in the past week. #but i don’t know what else to say?? #like. #i’m not asking for your name #i’m asking who you are #should i know you? #what are you here for? #etc #if someone knows any please tell me/gen #Arin rambles
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  • tiergan-andrin-alenefar
    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    ADHD is fun because you get to say things like “i swear i don’t think you’re dumb, i’m just narrating everything we do because i will zone out otherwise”

    #not the exact words #but that was the gist #anyways my partner today was cool about putting up with my narrating every step of every process #so that was nice #Arin rambles #adhd things i guess #stage crew shit
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  • gamegrumpsindex
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Arcade Germs (by Jarrett Riley) - Game Grumps Animated


    Rage Scale: 1

    Starring: Arin & Dan

    Animation by: Jae55555

    Classic Moments:

    "Ooh, is this The Licker?"

    "Wow, you can really taste the 1984"

    "On the one hand, that guy pisses himself, but on the other hand, check out that hog"

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  • the-world-of-erit
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Arin was fine.

    + a couple close-ups of Arin’s shirt.

    H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N

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  • gaydinosaurbananamilkcarton
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Arin’s appearances in the Halloween story.

    #lovestruck#lovestruck voltage#eaa #ever after academy #ever after academy arin #eaa arin#arin langdon#Halloween
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  • thoselethalarts
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Tweels as Quotes from the Ten Minute Power Hour

    Floyd: Can you put (the jenga piece) back in the already pulled spots? Jade: No, you have to put it at the top. Floyd: (mockingly) Oh, you’re s’possed t’ put’em at the top... Jade: Floyd: (snickers) Jade: You asked me the godamn question...

    (playing jenga) Jade: Eat my balls, and pull a- log! Jade: ...That’s what I... tell them. Floyd: "Eat my balls and pull a log!” Jade: (laughs) Down at Jade’s... Chicken ‘n Waffles!

    Jade: (pulls a plastic sheet off a toy mirror they got) Floyd: Y-! You didn't even savor the peelies! Jade: (wheezes) Octavinelle: Savor the Peelies.

    Jade: (licks lipgloss) Oh, that's not bad. Azul: What the fuck, Jade..?! Jade: (licks again) ...It's not good. Jade: ...It's not food.

    Jade: (dripping pink liquid makeup all over Floyd’s face) You look like something that they’d serve at 2:30 in the morning at IHOP. (laughs) Floyd: ....I feel like I just came back from a mythical creature bukkake. Jade: (BREAKS DOWN LAUGHING)

    Jade: “Hearing Things: The Lip Reading Challenge Game” from Has-bro! Jade and Floyd: I-HAS-BRO! Jade: (flops over cackling) Floyd: DO YOU HAS-BRO!?

    Jade: (trying to take a size sticker off his shirt) I’m a medium, by the way. A lot of fans keep trying to send me a large and it doesn’t fit, they’re too big... Floyd: I’m an XL. A lot of fans keep trying to send me a small because they think I’m a petite little boy- Jade: (starts laughing) Floyd: -but I am in fact a large, long eel. Jade: (laughs more)

    Jade: The headmaster is worried that our guests are not consenting to being here so today- Floyd, aggressively clutching Grim: C'mon Sealy! Tell the camera how much you love being here!

    Floyd, whispering to the camera: Jade's making bad moves over here.... Jade: Floyd. Jade: Dicks. Eat them.

    Jade: Hi Ruggie! Can we feed you? Ruggie: I am so uncomfortably used to be asked that question!

    Floyd: (stuffing chips into Ruggie's mouth) Jade: That's a lot of barbeque chips. (laughs) Ruggie: (gives a noise of pain and a thumbs up as chips fall out of his mouth and all over the table) Jade and Floyd: (absolutely lose it)

    Jade: (making a line of coffee grounds on the table) Floyd: Don’t. Don’t do it. Jade: What. You’ve never done coffee snooters?!

    Floyd: (pouring milk into Jade’s hands so he can use them as a bowl for cereal) Jade: aaaaaAAAAAAAA! GOD, IT’S SO COLD- That’s enough, Floyd. Floyd: I like a lot of milk in my cereal!

    Jade and Ortho: (clapping loudly in front of Floyd's face) Floyd: STOP!!! 

    Floyd: (harassing Jade to hurry up) Jade: ALRIGHT, you shitfuck! Oh- sorry, sorry Ortho. Ortho: Oh my god I'm like 11... Jade and Floyd: (cracking up)

    Ortho: Gods, it smells like henweigh in here... Jade: Floyd: Jade.....doesn't it smell like henweigh in here? Jade, defeated: What's a henwei- Ortho: (slapping his hands on the table) ABOUT 10 POUNDS!! (laughter ensues between them)

    - Bonus -

    Jade: Wh- "The carbuncle ate itself"?? What does that MEAN??!? Floyd: (incredulous, delirious laughter) Jade: I can’t think of four words that had LESS to do with our current situation!

    #ツイステッドワンダーランド#Twisted Wonderland#TWST#octavinelle#jade leech#floyd leech #twst incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#shitpost #yes I'm obsessed with applying these two to Arin and Dan simply because their dynamic fits too fucking well #no you can't stop me
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