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  • She stared at it. The door. The enormous, unopenable, terrifying, beautiful door. It was impossible to miss in its grandeur, especially given the storm that preceded it. Such a terrifying display of power… where in Elucidis’ name could it lead?

    It did not matter. It was not her place to know – this was clearly a part of His plan for them all. Her Lord was vast and unknowable, just like this door, impossible to break through and sturdy as the ground they walked upon. It had to be His. 

    ‘Lauri, something big is happening.’

    She laughed, spinning in a gleeful twirl at the sound of Laen’s voice, “Do you see it, brother?”

    ‘It’s difficult to miss.’ His ‘voice’ was dry as ever, completely missing the grandeur of what this could be.

    “I wonder where it goes. Something only My Lord knows I’m sure.”

    ‘I doubt it.’

    There was blissful quiet for a long moment as she refused to humour that with a response, instead gazing upon the door again. Golden and glorious and just the kind of symbol her Lord would adore. It was a sign – a door opening into a new world.

    ‘If you could broadcast your brainwashing a little quieter, I’d appreciate it.’

    “You’ll see.”

    “It’s rare that I address the people like this. The sight of this innermost sanctum is usually reserved for my truest and most dedicated servants, those who are held eternally within the pulses of my Heart. But today… oh, today is a special occasion.”

    She knew it, she knew it! Her Lord was radiant and wonderful on his altar, and as He stepped down to continue his address she felt her heart flutter with love – He was so humble, so loving, so sweet… He was talking and talking and she listened raptly to every word, every blessed syllable.

    ‘Let me see.’

    Reluctantly, Lauri opened her mind a little more to her brother, allowing him to the forefront where he could see the ghosts of what she witnessed as they settled in her brain. She hoped there was still plenty of room for Elucidis.

    ‘He’s talking from his own ruptured anus.’ Lauri winced at the blasphemy, shutting him back to the simple voice at the edge of her mind. ‘He has no more idea than I do, sister. He’s taking advantage.’

    “You don’t know Him like I do,” she insisted. “He’ll show you. He’ll show everyone.”

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  • This wasn’t right. The sky flashed and the ground shook, power crackling in the air’s every inch. Whispers of voices he didn’t recognise danced from the door that stood where there once was nothing. Hethe only knew what horrors it may hold. 

    “Lauri, something big is happening.” He couldn’t help himself, reaching for Laurien as his stomach twisted with anxiety. 

    ‘Do you see it, brother?’ Her voice danced back, shining with the same disgusting optimism she never seemed to lose these days. Artificial. Ugly.

    “It’s difficult to miss.”

    ‘I wonder where it goes. Something only My Lord knows I’m sure.’

    “I doubt it.” He knew, of course, that this would be the perfect opportunity for that vile little maggot who called himself a ‘god’ to dig his fingers deeper into his brainwashed faithful. It would be stupid for him not to. But. Perhaps this was a chance. If the door opened, he and his sister may be able to escape through it. Or maybe it would release something that shook people’s faith in Marchosias. Or perhaps he could merely smuggle her out while the rest of the Lathrym were distracted by it. 

    Right now, what was distracted was his mind. He could feel the ‘love’ and speculation in his sister, leaking through their connection like a plague. Perhaps this was actually a sign. A sign he was wrong, that Elucidis truly was to be the reigning God– No. Wait. 

    Laen felt he might throw up. “If you could broadcast your brainwashing a little quieter, I’d appreciate it.”

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  • cracking clay and white bird: baby boy finds phone, is gay, is stolen, comes back 5 years later with new bro and unstoppable hatred for anyone one who looks sus while also being conflicted about his ex

    red renegade: boy is angry at everyone and everything for shitty childhood and now is planning on escaping facility because a cult gave him the positive attention his parents didn’t give him

    the new house files: a group of friends walk off the face of earth an d never finished making this series

    [REDACTED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]: *pops open bottle of Faygo* ah shit here we go again 

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  • You can still hear me, can’t you.


    Never. Not until I have you back.

    If My Lord finds out we’re talking again…

    he won’t. 

    I can’t hear you when He’s around.

    Maybe that’s safer for you.

    I should tell them what your friend did.

    But you won’t.

    No. Not yet. I don’t know why.

    I do.

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  • written with @the-siren-saga

    It was the middle of the night when Shanna and Moirah stepped through the doors of the College District apartment. Despite his colleague’s constant chattering, Laen had barely spoken since he arrived; lost in his own thoughts and the quiet stir of anticipation. His eyes lifted as he heard them enter, swallowing heavily as the two came into view. 

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  • Laurien and Laen Adaire: the Lost and the Forgotten

    #arkn#arkn x#arkn legacy#arknverse #pink and purple #laurien's tale#laurien#laen#v:arkn #i like giving my OCs dramatic nicknames okay
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  • #arkn #art of the beholder
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  • image

    “Are you satisfied?”

    #raphael#medboy789#arkn #gods cannot die
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  • a teaser for an upcoming fanfic

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  • Things are going to change. 

    Within the last 3 years I have experienced things that may not be the most normal. My life has turned upside down, I have been threatened, and I have lost many friends. Writing this means that I am running out of time. Something has happened that will make time itself bend. I’m not sure who has done this, or how, but I know I will not remember any of this. The last three years of my life will be lost. Time may be lost going even further back. Time itself may reset. .Reality has been in a frenzy ever since Caden died. I lost contact with Azrael, Alex, and Tobias. My friends and family have gone missing. For the first time in my life I do not know what to do. 

    Friends, I am writing this to you and you alone. I will be lost again. I will most likely only be a fragment of myself. I need your help. I hope and pray that this finds you well. I hope that you aren’t engulfed in this catastrophe the way I have and someone out there can read this. Please help me. Help whoever you can.

    Help all of us. 

    - Gabriel Thomas Holden

    #arkn mythos#arkn#dekn#deathlylogic#winterverse #the mayhem theory #the arkn mythos
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  • Another Dream. Vincent Grave's

    He see’s himself for what he truly is though he still does not understand.

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  • (yes i had to look up a ‘click bait’ link Generator, but that’s besides the point…)

    Point is: Just let the drama and hate go. i have no idea whats been happening in this family. but i seen shit. that i really do not like. again, i have no idea what on earth is happening and i prefer not to get into the mess. 

    But i know one thing: People are people. We all make mistakes and having grudges is not healthy. But, people, no matter, hard headed they get, everyone must be forgiven. it could take years to forgive someone.

    But yea, sometimes you just need to cut the cord of friendship, because this cycle will repeat.. endlessly. So, you may take this “psa” as a grain of salt. but hey, at least i hope someone is reading this. 

    Just, please guys… Be safe… 

    #arkn mythos#arkn #the arkn mythos #this has been a psa
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  • Look, I’ve been rather quiet about this whole thing, mostly because I haven’t wanted to be a part of this bullshittery. I’m calling for both sides to stop. We all want to be done with this. Stop messaging others and it’ll stop. For both sides. Tony and David don’t want shit to continue, the fans of the mythos don’t want shit to continue, and I certainly don’t want shit to continue. I loved this mythos. I really loved it. It helped inspire my creative potential and drove me to make something of myself. I want everyone to stop fighting. If not for yourselves. For me. For the one who saw the light in everything and everyone. All I want to do is create in a mythos I love without being bombarded with bullshit for it.

    All I ask is for it to end. No more messages, no more clogged up tags, just let it end. No one will win if we keep pushing for it. We have to just let things go and it’ll get better. Please.


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  • An Introductory Post (and some context as to what, exactly, I’m attempting to do here)

    My name is Franz Faust, I’ve the blood of angels in me, and I just got done beating a man so hard in my fury he is the sole possessor of a swollen ankle and a heavy limp.

    I suppose I should explain: you see, there are many worlds beside these along with several realms and subrealms.

    The human realm’s name is Ersis, hence my title of “The Scholar of Ersis.” In the Lathyrum, however, which some humans have learned to access.. well, therein lies the aforementioned angels (Their true name is the Arkn) and their counterparts devils. (Their true name is the Dekn.)

    I come from an illustrious and noble bloodline of these Arkn, the Irinith bloodline. Gav'reel Irinith, the deceased King of Avantas'tol - the City of Glass and Stone - well, he was my ancestor. He passed down to me a weapon I am proud of to this day.

    Gavreel’s Thorn, they call it. Its name in the language of Arkn and Dekn is considerably more awesome.

    What I do, or am aiming to do on this blog, is write of the culture of the Arkn and Dekn. So much is not understood about their races, and there is still a bit I have yet to learn. But I will post my findings here, for as half of my blood runs Arkn I do have certain… advantages, why don’t we put it, in obtaining this information. For now is where I’ll stop.

    Rest assured, I will definitely take questions about my line of work as well as the culture of the Arkn and Dekn.

    Goodbye for now.

    #the scholar's writings #of myself#arkn#dekn#othvishic
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  • no one else has ever made an arkn series ever. there was no one else adding base lore, it was always michael and michael alone.

    good luck on that “career” of yours buddy 👌

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  • * a new episode of fromtheruins *

    (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy-B9_pYvm0)

    Cas makes a video as he try’s to  Restricting the  toxic spirit, who was  The original keeper of the ruins. The spirit as a Grudge  against Arkns and Dekns. Cas  reveals  the name of person( Dante)  who can help Jane . 

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  • The rain had finally let down as I found myself traveling one of the winding roads that lead through the endless forest. Torchlight barely covered enough of the path to provide good vision, but, I could make do. My revolvers, heavy as they were, hung below my waist–positioned in a cross draw fashion. 

    I found myself approaching a fork in the pathway, one headed North, one headed North West. West was a direction my mother and father always told me is a very dangerous place. I began to walk. 

    The trees had started turning from the bright green leaves to a more orange and white colored pattern. Puddles drenched most of this pathway, which meant it was covered in mud. My boots already kicked mud about the place as I walked and it appeared to only get deeper the further in you went. 

    Several Miles later I found myself coming to a large, Orange and White washed tree in the center of the path. The Leaves were orange and burnt with white residue on them. The Trunk, that stood at an amazing 20 feet in the air, appeared to be bleeding this white residue. I quickly found myself in awe of the trees horrifying beauty. As I stood there, something appeared from the side – 

    A long-fingered hand wrapped itself around the tree, tapping it’s pointer finger several times onto the bark. Next, a tall, slender-hunched figure stepped out from behind it. Its face was wooden, like that of the very tree, its features were non-existent except for its frown. It stood 9 feet in the air. 


    My mother warned me of these, legend tells of these creatures called Hollowlings. Only referred to as spirits by village elders as a way to describe something they aren’t sure of. The spirit approached me ever so slightly, not in a cautious manner but more of a taunting way. It strode to me, standing in front of me as it hunched over, it’s wooden frown directly in front of my face. 

     “Hello, Arkn Crow from the village Dedra, from the south.” The spirit spoke with a female voice. Chills went down my spine, and before I could even draw my revolvers, I froze. Dead in my tracks. 

     “You appear to be a wonderful offering, my dear. I should feast upon your flesh for several days. Your village has been kind to me” The spirit spoke of things I was unaware of. My mother’s voice began to lecture me once again in the back of my head–”Hollowlings will tell you anything to feast upon you. They survive on the blood of those lost wandering souls that find themselves too far deep in the forest of endless.” 

     “Let me pass, spirit,” I spoke out finally, my voice shaken. 

     “I only wish to devour your flesh, traveler. It won’t hurt, much. If that is at all comforting? I’ll make sure you’re pleasured before hand.” The spirit spoke as it caressed my face. Its long fingers, slimy as they were, felt almost soft. 

    Ok, before we continue, I would like to clear a couple things up that I feel are priority information you must know about me. 

    1. I am not tempted by the sexual desires of others nor am I impressed by those that are. 

    2. I do not enjoy being some tall bitches lunch. It is not the kind of events I find to be fun. That being said - - 

    I tried to reach for my revolvers, again to no avail. I was unable to move. Maybe this was the end? I found the thought of ending up as the forest spirits lunch sickening, and soon I was to be pleasured by this thing as well? I almost threw up on the spot. The spirit moved even closer to me, I closed my eyes and suddenly?

    I heard a droning sound that seemed to get louder as the seconds went on. I Opened my eyes to see the spirit, covered in some kind of sigil art I have never seen the likes of before. The lines almost flowed perfectly. 

    Ethra Channeling 

    A perfectly executed channeling I might add. 

    The artwork glowed brightly as the Destrus sun itself. Before coming to a climax, I swear I heard something in the distance, a word. “Yoink?” followed by several gunshots. Closing my eyes once again as the spirit flashed into nonexistance, its bellowing screams of pain deafening me. I took cover under my arms for protection, from the ash that seemed to burst out of the monster. 

    Once the screams were gone, I found myself on the ground, looking up at another arkn. He stood at 6 feet tall. He had some weight to him but he didn’t slouch. his beard hung down passed the chin. He wore a long black coat, matching the wide-brimmed hat and held a revolver, one of the nicest looking ones I had ever seen, outstretched in the direction of where I now sat. 

    The man spun his revolver as if to show off some skill, as he slid it into a hidden holster under his coat. He brushed some ash debris from his clothing and, finally, tipped his hat towards me as he approached. 

    “Need a hand, young lady?” he spoke in a very young voice. I accepted his hand and allowed myself to stand up. 

    “I didn’t need saving, you know.” The first words from my mouth, no thank you. No questions. Instant Defense. The truth is he did save my life, but I wasn’t going to admit that to a man who I have never seen before, who also didn’t appear to even be from around here. 

    “Apologies, My Lady, I did not mean to offend. I only meant to offer an assistance as it appeared you needed some.” The man spoke again as he brushed the ash off me. 

    He knew of my lady status, though? How was this? I had never seen the likes of a man dressed this way before, but, he seemed to know who I was?

    “How do you know I’m a lady?” I asked simply ignoring all else. The man grinned under his beard. 

    “What?” I asked, again defensively. 

    “The ink markings on your arms, they imply you’re from the Crow family, am I mistaken?” The man spoke as a matter of factly. 

    “Th-the, no You’re not wrong.” I must have been under the influence of the spirit still as I do not stutter in the presence of anyone. The man smiled. 

    “That makes you, judging by your appearance and your attitude, my little cousin, Cardinal. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vulture. I come from Mistria. 

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