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    30.11.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    (requested by mathmaticalknight) Nian/Whisperain

    Being a wanderer in Terra isn’t an ideal lifestyle, but it’s one several of Rhodes Island’s heaviest hitters lived before their arrival. Some, like Ceobe, essentially settled down; they found open arms, helping hands, and (in a couple of hungry doggos’ case) a wide pantry that enticed them to stay. Others, however, saw RI as simply another stop in their journey - they found Rhodes Island, accepted their aid and training, but fully expected to leave in future.

    Then, of course, there were those who thought they were the latter and became the former.

    Whisperain was in the AV cabin alone, halfway through a heart-wrenching drama, when a voice said from behind her, “You’ve got good taste.”

    “Eh? O-oh, Miss Nian. You startled me.” The Aegir hadn’t expected visitors period, let alone in the middle of a dialogue. “How long have you been there?”

    “Oh, not too long. Saw someone was in here, figured it was you, and figured I’d stop by and say hi.” There was an intensity in her eyes that contradicted her words, though.

    Still, it’d be rude to turn her away, so the doctor didn’t. She didn’t openly invite her to stay, though. “Hello.”

    “Have you seen this one before?” The Nian asked, inviting herself to an empty chair next to Whisperain and setting a large bowl of popcorn in her lap. “It looks familiar.”

    “I don’t remember seeing it before.” Why would the smith say it that way, though? 

    Nian offered her the bowl. “Ah, right, how could I forget? Popcorn?”

    “Thank you.” She took a single handful. “...Um, what did you forget?”

    “Your memory loss between regenerations.”

    Stunned silence as the movie carried on. The Aegir went through her handful of popcorn one kernel at a time until, out of distractions to stall with, she asked, “We’ve met before?”

    “We have.” She’d dropped the levity in her voice for gravitas. “You saved my life, even.”

    “Oh. I see.” Good to know? The doctor wasn’t sure what she was expected to do with that information.

    The smith glanced at the pause on the machine, but she decided against pressing it. “I tried to return the favor, but I failed...and I wanted to make sure you knew I was sorry, even knowing you wouldn’t know.”

    “...Nian,” Whisperain asked, “have we only met once before?”

    “...No,” the Nian admitted.

    The Aegir sighed, pressing the pause button herself. “Have you apologized to me before?”

    “Every time,” she replied. “You’re the only person I’ve met I can say that about. It makes you special.”

    “Is it painful to remember, even now?”

    Fair question. “You told me once, while we were talking, that you wondered if people with exceptionally long lives forget. Honestly, a lot of things I have forgotten, details of places and times I’ll never be able to get back - something you probably relate to. Living as long as we have, even if my memory doesn’t reset, it gets blurry. But there are some things that I’m not allowed to forget, and that day is one of them.”

    “I see.” The doctor reached into her purse and pulled out a very small plastic bag with scraps of paper in it. Approximately one ticket’s worth of scraps. “While I was in Yen, I attended a showing of a movie called What We Had Before. Do you remember it?”

    “In Yen?...No, I didn’t have a chance to watch movies while I was in Yen.” She’d had other matters to attend to then.

    Whisperain set that bag aside and pulled out the sturdier pouch she’d pulled that plastic bag from - necessary to keep them in one place. “Would you like to show me what we saw while we traveled together?”

    “How far back does that collection go?” And yes, Nian did want to help with that. “When was our first meeting...950? Anything from around that time?”

    “Let me see.” One by one, the Aegir lifted a ticket from its stowing place, squinted at it in the dim light, shook her head, and set it to the side.

    After five or six of these, the smith pointed to the light above them. “Wouldn’t it be easier to see with some light?”

    “It would,” the doctor admitted; she was feeling a bit of strain from relying on the frozen movie to see by. “Would you mind-”

    “Not at all.” The Nian went over to the light dial, clicked it up slowly but steadily, and stopped when Whisperain indicated she could see fine.

    Looking at her collection again, she realized why she was having trouble finding tickets that old: the first one she had was from around that time, and it was the one she’d asked Nian about at first. “Ah...The only one from that time period is What We Had Before.”

    “Oh? Interesting.” Come to think of it, that title did sound familiar. “Do ya think they have it here? Couldn’t hurt to look, right?”

    “I’m curious what kind of movie it was. I don’t remember anything about it, unfortunately.”

    That wasn’t surprising, but for it to be a shared blank spot from around that time period was especially odd. The smith found the library’s movie database, searched for it, and the first result was for a movie released in that timeframe. “We have it. Wanna finish this one first?”

    “...I think I’ll finish it later.” This wasn’t her usual tact with people like Nian, but then again, there wasn’t really any person quite like Nian. Especially in the mood she was in right now. “Before we start, I need some water.”

    “Oh, I have some.” The smith reached into a bag Whisperain hadn’t seen before, set on the floor by the chair her ‘guest’ had taken for herself, and pulled out a bottle of distilled water for her.

    That meant she knew about the Aegir’s poor tap-mineral tolerance already. “You remembered.”

    “Like I said, I’m not allowed to forget.” The Nian smiled bitterly. “At least I learn from my mistakes.”

    “If I may ask, could you tell me...how I died?” When Rhodes Island found out about her regeneration - unfortunately through experience - they’d told her what’d happened to her. It meant she could learn from the experience, in a way.

    Nian took a breath through her teeth. “You got sick - a routine cold, the sort of thing most people fight off with some bedrest and water - but it hit you hard. Since you couldn’t take care of yourself, I did my best, following your instructions and whatnot, but...I didn’t know you couldn’t handle tap water very well.”

    “I see.” Whisperain made a note to make a note of that in her self-treatment guide, something she maintained not for herself but for people taking care of her in illness. Like Rhodes Island had...Like Nian had. “Thank you for remembering.”

    “Like I-...You’re welcome.” It would take some time for her to get over that.

    Considering their relationship, though, the smith was well aware of what it took for them to get back to the place they’d gotten to the first time they’d sat in the theatre watching this movie - hands clasped on the armrest between them, popcorn in her lap and purse in the doctor’s. The Nian could have drawn that scene from memory by this point, from the number of times they’d seen it toge- she felt the Aegir’s hand settle on top of hers. She’d unintentionally set her arm in its usual place...and Whisperain had followed suit. Nian turned to ask her about it. “Whisperain?”

    “The last time we saw this movie,” she whispered, showing her another ticket, “it was playing in a theatre.”

    “It was.”

    Whisperain leaned in close. “My memory may be erased, but there are some impressions that never leave me, although it seems it took some time for this one to settle properly.”

    “To be fair, you’ve had some really crazy things happen to you since we first met.” Death was the least of what the Aegir’d survived- Well, not exactly ‘survived,’ but...fucking technicalities at this point. “I wasn’t surprised that I’d get lost in the shuffle-”

    “I never lost you, Nian. It only took me some time to find you again.” The doctor locked her fingers with the smith’s.

    The movie hadn’t even started, and the Nian was already tearing up. “Still wanna watch this with me?”

    “Of course.” Whisperain turned back towards the screen, but then she rested her head against Nian’s shoulder, blinking tears away herself. “No matter how many times we do this...I want this memory in every lifetime.”

    Before the opening credits, they were both crying...a new record.

    #arknights#arknights fic#whisperain (arknights)#nian (arknights) #i wanted to write a Whisperain/Doc fic #but it never really came together #...also #i had a little tagline by this that said i see what you're doing here math #but after the BlemRock fic #i was curious to see if these two had game mechanic synergy #because honestly i don't notice this kind of thing (i'm a very brute force player tbh) #and GUESS WHAT #Nian's 3rd skill gives status resistance #Whisperain's talent triggers off that status resistance to provide extra health regen #and if that is what gave math the idea then that tagline would've been completely wrong #(which it also STILL was since by this point i'd forgotten whatever lightbulb i got for the prompt originally...) #this is why i let y'all pick the ships :D #ya do good work too for the most part #thanks for it
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  • adorablegorilla
    30.11.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    I'm thinking about the idea of a slightly crack-y fanfic parody of Meet the Demoman but with W from Arknights

    I'm almost tempted to try writing it myself except I've never written before and I have no idea how I'd frame it

    (But I still really want it to exist)

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    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    E2 art of Saga. With this promotion she joins Siege on my main team replacing Zima. I love her personality, her design, her backstory and I'm glade to finally have her on my main team. 

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  • goldom
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oh boy it's Monday aka can't use my tablet for like 3 hours while Arknights autos through annihilation missions for the week.

    whyy what is gained by making this run in real time. Just make it a "skip" button to take 25 brains and give me my cancer rocks.

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    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sniper Knights...

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    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i was bored and wanted to doodl my faves

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    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Siege 2021

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  • adorablegorilla
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I'm rewatching this video for the umpteenth time and

    #arknights#arknights ifrit#arknights silence#arknights saria #the rhine lab 'something just like this' mv got to me again
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  • unit-zero-two
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jaye, no! Bad! What is this, Delicious in Dungeon? Who showed you that manga?

    #arknights#jaye #i would love art of a Delicious in Dungeon AU of Jaye and other Arknights characters
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  • lilyblackdraws-sideblog
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Skadi Alter is the best kind of really strong unit because she herself doesn’t clear you the map. She just stands there and sings and with her stat buffs I can bring whoever I think would make for a funny way to beat a map. (She also makes Medics obsolete in the majority of missions.)

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  • adorablegorilla
    29.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Ifrit my beloved daughter

    #arknights#arknights ifrit #not my video #just sharing it bc i found it yesterday and I love it #Youtube
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    29.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    today is my birthday :}

    #arknights#doodle #it is. a big year for me and it’s nice to celebrate in-person again
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  • 5vin
    29.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    the teacher is tlaking vyt my mibd is thinking about chuuya in ch’en’s clothing

    #chen from arknights btw #hella hot #🎴talks.
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    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    corrupting heart i made for good luck on her banner, it worked bc i got her to pot3 :’) :’)

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  • blackcurrant-juice
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    arknights dump

    #can art#arknights#明日方舟 #who do i tag uhhhh #firewatch#pinecone#andreana#flint#pallas#mudrock#phantom#ok yeah#black knight #maybe does anyone else know who she is lol #shes such a baddie :flushed: :flushed: #ryuzakiichi pls make her operator soon
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  • mako-neexu
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    im so loyal to this game ever since it came out and yet it wont give me the single person i desperately need XD

    #mako the shop is always there?? NO IM ONLY SPENDING WHEN NECESSARY like idk fgo #fgo is necessary #arknights #GIVE ME SARIA HELLO????
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  • olaria-olara
    29.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    my brain love love loves seeing some sort of fictional design, wether it be character, object, or landscape, and then flipping through its mental archives to find something i either feel like was the artist’s direct inspiration or just something really close

    #i think i could spend all day connecting arknights character designs to irl clothes #remember that one Eizouken post i made ages ago about the tank #yeah
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    29.11.2021 - 22 hours ago

    crab crab crab

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  • johannstutt413
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    (requested by confronting-reflections) Blemishine/Mudrock

    “...Cruelty-free Orirock processing? I’m not sure I follow.” The Doctor was reading a proposal brought to him by the Engineering department, and the main thrust of it, frankly, was eluding him.

    “Not all of us can talk to rocks,” Blemishine explained - after all, this was her project, “but those who can are concerned that our current methods of processing them for use in various material components are excessively harsh. I also think that we can more efficiently prepare them through other methods, like some of the ones I wrote up in this proposal, and if nothing else it’ll be a weight off the shoulders of our rock-speakers.”

    He looked at her face for a moment, watching her expression, before nodding. “You’re spending time with Mudrock, I see. I’m happy she’s making friends.”

    “Th-that’s not the point, Doctor-”

    “No, but it is important nonetheless.” He tapped the stack of papers he was looking through. “The reasons people do things are just as important as the things they do, and you doing this on her behalf tells me not only that you care about this, but about her. So! I’ll approve this.”

    Maria bounced over to his side of his desk and hugged him. “Thank you, Doctor!”

    “Of course.” He didn’t hug her tightly back, but enough for her to know he was there.

    “I’ll go tell her right away.” The Kuranta pulled back, went back for a second hug, and then left to see Mudrock, taking out her phone to send her a text: “He’s gonna approve it! I’m so happyyyyy!!! :D :D :D See you soon!”

    That soon was sooner than the mechanic expected, as they met in the hall on their way to two different places. “Oh, hi!”

    “Hey.” The Sarkaz stopped to talk to her.

    “I forgot you might be busy, honestly,” she admitted, scratching the back of her neck. “I just got really excited.”

    The golemancer shook her head, since Blemishine couldn't see the smile on her face. “Always have time for you.”

    “You mean that? Heheh.”

    “Adorkable.” She shook her head again, chuckling to herself. “I’ll let you know when I’m done with my checkup.”

    Ah, so that’s where she was going. “Kay-kay! I’ll be at my ‘bench.”

    “Then I’ll head straight there when I’m done,” Mudrock assured her.

    “Cool! See you then!” Back to Engineering for the Kuranta. ‘Hope it’s not too long from now...’

    Depending on one’s definition of ‘too long,’ the Sarkaz’s appointment may or may not have fallen into that category; as it was, Blemishine didn’t feel the time as much because she had some work to do on making her proposal a reality. It was strange to think at times the only reason they’d met was because they were both Defender operators, but after working together on several key operations, and thanks to the knight’s natural charm, they’d become true friends. Not that Maria didn’t feel some competition with the golems the golemancer shaped from her Arts, admittedly, but competition she could win, at least…

    When Mudrock arrived at the mechanic’s station, she found her hard at work putting together the keystone piece for her alternative method of breaking down Orirock - the method the pair had designed together, with some input from Earthspirit and Eyjafjalla. “I’m back.”

    “Yay!” Blemishine didn’t immediately uncouple herself from her project, though. “I just need to make sure this is properly calibrated, and then I’ll be done!...For today, at least.”

    “Alright. Anything I can do to help?”

    The Kuranta shook her head. “Nope! And twist twist twist...Alright, now I just need to test the speed on this, so I’m sure it’s calibrated right. Goggles on!”

    “Mask on,” the Sarkaz echoed, watching with interest. “That looks fast to me.”

    “It is, but I’m not sure it’s fast enough? Or is it fine if they aren’t instantly powdered so long as we’re not using chemicals?” Maria took her eyewear off once the small motor stopped spinning.

    The golemancer consulted the earth in her suit before nodding. “They say it’s fine. Chemicals are the problem; they don’t mind being ground up.”

    “I guess they’d have to be okay with it, since it’s what you and Earthspirit suggested in the first place.” She shook her hair out of the ponytail she’d put it in while she was working, letting it fall loosely against her back. “Alright, that means I’m done for the day, then! Are you doing rounds today?”

    “I talked to them on my way back. No other plans for the evening.” The Sarkaz didn’t need to specify that ‘they’ were her various golems spread throughout Rhodes Island, or that ‘no other plans’ simply meant she had all the time in the world for Maria. That was automatic.

    Blemishine clapped once. “Great! What sounds good to you tonight?”

    “Well...” Mudrock hesitated for a moment. “A movie at my place?”

    “Ooh, sounds good to me! What are we watching?” The knight fell into step behind Mudrock as they left Engineering for the Sarkaz’s apartment.

    The golemancer knew just the one, but she didn’t want to spoil it. “You’ll see. It comes on in a couple hours.”

    “Cool!” They were still going to her place, though. “I’ll order us some food, then.”

    “I made an order already. Should be there when we get there.”

    Oh? This was new. “Alright! Um, is there anything I can do, then?”

    “Wait for me on the couch?” She requested. “It won’t be long.”

    “Alright, sure!” Wait for what, the Kuranta wondered…

    For all the time they’d spent together, Mudrock had still always worn her suit around Maria; when they went for coffee or something, she’d take off her helmet, but outside of those (admittedly increasingly common) peeks behind the curtain, Blemishine didn’t actually know what her friend looked like under her suit. Judging by how thick it was, and how tall she was, she had to be quite a sight - a Sarkaz with Hoshiguma’s strength but with the appropriate amount of muscle, probably.

    Tonight, that was going to change.

    At the golemancer’s door was a bag from a Kazi’ place the knight had mentioned wanting to try. Of course, she immediately noticed that. “Oooh! I was waiting to try this place with you.”

    “Mhmm.” It was starting to get hot in the containment suit. “Set it on the table for me?”

    “Oh, sure!” She even remembered to give her something to do to make her feel involved. Mudrock sure was thoughtful.

    In reality, she wanted out of her armor ASAP, and not just because it was making her sweat for the first time since coming to Rhodes Island. After all, it wasn’t every day she risked her best friendship to take their relationship a step in the romantic direction…It’d been a long time coming, but this was the night for it. While the mechanic set up dinner (couldn’t stop herself), Mudrock went to her room, changed out of her suit and into her one casual outfit, took a moment to calm herself, and stepped into her living room feeling expo- The lights were off. There were candles on the table. Had Blemishine...The Kuranta waved at her from the table. “I, um, wanted to set the mood. Did I get it right?”

    “...Perfectly,” the Sarkaz replied, sitting next to her rather than across from her. “How did you know?”

    “Oh, I didn’t, really. I was just kind of hoping? With the nice dinner and all, it just made sense to do it tonight.”

    The power of the Nearl bloodline on full display - including the soft glow of the knight’s hair, entirely independent of the candlelight. If Mudrock hadn’t planned on this being a first date, she would’ve changed her plans right then and there. “Thank you for waiting on me.”

    “Eh?” Maria cocked her head, since it was more visible in dim light than just blinking. “Oh! Um, you’re welcome, I guess. Heh. I didn’t even think about it like that.”

    “I know.” Not like it mattered why she’d done it, in the end. The golemancer set her hand on the table; the food was cooling, but not she’d ordered couldn’t be reheated.

    Blemishine took her hand and marveled at how it felt. “You’re so soft...Sorry, I didn’t want it to sound like that-”

    “It’s fine.” More than fine, actually. “You’re always honest with me. I appreciate it.”

    “Yeah, but...it makes me sound like a ditz sometimes, doesn’t it?” It did to her, at least.

    Mudrock squeezed her hand. Without soil to strengthen her grip, it wasn’t all that powerful physically, but emotionally? “It makes you easy to understand.”

    “Yeah...” The Kuranta squeezed back. “Thanks for dinner, and the date. Heh.”

    “Of course.” She slid her chair closer- and accidentally pulled it too far, managing to knock it off its feet and send herself falling forward.

    Maria caught her without any trouble; she was so much lighter without her suit, after all. As the knight helped her right herself, the Sarkaz steadied herself by putting a hand on her thigh, her face passed close enough for their noses to touch…

    Neither of them wasted the opportunity.

    #arknights#arknights fic#blemishine (arknights)#mudrock (arknights) #the earth speaks #and it says these two should kiss #that is all
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