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  • incorrect-arknightsquotes
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    W: If it’s one sin or a thousand sins you’re still going to hell, so why not go for a million sins and come down there a legend?

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  • arknights-incorrect-quotes
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    W: on my way to fuck things up •w•✌️

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  • ariss
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I still haven't cleared jt8-3

    #aris speaks#arknights #and everything i give / take a break i forget everything when i try again #last night i promoted amiya and kalsit to e2 max lvl #idk if kalsit will work for this level #not having thorns or silverash or surtr seem to be #needing me to use my brain and #im not good at that #oh i e2 warfarin too #i already have nightingale and perfumer and pitop so #im probably ok w the healers?? #i also have saria #so they should NOT be dying STOP dying
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  • arknights-incorrect-quotes
    21.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Doctor: What did you do?

    W: alright... But you can't be mad at me

    Doctor: *What did you do?*

    W: Okay *first* I was minding my own business

    Doctor: BULLSHIT

    W: I waaaas

    #w arknights#doctor arknights #arknights incorrect quotes #arknights
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  • greythroat
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    I really don't need to be getting any more fanfic ideas but I think there should be fics about GreyThroat's childhood on RI. She was a little kid who recently witnessed a lot of violence; her father died and her mom lost it and abandoned her with a bunch of random people and she's terrified. She had lost her family and everything she knew.

    Amiya was GreyThroat's only friend (Amiya is described as GreyThroat's peer btw), which makes it even more powerful to me Grey being asked if Faust was her friend and her saying that she doesn't care if her friends are Infected. Grey's files say she "exhibit[ed] mild PTSD at the very beginning" when interacting with Amiya. Given the other stuff in her files and how she acts... I wouldn't have put that in past tense. Esp this part: "After each physical examination following her return for a mission, GreyThroat repeatedly confirms her blood originium-crystal density, accompanied by a near-suffocating fear and subsequent relief, perhaps a reflection of the guilt and ensuing sorrow. GreyThroat still often wakes up with nightmares, and rarely has an opportunity to sleep".

    We know that RI sucks at handling mental health and they don't really seem to have helped her. Her clinical analysis contains the following: "When compiling this report, unusual folds were found on the Operator's previous medical examination report. Presumably, the Operator clenched the report upon receiving it, which in and of itself is not a big deal. In the future, however, you should pay attention to the mental health of the Operator", but no one ever seems to be taking any action about this despite the conflict it's caused, even back when she had just arrived (also from her files: "At first, the Operator entrusted with taking care of her did not take her mental state to be a serious issue, given that she was still young and might be overwhelmed by her experiences"). Her files describe an incident where she rubbed her arm with sandpaper to the point of bleeding when she came into contact with Originium devices. Despite how much time she's spent on RI, she sticks to the same couple of places. For a long time Grey just isolates (she avoids others, works alone, and used to prefer long-distance missions), which only causes the rift between her and the rest of Rhodes to deepen— it's only until she starts reaching out that those wounds are able to start healing.

    Other people resent her (she likely reminds them of the prejudice they've faced and she also comes off as rude when she doesn't mean to, which is somewhat of a circular thing with the scared of Infected -> people dislike her -> limited social interaction leading to her being bad at it and also ignorant of the Infected -> people dislike her -> you get the deal) and she's keenly aware of it. In her lines she worries about if her being promoted will incur criticism, and if the Doctor associating with her will upset the Infected operators.

    I get the appeal of the irony in her father being a doctor who treats the Infected but gets killed by them, but Grey's mother (who was also an Oripathy researcher) deserves discussion too. like what did she do between the riot and leaving GreyThroat at Rhodes never to appear in her daughter's life again to be described as having gone crazy? GreyThroat expresses that she wants to find her mother and save her. When will we get story about that?

    Also idk if anyone here is into MBTI (I'm not that into it I just think it's fun to type stuff) but the fact that she's typed as ISTJ on PDB (don't get me started on Enneagram stuff and how so many people around the internet think Mephisto is Fi dom when his whole personality is built on having no Fi, or that Faust uses Fe) despite having very obvious low Fe is proof of both people hating STJs for no reason and people misinterpreting GreyThroat's character. INTJ is equally wrong, just look at her interview in her files, if anything she has a clear lack of Ni and uses Si. I see her as an INTP. ISTP could be argued, I don't want to say she's a Se user just bc of her dynamic vision, though she is def the character where Liberi enhanced vision is most emphasized. I think I've talked about GreyThroat's intuition about Faust before, but that's not Ni, she gives reasons based on what she's seen and isn't relying on Ni-style intuition.

    #greythroat arknights#arknights #happier version: au where faust grows up in ri w her #fwends #do NOT clown on this post. instant block #ryori.txt #finally living up to my url
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  • arknights-incorrect-quotes
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    W: Of course! They’re trying to lure me into a false sense of security!

    W: Well, jokes on them! I’ve never been secure in my life!

    #w arknights #arknights incorrect quotes #arknights
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  • morpeko
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    why did this challenge mode suck so bad

    #rocks up 3 4 block 3 ops. fuck you boat guys #arknights #rose petal bursts #anyway back to grinding out the rest of the stickers. im nearly done w that now tho!
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  • retiredmahoushoujo
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    W’s Perfect Bombing Class

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  • radiant-knight
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Waai Fu still not getting a skin in an event staring Mr. Lee is absolute robbery c'mon

    #please Kuroblood dont neglect your daughter ;w; #Arknights
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  • mcintoshplus
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    The fact that Hypergryph didn't release Lin Yuhsia in the new event makes me so upset she is literally right there

    #arknights #mizuki and lapluma are still cool #but you can't make an entire event with her and Ch'en at the focus #and NOT include her #then again Darknights gave us only W so
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  • rukkitorune
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Always wanted to draw these two together in formal wear. Learned a lot of new drawing techniques and hope to churn out more fanarts for these two!

    Twitch (Drawing Process)

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  • bp-best-froggo
    11.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    On the topic of Arknights events tackling bullshit capitalist concepts: I want an event with W returning to Kazdel and some dude build a server farm there to mine bitcoin and the server farm is powered by originum mined by workers in the area (and consequently dying/becoming infected) and it ends with the servers gaining consciousness and turning into a transformers style giant robot and W ends up fighting it and blowing it up, tearing it to shreds. Also the bad guy is called Melon Shusk and he looks like the Melon Lord from Avatar.

    #honestly i just want an event were W gets to take some time off #and chill and maybe blow up a giant robot and have a good time #exusiai can be there too i think she would enjoy doing an activity with w #arknights#w#w arknights
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  • gamjabyte
    11.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    happy birthday to doctor (and me) :)

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  • dcviated
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    @crackedred​ sent: If Tenzou were to sneak into the kitchen, be it getting a snack or mingling with one of the operators there, there was W who was... making a mess, promising via mouth that she'll clean it up! Veggie and fruit peels- Is that a few egg shells?
    only for W to start grabbing dirty knifes, flinging them behind her, unaware that he might be behind her! Eh, Rhodes island can replace weapons right?

    Sneaking in the kitchen sounds accusatory, but it’s not wrong. While Tenzou only eats as much as he needs to get through the day, sometimes he finds himself caught up, preoccupied, busy doing shit for everyone else to the point he starts to feel a bit famished. And a big landship facility like this is sure to have plenty of food around the kitchen. He’d only be there for a bite and .... well. Proper compensation would be left. He’s not stealing as a result.

    But karma seems to be whipcracking him either way, his entry into the room (through an air duct, imagine the anaty taking a normal path around the facility) is met with an offense.

    “Eh?!” Out of the furnace and into the... frying pan? There’s something you could do with wordplay, but the ninja is too caught up in catching and replacing objects as they’re sent flying! Knives onto tables, egg shells and waste into proper bins. He’s moving ridiculously fast to do all this, even going so far as to manage the objects that aren’t aimed at him. Can you imagine if this mess got pinned on him somehow?!

    “EXCUSE ME MA’AM! UOH!” That last knife came pretty close! “Is there a reason you have to be throwing everything you’re done using in here de gozaru ka?! Dangerous! Too dangerous!”

    #crackedred #crackedred :: w #muse :: tenzou #verse :: arknights #inbox :: answered ic #maam your stabbies
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  • paraffin-penguin
    09.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    rock the night away

    #ITS DONEEEEEEEEE LOL #flameW#arknights #HAPPY LATE LATE BDAY FLAMEBBY #your present properly came with a big red bow isnt that nice #flamebringer#w arknights#tablet drawing
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  • cerastes
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    You know, I don’t really know if this has been wholly intentional or not, but I do like that Kal’tsit is consistently bad at handling warrior-types.

    We all know Skadi is very sweet on Doctor and quite fond of them, but with Kal’tsit, every interaction has either been that of tense antagonism or casual disdain, with Skadi more or less making it a point to be difficult with her.

    Then you have W, who, to be fair, is difficult with absolutely everyone, but she’s a different kind of unwieldy with Kal’tsit: Whereas she’ll be a regular cunt to everyone, she particularly likes to dig at Kal’tsit’s past, especially the one shared with her, making implications that, unlike herself, Kal’tsit isn’t really doing a good job of honoring Theresa’s memory.

    On a lighter example, there’s the assassin, Platinum, who, despite her air of casual indifference, has a mean warrior’s streak to her. Platinum’s Files are one of the very few pieces of info in the game where we can see an honestly nervous Kal’tsit kind of losing her mind because Platinum is just completely unpredictable to her and has the skillset to truly be dangerous to Rhode Island if she chooses to. Unlike the previous examples, where she does have some ground to interact with them, Platinum is an absolute enigma to her, and Platinum herself doesn’t really care about Kal’tsit, thus she doesn’t show her even an inch of her hand.

    And one last example I want to posit, which I find one of the most telling if not one of the most humorous, is Pallas, who unlike the previous examples, isn’t really involved in conspiracies or whirlwinds of intrigue, and is quite simply an admittedly bizarre person that otherwise likes the arts, drinking, and fighting, particularly in the context of heroics but won’t turn down a sundry brawl either. This is someone that, by all means, should get along well with the altruistic, well-learned, cultured Kal’tsit. But the very first thing Pallas says the moment she and Doctor are out of earshot is “man, Madame Kal’tsit kinda sucks, lmao, but don’t worry, I have a feeling we’re going to get along Just Fine 👌” <- translated from Pallas Speech.

    Kal’tsit just can’t meaningfully bond with the different warrior-types, but Doctor is very good at that, which makes the way they are good at bonding with Sarkaz and Abyssal Hunters make all the sense in the world, thinking about it. Watch this come into play when handling Extremely Warrior-type and narrative foil, Talulah, in the future.

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  • huehoa17
    31.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Forgot to post this a few days earlier!

    (original screencaps from buzzfeed unsolved's Australian shark arm case at 17:54)

    #Operator w#my art#arknights#huehoa17#hoa's art#fanart #clip studio paint #csp #Based on stuff #I'm working on a comic and thankfully I'm almost done with it #so have this in the meantime! #And happy new years for those in another timezone! #colored art#Death mention#Hoa giang #One day I'll properly show her mullet #Digital art #Sarkaz mercenary W
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