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  • Maybe Tomorrow, Not Tonight

    Anyone want some unrequited training days Berumin?

    Rating: General Audiences

    Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan

    Relationship: Armin Arlert/Bertolt Hoover

    Characters: Bertolt Hoover, Armin Arlert

    Additional tags: Fluff, Fluff and Angst, First Kiss, Pining, Unrequited Love, Canon Compliant, Oneshot, Missing Scene, Training Days

    Summary: Maybe Armin didn’t feel like he was that big a deal as just a lad trying to find his footing in an endless universe, but the boy represented all that was good in the world. Hopeful idealism to shape a better future for all of them. The yearning to push his limits beyond what he could realistically take just to see what’s out there. Boundless curiosity that had left Bertholdt starstruck, because he was everything that Bertholdt could’ve had, if only he had been born elsewhere.

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  • “𝐈 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐈’𝐦 𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧” [𝐒𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐀𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫]

    A small practice fanfic since I haven’t seen too much Armin content. (Though a lot of my Armin stuff has been flopping..) I do this stuff for personal comfort anyways so it really doesn’t matter :,)

    warnings: light cursing


    The taps and clatters of your combat boots fill the hallway as you walk to the boys dorms. “Shit, I gotta hurry.” You mutter to yourself as you start to pick up the pace down the hall. Captain Levi asked you to take care of Armin, he got sick after the most recent expedition. Usually Hange is in charge of sick cadets, but when she’s busy on an experiment the only thing he can do is count on you to help him with small things like this. Not to mention, he assumed that it would be better if a friend of his took him his food. He handed you a small silver tray with cheesy potato soup, hot tea, some buttered toast, and a few utensils to eat with. And told you explicitly “Take care of him.” of course with the same cold expression in his eyes. Usually, small tasks like this would be annoying to you. But if you want to be in Levi squad one day you should probably follow his orders.

    After a few minutes of walking you finally reach Armin’s room, you softly sigh and knock on the door lightly. You can hear the noise of Armin slowly getting up from his bed and shuffling over to answer through the door. With a creak the door opened and revealed his small yet cozy room. Most importantly, Armin was standing there, golden blonde hair looking rather messy. And his face was flushed bright red. His sunken eyes making it obvious that he lacked some much needed rest. “Hello y/n, what’s up?” You can hear the raspiness in his throat. And for a split second your heart drops down to your stomach, maybe out of pitty? You clear your throat and quickly do a salute, blurting out your response after finally processing the boy’s looks. “Commander Armin, I request to enter on request of captain Levi.” You slightly tilt your head waiting for a response. A concerned look plasters onto his face. And finally he croaks out what he’s been probably thinking for the past few seconds. “Er, you don’t have to be so formal to me. It’s okay, I would feel more comfy if you treated me like a friend really.” He gave a reassuring smile before opening the door more so that you would have enough room to scoot in there.

    Once you step in you place the tray on the bedside table, and pull a chair over near Armin’s bed. It looked rather comfy, a bunch of pillows and sweaty bedsheets made it obvious that he was having trouble resting. On the foot of the bed was a soft plush calico cat. You can tell he had owned it for a very long time, as age started taking a tole on its quality. Somehow making the plush more adorable. Armin slowly made his way over and sat up in his bed. “T-Thank you so much for coming and bringing this.” He croaked out. He looked like he barely had any energy left, and if that wasn’t the thing that broke your heart. The weak smile he gave you did. “It’s not a problem, I just wanted to help you. This seems like a really bad cold huh?” you said as you placed the tray on his bed. “I added a bit of sugar and honey from the cafeteria into your tea. So hopefully that mix can soothe your throat.” You shot him a smile and got up, “I’ll get you a cold towel so we can lower your body temp alright? Start working on the food okay?” He nodded and as you walked out You saw him tremble as he took the spoon in his hand. “Poor guy..” You mumbled to yourself as you went outside to the well.

    It was rather warm outside. The weather contradicted the temperature of the water in the well. It still was ice cold, like it was in the freezer for a really long time. That’s what made wells a perfect place to get water from after a expedition or mission. The water sometimes being so cold that it froze your throat from the inside out. After starting to fill the wooden bucket you had atleast halfway. You then walked back up to Armin’s room, and again knocked on the door. Ignoring the urge to talk to him in a formal fashion through the door. “Come in” he croaked through the door. You opened up the door to see him drinking some of the warm tea that I gave him. “Y/N, this is actually really good, thank you.” He smiled and followed it up with another sip of tea. “My pleasure!” You chirp. Not that many people can appreciate a good tea after all, so you took that compliment to heart. You sat down in the chair next to Armin’s bed, setting the bucket of ice cold well water next to you. Carefully, you grab the towel and dip it in the water filled bucket. Your fingertips starting to get numb on impact. Then, you wring the towel. Getting rid of the access liquid dripping from it. You then fold it, shift Armin’s soft blonde bangs out the way, and place the towel softly on his forehead. “Hopefully that will cool you off. You’re still burning up but I think your overall temp went down!” You say with a smile. Armin nods and turns away, almost as if he’s embarrassed. But with how red his face is you can’t tell if he’s blushing or if he’s fighting his fever. “A-Are you okay?” You ask, in a rather concerning tone. As you say that sentence, you put your soft hand on his cheek. Looking at him with utter concern wiped all over your face. It seems as if his fever has cooled down an awful lot. However, Armin’s face is still a tomato red. “H-Hey y/n… thank you for taking care of me. It was really kind of you.” He said, finally looking you in the face. Reading his facial expression you can see that he’s really embarrassed, but as soon as you were about to respond he choked out a few more words. “This really shows how caring you are as a person, really. You’re super sweet..” suddenly your cheeks get hot as you can feel yourself blushing lightly. “It’s fine really, I mean it was the least I could do!” You said in a fast, sloppy manner. Armin seemed really flustered, at last he said what he seemed to have on his mind the whole time. “I-I was wondering, can I have a get well soon hug? It’s totally fine if not I can just deal-“ quickly cutting him off you pull him into a warm hug. You can feel his body relax under your weight and you bury your face in the crook of his neck. You can feel him wrap around you as he finally registers what’s going on. He rests his hand upon your head, and pulls you in as close as he can.

    “I think Im sick again.” he mutters. And you can feel the smile stretch across his face.

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  • before the Marley arc I did a post on my main on my views of the canon sexualities of most aot characters, my views have changed a bit since then and new characters have appeared so here we go again.

    also I will make this as objective as possible and try not to put my ships int this.

    Eren: I originally had said he’s probably aroace but I much more think he’s just straight now, that scene with Mikasa in marley was a pretty good indicator

    Mikasa: straight

    Armin: straight

    Jean: straight

    Sasha: straight

    Connie: straight

    Reiner: Reiner is probably the most intresting on here, I do beleive that a part of Reiner was “straight” but in a more surpressive way than in a genuine way. My biggest indicator for that is two different scenes in utgard, in one he says Ymir isn’t intrested in the opposite sex to which she replies he isn’t either. He seems nether surprised nor does he denie it. the other scene is when e says he should marry historia. in the first scene he is in his warrior persona, aka his normal self, and in the second one he is in his soldier persona which he made up to be better than his actual week self. So my thought is, he is gay but his constructed persona is straight.

    Berthold: straight

    Annie: Annie is intresting too, I’d say she is demi but also straight

    Ymir: Ymir is definitely a lesbian, this is the only one I am 100% sure of in here

    Historia: she could be either a lesbian or bisexual but I beleive the later one to be true. Some would argue she only had a child with a man to serve Erens plan and get Zeke more time which is probably true but I just don’t think she is a lesbian

    Levi: I’m not entirely up to date on the ackerbond thing but I do think that it was either proven to not exist or be based on pre existing love/deep care for the person so he probably cared for Erwin even before the Ackerbond thing. I don’t think that he was neccesarily in love with him but had a deep care for him. I’d either say aroace or demiromantic ace

    Erwin: as much as I loved to hc him as bi he‘s very much straight

    Hange: Hange is the ony character were I genuinly not know what to think. Moblit was kinda their partner but even if there was romanc involved it was definitely onesided coming from moblit.

    Moblit: like I said Moblit was always Hanges kinda partner but not neccesarily in a romantic way. Moblit is probably straight, even though Hanges gedr is up to interpretation and they were actually in soe sort of romantic relationship I’d still think he is straight

    Mike: straight

    Floch: straight

    Marlowe: straight

    Hitch: straight

    Pieck: straight, she seemed very intrested in Porco, and even though she kinda flirted with Yelena I think that was more of a joke

    Zeke:I think he would be straight but not have any relationship (romantic or sexual) by choice because of his ideology

    Porco: straight

    Yelena: straight

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    How much do I love you? Berry much! 🥰🍓

    Armin fruit series~ peach | pear | lemon 

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  • 2 am. thoughts with armin.


    Originally posted by drunkwithoutalcohol

    he would be the best listener.

    always looking deep into your eyes as you spill out your feelings

    that’s how you could tell he was listening

    always has the right thing to say

    he may not always understand what your going through, but he’ll try his best anyway

    he knows you like to listen to music when your upset so he’ll start playing a minecraft track list on youtube, it calms you down

    if you get too lost in your thoughts and start crying, he’ll instantly pull you onto his lap, engulf you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings into your ear to calm you down

    he loves how invested you get in the conversation.

    you leave no room for him to say anything, you just keep going

    you could go on for hours

    you enjoy late night talks and he admires that

    if you get too worked up, he’ll massage your shoulders to help relieve any tension within your body

    the aftermath cuddling is always the best

    when y'all cuddle it’s pure ecstasy

    his grip around you feels so safe

    it’s not too tight, but it’s not too loose

    he tries his best to make sure he says the right things so he doesn’t hurt your feelings somehow

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  • Chapter 72 will always be one of my favourites in snk because of how much soft and happy content we got


    Like….. Mikasa watching Jean and Eren fight with a fond look in her eyes because they’re finally back to the old days




    Also Levi just listening to the trio talk abt the world outside the walls,,,,,,, he was probably just passing by when he heard them talking and he probably didn’t think anything just listened to Armin’s excited talking like….. ‘despite everything today was a peaceful day…..’


    AND THIS SCENE??? JUST HIS??? EYES……..i guess seeing the mom and baby healthy made him sure that everything they did was worth it. Like this is why he does what he does. For these people.

    Also this is the last time im gonna ask yall to to go read my aot fic on ao3 byeeee 😭😭😭😭

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  • I call this piece: Pretty Blonde Femboys that I am a MEGA SIMP for and give me Serotonin

    #Yuri!!! on Ice #Yurio#Yurio Plisetsky#Yuri Plisetsky#Yoi #attack on titan #armin attack on titan #armin arlert#armin#Kurapika#Kurapika Kurta#HxH #Hunter X Hunter #Mello Death Note #Mello#miheal keehl#death note #i love these boys sooooo fucking much!! #i think the reason is that they remind me of my girlfriend #she looks like these characters #but they are just SOOOO pretty!!!
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