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    17.04.2021 - 1 minute ago

    armin request from my inst

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  • smol-ackerman
    17.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Levi VS Kenny's Squad (Manga/Anime)

    進撃の巨人 S3 Ep. 2: Pain

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  • sosutease
    17.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    " Eren dying made no sense. It never was foreshadowed. It never went to this direction."

    Eren ft tree-kun.

    " Eren doing all of this for his friends seem out of nowhere."


    " Eren being all fragile because he's scared to die is out of character."

    Meanwhile Willy's speech + ch.139

    You have your rights to dislike the endings and even I have small complaints about it but never went to the extent Isayama forgot his own story lmao

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  • sosutease
    17.04.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    " What a bullshit. Eren's original plan was have to kill his comrades."

    Meanwhile Kruger + Grisha implying that Eren had to carry on his mission to save them.

    " Eren was the one who should have one, him being stop doesn't make any sense."


    " Eren doesn't care about slavekasa"

    Eren ft his mom:

    " Eren loving Mikasa seems forced "

    Mikasa being the central part of his shards 24/7 + ( this time it's my interpretation ) Mikasa being the first person our eyes see when I stare at the third panel where she's looking at Eren. My eyes go immediately to Mikasa then Connie/Armin.

    Lowkey wanna make a part 2.

    You have your rights to dislike the endings and even I have small complaints about it but never went to the extent Isayama forgot his own story lmao

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  • levisbrattiestbrat
    17.04.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    I can't believe this is who Armin ends up with.

    #ARuHMIN deserved better #aot#armin aot#annie leonhart #armin x annie #armin arlert#armin arlet #armin attack on titan #armin snk #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot spoilers #attack on titan spoilers #snk spoilers #armin arlert fluff
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  • l-leonhardt
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If anyone is interested, I'm selling my snk mangas. They're in japanese. I also have A Choice With no Regrets in english, full color edition.

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  • kojinnie
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Attack On Titan characters as K-Pop stars I’ve worked with…

    Based on my personal and my co-workers’ experience working for k-pop agency for three years. All in good fun!! K-pop stans, don’t come at me, I fear you.

    ☁ ARMIN In his group, he is amongst the least popular member because he doesn’t stand out in all performance aspects. But the guy has a huge creative vision. Is a better creative director than most of actual creative directors I’ve worked with. Ended up directing a lot of k-pop groups’ concerts.

    He’d like to come over and make small talks with the staffs, seemingly very interested with us personally. Asking how long have we worked in the company, where did we go to school, and how’s the industry nowadays from our perspectives. All in all, a very amicable figure. He deserves more love than he gets from his own fandom.

    ☁ EREN The ace and face of the group that’s oftentimes alienated by his own members. Wasn’t born talented but worked his ass off during trainee years. Now one of the best dancers around. Tries to motivate his members “We gotta work harder!” in unnecessary times and places, resulting in a lot of eyerolls from his members.

    In backstage, likes to kill time by trying to fish the staff’s attention, because he doesn’t get along well with the members. Sitting around at staffs’ lounge (although he’s got his own huge ass lounge), poking at staffs doing their job (“Hey, what are you working on?”) or make weird ass noises, or do some questionable things (like chasing bugs?). Would be encouraged if we laugh or giggle to his odd antics.

    ☁ REINER The gentle giant. Looks intimidating at first for his buff and stoic look. All the new staffs would try to steer clear off him at first. But when we set up things for shooting, he’d unexpectedly help around. If he sees a female staff picking up heavy utilities he’d immediately intervene and help carrying it. Would open the door for you even though he is the artist. Does not talk a lot, but his kind actions replace all words needed. Days after your schedule with him, you may expect fancy chocolates for you and the rest of the team, with note: Thank you for the hard work. Best, Reiner Braun.

    ☁ ERWIN Master manipulator that is not just handsome, but extremely smart and calculative. Would catch you by surprise the first time you hear his actual voice, because it’s entirely different that the deep voice he dons in front of the camera.

    Would ask to go to the airport early so he can bully you for the things you did not do in the waiting lounge. Would later realize that you have close connection with client, and be suspiciously nice to you the next time you work with him again. Invite you to take photo with him and the other members after the concert because he thought he was doing you a favor. Would invite you and your team for a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town, you’d think of how generous he is. Later your boss tells you that he billed it on the company’s account.

    ☁ LEVI The all-rounder talented artist who is sick of the k-pop industry. Very quiet and wants to be taken seriously. Loathes the industry’s fan cultures that often infantilize the artists. Would only do aegyo once encouraged by his members. Very polite to the staffs and incredibly professional. Enormously successful in both music and acting. In interviews, does not look at script as he’d like to answer all the questions truthfully, would study the questions a day before. But he will not take shit if he knows he is being mistreated, looking at him uttering his disagreement is one of the scariest things because this man is otherwise so nice and kind.

    ☁ PORCO Actually a very stiff and conservative guy, does not have even one funny bone in him. Knows that his fans make meme of him and realizes that’s how you make it to trending topic these days. Would text you at 2 AM in the morning and ask to make a funny joke that he can tweet in the morning. You’d pretend not to see the text. The morning you wake up, he’d have unsent the message and tweeted a template joke he found from google search. Does not make it to trending topic.

    ☁ CONNIE Would take an hour shitting and smoking in the toilet despite tight on schedule. After multiple effort of banging on his door, he’d go out, see everyone packed because it’s already an hour away from a 12-hour flight he’s supposed to take, he’d be like, “HEHE, sorry guys.”

    Would be uncharacteristically quite during the ride to the airport that is 30km away because he’s feeling guilty and nervous about missing the flight.

    ☁ COLT The golden voice who is overtly polite to the staffs. Quite awkward too. Would profusely apologize if he eats snacks and does not have spare ones to share with the staffs. His downside is he can be quite inattentive, takes selfie at odd times and places. One time he takes selfie where he manages to have your butt captured from very unflattering angle in it. Uploads it to Instagram of several millions followers without realizing the error, only beginning to notice once the comment section is filled with “lmao look at the staffs’ butt”, would feel extremely guilty to you and choose to avoid you during the entire overseas trip.

    ☁ ZEKE Charming as fuck, the first time you ever feel weak on knees over an idol despite working in the industry for years. Painfully aware that he is handsome, tall and sexy – would intentionally stare at you while you’re doing your work, and immediately throw his gaze away once you become aware. He wants you to gush over him.

    When you have your team dinner with him, he’d say that you remind him of certain manager at the company. Turns out he used to date the manager – makes you daydream about him days on end, thinking, “What if…?”. Would look at you directly in the eyes as you brief him his storyboard, and pat your head or poke you with his script bundle occasionally. Makes you live the dream for approximately 12 hours. Would definitely forget you entirely the next week you have schedule again with him.

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  • pinkheichou
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    it do be like that sometimes

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  • sosutease
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Regarding the relation between Mikasa and Hizuru left as a plot hole for many.

    Quite frankly, I never thought it was a plot hole since the connection with Hizuru and Mikasa was already explored in my opinion. Allow me to share my insight on the matter through this post.

    Mikasa made it clear since the beginning that she never cared about her being a royalty and is the one who rejected Kiyomi’s protection.

    When Mikasa learned about her being from a royal family, she seemed a bit confused and awkward about this whole idea. It was also shown when Historia talked to her in the middle of the meeting.

    Someone pointed out something regarding the parallel between Mikasa and Historia and I wanted to elaborate a bit more about it.

    “You’ve also had to shoulder a heavy burden because of your birth” shows the contrast between Historia and Mikasa.

    For Historia, having royal blood means having to deal with a heavy burden. In the series, we saw how having royal blood was more of a curse than a blessing for the Fritz and Reiss family. For example, the Founder who has to deal with the heavy burden of a forgotten past, the circle of children eating their parents throughout 2000 years and also Dina/Historia seen as breeding machine to perpetuate the lineage. Being a royal blood is a curse for Historia while Mikasa cannot relate to this.

    Mikasa never felt her blood was a burden, she never seemed to be ashamed of her strength and used it to protect the people she loved with it. She saw her Ackerman blood with pride. I would say her strength is from the Ackerman blood and her pride is from her Asian blood.

    Kiyomi said it herself, it seemed like pride is something they cling onto dearly in the clan. I could say that this legacy lives through Mikasa.

    Why do I think Mikasa saw her love for Eren and her strength as pride? During the famous table scene, Eren decided to attack Mikasa in two areas:

    - Her Ackerman blood

    - Her love for him

    Mikasa was at her lowest when Eren decided to twist the truth. Did Mikasa lose her pride afterwards? Nope, this last arc was an emotional battle for Mikasa yet she never let go of her pride even once. She did everything Eren didn’t want her to and proved that what Eren said during the table scene was not true. She is her own person, she does not believe in his actions and went against his wish by throwing the scarf away.

    Some people saw the scarf scene with Louise as Mikasa being enslaved but it was another evidence that Mikasa did not do as Eren wished, going against him and taking back her possession. Her scarf can be seen as a part of her pride, she considers her encounter with Eren and the bond linking them as a pride. By taking it away and clinging onto the scarf, it is also a way for her to show that her pride is left untouched.

    This pride is also found through Kiyomi’s actions. Her pride was enough for her to go against a wild Floch holding a gun.

    “As if I could die without a fight” reminds me of Mikasa and Eren’s words “If you don’t fight, you can’t win.”

    Her actions were probably desperate and did not expect her to stay alive but for the sake of her pride, she fought back.

    I would say that Mikasa’s words here made her resolve even stronger. She probably hit a sensitive spot by saying all she cared about was the ressources and nothing else:

    She wanted to prove to Mikasa she was trustworthy and saw a lot of pride in proving to Mikasa that she could rely on them. There is also the fact she does not believe in the mass slaughtering. Around chapter 134, she stated to Annie she took full accountability of the fact she also contributed to this mess and instead of running away like a coward, she would even go to the extent of sinking the ship with Falco turning into a titan.

    Looking at Kiyomi reminds me of Mikasa, both prideful yet strong women in their own way. This is why I personally believe that her connection with Hizuru + the impact of Kiyomi in the last arc was not a plot hole but already elaborated in my opinion. If anyone wants, I can write a part 2 since tumblr does not allow more than 10 pictures.

    Thank you for reading!

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  • yn-for-president
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    (Y/n), whispering: who’s the hot guy?


    Mikasa: T-That’s Armin

    (Y/n): thats ARMIN!!??!


    (Y/n), shaking mikasa: WHYYYYY!! He looked so cute....

    Armin:...I’m not cute anymore?

    (Y/n): shut up , very handsome guy!

    Mikasa really be triggering my bisexual vibes-

    #aot spoilers #x reader incorrect quotes #x female reader #x gn reader #x male reader #x y/n #aot x reader #aot incorrect quotes #aot#aot imagines#aot headcanons#armin artlert#mikasa ackerman #mikasa x reader #armin arlert #armin x male reader
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  • daisanfar
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    remembered about my comfort brush with the help of which i used to draw and here these papa and son

    #aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #armin#armin arlert#levi ackerman#levi
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  • eremiie
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i’ll take care of u

    ➹ 1.6k words | nsfw | dom!eren x sub!armin

    ➹ cw; deep throating/face fucking, praising

    ➹ i was sad and h word so i wrote eremin smut🙄🙄, i think it cured my writers block too— this is self indulgent bye ++ thanks to my bestie coercing me to write this oops


    it was sinful, how lips bruised red formed an 'o' around eren's cock.

    those same lips made eren throw his head back, hips lifting from the bed to push more into armin's mouth. "min, fuck, take me more."

    he was trying his knuckles going red from how he gripped painfully at the sides of eren's sweats, hair tousled from the grip eren had on his blonde locks. he could only whimper around eren when he tried to push him down his length further, armin gagging and lurching forward from eren's rush of his hips.

    armin's mouth was stuffed, he didn't think he could go any further. he felt like he could feel eren in every part of it; his tongue sliding on the underside of eren's cock, vein protruding as it slid against the slick-sopped surface of his tongue. and when eren would push more into the heat of his mouth his tip would brush the ridge of armin’s throat— eren's body jolting at that feeling he craved for. longed for.

    and he'd push armin past his limit if he could get it.

    armin shoves himself off of eren, heavy pants of breath making his chest heave while he struggles to catch his breath. he's lucky the fingers that tangled between his blonde strands held on so loosely. but even though the annoyance wasn't prevalent in his grip it was in his stare.

    it made armin feel small. how eren gave him a grim look. low-lidded, dispirited. if it wasn't for the way eren's jaw was still hung open, pleased at the sight of his precum decorating armin's lips and spit gathering in the crevices, armin would've felt apologetic. would've tried harder to get eren as deep as he wanted to be.

    eren would've done that himself anyway, he'd be where he wanted to be.


    "'ren, i'm trying." it's the dispirited look that wafts into armin's eyes. he thinks he's doing enough, he wants to be doing enough for eren. but eren was relentless; always wanted more.

    "i know you can get deeper than that," eren's grip on armin’s hair tightens, the tension on his scalp heightening and his doe eyes scrunching up from the twinge. "c'mon, push up."

    he'll listen, he always listens to eren. always wanting to please him. it was satisfactory for him as well, knowing that it was him that could make eren shudder, knowing that eren would always come to him when he needed to unwind.

    so he shuffles forward on blushed knees, his hands placing themselves on eren's thighs, lifting himself a bit until he hovers over eren again.

    armin's warm breath fans over eren's tip and he catches it twitch, eren's hips rising so slightly until his head is grazing armin's bottom lip. he'd chuckle if he could— but he doesn't think eren would find it funny. instead, he opens up for his boy, looking up at eren and giving him those sky eyes he can't resist.

    eren relaxes under armin, and he groans above him when his hot mouth engulfs his cock again. "yeah," eren sighs, and armin's surprised that he's not shoving him downward, instead, using the slight hold he has on his head to bob armin slowly. "feel so good, my baby boy."

    armin relishes in the praise, humming around eren and fluttering his eyes shut as he begins to move on his own. his hair sways in his face with every motion while some pieces clung to the sweat that accumulated on his forehead.

    he pulls one of his hands off of eren's thigh, bringing it to the base of his cock to pump what he can't reach while he works at his tip. he comes up before letting his tongue slide against the underside, a small whimper leaving his throat when he catches sight of eren's lip caught between his teeth, laying back with his elbows supporting himself as he watched armin suck him off. not to mention the strain in armin's pants, knees knocking together to try and relieve the stress between his legs.

    "here," the bed creaks lightly as eren lifts himself from his elbows. the hand holding him finally let's go, but the breath his hair gets is short-lived. both of eren's palms come to the side of his head while eren shifts his body, legs spreading as far as his sweats would let him. "'gonna fuck that pretty throat good, okay?"

    it felt too good to be true. eren was being too gentle, giving armin the brief benefit of the doubt.

    it wasn't much of eren asking and more of eren telling. telling armin that he was gonna use him, that he'd be inside his throat until his seed was spilling into it, until he was spluttering for air, grabbing at his neck while his cheeks and nose splotched red.

    one of eren's hands travels to the blades of armin's shoulder, pulling him more forward with ease. armin wasn't sure if it was because of how light he was or how strong eren was. that same hand quickly returns to where it was snug in armin's hair. "just breathe." he says it like it's so easy. like it'd prevent armin from choking around him completely if he "just breathed". and although armin wanted to, he refrains from rolling his eyes and lets eren guide him over his leaking cock.

    it's fine up until eren's tip hits the back of his throat. armin's nose scrunches up and he instinctively begins to try to come up, but eren's hold doesn't let him. "nuh-uh," armin barely catches the strain of eren's voice as he scolds him. "you got it, baby."

    it's the way the nickname rolls off of eren's tongue that makes armin whine and tries to relax his throat. that makes armin attempt to breathe through his nose until he gags again, fingers clawing at the black fleece of eren's sweatpants. he knows his saliva has probably soaked the material— with how impatient eren was to get armin’s lips around him he didn't pull his bottoms out the way enough, spit gathering at the base of his cock and some on the fabric of his sweats.

    when armin whines again, eren lets him come up, the blonde gasping as his lungs grasps for the air. he coughs, and even through his troubled state eren still manages to gaze at him in awe.

    "shit," eren likes it. he's always liked it messy; tears, spit, cum— whatever he could get on armin would end up on armin, and he'd try his luck at that now too. he'd already had two things checked off, tears rolling down armin's cheeks that armin himself didn't even realize, and spit glossing his chin.

    eren reaches to pump himself as he waits, and his thumb caresses the side of armin's head. "doing good, 'min." he tilts his cock towards armin and nudges him forward. "again."

    he closes his eyes only for a moment before he opens them back up when armin's lips wrap around him, eyebrows knit and his own lips failing to hold back a moan. "god," he wants— needs to feel armin's throat again. "look at me."

    armin doesn't miss a beat, looking up at eren with big blue eyes, his blonde lashes reaching for the ceiling, and eren’s hips stutter. "fuck, fuck," eren can only ignore the way armin gags when he sheathes himself in his throat, ignore the tears spilling over his cheeks and the way he whimpers. "so fuckin' good for me."

    it only all adds to the burning pleasure inside eren, it only helps him want to use him more.

    and he does until he's spent, both hands holding armin against his pelvis as he draws out a moan and spills hot white in his lover's mouth. he's twitching, his eyes roll back, and his hips continue to slowly roll forward as he finishes releasing in armin.

    the hand tangled in armin's hair trembles from pleasure as he comes down, and only draws circles on his scalp until it falters completely.

    armin finally pulls away, delicate fingers moving up his chest to his neck as he catches his breath, broken sounds tumbling from him from where he sat on his knees. he lolls his tongue out as if he's ridding himself of the icky sensation on it— or maybe showing eren that he was good for him, pink surface clean from any traces of cum.

    he swallowed all that eren gave him, and eren gives a weak smile. "get up baby." eren's palm is open to armin, and armin takes it. standing up on weak knees, he crawls on top of his boyfriend happy to have been enough for him, happy to be able to feel him intimately— hearing his heartbeat and feeling the rise and fall of his chest. "you did so well."

    armin doesn't need to respond to the praise for eren to know that he received it. he's too busy getting comfortable on top of eren, taking pride in what he just managed, and enjoying eren's hand stroking his clothed back.

    but even though armin's calm and jubilant, eren doesn't fail to feel how hard he was from where he rests on top of him. armin would never try to make it about himself— but no matter how much he'd make it about eren, eren would never neglect him in the end. at the end of the day, there was too much love, too much satisfaction in gratifying one another, and now it was eren's turn.

    eren's hand drops to the hem of armin's shirt, warm as it pushes the fabric up with the glide of his hand. a kiss is pressed to the top of armin's head, and armin smiles.

    "let me take care of you next."

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    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago
    While Armin was initially not that close to Jean due to the latter's rivalry with Eren, their relationship has changed considerably since joining the Survey Corps. Armin's growth as a strategist has aligned with Jean's growth as a leader, and the two often share insights or opinions with one another. 
    #dailyanime#snkedit #shingeki no kyojin #armin arlert#jean kirstein#*#snk#snkgraphic#aotedit#aot#animanga #attack on titan #armin#jean kirschtein#jearmin #this set turned out completely different from how i envisioned it to be :') #work is k*lling my inspiration #anw anyone else love their interaction or nah #where were they in the marley arc #i feel like they're the next generation leaders of the survey corps #they blend so well together i'm - :')
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  • lavenderqwq
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Y/N: i’m going to do some serious harm to whomever puts Armin down.

    Armin: why am I so useless...

    Y/N: alright cutie, square up!

    #shingeki no kyoujin #attack on titan #incorrect attack on titan quotes #incorrect aot quotes #armin arlert #armin x reader #armin attack on titan #armin aot #armin x you #armin arlet x reader
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    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago


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  • hei-ch0u
    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Never been so excited to receive something in ages and so happy I was able to nab one.

    My Ereh!!! 🥺

    It’s so beautiful and soft! And the armin/levi stickers and print is a bonus 🙆🏼‍♀️

    By little river co

    #snk #shingeki no kyojin #little river co #eren jaeger#armin arlert#levi ackerman#aot #attack on Titan #sweatshirt
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  • amirahannani
    17.04.2021 - 8 hours ago


    It took me a while to write this after the last chapter came out. The ending breaks my heart, knowing that the main characters shared the same love but won't be together.

    But I have come to accept it. It is meant to be.

    The world won't leave Eren alone if he's still alive after what he had done.

    I saw a parallel to Eren and Erwin. They became the devil for the greater good. Because no one else can.

    Only those who move forward will achieve their goal.

    And Eren's goal has always been to wipe out the Titans. He has successfully achieved that, with a very great cost- 80% of the world's population is gone. And so did the Titans.

    He wanted the world to accept Eldian as humans. He wanted his friends to venture the world Armin always talked about during their childhood.

    If Eren stayed alive till the end, Armin and others could not be the messenger of peace.

    Eren pushed away his comrades for his goal. It was obvious to me he wanted them to be alive in the end. He wanted them to live the freedom he always yearned. It's sad that he couldn't be with them. Hence the dialogue "I want to be with Mikasa... with everyone." is heart wrenching to me. He knows very well since the moment he decided to do the genocide, that he won't be with them.

    Lastly to my favourite character, Mikasa. She has always wanted a peaceful life. Even though her love is not with her physically, he will always be there in her heart. He will never be gone as long as she keeps their memories together. Seeing her under the tree was what I have always imagined, she's living a peaceful life. Of course there's moments she became weak and missed the person terribly till she yearns to meet him again, but she will get through it.

    I always think at one point maybe Eren is jealous of Mikasa. She can't turn into a Titan and her memories cannot be altered. She was not one but two clans- Ackerman and Asian to turn their backs from the king until their bloodline had to be persecuted. She was the most free person in the story and her love for Eren was sincere and pure. I could understand now why Ymir chose her.

    Thank you, Isayama for a great story and a wonderful adventure. Thank you for the consistency of the story and characters. Thank you for bringing up all the themes presented - humanity, peace, war, faithfulness, life and love. There are many others I'm sure. I'm not very articulate but I'm doing my best. Hoping I'll meet more good stories in the future. Till then, love.

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  • soniclion92
    17.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Goth Mikasa owns my heart 🤧💕💞 also there just needs to be more Arumika stuff set in this AU fr

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    17.04.2021 - 10 hours ago


    attack on titan brainrot sketches

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