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  • Felix and the Hybrid


    Word Count: 3,520 Felix x Hybrid OC Part One. Warnings: Fluff slight NSFW

    @romace-tea-cup​ request. Summary: Lizzie is the youngest daughter of Bella & Edward Cullen. Her family plot to keep her away from her mate Felix. But what happens when fate intervenes and Felix and Lizzie’s paths cross? Will be it love at first sight? Will they get their happy ending or will her family get in the way?

    Elizabeth Anne Cullen is the younger twin sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and has her mom’s brown hair and her dad’s green eyes from when he was human. Renesmee on the other hand had her dad’s bronze hair and her mom’s brown eyes. The girls were very close and grew up quickly due to being half vampire.

    Carlisle received a letter from Aro Volturi  

    Dear Carlisle,

    I hope you and your family are keeping well.

    Marcus and I would like to come for a visit to see Renesmee and Elizabeth now that they should have stopped aging. We would like to see how they turned out.

    Demetri and Jane will accompany us during our visit.

    We will arrive in two weeks

    Kind regards


    Following the receipt of the letter and Carlisle’s decision to prepare for their visit Alice had a vision:

    Elizabeth in Volterra with Felix as his mate. They were both in the throne room with the other guards, then they sitting in the castle library reading together. They were in their shared room sitting in front of the fire enjoying each other’s company, up on the castle roof watching the fireworks being let off in the city. They were happy together.

    “Over my dead body Alice” Edward said as he entered the kitchen “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger” She replied “I can’t help what I see, you know that. What are you going to do?” She asked “Ensure they do not meet…ever, there is no way my daughter will be in taken to Volterra to live with him” Edward replied “At least he isn’t coming with Aro…” “Yes but Alice, Aro will no doubt wish to see our thoughts, memories or yours at the very least…and he will see your vision” Edward cut her off “We need to find a way to prevent him from seeing that memory” “And how do you suppose we do that Edward? It’s not like Bella can shield certain memories from being shared is it?” She asked “We have two weeks we’ll figure something out…we have to” Edward replied before the leaving the room to find Bella and tell her of Alice’s vision.

    That evening Carlisle called a family meeting “I just wanted to let you all know that Aro and Marcus are coming for a visit in two weeks to see how Ness and Lizzie are now that they have stopped aging. Demetri and Jane will be coming with them. I am unsure how long they will be staying but I need you all to make them feel welcome and to behave whilst they are here” He looked at Emmett when he said behave and Edward choked back a laugh.

    Aro, Marcus, Demetri and Jane arrive two weeks later “Ahh Carlisle so nice to see you again” Aro greets “Hello Aro, Marcus, please come in. Demetri, Jane, nice to see you both” Carlisle replies “Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy your stay with us” Esme says smiling “Thank you for having us my dear” Marcus replies. They make their way up to the family room where the rest of the family is waiting for them.

    “Ness, Lizzie you remember Aro and Marcus, two of the three Volturi leaders” Carlisle said pointing at the two of them “Hello Aro, Marcus, it’s nice to see you” Lizzie and Ness replied together with a smile “Nice to see you too Ness, Lizzie. These are two of our guards Demetri and Jane” Aro replies pointing at the guards; the girls nod and smile at the guards.

    Sometime later Aro and Ness are sitting on the sofa together with Ness showing Aro her memories; Aro watching the images play out in his head a smile on his face “Such an interesting gift you have my dear” “Thank you Aro” Ness replies.

    “Do you have a gift Lizzie?” Demetri asked “Yes, it’s kind of a combination of my parent’s gifts in a way” He heard her voice but her lips didn’t move except to smile at him “It’s rude to ignore someone when they are taking to you Lizzie” Jane said curtly “No Jane she did answer me…just not verbally” He smiled at Lizzie “I don’t understand…”Jane was cut off by Lizzie’s voice in her head “I can hold a conversation telepathically…unlike my sister I do not need to touch you to do so” Jane’s mouth fell open and she looked at Demetri “Told you, Lizzie answered my question. Such a useful gift” He smiled at her again in awe “So are you able to read my thoughts like your dad?” He asked curiously “Yes and then I can answer you telepathically, essentially holding a private conversation” He heard her voice in his head again “And as long as we are having a conversation this way, my dad cannot read either of our thoughts due to the shield part of my gift. He isn’t able to read my thoughts…ever” She continued telepathically “Wow! So we are actually having a private conversation with your dad in the house? I like it” Demetri thought and Lizzie smiled nodding and they continued to have a silent conversation. 

    Aro noticed Demetri and Lizzie were smiling and laughing despite no verbal exchange taking place between them and was curious “Demetri, may I?” Aro held out his hand; Demetri looked at Lizzie “Sorry” He thought “That’s ok” She told him silently. Demetri put his hand in Aro’s and watched his eyes light up “How wonderful and such a unique and useful gift” Aro said looking at Lizzie “Glad you think so” Aro heard her voice in his head and he clapped his hands smiling “Amazing child” He thought. 

    Later that night Ness and Lizzie went back to their home in the woods bidding everyone a goodnight. “Do the girls still need to sleep at night?” Marcus asked “Yes, although they don’t necessarily require as much sleep as humans” Esme replied “They both have a mixed diet of blood and human food but prefer blood and although they are not venomous, their teeth are nearly as sharp as ours” Carlisle adds. “How’s Ness getting on with the shifter that imprinted on her?” Marcus asked curious “They are navigating their way through the situation the best they can…as it’s new for both of them. Their relationship changed constantly as she grew up and even now it changes depending on what she wants from him” Esme answered “Has Lizzie been imprinted on?” Aro asked “No she hasn’t and nor has she found her mate” Carlisle replied “Give her time and she’ll find the one she is meant to spend forever with” Marcus smiled, Edward and Bella both winced internally at the thought. 

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  • Note: Michael Sheen’s doctor character in “people of the Valley” will be in this story!! I gave him the name Ellis Maddox

    If there is anybody out there that happens to also be named Ellis Maddox… hello 👋😇

    Teaching Aro how to use a cellphone/smartphone was one thing. Teaching the rest of the Volturi however… that was an adventure on its own. They were very used to old school ways of communication. Nevertheless, the Volturi now have smartphones. 

    Aro dialed Demetri’s number. After the first ring, he picked up.

    Demetri: My Lady?

    Aro: Hello Demetri. I trust everything is alright in Volterra.

    Demetri: Yes, everything has been running smoothly.

    Aro: Good. Now, listen, I have a very important favor to ask of you.

    Demetri: Anything.

    Aro: I want you to track down… anyone who may have the capabilities of…

    Demetri: Are you alright, My Lady?

    Aro: Yes, give me a moment to put my thoughts together…. I need you to see if you can track down anyone able to provide transitioning services for vampires.

    Demetri: …I’m sorry, ‘transitioning’? What do you mean by that?

    Aro: *sighs* I mean… transgender transitioning.

    Demetri: Oh I-I see…

    Aro: Anything you can find, no matter how small, will be much appreciated, Demetri.

    Demetri: I will do my very best, My Lady.

    One week later

    Peter, Aro, and Lucian had just finished having sex when they heard a phone ringing.

    “I got it.” Peter mumbled from under the covers. He reached his hand out to grab his phone, only to realize it wasn’t him.

    Suddenly, Aro realized it was their phone and got out of bed to answer it.

    “Demetri.” Aro greeted.

    Demetri: My Lady, I believe I have found the person you are looking for.

    Aro smiled. “Where are they? Who are they?”

    Demetri: He lives in Wales. His name is Ellis Maddox, a doctor and um… human.

    “A human doctor? Who knows about our kind? Are you sure, Demetri?”

    Demetri: I am positive, My Lady. I don’t know how we missed him. What do you wish to do?

    Aro: Give me his location and I’ll se what I can do.” They wrote it down. “Thank you, Demetri.”

    They hung up.

    Peter and Lucian watched Aro get back into bed.

    “Everything alright?” Lucian asked.

    “Demetri found someone.” The two’s eyes lit up. “He lives in Wales, is a practicing doctor, and he is a human.”

    “Wha- A human vampire doctor?” Peter asked.

    They nodded. “I am planning on taking a trip to Wales to see him for myself. Do you two wish to come with me? It’s alright if you can’t.”

    “Yep! I need a vacation anyway.” Peter answered, sitting up.

    “I’m coming with you as well.” Lucian smiled.

    Aro felt a surge of happiness. “Thank you.”

    Another short chapter, sorry

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  • Terrible will be the wrath of Volturi.

    The musical troupe Notre Groupe is staging a musical based on “Twilight”. And I think the voice of the actor who sing Aro is just perfect. Non profit visualisation.)

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  • I know Smeyer has her on canon but I’m messing around with my own headcanons about vampires and was just thinking what if the reason why ancient vampires have milky eyes and fragile looking skin is because venom accumulates with time and as you learn to control your thirst you hunt less aka use less venom?? So the vampire body literally self destructs eventually. And to stop dying they have to extract venom from themselves like we do with snakes? And so there are just vials of vampire venom that are used when they want to turn someone and not risk sucking them dry.

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  • Description: Could you write something about AroxOC? I was imagining the kings meeting an immortal child, made illegally, being the kid able to control her/his thirst and being very powerful, enough that they decided to keep he/her. However, the kid is attached to a human woman with a possible talent (only for Aro) and they take here too till they decided what to do, making her their secretary till that happens. Meanwhile, Aro falls in love/lust with her?

    Requested by: @afanstuff

    Warnings: None

    part one // sorry this has taken so long to get out! this will be the final part!


    Originally posted by infectionofmind

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  • #woohoo new chapter #good omens extended universe #underworld#Lucian#twilight#aro volturi #fright night (2011) #peter vincent #Lucian x Aro #lucian x peter vincent #aro volturi x peter vincent #Lucian x aro x Peter
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  • Twilight, but it’s Desperate Housewives

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  • Imagine being the volturi newest member and Felix acts like he hates you until you find out the reason part Four



    A day after

    ( Felix knocks on the door while y/n listens to music on her phone but is aware someone is knocking she just does not feel like talking to anyone at the moment trying to come up with an excuse for the masters when the interrogate her later on that day )

    Felix : y/n … The plane is about to land we will be arriving at the castle any minute now .

    Y/n then flips him off without even making eye contact with him still looking at her phone .

    Felix : Do you have your excuses prepared yet ? Or are you gonna just accept and move on with your punishment huh ?

    Y/n : are you just gonna keep talking to me when you know that i don’t even wanna smell you and continue to look mad stupid right now ? Or are just gonna go away and take the i don’t wanna talk to you ?

    Felix : Having a smart mouth wont get you anywhere y/n .

    Y/n : Neither will your cockiness babe .

    Felix then growled at y/n but just shut the door avoiding anymore trouble with his mate in hope of them fixing there issues between each other.

    The time comes where the plane lands and they take the tunnels to head back to the castle and y/n is anxious and nervous not that she would admit it to anyone of course she acted bothered by the situation . However as much as jane liked y/n not that she would tell her or anyone for the matter only her brother knows she even was scolding y/n on the way to the castle .

    Jane : Look into the mess you got yourself into y/n ! Why now ? Your first mission and you screwed it up.!

    Y/n : Yeah yeah give it a break ! All of this wouldn’t have happened if certain SOMEBODY did not had to make a big ass scene and start a whole argument that he can’t handle because they know im in the right and can’t handle when someone calls them out but its ok when this certain PERSON calls other people out .

    Alec : here we go again y/n

    He sighed and rolled his eyes while demi had a smirk on his face and felix gave me a death glare and tried so hard to stop the growl from escaping his lips .

    Jane : Enough we are here .

    I then took a quiet gulp and as we were walking the others noticed the tension and santiago even made the comment “ Uh oh something did not go well did it ? Let me guess it was our precious y/n huh? ” demi then laughed and added “ She got caught making out with one of our biggest rivals , vladimir ” then afton and matthias joined in and they all were stunned at the innocent guard wasn’t who they thought she was , “ Damn ! Hungry for some dick aren’t ya ? ” said afton “ Shit ! You missed up big time y/n haa!! ” they all sent a glare and smirk to felix and he just gave them a disapproving look . now were were inside the throne room .

    Aro : ahh ! There you guy’s are ! How was the mission ?

    Jane then looked at me

    Jane : The mission was a success … just a bit of mis conduct master .

    We could hear laughter coming from the training room next to the throne room coming from the other guards since they hared the full story already and it spread around quickly .

    Caius : Let me guess felix and y/n went at it again ?

    Alec : That and y/n was caught making out with someone .

    I tried so hard to hold my laughter so i just had a smirk in my face that bothered felix .

    Caius : With who !?

    Demi : with vladimir sir

    Aro then looked at me with.a disapproving look and i became worried

    Aro : is this true y/n ?

    Y/n : yes .. But the fight could have been prevented in the plane if certain someone kept his fat ass mouth shut and stoped speaking on my name !

    Jane : y/n !

    Y/n : it’s true ! He just doesn’t know how to shut his fat ass mouth !

    Then the guards from the training room let out loud laugher and saying “ Ohhh ” like some kind of second graders .

    Marcus : my dear y/n your behavior was irresponsible you should have full control of your lips my dear .

    Felix : Exactly what i said master .

    Y/n : Shut up ain’t nobody talking to you .

    Aro : i hope that your behavior will have a punishment y/n

    Y/n : I know .

    Aro : great , you won’t be able to fed for a week , and that’s that .

    Y/n : Fine .

    Marcus : Now please try to decrease the cussing dear , its not lady like .

    Y/n : But demetri and felix do it all the time so i learn the behavior from some where .

    Demi : What !?

    Felix : You have control of your actions y/n

    Y/n : How does it feel to have someone speak on your name ?

    Caius : enough ! Just please go to y'all’s stations .

    Y/n : alright see ya !

    We all bowed and i left the throne room happy , everyone started making jokes about the situation i got myself into but it all went away within 2 or 3 day’s . Then the week passed by and everyone was impressed i was not a hungry new born like they expected , i was fine ! Then tanya and kate messaged me saying they were at volterra and that in 2 days there was gonna be a party and that i should tag along , me and the denali sisters got along ! They did not hate me like they did with the rest if the guard so i had a task and that was to convince master Marcus to let me go to the party because i was secretly his favorite and he loved me as a daughter .

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  • Nandor (What We Do In The Shadows): Persian Frank Zappa

    Aro (Twilight Saga): Greek Bela Lugosi

    Maybe Peter calls Aro that when he gets mad at him or something

    Like “What the fuck is Greek Bela Lugosi doing in this picture of a burning village??!!!!”

    Aro: You think I look like Bela Lugosi?

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  • Alec and his Cinderella


    Word Count: 4,406 Alec x reader Part Four Warnings: Alec is aged up. Fluff, Jealousy

    “How’d the date go?” Demetri asked once Alec got back “It went well. Managed to eat a steak and fries although I do need to deal with it real quick” Alec said walking into the bathroom “The things you do for love” Demetri said smiling “I much preferred the movie part of our date, watching a romantic comedy whilst holding her soft warm hand…” Alec trailed off as he thought about her “Glad you had fun kid” “Demetri, I think Jake’s broke the treaty. I mean Y/N knows that Ness and I aren’t related and she didn’t seem shocked or surprised the first time I held her hand on the ice-rink, almost as if she expected my hand to be cold” “How much do you think Jake has told her? It could be a problem Alec” Demetri replied sounding a little concerned. “How can I find out without breaking the treaty myself or our own laws?” “Ask her to elaborate on what she has already told you; ask her what Jake has actually told her. If any of what she knows isn’t quite correct, tell her the truth…fill in the gaps but make sure you tell her how important it is that she keeps our secret Alec. I really don’t want to have to come back and deal with the problem, not when it involves your mate” “I know Demetri and thank you. You’ve been really supportive the past few weeks” “Anytime, we’re family after all” Demetri replied.

    The following day Alec went to the reservation to see Y/N. “Hi Y/N how are you?” “I’m ok you?” She replied “I’m ok too. I was hoping we could talk…about what Jake may or may not have told you” “I wondered when you were going to ask me about that stuff Alec” She sat down on the grass and patted the space next her; Alec sat beside her and waited for her to talk “Jake told me Ness and you weren’t twins; that you’re pretending because Ness wanted to go to High School and didn’t want her family to go with her but that you had offered and agreed to be twins” She began “Why would he tell you that?” Alec asked “Ness only wants to be friends with him, nothing more as you are probably aware and well he was getting jealous of the time you two were spending together and when I mentioned that as twins you probably have a close bond and enjoy hanging out together he started laughing. That’s when he explained that you two weren’t related and that you were…erm…” “I was what Y/N?” “Well…er…Jake said you were…a vampire and that you were part of the Volturi. Not that he explained what that was” She answered him “He said that I wasn’t supposed to know so I had to keep it a secret otherwise…you’d kill me. Once Demetri arrived and Jake saw how close he and Ness were getting…that didn’t go down well either and after Sam introduced us, well he kinda lost it. He started telling me that you and your ‘family’ were no good, dangerous and that you survive on…humans”

    Y/N was no longer looking at Alec so she missed the anger that flashed through his eyes; he lifted her head and turned it so she was looking at him “You are my mate Y/N and I have waited many many centuries to meet you, to be with you. I would never harm you, I-I couldn’t…because harming you would be like harming myself. Vampires only get one mate and if we lose them then we remain heartbroken and alone for eternity. You are and always will be safe with me and my family. I promise” He said hoping she believed him, trusted him “I-I believe you…but I’m human Alec…I’m not supposed to know…about you and your world” “Y/N that’s true but as my mate you are allowed to know as long as you promise to keep our secret. My ‘family’ rule the vampire world and I am one the four elite guards; the others being Demetri, Felix and my actual twin sister Jane. If you tell anyone about my world you put not only yourself at risk but us too” “I promise to keep your secret Alec, always” She kissed his cheek and he wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

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