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  • when i first learned abt aro gays and aro lesbians (2-3 yrs ago) i was like “that’s not possible there’s no way there’s actually anyone who identifies as that” but then it was Me….

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  • Dear Brain,

    Look I’m not even saying I want to be in a romantic relationship with someone okay? All I want is to be able to tell if I genuinely like someone or if I’m aromantic and should just move on with my life. OR if I’m just a big old saphhic enby and I should just start going after girls. Either way, I’m tired. Please figure yourself out, thx ♡

    Yours truly,

    The meat body you inhabit

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  • Earl and Scout Jr. waiting at home for Julian and Malak

    Lovely artist: x @carr0tkake 

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    #earl the apprentice #earl of vesuvia #fan apprentice#picrew #the arcana game #the fool#scout#nonbinary#enby#lgbt#lgbtqiap+ #I LIKE THE TRANS BACKGROUND ON THIS ONE TOO #transgender#trans#aspec#ace#asexual#aromantic#aro
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  • So I realized that the reason I freaked out at my first boyfriend asking me out is because I genuinely didn’t have romantic feelings for him yet.

    At the time I had convinced myself that what I was feeling was romantic and I was “just confused”.

    I was definitely confused but not in the way I thought lol

    #it was actually alterous attraction that i was feeling #by me#aromantic#alterous attraction
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  • #aro#aromantic#actually aro#actually aromantic #aro culture is #aro culture#ask#anonymous #in my experience of owning cats my entire life (my family has 5 right now!) ive found that power walking behind the kitty helps #also try to have multiple people there so you can surround the kitty #at least this is what i do when my cats get in the backyard and i want them to run back in the house #(also not to start discourse but keep your cats indoors cuz otherwise they start killing off local wildlife) #(which is bad for the ecosystem and also exposes your cat to all sorts of parasites/bacteria/other icky stuff) #(if they kill a mouse thats eaten poison then your cat will be poisoned too and thats bad) #mod elprup
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  • [ID: The Owl House cauldron meme. Luz, labelled “me”, reaches for a cauldron, labelled “a world where it isn’t seen as weird to plan your life around friendship instead of romance”, that Eda, labelled “amatonormativity”, is holding out of Luz’s reach. End ID]

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  • LGBT People: *make a community for themselves*

    Cishets: And you didn’t invite me?

    #saw a post where a bunch of people were saying incels are part of the lgbt community #so that's how my day is going #lgbt#lesbian#gay#bisexual#transgender#queer#asexual#aromantic#genderfluid#nonbinary
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  • Some homophobes/transphobes/queerphobes don’t dislike lgbtq+ people because they are haters without any emphaty or stupid pricks

    Sometimes their first interaction with a queer person gave them a twisted/blurry vision. Because their parents are homophobes, they had never heard of it before and are kinda afraid of the unknow, someone else explained it the wrong way, because they aren’t educated enough…

    My point isn’t queerphobes have an exuse to hate, dehumanize or kill people in the lgbtq+ community

    I’m saying: Educate them. Show them what the community really is about. Show them the history queer people. Show them it’s normal. Show them that a lesbian is much more than the gender she is attracted to. Show them lacking the need to be in a romantic/sexual relationship isn’t the end of the world. Show them transgender people do not have to be cis-passing to ‘fit in’. Tell them gay men aren’t weak and 'too feminine’. Tell them it’s okay for someone to dress as the opposite gender. Tell them pronouns are a personal choice and they must be respected. Tell them you decide what your body looks like.

    Please tell them, because if you wont, they will spiral down into more hate. And homophobia, transphobia and queerphobia will keep existing.

    Educate them even if they’re stuburn. Education is the key.

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  • Chris and Tanner are in a qpr!!!!!!

    #i was so excited when i found out!!! #gcs#green creek #green creek series #brothersong spoilers#brothersong#qpr positivity#aromantic#aro positivity #queer platonic relationship #mine
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  • OK people. There are TWO different types of attraction. Not one. There is romantic and sexual. If you are aromantic then your romantic attraction to someone is probably low. If your asexual, then your sexual attraction is probably low. This doesn’t mean that everyone fits to these. Some ace people might have a really low amount of attraction and some might just have a tiny bit less than what’s “normal”. Same with aro people. I tend to see that people are trying to make ace and Aro the same thing. They are not. We need to make sure that we know that attraction isn’t one single thing. You might look at someone you just met and think they are hot. That’s sexual attraction. You can think your girlfriend or boyfriend is very romantic when they buy you flowers. That’s romantic attraction! Thinking someone is cute or sexy isn’t the same as thinking someone is very romantic and feeling warm when you talk to them.

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  • Aroflux Kimi (Tokyo Ghoul)

    [ID: Tokyo Ghoul manga panels featuring Kimi with tumblr posts edited onto them. Each tumblr post has an aroflux red border around it.

    • Image 1: Kimi is sweating and has a stressed look on her face as she holds a stack of documents. The tumblr screenshot is from @/cool-wears-a-trenchcoat and reads “Being Aroflux. Somebody: Are you okay? Me, panting and sweating: My romantic orientation has fluctuated five times in two days. Yesterday I wanted to have a soulmate, today I am disgusted that I even thought romantic attraction was a thing that i experienced. Me: So basically, just another normal day. How are you?”
    • Image 2: Kimi in the forefront and looking behind her at Nishiki, who is speaking and gesturing to her. Kimi has a neutral look on her face. The tumblr screenshot is from @/neblumum and reads: “Me: Romantic feelings? Aroflux: Romantic machine broke. Me: alright have a nice day.”
    • Image 3: Three panels of Kimi and Nishiki on dates: eating lunch on their college campus, looking at bracelets and necklaces on sale, and at a festival together. The tumblr screenshot is from @/a-spam-oeuvre and reads: “Monday: I don’t like anyone now but I think I could in the future. Tuesday: ok but what if I actually do like this person not just platonically???? Wednesday: if someone doesn’t take me on a romantic picnic right now I will die. Thursday: ok maybe I just want a picnic not the romance part. Friday: aw this fictional couple is cute but I don’t want that for me. Saturday: if I see any ounce of romance I will barf right now Sunday: 💕🥰❤️😍💖.”
    • Image 4: Nishiki smiling kindly and Kimi looking away with a blank look on her face. The tumblr screenshot is from @/AutomaticSkyLark (deactivated) and reads: “anyways i forgot that the main reason i dont date ppl is that im aroflux and always flux out of having any romantic attraction anywhere from 3 to 14 days woops lol.”
    • Image 5: Kimi laying on her stomach with a surprised expression, and Nishiki glancing at her questioningly. The tumblr screenshot is from @/purple-grey-black and reads: “That aroflux feeling when you are starting to experience romantic attraction randomly like I didn’t sign up for this????”
    • Image 6: A close up of Kimi embracing Nishiki lovingly, her eyes closed and smiling. The tumblr screenshot is from @/tarynnwa (deactivated) and reads: “Aroflux things. Me last night: I never want a relationship, I don’t know why anyone would, I’m so much happier alone. Me this morning: *wakes up and desperately wants to cuddle.” END ID]
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  • i don’t want a relationship i want someone who i’ve known long enough to be able to platonically cuddle with them without it being weird

    #asexuality#asexual#aromantic#platonic#homies #sometimes i hold hands with my friends just cause but it’s not the same
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  • Milie from Stormtouched is aromantic asexual!

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  • Some queer chevrons as aro + aro-spec combo flags!

    From top to bottom:

    Left: Non-sam aro, aroace, aroflux, lithromantic, demiromantic

    Right: Aroallo, aromid, greyromantic, quoiromantic, frayromantic

    Feel free to use!

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  • #aro#aromantic#actually aro#actually aromantic #aro culture is #aro culture#ask#anonymous #theres no love interests and theres lots of grass blocks which are green #mod elprup
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    Sadly I couldn’t cheer cause I was with my homofobic parents and I’m not out to anyone yet, but if you find this spread the word and let people know that being gay isn’t a bad thing for the Pope. Hope this make someone’s day better.

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