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  • marimimi
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    excuse me whilst i indulge in race car driver! artem building up in my head for a few hours...

    #.MIMIE'S TALKING #i don't know this idea just randomly pops in my head like ???? #tot artem wing #tears of themis #tot zuoran#artem wing
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  • tears-of-diamond
    26.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    | Global server — Summer Breeze Event

    | RERUN: 1/28 to 2/11

    | Luke SSR:

    | Artem SSR:

    | Vyn SR:

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  • hecalledme-jagi
    26.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    TOT Boy’s Favorite Media

    This is Pt. 2 of four! Look at the others, Luke, Vyn, Marius

    Artem Wing

    It’s been said that Artem enjoys movies and collects the physical copies, not to mention that he loves drama and war films, truly a man of culture! Not only this, but it’s been brought to my attention that he’s a part-time Movie Critic on the weekends! Take me now! With this knowledge my life has been made complete.

    All this information can be found here and in his personal story episode 2 chapter 11



    Like Artem, I’m in love with war and drama films, so I kinda went wild on this one (〃ω〃)

    - The Zookeepers Wife(war film)

    Spoilers be warned!

    This movie only recently became his favorite film, and for a similar reason as Luke’s love for Murder on the Orient Express.

    He had seen it in theaters when it was released(he would’ve been 16 when it released, and how I know this is bc Artem would be the same age as me in 2030 lol). He loved it at the time, but only after re-watching it more recently, has it become his favorite.

    The main character, Antonina Zabinski, reminds him of you. She’s a strong willed woman that, despite her fears, stood for what she believed in, with love, compassion, and grace. She and her husband harbored partisans and Jews during WW2 in their Zoo, saving roughly 300 lives in the process.(highly recommend looking into this topic and watching the movie, it’s stunning)

    He had re-watched this movie with you and was secretly ecstatic to find out that you loved it as much as he did.

    After that, there was no escaping it, this movie would forever remind him of you and hold a special place in his heart.

    - A Beautiful Mind(drama film)

    This has the great Russell Crow, what is there not to like about it?

    No, but in all seriousness, Artem loves this movie because like the main character(John Nash), he is labeled a genius.

    Artem finds the movie relatable to this extent, being treated a certain way because of this “genius” status and having a hard time connecting with others.

    Artem related with the the social disconnect between John Nash and others because of the confidence he has towards his field.

    To add, John Nash is rather awkward with women, but eventually finds a girl that tries to understand him and connect with him. Artem places some hope in the relationship between you and him because of this fact.

    Artem also enjoyed the twist of the film.

    He wants to watch this movie with you the next time he’s given the chance.


    I think it’s so cute how Artem likes to read Sci-fi! So in canon he enjoys the novel series under the name ‘Sky’, but unfortunately I don’t personally read all that much sci-fi, so we’re gonna use the info we’ve got(if u love sci-fi that u think Artem might like then recommend it it to me too lol)

    - The Giver

    This one was recommended to him, and while Sky is his favorite sci-fi novel series, this is a close second.

    After reading the book, he watched the movie and enjoyed both, and now both are apart of his collection of books and movies.

    The idea of a world that was void of color and the vigor of life, but virtually perfect in every other way was interesting to him.

    His favorite character was The Giver. A bit crass at times, but wise and wanting to share life’s ups and downs with others, despite the fear it might cause, so he’s also a bit reckless.

    However, with all that he was kind and loving, especially when it came to his student and soon to be successor, Jonas.

    Parts of this mentor character reminded him of his own mentor, which admittedly, was one of the reasons why it took him a longtime to finish the book.


    He listens to the classics, like Paul Anka, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the whole nine yards. On occasion he'll listen to new stuff, and even movie soundtracks, but there's a special charm to older music.

    - Frank Sinatra

    That’s Life

    No one can tell me that he doesn’t toe tape around his kitchen while cooking dinner when listening to this song, singing along like a total dork.

    You make me feel so young

    This song gained new meaning when you came along. Sometimes it’ll be playing in his car when you ride with him, but its off in an instant because he gets embarrassed.

    - Elvis Presley

    Jailhouse Rock

    It’s a classic!

    Definitely listens to this song when he’s going for a relaxing drive on the weekend.

    All Shook Up

    Oop! There you go again!

    The dork finds you everywhere these days, but he’s not complaining (๑˃~˂)


    Luke, Vyn, Marius

    I do not own any characters, all ownership goes to Mihoyo. Thanks for reading!

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  • kayoiwritingarchivies
    26.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #fanfiction#fanfic #tears of themis #genshin impact #rosa tears of themis #marius von hagen #artem wing#vyn richter#luke pearce #xiao genshin impact #hell if I know what this is
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  • myalovyn
    26.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #mind's. #tears of themis #tears of themis x reader #artem wing #artem tears of themis #artem wing x reader
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  • alstroemeriadissonance
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    NXX goes to hell, literally: Day 3.5 - NXX, Eggs, Limits

    Check the Masterlist for the previous chapters!

    They finally get to the point shown in the prologue.

    Next chapter is the last one. Whee.

    "I want my toast slightly charred." Luke mumbled as he prepared the fire for the day's dinner. "Your stuff is nice, but I don't think I can stomach frozen eggs that have been thawed then hardboiled."

    The sun was starting to go down, and the temperature growing colder. By this time they were getting used to the subzero environment; the only thing that they never got over was each other's passive hostility, even if they try as much as they can to be civil with each other on the surface.

    Artem then put down his skillet and crossed his arms. "There's not much difference. And even then we can't afford to be picky."

    "The bread is starting to taste stale, Artem," Luke said flatly as he poked the metal stick at the charcoal briquettes, breaking them off into more smaller chunks to be devoured by the fledging fire. "I was thinking we'd just place the bread directly on the grill. Smoked flavor, you know."

    Artem did not look convinced. "You mean burnt. You...already made this before?"

    "Yeah," Luke put down the fire poker. It was only a matter of time before the fire would be nice and ready. "Twice out in the field. Especially when we didn't have any cookware around. An NSB field cooking hack."

    "Fine, you take over then," Artem said with a huff, backing off the grill. "I'll just get the water."

    "Alright," Luke muttered. "Appreciate it." He adjusted the thick scarf wrapped over the lower half of his face, wincing as the edge of the bandage--haphazardly applied by Vyn--got caught in the woolen fabric of his scarf.

    (Hours earlier Vyn and Artem had to break up Luke and Marius to put a stop to the HotdogGate, which started after the PAX acting CEO exhibited utter lack of self-restraint and scarfed down the detective's share of the last hotdogs.

    It was only unfortunate that Luke as Raven was almost impossible to shake off when latched onto his victim: somehow in the flurry of the moment he found time to dig a small hole in the snow and buried Marius's head in it, twisting the PAX acting CEO's arm for good measure.

    It took Artem's and Vyn's impossibly concerted effort--Artem pinning down Raven's arms, Vyn punching Raven's face, partly as revenge for what Luke did the other morning--to extricate Marius from a certain death)

    Vyn and Marius then emerged out of the tent to warm themselves by the fire; Vyn, as usual, placed his kettle directly over the coals for his tea.

    "If you two start again, you will know my true wrath," Vyn said, his voice completely neutral and once again devoid of inflection. "Maybe wait until this kettle boils before you subject us to your horseplay. Then you will learn not to do that shite again."

    Nobody dared point out to Vyn's face how he was no different than them, if not worse.

    Except Artem. "So speaks the one who smashed the table in the conference room,"

    "Oh, playing this game now again are we, Wing." Vyn hissed, his voice now taking on a hostile note. "Maybe if you did not--"

    "Can we stop this now, please," Luke muttered as he took out the pieces of frozen bread from its bag. "I am honestly sick and tired of all the bickering."

    He then laid out four bread slices on the grill.

    Artem, arms still crossed, merely watched as Luke reached for the tray that contained the eggs.

    With deft fingers Luke cracked the defrosted eggs, one egg per bread slice.

    Artem's eyebrow twitched; the eggs were, as expected, runnier than normal having been frozen, then defrosted. This can only mean disaster, thought the lawyer, but remained tight-lipped.

    Luke, none the wiser, noted that yes, the eggs seemed a little runnier, and so he thought that he needed to spread the egg whites a bit closer to the edge to help it cook along...

    His idea to doing so was to move the grill to jiggle the eggs in place...


    All four watched in numb resignation when they watched the last egg yolks--their last halfway decent meal--slide off the bread slices, and through the makeshift grill, into the fire.

    Marius sniffed, his nose still not cleared of snot despite the several layers protecting the lower  half of his face from the absolute cold. "That was our last protein."

    Vyn remained quiet, his gold eyes having lost their usual luster of life once upon a time ago. They would probably hear him cry into his dictaphone again later at night.

    Artem inwardly seethed. It could have been his job. It could have been his job to cook but no, someone had to show off their "hack".

    And Luke finally broke down and let out a howl of frustration so loud that it echoed off the desolate cliffs, prompting a wolf to howl back at them.

    "FUCK YOU," Luke pointed his trembling finger at Marius. "FUCK YOU ESPECIALLY," this time the finger at Artem. "AND FUCK YOU TOO JUST SO EVERYONE GETS THEIR SHARE", at Vyn.

    "I'm too tired to even argue," Artem mumbled at Luke. "Just don't forget that if you only let me cook we would have had something that isn't frozen bread. Now all we have is frozen bread and even then it's not going to last us until tomorrow."

    Vyn and Marius then quietly retreated into the tent without having eaten anything, leaving the lawyer and the detective bickering by the fire.

    "You talk as if all this isn't your problem," Luke lashed out. He had had enough and the person in front of him was the one who started the entire fallout.

    Luke knew what was happening, which was why he did not take an active role in the utter chaos at Headquarters, which culminated into Vyn finally losing it and throwing--ultimately missing--a swivel chair at Artem only for it to land squarely in the middle of the glass conference table.

    "If only you shut your trap about seeing what you saw in the kitchen with Vyn and Rosa, all these--" Luke gestured widely into the white everything that surrounded them, "--shittery wouldn't be happening to us right now!"

    "Why are you taking that predator's side?!" Artem hissed. "You've seen how he has been taking advantage of his position to--"

    Luke kicked at the snow. "What the hell are you talking about? Vyn's been courting her for months now! Of course it was only a matter of time that they would make out eventually!"

    "It's unprofessional--"

    "What's unprofessional is your fucking face," Luke grabbed Artem by the lapels of his jacket. "Don't tell me you haven't been trying to pull the same thing on my Watson, because nothing, nothing gets past me. You're lying to the wrong person, Artem, and I will tell it to your face, right here--you're a fucking hypocrite."

    Luke then roughly pushed the lawyer away, releasing his hold on the lawyer's outer jacket. "So yeah. If only you didn't push the issue. We wouldn't be in this fucking mess! You hear me?"

    "You shouldn't trust Richter!" Artem spat as he straightened his jacket. "Nobody even knows who he actually is--He's behind my mentor's disappearance! Marius's brother too!"

    "If that was the case, then Vyn wouldn't let you take your mentor's place and the NSB wouldn't be tapped to assist! Just how fucking dumb are you?!"

    Luke was not yet done. He had a lot to unload. "I just wish Vyn wasn't so pussy whipped," he muttered, eyeing Artem bitterly. "He didn't tell Rosa why the entire shitshow happened--he knew it'll make her feel bad, but then if he told her she probably wouldn't send us off here exiled in the middle of nowhere. So yes, fuck you and your jealous ass, Artem."

    Silence descended upon them, with both of them staring down at each other, never backing down.

    Until Artem reached out behind him and grabbed the cast iron skillet off the side of their campfire...

    "Seriously." Luke, moving as Raven, effortlessly caught Artem's skillet-armed hand by the wrist; his free hand removing the heavy, deadly cookware and throwing it against the portable fire pit with a clang.

    In a matter of seconds Artem's arm is twisted and pinned to his back; the exact same thing that Artem did to him hours ago, or at least tried to. "What was that? You thought you could do this--" Raven pressed down on the twisted arm, prompting Artem to shout out in pain. "--to me?"

    The field agent let out a sharp laugh. "I only let you because I still had mind enough not to murder you idiots. If I did then the NSB will kick my ass, and Rosa will hate me. So yes, Artem, know your fucking limits."

    More screams.


    Meanwhile, inside the tent.

    "They'll be okay...right?" Marius mumbled as he surreptitiously sidled up to his tutor. It was too cold. Marius needed warmth even if it means he'll sleep beside Vyn who presented a forty percent chance of maiming him if he so much as moved the wrong way and disturbed the doctor's sleep.

    "I do not know, nor do I care," muttered Vyn, still curled up into a ball and covered with at least three sleeping bags draped over him. He looked like a pile of sad, used laundry; something that could be also said about his morale. "We have two lawyers in the team; if we lost Wing then it only means Rosa has to be trained up to assume his full role."

    "That's awful cold of you, Vyn."

    "That is an fair description." Vyn said. "I do not take offense at that."

    Marius, already ensconced in his thin sleeping bag, pressed his back against Vyn's side. He pulled the only remaining water container close to him; it was his turn as the water cuddler. "We haven't eaten anything, Vyn," said Marius. "You sure you gonna be okay?"

    "Should I die, Marius," the talking pile of laundry began, "Take heart that I am confident you can handle PAX with the same level of competence that Giann has."

    "...thanks Vyn. Also please don't die on me yet, I like how you bump my grades up."

    "...by that I mean, both of you are horribly mediocre at your jobs."

    "Fuck you."

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  • lukepearcing
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    it's like he's begging to be dominated and have his ass eaten.

    #tears of themis #artem wing #tears of themis spoilers
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  • lukepearcing
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    don't let drunk sleep talker theater kid artem from ancient chinese au card distract you from the fact that the card is actually really fucking depressing

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  • theres-a-bea
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago


    🤠 i am done i am finished this is it i can die mysteriously in my sleep come 9 am and i'd be fine with it

    #zuo ran#artem wing #tears of themis fan art #source: twitter#baek eunhu#sakyo shizuma #pls this is the sexiest fan art i've ever seen of him and his clothes aren't even off #the HANDS the SMILE the MESSY HAIR HE'S GIVING US EVERYTHING
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  • samsspambox
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago
    #nonnie asks#anon asked#anon #sam does a blushy blush #sam answers#sam analyzes #i think thats gonna be a new tag? lmaooo #id love to believe i am an artem expert #like that 'artem person' hehe #tears of themis #artem wing#zuo ran #god what i would give for an artem plush knsdkn #oh to have money for an artem plush
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  • tearsofsimping
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Artem: Where's Marius?

    Vyn: Probably off somewhere disappointing everyone.

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  • mooodypie
    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Okay so I had an idea for someone who likes to write artem. Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and Rosa/Mc goes into Artem’s office and gives him a Valentine’s Day present and the man gets all brushy and nervous So once she leaves his office he starts over thinking the presents and is like “omg should I have gotten her a present? should I still? is it too late?” So he finally decides he’s gonna go get her somethin during his lunch and like he’s walking in the office with the gift he just picked up all confident like hyping himself up and just as he gets the courage to walk over to her he over hears someone from the office go up to Rosa/MC and is all excitedly like oMG THANK U FOR THE VALENTINES GIFT” and artem realizes she got everyone a Valentine’s Day something so he backs out and hides the present in his office but like not well enough cause Celeste walks in and is like “oh for a special someone” and he’s like not anymore explaining the situation but like Celeste is like wait we just got something simple like a card and a flower and Artem had received something a lil more special like a card and like box of homemade sweets or something like something mc really put effort into and Celeste is like convincing Artem he should go through with gifting mc and he’s finally like you know what I will so he gets the gift all ready and strides out his door only to see mc is gone for the day 😭 low and behold Artem ends up leaving the office taking the present with him he’s looking at it sitting in the passenger seat of the car and on a whim he goes to drop it off on her door step knocking on the door then hiding behind like the corner of the hallway to see if she gets it and a few seconds later mc opens the door and finds the gifts looks at who it’s from and starts smiling and blushing and at the same time artem is all smiling cause it seems she likes it and as he’s back outside the building heading towards his car he gets a text from mc asking if he’s busy he replies no and then his phone starts ringing it’s mc! Again he’s all blushy and answer and she’s like hi I just wanted to say thank you for the gift the flowers are so beautiful etc etc she continues with well I hope you got home safe and he’s lying saying yeah got home fine as he’s downstairs outside her building looking up at her apartment window then the call comes to an end she like well happy Valentine’s Day artem and he’s like happy Valentine’s Day MC.

    THINK ITS OVER NO. The next day Celeste walks into Artems office and is like “wow look at you you gave her the gift” and he’s like how did u know? And she shows him MC’s social media and it’s a picture of the gift the comment of heart emoji AGain artem all blushy Celeste walks out of the office later that day she’s having small talk with Kiki and MC and she start poking and is like oh MC I didn’t know u had a special someone mC too gets all blushy and like nooooo as she’s looks over to artem and makes quick eye contact with him and all nervously looks away with a big ol grin on her face and Celeste is just standing there all smirking thinking wow these two tHE EnD

    I basically wrotE this whole story but if anyone who’s a much better story teller/writer than me wants to make it sound pretty and go into detail with it pleaaaase do I would looooove to read I’m sorry my writing is a mess 😭

    #tot artem#artem wing #pls someone write this for me I’ll love u 5eva #tears of themis #artem x rosa #luke pearce#vyn richter #marius von hagen #tears of themis artem #artem x mc #tot marius#tot vyn#tot luke
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  • actualbird
    25.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    artem wing, multifaceted

    #tears of themis #artem wing#tot artem#zuo ran #tears of themis memes
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  • surely-galena
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    Artem opens the book, flips past the title page, and lands on the dedication.
    For Arto. In all seriousness, I’m glad I got to see you spread your Wings and fly. You’ve come a long way since high school.
    “Oh,” Artem says quietly, echoing Zella moments ago. There isn’t any hope of denying that it’s Celestine’s work now. And despite the potential cheesiness of the dedication, it’s sweet.
    He lingers on the dedication for a moment, then flips to the first page of the actual story.
    Chapter One. Arthur had been working overtime, as usual.
    …Hold up.
    Or: Celestine writes a book on her best friend’s love life as a joke gift.

    [This one-shot felt a little out of my comfort zone, but I did enjoy writing all the friendship parts!]

    #artem wing#celestine taylor #tears of themis fanfic #I will be getting back to the vyn wonderland fic at some point as well!
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  • harkanya
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’m on mobile only sooooo forgive the formatting of this brain rot. 😞

    Luke and Rosa help Marius relax after a long week by letting him in on a childhood practice from years ago.

    - Marius flops on the couch in the NXX Lounge, and, being the whiny boy he is, everyone knows he’s there and everyone knows he’s In Need(tm).

    - Rosa and Luke are in the conference room. Rosa gets up to get water, she hears MISSYYYYYYY everything is TERRIBLE blublublublu

    - She looks at Luke. They share A Knowing Nod(tm). Rosa announces, “Operation: FA! Code Red!”

    - Marius is suddenly scared. Luke and Rosa descend on him with blankets and pillows scrounged from around headquarters at impossible speeds.

    - Is he going to die?! Marius’ life flashes before his eyes. He’s already set up a will. He’s so young and handsome! How could he be smothered to death like this?! 🥺

    - Soon enough, a blanket fort is erected and Marius is ordered into the middle. Snacks, books and a flashlight are all amenities of FORT AWESOME.

    - The Rules of Fort Awesome: no shoes, no sads, no phones. Cool kids only.

    - “Aww, Missy, I’m a cool kid?” 🥺

    - Of course, it devolves into a Certified NXX Cuddle Puddle with Rosa in the middle. Luke and Marius are The Happiest Boys on Earth.

    - Somewhere, Vyn’s nostrils flare with jealousy.

    - Somewhere else, Artem is supremely confused and wonders where half of the team went and why there’s a blob of blankets, chairs and pillows in the middle of the lounge.

    #tears of themis #luke pearce #marius von hagen #brainrot#FORT AWESOME#yeah idk#vyn richter#artem wing #look maybe I channeled actualbird for this?
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  • ad-hawkeye
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #tears of themis #artem wing#rosa#artemrosa#fanfiction #addy puts her basic tomato knowledge to use: the fic #im so sorry this leads to like no where but it WAS fun to write HAHA
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  • vynseducationalflagpole
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #tears of themis #artem wing #artem x reader #luke pearce #luke pearce x reader #marius von hagen #tears of themis artem #tears of themis luke #vyn #vyn richter x reader #tears of themis vyn #marius von hagen x reader #tot luke #artem wing x reader
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  • tearsofsimping
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Luke: I will put 'A' down to make 'A'.

    Artem: I will add onto your 'A' to make 'AT'.

    Marius: I will add onto your 'AT' to make 'RAT'.

    Vyn: I will add onto your 'RAT' to make 'BIOSTRATAGRAPHIC'.

    Marius: *flips the board*

    #tears of themis #incorrect tears of themis #luke pearce#artem wing #marius von hagen #vyn richter#xia yan#zuo ran#lu jinghe#mo yi
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    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #anon asked#nonnie asks#sam answers #tears of themis #artem wing#zuo ran #artem wing the mom friend (tm)
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  • yamashinajin
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #tot #tot zuo ran #zuoran#zuo ran #tears of themis translations #Tears of Themis #tears of themis cn server #artem#artem wing#TOT artem#tot translation
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