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  • arrwyn
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Aruani smut week should definitely follow up with, "Annie got very pregnant" week lmao.

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  • helensartdump
    05.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Let the man enjoy his sea he deserves it.

    My first post haha

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  • fulladeroure
    26.10.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Siempre fuiste tú. Fuiste tú la primera vez que te vi, fuiste tú la primera vez que me hablaste, fuiste tú cuando estaba encerrada en el cristal.

    Eras tú, con tus ojos azules y tu pelo como el trigo dorado al sol, tus ingeniosas respuestas y tu brillante sonrisa.

    Fuiste el primero por el que quise ser buena. El primero que me hizo pensar que algo valía la pena.

    Fuiste el primero que hizo que algo quemara en mi pecho cuando sonríes.

    Y fuiste el primero a quien amé.

    Y sigo amando.

    Y voy a seguir haciéndolo

    Porque tú me enseñaste que valía la pena.


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  • warm-starlight
    19.09.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • cadriox
    14.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    My fav aruani is the first season aruani💕

    #enemies to lovers gone canon #I love their dynamic sm #aruannie#aruani#annie leonhart#armin arlert#aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin
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  • nightfall-kachiniko
    01.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Oh my god an aruannie drawing from me…? Oh my 😏😏😏😏

    Armin just being best boi 😭😭😭

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  • murmikaa
    20.08.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #good night streaks ugh #match made in heaven #aruani smut#aruannie#aruani #armin x annie #armin arlert #armin arlert smut
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  • short-rain
    13.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    if u want them to hit u up just say it, no need to pretend to sleep with yo info out and everything😉

    art credits @katsuwrites on twt

    #aruani#eremika#aot #attack on titan #armin attack on titan #armin#annie#eren #eren x mikasa #mikasa x eren #mikasa x annie #aruannie #annie x armin #aot anime #armin x annie #eren jeager#eren yeager#mikasa ackerman#ships#eremin#mikannie #eren x armin #anime #if u dont get it they are trying to pretend to sleep with their info out so they can call them later
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  • warm-starlight
    13.08.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • alysiusart
    12.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Comission for @/ alolansoleil (Twitter), directly inspired by “Cupid and Psyche”, by Friedrich Paul Thumann.

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  • angelnawartblog
    09.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Happy Aruaniversary🎉💕

    #aruani#armin arlert#annie leonhart#aruannie #shingeki no kyojin #almost forgot to post these #my babies
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  • queenofshipping12
    06.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Look at them or else 🤺

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  • laynacoughing
    02.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    ⚠️ s4 aot spoilers ⚠️

    i like to believe that Annie rejected armin because she realized that she's a raging lesbian and mikasa was her first crush. eventually Annie and hitch rekindle their friendship and they end up getting married.

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  • enchanteddannie
    02.08.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #aruani#aruannie#armin arlet#annie leonhardt #armin arlert x annie leonhardt #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #aot#snk#snk spoilers#snk playlist#aruani playlist
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  • whostolemyboba
    20.07.2021 - 4 monts ago
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  • swine-designs
    18.07.2021 - 4 monts ago


    Comes with stands where you can change the characters for your ships, couple key chains (options for custom made ones), comic books with short comics on all characters, character q&a and designs and more!

    Please check this out! If we get it funded we can add more characters!!!


    #fanart #attack on titan #aot fanart#snk #shingeki no kyoujin #aruannie#aruani#eremika#jearco#eren jeager#mikasa ackerman #annie leonhardt fanart #eren jeager fanart #levi fanart#levi ackerman#mikasa fanart #armin arlert fanart #high school au #attack on high #shinganshina high#krista lenz#historia reiss #historia reiss fanart #ymir x krista #ymir fanart #reiner braun fanart #Jean kirschtein fanart #Marco bodt fanart #Connie springer fanart #Sasha Braun’s fanart
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  • anticanonhearts
    10.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    out here posting abandoned(?) wips on tumblr now

    #rip at least the face colors r pretty #armin#armin arlert#aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #anticanonart#armin fanart#aot fanart#snk fanart#eremin#jearmin#aruannie#ibis paint
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  • animeshipper5112
    08.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Who's in the Driver's Seat (AoT Couples Edition)

    Ok, so this is an extremely random idea that popped into my head in the middle of the night, so bear with me.

    EreMika: Mikasa is the driver, every time. Sorry, Ereh.

    JeanKasa: I feel like they would both be fine having the other drive, so both I guess?

    EreHisu: Eren would be the driver. Honestly he would be such a reckless driver sometimes, but I don't think Historia would mind all that much. Hey, everyone needs some chaos in their lives!

    YumiHisu/YumiKuri: Ymir drives with one hand on her wife's thigh. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

    AruAnnie: They would both drive, but on long road trips Annie would be in the driver's seat, with Armin giving her the directions.

    ConSasha/Springles: They're both reckless idiots on the road (but in the best way possible ofc) but Connie would drive so that Sasha could eat her snacks without a constant risk of taking her hands off the wheel to get more chips. What can I say, she's a hungry gal.

    JeanPiku: On one hand, I feel like Pieck would drive, but on the other hand I think that Jean would drive to let Pieck sleep😂 Girls get you a man like Jeanbo.

    LeviHan: You really thought Levi would let Hange get behind a wheel? Really? Think again, sorry but my mans isn't keen on keeling over from a heart attack.

    BerAnnie: Ehh, they're both responsible adults here, so both. (Although I feel like Bertholdt would prefer Annie to drive uwu)

    JeanMarco: Our responsible bby Marco's behind the wheel. Rip😢

    and last but not least....

    Sasha x Potato: Ahh, the only ship that really matters😭 I love you Sasha I'm sorry they did you so dirty-

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  • aninkhronism
    08.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    What Your Favorite Attack on Titan Ship Says About You: A Followup!

    Hi! Okay so a few months back I made this post and it absolutely blew up. SO much more than I expected it to. Like I am still getting notes on it almost 5 months later. So today I thought I’d do a fun little thing and give my own thoughts/ratings on the ships I called all of y’all out with and call out myself in the process lmao. Reminder that this is My Own Opinion on these ships and does not mean that I hate any of them. Every ship is good and valid :) (well except for the first three)

    Warning for AoT manga spoilers and suggestive jokes, long post ahead!!

    Okay first things first I’m just gonna get this out of the way. Eren/Levi, Mikasa/Levi, and Eren/Zeke are all 0/10 for me. Ik there’s a sizable number of people who like the first 2 for some reason but like. One is p*dophilic, one is i*cest, and one is p*dophilic AND i*cest so uh. Hard no from me, sorry.

    Alright, with that said and done, let’s get into Ink’s Ship Ratings! These will include all of the other ships in my previous post, plus some new ones!

    Eren/Mikasa: 6/10 Mixed feelings. The only version of this ship that I like is the modern AU where Eren isn’t fucking psychotic. I just feel like Canon!Eren has way too much baggage and is Far too emotionally unstable to be in a healthy relationship with anyone, and Mikasa doesn’t deserve that (and that ain’t even factoring in the rumbling hoo boy). I think that modern peaceful AU Eremika is super cute tho (9/10 for me) and I would watch the hell out of a spin-off anime about them if one is ever made.

    Eren/Armin: 7/10 I feel the same way about this ship that I do about Eremika but ranked it slightly higher bc I adore the dynamic that Eren and Armin have in canon, plus childhood friends-to-lovers is my Absolute Greatest Weakness. Once again though it is hampered by Canon!Eren being off the shits. Fucking hell Eren. 😒

    Mikasa/Armin: 9/10 Okay okay I know this ship is like. So cliched but listen. Not only does this ship fall into childhood friends-to-lovers territory which is an automatic win for me, but Armin and Mikasa have arguably one of the healthiest dynamics in the series. They show unwavering mutual care and respect for each other, emotionally support each other and are hella protective of each other like. Armin literally leapt across a table to fight Eren for hurting Mikasa’s feelings even though he knew he’d get fucked up!!! Get you a man who’ll do that for you!!! Also, soft nerdy guy with a GF who’s just an absolute Girlboss?? Chef’s kiss Perfect. Amazing. Incredible. Honestly if Aruannie wasn’t a thing this would probably be my favorite straight Armin ship. 

    Bertholdt/Annie: 4/10 Not a big fan, sorry :/ I’ve seen some really cute art of this ship but I just don’t find it all that appealing. Probably because outside of actually learning about Bert’s feelings for Annie (which are entirely one-sided), we never get to actually see them... interact much outside of flashbacks and I just find it kinda bland tbh. No shade to the people who like it, it’s just not my thing.

    Eren/Annie: 5/10 I remember actually really liking this ship when the anime first started airing but it just kinda fell lower on my list over time. I think I friend-ship it more than I actually ship it. I see really good bromance potential for these two had the circumstances been different.

    Mikasa/Annie: 3/10 Not a fan of this one either but it’s literally Just because of the fact that Mikasa and Annie are so similar that I find the ship to be really boring. I would have Loved to see them be friends though.

    Hitch/Annie: 8/10 The dynamic these two have is the best fucking thing and I really wish we had gotten to see more of it. Hitch’s dramatic flair and Annie’s stoic no-bullshit attitude would make a really cute and funny combo and I would pay money to see these two in a sitcom together.

    Hitch/Marlowe: 5/10 Don’t have many feelings about this ship one way or the other. Definitely not bad, but not my favorite either. I feel like I would have liked it a lot more if we got to see more of these two interacting (I will say though Marlowe’s death scene and him thinking about Hitch in his last moments hit like a truck).

    Bertholdt/Reiner: 10/10 Alright I’m gonna be honest the only characters I really ship Reiner and Bertholdt with are each other. I just find it incredibly sweet how they’re always there for one another (circumstances aside because jfc), and how protective Reiner is over Bert. They just. Go through so much together and the fact that Reiner never got to say goodbye to Bert Hurts Me. It’s the ✨Shared Childhood Experiences and Trauma✨ for me. They’re each other’s comfort.

    Reiner/Porco: 5/10 Not a bad one!!! Rivals-to-lovers isn’t my favorite ship dynamic but when it’s well-written it has potential. You could cut the tension between these two with a knife and GOD Porco’s final words to Reiner before he dies. Just. Fuck, man. Always at each other’s throats yet always willing and able to save the other. It’s an interesting dynamic for sure.

    Reiner/Eren: 2/10 Not too keen on. This ship would utterly implode on itself before it even had the chance to get off the ground, between Eren’s anger issues and Reiner’s.... issues. They’re a match made in hell in my opinion lmao.

    Annie/Armin: 10/10 It’s so cute guys it’s SO CUTE. Like, putting the fact that it’s canon aside, I am so soft for this ship in a way I can’t even describe. Strong, stoic, ruthless Annie being totally whipped for One(1) small, soft-spoken nerd is the most precious thing ever and I will stand by that until I draw my dying breath. The way Annie admires Armin for, well... Being Armin, and the way Armin refuses to give up on Annie even after she admits to what she’s done... It’s just. It’s the Good Fucking Food. Plus, what I said earlier about ships involving a Soft Man with a Girlboss GF still stands. 

    Ymir/Historia: 10/10 Another canon ship that I adore with all my heart. Ymir is honestly one of my favorite characters in the series and any time her and Historia interact is just a fucking delight to watch. The way they inspire and motivate each other is just. It’s wonderful, it’s adorable, and I love it. Relationship goals, Ymir should have been Historia’s knight in shining armor goddamnit!! They deserved so much better.

    Eren/Historia: 4/10 Again, sorry y’all but this one just doesn’t do it for me. I Really like Eren and Historia as friends, I think their personalities compliment one another very nicely, but I just. Can’t picture them as a couple. Also for some nagging reason these two Feel Related to me. Like, I know that they aren’t, but their families are connected to each other through Zeke/Dina and it feels kinda weird for me to ship them because of that. That being said though please don’t bully Erehisu shippers guys jfc.

    Mikasa/Historia: 6/10 Hmm I think it could be cute!!! There are other ships with these two that I like a lot more but if I was Forced to pair Historia with a girl who wasn’t Ymir, it’d probably be Mikasa. I love the idea of Mikasa just. Carrying Historia over her shoulder like a sack of flour. Also the scene where Historia punched Levi and Mikasa gave her that Smile was just Fucking Amazing. Solid pairing with a Good dynamic, prefer them as friends overall, but could be cute as GFs.

    Reiner/Historia: 1/10 Don’t like, always felt like this ship had homophobic undertones :/ really was Not a fan of Reiner fucking sniffing Historia’s letter in the last chapter like. What the fuck man? There’s other characters that they each have better dynamics with.

    Sasha/Niccolo: 8/10 I wanted to rank this one higher SO BADLY but there’s just not quiiiite enough of the two of them interacting in canon for me to get fully invested in the ship. Granted, what we Did get was super cute. Sasha is the most shippable character in the series for me just because of her fun personality, and Niccolo getting all flustered over seeing someone enjoy his cooking so much was just 🥺 soft and wholesome. Also his reaction to her death made me Sob. Another one of those ships that deserved so much better.

    Mikasa/Sasha: 9/10 Hands-down my favorite gay Mikasa ship. Their friendship is so pure and genuine and Sasha is one of the Very Few people who can get Mikasa comfortable enough to willingly lower her guard and be a little silly around. They just play off of each other wonderfully. Also, Mikasa sitting against Sasha’s grave. I live in Spain but the “S” is silent.

    Connie/Sasha: 6/10 Words CANNOT describe how much I love these two idiots as best friends/honorary siblings but have a bit of trouble seeing them as a couple, for similar reasons to Mikannie. That being, they’re just a bit Too similar for my personal taste in ships. Ranked it higher than Mikannie just because they already have a positive/sweet relationship in canon, so a ship between them isn’t as much of a stretch. 

    Jean/Sasha: 7/10 This one’s cute!!!! Similar to how I am with Mikhistoria, there are other ships with these characters that I like a lot more, but I can definitely see the appeal of this one. Jean playing the straight man to Sasha’s antics but also being able to loosen up and have fun with her is sweet as hell, and the smile she gave him (and Connie) in the final chapter is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my heart HURTS.

    Jean/Connie: 7/10 My feelings on this one are basically the same as the previous one. I think I like these two a lot better as bros but I don’t COMPLETELY hate the thought of them as a ship. Their dynamic is funny as hell.

    Armin/Sasha: 8/10 Okay this ship is hella cute and underrated as fuck. Soft-spoken, calculating yet caring nerd with bubbly happy-go-lucky ball of sunshine, what’s not to love!? I’m a sucker for their friendship in canon. It’s a background thing but it’s still noticeable and absolutely adorable. The scene where Armin chases Sasha around trying to get the water from her lives in my head rent-free.

    Armin/Connie: 4/10 Ehh not big on. Not too many one-on-one interactions between them from what I can remember aside from the fight they had over Falco and Connie’s mom later on in the Manga.

    Mikasa/Connie: 7/10 Okay this one is pure unfiltered crack but I actually... Kind of love it??? I’m gonna let this post explain my reasoning bc reading it opened my third eye I stg.

    Armin/Jean: 4/10 I used to really love this ship until I learned that Jean and Armin were originally the same character before being split into two different ones and now I’m aggressively reminded of Onecest every time I think about it  💀💀💀 I hate this website.

    Jean/Mikasa: 6/10 This one is. Hm. I have a Lot of mixed feelings about it. One one hand I think it could have had a lot of potential to be a really good ship due to how nicely Jean and Mikasa’s personalities compliment one another, but on the other hand I’m Not an especially huge fan of how it was handled in the ending (going off of the assumption that the man with Mikasa at the end Was Jean). A lot of other posts already explained their stances on it so I’m not gonna retread that ground. Overall; good dynamic, had potential but didn’t quite stick the landing for me.

    Jean/Marco: 10/10 MARCO BBY U ARE MY AAAAAANGEL 😭 this is far and away my favorite Jean ship. Their personalities work SO well together and Marco being the driving force behind Jean changing his decision and developing into a better person in the process? Chef’s kiss Marco would’ve been so proud of him. I wish Marco wasn’t killed off as soon as he was because I so badly wanted to see more of these two together.

    Levi/Petra: 4/10 Okay I am going to be completely honest, I haven’t watched Season 1 in f o r e v e r and really can’t remember much about Petra. I remember she had a secret thing for Levi, I remember her death being super fucked up and really sad, and... That’s about it. I sincerely apologize to Rivetra shippers but I just don’t really understand the hype behind this one. I might get it more if I went back and rewatched season 1.

    Levi/Erwin: 9/10 I really like this one a lot!! The amount of mutual respect and trust that Levi and Erwin share with one another is just. Mm. the Good Fucking Food. Don’t really have much else to say other then It’s a Good Ship Brent.

    Levi/Hange: 10/10 Honestly this one may as well be canon. I mean Look At Them. I love this ship for the same reason that I love Mikasasha and Hitchannie. It’s the Opposites Attracting for me. And Levi putting up with Hange’s wack antics and So Obviously Caring About Them more than can be put into words but being too emotionally constipated to say it to them out loud. The way Hange literally fantasized about running away with Levi. I could gush about these two all day tbh I Fucking Love Them.

    Erwin/Hange: 6/10 I like this one okay!! Same with Jean/Connie, I like them a Lot more as friends/colleagues but don’t Hate the idea of them as a ship either.

    Moblit/Hange: 5/10 Honestly feel the same way about this ship as I do Rivetra,, forgive me shippers. Ranked a bit higher than Rivetra due to the emotional impact of Moblit’s death for me.

    Onyankopon/Hange: 7/10 This one’s lowkey underrated. Ik these two didn’t have a Whole lot of screentime together but the screentime we did get was fucking great. Onyankopon is underrated in general tbh. He can Get It.

    Floch/Anyone: 1/10 I just don’t like him I’m sorry.

    Zeke/Levi: 4/10 I’m not really a fan of this ship mostly because a. enemies-to-lovers is extremely hit or miss for me, and b. I’m just generally not a huge fan of Zeke. However, I still Love the way they interact in canon (mostly the way Levi roasts the shit out of Zeke at every opportunity) and I just KNOW that if they had met under different circumstances that they would have had the snarkiest, most banter-filled friendship(?) ever. Gimme an AU where these two are forced to either work or live together and start out hating each other’s guts but eventually become snarky besties PLEASE.

    Zeke/Pieck: 3/10 Ehhhhhhhhhh this one kinda skeeves me out because of the age difference. I know they’re not As far apart as, say, Eren and Levi, but Zeke knew Pieck when he was 17 (almost an adult) and she was. What, like 12? Idk, just a bit weird for me, personally. 

    Pieck/Porco: 11/10 This is unironically my favorite ship in the series and it’s another one that may as well be canon to me but isn’t. What can I say? They check off pretty much all of my boxes. They’re so different personality-wise but it just WORKS. Porco and Pieck have a very long history together as friends and comrades, they work extremely well together when things get intense, they care deeply for and respect one another and just. Hhhn the way they’re almost always seen together even Outside of duty, the way Pieck gently teases and messes with Porco, the way Porco tolerates her pushing his buttons and the way he’s Soft with Pieck in a way he’s not really like with anyone else, the absolutely DEVASTATED look on Pieck’s face when she saw Porco’s titan one last time after his death. They were in love, your honor. And They👏Deserved👏Better👏

    Pieck/Jean: 8/10 Second favorite Pieck ship. The comradery between these two? Excellent. Their banter with each other at the end? Superb. This is one of the few enemies-to-lovers ships that actually Works for me, and I think it’s because of how quickly they were willing to rush in and help each other after the formation of the alliance, combined with the fact that Pieck openly stated that she does Not support the actions of Marley and never did. Overall, cute as fuck, love them as both a friend-ship and a romantic ship.

    Pieck/Yelena: 7/10 ...Is it wrong to be into a ship entirely for horny reasons? Ik this pairing has next to nothing to go off of in canon other than The Beard Incident but like. OOF that height difference and The Aesthetic  😳 🥵 Yelena can destroy me any day of the week I don’t even care.

    Pieck/Colt: 6/10 Not too much canon interaction to go off of, but not Bad by any means. I think this ship could have the potential to be really funny, what with Pieck being the living embodiment of the “crouching moron, hidden badass” trope and a flustered Colt being both in awe of and slightly terrified by her antics.

    Porco/Colt: 6/10 Very similar to how I feel about Pieck/Colt but with more Dudebro, not much else to add.

    Gabi/Falco: 10/10 These children are precious and I Adore them. Falco is Baby and his crush on Gabi is absolutely fucking Adorable. I’m so happy they both made it out alive at the end. Also Gabi had great development and I love her as a character. Fight me.

    Hannes/Carla: 7/10 This one is pure crack but let’s be honest Carla had better chemistry with Hannes than she Ever had with Grisha.

    Dina/Grisha: 1/10 Don’t like either of them, they treated their son like shit and ended up ruining  ✨Everything ✨

    Carla/Grisha: 1/10 Grisha did my Queen so dirty and I’ll never forgive him for it. We Do Not stan Grisha Yeager in this house.

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