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  • my asexuality may not be inherently LGBT, but it sure is valid anyways!

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  • The definition of gray-asexuality is “feeling limited sexual attraction or feeling sexual attraction under certain circumstances”.

    This includes demisexuality, since when you’re demi you only feel attraction when you have an emotional bond with someone.

    Demisexual is a gray-asexual identity.

    Saying they are different is like saying cookies and food are different. Doesnt really make any sense

    #mine#asexual#demisexual#aspec stuff #this goes for grayaromanticism and demiromanticism #I’ve been wanting to make a post similar to this for a while #bc I always see ppl saying ‘gray-aces and demis’ #like they specify demis but don’t specify any other gray-aspec identities #but then I just saw some tiktok with the ‘not the same person’ format with these identities #that was the last straw #y’all can send me asks or reply to this if you have any questions #i’m just tired
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    It happens all the time

    #ace pride #ace people are lgbt #ace people are valid #asexual#aspec#grsm#acespec
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  • image

    Art hoe aesthetic ace moodboard for @sherlockisactuallyagaysname

    ~Click for better quality~

    ~Requests are open~

    ~Give credit and/or reblog if you use~

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  • Does anyone comprehend how amazing fanfiction writers are?

    Like, people have made full blown novels just BASED on their favorite characters of a franchise! And they do it for free! All these amazing ideas, wonderful concepts and cool personalities in the already existing characters is just mind blowing. People find so much excitement in fanfiction, both writers and readers.

    We really need to give fanfic writers more credit. They’re amazing at what they do. These people can grow up to be famous authors one day! Seriously, y’all are fucking amazing

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  • Can we get an F in the chat for Ace / Aros and people generally just uninterested in children / dating for having to hear these exact questions in this exact order over 10 times? 

    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? 

    But how are you gonna have kids? 

    That’s not normal, aren’t you missing out? 

    You’ll change your mind later, you’re young. 

    But who will take care of you when you’re old? You’ll be lonely. 

    Are you ‘a’ lesbian / gay? 

    #asexual#aromantic#asexuality#sexuality#LGBTQ+ #and then proceed to use religious mumbo jumbo about being lesbian / gay if you say yes #we are tired #leave us alone #these questions are old and so are you #raise children? with what money and what spouse lmao #the older generation has been brainwashed and i pity them profusely #RIP #F in the chat for the aces #we're always forced to use our customer service voice when answering these people #the audacity of asking private questions like this is also quite upsetting #F. F FFFFFFFFF F F F F F F #my post#text post
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  • #the lost boys #the lost boys 1987 #lgbtq community#marko#david#dwayne#paul#laddiethompson #the lost boys david #the lost boys dwayne #the lost boys paul #the lost boys marko #the lost boys laddie #the lost boys headcanon #santacarla#santa carla #santa carlas witch #murder capital of the world #vampire#asexual#ace#ace headcannons#request
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  • I have this weird vibe w the ace community in lgbt spaces and I’d really like some light on it if anybody has any. My thoughts:

    Everyone deserves sexual autonomy and that includes being disinterested or repelled by sex/intimacy.

    In my mind, asexuality is a perfectly acceptable identity (I am not trying to proclaim anything besides my extremely personal opinion)

    Bdsm and other fringe sex-based identities have been involved with and included in lgbt spaces historically

    I don’t understand how being asexual affects anyone outside of your personal relationships, the same way I don’t understand how being sexual does? If I don’t want to talk abt my sex life I just don’t. People who ask invasive questions are always weird lol

    I feel like the discourse of aces v. Everyone doesn’t make much sense - maybe just my afab experience but I’ve been accused of everything sexually, whether not having enough sex or having too much sex or too weird sex or too boring. Everyone wants to put in their two cents and call you a deviant no matter who you are

    I think the sex drive of a relationship is really super important in the sense that it should match well. I can’t date someone monogamously who doesn’t want to have sex and it’s not due to anything except as an allosexual person, I have emotional and psychological needs that are tied directly into my relationship with sex and it’s disrespectful to myself or my partner to push them or live feeling hollow and unfullfilled in that area and resenting them for it. If I had a polyamorous relationship w an asexual, it could totally work! But I see a pretty consistent difficulty between aces and allos that sex is either integral or unnecessary (it’s really a scale) and it’s SO personal

    I see asexual tied up with other gender/romantic id’s instead of related directly to its counterpart - allosexual. Frankly it skeezes me out bc none of our other id’s have anything to do with how much sex someone is having! And I don’t like feeling like my gender or sexuality makes me more sexually needy or aggressive!

    IDK how to incorporate aces into more discussions bc I know they feel like they aren’t being heard but I don’t think sex id needs to be tied to most gender or romantic (sexuality - but not sex!) Convos

    Help! Thanks!

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  • My sexuality journey has been a little all over the place. I identified as bi when I was around 16-17 because I realized I did have some fantasies about women and was only not looking at women romantically because ‘that’s not how girls look at women’. I had only had one on again off again boyfriend between the ages of like 13-16 and would have no sexual interest or contact with him. 

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    #asexual#asexuality #reconciling two aspects of me
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  • big love to my friend who respects my sex repulsion and doesn’t insist on me watching/listening to spring awakening and warned me when she first brought it up so i could make an informed decision whether or not to watch it, unlike Some People who recommended sex education to me without any such warning and then lied about its content to try and get me to watch it when i told them i couldn’t.

    #sex repulsion#ace#asexual #im gutted cos spring awakening sounds really good but what can you do
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  • At this point I don’t know if I’m asexual or just dislike people in general and it’s really fucking me up

    #lgbtq#asexual #hello my life is a mess #identity crisis be like
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  • image

    The 3rd sculpture Kickstarter reward is finished! Made in the same style/pose as the prototype Dragon, but with the Bisexual Flag on her belly and wings~

    Can’t wait to take a photo of all these Pride babies once the 4th and final reward is made 💗

    IG: Instagram.com/TheTallGrass

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  • Heylo!

    I found this very calming and my mind went a bit clearer, the first time in nearly three years, so I thought you queers may like it…

    If you want to and have time, go through the comment section. You’ll most likely find someone who listens and maybe understands you, or you could do the same for others.

    Elseway you can always write me, if you have an issue and want to talk something from your soul.

    Stay weird and safe! Nola

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  • If my baby boomer grandmother can admit that asexual people exist

    Then so can you

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  • Elise Golden from The Courtyard Clairvoyant Mysteries is aromantic asexual!

    #elise golden #the courtyard clairvoyant mysteries #canon aspec#aromantic#asexual
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    #star trek#asexual#twitter screencaps #the article actually just says that asexuals relate to them and feel represented by them #and how they resonates with them #but still#😳😳😳
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