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  • Guy #1 - going out for two years, talked about asexuality once in a while, eventually broke up because he thought that asexuality is my choice and I can change that

    Guy #2 - going out for 5 months, talked about asexuality only when Mario Adrion came out and I was proud so much, broke up because my joy was “obtruding him with this abnormality”

    Guy #3 - going out for a year, talked frequently about asexuality, sex etc., broke up because of after a year he “finally realised I won’t sleep with him”

    Note: I don’t believe that either guy is a bad person. I just think that the society where sex is everything unables me to have a satisfying relationship without sex. 

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  • image

    I know most allosexuals are great but can we NOoooOT?

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  • 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

    Now cringe and enjoy a conversation I had with a man on Plenty of Fish who managed to check ALL of the dating while asexual boxes.

    Now lets see:

    • Doesn’t understand what attraction is
    • Doesn’t know what being asexual means
    • “I can make you like sex” otherwise known as “You’ll change your mind when you meet the right person”
    • There must be something wrong with you physically (go see a doctor)/Your hormones must be out of balance
    • “I feel sorry for you” and “You’re missing out on something important”
    • (This one is kind of new) Homophobia/Transphobia? “After all you were born as a girl and you should have feelings for men and for sex” ???

    He also went on to repeat himself and tell me sex has been “scientifically proven that only sex can give a person extreme pleasure”. Yeah…anyway.

    🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

    #asexual#asexuality#romantic asexual#asexual meme #dating while asexual #dating horror stories #asexual dating
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  • *views of an asexual who is as such, only interested in profile content and couldn’t give 2 shits that you’re shirtless*

    • “we’ll get along if you like the office” (do y’all have a script you read from??? Make it interesting, for the love of God!)
    • “fluent in sarcasm” (…can you not)
    • “getting that bread/on the grind” *insert 5-10 emojis* (words fail me. I have no words)
    • two word answers on everything (put some effort in, dude, c’mon)
    • choosing a prompt you don’t have an answer to (you only get 3, WHAT IS YOU DOING)
    • answering a prompt with “ask me” (fuck you)
    • “the dorkiest thing about me is: everything” (once again, fuck you)
    • answering prompts with non-answers “I bet you can’t: divide by zero” (hilarious, my heart is full)
    • “Bonus points if you’re *insert specific thing here*” (because that’s a huge winner: scoring systems)
    • Midwest: picture with a giant fish. West coast: “Let’s go hiking!/Let’s get sushi” (OK, hiking, maybe, but way to live up to cliches)
    • “We get along if: you enjoy being spontaneous” (laughs in introverted PhD student)
    • squinting in your profile picture (I feel about this how people feel about duck face)
    • 100% “goofy” profile pics (whether or not you actually are a lovable goof, I don’t know you like that)
    • “sapiosexual” (it’s cute when they try to sound deep)

    that’s all we have time for tonight, folks!

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  • When you’re swiping through a dating app and you realise there’s really no point because sooner or later they’re gonna want to bone and when you don’t wanna they’ll think you’ve been leading them on and probably get pissed and it really doesn’t matter how well you’ve been getting on so you just climb back into your no one is ever gonna want you for more than a few months maybe box

    #sigh#asexual dating #out of silmarils #tbd
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  • I wonder if there’s any startups for new asexual dating sites/apps… doing a quick google search shows that some already exist but they seem unpopular.

    I know OkCupid is pretty popular with ace folk, but it’d be great to have a place specifically tailored to our needs.

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  • Me, an asexual dumbass

    I don’t know what’s going on

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  • Asexuals of tumblr

    I like this non-binary person. They identify as asexual. I have no problem if they have no desire to have sex with me. I enjoy cuddling and closeness without the escalation. I’m having problems with how to Express I like them? I dont want to come off odd? Usually I give someone I’m interested in a smile and place a hand on their arm gently. Listen, and ask questions about their interests. But I’m afraid I’ll over analyze and become awkward? I dont wanna come off sexual or that I’m trying to hookup? I’m a cis gender lesbian btw.

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  • Dating apps feel so useless to someone who isn’t physically attracted to very many people.

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  • I’m super confused about why a guy goes on talking to me, we both know he’s just looking for sex and yet like…he keeps talking. He’s there trying to convince me hook ups are fun and “feel good”; thanks for the information.

    The Desperation is Real.

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  • Asexual Question:

    If you are romantically attracted to the same gender and/or non-binary genders when did you know? How did you know?

    For my asexuality, everyone is equally aesthetically attractive and that’s fine and dandy but meh. However, the only two people I’ve been seriously romantically attached to have been men. I’ve brushed it off for years but I think I could be panromantic. Occasionally I feel some magnetism towards a woman or gender-queer person and I don’t really know what it is. I’m currently in a loving relationship with a man but I still feel like I should be accepting of all parts of myself regardless.

    I’d love to read testimonies and insights from the ace community.

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  • you need to send in submissions for this to work  😅 if you have submitted a profile, please let me know because none are showing up  🤨

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  • would anyone be interested in me setting up an ace dating blog (seperate from this one) it’s just i’ve not come across one on tumblr that hasn’t been dead for over a year and as a biromantic person i’d be interested in dating but without the sex? you get me? and i have found regular dating sites are very sex orientated. so any interest?

    Edit: i made it @aces-date

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  • Now that I’ve begun to come to terms with the fact that my relationship is actually over, I’ve been thinking of dating. Except the idea of dating someone makes me kind of sick. I crave a romantic connection but the thought of going through the process of building that relationship is terrible. I can’t stand the thought of allowing myself to be that vulnerable with someone again. Plus knowing that with any new person I date, there will inevitably have to be a discussion about my asexuality and my complicated feelings about sex (which lean towards “I’d really rather not”). I’m afraid of the possible reactions to that discussion.

    #Dating#asexuality#Asexual dating#Relationships #I'm just afraid #Part of it is fear of being hurt again
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  • I am an asexual female looking to date an asexual male. I am okay with long distance. I just seek romantic companionship, but have failed to find this with allosexual people without the idea of sex being forced upon me, or in quite a few situations being literally shunned for not wanting to have a sexual relationship. 

    So if you’re interested I guess, in chatting, shoot me a message.

    And if anyone knows of any asexual groups or chats I could join that would be great. I am also seeking friends in the community. 

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  • I’m so confused about the boundary between friendship and romance bc my best friend and I do a ton of “romantic” stuff like cuddling and having sleepovers or going to restaurants together or hiking or taking walks or small platonic cheek kisses occasionally or just spending time together but it’s just considered best friend stuff..?? But one of my other friends who has a significant other says they do the same stuff and that her significant other is basically a best friend too. Added to that when you don’t want sex in a relationship… what even is the difference between asexual dating and friendship? I’ve just been thinking about all of this and i’m so c o n f u s e d. I’ve never dated anyone either, so I literally have no idea what to think

    #asexual#asexual dating #relationships??? #what even is that
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  • where am i even supposed to start when it comes to dating as an asexual? i can’t find any good asexual dating sites or apps and i’m just frustrated.

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  • Dating as an Ace

    Talking to people in person is terrifying because I know once I come out to them they’ll lose all interest/think I’m a freak.

    Trying to use dating apps is a waste because most of them are for one night stands or casual sex, not relationships.

    Meeting people at work sucks because even if they’re really cute, I can’t make any approaches past “how can I help”, which gets me ignored 90% of the time anyway.

    Not even my college pride group is useful because when I told them I was Ace, the club president went “is that real?” That broke my heart.

    And finally I have online meetings that lead to LDRs. I’ve been in a LDR and it was the happiest I’ve ever been, but when she left I felt empty because a person I’ve never met took so much from me.

    Nothing works, and it’s so depressing.

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  • Story time!

    Warning: This is just a fluffy anecdote but I felt the need to put it on the Tumblr because so many posts surrounding these kinda subjects are shrouded in anxiety and sadness. I PROMISE there is a point 😂

    ANNYWAAY. I recently started spending time with this guy. Eventually he asked if he could take me on a date. I said yes. The date was very similar to just our hanging out before, only towards the end he held my hand. I let him. Afterwards I went back to my place and told my closest friends about the lovely evening.

    After a bit of giddiness in a group message, my one friend asked: “does he know you’re asexual?”

    Right then and there, it hit me. If I would like to continue seeing this guy, eventually calling him my boyfriend, I would need to tell him. I was terrified.

    About 4 days later he came over to my place and kept me company while I did chores. After about an hour I got tired and decided to show him my favorite comedy. We sat on my bed. I was nervous. About 5 or 10 minutes into settingly down, we held hands. A couple minutes later I was casually lounging in his arms. I could sense he wanted to kiss me but he wasn’t the least bit agressive and continued to hold me.

    About 2 hours later. We both had other responsibilities. As he was leaving I told him. I mumbled out a string of sentences essentially saying “Hey I have a complicated relationship with physical affection… I don’t always call it this but the most accurate way to describe me is *asexual*” I stared down at my feet and told him he did nothing wrong I just needed him to know. I ran back inside.

    I followed up over text because I was just too anxious to say anymore in person. He told me he’s a little scared of crossing a line but that it’s not my fault and I’m just gonna have to help him. He admitted that it was new to him but he wanted to persue me regardless of my orientation (he even called it that which made me really happy) We briefly talked boundaries and I made sure he knew that I was still attracted to him romantically. I ended the conversation by saying that I wouldn’t mind if he kissed me now that he knows about me. We both laughed at and he thanked me for trusting him enough to say something.

    *Why am I telling Tumblr this:*

    Real life is not the Internet. Not everyone equates intimacy and sex. While not everyone you date is going to be the right fit for you and your asexuality—Hecc, I barely know how Guy and I are gonna last—there are people out there that understand (or are willing to). There are asexual people ready to date asexual people. There are sexually attracted people who would be proud to call an asexual person their SO.

    You just have to use your strength to say something.

    Clear up those misconceptions.

    Tell them what you need, and what you need them to refrain from doing.

    Love yourself and the right person will love you.

    Yes it’s difficult at times. You may think: “What if they don’t believe me that I like/love them?” “What if they think I’m implying they are a sex obsessed deviant?” “What if they think I’m useless?”

    You just have to look out for the ones that are willing to listen regardless of their prior understanding.

    Being asexual presents it’s own set of unique obstacles; statistically way more people are sexually attracted to others than they are asexual. And that’s okay. Give life a chance.

    *But most importantly*

    Do it when you are ready. I chose to tell him then because I have chosen to continue seeing him. If you do not feel safe. You don’t have to tell. Everything is up to you. :)

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