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  • Pidge: Im just an ace in space

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  • the first time i really realized i was asexual was when i went to a friend’s church group one wednesday night and they got all the girls in a circle and had a talk about how lust was a sin even if you don’t act on it… how even LOOKING at a wang was a sin…. and all the girls went around talking about how difficult it was to curb their wild monkey lust for jean-short mcgee or bowl-cut brian and i was just sitting there like “wait you guys think about dick?? on the regular???”

    #asexuality#asexual #the youth pastor (cismale) #told the girls that no matter how hard it was (lol) to avoid it #they MUSTNT LOOK AT A MAN'S JUNK #and i could HEAR all their eyes snap to his half-erect noodle horn #he was wearing those khaki cargo shorts that bunched weirdly in the crotch area? #anyway #being asexual in a christian school for those puberty years was interesting
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  • Going to a movie with friends is better than sex.

    #asexual#asexuality #things that are better than sex #sex repulsed
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  • I don’t know how to verbalize my anger about the “asexual representation” on an LGBTQIA Book rec list without sounding like an Asshole.

    I don’t give the LGBTQIA folks I know enough credit for struggling every day with the anger of not seeing yourself represented whole also making sure other people know you want their identities and stories told, too.

    #personal ish#ace stuff#asexuality #i've got an issue with Buzzfeed
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  • “but if you do feel sexual attraction, doesn’t that place you on the sexual spectrum rather than the asexual spectrum?”


    #don't mind me #asexuality #please I am a Very Tired Ace #really really tired #bagaitte
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  • i have been questioning this for a while but honestly i’m not sure what my sexuality is- i assumed i was cishet considering the only person i ever liked happened to be male- i only liked one person ever romantically, and they just happened to be someone of the opposite gender, but i don’t know

    i think i’m asexual or demisexual in the way that i don’t feel attraction to anyone?? not even my boyfriend?? don’t get me wrong- i think he’s a beautiful, wonderful, supportive person but i don’t think i have the strong urge to do anything with him aside from just dating in the close?? friendly sort of way

    i’m not trying to take a grab at the label for clout or anything, i just genuinely don’t understand the idea of attraction and i think everyone/everything’s beautiful but strictly from an aesthetic and practical standpoint. i never had the urge to sleep with someone or anything and it’s not like i am disgusted or hate the idea of it, just indifferent.

    i completely understand if this whole thing may just look like i’m trying to insert myself into the community and if there’s anything i said that appears wrong, please inform me about it! i’ve been looking more into asexuality, but it is possible that some of the details that i’ve been relating to can be wrong. i just want to be supportive to the LGBTQ+ community while still being enlightened of the details that make this group incredible without being rude or intrusive. ^^

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  • Watching a version of Giselle and she’s known this dude for 4 minutes and she already wants to have his babies.

    Is this what being allosexual is like? cos it’s freaking weird.

    And so is this version of Giselle but anyway.

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  • okay I rewatched the odaat scene of Penelope finding out Elena had a boy over and being mad but then excited and curious about her showing romantic interest (I’m rehashing things in a better state of mind sue me)

    and basically even though Elena decides she’s into girls while Penelope is into men, they still bonded over their first awkward experiences. their weird first kisses. they continue to bond over Penelope wanting to know about Elena’s experiences and feelings about being gay.

    And watching this in a clearer state of mind I better understand my own jealousy about the whole thing. because while having different tastes, and somewhat different experiences, Penelope and Elena could bond over the awkwardness of a first kiss, the uncertainty of experiencing a crush - I know that in s2 they even bond over the fact that Elena wants to have sex with her partner (nonbinary) but is super nervous. Being more clear headed now, I can so easily understand what made me feel so out of place about all of this.

    I cannot bond with my mum about our experiences. My first kiss only happened because I assumed that was what I was supposed to do. My first sexual experience, as well as at least two times after that, were non consensual. My ‘experiences’, my ‘feelings’, regarding being ace, is mostly “I’m not interested”, “I emotionally like this person a lot but who knows physically” or “I can’t get into this kind of physical activity because I have triggers”. That’s not the kind of thing you can easily talk with your mother about, let alone bond over, especially when the one time you tried to explain you’re ace she (naively, not meanly) immediately jumped to the conclusion “well you obviously haven’t met the right person yet”.

    Side note, at this point I’m kind of starting to think I finally have met the right person, and let me tell you while I like him so much and he makes me feel all kinds of things, I still don’t look at him and think “wow suddenly I understand sexual attraction”

    #ramblings#non fandom#aspec #would apologise for the weird rambling but tbh at this point surely you all just expect it #asexuality
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  • im reading a book where one of the non-POV characters is a demi lesbian and the way she describes it is exactly how I’ve observed a lot of actual demi lesbians describe themselves: self describing as lesbian to everyone they’re out as not-straight to but the closest friends, and only disclosing the demisexual label with people close to them, like partners who might wonder why the person is only sexually attracted to someone once a decade.

    also this book’s narrator is white and the other white characters are explicitly stated to be such, and there’s a conversation where a black character calls out the narrator for a colorblind-racist thing she did. and the narrator listens, and doesn’t get defensive or demand to be educated. and she starts being more conscious of racial dynamics around her. i like seeing this kind of interaction and character development modeled in fiction.

    this is ramona blue by julie murphy. I’m not finished yet but I’m enjoying it a lot.

    #metapianycist original post #ya books#asexuality#demisexuality
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  • My current mood: Rereading The Titan’s Curse and realizing that Artemis is both an Arrow Ace and an Aro/Ace

    #pjo#artemis#asexuality #puns!! #does this explain why i loved her so much as a child and also now? #yes. yes it does
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  • As Pride approaches, I’m just going to remind everyone that I am, in no uncertain terms:

    • intersex
    • nonbinary
    • panromantic/sexual
    • demi/ace spectrum

    All of these add up to queer, and I’m proud indeed. If you’re any kind of exclusionist or believe queer is a slur, I guarantee you’ll want to hightail it out of here before June. Tons of reblogs ahoy!

    (I found out this evening, by way of a post crossing my dash, there was at least one TERF blog currently following me. I’m sort of morbidly impressed that this person managed to follow me for so long, because, jeez, I’m not quiet about where I stand either on my blog or in my writing. But, seriously, if you can’t respect me or anybody else under the TQIA+ stretch of the LGBTQIA+ umbrella? Get lost.)

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  • If I were to come out as asexual I would be told it’s a phase. My parents would be angry at me. People would tell me they could change my mind, that I’m faking it for attention. That I’m following a trend. People would tell me I wasn’t ace. Or that it isn’t natural. Some people may use violence to try to change me.

    All of these things are all to common for other members of the lgbt+ community. Yet they aren’t “good enough” for aces to be included in the community.

    “Aces aren’t oppressed!”

    Well, I don’t know what oppression is then. Care to enlighten me?

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  • Okay, this might make me sound egotistical, but hear me out:

    Too many people have been interested in me. I hate needing to be a heart-breaker.

    But here’s the thing. It’s not because I’m the best-looking or because I have some exuding confidence or because I’m a reckless flirt…

    It’s because I’m nice to people.

    And they think that I’m nice because I’m interested in them.

    Which I get, I guess. But how sad is it that we live in a world where kindness is reserved for those you want to pursue sexually or romantically? Like, fuck, dude, I just held the door for you. Shit, girl, I just wanted you to know that I like the pins on you bag. Yo, my guy, just because I paid for your food after we had a long and insightful conversation doesn’t mean I want to get with you, I just think you deserve it for being a stellar human being. Can’t I just be nice? Why the fuck???

    #asexual#asexuality#aromantic#aromanticism#aspec#kindness#nice#flirt#why#heart-breaker#ace pride#ace#aro#aro pride#ace/aro#aro/ace#acearo#aroace#aspec pride#aspec problems#society#social problems #??? #it's not that hard #just be nice #normalize being nice #im not flirting #i just wanted to be nice #im trying to be a good person
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  • Ace and/or Aro Ed Week is June 7-15.

    Ace and/or Aro Al Week is June 21-29.

    To celebrate all things ace/aro Elrics, we’re holding two week-long events with daily themes. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of personal sexual and romantic orientation. We believe that you don’t have to be asexual, aromantic or both yourself to appreciate and create respectful and meaningful works about these experiences.

    All forms of media–fan edits, artwork, fan videos, fanfiction, moodboards, etc.–are welcome. M-rated fiction and above can be created for this week, but will not be shared on our blog.

    This year’s themes are:

    • Day 1: Questioning.
    • Day 2: Education about asexuality, aromanticism, demisexuality, demiromanticism, gray-romanticism or gray-asexuality.
    • Day 3: Ace or Aro Rings.
    • Day 4: Community.
    • Day 5: Life After/Confidence.
    • Day 6: Pride (no, not the homunculus.)
    • Day 7: Love/Attraction.
    • Day 8: Free Day.

    Our content tags are #acearoedelricweek2020 and #acearoalelricweek2020. To join our discord server, please send a direct message to one of the admins for an invite.

    Please feel free to share this post!

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  • So me, being ace and single, just had to look up how often couples have sex so I could be authentic in my writing. I don’t even think I’m embarrassed, I think I’m more amused than anything

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  • tag yourself, what does your romance/ sex-repulsion look like

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  • Ace discourse has found it’s way to tik tok and I am so fucking tired man

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