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    06.01.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • geminirules
    10.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Chills → SF9 Collab

    ❝I got chills when you walk, chills when you talk, chills everytime you say my name. It’s the way that it feels when we touch, I can’t get enough, love got me frozen in place. Baby I got chills.❞

    ❄ Details.

    ❄The theme is Winter, all the things that includes Winter, such as the rain, the snow, the cold, etc. It all has to be Winter themed.

    ❄ You can use any scenario you have in mind, it can be inspired by a movie, book, or even a song, just choose whatever you think fits you the best.

    ❄ Deadline.

    ❄ The deadline is 1st of February 2022

    ❄ If you needed more time you can message me and I’ll let you take your time, but consider that you do have time to finish it, so please keep in mind the due date.

    ❄ The dropout date is 1st of September 2021.

    ❄ No hard feelings or questions asked if you want to dropout, just message me and you’ll be removed from the slots.

    ❄ You can start posting your fic starting from the 1st of November.

    ❄ Rules.

    ❄ First things first.

    ❄There are 8 slots open, I’ll be taking one for myself, all writers are welcomed to join! Even if you’re a beginner, feel free to enter.

    ❄ If you want to join, please message me and tell me the member you want to write about.

    ❄ Please if I send you the Discord link to join, please join so all of the writers can discuss the ideas they’ve in mind to make sure no one makes the same scenario. Also all the updates and announcements will be there, so please join the Discord group.

    ❄ You’re allowed to write fluff, angst, smut, anything that fits you.

    ❄ It needs to be member x reader, no member x member please.

    ❄ The reader needs to be inclusive, please don’t specify race, body weight, hair, anything of the sort that would discriminate anyone.

    ❄ The Minimum words: 1k

    ❄Time stamps or reactions ARE NOT ALLOWED. They need to be one shots, headcanons or drabbles (multi series are fine as well). Just need to fit in the minimum word count.

    ❄ Please put all tags and trigger warnings before the actual story, so the reader knows what they’re getting themselves into.

    ❄ Slots. Closed.

    ❄ Youngbin → @kyukyuhunnie

    ❄ Inseong → @inseongsfoxybae

    ❄ Jaeyoon → @aquamoonchaii

    ❄ Dawon → @127-mile

    ❄ Zuho → @mingyuwus

    ❄ Rowoon → @junjungsunwoo

    ❄ Yoo Taeyang → @ashrocker123

    ❄ Hwiyoung → @geminirules (me)

    ❄ Chani → @daeunhye

    © geminirules, all rights reserved 2021

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  • cxffee-addxct
    13.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 that come up. then tag 10 other to do the same

    I got tagged by - @dearncityy (thank you for tagging me omg you’re one of my favorite writers on this app ily 🥺)

    1. There! Right There! - Legally Blonde Soundtrack

    2. Thief - Block B Bastarz

    3. O Sole Mio - SF9

    4. Losing You - blackbear

    5. Memory - Mamamoo

    6. With Band Wonderlust - Crush

    7. Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured - Arctic Monkeys

    8. Attention - Joji

    9. The State of Dreaming - Marina and the Diamonds

    10. SING - My Chemical Romance

    I’m tagging: @seunguwoos @oppafeels @i-njun @troubled-art @tytaeyongtrack @127-mile @seokjinsdisciple @geniusjoong @longgrassride @ashrocker123

    #i hope this doesnt annoy anyone #i just wanted to do something fun during my boring quarantine 🥺
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  • getcooler
    01.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    As the year 2019 has come to an end and the year 2020 has begun, we wanted to thank all of our dear followers and readers for being here and helping us grow on our very first year as getcooler.

    There have been many reblogs and much more likes and we’re appreciative of them all. However, rather few people have given us feedback and that makes those comments even more special to us.

    To encourage all of you to give more feedback in the future on not only our own writing but all content you encounter here on Tumblr, we’ve decided to compile a very special feedback appreciation post to thank each and every person who gave us feedback. Who knows, maybe posts like this one will become a tradition here on getcooler and next year you will be included :D

    ❤️ On that note, please remember that we’re always open to all feedback regarding our writing and we really appreciate each and every reblog, every comment, every incoherent tag, every ask inspired by something we’ve uploaded. We love you all! ❤️

    And now to thank everyone who gave us feedback on our writing (yes, all of you ❤️):

    Thank you for reading and leaving feedback on our mediocre fanfiction!

    @schmelscorner (thank you for appreciating our Yoongi drabble)

    @hanbff (thank you for appreciating WOW)

    @1-800-drippin (thank you for shedding a tear and encouraging us to continue writing after you read WOW)

    @iwanttowriteaboutxiu (even though you probably don’t remember reblogging WOW, we’re thankful for even that small tag that said you thought it was a cute fic)

    @airi-koizumi (thank you for liking WOW so much that you felt the need to reblog it with what was possibly the longest tag we’ve ever read [also, yes, reverse proposal are indeed it ;)])

    @daddychangbean (thank you for reading WOW and thinking it was the most beautiful thing at the time)

    @lalabeth (thank you for loving WOW enough to reblog it)

    @stayfrostyroyalmilkyeet (thank you for almost crying when you read WOW. We’re glad that the fic helped you feel better after the day you had <3)

    @softestdreamer (thank you for reading Inseparable and thinking it was the softest thing ever)

    @habre-racan (thank you for thinking Inseparable was a beautiful fic. we think you’re beautiful too.)

    @particularemu (thank you for thinking Inseparable was the cutest fic you’ve ever read!)

    @tardis-world (we’re glad that Inseparable brought you back to life after killing you with all the fluff :D)

    @ashrocker123 (though there will probably not be/was probably not a person to be cute with you when you got braces, we hope the Chan drabble made you feel a bit better)

    @hyunjins-mole (admin Cola, or @milkteandhan as you probably know her, is probably asleep as I compile this but that does not mean you don’t get to be thanked: thank you for reblogging and enjoying the fic that admin Cola spent so much time writing as your Secret Santa exchange gift <3 ) 

    If you got this far in the appreciation post after being mentioned in it but haven’t seen your username yet, don’t worry - you probably gave us feedback more than once and that practically makes you our friend now :D 

    Without further ado, thank you all the people who gave us more than one comment throughout this year. We truly appreciate you. You guys are the reason we can continue to upload without much worry in our hearts and seeing your familiar usernames in our notes always gives us a familiar feeling of warmth and happiness. Feel free to message us on either of our personal blogs or leave an ask cuz as said before - you’re technically our friends now.

    (ok that was like much further ado i’m so sorry)


    Thank you for thinking Jisung in Perks of Being (a) Clumsy (idiot) were was cute enough that it made you reblog the fic and for thinking “WOW” was sugar sweet. We think YOU are sugar sweet for leaving these comments!


    Thank you for laughing at our fics and making us laugh with your comments hidden in tags :D (Seriously, your #IT REALLY IS UTER-US BAHSHJABDBDBD tag on Perks of Being (a) Clumsy (Idiot) that made admin Vy laugh so loud that she almost died). Also, yes, technically Jisung in that fic probably got to agonize in period cramps with his soulmate. When will your faves ever?


    Hi! You’re one of these blogs whose username always makes our hearts flutter when we see it in our notes. Thank you for continuously reblogging and leaving tags for us to read! We’re glad that you thought that JYP nurse trope was original and interesting; we’re glad that you thought Minho as a cat was adorable; we’re particularly glad you thought quoting WOW in our fic with the same title was hilarious, and we’re even more happy that your birthday seemed to be around the same time as Admin Cola’s so BE MINE got to work as a birthday fic for the both of you. Honestly, we’re so freaking glad you’ve remained our loyal reader and hope that one day you will leave us an ask so we can actually talk to you!


    OMG HI! You’ve left feedback on FIVE! of our fics and we’re so so glad that you exist! Looking at your tags, we can’t help but wish that one day (though unlikely but maybe if we all wish together it’ll come true) you will get your own personal Minho to cuddle and hug cuz that seems to be that general mood of your reblogs :D Seriously, we adore you for leaving these little tags and reblogging our fics. Keep doing that and maybe leave us an ask every once in a while, yeah?
    #stray kids scenarios #fanfiction#appreciation post#admin vy#admin cola #hi we truly do love you #if you saw your username here feel free to leave an ask or a comment or literally anything #cuz we love you and want to hear more from you
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    #hmm an interesting song that i dont listen to much! #ashrocker123#answered #ask games!
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    #also i’m having a not so great day but thank you for hoping i did #ashrocker123#ask
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    #ashrocker123#replies #thank u for sending this to me #;lsdkfa #are u ready for tomorrow ;_; #im gonna go meet my friend early that day im debating if i should even watch it tomorrow or wait till sunday
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