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  • tag yourself: weather edition.

    thunderstorms: dark humor, staying up till three am, yearning over someone you can never have, wanting to leave your hometown and travel.

    sunshine: giddy laughs, braiding other people’s hair, falling asleep under a tree, holding hands, blowing bubbles, dancing in the kitchen.

    snowstorms: drinking hot tea in the mornings, curling into a big blanket, tight hugs, oversized sweaters, wishing you were apart of a fantasy world instead of this one.

    cloudy skies: solemn silences, hearty laughs, close friendships, contemplating existence, wanting more out of life.

    rainbows: beautiful hair, making everyone around you laugh, catching butterflies on your finger, savoring chocolates, smelling flowers.

    gentle rains: whispering small nothing’s into your lovers ear, watching old tv shows on repeat, overanalyzing every situation, watching birds fly.

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  • #thank you for the spicy ask! #deacon x maccready x natasha #Natasha Sokolova#fallout#my ships#ask memes#electricshoebox
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  • #thank you for the spicy ask! #I have to find a ship name for them #deacon x maccready x natasha #OT3#ask memes#my ships#natasha sokolova#fallout#my OC#pchberrytea#maccready#deacon
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  • Send me a πŸ€” and I will reply with two truths and a lie. Then you can guess which is the lie.

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    feel free to change pronouns, etc!


    β€˜ teach me how to love you like i wrote. ’
    β€˜ teach me how to hold you in my arms without squeezing too damn tight and causing harm. ’
    β€˜ i’ll learn not to look at you with scorn if you promise to never have been born. ’
    β€˜ damn it, don’t expect me to change. ’
    β€˜ mold me to the man that i should be, but don’t consider that man to be free. ’
    β€˜ how am i expected to behave when i’m alone with myself everyday? ’
    β€˜ i never loved you enough, my love. ’
    β€˜ i’ll never hold you close enough. ’


    β€˜ this feels right, and i’m letting it. ’
    β€˜ i know just what to do. ’
    β€˜ tire of me if you will, my dear, but i will not tire of you. ’
    β€˜ it turns out that nothing is fair. ’
    β€˜ you can leave me if you wish, my love, but i’m not going anywhere. ’
    β€˜ i’m not going anywhere. ’
    β€˜ you can leave me if you wish. ’
    β€˜ please don’t hurt me. ’
    β€˜ please don’t hurt me, love; i am a fragile one. ’
    β€˜ please don’t break my heart. i think it’s had enough pain to last the rest of my life. ’
    β€˜ my endless distraction, you worry me. ’
    β€˜ you don’t have to make any promises. ’
    β€˜ i’m afraid i might die for you now. ’
    β€˜ i’d kill just to watch as you’re sleeping; i hope that you’ll let me in time. ’
    β€˜ you don’t have to call me yours, but damn it, i’m calling you mine. ’
    β€˜ i will not tire of you. ’


    β€˜ if you must wait, wait here in my arms. ’
    β€˜ if you must weep, do it right here. ’
    β€˜ if you must mourn, my love, mourn with the moon and the stars up above. ’
    β€˜ if you must mourn, don’t do it alone. ’
    β€˜ if you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet. ’
    β€˜ if you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part. ’
    β€˜ if you must fight, fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night. ’
    β€˜ work to leave some part of you on this earth. ’
    β€˜ if you must live, darling one, just live. ’
    β€˜ just live. ’


    β€˜ i can see in your eyes that you mean it. ’
    β€˜ all of these years, you’ve been lonely. ’
    β€˜ though you are right, i’ve been looking as well, i’m not looking for you. ’
    β€˜ i’m just as disappointed as you, only i just do better to hide it. ’
    β€˜ the one thing that keeps me from falling for you is i’m truly alone, and i like it. ’
    β€˜ as we lie in bed, i feel lonely. ’
    β€˜ though we’re young, i feel eight years old. ’
    β€˜ i’m still feeling cold. ’
    β€˜ you are lovely. you’re kind, and you’re beautiful, too. ’
    β€˜ i feel in some way i do love you, but i’m not in love with you. ’
    β€˜ why don’t i just keep on looking for her? cause i found her, but now she is gone. ’


    β€˜ you seem to look through me. ’
    β€˜ i wonder what you see. ’
    β€˜ i wish i could stay with you. ’
    β€˜ i figured you love to read. ’
    β€˜ you probably love the sun. ’
    β€˜ i think you’re the only one. ’
    β€˜ i wish i could wake up at dawn to see you without make up on. ’
    β€˜ you look the best today. ’
    β€˜ i feel i know your smile, like i saw it when i was a child. ’


    β€˜ where have you been? ’
    β€˜ how can you sleep? ’
    β€˜ you’d be much better off there with him, promising to never let me in. ’
    β€˜ i was better where i was miserable. ’
    β€˜ i love you, please don’t go. ’
    β€˜ don’t you sit there looking like you know that i’m the one that kept you from your home. ’
    β€˜ tell him you’ll meet him at ten. just don’t let me see him again. ’
    β€˜ i just don’t think i can lie. ’


    β€˜ i’ve been looking for you all year long just to tell me i have not been wrong. ’
    β€˜ is this all that you can give back? ’
    β€˜ you’ll have to do worse than that. ’
    β€˜ waking every day always leads straight to feeling this way. ’
    β€˜ i’ll be leaving, and i won’t come back. ’
    β€˜ i’d give you all i have. ’
    β€˜ this has been the best of me. ’
    β€˜ i hope you end up missing me, and i’ll hold onto that. ’
    β€˜ is the water dragging at your feet, urging you to slip down underneath? ’
    β€˜ are you gonna let me take your soul? ’
    β€˜ are you gonna let me take your soul? my god, you really are. i’m gonna eat you whole. ’


    β€˜ believe me, this loneliness won’t go away. ’
    β€˜ your friends will always just be in your way. ’
    β€˜ trust me, they’ll die or leave you, either way. ’
    β€˜ i’ve lost my mind. ’
    β€˜ the devil’s got nothing on me, my friend. ’
    β€˜ all i want is to be left alone. ’
    β€˜ tact from me is like blood from a stone. ’
    β€˜ my heart is dead for all to see. ’


    β€˜ what have you done to us? ’
    β€˜ i turned my back, and it turned to dust. ’
    β€˜ what have you done? ’
    β€˜ please, just come here, don’t fight with me. ’
    β€˜ i think you may have broken it. ’
    β€˜ if all you wanted was songs for you, well here goes: after all that you’ve put me through, here’s one for you. ’
    β€˜ don’t call me lover. ’
    β€˜ don’t call me lover, it’s not enough. it’s got to be tough, cynical stuff. ’
    β€˜ sweetheart, what have you done to our love? ’


    β€˜ is it morning yet? ’
    β€˜ we have a couple hours left. ’
    β€˜ god knows what will happen then. ’
    β€˜ i will see you in the morning. ’
    β€˜ i know every mark on your hand. ’
    β€˜ you know crowds unsettle me. ’
    β€˜ please don’t look at me like that. ’


    β€˜ don’t think of me like that. ’
    β€˜ just picture me leaving and not coming back. ’
    β€˜ you ache from my love and it shows. let it go. ’
    β€˜ one day you’ll drink from my bones, and scream as you rip out my throat. ’
    β€˜ don’t let me go. ’
    β€˜ this is your home now. ’
    β€˜ is it love you regret? ’
    β€˜ your eyes are so still whenΒ  you speak. ’
    β€˜ just take me home. ’


    β€˜ i did it all for you. ’
    β€˜ please don’t cry or say goodbye. ’
    β€˜ i’ll love you until the day i die. every night, if that’s alright. ’
    β€˜ do you know who i am? ’
    β€˜ now that you’re all that i have, is it fair to love me too? ’
    β€˜ it hurts because of you. ’
    β€˜ i’ll kiss you through a hazmat suit. that’s what i’ll do if i have to. ’
    β€˜ you seem to know who i am. ’


    β€˜ i saw you on the news. ’
    β€˜ you’re looking like you ain’t got much to lose. ’
    β€˜ come on, make me fall in love with you. ’
    β€˜ please just make me tell the truth. ’
    β€˜ do you wake up lonely every day? ’
    β€˜ come on, baby, take me all the way. ’
    β€˜ we can make it all the way. ’
    β€˜ we’re all alone. ’
    β€˜ turns out we don’t belong after all. ’
    β€˜ this feels different than it felt before. ’
    β€˜ i guess that you were just expecting more. come on, you knew me, what’d you do that for? ’
    β€˜ i am selfish to my very core. ’
    β€˜ let’s just have this fight todaya. say i’m worthless and you feel betrayed. ’
    β€˜ don’t leave, i’ve got more to say. ’
    β€˜ someday there’ll be hell to pay. ’

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