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    02.05.2017 - 4 years ago

    Some of the Mod’s Favorite Asks

    ( That’s me!

    I was curious about how far things had come along, so I went through a bunch of my old posts, and to my surprise, quite a few of these were so absurd and funny to me that they actually made me laugh again. So, I decided I would go ahead and categorize a few of my favorite Asks in this one post for any newcomers who are curious about how things were a couple of years ago, why Eggman is here, and other things. (All listed in order.)


    The Mustache Saga

    #1 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27439966397

    #2 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27458647943

    #3 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27463939028/thanks-for-trying-doc

    #4 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27466507125

    #5 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27467956015

    #6 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27513656162

    #7 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27527194378

    #8 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27649075642

    #9 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27744340806

    #10 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27749696225

    #11 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/27751138609








    Why the heck is Eggman here?

    #1 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/41341715928

    #2 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/44009954039/irresistible-continuation-of-this-the

    #3 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/44833228726








    Sonic Thief






    Favorite Invention



    Tails Week

    #1 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/94229251041/someone-forgot-about-the-stipulations-of-his

    #2 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/94491784721/special-event-tails-guest-stars

    #3 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/94504407261

    #4 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/94668278991/to-uh-answer-the-question-i-dont-think-tails

    #5 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/96893095246

    #6 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/98350750116/one-more-ask-tails-remaining-whos-gonna-get

    #7 - https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/116711418346/finally-i-owed-one-more-ask-with-tails-and-i


    Forgive me for going all nostalgic-trip on you guys. Going through all of these in my files was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Did you know I’ve got over 110 actual Ask posts? Not counting milestones, special pictures, special events, side-comics, etc... I’ve been putting a lot of work into this thing, apparently!

    This blog started on July 15th, 2012. And we’re not too off from the 5-year mark. That’s crazy to me.

    I really want to be active with this thing for as long as I can come up with silly jokes and scenarios, so, I hope you guys enjoy what lies aheads for the future! And to those that actually went through the list here, you’re super cool.

    But, to those who didn’t, you’re super cool, too, ‘cause you bother with following the blog anyway, and that’s very kind of you all.

    Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane like I did. )

    #ask-theblueblur#OOC#favorites#compilation #what a cool ride this has all been
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  • ask-cream
    27.07.2014 - 6 years ago

    Chao, chao chaochao chao chao! (I'll have you know, I learned karate!)

    #ask #cream the rabbit #cheese the chao #ask-theblueblur #sonic the hedgehog #finally got to answer this! #he's a fighting spirit XD
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  • askagentrouge
    22.04.2014 - 7 years ago

    Well, dammit. You better go get me another cone, hedgehog.

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  • jammerlee
    18.04.2014 - 7 years ago

    Tony: https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/83040831480/ive-had-to-deal-with-this-from-amy-before-dont

    Jammerlee: XD That's my anon

    Tony: sfadkhjs are you serious XD

    Jammerlee: =B

    Tony: https://ask-theblueblur.tumblr.com/post/83051412771/huh-maybe-i-have-been-slipping-a-bit-maybe-this

    Xeric: Amazing


    Tony: are you--

    Tony: JAMIE


    Jammerlee: WHAT

    Jammerlee: XD

    Jammerlee: Now everytime you get an anon you're gonna start wondering if it's me XD

    Tony: Yep

    Tony: YEP

    Tony: yep.

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  • askthesonicboom
    13.02.2014 - 7 years ago
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  • ask-thenightmarens
    11.12.2013 - 7 years ago
    #ask-theblueblur #love your blog btw! #NiGHTS into Dreams #Sonic Lost World #Sonic the Hedgehog
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  • luigi-time
    12.01.2013 - 8 years ago

    ask-theblueblur replied to your post: ooc

    (( I had fun, too. T’was a good time! ))

    (( Thanks for joining))

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  • luigi-time
    25.08.2012 - 8 years ago

    Wowie wowie, Sounds like'a fun to me!

    Let's a-go!

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  • waluigi-time-blog
    28.07.2012 - 8 years ago

    Awkward choice of clothes?!  Oh, that's rich coming from you, Nopants McCoy!  What-a you know about fashion?  I bet I could juggle all your knowledge with one hand tied behind my back!

    Anyway, I guess you're-a talking about the Wario and the Eggman, eh?  Well, as a matter of fact, we do have a little club!  We call it the Distinguished Gentlemen's League of Mustachioed Gentlemen.  The only members currently are Waluigi, Wario, Eggman, and Shadow the Hedgehog!

    Er... yeah.  It's-a the long story.  Anyway, we had a little get together just the other day...

    We all went to biking on our four-man tandem bicycle!  It was a grueling workout, but of course Waluigi got through it no sweat!  Wario, he was-a panting pretty hard by the end of it.  Something about those stubby legs of his I think.  We had a picnic after that, with some sandwiches we stole from a nearby deli.  Between Eggman and Wario though, me and Shadow hardly got a bite to eat!

    The meeting got cut a bit short, because Wario got wind of some treasure that had just been discovered.  And by "got wind" I mean a newspaper blew into his face.  Shadow, he said he had to leave on "important business," whatever that means.  So it was just me and Eggman.  We stopped by his base for a little bit, and then decided we'd go catch a baseball game.  Our favorite team, the Diamond City Backstabbers was-a playing!  Eggman, he brought that weird blue kid of his to watch the game.

    Unfortunately, due to some lousy calls from the umpire and a lot of blatant cheating from the away team, which for some reason didn't get called out, the Backstabbers lost.  Bah!  Why everybody gotta cheat against Waluigi, eh?

    Other than that though, it was a pretty great day!  I bet you and your no pants are pretty envious, huh?  Too bad you haven't got an ounce of "distinguished" or "gentleman" in your body!  Weh heh heh!

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  • mat2modblog
    26.07.2012 - 8 years ago

    My Tumblr Crushes:

    askaceattorney (15%)

    ask-theblueblur (9%)

    luigi-time (9%)

    mlpartconfessions (5%)

    tomorrowisbright (4%)

    askkevdarkhood (4%)

    mls-classics (3%)

    askthosesillystickmen (3%)

    yukitoshi (3%)

    Tumblr crushes update: Sonic and Luigi awnsered some questions, grimdark stickman turned into a cat and AAA is still awesome.

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  • ask-theblueblur
    26.07.2012 - 8 years ago

    (( But, no, seriously, go visit dat Big. It's awesome!

    [ I apologize for mucking up your art style - I did my best to make a nice tribute answer <3 ]

    https://hey-big-guy.tumblr.com/ ))

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  • hey-big-guy-blog
    24.07.2012 - 8 years ago

    Don't worry 'bout us. Have fun in your races.


    #All-Stars Racing #Big the Cat #Retirement#Transformed#ask-theblueblur #People go golfing when they retire right?
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  • ask-theblueblur
    20.07.2012 - 8 years ago
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    18.07.2012 - 8 years ago
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    17.07.2012 - 8 years ago
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    16.07.2012 - 8 years ago
    #ask-theblueblur#chaos 0 #sonic adventure 2
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    16.07.2012 - 8 years ago
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