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    14.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #ooc: elle est sur un petit nuage d'amour #le doux effet des retrouvailles #asl brothers#ask: anon#aabout: saul
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    14.06.2021 - 17 hours ago


    #one piece#makino#asl brothers #portgas d ace #one piece sabo #sabo #monkey d. luffy #i love makino #so fricking much #she is so pretty #and her outfits #so cool #luffy is telling her about a cool bug he found
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  • unbelfiore
    13.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Match up, No. 11

    Anon said:

    Helloooo can I please get a one piece match up? I go by she/her pronouns and am bi. I enjoy skating and reading. I love to listen to other people ramble about their hobbies and interests, it's just so cute when they do that. I'm also a person that is shy at first but then will be more chaotic when I'm comfortable around you. I'm kinda lazy tbh and I love to listen to music while napping. I am a ravenclaw if that helps too. Thank you love!

    a/n: Hello dear. I hope that you´re good and are somewhere you can enjoy good weather with good and lovely people around you. My dear anon I have to apologize for making you wait for so, sooooooooo long, but sadly I couldn’t get myself to do it earlier because of live and assailments. Anyways I still do hope that you didn´t forget about your request and still look forward to the work of mine. If there is anything that bothers you or you simply hate please make sure to tell me so I can work on it and give you something better and different. Other than that I hope you will enjoy what will come next. Happy reading, my dear anon!

    Match up rules can be found HERE.

    Warning(s): Maybe grammatical or spelling mistakes since English is my third language and I´m still improving in every aspect (Please have mercy on that.)

    !!! Please do not steal my idea or work. Credit me if this is shared or published in any other platform or any other way. Please respect me as the writer and my work. Picture is not mine. Credits to: @m_snm_wd (Twitter) !!!

    - Well my dear I choose to match you up with the number two of the revolutionary army. Our beloved chief of staff Sabo!

    - When Sabo gets asked what made him fall in love with you, he would say your eyes. The moment he looked at you he knew that you were someone special. He knew that you were someone he´d get along with easily. He simply knew that you´d be someone he would love to be close to and always having close to him.

    - You were a new comer at the revolutionary army and were about to introduced to some of the important people of the organization.

    - Although you were just 18 you had great fighting skills. And on top of that you were an amazing fencer.

    - You were currently walking next to a office worker of the organization who showed you all the important places in the base. You were about to walk up to the cafeteria when you bumped into the back of your guide who out of nowhere stopped walking. “It´s a pleasure to see you Sabo and Koala. How was the mission? Did everything go as planned?”,

    - A blond tall man stood in front of your guide followed by a beautiful woman. Both of them giving you friendly smiles and greeting you before giving your guide a short info about their mission when Sabo stopped focusing on your guide but rather you. “You are the sword fighter that is now a part of us, right? This place might look a bit boring and gloomy but trust me when I say that it´s more than that. It´s great here and you get to see so much of the world in perspectives you never thought of. If there is anything you ever need just know that I am just one floor below you.”

    - And that was your first ever encounter and talk in which he gave you a taste of his lovely smile that was able to light up a whole room no matter the mood.

    - Sabo was always impressed of you. He always heard that the trainers complained about your lack of participation in the training sessions for the trainees and newbie’s. But Dragon never said anything because he knew how competent you were. And so did Sabo.

    - The first times he tried talking to you, you always gave short answers or just listened to him ramble bout something. And he would have always apologized for not letting you talk too. And each time you would laugh and tell him that you liked listening to people no matter the topic. As long as they were comfortable.

    - And so it came that he would always find you to have a walk with him so you could talk about something. Although he was talking the majority of the time.

    - The little walks you would always have every day after dinner would turn into a little tradition. Whenever you wouldn´t have them he would think of the worst and get sad. Whenever he wasn´t able to see you he would be down and a total child that has to be dragged to a meeting by Koala.

    - One day Dragon send you, Sabo and Koala on a mission. Everything was all good until a little mistake was done by Sabo simply because of him being a bit reckless and thinking he could shorten up the whole process even tho Koala told him he couldn´t. But that man never listens. Maybe his stubborn self was boosted more than usual because you were with them and he wanted to prove how great he is. But he would never admit it.

    - Everything escalated in the blink of an eye. Koala was going nuts while scolding Sabo. And you? You were the definition of calm. You might be someone who was lazy but you were impressively smart. Logically and strategically thinking was your strength next to sword fighting. But you never spoke about your talent because you thought that when someone had a talented or was good in it they did not have to always show it off or talk about it. You always said that overconfidence was something you despised and avoided in all cost.

    - And so it came that Sabo had the chance to get to see the intelligence in you and the burning determination in your eyes to complete the mission successfully. Sabo was in awe. He was impressed and had a huge grin upon his lips the whole time. Even on the way back to the base he would always have a tiny smile on his lips.

    - After that mission he would always look forward to missions with you. He would always suggest you to accompany him on missions. But after some time it got suspicious and he always got teased for wanting to go with you on missions because these occasions were the only moments one could get you to come out of your room. And you didn´t mind at all. But Koala did because she knew that her friend found a liking in you but you simply couldn’t see it.

    - Weeks passed and no sight of you realizing that the number two was crushing on you. Months passed and you were still as clueless as ever until Koala told you out of nowhere that Sabo liked you and left you overwhelmed and surprised. Alone in your room with your brain shutting down and intelligence leaving your body.

    - After a few days in which Sabo hid from you and tried to avoid you at any cost you finally saw him at a meeting. When the meeting ended he approached you and tucked on your sleeve to get your attention since you were talking to Koala. “Do you have a minute? I would like to talk with you.”, he smiled at you with a little blush while he got lost in your eyes. “Sure. What do you wanna talk about? Did something happen?”, Sabo shook his head and offered you his hand and walked you out. He led you to the roof of the base and instantly got to the point right after he told himself to not do anything embarrassing. “y/n. Listen. I know this might sound weird but I truly like you. I thought I should tell you this myself although Koala already told you that and ruined everything. But that’s not the point. I am not telling you this because I want you to go on date with me but make sure you actually hear it from me. So if you, after this, still would like to be friends and keep wanting to spend time with me I really would appreciate it and would like you too….“

    - Sabo was none stop rambling with no sight of him stopping soon. So you simply hugged him to stop him from rambling without an actual end. “Huh?!”, the blond man froze on the spot not knowing where to put his hands or if he should put his hand on you at all. “When someone usually hugs someone, they expect them to hug back. But it´s fine I took you by surprise.”, you said with a little smile on your lips while hiding your face on his shoulder. “That I know my dear, but they do not instantly hug back when they are in love and would like to hug that significant other all the time.”, the smile on your lips grew and made you look up. “So out of your words that were just a – I like you- turned now into a – I love you-. Glad to see that the hug worked and I could get you to speak what I wanted to say myself.”

    - Congratulations my dear. Your sweet confession got one of the strongest men alive to blush and not know what to say. Flustered Sabo looked away with a smile upon his lips and a racing heart. “So you like me too? Am I correct… my dear y/n?”

    - You nodded and that was what made Sabo to embrace you in his arms and pull you as close to him as possible. “Thank you for allowing me to hear your confession. Thank you for seeing me worth to be loved.”


    - Your and Sabos relationship was one of the sweetest. You were what the world would have called couple goals. Every person at the revolutionary army knew you two and would always refer on you two with different names. One would call you -the beauty and the beast-, -Romeo and Juliet-, -Yin and Yang-, -Royal couple- and so much more.

    - Sabo and you knew about that and loved it although it always would cause the both of you to blush and get shy around each other when you would hear it. Out of all the names you heard or got told about by colleges or Koala, Sabo had a favorite he would never admit out loud. And the name he loved was – the calm and the chaos-

    - The calm and the chaos wasn´t romantic or sweet but to him it meant a lot. Because you were like the calm silence at the beach. The comforting silence that surrounded the atmosphere when the sun rise. You were like the warm silence full of hopes and dreams that surrounded the atmosphere when the sun set. You were the comforting silence he, the chaos, needed in his life to recharge and gain strength. You were the love filled silence he always looked for when the world was about to drown him in his raging wrath. You were like the love filled, comforting calm that embraced him when the voices in his head threatened to fill his heart with agony and despair.

    - He was the uncontrollable storm and you were his heart the eye of the storm that held all the comfort and silence that would keep him from losing himself

    - You were the only calm in his life. You were hiscalm. You were the only calm in his life. And he swore to keep you and love you until his last breath.

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    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Whats up gamers have you heart about uuuhhh juan pis???

    #my art#one piece#opfanart #monkey d luffy #tragalgar law #portgas d ace #cat burglar nami #god ussop#corazon#donquixote rosinante#Sabo#asl brothers #shtt thats a lot of tags huh
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  • what-the-fuck-adam
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Role swap au


    - Ace gets to Fuck Shit Up

    - Pirate!Sabo

    - If Ace loses his memories that’s a good decade without having the Roger Thing hanging over him at all times

    - Sabo gets a cool new dad who loves him

    - Ace also gets a cool dad who loves him


    - none


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  • sakusaturnnn
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    if this 3secs clip doesn’t make a grown man cry then what will?

    #cried myself to sleep then had a good sleep because of this #monkey d. luffy #one piece #portgas d. ace #sabo the revolutionary #asl#asl brothers#onepiecesupergrandbattlex
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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #one piece x reader #one piece scenario #one piece imagine #one piece headcanon #sabo imagines #sabo x reader #sabo headcanons#sabo headcannons#sabo headcanon #one piece sabo #sabo the revolutionary #asl brothers
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  • exactly-another-one-piece-blog
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Sabo, fully aware he is three months younger than Ace: Gee, I wonder which one of us is the bigger brother. It’s such a mystery. Yup, There’s no way to decide.

    #one piece #monkey d. luffy #sabo #portagas d. ace #asl brothers
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  • sashi-ya
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #asl brothers #portgas d ace headcanons #portgas d ace imagine #portgas d ace #portgas d. ace x reader #portgas d. ace #portgas d ace x reader #portgas d ace x y/n #portgas d ace x you #hiken no ace #ace x you #trafalgar d law x reader #trafalgar law#trafalgardwaterlaw #trafalgar one piece #trafalgar d. water law #trafalgar law x reader #chief of staff sabo #op sabo #one piece sabo #sabo #sabo the revolutionary #sabo op #sabo x you #sabo x reader #sabo headers #sabo one piece #sabo imagine#revolutionary sabo #monkey d. luffy
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  • idianaki
    09.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Bardzo chciałam napisać One Piece Reverse Role AU, gdzie Ace traci wspomnienia, a Sabo dorasta z Luffym. Nigdy czegoś takiego nie widziałam i bardzo chciałam to zobaczyć. A jak to się mówi "pisz to co sam chciałbyś przeczytać".

    A później moja miłość do Armii Rewolucjonistów przypomniała mi, że Dragon jest na wyspie przez całą akcję z pożarem I Niebiańskimi Smokami, a ze "śmiercią" Ace'a, pojawia się też świetna wymówka, żeby zabrać Luffy'ego jak najdalej się da od tej przeklętej wyspy. W końcu Garp już raz zawiódł jeśli chodzi o zajęcie się bardzo poszukiwanym dzieckiem bardzo poszukiwanego przestępcy.

    Więc, to całe AU to połączenie "Sabo/Ace Role Reverse" i "Dragon wychowuje Luffy'ego". Tak, mam to na myśli bardzo dosłownie, nawet przepisałam 90% moich headcanonów i fabuł, które miałam przygotowane do tego drugiego AU do pliku z tym.

    Ponieważ Luffy i Sabo utkną z Rewolucjonistami, Ace oczywiście będzie gdzie indziej. I naprawdę bardzo się cieszę, że mam wymówkę, żeby napisać Ace'a który jest częścią załogi Białobrodego bez bycia bitym, więzionym, izolowanym i prawie-zabijanym przez trzy miesiące bez przerwy. Ace nie pamięta zupełnie nic, poza swoim imieniem (do czego wymyśliłam całe wyjaśnienie, bo nudziło mi się kiedyś na niemieckim) i jest znaleziony przez piratów Białobrodego, którzy odwiedzają Dawn Island bo powody. Więc Ace dorasta na ich statku przez kolejne dziesięć lat nie mając pojęcia kim jest, co zostaje nowym źródłem jego problemów, bo uważam, że problemy z poczuciem własnej wartości, zwłaszcza tak poważne jak jego, nie powinny po prostu zniknąć tylko dlatego, że nie ma wspomnień. One wciąż tam są, tylko teraz wywodzą się z kompletnie czegoś innego, przez co rozwiną się w kompletnie innym kierunku.

    W tym czasie Sabo&Luffy mieszkają i dorastają na Baltigo, gdzie Dragon udowadnia, że kochający i troszczący się rodzic, któremu naprawdę zależy, nie oznacza dobrego rodzica, ale dzięki morze Sabo i masa Rewolucjonistów są tu, żeby pomóc. A, no i Luffy podbija serca całej bazy, bo to Luffy. Sabo zostaje też pół-oficjalnie adoptowany przez Dragona, co w sumie i tak jest kanonem dla niektórych osób w fandomie.

    #my writing#my au#one piece #one piece reverse role au #our place in the world au #our place in the world #fanfiction#my ideas#asl brothers #one piece au
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  • just-a-well-wisher
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    " Hello Again Murderer Dearest. "

    A young child who looked to be about 5 with messy raven black hair,hauntingly dark bark brown eyes with far too familiar freckles,a terrifyingly similar circular birthmark on his chest mouths to Fleet Admiral 'Akainu' Sakazuki as they passed by each other before smirking darkly.

    The other 5 year old looks far too familiar as well. Blond hair,a burn birthmark on the left eye with vivid sapphire sea blue eyes and a devious smile. The boy's hand is shaped in the style of a certain Revolutionary's fighting style that already left many scars on Sskazuki himself,both mental and physical.

    As the Fleet Admiral looks to the last of the three,another 5 year old boy,that 5 year old looks back at him with eyes the color of freshly made glossy dark chocolate paste. Their hair is messed up in the same way that the marine knew once belonged to a certain pirate while an all too familiar wry smile etched itself across his face,a slopped line with two 'stitches' and an 'X' birthmark on the boy's face and chest respectively.

    A wave of fear rushed through Sakazuki for once in his life. There was no way those were them. Right? The fleet admiral spun on his heels to look at them. The trio mouthed one single phrase that instantly had Sakazuki paling in worry.

    " You'll be seeing us around soon. Don't worry Fleet Admiral. "

    And with that,the trio of boys promptly disappeared into thin air right in front of Sakazuki.

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  • kishiqo
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    garp: today my grandsons said that they didn't love me

    ASL: we just said we didn't want to be marines

    garp: its the same thing!

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  • threeapplesfromthesky
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fire Fist Ace

    #portgas d. ace #Ace #fire fist ace #one piece#asl brothers#my art #my own art #fanart
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  • sashi-ya
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chief of staff sabo #op sabo #one piece sabo #sabo#asl brothers #sabo the revolutionary #sabo op #sabo x you #sabo x reader #sabo headers #sabo one piece #sabo imagine#revolutionary sabo
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  • kaz-tyrkaun
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ASL brothers

    #one piece #chief of staff sabo #sabo the revolutionary #sabo #portgas d. ace #ace #monkey d. luffy #luffy#asl brothers #my own art #fanart
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  • dinersaturn
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Well now none of the ASL brothers can swim. Thanks Oda.

    #this is a joke I’m sorry #one piece #money d Luffy #portgas d ace #sabo the revolutionary #Sabo#asl brothers
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  • unbelfiore
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    aesthetic wallpaper by me

    I always loved to be creative and do creative stuff. No matter if it was drawing a picture, doodle, lettering, paint. I always tried many things and enjoyed them. But I never tried to do anything creative digitally because I always thought I was to stupid to work digitally. But now I tried to do it after I saw my friend make a incredible powerpoint presentation.

    So her work motivated me to try something out so I started to do something right after my lessons ended today at 6 pm. And here we are. The picture above is the end product of a 3 h work because I am to stupid to work with a laptop. I am really out dated when it gets to the use of laptops, iPads etc. I always prefered to stick with the good old pen and paper technique....


    The point is that I really had fun doing that and it was a great way to not put my brain into work and actually study or write although I really enjoy to write.

    If there is anyone who wants to use that as a wallpaper go ahead and do it. I´m fine with it as long as my IG name I "signed" the work with will not be croped. When anyone uses it please make sure to give me credits. No matter if it´s with @unbelfiore or my IG acc @call.me.sarah_

    Just please give me the credits. Please respect me as the artist and my work.

    Other than that. Just now that I will dropping some of these wallpapers once in a while. If someone is interest in my work I also gladly take requests. Just please keep in mind that eveything takes time and I have some other projects too. And on top of that there is also something called life and college (sadly).

    Thank you in advance for all the likes and support for my entire acc. This really means so so much to me. <3

    Have a nice day/eve.

    Lots of love and hugs by me, your dreamy author!!!


    !!! The Wallpaper is made by me but the pictures are all not mine. Just the end product you can see is mine and made by me. !!!


    !!! Click for better quality !!!

    #one piece #one piece aesthetic #one piece wallpaper #one piece fanart #anime wallpaper#anime aesthetic#anime#anime fanart #one piece sabo #sabo the revolutionary #chief of staff #one piece revolutionary army #revolutionary army#asl brothers #sabo x reader #sabo x you #sabo layouts#sabo op#revolutionary sabo#opfanart
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  • quilfish-swan
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    !! one piece marineford arc spoilers !!

    "the first time i noticed it was in a newspaper clipping from a year ago. as far as i can remember, i had never seen a clear photograph of your left arm. when i saw it, i cried, and i thought, you idiot, it looks like you spelled your name wrong. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry."

    #sabo #portgas d. ace #one piece#opfanart #yayy its done!!! #i dont have a ton of op mutuals but i hope you all like this!❤ #asl brothers #nicole art. no. yep. #oh i forgot dont tag this as ship or i'll hafta block u :/ #i guess this has dressrosa spoilers too huh #marineford spoilers#dressrosa spoilers #one piece spoilers #op spoilers #y know just dni if you ship any combo of ASL it makes me v umcomfy. thank you #ff ace#dressrosa#marineford
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  • chenziee
    01.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Romance Dawn for the East Blue

    Inspired by @feriowind‘s blessed tweet about Yamato winding up on Dawn Island :)

    Enjoy 4k words of the 4 brothers driving everyone  crazy :D

    [Read on AO3 or below the cut]


    Slowly blinking awake, Yamato struggled to remember why he was lying on the beach of some strange island, the smell of sea salt and trash mixing in the air into something almost worse than the confines of his prison of Onigashima. Almost. It was still freedom after all, and Yamato would gladly take this disgusting smell over his father threatening to place bombs on his wrists.

    Looking around groggily, his eyes finally fell on the sad, wooden remains of a small boat, a boat that Yamato had been using to sail this unfamiliar sea during the past weeks. And he finally remembered the terrible events that had led him to this island.

     Yes, it was a dark, stormy night, the likes of which Yamato had never seen even in the unpredictable New World, and definitely not since his escape in the peaceful and calm East Blue. He had fought to keep his boat from capsizing, fighting against the strong winds and ocean currents all by himself for hours… but then suddenly, a Neptunian so large it could only have come from the Calm Belt appeared. Yamato had managed to fight it off but unfortunately, his boat suffered too much damage from the power of his Thunder Bagua. He was then forced to swim to the nearest shore with the last bits of strength he had left—

    "I saw the Lord of the Coast attack the fishing boat this person was sleeping in. It was really funny, when they woke up, they screamed so loud I think even the people in Fuusha heard. And then they fell in the water while trying to stand up. But the idiot apparently can't swim so I had to go fish them out."

    Yamato froze in place at the boyish voice who was retelling his heroic battle so rudely. Wasn't he allowed to at least pretend?  

    Another boy, this one sounding even younger, started snickering then. "I like this person, Sabo! They’re so funny!"

    "Luffy, you're the last one who should be laughing here," a third voice sighed. "Anchor boy." Yamato could almost hear the cheeky smirk on his face as he teased this 'Luffy'.

    “Don’t call me that!” the youngest one cried, sounding like he was about to fight the other boy.

    “Ace, don’t provoke him,” the first boy chided. “You’ll wake the idiot with your fighting.”

    That was it.

    “Will you stop calling me an idiot?!” Yamato shouted as he sprung up to a sitting position, an embarrassed blush on his face.

    They all paused at the sudden movement, blinking up at him in shock. Yamato glowered at them one by one, taking note of how tiny these kids were—the blond and the freckled one looked no older than 12, while the other could be maybe 8. The blond was the only one dripping in water, just as much as Yamato himself was, and Yamato could only assume this was Sabo, the one who had pulled him out of the water. That would make Freckles ‘Ace’, and the youngest one ‘Luffy’.

    Yamato had to wonder, though, how Sabo was able to save him all by himself. Yamato was 16 years old, a lot older than however old these boys were, and he was Kaido’s son—meaning he was already much taller than some adults. Although, he supposed he had seen stranger things and people a lot stronger than a human their size should have been. An image of Oden during his execution came to mind immediately but Yamato quickly chased the memory away.

    “Oh look, the idiot’s awake,” Ace said lazily, looking thoroughly unimpressed by Yamato’s glare and simply returning it with one of his own.

    Luffy, on the other hand, grinned brightly, hopping over to Yamato to stare up at him with stars in his eyes. “Are those horns? Real ones?”

    Blinking, Yamato’s hand automatically reached up to touch one of his horns. “Yeah?” he replied slowly, unsure of what he was supposed to say. Was it that weird to people not from the Grand Line to see someone with features like this?

    “That’s so cool! Join my pirate crew!” His grin only widened with his request—or demand.

    Yamato tilted his head to the side. “You have a pirate crew?” he asked, genuinely curious.

    “Well, not yet,” Luffy said, a small pout appearing on his lips. “But eventually, I will be the Pirate King so of course I will have one!” he announced looking so proud and sure of himself and Yamato felt his lips twitch upward.

    “Sure, King, I’ll tag along with you,” he laughed, seeing no harm in indulging the adorable kid. And who knew? Maybe he really would end up sailing with him. After all, in 12 years, the Nine Red Scabbards would come back to Wano and Yamato needed to be back there by then. He needed to help open the country.

    And who was to say he couldn’t bring the Pirate King with him?

    Sabo clicked his tongue then, walking up to Luffy and ruffling his hair. “Stop that, you don’t even know this person’s name.”

    “Oh right,” Yamato said, hitting t he palm of his hand with his fist in sudden realization. “Sorry. I’m Kozuki Oden. You can also call me Yamato. Son of Kaido. Thanks for helping me.”


    “Ace! Luffy! What’s the meaning of this?!”

    Yamato groaned; always a wonderful way to wake up. “Are you drunk again, you bull-gorilla? Go away it’s too early for this,” he shouted back, not even bothering to open his eyes.

    There was a moment of silence until someone stomped over to stand right above Yamato’s head. “What did you just call me, you brat?”

    Finally, Yamato blinked up at the person with long ginger hair, a cigarette between their lips, and looking decidedly female. He closed his eyes again, mumbling, “Oh you’re not my father. Whatever then.” As soon as he was done, he pulled his blanket over his head to try and get some more peace and quiet.

    It might not have been his father but it still was too early for this.

    “Dadan, shut up,” some one whined from somewhere around halfway down Yamato’s body.

    “Yeah, what’s the problem?” another person joined in, their voice coming from Yamato’s other side.

    Oh right. Ace, Sabo, and Luffy had brought him back to their place last night; this had to be the nasty old hag they mentioned. Definitely seemed like one.

    “First Garp drops you two on me, then you bring in more and more kids with you? What do you expect me to do, this isn’t a daycare!” It sounded like the woman was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    Finally, Sabo spoke up, sounding about as sleepy as Yamato felt, “Dadan, this is our brother, Yamao. Yamao, Dadan.” With that, he flopped back down, his head coming to rest against Yamato’s thigh.

    “I’m not a pillow, you three!” Yamato snapped upon the realization of how the boys were laying with their limbs thrown all over the place, Yamato’s own body included. “And it’s Ya-ma-to,” he added with a sigh, already giving giving up on convincing them to not use Luffy’s nickname.

    “Where the hell did you manage to pick up another brother,” Dadan complained and Yamato was starting to feel a little sorry for her. He had to admit that dealing with these three was like fighting a hurricane and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since he met them. At least now he was there, a responsible teenager to keep them in check. She should really be grateful he happened to… choose this island to land on.

    “Alright, kid. I don’t care who you are you where you came from—” the woman paused, folding her arms over her chest as she stared down and Yamato— “but I will not feed you. One bowl of rice per day is all I can guarantee you.”

    Yamato laughed, “That’s not necessary. Oden could do it, I would be a disgrace if I couldn’t take care of myself and my brothers, too.”

    Dadan stared at him for a moment, blinking once, twice, before she threw he hands up in frustration. As she walked away, Yamato could hear her mumbling to herself about stupid brats who couldn’t be phased by anything and how she was going to ‘let Garp have it’ the next time he ‘bothered to show his sorry ass’ there.

    Yamato simply shrugged and went back to sleep.


    Life on Dawn Island turned out to be surprisingly easy and, even more surprisingly, fun. It didn’t take Yamato long to get to know the forest, the mountain, and the Grey Terminal beyond it, running around the place with his little brothers like he was born there with them.

    “Yamao, where are you going, that’s the opposite direction!” Sabo called after him in exasperation, pointing the right way.  

    A few days after his arrival, he went to retrieve his kanabo from the waters just off the shore. Ace had looked at him, asking why he was so desperate if it was the same weapon the father he so hated used and Yamato couldn’t admit he had a point but… he simply didn’t feel right without it. It was his weapon as well now, and the bull-gorilla wouldn’t take that away from him.

    It took him three hours of diving but the happiness and rightness of his kanabo next to him was well worth the effort.

    “What are you two anchors doing?” Ace shouted from where he was in the water and towards the two at the beach, looking incredibly annoyed.  

    Yamato and Luffy exchanged a glance before turning back to Ace and replying in unison, “Building a pirate ship from sand.”  

    Just then, Sabo’s head popped out of the water next to Ace. “I need a break,” he gasped, struggling to catch his breath after being underwater for so long.  

    “This club of yours better be made from gold, Yamao, or so help me,” Ace grumbled before leaving Sabo to rest and diving in instead.  

    Once he had his kanabo in hand, it became incredibly easy to hunt even the most ferocious beasts around, allowing Yamato enough room to stay back and direct the young brothers, giving them pointers and helping them with their hunting techniques. Usually, he simply watched, letting the boys do most of the hunt, even if it meant the prey got away sometimes. After all, making mistakes and losing was a good way to get stronger. So he let them do their own thing while making sure they were okay, and only jumping in when necessary.

    “Okay, here’s the plan. We go around the river, then we split up. Me and Luffy will go up while you and Ace follow the riverbed. It’s risky, but on my signal, you will catch its attention and keep it distracted. Then me and Luffy jump down at its head. Hopefully that will at least knock it out so you and Ace can then come help us finish it. And Yamao—” Sabo paused, giving Yamato a hard, subtly threatening look— “if you run ahead screaming and scare it off again, we’re having you for dinner.” 

    Yamato could only gulp and nod obediently.  

    He even managed to impress the local Madonna, the cute pub owner Makino. The first time she had come to visit after Yamato had arrived, she immediately dropped all the food, alcohol, and children’s clothes that she had brought, and ran straight to him. She gave him all of her attention the rest of her stay. And even though Yamato wasn’t interested, he had to admit that being fawned over, and especially the jealous stares all the bandits were giving him, felt great.

    “Oh my,” Makino muttered when she noticed Yamato. “Luffy did say Yamao was a little taller than him but…” she trailed off, her expression turning troubled.  

    “You don’t have any clothes big enough for him, do you?” Dogra asked, munching on one of the cones Makino had brought.  

    The young woman shook her head, sighing, “I think I’ll have to make them all from scratch. Yamao, can you come here? I need to take some measurements.” 

    "Yamao, you're blushing more than Ace did!" Luffy pointed out immediately, clutching his stomach as he doubled over in laughter.  

    Yamato made sure his hand was coated in haki when he hit the boy over the head.  

    Over all, he had to say he much prefered the life of a cool big brother over being a pirate crew’s' ‘young master’. It was a lot more fun, a lot easier to breathe. He never felt more free than he did while laughing and running around the mountain, plotting pranks on their brothers with Ace, or getting grounded— getting thanked by Sabo for running off and beating up the pathetic excuses for pirates who had hurt Luffy and threatened the boys' treasure stash.

    Even Dadan's frustrated screaming felt more loving than anything the bull-gorilla of a biological parent had ever shown him. And no, it definitely wasn’t much more embarrassing.


    "I don't want to be a marine!" Luffy screamed one morning just as the others were getting ready to head out to work their brand new tree house base.

    Both Sabo and Ace froze, turning to stare at each other for a moment with wide eyes.

    "Run?" Ace asked in a whisper.

    "Run," Sabo nodded seriously before they both turned to look at Yamato.

    The teen simply sat there, turning his confused gaze between Ace, Sabo, and the direction from which Luffy's voice came a few seconds earlier. "What's going on?"

    Ace and Sabo exchanged a glance once more, seemingly coming to a mutual understanding before Ace answered, "Go see for yourself. Luffy could probably use the help."

    Immediately, Yamato was on his feet, heading outside to save his adorable baby brother from whatever monster he was facing. He was slightly suspicious of the high five Ace and Sabo had exchanged, not as sneakily as they probably thought, but as long as Luffy was in trouble, it didn't matter much to him.

    As soon as he made it outside the little house, his eyes fell on the two figures fighting just a little bit away from the house. Obviously, one of them was Luffy, who was visibly fuming; growling and snapping his teeth like he was getting ready to literally bite the legs off of his target.

    The target in question was a tall, although obviously much shorter than Yamato, and muscular old man clad in a bright red and white aloha shirt, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared Luffy down. He looked thoroughly unimpressed by Luffy’s pistol punches—which admittedly still left much to be desired despite Yamato’s efforts to help him out; it was only a question of time before he managed to find the right bang feeling. The man he was fighting looked vaguely familiar but Yamato couldn’t place that face no matter how much he wrecked his brain.

    But it didn’t matter.

    “Luffy, are you okay?!” Yamato called in alarm, rushing forward while preparing to swing his kanabo at the stranger.

    The both of them turned to look at him then, identical angry expressions on their faces and suddenly, Yamato realized who the man reminded him of. It was more than obvious where Luffy got his personality and expressions. Maybe he should… not attack this person on sight?

    Making the decision for him, Luffy huffed upon seeing him approach, raising his hand and making Yamato stop. “Stay back, I’m fine! I can kick gramps’ ass myself!”

    “Who’s ass are you gonna kick?” the man snapped, his light punch making Luffy clutch at his head. “You can’t win against the fist of love, Luffy!”

    Yamato blinked. That was obviously haki but… fist of love?  

    Ignoring Luffy’s complaints, the man gave Yamato an obvious once over. “And who are you? Wait—” he paused, looking like he just remembered something— “you’re Yamao, aren’t you?”

    “My name is Ya-ma-to, and I’m Luffy’s big brother,” Yamato replied, not entirely sure why he even bothered to correct anyone on his name at this point. No one ever listened.

    “Part of the family already, hm? You have an impressive swing; you’ll make a fine marine.” The grandfather nodded, grinning at Yamato in approval.

    Yamato did a double take. “I’m not going to be a marine!” he responded immediately, the horror he felt at the though clear in his voice.

    “Exactly! We’re gonna be pirates!” Luffy joined in, fully recovered and launching a new rubbery pistol punch, which went completely ignored.

    Gramps puffed up, raising his fist threateningly in front of himself. “Nonsense! All four of you will be the strongest marines the navy’s ever had if I have any say in it!”

    “No way!” Luffy and Yamato cried in unison, the both of them jumping at the man in a joint attack.

    A second later the both of them were rolling on the ground together, clutching at their heads and trying to recover from yet another fist of love. Seriously, Yamato only just met this guy, why was he getting a fist of love? Or better yet, why did it sound like he was already considered a grandson? He didn’t even know his new grandfather’s name.

    He guessed it was simply one more proof of his relation to Luffy. It was exactly the same to when Luffy had decided by himself that Yamato was the big brother now, not even half an hour after meeting him, and just like back then, Yamato was powerless in defying that decision.

    Not like he wanted to. He would be lying if he said being considered family so easily, so warmly, so unconditionally didn’t make him happy. But still…

    “I’m already a pirate,” he growled. Not to mention marines did nothing but fight Oden and the Pirate King’s crew. Like hell was he becoming one of them.  

    Gramps took a deep breath, looking like he was about to explode, but Yamato interrupted him. “The navy wouldn’t want someone with my blood anyway. They’d execute me on the spot,” he said flatly, looking the man straight in the eyes, trying to convey how disgusted by the institution, the world government, the current world he was. Like hell was he participating in that. He’d much rather wait patiently for the one who was going to change it all and support them.  

    Neither of them said anything for a moment, neither of them faltering as they stared each other down silently. Until finally, gramps grinned, a smile so similar to Luffy’s that Yamato startled.

    “If blood’s the problem, all the more reason you should join,” he announced, the smile never leaving his face even as his eyes turned almost sad.  

    Yamato tilted his head to the side as he watched the man slowly look at Luffy before his eyes slid in the direction of the bandits’ house. When Yamato turned to look, he could see Ace turning around and walking away, Sabo quickly following with a worried expression on his face.


    At least Yamato wasn’t the only one who obviously hated his biological family around here.

    Deciding to leave Ace in Sabo’s hands, Yamato turned back to the problem at hand but before he could snap at the man, Luffy did so for him, “No. He’s joining my crew!”

    “Over my dead body!” gramps roared in response, looking like he was going to go off on a rant.

    Yamato, however, wasn’t about to sit around and listen to that. “No, over my dead body. Do you even hear how fucked up it is that you need to join the navy to be safe from getting hunted? Neither of us going there,” he growled, baring his teeth for good measure.

    The old man paused, blinking at Yamato once, then twice, before he burst out in laughter, one so loud, so honest, and so contagious that, despite having no idea what was so funny, it made even Yamato want to laugh. All his anger was forgotten as his lips stretched in a grin, shaking his head at the sudden realization of how weird this entire situation was. He barely knew what was even happening but… it wasn’t like Yamato ever really paused to think about things. If it felt right, he’d go with it. If it didn’t, fuck it.  

    And this, incredibly, felt right.

    It was only a long while later that gramps finally caught his breath enough to speak, “I like you, kid. Are you sure you’re Kaido’s son?”

    As if hit by the bull-gorilla’s Thunder Bagua, Yamato stopped laughing, only staring with an open mouth as dread ran through him. “How?” he could only say after a dreadfully long moment of heavy silence. Or maybe it was only a second. But it was too much, and made Yamato feel too on edge. Ready to fight. He didn’t want to even hear the bull-gorilla’s name; definitely didn’t want to hear it in relation to himself.

    Gramps looked at him as if asking if he was kidding then, but with his only answer being a glare, he started laughing anew. “Kid, if you don’t want people to know, or the asshole finding you, maybe stop introducing yourself with ‘son of Kaido’ to anyone you meet. You have poor Makino quite worried.”



    “Yamao, you’re stupid,” Luffy laughed.

    The teen huffed, shoving hard at Luffy’s shoulder. “You’re stupid,” he hissed back, making Luffy stick his tongue out at him.

    Yamato saw it only fair he do the same in return.

    Just then, a dark shadow loomed over the both of them and they slowly looked up, only to see gramps looking down at them with an evil grin on his face, slowly cracking his knuckles. “Whatever you say, I will train you stupid brats into proper marines, yet.”

    Yamato finally understood why Ace and Sabo’s immediate reaction was to run, then send Yamato as what he could now only assume being a sacrifice. There was no way even Yamato was going to be a fair match for this man. “Oh fuck,” Yamato cursed, scrambling to his feet to follow Luffy, who who was already hafway down the clearing away after taking the first popped knuckle as his signal to bolt.

    “Watch your fucking language in front of your baby brothers!” gramps shouted after him just before something that might have been a pine cone flew past him at an impossible speed.

    Yamato and Luffy exchanged a glance, identical grins spreading in their lips before they both took a deep breath. “ACE! SABO! HELP!!”

    If they were to die today, they’d make sure to take the other two down with them.


    Hours later, Yamato lay awake in his bed on the floor of the mountain bandits’ cabin long after his brothers started snoring softly. He was exhausted from the day spent laughing and running away from gramps—or Garp, as he had finally learned earlier that evening once Dadan finally stopped hiding from the man—but as opposed to the others, he didn’t want to sleep.

    Not when gramps and Dadan were busy talking on the other side of this thin wall. What had started as the two of them sharing their frustrations and complaints about their kids quickly turned into fondness as they instead told each other stories about the brothers and their antics. Yamoto wasn’t surprised the bandit knew exactly where their secret base was, just as he wasn’t surprised by Garp only pulling out the most embarrassing stories he probably could.

    It was a good thing the other three had managed to pass out the second their heads hit their pillows or they’d be trying to fight the old man all over again over it.

    Yamato, on the other hand, refused to miss out on a second of this. The adults might not have allowed him to drink with them, claiming Yamato was too young for that—to which he not-so-politely disagreed, but then Garp’s fist disagreed with him—but they couldn’t stop him from listening. Those were his brothers they were talking about and he wanted to hear all about the past ten years of their lives that he had missed.

    And if he maybe got a little bit happy every time they brought Yamato up, well… no one had to know that.

    “Yamao, I swear if you don’t stop laughing at their shitty stories, I will strangle you with your own hair.”

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  • idianaki
    01.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ponieważ uwielbiam ASL Brothers (czego totalnie nie można się domyślić po tym, że połowa moich OP FF o nich opowiada) i ponieważ widziałam/czytałam masę "Sabo Nie Stracił Wspomnień AU" postanowiłam zaprojektować moje własne. Nazwałam je "Forgotten Butterfly".

    Podstawą mojego pomysłu było to, że Sabo, w kanonie, jest Szefem Sztabu, aka. wice-dowódcą Armii Rewolucjonistów, szkolonym przez Dragona już jako dziecko. A w momencie kiedy kogoś takiego zabraknie, to powinno pociągnąć za sobą jakieś reperkusje.

    Sabo wciąż wpadł na Niebiańskiego Smoka i miał wypadek. A Dragon wciąż go uratował. Po prostu Sabo nie traci wspomnień i prosi, żeby zabrać go do Wioski Fuusha. Dzięki temu dorasta razem z Ace'm i Luffy'm.

    Also, Ace&Sabo zostają razem piratami, jako co-kapitanowie, bo, niespodzianka, kiedy twoja łódka wybucha, przez co jesteś blisko śmierci i kończysz w łóżku na parę tygodni, Ace twoi bracia mogą stać się odrobinę nadopiekuńczy i mogą nie chcieć puścić cię po raz drugi samemu na morze. A zwłaszcza na najniebezpieczniejsze morze na świecie. To też będzie mieć swoje reperkusje.

    Sabo byłby bardzo, bardzo ciekawy kto go uratował zwłaszcza, że jego rozmowa z Dragonem podczas pożaru to wciąż kanon, a Sabo go rozpoznał, bc I say so, a żeby jeszcze podbić stawkę, Garp wie kim ten koleś był i nawet tego nie ukrywa, ale nie chce nic wyjaśnić. Garp i reszta dorosłych którzy znają ten sekret nie mają nawet aż takiego problemu z powiedzeniem kim jest Dragon Sabo, zwłaszcza, że jest najbardziej odpowiedzialnym z całej trójki, ale dopiero jak Sabo będzie starszy a później Dragon na poważnie zaczyna swoją rewolucję i Garp zaczyna mieć problem

    Also, dlatego, że żaden z chłopców nie zaginął zginął, Dadan i bandyci tak trochę próbowali zataić przed Garpem jak dużo tak naprawdę się przydarzyło chłopcom i jak bardzo to wszystko było niebezpieczne. Tak trochę ciężko zataić, że jedno z dzieci pod twoją opieką zostało porwane, używając pozostałej dwójki jako zakładników, po czym wspomniana pozostała dwójka prawie została spalona, po czym porwane dziecko zostało wysadzone w powietrze, bo go nie uwolniliście na czas, bo byliście zbyt zajęci ratowaniem tych, które były palone... kiedy jedno z dzieciaków kończy martwe. Przez to Garp jest mniej opiekuńczy, co oznacza, że rzadziej przyjeżdża. A dostawanie rzadziej informacji, że Bohater Marynarki odwiedza East Blue nie będzie pomagać z utrzymaniem pokoju na morzu, na którym rozwalający wioski Rybolud prawie buduje imperium i robi umowy z Marines. Wcale nie pomoże.

    Chciałabym zrobić z tego serię krótkich historii i one-shotów, z dwoma liniami fabularnymi: pierwszy to re-write serii z podróżą Luffy'ego, ale też jedną linię z Ace'm i Sabo, i ich przygodami. Also, może kilka One Shotów z dzieciństwa chłopców, ale to inna sprawa.

    To chyba jeden z największych "projektów" jaki mam planowany. Ale nie mam pojęcia ile mi zajmie napisanie czegokolwiek z tego wszystkiego...

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