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  • [ I’m supposed to be teaching rn (I mean I am, the kids are running some drills) and I’m sitting here watching ASL videos about gender neutral signs, because this is just gonna be my life for a while I guess ]

    #out of dog treats (ooc); #I will be writing when I'm done teaching because that requires a significant amount of concentration #but I'm so grateful for my muse giving me this push #I've been meaning to engage with ASL properly for a long time
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  • more tags, pardon the spam!

    #tag drop; #never let anyone underestimate you (peter); #better with the mask off (wade); #the skies call your name ; you echo through the skies (sam); #magic fingers and unspoken words (asl); #out of dog treats (ooc); #au: a little light never hurt nobody; #all this money and still a mess (tony); #the biggest and bravest of us all (jennifer); #the same song in a major key (dickie); #to keep and to be kept in turn (jenclintdickie);
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  • say what u will about t100 but the best thing about the fandom was our collective agreement to fuck off and make our own intricately developed canon 

    #〖 OOC: IT’S JUST TUMBLR RP,CAROL 〗 #me building up the clan lore from the scraps the writers barely gave us: this is mine now thank u #it was literally so fun tho asl;kdjf #everyone just #creating their own headcanons for clans #delving into the plot potential that wasn't explored #fixing timelines and plot holes #people could get so creative with their OCs too #there was endless opportunity
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  • Anybody in retail want to get a hold of a customer service language sheet I’m working on?

    #ooc #it's mainly for Spanish speakers #and ASL
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  • Since Curley is deaf and has trouble reading past Dmitri’s stutter sometimes and Dmitri’s blind so he can’t fully grasp ASL, they have a more intimate way of communicating when they’re too lazy to write or struggle past a verbal conversation. 

    They managed to create their own sign language but they sign it into each other’s hands so Dmitri can read the shapes by feeling them. He used to do the same with his late Stanley, who was also deaf. 

    #ooc #another reason why they're always so close together and can often be seen holding hands in case they want to talk with each other #and one of the many reasons dmitri has a huge crush on curley #headcanons#anetherealtale #deaf!stanley #dmitri can sense shapes but asl is often signed too quickly or the hand shapes are too vague for him to make out #so he can sense someone's emotions/vibes/location in the room but he can't focus on small details like fingers moving in certain ways
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