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  • -The Barrier Is Broken-

    I love this goat boy, and I cannot stop drawing Undertale Help Me.

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  • Once upon a Time, there live three groups, Monsters, Shadows, and Humans. One day a Human came to the Prince and Princess of the Human land and greeted them. The Prince saw how well the Human fought and put her as the caption of the royal guards, and with that, she met the other captions of the two other groups. She became friends with them and trained with them, that is where the Human caption found out about Monsters using magic and that Shadows can steal the magic of others and use it for a limited time.

    Then the war came, the captions didn’t want to fight each other so they did their best to help each other and their kingdoms. But the Humans won and banished the Shadows into the shadows and locked the Monsters in the Underground. The Human caption felt sorry for losing her friend. The years go by and the Prince and Princess start to have a fight whether or not they should free the Monsters and Shadows. Then they fought to see which one would happen, the Prince won. The Princess lost her trait and looked for another one, then she found it, FEAR. she gained the trait on her and rematched the Prince. With her winning the fight, the Human caption saw what the Princess was doing, she stepped into the fight. The Princess tried to use the FEAR trait on the Human caption but it didn’t work. The Princess was defeated and the Kingdom cheered in joy for the Human caption, the Princess was exiled from the kingdom. Then the Princess felt something for the Human Caption, HATE. the Princess snuck into the kingdom and started a fight with the Human Caption. The Human captain won the fight but her body was too weak, so she sent her soul away and died peacefully. It started with a flower. Just one in a small valley. It was for the fallen royal guard captain. She went her way to fight the princess, who was filled with HATE, to protect the kingdom. The flower was a buttercup, the captain’s favorite flower. It was planted in the valley right in the center. But soon the price fell ill and passed away, now another buttercup was placed in the valley next to the first one. Then more and more buttercups were placed there to remember everyone who has passed. Over thousands of years the buttercups stood, more and more being placed, filling the whole valley with them. There was something magical about this valley, for the first buttercup was still standing in the center, swaying in the breeze. No one could understand how the buttercups could just stay there, but no one in the town really took up the task to figure it out. One day, an adult found a little girl in the field, holding a magenta heart near her chest. That is where this story begins. The adult went up to the child. The heart the child was holding glows a soft magenta and soon goes into the child. The child’s eyes open and look at the adult.


    The child heard her friend, Frisk, went up to Mt. Ebott. The child said she will bring them back safely and head up to Mt. Ebott. While looking the child trips and falls down into the Underground. While on the child’s journey, she meets the monster and they spare her, knowing that she can’t fight, her attack is at 0. Near the end of her journey she sees King Asgore kill Frisk, where Frisk refuses to fight. Now it was her turn to “fight” the king of Monsters. But she tried to talk Asgore out of it but he didn’t listen, then the child gave Asgore the butterscotch cinnamon pie that Toriel has given her, saying that he needs it more than she does. Then Asgore saw her stats, he was fighting a human who could not harm anyone. But Flowey kills Asgore once he takes the pie. The child stares in shock at Flowey and soon the souls come around him, the Omega Flowey fights starts and soon he realizes that this child could fight. Then the souls turn against Omega Flowey and the timeline resets right before the Asgore fight. The other monsters come along as Frisk and the child reunite. Then after a bit, Flowey absorbs the souls of everyone but the childs and becomes Asriel Dreemurr, the god of Hyperdeath. The fight happens and Asriel Dreemurr turns into his final form and the child saves everyone and tries to save Asriel. But he refuses, then.

    Frisk wants to Save Asriel

    Papyrus wants to Save Asriel

    Sans wants to Save Asriel

    Toriel wants to Save Asriel

    Asgore wants to Save Asriel

    Undyne wants to Save Asriel

    Alphys wants to Save Asriel

    The Monster and Frisk the child has saved wanted to help the child with this fight. Asriel couldn’t take it and tries to kill the child, but she stands strong and then saves Asriel. They see the barrier is still there so the child pokes it. The barrier soon breaks and the Monsters are set free. The child starts to leave with the Monsters before the soul traits circle around the child, they start to rotate and glow then soon the other fallen humans come back to life. To this day, no one could understand how that happened. 


    The child and her siblings relaxed in the sun until the sky went black. The Shadow are back and now the Monsters and Humans have to stop them. After months of fighting and talking the child with the help of the Monsters and Humans resign peace between the three groups.

    And that is the story of MagentaTale.

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  • It’s Papyrus Day today! :D

    I had to draw something for one of my favorite characters today, even though it’s almost 3am now that I’ve finished this. ;_;

    I didn’t really know what to draw at first, so I drew a few expressions, and later began drawing him with other characters and even included an anime reference.

    Happy Papyrus Day!!! <3 <3

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  • commission for @hybrid-tale

    #my art#commission#undertale#asriel #his hair was fun to draw c:
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  • Hyperdeath Asriel I did in this week’s aggie. Fun fact: it’s been literal years since i last drew this form of Asriel.

    #undertale#asriel #god of hyperdeath #hyperdeath asriel#asriel dreemurr#undertale art#art#nomakuart#nomakuposts #the wings were. annoying to translate. #huh i think this might be the nicest lookin thing ive done in aggie.io yet #wack
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  • here have a tiny bapy

    #my art#undertale#asriel #forgot I drew this <:3c #I made him look so SOFT
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  • -Ch 1 p 3. “Everything from here changes.”

    Novelity: -Looks up at Chara, bleeding- Wa-Wait! Thi-this isn’t what you think…! -Sits up and backs up against a tree.-

    Chara: Then what is this? -Takes a blue and purple vial out of Novelity’s right coat pocket.-

    Novelity: -Stands up.- Hey! Don’t touch that! -Tries to grab it from Chara.-

    Chara: Why? It surely looks like some type of- -Growls at Novelity, staring her in the eyes.- -flower!

    Novelity:…-Sigh.- The only reason I have that is because I wanted to know what was making the monsters go insane.

    Asriel: Do you know what happened…?

    Chara: -Holds out a paw in front of Asriel.- How did you know all of this?

    Novelity: I knew it from looks up and to the left an ancient book in the ruins that no one seemed to have found.

    Chara: Then show us. -Puts the vial of flower serum in his left right pants pocket and his paw returns to his side-

    Asriel: Chara I don’t think-

    Chara: -Stares at Asriel.- It’s fine Asriel, I know what I’m doing.

    Novelity: Okay..I’ll show you..don’t freak out. -Teleports them to the area in the ruins.-

    Asriel: -Shivers from the sudden teleportation.-

    Chara: -Shudders from the same thing and looks down.- I-….can’t believe it…..

    -There seems to be an inscription on the ground made with monster dust.-

    Asriel: -Looks at the ground by Chara and gasps, clasps his paws over his mouth with his voice echoing in the ruins.-

    Chara: -Snaps at Asriel quickly.- Shh…be quiet Asriel….

    Novelity:….-Looks around.- I know it’s bad…but it gets worse…-She clears some of the dust and opens a hatch to farther down in the underground.-

    -Chara and Asriel pause.-

    Novelity: looks back at the two Are you coming? -Her eyes flash blue.-

    —————-end of Ch 1 p 3——————

    #Mirrored Views comic update #Werebeast Chara#Novelity#Asriel
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  • Day 4: first meeting:

    What do you think of their first meeting? How would it be in your imagination? Feel free to go crazy with the possibilities that are endless! x3


    *Deltarune Au*
    Trying to find the book you were specifically looking for was kinda hard when the shelved were at least twenty feet each and filled with easily hundreds of books. And did I mention that the library had at least seven floors with easily fifty bookshelves on each floor? Yeah it wasn’t wasy finding anything in there, unless you were the librarian. That lady seemed to know the place like her own glasses, unfortunately she was rather vague as well. Should be in the fiction section she said. You should find it on one of the middle shelves she said. Well she didn’t specify and now he was walking around looking at random book covers and reading their names like some child on a wild goose chase. Who knows how long this would take? For the life of him this would take all eternity at this point.
    He sighed and just kept scanning the booktitles looking for any that might’ve been good to read, because at this point he severly doubted he would find the specific one he wanted, so it wasn’t a bad idea to look for some others he might like just in case. Was a good idea. Right?
    Eventually he stopped and stared at one green covered book. Funny, it’s cover didn’t say anything. The thin thing was wedged between two much larger books and didn’t look easy to get out-…..And wouldn’t you know it. It was actually correct. When he reached out a hand and tugged, it didn’t budge. It felt like a rock stuck inside concrete. So what else to do but to pull harder. Made sense right? But when he pulled harder nothing happened. Ok. Time for extreme measures.
    Both of his hands came to grab the book’s skinny frame and he pulled harder, wings fluttering in frustration. He didn’t have to wait long. A moment later it FINALLY came loose-….With about twenty or so book from it’s left side. He yelped and watched in horror as they all fell to the floor with loud thumps. A few monsters around him paused what they were doing and looked over at him. To which he froze and gave a nervous chuckle at the situation….Before quickly bending down and picking up the books and placing them back onto the shelf one by one. Not sure in the correct order but hopefully no one would notice. Completely forgetting the small book and placing it back with the others. It didn’t matter anyways. He was a little too busywith the cleaning up of his mess to care at the moment. Leave it to him to do something this embarrassing
    He was just reaching the last book when another grip made him freeze. …There was another hand on the book, right next to his. He looked up and froze at the sight of red eyes and smile looking right at him.

    “Here. Allow me to help you out there.”


    The smiling figure without another word, stood, turned to the shelf next to them and gently placed the book back with the rest. Before smiling back down to the still crouched monster. …And raised a brow. “Are you comfortable down there?” He immediately stod up with a small squeak and the other chuckled good naturdly. “Well, now I can see you better. Looks like you had quite the mess to clean up there.”

    “Um..Y-Yeah. T-T-Thank you,” he managed to squeak out. Making the other guy laugh again. This guy was…tall to say the least. Or at least taller than his small self. And his features were, pardon the term, heavenly. And he nearly swallowed his tongue when he chuckled again at his stunned silence.
    “Well, I can tell you don’t need my help anymore. I’ll leave you to your own-”

    “Chara!” His squeaky voice forced out making the taller monster pause. He cleared his throat quickly. “U-Um. I-Im Dominic.”

    He blinked a couple times before reaching out his hand to shake Chara’s. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chara. You may call me Asriel.”
    Chara’s face flushed a slight bright green and smiled nervously. “Y-You too!”
    Asriel smiled and finally let go of his hand. “I hate to be rude and cut our meet up short, but Im afraid I have business elsewhere to take care of. Please, take care of the shelves.”
    He gave another smile before turning and walking the opposite direction from Chara, as the human could only stare and suck in a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding.


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  • image

    Made two variants of my latest post abt asriel, black and white and colorful UwU

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