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    |Couple Aesthetic| 🤎

    Taurus Sun / Libra Moon / Taurus Venus / Aries Mars / Capricorn Rising (m)

    Capricorn Sun / Libra Moon / Sagittarius Venus / Virgo Mars / Taurus Rising (f)


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    Originally posted by debbie-sketch

    In this series, I share the resources that have shaped my path–the good, the bad, and the meh.

    Richard Tarnas is a former professor at the University of California. His book Passion of the Western Mind, a textbook from the 90s on the history of Western thought, is still on university syllabi. Cosmos and Psyche is his sequel to Passion of the Western Mind. In it he uses his vast knowledge of history to examine history through the lens of big astrological cycles. In the book he shows that historical movements tend to follow the cycles of the outer planets. This isn’t an original idea. Astrologers have been measuring the ages of the world astrologically for thousands of years, but his book is the only one I know of that is written by an academic and looks at the 20th century.

    I found Cosmos and Psyche early in my study of astrology. I was highly skeptical of the discipline at that point and was using it mostly as a calendar-system to help me organize my work. (Emotional self-care on Moon Day, passion projects on Mars Day, writing on Mercury’s Day, etc.) This book convinced me that astrology isn’t just a tool for introspection. It has some kind of existence in the outer world. 

    If you are curious about astrology and have a scholarly bent, I highly recommend this book.

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  • I don’t know who raised some of you, but I feel sorry for you. I mean who takes the time to go into other people’s posts to promote themselves?

    Also who takes the time to “correct” others peoples posts.

    Both those things have happened to the point where I will actually block people.

    Not because I can’t be wrong in some subjects, but when I write about something which there can be two answers to I don’t want a bitchy comment on that post. That’s just unnecessary.

    Also for you who took the moment to be stupid and “correct” my post about cusp signs. I will explain it: you can only have one sun sign. So for example I was born on the Aquarius Pisces cusp. I am a Pisces sun, but because I was born 19 Feb, I have a splash of Aquarius traits. And I do identify as a cusp. If others do that I’m okey with that. I personally don’t like when people who do Astro work tell you that no it’s wrong. I understand that a lot of people don’t believe in cusp signs but if you for example do believe that you’re a Aquarius sun with a splash of Capricorn then you’re right. Also this person took the time to promote about herself. So my blog is like a second work place for me. At the moment I don’t do colabs with other blogs. But if I would then I would never recommend someone who is close minded. If you’re a cusp sign please feel free to comment about your experience.

    #proud cusp sign 🖕🏼

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  • Forest eyed boy,

    I know your secret

    Throwing yourself into any old crowd,

    To save yourself

    from that vice of loneliness

    But to be lonely isn’t to be alone

    and you’re lonely in that crowd

    surrounded by people

    Do they actually like you?

    Do you actually mean anything?

    Forest eyed boy,

    I know your secret

    Desperate for attention

    more than affection

    Clinging to any old shadow,

    Following, following

    Desperate to be seen

    but so forgettable

    You don’t really let them in

    You don’t really have a home

    Do they actually like you?

    Will you ever mean anything?

    Sacrificing yourself

    In order to find popularity

    You’re the weed in their rose garden,

    and you know it, don’t you?

    How many? How many?

    Give me a number

    Statistics mean more

    than meaning

    Does anyone really know you,

    forest eyed boy?

    Do you even know how to let them?

    Or will you continue to burn yourself at that old stake,

    for the sake of those who would watch the flames eat you


    Be honest with yourself.

    You’re friendless.

    #poetry#my poetry #poets on tumblr #writing#my writing #writers on tumblr #writblr#astrology#gemini#poems #a love letter #but hopefully one he'll never find #spilled ink
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  • Different Types of Libra
    1, The Edgelord
    self-reliant and independent
    not mean, just honest

    still lives in the grunge era
    flirts as a form of being friendly 
    don’t do feelings
    2, The Diplomat
    literally can’t decide on shit
    listens to people venting
    loves underrated music/books
    drunk texting exes but keep it lowkey

    hypes their friends up
    killing people with kindness
    3, The Seductive Sweetheart
    has a spot for nature
    gets shit done
    experimental in bed

    tells everyone to drink water
    classy, never trashy
    ″oh god will I ever find love? Am I unlikeable?”
    4, The Bookworm
    knowing all the facts before judging
    kinda hard on themselves
    dances when no one’s watching
    always wanting to learn new things

    is encouraging of teammates and constructive criticism
    so many book recommendations

    When a Libra Is Sad
    Stays around “good energy”
    Cutting people off
    “Maybe if I avoid it, it’ll go away?”
    “No one ever asks me about how I’m doing”
    Doubting capabilities
    Tries not to be messy and problematic

    Inside The Mind of a Libra
    “Lmao” | hating conflict | nervousness | making everyone feel wanted and special | saying “bro” romantically | existential crisis | getting annoyed when people chew loudly | harmony | iced coffee to fill the void in your soul | relating too much to a song | goofy | seduction | smiling to the mirror when you cry in your room | some unfiltered tea from a Capricorn | dancing with the devil | loving nature

    You as a Friend
    Literally goofy as fuck and can crack a joke any seconds
    You’re giving
    You’re sweet
    You like a deep and meaningful conversation
    Willing to listen to your friends’ problems and offer emotional support
    Meme spams
    Chill as fuck so friends can randomly make plans with you

    Five Things That Annoy You
    Randomly cringing at a memory out of nowhere
    The need to compare yourself to your crush’s ex
    Wifi that buffers on your impatient ass
    People who have no manners
    “Essential oils to cure sadness”

    Things You’ve Google Searched Before
    Genius lyrics analysis
    Conspiracy theories
    Cute outfit ideas
    Does my crush like me back?

    Illuminate evidence
    Good teas

    Complaining about the law
    Traveling to a higher dimension
    Crying when angry
    Having the warmest hugs
    Fashion policing
    Forgiving but never forgetting
    Being a sucker for the arts

    “Am I in love or am I just bored and horny?
    Vibrant crackhead energy
    Life’s all about having fun

    Scary when angry/protective
    You’re usually cute and likable
    You have a logic behind your chaotic mindset
    You’re helpful and sweet
    You hate injustice
    You’re not great with confrontation and being told what to do
    You love animals

    You just want everyone to get along
    You’re very hygienic and well put together
    Cringeworthy drunk calls

    Great team player
    Valuing peace above all
    Laughing at the silliest shit
    Finding beauty in everything

    You hate violence and injustice
    Getting hurt by fake scenarios

    Either clingy or detached
    Holding two philosophical ideas that contradict each other
    Getting bored really easily
    Caring too much or not at all

    You like art, poetry, and movies
    “Am I smart or are you just stupid?”
    “Stop shouting it’s kinda stressing me out”
    “That animal looks cute”
    You love being praised

    You’re kind but will scream at people
    Genuine to the core
    Crushing but won’t let it show
    You value balance and harmony

    “It’s all fun and games until you end up being the one getting ghosted”
    Intellectual debates warm your heart

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  • Why we look at the rising sign for horoscope:

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  • Celestial Forecast
    Week 24-1 (っ– ‸ – )ノ ✧・゚:*

    Sorry this is late but I have been swamped with the PSD (pisces seasonal depression) which the retrograde isn’t helping. Long story short this week is going to be good if you use the retrograde wisely and focus on abandoned projects you promised you will finish. It will however be bad if you decide to call up old lovers or get involved romantically. This week is calling you to dreg up hidden manipulative behaviors and suppressed emotions which will only become more amplified as the moon waxes towards it’s full moon phase. Use some boundaries and protection magic against people’s inner toxic demons which may pop out unexpectedly or even against yourself to not hurl repressed emotions you might have been bottling in forever onto people that may never see you the same way again. It’s time to do some therapeutic shadow work and cry about things. 

    Notes: I make this for a group in London so the weeks are from Monday to Sunday and the time is set to UTC. 

    Also this may be the retrograde blues talking but this may be the final weekly forecast I dunno I have been feeling hell lol. 

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    I have this fixation for scented sticks, these smell of lavender 🌿

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  • I keep thinking that make sense how each zodiac sign in mlqc makes sense.

    I mean… such mysterious personality is indeed♏

    The pain in the upper class♑


    the hero♌

    the star♈

    (prob among Gavin and Kiro fits better the other way around since mars rules aries and police, weapons and leo fits more teathre, idols and music. but Lucien and Victor is just straight out of a book. Literally scorpio rules psychology and capricorn business)

    I think mc is either cancer or virgo with pisces asc. I won’t discuss the ascendant she gets into too many accidents, she is too much into her own world and has clairvoyant. I won’t even discuss this.

    but she is also hard-working af which normally leads to think virgo sun. And it makes sense the sun in the seventh house bc the great skills to deal with people.

    But what fits better is sun in the fifth house in cancer bc sun means also the father and was his father who came with the program whcih she later on continued. And the fifth house is Inneherent a creative house. So I say she is cancer sun and probably sum in virgo bc she is so fucking hard-working and detailed (yeah I said it. just think when she was looking for a restaurant before go to souvenir to flim and she was thinking each detail)

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  • these waves are quietly splashing across the shore, leaving marks of the deep ocean upon the innocent, golden sand. the souls of the forgotten try to crawl from beneath the darkness at the bottom, hurling and withering in the storm. they metamorph into strange looking masses of cloudy waters, dancing with franatic movements towards the living. they are preying upon the naive, the ones that might be foolish enough to fall in their trap.

    yet the white, pure foam dwelling above the storm keeps its strong wall of purifying pearls tight. it watches all knowing down at the ever moving world of the waters, it feels its tremendous wars throughly. it draws strenght from the skies, from all the brightness that it catches and makes it shine.

    the realm of pisces is vast and not devoid of dangers. the seas might look serene, yet their depths are always fully awake


    Originally posted by tamsyntaylor

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  • this conjunction mars the halfway point in mercury’s retrograde. what have you learned? what have you become more confused about? 

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  • ayo just checked my natal chart for the first time and um.,,,,, i have sagittarius in mars, mercury, venus, AND pluto

    #is that normal #im sreaming ive never heard of that #zodiac tumblr wya #astrology#text
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  • Capricorn: It’s not typically how I get my information.

    Aries: How do you get your information?

    Capricorn: I find the person and then I put the fear of god into them until they talk, but we can try it your way.

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  • Determined, Autonomous, Prone to Fanaticism/Isolation. 

    Aesthetic/ Moodboard Post for: Aquarius Sun & Capricorn Moon | Info on Sun & Moon signs | Requested by celesteoverserp + selfish-intr0vert

    #aquarius #aquarius sun capricorn moon #capricorn moon sign #horoscopes#astrology#zodiac#moodboards#aesthetic
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  • Gemini: Cancer, are you ticklish?

    Cancer taking 10 steps back: Of course not.

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  • Tuesday - February 25, 2020


    We’re not real sure where Life is going right now. Most of you, like myself, are pretty sure Life is heading in the direction you want, but are a little confused about the route Life has chosen! That’s when you just have to hold on and trust the journey.

    Today the Sun in Pisces trines the North Node in Cancer, and sextiles the South North in Capricorn. This is a message from God Universe to accept that your Life is exactly where it needs to be right now, even if you don’t understand the wacky and weird way it is unfolding. Don’t try to rush Mother Life along any faster, and hang on tight when she takes a curve you weren’t expecting.

    Endurance and patience are what is called for today. The endurance to know you are walking away from old habits and ways that kept you stuck. And patience to know that these changes, like any change, takes a while to bloom and come into fullness. Today receive the knowing that God Universe sees the plan, and that your most important role right now is to let it unfold.

    #astrology #bite size astrology #sun trine north node #sun sextile south node
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