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  • NCT 127 MTL to be attracted to a water dominant person:













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  • Jupiter Transit Effects For Taurus

    Taurus personalities from around the world can have some changes in their personal lives due to Jupiter transit. This cosmic event would unleash effects in your career, education or different other parts of your aspects. Check out for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeY0hDaP0HY

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    Diviners Anonymous Divination Retreat 2020

    October 12-18th, 9am-9pm EST

    Location: Discord 

    The Diviners Anonymous Divination Retreat is a week-long event running from October 12th to 18th, inspiring you to get away from the world a little and take part in interactive divination workshops and panels.


    Join the Discord server now to reserve a space, sign up to be a presenter or vendor, and participate in pre-retreat chatter: https://discord.gg/zxhaFDJ

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  • Joan- Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Pisces Rising
    Lynn- Aquarius Sun (it’s canon) Libra Moon, Scorpio Rising 
    Maya- Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising
    Toni- Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising
    William: Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising

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  • I’ve been feeling especially ~romantic~ and nostalgic today and then I realized that the moon is in libra and transiting my 7H 

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    Which house is your Neptune? Do you have one of these negative aspects? Comment below!

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    -TripleAqua 💜🔮

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    💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫




    Venmo~ TripleAqua


    Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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  • Chiron-Venus in Synastry 🖤

    Chiron-Venus aspects, not including the square or opposition, is one of the most common aspects found in married couples. My husband and I just so happen to have this in our synastry chart so I have a special place for this aspect in my heart. I’ve found that there’s very limited information out there on this aspect despite it being so strongly linked to long term relationships so I wanted to elaborate on how great this aspect can be.

    Chiron is the wounded healer, it represents the pain unfairly inflicted by life. The asteroid is Saturn’s neighbor after all so of course its theme deals with healing and growth; Also neighboring Uranus, it has a theme of self sacrifice for the greater good. Where the asteroid is placed in our chart shows where deep rooted psychological pain stems from. In synastry Chiron aspecting Venus indicates that there will be strong themes of healing in the relationship. This aspect can be indicative of karmic ties, some say that it means you and your partner were in love in a different life and you get to pick up where you left off in this life time. It’s undeniable that the two people involved will feel very drawn towards each other, there may even be a feeling in both people that the relationship was truly destined to happen, like the universe is pulling you into each other’s lives. They can help each other to heal pain left over from previous relationships or even childhood traumas. The relationship will also teach both people a lot about love itself and could lead us to change over time the quality of our love and how we express it. The Chiron person will feel soothed and healed by the Venus person’s love and the Venus person will learn about relationships and love and this will lead them to grow through the Chiron person. Despite the pain this aspect initially brings these two people may find it impossible to leave each other. It’s almost like the universe is saying, “You need each other so I want you to embrace the pain. Keep going.” If the aspect is dealt with correctly it can bring tremendous growth as a couple and together you’ll help to ease one another’s deepest pains. If both people are unwilling to learn from this aspect it can lead to a toxic merry-go-round of unintentionally hurting one another, struggling for the upper hand in the relationship, and running back to their own unhealthy habits as a way to avoid the growth through pain this aspects brings.

    #Chiron Venus synastry #synastry#astrology#Chiron#Venus
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  • 19th September 2020 I Today’s Horoscope by Astrologer Deepali Dubey. In the Video, Ms. Deepali Dubey will Help you to understand day Astrology as per zodiac signs.

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  • This is an appreciation post for Geminis and Capricorns.

    I know people sometimes don’t like you but ily ❤️💕

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  • GOT7 Choi Youngjae Birth Chart Reading (+18)

    okay so i decided to make this bc i’m TIRED to see y’all sleeping on youngjae’s kinks and sexual energy, i hope y’all enjoy this, my ask is open and also, english is not my first language.

    follow my new kpop account @defbiased


    Originally posted by crescentmoonlikeyoungjae

    Today we’ll be looking into his mars, venus & lilith signs, but also taking into consideration his other personal planets (sun, moon & mercury). Also, there’s no way i can get info about his asc, houses & aspects because we don’t know his birth time. Enjoy

    • virgo sun and mercury; scorpio moon; leo mars, venus & lilith
    • if this chart doesn’t talk for itself then i’ll explain it for you
    • the planets who talks about sex the most is all in leo, a fire sign
    • so even though youngjae seems to be calm and collected (which he probably is), in bed…… he’s not like that…….
    • he’s fiery and passionate
    • bc of his scorpio moon, he might need emotional depth to have sex with someone
    • likes to be praised
    • he wants to feel like a god
    • probably not a harsh strict dom like jaebeom but still
    • enjoy having sex in nice places
    • make his imagination flow
    • sexy costumes, candles, foreplay
    • he likes it he enjoys it all
    • prob has a lot of fantasies
    • impatient!!!
    • very direct about his needs in love
    • but his energy is filled with love and affection
    • a very fiery love and affection
    • MIRRORS!!!
    • he wants to see how good he looks making you cum and how good you look taking him
    • very “go with the flow vibe”
    • not THAT serious, sex probably has more of a fun mood
    • if you don’t believe in what i’m saying listen to aura RIGHT NOW

    Aura, I like the way you look at me

    Aura, I’ll go all the way, like this, with you

    Leave the flow to me as it guides, dance with me now

    Aura, everything you feel is alright (Aura)

    • see, i’m not lying
    • knows how to flirt (once this boy step on his power and start actually feeling comfortable in his own body IS OVER FOR EVERYBODY WE ARE GOING TO D I E)
    • I’m telling you vanilla sex is not his thing
    • i’m not saying that he is all about himself (esp bc virgo suns really care about the other person) but he’s intention is really solve his “problem” first
    • he’s very available to try some really dirty things if you know what i mean
    • so to wrap this up, if you have the chance to idk hit this boy up:
    • make him feel sexy, wanted, make him feel at the top of his game in bed his ego needs it!!!!
    • the local is important, put candles or prepare the room with a nice lighting
    • foreplay!!!!!!
    • very visual so lingeries and etc are a must have
    • don’t mind being a switch
    • i already said visual but fuck he’s really into it, for him sex is a performing art and you are his most special guest.
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  • #hope this helps! #astrology#ra#💌
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  • Everything is telling me that good things are coming, abundance and love are on the way. We love to see it

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  • If you are an astrologer that cares about making sure that the astrological techniques that they uses are just, sound and accurate.  We can help you out.  Tuesday, September 22, at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, Franco, the director of the Alphee Gators Research Group will be giving a free class.  He’ll be showing you step-by-step how to approach astrological research.  If you are interested in attending, send an email to Alphee@Comcast.net.  We will send you a GoToMeeting link to get into the classroom.  Franco has an engineering background and is well versed in statistical research and astrology.  Come and learn from the best.

    PLEASE SHARE THIS POST we want every person interested in astrology to know all about Astrological Research.  Remember this class is free.

    This is a great example how well astrology research works. Esteemed horary astrologer Alphee Lavoie researched 495 people that committed suicide to see what astrological events they had in common with a high chi-square and probability.  Then Alphee created a model with these high chi-square and probability events.  As you can see from the bar graph they all fit the model except Epstein whom the officials claim had committed suicide. This research shows that he did not.

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