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  • constellairement
    30.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago



    The goal-oriented lover

    ▲ Very organised, disciplined and expect their s/o to be so

    ▼ Tend to be serious, cautious and committed with their partner

    ▲ Crave safety and stability in any relationship

    ▼ The type of people to have a to-do list of things they want to do with their lover

    VIRGO VENUS ♍️ :

    The dedicated lover

    ▲ Tend to be very picky choosing their partner and they are very good at noticing red flags

    ▼ Can be very prudish with skin contact (at least at first), or any form of public display of attention ⚠️

    ▲ Are very supportive in love and love helping them their significant other daily with small acts of services

    ▼ Tend to look out for your physical and mental health


    The cosy and sensual lover

    ▲ Tend to be very loyal and caring in love but can be very possessive with their lover

    ▼ Really need to take their time to move forward in love: they hate when someone put pressure on them

    ▲ Crave harmony and peacefulness in their relationships

    ▼ Are really sensual overall and love finer things such as good food, good scents and..good touch 💕

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  • jeannineharrington85
    30.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Daily Leo

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  • bearingwater
    30.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Daily Horoscope for Aquarius: July 30, 2021

    It may feel hard to relate to those around you today, Aquarius. Your ruling planet, stoic Saturn, receives a disgruntled visit from bond-building Venus. This aspect brings a reality check to your current bonds, asking you to examine what needs changing around your approach to intimacy. Elsewhere, the hotheaded Aries moon squares off with Pluto, bringing charged subconscious material to the forefront, before slinking off into peace-seeking Taurus.

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  • authormischief
    30.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Mercury ingress in Leo!

    #astrology #mercury in leo
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  • starsheal
    30.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    August 2021 Astro Transits ✨⭐️

    8/1 Sun Conjunct Mercury 🌞

    8/8 New Moon in Leo ♌️ 🌑

    8/11 Mercury enters its home sign in Virgo!♍️

    8/16 Venus enters its home sign in Libra 💖

    8/19 Uranus stations retrograde ‼️

    8/22 Full Moon in Aquarius🌕👽

    8/22 Sun enters Virgo!♍️💜

    8/29 Mercury enters lovely Libra 💘

    React to this post with your favorite emoji if you would like posts on these transits 💕

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  • hanjifuck
    30.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    .˚。⋆ ༊ .˚。⋆ stray kids ideal types - series .˚。⋆ ༊ .˚。⋆

    lee know version ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    based on their birth charts! s2

    ✧*:.。. t/n: i’ll be using SIDEREAL astrology on this one. it’s also important to say that when we talk about romance in astrology we have to fully analyse the couple’s birth charts individualy at first and only then apply compatibility analysis so we’re able to check out their synastry overlays.

    ✧*:.。. t/n: not proofread. probably has many mistakes. i’ll be correcting them in a few. <3

    firts of all, i'll be taking a different approach to minho's birth chart as his' way different from chris'. with him we're gonna look at other placements.

    let's use Lacan (1985) as a method to examine the relationship he has between the "i" and the "others". when we look at a Möbius strip it's possible to see that if we turn one side of the two surfaces of the band, we find ourselves outside, while the other finds itself inside the circle. which leads us into thinking about how much of "i" is in the "other" and how much of the "other" is in "i". even if we look at houses of the self, it's percepcion will only be seen on others. our notion of individuality is created trough the mirror offered by the other (the mirror stage).

    the basics:

    someone who has the sun in gemini, libra or aquarius;

    moon in cancer, scorpio or pisces. leo and aquarius moons are a NO;

    venus in aries, aquarius or sagittarius;

    jupiter in gemini.

    obviously there’s way more aspects to look into to see if a relationship would work but i’d rather not go too deep into it right now.

    a person who above all things is his friend firts. he wants to make friends with the person he likes because he's not the most romantic.

    someone full of surprises, who excites him in differents ways everyday. boi wants an adventurous and unique love. he loves the drama and the unexpected.

    a person who has knowledge about unusal things/likes to read about all types of things. interesting personality is a MUST for him. he loves being around strange people because he doesn't want to be bored. when it's about fun he likes to engage in all sorts of not-usual activities, what seems the strangest is also what’s best.

    not-into-fairy-tales-romance type of person. he wants to be around someone who's interesting and makes him curious, so their meetings are most of the time unusual. i don't think you should expect the whole wine and dine type of thing from him, specially because he can give you way more. <3

    someone who likes being around groups and is good at socializing. i know this can trigger some people but hear me out, he's happy when collaborating with others and functioning in groups. when he's having fun he wants to be part of the noisiest events, so it’s normal to see him at concerts or big art related events.

    a non-judgmental person. it's not that he's scared of you "not accepting" him or whatever, believe me he does not care about this. he has to live to the fullest and to be unusual. he expresses his creativity in his own way. he wants to feel excitement when it comes to a relationships, so if you're too worried about what other people will think it won't work.

    a person who wouldn't be a strict parent, if it's a long-term relationship we're talking about. his kids are very likely going to have strong aquarius/uranus energy on their birth charts, meaning his chiquitos would be as accentric as he is. he wants his children to express their individuality and be themselves. he's really good with children as well, having a great way of communicating with his kids, making them mentally strong and independent. yet he may tend to stress his kids with education stuff related cus he feels they should pursue their interests. cool dad™. will be good friends with his kids (the children will be as funny as he is).

    someone who's not traditional. a rebel when it comes to love and don’t prefer to date the traditional way. he wants to fall in love with your mind. his dating ways can be unusual, maybe online since he has a kick for technological advancements. he can be strange when it comes to sex as well.

    but is still a 100% monogamy. the king needs to rule ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. he wants to be the center of attention, he can be a bit domineering even. he may be a bit possessive or jealous, but tries to hide it. expects absolute loyalty from you. his kinks? a lot of love, affection, and admiration.

    a person who's not scared of experimenting. he wants to try everything at least once.

    a "modern" person. minho has always been interested in technology. he gives me big nerdy energy. he's quick to respond to his creativity urges.

    someone who has a longing for learning. he enjoys traveling and learning about technology, psychology, philosophy etc. deep and philosophic conversations are a must (but don't get it twisted he enjoys humor more than anything). he's unhappy with what he's being given, he's always looking to improve things and his thoughts.

    a person who's comfortable with silence as well. even tho he loves having fun with other people he's still kinda a loner who doesn't need to interact with other humans or to talk very much.

    someone passive. would like it better if the person's willing to give him the spotlight. wants to be paided attention to, wants you to worship him. his fantasies probably revolve around devotion. ofc he enjoys giving his effort to you as long as he receive the same back, too. disobeying is a no.

    a feminine and elegant person. rude or harsh behavior and crudeness about sex are a no. you must have a sparkling physical appearance as well.

    easy conversationalist. def not into monosyllabic communicators. he's prideful, he won’t back off from a conflict that involves his own principles so it's essential for you to be good with words, too. fights can be commom in the relationship.

    someone who enjoys praising him. don't forget to show your appreciation for all that he’s doing. wants you to see him as the confident man that he is and the man that will fulfill all your dreams.

    a 100% honest person. you deceive him, he will just leave and not turn back. he finds it hard to forgive. again, he wants his partner to worship him. he works hard to make sure you leave idolizing him, so his feelings will get very hurt if he finds out later on that you were “faking” things. he will feel inadequate and insecure.

    patiente. he can be easy to offend or to be hurt quite easily. you may need to walk on eggshells sometimes. when you first meet him, he might come off as a bit unattainable but don't be discouraged.

    a person who doesn't get scared by his feelings. when he's actually in love, he will fall head over heels. if he thinks you're a match he wants to make sure nobody else will ever get you. he can easily get caught up in the moment and be impulsive. he wants to attract your attention as soon as possible after he realises he loves you, and it will be in an obvious and eccentric way. he wants you to remember him for a lifetime. his placements makes him one of the most emotional individuals, he feels love, anger, disappointment, happiness and so on, at a much greater level.

    someone who stands out. he has always attracted a lot of attention since he has a gravitational energy, so it won't be just anyone who's going to catch his eyes. as a child, he felt very different from the people he was surrounded by. he loved and still love anything that is labeled as odd by others and he likes to feel like he's strange.

    someone who's interested in humanitarian work.

    a person who's flexible. he needs someone who's willing to take risks with him. someone who's in to enjoy the ride.

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  • starsheal
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “Everything you are made you everything you aren’t

    I saw your potential without seein' credentials

    Maybe that's the issue

    Said maybe that's the issue, ah

    Can’t hold that shit against you, ah

    Guess I did it to myself, yeah

    Thought you were somebody else, you”

    - Ariana Grande, In my head (2019)

    Placements that can relate: Venus conjunct/Opposite Neptune, Venus in Pisces, Neptune in 7th, Neptune conjunct/opposite descendant

    #Venus in Pisces #neptune in the 7th house #neptunian#descendent #Neptune conjunct descendent #dsc#Ariana grande #in my head #Neptune opposite descendent #romance#compatibility#synastry #the signs as #music #thank u next #Neptune opposite ascendant #Neptune conjunct ascendant #placements#astrology#horoscope#zodiac#natal chart#astrology blog#free astrology#astrology daily
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  • anastrophagus
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sade Sati experiences.

    Any experience from people who have already been through their Sade Sati while having their natal Moon conjunct Saturn in the Rasi (natal) chart? I’m going through it since the beginning of 2020 (I’ll be in my late Saturn Mahadasha all throughout the transits). To be honest I feel like I handle it pretty well, even though losses and redirection are for sure a part of the picture. I was specifically wondering about the peak-period, and perhaps health related issues.

    #misc#sade sati #sade sati dhaiya #shani sadhe sati #moon conjunct saturn #moon saturn conjunction #i'm really obsessed by health but like #i'm a virgo sun in both tropical and sidereal #the hypocondria is real #vedic astrology#jyostish astrology #do not hesitate to share #i'm really curious about the topic #(and actually if you have any comment on your own experience) #(even with different natal placements) #(it's still very interesting for me)
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  • sandraalten7
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Daily Gemini

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  • starsheal
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Lunar Princess 🤍🌙

    Cancer placements 💞

    A princess, on her castle’s white balcony, peers into the dark blanket sky, home to millions of dainty stars. Sparkling. She has a silver halo crown. Her hair is the color of pearl. As she sings into the night sky, its like moonbeams radiate gracefully from her mouth. A dark, mysterious, melancholic tune. A sound so hauntingly beautiful and foreign to earth. She further illuminates the Moon’s beauty.

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  • starsheal
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If you would like to support me as a self supporting artist, please donate here, anything will help and be very much appreciated 🙏🏼🤍

    I also do chart interpretations, chart readings, etc. at very affordable prices, contact me! I can work out a price for you!


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    If you would be interested in astrological readings for affordable prices please let me know xo

    18+ only

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    Red flags and leadership in your (and especially our) Community, thanks for the question ⁉️

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    #Best Astrologer in Bangalore #Bangalore Astrologer#Astrologer Bangalore #Bangalore Best Astrologer #Best Astrologer in Bangalore Near Me
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