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  • divinejuka
    23.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    So people in Venus have Earth as one of their personal planetsss??? (They are like "my Earth is in 3rd house in Taurus")

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  • mypurplejupiter
    23.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    🌸𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤/𝕒𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕞𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕄𝕚𝕥𝕤𝕜𝕚 𝕃𝕪𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕤🌸

    Make a natal chart to find out your placements/aspetcs if you do not know them!! I recommended going here, but if you do not know your birth time go here

    ☁️Capricorn/Aries/Scorpio Moon, Scorpio/Capricorn/Aries IC, Saturn, Mars, or Pluto in the 4th:

    “And I was so young

    When I behaved

    Twenty five

    Yet now I find

    I've grown into

    A tall child” (First Love/Late Spring)

    Okay before I break it down PLEASE listen to the Brooklyn magazine Live version of this song, it sounds better than the original. Okay now: I feel like these lyrics are super self explanatory. I often see people with these placements behaving very maturely at a young age and/or being forced to grow up too fast. I think they maintain an air of maturity their whole life, but as they get older they (usually, but of course not always) can end up feeling bitter towards the conditions they were raised under, and feel like their childhood was “stolen” from them in some sense.

    ☁️Uranus-Mars aspects, Jupiter-Mars aspects, Aquarius/Sagittarius Mars:

    “I'm tired of wanting more

    I think I'm finally worn


    And I've been a forest fire

    I am a forest fire

    And I am the fire, and I am the forest

    And I am a witness watching it” (A Burning Hill)

    So I know the actual meaning of the song is about an unfulfilling relationship, but I also have another spin on the lyrics. All of these placements are prone to lashing out (not trying to diss you guys, I have Mars conjunct Uranus myself so trust me I know). Mars rules over passion + anger. Uranus rules unpredictability (aka randomly lashing out) and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Jupiter rules expansion and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius Mars and Jupiter-Mars aspects can show becoming blinded by anger at times. These lyrics just remind me of the morning after guilt you get from exploding on somebody, and I think these placements/aspects can relate to that the best out of anybody. Being emotionally drained from the problems you created.

    ☁️Capricorn/Aquarius Moon, Saturn-Moon aspects:

    "I always want you when I'm finally fine" (I Bet on Losing Dogs)

    Yes I copied this from an old post I made. No, I do not care. So, for starters the sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn. You probably already knew this but the Moon rules emotional regulation/emotional expression. Saturn "restricts" and "minimizes" things. These placements/aspects are often--but usually correctly--stereotyped as not wanting to deal with their issues publicly, and are notorious for isolating themselves from others & heavily downplaying their problems. They don't want to be around people again until they feel like they can convince others that they've gotten better/recovered from whatever was bothering them, even if they're not over it. So...y'know...😩they only want you when they're finally fine😩

    ☁️Chiron conjunct/square/opposite IC,Chiron in the 4th, Chiron-Mercury Aspects:

    “It's just that I fell in love with a war

    Nobody told me it ended

    And it left a pearl in my hand

    And I roll it around

    Every night, just to watch it glow

    Every night, baby, that's where I go” (A Pearl)

    Oh buddy oh boy, time to get MEGA depressing! Chiron=Trauma. IC and 4th house= roots, childhood, the past. Mercury=the mind. These placements/aspects are incredibly prone to dwelling on the past for too long, having issues with recurring memories/flashbacks, etc. Not to say you can’t have those if you don’t have these placements/aspects, but I find it’s more common with these guys. I take this song as being about those sorts of things. In my opinion “the war”=something traumatic, “nobody told me it ended”=can’t seem to get over it, the incident(s) still feels very real. “A pearl”=the traumatic memory itself.

    ☁️Chiron-Venus Aspects, Pluto-Venus Aspects, Chiron and/or Pluto in the 7th:

    “Toss your dirty shoes in my washing machine heart

    Baby, bang it up inside” (Washing Machine Heart)

    Y’know I had to include an absolute classic. Y’know I did. These people and being used by people they care about? Yeah...that can happen a lot. I’ve seen people with these placements/aspects let their partners/family/”friends” take things out on them before and they just put up with it entirely. It’s very depressing tbh. I’m 99% sure these lyrics are about something very similar, being used by a loved one/somebody you care about and having to deal with their “dirty laundry”.

    ☁️Gemini, Aquarius, Libra Venus, Venus-Uranus Aspects, Uranus in the 7th:

    “I know that I ended it, but

    Why won't you chase after me?

    You know me better than I do

    So why didn't you stop me?

    Why didn't you stop me?” (Why Didn't You Stop Me?)

    Look I fucking despise 99% of Air Venus sterotypes but I will honestly admit that we tend to run away from relationships/potential relationship opportunities a lot. But primarily out of fear that things will end badly more than anything+overthinking, not because we think leaving people is fun. Venus-Uranus/Uranus in the 7th people tend to be the same way, and have a habit of walking away from things too early. But yeah, in the end it can create a lot of regret for all of us. Avoidant and Fearful Avoidant attachment styles? Maybe.

    ☁️Aries Moon and Cancer Mars, Moon-Mars Aspects:

    “I glow pink in the night in my room

    I've been blossoming alone over you

    And I hear my heart breaking tonight

    I hear my heart breaking tonight

    Do you hear it too?

    It's like a summer shower

    With every drop of rain singing

    "I love you, I love you, I love you”(Pink in the Night)

    Yes I know I basically just copy and pasted ½ the song leave me alone. Both of these placements+these aspects (in my experience at least) tend to become scarily angry right before they break down. I associate the terms “pink in the night” as meaning “glowing pink with anger” and in the same way people say “green with envy” to mean somebody is well...envious, obviously. And then after their anger subsides a little bit, it feels like they just explode with emotion, hence why I associate the lyrics “...It's like a summer shower, with every drop of rain…” as them finally experiencing+working through their emotional release and letting go of their anger a little bit.

    ☁️MULTIPLE Lilith conjunctions, Lilith-Venus aspects, Lilith-Ascendant aspects:

    "I'm liquid smooth, come touch me, too

    And feel my skin is plump and full of life

    I'm in my prime

    I'm liquid smooth, come touch me, too

    I'm at my highest peak, I'm ripe

    About to fall, capture me" (Liquid Smooth)

    OKAY so these Lilith aspects can either be very hit or miss. They either hate being objectified with a burning passion, or they feel like a lot of their value comes from being objectified and might feel a need to play into that role to get validation. Sometimes their stance on the subject flip flops throughout life. This song is about a pretty similar thing, somebody who feels as though they have “an expiration date” and needs to be “claimed” or “have their value acknowledged” before it’s too late (which isn’t true, you aren’t like a box of cereal that goes stale after a certain time that's all bullshit). The narrator of this song refers to themselves in a non-human way, talking about themselves as if they are a fruit or a product of some sort, hence where I drew the connection about objectification. But yeah ½ the people I meet with these Lilith aspects can struggle with feeling that way/thinking of themselves that way so that's why these lyrics remind me of them.

    All rights reserved © mypurplejupiter 2021

    Don't copy or steal my shit! I will happily put you on blast to all my followers if you do!

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  • loveemagicpeace
    23.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    ✨Astro notes✨

    🦋I think cancers are very loyal once they go into a relationship. I have noticed in the boys that they are gentle, understanding and that they are always so kind and helpful. I don't think that cancers cheat.

    🐬 The most unbalanced sign are Aquarius and Gemini. They both want freedom and they like to experiment and they get tired of people or things very quickly. Aquarius can dismiss you with cold blood and Gemini can leave you without any explanation. Person who has a lot of placements in aquarius(11 or 23 degrees)or gemini(3,15,27 degrees) will probably be like that.

    🌼Having synastry in 5th and 2nd house u and person will have a lot of things in comon and value the same things. Especially since the 2nd house represents music maybe u and person have the same taste of music. Jupiter in 5th house It’s very good because you get very caught up with the person in artistic views and interests.

    ☁️Neptune and Uranus in 1st , 3rd, 5th and 12th house is the best in synastry in my opinion.

    🌙I have cancer in moon and I think when I meet people with the same moon sign It’s such a very different vibe! Feels like I’ve know that person already and I get the same vibe from them.

    🤍North node in 9th house your goal is to find meaning in life. Grow through life and focus on your dreams, hopes. Lots of traveling and getting to know yourself and different cultures through it. 

    🌊 The more water signs you have the more you will be an emotional person. You will feel music, book, people and other things in a deeper way. The more u will find understanding in people who have water signs.

    ❄️The most emotionally strong signs are scorpio, taurus, leos, aries and capricorn. The most artistic def pisces. The best memory has cancer and the worst has pisces haha. Most of people who have placements in 12th house a lot of times forget things.

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  • toastmyrolls
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Astrology Notes 🕯🕸

    These astrology notes are based on my opinions and interpretations. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t, I hope you all enjoy these notes. Don’t apply it to yourself if it doesn’t make sense or resonate, Thank you so much🍬🍭👻

    * Please do not steal or reword my astrology notes, please and thank you! with love.🧡

    ♂︎ Sagittarius Mars really do take the cake for having ✨the audacity✨

    ☉ Aquarius Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus women tend to have more male friends than most. Same can apply for Aquarius men and Capricorn women.

    ♂︎ ︎Mars in the 7th house natives will pursue you like no other if they’re dearly interested or invested. They also won’t stfu during an argument.

    ♀︎ Libra and Capricorn Venus natives can quickly become obsessed with someone within a relationship if they truly see the potential there. Clingy babes🥺💖

    *Juno within 1 ° usually want partners who are fairly blunt with their feelings/thoughts and make great leaders.

    ♃ Jupiter in the 10th house or Jupiter within 13 ° in a natal chart can indicate someone who will be blessed within the work space and may become the leaders of their work place within good and easy circumstances. They take charge of the shit they do.

    ☿ Moon & Mercury in the 12th house natives don’t necessarily post their lives on social media all that much. It’s hard to tell where these people went in life when you don’t really know them well.

    ♓︎ Lilith in Pisces natives take the win for perfecting the victim complex. At its finest.

    ♂︎ Pisces & Taurus Mars will do the bare minimum and then be like “it’s time to take a 6 hour nap🥱”

    ♋︎ Natives who have a mix of Aries & Cancer within their big three are the types of people who cry during arguments but would also still yell at you back.

    ☽ Moon in the 9th house natives weirdly enough have decent relationships with their mothers. They may also believe in the same things or could be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    * I’ve noticed that it’s mostly Fire & Water signs who often do micro dosing or are more open or receptive to shrooms, acid, lsd, etc.

    * Family members, soul family or friends closest to you will often share the same elements or placements as you. For example, 3 generations of my family have had Pluto in the 12th house within a fire sign.

    ☉ Sun in the 4th house natives strongly identify with their family or share the same morals as their family.

    ☉ An Aries Sun would genuinely tell someone to fuck off when a Pisces Sun would most likely talk shit about you to their friends/online.

    ↑ Capricorn Rising women are so freaking beautiful. Their jaw lines, ✨flaw less✨ and they usually look younger than their actual age.

    ♄ Natives who have Saturn Square Uranus tend to not like older generations or often get into conflict with people older than them. Gen Z vs Boomers

    ☿ People say that Mercury in Leo natives talk loud, but Y’all clearly forgot about Mercury Virgos over here. Believe it or not.

    ♈︎ Aries 4th house (empty or not) natives more than likely had parents that just talk very loudly and it could come off as yelling when it’s really normal within that environment.

    ♂︎ Mars in Gemini natives don’t even need caffeine to seem like they’re on edge, it always seems like they are lmao.

    ♒︎ Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus & Gemini natives will have a sudden urge to want to talk to someone, but if it’s not reciprocated, they lose all interest entirely. Good luck trying to get them to talk again lmao

    ♇ Pluto-Ascendant aspects within a natives natal chart can indicate someone who has a unique but interesting sense of style and fashion. Snazzy.

    ♅ Uranus transiting over the 12th house of ones chart can indicate a time where the native might take extreme measures with doing unpredictable things.

    ♀︎ Venus Square Neptune natives may deal with issues of seeing the full story to certain relationships or in romantic situations in general. Their idea of love doesn’t necessarily match with their partner or their reality sometimes.

    ♑︎ You can’t tell me a Lilith in Capricorn natives wouldn’t purposely fuck with someone just out of spite. They LOVE messing with people who come at them the wrong way.

    ☿ Mercury in Libra natives will talk in rather a calm or mellow tone throughout the conversation, but when it comes to Mercury in Aquarius & Gemini natives, it sounds like they’re talking so much and are spitting so many thoughts at once but still expect you to remember everything they said within a 3 minute time span.

    ☉ Sun Opposition Saturn natives weirdly enough have weird relationships with their fathers. They usually have a relationship where they see one another, but both don’t usually agree with each other. The relationship might not be there entirely.

    ☽ Moon Conjunct Mercury natives are the types of people where if they wronged you in anyway possible, they probably won’t remember or while they wronged you, they were not being their truest form of self. These people can be an emotional roller coaster during their upbringing especially within their teen years. They more than likely did insensitive things that didn’t line up with who they are as people. They will grow and learn to not be this way later on, but they probably aren’t deemed as the kindest person within the upbringing.

    ♓︎ ♋︎ ♏︎ POV: you just went out on your first date with a water sign and they text you saying “i had such an amazing time with you.” “btw I deleted all of my apps for you💘”

    * The ruler of your 5th house is often the Ascendant/Rising signs of your lovers or friends. Its interesting to look into once you see a pattern.

    Happy Spooky Season Loves🎃🍬🧡

    Written with much love, Em.

    #Astrology#astrology notes#astrology observations#Sagittarius Mars#Aquarius Sun #Mars in the 7th house #Libra Venus#Capricorn Venus#Juno #Jupiter in the 10th house #Moon in the 12th house #Mercury in the 12th house #Taurus Mars#Pisces Mars #Moon in the 9th house #Sun in the 4th house #Aries Sun#Pisces Sun#Capricorn Rising #Saturn Square Uranus #Aries 4th house #Gemini Mars #Uranus Transit 12th house #Venus Square Neptune #Lilith in Capricorn #Aquarius #Mercury in Libra #Mercury in Aquarius #sun opposite saturn #Moon Conjunct Mercury
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  • starryfree
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Vedic Question

    So for my upcoming jupiter dasha, with jupiter and saturn being in my 11th house, rahu being 3 houses away from it and my moon being 10 houses away.....this is my time to be internationally famous online?

    *half joking/half serious?

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  • unusual-influence
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • virginiadre
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Astrocartography depends upon transits as well. E.g, your hometown could fall under or near the venus line but if let's say, pluto or neptune have ingressed into the sign of your natal venus, this transit alone can leave you in a chaotic mess all of a sudden so moving out wouldn't be a bad idea*

    (**please consult a professional astrologer to generate a relocation map for you first!)

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  • izsavage
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago



    👤When Someone says they "have 1 of those faces" chances are they're a gem rising

    🩳The Degree of your Saturn can be a placement your father figure has

    🧤7th house Pisces may catch themselves in delusional relationships which can be one sided

    🥽0 degrees of a chart ruler people can be sort of lost when it comes to how they seem to people

    🩴Libra Moons often have a similar color of either blonde hair or blue eyes they also have prominent cheeks for Example: (Rose Mclever, Michael Elay, etc.)

    🌁Aries males often look the same

    🍼Venus Conjunct North Node people often are celebrities though this applies to other planets conjunct as well for Example:(Vivica A. Fox, Rosa Parks and T.I.)

    🍚Air signs with an abundance of fire placements tend to be very comedic

    🥛The person that played Xena is a triple Aries👁️👄👁️

    ❄People of this generation seem to be mature faster Pluto Capricorns

    @izsavage ⬅

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  • fairyastrology
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    any observations on couples with virgo rising in composite?

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  • rainyvibesposts
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pluto in houses

    Pluto is the planet of destruction, creation. It atleast spends around 9 to 21 years in a sign. Its ruler is scorpio ♏ which is the 8th sign in astrology. Pluto is all about facing harsh things, fear, death, rebirth

    1st-6th house

    7th-12th house(coming)

    1st house

    1st house or ascendant is the house of impression, it is about our self image and how do we appear to others. With pluto in 1st house, it indicates that the person is very passionate about the things they like. You are either very noticeable or you just hide so easily that people forget to even look. Regardless, your presence is powerful. People can see you as someone who is very blunt and knows their power which can sometimes result you in being lonely as people can get scared of you. You value your boundary a lot. People can many times try to cross them to just to get to know you which can make you scared. Many a times, they can also think that you're very cold when you are just trying to save your privacy. You sometimes try to change your yourself to fit in. Sometimes, you project yourself in relationships. You have a lot of mental strength and ability to not get triggered easily. You can talk about difficult stuff easily. Many a time you are afraid of being rejected or failing. You want to be above average in many things which can lead to lot of stress. There are a lot of times when you go through changes. There is not a lot of consistency in your life. This placements also indicated a very strong intuition and power. You know what you're saying many times. You are prone of being jealous and attracting jealous lot more than usual. You're sometimes stuck in toxic cycles because you can be afraid of being alone, or you think this is the right way of loving someone. On the outer, you're afraid of being getting dominated by people and sometimes you want to be dominated especially for those who identify as females. There can be struggle of sexuality. When you love someone you love with a lot of intensity when can sometimes lead you to being helpless.

    2nd house

    2nd house is about self worth, finance, possessions and value. With pluto being in 2nd house, you try to be sensual, many a times your self worth depends on how you're looking. This placements indicates lot of physical changes. With this house being opposite to 8th house, it indicates being a lot more grounded than usual, trying to get know about the 3D World. As pluto is about changes and 2nd house is about finance this indicates having a lot of changes in finance. If pluto is badly aspected then it can mean spending sometimes living in poverty. It indicates having fear of living in poverty. You mainly choose your career which can give you a lot of fruitation in future. It also indicated being open minded about sex related topics or having a hard time discovering your kinks. This placement indicated thinking with logic rather than using emotions. You spend time with people who can help you in future or someone from whom you can learn different things. Foundation and growth are really important for you. You want to have that security within the relationships and at home. Security makes you feel like you belong somewhere or you find your safe space. As pluto is also about secrets it can indicate that you can be very secretive about which job you're working or how you're earning. You sometimes ignore your inner voice because of trying to use logic in things. This placements indicates that the person can get possessive in an unhealthy way of people around them. There is a need to learn handling emotions and trusting people around them. Sometimes, you can also become a saver in an excessive way. You sometimes ignore some things in order to find something big which can later make you feel that things often don't go in your own way.

    3rd house

    3rd house is the house of communication, early education, neighborhood, siblings. This placement indicates someone who thinks a lot before they speak. Sometimes, they can think that their mind is a dark place where there are lot of secrets hidden. There can be some secrets or something traumatic which can make them overprotective of their siblings. People with placement are very blunt and are not afraid to put their words but sometimes their words can put them in problem. Individual with this placement many a times feel alone even when they are surrounded by friends. They are prone to having a lot of trust issues and would sometimes overanalyze the words of people. Your mind grows a lot, like if as a kid you were not open to many ideas than as you're growing up you tried to learn about different things and now you're one of the supporter of that community. People with this placement do not speak a lot, they only use their words where it is required. Sometimes, their mind can take them to search the hidden meaning of life which can leave them in being obsessed with various cults. People with this placement need to learn how to put their ideas without hurting anyone's feeling as there is a very thin line between being blunt and rude. People with this placement are good listener. They are very curious people. These are the people who can become obsessed with any one topic like they will keep researching on a topic until and unless they think that they know enough. Sometimes, individual people with this placement can hear voices from other dimensions like whispers or bells ringing in their ear. If devloped then this placement gives the psychic ability of clairaudience. Sometimes, in school they can have hard time understanding some concepts or just not going well with friends.

    4th house

    4th house is the house of home, childhood, parents. With pluto in 4th house, individual become mature at a young age. There are many secrets or dark expierence in their family. These people can also come across to many spirit or paranormal even in their home. Finding safe environment becomes one of your aim, you want to be with someone who can give you security which you always desired. You might have changed home or moved a lot as a child. You try to help yourself first then ask, while its a good habit but sometimes asking for help can be a life saver. You might try to have a career which can provide you security or do some work related to protect young children. Parents either are way too involved or absent in life. There is a lot of karma related to family, you have to learn to value yourself and accept yourself before going to find someone who can give you these things. You need to or will break a lot of generational curse and things can be painful many times but growth is really important. At their home, they might have felt blacksheep, not just in home but places where they were meant to feel accepted. You can feel like you either have many things or you lose everything at once so there is need to find peace in what you have. You people know the value of things which others can ignore. Protect your energy by not giving everything in relationship. Learn to keep balance of receive and give, this way you can have healthy balanced relationship. People with this placement have the tendency to sabotage good things in their life by thinking that they don't deserve it which results in a negative manifestation of the placement.

    5th house

    5th house is the house of creativity, children, short term affairs. With pluto in 5th house, individual have a love hate relationship with children. People with this placement can be protective of their children and will try to give them everything which they were unable to have. You usually express your emotions through creative activities like drawing, singing etc. What I have noticed with this placement that you people are in love with the idea of being in love. You people sometimes put your partner's above pedestal which leads to betray, obsession or projection. There is a lot of self esteem with this placement but it can sometimes get broken because of habit of putting their partner above everything. This placement can manifest trust issues or abandonment issues. Individual with this placement are great secret keeper however, if their trust is broken then they can use your secrets against you (it depends on other placements). People with this placement either do many things at once or just become lazy. Many times you people feel misunderstood which results in you changing your self expression. Many a times you try to act all serious because you're scared that people won't take you seriously. This placement gives you many ideas as 5th house is the house of creativity but you have a hard time finding from where should you start. This placement can make a person know about their sexuality at young age. You can also try to do many things to seduce your romantic interests. You'll find someone when you'll focus on yourself more. Try to do some self reflection and then you'll find few things which are hampering you from having a safe and secure relationship.

    6th house


    6th house is the house of daily routine, responsibility, health, job etc. This placement manifest as a perfectionist since 6th house indicates responsibility and virgo themes and pluto is basically a planet of obsession. This placement have a talent of writing sometimes words just flow from your pen. You can be self critical of yourself a lot. What you need to learn is to accept mistakes and know that not everything needs to be perfect. You try to be responsible at a level where you can develop a tendency to know the correct place of things. You can be very focused on your health like doing workout on daily basis (differs on different placement or aspect). TW**** I have seen many people with this placement having bad relation with food and can have some child trauma*****. Individual with this placement can have a very low self esteem because of the habits which were developed as a kid. You are afraid to be criticised at work so you try your hardest to get things perfectly which can sometimes lead to burnout. Before you say something you practice in your head a lot. You need to learn to ease up and not be afraid of the judgements which people pass you. From time to time you get on hermit mode whenever you feel like or when things go hard for you and you don't have the energy to fight more. Which is absolutely okay. Try to do meditation it'll help you in ease your mind. There is a tendency to bottle up emotions and one day all your emotions just flow. You try to look best and put efforts in your clothing and all that. You also feel guilty when things are not your best. If you're into crystals try to look into something which matches your vibe and energy and work with that. You should know that criticism leads to improvement, not everything needs to be perfect.

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  • catmarlowastrology
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Meghan Markle wants to fit in at all cost (birth chart reading)

    Meghan Markle's latest letter to the US Congress is making headlines and creating another polemic. The backlash comes from a few lines she wrote where she states: "I grew up on the $4.99 salad bar at Sizzler—it may have cost less back then (to be honest, I can’t remember)—but what I do remember was the feeling: I knew how hard my parents worked to afford this because even at five bucks, eating out was something special, and I felt lucky."

    I can't confirm nor deny her story, but I've read that Meghan's dad was highly respected at his job and had a good income (he also won the lottery!), and Doria (her mom) is a hard-working woman. Meghan attended the best schools in Los Angeles (yearly cost: 20 000$) and flew to exotic holiday destinations as a kid. It's well known that Meghan was her father's favorite kid; he wanted to give her the world and some reports say that she was spoiled.

    You can also see this in her birth chart: she has the 2nd house in Leo and a powerful Sun in Leo in the 1st house. Venus, the other indicator of money in a chart, is distressed in the sign of Virgo, showing someone who knows the value of money and budgets her income very well. She was taught to value her income and be financially responsible. But it seems like she never had to experience parents having to choose between rent and food. I've worked with clients who grew up in low-income households, and Meghan doesn't have any indicator of past financial stress.

    Why is she trying to make the reader feel like she lived a difficult childhood and saw struggling parents making ends meet when it was (probably) not the case then?

    Meghan has a strong pattern of "me vs. us" in her chart. She has many planets in "me" houses and signs. But Meghan also has a heavy Libra influence, pushing her to be part of the group. This is why she is polarizing; she constantly battles conflicting impulses, making her act in contradicting ways. And we, the public, see her behavior as fake and opportunistic.

    Meghan has had a pretty good childhood, although confusion around her lineage and experiences of racism have been present from an early age. She received plenty of attention from both Mom and Dad, which enabled her to be confident. The problem lies with the racism she encountered as a kid. Implicit or explicit, she felt like her origins were a problem for society and/or her family, which created a fear of rejection and inadequacy. That's why she has a Libra Moon and the 4th house in Libra with Pluto in it; she learned from an early age not to make waves, to be diplomatic and graceful, to be accepted. This message might have been enforced by Meghan's mom, Doria, who also seems to have a pattern of "work hard, be nice, and you'll be accepted." in her chart. This behavior is typical in mixed-race families.

    At the same time, she got the message from her parents that she was special (Leo Sun 1st house) and deserved plenty of attention and adoration. That's the acknowledgment she expects and seeks from the world since it's familiar to her; it's a well-known psychological behavior. We unconsciously repeat our history, and the care and affection we received as a child.

    So she, unconsciously, seeks attention and wants to be singled out to feed her belief that she's special; but at the same time, she wants to fit in, be part of the group, and blend in. Me vs. Us. Aries/Leo vs. Libra.

    This dichotomy is on full display here, as Meghan is writing to defend a social right while having enough privilege to have her letter published on thousands of websites and newspapers, giving her request special attention.

    I have an article on Meghan's birth chart in my drafts almost ready to be published, where I go more into details, so I'll stop here for today. I hope you guys liked it! :)

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  • chelseazdiary
    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i swear Aries will act like capricorn’s little servant, so uncomfortable to watch #scorpiobservation

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  • piscesweepon
    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Favourite placements in my chart and why I like them

    SUN CONJUNCT URANUS: makes me authentic, the more I grow the more I don't care what people think about me. People remember me easily, like I'm always the one that teachers remember the faster in the beginning of the year.

    MOON IN PISCES: well not the easiest placement however I think it's a really good placement for moon. It makes me very sensitive, and very artistic. But it also makes me feel things deeply and I mean of course it can be very difficult to handle but it also can be very good.

    MOON TRINE SATURN: except the fact that this placement represent the lack of parental love and attention, I would say that this placement makes me very conscious of my feelings and emotions and I have a good self-control. I think this placement gives me emotional intelligence.

    VENUS IN ARIES: I'm a passionate lover and I don't play games with people, I'm very direct and I tell people what I want and what I don't. There's usually no misunderstandings with me.

    MARS CONJUNCT NORTH NODE: it gives me a lot of ambition and a sense of purpose. It feels like I have a lot of willpower to face any problem, makes me strong.

    MERCURY IN THE 10TH HOUSE: makes me good at writing and speaking, education in general. I understand things quickly and I learn fast. Makes me smart.

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  • oceanbaby888
    23.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Y’all since Scorpio season is here y’all wanna know a secret? I get weak in the knees for Scorpio/Pluto energy it’s true 😩🤪🦂. This is a Scorpio/Pluto Stan account. You can say I’m obsessed (lol pun intended). Alright I’m gone new video coming next week.

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  • unusual-influence
    23.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Venus in Sagittarius. One of my friends has this placement. I’ve heard many say things like “How can he stay in a long-distance relationship for so long?” and “That’s crazy” both behind and in front of his face.

    Funny how I used to have a thing going on with that guy. He only asked me out after I went abroad to study.

    And of course I refused. My Capricorn Venus just can’t deal with such a thing.

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  • seenery
    23.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    My astro chart notes (Mercury, Venus, Mars)


    Mercury in Gemini

    It takes a lot for me to stop talking once engaged in good conversation. I could think of different topic possibilities at 1000 mph to the point where the person I'm talking to couldn't catch up.

    I also like putting a touch of humor when I'm speaking. I always do a lot of hand gestures, impersonations, or go the extra mile by using self-deprecating humor to see someone laugh.

    Sometimes it borders on showboating and feels like I'm taking out all the air in the room. It seems as if I never want to listen. It's not that I don't want to, I'm simply excited to share my thoughts. I have no bad intentions whatsoever. Even if that's the case, I still don't know what people think of me. Am I irritating? Selfish? I wouldn't know, so I try to calculate my moves as much as I can.

    And because of this habit, my communication tends to be unclear. I have a lot of things to say. In my head I got it all planned, but in the middle of it I start to think of new concepts and make connections I haven't even thought before. Most of the time, I can't express these well for audiences. My nerves then get the best of me. I start assuming a lot of things. What if I sound stupid? I don't want people to think I know nothing. I just really want things to be perfect deep down but I'm having a hard time making it so.

    Venus in Aries

    I don't like boring people. I like someone who knows how to surprise me. Talk to me about anything. Let's go on a roadtrip, bathe under the rain, go on a treasure hunt. You name it, I'm in!

    Unlike other people probably with a mushy approach to relationships, my way is the complete opposite. Don't expect excessive endearments. I'd put up mini banters then reconcile through playful teasing. Hell, I could even put up a wrestling match. My approach can be very childish. Turned off? I'll gladly move on to the next. I won't waste my time.

    Some posts on the Internet say this placement is dangerous, impulsive, and self-centered in love. I am actually a loyal person. I'll treat you like royalty. It must have been chance that I was pursuing someone who didn't fit my standards and failed to amuse me for the most part. I genuinely value honesty and respect. If you can't have that, what's the point of building a relationship? I just know what I want so if I don't see the same fire in someone, adios.

    I'm aware some people don't have the same outlook as me. From past relationship experiences, strifes were unavoidable. Hopefully in the near future, I have fully understood the balancing act of the opposing energies in this placement. It doesn't hurt to be gentle and patient. Take a leap of faith. If I get hurt in the end, I'll bounce back and remind myself of my worth.

    Mars in Sagittarius (Rx)

    I have a strong determination to succeed, but it comes inconsistently. I can get really unpredictable. There is always a feeling of wanting to do something but can't because I don't feel I have enough energy to follow through. It's so frustrating to get stuck in a vicious cycle where I decided to give up even if I haven't started yet.

    The only thing consistent was me comparing my achievements to other people. It distorted my view of self. No matter how many people compliment me on something, I'll feel as if they're doing it out of politeness. I started placing doubts on people. Everyone is a potential enemy. It doesn't feel right, but rationality gets thrown out the window when insecurities take over.

    The question left is would I rather have war or wisdom? Should I rely on aggressiveness alone? Will it do me good in the long run? Or should I redirect my energies to rewire my thinking into something that benefits myself and other people? What can I actually do?

    Having a Mars retrograde is not all bad. It forces me to think before I act. Start going beyond what I see. Realize that I'm the only one setting the restrictions. I have the freedom to follow what I want. I could always be different without hurting other people. Anybody can say whatever they want, just don't try to force me into doing something I'm not keen to, especially if it involves my aspirations. It's a pet peeve.

    Nonetheless, the Sagittarian attributes taught me how to find my inner child and that the only person I can ultimately rely on is myself.


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