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    “In a time in our country when refugee families seek asylum at our borders and are unwillingly separated from one another, we consider the most well-known refugee family in the world. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Holy Family. Shortly after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary were forced to flee with their young son from Nazareth to Egypt to escape King Herod, a tyrant. They feared persecution and death.

    What if this family sought refuge in our country today?

    Jesus grew up to teach us kindness and mercy and a radical welcome of all people. He said: “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35”

    - Claremont United Methodist Church, 2019

    #immigration#asylum#christmas#christianity#nativity #this church’s nativity scenes are always incredible #I’ll try to find some more #welcome to erin’s lk religious blogging
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  • “Police Blind, Kill, Maddened Butcher,” Toronto Star. July 8, 1938. Page 32.

    Officers Fire After Maniac Stabs Policeman

    Cleveland, July 8. - Police shot and killed an escaped madman today after he had stabbed and critically wounded a patrolman with a meat knife.

    The maniac was Matthew Bubich, 48. Officers blinded him with tear gas and shot him three times after he had thrust an 11-inch knife into the stomach of Patrolman Robert Wehagen. The struggle took place in Bubich’s butcher shop.

    Bubich died in a hospital a few minutes after arrival.

    The insane man, a state ward in a private sanatorium, escaped at 3 a.m., clad only in his pyjamas.

    #cleveland#asylum #escape from custody #insane asylum#non-criminally responsible#madness #ward of the state #sanatorium#attempted murder#stabbing attack #escaped mental patient #violent assault #assaulting a policeman #tear gas#shot dead#butcher's shop #crime and punishment #history of crime and punishment
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  • Briarcliff 

    Open to m/f/nb. Set in the late 1950′s. Inspiration taken from AHS Asylum. Put aliens in it if you want I’m down for some weird. 

    Act crazier than the craziest person there, that was the idea that Christian had in his head, that’s what would keep him safe and out of trouble and in this place instead of jail. Of course he had killed every single person he was being accused of, or Wrath had, but he figured the insanity plea was the best he had right now. He’d laid it all out in front of the judge and jury, that he was a demon, that there were the seven sins living inside of him, that the one who was responsible for the murders was buried deep inside his mind… and it worked. For once his crazy had paid off. Anything was better than rotting in a cell, even rotting in an asylum.

    His face was plastered all over the news, papers basically begged to get in touch with him, he was followed by reporters as he was escorted inside of the dark stone building in a pair of handcuffs. They threw him in the showers, hosing him off with enough water pressure to tear skin, and then put him into the light blue button up and fitted jeans uniform that all the boys in the building seemed to wear. By the time they took him into the common room all the cameras outside of the doors had disappeared and it was nearly dinnertime. 

    Let them out. Let all of them out. Make sure they keep you in here. He thought to himself as the double doors were pushed open by a male nurse and he took his first few steps into the rather crowded space. He got a warning from his escort telling him to behave or he would be put in a straight jacket and thrown in solitary before he could even think, Christian simply nodded along with a smirk. He basically beelined to the first person he saw with a lit cigarette, coming up behind them and plucking it form their fingers, taking an extra long drag. “Jesus H Christ that’s all I’ve wanted for days.” He practically moaned.

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  • Motley Crue Asylum Au moodboard

    Since I love so much @smokeandmirrorz Asylum Au, I’ve decided to do some moodboard inspired by it and I can’t wait to write, omg he’s so talented !

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  • Asylum was, imho, the best season of AHS. The layers it had to it and how everything weaved in and out of each other. How it made you feel like you were going crazy too was dope. I loved seeing Jessica Lange singing the name game too lol. That season brought all of my favorite things together and made it work. I love learning about psychology and the history of psychology. I also love religious symbolism though I personally am not religious… I think religion and spirituality shows just how vulnerable we humans are to so many things especially our own minds. I love mind twisters and I love psychological thrillers. I love dark humor. And I love the idea of extra terrestrial life that is more intelligent that we are and like X-Files shit and that season had a little bit of that in it as well. Etc. Like it was just perfect dude idk.

    Tate was a whiny pos and I’ve experienced and seen too many boys/men (males) that are exactly like that. It bored me tbh and just grossed me out. Asylum had so much meat and depth to it. Idk I think after Asylum they kinda went down hill. It kept on getting worse and worse after that.

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  • If only I had known
    What you were planning all along
    I’d run while I still could
    Yeah you got me good ☠️

    The operating room in an abandoned asylum

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  • 1. Billie Dean Howard


    Miss Billie Dean. In the double-breasted blazer. With the pearls. It gives me so many feelings and I love all of them. It’s just so freaking-fracking glamorous. And I’m a sucker for some classic fashion. 


    You thought pearls on a blazer was good? Let’s try pearls on a silk button-down. Plus, the sleeves? This outfit makes my fingers itch because my goodness it looks so soft. Also, pastel pink is such a great color on her and I will always swoon over it. 

    2. Lana Winters


    There’s a reason that when I think of Lana Winters I think of the color blue. And that reason is THIS OUTFIT. Here’s the deal - I love buttons and I love buttons on sleeves. Plus the fact that it’s double-breasted? Yes pleaseeee, Lana.


    THERE WILL NEVER BE A DAY THAT I STOP LOVING PONYTAIL LANA. Honestly this whole ensemble is just perfection. We love a wide-leg plaid pant. We love a leather jacket. We love leather boots. We love silk shirts with neckties. And we CERTAINLY love all of it put together on one (1) Sapphic Reporter. 

    3. Shelby Miller


    There’s something about the baggy, flowy shirt, cuffed and tucked into the mom jeans. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it does things to me. Aesthetic bonus points for the little blue flowers.


    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Shelby in these overalls and yet here I am. STILL NOT OKAY.


    This lovely outfit is so soft and warm and UGH hug meeee. I adore every outfit of hers that looks anything remotely like this. Oversized sweaters, casual shirts tucked into skinny jeans… The lesbian yoga aesthetic is real and I need it in my life.

    4. Audrey Tindall


    Audrey Tindall is beautiful, and I love her wedding dress (hello flower crown), but this black dress had me weak. The pattern, the shape, the lace around the edges. 11/10 would steal from her closet. (Bonus: Let’s all take a minute to drool over those mid-forearm button cuffs, yes?)

    5. Ally Mayfair-Richards


    Honestly her whole wardrobe. The whole season. Mama is a sucker for an oversized sweater and skinny jeans, and this white sweater is the comfiest of comfy. Glamorous, chic, big sleeves. And bonus points for how she pulls it over one hand when she’s gripping the bars on her door. You know the scene.


    Please don’t come at me. But this. Just. This. I’m still shaking and that’s okay.

    Favorite Outfit Asks (2/?) - Sarah Paulson: Assorted AHS

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  • I‘m having this Dominique -nique -nique song from AHS: Asylum stuck in my head for a week now. I am actually enjoying it! So either I‘ve gone Lana-Banana bananas or I‘m just an Ian McShane in a Santa costume psychopath 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Send help!

    #ahs #american horror story #asylum#ahs asylum #american horror story asylum #lana banana#sarah paulson#ian mcshane#psychopath#dominique
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  • #Asylum#Promiscuity #Lord of Promiscuity #Angel warrior #both in control #mismatching eyes#rp
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    Book Review

    Escape From Asylum by Madeleine Roux


    Escape From Asylum by Madeleine Roux is a book about a boy named Ricky Desmond, he is admitted to Brookline Hospital for his deviance behaviors such as liking boys. Ricky meets the warden Daniel Crawford and soon realizes he is going to be Experimented on and needs to find a way out. He meets a nurse named Ash who is different from the others, nice and helpful. He also meets a girl names Kay. Eventually the three work a plot to escape the asylum.

    My opinion:

    I LOVED this book. I love creepy, dark, sadistic books and this was definitely one of them. There are mentions of lobotomies and they even perform one in this. The beginning is slow but once you get into it you get into it and you will not want to put this book down. It’s exciting, sad, and it just brings on a whole bunch of emotions at different times of the book. At the very end I just wanted to know more. My only wish is that the Author made a continuation of this book and not left it where it ended. I felt it needed more closure on what happened to the warden, which does sort of get explained in the first book Asylum but it was only brief. Other than that small factor this book was amazing and I would recommend this to anyone who likes those creepy, Asylum, mental hospital, experimental type books.

    This is a prequel to Asylum by Madeleine Roux.



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