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  • AMERICAN HORROR STORY (2011 – present) 🦇

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  • i JUST realized there’s only 5 left until 100 followers and i’m kinda losing it UM

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  • S1 E10: Asylum

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    • Before we start, I’d like to remind everyone that mentally ill people are rarely a danger to anyone but themselves and society has highly stigmatized us against the rest of the world, please stop using mental illness as fodder for your scary stories.
    • Has anyone ever actually broken into an abandoned asylum or is that made up for horror movies and creepy tv episodes
    • Sam makes a good point about maybe not trusting unknown numbers texting them random coordinates
    • I will admit that’s a good bit they came up with of pushy reporter/good Samaritan
    • Good fucking grief do the teens in this town have nothing better to do… if a boy takes you on a date to break into an abandoned asylum against your will, dump him
    • Stop fucking splitting up, that’s when things go bad!
    • How is it that Sam and Dean don’t have a codeword to use when they call each other on a job to make sure they’re actually them like… That seems like something they should have established right after the shapeshifter fiasco
    • ?? They’ve been at this for 6 months already??? I thought it was like… 2 months, maybe 3. They do NOT show the passage of time on this show very well.
    • ???? Ellicott turned to fucking stone instead of burning up like other ghosts??????????? What the fuck??????????????

    “Asylum” final thoughts: I do appreciate that they made the doctor the bad guy instead of the patients but I still think we should stop setting ghost stories in asylums, full stop. Just. Just find something that doesn’t actively hurt people irl. Please.

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