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  • yungisstar1117
    17.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Jongho: Yeah we’re friends, but i‘d fuck you if you asked

    Yeosang: What?

    Jongho: What?

    Yunho eating popcorn in the background: You said you’d fuck him if he asked

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  • whaddya-make-bro
    17.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    So as an official announcement I've decided to stop writing on Tumblr all together. I will especially be deleting any bit of smut that I've created since I opened this account.

    Overtime I've grown uncomfortable with the thought of writing sexual and non sexual fantasies about idols without consent and I've decided to just stop writing them all together. I will also be closing requests for any type of content .

    I'm really sorry to those in my asks box who were waiting for me to answer their asks. Know that I am not shaming you for asking. I'm simply just not comfortable anymore

    However I will still be here to give opinions on the goings of Korean music. If you're even interested in that :)

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  • yungisstar1117-writes
    17.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    💌 Requested By: @yunhospuppy

    Genre: Smut, read with caution.



    stay still

    ah you can’t take it anymore how cute


    San scoffed at your tear-stained cheeks, his lips curving up into a smug smirk at the distressed state you were in. Hands tied behind your back with his tie you lay on your front, your head turned to the side so he could see you cry. He grabbed your neck and pulled you up slightly, playing with the strap of the gag in your mouth while his breath caressed your ear softly.

    ”My dirty little brat, could you be any more pathetic than you are now? Wearing dresses like that to a company dinner, how whorish of you.”

    The whimper you let out when he struck your cheek (light enough to give you pleasure but not too hard as to hurt you) was muffled by the gag, the salt of your tears mixing with the saliva pooling on your chin. San loved seeing you like this, a beautiful little mess willing to take all the pain he gave you. Of course it was a punishment however, so he couldn’t give you what you wanted right away.

    “Now let’s see what the little brat looks like, I bet you’re all wet like the naughty slut you are, hmm?”

    You winced as San quickly pulled the skirt of your dress up, exposing you to him. A loud chuckle left his mouth as he saw your exposed core, the panties he was expecting not there. He cocked an eyebrow at you in the mirror he had you in front of, running a finger up your slit as you shivered under him.

    “What a dirty, dirty girl. God, it’s like you’re asking me to smack that ass of yours raw.”

    When he started to rub you harsher you tried to close your legs around his hand, feeling too sensitive after the night before. Although it had been nice cockwarming San it had left you overly horny and overly sensitive, a deadly combination especially when you throw a dinner party and your exhibitionism kink into the mix. Long story short you had teased San until his breaking point, any logical reasoning leaving his mind as he dragged you out of the restaurant. He knew what you wanted and he was going to give it to you, again and again and again until you were a fucked out blubbering mess underneath him.

    His hand connected with your ass cheek before you even felt it leave your core, the stinging feeling making a gargled scream leave your mouth. Your thighs tightened together like a vice, your essence seeping out onto your thighs as a dangerous glint sparkles in San’s eyes. He wanted you to disobey, it gave him a reason to punish you. Caressing your cheek a sadistic smile spread across his face, San then pouting with mock-sympathy as he shushed you, wiping your tears with his thumb.

    “Ah you can’t take it anymore, how cute. One spank and you’re a good little girl for Daddy.”

    You tried to turn on your back to look at San, preparing to send him your brattiest look yet but he didn’t even give you the opportunity. His hand farted out and next thing you knew your face was buried in the pillows, San pinching and rolling your clit while he left open-mouthed kisses on your skin. He grabbed your ear with his teeth, tugging on it harshly and smiling into your ear when he heard you whimper.

    “Stay still brat, or I’ll stretch that dirty pussy of yours right out.”


    Taglist: @yeotlny @serialee @galaxteez @a-soft-hornytiny @pikacuuuuuuu (dm me/send an ask if i forgot you or you’d like to be added ❤️)

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  • warrior1-19
    17.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Kpop Masterlist























    AC || Jin x reader

    Warnings: fluffy

    Summary: what happens when Jin forgets your anniversary?

    Word Count: 709 words




    Period Pains || Hoseok x reader

    Summary: Hoseok arrives home to find you in pain

    Warnings: period cramps, Hoseok being a sweetheart, fluff

    Word count: 571 words




    Anti-Party || Jimin x black!reader

    Summary: You go to a party and meet a boy that helps you endure it.

    Warnings: teenage angst, alcohol, douche dude

    Word count: 2696 words


    Crush || Jimin x reader

    Summary: You reminisce

    Warnings: Fluff

    Word count: 313 words




    Insecurities || Jungkook x reader

    Summary: you and Jungkook go out and you begin to feel insecure. Jungkook quickly does something about it.

    Warnings: insecure!reader, making out, angst(if you squint), fluff

    Word count: 1281 words

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  • starrytxt
    17.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    who's the one? | part 06: park seonghwa

    ⇥ previous // next

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    A/N ♡: 🤔🤔🤔

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    💌 taglist: @beomiebear5 @ynghn @beegyuz @alexaaaaaaaaa2121212 @bloom-bloom-pow @nabihwa @vitaminhyunjin @sunflower-euphro @wooyoung-a @marsophilia @m-ingkki @neodyng [status: open! (send an ask/dm to be added)]

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  • bebedahlia
    17.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    [credit to OP]
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  • pjesn
    17.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago


    #san#ateez#mygifs #when he represents one of my fave emojis
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  • photodumpforaclearcameraroll
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @ATEEZofficial on Twitter

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  • photodumpforaclearcameraroll
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @ATEEZofficial on Twitter

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  • cherriboba
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ateez with s/o who is an exorcist/can see ghosts

    horror, humor

    requested: yes

    taglist: @ssswwwatiny @bikiniholic @yunhoscafe (send an ask message if you want to be added)

    a/n: this is the first time I've written something like this i hope you all like it 😭 i don't think im so good at writing horror stuff?? it turned out more like horror-comedy 💀

    -ˋˏ hongjoong ˎˊ-

    didn't believe in ghosts until he met you

    even now that he knows, he doesn't know what to do with this information.

    curious. begs you to let him see you perform an exorcism

    almost peed when he saw you performing an exorcism

    "joong, you don't have to see this, it's not okay-"

    "what? i can handle it. don't worry"

    poor boy's traumatized for life but doesn't show it.

    "it's alright, I'm alright. totally fine" *face turning pale*

    it was when he heard that inhuman scream that he completely lost it


    just give him head pats, cuddles and chocolate ice cream, he might feel better

    don't talk about ghosts with him again

    -ˋˏ seonghwa ˎˊ-

    he had called you just before you were going to perform an exorcism

    because mom hwa mode had turned on, and he was asking you to take care of yourself

    you had forgot to end the call and even he hadn't noticed it and continued working over his laptop

    when he heard that demonic voice, screaming something in a language he couldn't understand or was too scared to understand he jumped out of his chair, making everything fall over the floor

    when he found his voice again, the boy SCREAMED


    "seonghwa?? I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T END THE CALL-"

    speaking gibberish at this point

    "Seonghwa this is an innocent person i can't just leave them like this. I'm here to help them, this is what i do"

    reluctantly hangs up and tries to understand that you have to do this, and he can't be selfish about it

    when you come back home, he has already made dinner for you, prepared a bath for you. you're getting treated like a queen/king

    baby is scared to death and can't get those voices out for a long while :(

    but being with you, seeing you be so strong and determined, he feels strong too and gets better with time

    after that incident, he's hesitant to call you before you start your work but when he does, he makes sure he's ended the call

    -ˋˏ yunho ˎˊ-

    a lot is going through his mind when you tell him that you can see ghosts and have performed exorcism too

    looks at you to see if you're messing with him

    "see ghosts? as in..in real life?" *random hand gestures* "as in, dead people? as in, demonic..things?? entities? whatever it is??"

    hard time believing it but when he does, he still wouldn't know whether to feel sorry for you or be proud that his partner is unique

    "don't overthink, it's nothing special just-"

    "Nothing special?? Y/n?? Are you for real??"

    hypes you up all the time for no reason

    boasts about it to other members who are concerned for him

    -ˋˏ yeosang ˎˊ-


    intense stare

    "am i supposed to believe that? are you just messing with me because i pranked you yesterday?"


    thoughts are in overdrive when you give up explaining to him anymore

    getting more convinced the more you refuse to talk to him. because if you were just pranking him, you'd try harder and do something to make him fall for it

    "y/n can really see ghosts??????????"

    "wait that's cool you know?"

    "you think that's cool? being able to see ghosts?"

    "that makes you unique, yes that's cool. i love you and everything that comes with you"


    would pause everything and forgets to breathe when you tell him that you can see one right now

    "h-here?.. in a mall..?"

    "they can be anywhere"

    walks funny and glances everywhere

    "it's alright, it's going away"

    doesn't know whether you're lying to make him feel better or lied all along just to scare him- either ways, he feels better after hearing that

    asks you to not tell him ever again when you can see one.

    -ˋˏ san ˎˊ-

    is scared and says so

    "you can see..ghosts?.. should i be concerned?"

    for few days after you've told him about it, he'd still be on edge. side glancing at you, even tho he doesn't say anything, his eyes are literally saying everything like "is there one in this room right now?"

    "no there isn't, san"

    he gets comfortable with time and doesn't pay much attention to anything else other than the fact that he loves you no matter what

    feels proud for some reason that his partner can see ghosts

    "tho i must say, you're really something different. if i had that ability i don't know what i would do"

    "you'd scream like a dramatic high school girl, san. might even pee your pants"

    *unamused stare*

    -ˋˏ mingi ˎˊ-

    would be hard to make mingi believe it but when he does, he'll be scared shitless for like a whole month

    after he finally gets comfortable and accepts it, he'll be boasting about it





    "minmin, you can talk to me, you know. if you ever need someone or-"

    number one hype man

    says that he isn't scared but you still don't show him any video you have of any exorcism

    "it can't be that bad?"

    you tell him about your experience and after that he's been good and never asked to see any video or hear any recording

    "I'm proud of you, y/n" *head pats"

    -ˋˏ wooyoung ˎˊ-

    hype man number 2

    was curious about how exorcism is performed in real life so he watched a video online

    hasn't been the same for a long time

    "you..how can you..like. with them. that voice"

    just comfort him and tell him that it's not as bad and that you know how things work so you've got it under control

    never asks about your work again

    but always asks whether you can see one whenever you two go out

    too scared to move but acts nonchalant when you do tell him that there is one around

    "OH NO- i mean. I-its okay. they won't hurt us, right?"

    "no, now let's go"

    doesn't understand how you can be so calm when there's a real ghost around you

    but then feels comfortable knowing that he can trust you

    -ˋˏ jongho ˎˊ-

    like hongjoong, he doesn't even believe in ghosts

    takes the longest to even believe it

    "see ghosts? are they even real? Y/n are you serious?"

    still asks thousands of questions because what if??

    "so like...how do they look?"

    "sometimes good, sometimes bad"

    a lot of thought processing

    after he's learned about you performing exorcisms, he starts to believe that it's true

    after all, you would've told him by now if it was just a joke

    talk to you about it and highkey feels concerned

    "that means they can see you too, right? what if they hurt you?"

    even after you tell him that you know how to deal with it, he'd still be scared but tries to hide it so you don't have more things to worry about (🥺)


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  • one-shared-braincell
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *at any given moment*

    Woosan: haha, seonghwa

    #incorrect ateez quotes #ateez#incorrect ateez#san#wooyoung#woosan #ateez incorrect texts #ateez incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop texts #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop quotes #💥 #💜 here ngl this is 💥 with me sometimes 🥲
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  • ateezdata
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (211706) AteezOfficial: [#YEOSANG] heart while lying down hehe ATINY how are you??


    Translation: @ATEEZInterN on Twitter • Please take out with full credit | Source: ATEEZ Official Twitter

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  • ateezdata
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (211706) kqent: [#KQ] NAVER 앱 NOW. 야간작업실 Behind Photo⠀

    In #야간작업실 with stories that I've never told you before

    Did you enjoy Eden, Maddox, and Hongjoong's fantastic chemistry?

    We'll see you in a lot of different places

    Translation: @ATEEZ_World on Twitter • Please take out with full credit | Source: kqent

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  • idkhwa
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    pairing: yunho x gn!reader

    synopsis: in which your nonidol!bf yunho gets jealous over a song.

    warning: fluff, angst if you squint. jealous!bf yunho, kpopstan!reader, cursing, a lil yelling but nothing too serious

    characters: 669 (nice)

    he was done, absolutely tired, and done, this is the thirtieth time playing Mmmh by Kei or whatever the fuck his name was. Yunho didn't care to remember. You stared at the screen while the music video was playing, leaving your very clingy boyfriend, attention deprived.

    "y/n" he called for you, whines falling on deaf ears as you were totally immersed in the song.

    the song ended, yunho's ears perked up, a half smile on his face. "baby"

    but then you replayed the song,


    "baby." yunho pulled you closer to him, burying his face in your neck. your warmth bringing him comfort. you were in his arms, eyes still focused on the tv.

    he couldn't wait for this mv to end.

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  • song-mingi
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my dash is so dry....

    #my moatuals r poppin but ive seen a single ateez set today sigh #iri.txt
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  • justflylou
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I can't believe I finished listening to SF9 Youngbin's voice only on vlive. He has such a comforting voice and tone. I liked it!


    I'm exploring other groups like SF9 and Stray Kids.

    SF9, through VLIVE app which I enjoy watching and Stray Kids, through sweet video compilations and their "vlogs" and their own reality shows on their YouTube channel. Hehe! I am obsessed with the kids. They are the CUTEST! I wanna adopt them. They're like my dongsaengs.

    I tried watching iKON, too. I finished iKON-TV and started watching iKON-ON but I forgot about it since I became busy with Kingdomshit for my boys, BTOB. Anyways, I'm free now. I will manage my time to explore new groups.

    Musically, i listened to SF9 on Spotify. I watched iKON's music videos. I listened to Bang Chan's solo and Seungmin's voice.

    I have so much things to see. I'm excited. I'm interested in ATEEZ, too! I like Seonghwa when I saw him on Kingdom, fanboying over BTOB and Hongjoong looks like a well-mannered kid. I was impressed when he said, "Let us introduce ourselves." to BTOB and when he ran to wipe the grass in Eunkwang's clothes (when EK tripped over) when he should've celebrated their win with his groupmates.

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