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  • Everyone thinks that main vocalists are overrated

    And they ARE widely loved.

    But in Ateez, Jongho is the most underrated

    How many Jongho biases have you met? Exactly

    All idols deserve all the love they get. And all Ateez members are exceptionally talented.

    But please also give Jongho the credit he deserves, too 🥺

    #sorry #just had to get it out there #had to say it #i love him #jongho#choi jongho#ateez#ateez jongho#kq fellaz#my bias#ateez scenarios#k-pop
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  • park seonghwa — 200407

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  • Hello!! I’m not new to tumblr, but this is a new account. I recently remade this and I’m looking for new moots and friends!! If you stan the following let’s be moots!









    eric nam

    red velvet


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  • disobedient - san


    san touches your skin lightly like a feather, you’re lying on his bed with your legs spread, his finger touches your pussy and you moan softly, he looks closely at your reactions to his touches, he rubs your clit lightly driving you crazy, you try to move your hips upwards for more friction but he takes his finger off you “no babygirl, stay still like a good girl and i will let you come” he enters you with two fingers and you moaned loudly, your pussy is dripping making it easy for his fingers to work, you want to move, his skillful fingers making you see stars, you can’t take it and end up arching your back, you were so close but he removed his fingers off you “n-no sir, I’m sorry please don’t stop” you begged but he is looking at you with a serious expression “you can’t be a good girl for me can you? always disobeying me” he kisses you deeply taking your breath away, he stops and grabs your hair tilting your head back “on your hands and knees for me, slut, do you want to act like a fucking brat? then i will treat you like one” you moaned at his words, you secretly love when he acts like that, you got on all fours and he stroked your ass “so pretty and all mine, can’t wait to be inside you, don’t worry baby tonight I’ll fuck you till you beg me to stop”

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  • [21:18] “ooohhhh what about this one!”

    “isn’t this… a horror movie?”

    “yes! i can’t believe it’s already on netflix!”

    you turned to look at each other, yeosang quite excitedly and you… well, not so much

    “oh… we don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to ….”

    yeosang tried to hide his disappointment, but it was pretty clear to you that he really wanted to watch this movie

    “no! we can watch it” you took a deep breath “it’s just that i don’t usually, you know, watch this stuff”

    “yay!” the light came back to his eyes as he turned to click on the movie

    as the intro started he leaned back and tossed the blanket over both for your laps

    about 20 minutes into the movie you were already starting to feel like you had made a mistake in agreeing to this. when you had said that you didn’t really watch horror movies earlier, it was because you generally found them absolutely terrifying. the only reason you agreed to this movie was because this was only your fifth date with yeosang and he had looked so excited and you didn’t want to be the reason for that cute little pout on his face and you had never disagreed with him before and - yeah, perhaps you had made a mistake

    you felt like something particularly awful was about to happen on screen, so you thought of a quick out

    “do you want some popcorn? i think i want some popcorn. i’m gonna go get some popcorn, over there, in the kitchen”

    tossing the blanket to the side, you quickly got up before he could say anything

    there were some not great noises on screen that you heard over the microwave and waited for to die down before making your way back to yeosang

    when you sat down, you sat way closer to him than when you had gotten up. taking the hint, he wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he ate some popcorn

    “hey, are you okay?”

    “mhmm, just hungry”

    for a while after that, you felt better with yeosang’s arm around you, and although there were some parts you found scary, it was nice to be able to lean into him for comfort

    but just as you thought you were going to be alright, a jump scare came out of no where. you whimpered and brought your knees to your chest as you buried your face completely into his shoulder

    “aww, are you scared y/n?”

    yeosang was chuckling to himself with his eyes still on the screen, but the gore-y scene just kept on going and going and when you kept yourself silently buried against him, he became a bit concerned


    “i don’t think i like this movie anymore….”

    your words were muffled by his hoodie and he begins to have an argument with himself in his head

    on one hand, he’s quite invested in the movie and wants to finish it, but on the other hand you really, really did not seem like you were enjoying yourself

    “yeosanggg” you whined

    and then his mind graciously blessed him with a compromise 

    “okay then, come here”

    he reached over and started trying to pull your far leg over his

    “what are you doing?”

    “this next part is worse than what’s happening now, so i think you shouldn’t watch”

    you let him get you onto his lap, and immediately buried your face back into his shoulder while he placed his hands on your back

    after staying like that for a while, you finally asked if the scary part was over and yeosang blushed

    “o-oh… yeah. it’s over, sorry”

    you sat up to face him, smiling knowing you caught him. the blush across his face was too cute not to make worse, so before you even knew what you were doing your lips were on his

    “you know, i heard the rest of this movie is really scary”

    “oh yeah?”

    horrifying, actually” he kissed your cheek “so if you want to stay here for the rest of it, i wouldn’t blame you at all”

    you chuckled as you took your previous place against his chest, happy to block out the rest of that movie

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  • Seonghwa: With all the billions apon billions of people in the world, how did I manage to get stuck with these six idiots

    Yeosang: Six? Hyung, there’s eight of us

    Seonghwa: I don’t consider Mingi an idiot

    Mingi: Really? Aww-

    Seonghwa: Hes a fucking dumbass

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  • image

    ➳ 𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: “there’s a thin line between being a little too demanding and tyranny, princess,” he starts, moving a chunk of hair from your face and planting soft, feathered kisses along your neck. when he whispers into your ear, you shiver, sighing at the feeling of goosebumps forming across your skin. “if you give me permission, perhaps i’ll show you what one can truly do with power.”

    ➳ 𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢: smut, princess!y/n, steward/butler!hongjoong, semi fluff at the end uwu

    ➳ 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔱: 2.1K

    ➳ 𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: drunk sex, dom!joong, choking/breath play, dirty talk, orgasm control + mention of denial(s), oral (reader receiving), fingering, blind folds, slight bondage, cursing, unprotected sex, just a tad bit of biting, overstimulation, and multiple orgasms (in conclusion: filth ajsbdjjsjai)

    also uh,,, the nastay starts off from the very beginning so bE AWAre oUp…. anyway ahaha,,,, enjoy ig uwu idk aH-


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  • Husband Material pt.2

    group: ateez

    member: Choi San

    type: angst?? fluff?? IDK??




    credits to the owner of the gif



    Originally posted by visualsan

    It was nearing the start of winter break, San had spent the whole weekend making small presents for his students. He loves seeing their faces when he hands them their presents, and they aren’t those erasers and pencils!! He gives them coloring books (the new and popular ones), glitter stickers, goofy accessories (like wonky glasses??) and cookies, candy and juice boxes. He would play a movie on the last day before winter break, assigning the students a coloring page or a drabble over their plans for winter break.

    He greeted his students, handing them a coloring page with two sides as they walked in one by one. He was not surprised when he saw Hongjoong walk in with Jongho at the same time. The two have gotten very close and if San was being honest, they were kind of his favorite students.

    “Good morning Mr.Choi!!”, Hongjoong grinned while looking up at him.

    “Good morning Hongjoong, Good morning Jongho.”, He smiled.

    Jongho gave him a wide smile that exposed his gums, making San weak. He knew Jongho didn’t like speaking much, growing very shy when he has an audience, but San knew he had potential, just like his little friend Hongjoong.

    The morning went by smoothly, no student needing an explanation on how to do the assignment, no student falling asleep while the first part of the movie ran, they all did what they were told to do and would give cute comment on the movie or their drawings. San felt great, content with how the morning was going so far. When the bell rang for recess most of the students whined, saying that they wanted to continue watching the movie, but San simply laughed and shooed them out with a promise on continuing the movie once they came back.

    Recess lasted 40 minutes, since it was the last day of school before break, San called each of his students parents to tell them how they did the whole week and how he wishes them a happy holiday. He would glance out the window just to peek at his students. There was already two teachers outside but he just wanted to make sure. 

    “Hello? Choi  Y/n speaking”

    San found it ironic every time he called Jongho’s father, how was he supposed to introduce himself without it sounding like a joke? Yeah, he practiced a lot to say it without laughing.

    “Hello! I am Jongho’s teacher, Mr.Choi. I just wanted to tell you that Jongho has been very good these past weeks. He always smiles at me and looks after his classmates when he’s not with Hongjoong.”

    “Ah, I see. I’m glad to know he is doing well. But how is he doing academically?”,you were currently on your lunch break and sat with some co workers who simply wiggled their brows at you. You rolled your eyes and told them it was your son’s teacher.

    San sighed softly, “Well, Jongho has improved a lot in his math skills. It’s a good thing that he caught up in such a short period of time, since it indicates that he is a fast learner. He’s doing very well with all of his school work apart from reading.”

    “reading?”, you were caught off guard. Jongho was always asking you to buy him kid books, he would always babble on and on about what he liked about the books.

    “Yes, he struggles to pronounce the words when it comes to reading, I know he gets a little shy, but based on experience I know he is a little behind. It confused me because his vocabulary is beyond what I though it would be, but it seems that reading out loud gives a different…um…vibe? no- uh…”

    You exhaled softly, “I see, well thank you fro telling me. I’ll see what we can work on at home and if you feel like he still needs to improve, then I’d like you to help him.”

    San smiled, “Definitely-”

    “One of your kids got in a fight! We need you out here! Now!”

    San jumped to his feet, “I’m sorry! I have to go, have a nice holiday!”

    Before you could reply with a ‘You too’ he cut off. You rolled your eyes once more when your co worker laughed, “Oh hush Wooyoung.”

    The male smiled and rolled his eyes, “So…how is Jongho doing?”

    “In school? Not bad, at home? He’s a nightmare”, you joked while hearing him chuckle.

    “Well now that winter break is starting, we should go to the skating rink!! We should invite Jogho’s best friend and his parents! I’ll maybe invite someone too~ just for you~”

    You scoffed, “I don’t need someone else in my life at the moment.”

    Wooyoung sighed, sitting upright, “Yeah? Well I think Jongho does.”

    You groaned, Wooyoung always brought up this topic at some point. You didn’t like talking about it, about anything that had to do with a romantic partner. You were already badly hurt from the last time, which resulted with Jongho in your  care. You loved Jongho and you wouldn’t change him fro anything, but you just don’t want him to get hurt. If you start dating and it turn serious, that means you’ll have to introduce them to your son and if he gets too attached and it flops? It won’t be pretty. And really, who wants to date a single father? You get looked down on so often after they become aware you have a kid.

    A phone call saved you from Wooyoung’s attempts. You answered the call, “Hello? Choi Y-”

    “Hi! This is Mr.Choi, I’m sorry I had to call so soon, but can you come to the school? Jongho has gotten in a fight…”

    As soon as you walked in, you saw your kid. He was hiding behind the teacher’s legs. The teacher soon noticed you and waved you over, “Mr.Choi! Please come with us to the principle’s office!”


    You followed them, staring intensely at Jongho. Once you walked inside, there was woman behind the desk which you knew was the principal. You bowed a little at her before noticing the glares of the other kids parents, and then the kid. The kid was… beaten. It ran shivers down your spine at the realization that your little kid did that.

    “Please take a seat, all of you.”

    San sat down, and took notice of how Jongho was between him and you. The teacher of the other kids was there as well, and she looked more like a lawyer than a teacher.

    “While you parents were on your way, we asked the children what happened and we received both stories. Whichever you wish to believe is up to you, but we want you to know that along with the two teachers present I have already decided what to do.” She crossed her arms over the desk and stared at the paper in front of her.

    “Mr.Choi, it has come to my attention that you are the only one taking care of Jongho, correct? Apart from a babysitter?”

    You nodded, staring in her direction. “That is correct.”

    The mother of the other child scoffed, “It’s obvious he’s doing a bad job as a father. Just look! You’re kid has no control! No discipline!”

    “Ms.Yoo, please sit back down. I will not let you offend or disrespect anyone here. It is not a good example for the children present.”

    Ms.Yoo scrunched her nose in disgust, glaring at you while you never turned her way. San took notice of that, in his eyes, you were unfazed by her insults, while in reality, deep down you were taking them to heart.

    The principal continued, “Yoo Minjae’s story was that he was playing with the small boy, Hongjoong, and Hongjoong bumped into him and fell and scrapped his elbow and knee. He said Jongho accused him of pushing Hongjoong and hurting him on purpose. He also said Jongho is to overprotective of Hongjoong, aggressive and has anger issues.”

    You furrowed your brows, this was all too much for you. Never did you imagine being in such a situation. However, you said nothing and listened attentively.

    “Choi Jongho’s story was that Minjae always bullies Hongjoong-”

    “Minjae would never do something so low!”, Ms.Yoo scoffed. Her husband whispered her to be quiet.

    “Ms.Yoo, one more outburst and I will ask you to leave my office.”

    Ms.Yoo huffed, crossing her arms and sending another glare at Y/n.

    “As I was saying, according to Jongho, Minjae always bullies Hongjoong. He says that he’s always told Minjae to stop or else he wouldn’t like the outcomes. He said Minjae insulted Hongjoong for looking like a girl, he quoted that Minjae said ‘maybe I should bring my sister’s clothes and force you to wear it’. ”

    San panicked when he saw your hands turn into fists. He shifted a little, ready to stop you if you did anything out of impulse. You never did it, and your facial expression never changed in the slightest.

    “Then, Jongho said Minjae shoved Hongjoong while they were playing tag as a class. He said Hongjoong began to cry when it hurt to stand up, and Minjae laughed at him. He said Minjae was about to kick Hongjoong but he pushed him away from Hongjoong. Then Minjae punched him, and Jongho justified that he fought back.”

    The room was silent, San watched you carefully, trying to find a shift of emotion or expression. Still nothing. How could you not react? We’re you’re curled fists the only thing he had?

    “Did you take Hongjoong’s story? He got hurt as well, right? Why didn’t you question his story?”, You asked calmly.

    “We did, and his story concided with Jongho’s.”

    Ms.Yoo sneered, she was in no terms to speak. She didn’t even know what to think.

    “What will be the consequences?”, You kept staring at the principal’s direction.

    The principal blinked, as I’d she almost forgot there were consequences. “The consequences are for both children to go on suspension for two days when school starts again. However, for Minjae, apart from a two day suspension, he will be set in a detention like class for a day. Meaning he’ll attend his normal classes with Ms.Kang but won’t go to recess.”

    You nodded, “I see…”

    “Why are you so calm about this?! You’re kid is beaten, obviously not as bad as mine, but still pretty bad, and you’re sitting there asking questions like nothing happened! Are you that-”

    You stood up, and so did San and Mr.Yoo, ready to stop you if you became impulsive. However, you smiled at her. She was taken aback and before she could say anything, you spoke calmly but with venom.

    “Ms.Yoo, I would kindly appreciate it if you stop insulting my parenting skills. I don’t think it’s polite to judge others without knowing what they’ve been through. I’m educated enough to not say anything rude to you or your ways of taking care of your children.” You gestured Jongho to stand up, and he did so along with holding your hand. You turned to the principal, “Is that all, Ms.Ong?”

    She opened her mouth and closed before nodding. You bowed, and sos did Jongho, before walking out. As you walked out, you heard Ms.Yoo rant in frustration, “did he just call me uneducated?! How dare he! He-”

    San excused himself and caught up to you, “Mr.Choi!”

    You stopped and turned to him. “Yes?”

    San paused, he didn’t know what he was doing. It was like his legs moved on its own. “Ah, well… I just… I just wanted to say I admired your behavior back there. I… I think you’re a good father… Jongho is very lucky.”

    Jongho hid behind your legs, he was scared of many things, but mainly your scoldings. He hated seeing you angry at him, he hated standing in the corner while you lectured him from the couch. He knew it was going to happen once the two of you got him, and he didn’t want that to happen.

    You smiled and pet Jongho’s head. “Thank you, but I’m used to it. To the judging and being looked down on just for being a single father. I’ve learned a few things over the past years.”

    San returned the smile, “Well, I hope you get home safely. Hongjoong was picked up by his parents so don’t worry about that if you were…”

    “I guess I’ll give his parents a call then, thank you for being with Jongho while I was on my way here. He’s grown a liking to you, I’m glad.”

    The two of you stared at each other before San laughed nervously. “Right, well. Get home safely, and have a nice holiday. Bye Jongho, be good, please.”

    Jongho only nodded, and watched San excuse himself. The ride home was silent and Jongho wouldn’t stop stealing glances towards you. He was beyond scared when you paired in the driveway to your house and unbuckled him. As soon as you unlocked the door, he began to cry. Wheezing out apologies and hiccuping out his explanations.

    You sighed, the sight hurting your heart.

    “Jongho, baby, why don’t you sit down on the couch and we will talk about it?”, You locked up the door while he waddled to the couch.

    He was still crying by the time you sat down. “Jongho, I think it was good of you to defend Hongjoong. But I didn’t like the fact you hit Minjae back. You should have told one of the adults around, I don’t like the thought of you fighting.”

    He hiccuped out a ’ I’m sorry daddy’ while you brought him to your lap and hugged him. You lectured him softly, and before you knew it, he fell asleep. Since his injuries were taken care of, you just put him to bed.

    You were exhausted and threw yourself on your own bed, deciding to call a certain someone.

    “Hey, Woo? I’d like to take that offer on going to the skating rink. However, however you bring will not enter my life the way you want them to.”

    #kpop#fluff#ateez#ateez jongho #ateez x male reader #kpop x male reader #x male reader #choi san #Choi San x male reader #sequel? #x reader#husband material#single parent#single father
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    Jongho doing the V sign! ✌🥰

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  • Ok so I still can’t do much on it yet bcuz my phone won’t let me access my photos but the blog is up! @kpopinstance it’s cringy once you realize it’s a mashup of words but it’s great ok

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  •         dm me if youre interested in joining my k*pop server!  

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  • But like does anyone else get sad that they can’t give HongJoong any forehead kisses? :(

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  • image

    Summary: So, you really, really, really like Slytherin!Yeosang. But he probably doesn’t like you back. I mean, he hasn’t really noticed your existence. Or maybe he has…?

    Word Count: 1234 words

    Warnings: Hogwarts AU duh. I think there’s one swear word.

    A/N: Request from @jaewrxtes​ . No house bias.

    Taglist: @jaewrxtes@miss–moose

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  • maybe if yeosang was actually given lines i wouldn’t have to neomu areumdaun-daun-daun-daun view during wonderland

    #like why doesnt it do that with bst or goodbye baby #its not just the shawol in me i Know its not #jae.txt #yeosang#ateez
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  • someone tell yeo to go back to his room. i’m loyal to hwa. >:/

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    200406 Jongho Update !

    Caption: [#종호] 브이✌

    Translation: [#JONGHO] V✌️

    There’s something that looks different about Jongho but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is

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