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  • yunhodata
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    220116 ATEEZ Official Japan Fanclub Update
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  • shinescape
    14.01.2022 - 2 days ago


    Choi San x Fem Reader


    You were standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water as your eyes fixed on him who was focused on his game. Leaning back, you watch as he battled it out in the game. He wasn’t really talkative to begin with but he turned really quiet when he’s gaming and you noticed that.

    Well, he does make frustrated noises when he loses a match or a team member is not cooperating. Watching him play was like a hobby for you now when you have nothing to occupy yourself.

    But then, the flower bouquet on the dining table caught your eyes. You went to put the glass away and walked over to the table, a smile graced your face as you held onto the bouquet.

    “San, did we pack any vases before coming here?” You pouted slightly seeing how the petals are starting to dry.

    “I don’t think we did. Why?” You grabbed an empty mug and filled it with some water before placing the bouquet in. “It’s fine, I got it.” Walking over to San, he glanced over to you before focusing back on the screen.

    “The rest of our things will come in the weekend, why were you looking for a vase anyway?” He asked, fingers tapping away on the console.

    “It was for the hand bouquet. I don’t want to throw it away.” A smile formed on his lips remembering what happened earlier that day. It was no other than the long awaited part where the bride throws the hand bouquet and the person catching it will be the next to get married, from what you were told.

    Out of all of your friends, the one that caught it was Seonghwa, one of San’s closest friends. He too was shocked that he caught it and accepted his fate but not until his friends started teasing him to no end that he returned the beautifully arranged flowers back to you with a defeated face.

    “I wanted to let Seonghwa have it since he seemed genuinely happy when it landed in his hands but you,” You punched his arm before continuing on “and the others were making fun of him. I hope he doesn’t take it to heart what happened earlier.”

    “But why was he so eager to catch it anyway? It’s not like he has a partner.” San protested.

    “Whatever, just play your game.”

    You didn’t want to argue anymore and started looking around the area until something beside the foot of the sofa caught your eye. It was a cream coloured paper bag and you carefully dragged it out to where you were sitting to have a closer look. There was a rectangular shaped box in it and you brought it out, a little card attached on its front.

    “A little housewarming gift for the newlyweds. Have fun!” You read it out loud as your brows furrowed in confusion. San was too focused to even hear you until you pinched his shirt to grab his attention.

    “San, do you know who gave this?” He shook his head as his eyes stared hard at the black rectangular shaped box trying to recall anything. “No, I don’t. Did they say anything on the card?” You read back the exact words and his eyes widened a bit.

    “Just put it away, it’s probably from one of the guys.” As he was talking, you had already put out what looks like a regular Jenga tower. “San, come play with me! It’s just Jenga. But why is the box painted black?” You mumbled to yourself as he put away his console and gave his full attention to you.

    “You want to start first?” San suggested with a smirk on his face. “No, you start first.” You watched as he took a block out from the tower and carefully placed it on the top.

    “Your turn” He proudly said, dimples evident on his happy face. You rolled your eyes and was about to take out a block when you looked back at the one he placed earlier. “There’s something written on the side.” Taking the block away, you read what was engraved on it.

    “Put the block back, love.” “There’s an instruction on this block, you have to do it first then I can proceed. Look.” You pointed to the small lettering on the block.

    “Hold hands for the rest of the game”

    He raised a brow at you to which you shrugged back. “There’s no rules written on the box so we don’t have to follow what it says here.” You said nothing but moved closer to his side and extended your palm.

    “Love, this is ridiculous.”

    “Just do it.”

    He sighed and intertwined your hands together. He never thought you were the type to follow rules this seriously especially in a game but went along with it.

    You manage to take out a block and read it before looking away embarrassed. San peeked at you, wondering why you didn’t place it on the top of the tower. “What does your block say?”

    “Kiss your second favourite part of yours on your partner.” Your cheeks heated up as he had an amused look plastered on his face. Quickly, you pressed your lips on his cheek and pulled away. “Your turn.” You said simply but San wanted to linger on at what you did before taking a block.

    “My cheek is your second favourite, really? Then what’s the first?” He jutted his lips thinking it was that but you shook your head vigorously. “It’s not your lips, now take a block, San.”

    Holding hands was already making you feel uneasy, kissing him out of nowhere just added more to it. You wanted this to end so bad but you won’t tell him that, he’d think that you admit defeat. You eyed how he placed the new wooden block beside yours and turned to look at you.

    “Don’t move” Your brow knitted together as he leaned closer and bit the base of your neck. The hand that was holding him instantly went to his shoulder to push him away. “What are you doing?”

    “It says here…make a mark on your partner. So don’t move.”

    Groaning at the continuous ringing sound, you searched for the source and found San’s phone flashing on the ground amongst the pile of clothes. You picked it up and saw that there’s an incoming call and went to the sleeping figure who seemed to be in a deep sleep.

    “San, wake up. Phone call…” You patted his arm to which he groggily took the phone and answered it. Putting on his pyjama shirt, you turn to look back at him, eyes shut tight but he was mumbling things to the person on the other line. You shook your head at him and left for the kitchen.

    A yawn left your lips as you sleepily made some hot drinks for the both of you. You could have slept some more but the phone woke you up and going back to sleep seemed harder then.

    As you slowly sipped on the hot beverage, a loud thud was heard from the room. San came out, pulling his pyjama pants and hurriedly went to the door. “Who could that be?” You mumbled to yourself and padded your way over to the wall to take a peek.

    “Oh, did I interrupt something?” You recognise that obnoxious laugh anywhere and finally went to stand behind San with a deadpan look. San tried to make you go back inside but you were curious as to why his best friend was this early at your place.

    “Your mother-” He eyed both of you before continuing, “...mothers told me to check up on you two. Everything good?” He chuckled to himself.

    “Just leave.” San said and pushed his friend out, slamming the door right in his face.

    “Is it okay to do that?” You thought he could have stayed for breakfast if San had let him too. But seeing the way he was staring at you made you think otherwise. “It’s more than fine besides I’m not about to let him see you like this…with that all over your neck.” He looked away and went back to the bedroom.

    Only then did you realise that you were just in his shirt, collars exposed and nothing else. A gasp left your lips as you pulled the collar closer to your neck. The action doesn’t change the fact that your painted neck was probably seen earlier.

    “Was he the one who gave us that Jenga?!” You shouted.

    “Yes! Who else would give such a thing if not him.” He shouted back from the room.

    There was a short silence before San walked back out and took your hand, dragging you back to bed. “Let’s just go back to sleep, love. No one is going to bother us anymore.”

    You hummed in response before dropping yourself beside him, snuggling close in his embrace.

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  • mercurygguk
    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    considering writing for ateez too…… although it would probably make me more stressed about posting lmao

    #would anyone read them tho? #i have a wooyoung oneshot already that i isn’t on tumblr anymore since i deleted my ateez blog
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  • yunhodata
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    220112 ATEEZ Official Japan Fanclub Update
    #ateez#yunho #e:zero: fever epilogue #p:japan fanclub#p:behind#hq #ev:turbulence mv behind #cr:ateez japan blog #220112#220112 hq
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  • yunhodata
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    220112 ATEEZ Official Japan Fanclub Update
    #ateez#yunho #e:zero: fever epilogue #p:japan fanclub#p:behind#hq #ev:turbulence mv behind #cr:ateez japan blog #220112#220112 hq
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    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    220112 ATEEZ Official Japan Fanclub Update
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  • parkseonghwadata
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    220112 ATEEZ Official Japan Fanclub Update
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  • gelatomesomeironqrow
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hey everybody! Long time no see! This is like a week late but I'm going to do a series of my top 10 of.... for 2021. Going into this new year and seeing how it's all going downhill, I need something nostalgic/happy. So starting off this series, I bring to you, in no particular order, my top 10 Kpop artists of 2021 (and honestly for years now):

    Starting off we have SHINee - My forever number one. SHINee is 5.

    Next we have ATEEZ.

    Next up, we have ONEUS.

    And now... some love for the ladies:

    Starting with G-(idle).

    And now for ITZY.

    Following with Dreamcatcher. - The Rock Goddesses.

    Gotta show my love to FTISLAND - They make such great music.

    Ailee - My Vocal Goddess

    Now for the couple of the century. HYUNA & DAWN.

    (I'm counting them as one for reasons)

    And to close off this list...


    Please note, this is my list and I am a multi stan. Therefore, I definitely stan more artists than these.

    #Gelato blogs #Gelato's top 10 of 2021 #SHINee#ATEEZ#ONEUS#dreamcatcher#gidle#itzy#ailee#ftisland #hyuna and dawn #gaho #top 10 of 2021 Kpop artists #I'm a multi stan and love a lot more artists than this #these are just the ones catching my interest right now. #Youtube
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  • aurorasillusion
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Say I if you get claustrophobic in your word/google document when writing

    Say I if you don't edit in the same document but open a new one and rewrite it all out but better

    please someone, i need to feel normal🥲

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  • vinyl-head
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Can someone tell me what this man Wooyoung has done to be the main antagonist in every Ateez fanfic?

    He’s literally a cinnamon roll!

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  • lylygarden
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    - olá, seja bem-vinde ao meu blog <3

    - me chamo tyty, meu pronome é ela/dela ★

    - posto icons somente de gg 🕷️

    - ask estão abertas!

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  • bvlnoriyas
    04.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #also i am ateez blog help #dont get me wrong felix is p cool im just #very lost#please help #.nat
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    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    #this is an ateez blog i swear #making great financial decisions #not really omg i shouldn't have spent that kind of money lmao #Hira come bully me about this
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  • vampireyeosang
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #answered #this is an ateez blog i swear #step on me but in aussie #y'all out here trying to short circuit me today
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  • vampireyeosang
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #answered #this is an ateez blog i swear #step on me but in aussie
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  • yunhoflrtz
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    jeong yunho | soulmate!au

    tumblr is based on reblogs, please reblog my work !! <3


    » pairings: nonidol!yunho x gn!reader » genre: fluff, soulmate au » wc: around 890 » warnings: i say "shit" once, tattoos on wrist » other: this draft is so old it's one of the first ones i wrote🚶‍♀️

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    you never understood the purpose of your soulmate key, and that want to understand seemed to decrease every time you saw one of your friends find theirs.

    they had - what you thought were - simpler keys. ranging from red string of fate only visible to them and their soulmate, seeing color once you see your soulmate for the first time, and even matching tattoos with a gravitational pull.

    what was yours? a compass, tattooed on your right wrist. what was odd about your tattoo was that the pointer moved in the direction that your soulmate is in. not only that, the color of the compass changes to match your soulmate's hair color.

    finding your soulmate would be easier with that, right? not when your soulmate seems to like to change their hair color constantly.

    you've had brown, black, black with a hint of red, even bright blue etched onto your skin for a temporary amount of time. the ink was extremely prominent, no matter your skin tone, this key would be sure to make itself known on your skin.

    you walked into your work once more, the uniform you have to wear showing off your compass, as you slide past the counter of the small café.

    there it was, a small sting in your wrist. it happened every now and then, you never paid attention to it, though; boiling it down to be muscle pains from making drinks for 8 hours a day.

    you looked down, noticing how the color of the compass changed again. this time, it was a light peach color - possibly even crossing into blonde territory.

    you sigh to yourself. he had black and red hair just yesterday, why the drastic change?

    the pang in your wrist worsened, you tried to shake it off, it going limp. it seemed that only made the pain worse, causing you to cringe.

    "i'm gonna step into the back, my wrist is killing me and i want to check it out real quick," you say.

    your coworker smiles and gives you a thumbs up, "take care of yourself! i'll cover for you."

    you give them an apologetic smile before walking into the back room. the pain only worsened as you leaned against a wall, holding your wrist and pressing your thumb into the compass, swiping over it softly.

    the pointer of the compass was moving in circles, speeding up and slowing down at times before it stopped pointing directly behind you, only shaking every now and then.

    you were confused, but were dragged out of your thoughts when you hear your coworker's voice being raised.

    "i'm sorry, sir, but you can't go into the back!"

    "is there anyone back there? please!"

    "why?" the commotion became too much, you didn't want to cause them anymore trouble - assuming they individual was talking about you, as you were the only one in the back room.

    you walk out slowly, luckily not many people in the café seemed to be disturbed, too involved in their computers or other work to take notice.

    "y/n, do you know him at all?" your coworker asks, seeing you peek out of the doorway. you step forward, finding a tall man on the other side of the counter.

    but the thing you noted the most about him was how his hand was gripping his wrist, and the peach-blonde color of his hair. you gulped.

    am i really about to meet my soulmate at my work...

    "i'm sorry if this is a strange question, but do you have a compass?" the man asks, bringing his wrist slightly forward to provide an example of what he was talking about.

    you nod slowly before bringing your wrist forward, it was at that moment you had realized your pointers were aimed at one another, his compass perfectly resembling the color of your hair.

    you watch as a smile finds its way onto his face, him looking up at you quickly. "my name is yunho, it's nice to meet you," he says, gesturing his hand out for your to shake.

    "i'm y/n," you reply, returning the smile as you watch a blush form on his cheeks.

    "i know the whole soulmate thing isn't for everyone, but once i felt the pain in my wrist, i had to follow it," he describes. "if you're with someone else or don't want to follow the soulmate rules and such, that's okay. but i would really love to see where this can go, if you'd let me?"

    yunho ends his sentence as more of a request rather than a statement. you smile softly at him before speaking up. "i would love to see where this goes, yunho."

    his face lights up, his eyes going wide at your answer. "great! i can wait till your off of work and we can go somewhere if you'd like!"

    you nod and watch as he lifts himself onto his toes, causing him to become slightly taller than he was before he composes himself, clearing his throat.

    "i'll see you after work then?" you ask.

    "of course, y/n," he says, the smile never leaving his face as he walks towards an empty table in the corner of the café.

    "yunho? are you going to order anything?"

    "oh shit, yeah, i forgot about that!"

    taglist: @wooyoungsbae @goryusr @lex-thesimpzzz @wtf-junnie @vampireyeosang @rdiamond2727 @pinkchampagne2 @atz-diary

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    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    impatient | J.YH

    tumblr is based on reblogs, please reblog my work !! <3


    18+ content - minors dni » synopsis: one moment your boyfriend was begging to be touched, and now you're in the birthday boys bedroom with him. » genre: smut » pairings: sub!yunho x dom!fem!reader » wc: 1411 » warnings: tiny!yunho, size kink, degradation, possessiveness, impreg/breeding kink, semi-public sex, use of pet names ( [pretty] boy/baby, little one, baby, pup[py]), light choking, brief handjob, unprotected vaginal penetration, yunho pup agenda, a little dumbification??? if you could even call it that, some praise i think?, overstimulation leading to crying, dacryphilia, let me know if i missed anything !! » other: proofread this but im also illiterate so be gentle with me

    requested by anon

    regular masterlist | main menu


    "c-can't do this here," a loud whine escapes him as his eyes close tightly, voice not matching his words as they seemed to drip with desperation.

    "really?" you say teasingly. "weren't you the one grabbing at my hands, pulling me back here - begging me to touch you? now you want nothing?"

    yunho whined, his eyes closing tightly shut as his cock ached in his pants. you stood before him, your gaze not faltering in the slightest at his pathetic state.

    "what do you want, little one?" you ask, your palm caressing his cheek as your thumb swipes against the expanse of skin there. you watched as his eyes fill with admiration; with want, need.

    "t-touch me, please-" he whimpers, hands beginning to grasp at your vacant hand, leading it down to the bulge in his jeans and you smirk.

    "so pathetic... at san's birthday party, too?" you tease, his head turning to the side to avoid your gaze. you walk him backwards, sitting himself on the edge of san's bed as he whines.

    you lean down, lips kissing his roughly as your palm presses into him further. yunho lets out a choked sigh, your lips moving to his neck as his head tilts back. "just couldn't wait, hm? just had to have me right now?

    "i'm not complaining, baby, i just never took you as someone so needy," you taunt, lips dancing across his neck as his hand captures your wrist.

    he brings your fingers to dip under his waistband, a sigh escaping his lips at the feeling of your fingertips against the tip of his cock. "pretty boy wants me there?"

    yunho gives you a frantic nod, pleads falling from his mouth as you lower his jeans and boxers in one motion. "look at you, already leaking for me. you're such a messy little thing, aren't you?"

    "y-yes!" yunho says as you glide your fingers along his shaft, thumb sliding over his tip to gather the beads of precum. you feel as his cock twitched at your words and ministrations, hands gripping at the bedsheets beneath him.

    you press your knee into the mattress between his thighs, sitting yourself on one of his own as you stoke his length, lips pressing kisses against his neck.

    deep sighs left his chest as he writhed underneath you, your other hand gripping at his naked thighs and hips, trailing up to his chest to raise his shirt above his head.

    he helps remove the garment with shaky hands, his breathing labored as your hand quickened in pace. "w-want... in-s-side, please-"

    "in-s-side where, pretty boy?" you mock, watching as his brows furrow at your teasing, his cock twitching in your hand.

    " 'n-side you," he struggles to get his words out, much to your entertainment, and you feel his hips buck into your hand.

    "nuh uh, baby, don't do that or you wont get anything," you whisper, barely audible as it was close to being drowned out by the music of the party in the other room.

    yunho nods obeyingly, your vacant palm moving to his chest, pushing him to lay against the bed. you released his cock from your hands, the wet tip slapping against his abdomen as he sighs.

    "what do you want, pup? beg for it," you demand, still straddling his thigh as you peer down at his form. his eyes were pleading, enough for you to tell he had tried to hold back his desires to stay at his friends birthday party.

    his desires were just a bit too strong.

    "want y-you! wan-t to be inside you, please!" he begs, and you can see the faint hints of tears forming on the outer corners of his eyes.

    "pathetic," you spit, his cheeks flushing as he ruts into the air, wanting any kind of attention on his cock. you grab both of his hands, placing them on your still clothed hips. "you've gotta work for it, pup."

    yunho is quick to bring his thumbs under your pants' waistband, bringing them down swiftly. his hands immediately grab at your thighs, kneading the flesh with his fingers before moving your thighs to either side of him.

    "y/n?" yunho says cautiously as he stares up at you. your demeanor changes to one of concern at his tone shift.

    "yes, baby?" you ask softly, one hand coming down to card itself through yunho's hair.

    "can i- um," yunho pauses. "can i finish i-inside, please?" his voice was low, almost ashamed as he diverts his gaze.

    "does pretty boy wanna breed me?" you tease, unintentionally sparking something in yunho as he looks up at you. you watch as he squirms underneath you, his brows furrowing as his grip on your hips tighten. "yeah? fill me with your cum and make me yours forever-"

    "yes! please, y/n- please!"

    "tell me that yourself, little one," you remove your hand from his hair and shift to stoke his cock.

    "w-wanna fill you with my cum, br-breed you- ah hah-" yunho's words become scrambled as you slowly sink down on his cock, his eyes rolling back at the sensation of your soft walls around him.

    his head leans against the bed, eyes closing with his mouth hanging open. "my pretty little baby," you coo, you ass plush against the tops of his thighs as your fingers move to lightly wrap around his neck.

    you experimentally squeeze, feeling as his hips move up as his grip on your hips tighten slightly. his breathing turns labored as you lean down to kiss his lips.

    "couldn't even last a few more hours before you were begging for me to fuck you," you say, grinding onto him slowly as he whimpers under you. "and in the birthday boy's room, too? how pitiful.

    "if san walks in..." you begin, leaning down and squeezing his neck one last time. "i'm not stopping, i'll humiliate you right in front of him, let him see just how needy and pathetic you are."

    a loud whine escapes him as his eyes close tightly, the feeling overwhelming already from how you slowly lifted your hips, standing on your knees before sinking down again.

    "y-y/n~" yunho sighs, his mind slowly becoming clouded over as you continue your ministrations, a smirk planting itself on your face. it took all of you to not make any noise; to not show any struggle as you rode him, now wanting him to suddenly turn the tables and tease you for needing him as much as he needed you.

    "i'll look pretty with my tummy full of your kids, hm?" you say with a devilish smile, watching as his eyes open, gazing into yours lovingly. "pretty boy's gonna breed me so well."

    you feel his cock twitch inside you, the veins against your walls pulsating as he starts to meet your bounces, thrusting up. you decide not to complain, pleasure spreading over your body as a small burning coil begins to form in your lower abdomen.

    "f-fill you... you u-p," yunho mumbles, and you could tell all he wanted to do was that; that's all he could focus on now. "m-make you-r tummy f-full..."

    you could tell he was starting to lose himself, his speech becoming slurred as his eyes glazed over, a single tear dropping down his temple. choked sobs escape him as his thrusts lose their rhythm. "close, pup?" you ask, earning a quick nod as he moans breathlessly. "come on, puppy. you can do it."

    you still your hips, hovering above him, his grip on your body tightens as he continues thrusting up. he whines with furrowed brows as you feel warmth fill you, his cum coating your insides deliciously as he breathes shakily.

    when his pace sped up again, you had to catch yourself, your palms pressed against his chest. "want you t-to... finish-" yunho says, clearly overstimulated by the way his eyes well with tears again, his voice strained as he moans.

    the burning in your abdomen becomes stronger, imagining as he pushes his cum deeper inside bringing you over the edge, cumming around his cock.

    for a moment - a brief moment - you feel as he finishes again, another load filing your cunt as a sob leaves him. you both steady your breathing and you lean down to lay on his chest, cock still buried inside you.

    "m-make you mine for-ever," yunho says softly, his arms wrapping around your middle as he catches his breath.

    note :: first fic of 2022 !!! :D

    taglist: @wooyoungsbae @goryusr @lex-thesimpzzz @wtf-junnie @vampireyeosang @rdiamond2727 @pinkchampagne2 @atz-diary

    also tagging: @tohokuu

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  • prettyheung
    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    disclaimer and warning—

    hey there!

    + this is a dark content blog, mainly directed to writing yandere and darker themes. please do not interact if you’re a minor.

    + all of my works are copyrighted. i do not tolerate any form of plagiarism. please do not do so. it is disrespectful towards creators and i hope that this issue can cease to exist.

    + the idols portrayed in my works are simply placeholders for my writing ideas. my works do not and are not meant to be an accurate representation of them. i am also no way endorsing behaviors of this sort, and is not meant to romanticise it. please understand the line between fiction and reality.

    + if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it. i don’t appreciate death threats, if you do have a problem, feel free to drop a message respectfully. i’m sure we can reach a compromise, and if we don’t, feel free to block me instead.


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