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    26.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    If you wanna get tagged, lemme know in the comments or send an ask or message me!

    This one is my personal favorite!

    Have a nice day/night 💓

    Gonna post it around November first week.

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    predebut » entering kq » yeosang » hj's pov


    [yeosang's pov] [wooyoung's pov] [hongjoong's pov]

    - inspired by this post.

    Hongjoong wasn't a casting director by occupation, but the Rookie Development Team brought that obligation onto him anyway. But for what? That, he didn't know.

    One staff member showed him a picture of a (really) young-looking guy, raising his eyebrows and showing off a big smile. "You've got to look at him! Impressive, right? His name's Yeosang, he's 16, and I think he's got a lot of potential."

    The more Hongjoong took in Yeosang's ethereal appearance, the more mesmerized he felt. The younger guy's smooth black hair and fairy-like visuals were convincing, too convincing even. "Yeah, I can see why you think that."

    But there was a problem - apparently, six companies were just as amazed with Yeosang's shockingly good looks and talent. To the average small company, this was supposed to be scary. But to Hongjoong and KQ's Rookie Development Team, this was just another small boat.

    "Yeah, let's bring him in."


    One week later

    Hongjoong had work during Yeosang's interview with the Rookie Development Team, but that didn't stop him from eavesdropping.

    When Eden left the room to get lunch, the teenager looked at the computer's clock: 12:26. That gave him almost twenty minutes to take his things and stop by the team's office door.

    Holding his laptop and headphones close to his chest, he tip-toed towards the interview. Eden had hawk's ears, so it wasn't worth making so much noise.


    From the sound of it, Yeosang was an interesting guy: he ran away from home (which was all the way in Pohang) to pursue the idol dream, and now, he's literally the apple of six companies' eyes. But why did he mention Big Hit? Was he associated with them or something? Whether or not Yeosang was, Hongjoong felt a pang in his heart for him. That place was home to BTS, the most popular k-pop group in the world right now. He'd get top-tier training over there. Why give up all that prestige for a place like KQ?

    "I want progress, that's all," Hongjoong heard Yeosang say. He still didn't understand, but perhaps because he found everything he needed in his first company. He's lucky, because that isn't the reality for many trainees. Sometimes, it takes multiple transfers and even survival shows to debut.

    A gasp escaped Hongjoong's mouth, almost causing him to drop his stuff. "Oh my God. You're just like Mingi."


    He wanted to gasp again as Eden finally caught him. "Hongjoong, what are you doing out here?"

    The teenager squeezed his eyes shut as he prepared for another lecture. But just as Eden opened his mouth, the development team's office door opened.

    Both of them stared at Yeosang, then each other, then back at him again. The two people in front of them did the same thing.

    If Hongjoong was mesmerized by his future groupmate's looks, Eden was absolutely astonished. He whispered into the trainee's ear, "where did they get him from?"

    "Big Hit."

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  • dazzling-lightzzz
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Kinktober day 21

    Day 21: Begging with Sub!Wooyoung.


    Taglist: @mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @winterciella  @soft-teddybear 

    tags not working:  @vip-hs @hwaegyo


    “Such a subby little baby, you can act all bratty when everyone is around though~”

    Wooyoung was on the brink of tears, his back against the headboard, you were on his lap, rubbing against his exposed dick. He could feel your slick against his thighs and it was driving him wild. You on the other hand was enjoying every second of it, Your lips were on Woo’s neck, leaving bright hickeys that he knew he was going to have to hide from his friends. “Please..Mommy stop teasing me,” He whined, his voice going up in pitch as you suck on a certain spot on his neck. You hum in response, raising your head to meet his eyes. “What hunbun?~” You teasingly asked, enjoying the whine that left his lips.

    You rocked against his hard cock, loving the feeling of him against your ass. “What happened to the high and mighty attitude you had with Yeosang?~” You teased. “Saying that you could have me a moaning, babbling mess underneath you, Hmm?” Wooyoung shook his head. “I-i’m sorry mommy, I’m so sorry, please..please ride me already!!” He cried out bucking his hips helplessly. You tsked and gripped his chin forcing him to look at you. “Listen here you bratty little slut., You better know who you belong to and who owns this cock, alright?” You said sternly watching as Woo nodded rapidly. “I know, i belong to you mommy, I won’t try that again, please, please, please!” 

    You chuckled at his begging and finally rose up aligning your cunt with his cock, teasing him a bit before sinking down on it. He let out a moan of relief, a chorus of babbles leaving his mouth. You place your hands on his cheeks, “Wooyoungie, baby look at me.” Wooyoung raised his head to look at you. “M-mommy..please move, god you feel so good, please I just want you to cum around me~” He begged and you placed a quick kiss on his lips. “Are you sure baby-” “Yes yes, please! I won’t be a bad boy anymore, please just fuck me..” He groaned softly. Slowly you started bouncing on Wooyoung’s cock, watching as he let out cute little moans and the occasional “oh fuck”.

    Setting a nice pace that had the both of you moaning, you could feel Wooyoung’s hands move to your waist and grip it tightly. Wooyoung was a mess underneath you, moaning out your name and begging for you to go faster. “Aww is my baby enjoying himself?” You asked and he nodded rapidly. He placed his head on your chest. “Mhm..’m close..” He whined and you smiled, “Want me to go faster?” He nodded once more and you fulfilled his request. You began bouncing faster on him, moaning yourself as you tried to focus on your baby boy. “C-can..Can i..” He mumbled, cutting himself off with a moan. “What is it baby? Tell me what you want~” You moaned out and he looked up to meet your eyes. His eyes were glossed over with pure lust and desire, tears pricking at his eyes. “Lemme cum inside..please mommy, can I fill you up?” He begged and you couldn’t help but smirk. “Mhm..go ahead baby~”

    Wooyoung let out a loud cry of pleasure as he spilled deep into you, his groans reduced to nothing but babbles. “F-feels so good, so so good..” He mumbled as he laid his head on your chest, he whined as you slowly lifted yourself off his dick. Wooyoung could barely keep his eyes open as he slowly rolls on his side in the fluffy pillows. You go and get him some water and snacks as well as a warm towel to wipe him down with. When you returned, Wooyoung was cuddled against your pillow, he turned to face you and made grabby hands towards you.

    You giggle and quickly moved to go join him in bed, allowing him to cuddle up to you as you gave him the water. “Thank you mommy..” “I’m not mommy right now Wooyoungie, It’s (y/n). Are you alright?” You asked and he nodded slowly. “I feel good, just tired..” He said as he laid on your chest. 

    “If i knew that all i had to do was act bratty to get this i would do it more..”

    “I don’t think you want that Woobaby. I went easy on you today..”

    “Oh please wreck me next time, I want it. Please Mommy~”

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  • dazzling-lightzzz
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Kinktober Day 20

    Day 20: Cockwarming with Hongjoong


    Taglist:  @mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @winterciella  @soft-teddybear 

    tags not working:  @vip-hs @hwaegyo


    “Babygirl, I'm going to need you to sit still please..”

    “Be a good girl for me and I will do whatever you want.”

    Hongjoong rubbed your back as you sat snug on his lap, he had just gotten back from practice and wanted to cuddle with you. You on the other hand was feeling a little needy and wanted your boyfriend's touch. So he suggested that you cockwarm him until you feel better. You hopped on the opportunity but now you wanted nothing more than for him to bend you over his desk and make you a sobbing mess.

    You hid your face in the crook of his neck, trying to focus on something else, but the intense feeling between your legs was not helping at all. You moved slightly, trying not to bother Hongjoong as he scrolled through his phone. Rocking your hips gently letting out little mewls at the small friction that it created. “You’re really needy today Babygirl. Did you miss me that much?” Hongjoong said in a teasing tone. Listening to you struggle to formulate your words. He smirks and looks down at you bucking his hips playfully. You let out a choked moan only making Hongjoong chuckle even more.

    “You just want to make a mess of yourself on my dick don’t you?” He asked and you nodded in his neck, peppering it with kisses. Hongjoong chuckles again as he slowly starts bucking his hips, teasing you with how slow he was going. You were whining until he suddenly lifted you up and placed you on the couch nearby. Your back hits the couch and Hongjoong back thrusting into you hard, smirking at your pathetic desperate whines. He was laughing slightly at you, watching as your face contort from pleasure.

    “My poor needy baby was really needing me huh?~” He teases as he suddenly stops, making you cry out. He leans down to your ear and whispers.

    “You won’t be leaving this room until you’ve made a mess on this dick.”

    #ateez fanfiction#ateez fanfics#ateez fanfic#ateez fanfictions#hongjoong smut #hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong x reader #kim hongjoong smut #kim hongjoong x reader smut #hongjoong x reader smut
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  • backdoortowonderland
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Heartbreakers Club

    4. pretty 

    ↬ summary: the popular kpop group ateez is set for training in LA for the following 6 months. the rules are clear: practice, rest and prepare for the next comeback. but what happens when love gets into the mix? what happens when san falls for someone who isn’t interested in getting involved with someone she can never truly have? stay tuned to find out!

    ↬ ateez smau

    ↬ san x fem college student!reader

    ↬ genre: fluff, comedy, angst, drama

    ↬ taglist:  @asyamonet22​

    ​​↬ a/n: this is 99% in San’s POV! 

    ↬ Masterlist | Previous | Next

    #ateez smau #ateez x y/n #ateez x reader #ateez x you #san ateez#ateez san#ateez fanfic#ateez au#choi san
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  • mxxndreams
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    A Dragon For Your Love

    ❥ pairing: jeong yunho x female reader ❥ genre: one-shot, fluff, angst (tiniest bit), enemies to lovers, soulmates!au, magic school!au, fantasy!au, it has dragons ❥ warnings: none but let me know if I am missing something ❥ word count: 8k ❥ part of my Halloweek 2021 celebration ❥ summary: Since your egg hadn't hatched in time, that meant you had to spend your Summer in school. And to keep you company you had none other than Jeong Yunho. ❥ A/N: Hello, how are you today? This is my first one-shot for ateez and the second one for Halloweek 2021! I hope you enjoy reading this one because I had so much fun writing it, makes me want to write in this universe again in the future. As always, happy reading!

    You watched as everyone walked to the main hall excitedly, gushing over their spirit animals and what their eggs had revealed. Some students had their animals on their shoulders, others carried them in golden ornaments such as bracelets, earrings or even rings. However, you couldn’t celebrate with them. As much you wanted to be happy for your friends and classmates, you couldn’t help but feel like you were failing. After all, your egg hadn’t hatched. And that could only mean that you hadn’t mastered your magic yet.

    The main hall had been prepared for the graduation ceremony. From the ceiling, large and bright chandeliers hung, the night sky in the distance. From each interior balcony draped different banners that moved and changed colours, showcasing the different houses and families some of these students would be serving after they graduated. Some of the representatives awaited in the balconies, looking closely at the students that approached their respective chairs.

    You parted ways with the other students and went to sit behind the teacher’s council. There, all chairs were empty, and you could feel the heavy gaze of some of your teachers on you. You smiled politely at them before sitting down, making sure your family emblem pin was visible on your chest, above your heart.

    Soon enough, most students were all inside the room, chatting expectantly, murmuring between each other when their eyes landed on you. You couldn’t help but feel humiliated. You had been at the top of your classes ever since you were eight, and now, you wouldn’t graduate. All because your egg hadn’t hatched. It was ridiculous, to say the least.

    “Good evening, students!” The school principal spoke and the lights dimmed slightly. After a while, the conversations ceased to exist. “Welcome to our last graduation ceremony of the year.”

    Everyone clapped and you joined in, not as excited. Part of you wished you would have skipped this ceremony entirely but you wanted to see your friends graduate, hoping you could catch a glimpse of your family in the balconies. Unsurprisingly, none of them was attending tonight. Either because they were busy or found you a disgrace to your family name, you didn’t know. It also didn’t matter right now.

    “As you are aware, this is now the time where you will be presented to the different families who would like to request your aid. You shall stand up whenever your name is called and reach the centre of the hall, to showcase your magic abilities. Best of luck to all of you.”

    More claps and you leaned back on your chair, crossing your legs. One by one, each student was called. The principal went from the higher to the lower rankings, and almost everyone did the same: honour their family by showcasing the power that pulsed through them, a small segment of interaction with their spirit animal, and a final moment where they showed a secondary power they had mastered. This final part was mostly to show the families that certain students wished to serve them.

    “How would you do it?” You jumped in your chair and glanced at who had spoken, raising an eyebrow. Yunho was sitting next to you, waiting expectantly for your answer.

    “What are you doing here?” You whispered to him, crossing your arms.

    “The same as you, apparently. Your egg didn’t hatch?”

    “I wouldn’t be here if it had,” you sighed and focused your attention on the student performing right now, trying to ignore Yunho.

    “I wouldn’t honour my family.” He answered his question and you looked at him, surprised. He shrugged, leaning closer to you so you could hear him better. “I only know how to grow plants, that’s literally all my family does. I’d prefer to showcase that I have mastered both air currents and sea currents. I’d make a great sailor!”

    “Good for you…?” You couldn’t care less about Yunho or who he wanted to aid or serve with his magic. It confused you why he was acting all friendly with you when throughout all these years, he was constantly trying to sabotage you and making you lose the top spot. However, that hadn’t led him anywhere, he was just where you were. On the sidelines, watching people who always ranked lower than you graduating. It wasn’t fair.

    “Did you know no dragons hatched this year?” He continued the conversation, glancing at you. “I wonder if one of us has a dragon. I truly hope I get a red one, they are so cool.”

    “I wish for a unicorn. Maybe a pegasus. Dragons are overrated.”

    “They spit fire, Y/N. And make really awesome bracelets! Besides, unicorns don’t exist.” He spoke that final part with a mocking tone. He really couldn’t tell when you were being sarcastic, could he? He always took everything you said as literal.

    “In your world, they don’t. But that’s because you’re boring and rarely use your imagination.”

    “Oh, trust me I can use my imagination. I mean… look at how many creative ways I have found to annoy you.”

    “And look at how many of them failed.” You looked at him, slightly defeated with yourself. “I just want my egg to hatch so I don’t have to look at you anymore.”

    “I’m kinda good-looking, though.” You rolled your eyes. Yunho was always so full of himself. “And I have come a long way, you know? I get better as I age.”

    “I disagree, but my opinion doesn’t matter to you, does it?”

    You didn’t wait for an answer. Slowly, you stood up from your chair and walked to the exit, trying your best to remain in the shadows so no one would notice you leaving. Students remained as the ceremony was far from being over, but you couldn’t watch any more of it.

    That could’ve been you, showcasing your power and abilities, getting selected by one of the most powerful and well-respected families of the entire magic realm. And yet, all of that would remain in your imagination. You had missed your window, you hadn’t mastered your magic yet.

    Instead of heading to the dorms, you walked to the secondary hall and entered the library. It was empty at this time of the night, except for a couple of students that were cramming for tests or exams last minute. Some of them lifted their eyes as you passed by, but you ignored them. When you found a small hidden corner, you removed your family pin from your shirt and shoved it in the pocket of your pants, focusing on the books in front of you, tracing their spines with your fingers, reading their titles carefully.

    You grabbed a few whose titles related to delayed magic manifestation and walked to one of the tables, sitting down silently. With your finger, you lit a candle next to you and placed it on the small metal support, its light flickering and illuminating your desk.

    Page after page, book after book, you tried to find any information on what could be delaying your egg from hatching. What was there for you to master after you had aced every single class? What was preventing you from graduating?

    Your eyes landed on a page with a couple of testimonies from students that had been in a similar situation to yours. They had been great at their powers, but for some reason, their eggs weren’t hatching. Some ended up giving up on their gifts while others pushed through with no success. But there was one that was able to overcome his struggles. That gave you some hope.

    “Whatever you are struggling with, you have to let go of it. Whatever you are worried about, you must overcome it. Magic is not just about theory. It’s about having the right mindset to be greater than you already are. While you think you are lacking, you will never become complete. You need to let go of your fear of failure.”

    You read those words repeatedly, hoping that inside of your mind, they would unlock something, showcase you a hidden message you hadn’t discovered yet. Still, and even though they were vague, you couldn’t help but relate to it.

    All your life, all you wanted was to be the best, to prove yourself and your worth to your family. And more often than not, you had proved it, you had always succeeded at any challenge presented to you. And yet, you still felt like you weren’t enough, like nothing you’d ever do would be good enough. That was part of the problem, you were sure of it. However, you weren’t sure how you could overcome it.

    This wasn’t like magic theory where everything was explained and you only had to follow the steps and perfect it. When it came to this final stage, no answers were presented to you, no steps to follow were given to you.

    You’d have to figure it out by trial and error. And while doing so, you’d have to learn how to fail and accept that those failures were also part of your growth.

    The corridors of the school became emptier as soon as the end of the school year arrived. Only students with failed subjects and unhatched eggs stayed behind. You and Yunho were the only ones in your class and year that remained which meant you’d be spending a lot of time together. That didn’t please you and he also didn’t seem to be on board with the whole idea either.

    After all your friends left the school grounds for the last time, you went to collect your stuff in your dorm. Now that it was summer, most students that stayed behind would be relocated to a smaller dorm in the east wing of the main building. You had never been there, as every year around this time you returned home to spend some time with your family or at least, attempt to. They were always too busy to give you any attention.

    The room you would be staying in was small, but it was an individual one which was good. This meant you wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone else and could stay up later than usual, as no curfew existed during summer. Yunho would be staying in the opposite room to yours, as it was easier for teachers and staff to get a hold of you whenever they needed your help for tasks. When you realized that you’d be spending your summer cleaning the school grounds with Yunho as your company you wanted to melt into a wall and hide there for the rest of your existence. When did things get so unpleasant to you?

    Carefully, you placed your egg on your desk, near the sunlight. You kept it on its small basket, a blanket under it to keep it warm and cushioned. Its shell shined under the sun, small little speckles that looked like glitter created a pattern that moved slowly in waves and spirals, something that told you the creature inside was still alive and growing. You caressed it softly, the egg bigger than when you got it when you were younger.

    “Hang in there, little buddy,” you whispered to it, smiling. “We’ll meet each other soon, I promise.”

    “Talking to your egg won’t make it hatch faster, you know?” You turned around at the sound of Yunho’s voice and saw him leaning on your door frame. He looked sad, exhausted even. “We were called to clean the alchemy labs. We should… head there so we could get it done faster. I don’t want to spend my entire summer cleaning stuff.”

    “That makes the two of us,” you admitted and quickly put on your jacket, placing your family pin on the lapel. You patted it down and let out a deep sigh, a bitter smile on your lips. “Let’s go.”

    Yunho and you made your way to the experimental magic part of the school, crossing long hallways, taking shortcuts you didn’t even know existed but that you trusted Yunho to know the way out of.

    Finally, you reached the alchemy labs. A row of labs stood on each side of the corridor, each one dedicated to a speciality or an ability. Here, research was made and new spells were tested, potions were created, new elements were synthesized. Oftentimes, new magical discoveries came from these labs which was always a reason to celebrate.

    Slowly, the two of you started to work in silence, cleaning the counters, storing materials, wiping floors. You’d glance at each other occasionally but none of you said anything for a while.

    “Why do you… always take it off?” He asked as he held a trash bag for you to put scraps of paper inside. “Your… family emblem.”

    “I change clothes,” you said, trying to keep your interactions to the bare minimum. “So, I have to change my pin as well.”

    “I have a pin for each of my outfits.” He smiled proudly. “You only have one?”

    “One is more than enough.”

    “What if you lose it?”

    “Then I don’t have to wear it. Anything else you want to know?” You looked him in the eyes and he gulped, looking at the bag between you.

    “Do you think… we’ll make it?” He lowered his arms and you kept your eyes on him, seeing the bubbly, confident Yunho replaced by a worried and scared version of him. “I’ve looked into it. They say that if our eggs don’t hatch in three weeks from now, then there’s a chance they won’t hatch at all. I don’t… I don’t want all of these years to be in vain, you know? I worked hard. I…”

    He shook his head, unable to continue. You stopped what you were doing and took a deep breath. As much as you and Yunho didn’t get along, you couldn’t help but feel for him. He was the first in his family line to be accepted at this school and he never took that for granted. Sure, he was a pain to deal with sometimes, but he always did his best. Maybe that was why you didn’t like him that much. He was effortlessly good at everything he did. And yet, he never let it show.

    “I don’t have an answer for that question,” you admitted and he looked at you, a hopeful look in his eyes. “Who would’ve thought, Y/N doesn’t know the answer to a question, oh my!”

    “I should get you to the infirmary,” he jokingly said, smiling. “We are living in unprecedented times.”

    “We’re not well,” you continued your task, smiling as well. “None of us knows the answer! What should we do?!”

    “Professor Green is already fuming!” You laughed and Yunho quickly did his best impersonation of your old magic theory teacher. “How do you not know the answer?! It’s written right there, in your books, crickets! Besides, you could use a mindreading spell to figure it out from my mind!”

    “I never dared to read his mind,” you admitted, a shiver going down your spine at the thought of it.

    “It’s not that bad. He mostly thinks about his dog, the next meal he is going to have, and the answer to his questions.”

    “Why does he call us crickets, though? Is it like an endearment term, an annoyed one… what’s the deal with that?”

    “He uses it as a replacement to swear words.” You couldn’t help but laugh, causing Yunho’s smile to widen. “Also, he really considered you his prodigy. I kind of despised you more for that reason.”

    Finally, the trash bag was full and Yunho closed it, placing it outside the lab, quickly returning to join you. You followed him as he moved around the room, the two of you more relaxed than before.

    “You know, I… was always jealous of you.” He looked at you, lips parted slightly in surprise. “You were always good at everything and had great social skills. And your family loves you a lot and they are proud of you, no matter what. Part of me always resented you for that.”

    “You forgot the good-looking.” You rolled your eyes and found him staring at you, kindly. “I didn’t know that. About you. You… always have it together, everyone can rely on you. And you were happy about it. I always thought you’d graduate earlier even.”

    “That clearly didn’t happen, did it?”

    The two of you laughed and exited the lab, leaving everything clean. You left the bags behind, all labelled according to what they were for someone else to take care of them.

    “I think I want a dragon now too,” you eventually said as you climbed the stairs. “A blue one, though. They can swim underwater and spit fire.”

    “I thought dragons were overrated?” He raised an eyebrow and you shrugged. “I still think red ones are better, you know?”

    “But they can’t swim.”

    “But they can fly. I’ve always wanted to have a dragon so I could fly.”

    “That’s cute.” He was cute when he was excited about something. “No one in my family has a blue dragon. They are the rarest kind of spirit animals.”

    “How come?” Yunho asked, confused. “I thought all dragon species were rare.”

    “Blue dragons are the result of a crossing between the red dragon and an extinct breed called the large sea serpent. You didn’t study spirit animal evolution?” He shook his head.

    “I skipped that lecture, I didn’t think it would be that interesting. I chose water alchemy instead. Boring but extremely useful. Now I can make water bubbles in the air and use them to attack people.”

    “Cool?” You weren’t sure how useful that could be, at least to you. But it made sense for him. “I mean, you want to work on a ship, right? Knowing how to master water can be useful.”

    “See? That’s what I thought!”

    Finally, the two of you reached the cafeteria. Yunho ran towards the door and opened it for you and you thanked him with a smile. Soon enough, he was next to you again with his eyes focused on you, a curious expression on his face.

    “But why the sudden change about blue dragons?” He asked. “Tell me more, I want to know why you like them so much.”

    You stopped walking, watching as Yunho joined the end of the line for lunch, looking back at you, confused. He sighed and walked back to you, fixing his hair.

    “I figured we could try and be friends, you know? I mean, at this point, what would we be fighting for? We’ve achieved everything there is to achieve, there are no more rankings to try and be number one. So why not… just try? Do you plan on being sarcastic and mean to me all summer?”

    “I don’t-“

    “Good. Then I won’t call myself good-looking anymore. Although I do enjoy seeing you roll your eyes at that. You’re cute when you’re annoyed at me.”

    Your eyes widened at Yunho’s comment and he smiled at you, victoriously. You chuckled and joined him on the way to the cafeteria line, trying to prevent him from checking your flustered cheeks.

    Part of you hoped that Yunho wouldn’t use a mindreading spell on you right now. He couldn’t know what you were thinking, you didn’t even want to admit it to yourself.

    You didn’t want to admit that you were happy that right now, you and Yunho were trying to be friends.

    “I have been doing some reading on blue dragons.” Yunho entered your room in his pyjamas, glasses on and a book in his hand. “Did you know their scales have healing properties? They are great for inland combat!”

    “They are!” You nodded, turning to face him. He sat at the end of your bed while you remained on your chair, looking at him.

    It had been a couple of weeks since your first day of summer duties at the school grounds, but right now you were enjoying it more. Yunho and you had grown closer to each other and now, your evenings were spent in each other’s rooms reading books or discussing topics you were both interested in.

    Every night, he would come to visit you before you both headed to bed, always ready to strike a conversation with you. Thankfully, the person guarding this part of the dorm didn’t mind you two being together in the same room, as long as the door remained open.

    “What’s the matter?” You asked him, seeing his confused expression as he looked at the pages of a book in front of him. He lifted his eyes to look at you and pointed to a piece of text in his book.

    “It says here that blue dragons are… rare because they hatch in pairs from different eggs. It’s usually that way so they can… reproduce. They are also a symbol for soulmates and whoever has them will live a successful, long and adventurous life.”

    “They sound like my kind of spirit animal.”

    “Yes, but do you know anyone with a blue dragon? They need to meet their mate within a week otherwise, they can’t achieve their fullest potential and your magic would never fully excel. I didn’t know spirit animals also had limitations.”

    “Of course, they do.” You stood up from your chair and went to sit next to him, grabbing the book from his hands. “Spirit animals reflect your magic and they are an extension of your power. As amulets, they increase your magical abilities and in their fullest form, they aid in combat or magical endeavours.”

    “That makes sense. Still, would you be willing to not reach all your power? I mean… having a blue dragon sounds great in theory but you’d need to find someone with a baby blue dragon to meet yours. And from what I gathered, the last person to have a blue dragon was twenty-five years ago.”

    “That’s not a baby anymore,” you sighed and looked at your egg illuminated by a lamp on your desk. You gestured to it, your heart picking up pace. “The shell is changing. The patterns are starting to set. That means it should be hatching soon.”

    “Mine is the same. I haven’t been able to gather which species it might be. I thought it was a reptile, then a bird, but I still don’t recognize the pattern.”

    “Want me to take a look?” You asked looking at him. Yunho nodded and you closed the book in your hands, standing up from your bed. He did the same and you followed him to his room across from yours.

    Even though this wasn’t your first time here, you always found yourself fascinated by his room. Yunho kept everything in order and he had made this place his own. Small posters hung on the walls, bookshelves were covered in research books and then there were a couple of pictures spread throughout his desk and bedside table. They were all of him and his family, and he was always smiling.

    “See? There are spirals here on this side,” he pointed to his egg, “but then on this side, it’s small little circles.”

    You sighed and walked closer to his egg, studying the patterns on the shell carefully. Yunho kept his gaze on you expectantly, mostly focused on you looking at his egg than on the egg itself.

    “Do you mind if I hold it?” You asked him and his eyes widened. “I’ll be careful. I just want to… see it from different angles.”

    “I’d prefer if you wouldn’t,” he admitted and you nodded. He cleared his throat. “It’s not that I don’t trust you but I can’t deny that I am slightly terrified at the thought of you holding it.”

    “It’s fine,” you sighed and turned to look at him. “It might be a reptile. The colour suggests it has something to do with water, maybe humid environments? I can’t tell you much more besides that.”

    He growled in disappointment and collapsed on his bed, laying down and staring at the ceiling. You sat at the end of his bed, carefully grabbing one of the picture frames from his desk, looking at it. It was a photo of Yunho with his parents, the small egg in a basket in front of him. He wore his family emblem above his heart.

    “How close are you to your parents?” You asked, looking back at him. He slowly turned his head to you, studying your face.

    “I don’t know, I never thought about it. I mean, they always come to visit me when they have a chance and can afford it, but most of the time I’m the one who visits them. They love to celebrate my achievements, though.”

    “I’m sure they do.” Your eyes went back to the picture frame, your heart sinking in your chest. You felt Yunho sit on his bed and move closer to you, his leg brushing against yours as he cleared his throat.

    “Do you see your parents often?”

    “Not really.” You put the frame back in its place. “I haven’t seen my father in almost ten years and my mother always has too many battles to prepare. And my older sister is always flirting with the future empress, so there’s not much time left for me.”

    Without expecting an answer, you quickly stood up from his bed and started to walk out of his bedroom. You stopped at the door to look back at him, forcing out a smile.

    “People tell me that I have it easy, that my family is well respected, that my future will be good, even if I am not good enough. I always tried to prove myself, to show that I am more than my family. That’s why I don’t like to wear my family emblem. Goodnight, Yunho.”

    You gulped and exited his room, walking into your own and closing the door behind you. After closing your blinds, you sat at your desk for a little bit, staring at your egg for a while before going to sleep.

    “Know that I’ll like you no matter what species you are,” you whispered at it, caressing its oval shape kindly. “And I will give you the cutest nest for you to sleep in. After you are born, I’ll do my research to give you the greatest home possible. You will be cherished. You will be extremely loved too.”

    You stood up from your chair and planted a soft kiss on it, turning off the lamplight and making your way to your bed, falling asleep right after.

    The alarm clock rang and you shut it off without opening your eyes for a while. Outside, the school morning routine had started with gardeners doing their rounds and students getting ready to spend the weekend at home. You’d remain at school, cataloguing the new books that had arrived at the library. Whether Yunho would be with you to help with the task, you didn’t know.

    “Y/N?” He knocked on the outside of your door and you covered your ears with your pillow.

    “Let me sleep some more!” You groaned, keeping your eyes closed.

    “You might want to… wake up. I… I want to show you something.”

    “Can’t it wait a bit longer?” You felt something sticky greet your nose and you removed the pillow from your head slowly, your eyes opening slightly to what was in front of you.

    “Oh, my crickets!” You screamed and stepped out of your bed, leaning against the wall as fast as you could. Your eyes jumped to the hatched egg and the goop around it to the small animal in your bed, looking at you expectantly. It jumped softly in the mattress, its blue wings opening midair, an adorable little sound leaving its body.

    “Is everything alright?” Yunho asked and you nodded, even though he couldn’t see you. Slowly, you walked back to your bed and extended a hand to the creature and the small dragon smelled it, licking your fingers softly before jumping to your palm, sitting on it.

    “It’s a dragon.” You laughed excitedly and walked to the door carefully, opening your bedroom door to find Yunho waiting for you on the other side, wary. “My egg hatched! Yunho, my egg it… it hatched!”

    You gestured with your head to the small dragon that curiously studied Yunho with its big black eyes.

    “It’s a blue dragon,” he said, smiling brightly at your spirit animal. “It’s a blue dragon!”

    “It’s a blue dragon!” You confirmed, overjoyed.

    The small dragon left your hand and flew to your shoulder, your hands always below it to catch it if it fell midflight. It was still a baby dragon, so it wasn’t used to flying yet.

    “I’m going to call it Azur,” you caressed it softly in your shoulder and Azur snuggled closer to you, making you giggle when it sneezed. “Isn’t it the cutest?”

    When you looked back at Yunho, he was glancing at you fondly, a soft smile on his lips. You suddenly felt self-conscious about greeting him like this, you probably looked like a mess. He didn’t seem to mind though.

    “My egg hatched as well,” he said, smiling brightly. He stepped aside allowing you to look at his desk, gesturing towards it. “Meet… Vini.”

    Yunho had prepared a nest with a small little pillow where Vini slept on top. From its nose, little clouds of smoke appeared and that made your smile widen. The closer you walked to it, the more your heart was jumping from your chest.

    Vini was also a small dragon, its blue scales reflecting the light coming from the window. It looked remarkably like Azur.

    “It’s a…” the words escaped your lips. You glanced at everyone in the room with your eyes wide open, shocked at the sight. Yunho nodded and you looked at him, your smile fading slightly. “It’s not a red dragon.”

    “I know.” He crossed his arms and looked at his spirit animal who slept soundly.

    “And it doesn’t fly that well,” you informed him, and he looked at you.

    “I know.”

    “And I also have a… blue dragon.” Your cheeks grew warmer and you glanced at Azur, whose tail moved softly next to your ear. You gulped. “That’s means we’re…”

    “I know,” he said and you saw the happiest smile on his Yunho’s face. “We’re… soulmates, Y/N.”

    “Yes.” It escaped your lips like a whisper as you looked at him.

    This was… overwhelming to say the least. First, your egg hatched, and it was a blue dragon. Now you found out that Yunho’s spirit animal was also a blue dragon which meant you were soulmates? You couldn’t be mad at any of it. Part of you was happy that he was your soulmate. You were extremely happy if you were completely honest with yourself.

    “I’m happy,” he bit his lower lip while looking at you. “I can’t say I’m upset about it. I was… worried I would be the one to get a blue dragon and not you.”

    “That would’ve been tragic,” you said and he nodded, taking a few steps closer to you. This was your first time seeing Yunho in his morning glory, but you didn’t mind it. Something was comforting about it.

    “You would’ve been pissed at me. And I would’ve been really sad because you’d probably never want to see me again.”

    “Why would you be sad?” You asked and Yunho softly patted Azur’s head, ignoring your eyes on him.

    “Because during these past few weeks I grew to have a new appreciation for you. And I like that we get to spend time together, you know? That is nice. You’re nice.”

    Your smile widened and you nodded, unable to hide how flustered Yunho’s comment made you feel. You couldn’t help but agree with him, these past few weeks had been great, and you truly felt that you had a good friend in him. One of the best kind of friends, truthfully speaking.

    “Am I just nice?” You asked, looking at him. He shook his head and scratched the back of his head. “I’d like to know what you’re thinking about right now.”

    “There’s a spell for that, Y/N. Why don’t you use it?” He was also flustered.

    “I might use it at breakfast.” He let out a nervous laugh and you glanced at Vini and then at Azur who snuggled close to your cheek. “We should inform our professors.”

    Yunho nodded and you turned around, exiting his room. You bit your lower lip and turned to look at him, his cheeks the brightest shade of red ever.

    “I think he likes me,” you whispered to Azur looking at its big black eyes. “Do you think I should ask him?”

    Azur blinked slowly, getting comfortable on your shoulder to take a nap. You patted it slightly, feeling the soft fur of its head a contrast to the scales on its body. What a cute little companion you would have for the rest of your life. Your eyes found Yunho’s figure and you leaned on your door frame, looking at him.

    I like you too, Yunho, you thought and watched as he stopped what he was doing and turned around to look at you, eyes wide open. You shrugged and smiled at him before returning to your room, closing the door behind you, grabbing Azur softly and placing it on your desk for the time being.

    “I wasn’t reading your mind.” He informed you from the corridor and you returned to the door and opened it slightly, finding a concerned Yunho on the other side. You raised an eyebrow and he gulped. “Ok, maybe I was reading your mind. I’m sorry.”

    “I’m not.” You shrugged. “At least now I have confirmation that this isn’t your first time inside of my head. And I’m sure it won’t be last either.”

    You started to close the door of your room and he stopped you, looking at you concerned.

    “I am sorry, Y/N. I just… I always like to know what you’re thinking and you rarely speak your mind. I just… I know this is a huge violation of your privacy but… this is maybe my fourth time doing it?”

    “What were the previous times for?” You crossed your arms and his eyes widened.

    “I just… I wanted to know if maybe…” He licked his lips and took a deep breath, avoiding your gaze. “I wanted to know if you were interested in other… people. That’s why I did it. I won’t do it again.”

    “Now you know I like you, so I don’t think you’ll need to do it again. Unless you want to know… other things.” You winked at him and watched as he grew even more flustered. You closed the door, a bright smile on your face.

    Today was off to a great start.

    After your breakfast, you and Yunho went with your spirit animals to meet your professors. It was a small moment, but somehow it terrified you. They took both of your dragons away to check them, made a bunch of questions to both of you and finally, they returned the little creatures to you.

    Azur and Vini were already having the time of their lives together, flying around the room next to each other, making spirals in the air, communicating with each other excitedly. You and Yunho watched them, knowing that their bond only mirrored the one you both shared.

    “Now that your eggs have hatched, you will have a period of adjustment with your spirit animals. I recommend you read about their species, what is best for them, how you can take the best advantage of each other’s power. You should know that moving forward, you must always work together. Is that clear?”

    “Yes,” you nodded. “We know we’re soulmates.”

    “That saves me time, then. Do you fully understand what it means, magic wise?”

    You exchanged a look and you shook your head.

    “Maybe you should refresh our memory? Our research has been limited.”

    “You have access to each other’s power now, you are no longer limited to yourself or your spirit animal. And there are other things but I’ll leave those for you discover.”

    “We can locate each other, right? And… possibly develop mindreading abilities?” You asked and Yunho looked at you surprised.

    “Yes,” your teacher confirmed. “But there’s more.”

    As you were about to ask her to explain, she turned her back on you and walked away from the room, leaving you and Yunho alone. He took a deep breath and called Vini, who quickly came to rest on his shoulder. Azur, seeing their friend leave them, came to rest on your shoulder as well, quickly snuggling against your cheek to say hi to you.

    “Do you want to develop mindreading abilities?” Yunho asked as you left the room, walking to the library where you’d be spending the rest of your day researching about blue dragons. “And what do you mean about locating each other? Did you research this topic on your own?”

    “More or less,” you admitted. “I know we can send each other visual images of our locations and read minds if we choose to develop those powers. We might keep our bond to a minimum and just learn how to master each other’s abilities.”

    “You already mastered them all,” he said, looking down at his feet. “I am the one that has to learn.”

    “And I will help you. I will quite literally never leave your side from now on. We’ve got these little buddies to take care of.”

    “But would you leave, if you could?” Yunho asked, worry in his eyes. You stopped walking and you felt his hand brushing against yours, his eyes glancing at them. “It’s just… I feel like we’re focusing too much on the dragons, but what about us? Will we only do things that revolve around them?”

    “This is all pretty new to us, Yunho,” you reassured him. “And honestly, I never considered leaving your side, that was never an option to me. And it’s not because of the dragons. It’s because of you.”

    You grabbed his hand at the two of you continued to walk side by side to the library. Yunho’s hand moved under yours and he intertwined your fingers, clearing his throat right afterwards, looking proudly at the path in front of you.

    When you reached the library, both of you quickly got to work. For a while, each of you did your research, writing down important information, scribbling down anything that might be useful later.

    None of you noticed the time passing so when the sun started to go down, you and Yunho left the library with your notes and after dinner and changing to more comfortable clothes, you met in your room.

    When he entered, he brought Vini’s blanket and placed it on your desk, his dragon quickly going to their spot. Azur followed suit, laying down next to his friend. The two of you watched as they snuggled close together, their big eyes closing as they started their long sleep for the night.

    “We should whisper,” Yunho said, sitting on the end of your bed. “Dragons are very light sleepers, any sudden sound and they wake up.”

    You nodded and carefully took your notebook from your bag and opened it so that you and Yunho could look at it.

    “They mostly eat vegetables. They are allergic to all types of nuts and enjoy honey. They think it’s liquid gold. They also…” Your words trailed off when you felt Yunho move closer to you, his arm brushing against yours. You cleared your throat and continued. “They also enjoy some types of insects, but they might be intolerant to them. And Blue Dragons love seaweed. It has a high nutritional value to them.”

    “I found out they sleep for long periods of time and have a very slow metabolism. I already told you they are light sleepers and enjoy sleeping under warm lights or in the comfort of a fireplace. What else…” His finger traced his notes, and you moved your head closer to him so you could read them. “During their first year, they will remain in their small size. They also only grow bigger if we stimulate them to. They have to drink a special potion for that, I think.”

    “So they might remain small forever?” You glanced at the two dragons sleeping, their tails moving in the air behind them softly. “I want them to grow, though.”

    “They will certainly look extremely cute for this next year. Look at their noses.”

    You smiled and nodded, a soft laugh escaping your lips. Both dragons opened their eyes worried, finding you and Yunho quickly, only to go back to sleep right after making sure you were both ok.

    “I…hm… Can I sleep here tonight?” You turned to face Yunho, his cheeks burning red. “I want to keep an eye on Vini, you know? They look so happy sleeping together, I don’t want to ruin that.”

    “I don’t mind,” you shrugged. “Choose which side you’d like, I’ll keep the other.”


    Yunho went to his bedroom to store some things and while you waited for him, you did the same. When he returned, he sat his pillow down and laid on the bed and you did the same, turning to look at him.

    “I think I have terrible sleeping habits,” he warned. “Should we put a pillow fort in the middle? Maybe that’s best, no? It’s just…”

    You placed a finger on his lips, smiling at him.

    “Relax. Take a deep breath, ok?” You reassured him and he nodded, doing as you said. “Now, we’re going to sleep. And if you have terrible sleeping habits, I’ll just kick you out of my bed. How about that?”

    “You wouldn’t kick me, would you?” Yunho raised an eyebrow and you moved closer to him.

    “I don’t want to. But if I have to, then I’ll sure do it. I like to sleep.”

    “You do have a terrible morning humour,” he said and your rolled your eyes. “But I’ll get used to it, eventually.”

    You nodded and closed your eyes, trying to fall asleep. After a while, you opened your eyes slightly to find Yunho staring at you. You chuckled.

    “Are you going to be staring at me the whole night?”

    Your answer came unexpectedly. Yunho pressed his lips softly against your forehead, his hand resting on your cheek softly. Your eyes followed him as he moved away from you, turning off the lights from his side of the bed.

    “Goodnight,” he said, turning to stare at the ceiling.

    You stood there with your lips parted, looking at him in the darkness, slightly shocked. Your heart was about to jump from your chest and your cheeks were burning. You were thankful Yunho couldn’t see any of it.

    “Don’t you dare read my mind right now,” you warned and he hummed in agreement.

    Still, you couldn’t deny the shy smile that was showing up on your lips. Your hand slowly slid towards Yunho and bumped into his, stopping all of your movements. He chuckled and you felt his hand grabbing yours slightly, squeezing it lightly.

    “Goodnight,” you whispered, almost certain that he was already sleeping.

    And you would try to get some sleep as well, but part of you wasn’t certain if that would be possible tonight.

    “Y/N?” Yunho called your name softly and you felt him move closer to you. “At the graduation ceremony, you didn’t tell me how you would do your… demonstration.”

    “Why are you asking me that now?” You turned to face him, but it was too dark for you to see anything.

    “Just because. Can you still do that trick with light? You know, the one that impressed everyone.”

    You nodded and snuggled closer to him. He laughed, slightly surprised and you moved your fist to be in the middle of the two of you. Slowly, you focused on it and watched as the interior of your palm started to shine, light greeting both of your faces.

    “Do you think they’ll wake up if I open my hand?” You asked him and he gulped, noticing how close you were to him.

    “I don’t think so.”

    Slowly, you opened your hand, exposing a small sphere of light in your palm. Yunho’s lips parted in delight and small speckles of light left the main sphere, dancing around your room like small stars that shined in a dark sky.

    After a deep breath, you blew the sphere out of your hand and it started to move away from you, the small speckles of light rotating in front of you. You turned to Yunho, smiling at him.

    “Now you have to poke it. That’s when the magic happens.”

    He nodded and slowly lifted his hand, poking the main light sphere carefully. He watched in awe as the sphere burst with light, exploding in small stars all walking to make a shape in front of you two. You leaned your head closer to him, resting it on his shoulder as the show in front of you continued.

    “Show me a dragon,” he whispered and all the small speckles of light walked to form the image of a dragon and his smile widened when he looked at you. “Your turn.”

    “Show me…” you pondered for a while and said, “my soulmate.”

    “It doesn’t work that…”

    Slowly, the speckles of light started to move, not to make a shape in front of you, but to greet Yunho. He sat on the bed as the light speckles started to meet his skin, making him shine. You sat as well, your hand caressing his cheek, feeling the warmth from the light under your palm.

    “Show me my soulmate.” Your eyes looked at Yunho’s and the speckles of light moved once again, greeting your skin softly, tingling slightly under a warm veil of comfort. “It’s you.”

    You rolled your eyes and he laughed. You turned your palm to face the ceiling and blew some air to it, the light slowly returning to its original sphere. You moved it so it could illuminate both you and Yunho, the small source of light casting shadows in both of your faces.

    “How was it?” You asked him, looking into his eyes. “I have forgotten most of my other tricks by now…”

    “It doesn’t matter.” Yunho moved his head closer to yours and placed his hand on top of yours, diminishing the light significantly.“This one was always my favourite.”

    “Why?” You moved your head closer to his and brushed your lips slightly against his, unsure if you should close the space between the two of you. “What made it so special?”

    “You made it special.”

    The light in your hand flickered and Yunho cupped your face softly, finally kissing your lips gently, making sure that nothing was left unexplored. You smiled into the kiss, pulling him closer, feeling his body pressing softly against yours as you laid down in your bed. When you parted ways, you could feel your entire body on fire.

    “Let’s try to sleep now.”

    Yunho nodded in disappointment, planting a small last kiss on your lips. Even in the dark, you could tell how flustered the two of you were from this moment. Slowly, you snuggled close to each other and you felt the comfort, warmth and safety Yunho’s presence brought you tonight. Whether sleeping together would become a normal occurrence you didn’t know, but so far you were liking it.

    The two of you may have not started on the greatest note, but you were glad that now things were much better. Part of you was delighted he was your soulmate and right now, you couldn’t wait for whatever the future had in store for the two of you.

    One thing was certain: you wouldn’t leave each other’s side ever again. And you’d live a wonderful, long, successful and adventurous life together. There were a lot of answers you didn’t have yet, but that didn’t matter right now. Right now, it felt good to not know all the answers.

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  • btswriter112
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Mr. Park~ Stressed

    Pairing- Seonghwa x Named Reader

    Genre- Fluff, Smut

    Word Count- 3k

    Includes- Dilf Seonghwa, Age Gap Relationship- Everyone is consenting adults, sad Seonghwa, love making, riding

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

    Series Masterlist

    "Hi, it's Joanne. I'm not available at the moment. Please leave a message-"

    I sigh hanging up the phone

    I'm almost home from work and I hope she's home

    School started for her a month ago and she's been really busy

    She has classes all day, then she either works until ten or she's in her makeup room practicing what she learned, testing out new products she buys, taking pictures of her work for school

    She still makes time for me everyday though, just like I do for her

    But today

    Today was a bad day for me

    Work was a nightmare

    My secretary was out today and there was no one to replace her so I had to answer all the phone calls

    I had to catch up on work, we had a meeting with the bosses I forgot about so I had to call all the appointments I had and reschedule them

    Then I had to meet with the afternoon appointments and got into an argument with one client

    He started the argument, calling me names and I was so done by that time and I went off

    When he left my office, he apparently went to my boss because he came in and yelled at me for an hour about my attitude and what I said.

    I argued with him and it was a big blow out

    I was just so stressed today, I feel like shit, upset, overwhelmed and I just want her

    I can't remember if she has work today or not but I hope she's not

    I hope she's just in her makeup room and didn't hear her phone

    When I get closer to the house, I see her car in the drive way and I sign in relief

    I park in front of the house and make my way inside

    It's so quiet

    Yoonah left for school last month so it's just me and Joanne

    I love Yoonah but I'm happy it's just us now

    Yoonah's been slowly talking to Joanne again, just being polite but it's still tense

    But now that she's at school, it's tense free, nice and relaxed

    Climbing the stairs, I make my way right to her room

    Opening the door, I find her sitting at her makeup vanity, swatching eye shadow on her arm

    She told me what swatching means and why she does it

    I just see her sitting there and the overwhelming feels come back

    I just want to be in her arms right now

    "Jagi", I whisper

    "Hi baby!", she says cheerfully, turning to me

    Her face falls into concern seeing me, "Baby, what's wrong?"

    She immediately stands up, coming straight to me

    "I...I...", I stammer, tears filling my eyes

    I just can't hold it back anymore

    "Seonghwa", she panics, her arms around me, hugging me tightly, "Tell me what's wrong baby"

    "I...today....was horrible", I whisper, tears falling

    "Baby", she says softly, "It's ok baby. Come on"

    She takes my hand, leading me to our room

    She makes me sit on the bed, her standing in front of me

    Her fingers wipe my tears, then she kisses my forehead

    She hugs me to her, running her fingers in my hair

    "It's ok baby", she whispers, rubbing my back too, "What happened?"

    "Bad bad day. Want you", I whine softly

    "Aww Hwannie. I'm here baby. I'm sorry you had a bad day", she says, kissing the top of my hair

    Wrapping my arms around her waist, I hold on to her so glad she's here

    She already making me feel a little better

    "Let's change your clothes ok baby?"

    I nod

    She moves away a little, loosening my tie

    She pulls it over my head, her lips kissing mine softly

    Pulling away she smiles softly, pushing my suit jacket off, then starts unbuttoning my shirt

    I watch her fingers move, one button at a time

    She pushes the shirt off me, taking one of my hands, pulling the sleeve off my arm, then repeating with my other arm

    Her lips kiss my shoulder softly, my muscles relaxing under them

    She bends down taking my shoes and socks off, then takes my hands into hers, helping me stand up

    I hear my belt being undone, feel my pants fall to the floor

    She takes my hand and I follow her to the bathroom

    She seats me on the toilet while she goes to the tub and turns the water on

    As the water fills she comes to my side, hugging me again, giving me soft touches, gentle kisses

    I'm so lucky to have her

    She immediately dropped everything she was doing to come comfort me

    Yumi never did that

    But Joanne, she's so loving, always putting me first, doing anything for me that sometimes I can't believe she's real

    "Hwannie", she calls, bringing my attention back, "Come baby."

    She tugs my hand and I stand up, going to the tub

    "You're coming with me right?", I whisper

    I feel like such a little kid asking that but I don't want to be anywhere without her tonight

    "Yeah Hwa. Of course."

    She quickly gets undressed, then takes off my boxers

    She gets in the tub first, pulling my hand to get in

    When I do, we sit and she arranges us so she's behind me and I'm leaning against her

    I lay my head back on her shoulder, her arms wrapping around me, holding me tightly

    I feel kisses on my cheek, her hand slowly massaging one of my shoulders

    The water is nice and hot, relaxing me a little

    "Want to tell me what happened today baby?", she asks

    I don't want to talk about it but I know it'll make me feel better

    I tell her about the whole awful day

    "That guy he called me an incompetent idiot. He said his two year old can do my job better than me"

    "That was a dick thing to say. What an ass"

    "Yeah. I told him to go fuck himself, get the fuck out and get his two year old to do his accounting."

    "That's my baby", she laughs softly, kissing me again

    I close my eyes for a second just to drink in her kiss

    Her love that I can feel so well it's just what I needed

    "I'm sorry that happened to you Hwa"

    "That's not even the worse part", I continue

    "Oh baby I'm sorry"

    Her fingers squeeze the muscles of my other shoulder, the muscles relaxing and it feels so good

    She's amazing at massages

    There's nothing she's not good at

    "Tell me what else baby"

    I tell her about what I said back to the client then the client complaining to my boss and the fight we had

    "He threatened to fire me because of my attitude. Because of what I told the client. He was upset because he thinks the client is going to take his business elsewhere because of me. I told him I don't give a fuck what that asshole does"

    By then I had had it and there was no going back

    "My boss said I was acting like a child and that I had to do what the client wants and keep my mouth shut. Yes them to death even when they're wrong. I told him he can go fuck himself too and that I'll call out someone when they're wrong or telling me how to do my job when they have no fucking idea. He said I need to straighten myself out or else. I told him I'll fucking quit, that I'm not a slave for these stuck up asshole clients. That I'll go work for his rival company"

    "Oh shit Hwa. What did he say?"

    "He shut the fuck up right away. Told me that it wasn't necessary for me to quit. Basically placating me. Said I should take tomorrow off"

    The nerve

    Yelling at me then changing his fucking tune when I threatened to quit

    Then giving me a day off

    Fuck him

    "Maybe you should take tomorrow off baby. You had a high stressed day today. You should take a day to relax"

    "But I'll be alone"

    She laughs lightly, "What's tomorrow? Thursday?"

    I nod

    "Ok. I only have one class tomorrow from 10 to 12. Then work but I'll call out and we can spend the day together"

    "You don't have to jagi", I say softly

    I really want her to stay with me but I have to offer her an out

    She shouldn't be babysitting me because I don't want to be alone

    I have to be an adult

    "Of course I do. I want to Hwa. You always take care of me. I want to take care of you baby."

    I silently thank god that she's going to stay with me

    I wasn't looking forward to being alone and finding something to do

    "Are you sure?"

    "Positive baby."

    I smile softly as she moves her hands to my chest, softly touching me

    "I'm proud of you Hwa", she says

    She is?

    Of what?


    "I'm proud of you. You stood up for yourself, not taking shit from that ass client or your boss. You didn't back down and your boss listened to you. I know you were stressed out the whole day but that was a good move you did. You shouldn't let anyone walk all over you. You work so hard everyday and your boss shouldn't threaten you because of a bad day"

    I'm so surprised at how happy I feel hearing her say she's proud of me

    I want to make her proud

    All the time

    "Thanks jagi"

    "Always Hwannie"

    She kisses my hair then moves her hands down my arms, squeezing and massaging as she goes.

    She wraps her fingers around mine, bringing our hands out of the water

    I feel her soft kiss on the back of my hand and my heart swells with love

    We stay in the bathtub for a little longer until the water gets cold

    "Let go in the shower Hwa", she says, giving me another kiss

    I love all the kisses I'm getting from her

    I want more and more, always

    We get out of the tub, she drains the tub then turns on the shower

    Pulling me inside, she maneuvers me on to the built in shower seat

    She tilts my head up to face her

    Then slowly leans down, pressing her lips to mine in a sweet loving kiss

    "I love you Hwa" she says, smiling softly at me and touching my face, her fingers feeling so soft against my skin

    "I love you jagi"

    I get another kiss, then she straightens up, getting shampoo in her hands

    She puts it in my hair, her fingers running through the strands, soaping it up and softly scratching my scalp

    Oh god it feels so good that I close my eyes

    I love when she washes my hair

    The ways she does it is perfect

    She rinses my hair, getting all the soap out, then puts conditioner in it

    "Keep it in for awhile"

    Grabbing soap, she runs it over my body, lathering up my chest

    She moves to my arms one at a time, then my legs, feet, torso

    And I'm just taking it all in, in bliss

    She hovers over me, my fave against her neck as she moves soap all over my back

    I feel more kisses in my hair, her arms around me

    She rinses me and washes out the conditioner

    I watch her wash her hair and body quickly, then she shuts the water off

    "Wait here", she says, getting put of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body

    A few seconds later she comes back with a towel

    "Up Hwa", she says

    When I stand up, she wraps the towel around my waist , takes my hand and leads me to the toilet

    I sit down as she gets another towel

    She runs the fluffy towel across my chest, leaning down to kiss the spots she wipes

    The towel moves over my shoulder, she holds up my arm drying it, then my other and my back, followed by her kisses

    She puts the towel over my hair, softly swishing around, drying it

    She giggles when she takes the towel off my head

    "What's funny baby?"

    "Your hair Hwa. It's sticking up all over"

    I just smile watching her laugh, hearing it

    She's so beautiful

    I don't think it's possible for me to stop thinking that

    I feel something in my hair, moving my hair and I realize she's combing my hair

    She combs it back off my head the way I know she likes it

    She has a thing for undercuts and long hair on top so I keep it that way for her

    "So handsome", she smiles, looking at me with so much love

    I feel myself blush but I smile too

    "Wanna lay down baby? Or do you want something to eat? I can make you something"

    She's been practicing with cooking and she's gotten better

    There are some dishes she can make that are amazing, so when she does cook she usually make them

    I want to eat but in a little

    I just feel like I need....cuddles

    "Cuddles", I say

    "Done", she laughs, walking to the bedroom

    We climb into the bed and she immediately pulls me on top of her, laying me down on her chest, her fingers playing with my hair

    And my body completely relaxes against her

    "My baby. My Hwa. I love you so much", she whispers

    God I love hearing her call me hers

    Never get tired of it

    "My baby works so hard all the time. I can beat up the dumb client if you want"

    I chuckle

    She really could

    She's feisty and can be super protective of me

    Which I love

    "And I'll yell at your boss too"

    "Ok jagi. You can"

    "Oh I will"

    "My hero", I tell her

    "Always baby"

    Her hand runs up and down my back, shivers running down my body

    And I feel an erection forming

    It's just feeling her skin against mine, her touches, her kisses, the shivers she gives me

    It just affects me

    She affects me

    "Someone is poking me in the leg", she giggles

    "Sorry", I whisper, hiding my face on her neck

    "Don't apologize baby. You want help with it?"

    I nod

    I always want her

    I'm pretty sure I'll want her on my death bed

    "Want kisses there? Licks?", she teases

    I shake my head

    "What do you want?"

    "You", I whisper, "I want you around me. Want to be inside you"

    "Ok baby. I want you too"

    I let out the breath I was holding

    I was going to ask her if she wanted to

    I don't want her to force herself if she doesn't want to

    "How do you want-"

    "Ride me", I ask

    I feel her nodding, kissing the top of my head

    She rolls me on my back, climbing on me

    She pushes down on me, sliding me in

    I moan softly, feeling how tight she is, how she clenches on me

    How fucking incredible she feels

    "Oh jagi", I whimper, "So good jagi"

    She nods, shivering on me when sinks on me fully

    I watch her as she slowly slides up my length, then back down

    Pleasure explodes in my body

    She keeps going, slowly bouncing, soaking me

    Her body hits me in the face, seeing her boobs bounce gently, her body shaking in pleasure, moving hypnotically

    As much as I love feeling her on me, I love watching her too

    Placing my hands on her thighs, I move my thumbs along her skin softly

    "So pretty baby. You're so fucking beautiful", I whisper

    Her face and chest flush a cute pink

    She's throbbing, so close

    But I feel her stopping herself

    And I don't know why

    "Jagi, why are you-"

    "Want you to cum baby", she answers

    "No jagi. Not before you"


    "No baby. I want to feel you so much. I love when you cum on me. I can't...I can't cum without feeling you first"


    "Yeah baby. It's been like that for a long time. I don't know when it changed but I wouldn't have it any other way."

    "You wouldn't?"

    I shake my head, "No baby. Don't stop yourself ok? I want it. So bad jagi"

    "Yeah Hwa", she answers breathlessly, continuing to move

    Up and down, up and down

    Fucking amazing

    "Seonghwa", she calls, pulsing hard on me and I impatiently wait for her orgasm

    "Oh god Seonghwa"

    Her body arches, pleasure all over her face, her calling my name over and over

    It feels so fucking good and I moan her name, coming hard

    I grab her hand, both of us riding out our orgasms with each other

    She looks at me, breathing hard, but smiles and leans over, kissing my lips softly

    "I love you"

    "I love you", I answer

    She smiles, tilting her head

    "So more cuddles"

    I want them but now I'm hungrier than before

    "Can I uh have cuddles and food?"

    Laughing, she nods, "Of course baby. Come on. I'll cuddle you while I cook and while you eat"

    "You're so good to me jagi"

    "Oh stop Hwa", she smiles, starting to climb off me

    I stop her, sitting up and looking in her eyes

    "You are so good to me jagi. You're the best for me. I know that one hundred percent."

    She runs her fingers in my hair, pushing it off my face

    "You're the best for me too baby. Perfect for me"

    God, I'm so glad she thinks so

    "Thanks for staying with me and making me feel better"

    "Of course Hwa. I'll be here for you anytime. Always. Don't ever be afraid to come to me for anything. You're my everything. I'll do anything for you"

    I feel tears forming in my eyes and a few fall

    A look of concern shadows her face, "Hwa? Why are you crying?"

    "I'm just....just so happy jagi. I'm so happy you love me"

    She smiles softly, "I'll always love you Hwa."

    "I'll always love you" I assure her

    She just nods and smiles, kissing her again

    After the kiss, she pulls away and stands up, "Let's get food baby"

    Nodding, I get up too and take her hand, leading the way to the kitchen

    Read with gifs here

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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    perfidy (c.s)

    synopsis: A perfect life, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend. Why does it all seem too good to be true? Because it is. The greater the high, the greater the fall from it.

    pairing: choi san x reader

    genre: mafia au, fluff, angst and smut

    word count: 20.8k

    taglist: @tohokuu

    After going to a stuffy private school your whole life where you were driven back and forth from school by chauffeurs, the experience of boarding the train to get to your university was something you appreciated a lot.

    Your luck continued though, because your university seemed to be in the opposite direction of everyone else’s morning commute and thus you usually wouldn’t face the crowd that has everyone pressed against the doors. Maybe that was why you weren’t fed up with public transportation yet. In your three years of attending university, you had barely ever been in a crowd on the ride home or to university. Probably because most of the students had their own transport or lived on or near campus.

    Everyone except you seemed to be in a hurry as they continued to bustle around the station, lined up behind a recharge station for their train cards and through the gates. You were leisurely sipping on your morning coffee as you stood in line, surprisingly more patient than everyone else as they shuffled on their feet, anxious for the line to move.

    If you told your friends that you actually enjoyed waiting patiently for your turn and even woke up earlier anticipating it, they would look at you like you had committed a sin. Yes, you were used to being waited on hand and foot since you grew up relatively wealthy, but you weren’t the kind of person that got angry when things weren’t handed to you on a silver platter.

    That was probably because in the face of any kind of inconvenience, you weren’t spoiled to death by their parents like they were. Your parents had divorced when you were very young, your father winning custody. Although with the way he raised you, you couldn’t imagine why he fought for it in the first place. To save face, you supposed.

    You were practically raised by your nanny and whatever girlfriend your father had for that month. After the fourth girlfriend who wanted to be the mother you never had, you learnt not to get too attached to them. You’d actually feel bad when they believed that they were here to stay and could break your fathers’ bad habits.

    As his girlfriend’s ages got closer to yours, you got even more uncomfortable whenever your father would come home; even though he had his own bedroom and office at your family manor, he spent most of his time at his condo.

    It was safe to say that you didn’t exactly have a good father daughter relationship.

    You got to the train platform right on time; just as you threw away your coffee cup in the trash the train pulled up and you calmly stepped inside, finding a seat almost immediately. The rest of the passengers boarding and the announcement for the train to leave the station fell upon deaf ears as soon as you stuffed your earphones in.

    That was until someone sat beside you and poked your shoulder.

    Startled, you immediately paused the music, pulling out one of your earphones and a boy about your age, who was looking extremely embarrassed, smiled at you. Even though he looked very uncomfortable, you couldn’t help but find him adorable when you noticed the dimples on his cheeks.

    “I’m sorry for bothering me but do you know what station I have to get off to get to Winston Law?” He asked, biting his lip nervously.

    “Yeah, you have to get off at Rocksbury and then take the bus.” You pointed at the directory on the train doors, and he nodded, smiling gratefully at you, “I’m headed to the same place, so I can take you there."

    “You go to Winston Law?” Ah yes, the very college that your ‘friends’ begged you not to go to. You laughed in their face when they suggested doing the same thing as them which in this case was either getting pregnant, getting married or getting daddy’s company. None sounded the least bit appealing. Especially getting another reason to stay around your father.

    You smiled, flashing the keychain on your bag that had the logo of your university, “Yeah, I’m in my third year, what about you?”

    “I’m in my first year. I joined late, today is my first day.”

    You nodded thoughtfully, “Well if you want, I’d be happy to show you around?”

    The smile he sent you was enough to blind somebody, and you felt your retinas burn a little from how good-looking he was. The blonde grinned from ear to ear and his dimples were even more pronounced this time, eyes disappearing in the eye smile and your heart skipped a beat in your chest.

    “I’d really like that, thank you.”

    “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

    “San. Nice to meet you.”


    You parted with San shortly after showing him around and even told him where he could download the campus map just in case, he found himself in an area he didn’t recognize. He was such a sweetheart, thanking you profusely when you parted at the administration office. It was only after entering your class you had realized you had forgotten to give him your number.

    You didn’t usually hand out your number to freshman, but he was just so cute you’d be stupid not to. On the ride here you had found out that you both were the same age, but he joined college late because he didn’t think law was necessarily for him but changed his mind. So technically, you weren’t exactly preying on the wide-eyed lowerclassmen.

    You were in class, tapping your pen against your notebook as you waited for the professor to enter the lecture hall. Everyone was already seated, some already asleep; Professor Kang let you do whatever you wanted so long as you didn’t interrupt him and make him lose his train of thought. If you were unlucky enough to yawn or sneeze loudly enough for him to forget what he was saying, lord knew you would be on the receiving end of a scolding for the rest of the period.

    The class looked empty huge since most of the students opted to take Children’s law in their first year. You had been the stupid one to try and avoid it for the first 2 years in favour of taking things easy, but you needed to get your credit score up and now was stuck taking it without the company of your friends.

    You were surprised when San quietly slid into the seat beside you, sparing a small smile as he pulled out his computer to take notes. The wallpaper was a solid colour which surprised you since he seemed like the type to set it up as a cute picture.

    “Do you mind if I sit here?” When he finally noticed you staring, he looked embarrassed that he didn’t ask you for permission first and at the first sign of the frown on his face you were shaking your head, waving your hands frantically.

    “No no, not at all. You just surprised me.”

    That satisfied him, he smiled that adorable smile once again and nodded to himself distractedly, turning his attention to the front of the class as the professor stepped up to the board.

    You tried to convince yourself that what your professor was saying wasn’t that important so you could stare at San some more as he absentmindedly smiled at his computer while diligently taking notes but when he caught you staring, you had no choice but to shamefully look back at your notebook, finally writing down something.

    During the class, you kept wanting to speak to him, ask him how he found the campus and if he had checked out his schedule already, but you kept silent in favour of writing notes. You didn’t want to distract him on his first day, especially since he was more than enthusiastic about being here, jotting down every little thing that the professor said even though it wasn’t important.

    When you noticed how his lips began pouting when he fell a little behind, you had made up your mind, you were going to ask this man on a date. Not immediately, of course, you’d take a couple weeks minimum to get a feel of his personality and what not but of what you’ve seen so far, you already like him.

    With that resolve, you turned back to your notes, now diligently writing beside him until the end of the class. You calmly grabbed your things, knowing you didn’t have another class for at least half an hour. San on the other hand anxiously packed up his things and just when you thought he was going to leave, he turned to you with a small smile.

    “You can totally say no, but do you mind if I have your number? I don’t know anyone here and I’d like to be friends.”

    He was only asking for your phone number, but your heart rate increased so drastically one would’ve thought he asked for your hand in marriage. Grinning brightly, you quickly put in your number on his phone, and he sent you his by texting you a cute sticker of a bear.

    “I have a class.” He said, the smile still apparent on his face and you giggled, “Would you mind if I walked you there?”


    “It really isn’t that big of a deal, San.” You chuckled but he looked up at you in awe, like you had just strung all the stars in the sky and your heart swelled. San was the type to praise you if you ate well and it always made you feel good about yourself. He was just such a sweet person; you couldn’t help the way you fell for him.

    It had been a couple weeks since you met him, and you had yet to ask him on a date. You had yet to go a day without speaking to him in some way; whether he invited you out for a cup of coffee or sent you a bunch of texts or even called you just as you were getting into bed or stepping into the bath.

    You loved those conversations with him, where you were half asleep and just mumbling nonsense into the phone and you got the chance to hear his coarse voice as he was dozing off as well. As days passed and San became more prominent in your life, you realized you were falling deep for him.

    He wasn’t shy as you thought he would be, as he got more comfortable with you, he even surprised you with how bold he was sometimes. Although you supposed he was used to having other’s attentions fixated on him, given how beautiful he was and how well he knew to style himself.

    Usually by this point you’d know whether someone had an interest in you, but he was difficult to put a finger on. He was so closed off about his life outside university, usually not giving you many details but he was very interested in you.

    Many times, he has redirected a conversation to be about you and before you realized it, you had rambled on for 2 hours while San stared at you with an affectionate look on his face. The last thing you would want is to make things awkward between the two of you.

    He was also naturally flirtatious; it was his habit to hold onto people and hug them when he had nothing to do. You wouldn’t be surprised if the girl that served him coffee this morning thought that she might have a chance with San, but he had been adamant not to spend time with other girls since coming here.

    For the most part, he had just hung around you and your friends and he fit well in your friend group since they were all the same age. Your female friends had been kind enough to keep him at arm’s length when you expressed that you might want to date him.

    So basically, everyone was prepared for you to confess to San except yourself.

    “What do you mean not a big deal?! It’s a huge deal! People usually have to beg and beg to join that committee but the fact that they asked you to join?! And you’re not even a fourth year?!”

    What San was referring to, was the fact that you were on the Winston’s Intern Committee which was basically an internship programme where the university recommended their own students to big law firms. If a law firm was interested and your grades were high enough then they’d even offer to pay for your remaining years tuition.

    The committee was usually for 4th year students and even those students were asked to submit a lengthy application along with many references to even be considered. When you began your 3rd year, you were more than surprised to get an invitation from them yourself. Your professors recommended you since you always showed a spectacular performance during mock trials since beginning university. You had yet to lose a trial, winning against your seniors as well.

    It was an enormous deal.

    But you didn’t want to be that person that lorded it over someone else. So, after your friends threw you a small get together as a congratulations, you barely ever spoke about it around them, not wanting to seem like you were trying to come off as superior.

    But the way San kept stroking your ego made your heart swell with pride. It was something commendable and you were keening after receiving genuine praise from someone who found it amazing without feeling envious.

    You sent him a shy smile, “Thank you.”

    “Let’s go out to celebrate!”

    You laughed at his enthusiasm, practically dragging you down the halls to get something to eat, “San this isn’t new. It happened months before we met. We already celebrated.”

    He turned to you with a pout, “But I wasn’t there! Let me treat you to a nice meal and couple drinks! You deserve to feel special for today, you work so hard all the time.”

    Your heart fluttered. Everyone in the university worked hard, the school was competitive, and no one wanted to fall behind. But it was still nice to hear that your efforts were recognizable and should be rewarded.

    “Alright fine but we’re celebrating you making it through a month of university without looking like you want to kill someone.”

    He nodded, interlacing your fingers as you left campus and walked towards the train station together.

    “Is this a date?”

    You nearly tripped over your own foot and likely would have toppled down the flight of stairs into the concrete had San not grabbed your hand tightly. He blushed lightly; he really chose the wrong place to have this conversation, one wrong move and he’d get to use the pickup line ‘Did it hurt when you fell from the top of the stairs?’

    He was staring at you so earnestly that you felt the heat rise to your cheeks and even though he had basically given you the upper hand here, you were still bashful from his straightforwardness. Peeking up at him from beneath your lashes, you meekly asked, “Do you want it to be?”

    Sn reached for your other hand, holding both of them in his as you stood at the top of the staircase together feeling like you were the only two on the face of the planet.

    That cute dimple on his cheek was back, making you feel weak just by looking at him. If you were to have your own kryptonite, a substance that could reduce you into a pile of mush and unproductivity, you’d find it in his dimple.

    It was dangerous, giving someone so much power over you; you had seen it happen to your father’s girlfriends but if this was how they felt just by holding hands, you couldn’t blame them for laying out their heart. Afterall, they weren’t the ones at fault for loving, it was your father who was at fault for only being loved and never giving any.

    So far, you had only been on the receiving end of San’s affection. He was always so quick to compliment you, to make you feel like you were soaring with just a couple words. You were resolute; you wouldn’t use him like your father, you’d give him just as much as he gave you.

    “I want this to be a date.” He said, smiling kindly at you and butterflies erupted through your insides.

    “Me too.”


    An amusement park date was your idea of a perfect first date. The perfect spot that kept things interesting while still enjoying each other’s company. So, when San suggested it, you couldn’t help but feel like he was every bit your soulmate.

    The day started off strong, with the two of you riding every ride, holding hands as you reached the top and screaming your lungs out as you came down. You laughed until your stomach hurt when San claimed he was too tired to wait in lines and proceeded to put all his weight on you.

    San argued with you for a good five minutes about paying for lunch and snacks. He didn’t even let you take your wallet out of your bag before he was handing the vendor his money, urging him to take it before you could protest.

    Since San had spent a good amount of money on both the food and the tickets, you felt entitled to repay him.

    Which is exactly why you were currently losing every last bit of money in your purse to the carnival game. The vendor was clearly enjoying your struggling and every time San offered to help you nudged him away with your hip. You didn’t think that shooting plastic pellets at a couple targets was so hard, but you were being proved wrong. Your eyes were hurting from trying to aim the gun.

    At this rate you’d have to find an ATM fast if you wanted to continue playing.

    Just as you paid for another round, San pushed you aside and even though you protested and even tried to climb on him as he grabbed the unnecessarily long rifle. He didn’t even have to take a couple minutes to aim before you heard the sound of the pellet hitting the target.

    You froze in your spot, watching San in awe as he continued to shoot down the targets. Even the vendor was shocked, handing you the plushie without another word.

    You pouted, holding the Shiba plushie to your chest, “I wanted to win it for you.”

    San chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist to lead you away from all the sparkly lights on the other games. No doubt if your eyes landed on the ring toss game or basketball, you’d go home bankrupt.

    “With the amount you spent trying to win it, you practically bought it.”

    “It’s still yours, I want you to have it.” You insisted, pushing it into his chest and he nodded with a placating smile, holding both you and the plushie close to him.

    “What should we name it?” He asked, looking up at the purple sky. The sun had almost set and in the matter of a few minutes, the streetlamps would be the only things giving you light. You didn’t realize it got so late already, when you started the game, the sun had hardly begun setting.

    ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’ You thought, looking back at San’s face.

    A couple years ago, you had read something in a psychology post on Facebook about how it only took 7 seconds to fall in love with someone. It was absolute bullshit, you had seen it before in your fathers’ girlfriends and you knew that if it only took seconds then it was attraction, it was lust, maybe even delusion but it was never love.

    Looking at San, the way his eyes curved into an adorable eye smile, the blonde strands of hair covering his eyes slightly and holding the plushie to his chest, you wondered if what you were feeling in your chest was love.

    It hadn’t been too long since you met each other, it had certainly been more than 7 seconds but this feeling in your chest got stronger the longer you knew him. If someone else had told you this, you would have thought they were quite pathetic to get so emotional in such a short span of time, but it felt different when it was you. The feelings felt real.

    If this is what delusions felt like, you weren’t opposed to it.

    Afterall wasn’t this the kind of story that all old couples told for years to come? About how they met their soulmate in college or high school and stayed together ever since. While it was difficult to put your finger on it since your relationship was so young, it felt like something that would last for years to come.

    “What about Shiber?” His question brought you out of your thoughts that were ironically filled with him, finding him staring at you with a smile and his eyes wide, like they could fit the whole sparkling galaxy within them.

    “I think it’s perfect.”

    San leaned in to peck your lips and you felt a jolt of electricity rush through you. When he pulled away, he was smiling at you affectionately, tightening the hold around your waist to lead you through the lit streets, the plushie clutched between the two of you.


    San’s lips were soft.

    That was the only thought that remained in your head when San moulded his lips against yours again and again. Your mind was completely blank as he carefully guided you through his apartment, though your knees did end up knocking together as your unsynchronized steps backed you towards the bedroom.

    You barely registered him switching on the lights and pulling off your jacket before chucking it to some corner of the room. Your arms were leisurely thrown over his shoulders, one hand playing with the blonde strands at the nape of his neck, and you smiled in the kiss when you felt him shiver.

    Even though there was a need that fuelled your current make out session, it wasn’t rushed or extremely feisty; it was slow, and passion filled. Each kiss that was shared was gentle but firm and had butterflies erupting in your stomach.

    When you fell back against his bed all your senses were heightened and it felt like your skin would light on fire just from the sensation of his cotton duvet against the sliver of skin exposed between your shirt and the waistband of your pants.

    It was quiet, aside from the occasional sound of his lips smacking against yours as his tongue gently traced the contours of your mouth and the rustles of the sheets as you squirmed underneath him. You whimpered into San’s mouth when one of his knees parted your legs and immediately you became very aware of your lungs that burned for air.

    You let your head hit the plush pillows as San began trailing his lips down your neck while his knee inched closer to your core. Your eyes fluttered open and close while his hands traced your hips.

    “Mmm stop.” You moaned out, gently pushing his head away from you and San stopped immediately, pulling away and putting a little distance between the two of you without leaving the bed.

    His eyes shone with uncertainty and your heart swelled just a little, “Did I do something wrong?”

    “No, it’s just—” You began, trailing off as you felt a blush crawl up your neck.

    “What is it?” He coaxed gently.

    “Shiber’s staring at us.” You murmured, embarrassed, looking at the plushie that you had ‘won’ for him back at the carnival sitting at the edge of his bed. San blinked at you before letting out a breathy laugh.

    “You’re so cute.” He giggled, leaning down to nudge his nose against your cheek before placing a peck there. You blushed, hiding just how flustered you were when you noticed the plushie’s black eyes staring right at the two of you while you made out on his bed, making you uncomfortable.

    He reached for the plush toy, placing at the foot of the bed so you couldn’t see it anymore before straddling you once again.

    “He’ll hear us.” You whispered and he chuckled at you, kissing your neck lightly. Even though it was an inanimate object, there was just something about doing it in front of its eyes that made you insanely uncomfortable.

    “Then you better keep quiet.” He whispered back, smiling adorably and your stomach flipped.

    His lips returned to your, instantly wiping away any worries you might have had, and you eagerly returned his kiss, arms finding place over his shoulders once again. His lips really were so soft.

    San pulled away from you only for a second to pull his shirt over his head and even though you already missed the feeling of his lips on yours, you wouldn’t help the gasp that left your lips as a hand came to cover your mouth.

    “You have tattoos?!”

    He raised a brow, “Yes?”

    “Oh my god, really? Wow, you really don’t seem like the type.” You thought out loud and San blushed underneath your gaze. Usually when his shirt was off, girls tended to stare at his well-built body with lustful eyes instead of the ink that was littered on his skin. You, on the other hand, let your eyes rake over each inch of skin that was tattooed with amazement.

    It made him feel adored.

    “Do they have special meanings or are you the type to get fun tattoos?” You asked, shyly reaching a hand up to trace the letters on his bicep. He shivered lightly as your fingers grazed his arms, lightly fluttering over the one on the side on his abdomen when you were done.

    “They all have meanings.”

    “What about this one?” You asked, running your fingertip over the letters on his bicep that read ‘Ateez’. San didn’t really want to answer, not wanting to say too much but the way you were looking up at him with wonder in your eyes, he felt himself relent way too quickly.

    “That’s just a silly group name my friends gave us when we were younger. I’m still really good friends with all the guys so we all got matching tattoos.” He said quietly and you nodded, looking at the other tattoo on his other arm; it was a tiny line drawing of a mountain against a cloudy sky, “And that one?”

    “My sister’s name is Hana.”

    “Ah, so a mountain and the sky. That’s cute.” You smiled, letting your eyes linger on it for a few more minutes before poking at the tiny umbrella that was on the side of his abdomen.

    “My best friend’s name is Wooyoung, so we’re WooSan.” He explained and you giggled, nodding and skated your eyes over his body again, trying to spot anything you might have missed.

    “They’re pretty.” You said quietly and kissed his lips, realizing just how intimate the moment had gotten, with San still leaning above you. It wasn’t lustful anymore; the air wasn’t crackling with passion as it was a couple minutes ago, and you flushed prettily.

    “I kinda ruined the moment, didn’t I?”

    “You didn’t.” San said, rolling onto his side and pulling you into his arms. You placed your head against his bare chest and wrapped an arm around his waist, “You just turned it into a different mood.”

    “I just wanna lay here for a while, with you. Is that okay?”

    You felt a kiss land on the top of your head before you both settled into each other and pulled the covers over your bodies, getting Shiber off the floor to cuddle with you.

    “That’s okay.”


    You woke up earlier than you usually did and by the time you were out of the shower, the morning sky was still a bit purple, and the streetlamps were still lit up outside. Instead of hearing the chirping of birds in the morning, you kept your ears open for any sounds from the floor below you.

    You had spent the night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep with the feeling of dread on your shoulders even though you had double checked to make sure the door was locked. And that same feeling of dread was the reason you had awoken before the sun was even up, despite how your tired limbs were pleading to go back to your comfortable bed.

    All this because the housekeeper had informed you when you got home from university the day before that your father was planning to spend the night at the manor, apparently because he needed to use his home office for something.

    Your father’s home office was the one place that wasn’t allowed to the rest of the staff. No one was allowed to enter, and your father had gone through the liberty of placing a number lock on it but since it doubles as a panic room, your father gave you the password to it.

    When you tiptoed down to the exit, bent on skipping breakfast, you caught a glimpse of your father passed out on the couch as if he didn’t have a queen-sized bed in the other room. You weren’t sure whether it was because he was drunk, and you were not too keen to find out. Instead, you held your shoes in your hand and slipped out the door, putting them on outside before walking to the bus station.

    Your mornings were usually filled with music but now the silent walk to university was spent by San’s side. It was weird; before you looked forward to being alone, needing some isolation time in the morning to get your thoughts sorted before a big day but now you craved to be by your boyfriend’s side.

    Some days he’d be the reason you’d be beaming while sitting beside him on the train and some days he didn’t say much while you leaned against his shoulder, catching up on whatever sleep you lost the night before while trying to finish an assignment.

    “Morning baby.” San murmured, kissing your temple as he slid into the train seat beside you and you automatically turned your body to him, resting your head against his shoulder instead of the window.

    The train car was completely empty, since you both had left earlier today, and it was nice pretending like you were the only two people on the face of the Earth. San pat his hand on your thigh lightly, making you shiver when his skin met that of your bare thigh.

    You hummed and kissed his cheek in greeting, “Sleep well?”

    Had you seen this type of couple on the train, you probably would’ve cringed while secretly being jealous but now that you had been in a relationship with San for almost 3 months now, you didn’t mind being that cheesy couple on the train that made others envious.

    Finally, it felt like things in your life were starting to be genuine. The last 3 years you had spent in college had given you a purpose, interests, and challenges; and now the last 3 months had given you fulfilment, satisfaction, and this weird burning feeling in your chest whenever you looked at him. Love was something you had yet to feel for someone else and it was exciting to say the least.

    “Are you okay?” He had noticed that you weren’t exactly responding as well as you usually did. You were thinking about whether your father would be home when you got back and spend another night. The brief thought of spending the night at San’s house instead flashed through your head and your heart fluttered.

    “Just a little stressed.” You mumbled, leaning further into the crook of his neck and San gently brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear.

    “Then let me relax you.” San turned his head to press his lips against your ear and you shivered when you felt his tongue against your earlobe before his lips trailed down your neck. You tilted your head away from him to show him the expanse of your neck when he bit down on the space behind your ear.

    The hand on your thigh inched closer to the hem of your skirt and your breath got caught in your chest. It felt like your body was buffering, trying to decide whether to clench your thighs shut or spread them wider and your bottom lip quivered when his fingers disappeared underneath the fabric of your skirt, barely grazing the skin of your thigh.

    There was no one here to see what you both were doing, and you were facing away from the doors so even if someone did come in, they wouldn’t be able to see what San was currently doing. Still, your heartbeat picked up with both the anxiety and thrill of doing this in a public place.

    You felt yourself grow wetter, suddenly getting sensitive and it felt like all your nerves were buzzing. A small whimper left your mouth when he traced the edge of your panties with a delicate fingertip. San only chuckled at you before more boldly pressing his fingers against your clothed pussy and you bit your lip to keep in a moan.

    He rubbed gentle circles to your heat, feeling the material get damp and hot with each second.

    “Already so wet, baby? I barely even touched you.” He teased, whispering into your ear and you blushed hotly, embarrassed from the truth in his words.

    “Is this turning you on? Is the thought of me making my baby a mess right here, where anyone could see, turning you on?” He taunted and you felt your stomach flip as his fingers pressed harder into your clit, nearly sliding off the seat when your hips bucked into his hand.

    A hand went up to cup his cheek before you pulled him into an open-mouthed kiss, tangling his tongue with yours. San groaned lightly into your mouth, and you almost beamed with pride at how turned on you managed to get him with a simple kiss but that quickly turned into a startled moan against his lips when his fingers hurriedly pushed aside your underwear to meet your soaking folds.

    He groaned again, sucking on your tongue as drool dripped down his chin when he felt just how wet you were for him. The thought of being in a public place and the possibility of being caught any second began to slip your mind the second his fingers slipped into your hole.

    You were embarrassingly wet, your needy pussy drooling all over his palm and his fingers didn’t feel any resistance while he pumped his finger steadily before adding two more at once and you let out a loud moan. He brought you closer and closer to the brink of an orgasm, his other hand pushing up your skirt to your waist before rubbing your clit harshly.

    “So pretty for me, just for me.” He mumbled more to himself than you and you nearly fawned over how he aroused he was by giving you pleasure.

    The sound of the train rumbling and your moans were loud enough that you almost missed the sound of squelching as he fingered you.

    The sight of San with his pupils blown wide, lips wet and puffy as drool pooled in the corner of his mouth was enough to make you cum, tumbling over the edge with a loud moan and he groaned brokenly at the sight of your eyes rolling back into your head.

    You squirmed when his fingers left your cunt, feeling your juices drip down but the uncomfortable feeling was already forgotten when you watched San put his fingers into his mouth, whimpering at the taste.

    “Let me clean you up, baby. Let me lick up the mess I made.” He whispered, getting down to his knees and you heard the announcement for your station coming up. With a small smirk, you batted his hands away, ignoring his whines and straightened out your skirt and panties.

    You kissed him deeply, smiling at the taste of yourself on his tongue and pulled away when the train came to a stop.

    “Be patient today and maybe you can eat me out on the way home.”

    He grinned widely and even though he literally just had you cumming in a train car, he looked like the purest, most innocent baby boy there was, “Will you come over tonight? We can have a sleepover.”

    You mirrored his smile, intertwining your fingers as you got off the train together, “Alright but I don’t have my pjs.”

    “Good because we don’t need any.”


    San’s comforter covered your bare bodies as you kissed after a night of making love. He was leaning over you, arms holding your waist and yours were thrown over his shoulders, revelling in the feeling of his muscles tensing beneath your touch before gently tracing the lines that you created while dragging your nails down his back.

    The marks on your neck were darkening and you knew San was pleased when he pulled away from the kiss and smiled at you. You returned it with a groggy smile of your own and pecked his lips quickly once again before settling into the plush pillows.

    “Do you trust me?” San asked after and while and even though you wanted to go to sleep, you wrenched your eyes open to find him staring at you with a look of innocence. A hand went to slowly rake through his hair as you tried to process what he was saying with a tired mind.

    “Why do you ask?”

    He shrugged, pouting absentmindedly, and reaching for Shiber even though you slapped his hands away from the plush toy. You both were naked; it would be weird.

    “Just wondering. It’s okay if you don’t, I’ll earn your love.” He replied and you chuckled, pushing the strands of hair away from his face. Another sweet kiss was shared as San settled down beside you and pulled your body to his chest.

    “Love isn’t earned, babe. Love is given. Trust is earned.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    “Well, love means wanting the best for someone else even if it comes at your expense. And trust is knowing that someone else is the best for you.” You thought out loud. For others, it could have different meaning but when you thought about it, this is what you came up with.

    “Do you love me?” Came his silent question, voice no higher than a whisper and his arms tightened around you.

    “I do.” You whispered.

    “Do you trust me?”

    “I do.”

    You both didn’t have to speak any more words, sharing another kiss before settling into each other’s arms with your legs tangled underneath the blankets.


    There was some music going on the background, bouncing off the tiles of San’s bathroom while you sat on the counter, swinging your legs back and forth. After the first night of sleeping over at San’s place, it started to become a more regular thing, with you spending multiple nights there a week.

    The empty drawer in San’s dresser slowly started to fill up with your clothes, and his hoodies and sweats had more instances of being on your body or his floor rather than him wearing them. His bathroom got some of your skincare products too, that he unashamedly used on the rarity that you weren’t there.

    San was eager to help you out with your night routine today, making you sit up on the counter while he very carefully took off your makeup and then massaged all your products into your skin dutifully. After he was done, you insisted to do the same for him as well, giggling when he tried to eat the lip scrub that you were gently rubbing in.

    “You look pretty without makeup.” He said tenderly, pecking your cheek and you smiled.

    “I look pretty all the time, baby.”

    “You especially look pretty when I make all the makeup run when I—” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence, yelping when you ran some water from the tap before splashing it at him.

    “Can we just have one night where you don’t try to get in my pants?” The offended look on his face made you laugh before you were jumping off the counter, watching his pout turn into a smirk as he reached for the tap to throw some water at you.

    You scampered to the shower, grabbing the shower head and switching it on, spraying him from head to toe and laughing out loud when he started complaining that the water was too cold. He ran at you and grabbed you from the back, grabbing the shower head and pointing at you and you shrieked when you felt water run down your, really San’s, shirt.

    “You’re making the moisturizer run! We just spent like 20 minutes putting all this stuff on!” You complained, feeling the moisturizer run down your neck but San merely cackled, making sure to get your hair wet too.

    You wiggled out of his grip, nearly slipping in the puddle of water on the floor to shut off the tap, turning back to him with a playful glare that he responded to with an innocent shrug. Your hair was sticking to your face and the shirt you were wearing was sticking uncomfortably to you, but you grinned widely despite feeling an onset of sniffles and a chill.

    “We better wipe all this up before one of us falls and crack our skull.” He said, getting some towels from the hamper that he needed to wash tomorrow anyway.

    You noticed his white shirt almost transparent against his skin and his pants were soaking wet with drops of water falling from the hem and onto the floor.

    “We should get you out of those clothes.”

    San’s smile turned into a smirk.

    You scowled, “It’s been 5 minutes. What the fuck.”


    “Hey, how come we never go over to your place?” San asked one morning as you ate the breakfast that he made for you. The sight of him cooking with his shirt off was enough to get you out of bed even though your thighs burned a little with each step.

    The question kind of caught of you off guard and you looked up at him surprised with crumbs covering your chin. He chuckled at the sight, leaning over the counter to wipe your chin even though the look in your eye had him slightly concerned.

    “Are you ashamed of me or something?” He asked in a small voice, poking the food on his plate with his fork and avoiding eye contact with you.

    “No, not at all, Sannie. It’s not you, I promise.” You explained, beckoning him from behind the counter to come give you a hug. The second he was in your arms you were peppering kisses all over his face. He tried to pull you in for a deeper kiss, opening his mouth a little to try and press his tongue into your mouth but you giggled and pulled away, laughing when he whined.

    “I barely like going home myself. It’s not you baby, I just think if you come home, I’d never be able to relax like I am now.”

    He nodded thoughtfully, “What makes you so uncomfortable about it?”

    “Well, my dad never really gives me notice when he comes home, and I just hate it when he is. He makes me all uncomfy.”

    “It’s okay, baby. I’m sorry for asking.” You just shook your head, telling him he did nothing wrong before kissing him again. Even though you wanted to pull away, it wasn’t long before San was standing between your legs with his hands grabbing your ass tightly.

    “Breakfast is gonna get cold.” You murmured against his lips, panting when he pressed his hips against yours.

    “It’s alright. I have an appetite for something else.”


    “I know I call you princess sometimes, but this is ridiculous.” San exclaimed as you pulled up to your house and you chuckled at his awestruck face as he continued to gape at the tall mansion in front of him. You didn’t really mention being wealthy in front of him, but you didn’t exactly hide it either. Maybe he just never noticed.

    “You’re going to start drooling, Sannie.” You teased, pushing his mouth closed and he turned to you with wide eyes.

    “You actually live here?”

    You chuckled and nodded, finding him so very cute when he looked a little lost just standing in the driveway.

    “I’m allowed to put my shoes on here, right?”

    At this you literally burst into laughter and San grinned, automatically feeling lighter at the sound of his favourite thing in the world. He whined cutely, throwing a tantrum and began flailing his arms around while stomping his feet, complaining that you were making fun of him, and you were laughing so hard that tears were in the corner of your eye.

    Now that you got a good look at him, he looked too much like a child heading for a sleepover with a backpack on his shoulders and bundled in a blue sweater and a warm scarf that you put around him before leaving.

    Embarrassed, San hid the lower face of his face in the scarf even though you could see the tips of his red ears peeking over it. Cooing at him, you grabbed his hand before pulling him to the front door, just chuckling at him when he asked you if you could just leave your car like that in the middle of the path.

    The door opened as soon as you walked up to it, a man behind it smiling kindly at you and you returned it while wishing him a good afternoon. San merely stared at him in wonder before awkwardly bowing and then let you pull him to the foyer.

    “Hi, dear.” You smiled at the housekeeper as she exited the kitchen, greeting her kindly and her eyes landed on the boy beside you who smiled widely at her.

    “Is this your boyfriend?”

    Even though he had been your boyfriend for multiple months now, you still blushed at the sound of someone else saying and nodded, watching her small smile turn into an outright beam. She gave you a motherly smile but chose not to say anything more other than asking what you wanted for dinner, and you asked her to get the barbeque ready so you could have grills, which happened to be San’s favourite.

    “I can’t believe you grew up here.” San commented, entering your bedroom. If San looked closely enough, he could see the height markings on the doorframe that you had insisted on doing when you were younger because you saw it in a cartoon even though your nanny had tried to talk you out of it for fear of ruining the door frame.

    On the dresser, you had framed the pictures that you took at the photobooth, and San smiled at it for a split second. You told him to wait there while you went to the bathroom and then you could watch some movies, so San took his time walking around the room and taking in all your decorations.

    On the wall, you had pinned up a couple pictures with your friends, the acceptance letter from your university and a little doodle of a dinosaur that you just thought was cute. Right beside it was a wrinkled and worn picture of you and your mother, taken at a travelling circus. If he peeked into the closet, he would find it lined with fancy dresses and shoes that you wore to your socialite friends’ parties as well as sweats and biker shorts that you wore to university during finals week.

    And finally on the nightstand beside your bed was a small, framed drawing of you and San that he remembered taking on a date together. You had taken the train to a small town outside the city and were stopped in the streets by an artist who invited you to sit and get a portrait drawn.

    San had ended up paying for it since you had a habit of only carrying around credit cards. It was difficult to pose for nearly an hour to get the picture drawn but eventually, you both just began talking, not paying the artist any mind as you chatted.

    The moment was captured beautifully, with the two of you staring at each other fondly, wide smiles on your face as you laughed about something that happened in class the other day.

    Without realizing it, San was smiling softly at the frame in his hands, admiring just how beautiful you looked in it. Obviously, the artist couldn’t capture your true beauty, but San remembered how you were smiling at him that day, how your small hands held his and the way your eyes looked.

    “San? I got the movie room ready, what do you feel like watching today?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind him.

    San didn’t reply, only turning around in your arms to wrap you into a tight hug. He buried his head into the crook of your neck, holding your waist tightly against his body and though you were confused from the sudden bout of affection, you wordlessly wrapped your arms around his shoulders when he took in a shaky breath.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I love you.” He breathed, not pulling away from the hug. He didn’t want to see the look in your eyes when you heard his confession for the first time. You had been quick to admit that you loved San and completely accepted it when he didn’t return it. You knew that it was harder to fall in love for some people and even harder to admit it for others, so you waited patiently until he felt like he was ready.

    “You sound upset by that.” You joked, rubbing his arms comfortingly.

    “I don’t deserve it.” He whispered, only for you to hear, “I don’t deserve to love you. I don’t deserve you.”

    You pulled away from the hug only far enough to cup his cheeks, heart tearing a little in your chest as he stared at you with a pained look. He looked so vulnerable in this moment, like a glass on the verge of breaking and you wondered just why he suddenly felt so insecure in your relationship or if he always felt this way.

    “I told you before, you don’t have to earn my love. I’m going to love you regardless. And you don’t have to earn the right to love someone else. I’m grateful that you love me.”

    With a shaky exhale, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to your, closing his eyes, “I—I just—”

    The words got caught in his throat and you felt his brows furrow as he tried to get his voice back but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t speak and San felt tears brim beneath his eyelashes, heart breaking in his chest. His lip quivered and you heard him sniffle before you were pulling him into another hug.

    The few tears that you felt against your neck as San held onto you for dear life went unspoken as you both just held each other, swaying to the sound of silence.


    “Ugh this is just so typical!” You fumed, pacing around San’s living room while he watched you with a concerned gaze as he made you something to eat. You were burning away your energy with rage and nearly burning a hole into his ground with the amount you were pacing.

    The reason for your anger? Your father decided to throw some sort of party at the manor while you weren’t home. No doubt he didn’t even bother to check if you were there, and you got no message from him that he was going to turn the house into some sad brothel where other 50-year-old clowns like him got drunk and tried to hit on the strippers.

    You got a text from the housekeeper this morning that told you one of them had even snuck into your bedroom for a cigarette and now your room smelt like the inside of a smoker’s lung. The staff had opened a window the morning but knowing your sensitivity to the smell of tobacco, they suggested that you spent the night at San’s.

    It wasn’t the smoking that had you so on edge, it was the fact that a man had been in your room without your permission, and you had no way of knowing what he did in there. You told her to check if anything was missing or out of place and to sanitize everything she possibly could. You suggested hiring a cleaning crew if she wanted, knowing that your father would’ve no doubt messed up the entire house in a span of one night.

    “Baby, try to relax, you’re going to tire yourself out if you keep this up.” San coaxed, bringing over a plate of pasta and tugging you to the couch.

    “Ugh, I wish I could just take this fork and stab his eye out.” You seethed, gripping the utensil tightly as you viciously stabbed the poor pasta and shovelling it into your mouth.

    With a concerned glance, he pulled the fork out of your vice like grip, “How about I feed you?”

    With a mouthful of food, you began ranting, “It’s just so typical of him, you know? Invites a who’s who of paedophiles and cheaters into the place this his daughter lives, not caring what the hell they do and not even bothering to check in with me. I’m not asking him to suddenly be father of the year but at least acknowledge I exist, you know?”

    He nodded compassionately, “I know, baby. Your feelings are totally valid.”

    “And it’s just going to bother me forever knowing that I have no idea what the hell that man did inside my room. I might just be overthinking it and he might have just gone there for a smoke but why my room of all places? It’s just creepy. I should just move out.” You shuddered at the thought of that creep going through your drawers or something.

    San, on the other hand, looked like a lightbulb just flickered over his head and he sent you a mischievous smirk, “Well, what do you say to a little pay back?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Your dad let someone sneak into your room to do god knows what? I say we return the favour.”


    You had to keep in your giggles while San peppered kisses to the back of your neck and shoulder while you tried to press in the code to your father’s office. It was weird that you planned this beforehand, but it also filled you with a sense of anticipation. His arms tightened around your waist when the lock beeped, indicating that it had opened, and you pushed open the door.

    You both shuffled inside and turned on the light before clicking the door shut. The room was pretty big, with a large mahogany desk sat at the end of the room, completely bare of anything and the light bounced off its shiny surface. Your stomach was twisting into knots as you walked closer to it, the kisses on your neck starting to turn wetter as he began licking and biting marks onto your skin.

    When you reached the desk, San turned you around in his arms to press you against the surface and caught your lips in a passionate kiss. You moaned lightly, opening your mouth when his tongue grazed your bottom lip, and his hands squeezed your ass.

    San lifted you up and set you on the desk, parting your legs to stand between them, his hands now cupping your breasts as you moaned into his mouth. You felt him get harder against your thigh, whimpering when he pulled down the fabric of your dress so your breasts would spill out from the top of the neckline.

    He kissed down your neck, taking your pert nipple into his mouth and tugging with his teeth while his hand tweaked the other one between his fingers. You mewled at the feeling, arching your back and letting your head hang back.

    You shivered at the cold air hitting his spit on your nipple as he turned his attention to your other breast. His hand slowly snuck behind you to find the zipper on your dress, pulling it apart with both hands until it was pooling at your waist.

    You hopped back on the table as soon as you stepped out on the dress, spreading your legs so he could see your panties already damp with your arousal. San groaned, slowly lowering you until your back hit the desk and getting to his knees before you.

    He pulled the underwear off you, and you shivered when your bare ass hit the cold wood. You yelped when he drew an invisible line along your heat with his finger, moaning when he followed it with his tongue.

    “You’re so wet.” He growled out, inserting on finger into your dripping hole and you whined when you heard the loud squelch of your juices, “My baby girl is so naughty. Dripping wet at the thought of me fucking her in her dad’s office.”

    “Sannie.” You whined, wanting him to stuff you full but he continued to move a single finger inside you, slowly.

    “Are you gonna beg, baby? Beg me to make you cum right here, on your dad’s desk?” He taunted, licking your clit lightly and you gasped, arching your back off the table. He paid no mind to your groans and whines, continuing the torturous pace he set.

    “Tell me should I eat you out right here, or bend you over and fuck you till you can’t walk?”

    “Mmh, please.” You moaned out and he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your thighs, and tugging you closer to his mouth. You gasped loudly, tangling your fingers in his hair as he licked up your heat, making a sloppy mess of your cunt before he sank two fingers into you.

    He didn’t give you a moment to adjust before he was thrusting his fingers in and out of you, pulling every single sound you could make out of your throat. He peppered a few kisses to your clit before tugging the bud between his teeth and you shrieked, pulling on his hair.

    He pulled his fingers away for a second to deliver a mean slap to your pussy and your thighs spasmed around his head as he landed a couple more before pushing them back into you. With a couple more thrusts, your eyes were rolling back into your head as you came around his fingers, but San didn’t relent, fucking his fingers through your orgasm, taking you higher and higher.

    You could hardly hear anything over the thumping of your heart in your ears, but you could feel your throat start to hurt from how much you were screaming, and San slapped your cunt one more time, catching your clit with one of his rings and it felt like you couldn’t even fucking breathe as you squirted all over him.

    When the spots in your vision began to clear, you looked down to see San smirking at you with your cum dripping from the lower half of his face. He only wiped it with the back of his hand before meeting your lips in a kiss.

    San pulled off his pants, wiping the bead of precum dribbling from the tip of his cock and hissing as he pumped himself a few times before he rolled on a condom. He tugged you off the desk and onto wobbling legs before turning you around, “Bend over for me baby.”

    You didn’t listen. Instead, you smirked and grabbed his jaw tugging him behind the desk so he could settle into the leather chair before climbing over him. San mirrored the smirk on your face, running his hands over your still trembling thighs as you pulled him into a passionate kiss.

    You positioned him to your twitching hole and San groaned at the feeling of your warm walls already sucking him in. After sharing another kiss, you began sinking down into it, taking his length all at once. You both moaned loudly, San dug his fingernails into your waist, his moans turning a little high pitched as you clenched so tightly around him when your hips met his.

    You could feel the strain on your thighs as you lifted yourself off him, sinking back down with a loud moan before building up a steady pace. Your hands were holding into his shoulders for leverage as you fucked yourself on his dick, eyes rolling back into your skull.

    “Feels good, yeah? Like me stuffing you full?” San growled out, flicking one of your nipples with his tongue and you squealed, walls fluttering around him.

    “What about you, my sweet boy? Does it feel good? Do you like me squeezing your big cock like this? You’re so good for me, baby.” You cooed, drooling a little from just how good his tip felt when it brushed up against that one spot. San keened at the praise, peppering kisses to the valley between your breasts.

    One of his hands left your waist to rub at your clit and you gasped, biting your lip hard as your pace picked up, ignoring the burning in your thighs.

    San was close to cumming but held off until you were over the edge yourself, a borderline painful orgasm washing over you as you convulsed in his arms and clenched around him so tightly that he came, your walls milking him dry as they tightened around him like a vice.

    You spent a few seconds in his arms, panting as you both tried to regain your breath. You shared another kiss, wiping away the little beads of sweat that were running down his neck. San pat your thigh to signal you to get off him however you jerked as soon as you tried to move, whimpering at the pain in your thighs.

    “Ow, my legs are killing me, I cannot move.”

    He grinned widely, “I literally fucked you until you couldn’t walk?”

    You scoffed, “Excuse me, I did all the work!”

    He tried to move off the chair with you in his arms, but the leather squealed loudly against his ass and the two of you burst into laughter. He delicately moved you off him, helping you put on your dress before he wiped the place clean and carried you to the bathroom for a soothing soak to help your sore muscles.

    The only evidence that you both were ever there left in the office’s trashcan.


    “Are you sleepy?” San asked, amused at the fact you tried to keep your eyes open despite being visibly exhausted. You had a huge presentation today that you had been preparing for the entire week. San had been the most attentive and encouraging, picking up books for you from the library, helping review your paper, he even made your power point file more eye-catching and heard your speech multiple times while you pretended that he was an audience.

    The presentation counted a lot of your final grade, so it was understandable that you were so tense, worrying over every little detail and not having the time or the brain space to even take care of yourself at this point. San had taken over that aspect as well, making sure you were hydrated and well fed, receiving amounts of caffeine and healthy foods at intervals to keep your energy up.

    “You should really take care of yourself, babe. One day I might not be there to do this for you.” San mumbled, massaging the shampoo into your scalp. You both sat in your tub, your back against his chest and nestled between both his legs, catching up on the sleep that you had lost the entire week either because you were working late, or your nerves wouldn’t let you have a peaceful rest.

    Seeing you so peaceful and trusting in his arms made San feel things he had never felt before, he handled you with such a featherlight touch like he was scared you would shatter underneath his touch. He carefully washed the suds out of your hair, making sure the water was warm so you wouldn’t be startled awake before combing the conditioner through it.

    With the same patience and delicate touch, he finished bathing you, leaving you to soak in the warm water for a few minutes while he pulled on a pair of sweats before coming back in the bathroom and gently waking you up. You whined and squirmed when you left the tub because of the cold but San was quick to shush you, enveloping you in a warm towel that was fresh from the dryer.

    He switched on the heat in your room when he carried you in there, quickly wiping you dry and rubbing lotion into your skin before dressing you in your pyjamas. You were compliant this entire time, letting him mould your body like warm wax as he moved you around in an effort to get you completely dry and warm without making you do any work yourself.

    After your hair was towelled dry, you both were underneath the covers, cuddled close to each other. The room was warm, and he felt like syrup next to you. You were deep asleep, half your subconscious still swaying as though you were still in the tub and while the bath wasn’t meant for his relaxation, San was feeling pretty blissed out laying beside your warm body.

    Someone to love, someone to take care of, someone who let him take care of them. All these things were new to San, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t treasure it. The feeling of you cuddled up to him, finally getting the rest that you deserved made his heart swell, feeling satisfied just by watching you rest peacefully.

    With it came a sinking feeling of dread that killed him a little on the inside.

    He swallowed the lump in his throat with a little difficulty and held you a little closer, running his palms down your arms and legs to make sure you weren’t cold and brushing your still damp hair away from your face.

    “I love you, so, so much. Please believe me. Please love me.”

    His heart squeezed in his chest when you smiled subconsciously, holding onto him tightly.


    “Why did you want to become a lawyer in the first place?” San asked curiously one morning while you reviewed for your Criminal Law class. In the time he had known you, you didn’t seem particularly passionate about defending people and their rights as you were about being paid to argue with people, so it made sense that he was curious.

    He watched you work your ass off in your classes, always to pass with flying colours but you never seemed to take pride in it. San wouldn’t have thought differently of you if you said that you were only doing this because you just found it interesting or were in it for the money. Not every career needed to have some deep and philosophical meaning in life.

    “To find a way I could get emancipated while keeping my inheritance.” You replied nonchalantly, shoving cereal into your mouth.

    Before he could help it, San burst into laughter and you didn’t even pay any mind, though a small smile did spread on your face at the sound. You continued to eat your breakfast, going over the notes you had taken last class.

    “That’s a funny joke.”

    You paused, raising your head from your notebook to watch him with a perplexed frown.



    “So where are we headed again?”

    San had been particularly excited about this date, finally excited to have a picnic with you as though the two of you didn’t usually talk and eat together anyway but you indulged him because he looked so adorable. Though it was frustrating that he refused to give any details about where you were going, no doubt it was just going to be some sort of forest or valley, but you promised yourself to act surprised and touched when he revealed it to you.

    He even borrowed your car, refusing to even give you the address of where you were going. The picnic basket on your lap was filled to the brim with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. He had definitely gone all out for this, and it was nice to see him so enthusiastic about a date, considering you spent most of your time together.

    Now it had been almost an hour and a half since you began driving and you were starting to get a little restless, luckily you had been smart enough to force him to fill up the gas tank just as you both were leaving the city and now you were driving along the countryside road for nearly an hour. He drove past all the little towns and suburban complexes before the small houses and buildings started turning into forest tress.

    “It’s a secret. Stop asking.”

    “I’m going to die of curiosity or hunger at this rate.” You complained, fishing out a bag of chips and even though San scolded you for touching the food before you got there, he still asked you to feed him a couple of them.

    As the road wound down, even though you both were far out the city, the number of cars on the road started to increase and then you were lined up behind a national park. You were confused because of the numerous cars that were honking and trying to overtake each other. Some even parked off the road right there and preferred to walk the rest of the way.

    You noticed small families and couples walk closer to where all the cars were heading and curiously tried to peer over them even though you couldn’t see anything.

    San chuckled at you, “You know you look like a meercat when you do that.”

    “Wouldn’t have to if you just told me what this is.” You retorted, going as far as to unbuckle your seatbelt to see what all the commotion was for.

    “Just have a little patience.”

    The line took nearly a half hour to clear, and you were beyond irritated by that stupid red sedan behind you that honked and tried to get you to move when you clearly had to place to. San let you flip the driver off in the rear-view mirror only because he refused to let you out of the car and do it to his face.

    But finally, you made it to the parking lot that was right beside wherever San was so giddy to take you. In the middle of a clearing there stood a tall red and white tent that looked like it could store about a hundred cars inside and you thought it looked vaguely familiar. It wasn’t until you saw the sign that was pointing to it did you realize where San had taken you.

    The travelling circus that you had visited with your mom when you were only a child. You still remember mentioning it to San one night when he asked you about it. You told him that it was the last outing that you had with her before the court hearing where she lost custody and visitation. Your father had no doubt paid off everyone he possibly could to win the trial and after that you had never seen your mother again.

    You only found out that she had passed a couple years after she died and even though it wasn’t your fault, the guilt of her dying all alone from grief that her child was ripped away from her stayed with you.

    You remember San comforting you that night when you confessed that you barely could remember what she looked like.

    San certainly didn’t complain when you tackled him into a hug, even though it was difficult to balance the picnic blanket and basket in his hands while you hung off his neck like a koala. You heard the chuckles of passer-by’s that looked at the two of you fondly and said something about young love, but you hardly paid them any mind, instead peppering kisses onto San’s face.

    “I can’t believe you did this for me, I didn’t even think you remembered.”

    “I’m glad you like it.” He chuckled, “Even though you nearly bit my head off this entire trip.”

    “I love you.” You confessed earnestly, cupping his cheeks. San’s smile faltered for just a second before he was outright grinning, but it looked a little forced. You didn’t ask him about it, not wanting to ruin the mood since he had been so dedicated to make good memories today.

    “I love you too.” And suddenly the moment was much more intimate than you were expecting it to be with San staring at you like you had strung all the stars in the sky. His voice was raw too, depicting just how honest he was being with you.


    The ride back home was more peaceful this time because you were too tired out from the day you had. You weren’t to the point of falling asleep in the passenger seat, but the music choices changed to your ballad playlist and your conversation died out long before you entered the city again.

    Now, you were just staring at the sparkly city lights that glittered against the window. San’s fingers drummed against the wheel, and you lazily watched as the signs passed before you realized that he missed the exit to go to your neighbourhood.

    “Oh, you missed the exit.” You mumbled, poking at the glass pane like there was something to see.

    “I thought we’d go back to my place tonight.” He replied and you let out an audible whine. You were tired and you really couldn’t process anything other than wanting to get into your comfortable bed.

    “But mine’s closer.” You complained, wiggling your shoulders and San tried to hide a smile at your behaviour. ‘Tired and grumpy’ you was one of his favourite versions of you. He reached across the console to grab your hand and even though the simple touch of his skin was making you feel a little overstimulated after the day you had, you still let him hold onto it.

    “I was hoping to make a special breakfast for you tomorrow. I already bought all the ingredients.”

    The argument he made was very convincing and you sent him a sleepy smile in gratitude, “You didn’t have to do so much for me.”

    Your words were beginning to slur from just how tired you were and when San watched you from the corner of his eye, he noticed how your blinks were taking twice as long. Smiling gently, he squeezed your hand and with fleeting glances he watched you fall asleep, holding his hand in yours.

    The smile on his face fell just a little bit, “Believe me. I did.”


    Many people liked starting their day with a glass of orange juice or coffee or water. Some swore that waking up and journaling was the best thing that ever happened to them. Many didn’t even bother with a morning routine, scrolling through their phones until they found any motivation to get up or they realized that they were incredibly late.

    For you, waking up next to San was the best way to begin your day. That was one thing you realized when you were rudely awoken by the incessant buzzing of your phone on the nightstand. You both were still wearing the same clothes from last night, too tired to change into something else. San had taken off his shirt though, since he was too hot; temperature-wise but you definitely weren’t denying he was hot.

    After your phone buzzed for like the fourth time that morning, you grabbed it from the nightstand so you could answer quickly before heading back to bed. When you tried to get out from underneath he covers, San was holding onto your waist, tugging you back into his arms.

    “Where are you goinggg.” He whined groggily, voice deep with sleep and you giggled before kissing his jaw.

    “Shhh, go back to sleep. I’ll only be a minute. I need to take a phone call.” You whispered and even though he whined and whimpered, he let you out of his grip, grabbing Shiber instead to replace you as his cuddle buddy.

    You only answered the phone when you heard his bedroom door click shut behind you, “Hello?”

    Sometimes you wondered what would have turned out from your life if you never answered that phone call from the housekeeper. You would have found out what happened either way but a part of you regretted picking up the call. There wasn’t any chance and it sounded absolutely ridiculous but maybe if you never answered and then never went home, you never would have realized.

    The call was incredibly one-sided. You didn’t even speak a word, instead listening to the other side of the line as the blood drained out of your face and your hands began shaking.

    San came out of the bedroom, looking incredibly sleepy and with an apparent pout on his face, “Did you pick up the call?”

    “San—” You choked out, finally finding your voice but it was forced and strained. You felt like throwing up and crying all at once and even though you tried hard to keep your cool, you could feel tears brimming your eyes, “That was the housekeeper. She said my father’s office was broken into last night by a mafia gang named Ateez.”

    The guilty look on his face was enough of an answer to your silent question. The tattoo of the word Ateez on his bicep mocked you and your stomach turned. You could barely stand straight, having to grip the counter to keep your knees from buckling and sending you tumbling to the ground.

    “(Y/N) please listen—” He began but you couldn’t hear him, your ears were rushing with blood and the pounding of your heart reached your throat. It felt like someone was strangling you to death, a phantom grip around your throat making it harder to breathe.

    You rushed to the kitchen, throwing open the fridge and his cabinets. Only a couple cans of beer and bottles of water were there, and the sight alone made you feel even worse. Your hands shook like a bartender’s glass, and you wanted to collapse right then and there, “‘Special breakfast’,my ass.”

    “That time in my father’s office—” To get the codes to enter. “The date last night—” To make sure nobody would be in the house at night.

    “Is that why—?” The question died on your tongue, but it felt like you both had heard it, ‘Is that why this all started?’

    “(Y/N), I’m so sorry. Please believe me, I love you—”

    A loud laugh cut him off, but it sounded more like a strangled scoff as tears began falling on your cheeks, “Love?! You call this love?! You screwed me over to get to my father! You fucked me and told me you loved me, and I believed you!”

    You were frantically pushing back your hair with shaking hands, sobbing as something horrible and dark filled you up. Every inch of skin burned with the memory of San touching you with his tainted hands, every memory was taunting you with the sting of betrayal and you sobbed out, “Oh my god, I believed you.”

    “I know I did something horrible; I know you hate me for this but please believe me, I never meant for it to turn out this way—” San’s voice was thick with tears, and he tried to approach you, but you backed away from him. It felt like if he touched you, you were going to burst into flames. Not the kind of heat that made you feel excited to be with him, in this moment you couldn’t remember what that felt like but now it felt like you were getting burned, and it hurt.

    “You—You let me give you everything I had,” Your voice was cracking, and your throat was hurting from the strength you were using to keep the tears at bay even though they were rolling down your face in hot streams, “I gave you my love, my trust, my everything. And you were using me all this time—Don’t touch me!”

    Everything was falling around you, crumbling to the ground. The world that you thought you had with San now crumbled to dust as hot blood rained down on you. Everything you thought you knew disappeared in a second and you had never felt so violated, so alone and scared before. You felt like you had just been punched in the gut by an iron fist.

    “(Y/N), I’m sorry.” He cried and you almost believed him. You looked into his red and teary eyes and for a second you almost believed him. The housekeeper was lying, the security had it wrong, San was right. He was your safe space, your loving boyfriend that would never do anything to hurt you. For a second you almost believed him.

    And then the second passed.

    “I hate you.” You spat, with an anger that burned hotter than your skin, “And I hate myself even more for trusting you.”

    When San heard the door slam shut, all the sobs he had been holding in finally left him and he was forced to his knees in the living room, wailing loudly and crying while he clutched his heart that felt like it was being ripped right out of his chest.


    San’s eyes stilled burned from the amount of crying he did before getting on the plane and he was sure they were rimmed with red with bags underneath that felt like they were carrying hell. Probably were, considering he belonged in hell because of the things he did to you.

    At first it was just a job, the target being a horrible old man that owed something long overdue to Ateez. And how to get to him? By gaining the trust of his daughter.

    He was fine with it in the beginning, having done this multiple times. It was always spoilt, prissy rich girls who stepped on the people below them and tried to pull down the people above them. It was always the same. It wouldn’t take long for them to fall for his looks and try to get him to have sex with them.

    You were different. Curiously intelligent and hardworking even though you could get everything handed to you on a silver platter. He found it intriguing that you chose to go law school instead of relying on daddy’s money till you got married to another person that would give you money. But you worked hard to get where you were and continued to work hard to get further than anyone else.

    He thought you’d be pretentious, but you were totally genuine.

    He thought you’d be conceited but instead you were humble.

    He thought you’d be someone he’d grow to hate, but you turned out to be someone he loved beyond words.

    Just thinking about it made him feel like crying all over again.

    “Excuse me,” Came a soft voice, gently pinching at his hoodie and San looked up to see a girl with messy braids, looking distraught, “You’re in my seat. I’m in seat 16.”

    San didn’t even bother to check if she was right before he snarled at her, “Find another seat.”

    Neither of them was expecting her to begin crying and her voice was tight when she tried to argue with him, “Look, I’m already having a bad day so can you please—”

    “I’ll switch with you sweetheart.” Came from the old man sitting beside him and he too kindly took his bag before leaving to find another seat. Sniffling, she slid into the seat beside San and placed her bag on her lap.

    “Sorry, for crying,” She whispered to him, “I’m just having one of those days.”

    San frowned. In the span of 72 hours, he managed to make two women cry and even though he didn’t give a shit about the girl sitting beside him, it made him feel sick thinking about your heartbroken face and how it looked like you could pass out any second. He wondered if you made it home alright.

    Perhaps it was a little cowardly for him to run away but he honestly thought that he was doing what you would have wanted from him; never to see him ever again. Even though it broke his heart to know that he’ll never get to say a proper goodbye to you, he left anyway. He deserved to have his heart broken anyway.

    Sighing, he pulled a flask out of his jacket that he was planning on drinking when the images of your face didn’t leave him and unscrewed the top of it, “Well, 16, that makes two of us.”


    4 years later

    “I knew that you were being too nice today. ‘Let’s go for a drive, I’ll buy you food’ my ass.” You sighed out, rubbing your temples as you tried to spot a place for your friend to drop you off. She had been badgering you on and on for days, trying to get you to take a case pro-bono. You obviously said hell no; what was the point of this career if you weren’t getting paid?

    Tae Eul was adamant, however, and now she managed to get you into the one place you wouldn’t be able to get out of without hearing her side of the argument.

    “Please just consider it. I wanted to file a police report for attempted abduction and assault, but the victim wouldn’t let me.” Tae Eul was a detective and apparently didn’t know how to separate work from her personal life. You only rolled your eyes and looked out the window, unable to play on your phone since she had been smart enough to take it away from you.

    “You know you have too much of a bleeding heart, right? I work in law, everyone comes in with some sort of sob story about why I should defend them, doesn’t mean they’re all right. The worst of these assholes are the ones who believe their own bullshit. You say she’s totally innocent, but I bet she’s some sort of gangster, why else would she have people on her ass?”

    Your friend sighed beside you. While Tae Eul was a sworn protector of the people and straight as an arrow when it came to her principles, you on the other hand had seen just how low people could stoop while trying to keep their money, status, or freedom.

    She protected people from evil monsters who tried to harm others; you had monsters begging you to make them into angels in the eyes of the people.

    “She didn’t want to take this to court, she’s scared that getting the authority’s attention to this could either take the kid away from her or forcefully give the kid back to her asshole father.” Tae Eul explained and though you were trying to ignore her, this was starting to pique your interest.

    “You don’t have to take her case, just hear her out and then make the judgment yourself.”

    Sighing, you nodded your head, realizing you had nothing to lose by just listening to whatever this client had to tell you. And if you decided not to defend her in court then at least you could tell Tae Eul that you gave it a shot.

    “Great because we’re on our way to meet them right now!”

    “This bitch.”

    “In all fairness, it took way longer than expected to convince you. I underestimated your selfishness.” Tae Eul liked to nag you about your selfish nature, but you certainly didn’t hear her complaining the day you got your first paycheck and made it rain in the living room while you both danced and got drunk. No, you believe her words were ‘Damn if this is what strippers feel like every night, I’m quitting tomorrow!’

    “If I was all for selfless acts then I would’ve become a prosecutor.” You sighed, trying to rub away the migraine that was forming in your head, “I can’t believe you’re making me work during my one-hour break.”

    “I’ll really owe you for this, (Y/N).”

    You scoffed, “Trust me, you’ll pay me back for this. Not with your tax funded salary however, I don’t need chump change.”

    “You’re gonna make me cry.”


    The case did in fact catch your interest. Whether it was because of the way the girl was sincerely asking you if a case for full custody was the right way to go about this. Yoonah, who you found out was the child in question’s maternal aunt became the sole caregiver after her sister dropped her off at her place one night and then disappeared.

    Now the person who claimed he was the biological father is trying to get her back, even going as far as attempted kidnapping and assaulting her aunt.

    The reason she didn’t want to bring this to court was because she was afraid the court ruling would be in favour of the child’s father, and she couldn’t fail her sisters last request of her.

    The interesting part of this was that her father was a known gang member. Well, it wasn’t “known” as in legally, but everyone practically knew that he was bad news. How Yoonah’s sister ended up having a baby with him was beyond you, but you knew better than anyone how these mafia members could manipulate people into trusting them.

    Now, it was just her luck that she happened to stumble across Tae Eul who just so happened to be friends with the best lawyer in town; you. As much as it hurt you that your bank account wouldn’t be gaining any extra zeroes from a case against a huge mafia member, you felt bad to turn her away. It’s not like anyone else would take her case and she wouldn’t go ahead and give her information to a lawyer she couldn’t trust.

    The first meeting you had with Yoonah was extremely informal and not just because it took place in the back of a fried chicken restaurant; you didn’t bring any official documents or go over what documents you’d need from her. So, you both exchanged contacts and for the second meeting, you were better prepared to go forward with a custody lawsuit.

    She sent you the address she was staying at for the time being, since she was afraid of someone breaking into her apartment while trying to get to her niece, she had moved in with a friend of hers named Yeosang and you were meeting her today at his place.

    Just as you pulled into the heavily guarded compound, you looked at the giant gated estate and the giant mansion with multiple wings that stood in the middle of it. The sour thought of not getting paid flashed through your head as you stared at the giant house in front of you.

    Despite that, you simply sighed and grabbed your things before walking to the front door and knocked on the door.

    When it swung open, the man behind it stared at you with wide eyes, surprised you were standing there, “You?”

    “I’m Han Yoonah’s attorney. Did she mention I’d be stopping by?” You asked, wondering if you had gotten the date right. Of course, you did, it had taken a lot of time to free up a day in your busy schedule considering you had other trials and clients and you had given up going to get your hair and nails done as well as did overtime the last few days to make time for this today.

    “You’re her attorney?”

    “Yes? Have we met before?”

    “No, no, you just look like my friend’s ex-girlfriend.” That really should have been your first hint, but you just thought he was weird and followed him through the house until you both reached a wide dining room.

    Yoonah was sitting at the table with her niece beside her but when she noticed you walk through the doors her face lit up and she was ushering the child to go so you both could have a discussion without any questions about which was your favourite Winx Club fairy. You had no idea what Winx Club even was but told her that you both liked the same fairy, she squealed in excitement and even gave you some French fries as a reward.

    You went home that night and read up about it just so you didn’t feel like you exploited a 4-year-old for French fries.

    Just as you were pulling out your computer and a couple contracts from your handbag, the man that opened the door came striding in the room.

    “Listen, thanks for coming down here today but I’m afraid we won’t be in need of your services.”

    You raised a brow, ignoring how much of that statement made you sound like a prostitute. Yoonah looked surprised but you were more curious than offended, “That’s your decision, but may I ask why?”

    “Uh, I’m not exactly sure how to—”


    You know the phrase ‘speak of the devil and they appear’? Well, nobody had called his ass so what the hell was S(at)an doing here?

    “Well, this certainly makes things more interesting.”

    Yoonah looked between the both of you with an apprehensive look, “Do you two know each other?”

    “Not really.” You answered, the same time as San said “Yes.”. There was a beat of silence where San’s expression fell, and you took the moment to look him up and down. Not much had changed about him, he looked pretty much the same other than his hair that was now dyed black with a layer of grey.

    You had to admit that seeing him again, in person, was weird. The day you left San’s apartment, you cried all the tears you could produce on the car ride back but once you pulled up to your house, it was like all hell broke loose. You had shit to do and couldn’t waste it lying in bed and crying about some shitty ex-boyfriend. You were filled with absolute rage.

    Your father had gone on the run, not having enough time to even transfer a lot of money to himself so the first thing you did was close all his accounts after having transferred his money to yourself. Any future incoming money from sources other than his company would be donated.

    Then you sold the house for a good price and bought yourself an apartment near the university so that you’d never have to take the train again. You bought all new things, of course, especially new sheets and a new bed. And everything of San’s was doused in soju and thrown in the fireplace. You kept a few of your fathers’ cars for yourself but sold the rest. You even found the staff at your home other jobs and regularly visited them.

    For a few weeks, that kept you busy. And then suddenly everything hit you like a truck. You barely remember that week, being too drunk out of your mind to leave the apartment. The week after that was better when you got sick of drinking. Then you got sick of staying at home. Then you got sick of being depressed. Then you got sick of keeping to yourself and living like a social pariah.

    And then suddenly you were back to where you were before you met San.

    For a couple years, it felt like he was just an illusion, a fever dream. You didn’t have nightmares about him, you didn’t get waves of sadness when he suddenly flashed through your head, you barely even thought of him. Looking back, you realized it was because there was no one named San existing in your head anymore.

    No, he was a guy that tricked you and made you feel like shit, but it was very easy to forget once you stopped feeling like shit. Afterall, why would anyone stop in their day and wonder why they felt bad once upon a time. Not you. No, you worked your ass off to make sure that you never felt like shit again and that even on your worse days, you were better than everybody else could dream to be.

    Now your wall was decorated with your accomplishments. Your diploma from when you graduated with straight A’s. The letter you got from your law firm when you began your fourth year asking you to join them when you graduated. And of course, right beside it was your bank statement, the thing that made you the happiest person that could ever exist.

    Seeing San in person now didn’t hit you with a whip of reality, making you realize whatever he had done to you was all real. Luckily for the both of you he didn’t look exactly the same as the day you left, his face was sharper and his hair darker and that was enough for you to treat him like another person.

    “Yes, we’re Ateez and Yoonah here is our associate so you can see why we wouldn’t exactly want you representing her.” Even though Yeosang explained it kindly, you couldn’t help the way your expression soured. Did they actually think you were going to do something to sabotage the trial to get back at them?

    “How pathetic do you think I am?”

    “This really isn’t about you, more like protecting our own interests.”

    Agree with him and you don’t offer your time and practice for no money. On the other hand, it’ll make it seem as though you’re pathetic enough to let your personal feelings get in the way of your profession. What’s more important to you; money or pride?

    Money feels like the no brainer, you didn’t have to waste your time or skills on something you weren’t getting paid for and against some huge mafia boss that would definitely remember your face. On the other hand, the thought of you going home without a fight and then Ateez laughing about how after four years you’re still affected by them made your blood boil with fury.

    Pride was definitely more important. Especially since you already had money.

    “While I’d be all to happy to leave and find a paying client, I’m trying to look out for your best interests Yoonah-ssi. I’ve done a background check on the person you’re suing and there isn’t a lawyer out there in his right mind that would take your case pro-bono.” You explained calmly and watched her expression fall. Though it did make you feel slightly empathetic, you were trying very hard not to let your emotions get roped up into this.

    Yoonah was a woman of strong morals, if Ateez tried to help her from their side, no doubt it would involve some very illegal procedures and she wanted no part of that. Good for her, better for you.

    Yeosang stood beside her protectively and shot you a foul glare, “You think you’re the only clean lawyer out there?”

    You smirked, “Let me rephrase. I’m the only lawyer who’d take this case pro-bono. And win.”

    “And why do you want this so badly?”

    You shrugged nonchalantly, “Call me sentimental but I think a child custody case against some mafia asshole would be like killing two life traumas with one stone.”


    It had been about 2 months since going forward with the lawsuit for child custody, the defendant responded, and a court date was set. Thankfully for the time being the attempted abductions and such were stopped because they knew it could be used as evidence against them. Well, Yoonah considered it thankful; you on the other hand thought it was unfortunate.

    Now it was finally the day of the first hearing and usually it would have been done in a private court but since the defendants are countersuing for child abduction. Usually when it came to trials, you got a huge urge to win rather than beat others however when you received the paperwork for the countersue, instead of getting worried and worked up, you felt the inexplicable desire to crush the competition underneath your heel.

    Now on the date of the court hearing, you were storming through the halls with burning resolve and Ateez trailing behind you.

    Even though you wished to ignore him, the defendants lawyer stopped you in the middle of the corridor with a condescending smile. Mr. Jang was an old fart that owned a huge law firm in the country and had personally head hunted you. He was top dog at his own law firm, and you had to admit, very impressive when it came to his performance in court; it was the only reason you had even considered the job.

    However, after a dinner where he tried to put his hand up your skirt you had promptly told him to fuck off before leaving.

    Since then, you had beaten every lawyer he had sent your way and now it seems he was summoned from hell itself to look the devil in the eye. You.

    “Ms. (L/N), lovely to see you again. Good luck during the trial.” He said, holding out his hand kindly but you knew underneath those honeyed words and amiable eyes was just bitter hatred for you.

    You glanced at his hand with disgust, ignoring the handshake and instead gave him a winning smile, “To you as well, Mr. Jang. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a celebratory drink when I win.”

    He chuckled, “I think you’re overestimating yourself, my dear. No matter, maybe you’ll learn your place when you lose.”

    “We’ll just see about that won’t we. See you in court, bitch.” You smirked, confidence flashing in your eyes and when he scowled and opened his mouth to reply, you took it as your cue to walk into the courtroom and set up at the plaintiff’s table.


    The trial started off well, with you pleading Yoonah’s case and appealing to the judges’ sense of humanity. It was surprising how quickly they got on board as soon as you started mouthing off some sentimental rubbish about found family and things like that. Since the evidence was more or less superficial, you’d have to appeal to sentiment and some well-educated assumptions.

    You had taken notes about the defendant’s defence, noting down what points they were trying to use to appeal to the judges. So far it seemed like they were just trying to say that since the mother left no will, the daughter legally should be under her biological father’s care. He had a few small encounters with the law (small meaning that the big things were hidden) but has been clean for the last few years (because he has minions that can do his dirty work now) and is turning his life around.

    Then came the counter questioning and you stood up immediately.

    “And to the defendant, how do you expect to care for a child when you have no previous experience of any kind?” You asked and noticed how Mr. Jang began smirking. Yes, your first question was weak, you realized that, but it was all intentional.

    “I suppose just like anyone else. Not everybody has experience from beforehand, but you learn these things and I don’t think it’s a reason for me to lose my daughter.” He appealed and you could see Yoonah deflate from the corner of your eye. Your heart panged a bit, you knew how stressed she was about this, but you weren’t going to let her down.

    “And you know that a child isn’t just a sentimental object, right? Taking care of a child is an investment; you must spend millions in their life in school funds, health insurance and God forbid if something unfortunate happens, you need to be able to provide funds for her. Do you have the income for that?”

    “Of course, I do.” He answered haughtily and you took some refuge knowing he thought you were an idiot, “I make well over 8 figures a year. I can take care of my daughter even better than she can.”

    And there it was.

    You smiled brightly, walking over to your table to pull the files you had stacked there, “Well, a large income, remarkable assets and his case pleads well. Why shouldn’t the child be placed under his care? —”

    In the stands, San and Yeosang were watching nervously as you suddenly began singing the defendant’s praises. Yeosang growled underneath his breath, “I knew we never should have trusted her.”

    San glanced back at you with his heart sinking in his chest. He knew that he was the absolute worst and you deserved to get revenge on him but were you really going to make someone innocent suffer for whatever he did to you? The thought of Yoonah losing her niece because of him made him sick to his stomach.

    “—Probably because he’s guilty of tax evasion for the last 10 years.” You spat, voice icy and cold as you walked to the judge’s bench to hand over the documents.

    “It’s stated in your tax records that you make less that 5k each year.” You began, smirking the look of anxiousness on their face, “You are aware that lying under oath is an offense? Punishable with up to 5 years in prison or a hefty fine? ‘Well over 8 figures’, you say. Well, that would mean in the last 10 years, you owe the government nearly 50 million.”

    It was a lose-lose situation, orchestrated by the greatness that was yourself. Admit that he makes a lot of money and he’s guilty of tax evasion and lying on an official document, costing him nearly 4 years of income. Say that his tax documents are correct means he’s guilty of perjury* and proven unfit to take care of a child.

    “So, which is it, defendant? Are you guilty of perjury or tax evasion?” You drawled, walking over to his table, and slamming your hands on the table. The gleam in your eye was frankly terrifying to Mr. Jang and you revelled in the sight of his stressed expression, “Which is it?”

    “Objection your honour: badgering!”

    “Then you better answer quickly, defendant.” The judge replied calmly, and you smirked when he finally admitted that he lied, not wanting to pay the overdue tax fees and get a punishment on top of that. Lying under oath is an offense punishable by time in prison, or a huge fine with probation. Meaning their countersue would most likely fall apart and now the trial was falling in your favour.

    The only thing that could make this better would be if you actually got to step on the competition with your red bottoms but that would be “disorderly conduct”.

    “So, your honour. The defendant has admitted to perjury and is that really the kind of person you would wish to raise the youth of our country? The kind that would think it was acceptable to lie in a court, the establishment that protects the rights of the citizens, simply to get their way. If we let him do that, we are laughing in the face of our legal system. And on top of that, he has no money to support her. 5k per year can barely pay a yearly school fee, never mind essentials, utilities, housing, and food.”

    San chuckled underneath his breath when you turned your back to the judge and had the audacity to wink at Mr. Jang with the most infuriating smirk on your face and turned back to Yeosang, who had a look of slight awe on his face, “Couldn’t trust her, huh?”

    “The judge rules in favour of the plaintiff. The child in question will remain in plaintiff’s care. Court dismissed.”

    “NO!” The defendant leapt across the table to try and tackle you, his arms out as though he was trying to choke you, and everyone jumped into action. San jumped over the stands to intercept him, and they fell to the ground before the officers came to restrain him.

    “Your honour, the defendant is obviously a little unstable. Do you think we could get a court ordered restraining order?”

    “Of course.” The judge chuckled at your calm behaviour and how you hadn’t even flinched when you were the one that he was trying to choke out. It was almost like you knew it was going to happen.

    That’s because you did.

    A couple weeks ago, you were having a private meeting with the members of Ateez when Yoonah had to go and put down her niece and you got a few moments alone with them. Yoonah was so ethical, she would never agree to what you were going to suggest so you simply waited until she wasn’t there to hear you.

    “Listen, when I win—” You ignored the way Yeosang scoffed at your confidence and pressed, “When I win, we’re going to need a clear-cut victory. A reason even an appeal would fall through so I need you to do something.”

    You pulled out a medical report, “Unsurprisingly, this guy takes antidepressants for either anxiety or anger management. It gets prescribed to him from this hospital. I need you to go in and switch it out for some sugar pills or painkillers. So, at the time of the trial, he’s facing a withdrawal and would end up losing it.”

    “Isn’t that illegal?” Yunho accused and you turned to him with a fake smile.

    “I’m sorry, is that a gun in your pants or are you just excited to see me?”

    Embarrassed, Yunho cleared his throat, “Point taken.”


    While you weren’t exactly thrilled about spending more time with Ateez, when Yoonah and her niece used their combined pleading eyes you couldn’t reject their invitation for dinner and some celebratory drinks. Considering their identical puppy faces, you were surprised they weren’t twins.

    And their powers were the reason you were currently sipping on a Sazerac while watching Wooyoung and Jongho’s girlfriend, Sooji dance and party. The others had made the intelligent decision to decline. Yeosang was keeping sober to take care of Yoonah’s niece while the aunt in question got black out drunk. It looked like she hadn’t let loose in a very long time, and you were kind of surprised to know that when she was drunk, she acted like a child. Ironic.

    Yoonah had been giggling the entire night, whispering in Yeosang’s ear about childish things while he was just nodding and replying occasionally when he was asked a question. Halfway through your drink, she suddenly decided to start playing hide and seek, scurrying away from the dining room to hide. Obviously, no one followed her but to just keep her occupied for a while, Yeosang began counting and you chuckled.

    You finished the drink and called yourself an Uber, telling them that you’d see them around when in reality you had no intention of ever meeting with them again. So far you had treated them humanely but in all honestly you were still kind of upset at them. Yes, your father was a horrible person and deserved everything that came to him, but using you to get to him was low, especially considering that you thought everything was genuine.

    Yoonah came stumbling back into the room and ran right into Yeosang’s arms (who looked kind of flustered, but you didn’t say it out loud) and even though you wanted to say goodbye, you were pretty sure she wouldn’t even remember it the next morning. So, instead you just made your way to the table where you left your bag.

    Except it wasn’t there.

    “Where’s my bag?”

    Yoonah began giggling, “I toooold you we were playing hide and hide and hide and go seek. The bag is hidididng.”

    Oh my goodness this girl was drunk out of her mind.

    “I’ll help you look.” Yeosang offered but you shook your head, pitying him because of the woman hanging off his arm and complaining that she was sleepy.

    “It’s okay, I’ll look. You just put her to bed.”

    The halls were wide and never-ending it seemed; you felt like you were walking through a maze but every room you peeked through neither had your bag, nor had it looked like a drunk girl had wandered through it. You noticed a door with light peeking underneath it and knocked lightly when you heard someone shuffling behind it.


    So far, San had been keeping his distance from you, something you weren’t sure you were grateful for or extremely irritated by. But now it seemed like you had come knocking at his door and even though you wished you were, you certainly weren’t disappointed by the sight of San, answering his door without a shirt.

    “Did Yoonah come and stash my bag here?”

    Out of context, yes that sounded weird, but San only shook his head and you nodded, almost turning away from him before your eyes caught onto something on his body.

    “What the hell is that?!” You screeched, pointing at his chest and for a second San really had no idea what you were talking about until he looked and checked for himself. He froze for a second and then backed away, grabbing the door to shut it in your face but you held it open and forced yourself into the room to stare at it with wide eyes.

    On his chest were the letters of your name scrawled so prettily like a label of possession.

    “You tattooed my name on yourself? What the hell were you thinking?!” Was this romantic or just incredibly creepy? This guy who had no idea you were going to meet again had tattooed your name on his skin, for what?

    “I was just—I just—” San looked like a deer caught in headlights, staring at you with wide eyes while your gaze prodded and poked at him like needles. If he was being honest, he thought you’d never find out, “I just wanted you close to me. This was the best I could do.”

    “I don’t get it, you fake-date me to try and screw over my father and then after you get what you wanted and leave, you get my name tattooed on your chest? Don’t tell me you actually had feelings for me.” You replied, incredulously.

    “I do have feelings for you, (Y/N).” Do, not did.

    “Look, I know what I did was wrong, and I really do regret it. Even though I didn’t intend it, I ended up falling in love with you. And I still do.”

    “That doesn’t change anything.” You spat, suddenly defensive, “You lied to me about everything.”

    “I never lied.” He said suddenly but with a firm voice and your brows went toward your hairline, “Excuse me?”

    “Yes, I concealed the truth and yes, I may have lied about why I joined law school, but I never lied to you. I couldn’t bear the sight of you actually believing me while I deceived you, so aside from that special breakfast thing that last night, I never lied to you.”

    You couldn’t help the scoff that left you, “Well congratulations, you’re now the winner of the ‘not-as-big-a-jerk-as-you-could-have-been’ award!”

    “I deserve that.” He chuckled, and his hand went towards his waist where he expected to find the hem of his shirt before he realized that he still wasn’t wearing one. You kind of despised yourself for remembering his nervous tendencies. Embarrassed, (though you weren’t sure why, you had seen it all before) San went to grab a shirt and you let your eyes wander around the room until they landed on the familiar plushie on the bed.

    “You still have that?”

    San poked his head out of his closet, following your eyes to Shiber sitting innocently on his bed and he blushed, “Yeah, it was a gift from you.”

    Shiber wasn’t exactly looking his best, a little tattered and way dirtier since you had last seen him, from the countless nights San held him and cried and then he faced absolute chaos the night Yunho tried to burn him as a satanic cleansing ritual. But it oddly touched you that he kept it. It was easy to lie but the tattoo on his chest and the plushie that you had almost forgotten about were now starting to convince you that not all of it was lies.

    Walking over to his bed, you plopped yourself down onto the comfy mattress and pulled the stuffed toy into your lap and gently playing with the loose threads, careful not to pull the stitches apart. After a few seconds, you finally spoke up softly, “What are you trying to do?”

    San sighed, “To apologize? To confess? I’m trying but I don’t know what I could possibly say to turn this around.”

    He padded over to sit beside you and you both remained with your shoulders pressed together, staring at nothing in front of you.

    “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” He whispered, “For everything. But please know that what we had was never a lie. I loved you then and I still do now. Do you think that we could ever go back to where we used to be?’

    “I don’t think I can ever trust you again.” You admitted and San’s heart jumped in his chest when you stood up to leave. He couldn’t let you slip through his fingers again, not so easily. He was on his feet in a split second, wrapping a hand around your wrist lightly. His grip wasn’t enough to hold you there and if you really wanted to leave, all you had to do was pull your hand away and he’d let you go. It shouldn’t have held so much meaning, but it did. The fact that if you genuinely wanted to leave, he’d let you.

    “You said it yourself, (Y/N). Trust is earned, not given. And I will spend my entire life trying to earn it back from you. But please, please just tell me that you can still love me again someday. If you tell me truthfully that you can never love me again, I’ll never come in front of you again but if you think that there’s some tiny part of you that can still feel for me again, please give it a chance.” He begged.

    You raised your eyes to meet his, alarmed by how teary they were and how tight your voice was, “I don’t want to be that stupid girl that fell for your façade again, San.”

    “You aren’t stupid, (Y/N). I was the stupid one for letting something so good slip through my hands. I was the stupid one for abusing your trust. I was the stupid one for hurting you.” San’s voice was just as strained as yours and his eyes were shining with unshed tears, “And if you accept me then I’ll spend the rest of my life proving to you that this wasn’t a stupid choice.”

    “I—I don’t know.”

    “You don’t have to tell me now. It’s okay, I’m sorry for overwhelming you. Just think about it and if you do have an answer, then call or text me, my number is still the same.” This was exactly what you fell for the first time. The consideration, the concern, the habit of putting your worries and thoughts first. It was what made you love him in the first place, and you were so scared that it had all been an act. And you were scared that it was still an act.

    “I’ll think about it.” You promised and then it was like the conversation never happened. You both went your separate ways and to everyone you seemed no different, except now the old wounds in your heart that you had clumsily sewn together had been ripped open and were now begging you to accept the bitter medicine of learning to trust again so they can heal or go on pretending like nothing happened until you bled out.


    It had been weeks since San had last heard from you and at this point, he was convinced that you wanted nothing to do with him. Though it hurt twice as much after letting his hopes get up, he also couldn’t blame you. He broke your trust and no matter how much he repented and how much he loved you, sometimes people just couldn’t go back to how they were.

    He just wished that you could be happy. Even if you were happy without him.

    San erased the thought from his head when the train pulled up to the station, getting in and finding an empty row to sit in. He had cars and other means of transport but when it came to personal days where he just had a couple errands or had to get any place by himself, he always took the train.

    He told Ateez it was just more convenient but they all knew it was so he could reminisce. Afterall, the train is where he had met you in the first place, even though it wasn’t the same exact train. It was where you spent your mornings together, talking energetically as you went to university, and it was where you fell asleep on his shoulder on the rides back when you were both too tired to speak.

    Sometimes when San would take the train somewhere, he’d make it through the whole trip without thinking of you and other times something would trigger a memory he didn’t know he had, and he’d be treasuring another memory of you.

    Today he wasn’t remembering anything, and he was trying hard not to think about you, it was obvious that you just wanted a life without him and even though he thought he deserved the opposite, he was going to try to get over you.

    The sight of buildings slowly blurred as the train picked up in speed before stopping again at another station. San continued to stare out of the window, not paying attention as people entered the train car and shuffled around. He didn’t even flinch when someone sat beside him until they cleared their throat.

    He barely spared a glance before his eyes widened and he froze in his seat. You were sat beside him, in a comfortable hoodie and jeans, smiling softly at him. It took weeks of thinking for you to consider giving him a chance, but even though it was wrong and if you had been a third party, you’d be chastising the girl for going back to him, you felt like you’d regret it if you didn’t.

    Maybe that was foolish of you, trusting his words again but you wanted to take this chance. You wouldn’t give him your heart that easily this time. No, it would take nearly a year of San proving his loyalty to you time and time again before you decided to wholeheartedly trust him. The scars from the past were still there, the wounds didn’t heal seamlessly and some days they were more apparent to you than others, but you’d still bear your heart to him after a while.

    But before the long journey came of building your relationship back to what it used to be and better, you decided to give San a chance again and met him on the train in a messy hoodie and jeans and smiled up at him, choosing to forget the betrayal for that second and just remember him as the man you loved and will one day love again.

    “I’m sorry for bothering me but do you know what station I have to get off to get to the amusement park?”

    San laughed breathily, feeling tears prick at the corner of his eyes and he grabbed your hand, threading your fingers together, “I’m headed to the same place, so I can take you there."

    *Perjury - the offence of willfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath.

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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    PAIRING: basketball player! ateez' jeong yunho x reader | featuring basketball players! ateez, blackpink's jisoo and lisa | fictional character named seunghee GENRE: narration/written series, fluff, light angst WARNINGS: profanities. mentions of vom/ting. WC: 1.3k SUMMARY: you were court phobic– if that was a thing. you don't know what you were doing inside one now, though. may it be your friends successfully convincing you to go to one, you didn't care. you just wanted out, but you didn't want to ruin the fun your friends had you've finally watched a basketball game with them. worse comes to worst, your school's rival's player takes interest in you.

    “It’s really nothing, y/n.” Wooyoung shrugs, twirling the ball in his hands as you both walk home.

    “Woo, I’m literally going to sulk if you don’t tell me. Lisa said you wanted to ask me to go with her but you suddenly stopped her! So go where?” You stomp, tugging on his sleeves.

    He chuckles, ruffling your hair in adoration.

    “It’s nothing,” He emphasizes, making you roll your eyes.

    “Fine. Give me my things. I can walk alone.” Reaching for your bag that was slinging on his shoulders, he backs away almost immediately when he sees you step forward. “What?”

    “Are you upset?” He coos, his smile growing wide as he leans forward to your level. Teasing you with his face, he pinches your nose which made you groan. Taking advantage of the proximity, you quickly reach for your bag, sticking your tongue out to him.

    Wooyoung quickly catches up with you, trying to get your bag back but to no avail.

    “Okay, you win, I’ll tell you,” He laces his voice with sweetness, tugging you back with a pout. “I’m having a game in two days,” He looks down, shuffling his feet in place.

    “Oh,” You instantly press your lips to a thin line, mentally squeezing your brain for what to say.

    You’re eternally grateful for the man in front of you. Weirdly enough, he was always there– whether to make you smile, make your day, make everything very.. Wooyoung. Cheerful. Bright. Loveable.

    And maybe you were reading things too much between the lines of his actions when you say you’ve gotten to the point where you think he likes you.

    “He does.” Lisa nonchalantly says, shrugging her shoulders. “Haven’t seen that man so jumpy for a long time.”

    You were only joking around Lisa and Jisoo when you told her ‘This is why Woo likes me better than you,’ and did not expect a rather serious conversation after that.

    “That’s only because you haven’t seen him in a long time, Lisa,” You laugh, trying to change the topic when Lisa gasps exaggeratedly at you and runs to you for a bear hug.

    “I’ve always seen him, for your information. He’s the friend I always tell I hung out with when I can’t go with you and Jisoo,” She explains, ruffling your hair. “And I know when he likes someone, okay? Like.. like like. Not the like.. Friend-y thing.”

    “Okay– hold up. You like Wooyoung, don’t you?” You tease, raising your brow at her.

    “I don’t?” She backs up, raising her brows back. “Where the hell from what I said did you pick that?”

    “In your tone of voice,” You high-fived Jisoo who was silently watching all along, a teasing smile on her face too.

    “What the fuck, I don’t!” Lisa throws the pillow beside her, and you were sure that even just a little, Lisa did.

    “I can go,” You answer, tapping his arm. “It’s not the end of the world,” You try making the atmosphere lighter, chuckling at how disoriented Wooyoung looked.

    “Wouldn’t you be.. Uh, uncomfortable?” You start walking so Wooyoung does the same, seemingly more uncomfortable at the idea than you.

    “I’ll be fine, Jung Wooyoung,” You reassure, patting his back. “It’s just.. Yunho. I’m sure I’ll be fine. And I’m definitely way past my fears of courts,”

    “Fine. But if something’s wrong.. Tell me. Okay? I wouldn’t want that.” Wooyoung stops you by the arm, grabbing your shoulders to make you face him.

    “I will.” Giving him a reassuring smile, it made you feel content. Wooyoung made you feel like everything was okay.

    But why does your heart keep on thumping at the thought of seeing Yunho play again?

    “Where the fuck is Lisa and Jisoo and why the fuck are you the one going outside for me?” You aggressively questioned Wooyoung who was already in his familiar yellow jersey, jogging up to you.

    “Well– about that,” Wooyoung scratches the back of his neck, a sly smile on his face.

    “Who the fuck?” As soon as your eyes land on your friends, Jisoo squinting her eyes on the man before her and beside Lisa.

    “Calm down,” Wooyoung chuckles, pushing you to go nearer.

    “y/n, you’re here!” Lisa jumps, hoping to escape Jisoo’s glare except that Jisoo wasn’t going to let that happen. Jisoo hisses, making the man before her flinch and Lisa sit back down.

    “Who the fuck?” You repeat, and you even glance at Wooyoung who’s only making faces at Lisa.

    When frustrated enough, Wooyoung just takes the initiative and rubs your arms to calm you down.

    “Jisoo, y/n.. Meet Lisa’s boyfriend!”

    “What?!” You gasp loudly enough to be heard around the court, making you zip your lips in an instant. “I thought you–”

    “I told you I didn’t,” Lisa chuckles, glancing at Wooyoung.

    “Wait a damn minute,” Wooyoung grimaces in his place, “You thought she liked me?!” He faces you with a disgusted face, as if he was expecting you to know better.

    “Well– in my defense, Lisa was acting strange!”

    “Wow, okay– well. I guess you’re denser than I thought,” He mumbles, making you raise your brow. “I need to go,” Wooyoung sticks his tongue out at you, but he only leaves after hearing your cheers.

    “Your name?” Whipping your head to the side, you playfully glared at him too.

    “His name is Soohyun,”

    “Did y/n ask you?” Jisoo sternly hisses once more at Lisa, making you chuckle.

    “Loosen up, Jisoo, you’re scaring the man,” Your laugh at her before pulling her attention away from the man and continuously failing.

    Your eyes start to wander around the court after suddenly feeling cold, and you only remember that right– Yunho is here, when your eyes meet his desperate ones.

    Mouthing a good luck and giving him a small smile, you tear your gaze away from him and start feeling something heavy on your chest.

    It was an ominous feeling, something you’ve always felt whenever you’re in a court so you shrug it away, smiling as you take your seat.

    “It’s nice to see you’re doing better,” Jisoo starts, proudly smiling at you.

    If you were going to be honest– you weren’t. At least not much of how you expected it to be. You were feeling worse than the last time you were here, and you weren’t so sure if it was because you were feeling bad that Yunho was the reason why you’re okay with courts now, yet here in one now without having to get to talk to him properly in weeks– or something else.

    “Yeah,” You give her a smile, “Me too.”

    When the speaker finally takes the mic to announce that the game is starting in a few minutes, you let out a sigh and shift on your seat, shaking your head to try and wash the bad thoughts away.

    But when your eyes meet another so disgustingly familiar, at the other side of the court, you are stunned.

    Frozen on your seat, suffocating. Looking at him made you shiver, just like what happened that day.. In your high school.

    He smirks, you finally noticed him. You were the reason for his boring years being on probation, and now that he finished it, he felt alive again.

    Wanting to make you suffer like how he felt bored in his wits being chained with men that think can change him.

    Removing his cap, wanting to make you look at how he never changed at all.

    You felt like screaming for help. You felt like vomiting. You felt like running away.

    But you were only.. There. Trauma keeping you chained on your seat, unaware of the continuous calls for you to watch out.

    The next thing you knew, your view was blocked and your eyes instinctively went to his, his familiar, worried gaze looking at you. Holding the ball he just caught to save you, he throws it back to the court before facing you once more.

    buzzer beater ⤳ thirteen │ fourteen │ fifteen

    taglist: @yunkiwii @binniesbf @masterninjacow @hannahdinse8 @sunlightwoo @babygay-stay @90s-belladonna @grassbutneo @yxnkigi @imaaroy @jungteez @softbbyg0rl @butterfliesinthenightsky @choielyssa @hwachu @joongiebug @junglewoos @talkbykhalid [open !] ; bold - can't be tagged

    #ateez scenarios#ateez imagines#ateez angst#ateez fluff#ateez yunho#ateez #ateez x reader #ateez fanfic#ateez au#atz#ateez fic #ateez yunho x reader #yunho fluff #yunho x reader #jeong yunho x reader #yunho#jeong yunho#atz angst#atz scenarios#atz fluff#atz masterlist#atz yunho #jeong yunho imagine #jeong yunho imagines #jeong yunho fluff #ateez scenario#ateez imagine #jeong yunho scenario #jeong yunho fanfic
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  • theaufanartist
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦,”𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘩.

    “𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴,”𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘺, 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮. 𝘏𝘦 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥, 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺.

    “𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, “𝘣𝘶𝘵, 𝘪𝘵’𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦. 𝘚𝘰, 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘐 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦.”

    Choi San💖

    You and San have been texting back and forth for the past few days. Although you were already acquaintances, thanks to your best friend Woo Young for that, you never thought that you would be able to date your crush. For the matter of fact, the guy you’d be crushing on would wanna date you. Thursday came and you were already excited, since he asked you to dress comfy as it was your first date and he wanted to take you star gazing. So keeping that in mind, you decided to opt for your pink hoodie and washed night sky jeans, paired with sneakers. Currently, you were on call with Woo Young, who was gushing excitedly about your dating life.

    “Can you believe it? The guy you made googly eyes for, is now making googly eyes for you?”

    You rolled your eyes in mock annoyance at his statement, followed by his giggle, and an occasional whine from his cute roommate, who was a part of the topic of your conversation.

    “He does?”you ask, trying to not squeal.

    “Of course he does! I can bet he’s re-reading your text messages and giggling,”he says, and you hear a ‘No, I’m not!’ in the background, making you giggle.

    “Anyways, are you nervous?”Woo asks you, from which you can actually figure out his concern for you. You simply hum, making his concerns come true.

    “Honestly, don’t be,”he says carelessly, knowing that it was new for you, too, “he’s clumsy as-hey, don’t hit me, knucklehead!”

    You laugh at the thought of your best friend getting hit by his roommate. You adored their friendship a lot, and if San wasn’t really worthy of your time, Woo Young wouldn’t have insisted you on dating him. That makes your nervousness a little less, because you trusted Woo Young’s choices for you.

    You hear quite the shuffling in the background, then you hear a low gasp.

    “Woo, you good?”

    “He’s trying to bite my arm off!”you hear San yell, “How the hell do you endure with this animal?”

    “Hey, who are you calling an animal, when you meow constantly because you feel you were a cat-hmpphmmh!!!”

    “Hey,”you hear San’s calm voice now, chuckling nervously, “forget what he said,”

    “Oh, I am not,”you say, trying not to laugh. You hear him sigh, knowing that you probably won’t let that slide soon.

    “So,”he starts, “you excited for tomorrow?”

    “Yeah, I am,”you say, sitting near the window and staring at the sky, that has turned a nice shade of orange and red, mixed with a tinge of purple.

    “I’ll pick you up at nine? We’ll eat dinner and then go. Sounds good?”

    “Sounds like a plan,”you say, smiling. You couldn’t see his reactions but clearly your loud best friend’s ‘He’s smiling like an idiot’ made it all clear.

    “So, see you tomorrow?”

    “Yeah,”you say, “see you tomorrow.”


    Friday night came painfully slow, as to test your patience and to make you feel highly anticipated at the same time.

    You hear a ping on the phone at around 8:45, signalling your date’s arrival. You close the door behind you, checking for your phone, keys and wallet, and jog down the stairs, to see San in a chocolate brown hoodie, leaning against his Honda bike, scrolling down his phone. Even with his tousled hair, he looked good. You put your hands in the pocket of your hoodie and with a shy smile, walk towards him. He looks up and acknowledges your presence with his infamous dimpled smile.

    “Hey you,”he greets, now putting his phone in the pocket of his jeans.

    “Hey,”you say, looking down, then at him, “never knew you owned this,”you say, pointing at his bike.

    “Oh,” he says, chuckling and then caressing the seat with his fingers, “this beauty is my favourite. She’s the love of my life.”

    He says this and looks at you, admiring his bike.

    “But I think she has got quite the competition,”he says, smirking at you. You look at him and chuckle, patting the seat.

    “Nope, she’s beautiful. No one can compete against-”

    “Woo was right,”he says, sitting on his bike, securing the helmet around his head, and handing you one,“try to take a compliment, woman.”

    You laugh at his whiny voice, and sit behind him, taking the helmet from his hand.

    “Hold on tight,”he says, “wouldn’t want Woo-vi killing me for letting his dimsum fall, can we?”he says, in a playful mocking tone.

    “Of course,”you say, securing your hold around his waist, “won’t want the ghost of dimsum haunting you now, can we?”you say, mocking him, “don’t think I don’t know your fear of ghosts.”

    “Hey, that was one time!”

    “Oh yeah, right,”you say, snickering at him, when you hear him grumble under his breath, “you still look cute.”

    “Cute, eh?”you could hear the smirk in this voice.

    “Just drive, will you?”You say, making him laugh, in turn making you smile.

    You reach the restaurant that he decided to take you to. It was small, and cozy and the fairy lights around the special’s menu looked way too pretty, the handwriting being too aesthetic. You both took the middle table, where the lamp shone just overhead. It wasn’t that bright, nor dim; it set the mood just perfect. He pulled out your chair, muttering a small ‘Allow me’, making you smile at his chivalry. You ordered a simple steak and he ended up ordering the same, except for the vegges. You smiled at his cuteness, wondering where this guy was till now. Gossiping over Woo and your lives and your friends and everything, it made you realise that conversation with San was so easy. No wonder Woo Young loved this guy so much. San was an amazing listener, and he definitely knew the right words to be spoken at the right time.

    “So, Hwa ends up dancing his wiggly dance on the chair, and Joong was so scared throughout, because he was already shit-faced, and he didn’t want anything extra to deal with!”

    You laugh so hard that tears begin to form at the corner of your eyes. You’ve never laughed this hard with anyone, except for Woo Young and Yun Ho.

    After debating over the bill payment which in turn confirmed the second date(which definitely didn’t fail to fluster you), you both decide to go for star gazing. He drove you to a park that seemed far from your place. You were in awe about everything, making him smile at you. Grabbing two blankets from the back seat, he nudged you to follow him. You open the door and follow him, still awing at the pretty sky. Threading his fingers with yours, he walks towards the centre of the park. Laying the blanket on the soft grass, he ushers you to sit next to him, wrapping another blanket around you both, making you mutter a shy ‘thanks’, cheeks red with the cold air nipping them. He smiles at you, and looks up at the sky.

    “That’s Venus,”he points at the brightest star, “and next to it is the constellation of Libra.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Well, during winters, Venus is the only one that shines bright than anyone,”he says, “and the constellation is the exact shape.”

    “Well,”you begin, “I want to believe that its a parallelogram.”

    “Oh yeah,”he says, “hm. So,”pointing at another cluster, “that’s a table.”

    “Oh, oh, I’ve got one,”you say, “that right there, is an eye.”

    “The clouds are drifting slowly,”he says, making you hum.

    “That cloud over there looks like a skull eating a tree,”you say, giggling. He snorts and points at the same one.

    “It’s now looking like the skeleton is scared to eat it and doing the meme,”he says, making you laugh.

    He slowly moves in front, facing you.

    “If there was a shooting star falling right now, what would you have asked?”

    “Well, I would definitely ask for Woo Young to stop being bratty at first and lots of money,”you say, making him snort, “what about you?”

    “Well,”he starts, taking your almost warm hands in his large cold ones, “I would want to see that smile of yours never leaving that pretty face.”

    “Gosh,”you say, biting your lower lip, trying to hide that blush not by the cold, but by the comments San was making.

    “𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦,”𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘩.

    “𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴,”𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘺, 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮. 𝘏𝘦 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥, 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺.

    “𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, “𝘣𝘶𝘵, 𝘪𝘵’𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦. 𝘚𝘰, 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘐 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦.”

    You couldn’t say anything more. You always knew that San was flirty, but the words he spoke seemed just so genuine.

    “San, I-”

    “I meant what I said,”he says, rubbing soothing circles on the skin of the back of your hand, “I really like you a lot.”


    “Of course, I mean, what’s not there to like about you? You’re everything I want in the person I want to date,” he says, “so, will you be mine?”

    You were speechless at this point, but you were happy too. You decided to run a mile ahead, and leaned in, kissing him. First, it was just a peck, but he smiled and pulled you closer to him, warm hands on the small of your back, and one caressing your cheek, deepening the kiss. After a few moments you break it, foreheads touching, exchanging shy smiles.

    When you detach yourself from him, you see a shooting star falling across the sky. Smiling at it, you look at San, who’s now looking at you quizzically, smiling nevertheless.

    “What are you smiling at?”

    “Lets say that an unspoken wish just came true,”you say, nuzzling his nose with yours.

    “Hm,” he hums, pulling you towards him, “care to share?”

    “Nah,”you say, “lets keep it that way,”you say, cuddling into him, making him smile and wrap the blanket.

    “An unspoken wish of mine came true too,”he thinks, resting his head on yours, smiling and gazing fondly at the sky, after seeing a shooting star fall the opposite sky.

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  • absentcaryatid
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Mingi’s New Job

    An ATEEZ fanfic by AbsentCaryatid

    1K words and only content note is for food.

    This demon AU was on my mind after a delightful conversation with @smileysuh yesterday in which she commented that Mingi would not make a good demon. Thank you so much for the laugh and idea.


    It was a rare day off and Mingi did not know what to do with himself, partly because demons never got the day off. After the latest incident reuniting a dog with their tearful owner Mingi was about to lose his job but it was difficult to feel bad about that. Although born into a very well respected and devilish demon family he had always been a misfit and grown to be a sweet young man no matter how much they tried to change his nature.

    He was tall but never intimidating about it. The deep voice which could have been so effective literally damning people was always cheerful and his face made to sneer menacingly was always found with a grin breaking into frequent laughter.

    Getting fired would probably improve his life even if he had no idea what demons could do to be self-supporting. Perhaps an ice cream cart in the park bringing people pleasure would be something he would like to do. He had grown up around them when practicing the dark arts making the ice cream fall right off the cone at the first lick. Even that taste of the power to menace the lives of humans had left him empty save for the few times he judged the person deserved it for yelling at their child or being rough with their pet. Along these lines he had developed a flair for getting birds to deposit on the heads of street harassers interrupting their frightening behavior.

    So, Mingi had skills, just not ones most demons would think bragworthy. He tried, he really did, but his heart was not cut out to be a demon. His older brother was great at it, making it hard to follow in his cloven footsteps no matter what, but it made Mingi's pathetic attempts look even sadder. During the job's trial period the worst Mingi could come up with to torment humanity was paper cuts and the occasional lemon juice afterward for those who truly deserved it but more often he was found running over afterward to provide welcome comfort in the form of a Hello Kitty band-aid.

    The sting of disdain from the observer grading him was still felt months later. At the time Mingi thought it was only as a favor to his notable family that he was allowed to graduate to independent work but he was beginning to wonder if that really just meant there was nobody left who would put up with him in a training placement at their side.

    He decided then and there that the demon life was not for him. In a rare twist, he was the first person ever to call forth a demon to make a deal for a soul, not giving one up but hoping to receive one. His brother had appeared on demand happy to see Mingi who was so easy to love despite all his shortcomings that made him a wash out as a demon. Listening to the problem his brother came up with an offer. “I shall give you a soul and make you fully human at the cost of your powers.”

    Mingi's eyes shone at the possibility of a life much more suited to his gentle heart. “I would like to make people happy if I can, bring a smile to their faces and help them feel strong when they are low.”

    Thinking a moment his brother had an idea. “Lots of folks sell their soul to become an idol. I have placed quite a few in the Korean pop industry myself. Would you like me to make that happen?”

    “Oh yes, please! I could bring joy to so many people!” His little brother flung himself into the arms of his sibling and cried in thanks.

    In a rare moment of tenderness his brother wiped a tear rather than his usual activity of gleefully causing them in people. “Be right back.” The elder vanished in a dramatic cloud of sulfurous smoke Mingi was never able to manage, his own transportations to the underworld somehow left a delicate pink cloud with a hint of bubblegum.

    A thunderclap announced his brother's return. “Okay, I cleared it with mom and dad who agree you can make them proud as an idol in a way demon work was never going to suit you. I have set you up with an audition for a show called MIXNINE which is going to bring you to the attention of KQ Entertainment. They will be forming a group called KQ Fellaz which will later become ATEEZ. I know it is a lot to take in right now but you will be great at this and I have made sure the other members are people who will come to love you like I do.”

    Ruffling the hair of his little brother he added, “I know you will be happier on Earth and I will still be keeping an eye on you and visiting regularly. You are of course welcome to come home for the major holidays because it would not be the same without the whole family. Call out for me anytime and I will pick you up.”

    A very heartfelt “Thank you” was all the words Mingi could manage in the circumstances as his brother looked at him fondly. It came to pass as planned and Mingi's life with ATEEZ suited him perfectly. Still getting the hang of being human, he did look a little lost from time to time and needed more support than his teammates in some things but all in all his life was a far more fitting one than his previous work. Mingi's family took a little heat from the big boss for their role in making the world a better place with ATEEZ in it but they weathered it well and everyone in demon clan Song, even the human one, lived happily ever after.

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    Ateez :]

    Park Seonghwa;

    Nothing yet

    Kim Hongjoong;

    Nothing yet

    Jeong Yunho;

    Nothing yet

    Kang Yeosang;

    Nothing yet

    Choi San;

    Nothing yet

    Song Mingi;

    Nothing yet

    Jung Wooyoung;

    Nothing yet

    Choi Jongho;

    Nothing yet

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    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ಇ kiss me more 261021 (para doação)

    insp. ಇ

    #kpop#edit #capa para fanfic #design#capa #capa para spirit #capa para fic #icon#fanfic#capa divertida#capa simples#capa colorida #capa para social spirit #fairyeoll#ateez#woosan
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    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Aurora Manor | Mini Masterlist

    Word count: Unknown

    Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Smut, Angst, Gore, Fluff. [Hybrid : Vampire cross Wolf]

    Type: hybrid!Seonghwa x Afab Reader

    Warnings: Swearing, blood, smut, sex scenes, angsty scenes. Please let me know if I missed something.

    Synopsis: To prove to your college friends that the Haunting rumours about the Aurora manor was nothing more than fictional tales, you stumble upon a secret that changes your life forever. The only choice now is, do you accept your fate, or fight for normality that you are so accustomed to....

    Part one -> The Manor

    Part two -> Coming soon....

    Part three -> Comming soon....

    Part four -> Unknown...


    Ateez Masterlist



    This is my first series here on Tumblr! I'm super excited for this and I hope you all enjoy it <3

    Tag list: Let me know if you want to be added

    @yunhofingers @softforqiankun @violetwinters @kpopmademygradesgodown @lmhmh01 @strangertides @purrhwa

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  • ja3hwa
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    The Manor | Park Seonghwa [1]

    Word count: 1.1k

    Genre: Thriller, Halloween special, Angst, fluffy? Suggestive [No Smut in this part :(]

    Type: Hybrid!Seonghwa [Vampire/Wolf] x Human AFAB Reader

    Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, Suggestive comments, Swearing. Let me know if I missed anything

    Synopsis: After trying to prove that ghost tales are nothing but fiction you come across someone you never thought you'd meet.

    Read more chapters -> Here

    [ Sorry for any spelling errors :( ]

    The clouds that covered the night sky, bucketing down the rain has now long but past. The full crimson dusted moon now shinning her beautiful light on the dark streets below. Drunken laughter echoed the empty pathing, as a group of six young college students disturb the silence of the cold night. 

    “Ah, here it is! Aurora Manor.” One of your friends, well college friend anyways, speaks over the small chatter getting the groups attention.

    “It is said that if you enter you will be cursed, and start seeing ghosts.” He tries to spoke the small crowd.

    “I heard that Mark from chem, dared Johnny to stay the night and he almost died?!” Another spoke up, only following with a small chuckle from the back.

    “You really think that true? Johnny probably got paid so much to lie. Isn’t Mark like super-rich” You scoff at your friend's stupid antics, not believing the fake tale of ghosts or ghouls that hid inside the rundown mansion.

    “Not as rich as me. But if you think it’s all a lie how about you stay the night then. I’ll even pay you for it.” Jess, the girl you met in art design that also happens to be your friend’s, Liam, new girlfriend, spoke up with her arms crossed. You two had nothing against one another but she did tend to also try and one-up you whenever around Liam. I guess jealousy makes people do strange things.

    “You want to give me money to spend a night in a ruined old mansion, that probably has so much shit and crap everywhere?!” You scoff not thinking any type of money could possibly get you to do that.

    "20k and I'll slip in some extra cash if you get some photo proof of your stay. Text me in the morning and I'll send it to you." Her smug voice fuelled your pride to want to do it more, just to prove that she's being stupid. And 20k doesn't sound have bad. Since it's already 2:30 you would only have a couple more hours until morning. Nothing could go wrong. It's a win-win for you either way.

    "Fine I'll do it, but you better send me half now!" You push past all the cheering drunks as you make your way through the small opening cut out from the rusted gating. The wind whistled around you are their cheers became mute. Looking back you see they have already started walking away, most likely heading back to the dorms.

    "Assholes." You seriously begin to wonder why you even decide to hang out with them. Looking at the front door you see there isn't any locks or chains, which is odd given if this place was run-down so the city council would have tried to stop idiots like you from getting in.

    You push past the large dark oak door. Entering the dark mansion, but what meets your eyes was nothing you would ever expect. It was fully furnished. A Beautiful dark green and black wallpaper, with golden pearl accents designed around the walls. The floor is dark slicked oak, similar to the door but milkier rather than dark chocolate.

    "What the..." you whisper out looking around the entrance, a fireplace lit making the room warm, a chandelier bright above you, with a large staircase with deep green carpet laying on top.

    'Someone has to be living here?! Why does it look like this but ruined on the outside? What was johnny talking about it being haunted?' So many questions running through your mind. You were going to continue with the questioning until a sweet scent hits your nose. The smell of cinnamon, roses petals, a hint of white chocolate. It was dusky, maybe some lavender? Your brain started to go fuzzy from the scent, wanting to find where it came from. Like a pull, directing where you need to go.

    "Hello?" You call out, instantly regretting it.

    "Are you stupid, that's how people die!" You smacked your forehead at your stupidity, having not retained knowledge of typical horror movie tropes. A young girl wanders into a mysterious house, she wanders around calling out to see if anyone is home, from that the killer finds her before she could find them. Bang boom dead. You weren't about to make that true.

    Walking up the stairs you see three ways to go. Forward to a large door, similar to the front entrance. Or left and right, both were with deep hallways, doors along the wall and the unknown of what is behind each one.

    The grand door is a dead giveaway for mystery, but the thought of "if I was in a horror movie where would the main character go?" and just like that you go in the opposite to that thought, going left down the hallway.

    It is silent, with no sound except the creaking of some floorboards you tried so hard to not make a squeak. One door in the long hall was cracked opened, a small light illuminating the other side. The sweet scent you smelt before crept through your nose again. It was coming from behind the door. Your mind gives up on the stupid movie theory, pushing the door open slowly.

    You pushed further into the large room, eyes unsure what to take in first. A couple of candles are placed on a small Victorian coffee table. A king bed, with a canopy hovering above it, draping it in maroon satin velvet. Everything in the room was different from the rest of the manor, having a crimson palate rather than the deep green monochrome scheme. There were other furnishings in the room, trying its hardest to make the large room look more full — a dresser, side tables, lounging chairs and even a grand bookcase next to a small roasting fireplace. It all looked so expensive despite the exterior of the home. All that was left to gaze upon was large double doors that you could only imagine lead to a balcony of some sort. There was another doorway, which you expected to be a closet. It was cracked open like someone had been in it at some point recently.

    "Now how did you manage to get this far without my brothers smelling you." Your heart stops hearing a deep growl echo in the door. You back a bit, slowly trying to get to the door but instead of your back hitting the wooden framework, you bump into something, or should you say, someone. Tall and warm, he wraps his arms around your waist, leaning down to whisper in your ear;

    "You smell intoxicating darling."


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  • bngchnsi
    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    day 26 (sub!jongho + praise)

    warnings: afab reader, smut, praise, clothed humping, pet names like bubbas, oral (receiving).

    It wasn’t often that Jongho let you take control from him during sex, but it was usually when he was mentally, emotionally, or physically exhausted; tonight it just so happened to be all of the above.

    Being an idol was hard, and it seemed to be especially hard for Jongho. He was so young, so eager to please and excel at everything, that he regularly seemed to forget that he was in fact not a robot, but very much a human being that had his limits.

    This fact has smacked him very hard in the face that day, when his head was all full of fuzz from one too many nights staying up training his voice or his body and he was unable to do anything at his normal level. His voice kept cracking, his feet kept forgetting the steps in their choreography, and when he had gotten home two hours earlier than normal with a wobbling lower lips and blood shot eyes you had known exactly what you needed to do.

    “You’re so good Jongho, so perfect,” you cooed into his ear, rubbing over his back softly as he messily humped your clothed pussy. You both still had your clothes on, Jongho too exhausted to do the full vigorous act that was sex, but you knew that he still needed that release so you willingly gave him your body.

    Or, well, at least a surface to rub himself against that wasn’t his own hand.

    Either way it seemed enough for the man above you, his lips agape as he panted against your throat, and you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist to tug him closer. He whined at the action, hips stuttering against your pantie clad pussy, and you shushed him softly. “It’s ok bubbas, just keep going. You’re doing so well for me.”

    “I’m a good boy?” Jongho asked softly and you hummed, pressing kisses against his sweaty temple. “My best boy,” you whispered and Jongho moaned, entire body freezing up above you as he came in his shorts. You could feel the damp cloth against your lower tummy, could feel it starting to seep through your own extremely wet underwear, and you wiggled your hips against the weird sensation.

    You made a noise of confusion when Jongho tugged your legs away from his waist, pressing kisses along your body as you moved his way down to kneel between your thighs. “Wanna make you feel good,” he mumbled and before you could tell him that it wasn’t needed, that you just wanted your precious boy to cum and get a good night's rest, he was already licking you through your ruined panties.

    Well, if he really wanted to...

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    if you would like to be added to the kinktober tag list, pls let me know!!

    all rights reserved to bngchnsi. reposts onto other platforms are prohibited.

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    Kinktober Day 19

    Day 19: Roleplay with Jongho ft. San


    Tags:@mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear


    “Well, well, well, such a little slut. Caught you sneaking around our base.”

    “Did you find what you were looking for darling?~”

    You rolled your eyes at the male in front of you, “I don’t have to tell you shit-” You say getting caught off guard by a hand gripping your neck. You were sitting on the lap of Choi San, with Choi Jongho standing in front of you. “What a dirty mouth she has, Isn’t that right Jongho?” San says, Making Jongho smirk as he walks closer to your face. “Mhm, why don’t we put that mouth to use huh?” San makes you move and get on your knees, gripping your hair making you face Jongho. Jongho starts unzipping his pants, pulling them down to allow his hard cock to plop out.

    “Go on, put that filthy mouth of yours to use, Slut,”San pushes you close to Jongho’s cock and you open your mouth, taking his cock into your mouth, whining. You didn’t think it was going to fit in your mouth. San moved his hand, Jongho replaced it with his, guiding you slightly. “Your mouth feels so good. You were talking all that mess, and yet here you are, sucking my dick like an obedient little princess~” Jongho cooed, watching you struggle to take it all. “You look so helpless, I could fuck your face right now and all you could do is sit and take it.” You whine as he holds your head, slowly starting to fuck your face.

    San managed to work his way underneath you, guiding you down on his dick. Earning a muffles cry from you. “Fuck Jongho, she’s so damned tight. I can barely move.” San groaned out. Jongho let out a moan of his own. “Mhm...we should make her out personal little fuck toy~” You moaned around Jongho’s cock, spit and precum dribbling down your chin, you could barely think at all. San was below you pounding into your cunt as Jongho suddenly stilled in your mouth, hot cum flooding into your mouth. You watched as Jongho slowly pulled out, He smirked and grips your chin. “Swallow It. All of it.” He ordered and you swallowed his cum, earning a soft groan from Jongho.

    He backed away allowing San to have his way with you, hearing your moans get louder. “Yea, look at you, becoming a mess all over my dick, moaning for me like some desperate little whore.” San grunts as his thrusts get sloppier as he gets close. You clench around his cock letting out a loud almost pornstar-like moan as you reach your high, whining in overstimulation at San’s thrusts. He let out a deep groan as his hips paused as he came deep in your cunt, leaving you a mumbling mess. He flops back on the floor, placing his hands on your hips, rubbing circles in them.

    Jongho had left the room and returned with towels and cold drinks with a gentle smile on his face. “We didn’t go too hard on you, did we Cub?” He asked and you shook your head no, whining as San slowly lifted off his cock. Jongho helped him guide you to the bed. San sighed softly as he placed a kiss on your cheek. “You did an amazing job, Princess. We’ll prepare a bath for you in a bit, I’m sure you need to relax.” You nodded at Sans words as Jongho runs a towel across your body, cleaning any excess juices off of you.

    “I think you might’ve fucked her voice away Jongho..”

    “Don’t you dare blame me! You were going hard too!”

    “C-can I just get my bath please..and I want to cuddle..”

    “Sorry Cub..” “Sorry, Princess..”

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    Kinktober Day 18

    Day 18: Pain kink with Seonghwa.


    Tags:@mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear @hwaxworld


    “Such a bad girl you are Sweetheart~ getting turned on by this.”

    You regret even letting Seonghwa figure out you liked spanking and pain.

    It came up accidentally while you were cleaning up around your shared apartment. He was being playful and decided to reel his hand back and land a hard smack on your ass. You let out a mixed yelp/moan, your face heating up in embarrassment. You knew Hwa was going to use this against you by the devilish smirk on his face, and now the time has come.

    Seonghwa had you across his lap with nothing on belod the waist, you had been acting a certain way since he had been ignoring you. It wasn’t on purpose but you still felt some type of way, and lets just say, Seonghwa didn’t take nicely to the bratty behavior. Hwa was rubbing your ass,preparing you for what was to come.

    “Safe word?” “Pink..Sir..” Seonghwa smirks at you small whimper before landing a harsh smack to your right cheek, earning a squeak of pleasure from you. “Count.” He said sternly and you quickly nodded. “O-one…” You managed to get out as he landed another strike in the same spot. “T-two…” You moan out already feeling the sting from the hits. Seonghwa chuckles as he rubs the spot before spanking you once more. “Three!” Seonghwa Smirks down at you. He massages that same spot as he talked. “My sweet princess, you missed you daddy didn’t you?” He asked, striking your ass again. “F-four.! Yes i missed you! It made me upset that you- F-five!...ignored me..” Seonghwa sighed as he rested his hands on your back, tracing a circle in it.

    “I’m sorry princess, you know I didn’t mean it…” he said,” I’ll pay more attention to you.” He continued, moving to run a hand through your hair. You sighed longingly and relaxed in Seonghwa’s gri, until you heard the sound of his belt unbuckling. You gasp as he suddenly grips a handful of your hair making you turn to face him. “But that doesn’t mean you’re escaping punishment.” He said using his other hand to run the belt across your ass before striking it, earning a cry of pleasure from you.

    “Now keep counting princess and I may fuck this pretty wet cunt of yours~”

    #ateez seonghwa#ateez smut #ateez smut fanfic #ateez smut fanfictions #ateez fanfic #ateez smut fanfics #ateez x reader #ateez x reader smut #ateez fanfics#ateez fanfiction #ateez smut reactions #ateez smut drabbles #ateez smut imagines #Seonghwa x reader #Seonghwa smut #Park Seonghwa x reader #park seonghwa x reader smut #seonghwa smut #park seonghwa smut #seonghwa x reader
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    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Kinktober Day 17

    Day 17: Sex Toys with Jeong Yunho


    Tags:@mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear


    “You look so cute and helpless princess…”

    “Ah, Ah..I have to stretch you out first~. I fuck you, don’t worry baby~”

    Yunho smirks as he presses a button on a remote watching as you jolted, your legs immediately trying to close them but couldn't. You whine and moan as he plays with the speeds soaking in your reactions and sounds. “How does it feel princess? Does it feel good?” He asked and you nod rapidly. “Y-yes..feels good Yuyu..” You whined, leaning into the pillows. Yunho wanted to absolutely destroy you by how cute you looked, but he promised to take his time today. He wanted you to relax and enjoy this.

    Yunho leans down to place a passionate kiss on your lips as his hand goes down to tease your clit, drinking in your desperate moans. Yunho rubs circles on your clit as he turns the setting up to the max, watching your lower half twitches. He knew you were clenching around the toy, wishing it was his big cock fuckin gyou instead. Yunho pulls away from the kiss watching your needy face. “I..i need you, ynho..” You say softly, your face already flushed and fucked out. Yunho smirks as he moves his hand down to slowly pull out the vibrator. You whine as the empty feeling but get shushed by Yunho. He backs up slightly as he begins to undo his pants, earning a desperate whine from you.

    “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m going to take care of you~”

    #ateez smut #ateez smut fanfiction #ateez smut fanfic #ateez smut fanfictions #ateez fanfic #ateez smut fanfics #ateez x reader #ateez x reader smut #ateez fanfics #ateez smut drabbles #ateez smut imagines #Ateez yunho #ateez yunho smut #yunho smut #yunho x reader smut #jeong yunho x reader smut #jeong yunho x reader #yunho x reader
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