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    — his plan was simple: just send a couple of letters to the pretty girl from spanish class and then reveal your identity. that's simple enough right? WRONG. yunho was not ready for the chaos it was about to unfold right in front of his eyes.

    genre: romance, angst
    pairing: ateez?? × fem!reader

    note; hello!! so ive been wanting to write an smau for ateez for so long! hope you like it <3

    let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!

    #ateez sm au #ateez x reader #ateez social media au #kpop sm au #ateez fake texts #ateez fic#ateez imagine#ateez fluff#lovefool au
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    Mr. Park~ Stressed

    Pairing- Seonghwa x Named Reader

    Genre- Fluff, Smut

    Word Count- 3k

    Includes- Dilf Seonghwa, Age Gap Relationship- Everyone is consenting adults, sad Seonghwa, love making, riding

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

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    "Hi, it's Joanne. I'm not available at the moment. Please leave a message-"

    I sigh hanging up the phone

    I'm almost home from work and I hope she's home

    School started for her a month ago and she's been really busy

    She has classes all day, then she either works until ten or she's in her makeup room practicing what she learned, testing out new products she buys, taking pictures of her work for school

    She still makes time for me everyday though, just like I do for her

    But today

    Today was a bad day for me

    Work was a nightmare

    My secretary was out today and there was no one to replace her so I had to answer all the phone calls

    I had to catch up on work, we had a meeting with the bosses I forgot about so I had to call all the appointments I had and reschedule them

    Then I had to meet with the afternoon appointments and got into an argument with one client

    He started the argument, calling me names and I was so done by that time and I went off

    When he left my office, he apparently went to my boss because he came in and yelled at me for an hour about my attitude and what I said.

    I argued with him and it was a big blow out

    I was just so stressed today, I feel like shit, upset, overwhelmed and I just want her

    I can't remember if she has work today or not but I hope she's not

    I hope she's just in her makeup room and didn't hear her phone

    When I get closer to the house, I see her car in the drive way and I sign in relief

    I park in front of the house and make my way inside

    It's so quiet

    Yoonah left for school last month so it's just me and Joanne

    I love Yoonah but I'm happy it's just us now

    Yoonah's been slowly talking to Joanne again, just being polite but it's still tense

    But now that she's at school, it's tense free, nice and relaxed

    Climbing the stairs, I make my way right to her room

    Opening the door, I find her sitting at her makeup vanity, swatching eye shadow on her arm

    She told me what swatching means and why she does it

    I just see her sitting there and the overwhelming feels come back

    I just want to be in her arms right now

    "Jagi", I whisper

    "Hi baby!", she says cheerfully, turning to me

    Her face falls into concern seeing me, "Baby, what's wrong?"

    She immediately stands up, coming straight to me

    "I...I...", I stammer, tears filling my eyes

    I just can't hold it back anymore

    "Seonghwa", she panics, her arms around me, hugging me tightly, "Tell me what's wrong baby"

    "I...today....was horrible", I whisper, tears falling

    "Baby", she says softly, "It's ok baby. Come on"

    She takes my hand, leading me to our room

    She makes me sit on the bed, her standing in front of me

    Her fingers wipe my tears, then she kisses my forehead

    She hugs me to her, running her fingers in my hair

    "It's ok baby", she whispers, rubbing my back too, "What happened?"

    "Bad bad day. Want you", I whine softly

    "Aww Hwannie. I'm here baby. I'm sorry you had a bad day", she says, kissing the top of my hair

    Wrapping my arms around her waist, I hold on to her so glad she's here

    She already making me feel a little better

    "Let's change your clothes ok baby?"

    I nod

    She moves away a little, loosening my tie

    She pulls it over my head, her lips kissing mine softly

    Pulling away she smiles softly, pushing my suit jacket off, then starts unbuttoning my shirt

    I watch her fingers move, one button at a time

    She pushes the shirt off me, taking one of my hands, pulling the sleeve off my arm, then repeating with my other arm

    Her lips kiss my shoulder softly, my muscles relaxing under them

    She bends down taking my shoes and socks off, then takes my hands into hers, helping me stand up

    I hear my belt being undone, feel my pants fall to the floor

    She takes my hand and I follow her to the bathroom

    She seats me on the toilet while she goes to the tub and turns the water on

    As the water fills she comes to my side, hugging me again, giving me soft touches, gentle kisses

    I'm so lucky to have her

    She immediately dropped everything she was doing to come comfort me

    Yumi never did that

    But Joanne, she's so loving, always putting me first, doing anything for me that sometimes I can't believe she's real

    "Hwannie", she calls, bringing my attention back, "Come baby."

    She tugs my hand and I stand up, going to the tub

    "You're coming with me right?", I whisper

    I feel like such a little kid asking that but I don't want to be anywhere without her tonight

    "Yeah Hwa. Of course."

    She quickly gets undressed, then takes off my boxers

    She gets in the tub first, pulling my hand to get in

    When I do, we sit and she arranges us so she's behind me and I'm leaning against her

    I lay my head back on her shoulder, her arms wrapping around me, holding me tightly

    I feel kisses on my cheek, her hand slowly massaging one of my shoulders

    The water is nice and hot, relaxing me a little

    "Want to tell me what happened today baby?", she asks

    I don't want to talk about it but I know it'll make me feel better

    I tell her about the whole awful day

    "That guy he called me an incompetent idiot. He said his two year old can do my job better than me"

    "That was a dick thing to say. What an ass"

    "Yeah. I told him to go fuck himself, get the fuck out and get his two year old to do his accounting."

    "That's my baby", she laughs softly, kissing me again

    I close my eyes for a second just to drink in her kiss

    Her love that I can feel so well it's just what I needed

    "I'm sorry that happened to you Hwa"

    "That's not even the worse part", I continue

    "Oh baby I'm sorry"

    Her fingers squeeze the muscles of my other shoulder, the muscles relaxing and it feels so good

    She's amazing at massages

    There's nothing she's not good at

    "Tell me what else baby"

    I tell her about what I said back to the client then the client complaining to my boss and the fight we had

    "He threatened to fire me because of my attitude. Because of what I told the client. He was upset because he thinks the client is going to take his business elsewhere because of me. I told him I don't give a fuck what that asshole does"

    By then I had had it and there was no going back

    "My boss said I was acting like a child and that I had to do what the client wants and keep my mouth shut. Yes them to death even when they're wrong. I told him he can go fuck himself too and that I'll call out someone when they're wrong or telling me how to do my job when they have no fucking idea. He said I need to straighten myself out or else. I told him I'll fucking quit, that I'm not a slave for these stuck up asshole clients. That I'll go work for his rival company"

    "Oh shit Hwa. What did he say?"

    "He shut the fuck up right away. Told me that it wasn't necessary for me to quit. Basically placating me. Said I should take tomorrow off"

    The nerve

    Yelling at me then changing his fucking tune when I threatened to quit

    Then giving me a day off

    Fuck him

    "Maybe you should take tomorrow off baby. You had a high stressed day today. You should take a day to relax"

    "But I'll be alone"

    She laughs lightly, "What's tomorrow? Thursday?"

    I nod

    "Ok. I only have one class tomorrow from 10 to 12. Then work but I'll call out and we can spend the day together"

    "You don't have to jagi", I say softly

    I really want her to stay with me but I have to offer her an out

    She shouldn't be babysitting me because I don't want to be alone

    I have to be an adult

    "Of course I do. I want to Hwa. You always take care of me. I want to take care of you baby."

    I silently thank god that she's going to stay with me

    I wasn't looking forward to being alone and finding something to do

    "Are you sure?"

    "Positive baby."

    I smile softly as she moves her hands to my chest, softly touching me

    "I'm proud of you Hwa", she says

    She is?

    Of what?


    "I'm proud of you. You stood up for yourself, not taking shit from that ass client or your boss. You didn't back down and your boss listened to you. I know you were stressed out the whole day but that was a good move you did. You shouldn't let anyone walk all over you. You work so hard everyday and your boss shouldn't threaten you because of a bad day"

    I'm so surprised at how happy I feel hearing her say she's proud of me

    I want to make her proud

    All the time

    "Thanks jagi"

    "Always Hwannie"

    She kisses my hair then moves her hands down my arms, squeezing and massaging as she goes.

    She wraps her fingers around mine, bringing our hands out of the water

    I feel her soft kiss on the back of my hand and my heart swells with love

    We stay in the bathtub for a little longer until the water gets cold

    "Let go in the shower Hwa", she says, giving me another kiss

    I love all the kisses I'm getting from her

    I want more and more, always

    We get out of the tub, she drains the tub then turns on the shower

    Pulling me inside, she maneuvers me on to the built in shower seat

    She tilts my head up to face her

    Then slowly leans down, pressing her lips to mine in a sweet loving kiss

    "I love you Hwa" she says, smiling softly at me and touching my face, her fingers feeling so soft against my skin

    "I love you jagi"

    I get another kiss, then she straightens up, getting shampoo in her hands

    She puts it in my hair, her fingers running through the strands, soaping it up and softly scratching my scalp

    Oh god it feels so good that I close my eyes

    I love when she washes my hair

    The ways she does it is perfect

    She rinses my hair, getting all the soap out, then puts conditioner in it

    "Keep it in for awhile"

    Grabbing soap, she runs it over my body, lathering up my chest

    She moves to my arms one at a time, then my legs, feet, torso

    And I'm just taking it all in, in bliss

    She hovers over me, my fave against her neck as she moves soap all over my back

    I feel more kisses in my hair, her arms around me

    She rinses me and washes out the conditioner

    I watch her wash her hair and body quickly, then she shuts the water off

    "Wait here", she says, getting put of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body

    A few seconds later she comes back with a towel

    "Up Hwa", she says

    When I stand up, she wraps the towel around my waist , takes my hand and leads me to the toilet

    I sit down as she gets another towel

    She runs the fluffy towel across my chest, leaning down to kiss the spots she wipes

    The towel moves over my shoulder, she holds up my arm drying it, then my other and my back, followed by her kisses

    She puts the towel over my hair, softly swishing around, drying it

    She giggles when she takes the towel off my head

    "What's funny baby?"

    "Your hair Hwa. It's sticking up all over"

    I just smile watching her laugh, hearing it

    She's so beautiful

    I don't think it's possible for me to stop thinking that

    I feel something in my hair, moving my hair and I realize she's combing my hair

    She combs it back off my head the way I know she likes it

    She has a thing for undercuts and long hair on top so I keep it that way for her

    "So handsome", she smiles, looking at me with so much love

    I feel myself blush but I smile too

    "Wanna lay down baby? Or do you want something to eat? I can make you something"

    She's been practicing with cooking and she's gotten better

    There are some dishes she can make that are amazing, so when she does cook she usually make them

    I want to eat but in a little

    I just feel like I need....cuddles

    "Cuddles", I say

    "Done", she laughs, walking to the bedroom

    We climb into the bed and she immediately pulls me on top of her, laying me down on her chest, her fingers playing with my hair

    And my body completely relaxes against her

    "My baby. My Hwa. I love you so much", she whispers

    God I love hearing her call me hers

    Never get tired of it

    "My baby works so hard all the time. I can beat up the dumb client if you want"

    I chuckle

    She really could

    She's feisty and can be super protective of me

    Which I love

    "And I'll yell at your boss too"

    "Ok jagi. You can"

    "Oh I will"

    "My hero", I tell her

    "Always baby"

    Her hand runs up and down my back, shivers running down my body

    And I feel an erection forming

    It's just feeling her skin against mine, her touches, her kisses, the shivers she gives me

    It just affects me

    She affects me

    "Someone is poking me in the leg", she giggles

    "Sorry", I whisper, hiding my face on her neck

    "Don't apologize baby. You want help with it?"

    I nod

    I always want her

    I'm pretty sure I'll want her on my death bed

    "Want kisses there? Licks?", she teases

    I shake my head

    "What do you want?"

    "You", I whisper, "I want you around me. Want to be inside you"

    "Ok baby. I want you too"

    I let out the breath I was holding

    I was going to ask her if she wanted to

    I don't want her to force herself if she doesn't want to

    "How do you want-"

    "Ride me", I ask

    I feel her nodding, kissing the top of my head

    She rolls me on my back, climbing on me

    She pushes down on me, sliding me in

    I moan softly, feeling how tight she is, how she clenches on me

    How fucking incredible she feels

    "Oh jagi", I whimper, "So good jagi"

    She nods, shivering on me when sinks on me fully

    I watch her as she slowly slides up my length, then back down

    Pleasure explodes in my body

    She keeps going, slowly bouncing, soaking me

    Her body hits me in the face, seeing her boobs bounce gently, her body shaking in pleasure, moving hypnotically

    As much as I love feeling her on me, I love watching her too

    Placing my hands on her thighs, I move my thumbs along her skin softly

    "So pretty baby. You're so fucking beautiful", I whisper

    Her face and chest flush a cute pink

    She's throbbing, so close

    But I feel her stopping herself

    And I don't know why

    "Jagi, why are you-"

    "Want you to cum baby", she answers

    "No jagi. Not before you"


    "No baby. I want to feel you so much. I love when you cum on me. I can't...I can't cum without feeling you first"


    "Yeah baby. It's been like that for a long time. I don't know when it changed but I wouldn't have it any other way."

    "You wouldn't?"

    I shake my head, "No baby. Don't stop yourself ok? I want it. So bad jagi"

    "Yeah Hwa", she answers breathlessly, continuing to move

    Up and down, up and down

    Fucking amazing

    "Seonghwa", she calls, pulsing hard on me and I impatiently wait for her orgasm

    "Oh god Seonghwa"

    Her body arches, pleasure all over her face, her calling my name over and over

    It feels so fucking good and I moan her name, coming hard

    I grab her hand, both of us riding out our orgasms with each other

    She looks at me, breathing hard, but smiles and leans over, kissing my lips softly

    "I love you"

    "I love you", I answer

    She smiles, tilting her head

    "So more cuddles"

    I want them but now I'm hungrier than before

    "Can I uh have cuddles and food?"

    Laughing, she nods, "Of course baby. Come on. I'll cuddle you while I cook and while you eat"

    "You're so good to me jagi"

    "Oh stop Hwa", she smiles, starting to climb off me

    I stop her, sitting up and looking in her eyes

    "You are so good to me jagi. You're the best for me. I know that one hundred percent."

    She runs her fingers in my hair, pushing it off my face

    "You're the best for me too baby. Perfect for me"

    God, I'm so glad she thinks so

    "Thanks for staying with me and making me feel better"

    "Of course Hwa. I'll be here for you anytime. Always. Don't ever be afraid to come to me for anything. You're my everything. I'll do anything for you"

    I feel tears forming in my eyes and a few fall

    A look of concern shadows her face, "Hwa? Why are you crying?"

    "I'm just....just so happy jagi. I'm so happy you love me"

    She smiles softly, "I'll always love you Hwa."

    "I'll always love you" I assure her

    She just nods and smiles, kissing her again

    After the kiss, she pulls away and stands up, "Let's get food baby"

    Nodding, I get up too and take her hand, leading the way to the kitchen

    Read with gifs here

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    perfidy (c.s)

    synopsis: A perfect life, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend. Why does it all seem too good to be true? Because it is. The greater the high, the greater the fall from it.

    pairing: choi san x reader

    genre: mafia au, fluff, angst and smut

    word count: 20.8k

    taglist: @tohokuu

    After going to a stuffy private school your whole life where you were driven back and forth from school by chauffeurs, the experience of boarding the train to get to your university was something you appreciated a lot.

    Your luck continued though, because your university seemed to be in the opposite direction of everyone else’s morning commute and thus you usually wouldn’t face the crowd that has everyone pressed against the doors. Maybe that was why you weren’t fed up with public transportation yet. In your three years of attending university, you had barely ever been in a crowd on the ride home or to university. Probably because most of the students had their own transport or lived on or near campus.

    Everyone except you seemed to be in a hurry as they continued to bustle around the station, lined up behind a recharge station for their train cards and through the gates. You were leisurely sipping on your morning coffee as you stood in line, surprisingly more patient than everyone else as they shuffled on their feet, anxious for the line to move.

    If you told your friends that you actually enjoyed waiting patiently for your turn and even woke up earlier anticipating it, they would look at you like you had committed a sin. Yes, you were used to being waited on hand and foot since you grew up relatively wealthy, but you weren’t the kind of person that got angry when things weren’t handed to you on a silver platter.

    That was probably because in the face of any kind of inconvenience, you weren’t spoiled to death by their parents like they were. Your parents had divorced when you were very young, your father winning custody. Although with the way he raised you, you couldn’t imagine why he fought for it in the first place. To save face, you supposed.

    You were practically raised by your nanny and whatever girlfriend your father had for that month. After the fourth girlfriend who wanted to be the mother you never had, you learnt not to get too attached to them. You’d actually feel bad when they believed that they were here to stay and could break your fathers’ bad habits.

    As his girlfriend’s ages got closer to yours, you got even more uncomfortable whenever your father would come home; even though he had his own bedroom and office at your family manor, he spent most of his time at his condo.

    It was safe to say that you didn’t exactly have a good father daughter relationship.

    You got to the train platform right on time; just as you threw away your coffee cup in the trash the train pulled up and you calmly stepped inside, finding a seat almost immediately. The rest of the passengers boarding and the announcement for the train to leave the station fell upon deaf ears as soon as you stuffed your earphones in.

    That was until someone sat beside you and poked your shoulder.

    Startled, you immediately paused the music, pulling out one of your earphones and a boy about your age, who was looking extremely embarrassed, smiled at you. Even though he looked very uncomfortable, you couldn’t help but find him adorable when you noticed the dimples on his cheeks.

    “I’m sorry for bothering me but do you know what station I have to get off to get to Winston Law?” He asked, biting his lip nervously.

    “Yeah, you have to get off at Rocksbury and then take the bus.” You pointed at the directory on the train doors, and he nodded, smiling gratefully at you, “I’m headed to the same place, so I can take you there."

    “You go to Winston Law?” Ah yes, the very college that your ‘friends’ begged you not to go to. You laughed in their face when they suggested doing the same thing as them which in this case was either getting pregnant, getting married or getting daddy’s company. None sounded the least bit appealing. Especially getting another reason to stay around your father.

    You smiled, flashing the keychain on your bag that had the logo of your university, “Yeah, I’m in my third year, what about you?”

    “I’m in my first year. I joined late, today is my first day.”

    You nodded thoughtfully, “Well if you want, I’d be happy to show you around?”

    The smile he sent you was enough to blind somebody, and you felt your retinas burn a little from how good-looking he was. The blonde grinned from ear to ear and his dimples were even more pronounced this time, eyes disappearing in the eye smile and your heart skipped a beat in your chest.

    “I’d really like that, thank you.”

    “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

    “San. Nice to meet you.”


    You parted with San shortly after showing him around and even told him where he could download the campus map just in case, he found himself in an area he didn’t recognize. He was such a sweetheart, thanking you profusely when you parted at the administration office. It was only after entering your class you had realized you had forgotten to give him your number.

    You didn’t usually hand out your number to freshman, but he was just so cute you’d be stupid not to. On the ride here you had found out that you both were the same age, but he joined college late because he didn’t think law was necessarily for him but changed his mind. So technically, you weren’t exactly preying on the wide-eyed lowerclassmen.

    You were in class, tapping your pen against your notebook as you waited for the professor to enter the lecture hall. Everyone was already seated, some already asleep; Professor Kang let you do whatever you wanted so long as you didn’t interrupt him and make him lose his train of thought. If you were unlucky enough to yawn or sneeze loudly enough for him to forget what he was saying, lord knew you would be on the receiving end of a scolding for the rest of the period.

    The class looked empty huge since most of the students opted to take Children’s law in their first year. You had been the stupid one to try and avoid it for the first 2 years in favour of taking things easy, but you needed to get your credit score up and now was stuck taking it without the company of your friends.

    You were surprised when San quietly slid into the seat beside you, sparing a small smile as he pulled out his computer to take notes. The wallpaper was a solid colour which surprised you since he seemed like the type to set it up as a cute picture.

    “Do you mind if I sit here?” When he finally noticed you staring, he looked embarrassed that he didn’t ask you for permission first and at the first sign of the frown on his face you were shaking your head, waving your hands frantically.

    “No no, not at all. You just surprised me.”

    That satisfied him, he smiled that adorable smile once again and nodded to himself distractedly, turning his attention to the front of the class as the professor stepped up to the board.

    You tried to convince yourself that what your professor was saying wasn’t that important so you could stare at San some more as he absentmindedly smiled at his computer while diligently taking notes but when he caught you staring, you had no choice but to shamefully look back at your notebook, finally writing down something.

    During the class, you kept wanting to speak to him, ask him how he found the campus and if he had checked out his schedule already, but you kept silent in favour of writing notes. You didn’t want to distract him on his first day, especially since he was more than enthusiastic about being here, jotting down every little thing that the professor said even though it wasn’t important.

    When you noticed how his lips began pouting when he fell a little behind, you had made up your mind, you were going to ask this man on a date. Not immediately, of course, you’d take a couple weeks minimum to get a feel of his personality and what not but of what you’ve seen so far, you already like him.

    With that resolve, you turned back to your notes, now diligently writing beside him until the end of the class. You calmly grabbed your things, knowing you didn’t have another class for at least half an hour. San on the other hand anxiously packed up his things and just when you thought he was going to leave, he turned to you with a small smile.

    “You can totally say no, but do you mind if I have your number? I don’t know anyone here and I’d like to be friends.”

    He was only asking for your phone number, but your heart rate increased so drastically one would’ve thought he asked for your hand in marriage. Grinning brightly, you quickly put in your number on his phone, and he sent you his by texting you a cute sticker of a bear.

    “I have a class.” He said, the smile still apparent on his face and you giggled, “Would you mind if I walked you there?”


    “It really isn’t that big of a deal, San.” You chuckled but he looked up at you in awe, like you had just strung all the stars in the sky and your heart swelled. San was the type to praise you if you ate well and it always made you feel good about yourself. He was just such a sweet person; you couldn’t help the way you fell for him.

    It had been a couple weeks since you met him, and you had yet to ask him on a date. You had yet to go a day without speaking to him in some way; whether he invited you out for a cup of coffee or sent you a bunch of texts or even called you just as you were getting into bed or stepping into the bath.

    You loved those conversations with him, where you were half asleep and just mumbling nonsense into the phone and you got the chance to hear his coarse voice as he was dozing off as well. As days passed and San became more prominent in your life, you realized you were falling deep for him.

    He wasn’t shy as you thought he would be, as he got more comfortable with you, he even surprised you with how bold he was sometimes. Although you supposed he was used to having other’s attentions fixated on him, given how beautiful he was and how well he knew to style himself.

    Usually by this point you’d know whether someone had an interest in you, but he was difficult to put a finger on. He was so closed off about his life outside university, usually not giving you many details but he was very interested in you.

    Many times, he has redirected a conversation to be about you and before you realized it, you had rambled on for 2 hours while San stared at you with an affectionate look on his face. The last thing you would want is to make things awkward between the two of you.

    He was also naturally flirtatious; it was his habit to hold onto people and hug them when he had nothing to do. You wouldn’t be surprised if the girl that served him coffee this morning thought that she might have a chance with San, but he had been adamant not to spend time with other girls since coming here.

    For the most part, he had just hung around you and your friends and he fit well in your friend group since they were all the same age. Your female friends had been kind enough to keep him at arm’s length when you expressed that you might want to date him.

    So basically, everyone was prepared for you to confess to San except yourself.

    “What do you mean not a big deal?! It’s a huge deal! People usually have to beg and beg to join that committee but the fact that they asked you to join?! And you’re not even a fourth year?!”

    What San was referring to, was the fact that you were on the Winston’s Intern Committee which was basically an internship programme where the university recommended their own students to big law firms. If a law firm was interested and your grades were high enough then they’d even offer to pay for your remaining years tuition.

    The committee was usually for 4th year students and even those students were asked to submit a lengthy application along with many references to even be considered. When you began your 3rd year, you were more than surprised to get an invitation from them yourself. Your professors recommended you since you always showed a spectacular performance during mock trials since beginning university. You had yet to lose a trial, winning against your seniors as well.

    It was an enormous deal.

    But you didn’t want to be that person that lorded it over someone else. So, after your friends threw you a small get together as a congratulations, you barely ever spoke about it around them, not wanting to seem like you were trying to come off as superior.

    But the way San kept stroking your ego made your heart swell with pride. It was something commendable and you were keening after receiving genuine praise from someone who found it amazing without feeling envious.

    You sent him a shy smile, “Thank you.”

    “Let’s go out to celebrate!”

    You laughed at his enthusiasm, practically dragging you down the halls to get something to eat, “San this isn’t new. It happened months before we met. We already celebrated.”

    He turned to you with a pout, “But I wasn’t there! Let me treat you to a nice meal and couple drinks! You deserve to feel special for today, you work so hard all the time.”

    Your heart fluttered. Everyone in the university worked hard, the school was competitive, and no one wanted to fall behind. But it was still nice to hear that your efforts were recognizable and should be rewarded.

    “Alright fine but we’re celebrating you making it through a month of university without looking like you want to kill someone.”

    He nodded, interlacing your fingers as you left campus and walked towards the train station together.

    “Is this a date?”

    You nearly tripped over your own foot and likely would have toppled down the flight of stairs into the concrete had San not grabbed your hand tightly. He blushed lightly; he really chose the wrong place to have this conversation, one wrong move and he’d get to use the pickup line ‘Did it hurt when you fell from the top of the stairs?’

    He was staring at you so earnestly that you felt the heat rise to your cheeks and even though he had basically given you the upper hand here, you were still bashful from his straightforwardness. Peeking up at him from beneath your lashes, you meekly asked, “Do you want it to be?”

    Sn reached for your other hand, holding both of them in his as you stood at the top of the staircase together feeling like you were the only two on the face of the planet.

    That cute dimple on his cheek was back, making you feel weak just by looking at him. If you were to have your own kryptonite, a substance that could reduce you into a pile of mush and unproductivity, you’d find it in his dimple.

    It was dangerous, giving someone so much power over you; you had seen it happen to your father’s girlfriends but if this was how they felt just by holding hands, you couldn’t blame them for laying out their heart. Afterall, they weren’t the ones at fault for loving, it was your father who was at fault for only being loved and never giving any.

    So far, you had only been on the receiving end of San’s affection. He was always so quick to compliment you, to make you feel like you were soaring with just a couple words. You were resolute; you wouldn’t use him like your father, you’d give him just as much as he gave you.

    “I want this to be a date.” He said, smiling kindly at you and butterflies erupted through your insides.

    “Me too.”


    An amusement park date was your idea of a perfect first date. The perfect spot that kept things interesting while still enjoying each other’s company. So, when San suggested it, you couldn’t help but feel like he was every bit your soulmate.

    The day started off strong, with the two of you riding every ride, holding hands as you reached the top and screaming your lungs out as you came down. You laughed until your stomach hurt when San claimed he was too tired to wait in lines and proceeded to put all his weight on you.

    San argued with you for a good five minutes about paying for lunch and snacks. He didn’t even let you take your wallet out of your bag before he was handing the vendor his money, urging him to take it before you could protest.

    Since San had spent a good amount of money on both the food and the tickets, you felt entitled to repay him.

    Which is exactly why you were currently losing every last bit of money in your purse to the carnival game. The vendor was clearly enjoying your struggling and every time San offered to help you nudged him away with your hip. You didn’t think that shooting plastic pellets at a couple targets was so hard, but you were being proved wrong. Your eyes were hurting from trying to aim the gun.

    At this rate you’d have to find an ATM fast if you wanted to continue playing.

    Just as you paid for another round, San pushed you aside and even though you protested and even tried to climb on him as he grabbed the unnecessarily long rifle. He didn’t even have to take a couple minutes to aim before you heard the sound of the pellet hitting the target.

    You froze in your spot, watching San in awe as he continued to shoot down the targets. Even the vendor was shocked, handing you the plushie without another word.

    You pouted, holding the Shiba plushie to your chest, “I wanted to win it for you.”

    San chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist to lead you away from all the sparkly lights on the other games. No doubt if your eyes landed on the ring toss game or basketball, you’d go home bankrupt.

    “With the amount you spent trying to win it, you practically bought it.”

    “It’s still yours, I want you to have it.” You insisted, pushing it into his chest and he nodded with a placating smile, holding both you and the plushie close to him.

    “What should we name it?” He asked, looking up at the purple sky. The sun had almost set and in the matter of a few minutes, the streetlamps would be the only things giving you light. You didn’t realize it got so late already, when you started the game, the sun had hardly begun setting.

    ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’ You thought, looking back at San’s face.

    A couple years ago, you had read something in a psychology post on Facebook about how it only took 7 seconds to fall in love with someone. It was absolute bullshit, you had seen it before in your fathers’ girlfriends and you knew that if it only took seconds then it was attraction, it was lust, maybe even delusion but it was never love.

    Looking at San, the way his eyes curved into an adorable eye smile, the blonde strands of hair covering his eyes slightly and holding the plushie to his chest, you wondered if what you were feeling in your chest was love.

    It hadn’t been too long since you met each other, it had certainly been more than 7 seconds but this feeling in your chest got stronger the longer you knew him. If someone else had told you this, you would have thought they were quite pathetic to get so emotional in such a short span of time, but it felt different when it was you. The feelings felt real.

    If this is what delusions felt like, you weren’t opposed to it.

    Afterall wasn’t this the kind of story that all old couples told for years to come? About how they met their soulmate in college or high school and stayed together ever since. While it was difficult to put your finger on it since your relationship was so young, it felt like something that would last for years to come.

    “What about Shiber?” His question brought you out of your thoughts that were ironically filled with him, finding him staring at you with a smile and his eyes wide, like they could fit the whole sparkling galaxy within them.

    “I think it’s perfect.”

    San leaned in to peck your lips and you felt a jolt of electricity rush through you. When he pulled away, he was smiling at you affectionately, tightening the hold around your waist to lead you through the lit streets, the plushie clutched between the two of you.


    San’s lips were soft.

    That was the only thought that remained in your head when San moulded his lips against yours again and again. Your mind was completely blank as he carefully guided you through his apartment, though your knees did end up knocking together as your unsynchronized steps backed you towards the bedroom.

    You barely registered him switching on the lights and pulling off your jacket before chucking it to some corner of the room. Your arms were leisurely thrown over his shoulders, one hand playing with the blonde strands at the nape of his neck, and you smiled in the kiss when you felt him shiver.

    Even though there was a need that fuelled your current make out session, it wasn’t rushed or extremely feisty; it was slow, and passion filled. Each kiss that was shared was gentle but firm and had butterflies erupting in your stomach.

    When you fell back against his bed all your senses were heightened and it felt like your skin would light on fire just from the sensation of his cotton duvet against the sliver of skin exposed between your shirt and the waistband of your pants.

    It was quiet, aside from the occasional sound of his lips smacking against yours as his tongue gently traced the contours of your mouth and the rustles of the sheets as you squirmed underneath him. You whimpered into San’s mouth when one of his knees parted your legs and immediately you became very aware of your lungs that burned for air.

    You let your head hit the plush pillows as San began trailing his lips down your neck while his knee inched closer to your core. Your eyes fluttered open and close while his hands traced your hips.

    “Mmm stop.” You moaned out, gently pushing his head away from you and San stopped immediately, pulling away and putting a little distance between the two of you without leaving the bed.

    His eyes shone with uncertainty and your heart swelled just a little, “Did I do something wrong?”

    “No, it’s just—” You began, trailing off as you felt a blush crawl up your neck.

    “What is it?” He coaxed gently.

    “Shiber’s staring at us.” You murmured, embarrassed, looking at the plushie that you had ‘won’ for him back at the carnival sitting at the edge of his bed. San blinked at you before letting out a breathy laugh.

    “You’re so cute.” He giggled, leaning down to nudge his nose against your cheek before placing a peck there. You blushed, hiding just how flustered you were when you noticed the plushie’s black eyes staring right at the two of you while you made out on his bed, making you uncomfortable.

    He reached for the plush toy, placing at the foot of the bed so you couldn’t see it anymore before straddling you once again.

    “He’ll hear us.” You whispered and he chuckled at you, kissing your neck lightly. Even though it was an inanimate object, there was just something about doing it in front of its eyes that made you insanely uncomfortable.

    “Then you better keep quiet.” He whispered back, smiling adorably and your stomach flipped.

    His lips returned to your, instantly wiping away any worries you might have had, and you eagerly returned his kiss, arms finding place over his shoulders once again. His lips really were so soft.

    San pulled away from you only for a second to pull his shirt over his head and even though you already missed the feeling of his lips on yours, you wouldn’t help the gasp that left your lips as a hand came to cover your mouth.

    “You have tattoos?!”

    He raised a brow, “Yes?”

    “Oh my god, really? Wow, you really don’t seem like the type.” You thought out loud and San blushed underneath your gaze. Usually when his shirt was off, girls tended to stare at his well-built body with lustful eyes instead of the ink that was littered on his skin. You, on the other hand, let your eyes rake over each inch of skin that was tattooed with amazement.

    It made him feel adored.

    “Do they have special meanings or are you the type to get fun tattoos?” You asked, shyly reaching a hand up to trace the letters on his bicep. He shivered lightly as your fingers grazed his arms, lightly fluttering over the one on the side on his abdomen when you were done.

    “They all have meanings.”

    “What about this one?” You asked, running your fingertip over the letters on his bicep that read ‘Ateez’. San didn’t really want to answer, not wanting to say too much but the way you were looking up at him with wonder in your eyes, he felt himself relent way too quickly.

    “That’s just a silly group name my friends gave us when we were younger. I’m still really good friends with all the guys so we all got matching tattoos.” He said quietly and you nodded, looking at the other tattoo on his other arm; it was a tiny line drawing of a mountain against a cloudy sky, “And that one?”

    “My sister’s name is Hana.”

    “Ah, so a mountain and the sky. That’s cute.” You smiled, letting your eyes linger on it for a few more minutes before poking at the tiny umbrella that was on the side of his abdomen.

    “My best friend’s name is Wooyoung, so we’re WooSan.” He explained and you giggled, nodding and skated your eyes over his body again, trying to spot anything you might have missed.

    “They’re pretty.” You said quietly and kissed his lips, realizing just how intimate the moment had gotten, with San still leaning above you. It wasn’t lustful anymore; the air wasn’t crackling with passion as it was a couple minutes ago, and you flushed prettily.

    “I kinda ruined the moment, didn’t I?”

    “You didn’t.” San said, rolling onto his side and pulling you into his arms. You placed your head against his bare chest and wrapped an arm around his waist, “You just turned it into a different mood.”

    “I just wanna lay here for a while, with you. Is that okay?”

    You felt a kiss land on the top of your head before you both settled into each other and pulled the covers over your bodies, getting Shiber off the floor to cuddle with you.

    “That’s okay.”


    You woke up earlier than you usually did and by the time you were out of the shower, the morning sky was still a bit purple, and the streetlamps were still lit up outside. Instead of hearing the chirping of birds in the morning, you kept your ears open for any sounds from the floor below you.

    You had spent the night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep with the feeling of dread on your shoulders even though you had double checked to make sure the door was locked. And that same feeling of dread was the reason you had awoken before the sun was even up, despite how your tired limbs were pleading to go back to your comfortable bed.

    All this because the housekeeper had informed you when you got home from university the day before that your father was planning to spend the night at the manor, apparently because he needed to use his home office for something.

    Your father’s home office was the one place that wasn’t allowed to the rest of the staff. No one was allowed to enter, and your father had gone through the liberty of placing a number lock on it but since it doubles as a panic room, your father gave you the password to it.

    When you tiptoed down to the exit, bent on skipping breakfast, you caught a glimpse of your father passed out on the couch as if he didn’t have a queen-sized bed in the other room. You weren’t sure whether it was because he was drunk, and you were not too keen to find out. Instead, you held your shoes in your hand and slipped out the door, putting them on outside before walking to the bus station.

    Your mornings were usually filled with music but now the silent walk to university was spent by San’s side. It was weird; before you looked forward to being alone, needing some isolation time in the morning to get your thoughts sorted before a big day but now you craved to be by your boyfriend’s side.

    Some days he’d be the reason you’d be beaming while sitting beside him on the train and some days he didn’t say much while you leaned against his shoulder, catching up on whatever sleep you lost the night before while trying to finish an assignment.

    “Morning baby.” San murmured, kissing your temple as he slid into the train seat beside you and you automatically turned your body to him, resting your head against his shoulder instead of the window.

    The train car was completely empty, since you both had left earlier today, and it was nice pretending like you were the only two people on the face of the Earth. San pat his hand on your thigh lightly, making you shiver when his skin met that of your bare thigh.

    You hummed and kissed his cheek in greeting, “Sleep well?”

    Had you seen this type of couple on the train, you probably would’ve cringed while secretly being jealous but now that you had been in a relationship with San for almost 3 months now, you didn’t mind being that cheesy couple on the train that made others envious.

    Finally, it felt like things in your life were starting to be genuine. The last 3 years you had spent in college had given you a purpose, interests, and challenges; and now the last 3 months had given you fulfilment, satisfaction, and this weird burning feeling in your chest whenever you looked at him. Love was something you had yet to feel for someone else and it was exciting to say the least.

    “Are you okay?” He had noticed that you weren’t exactly responding as well as you usually did. You were thinking about whether your father would be home when you got back and spend another night. The brief thought of spending the night at San’s house instead flashed through your head and your heart fluttered.

    “Just a little stressed.” You mumbled, leaning further into the crook of his neck and San gently brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear.

    “Then let me relax you.” San turned his head to press his lips against your ear and you shivered when you felt his tongue against your earlobe before his lips trailed down your neck. You tilted your head away from him to show him the expanse of your neck when he bit down on the space behind your ear.

    The hand on your thigh inched closer to the hem of your skirt and your breath got caught in your chest. It felt like your body was buffering, trying to decide whether to clench your thighs shut or spread them wider and your bottom lip quivered when his fingers disappeared underneath the fabric of your skirt, barely grazing the skin of your thigh.

    There was no one here to see what you both were doing, and you were facing away from the doors so even if someone did come in, they wouldn’t be able to see what San was currently doing. Still, your heartbeat picked up with both the anxiety and thrill of doing this in a public place.

    You felt yourself grow wetter, suddenly getting sensitive and it felt like all your nerves were buzzing. A small whimper left your mouth when he traced the edge of your panties with a delicate fingertip. San only chuckled at you before more boldly pressing his fingers against your clothed pussy and you bit your lip to keep in a moan.

    He rubbed gentle circles to your heat, feeling the material get damp and hot with each second.

    “Already so wet, baby? I barely even touched you.” He teased, whispering into your ear and you blushed hotly, embarrassed from the truth in his words.

    “Is this turning you on? Is the thought of me making my baby a mess right here, where anyone could see, turning you on?” He taunted and you felt your stomach flip as his fingers pressed harder into your clit, nearly sliding off the seat when your hips bucked into his hand.

    A hand went up to cup his cheek before you pulled him into an open-mouthed kiss, tangling his tongue with yours. San groaned lightly into your mouth, and you almost beamed with pride at how turned on you managed to get him with a simple kiss but that quickly turned into a startled moan against his lips when his fingers hurriedly pushed aside your underwear to meet your soaking folds.

    He groaned again, sucking on your tongue as drool dripped down his chin when he felt just how wet you were for him. The thought of being in a public place and the possibility of being caught any second began to slip your mind the second his fingers slipped into your hole.

    You were embarrassingly wet, your needy pussy drooling all over his palm and his fingers didn’t feel any resistance while he pumped his finger steadily before adding two more at once and you let out a loud moan. He brought you closer and closer to the brink of an orgasm, his other hand pushing up your skirt to your waist before rubbing your clit harshly.

    “So pretty for me, just for me.” He mumbled more to himself than you and you nearly fawned over how he aroused he was by giving you pleasure.

    The sound of the train rumbling and your moans were loud enough that you almost missed the sound of squelching as he fingered you.

    The sight of San with his pupils blown wide, lips wet and puffy as drool pooled in the corner of his mouth was enough to make you cum, tumbling over the edge with a loud moan and he groaned brokenly at the sight of your eyes rolling back into your head.

    You squirmed when his fingers left your cunt, feeling your juices drip down but the uncomfortable feeling was already forgotten when you watched San put his fingers into his mouth, whimpering at the taste.

    “Let me clean you up, baby. Let me lick up the mess I made.” He whispered, getting down to his knees and you heard the announcement for your station coming up. With a small smirk, you batted his hands away, ignoring his whines and straightened out your skirt and panties.

    You kissed him deeply, smiling at the taste of yourself on his tongue and pulled away when the train came to a stop.

    “Be patient today and maybe you can eat me out on the way home.”

    He grinned widely and even though he literally just had you cumming in a train car, he looked like the purest, most innocent baby boy there was, “Will you come over tonight? We can have a sleepover.”

    You mirrored his smile, intertwining your fingers as you got off the train together, “Alright but I don’t have my pjs.”

    “Good because we don’t need any.”


    San’s comforter covered your bare bodies as you kissed after a night of making love. He was leaning over you, arms holding your waist and yours were thrown over his shoulders, revelling in the feeling of his muscles tensing beneath your touch before gently tracing the lines that you created while dragging your nails down his back.

    The marks on your neck were darkening and you knew San was pleased when he pulled away from the kiss and smiled at you. You returned it with a groggy smile of your own and pecked his lips quickly once again before settling into the plush pillows.

    “Do you trust me?” San asked after and while and even though you wanted to go to sleep, you wrenched your eyes open to find him staring at you with a look of innocence. A hand went to slowly rake through his hair as you tried to process what he was saying with a tired mind.

    “Why do you ask?”

    He shrugged, pouting absentmindedly, and reaching for Shiber even though you slapped his hands away from the plush toy. You both were naked; it would be weird.

    “Just wondering. It’s okay if you don’t, I’ll earn your love.” He replied and you chuckled, pushing the strands of hair away from his face. Another sweet kiss was shared as San settled down beside you and pulled your body to his chest.

    “Love isn’t earned, babe. Love is given. Trust is earned.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    “Well, love means wanting the best for someone else even if it comes at your expense. And trust is knowing that someone else is the best for you.” You thought out loud. For others, it could have different meaning but when you thought about it, this is what you came up with.

    “Do you love me?” Came his silent question, voice no higher than a whisper and his arms tightened around you.

    “I do.” You whispered.

    “Do you trust me?”

    “I do.”

    You both didn’t have to speak any more words, sharing another kiss before settling into each other’s arms with your legs tangled underneath the blankets.


    There was some music going on the background, bouncing off the tiles of San’s bathroom while you sat on the counter, swinging your legs back and forth. After the first night of sleeping over at San’s place, it started to become a more regular thing, with you spending multiple nights there a week.

    The empty drawer in San’s dresser slowly started to fill up with your clothes, and his hoodies and sweats had more instances of being on your body or his floor rather than him wearing them. His bathroom got some of your skincare products too, that he unashamedly used on the rarity that you weren’t there.

    San was eager to help you out with your night routine today, making you sit up on the counter while he very carefully took off your makeup and then massaged all your products into your skin dutifully. After he was done, you insisted to do the same for him as well, giggling when he tried to eat the lip scrub that you were gently rubbing in.

    “You look pretty without makeup.” He said tenderly, pecking your cheek and you smiled.

    “I look pretty all the time, baby.”

    “You especially look pretty when I make all the makeup run when I—” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence, yelping when you ran some water from the tap before splashing it at him.

    “Can we just have one night where you don’t try to get in my pants?” The offended look on his face made you laugh before you were jumping off the counter, watching his pout turn into a smirk as he reached for the tap to throw some water at you.

    You scampered to the shower, grabbing the shower head and switching it on, spraying him from head to toe and laughing out loud when he started complaining that the water was too cold. He ran at you and grabbed you from the back, grabbing the shower head and pointing at you and you shrieked when you felt water run down your, really San’s, shirt.

    “You’re making the moisturizer run! We just spent like 20 minutes putting all this stuff on!” You complained, feeling the moisturizer run down your neck but San merely cackled, making sure to get your hair wet too.

    You wiggled out of his grip, nearly slipping in the puddle of water on the floor to shut off the tap, turning back to him with a playful glare that he responded to with an innocent shrug. Your hair was sticking to your face and the shirt you were wearing was sticking uncomfortably to you, but you grinned widely despite feeling an onset of sniffles and a chill.

    “We better wipe all this up before one of us falls and crack our skull.” He said, getting some towels from the hamper that he needed to wash tomorrow anyway.

    You noticed his white shirt almost transparent against his skin and his pants were soaking wet with drops of water falling from the hem and onto the floor.

    “We should get you out of those clothes.”

    San’s smile turned into a smirk.

    You scowled, “It’s been 5 minutes. What the fuck.”


    “Hey, how come we never go over to your place?” San asked one morning as you ate the breakfast that he made for you. The sight of him cooking with his shirt off was enough to get you out of bed even though your thighs burned a little with each step.

    The question kind of caught of you off guard and you looked up at him surprised with crumbs covering your chin. He chuckled at the sight, leaning over the counter to wipe your chin even though the look in your eye had him slightly concerned.

    “Are you ashamed of me or something?” He asked in a small voice, poking the food on his plate with his fork and avoiding eye contact with you.

    “No, not at all, Sannie. It’s not you, I promise.” You explained, beckoning him from behind the counter to come give you a hug. The second he was in your arms you were peppering kisses all over his face. He tried to pull you in for a deeper kiss, opening his mouth a little to try and press his tongue into your mouth but you giggled and pulled away, laughing when he whined.

    “I barely like going home myself. It’s not you baby, I just think if you come home, I’d never be able to relax like I am now.”

    He nodded thoughtfully, “What makes you so uncomfortable about it?”

    “Well, my dad never really gives me notice when he comes home, and I just hate it when he is. He makes me all uncomfy.”

    “It’s okay, baby. I’m sorry for asking.” You just shook your head, telling him he did nothing wrong before kissing him again. Even though you wanted to pull away, it wasn’t long before San was standing between your legs with his hands grabbing your ass tightly.

    “Breakfast is gonna get cold.” You murmured against his lips, panting when he pressed his hips against yours.

    “It’s alright. I have an appetite for something else.”


    “I know I call you princess sometimes, but this is ridiculous.” San exclaimed as you pulled up to your house and you chuckled at his awestruck face as he continued to gape at the tall mansion in front of him. You didn’t really mention being wealthy in front of him, but you didn’t exactly hide it either. Maybe he just never noticed.

    “You’re going to start drooling, Sannie.” You teased, pushing his mouth closed and he turned to you with wide eyes.

    “You actually live here?”

    You chuckled and nodded, finding him so very cute when he looked a little lost just standing in the driveway.

    “I’m allowed to put my shoes on here, right?”

    At this you literally burst into laughter and San grinned, automatically feeling lighter at the sound of his favourite thing in the world. He whined cutely, throwing a tantrum and began flailing his arms around while stomping his feet, complaining that you were making fun of him, and you were laughing so hard that tears were in the corner of your eye.

    Now that you got a good look at him, he looked too much like a child heading for a sleepover with a backpack on his shoulders and bundled in a blue sweater and a warm scarf that you put around him before leaving.

    Embarrassed, San hid the lower face of his face in the scarf even though you could see the tips of his red ears peeking over it. Cooing at him, you grabbed his hand before pulling him to the front door, just chuckling at him when he asked you if you could just leave your car like that in the middle of the path.

    The door opened as soon as you walked up to it, a man behind it smiling kindly at you and you returned it while wishing him a good afternoon. San merely stared at him in wonder before awkwardly bowing and then let you pull him to the foyer.

    “Hi, dear.” You smiled at the housekeeper as she exited the kitchen, greeting her kindly and her eyes landed on the boy beside you who smiled widely at her.

    “Is this your boyfriend?”

    Even though he had been your boyfriend for multiple months now, you still blushed at the sound of someone else saying and nodded, watching her small smile turn into an outright beam. She gave you a motherly smile but chose not to say anything more other than asking what you wanted for dinner, and you asked her to get the barbeque ready so you could have grills, which happened to be San’s favourite.

    “I can’t believe you grew up here.” San commented, entering your bedroom. If San looked closely enough, he could see the height markings on the doorframe that you had insisted on doing when you were younger because you saw it in a cartoon even though your nanny had tried to talk you out of it for fear of ruining the door frame.

    On the dresser, you had framed the pictures that you took at the photobooth, and San smiled at it for a split second. You told him to wait there while you went to the bathroom and then you could watch some movies, so San took his time walking around the room and taking in all your decorations.

    On the wall, you had pinned up a couple pictures with your friends, the acceptance letter from your university and a little doodle of a dinosaur that you just thought was cute. Right beside it was a wrinkled and worn picture of you and your mother, taken at a travelling circus. If he peeked into the closet, he would find it lined with fancy dresses and shoes that you wore to your socialite friends’ parties as well as sweats and biker shorts that you wore to university during finals week.

    And finally on the nightstand beside your bed was a small, framed drawing of you and San that he remembered taking on a date together. You had taken the train to a small town outside the city and were stopped in the streets by an artist who invited you to sit and get a portrait drawn.

    San had ended up paying for it since you had a habit of only carrying around credit cards. It was difficult to pose for nearly an hour to get the picture drawn but eventually, you both just began talking, not paying the artist any mind as you chatted.

    The moment was captured beautifully, with the two of you staring at each other fondly, wide smiles on your face as you laughed about something that happened in class the other day.

    Without realizing it, San was smiling softly at the frame in his hands, admiring just how beautiful you looked in it. Obviously, the artist couldn’t capture your true beauty, but San remembered how you were smiling at him that day, how your small hands held his and the way your eyes looked.

    “San? I got the movie room ready, what do you feel like watching today?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind him.

    San didn’t reply, only turning around in your arms to wrap you into a tight hug. He buried his head into the crook of your neck, holding your waist tightly against his body and though you were confused from the sudden bout of affection, you wordlessly wrapped your arms around his shoulders when he took in a shaky breath.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I love you.” He breathed, not pulling away from the hug. He didn’t want to see the look in your eyes when you heard his confession for the first time. You had been quick to admit that you loved San and completely accepted it when he didn’t return it. You knew that it was harder to fall in love for some people and even harder to admit it for others, so you waited patiently until he felt like he was ready.

    “You sound upset by that.” You joked, rubbing his arms comfortingly.

    “I don’t deserve it.” He whispered, only for you to hear, “I don’t deserve to love you. I don’t deserve you.”

    You pulled away from the hug only far enough to cup his cheeks, heart tearing a little in your chest as he stared at you with a pained look. He looked so vulnerable in this moment, like a glass on the verge of breaking and you wondered just why he suddenly felt so insecure in your relationship or if he always felt this way.

    “I told you before, you don’t have to earn my love. I’m going to love you regardless. And you don’t have to earn the right to love someone else. I’m grateful that you love me.”

    With a shaky exhale, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to your, closing his eyes, “I—I just—”

    The words got caught in his throat and you felt his brows furrow as he tried to get his voice back but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t speak and San felt tears brim beneath his eyelashes, heart breaking in his chest. His lip quivered and you heard him sniffle before you were pulling him into another hug.

    The few tears that you felt against your neck as San held onto you for dear life went unspoken as you both just held each other, swaying to the sound of silence.


    “Ugh this is just so typical!” You fumed, pacing around San’s living room while he watched you with a concerned gaze as he made you something to eat. You were burning away your energy with rage and nearly burning a hole into his ground with the amount you were pacing.

    The reason for your anger? Your father decided to throw some sort of party at the manor while you weren’t home. No doubt he didn’t even bother to check if you were there, and you got no message from him that he was going to turn the house into some sad brothel where other 50-year-old clowns like him got drunk and tried to hit on the strippers.

    You got a text from the housekeeper this morning that told you one of them had even snuck into your bedroom for a cigarette and now your room smelt like the inside of a smoker’s lung. The staff had opened a window the morning but knowing your sensitivity to the smell of tobacco, they suggested that you spent the night at San’s.

    It wasn’t the smoking that had you so on edge, it was the fact that a man had been in your room without your permission, and you had no way of knowing what he did in there. You told her to check if anything was missing or out of place and to sanitize everything she possibly could. You suggested hiring a cleaning crew if she wanted, knowing that your father would’ve no doubt messed up the entire house in a span of one night.

    “Baby, try to relax, you’re going to tire yourself out if you keep this up.” San coaxed, bringing over a plate of pasta and tugging you to the couch.

    “Ugh, I wish I could just take this fork and stab his eye out.” You seethed, gripping the utensil tightly as you viciously stabbed the poor pasta and shovelling it into your mouth.

    With a concerned glance, he pulled the fork out of your vice like grip, “How about I feed you?”

    With a mouthful of food, you began ranting, “It’s just so typical of him, you know? Invites a who’s who of paedophiles and cheaters into the place this his daughter lives, not caring what the hell they do and not even bothering to check in with me. I’m not asking him to suddenly be father of the year but at least acknowledge I exist, you know?”

    He nodded compassionately, “I know, baby. Your feelings are totally valid.”

    “And it’s just going to bother me forever knowing that I have no idea what the hell that man did inside my room. I might just be overthinking it and he might have just gone there for a smoke but why my room of all places? It’s just creepy. I should just move out.” You shuddered at the thought of that creep going through your drawers or something.

    San, on the other hand, looked like a lightbulb just flickered over his head and he sent you a mischievous smirk, “Well, what do you say to a little pay back?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Your dad let someone sneak into your room to do god knows what? I say we return the favour.”


    You had to keep in your giggles while San peppered kisses to the back of your neck and shoulder while you tried to press in the code to your father’s office. It was weird that you planned this beforehand, but it also filled you with a sense of anticipation. His arms tightened around your waist when the lock beeped, indicating that it had opened, and you pushed open the door.

    You both shuffled inside and turned on the light before clicking the door shut. The room was pretty big, with a large mahogany desk sat at the end of the room, completely bare of anything and the light bounced off its shiny surface. Your stomach was twisting into knots as you walked closer to it, the kisses on your neck starting to turn wetter as he began licking and biting marks onto your skin.

    When you reached the desk, San turned you around in his arms to press you against the surface and caught your lips in a passionate kiss. You moaned lightly, opening your mouth when his tongue grazed your bottom lip, and his hands squeezed your ass.

    San lifted you up and set you on the desk, parting your legs to stand between them, his hands now cupping your breasts as you moaned into his mouth. You felt him get harder against your thigh, whimpering when he pulled down the fabric of your dress so your breasts would spill out from the top of the neckline.

    He kissed down your neck, taking your pert nipple into his mouth and tugging with his teeth while his hand tweaked the other one between his fingers. You mewled at the feeling, arching your back and letting your head hang back.

    You shivered at the cold air hitting his spit on your nipple as he turned his attention to your other breast. His hand slowly snuck behind you to find the zipper on your dress, pulling it apart with both hands until it was pooling at your waist.

    You hopped back on the table as soon as you stepped out on the dress, spreading your legs so he could see your panties already damp with your arousal. San groaned, slowly lowering you until your back hit the desk and getting to his knees before you.

    He pulled the underwear off you, and you shivered when your bare ass hit the cold wood. You yelped when he drew an invisible line along your heat with his finger, moaning when he followed it with his tongue.

    “You’re so wet.” He growled out, inserting on finger into your dripping hole and you whined when you heard the loud squelch of your juices, “My baby girl is so naughty. Dripping wet at the thought of me fucking her in her dad’s office.”

    “Sannie.” You whined, wanting him to stuff you full but he continued to move a single finger inside you, slowly.

    “Are you gonna beg, baby? Beg me to make you cum right here, on your dad’s desk?” He taunted, licking your clit lightly and you gasped, arching your back off the table. He paid no mind to your groans and whines, continuing the torturous pace he set.

    “Tell me should I eat you out right here, or bend you over and fuck you till you can’t walk?”

    “Mmh, please.” You moaned out and he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your thighs, and tugging you closer to his mouth. You gasped loudly, tangling your fingers in his hair as he licked up your heat, making a sloppy mess of your cunt before he sank two fingers into you.

    He didn’t give you a moment to adjust before he was thrusting his fingers in and out of you, pulling every single sound you could make out of your throat. He peppered a few kisses to your clit before tugging the bud between his teeth and you shrieked, pulling on his hair.

    He pulled his fingers away for a second to deliver a mean slap to your pussy and your thighs spasmed around his head as he landed a couple more before pushing them back into you. With a couple more thrusts, your eyes were rolling back into your head as you came around his fingers, but San didn’t relent, fucking his fingers through your orgasm, taking you higher and higher.

    You could hardly hear anything over the thumping of your heart in your ears, but you could feel your throat start to hurt from how much you were screaming, and San slapped your cunt one more time, catching your clit with one of his rings and it felt like you couldn’t even fucking breathe as you squirted all over him.

    When the spots in your vision began to clear, you looked down to see San smirking at you with your cum dripping from the lower half of his face. He only wiped it with the back of his hand before meeting your lips in a kiss.

    San pulled off his pants, wiping the bead of precum dribbling from the tip of his cock and hissing as he pumped himself a few times before he rolled on a condom. He tugged you off the desk and onto wobbling legs before turning you around, “Bend over for me baby.”

    You didn’t listen. Instead, you smirked and grabbed his jaw tugging him behind the desk so he could settle into the leather chair before climbing over him. San mirrored the smirk on your face, running his hands over your still trembling thighs as you pulled him into a passionate kiss.

    You positioned him to your twitching hole and San groaned at the feeling of your warm walls already sucking him in. After sharing another kiss, you began sinking down into it, taking his length all at once. You both moaned loudly, San dug his fingernails into your waist, his moans turning a little high pitched as you clenched so tightly around him when your hips met his.

    You could feel the strain on your thighs as you lifted yourself off him, sinking back down with a loud moan before building up a steady pace. Your hands were holding into his shoulders for leverage as you fucked yourself on his dick, eyes rolling back into your skull.

    “Feels good, yeah? Like me stuffing you full?” San growled out, flicking one of your nipples with his tongue and you squealed, walls fluttering around him.

    “What about you, my sweet boy? Does it feel good? Do you like me squeezing your big cock like this? You’re so good for me, baby.” You cooed, drooling a little from just how good his tip felt when it brushed up against that one spot. San keened at the praise, peppering kisses to the valley between your breasts.

    One of his hands left your waist to rub at your clit and you gasped, biting your lip hard as your pace picked up, ignoring the burning in your thighs.

    San was close to cumming but held off until you were over the edge yourself, a borderline painful orgasm washing over you as you convulsed in his arms and clenched around him so tightly that he came, your walls milking him dry as they tightened around him like a vice.

    You spent a few seconds in his arms, panting as you both tried to regain your breath. You shared another kiss, wiping away the little beads of sweat that were running down his neck. San pat your thigh to signal you to get off him however you jerked as soon as you tried to move, whimpering at the pain in your thighs.

    “Ow, my legs are killing me, I cannot move.”

    He grinned widely, “I literally fucked you until you couldn’t walk?”

    You scoffed, “Excuse me, I did all the work!”

    He tried to move off the chair with you in his arms, but the leather squealed loudly against his ass and the two of you burst into laughter. He delicately moved you off him, helping you put on your dress before he wiped the place clean and carried you to the bathroom for a soothing soak to help your sore muscles.

    The only evidence that you both were ever there left in the office’s trashcan.


    “Are you sleepy?” San asked, amused at the fact you tried to keep your eyes open despite being visibly exhausted. You had a huge presentation today that you had been preparing for the entire week. San had been the most attentive and encouraging, picking up books for you from the library, helping review your paper, he even made your power point file more eye-catching and heard your speech multiple times while you pretended that he was an audience.

    The presentation counted a lot of your final grade, so it was understandable that you were so tense, worrying over every little detail and not having the time or the brain space to even take care of yourself at this point. San had taken over that aspect as well, making sure you were hydrated and well fed, receiving amounts of caffeine and healthy foods at intervals to keep your energy up.

    “You should really take care of yourself, babe. One day I might not be there to do this for you.” San mumbled, massaging the shampoo into your scalp. You both sat in your tub, your back against his chest and nestled between both his legs, catching up on the sleep that you had lost the entire week either because you were working late, or your nerves wouldn’t let you have a peaceful rest.

    Seeing you so peaceful and trusting in his arms made San feel things he had never felt before, he handled you with such a featherlight touch like he was scared you would shatter underneath his touch. He carefully washed the suds out of your hair, making sure the water was warm so you wouldn’t be startled awake before combing the conditioner through it.

    With the same patience and delicate touch, he finished bathing you, leaving you to soak in the warm water for a few minutes while he pulled on a pair of sweats before coming back in the bathroom and gently waking you up. You whined and squirmed when you left the tub because of the cold but San was quick to shush you, enveloping you in a warm towel that was fresh from the dryer.

    He switched on the heat in your room when he carried you in there, quickly wiping you dry and rubbing lotion into your skin before dressing you in your pyjamas. You were compliant this entire time, letting him mould your body like warm wax as he moved you around in an effort to get you completely dry and warm without making you do any work yourself.

    After your hair was towelled dry, you both were underneath the covers, cuddled close to each other. The room was warm, and he felt like syrup next to you. You were deep asleep, half your subconscious still swaying as though you were still in the tub and while the bath wasn’t meant for his relaxation, San was feeling pretty blissed out laying beside your warm body.

    Someone to love, someone to take care of, someone who let him take care of them. All these things were new to San, and he would be lying if he said he didn’t treasure it. The feeling of you cuddled up to him, finally getting the rest that you deserved made his heart swell, feeling satisfied just by watching you rest peacefully.

    With it came a sinking feeling of dread that killed him a little on the inside.

    He swallowed the lump in his throat with a little difficulty and held you a little closer, running his palms down your arms and legs to make sure you weren’t cold and brushing your still damp hair away from your face.

    “I love you, so, so much. Please believe me. Please love me.”

    His heart squeezed in his chest when you smiled subconsciously, holding onto him tightly.


    “Why did you want to become a lawyer in the first place?” San asked curiously one morning while you reviewed for your Criminal Law class. In the time he had known you, you didn’t seem particularly passionate about defending people and their rights as you were about being paid to argue with people, so it made sense that he was curious.

    He watched you work your ass off in your classes, always to pass with flying colours but you never seemed to take pride in it. San wouldn’t have thought differently of you if you said that you were only doing this because you just found it interesting or were in it for the money. Not every career needed to have some deep and philosophical meaning in life.

    “To find a way I could get emancipated while keeping my inheritance.” You replied nonchalantly, shoving cereal into your mouth.

    Before he could help it, San burst into laughter and you didn’t even pay any mind, though a small smile did spread on your face at the sound. You continued to eat your breakfast, going over the notes you had taken last class.

    “That’s a funny joke.”

    You paused, raising your head from your notebook to watch him with a perplexed frown.



    “So where are we headed again?”

    San had been particularly excited about this date, finally excited to have a picnic with you as though the two of you didn’t usually talk and eat together anyway but you indulged him because he looked so adorable. Though it was frustrating that he refused to give any details about where you were going, no doubt it was just going to be some sort of forest or valley, but you promised yourself to act surprised and touched when he revealed it to you.

    He even borrowed your car, refusing to even give you the address of where you were going. The picnic basket on your lap was filled to the brim with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. He had definitely gone all out for this, and it was nice to see him so enthusiastic about a date, considering you spent most of your time together.

    Now it had been almost an hour and a half since you began driving and you were starting to get a little restless, luckily you had been smart enough to force him to fill up the gas tank just as you both were leaving the city and now you were driving along the countryside road for nearly an hour. He drove past all the little towns and suburban complexes before the small houses and buildings started turning into forest tress.

    “It’s a secret. Stop asking.”

    “I’m going to die of curiosity or hunger at this rate.” You complained, fishing out a bag of chips and even though San scolded you for touching the food before you got there, he still asked you to feed him a couple of them.

    As the road wound down, even though you both were far out the city, the number of cars on the road started to increase and then you were lined up behind a national park. You were confused because of the numerous cars that were honking and trying to overtake each other. Some even parked off the road right there and preferred to walk the rest of the way.

    You noticed small families and couples walk closer to where all the cars were heading and curiously tried to peer over them even though you couldn’t see anything.

    San chuckled at you, “You know you look like a meercat when you do that.”

    “Wouldn’t have to if you just told me what this is.” You retorted, going as far as to unbuckle your seatbelt to see what all the commotion was for.

    “Just have a little patience.”

    The line took nearly a half hour to clear, and you were beyond irritated by that stupid red sedan behind you that honked and tried to get you to move when you clearly had to place to. San let you flip the driver off in the rear-view mirror only because he refused to let you out of the car and do it to his face.

    But finally, you made it to the parking lot that was right beside wherever San was so giddy to take you. In the middle of a clearing there stood a tall red and white tent that looked like it could store about a hundred cars inside and you thought it looked vaguely familiar. It wasn’t until you saw the sign that was pointing to it did you realize where San had taken you.

    The travelling circus that you had visited with your mom when you were only a child. You still remember mentioning it to San one night when he asked you about it. You told him that it was the last outing that you had with her before the court hearing where she lost custody and visitation. Your father had no doubt paid off everyone he possibly could to win the trial and after that you had never seen your mother again.

    You only found out that she had passed a couple years after she died and even though it wasn’t your fault, the guilt of her dying all alone from grief that her child was ripped away from her stayed with you.

    You remember San comforting you that night when you confessed that you barely could remember what she looked like.

    San certainly didn’t complain when you tackled him into a hug, even though it was difficult to balance the picnic blanket and basket in his hands while you hung off his neck like a koala. You heard the chuckles of passer-by’s that looked at the two of you fondly and said something about young love, but you hardly paid them any mind, instead peppering kisses onto San’s face.

    “I can’t believe you did this for me, I didn’t even think you remembered.”

    “I’m glad you like it.” He chuckled, “Even though you nearly bit my head off this entire trip.”

    “I love you.” You confessed earnestly, cupping his cheeks. San’s smile faltered for just a second before he was outright grinning, but it looked a little forced. You didn’t ask him about it, not wanting to ruin the mood since he had been so dedicated to make good memories today.

    “I love you too.” And suddenly the moment was much more intimate than you were expecting it to be with San staring at you like you had strung all the stars in the sky. His voice was raw too, depicting just how honest he was being with you.


    The ride back home was more peaceful this time because you were too tired out from the day you had. You weren’t to the point of falling asleep in the passenger seat, but the music choices changed to your ballad playlist and your conversation died out long before you entered the city again.

    Now, you were just staring at the sparkly city lights that glittered against the window. San’s fingers drummed against the wheel, and you lazily watched as the signs passed before you realized that he missed the exit to go to your neighbourhood.

    “Oh, you missed the exit.” You mumbled, poking at the glass pane like there was something to see.

    “I thought we’d go back to my place tonight.” He replied and you let out an audible whine. You were tired and you really couldn’t process anything other than wanting to get into your comfortable bed.

    “But mine’s closer.” You complained, wiggling your shoulders and San tried to hide a smile at your behaviour. ‘Tired and grumpy’ you was one of his favourite versions of you. He reached across the console to grab your hand and even though the simple touch of his skin was making you feel a little overstimulated after the day you had, you still let him hold onto it.

    “I was hoping to make a special breakfast for you tomorrow. I already bought all the ingredients.”

    The argument he made was very convincing and you sent him a sleepy smile in gratitude, “You didn’t have to do so much for me.”

    Your words were beginning to slur from just how tired you were and when San watched you from the corner of his eye, he noticed how your blinks were taking twice as long. Smiling gently, he squeezed your hand and with fleeting glances he watched you fall asleep, holding his hand in yours.

    The smile on his face fell just a little bit, “Believe me. I did.”


    Many people liked starting their day with a glass of orange juice or coffee or water. Some swore that waking up and journaling was the best thing that ever happened to them. Many didn’t even bother with a morning routine, scrolling through their phones until they found any motivation to get up or they realized that they were incredibly late.

    For you, waking up next to San was the best way to begin your day. That was one thing you realized when you were rudely awoken by the incessant buzzing of your phone on the nightstand. You both were still wearing the same clothes from last night, too tired to change into something else. San had taken off his shirt though, since he was too hot; temperature-wise but you definitely weren’t denying he was hot.

    After your phone buzzed for like the fourth time that morning, you grabbed it from the nightstand so you could answer quickly before heading back to bed. When you tried to get out from underneath he covers, San was holding onto your waist, tugging you back into his arms.

    “Where are you goinggg.” He whined groggily, voice deep with sleep and you giggled before kissing his jaw.

    “Shhh, go back to sleep. I’ll only be a minute. I need to take a phone call.” You whispered and even though he whined and whimpered, he let you out of his grip, grabbing Shiber instead to replace you as his cuddle buddy.

    You only answered the phone when you heard his bedroom door click shut behind you, “Hello?”

    Sometimes you wondered what would have turned out from your life if you never answered that phone call from the housekeeper. You would have found out what happened either way but a part of you regretted picking up the call. There wasn’t any chance and it sounded absolutely ridiculous but maybe if you never answered and then never went home, you never would have realized.

    The call was incredibly one-sided. You didn’t even speak a word, instead listening to the other side of the line as the blood drained out of your face and your hands began shaking.

    San came out of the bedroom, looking incredibly sleepy and with an apparent pout on his face, “Did you pick up the call?”

    “San—” You choked out, finally finding your voice but it was forced and strained. You felt like throwing up and crying all at once and even though you tried hard to keep your cool, you could feel tears brimming your eyes, “That was the housekeeper. She said my father’s office was broken into last night by a mafia gang named Ateez.”

    The guilty look on his face was enough of an answer to your silent question. The tattoo of the word Ateez on his bicep mocked you and your stomach turned. You could barely stand straight, having to grip the counter to keep your knees from buckling and sending you tumbling to the ground.

    “(Y/N) please listen—” He began but you couldn’t hear him, your ears were rushing with blood and the pounding of your heart reached your throat. It felt like someone was strangling you to death, a phantom grip around your throat making it harder to breathe.

    You rushed to the kitchen, throwing open the fridge and his cabinets. Only a couple cans of beer and bottles of water were there, and the sight alone made you feel even worse. Your hands shook like a bartender’s glass, and you wanted to collapse right then and there, “‘Special breakfast’,my ass.”

    “That time in my father’s office—” To get the codes to enter. “The date last night—” To make sure nobody would be in the house at night.

    “Is that why—?” The question died on your tongue, but it felt like you both had heard it, ‘Is that why this all started?’

    “(Y/N), I’m so sorry. Please believe me, I love you—”

    A loud laugh cut him off, but it sounded more like a strangled scoff as tears began falling on your cheeks, “Love?! You call this love?! You screwed me over to get to my father! You fucked me and told me you loved me, and I believed you!”

    You were frantically pushing back your hair with shaking hands, sobbing as something horrible and dark filled you up. Every inch of skin burned with the memory of San touching you with his tainted hands, every memory was taunting you with the sting of betrayal and you sobbed out, “Oh my god, I believed you.”

    “I know I did something horrible; I know you hate me for this but please believe me, I never meant for it to turn out this way—” San’s voice was thick with tears, and he tried to approach you, but you backed away from him. It felt like if he touched you, you were going to burst into flames. Not the kind of heat that made you feel excited to be with him, in this moment you couldn’t remember what that felt like but now it felt like you were getting burned, and it hurt.

    “You—You let me give you everything I had,” Your voice was cracking, and your throat was hurting from the strength you were using to keep the tears at bay even though they were rolling down your face in hot streams, “I gave you my love, my trust, my everything. And you were using me all this time—Don’t touch me!”

    Everything was falling around you, crumbling to the ground. The world that you thought you had with San now crumbled to dust as hot blood rained down on you. Everything you thought you knew disappeared in a second and you had never felt so violated, so alone and scared before. You felt like you had just been punched in the gut by an iron fist.

    “(Y/N), I’m sorry.” He cried and you almost believed him. You looked into his red and teary eyes and for a second you almost believed him. The housekeeper was lying, the security had it wrong, San was right. He was your safe space, your loving boyfriend that would never do anything to hurt you. For a second you almost believed him.

    And then the second passed.

    “I hate you.” You spat, with an anger that burned hotter than your skin, “And I hate myself even more for trusting you.”

    When San heard the door slam shut, all the sobs he had been holding in finally left him and he was forced to his knees in the living room, wailing loudly and crying while he clutched his heart that felt like it was being ripped right out of his chest.


    San’s eyes stilled burned from the amount of crying he did before getting on the plane and he was sure they were rimmed with red with bags underneath that felt like they were carrying hell. Probably were, considering he belonged in hell because of the things he did to you.

    At first it was just a job, the target being a horrible old man that owed something long overdue to Ateez. And how to get to him? By gaining the trust of his daughter.

    He was fine with it in the beginning, having done this multiple times. It was always spoilt, prissy rich girls who stepped on the people below them and tried to pull down the people above them. It was always the same. It wouldn’t take long for them to fall for his looks and try to get him to have sex with them.

    You were different. Curiously intelligent and hardworking even though you could get everything handed to you on a silver platter. He found it intriguing that you chose to go law school instead of relying on daddy’s money till you got married to another person that would give you money. But you worked hard to get where you were and continued to work hard to get further than anyone else.

    He thought you’d be pretentious, but you were totally genuine.

    He thought you’d be conceited but instead you were humble.

    He thought you’d be someone he’d grow to hate, but you turned out to be someone he loved beyond words.

    Just thinking about it made him feel like crying all over again.

    “Excuse me,” Came a soft voice, gently pinching at his hoodie and San looked up to see a girl with messy braids, looking distraught, “You’re in my seat. I’m in seat 16.”

    San didn’t even bother to check if she was right before he snarled at her, “Find another seat.”

    Neither of them was expecting her to begin crying and her voice was tight when she tried to argue with him, “Look, I’m already having a bad day so can you please—”

    “I’ll switch with you sweetheart.” Came from the old man sitting beside him and he too kindly took his bag before leaving to find another seat. Sniffling, she slid into the seat beside San and placed her bag on her lap.

    “Sorry, for crying,” She whispered to him, “I’m just having one of those days.”

    San frowned. In the span of 72 hours, he managed to make two women cry and even though he didn’t give a shit about the girl sitting beside him, it made him feel sick thinking about your heartbroken face and how it looked like you could pass out any second. He wondered if you made it home alright.

    Perhaps it was a little cowardly for him to run away but he honestly thought that he was doing what you would have wanted from him; never to see him ever again. Even though it broke his heart to know that he’ll never get to say a proper goodbye to you, he left anyway. He deserved to have his heart broken anyway.

    Sighing, he pulled a flask out of his jacket that he was planning on drinking when the images of your face didn’t leave him and unscrewed the top of it, “Well, 16, that makes two of us.”


    4 years later

    “I knew that you were being too nice today. ‘Let’s go for a drive, I’ll buy you food’ my ass.” You sighed out, rubbing your temples as you tried to spot a place for your friend to drop you off. She had been badgering you on and on for days, trying to get you to take a case pro-bono. You obviously said hell no; what was the point of this career if you weren’t getting paid?

    Tae Eul was adamant, however, and now she managed to get you into the one place you wouldn’t be able to get out of without hearing her side of the argument.

    “Please just consider it. I wanted to file a police report for attempted abduction and assault, but the victim wouldn’t let me.” Tae Eul was a detective and apparently didn’t know how to separate work from her personal life. You only rolled your eyes and looked out the window, unable to play on your phone since she had been smart enough to take it away from you.

    “You know you have too much of a bleeding heart, right? I work in law, everyone comes in with some sort of sob story about why I should defend them, doesn’t mean they’re all right. The worst of these assholes are the ones who believe their own bullshit. You say she’s totally innocent, but I bet she’s some sort of gangster, why else would she have people on her ass?”

    Your friend sighed beside you. While Tae Eul was a sworn protector of the people and straight as an arrow when it came to her principles, you on the other hand had seen just how low people could stoop while trying to keep their money, status, or freedom.

    She protected people from evil monsters who tried to harm others; you had monsters begging you to make them into angels in the eyes of the people.

    “She didn’t want to take this to court, she’s scared that getting the authority’s attention to this could either take the kid away from her or forcefully give the kid back to her asshole father.” Tae Eul explained and though you were trying to ignore her, this was starting to pique your interest.

    “You don’t have to take her case, just hear her out and then make the judgment yourself.”

    Sighing, you nodded your head, realizing you had nothing to lose by just listening to whatever this client had to tell you. And if you decided not to defend her in court then at least you could tell Tae Eul that you gave it a shot.

    “Great because we’re on our way to meet them right now!”

    “This bitch.”

    “In all fairness, it took way longer than expected to convince you. I underestimated your selfishness.” Tae Eul liked to nag you about your selfish nature, but you certainly didn’t hear her complaining the day you got your first paycheck and made it rain in the living room while you both danced and got drunk. No, you believe her words were ‘Damn if this is what strippers feel like every night, I’m quitting tomorrow!’

    “If I was all for selfless acts then I would’ve become a prosecutor.” You sighed, trying to rub away the migraine that was forming in your head, “I can’t believe you’re making me work during my one-hour break.”

    “I’ll really owe you for this, (Y/N).”

    You scoffed, “Trust me, you’ll pay me back for this. Not with your tax funded salary however, I don’t need chump change.”

    “You’re gonna make me cry.”


    The case did in fact catch your interest. Whether it was because of the way the girl was sincerely asking you if a case for full custody was the right way to go about this. Yoonah, who you found out was the child in question’s maternal aunt became the sole caregiver after her sister dropped her off at her place one night and then disappeared.

    Now the person who claimed he was the biological father is trying to get her back, even going as far as attempted kidnapping and assaulting her aunt.

    The reason she didn’t want to bring this to court was because she was afraid the court ruling would be in favour of the child’s father, and she couldn’t fail her sisters last request of her.

    The interesting part of this was that her father was a known gang member. Well, it wasn’t “known” as in legally, but everyone practically knew that he was bad news. How Yoonah’s sister ended up having a baby with him was beyond you, but you knew better than anyone how these mafia members could manipulate people into trusting them.

    Now, it was just her luck that she happened to stumble across Tae Eul who just so happened to be friends with the best lawyer in town; you. As much as it hurt you that your bank account wouldn’t be gaining any extra zeroes from a case against a huge mafia member, you felt bad to turn her away. It’s not like anyone else would take her case and she wouldn’t go ahead and give her information to a lawyer she couldn’t trust.

    The first meeting you had with Yoonah was extremely informal and not just because it took place in the back of a fried chicken restaurant; you didn’t bring any official documents or go over what documents you’d need from her. So, you both exchanged contacts and for the second meeting, you were better prepared to go forward with a custody lawsuit.

    She sent you the address she was staying at for the time being, since she was afraid of someone breaking into her apartment while trying to get to her niece, she had moved in with a friend of hers named Yeosang and you were meeting her today at his place.

    Just as you pulled into the heavily guarded compound, you looked at the giant gated estate and the giant mansion with multiple wings that stood in the middle of it. The sour thought of not getting paid flashed through your head as you stared at the giant house in front of you.

    Despite that, you simply sighed and grabbed your things before walking to the front door and knocked on the door.

    When it swung open, the man behind it stared at you with wide eyes, surprised you were standing there, “You?”

    “I’m Han Yoonah’s attorney. Did she mention I’d be stopping by?” You asked, wondering if you had gotten the date right. Of course, you did, it had taken a lot of time to free up a day in your busy schedule considering you had other trials and clients and you had given up going to get your hair and nails done as well as did overtime the last few days to make time for this today.

    “You’re her attorney?”

    “Yes? Have we met before?”

    “No, no, you just look like my friend’s ex-girlfriend.” That really should have been your first hint, but you just thought he was weird and followed him through the house until you both reached a wide dining room.

    Yoonah was sitting at the table with her niece beside her but when she noticed you walk through the doors her face lit up and she was ushering the child to go so you both could have a discussion without any questions about which was your favourite Winx Club fairy. You had no idea what Winx Club even was but told her that you both liked the same fairy, she squealed in excitement and even gave you some French fries as a reward.

    You went home that night and read up about it just so you didn’t feel like you exploited a 4-year-old for French fries.

    Just as you were pulling out your computer and a couple contracts from your handbag, the man that opened the door came striding in the room.

    “Listen, thanks for coming down here today but I’m afraid we won’t be in need of your services.”

    You raised a brow, ignoring how much of that statement made you sound like a prostitute. Yoonah looked surprised but you were more curious than offended, “That’s your decision, but may I ask why?”

    “Uh, I’m not exactly sure how to—”


    You know the phrase ‘speak of the devil and they appear’? Well, nobody had called his ass so what the hell was S(at)an doing here?

    “Well, this certainly makes things more interesting.”

    Yoonah looked between the both of you with an apprehensive look, “Do you two know each other?”

    “Not really.” You answered, the same time as San said “Yes.”. There was a beat of silence where San’s expression fell, and you took the moment to look him up and down. Not much had changed about him, he looked pretty much the same other than his hair that was now dyed black with a layer of grey.

    You had to admit that seeing him again, in person, was weird. The day you left San’s apartment, you cried all the tears you could produce on the car ride back but once you pulled up to your house, it was like all hell broke loose. You had shit to do and couldn’t waste it lying in bed and crying about some shitty ex-boyfriend. You were filled with absolute rage.

    Your father had gone on the run, not having enough time to even transfer a lot of money to himself so the first thing you did was close all his accounts after having transferred his money to yourself. Any future incoming money from sources other than his company would be donated.

    Then you sold the house for a good price and bought yourself an apartment near the university so that you’d never have to take the train again. You bought all new things, of course, especially new sheets and a new bed. And everything of San’s was doused in soju and thrown in the fireplace. You kept a few of your fathers’ cars for yourself but sold the rest. You even found the staff at your home other jobs and regularly visited them.

    For a few weeks, that kept you busy. And then suddenly everything hit you like a truck. You barely remember that week, being too drunk out of your mind to leave the apartment. The week after that was better when you got sick of drinking. Then you got sick of staying at home. Then you got sick of being depressed. Then you got sick of keeping to yourself and living like a social pariah.

    And then suddenly you were back to where you were before you met San.

    For a couple years, it felt like he was just an illusion, a fever dream. You didn’t have nightmares about him, you didn’t get waves of sadness when he suddenly flashed through your head, you barely even thought of him. Looking back, you realized it was because there was no one named San existing in your head anymore.

    No, he was a guy that tricked you and made you feel like shit, but it was very easy to forget once you stopped feeling like shit. Afterall, why would anyone stop in their day and wonder why they felt bad once upon a time. Not you. No, you worked your ass off to make sure that you never felt like shit again and that even on your worse days, you were better than everybody else could dream to be.

    Now your wall was decorated with your accomplishments. Your diploma from when you graduated with straight A’s. The letter you got from your law firm when you began your fourth year asking you to join them when you graduated. And of course, right beside it was your bank statement, the thing that made you the happiest person that could ever exist.

    Seeing San in person now didn’t hit you with a whip of reality, making you realize whatever he had done to you was all real. Luckily for the both of you he didn’t look exactly the same as the day you left, his face was sharper and his hair darker and that was enough for you to treat him like another person.

    “Yes, we’re Ateez and Yoonah here is our associate so you can see why we wouldn’t exactly want you representing her.” Even though Yeosang explained it kindly, you couldn’t help the way your expression soured. Did they actually think you were going to do something to sabotage the trial to get back at them?

    “How pathetic do you think I am?”

    “This really isn’t about you, more like protecting our own interests.”

    Agree with him and you don’t offer your time and practice for no money. On the other hand, it’ll make it seem as though you’re pathetic enough to let your personal feelings get in the way of your profession. What’s more important to you; money or pride?

    Money feels like the no brainer, you didn’t have to waste your time or skills on something you weren’t getting paid for and against some huge mafia boss that would definitely remember your face. On the other hand, the thought of you going home without a fight and then Ateez laughing about how after four years you’re still affected by them made your blood boil with fury.

    Pride was definitely more important. Especially since you already had money.

    “While I’d be all to happy to leave and find a paying client, I’m trying to look out for your best interests Yoonah-ssi. I’ve done a background check on the person you’re suing and there isn’t a lawyer out there in his right mind that would take your case pro-bono.” You explained calmly and watched her expression fall. Though it did make you feel slightly empathetic, you were trying very hard not to let your emotions get roped up into this.

    Yoonah was a woman of strong morals, if Ateez tried to help her from their side, no doubt it would involve some very illegal procedures and she wanted no part of that. Good for her, better for you.

    Yeosang stood beside her protectively and shot you a foul glare, “You think you’re the only clean lawyer out there?”

    You smirked, “Let me rephrase. I’m the only lawyer who’d take this case pro-bono. And win.”

    “And why do you want this so badly?”

    You shrugged nonchalantly, “Call me sentimental but I think a child custody case against some mafia asshole would be like killing two life traumas with one stone.”


    It had been about 2 months since going forward with the lawsuit for child custody, the defendant responded, and a court date was set. Thankfully for the time being the attempted abductions and such were stopped because they knew it could be used as evidence against them. Well, Yoonah considered it thankful; you on the other hand thought it was unfortunate.

    Now it was finally the day of the first hearing and usually it would have been done in a private court but since the defendants are countersuing for child abduction. Usually when it came to trials, you got a huge urge to win rather than beat others however when you received the paperwork for the countersue, instead of getting worried and worked up, you felt the inexplicable desire to crush the competition underneath your heel.

    Now on the date of the court hearing, you were storming through the halls with burning resolve and Ateez trailing behind you.

    Even though you wished to ignore him, the defendants lawyer stopped you in the middle of the corridor with a condescending smile. Mr. Jang was an old fart that owned a huge law firm in the country and had personally head hunted you. He was top dog at his own law firm, and you had to admit, very impressive when it came to his performance in court; it was the only reason you had even considered the job.

    However, after a dinner where he tried to put his hand up your skirt you had promptly told him to fuck off before leaving.

    Since then, you had beaten every lawyer he had sent your way and now it seems he was summoned from hell itself to look the devil in the eye. You.

    “Ms. (L/N), lovely to see you again. Good luck during the trial.” He said, holding out his hand kindly but you knew underneath those honeyed words and amiable eyes was just bitter hatred for you.

    You glanced at his hand with disgust, ignoring the handshake and instead gave him a winning smile, “To you as well, Mr. Jang. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a celebratory drink when I win.”

    He chuckled, “I think you’re overestimating yourself, my dear. No matter, maybe you’ll learn your place when you lose.”

    “We’ll just see about that won’t we. See you in court, bitch.” You smirked, confidence flashing in your eyes and when he scowled and opened his mouth to reply, you took it as your cue to walk into the courtroom and set up at the plaintiff’s table.


    The trial started off well, with you pleading Yoonah’s case and appealing to the judges’ sense of humanity. It was surprising how quickly they got on board as soon as you started mouthing off some sentimental rubbish about found family and things like that. Since the evidence was more or less superficial, you’d have to appeal to sentiment and some well-educated assumptions.

    You had taken notes about the defendant’s defence, noting down what points they were trying to use to appeal to the judges. So far it seemed like they were just trying to say that since the mother left no will, the daughter legally should be under her biological father’s care. He had a few small encounters with the law (small meaning that the big things were hidden) but has been clean for the last few years (because he has minions that can do his dirty work now) and is turning his life around.

    Then came the counter questioning and you stood up immediately.

    “And to the defendant, how do you expect to care for a child when you have no previous experience of any kind?” You asked and noticed how Mr. Jang began smirking. Yes, your first question was weak, you realized that, but it was all intentional.

    “I suppose just like anyone else. Not everybody has experience from beforehand, but you learn these things and I don’t think it’s a reason for me to lose my daughter.” He appealed and you could see Yoonah deflate from the corner of your eye. Your heart panged a bit, you knew how stressed she was about this, but you weren’t going to let her down.

    “And you know that a child isn’t just a sentimental object, right? Taking care of a child is an investment; you must spend millions in their life in school funds, health insurance and God forbid if something unfortunate happens, you need to be able to provide funds for her. Do you have the income for that?”

    “Of course, I do.” He answered haughtily and you took some refuge knowing he thought you were an idiot, “I make well over 8 figures a year. I can take care of my daughter even better than she can.”

    And there it was.

    You smiled brightly, walking over to your table to pull the files you had stacked there, “Well, a large income, remarkable assets and his case pleads well. Why shouldn’t the child be placed under his care? —”

    In the stands, San and Yeosang were watching nervously as you suddenly began singing the defendant’s praises. Yeosang growled underneath his breath, “I knew we never should have trusted her.”

    San glanced back at you with his heart sinking in his chest. He knew that he was the absolute worst and you deserved to get revenge on him but were you really going to make someone innocent suffer for whatever he did to you? The thought of Yoonah losing her niece because of him made him sick to his stomach.

    “—Probably because he’s guilty of tax evasion for the last 10 years.” You spat, voice icy and cold as you walked to the judge’s bench to hand over the documents.

    “It’s stated in your tax records that you make less that 5k each year.” You began, smirking the look of anxiousness on their face, “You are aware that lying under oath is an offense? Punishable with up to 5 years in prison or a hefty fine? ‘Well over 8 figures’, you say. Well, that would mean in the last 10 years, you owe the government nearly 50 million.”

    It was a lose-lose situation, orchestrated by the greatness that was yourself. Admit that he makes a lot of money and he’s guilty of tax evasion and lying on an official document, costing him nearly 4 years of income. Say that his tax documents are correct means he’s guilty of perjury* and proven unfit to take care of a child.

    “So, which is it, defendant? Are you guilty of perjury or tax evasion?” You drawled, walking over to his table, and slamming your hands on the table. The gleam in your eye was frankly terrifying to Mr. Jang and you revelled in the sight of his stressed expression, “Which is it?”

    “Objection your honour: badgering!”

    “Then you better answer quickly, defendant.” The judge replied calmly, and you smirked when he finally admitted that he lied, not wanting to pay the overdue tax fees and get a punishment on top of that. Lying under oath is an offense punishable by time in prison, or a huge fine with probation. Meaning their countersue would most likely fall apart and now the trial was falling in your favour.

    The only thing that could make this better would be if you actually got to step on the competition with your red bottoms but that would be “disorderly conduct”.

    “So, your honour. The defendant has admitted to perjury and is that really the kind of person you would wish to raise the youth of our country? The kind that would think it was acceptable to lie in a court, the establishment that protects the rights of the citizens, simply to get their way. If we let him do that, we are laughing in the face of our legal system. And on top of that, he has no money to support her. 5k per year can barely pay a yearly school fee, never mind essentials, utilities, housing, and food.”

    San chuckled underneath his breath when you turned your back to the judge and had the audacity to wink at Mr. Jang with the most infuriating smirk on your face and turned back to Yeosang, who had a look of slight awe on his face, “Couldn’t trust her, huh?”

    “The judge rules in favour of the plaintiff. The child in question will remain in plaintiff’s care. Court dismissed.”

    “NO!” The defendant leapt across the table to try and tackle you, his arms out as though he was trying to choke you, and everyone jumped into action. San jumped over the stands to intercept him, and they fell to the ground before the officers came to restrain him.

    “Your honour, the defendant is obviously a little unstable. Do you think we could get a court ordered restraining order?”

    “Of course.” The judge chuckled at your calm behaviour and how you hadn’t even flinched when you were the one that he was trying to choke out. It was almost like you knew it was going to happen.

    That’s because you did.

    A couple weeks ago, you were having a private meeting with the members of Ateez when Yoonah had to go and put down her niece and you got a few moments alone with them. Yoonah was so ethical, she would never agree to what you were going to suggest so you simply waited until she wasn’t there to hear you.

    “Listen, when I win—” You ignored the way Yeosang scoffed at your confidence and pressed, “When I win, we’re going to need a clear-cut victory. A reason even an appeal would fall through so I need you to do something.”

    You pulled out a medical report, “Unsurprisingly, this guy takes antidepressants for either anxiety or anger management. It gets prescribed to him from this hospital. I need you to go in and switch it out for some sugar pills or painkillers. So, at the time of the trial, he’s facing a withdrawal and would end up losing it.”

    “Isn’t that illegal?” Yunho accused and you turned to him with a fake smile.

    “I’m sorry, is that a gun in your pants or are you just excited to see me?”

    Embarrassed, Yunho cleared his throat, “Point taken.”


    While you weren’t exactly thrilled about spending more time with Ateez, when Yoonah and her niece used their combined pleading eyes you couldn’t reject their invitation for dinner and some celebratory drinks. Considering their identical puppy faces, you were surprised they weren’t twins.

    And their powers were the reason you were currently sipping on a Sazerac while watching Wooyoung and Jongho’s girlfriend, Sooji dance and party. The others had made the intelligent decision to decline. Yeosang was keeping sober to take care of Yoonah’s niece while the aunt in question got black out drunk. It looked like she hadn’t let loose in a very long time, and you were kind of surprised to know that when she was drunk, she acted like a child. Ironic.

    Yoonah had been giggling the entire night, whispering in Yeosang’s ear about childish things while he was just nodding and replying occasionally when he was asked a question. Halfway through your drink, she suddenly decided to start playing hide and seek, scurrying away from the dining room to hide. Obviously, no one followed her but to just keep her occupied for a while, Yeosang began counting and you chuckled.

    You finished the drink and called yourself an Uber, telling them that you’d see them around when in reality you had no intention of ever meeting with them again. So far you had treated them humanely but in all honestly you were still kind of upset at them. Yes, your father was a horrible person and deserved everything that came to him, but using you to get to him was low, especially considering that you thought everything was genuine.

    Yoonah came stumbling back into the room and ran right into Yeosang’s arms (who looked kind of flustered, but you didn’t say it out loud) and even though you wanted to say goodbye, you were pretty sure she wouldn’t even remember it the next morning. So, instead you just made your way to the table where you left your bag.

    Except it wasn’t there.

    “Where’s my bag?”

    Yoonah began giggling, “I toooold you we were playing hide and hide and hide and go seek. The bag is hidididng.”

    Oh my goodness this girl was drunk out of her mind.

    “I’ll help you look.” Yeosang offered but you shook your head, pitying him because of the woman hanging off his arm and complaining that she was sleepy.

    “It’s okay, I’ll look. You just put her to bed.”

    The halls were wide and never-ending it seemed; you felt like you were walking through a maze but every room you peeked through neither had your bag, nor had it looked like a drunk girl had wandered through it. You noticed a door with light peeking underneath it and knocked lightly when you heard someone shuffling behind it.


    So far, San had been keeping his distance from you, something you weren’t sure you were grateful for or extremely irritated by. But now it seemed like you had come knocking at his door and even though you wished you were, you certainly weren’t disappointed by the sight of San, answering his door without a shirt.

    “Did Yoonah come and stash my bag here?”

    Out of context, yes that sounded weird, but San only shook his head and you nodded, almost turning away from him before your eyes caught onto something on his body.

    “What the hell is that?!” You screeched, pointing at his chest and for a second San really had no idea what you were talking about until he looked and checked for himself. He froze for a second and then backed away, grabbing the door to shut it in your face but you held it open and forced yourself into the room to stare at it with wide eyes.

    On his chest were the letters of your name scrawled so prettily like a label of possession.

    “You tattooed my name on yourself? What the hell were you thinking?!” Was this romantic or just incredibly creepy? This guy who had no idea you were going to meet again had tattooed your name on his skin, for what?

    “I was just—I just—” San looked like a deer caught in headlights, staring at you with wide eyes while your gaze prodded and poked at him like needles. If he was being honest, he thought you’d never find out, “I just wanted you close to me. This was the best I could do.”

    “I don’t get it, you fake-date me to try and screw over my father and then after you get what you wanted and leave, you get my name tattooed on your chest? Don’t tell me you actually had feelings for me.” You replied, incredulously.

    “I do have feelings for you, (Y/N).” Do, not did.

    “Look, I know what I did was wrong, and I really do regret it. Even though I didn’t intend it, I ended up falling in love with you. And I still do.”

    “That doesn’t change anything.” You spat, suddenly defensive, “You lied to me about everything.”

    “I never lied.” He said suddenly but with a firm voice and your brows went toward your hairline, “Excuse me?”

    “Yes, I concealed the truth and yes, I may have lied about why I joined law school, but I never lied to you. I couldn’t bear the sight of you actually believing me while I deceived you, so aside from that special breakfast thing that last night, I never lied to you.”

    You couldn’t help the scoff that left you, “Well congratulations, you’re now the winner of the ‘not-as-big-a-jerk-as-you-could-have-been’ award!”

    “I deserve that.” He chuckled, and his hand went towards his waist where he expected to find the hem of his shirt before he realized that he still wasn’t wearing one. You kind of despised yourself for remembering his nervous tendencies. Embarrassed, (though you weren’t sure why, you had seen it all before) San went to grab a shirt and you let your eyes wander around the room until they landed on the familiar plushie on the bed.

    “You still have that?”

    San poked his head out of his closet, following your eyes to Shiber sitting innocently on his bed and he blushed, “Yeah, it was a gift from you.”

    Shiber wasn’t exactly looking his best, a little tattered and way dirtier since you had last seen him, from the countless nights San held him and cried and then he faced absolute chaos the night Yunho tried to burn him as a satanic cleansing ritual. But it oddly touched you that he kept it. It was easy to lie but the tattoo on his chest and the plushie that you had almost forgotten about were now starting to convince you that not all of it was lies.

    Walking over to his bed, you plopped yourself down onto the comfy mattress and pulled the stuffed toy into your lap and gently playing with the loose threads, careful not to pull the stitches apart. After a few seconds, you finally spoke up softly, “What are you trying to do?”

    San sighed, “To apologize? To confess? I’m trying but I don’t know what I could possibly say to turn this around.”

    He padded over to sit beside you and you both remained with your shoulders pressed together, staring at nothing in front of you.

    “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” He whispered, “For everything. But please know that what we had was never a lie. I loved you then and I still do now. Do you think that we could ever go back to where we used to be?’

    “I don’t think I can ever trust you again.” You admitted and San’s heart jumped in his chest when you stood up to leave. He couldn’t let you slip through his fingers again, not so easily. He was on his feet in a split second, wrapping a hand around your wrist lightly. His grip wasn’t enough to hold you there and if you really wanted to leave, all you had to do was pull your hand away and he’d let you go. It shouldn’t have held so much meaning, but it did. The fact that if you genuinely wanted to leave, he’d let you.

    “You said it yourself, (Y/N). Trust is earned, not given. And I will spend my entire life trying to earn it back from you. But please, please just tell me that you can still love me again someday. If you tell me truthfully that you can never love me again, I’ll never come in front of you again but if you think that there’s some tiny part of you that can still feel for me again, please give it a chance.” He begged.

    You raised your eyes to meet his, alarmed by how teary they were and how tight your voice was, “I don’t want to be that stupid girl that fell for your façade again, San.”

    “You aren’t stupid, (Y/N). I was the stupid one for letting something so good slip through my hands. I was the stupid one for abusing your trust. I was the stupid one for hurting you.” San’s voice was just as strained as yours and his eyes were shining with unshed tears, “And if you accept me then I’ll spend the rest of my life proving to you that this wasn’t a stupid choice.”

    “I—I don’t know.”

    “You don’t have to tell me now. It’s okay, I’m sorry for overwhelming you. Just think about it and if you do have an answer, then call or text me, my number is still the same.” This was exactly what you fell for the first time. The consideration, the concern, the habit of putting your worries and thoughts first. It was what made you love him in the first place, and you were so scared that it had all been an act. And you were scared that it was still an act.

    “I’ll think about it.” You promised and then it was like the conversation never happened. You both went your separate ways and to everyone you seemed no different, except now the old wounds in your heart that you had clumsily sewn together had been ripped open and were now begging you to accept the bitter medicine of learning to trust again so they can heal or go on pretending like nothing happened until you bled out.


    It had been weeks since San had last heard from you and at this point, he was convinced that you wanted nothing to do with him. Though it hurt twice as much after letting his hopes get up, he also couldn’t blame you. He broke your trust and no matter how much he repented and how much he loved you, sometimes people just couldn’t go back to how they were.

    He just wished that you could be happy. Even if you were happy without him.

    San erased the thought from his head when the train pulled up to the station, getting in and finding an empty row to sit in. He had cars and other means of transport but when it came to personal days where he just had a couple errands or had to get any place by himself, he always took the train.

    He told Ateez it was just more convenient but they all knew it was so he could reminisce. Afterall, the train is where he had met you in the first place, even though it wasn’t the same exact train. It was where you spent your mornings together, talking energetically as you went to university, and it was where you fell asleep on his shoulder on the rides back when you were both too tired to speak.

    Sometimes when San would take the train somewhere, he’d make it through the whole trip without thinking of you and other times something would trigger a memory he didn’t know he had, and he’d be treasuring another memory of you.

    Today he wasn’t remembering anything, and he was trying hard not to think about you, it was obvious that you just wanted a life without him and even though he thought he deserved the opposite, he was going to try to get over you.

    The sight of buildings slowly blurred as the train picked up in speed before stopping again at another station. San continued to stare out of the window, not paying attention as people entered the train car and shuffled around. He didn’t even flinch when someone sat beside him until they cleared their throat.

    He barely spared a glance before his eyes widened and he froze in his seat. You were sat beside him, in a comfortable hoodie and jeans, smiling softly at him. It took weeks of thinking for you to consider giving him a chance, but even though it was wrong and if you had been a third party, you’d be chastising the girl for going back to him, you felt like you’d regret it if you didn’t.

    Maybe that was foolish of you, trusting his words again but you wanted to take this chance. You wouldn’t give him your heart that easily this time. No, it would take nearly a year of San proving his loyalty to you time and time again before you decided to wholeheartedly trust him. The scars from the past were still there, the wounds didn’t heal seamlessly and some days they were more apparent to you than others, but you’d still bear your heart to him after a while.

    But before the long journey came of building your relationship back to what it used to be and better, you decided to give San a chance again and met him on the train in a messy hoodie and jeans and smiled up at him, choosing to forget the betrayal for that second and just remember him as the man you loved and will one day love again.

    “I’m sorry for bothering me but do you know what station I have to get off to get to the amusement park?”

    San laughed breathily, feeling tears prick at the corner of his eyes and he grabbed your hand, threading your fingers together, “I’m headed to the same place, so I can take you there."

    *Perjury - the offence of willfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath.

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    PAIRING: basketball player! ateez' jeong yunho x reader | featuring basketball players! ateez, blackpink's jisoo and lisa | fictional character named seunghee GENRE: narration/written series, fluff, light angst WARNINGS: profanities. mentions of vom/ting. WC: 1.3k SUMMARY: you were court phobic– if that was a thing. you don't know what you were doing inside one now, though. may it be your friends successfully convincing you to go to one, you didn't care. you just wanted out, but you didn't want to ruin the fun your friends had you've finally watched a basketball game with them. worse comes to worst, your school's rival's player takes interest in you.

    “It’s really nothing, y/n.” Wooyoung shrugs, twirling the ball in his hands as you both walk home.

    “Woo, I’m literally going to sulk if you don’t tell me. Lisa said you wanted to ask me to go with her but you suddenly stopped her! So go where?” You stomp, tugging on his sleeves.

    He chuckles, ruffling your hair in adoration.

    “It’s nothing,” He emphasizes, making you roll your eyes.

    “Fine. Give me my things. I can walk alone.” Reaching for your bag that was slinging on his shoulders, he backs away almost immediately when he sees you step forward. “What?”

    “Are you upset?” He coos, his smile growing wide as he leans forward to your level. Teasing you with his face, he pinches your nose which made you groan. Taking advantage of the proximity, you quickly reach for your bag, sticking your tongue out to him.

    Wooyoung quickly catches up with you, trying to get your bag back but to no avail.

    “Okay, you win, I’ll tell you,” He laces his voice with sweetness, tugging you back with a pout. “I’m having a game in two days,” He looks down, shuffling his feet in place.

    “Oh,” You instantly press your lips to a thin line, mentally squeezing your brain for what to say.

    You’re eternally grateful for the man in front of you. Weirdly enough, he was always there– whether to make you smile, make your day, make everything very.. Wooyoung. Cheerful. Bright. Loveable.

    And maybe you were reading things too much between the lines of his actions when you say you’ve gotten to the point where you think he likes you.

    “He does.” Lisa nonchalantly says, shrugging her shoulders. “Haven’t seen that man so jumpy for a long time.”

    You were only joking around Lisa and Jisoo when you told her ‘This is why Woo likes me better than you,’ and did not expect a rather serious conversation after that.

    “That’s only because you haven’t seen him in a long time, Lisa,” You laugh, trying to change the topic when Lisa gasps exaggeratedly at you and runs to you for a bear hug.

    “I’ve always seen him, for your information. He’s the friend I always tell I hung out with when I can’t go with you and Jisoo,” She explains, ruffling your hair. “And I know when he likes someone, okay? Like.. like like. Not the like.. Friend-y thing.”

    “Okay– hold up. You like Wooyoung, don’t you?” You tease, raising your brow at her.

    “I don’t?” She backs up, raising her brows back. “Where the hell from what I said did you pick that?”

    “In your tone of voice,” You high-fived Jisoo who was silently watching all along, a teasing smile on her face too.

    “What the fuck, I don’t!” Lisa throws the pillow beside her, and you were sure that even just a little, Lisa did.

    “I can go,” You answer, tapping his arm. “It’s not the end of the world,” You try making the atmosphere lighter, chuckling at how disoriented Wooyoung looked.

    “Wouldn’t you be.. Uh, uncomfortable?” You start walking so Wooyoung does the same, seemingly more uncomfortable at the idea than you.

    “I’ll be fine, Jung Wooyoung,” You reassure, patting his back. “It’s just.. Yunho. I’m sure I’ll be fine. And I’m definitely way past my fears of courts,”

    “Fine. But if something’s wrong.. Tell me. Okay? I wouldn’t want that.” Wooyoung stops you by the arm, grabbing your shoulders to make you face him.

    “I will.” Giving him a reassuring smile, it made you feel content. Wooyoung made you feel like everything was okay.

    But why does your heart keep on thumping at the thought of seeing Yunho play again?

    “Where the fuck is Lisa and Jisoo and why the fuck are you the one going outside for me?” You aggressively questioned Wooyoung who was already in his familiar yellow jersey, jogging up to you.

    “Well– about that,” Wooyoung scratches the back of his neck, a sly smile on his face.

    “Who the fuck?” As soon as your eyes land on your friends, Jisoo squinting her eyes on the man before her and beside Lisa.

    “Calm down,” Wooyoung chuckles, pushing you to go nearer.

    “y/n, you’re here!” Lisa jumps, hoping to escape Jisoo’s glare except that Jisoo wasn’t going to let that happen. Jisoo hisses, making the man before her flinch and Lisa sit back down.

    “Who the fuck?” You repeat, and you even glance at Wooyoung who’s only making faces at Lisa.

    When frustrated enough, Wooyoung just takes the initiative and rubs your arms to calm you down.

    “Jisoo, y/n.. Meet Lisa’s boyfriend!”

    “What?!” You gasp loudly enough to be heard around the court, making you zip your lips in an instant. “I thought you–”

    “I told you I didn’t,” Lisa chuckles, glancing at Wooyoung.

    “Wait a damn minute,” Wooyoung grimaces in his place, “You thought she liked me?!” He faces you with a disgusted face, as if he was expecting you to know better.

    “Well– in my defense, Lisa was acting strange!”

    “Wow, okay– well. I guess you’re denser than I thought,” He mumbles, making you raise your brow. “I need to go,” Wooyoung sticks his tongue out at you, but he only leaves after hearing your cheers.

    “Your name?” Whipping your head to the side, you playfully glared at him too.

    “His name is Soohyun,”

    “Did y/n ask you?” Jisoo sternly hisses once more at Lisa, making you chuckle.

    “Loosen up, Jisoo, you’re scaring the man,” Your laugh at her before pulling her attention away from the man and continuously failing.

    Your eyes start to wander around the court after suddenly feeling cold, and you only remember that right– Yunho is here, when your eyes meet his desperate ones.

    Mouthing a good luck and giving him a small smile, you tear your gaze away from him and start feeling something heavy on your chest.

    It was an ominous feeling, something you’ve always felt whenever you’re in a court so you shrug it away, smiling as you take your seat.

    “It’s nice to see you’re doing better,” Jisoo starts, proudly smiling at you.

    If you were going to be honest– you weren’t. At least not much of how you expected it to be. You were feeling worse than the last time you were here, and you weren’t so sure if it was because you were feeling bad that Yunho was the reason why you’re okay with courts now, yet here in one now without having to get to talk to him properly in weeks– or something else.

    “Yeah,” You give her a smile, “Me too.”

    When the speaker finally takes the mic to announce that the game is starting in a few minutes, you let out a sigh and shift on your seat, shaking your head to try and wash the bad thoughts away.

    But when your eyes meet another so disgustingly familiar, at the other side of the court, you are stunned.

    Frozen on your seat, suffocating. Looking at him made you shiver, just like what happened that day.. In your high school.

    He smirks, you finally noticed him. You were the reason for his boring years being on probation, and now that he finished it, he felt alive again.

    Wanting to make you suffer like how he felt bored in his wits being chained with men that think can change him.

    Removing his cap, wanting to make you look at how he never changed at all.

    You felt like screaming for help. You felt like vomiting. You felt like running away.

    But you were only.. There. Trauma keeping you chained on your seat, unaware of the continuous calls for you to watch out.

    The next thing you knew, your view was blocked and your eyes instinctively went to his, his familiar, worried gaze looking at you. Holding the ball he just caught to save you, he throws it back to the court before facing you once more.

    buzzer beater ⤳ thirteen │ fourteen │ fifteen

    taglist: @yunkiwii @binniesbf @masterninjacow @hannahdinse8 @sunlightwoo @babygay-stay @90s-belladonna @grassbutneo @yxnkigi @imaaroy @jungteez @softbbyg0rl @butterfliesinthenightsky @choielyssa @hwachu @joongiebug @junglewoos @talkbykhalid [open !] ; bold - can't be tagged

    #ateez scenarios#ateez imagines#ateez angst#ateez fluff#ateez yunho#ateez #ateez x reader #ateez fanfic#ateez au#atz#ateez fic #ateez yunho x reader #yunho fluff #yunho x reader #jeong yunho x reader #yunho#jeong yunho#atz angst#atz scenarios#atz fluff#atz masterlist#atz yunho #jeong yunho imagine #jeong yunho imagines #jeong yunho fluff #ateez scenario#ateez imagine #jeong yunho scenario #jeong yunho fanfic
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    “𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦,”𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘩.

    “𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴,”𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘺, 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮. 𝘏𝘦 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥, 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺.

    “𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, “𝘣𝘶𝘵, 𝘪𝘵’𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦. 𝘚𝘰, 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘐 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦.”

    Choi San💖

    You and San have been texting back and forth for the past few days. Although you were already acquaintances, thanks to your best friend Woo Young for that, you never thought that you would be able to date your crush. For the matter of fact, the guy you’d be crushing on would wanna date you. Thursday came and you were already excited, since he asked you to dress comfy as it was your first date and he wanted to take you star gazing. So keeping that in mind, you decided to opt for your pink hoodie and washed night sky jeans, paired with sneakers. Currently, you were on call with Woo Young, who was gushing excitedly about your dating life.

    “Can you believe it? The guy you made googly eyes for, is now making googly eyes for you?”

    You rolled your eyes in mock annoyance at his statement, followed by his giggle, and an occasional whine from his cute roommate, who was a part of the topic of your conversation.

    “He does?”you ask, trying to not squeal.

    “Of course he does! I can bet he’s re-reading your text messages and giggling,”he says, and you hear a ‘No, I’m not!’ in the background, making you giggle.

    “Anyways, are you nervous?”Woo asks you, from which you can actually figure out his concern for you. You simply hum, making his concerns come true.

    “Honestly, don’t be,”he says carelessly, knowing that it was new for you, too, “he’s clumsy as-hey, don’t hit me, knucklehead!”

    You laugh at the thought of your best friend getting hit by his roommate. You adored their friendship a lot, and if San wasn’t really worthy of your time, Woo Young wouldn’t have insisted you on dating him. That makes your nervousness a little less, because you trusted Woo Young’s choices for you.

    You hear quite the shuffling in the background, then you hear a low gasp.

    “Woo, you good?”

    “He’s trying to bite my arm off!”you hear San yell, “How the hell do you endure with this animal?”

    “Hey, who are you calling an animal, when you meow constantly because you feel you were a cat-hmpphmmh!!!”

    “Hey,”you hear San’s calm voice now, chuckling nervously, “forget what he said,”

    “Oh, I am not,”you say, trying not to laugh. You hear him sigh, knowing that you probably won’t let that slide soon.

    “So,”he starts, “you excited for tomorrow?”

    “Yeah, I am,”you say, sitting near the window and staring at the sky, that has turned a nice shade of orange and red, mixed with a tinge of purple.

    “I’ll pick you up at nine? We’ll eat dinner and then go. Sounds good?”

    “Sounds like a plan,”you say, smiling. You couldn’t see his reactions but clearly your loud best friend’s ‘He’s smiling like an idiot’ made it all clear.

    “So, see you tomorrow?”

    “Yeah,”you say, “see you tomorrow.”


    Friday night came painfully slow, as to test your patience and to make you feel highly anticipated at the same time.

    You hear a ping on the phone at around 8:45, signalling your date’s arrival. You close the door behind you, checking for your phone, keys and wallet, and jog down the stairs, to see San in a chocolate brown hoodie, leaning against his Honda bike, scrolling down his phone. Even with his tousled hair, he looked good. You put your hands in the pocket of your hoodie and with a shy smile, walk towards him. He looks up and acknowledges your presence with his infamous dimpled smile.

    “Hey you,”he greets, now putting his phone in the pocket of his jeans.

    “Hey,”you say, looking down, then at him, “never knew you owned this,”you say, pointing at his bike.

    “Oh,” he says, chuckling and then caressing the seat with his fingers, “this beauty is my favourite. She’s the love of my life.”

    He says this and looks at you, admiring his bike.

    “But I think she has got quite the competition,”he says, smirking at you. You look at him and chuckle, patting the seat.

    “Nope, she’s beautiful. No one can compete against-”

    “Woo was right,”he says, sitting on his bike, securing the helmet around his head, and handing you one,“try to take a compliment, woman.”

    You laugh at his whiny voice, and sit behind him, taking the helmet from his hand.

    “Hold on tight,”he says, “wouldn’t want Woo-vi killing me for letting his dimsum fall, can we?”he says, in a playful mocking tone.

    “Of course,”you say, securing your hold around his waist, “won’t want the ghost of dimsum haunting you now, can we?”you say, mocking him, “don’t think I don’t know your fear of ghosts.”

    “Hey, that was one time!”

    “Oh yeah, right,”you say, snickering at him, when you hear him grumble under his breath, “you still look cute.”

    “Cute, eh?”you could hear the smirk in this voice.

    “Just drive, will you?”You say, making him laugh, in turn making you smile.

    You reach the restaurant that he decided to take you to. It was small, and cozy and the fairy lights around the special’s menu looked way too pretty, the handwriting being too aesthetic. You both took the middle table, where the lamp shone just overhead. It wasn’t that bright, nor dim; it set the mood just perfect. He pulled out your chair, muttering a small ‘Allow me’, making you smile at his chivalry. You ordered a simple steak and he ended up ordering the same, except for the vegges. You smiled at his cuteness, wondering where this guy was till now. Gossiping over Woo and your lives and your friends and everything, it made you realise that conversation with San was so easy. No wonder Woo Young loved this guy so much. San was an amazing listener, and he definitely knew the right words to be spoken at the right time.

    “So, Hwa ends up dancing his wiggly dance on the chair, and Joong was so scared throughout, because he was already shit-faced, and he didn’t want anything extra to deal with!”

    You laugh so hard that tears begin to form at the corner of your eyes. You’ve never laughed this hard with anyone, except for Woo Young and Yun Ho.

    After debating over the bill payment which in turn confirmed the second date(which definitely didn’t fail to fluster you), you both decide to go for star gazing. He drove you to a park that seemed far from your place. You were in awe about everything, making him smile at you. Grabbing two blankets from the back seat, he nudged you to follow him. You open the door and follow him, still awing at the pretty sky. Threading his fingers with yours, he walks towards the centre of the park. Laying the blanket on the soft grass, he ushers you to sit next to him, wrapping another blanket around you both, making you mutter a shy ‘thanks’, cheeks red with the cold air nipping them. He smiles at you, and looks up at the sky.

    “That’s Venus,”he points at the brightest star, “and next to it is the constellation of Libra.”

    “How do you know that?”

    “Well, during winters, Venus is the only one that shines bright than anyone,”he says, “and the constellation is the exact shape.”

    “Well,”you begin, “I want to believe that its a parallelogram.”

    “Oh yeah,”he says, “hm. So,”pointing at another cluster, “that’s a table.”

    “Oh, oh, I’ve got one,”you say, “that right there, is an eye.”

    “The clouds are drifting slowly,”he says, making you hum.

    “That cloud over there looks like a skull eating a tree,”you say, giggling. He snorts and points at the same one.

    “It’s now looking like the skeleton is scared to eat it and doing the meme,”he says, making you laugh.

    He slowly moves in front, facing you.

    “If there was a shooting star falling right now, what would you have asked?”

    “Well, I would definitely ask for Woo Young to stop being bratty at first and lots of money,”you say, making him snort, “what about you?”

    “Well,”he starts, taking your almost warm hands in his large cold ones, “I would want to see that smile of yours never leaving that pretty face.”

    “Gosh,”you say, biting your lower lip, trying to hide that blush not by the cold, but by the comments San was making.

    “𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦,”𝘚𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘩.

    “𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴,”𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘺, 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘵 𝘩𝘪𝘮. 𝘏𝘦 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥, 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺.

    “𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵,”𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴, “𝘣𝘶𝘵, 𝘪𝘵’𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦. 𝘚𝘰, 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘐 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦.”

    You couldn’t say anything more. You always knew that San was flirty, but the words he spoke seemed just so genuine.

    “San, I-”

    “I meant what I said,”he says, rubbing soothing circles on the skin of the back of your hand, “I really like you a lot.”


    “Of course, I mean, what’s not there to like about you? You’re everything I want in the person I want to date,” he says, “so, will you be mine?”

    You were speechless at this point, but you were happy too. You decided to run a mile ahead, and leaned in, kissing him. First, it was just a peck, but he smiled and pulled you closer to him, warm hands on the small of your back, and one caressing your cheek, deepening the kiss. After a few moments you break it, foreheads touching, exchanging shy smiles.

    When you detach yourself from him, you see a shooting star falling across the sky. Smiling at it, you look at San, who’s now looking at you quizzically, smiling nevertheless.

    “What are you smiling at?”

    “Lets say that an unspoken wish just came true,”you say, nuzzling his nose with yours.

    “Hm,” he hums, pulling you towards him, “care to share?”

    “Nah,”you say, “lets keep it that way,”you say, cuddling into him, making him smile and wrap the blanket.

    “An unspoken wish of mine came true too,”he thinks, resting his head on yours, smiling and gazing fondly at the sky, after seeing a shooting star fall the opposite sky.

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    ಇ kiss me more 261021 (para doação)

    insp. ಇ

    #kpop#edit #capa para fanfic #design#capa #capa para spirit #capa para fic #icon#fanfic#capa divertida#capa simples#capa colorida #capa para social spirit #fairyeoll#ateez#woosan
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    Hello hi :) I'm just here to say that I'll be halting all ongoing series for the time being until I finish this semester.

    Requests for reactions + mtl + idols as __ are still open. Check rules in navigation!

    #seria.talks #offixial#ateez fics #stray kids fics
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    his to take [part 4: a guy who hates halloween]

    genre: love triangle, high school au, suggestive, eventual smut, angst, fluff

    pairing: wooyoung x reader, yeosang x reader

    word count: 17k

    summary: while things progress between you and wooyoung, a forced partnership forms between you and yeosang.

    ao3 link here.

    You and Wooyoung were so different that a large part of you secretly believed that a relationship between the two of you would never work.

    After all, who would have guessed that Jung Wooyoung--one of the biggest delinquents that has ever graced the halls of KQ High school--and Y/N--top of her class, intelligent to a fault, straight laced geek--would ever even look in each other's direction?

    But despite your differences, despite the doubts that were cast, despite all of your pre-conceived assumptions about love and romance...

    The first few weeks of dating Wooyoung were some of the happiest moments you had spent in a long time.

    Because while you initially tried to shy away from your differences, you found that if anything, the differences between the two of you only made your relationship stronger. Where you lacked, Wooyoung flourished. What he needed, you had. Everything just seemed to work with him.

    Like any teenage couple going through the honeymoon phase, the two of you spent almost all of your free time together. Whenever you could muster the courage to lie to your parents, you’d make up another study date or sleepover with Somi, when in reality you’d be in Wooyoung’s bedroom, doing anything under the sun---talking, making out, cooking new recipes, helping each other with homework, making out some more….

    And what scared you was that you didn’t regret any of those seconds spent with him. Despite the mounting amount of school work you were trying to catch up on, your friends and family that demanded your attention, you couldn’t help that every inch and part of you was drawn to Wooyoung. You were falling fast, and there was nothing you could do to try and stop it.

    But the reason why you rationalized the amount of time you were spending with Wooyoung was that both of you seemed to be becoming better people as a result of the relationship. Your work ethic seemed to be rubbing off on Wooyoung, who now seemed to be showing more initiative in his classwork due to your influence. This was a win win for both of you, as when Wooyoung’s mother noticed the uptick in grades, she became much more comfortable with your presence in her son's bedroom.

    Similarly, Wooyoung’s traits began to rub off on you. You no longer tethered yourself to your academics at the expense of a social life. Wooyoung taught you that there were more things to life, things that you couldn’t limit yourself to because you were scared of disappointing your parents.

    Like any relationship, there were trials and tribulations. Most notably, trying to get your friend groups to integrate seemed to be an impossible task, especially when both parties seemed to be committed to pointing out how much the two of you had changed since you started dating.

    “Dude…” Changbin pointed an accusing finger at Wooyoung’s fork filled hand. “Did you paint your nails?”

    Wooyoung swallowed the food in his mouth before nodding. “Yup. Y/N painted them for me.”

    Wooyoung showed off his pink colored nails, waving them across the table for Changbin and San to see. “Do you like?”

    Changbin, whose own nails were painted gothically black, just shrugged. “You’ve really changed, you know that?”

    “You’re telling me.” added Somi, sitting at the end of the table and looking thoroughly uncomfortable with this seating arrangement. “Y/N’s been ditching me to skip class and make out with this asshole.”

    You expected Changbin to condemn Somi for referring to his friend as an asshole, but to your entire table’s surprise, he agreed. “I swear, they date for three fucking seconds and think they’re Bonnie and Clyde.”

    For the rest of lunch, Changbin and Somi began to bring up all of their transgressions with you and Wooyoung. And as embarrassing as it was, you didn’t interrupt, mostly because it was the first time you saw the two agreeing on anything.

    (This was however very uncomfortable for San, who dated Somi briefly 3 or so years before, and found himself thoroughly incensed that Changbin was speaking so casually with his ex.)

    “Hey, where’s Yeosang?” San interrupts, trying to find something else to talk about. “We had a project together and the little shit’s been ghosting me!”

    Hearing Yeosang's name causes you to freeze up suddenly, ice cold guilt traveling throughout your body when you think of him.

    Because ever since you and Wooyoung started dating, it's become more and more difficult to find Yeosang in the halls of KQ High School. He only showed up for lunch every blue moon, until little by little, he stopped coming entirely.

    You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the friendship you had together, the jokes and the common interests that you couldn’t really talk to Wooyoung about. But naturally, as you continued to commit to Wooyoung, Yeosang began to fade further and further from your list of priorities.

    “Don’t worry. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, Yeosang’s kind of a nerd.” explained Woooyung to a troubled San. “By the time he texts you, the whole project’ll be done.”

    And because Wooyoung always seemed to have this nonchalant attitude about Yeosang’s behavior, you tried not to be concerned too.

    Even when the voice in the back of your head told you he was avoiding you on purpose. That you had thrown him in the trash once you got in a relationship, ignored him despite him confiding in you the story about his--

    “Y/N, are you good?” Wooyoung asks in your ear, arm coming to stroke your back as he notices the spaced out look on your face.

    You smiled, assuring him that nothing is wrong. “I’m fine, just a little cold.”

    Wooyoung instinctively takes his blazer off, wrapping it around your shoulders despite your frequent protests that he didn’t have to and that he was being dramatic. “There. That should help.”

    “God, I think I’m gonna barf.” muttered Changbin, eliciting giggles from Somi and a frown from San.

    The August and September chapters of the Wooyoung Y/N love story passed by with a breeze, quite literally, as the windy chill of fall season reared its ugly head. And while you were more than happy to continue investing all of your time into your relationship with Wooyoung, as the first quarter of school came to its conclusion, you were quickly reminded of the other priorities you were neglecting as a result.

    Per tradition at KQ High School, on the first day of a new quarter, droves of students head to the front of the school where a bulletin board hangs from the brick wall. On any given day, the board will usually display mundane announcements pertaining to bathrooms that are broken down or updated emails of guidance counselors. But only at the beginning of each quarter will you find, “the list”: a piece of a piece of paper that displays the class ranks of each grade.

    As you years have gone on, less and less people come to the bulletin board, realizing that their chances of moving up a rank are very small.

    But today, when you head into the building a little later the usual, seemingly the entire student body is huddled in the front of the school, eyes glued to the ominous bulletin board.

    When you push past the double doors and head straight to the front lobby, you’re greeted by the sounds of intelligible whispering from the students crowding the bulletin board. Gossiping is practically a form of currency at KQ, which is why the sound normally wouldn’t disturb you--but what does disturb you is the fact that as soon as you walk in, it’s as if almost all eyes are suddenly transfixed on your presence.

    Ignoring the uncomfortable staring from your classmates, you inch closer to the front, having little trouble walking through the crowd as many seem to make room for you. When you finally reach the board and see the list smack dab in the middle, you realize why everyone seems so interested in your arrival.

    No longer is your name written in the number one spot where it has laid for the past 3 years. Instead, your name sits uncomfortably at the number two spot, written in bold letters and sticking out like a sore thumb.

    On the outside, you try to keep it together, knowing that the exact thing your classmates want is to see you breakdown over a rank.

    But on the inside, you’re panicking. Since you were in ninth grade, you put your every effort and focus into being the number one ranked student. That meant modifying your schedule to take more classes that your peers, investigating the schedules of other top students to make sure they had no chance of beating you, and even calculating your GPA on a regular basis to make sure it stayed above the 4.0 range. There’s no one at this school who could have possibly done enough to take your spot.

    Except for one.

    “Excuse me, can I get through?”

    Yeosang pushes past a few nosey freshmen, hitting a few with his bookbag in the process before finally making it to the front of the crowd. He stands next to you, scanning the list and muttering a triumphant “yes!” when he sees his name at the number one spot.

    “First quarter at a new school and I’m already number one.” he says, too caught up in his own excitement to notice the angry expression that’s now building on your face. “Not too shabby, huh?”

    You don’t know what comes over you when you grab Yeosang by the sleeve of his blazer, ignoring his confused shouts and the giggles of your entertained classmates.

    “What are you doing?” he asks when you finally let go of his clothes, cornering him into a far off row of lockers.

    “How did you do it?”

    Yeosang looks at you incredulously, smoothing out the fabric of his jacket. “What, the ranks?”

    “There’s no way you could have beaten me after only one quarter.” you accuse, unable to process how this could have happened and concluding that there must have been foul play involved. “Tell me how you did it.”

    “I didn't do anything.” he insists, not sure if he should be offended or amused by your sudden anger. “I did my work and passed my classes just like anyone else here.”

    Yeosang attempts to walk around you, but you catch his arm to hold him back. “You’re not just anyone else. You’re rich, which means you could’ve done god knows what just to get that rank!”

    He rolls his eyes, rubbing his arm that you thoroughly squeezed. “Let me get this straight. I got a higher A than you and you think there’s some kind of conspiracy involved? Do you know how crazy you sound?”

    “Do you think I don’t know the lengths you people go to get good grades?” you ask in a hushed voice, raising an accusatory finger in his direction. “I’ve seen it myself, Yeosang!”

    “Clearly you’re convinced I’ve cheated, so why are we still having this conversation?” he points out rationally.

    And despite how insane you know you sound, you also know you won’t be able to get over this until you see for yourself that Yeosang achieved the rank by himself.

    “Show me your transcript.”

    It’s an extremely bizarre demand but surprisingly, Yeosang complies, sliding his book bag to the front of his body and rummaging through it until he finds the crumpled piece of paper.

    You snatch it from him before he can hand it over, scanning the paper in your greedy hands for anything that looks out of place.

    But to your disappointment, everything checks out. Yeosang seemingly took a heaping amount of Advanced Placement classes at his old school, earning him extra points in almost all of his classes. The transcript is decorated with A’s, A pluses, 110s, 130s...

    And despite the rational side of your brain knowing that you’ve been outsmarted, you slap the paper against his chest, continuing your assault of irrational accusations. “No way you got these kinds of grades on your own!”

    Yeosang watches you freak out with a smug smile on his face. “Why don’t you just admit that you’re threatened by me? I worked just as hard as you did. Harder even, exemplified by the fact that I’m number one and you’re second place!”

    “I’ll admit it when you admit that you cheated, Yeosang!”

    “You know what? I’m not gonna just sit here and let you accuse me of cheating-”

    Your exchange with Yeosang is interrupted when a deep voice clears their throat behind you. “Excuse me, young lady, young man.”

    You turn around and almost shriek in fear because that’s the principal, Mr. Park, standing and watching you with a reproachful eye as you finish yelling at Yeosang.

    “I--I--Principal Park, let me explain--”

    “I have no interest in finding out whatever the two of you were just arguing about.” he says dimly, adjusting the tie on his perfectly fitted suit. “I do, however, need to speak to the both of you in my office.”

    You and Yeosang now share a similar feeling of dread as you’re marched into the tall, intimidating Principal’s office, preparing yourself for the reprimand that is bound to come.

    The office is almost the size of your kitchen, perks of being the Principal at a school with a sizeable affluent population. Principal Park gestures the two of you to sit on two plush velvet seats across from his desk, forcing you to look him in his eye despite how nervous you already feel.

    But to your surprise and absolute luck, you find out within the first 5 minutes of the visit that neither of you are in trouble.

    “As the two of you may know, every year, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the school are required to participate in our mentoring program.”

    You sigh in relief, familiar with the program and happy to hear you’re not being punished. But Yeosang, completely new to the school, looks at the two of you in confusion.

    “Mentoring program?” he asks. “What’s that?”

    “Every year, the top two students at KQ High School must mentor a group of students from our feeder middle schools, as well as the underclassmen that attend here.” the principal explains. “This program will occur daily for the next two weeks.”

    Yeosang scoffs, speaking with an air of arrogance in his voice. “No offense, Mr. Park, but I have more important things to worry about than a few freshmen.”

    “Student leadership is very important here at KQ High School, Mr. Kang.” replied Mr. Park swiftly. “This program is a requirement to graduate for every Valedictorian that has graced this school.”

    Before either of you could make any objections, the bell rang and Principal Park was ushering the two of you to class. “The program will begin next week and will end close to Halloween. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Next week?” you both repeat at the same time.

    “But sir, with college applications, scholarships, community service hours...how are we supposed to plan a two week program in less than 5 days?” you ask frantically.

    Principal Park gives the two of you an encouraging yet dismissive smile. “You two are the top two students at this school, Ms. Y/N. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

    With confusion still left in the air and many questions left unsaid, the Principal hands the two of you a pass, releasing you both.

    And despite all of the logistics that need to be sorted out, things that need to be planned--when you and Yeosang exit the office, you don't say a word to each other and walk in completely separate directions.

    When you’re tasked with the planning of the mentoring program the next day, there’s a queasy dread pulling in your chest at the thought of working with Yeosang again. Even if you hadn’t just accused him of a crime, you also had not spoken more than a few words to each other since you started dating Wooyoung.

    You spend the majority of your day trying to find him, a task that is close to impossible when he avoids the most common student hangouts like the courtyard or lunchroom. At the end of the day when you’re finally ready to accept that you may have to proceed without him, you’re informed by a sticky note slid into your locker that Yeosang wants to meet in the library to discuss plans for the program. You might have thought it was a prank had you not recognized the masculine scrawl of his handwriting, reading so much of his writing over the summer that the the letters were unmistakable. Nervous and unsure what to expect, you head to the library immediately after finding the note.

    After finding the front of the library empty and searching the rows of bookshelves, you finally find Yeosang hidden in the far back, head tucked behind his laptop as he types away at the keyboard. Before you can come up with an appropriate way to greet him he notices you coming over, moving his laptop to the side to look at you fully.

    “I see you got my note.” he says plainly, fiddling with a silver watch that sits on his wrist.

    You slide into a chair directly across from him, slinging your bookbag onto the table with a slight thud. “Yep.”

    You immediately feel awkward as you shuffle in your seat, waiting for Yeosang to introduce his plans for this meeting. Ultimately you’re forced to speak first, uncomfortable with the growing silence that comes over the two of you.

    “So. Me and you. Mentors.” you point out obviously, not knowing what else to say. “Cool, huh?”

    Yeosang runs a hand through his parted hair with a sigh. “I’m sorry you couldn’t be doing this with someone else.”

    You raise an eyebrow at the sudden self-deprecating comment. “Why would I want to do this with someone else?”

    He looks up at you, smirk tugging at the corner of his lips as he recalls the last time he interacted with you. “Am I remembering things incorrectly, or did you yell at me for stealing your rank less than 24 hours ago?”

    Your cheeks go warm as you remember your embarrassing outburst. “Look. I’m sorry for the way I acted. As much as I don’t want to admit it…” you swallow, annoyed that you’ve found yourself in a position where you have to grovel for Yeosang’s forgiveness.


    Yeosang leans forward, putting a hand behind his ear. “Say that again? I don’t think I heard you correctly the first time.”

    You roll your eyes as you register the sarcasm in his voice. “I said, you beat me fair and square. Can you accept my apology?”

    He reclines back in his seat with a smug smile. “Keep telling me how smart I am, and maybe I will.”

    Resisting the urge to aim a book at his chest, you sigh. “This is hard for me, you know? I’ve never been lower than number one in my life.”

    The statement comes out more pretentious than intended, which is why you don’t stop Yeosang when he laughs at you. “Keep working hard and you can be like me when you grow up, okay Y/N?” he jokes, reaching over the table to pat you softly on the shoulder.

    And as much as you hate being on the receiving end of his jokes, it feels good to laugh and joke around with him again after not speaking to each other for months. It’s surprisingly easy for the two of you to get back in the groove of your lighthearted, joking banter.

    “Enough apologizing, you’re boring me.” says Yeosang, pulling his laptop back into his lap. “Let’s discuss being mentors, or whatever the fuck we’re supposed to be doing here.”

    You spend the rest of your afternoon in the library, trying to keep down your laughter while the Librarian hovers around with a reproachful eye. The whole exchange reminds you of all of those nights in Yeosang’s small office, going over his thoughts for activities and bouncing various ideas of each other. You’re having so much fun that you’re completely unbeknownst to the several missed text messages from Wooyoung that cause your phone to buzz every 20 or so minutes.

    Yeosang drives you home that day, and the day after that, and the rest of the week. When you arrive at school the following Monday, you run into each other again when he’s standing at your familiar spot atop the stairs with two cups of coffee in his hands.

    “You’re gonna get me a spot on ‘My Strange Addiction’ if you keep buying me these,” you scold him despite your very eager hand that grabs the coffee straight from the carton before you can finish your sentence.

    He shrugs, smiling as he takes a sip of his own cup. “Just trying to keep you sharp for the start of the program today.”

    “Are you ready to meet all of the kids?” you ask, hoping that he’ll share your feelings of anticipation and nervousness.

    “Ready, but a little nervous.” he answers simply, sounding cool and confident in his words. “I was going over the agenda last night, and I think that--”

    “Y/N, there you are!”

    You and Yeosang turn around, not shocked to see that the owner of the voice is none other than Jung Wooyoung. You watch him sprint up the steps, slightly surprised to see him at school on time.

    “Hey, Woo.” you greet, holding your arms open for a hug as you wait for him to make his way up the steps. The whole scene, the way your face lights up, the way you call him ‘Woo’ so casually, makes Yeosang twinge with bitterness.

    Wooyoung gets the top of the steps and snakes an arm around your torso, pulling you into a unassuming hug. You pull away rather quickly, not wanting to be excessive when Yeosang is standing right there. But Wooyoung seems to have other plans, grabbing you by your jaw and planting a quick but wet kiss on the front of your lips.

    Wooyoung turns to Yeosang immediately after, nodding in his direction and oblivious to the stunned expression on your face. “Sup, Yeosang.”

    Yeosang opens his mouth to say something back but Wooyoung then turns to you, effectively making Yeosang feel like a ghost. But that’s always how he feels when the two of you together, as if he could walk away and no one would notice.

    “I texted you all last week.” Wooyoung says to you in a sulking manner, brushing a hair off of your forehead that would be normal in any other context but feels forced now. “I thought you were gonna come over?”

    You smile uncomfortably, nodding to Yeosang. “I've been with Yeosang. The Principal is making us do this mentorship thing afterschool for the next 2 weeks."

    “Yup.” confirms Yeosang, bouncing on his feet awkwardly and feeling more and more invisible as he watches the two of you talk to one another.

    Wooyoung finally seems to acknowledge Yeosang’s presence, hitting him on the shoulder playfully. “Hey man, don’t go ghost on us. We should all hang out together sometime soon.”

    “I think I’m good on that, Woo.” he teases, saying the nickname in a girlish voice as if to mock you.

    “Well why not?” asks Wooyoung, sounding genuinely upset that his best friend is rebuffing him. “Everyone is always asking about you. Where’s Yeosang, what’s going on with Yeosang--”

    “The usual stuff, man.” replies Yeosang, using the excuse he uses on anyone who requires his time these days. “Colleges, scholarships, the works.”

    Yeosang turns to see the double doors of the building finally opening, sighing in relief as if he’d been saved by the bell. “I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

    And with that, Yeosang walks away without another word.

    “Don’t you think it’s weird that he said bye to you, and not me?” observes Wooyoung, arm slung casually across your shoulders.

    “You wanna know what I think is weird?” you ask, twisting his arm off of your shoulder and placing it safely by his side. “I didn’t know we did that now.”

    “Did what?”

    “Kiss? In front of all of these people?” you gesture towards the students that are now entering the building in droves. Because while you weren’t making any concerted effort to hide your relationship, you did enjoy the privacy that came with no one at the school knowing your business.

    “Nobody’s looking at us, baby.” he assures you, pointing out all of the people who are preoccupied in conversation or on their phone, but it doesn’t seem to placate the frown that’s now covering your face.

    “If you want me to stop, I will.” he promises, reaching out to hold your hand once he sees most of the students gone.

    And because you think there’s worse things to make a fuss about that aren’t having your boyfriend kiss you, you don’t object. “Kiss me all you want. Just don’t start getting all clingy or you’ll gross me out.”

    He’d be offended had he not come to recognize the joking tone in your voice, laughing along with you side by side with you as you head to class. “You’re so cool. I can’t help wanting to kiss you.”

    You let Wooyoung kiss you one last time before dropping you off at class, shouting mantras of “good luck on your program thingy!” down the hallway before walking off.

    When you arrive at the library afterschool, it’s filled with the resounding chit-chat of 6th to 10th graders, all of which goes silent when you and Yeosang take the front of the room.

    “Hi, my name is Y/N, and I’m the Salutatorian here at KQ High School. it’s nice to meet you all.” you wave at the students who watch you attentively but cautiously from their seats.

    “Are you smart?” asks a small, freckle covered kid that looks no older than 12 from the front of the room.

    Taken aback by the sudden interruption, you giggle awkwardly. “I’m okay, I guess.”

    And when the kids in the front seem to find your answer quite hilarious, Yeosang interrupts, deep voice booming over all of the side chatter. “Don’t get confused by her humility. Y/N is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

    You and Yeosang lock eyes for a second and you smile at him gratefully. The gaze is broken almost immediately when you hear the sound of a few “oooohhhh”s coming from the back of the room.

    The rest of the afternoon is full of moments like that, moments in which Yeosang has to save you because he’s much better at dealing with kids than you are. He practically leads the entire session, channeling the camp counselor energy you remember so distinctly when you first met him. He helps you so many times that when you’re sitting with a group of girls, helping them design their own planners, one of the girls stops to whisper to you, “He’s got the hots for you, I think.”

    You brush off the comment with light laughter, assuring the younger girl that you and Yeosang are just friends. But none of the other girls seem to be convinced, especially when he frequently comes over to your table, leaning over your shoulder and asking if you need any extra help.

    But luckily, as the week goes on you get better and more comfortable in your leadership position after watching Yeosang. He’s insanely good at dealing with kids, taking the time to answer all of their stupid questions and lending a helping hand with their homework assignments without getting frustrated.

    You express this gratitude to him at the end of the week, as the 4th session of the program comes to an end. “Honestly, I didn’t know if we were gonna work well together.” you admit, remembering how cold things were at the beginning. “But I’ve gotta say, you’re not bad with the kids.”

    “Not bad. I’ll take it.” he replies with a slight smile, spreading out a piece of poster board over the wooden table.

    You grab your stuff, waiting for Yeosang to follow you out of the door. The light inside has now gone dark, and all of the kids have been picked up by their parents. Now would normally be the time when you and Yeosang would leave, but for some reason, he remains glued to his seat.

    “What time are you leaving?” you ask, glancing at the time on your phone.

    “I think I’m gonna stay late.” he explains, reaching over to grab a pack of markers. “One of the boys I’m working with has synesthesia, so I thought I could plan something around that.”

    You hum, finding it quite admirable how much time he seems to invest in the kids. But you otherwise don’t respond, walking around the library aimlessly as you wait for your ride to arrive.

    “Do you want to stay behind?” asks Yeosang, watching you stand there idly and noticing you’re in no rush to leave. “We could get a head start on some stuff for Monday?”

    You sigh, feeling a little bit bashful as you inform Yeosang of your afternoon plans. “I was supposed to meet up with Wooyoung tonight, actually.”

    Since the start of the quarter, you and Wooyoung had practically zero time to spend together. Even without the mentorship sapping up your afterschool hours, you also had a renewed sense of focus caused by your #2 rank, making you more busy with schoolwork than ever before. But you promised that you’d see a movie with him today, getting some much needed alone time that you both had been longing for.

    Yeosang nods, trying not to look as disappointed as he feels. “Sorry, shouldn’t have asked. Go, have fun.”

    You check your phone, looking to see if Wooyoung is on the way yet. But when you see no new messages from him, you figure there’s no harm in dawdling around a little before he shows up. It’s why you put your bag down, sliding in the chair next to Yeosang. “At least show me what you’re working on.”

    Biting back a smile from the way you seem genuinely interested in what he’s doing, Yeosang slides his phone in your direction, showing you a study guide he found online.

    “I’m gonna make a board for each color, see?” he leans over your shoulder, poking at the phone screen to show you what he’s talking about. “I’m gonna make it all fancy, and hang it up.”

    “And then, I’m gonna buy a bunch of math supplies and see if he associates them with a certain color. I thought it might help him relate to the subject more, you know?”

    You turn to face him, surprised by how close his face is to yours. “Yeosang, this is gonna take you forever.” you state, sounding both impressed and surprised.

    “It’s fine.” he assures, backing up from you and grabbing the phone from your hand. “I’m just gonna stay here until they kick me out. I’ll work on the weekend if I have to.”

    Without another word he gets to work, grabbing a purple colored marker and drawing various purple colored objects all over the board.

    “What color do you get when you see me?”

    Yeosang looks up at you, bemused by the sudden question. “I don’t have synesthesia, Y/N, the kid does--”

    “I know.” you interject, joining him as you grab a purple color pencil and doodle over the board. “I was just wondering if you associate a color with me, that’s all.”

    He gets quiet, and for a second you think he’s ignoring you, when in reality he’s thinking.

    “Silver.” he blurts out finally after thinking for more than 60 seconds. “Shiny, oftentimes sticking out in a room full of rusty browns. Mechanical, like I can hear your mind moving every time you speak.”

    “And reflective, like I want to...see myself through your eyes, if that makes sense.” he adds lastly. “That’s why you’re silver.”

    If he wasn’t so focused on the poster board, he might’ve noticed the flattered embarrassment that was now flooding your face, touched by the sweet comments but also feeling incredibly hyper-analyzed by his creepily spot on interpretation of your personality.

    You pause for a few moments, trying to think of an equally good sounding color. Finally, the one you land on is, “White. It’s a super classic, refined color. Goes well with everything. But it’s also what we used to cover things up, like white-out, you know? Even though it looks regular on the outside, you know there’s something hidden underneath.”

    When you finish speaking you look up to see Yeosang shaking his head. “You make me sound more interesting than I am.”

    “I’m right, aren’t I?” you jest, poking him in the arm with a marker. “That’s why you’re shaking your head!”

    “Whatever.” he mutters, feeling similarly embarrassed to hear how you think of him so plainly.

    When it’s silent again, you’re reminded that you have somewhere you're supposed to be tonight. You look over at your bag sitting on the ground, deliberating on if you should go outside to wait for Wooyoung to arrive. But then you look back at the table, and when you see all of the work that’s still left for Yeosang to do, you feel almost an obligation to stay here and help.

    “You know what? I’m just gonna stay tonight.” you announce, grabbing a hold of your colored pencil once more.

    Yeosang’s eyes widen in surprise. “What about your date? Don’t miss it for me.”

    But you shake your head, assuring him that it’s fine. “We’ll finish this a lot faster if we do it together. Wooyoung will get over it.”

    Yeosang feels bad about how happy he feels to know you’ll be staying with him tonight.

    “I’ll be right back, I’m gonna call him so he knows not to pick me up.” you inform Yeosang as you walk outside into the hallway with your phone smushed between your ear and shoulder.

    “Woo, please don’t be mad, but I need to cancel our date for tonight.”

    You bite your lip anxiously as you pace around in the empty hallway, feeling guilty because you know how much he's been looking forward to this.

    “Is everything okay?” he asks, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice as he puts down the cologne bottle in his hands.

    “Yeah.” you sigh sadly. “There’s just some extra work I need to do for the mentor thing before next week, and it’s taking longer than expected.”

    Wooyoung would be lying if he said he wasn’t frustrated--you’ve ditched him this whole week and last over this mentorship thing that he knows little to nothing about---but he also recognizes that you wouldn’t be investing this much time in it if it wasn’t important to you.

    But all of that compassion seems to go out of the window when he remembers who you’re doing the program with.

    Suddenly all of those nasty insecure emotions threaten to make their way out of his mouth again. He knows he trust you, and he thinks he trusts Yeosang--a thought that he finds kind of pathetic considering the length of time he’s known the two of you---but it still doesn’t change his racing thoughts, thoughts of you leaning over the desk as you laugh at one of Yeosang’s corny jokes…

    “Is Yeosang there with you?” he asks, trying to sound casual and not let his fleeting thoughts of jealousy control the way he speaks to you.

    “Yep. He’s probably gonna drive me home, if that’s what you worried about.”

    Your comment makes Wooyoung feel like shit, knowing that he wasn’t even thinking about how you’d get home because he was too preoccupied with stupid thoughts of Yeosang.

    You have nothing to worry about, the tells himself, suddenly realizing how stupid his thoughts are. Yeosang’s your best friend, and Y/N loves you.

    Comforted by these thoughts, he reels himself in. “Good. Have fun, baby. And don’t get home too late.”

    “I won’t, Woo.” you assure, smiling at the 'baby'. “Good night.”

    “Good night, Y/N."

    You hang up the phone, strolling back into the library where Yeosang has now moved on to the color yellow. And in the limited time you have before the school closes, the two of you work together to finish up the boards with lots of laughter in between.

    Over the weekend, Wooyoung makes it painfully clear with his several calls and text messages to your phone that he’s eager to make up for lost time. He’s always been persistent when it comes to the things that he wants, but you didn’t think he would be this unrelenting with his pleas for you to visit him on Saturday.

    “Wooyoung, it’s 40% of my grade.” you remind him for the upteenth time, because your Psychology class has been grueling enough, and you know that you desperately need to study for your test this weekend. “I have to study.”

    And despite your attempts to sound stern, your resolve weakens the more you hear him beg. Truthfully, you want to see him just as much as he wants to see you. And you think he can read your conflicting thoughts over the phone, which is why he refuses to give up despite your repeated refusals.

    “Then let’s study together.” he implores, using the same excuse he’s been using for the past 20 minutes. “You know what they say? Two heads are better than one!”

    When you finally relent to coming over, you realize pretty quickly why you wanted and didn’t want to come over in the first place. Because focus is a long-lost concept when Wooyoung looks as good as he does in his casual clothes, hair drawn back with a headband and grey sweatpants emphasizing all of the things you wish you weren’t so crazy about. Studying is a foregin word when his hands constantly find themselves touching places on your body where your skin gets especially hot. Tests are rendered insignificant when you quickly find yourselves in a familiar routine that involves shared spit and rolled hips as you press yourself onto his lap.

    “Fuck, stay still.” he begs weakly when you grind yourself against him, a habit that’s completely unconscious on your part but also extremely gratifying when he reacts like that.

    “Why?” you ask innocently with a bat of your eyelashes, even though his hard-on that presses underneath you makes the answer to that question glaringly clear.

    His punishment is more of a reward if anything, which is why you chase it consistently with your bratty comments and feigned innocence. You don’t even know how much power you have over him, how much he has to fight his desire to bend you over anytime you play this little act of yours. But for now, until you’re ready, he’ll hold himself together and reserve your playful coyness in his imagination for when he’s alone.

    “God, you’re so good.” he praises as his hand slithers from your ass, up your spine, over your neck, and up to trace the outlines of your face. “My perfect girl.”

    You’ve always found it fascinating how he can be so dominant and teasing one second and introspective and affectionate in the next. His quiet moments are your favorite, because when you watch him stare at you with those hooded eyes full of want and repressed desire while his hands softly stroke your face like you’re a fragile object, you wonder how you managed to turn Jung Wooyoung into a lover boy.

    Just the power that the thought gives you makes you lean in for another kiss, a kiss that he blocks with the clicking of his tongue and the jerking of his head.

    “What’s the magic word?” he taunts lowly as his thumb teases the entrance of your mouth.

    You can tell by the way his eyes follow your lips and his finger traces your bottom lip that he wants your mouth on his just as much as you do. But he savors the moment, because now is the only time that he can get you to submit to him. And he likes having that power, the ability to make you melt like putty whenever he likes.

    You just barely wrap your lips around the lip of his thumb, hoping that it’ll substitute the verbal response you know that he wants. But even with the low groan that leave his mouth at your obedience, he’s disciplined, and won’t do anything until you say what he wants to hear.

    “Nuh uh, pretty girl” he chides as he retracts his thumb from your mouth. “Need you to say it.”

    In any other context you’d roll your eyes, but right now you’d say just about anything to get his lips back on yours right now. And it’s funny and even a little bit pathetic that you’re only begging for a kiss right now. You can only just imagine how much more dumb you’ll get when you’re ready for any of this to go further than some dry humping and tongue kissing.


    He hums in satisfaction and instead of praising you verbally he leans in and suckles on your bottom lip, letting it go with a soft smack. You look down at him with wide eyes, speechless but also incredibly turned on by the action. Without a word, your lips are immediately connecting again, tongues smoothing against each other as he continues his exploration of your mouth.

    After a repeated routine of this you both pull away for air, but this time, his lips find your neck, pulling your hair back and sucking on a spot underneath your ear that has you whimpering.

    “I can’t...get hickies…” you tell him with absolutely no conviction, which is why you can’t blame him when he ignores you, laying a lick across the spot before suctioning his lips around it again.

    You just barely are able to get back to your house that day without your mother seeing your now rose decorated neck, thanks to the Beats headphones that wrap around your neck providing the perfect covering.

    But the disguise doesn’t work at school, where the foundation you borrowed from Somi makes absolutely no dent in Wooyoung’s work.

    “Is he a vampire, or something?” Somi asks when she catches you at your locker early on Monday morning. Changbin stands next to her, seemingly having become a friend of Somi's in the past few weeks.

    “I think he tried to eat her.” Changbin adds for good, embarrassing measure, investigating your neck with mild interest.

    “Shut up.” you reply, staring at your locker mirror with narrowed eyes as you attempt to conceal the marks with the collar of our blazer and your hair to no avail.

    Yeosang is the first person you see that day who doesn’t say anything in regards to the hickies when he sees you. He’s colder than normal though, an act you chalk up to tiredness when he tells you that he stayed up the night before to finish some assignments.

    At your request, Wooyoung lays off with the PDA, although he does repeatedly mention how much he can’t wait for the end of the mentorship, teasing that “they’ll be more where that came from,” the next time he gets his hands on you.

    And luckily, he doesn’t have to wait too long because the week goes by rather quickly and the last day of the mentorship approaches on Friday.

    You’re thankful that Yeosang takes the lead in planning, because you don’t think there's anything you could conjure up that could top his social and financial connections, connections that he leverages wisley to invite a pop singer to speak to the younger kids. That leaves you the sole responsibility of handling the food, but even then Yeosang doesn’t allow you to think about reaching for your wallet before swiping his own black card to pay for the few dozen pizza boxes that arrive at the start of the meeting.

    Yeosang takes you outside and briefly introduces you to Hongjoong, the pop star he's invited for the kids. You don’t really keep up with what’s on the radio these days, but judging by the flashy brand names that cover his clothes, you assume he must be doing pretty well for himself. You’re not allowed to linger in his tour bus for too long, because you and Yeosang need to get to the library where the kids are anxiously waiting for your arrival.

    “Let’s go over the plan again.” you say to Yeosang as you walk side by side through the quiet hallways.

    “Okay. We’ll start off with the food and music, me and you will say a few words of farewell, Hongjoong will come in through the....” he stops, looking over to you for the rest of his sentence. “Sorry, I’m blanking.

    “The back door.” you finish for him. “Then, he’ll say his speech, we'll take pictures, and boom. It’s over.”

    Yeosang looks over at you with a slight grin. “See? This is why we’re partners.”

    You find yourself turning bashful at the praise. “Whatever. Don’t mention it.”

    “Why not?” he asks, lips turning upward into a smirk as he bumps you into the wall with his shoulder. “I’m not the only person that’s noticed we make a good team.”

    “Oh, really?” you ask with mock disbelief. “Who else?”

    He nods to the library up ahead. “The kids. They think, that you and I look good together.”

    “A few of them also think that aliens are real, so I wouldn’t really trust their--”

    “Yeosang? Is that you!”

    The sound of a new voice causes both you and Yeosang to whip your heads to the right, where a short, pink haired girl comes strolling down the hallway with a tiny handbag swinging by her side. She looks like she could be about 10 different people that you’ve walked past at this school, and with no name coming to mind, you look over to Yeosang to see how he’ll react.

    If there was any amusement on his face before, it’s all been drained the moment that the new girl comes walking over to him. He groans just at the sight of her, and when he starts moving his legs again you have to speed walk to keep pace.

    But the strange girl is persistent. She jogs alongside the two of you, either blissfully unaware of Yeosang’s distaste for her presence or choosing to ignore it.

    “You haven’t texted me back in two weeks, lover boy.” she says, her voice chipper and high pitched as she speaks directly to him and ignores you. “What’s up with you?”

    “Not now, Rose.” he dismisses easily, like swiping a fly out of his face. “I’m in the middle of something.”

    As you struggle to keep up with the two of them, you feel a lot like you’ve walked into a conversation you weren’t supposed to, with him refusing to introduce her and her refusing to introduce herself to you.

    “In the middle of something? With her?” she asks, acknowledging your presence for the first time. You give her an obligatory polite wave but she ignores it, clearly determining her intentions to speak about you but not to you.

    You can see Yeosang’s jaw twitch and his eyes roll dramatically every time she opens her mouth. You’d love to interject and ask what’s happening right now, but you’ve got an itching suspicion that you wouldn’t want to know what this is even if you could.

    “God, Rose, could we just walk about this later!?” he snaps, waving her away like she’s a dog.

    She humphs, but still obeys his dismissal. “Fine. You know where to find me.”

    You turn around to watch her walk away and you can’t help but feel a little curious, especially because you’ve never seen the two together and she looks and sounds completely opposite to the type of people you’d expect Yeosang to hang out with. Because if he’s friends with her, then why the hell would he ever want to entertain himself with the company of someone like you who falls flat in comparison?

    “Girl trouble?” you finally ask once the sound of her clicking heels disappears down the hallway.

    He presses two fingers into the bridge of his nose with a forced laugh, the irritation on his face now melting back into the warmness that you recognize. “I guess you could call it that.”

    You want to ask more questions but you hold your tongue, deciding that the girls whom Yeosang does or does not fraternize with have nothing to do with you.

    But then, to your annoyance, after a few moments of silence he chooses to bring her up again.

    “You shouldn’t have let her talk to you like that.”

    You roll your eyes, because it’s impossible to take him seriously after what just happened. “You should have defended my honor, loverboy.” you taunt sarcastically.

    “It’s not even like that, so calm down.” he huffs. “I don’t need to protect you. You know how to stand up for yourself, so do it next time.”

    The library doors come into view and he swings one open for you before you can ponder on his advice any further. There, the few dozen kids sit patiently in their chairs, looking to you and Yeosang excitedly for the start of the program.

    And so, for the first 30 minutes you and Yeosang go through your planned evening expertly. Food and drinks flow as the two of you say your final farewells to the younger kids that you’ve grown quite fondly for over the course of these two weeks. The Hongjoong surprise happens just as you imagined it--the kids erupt in cheers and demands for autographs as soon as he bursts into the library with his mink coat and two security guards trailing behind him.

    You and Yeosang watch Hongjoong’s speech in the back silently, chowing down on the last few pieces of pizza left by the hungry kids. You’re trying your best to pay attention to whatever knowledge he’s dropping, because truly, when else does a person get the opportunity to hear from an acclaimed, superstar singer? But when Yeosang’s phone is buzzing every other second, it gets hard to pay attention.

    Each time his phone vibrates, he pulls it under the table to respond to it, tapping his oily fingers on the screen excitedly. You watch his face in the corner of your eye, watch the edge of his lips twitch every time he receives a new notification. He still looks irritated, but whatever’s on his screen is keeping his attention enough for him to constantly keep his phone at his side.

    “Think you could silence that, buddy?” you mutter to him, trying to sound amicable despite the frustration that is coursing through you.

    He looks up at you with an apologetic grin. “My bad.”

    You sigh in relief when the vibrations end and for a second time, you attempt to tune in to Hongjoong’s speech, a speech that is apparently so funny that the kids in front of you are now keeling in laughter. But even with the buzzing gone your eyes still drift to Yeosang, who is also laughing, but not because of something Hongjoong said.

    You almost jump when Yeosang looks up at you, 10 milliseconds away from catching you staring had you not turned away in expert time. He nudges your shoulder with his own as he tucks his phone away into his pocket. You’re relieved, thinking that finally, he’s done with whatever’s been absorbing all of his attention.

    “Hey, I think I left something in my fifth period.” he mentions quietly as he smoothes out his pants. “You’ll cover for me, right?”

    And while you’re not too happy about being left by yourself, you nod, looking at him in concern as he jolts out of the room hurriedly.

    With Yeosang gone though, you finally get to hear the rest of Hongjoong’s speech, a speech that is equally as funny as it is enlightening. But then the speech ends, and the spot in the chair next to you is still empty.

    Hongjoong is forced to leave because of some schedule that demands his attention and now you’re forced to improvise something on the spot for the kids to do as you wait for your partner to come back from wherever he’s gone off to. You think it makes you look stupid, because while the kids may try their hardest to be polite, you’re just the val to Yeosang’s sal. You’re not oblivious to the fact that they seem to respond to him way more than they do to you.

    It’s evidenced by their unenthusiastic reaction to your next few words. “Well, since this is the last day of the program, how about we all take a group selfie?” you suggest as you pull out your own cell phone.

    “What about Mr. Yeosang?” demands a squeaky voice from the back of the room. “He’s gotta be in it too!”

    You sigh in exasperation, feeling way out of your bounds here with dozens of loud kids demanding to see someone that isn't you. You look down at your watch, only to realize that there's’ only a limited amount of time left before these kids need to be picked up by their guardians or else you'll have double the amount of parents screaming at you.

    Think, Y/N, think. He said he went off to fifth period. Who is Yeosang’s fifth period teacher?

    Dr. Choi. Room D203. You know this because you remember scanning Yeosang’s entire schedule when you [forcibly] demanded his transcript.

    “How about you guys follow me to room D203?” you suggest to the kids brightly. “Let’s go find Yeosang for the picture, okay?”

    And that’s how you end up walking down an empty hallway with an amount of pre-teens that would put the Duggars to shame trailing behind you, all of them whispering excitedly about Hongjoong and other musings.

    And that’s when you hear it.

    The noise is quiet at first. But then again, even the quietest of noises are amplified in an already quiet hallway. Even when you’re a few yards away, you can still hear the distinct sounds of moaning coming from the classroom up ahead.

    You turn around robotically to the kids behind you, who you pray to god don’t recognize the faint whimpers that are coming from the door behind you.

    “Why don’t you guys...stay here?” you stammer out in an attempt at sounding calm. “I’ll go and get Yeosang, and we’ll take the picture out here, okay?”

    But kids don’t listen, and even if they wanted to stay behind, you’ve just succeeded in piquing their interest by talking to them in such an ominous way.

    You stalk forward to approach the door, not noticing the few stray kids that are following behind you. The glass window of the door is covered by blinds, and without a visual, all you can do is hope that whatever’s behind this door is a completely innocent, child friendly picture.

    But when you turn the handle and swing the door open, you’re greeted by the sight of Yeosang and his lady friend Rose propped on top of a desk with their tongues lodged down each other’ throats.

    The cherry on top? His hand is also thrusting in and out of her skirt.

    The kids behind you cry out in unison, some in laughter, some in shock, some in disgust. Either way, their loud noises easily alert the two lovers of your presence, with both of them looking up at you in horror.

    “I thought you said you locked the door!” Rose screeches as she scrambles off of the desk.

    Deciding that you’ve seen enough, you do the work for her. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.”

    And with that, you slam the door shut behind you, only to face a crowd of kids with no idea what to say that could possibly explain what they just saw. At the very least your audience looks amused, most of them immature and therefore delighted by any image of sex.

    “Well. This is...quite interesting.”

    You wait for Yeosang to come out of the classroom a few moments later, his hair clearly disheveled and his shirt unbuttoned a few notches. What's most embarrassing is the way he wipes his hand on the side of khaki pants, creating a dark stain on the pockets from the wetness.

    “So what did I miss?” he asks avidly, the type of temperament that feels misplaced from a guy that just got caught fingering a girl on his teacher’s desk.

    But only Yeosang can get away with these types of things, because he’s charming and likable and knows how to work his magic so that all of the kids are huddling by the wall to take the picture they wanted so desperately. Funny enough, it’s Rose who takes the photo, smiling innocently as if she wasn’t just getting finger popped just a few moments ago.

    “Say cheese!” she coos, taking a few photos in different poses before finally, to your relief, handing the phone back to Yeosang.

    “Alrighty, guys! Time to go! Let’s keep what we saw here to ourselves, okay?” are your embarrassingly short final words to the kids as you usher them out the door and into the parking lot where their families await them. In the corner of your eye, Rose has a similarly rushed farwell, getting on her tippy toes and planting a chaste kiss on Yeosang’s cheek before walking out the door behind them.

    That leaves you and Yeosang alone, where you head to the library to clean up the mess that the kids surely left behind. And because you don’t have anything particularly nice to say to him right now, you stay silent, keeping a shoulder’s distance away from him as you walk ahead.

    You don't even know if you have the right to feel as angry as you do right now. All you know is that what he did was wildly inappropriate, to sneak off during a very important meeting just for a little bit of action. And now, there are a bunch of kids that looked up to him who saw something that their parents will have to explain away later.

    Then again, you’re not too far removed from middle school to remember what you were like at that age. If these kids are anything like you were back then, what they just saw in that classroom probably isn’t their first encounter with sex. Kids are curious at that age and you know that Yeosang putting his fingers up a fully clothed Rose might not even be the worst they've seen.

    But if that's the case, then why do you feel as upset as you do right now?

    If you’re being really honest with yourself today, you’d admit that what’s making you the most angry at this moment is the person that Yeosang chose to acquaint himself with.

    Come on, Rose? He could do much better than that, and you’re saying that as his friend, who wants better for him.

    “I think I traumatized those kids for life.” Yeosang jokes to break the silence, laughing to himself in an effort to make what he just did sound more lighthearted than it actually was.

    But then he notices your silence, notices that you’re not at all as entertained as he is about this whole ordeal.

    You almost yelp when he jumps ahead of you, forcing you to look him directly in the face. “What’s up?”

    His body blocks you from moving forward---the intended effect, you suppose. But you wish he didn’t ask, because you really don’t want to make a big deal out of this.

    “I didn’t want to see that either, Yeosang.” you reply curtly before moving around him and walking forward, hoping that you keep it at that without expounding further.

    But his eyes widen, and then he’s got this look on your face that lets you know he’s slightly miffed at your answer. “Sorry. I didn’t know you were such a prude.”

    You do a double take at that, because you’re not gonna let him place the blame on you for what you consider to be a rightful reaction.

    “I’m not a prude, Yeosang.” you tell him, stopping in your tracks. “I just think its pretty common knowledge not to commit sexual acts on a desk, prude or not.”

    “I said I was sorry, Y/N.” he repeats with a shrug of his shoulders. “Are you really gonna make a big deal out of this?”

    You sigh, realizing that it isn’t worth it to try and make Yeosang feel bad for what he did. Of course he doesn’t see anything wrong with digitally penetrating a random girl for a few teenagers to see. Boys will be boys, right?

    “I guess I just thought you were different.” is the last comment you make before walking forward to the library as planned.

    But trying to end arguments is almost impossible with Yeosang, who seems just about determined to get the last word. “Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun.” he defends as he chases after you.

    “Yeah? Well have your fun with Rose--” you say in a mocking sort of way, “--somewhere else next time, buddy.”

    You try to walk ahead of Yeosang but he stops you, pulling you backward with a hand on your forearm. You jerk away, knowing that the same hand was lodged in someone's vaginal cavity less than 10 minutes ago.

    Yeosang, like you, didn’t want to make an argument out of this. What you saw in that classroom was supposed to become an unfortunate and embarrassing moment that the two of you could laugh about later on down the line.

    But now, he recognizes something in your tone that sounds an awful lot like...contempt. Anger directed towards Rose. And sure, Yeosang’s not too fond of the girl either. She’s chatty, and clingy, and demands way more out of the man than he could ever give her.

    But with Rose, and all of the other girls that Yeosang’s frequented in the past few months, they’ve given him something that you’ve refused to offer him since you got your happy ending with Wooyoung: attention.

    And who are you to question that? To find fault with how he chooses to carry on after you’ve ditched him to perform similar activities with his best friend?

    Contempt? Anger? Those are emotions that don’t fit the docket of someone who is supposedly in a committed, happy and secure relationship. And it makes him wonder: what about his grass is so green that you’re judging it from the windows of your supposed happy home?

    Yeosang tilts his head to look at you as he pokes the inside of his cheek with his tongue. “So let me get this straight. It’s perfectly okay for you to show up everyday this week with hickies covering your neck, but when I get some action, it’s a problem?

    You cross your arms at the accusation. “Why do you care about what’s on my neck?”

    “Why do you care where I put my fingers?”

    You scoff, refusing to even entertain his questions. “Honestly, Yeosang? Go fuck yourself.”

    “You seem pretty riled up.” he observes smugly. “Wanna elaborate on that?”

    “Go to hell.”

    “You know what, Y/N? If I didn’t know any better, I would think you’re being jealous.”

    Yeosang moves a few steps closer to you until you’re pinned against the brick wall of the hallway and unable to back up. It’s his signature trick: getting so close to you so that you’re rendered speechless.

    “But that wouldn’t make any sense, would it?” he ponders, grabbing a strand of your hair and twisting in his fingers. “Because you’re with Wooyoung, right?”

    This is a test. He’s trying to see if you’ll do exactly what you usually do when he’s got you this close: fold. Melt into a stuttering, flushed mess because he’s handsome and he smells good and he’s only a few inches away from kissing distance.

    But he’s also accusing you of something here, even without saying it outright. He wants to prove, either for himself or to you, that the only reason why you’re so angry about what happened today is because you’re secretly and painfully in love with one Kang Yeosang.

    And if there’s one thing you’ll never do, it’s prove Yeosang right about anything.

    “Don’t flatter yourself.” you groan as you push him backwards. “I don’t care who you fuck, just keep it away from me, okay?”

    You walk right into the library, ending the conversation there before he can voice any objections. '

    But deep down, you're scared that maybe there is another reason why seeing him with another girl upset you so much.

    Gossiping is never a rarity in the hallways of KQ High School. As Halloween approaches, there’s almost no corner in the school where you can’t find a group of students huddled, speaking in whispers as they chat about the latest parties coming up this week. As usual, you ignore it, walking through the school and handling your business as usual.

    But you’re forced to indulge in the gossip when you start hearing your boyfriend’s name in the mix.

    “Word on the street is that someone's having an epic Halloween party at Yeosang’s house this weekend.” you tell Wooyoung when you catch him at his locker during lunch, who seems completely oblivious to the accusatory note in your statement.

    “Oh, really?” he replies sarcastically, pretending he has no idea what you’re talking about. “Sounds fun.”

    You take the notebook that you’re holding in your arm and smack him on the head with it lightly. “Spit it out, Wooyoung.”

    “Okay, okay.” he says, holding his arms up by his head in defeat. “The party was my idea. I’m just using Yeosang’s house and name to attract more guests.” he explains nonchalantly.

    “And does Yeosang know that you’re using his house and name?” you ask, knowing the boy’s affliction to parties.

    “Of course he does.” he assures you. “He just told me to promise that it would be lowkey, just a few people.”

    “Wooyoung, you do realize that over half of this school is coming to the party, right?”

    “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Wooyoung excuses calmly despite the growing concern he can see on your face. “He’s been extra brooding lately. The guy needs a little party in his system, okay?”

    You sigh, leaning your head against the locker. “And I’m guessing you expect me to come, too?”

    He wraps an arm around your shoulders, as if the closeness might prevent you from yelling at him right now. “It would be weird for the party planner to come without a plus one...” he croons in a sing songy voice.

    “Are you kidding me, Wooyoung?” you push his arm from your shoulder, taking his hand and pulling him into an empty space in the hallway so you can yell at him without the extra eyes. “Have I not stressed enough how much I hate parties?”

    “It’s Halloween, Y/N.” he implores you with a soft smile. “If you don’t party now, when will you?”

    You cross your arms over your chest angrily, reminding him so much of his mother. “Wooyoung, do you realize how annoying it is when you just decide what you want people to do without consulting them first? First Yeosang, now me--”

    “I’m sorry, baby.” he interupts, putting both hands on your shoulders and wrapping you into his chest before you can protest. “I promise I’ll talk to Yeosang, and make sure he’s okay with it, okay? Don’t worry.”

    You hate how sensitive you are to the pet name because you immediately feel your defenses dissolving. It doesn’t help that he also plants a soft kiss on your lips, shutting up any further complaints.

    He gives you one last kiss on the crown of your head before separating. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

    That’s how you find yourself at a PartyCity with Somi on the night of Halloween, shopping for a last minute costume.

    “Why can’t we just wear a couple’s costume like we did last year?” you ask Somi for the fifth time, remembering your yearly costumes together fondly.

    “I already told you, me and Changbin are going as Wanda and Vision.” she throws an apologetic glance in your direction before shrugging. “I’m sorry.”

    “Ugh.” you groan, following her as she peruses the special effects aile. “Ever since you started dating Changbin, you’ve been acting differently.”

    She stops in her tracks to glare at you menacingly. “As if you haven’t been changing because of Wooyoung? The old Y/N would never agree to go to a party, no matter how hard a boy tried to convince her.”

    You go silent to that, because as much as you may not want to admit it, if you didn’t care for Wooyoung, you wouldn’t be caught dead at another party. It’s why the only thing you can say in response is, “Whatever. I’m just gonna buy a sheet and go as a ghost this year. At least then no one will see my face.”

    “If you have that mindset at every party you go to, you’ll never have fun, Y/N.” she tells you, muttering an “aha!” when she finally finds the costume she's been looking for. “When was the last time you truly let loose? Stopped trying to please others?”

    Somi always seemed to have a knack at calling you out even when you didn’t want to hear it. Because when you took the time to think about it, you couldn’t remember a time where you weren’t trying to be the perfect, polished, Y/N. It gave you pride to present the best version of yourself to everyone, but you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t exhausing.

    You end up leaving the store feeling more defeated than when you came in, deciding on a pair of cheap, black feathered wings after what felt like hours of searching.

    The first thing you do when you get back to Somi’s bedroom is rummage through her closet, looking for something black and brooding to match your wings (and your mood).

    “I don’t know, Somi. I really like Wooyoung, but is it wrong for me to be mad when he puts me in situations that make me uncomfortable?” you ponder before grabbing a hanger with a black hoodie, hanging it front of your body as you stare at yourself in the mirror.

    “You have every right to be mad.” she agrees, as you watch her slide into her costume from the corner of your eye.You’ve always thought she’d have the confidence and charm to look amazing in a trash bag, and the thought seems to make you feel even worse about your own self-confidence.

    “But think about it this way.” she tells you, coming up behind you and wrapping her arm around your shoulders. “You don’t have to go to this party for him. Go for yourself. You’ve been thinking about boys too hard lately. Maybe if you go for yourself, and not because a boy invited you, you’ll have a much better time.”

    She takes the hanger with the baggy hoodie out of your hands before reaching into her closet and replacing it with a sexy, strappy black dress.

    “Wear this. It’ll go good with those boots I got you for your birthday.”

    WIth Somi’s advice in mind, you change into the outfit, feeling slightly subconscious but also incredibly sexy wearing something that shows so much skin. You don’t feel like yourself but you also think it’s freeing to not be yourself for a night, to channel an alter ego that you didn’t know you had.

    “See?!” she says, watching you like a proud mom as you check yourself out in the mirror. “You look absolutely gorgeous!”

    You smile, pivoting on your feet to reach out and hug Somi. But in the process, you suddenly notice a metallic flask sitting on the dresser behind her.

    “What’s that?”

    “This?” she grabs the flask, taking a swig of it’s contents before slamming it back down. “Just some liquid courage I got from my dad’s liquor cabinet. I like to pregame before the real thing, you know?”

    You don’t know what comes over you when you reach your hand out, nodding to the metal container. “Give me some.”

    She looks at you with a raised eyebrow, because in all her years of being friends with you, she’s never seen you even suggest a desire for drinking. “Are you sure? You should at least ask me what’s in it.”

    You shake your head, recklessness taking over and Somi can tell you’re taking this alter ego thing way too seriously. “You said I should let loose tonight, didn’t you? That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

    So with that, you held your head back as Somi poured the bitter liquid down your throat. It tasted like what rubbing alcohol smells like, but you enjoyed the heat that flooded your chest nevertheless.

    It’s Changbin that picks the two of you up this time, Wooyoung unavailable as he stays behind to set up the party at Yeosang’s house.

    “Sup, ladies.” he greets as usual, letting you enter the car first while he stays behind to properly greet Somi. You find yourself extremely happy for your friend when you see the way he looks at her, fondness and attraction clear even from your position in the car. But it’s also your turn to act as a third wheel during the car ride, watching in disgust as the two practically fondle each other in the front seat.

    Over at Yeosang’s house, at least 40 people had shown up already, making themselves at home without any regard for the fact that this wasn’t their house to begin with. Yeosang’s parents had already arranged for festive decorations to be placed all over the house, filling the inside and outside with the typical purple orange and green pumpkin, cobweb, and skeleton get-up that made Yeosang want to barf. Wooyoung was rather pleased that most of the decoration was done for him, giving him the sole job of setting up the alcohol which he did rather jovially.

    Yeosang seemed to feel quite the opposite, however. He stood at the top of his stairs, watching his house fill and becoming increasinly more incesed with every new guest.

    “Wooyoung, I told you I didn’t want this many people here.” Yeosang grunts through clenched teeth after going through the hour long trouble of finding his best friend.

    Wooyoung, who was thoroughly disguised by a Money Heist mask, swatted Yeosang’s clenched fist off that was holding onto the collar of his red jumpsuit. “Relax, man. It shouldn’t be more than, give or take, 90 people.”

    If it wasn’t for the years of friendship that they had under their belt, Yeosang would have certainly punched the mask off of Wooyoung’s face. “Are you insane? What made you think that I would want any of this?”

    “Do you remember that time you stole my Legos in 3rd grade?” asked Wooyoung, his tone serious despite the incredibly pointless question.

    Yeosang scoffed in frustration. “How is that at all relevan-”

    “This is just payback, brother.” said Wooyoung mischievously, patting his friend on the shoulder.

    “And by the way,” Wooyoung looked Yeosang up and down. “Find a costume before 8:00 pm. You look out of place.”

    Wooyoung walked away to set up the drinks before Yeosang could say anything else, leaving the boy with only 30 minutes to come up with something to wear.

    You, Changbin, and Somi arrived at the party exactly at 8:00pm, entering the crowded house together with much difficulty, as at least 10 people were huddled by the door. As soon as you walk in you feel the eyes of a few bystanders boring into your ‘costume’, with Somi reminding you in your ear that, “They’re staring at you because you look hot!”

    You can tell that you’re a lightweight because you’re already feeling different than you were in the car; those two swigs of Vodka that are swimming in your system must be working their magic because the usual anxiety that fills your gut when so many people are staring at you is now replaced by mild excitement. That excitement increases when you see Wooyoung coming towards you, his mask now off so that you can easily recognize him.

    He pulls you into a hug, arms resting on the exposed skin of your back. “You look amazing, Y/N.” he compliments, his voice in your ear making chills fall down your spine.

    He lets go of you and you get a look at his costume, not recognizing it until you see the mask huddled under his arms. “I’d say the same, but you’re dressed as a thief!” you yell innocently over the music.

    He laughs at your signature candor, pulling you into his side and walking you over to a quieter spot in the living room. “If you want to leave, just let me know, okay?”

    You shrug, wrapping your arms around his neck casually. “Why would I do that?”

    He can tell easily by the smell on your breath and the way you’re not freaking out over the amount of people here that you must’ve drank something before you came. He’s not concerned, mostly because seeing a teenager drunk is like seeing the sun come up to him, and also because he welcomes this new, more laid back side of you.

    He plants a quick kiss on your lips. “I’m glad.”

    You’re about to lean in for another, but the lovey dovey moment is quickly interrupted by an annoyed Yeosang, who walks over with the purpose of yelling at Wooyoung about a party goer who broke his mother’s lamp. He catches sight of you in his arms, and had Wooyoung not seen him coming and gestured him over he probably would have ran in the other direction.

    “Hey man!” Wooyoung greets, backing away from you to fist bump his friend. “Nice costume.”

    The ‘nice costume’ that Wooyoung is sarcastically referring to happens to be a pair of black stockings tightly pulled over Yeosang’s face. He found them in his mother’s dresser a few minutes before, cutting holes out of the eyes and lips before heading out into the crowd.

    “Yeah, whatever, asshole.” replies Yeosang, rolling his eyes. “Where the fuck have you been, I’ve been looking forever.”

    “You just saw me 30 minutes ago.” says Wooyoung, now finding himself becoming annoyed at Yeosang’s killjoy attitude. “I was trying to find Y/N.”

    Yeosang’s been trying to avoid looking at you during this entire exchange, mostly because he knows that if he locks eyes with you, his feelings might become too obvious. Nevertheless he knows it would look worse to ignore you, which is why he looks over at you briefly and greets you with a soulless, “Hey.”

    “What are you dressed as?” you ask, leaning back against the arm of the couch and looking at Yeosang with way too much intrigue for his liking.

    “I’m dressed as a guy who hates Halloween.” he says in a much more snappy tone than intended before turning his attention back to Wooyoung. “Listen, some guy back there broke my Mom’s lamp--”

    Wooyoung scoffs. “As if your mom can’t afford to buy the lamp’s manufacturer?”

    “That’s not the point--”

    But before he can get his sentence out, Wooyoung stops him. “Listen, I need to finish setting up the drinks. Can you stay with Y/N for me?”

    Yeosang rolls his eyes, because the last thing he wants is to be alone with you at a party again. “Does Y/N need a babysitter?”

    “Pretty sure Y/N can speak for herself…” you add, already annoyed by the way the two boys always seem to want to assert their dominance anytime they’re around you.

    “Whatever, Wooyoung. Just go.” dismisses Yeosang, watching Wooyoung make his way through the kitchen while yelling, “Sorry, bro!” behind him.

    That leaves you and Yeosang alone, forcing him to actually get a good look at you. He’s never seen you dress this...sexy before, the tight dress you’re wearing outlining the silhouette of your body. He doesn’t let his eyes linger too long in fear of making you uncomfortable. But if his goal is to avoid making you uncomfortable, he’s already failed by wearing that scowl on his face and not saying a word.

    “Nice costume.” you compliment out of the blue, just trying to fill the silence with conversation.

    “Thanks. And what are you? Some sort of...slutty dark angel? he replies, still unsure what to make of your newfound style choices.

    For some reason the word ‘slutty’ doesn’t bother you like it should, most likely because that’s the exact sort of vibe you were trying to channel with this outfit.


    “Ahhhh.” he hums appreciatively. “I admit, it’s not something I would have expected from you.”

    You roll your eyes, flailing your arms in frustration.. “It seems like everyone’s got an expectation of me! Why can’t I just be?”

    It’s at this point in the conversation that Yeosang realizes you’re drunk, but not for the same reasons as Wooyoung. He’s never known you as the extrospective type, making your words indicative that you’ve had a few.

    “Since when do you drink?” he asks you with a mixture of concern and surprise.

    You put a hand on his shoulder, leaning forward on your tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “Since todayyy.”

    You fall to your feet, drunkenly stumbling and pouting as you find your footing on the carpet. This seems to please Yeosang, who giggles at your disposition.

    “You’re cute.” he admits, letting the confession out because he knows you’ll be too drunk to remember it tomorrow.

    But he regrets that decision when you tilt your head, looking at him with clear confusion painted on your face.

    “Would you say that if Wooyoung was around?”

    Yeosang frowns, realizing he may have made a severe mistake by complimenting you so boldly. “What are you talking about?”

    “When it’s just me and you, you act so...nice to me.” you explain, the words flowing easily off of your vodka stained tongue. “But then you act like I’ve got the plague when Wooyoung’s around.”

    He shrugs, trying to act like you’re the crazy one here despite the truth in your words. “I think you’ve had too much to drink.”

    “I’ve only had two sips, you asshole.” you punch Yeosang weakly in the chest. “You’re the one that’s got a problem here.”

    Yeosang doesn’t say anything and for a second your hand remains on his chest, playing with the button on his shirt and watching his expression go from angry to curious.

    “I never know what’s going on in that pretty head of yours.” you ponder before slipping a finger into the collar of Yeosang’s shirt. You snap the fabric against his skin, mirroring an action he did to you not so long ago.

    He doesn’t know how to respond to that so he doesn’t, instead choosing to back away from you before things can go further. He’s glad he does, because Wooyoung strolls over to the two of you with three drinks in his hand seconds later.

    “One for you…” Wooyoung hands Yeosang a red solo cup that he downs with a quickness. “One for you…” he hands you an identical cup full of a substance that smells like poison. “And one for me!” Wooyoung holds his own beer bottle and tips it down his throat.

    Yeosang cringes as he watches you clumsily sip from your cup, eyes squinting as if tasting something extremely sour. He knows it’s not up to him to dictate what you do but he certainly doesn’t remember a time where you seemed this eager to break the rules.

    It’s why, against his better judgment, he pulls Wooyoung aside where you can’t hear him expressing his concern. “Why are you feeding Y/N drinks? Clearly she doesn’t know how to hold her liquor.”

    Wooyoung, who has already been annoyed by Yeosang this entire night, rolls his eyes. “It’s up to her to decide what she can handle.”

    Wooyoung tries to walk away but Yeosang stops him, grabbing ahold of his wrist before he can turn away. “Don’t you think it’s a cause for concern that ‘goody two shoes Y/N’ all of a sudden is--”

    Wooyoung snatches his arm away before Yeosang can finish. “I don’t recall ever seeing you turn down a drink.”.

    Yeosang scoffs. “That’s because I’m--”

    “What? More ‘experienced’?” he chides angrily. “Stop being a fucking buzzkill, man!”

    Wooyoung adjusts the fabric of his jumpsuit with an offended vigor that Yeosang can’t help but notice. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go dance with my girlfriend.”

    The way Wooyoung emphasizes the word girlfriend, as if trying to remind Yeosang who you belong to, makes him clench his pocketed fist. But there’s nothing he can do but watch as Wooyoung walks over to you and pulls you onto the dance floor enthusiastically.

    While Yeosang retreats to the stairs, you wrap your arms around Wooyoung and sway back and forth to the bass of the music.

    “You’ll tell me if you drank too much, right Y/N?” asks Wooyoung, concerned and feeling like a horrible boyfriend after Yeosang planted the bug in his head. “I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything just because we’re at a party-”

    “Shhhhh,” you plant a finger on Wooyoung’s lips before resuming your previous dance moves.

    But Wooyoung isn’t amused, holding you down by your hips so that you stop moving. “Did you even listen to what I said, Y/N?”

    Sighing, you grab a hold of the mask balanced on the top of Wooyoung’s head and pull it down his face.

    “I don’t want to be Wooyoung and Y/N tonight.” you tell him, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. “Let’s be sluttly dark angel and masked thief.”

    Wooyoung frowns, albeit a frown you cannot see through the mask. “Will you at least promise me you won’t go overboard tonight?”

    “I promise.” you tell him with your fingers crossed behind his neck. “But right now, I just want you to compliment me and keep anything else to yourself.”

    Wooyoung, although confused by your sudden change in behavior, decides to play along with your fantasy, letting you take the lead as you turn around and grind your ass all over him.

    “You look so good tonight, baby.” begins Wooyoung, guiding your movements with his hands on your hips as you press yourself against him. He’s spent too much of tonight worrying about you and not enough time enjoying just how much skin you’re showing off with this dress. Soft skin that makes him want to jump out of his own.

    You wrap an arm around his neck, pulling him into you until the bottom of his mask scrapes against your shoulder. “Keep complimenting me.” you request.

    It’s not hard for Wooyoung to find things to compliment, especially when you look this tempting. “You’re such a pretty girl. Dressed up so sexy just for me.”

    You don’t tell him that you dressed up like this for yourself, instead egging him on as the compliments feed your ego. “Keep going.”

    Wooyoung laughs excitedly in your ear before continuing. “I want you all to myself. Just want you pressed up against me like this all the time. You’re so gorge-”

    Whatever Wooyoung says next fades away in the background. Because suddenly, your eyes catch sight of a figure peeking down at the crowd from the upstairs balcony. In the dark lighting he’s still unmistakeable, mostly because of the distinct pair of stockings covering his face.

    And even from this angle, you can still make out his eyes, eyes that are boring directly into you and Wooyoung.

    When Yeosang sees you staring back at him he knows he should look away, pretend that the sight he sees before him isn’t extremely upsetting. There are probably a billion couples here that are dancing with each another to various degrees of raunchiness, but there’s something about seeing you and Wooyoung that makes him burn with anger. Feeling incredibly scornful that it isn’t him dancing behind you.

    But instead of turning his head, he waits, expecting that you’ll be the one to look away first.

    “Want me to keep going?” asks Wooyoung from behind you, too focused on thinking of compliments to notice the staring contest you’re having with his best friend.

    You hum out a distracted ‘yes’ to Wooyoung, who continues to whisper compliments in your ear that get increasingly dirtier the more you grind against him.

    And to the astonishment of both you and the boy watching, you don’t rip your gaze from Yeosang the entire time you’re grinding against Wooyoung. Even when Wooyoung’s hands are on your ass, telling you how much he wants you, how sexy you are to him, your attention is completely on Yeosang.

    “Fuck, baby.” Wooyoung groans into your ear, feeling himself falling apart. “You’re making me go crazy.”

    The more Yeosang stares, the more he feels ill, as if a hole is burned into his stomach every second he has to watch the two of you hump each other. He knows he has no right to feel as bad as he does---you made your choice to be with Wooyoung months ago, a choice that Yeosang has no right to protest or be angry about. But what he should or shouldn’t feel is irrelevant when all he wants to do is go down there and rip the two of you apart from each other.

    But what’s even worse is that despite how much it hurts to watch, Yeosang can’t seem to look away. It’s like a sick part of him is getting off on this, getting off on the fact that you’re dancing so seductively with your boyfriend yet your eyes are on his best friend.

    What would Wooyoung think if he knew that no matter what he could or couldn’t do for you, your eyes would always remain on Yeosang’s?

    You don’t know why you’re looking at Yeosang when Wooyoung is right there, holding onto you and making you feel wanted and good. But if what you’re doing right now is so bad, then why does it feel so good? The whole exchange is so exhilarating for you, having Wooyoung whispering sweet nothings in your ear while Yeosang stares at you intensely. You know it's wrong, rubbing your relationship in Yeosang’s face so blantalty like this.

    But the fact that Yeosang hasn't looked away yet tells you that he’s enjoying this just as much as you are.

    “Y/N.” barks Wooyoung from behind you, the change in his voice from seductive to seriousness immediately catching your attention and forcing you to look away from Yesoang.

    “What’s up?”

    “I asked if you wanted to go somewhere quiet.” he repeats, turning you around to face him.

    You look over your shoulder to the balcony, trying to see if Yeosang is still watching but to your surprise, he isn’t there anymore. You finally look back at Wooyoung, trying to collect your thoughts and process what just happened. “Um, yeah. Are we going outside?”

    Wooyoung smirks at you, giving you an expression that you just know means he’s up to no good. “I was thinking more like...one of the bedrooms?”

    The alcohol flowing in your system has you feeling more mischievous than usual, which is why you squeal in excitement as Wooyoung leads you through the hallways and into the nearest bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

    Wooyoung finds the light switch pretty quickly and walks over to flip it on. He’s been in this room hundreds of times before, so he knows the layout of it like the back of his hand.

    But only when your eyes adjust to the bright lighting do you recognize the room, having been in it the last time you were at a Yeosang party.

    “Woo, this is Yeosang’s room.”

    “It’s fine.” assures Woooyoung, slamming himself down on the edge of the bed. He pulls his mask off, throwing it somewhere on the floor before holding his arms out in your direction.

    “Come here.”

    Wooyoung spreads his legs and presents his very inviting lap for your eyes to feast over. You’re drunk and coursing with hormones that make everything feel more intense right now. So with no hesitation, you straddle your boyfriend, locking both legs on either side of his thighs while your hands reach out to his hair. You pull on the strands that are tussled as a result of the mask, tipping his head back and sticking your tongue into his mouth.

    Everything about Wooyoung’s kiss is all consuming--the way his hands grab at your ass, the groans he lets out into your mouth, his plush lips that move forcibly against your own. It’s so good that you don’t even notice that you left the door open.

    There’s an open crack in the door, a crack that allowed anyone passing by to see exactly what was going on in this room.

    All Yeosang wanted was to flop into his bed, sleep off the events of tonight and wake up hoping that they were all a dream. It’s why he goes down the hallway, fully prepared to fall face first into his comforter and let all of the negative emotions be washed away with some much needed sleep.

    But then he sees that his door is open. Weirdly enough, it’s like a part of him knows what he’s going to see before he even gets the chance to look into the crack.

    And then he does. He peeks in, and just as he so accurately predicted, it's you: sitting on the lap of his best friend with your tongues swapped down each other’s throats.

    That’s when Yeosang officially reaches his breaking point.

    He’s had enough. Between this stupid fucking party that he didn’t want, to watching you and Wooyoung grind all over each other, to now having to witness you eating his best friend’s face, is all too much for his overly exerted jealous brain to handle.

    Calmly, as if he’s doing the most regular thing in the world, Yeosang navigates through the house and finds a bathroom off by the stairs. He opens the door and just as he anticipated, three or four stoners are holed up in the bathroom. A dude dressed like Captain Sparrow has a blunt sealed between his lips and a lighter pinched between his thumb and pointer finger.

    All of the costumed strangers in the bathroom look at Yeosang in surprise, wondering if he’s here to condemn them or kick them out.

    But to their collective surprise, he holds his hand out and politely requests, “Can I borrow that?”

    Yeosang leaves the bathroom with a lighter in one hand and a roll of toilet paper in the other. He then strolls into the kitchen, looking around at the ceiling until he finally finds what he is looking for---aha. The smoke detector.

    Carefully Yeosang rolls up a wad of tissue in his hand. He takes his lighter and ignites the tissue, setting in ablaze with red puffs of fire. He makes sure it is emitting as much smoke as possible, before holding it directly beneath the smoke detector.

    It only takes a few more tries before the entire house erupts with the loud ringing of the alarm.

    His trick works exactly as intended--all it takes is the faint smell of smoke and the shrill rings of the alarm to cause every attendee to panic, running around like banshees as they search for the exit of the house. Yeosang smashes the burnt tissue into ashes with his foot, laughing under his breath as he watches all of the unwanted guests scramble to leave his house.

    Meanwhile, you and Wooyoung, completely oblivious to how the fire got started, jump away from each other immediately when you hear the alarm. If there’s anything that’ll sober anyone up, it’s shock and adrenaline, both of which are injected into your veins as soon as the sound registers in your ears. You jump to your feet first, rushing to the door and finding that it’s already cracked open. You’re greeted by what looks like a marathon gone wrong---at least 100 people stagger and trample over each other as they try and find an exit to the house.

    “What’s going on?” mumbles Wooyoung from the bed, gripping a hand to his bleeding bottom lip, cut from the abrupt you broke the kiss.

    The obvious answer would be that there must be an active fire in the house, but despite the many screaming party guests, there’s barely any smell of smoke and no large amount of light that would be emitted from a fire.

    “I think someone accidentally set off the alarm.” you deduce, closing the door behind you to block out all of the noise. “Could’ve been one of the stoners.”

    Wooyoung gets up from the bed and joins you at the door, peeking through to confirm your theory and finding that he too, can’t smell any smoke. “I think you’re right.”

    You watch the scene for a few seconds before retreating back to the bed, flopping on it tiredly. “Maybe we should stay in here, wait for everyone to clear out so we don’t get trampled.” you suggest with a yawn.

    But Wooyoung, whose eye still peeks from the crack in the door, disagrees. “I just wanna see if Yeosang’s good first.”

    “Okay.” you agree softly, following him as he exits the door seconds later.

    Luckily, by the time you exit the room many of the guests have made their way out, taking the chaos outside of the house. It also makes it easy to find Yeosang, who is now sitting on the stairs and watching the house empty with a smirk.

    The smirk leaves his face when he sees the two of you coming.

    “What happened out here?” Wooyoung asks, scanning the living room that is trashed with loose pairs of shoes that most likely belong to the departed guests.

    Yeosang shrugs, reaching a hand out to tear the stockings off of his head. “Dunno. Clearly there’s no fire here, so....”

    Yeosang clears his throat before standing on his feet, walking past the two of you to grab a roll of trash bags sitting on a cabinet. “It’s late. You guys should probably get going.”

    Wooyoung tips his head back in a loud yawn. “You’re probably right. I have that test for Economics tomorrow.”

    Wooyoung makes it clear with his repeated yawns that he’s more than ready to get out of here. But as you watch Yeosang pick up trash that isn’t his own, you’re reminded that he never wanted this party in the first place. You can’t help but feel guilty that he’s left to deal with the mess all on his own.

    “I’ll stay.” you volunteer. “This place isn’t going to get cleaned up on it’s own.”

    Without the stockings to conceal his face, Yeosang’s looks of contempt are much easier to spot now. “It’s fine. You’ve done enough.”

    You look over to Wooyoung to see if he caught the tone in Yeosang’s voice but he’s walked away, too focused on calling his Uber to notice the silent tension that courses between the two of you.

    Part of you is grateful that he’s leaving, because if the way Yeosang just talked to you is indicative of anything, the two of you have some things that need to be hashed out one on one.

    Which is why against your better judgment, you insist, grabbing the roll of trash bags out of Yeosang’s arm. “You can’t clean this whole place by yourself, Yeosang.”

    Yeosang watches you challenge him and he resists his every urge to call you out right now in front of Wooyoung. Call out the fact that you’ve been subtly flirting with him all night despite your boyfriend being around the entire time.

    But to do that, he’d have to acknowledge the lines that he’s crossed. Like pinning you against a wall, calling you cute, staring at you in a way that friends shouldn’t stare at friends.

    Is the responsibility of a girlfriend bigger than the responsibility of a best friend?

    “Fine.” Yeosang relents. “But start over on that side.”

    You don’t argue. You walk over to Wooyoung, who you depart with a kiss. “Good night, Woo.”

    If Wooyoung wasn’t already on his way out of the door, maybe he would have noticed the way Yeosang clenched the soda can in his hand so hard that it folded in on itself.

    The clink of the door closing isn’t enough for Yeosang to think Wooyoung has left. He waits until he hears the sound of the car leaving the driveway, glancing through the window to confirm that Wooyoung is absolutely departed, before making his move over to you as you innocently wipe away a stained counter.

    At first you don’t notice him coming, too distracted by the very tough stain that covers the marble counter island. It isn’t until he’s a few feet away from you that you finally look up, watching in confusion as he marches over to you, hands free of cleaning supplies.

    What startles you first is the irritation that is so clearly lined in his facial expression, a look that you’ve only seen glimpses of here and there. Your hand immediately stops in its attempts to scrub the counter, attention fully piqued by his strange expression.

    “Are you good?” you ask softly when he stands next to you silently.

    Your question is answered almost immediately when Yeosang suddenly slams a fist on the counter next to you, splashing trace amounts of bleach on your black dress in the process.

    You let out a loud groan, angry and confused by the sudden action. “Yeosang, fuck, that could’ve gotten in my eye--”

    “Is it fun?”

    His eyes bore into yours, looking intense but not in the same way as it was a few moments ago. The only thing you see in them is anger, anger that makes you stiffen in fear.

    “Is what fun?” you ask, voice meek and scared and almost inaudible despite the silence in the room.

    Yeosang seems to notice this change in temperament because at the very least he backs up from you, recognizing that he has no intent to scare you. But even with the increased distance, he’s still all the more intense.

    “Is it fun to play with the feelings of two guys?” he asks, tilting his head as if to appear interested in your answer. “Having them wrapped around your finger so easily?”

    Realizing what he’s getting at, you drop the sponge in your hand, pivoting so that you can look at Yeosang fully. “What exactly are you trying to say?”

    Tired of you playing innocent all of the time, he rolls his eyes. “I think you know what I’m talking about.”

    You open your mouth to insist that no, you don’t know what he’s talking about, but he speaks up first.

    “Do you think that little stunt you pulled tonight was okay?” he seethes. “What were you doing, trying to make me jealous?”

    You instantly know what he’s referring to, remembering how you stared at each other for almost 5 whole minutes while you danced all over Wooyoung. And while that wasn’t your proudest moment, hearing Yeosang relay in to you in an accusatory tone as if he wasn’t just as eager to watch makes you pulse with anger.

    “I can’t make you anything that you aren’t already!” you yell, pushing Yeosang backwards with two hands against his chest. “Don’t act like you’re innocent in all this!”

    Yeosang stalks toward you once more while still keeping a safe distance in case you try to push him again. “Do you realize that me and Wooyoung are best friends?”

    “Do you realize it?” you ask, seething with vexation and pointing a very angry finger in Yeosang’s direction. “Do you think I haven’t noticed the way you act when he’s not around? Flirting with me and playing this stupid game of push and pull when you KNOW I’m with your ‘best friend’?”

    Yeosang knows you’re right and that only angers him more. He’s angry at himself because he’s been toying the line with you and throwing out comments here and there just because it’s been comforting to hope that maybe, there’s still lingering feelings between the two of you. Tonight seemed to confirm it--the way your eyes never left his despite Wooyoung dancing so closely behind you told him everything he needed to know.

    But what tonight also confirmed for him was that if he wanted to hold onto his friendship with Wooyoung and his sanity, he'd have to cut you off completely. Push you away, make you see that Wooyoung is the guy you need to be with. Because playing this push and pull game as you so fairly put it, holding onto hope for something that’ll never be, has only served to hurt his heart even more.

    “Y/N, I don’t know what you think this is, but I’ll tell you what it isn’t.” he says, running a shaking hand through his hair. “A game.”


    “You and I know full well that me and Wooyoung have been on the rocks.”

    Yeosang paces back and forth across the room, convulsing with emotion. “We’ve been trying to repair a relationship that’s been strained by years, separated by miles. It’s not fucking easy, Y/N.”

    A fresh dose of guilt steals any and all words from your mouth. Everything that he’s saying reminds you so clearly of that night at the pool with Wooyoung. The night where he spoke about their strained relationship with so much pain in his voice, the same pain you can now hear in Yeosang’s. Anyone who heard the two boys talk about each other would know how much they care for one another despite this strain, and that only makes you feel the thing you’ve feared the most.

    That the strain is you.

    “And I know that this all might be fun to you. But you...doing stuff like you did tonight…”

    He stops pacing and finally looks at you, the anger washed away and revealing a look of sadness. “Let me make one thing clear for you, Y/N.”

    “Anything romantic, or even overly friendly between us died once you decided to be with him.”

    His words are cold, mean even, with no sugar to coat his true intentions. You think you might just cry because of the way his voice sounds so detached, as if he’s completely lost any and all respect for you after what you did tonight.

    He wishes you could know that he doesn’t mean a word of what he’s saying, that he wishes he could be close to you. But every time he lays out the current situation in his head, he knows that the only way to stop the madness that has plagued his mind and relationships for the past few months is to push you away completely. Make you think that he’s this asshole who feels nothing towards you when that’s far from the truth.

    “Wooyoung’s a great guy. He doesn’t deserve someone that isn’t all the way for him.” Yeosang says, genuine in his desire to protect his friend. “If you want to cheat on him, have the decency to leave me out of it.”

    And with those last few sobering sentences for you to sit and think about, Yeosang walks away. With thoughts of cleaning having left his mind completely, he walks right into his bedroom and slams the door shut behind him.

    That leaves you alone in the giant, empty kitchen, forced to reckon with how your actions may have led to the destruction of an 18 year friendship.

    part 5 soon come

    taglist: @perfectlysane24 @theaufanartist @sanraes @hwashope @tayyainthehood @lovesonglovernana @12--98 @linhyyboo12
    @skzleafcouldn't tag: @treasureyourhaven @heyitstacy

    comment or send an ask to be added to the taglist

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    — Red blood

    — Aprendendo a usar o photopea edit #6

    — capa para uma futura doação

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    Player/ 7

    Pairing- San x Named Reader

    Includes- Fluffiest fluff, Way to much facts about dinosaurs- sorry, I'm a huge dino nerd 🤓

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

    Series Masterlist

    J POV

    Checking the mirror one more time, I nervously make sure I don't look like a total nerd

    I think my outfit is ok

    Black pants, red shirt, black jacket.

    What my friends call my Frankenstein shoes

    I put my hair in half a braid and matched my eye makeup to my red shirt.

    I wonder if he'll like it

    And on another note, I'm so fucking shocked that I'm trying to impress San

    It's just, I had such a good time on our date

    It really shocked me

    I didn't even think of an amusement park as a date

    I thought it'd be the regular dinner and movie date

    But he pleasantly surprised me

    The rides were amazing; I love how he loves rollercoasters like I do

    I also enjoyed talking with him and finding out he can be nice

    And complimentative

    But really the best part of the date was holding his hand

    That blew my mind

    I just wanted to keep holding it loving the way his hand felt around mine

    The way his arm felt around me

    How close we were when we took the pictures in the Ferris wheel

    I catch myself looking at those pictures all the time

    How good we look together

    And the kiss on the hand at the end?

    I swooned so fucking hard, smiling like an idiot

    What the fuck is happening to me?

    I despised San, his personality and his life style

    But now I find myself warming up to him

    I still don't trust him yet and am still on guard with him

    I don't want my heart broken

    I have to get to know him more

    The real him

    If the nice guy persona he puts on is really him or just a show to woo me

    Of he's really a player and not going to stop

    I can't tell that from one date

    My phone pings and I look at it

    "I'll be there on five minutes", he texts

    Butterflies fill my stomach again and I want to tell it to cut it the fuck out

    He's been texting me since Saturday and I've answered, talking with him

    He kept his word and isn't blowing up my phone

    But I find myself wanting and waiting for his texts

    It's crazy

    I've never been like this with any guys before

    And I never thought it'd be with San

    "Great", I text back

    Stuffing my phone in small bag, I take a breath and leave my apartment to wait for San


    San holds my hand as we walk into the Seodaemun Natural History Museum

    I've never been here before and honestly I'm excited

    We walk in and I'm hit with a huge dinosaur skeleton in the middle of the concourse room

    "Oh shit", I whisper

    "Cool right? This is why I brought you here"

    I look over at him questiongly

    He just smiles, "You said you're a huge dinosaur nerd. So I brought you to see dinosaurs"

    He...he remembered that?

    I just said it in passing to make him feel better about liking to dance and sing

    To embarrass myself

    He was actually paying attention

    "You remembered?"

    He raises his eyebrow, "Of course I remember. I told you I really like you. I paid attention when we were talking. As soon as you said you loved dinosaurs, I knew I had to take you here for a date"

    Oh my god

    He's so fucking sweet and thoughtful

    Who'd have thought?

    He leads me to the skeleton, "What dinosaur is this?"

    I read the sign, "Acrocanthosaurus"

    "Looks like a T-Rex" he shrugs

    I roll my eyes, "Not ever two legged meat eating dinosaur is a T-Rex San. T-Rex doesn't have spines on it's back or long arms like this one"

    "Well excuse me", he teases

    "You're excused"

    He laughs, making me smile

    "So what's that one?", he points to another skeleton

    "Pteranodon", I answer easily

    "I didn't know dinosaurs flew", he comments

    "They don't. It's a pterosaur not a dinosaur"

    "Uh what's the difference?"

    "Oh god am I going to have to teach you everything here? Dinosaurs are land reptiles. Pterosaurs are flying reptiles.", I answer

    "Huh. Did not know that. I guess you will have to teach me professor", he jokes

    "If I'm going to be your professor you have to pass a test at the end. This knowledge doesn't come for free", I tease back

    He nods, "Noted"

    He looks around the room, "So that's a pterosaur to?"

    I look where he's pointing, "Yup but I don't know that one's name"

    Again he pulls me behind him and we look at the plaque on the wall


    Huh, I never heard of that one

    "What are those?", he asks pointing to other skeletons

    "Uh fish? I know dinosaurs not fish"

    Chuckling he says, "Ok Jo. So let's get tickets and you can teach me about dinosaurs"

    I hesitate

    I want to go here and look at all the exhibits but I'm not sure he wants to

    He brought me here for me

    I don't want him to be bored

    "San, we don't have to stay if you don't want to"

    He tilts his head, "What do you mean?"

    "Well uh this seems like something you're doing because I like it, not because you do too. I really don't know if you even like museums or stuff like this. It may be.... boring"

    He shakes his head, "It's not boring. I like museums. Yeah I don't go to any much anymore but it doesn't mean I don't like them. I was honestly worried that you wouldn't like it. I know you like dinosaurs but I didn't know of you'd like to see them in museums"

    "No I like museums. A lot", I admit, "You must think I'm a huge nerd"

    "Not really. Plus like I said, nerds are hot"

    I feel my cheeks blush

    Oh my god he really said that

    "And anywhere you are is where I wanna be so it won't be boring"

    My eyebrow immediately raises, "So you can give compliments"

    He rolls his eyes now, "Yeah. I told you I can. I told you I'm not an ass all the time"

    He just shrugs, then leads me to the line for tickets

    "Yeah we'll see", I answer


    I'm so excited as we step into the Mesozoic section of the museum

    We just finished the Paleozoic section with San asking me a million questions

    I was able to answer most

    He seems really interested in everything here

    I hope he's not pretending

    "Wow it's is so cool!", he exclaims

    It really is

    There's dinosaur skeletons all over the place, in displays all around the room and walls

    There's also a life like display of dinosaurs

    "So professor. Teach away"

    He wants me to teach, then I will

    "Well there's your T-Rex", I say, taking his hand and leading him to the skeleton, "See how little the arms are?"

    "Yeah I do. You were right"

    I snort, "Of course I'm right"

    "Well you are the queen dinosaur nerd, so yeah"

    I hurrumph but continue to look at the skeleton

    It's so freaking gigantic, the claws long and sharp, the skull massive

    I'd shit my pants if I'd see this thing in real life

    "Those teeth are gnarly", San comments, his head raised to look at the skull

    "They were the size of a banana"

    "No shit? That's big. All the teeth were that size?"


    "What were the little arms for? Could they do anything?"

    "No one really knows. They were two small for grabbing. But with a head like that it didn't need to"

    "That's for sure. It had to have horrible breath"

    I burst out laughing, "Really? That's what you think of when you see this massive animal? It's breath?"

    He laughs too, "Well now yeah. But not if it were alive. I'm pretty sure I'd be running and screaming like a little girl"


    We move on and look at the Stegosaurus and Triceratops skeletons

    San asks me about the plates on the Stegosaurus and I tell him the theories scientists have for them

    "That's always been my favorite dinosaur", he says pointing to the Triceratops


    He nods, "It was one of the first ones I learned about and it just stuck with me"

    "That's cute", I say

    It really is

    The dinosaur he learned fr his childhood

    Little San's favorite


    "What's your favorite?", he asks

    I point to a display across the room, "That's one"

    "Well let's go see it"

    When we get there I stare happily at the skeletons, studying everything about them as San reads the plaque


    I nod

    "Where did you learn about this dinosaur? I don't remember ever hearing it's name or it coming in any dinosaur toy sets"

    "From the movie Jurassic Park"

    "You're favorite movie I guess", he smiles

    "One of them. Have you seen it?"

    He nods, "Yeah. It's the big dinosaur with the huge claws that kills almost everything. They're the ones on the kitchen with the kids and fights the T-Rex at the end"

    "Well yes and no. In the movie they are shown to be big. Human sized"

    "That's inaccurate?", he questions

    "Yeah. The raptors that were huge like that are the Utah raptors. The Velociraptors were small like the skeletons here. Chicken sized"

    "Chicken sized?", he says I'm disbelief, eyes going to the skeletons, "Oh man they are tiny. Guess they weren't really a threat like in the movie"

    "Uh that's where you're wrong. Do you not see the huge claws? Plus they hunted in like packs of twenty. They could of brought down huge dinosaurs with that many biting and slashing the prey", I say hotly

    I hate how people automatically think that because they were small they weren't dangerous

    I'd like to see how those people would react to having that claw buried in their leg

    "Ok sorry. I uh didn't know you were so uh passionate about this", he apologizes

    "Yeah we'll they're my favorite dinosaur. I tend to get cranky when people make fun of my favorite things"

    "Yeah I get it. I'm really sorry", he repeats

    "It's ok. I'm overdramatic about things anyway"

    He cracks a smile and fuck, I really like it when he smiles

    When he shows his dimples

    He takes out his phone, "Wanna take a picture with your favorite dinosaur?"

    I nod, "Sure"

    Standing next to the display, I smile and hear the phone click

    "Great", he says, starting to put his camera away


    I take his phone turning the camera back on

    A museum worker is passing by and I stop her, "Can you take a picture of us please?"

    "Oh sure", she answers cheerfully, taking San's phone

    San is looking at me in disbelief as I take his hand and maneuvering him next to me

    "Stop looking so shocked and smile", I scold

    I move his arm around me and he puts his hand on my waist

    Chills run up my back from his touch

    I need to stop

    I don't want him to know how he affects me

    Not yet

    Leaning closer to him, the girl says, "Ready? Smile"

    I smile wide because fuck it, I'm happy

    "Good. One more", she says, taking another

    When she lowers the phone, I go get it from her and immediately go to his gallery

    Where I notice that he has like ten pictures

    Most of them of me and him

    When I look at one of the pictures of us, my heart drops

    We look like a couple

    He's smiling so beautifully, his arm around me and me leaning against his chest

    When I swipe to the next one of us, I gasp quietly

    I'm looking at the camera and smiling.

    But San.

    He's looking down at me, a soft smile on his face

    I love the picture and immediately send all the of them to my phone before he can delete that one

    I can guess he'll be embarrassed and want no evidence of it

    "Did they come out good?", he asks

    "Yeah. You can look at them later. Now we need pictures of you and your Triceratops"

    He chuckles as we go back to the Triceratops

    He takes a picture alone, then we take a selfie with the Triceratops in the back ground

    Again I grab his phone and send the pictures to myself

    We continue walking around the exhibit, looking at the Troodon and Pachycephalosaurus displays, as well as more

    The last display to see is the famous Protoceratops and Velociraptor battle to the death skeletons

    "So this really happened?", San asks, looking at the plaque

    "Yeah San. You don't know about this? It's kinda famous"

    "Uh sorry. No", he answers, "Who won?"

    "Neither. As they were fighting a huge sand storm happened and buried them under hundreds of pounds of sand"

    "Well that blows", he comments


    We wander to the next room which is the Cenozoic era, when prehistoric mammals we're alive

    "Oh shit a wooly Mammoth", he exclaims, dragging me over immediately, "Oh it's so awesome! The life like version and the skeleton side by side"

    It really is amazing

    The mammoth really was that huge.

    The hair just made it fatter

    "What's that next to it?", San asks, looking at a smaller skeleton

    I look and know what it is immediately, "Smilodon. Saber tooth cat"

    "It says tiger here", San points out

    I raise an eyebrow at him

    "It's incorrect right?"

    I nod

    "There were no saber tooth tigers. They were saber tooth cats?"

    I nod again

    He's learning

    "Alright. Still scary though"

    "Yeah and these things were around when the first humans were around"

    "No shit really?", he asks surprised

    "Yup. Humans hunted Wooly Mammoths and saber toothed cats hunted humans"

    "Damn. Scary world back them"

    "For sure. Imagine seeing one of those things running at you?", I say, pointing to the Smilodon, "Imagine getting bitten by those freaking teeth"

    He gulps, "Yeah no thanks. I'm glad I'm in this time"

    I laugh, agreeing with him

    He takes my hand as we continue to walk around the room


    "Did you have fun?", he asks, as we slowly walk to my building

    "I did. So much"

    "Good. I did too. You were a good teacher"

    I blush but smile

    After I schooled him in dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, we went to see the rest of the museum exhibits- marine mammals, animals from the world, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles, minerals and rocks, the solar system, plants

    We covered most of the museum, staying until closing

    We also went to the gift shop and he surprised me with a stuffed Velociraptor

    He bought it while I was looking at some books

    It's so cute and soft and cuddly and I love it

    I honestly don't want this date to end

    I'm not ready for him to leave

    But I don't want to do anything I'll regret so I keep quiet as I open my front door

    Again I turn to face him, smiling

    "Thanks for today San. It was a nice surprise and I really had an amazing time"

    "I did too. And we can do it again? Another date?", he asks hopefully

    "We better", I agree

    He smiles brightly, nodding, "I'll figure something out and call you ok?"

    I smile nodding

    He comes closer and fuck I want him to kiss me

    I feel his soft lips on my cheek, kissing softly

    And fuck, I swoon again

    It's not the kiss I was hoping for but it's still amazing

    "Bye Jo"

    "Bye San"

    I watch him walk away, smiling like a doofus

    When he turns the corner, I close the door and head to my bedroom to change

    Still smiling

    Read with gifs here

    @starry-jinnie @xduygu-arsx @derpjungkook

    @tayyainthehood @alecanal93 @loveymochi

    @aunt-mei @xciiiomwliah @chsani

    @mingkisbitch @theaufanartist

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    Kinktober: Day 3

    Pairing: Song Mingi x Reader

    Word Count: 2k

    Warnings: 18+, breast play, dry humping, making out, fingering, praise kink with a sprinke of degradation, edging, begging, a bit of sensory play, mingi being a soft boi who fucks you into loving yourself

    A/N: Wasn't originally planning on posting it today although it's been sitting in my docs for awhile, but I thought it might be comforting for folks who struggle with body image. Body dysmorphia and possibly gender dysphoria below, interpret the trope as you will and hopefully, you'll feel *way* better after reading~

    Kinktober taglist:

    @hongjoongsbae @straykisz @winterciella


    It was warm, way too warm for your liking. The tight woolen fabric clung to your body tightly, causing you to sweat, and effectively restricting your arm movements. You tried turning around a couple of times, but the hems hiked up your stomach, resulting in you pulling them down forcefully. But most of all, you despised the way the sweater wrapped around your chest.

    The occasion was calling for it, you had considered; fall was coming to an end, bringing winter on its tail, and you were more than excited to take out all the cosy hoodies and sweaters, waiting in your wardrobe. However, looking back at the past enthusiasm with which you had sorted out the thick clothing with Christmas carols playing in the background, you couldn't help but tear up. The fluffy shirts did not fit you the way they used to, or at least the way you recalled. Even the plain black, but elegant turtleneck which you intended on wearing on an evening walk downtown was suffocating you along with your desire for a good time.

    The human-sized mirror did not help either, providing what looked like a distorted image of you; you were terrified to believe it. Neither were you able to believe Mingi who persistently tried to drown out the repetitive self-degrading words in your mind with tons of praise and compliments, genuinely admiring your body in clothing of the upcoming season. 

    He was making an immense amount of effort and you were aware of this, thus exactly why you were overwhelmed by the guilt of not doing better. Nevertheless, your boyfriend never grew tired of giving you courage when things got rough, instead using it as an opportunity to show his love for you in ways that brought him joy.

    But the tight fabric didn't bulge at the happy thoughts you tried to summon.

    You were just about to grab the hem of the turtleneck when the door creaked open, followed by a voice, as sweet as it had always been towards you.

    "Love? How are you holding up here? Need help?"

    You swallowed down the realisation and took off the shirt. Not meant to be.

    "Doing just fine, I'll be down in a few," you said vaguely, opening the closet to grab the closest item you could get your hands on. So much for wanting to dress up for once.

    Amongst the hurry on your part and the clothes scattered on the floor, Mingi effortlessly spotted the sadness in your voice, causing him to quickly approach you.

    "You're unusually gloomy," he noted, concerned, placing a hand on your shoulder. "You were thrilled half an hour ago, what's the matter?"

    You couldn't look at him, not when his eyes were burning a hole into your head. You didn't have it in you to explain either, mind messier than your room at that moment.

    An oversized hoodie caught your attention.

    "Having trouble picking," you said short and clear, referring to the clothes. You weren't planning on ruining the night for him. "Thought it wouldn't take long."

    Mingi tilted his head and you could hear the gears in his brain turning. You threw on the hoodie, hoping to get ready before he'd question further, but alas, he was quick to read between the lines and grabbed your waist as you turned around to leave.

    "All I see is clothes you've loved so far, yet you refuse to put on any of them. Why is that?"

    "I'm tired of wearing the same outfits, I suppose," you said nonchalantly and attempted to escape his grasp which only tightened, causing you to freeze in place. Sensing your distress, Mingi kissed your head; he hated seeing you panicked and embarrassed. You lowered your head and your silence was his cue to speak.

    "I'm not forcing you to tell me everything," he began, hands loosening their grip as you decided to stay still and listen regardless. "However, I'm almost sure it's not your boredom causing your stress. I just need to hear what it is."

    His gentle manner of speaking along with the soft tapping of fingers on your lower back were enough for your throat to tighten and your eyes to get blurry.

    "Nothing fits me the way I remember. I have no idea why I suddenly dislike how my clothes look on me," you said in between whimpers, fidgeting with the hems of your sleeves. Mingi stayed silent the entire time. "I just can't stand seeing myself, especially this…" you motioned towards your chest, "...area."

    Although you stopped to take a breath, Mingi didn't speak, instead reaching out to wipe away a tiny tear at the corner of your eye.

    "It's not even about the size though that bothers me too. They just don't… look right," you explained, frustrated. Mingi only nodded, entire focus on you. "They sometimes annoy me so much to the point of wanting to chop them off. It might sound bizarre, but I wish I was kidding."

    You finally looked up at Mingi for response and he brought your hand to his lips, kissing each fingertip.

    "First of all, it's not bizarre in the slightest," he stated firmly. "And second of all, I can assure you that you're perfectly shaped the way you are. Your body is correctly proportioned and doesn't need changing unless it causes you discomfort. Then I'd gladly support you in changing the size or even removing them altogether if that would make you feel better.

    He kissed your forehead, "I just want you to be happy."

    A huge smile fought off the tears in your eyes, nearly splitting your face in two, and you stood on your toes to kiss Mingi. He wrapped his arms around your waist once again, clinging you to his body and returning your kiss with twice as much force.

    You pulled away for air, "That's the first time someone is truly supportive of me, I can't thank you enough."

    "It's what you deserve, darling," he smiled. "You're desirable and loved no matter how you feel about yourself."

    You didn't have time to reply as Mingi captured your lips again, drowning out the gasp you let out. You tangled your fingers into his silver hair and let yourself be lifted up by your hips and placed on the bed behind you. Mingi found his place between your legs, lips on yours, as his fingers gently slid under your hoodie. He caressed your stomach and waist and you flinched at the contact, but soon melted under his touch, tender movements never ceasing.

    His mouth traveled down to your neck and you turned your head to the side to give him more access, moaning at the feeling of being trapped underneath him. Mingi left sloppy kisses everywhere he could reach, stopping one he found your pulse point and beginning to suck. Your legs instinctively closed around his thigh, and he leaned forward, grinding up and down your clothed core with his knee.

    Your skin was set afire when his fingers teasingly trailed the underside of your bra, threatening to slip under. You threw your head back in frustration, causing Mingi to smirk, then returned to working the blue hickey on your neck until he was satisfied, successfully pissing you off.

    "Please…" you sighed, more aroused rather than angry.

    Your boyfriend eagerly sat up and helped you out of your hoodie which joined the pile of clothes on the floor. You reached to kiss him once more, but he beat you to it, grabbing your wrists with one hand and pinning them to the bed above your head. His other hand boldly cupped one of your breasts, thumb grazing the hems of your bra, then slipping under the strap to pull it and let it snap back into place. 

    His skilled hands were on you, but not quite, and the insanity that came with being restrained caused you to buck your hips into his. At least the bulge in his jeans was eloquent enough about his own lack of patience.

    The trail of kisses lowered down to your collarbone and the valley of your breasts, sneaky hand coming behind your back to unclip your bra. Once fully exposed and trapped under his body, you looked up into his eyes which were already staring at you, full of a darker shade of love.

    Mingi leaned down to peck your lips before doing the same to your left breast, peppering the area with gentle quick kisses, and you sighed happily. He repeated the actions on the other one and you closed your eyes, intending to fully relax. However, when tongue joined the path of his lips, your back arched. Mingi did not hold back, mouth attaching to one nipple, tongue circling the bud slowly before sucking hard on it. 

    You couldn't help the string of moans that echoed in the room, encouraging Mingi to roll your other nipple with a thumb and forefinger, knee pressing roughly into your core. You kept humping his leg, mouth agape in pleasure and eyes rolled back, completely giving into the sensations Mingi was giving you.

    He moved his attention to the other nipple with just as much enthusiasm and your mind went blank when his free hand slipped into your pants.

    "Please…" you begged again, referring to the wetness you were sure he had already found. He smiled to himself, having felt your soaked underwear, and let his fingers travel underneath, running them up and down your pussy.

    You were positively trembling, painfully anticipating him to do something, anything, but did not pick up the pace, nor did he grant you a kiss, he just watched you struggle.

    However, he remembered why he was doing this and finally let his fingertips graze your clit, causing you to let out a moan of relief. You fell back down, spreading your legs further for him, and that only made you even more beautiful in his eyes - he was devoured by the sight of you splattered on the bed, sweaty, shaking and consumed by your own pleasure. Your euphoria was his drug.

    Fastening the pace, he was looking down at you both with admiration and lust, gaze shamelessly exploring each and every curve of yours. You could only do so much with your wrists pinned to the bed, no other choice but to face the tidal wave of pleasure while staring helplessly into Mingi's eyes, sinful warmth spreading throughout your body.

    Your staggered breathing, accompanied by choked moans, was his cue to get bolder, leaning down once again to suck at a nipple, fingers tirelessly working you up towards a release. The last bits of shame left you with each thrust of his hand, and you lost yourself to the sensation of his hot tongue all over your chest along with his fingers flicking your clit.

    "Let go, you deserve it," Mingi mumbled between your breasts and it was all it took you to unravel, releasing all over his palm. He groaned at your walls clenching around his hand, followed by wetness coming out, as he continued to work you through your orgasm, pumping out cum for all it was worth. You were drowning in his touch as well as the praise falling from his lips as he watched you crumble, taking pride in knowing the hot mess underneath him was for him only, and no one else.

    Once you rode out your high, your arched back relaxed and you let out a deep breath, summoning consciousness. Mingi let go of your wrists, reaching out a hand to caress your messy hair, and smiled, causing his dimples to appear. You were glowing.

    "Beautiful," he whispered, mostly to himself, as happy wrinkles showed up in the corners of his eyes. 

    You heard him nonetheless. And one day, you hoped you'd believe him.


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    Show Me/ 1

    Pairing- Yunho x Named Reader

    Genre/Au- Smut

    Word Count- 2k

    Includes- Fingering

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

    Yunho POV

    My gaze moves to her, seeing the shock in her face from what I asked her

    "Uh what?"

    "Can you show me how to make a girl cum?"

    "Yunho what the fuck? Why are you asking me instead of your girlfriend?"

    "Because she wants to do more and I've never done anything and I'm scared I can't do it and she'll break up with me because I can't please her"

    The surprise on her face hasn't changed, "Yunho....that's cheating"

    I know but I rather practice then mess up with my girlfriend, Hyejin. I've never had a girlfriend before, hence I haven't done anything sexual yet. All we've done is touch each other through clothes. I've seen her boobs, touched them, sucked on them

    But she wants more. She's done everything before but she agreed to go at my pace. And she wants me to touch her and touch me. She's hinted when we're kissing, putting her fingers just under my waistband

    But when I don't make a move she moves her hand away

    I want her to feel good. I want to be able to please her. I need help. And since my best friend is a girl who I trust unconditionally, I want her to show me how

    "It not...it's purely for scientific reasons", I answer

    She raises her eyebrow with an "are you kidding?" look on her face

    "Please. I trust you. You can show me without anything between us changing"

    She hesitates

    "Just think of it as tutoring like you used to do for me when we were in high school"

    "Ok Yunnie it's a little.... no a lot different than that. That's not comparable at all"

    She's right but I don't know what to compare this too

    "Please? No one has to know ok? I'm doing this for my girlfriend"

    "Do you hear how crazy that sounds? You want to touch me sexually, make me cum so you know what to do with your girlfriend. That's insane"

    I know it is but I'm scared I'm going to do something wrong or possibly hurt Hyejin. But if she shows me what to do, I'll be able to


    She stares at me for a minute, then sighs, "Fine. But if you get caught you better not blame me"

    "C'mon Jo, you know I wouldn't"

    "Yeah well you never know. Especially when it comes to Hyejin"

    "I won't", I insist

    "Ok fine"

    "So now?"

    "Now?", she asks surprised

    I nod. I'm seeing Hyejin tomorrow and I want to be able to make her orgasm

    "Fine. Let's go"

    She stands from her couch and heads to her room with me following her

    "Sit or lay over there", she says, pointing to the right side of her bed

    I sit and she lays down next to me, putting the blanket over her. I watch her wiggle around, wondering what she's doing. She drops something on the floor

    "What's that?", I ask

    She raises an eyebrow, "My shorts and underwear"

    I swallow hard, "Oh"

    "So look, since this is for "science", I'm going to let you touch me but that's it. I'm keeping my shirt on and the blanket over me. You can touch but not see. I'm not your girlfriend"

    I nod. Sounds reasonable

    "Ok. Come closer to me"

    I scoot over, right against her. She looks unsure as she takes my hand, pulling it under the blanket. I'm so nervous. I actually can't believe I'm doing this. I'm going to touch another girl before my girlfriend. But it's so I can do a good job for Hyejin

    I feel my hand touch something soft, "Is that...."

    "Yeah", she answers

    Ok. Just breathe. She moves my hand down more and I feel my fingers get wet

    I tense, "I uh..."

    "It's suppose to happen. If you want to stop we can"

    She's giving me an out but I'm not taking it

    "I don't want to"

    She nods, moving my fingers right into her wetness. Then she moves my hand up, two of my fingers on her. She moves my fingers in circles against a bump

    Her clit. Oh fuck, I'm touching her clit. Slowly she moves her hands away

    "Keep doing that", she tells me

    I nod, moving my fingers the way she showed me too. Looking at her, she closes her eyes, her breathing getting harder. After a minute or two, she moves my hand back down, coating them in her arousal, then putting them back on her clit

    "You have to keep it wet or it'll start to hurt", she tells me

    "Ok". I move my fingers again, rubbing her

    "Ffff....faster", she asks breathlessly,

    I think I'm getting her closer and I move my fingers faster like she wants. Her clit feels mostly soft but a little hard in the middle and I think it's throbbing. Not going to lie, I'm getting turned on. Just feeling her and listening to her breaths getting faster is making me a little hard

    "Shit shit shit", she moans softly, shaking a little, biting her lip. Did she....did I make her?

    "Did you cum?", I ask

    She nods, stopping my hand . That's it? Just rub her clit and that makes a girl cum? What about inside?

    "Is that the only thing I can do?"

    She looks over at me, "Well you made me cum like you wanted"

    "Yeah but what about...like...touching.... inside?", I ask, turning red

    "Fingering?". I nod. "Uh yeah ok. I can show you that. It's a little harder than just touching a girl's clit"

    "Ok. Show me"

    She nods, "Touch me"

    I put my hand back on her


    Sliding my hand down, my fingers get soaking wet. Jesus Christ she's really really wet. And I made her like this. I feel her hand go back on mine, pushing my middle and ring finger down more

    My fingertips slip inside.... inside her and she says , "Push them in as far as you can"

    I nod, doing just that. Jesus, it's so tight, her pussy squeezing my fingers, giving me an immediate hard on. I knew she'd be wet and tight but not this tight. Or warm

    "Fuck", she whimpers, pussy clenching over and over, "Move you're ah fingers in and out"

    Pulling my fingers almost out, I move them back inside, her cunt sucking them back in. Oh god, that feels good. Still moving, I make sure my fingers go inside her as far as I can. She moans softly and my eyes move to her face, seeing her in pleasure

    When I pull my fingers out, she grabs my hand, sliding my fingers over to the side a little, moving the tip of my pointer finger in her too, then she pushes them back inside

    "Fuck", she moans, her body shaking

    "Jo?", I ask

    "Right there. Move your fingers right into that spot"

    "Ok. Does it feel extra good there?"

    She nods, "Yeah"

    Ok then. Thrusting my fingers in and out, I make sure my fingers hit that spot over and over. She grips my wrist so hard, holding on, her other hand twisting in the sheets. Shit, I'm really making her feel good. I'm kinda proud

    "Oh god", she moans, her pussy getting so tight on my fingers. I feel my hand get flooded with her cum and fuck I like it. Still moving my hand, I keep going


    "Again", I tell her, determined to make her cum again. It's kinda like a power trip, knowing that I'm the reason why she's in so much pleasure

    "Ok", she whispers, her eyes closing again. I feel her hand move down again, shifting my hand. She puts my thumb on her clit, moving it in circles again

    "Ddd...do that and finger me at the same time", she whimpers

    That's a lot of coordination but fuck it, I'm gonna do it. When she moves her hand away, I do exactly what she tells me, feeling her get more wet. Jesus how wet can a girl get?

    It's leaking around my hand, out of her. This time around is taking a longer, my hand starting to hurt. But I'm not stopping until she cums. I find that I want it so much

    "Ppp..press on the spot", she says softly. I nod, shoving my fingers all the way in, pressing against her spot, my thumb still moving on her clit

    "Yes oh god, don't stop"

    Oh my god, hearing her is so hot. Letting go of her spot, I press on it again, again and again

    "Yes oh yes", she breathes, flooding my fingers in cum, her body shaking hard next to me. Fuck yes! I made her cum three times in a row. I'm so proud I can do it.

    Pulling my fingers out, I can't help but look at them. They're so wet, covered in white creamy cum. Fuck, she cums like that? It's such a turn on

    "Here", she says, handing me a tissue, "You uh you can go wash your hands"

    Her cheeks are so pink and she's avoiding my gaze. "Yeah ok. In a minute". She just nods

    "Was...was it good?", I ask

    "Yeah Yunnie. It was. You catch on quick"

    I smile happily, "So uh does every girl have a spot like you do?"

    She shrugs, "Supposedly. But I can't really tell you where it is on anyone else. There's a general area but you just have to move your fingers around to find Hyejin's specific spot"

    Huh, I guess that makes sense it wouldn't be in the same place for every girl

    "If you just do what you did with me, it should work"

    Ok then, maybe I can get Hyejin to cum a lot too

    "Do uh...do you want me to uh....give you a handjob?", she asks

    I snap my eyes to her. I shouldn't. I did this to learn how to make Hyejin feel good. But it feels like crossing a line if she does it to me and I cum

    "Uh no thanks"

    She nods, "Alright". Awkward silence falls and she still refuses to look at me

    "I'm gonna uh, wash my hands", I say lamely

    She nods and I get out of her bed, going to her bathroom. As I wash my hands, I wonder if anything is going to change with us. I don't want it to, I just need her to show me how to do things. I'm not going to change around her. Like I said this is for scientific reasons

    I push out the memories of how pretty she looked in pleasure, how her body moved when she came, how she felt inside

    'Stop', I tell myself

    I can't think about that. I just have to remember what to do so I can do it to Hyejin. Walking back to her room, she's sitting on her bed, her clothes back on

    "So...that's it", she says. Fuck, it's so awkward

    "Yeah. Thanks for helping me"

    "Yeah uh you're welcome?", she asks more than tells me

    "I uh...I'm gonna go"

    "Oh yeah sure", she says standing up. She walks past me, to her door and I can only follow. Opening the door, she holds it open for me

    "I'll see you later", I say awkwardly

    "Yeah ok. Call me when you wanna hang out"

    "Yeah definitely", I answer

    "Uh good luck with everything"

    Right. With Hyejin


    We both nod at each other, then I step out of her apartment. The door closes and I just walk down the hall to the door. I really hope I didn't fuck up our friendship. She's my best friend and I need her. I can't lose her

    Getting into the car Seonghwa lent me, I decide to text Hyejin. Maybe I can see her tomorrow or something. I don't know what I'm feeling, but I feel uneasy as I drive back to the dorm

    Part 2. Part 3. Part 4

    Read with gifs here

    @hijirikaww @http-lovelyknow

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  • tenelkadjowrites
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    new multi chapter fic

    hi everyone. as some of you know, i’ve been working on a seonghwa x reader smut fic series the last couple of months. it is fully completed now and i am ready to tell you a bit about it so you can decide if you’d want to be placed on its tag list. (if you are already on my tag list for all fics or ateez fics, you don’t need to ask.)

    it is called Kiss of Chaos and will be six parts. since this fic is fully completed, barring any unforeseen events, there will be one part posted a week.

    Summary: In a world where witches and other magick users are increasingly being targeted, you have carved a spot for yourself in the city running a small magick shop. When a spell goes wrong and you are blocked off from your magick, you track down the most powerful witch in the city - Seonghwa - to try to fix it. As Seonghwa asks his coven for help, the two of you find yourselves increasingly attracted to one another. But will it be impossible for both Seonghwa and yourself to allow the walls that have been up for so long to come down and let each other inside?

    Genre: smut. the detailed warnings for the smut and other content will be posted for each individual part. witch seonghwa with witch reader. fem pronouns for reader. depictions of magick and witchcraft. 

    please note this fic is not meant to represent seonghwa or ateez in any way, shape or form. on top of that, this fic and the depictions of witchcraft are not meant to be taken as formal information on the subject and take many creative liberties.

    if you would like to be placed on the tag list, let me know. 

    small teaser behind the cut - subject to change in the editing process:

                  He is sitting at the bar counter, hunched over a drink that swirls in shades of purple and green, paying no attention to you. Your heart gives a painful lurch in your chest. What you are doing could be costly enough to lead you to disaster. You are already mired in disaster, you tell yourself and it is those words that propel your feet forward.

                   Stopping next to him, you clear your throat and go, “Seonghwa?”

                   Slowly, like a cat waking up from a long nap, he tilts his face to look at you, eyes grazing your body for a beat too long. His beauty is striking – that is undeniable. High cheekbones, smooth skin, slightly messy black hair with eyes such a violent purple it is disarming. But there is something else underneath that pretty face that gives you the feeling of stepping off a pier and tumbling into freezing cold water. The green pendant you wear comes alive against your chest, humming with the intensity of the magick that Seonghwa gives off.  

                   “What?” His voice is curt, making it clear that being spoken to is not something he desires.

                   Even so, you push on, sitting on the bar stool next to his. The bartender comes by but Seonghwa speaks up. “No. She isn’t staying long enough to drink.”

                   The bartender gives a nod and heads down the way he came. You protest, “I can drink here if I so please.”

                   Seonghwa gives a small wave of his hand, rings of strange colours flashing in the dim lights, looking back down at his drink. “No. You can’t. This isn’t a place for you, and I don’t want to talk.”

    #ateez fics#ateez smut #seonghwa x reader #seonghwa fics #kiss of chaos #kpop fic
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  • softly-savage-mint-yoongi
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    Spookinktober 2021; Day 25

    Welcome to Softly Savage Mint Yoongi’s week of spooky and sexy stories to count down the last week of the best month of the year! Please enjoy these seven stories, about a zombie, a vampire, a witch and her familiar, a werewolf, a serial killer, a grim reaper and a monster hunter- respectively. Each story is standalone, so you may read them however you like, and remember to stay scary, and sexy. ;)

    Spookinktober 2021 Day 25

    Pairing: Yunho x f.reader Spooks: Zombies and mentions of other monsters, Halloween decorating and general festive feelings. Kinks: Shower sex, teasing, praise, and the mentions of a singular pet name. Domesticity (it’s a kink you can fight me if you disagree). Words: 2.5k

    “Yunho? Baby, can you help me hang this up?” you ask, pouting at the back of his head where he sits at his computer desk. Briefly, you muse if he even heard you, eyeing the headphones comfortably situated over his fluffy morning hair with a scowl. His response is delayed one second too long, and you huff, opening your lips with an intent to curse at him, but he turns before any sound comes out. Your boyfriend smirks at you with raised brows, pulling the headphones from his ears with one large hand. “Impatient, are we?” The tone in his voice suggests mild amusement. With a gesture to the box of Halloween decorations in front of you, your eyes avoid his gaze, “I thought you didn’t hear me.” Yunho chuckles quietly, approaching you to wind his long arms around your waist. “I’m dead baby, not deaf.” he says with a kiss to your forehead. “Yeah, but you’re supposed to be helping me decorate.” He takes a deep breath, crushing you further into his cold chest. He woke up overly affectionate, wanting to stay in bed and enjoy a lazy day of sex and naps and food. You argued that you had plans to decorate, much to his pouting and refusal to let you out of his arms for twenty minutes. You threatened to pee on him if he kept you from the bathroom any longer. “The sooner you help me decorate the sooner we can move onto the plans you had for today.” you coax with a smile, wrapping your arms around his middle. Yunho hums quietly, before trying with a last ditch effort to convince you that decorating is unnecessary. “I don’t understand why you bother with decorating. I’m undead, darling. My simple residency in your otherwise cute and unassuming apartment should be more than enough to spread holiday cheer. Hell, with me, the ghoul sisters living downstairs and the spirit haunting the whole building don’t count for being ‘of the season’ thing then I don’t know what does.” You laugh at that, and almost let him win, “All of that is just the icing on the cake.” Alas, you love Autumn and Halloween and the aesthetics of the decor too much not to make it as festive as possible. “Just hang these up, will you?” you coo up at him with your chin against his chest. He can’t help the sweetness of you, and he releases you at last. He takes the shiny, unending orange and black garland from the box, and feigns annoyance as he flings it around his neck like a dramatic feather boa. He tries not to laugh at himself but his cheeks puff out and his shoulders rise with the raucous giggle  that bellows out from within just as you bark a laugh at his ridiculousness. It takes two hours. One hour spent in relative peace as you work together to set out your decorations in their positions, dress the table in the appropriately spooky attire, and hang the garland around each door frame. The last hour is spent constructing the perfect fake cobwebs over several surfaces. It is also spent repetitively telling your zombie boyfriend that he is a zombie and not a nymphomaniac vampire- with how many times he comes to stand behind you and kiss or nip your neck. Every once in a while there’s a soft brush of his hips against your backside and the bulge that is present beneath his sweats, but you ignore it as best you can. Eventually, he whines that your cobweb is enough to make the real Queen of Spiders jealous. “Baby.” “What?” He pouts, cold fingers pressing gently into your hips, “You’re done.” “Just one more.” you say for the tenth time, eyes focused on your web and not your lover. Yunho has none of it. He stops your wrist with his own hand, the grey of his skin a contrast to the fleshy pink of your own. His eyes are searing, blown wide with the ideas his imagination has no doubt been giving him since he woke up this morning. He leans over you, face just inches away. “Just. One.” he says, tone low. It only takes his colder touch to make you realize you’ve been perspiring, having worked up quite a sweat to make your home as spooky as possible. You nod at him, feeling a pang of arousal at his change in behavior. Yunho is usually a softie, even more so when making love to you. “You’re gonna be mad.” you whisper, plucking the last bit of web and dragging it across itself to the bottom corner of your coffee table. Yunho’s eyes narrow, and his slight smile says he isn’t sure if you’re serious. With a swallow, you turn and set the roll of tape down, “Need to shower first.” He grins outright, “Well, good thing shower sex exists.” and takes your hand, dragging you to the bathroom and stripping himself of his shirt on the way. Your back meets the wood of the bathroom door and his hands are cupping your neck and jaw tenderly- a stark difference to the way his lips devour yours. It doesn’t take long for you to forget everything in the world except Jeong Yunho exists. Just as you’re about to lift your leg to his hip, he leaves you. Only for a moment, to snap the shower faucet on and turn it to hot before he turns back and smiles at you. “My pretty baby.” he teases you, grinning at your awe-struck expression and blushing skin. “All blushing and pink.” he coos, dragging you towards him and helping you pull your clothes off. The moment your chest is exposed to the balmy air, he sinks his head to greet your nipple with a kiss. He keeps one palm flat against the wall behind your head, shifting to give the other breast the same treatment. Your fingers have found their way into his hair automatically, staying there while he kisses across your chest and uses both of his hands to shimmy your sweatpants and panties down your legs. He steps back after you hold his shoulders to steady yourself and step out of the clothes pooled around your ankles. His eyes are hooded and dark, and if he were human, you would be sure the skin of his cheeks and chest would be as rosy as your own. It doesn’t bother you, and never has, that he isn’t the same as you. A living human being, although it would be wrong to say he isn’t alive either. Here, with you, experiencing life just the same as if the heart in his chest were pumping blood through his long-dormant veins. As if he needed to breathe, although it doesn’t stop him from the habitual motion sometimes. He comes at you again, shoving his own sweats to the floor and freeing the length of himself as it bobs heavily between his long legs. Yunho throws his arms wide, catching you in one while the other whips the shower curtain back so hard he almost rips the rod from the wall in his eagerness. You smile at him, tossing your legs around his middle and feeling the delicious grip his large hand has on your ass, to hold you up around his hips. He steps into the tub with his arms full of you, reaching out to test the temperature for you before he leans your body into the spray and kisses you again. Neither of you bother with acknowledging that you had intended on actually showering before your gangly boyfriend became too impatient to fuck your brains out. His cock drags through your folds to sooth the chill of your back hitting the cold tile of the wall, but you untangle your legs from him and slide to the floor. Yunho drops his mouth open, leaning to brace his palm against the wall the moment your lips wrap around the head of him. He moans, quiet and low, and his free hand finds its way to the back of your head. “Is it good baby?” you ask, adjusting to flutter your lashes up at him, thankful that the spray of water is hitting him directly on his shoulders and the back of his head rather than raining down in your face. “So good,” he whispers. Your thighs squeeze together when you watch him suck his bottom lip between his teeth as you take as much of him as you can to the back of your throat and swallow around it. He looks so fucking delicious this way. With his shapely lips dropped open, eyes heavy with lust, naked and positively dripping thanks to the water that forces his dark hair to hang over his forehead. “I want to touch you, baby. Gotta get my hands on you.” he groans, willing his hips to shift away so he can lift you from the floor. His fingers find your chin, gently guiding you toward him and holding you by your jaw so he can lick into your mouth. You’re encouraged to climb back around his hips with the nudging of his other palm pulling at the back of your thigh. You whine when he makes no move to touch you after that, and he leans back to grin at you. “What do you want baby?” he asks, teasing. With as much bottom lip as you can muster, you pout at him, “I thought you said you wanted to touch me.” Yunho chuckles, keeping your eyes locked as he shifts to get his hand between you, sinking one long finger into your folds without preamble. The action has you keening, and he pumps the digit twice before deciding you’re ready for another. “Oh, fuck.” you whine, throwing your arms around his neck. His thumb finds your clit immediately, and his desire to have you absolutely writhing around him as soon as possible strikes more arousal into your core. He kisses you again, just a peck to your cheek, then your jaw and behind your ear, “Does it feel good baby?” You nod frantically, making all kinds of pretty noises that Yunho eats up like his favorite Halloween candies with delight. His fingers are long, and curl to easily tap at the place deep in your pussy that rips a high pitched cry from your lips and sends your thighs to trembling. One of your hands comes down to grip at his bicep, “Right there, oh my g- mm, yes.” you whine at him. He spears his fingers exactly where you want them for a few seconds, but pulls them out suddenly with a protest from you. “W-What, why? I was so close!” you groan at him. You should have known why. Yunho takes a moment to shift you back to your original position, letting the head of his cock brush against your quivering folds. He holds you up high, your back pushed flush with the tile. “Look at my pretty girl, my baby. All fucked out and desperate.” he coos, pursing his lips. “Yunho…” you whine, cursing his teasing when you were just about to fall off the edge. He blinks at you, “What do you want, princess?” The pet name has a quiet moan spilling out of your lips- your heart racing a little faster. He knows what that pet name does to you. Your response to his question is no more than a grumbling and an attempt to sink yourself over his cock, positioned perfectly so you feel the pressure of him at your hole, ready to push in. “Use your words,” he instructs. “I want it.” you pout at him. A twitch of his lips. “Want what?” You glare at him with pleading eyes, clenching around nothing- but Yunho feels the motion and smiles. “I want your fat cock,” you declare, cheeks burning hot. In turn to the pet names, you know what stroking his ego about his manhood does to him, regardless of how unnecessary it is when his cock is as huge as the rest of him by default. “Good girl,” he says on a breath. Just like that he drops you onto his thighs, and the immediate impalement of his length nestling right at home in your pussy is exactly the kind of stretch you craved. You moan in tandem, and his head drops to your shoulder, needing two seconds to recover before his strong hands are pulling you up and working with his hips to ease out and thrust in again. His pace remains this way, managing your body in his arms and working you both to the high you’ve both been searching for since you walked into the bathroom. You’re quickly first to fall over the edge, the friction of him stretching you so perfectly setting your nerves alight and picking up right where you left off minutes before. Yunho moans prettily at the feel of your walls claiming him deeper and completely. He only lasts for a few more thrusts before he stills and you can feel the stiffening of his length inside you before a full wetness spreads to your deepest parts. The feeling never fails to make you smirk- lewdly recalling the perk of fucking Yunho. His seed might not be warm, but it’s also sterile since he is undead- which means he can fill you full over and over again without any worry. It takes several seconds for you both to come down from the high, regaining strength to stand back on your own feet. When Yunho sets you back down carefully, he smiles, nuzzling his cheek into your wet hair. “Thank you,” he whispers, finally reaching for the shampoo. Your lips curve into a smile, returning the thanks with a kiss as high as you can reach without his help- letting your lips linger on his collar bone. “You know…” Your boyfriend looks at you with a grin, “What?” Huffing a laugh, you break the news to him, “We’ve still got to decorate the balcony.” Yunho’s laugh bounces off the bathroom walls as he pulls his hand over his face, “I swear to god, woman.”

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  • bobateastay
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    post-apocalyptic kind of hot - c.s

    zombie!choi san x gender neutral!reader

    cw - post-apocalypse!au, fluff, mentions of bugs, mentions of scabs/scars

    word count: 2.1k

    a/n: i was unable to find the source of the picture so if anybody recognises the watermark/knows the source please let me know!

    The apocalypse was over. Or at least it was as over as an apocalypse can be. There were still no resources to rebuild cities and still no real homes, but the zombies (there had never been a point in calling them the undead, even if that’s what people insisted on calling them at first) had been more or less neutralised and there was an efficient vaccine that prevented anyone from being turned. So the apocalypse was more or less over. Not that this made a huge difference to you.

    There were a select few miracles during the apocalypse and one of them was a category that you fell under: babies. Babies conceived right before the whole thing had started or during some rushed, adrenaline-fueled (and what you assumed must have been pretty gross) sex, that were born at some point before the apocalypse was more or less over. You were born in the Goldilocks period - you lived about three years of your life in the trauma that was the end-of-the-whole-world thing before the zombies settled down and became not much more than a nuisance, which left you to experience the part of childhood where kids become mesmerised by some random, somewhat strange thing, in a time where zombies weren’t much different from vampires or werewolves. Aside from the fact that you could usually spot one a few metres past your town’s fence.

    Of course this meant that zombies were your thing. You were immune to their bite and incredibly intrigued, and they were subdued and sometimes half-conscious enough to carry a conversation. It made for a fun childhood, even if your parents were still traumatised enough that being anywhere near a zombie earned you an hour long scolding. That kind of scolding only worked until you were about twelve, after which zombies stopped being your thing and became (for lack of a better term) your area of expertise. Really it was less zombies and more one zombie in particular.

    His name was San. You didn't know his full name because his ID card was pretty much ruined and he had never explained much about his surname other than the fact that it meant ‘mountain’. So your area of expertise was first name San, last name Something-To-Do-With-Mountain. He was talkative for a zombie and happy to receive any affection you had to offer. The two of you would walk to the outskirts of your town each day and you would take the time to tell him about whatever was going on in your life (which admittedly wasn’t much) while he stomped on bugs and plants throughout the walk, thoroughly entertained by the mush left behind on the ground once he lifted his foot.

    He was average height with a posture that made him less-than-average height, had a voice that turned higher in pitch when he was trying to get his way and on the side of his face that wasn’t entirely mangled he had a pretty dimple that showed when he smiled. His clothes - a black and white striped sweater and acid wash jeans - suggested that he’d been turned right at the beginning of the apocalypse, before outfits like his were deemed impractical and were replaced with anything that aided quick movement. He looked like a model to you. Not that you’d ever seen a model before, but you were sure that if his injuries were fixed and his organs were rearranged, San would make the perfect model.

    He seemed vaguely aware of your fascination with his appearance, always tilting his head when he caught you staring or waving vaguely with his hand in an attempt to get you to turn away. Unlike you, San had a vague recollection of what had been considered attractive before the world had all but been turned to ash, and he tried his best to convince you that he didn’t fit that mould. Not anymore.

    “You know, there’s no proof that you wouldn’t make an amazing model,” you told him one afternoon, sat beside him on a brick wall that must have separated something from something once upon a time. Now it just gave both of you a peaceful view of your town from afar, including your house on the outskirts of it. San grunted in response and you rolled your eyes. “You can’t even tell me what models used to look like before, how can you tell what they didn’t look like?”

    He took a moment to consider this, turning to look at you. His eyes stayed dull and his lips stayed parted, his body struggling through every breath until his lips pulled into a smile.

    “Like you,” he said simply.

    “Like me?” you asked, ignoring the warmth in your cheeks to focus on the way San’s eyes crinkled with his smile.

    “Models looked like you,” he elaborated, the words taking some time to make their way out of his mouth. He paused and took in a deep breath, unaware of the insect that was crawling its way up his neck and toward his ear. You reached over and moved it away as carefully as you could even though you knew that San wouldn’t feel it. He watched you flick the insect to the ground and gave you a grateful smile. “They were the prettiest people and everybody was… In love with them. Everybody was in love with them.”

    “I’m not sure that everybody’s in love with me,” you joked, choosing to brush off the first part of the sentence in the hopes of calming the erratic beating of your heart. Beside you, San let out a long hum.

    “I think you’re wrong,” he said back, and from the absent tone in his voice you could tell that the conversation had already run its course in whatever was left of San’s functioning brain. He crushed the bug beneath the heel of his boot before it could get out of his reach, snorting as he did so. “Gross.”

    The next day when you trudged around your street waiting for him to join you on your usual walk, he didn't show up, which was a little odd but not terribly concerning. You let it slide even though you were disappointed that your routine with him had been disrupted. The same thing happened the day after. In fact, the following four days went by without a trace of him or his disdain for insects.

    On the fifth day, however, you were woken by knocking on your bedroom window. It took almost ten seconds of being awake before you realised that the pounding sound was far too slow and dull to be considered knocking. You sat up with a groan and moved to open the curtains, revealing-


    The boy smiled at you, his chapped lips stretching to show off stained teeth, raw gums and his one dimple, but continued his knocking, which was actually his hand slamming into the glass and smearing dirt that you’d have to clean up later all over it.

    “I brought you something,” he said proudly, his voice only just audible through your window. He slammed his hand forward once more and you cringed, gesturing for him to move back. He did so, his hand resuming it’s limp state attached to his flimsy wrist. Once he’d stepped back, you pushed the window open and leaned out of it, allowing San to step close enough that you could see every little gash and flaw in his skin. There was a particularly large scab flaking off of his forehead, so while he (very visibly) tried to plan out his words in his head, you reached forward and carefully peeled it away from his skin to reveal the smooth scar tissue beneath it. He made a little pleased sound, eyes meeting yours. “I brought you old pictures.”

    You looked down at his hands and found that he was holding a small stack of photographs and paper cut-outs. He waited patiently for your reaction, letting out another pleased sound when you reached forward to rub your thumb over the fresh scar on his forehead.

    “Come inside,” you said, stepping aside to give him enough room to climb inside, his bones straining in ways that would have been uncomfortable if he was still alive. But he wasn’t alive and made it inside with minimal bother, climbing into your bed and setting the photographs down with as much care as his unsteady hands could muster. “Where did you get these?”

    “Mine,” he said, sparing you a brief glance when you sat beside him on the bed. “Old pictures from my house.”

    “Your house?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. He grunted in confirmation, his lips forming a smaller smile than usual as he arranged the photos into neat rows. “Is that where you were this whole time?”

    “Yes. It's far away but I wanted to show you the... The models,” he explained. “There’s not so many pictures of models at my house. Just my friends. You’re lucky, one of them was a model.”

    You watched him trace a careful fingertip over the photographs. A select few sported crinkles and tears but most were in good condition, meaning that through everything that had happened since they were taken, San had taken care of them well enough that they looked as though they had been printed just yesterday. You looked over at him and found that the smile was gone from his face, replaced by an expression you’d never seen on his face before.

    “Which one of them was a model?” you asked, leaning in closer to San. He sighed and dropped his head down onto your shoulder, his fingertip continuing its path before finally landing on a picture cut out from a magazine. The picture showed a man with full lips and brows dressed in a fancy and impractical looking outfit sitting with his head tilted to the side. He was good-looking but somehow not in the way you thought he’d be. He didn’t really look like the kind of guy you’d imagine everyone to fall in love with the way San had described. “He’s pretty.”

    “Seong... Seonghwa,” San mumbled. He traced shapes around the model’s face distractedly. “He was like a mother. Everyone loved him.”

    “Did he take care of you?” you asked. On your shoulder, San shifted his head in a nod and you smiled, nudging your finger against San's where it was resting atop the picture. “I’ll have to thank him for taking care of you. Thank you for taking care of Sannie, Seonghwa.”

    San giggled, his hand shifting from the cut-out to rest on your knee. He stayed quiet while you looked through the pictures with curious eyes, examining every detail about the world you’d never gotten to see. The houses were different, stocked to the brim with useless belongings like fluffy toys and little figurines, and the streets were bright and cleaner than you could’ve ever imagined a street being. You felt a pang of longing for this alien place that you’d never experienced and would never get to experience. You picked up another photo and couldn’t suppress the gasp you let out upon seeing who was in it.

    “San, that’s you!” you exclaimed. The man in question lifted his head from your shoulder slowly, staring at the picture in your hands as though he had a personal grudge against it. You took in how alert his eyes had been, the pink glow beneath his clean, round cheeks and his perfectly styled hair. There were dimples on each side of his smile after all and he had a small smattering of freckles on his neck. Amongst all the differences though, his eyes were creased the same way they were whenever he smiled at you. You grinned at the piece of paper in your hands. “You look so gorgeous! Just like a model.”

    “No,” he huffed out. With a regretful sigh, he began to put the photographs back into a small pile. “Not like a model.”

    “What? San, what are you-”

    You took his hand in yours to stop him from stacking all of the photographs away, smiling at him when his eyes met yours.

    “Can I keep this picture? I’ll keep it safe, I promise,” you said.

    “Why?” he asked, mouth hanging open as he stared at you.

    “Because it’s a picture of you. Model San,” you explained, setting the photo down and reaching up to smooth his hair out of his features with as much care as possible. For a moment he seemed like he was going to protest the compliment again but instead he leaned into your touch, and although it may not have been entirely intentional it was very endearing. You smiled. “You were right. It seems like everybody falls in love with models.”

    He took a moment to try and understand what you were saying, his eyes never leaving yours.

    “Not Seonghwa?” he finally asked. You laughed, pulling your hand back from his head.

    “Not Seonghwa,” you confirmed. He made a noise in the back of his throat that was reminiscent of a cat who was getting food after a long hour of meowing at a half-full bowl, which only made you laugh again. He settled down with his head on your shoulder once more and began to spread out the photographs. You wrapped your arm around his shoulders and kissed the new, shiny scar on his forehead.

    “I’ll show you all my other friends too,” he mumbled contentedly.


    taglist: @lovely-ateez @sunsethw4 @seonghwanotes @xirenex @choiberry @peanutpmingib @sannierio @ateezinmymind

    #ateez x reader #choi san x reader #ateez fluff #choi san fluff #ateez fanfic #choi san fanfic #ateez fic #choi san fic #ateez imagines #choi san imagines #ateez scenarios #choi san scenarios #fluff
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    Birthday wish

    YunHo x y/n

    Fluffy, too fluffy. Mention of pregnancy.

    Warning: y/n mentions pregnancy so if you are not comfortable with this skip it

    Summary: You woke up without YunHo by your side, forgetting your own birthday but he was there to celebrate this special day.

    Words: 799 / Characters: 4208

    Disclaimer: This is my first writing and I am not a native english speaker so I am sorry for any spelling mistake. -------------------------------------------------------------------------You were sleeping in the king size bed that you have been sharing for the past 4 years with your boyfriend YunHo. Feeling the warm sun on your face you started to open your eyes slowly, trying to find YunHo sleeping in your bed.

    But he wasn't.

    It was weird because despite of him being really busy these weeks with the promotions, on the weekends he used to sleep a lot so it was not common for him to wake up earlier than you. Did you oversleep?

    Reaching your phone you check the time: "10:40? it is really early" you said, still trying to figure out why your boyfriend wasn't in the bed.

    Checking your Kakao messages in case YunHo wrote something, you saw that there was no new messages so you were thinking to go back to sleep but at this point you were fully awake and now you wanted to see where your boyfriend was so you just woke up and went straight to the kitchen for a glass of water.

    "Baby? Are you here?" you said, still sounding sleepy but there was no answer.

    You gulped the glass of water and decided to go to the living room.

    Heading to the living room you started to type a message to him: "Baby where are y -" but you couldn't finish the message because of what you were seeing in the living room.

    "Candles? what?"

    There were hundred of candles making a circle around the table of the living room and you went there slowly. What could it be? What day is today? Your anniversary would be in 3 months and YunHo's birthday was month ago, what happened today?

    All these questions were running in your mind while you approached the table, seeing a bouquet of beautiful and fresh rannunculus there.

    "These are my favourites. YUNHO WHERE ARE YOU?" Hugging the bouquet and smiling you started to shout his name.


    After that sentence you started to hear your boyfriend giggling behind the big blue curtains.

    "Baby?" You approached the curtains but before you could go there YunHo appeared with a blue cake on his hands and a candle.

    "Hi y/n" he said, holding a cake. You came closer and read what it was written in there. "you mean so much to me that you can't even imagine. Happy birthday Honey ♥".

    Your birthday. Today was your birthday and you completely forgot about it. But he didn't. And you were worried all this time.

    You chuckled and he cock his head watching you carefully.

    "Honey, happy birthday. I know it is not a big party and we have been really busy these days but, I hope you like it. What is written in here is only a part of my true feelings for you. After all these years you have shown me so many beautiful things and I have become a better person thanks to you".

    You froze in place because you did not expect these words. Yes, he was someone who always said sweet words to you but this was something else. You could really feel how much he loved you and his soft gaze watching you carefully while holding your birthday cake.

    "Now close your eyes, blow the candle and make a wish" He said.

    You closed your eyes, started to hum for a few seconds and then you blew out the candle, smiling with your eyes closed. Taking the cake in your right hand and the bouquet in the left, you let everything in the table and after that you just jumped in his arms.

    "Thank you baby" you said pecking his lips. "I was worried because you usually don't wake up that early but I didn't remember that it was my birthday!!" you laughed while pecking his cheeks this time.

    Him, giggling, pecked your lips while softly touching your hair. "I don't know why I thought that you would forget your own birthday". Still touching your hair and smiling softly he hold your hand and you both went to the sofa, moving you to sit on his lap.

    "But honey" he said, questioning tone in his voice, "what did you wish for? You were smiling when you blew out the candle".

    This question took you by surprise but, unsure if this was the right moment, you just hold his face with your tiny hands looking softly at him.

    "I wished that our baby that is on the way will grow up healthy".

    He froze in the place but suddenly he just hugged you so tight that you thought you would explode there.

    "He will my love. And I feel that it is me the one who fulfilled his wish".

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    hymn of the high seas, chapter 4

    fic title: hymn of the high seas

    keywords: pirate au, siren au, enemies to friends to lovers, fem!reader, siren reader, pirate ateez, hurt/comfort, fluff

    relationships: romantic y/n x wooyoung, platonic ot8 x y/n

    general warnings (updated!): language, violence (the characters have potty mouths), mentions of blood and death, mentions/depictions of drowning, depictions of drinking and mentions of alchohol, possible suggestive themes in the future but nothing explicit most likely, tba probably but it’s a pirate au so stereotypical stuff that might come along with that i guess

    taglist (reply or send me an ask in case you want to be added!): @bangtanxberm​ @hwaillight​

                                                         ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    previous chapter / next chapter (none yet!)

    chapter title: asine

    word count: 3.9k

    author’s note at the end!

    The large waves were dark and murky, and the sea foam frothed violently at the wave tops. The sky was pitch-black, grey clouds covering the moon, only bolts of lightning that struck the waters providing occasional flashes of light. A voice screamed somewhere in the distance,

    ‘’Y/N! Please, I’m begging you, she’s just a child, a sick child!’’

    Then came the familiar scene. The world went dark, as if someone had pulled a bag over her head. The strong waves pushed her further and further down and she sank. The feeling of her lungs being on fire, no voice coming out when she tried to scream. Kicking and thrashing, struggling against the bindings on her arms to no avail.

    And then, her conscious slipped away and the world went completely still, calm.

    And then Dite woke up, cold sweat coating her skin. There was a wet patch on her cheek: she had cried in her sleep. Dite just hoped none of the humans had seen it: she wasn’t sure if her pride could take it.

    ‘’Well, that sounded rather rough.’’

    Of course, the world would not spare her from the humiliation. Slowly, almost mechanically, Dite turned around to stare at whoever was the witness to her misery. To her — delight? The human was San instead of the captain or the black-haired man Dite had learned, from San, was something called a quartermaster.

    A total of seven days had now passed with her residing in the brig: and two days since she had told San her name, and while they were in no shape or form friends, they had formed a truce of some sort. It had gotten to the point where Dite allowed San to check her wound and change the dressings without attempting to bite his fingers off, if the captain and the quartermaster stayed outside of the cell. Originally, Dite would’ve preferred them to not come down at all, but the captain had, to put it nicely, strongly disagreed. 

    Thinking about the captain irritated Dite. The human was downright infuriating: he would keep observing Dite with an expression she couldn’t even begin to read, and it drove her mad. His eyes seemed to linger on her midnight irises especially, a tiny, almost invisible crease appearing between his brows whenever he looked into them.

    ‘’Hello, Earth to Dite? Or should I say water?’’

    San’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts, and she pursed her lips. Just why did she have to suffer from that dream just as the pirate came down? Despite having a truce, she still hardly trusted the man enough to show him a weak side of hers.

    ‘’Tell anyone about what you saw, and I will bite your finger off next time you change the dressings.’’

    ‘’Well, that would be rather unfortunate. My lips are sealed.’’

    He put his index finger over his lips, a small smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Dite rolled her eyes.

    ‘’Ugh, you’re a pain in the arse, just give me my breakfast.’’

    San pushed the small basket inside her cell. The food wasn’t something she’d exactly describe as delicious, per say: apparently, it had been weeks since they had last docked in a port town and stocked supplies. Thus, there weren’t many fresh ingredients, and the captain most definitely wouldn’t spare those delicacies for a siren thrown into the brig. So, for breakfast, Dite would mostly get dry bread, strange mushy things San had called beans and occasionally, if San could sneak in one, a piece of fruit. For dinner, she got what the crew ate, unless the hungry humans ate everything: in that case, it was another round of dry bread and slimy beans.

    Still, food was food, and Dite’s stomach was growling as she sank her teeth into the bread. At least she was fed: it surprised her, honestly, that the captain didn’t just let her starve.

    ‘’What did you dream about?’’ San interrupted her thoughts again.

    ‘’None of your business.’’

    Dite felt a small, sharp pain across her forehead.

    ‘’Ouch! What the fuck?’’

    It took a couple of seconds for the source of the sudden pain to sink in. San had reached between the bars, and flicked her on the forehead. Dite’s eyes were wide, jaw dropped from shock. And what was even more shocking were her own thoughts about it: while she was irritated, she didn’t feel the compulsion to reach to the other side of the cell herself and gouge the man’s eyes out.

    ‘’You have got to stop being so snappy, Dite, you’re making my job of convincing Hongjoong to let you out of here very difficult,’’ San only replied, the hand he had used to flick her forehead with still slightly raised.

    Dite blinked, her thoughts still reeling. San had flicked her across the forehead because she had snapped at him, like a parent punishing their child. San was trying to convince the human captain to let her out of the brig. But why?

    Apparently, Dite’s question was written all over her expression, because San sighed and sat down, leaning against the rusty bars.

    ‘’I’ve known you for a week now, and during that week, you’ve shown absolutely zero capability in scheming or pretending. You’re prickly, aggressive and violent, but I can read you like an open book — don’t look at me like that, you know it’s true, it’s that reckless way you charge into things that got you here in the first place — and honestly, having someone watch over you in the cabins would do just the same job as keeping you here. I just don’t personally believe in caging anyone, or anything, really.’’

    Something strange flashed in San’s eyes as he mentioned caging.

    ‘’Besides, if you really wanted to kill me, you could’ve done so plenty of times during the last two or three days: Seonghwa and Hongjoong literally only come once a day, when we have to change your bandages.’’

    Dite wanted to protest that she was simply too weak to attack him, but she knew better than to lie to the man who seemed to see through her. Besides, there was no point in lying to herself, either: San had flicked her across the forehead, and was now leaning against the bars of her cell, yet she felt no desire to end the man’s life for some reason. It made her feel irritated, yet for some weird, unfathomable reason, it also made her feel something akin to relief — wishing everyone around you dead was, after all, a rather tiring feeling to have.

                                                    ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    ‘’And he survives another day without a finger bitten off.’’

    His quartermaster’s words rang in the captain’s quarters. Captain Kim Hongjoong looked up from the papers, collections of maps and other documents, sprawled across his desk. At the doorway stood the Aglaea’s cook, leaning against the door frame with his hands crossed across his chest. Hongjoong nodded, a permission for the cook to enter.

    ‘’Exactly, which should further serve to prove that there’s just no justifiable reason to keep Dite in the brig!’’

    Hongjoong still felt slightly startled whenever the cook referred to the creature in the Aglaea’s brig by her name. It suggested he had developed a rapport good enough with the siren to hold a conversation with her: San, after all, had been asleep when the matron siren had introduced her midnight-eyed child to the crew.

    ‘’As I have told you each time we have this conversation, I will take no such risks. I know you feel uncomfortable with anyone being caged, but I have to prioritize the crew’s safety.’’

    ‘’And I’m telling you that there are a shit ton of other ways to do that, Hongjoong! You’re just being fucking stubborn, even though you know---’’

    ‘’The siren stays in the brig. End of discussion.’’

    San’s lips formed a tight line, but he stopped insisting further, even though dissatisfaction radiated off of him. He turned around on his heel and marched out of the captain’s quarters, murmuring something under his breath, which Hongjoong was pretty sure were upcoming arguments for his suggestion.

    Deep down, Hongjoong was unsure of his decision. It was true that San went down to the brig multiple times a day, completely alone, and came out unscathed each time, and each time more determined to change Hongjoong’s mind about the siren’s predicament. And it wasn’t like Hongjoong himself wasn’t curious about the creature: she, and her family, were the first sirens the captain had encountered during his years as a pirate. Docking to Siren’s Creek had been a gamble that fortunately worked, though he couldn’t shake off the siren matron’s words from the back of his head.

    ‘’This has been perhaps a rather positive turn of events,’’ the matron had said concerning his possession of Thea’s Tears. Hongjoong’s fingers absentmindedly wrapped around the amulet resting against his heart. Why did the matron find an artefact so powerful being in the hands of a human, a pirate especially, positive?

    The matron wasn’t the only one making him feel uncomfortable either. The siren, Dite’s, deep, midnight-blue eyes made something inside of him stir. The blue flames that seemed to burn in them whenever the siren was angry, which was in Hongjoong’s opinion constantly, seemed oddly familiar to him. He just couldn’t figure out from where. 

    ‘’I know this is extremely weird coming from me,’’ Seonghwa started, ‘’but I think San has a point. We could use another pair of hands on the ship: it’s not like we have a huge amount of manpower, someone who could just scrub the floors while the others did their actual job would help a lot. Yeosang could watch her: nothing suspicious would escape his eye, you know that.’’

    Hongjoong sighed, cracks beginning to form in his resolve. If his quartermaster, who feared all the beings of the ocean, was convinced that the siren could be kept in check even out of the brig, his arguments were a lot less convincing.

    ‘’I’ll think about it. But not yet: I need to see how she behaves while she’s not weakened. Who knows what she’ll try once her wound won’t pose an acute threat.’’

    Seonghwa nodded in agreement, and the pair’s focus shifted back to the papers across the desk. Weeks had passed since the crew had last docked into an actual port, and their supplies were beginning to run out: thus, they now needed to find somewhere they could dock in and not get simultaneously arrested by the Imperial Navy of Athea.

    ‘’You called, Captain?’’

    A large smile was plastered on the navigator’s face as she skipped into the captain’s quarters, not even bothering with asking permission to enter. 

    ‘’What in the name of the five oceans took you so goddamn long to haul yourself here, Yunho?’’ Hongjoong snapped, but his words lacked actual bite. Yunho was very much a free spirit, coming and going as he pleased without minding his surroundings. Hongjoong wondered whether the air up in the crow’s nest made him to be in a state of perpetual carefree. 

    ‘’Sorry, sorry, I was busy admiring the view: by the way, if we keep sailing in this direction, we’ll be in Asine by tomorrow.’’

    ‘’Oh. Uh, that’s all I needed to know, really: you’re dismissed, Yunho. Thank you.’’

                                                          ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    ‘’Ah, the everlasting smell of piss and rum: oh Asine, my dear home, how did I miss you!’’ Yunho announced.

    The market square was buzzing with people. The vendors were yelling both at customers, beckoning them to come and buy their goods, as well as at each other for stealing one another’s customers. Many of Asine’s inhabitants made their living through selling food, weapons or other supplies to sailors: it was a town with one of the bigger ports in the kingdom, after all. 

    Wooyoung laughed at his crewmate. Yunho had been born and raised on the streets of Asine: as a child of a prostitute working in a brothel near the port, his childhood hadn’t been one of luxury. On the other hand, though, the young man knew the streets of Asine better than, perhaps, anyone else. There were no dead ends in the narrow alleyways if one was with Yunho, as he knew every nook and cranny, each secret passage and each building like the back of his hand. 

    The two had been tasked with replenishing the armory: the ship was running low on gunpowder, and some of the swords had been broken in a scuffle with another pirate crew. They entered a familiar shop, and after finishing their business, headed back for the ship.

    Day had turned to night by the point the crew was done with supplying the Aglaea. Excitement buzzed among the pirates for a whole nother reason, however: the captain had announced they would sail out at dawn. That meant that the crew still had many hours to spend in Asine, a port town filled with taverns and other establishments for entertainment.

    ‘’Just remember that if any of you miss the departure because you’re passed out shitfaced in some street corner, you’re going to have to swim to catch up,’’ Hongjoong threatened, looking positively menacing.

    ‘’He’s talking as if he’s not one of the worst offenders,’’ Mingi whispered into Wooyoung’s ear, who nodded in agreement. The captain had never missed a night out in the tavern during the months Wooyoung had been abroad on the Aglaea, often staggering to the ship only when dawn broke. The crew members beside them snickered, knowing too well how their captain was the biggest hypocrite when it came to nights out.

    ‘’I’m just happy I’m not on ship duty tonight: Yeosang gets extra pissy whenever someone comest back dead-drunk,’’ Wooyoung whispered back to his crewmate.

    ‘’I doubt ‘pissy’ is a word strong enough to describe how I feel whenever I see one of you filthy bastards contaminating my precious deck with your disgusting vomit,’’ a cool voice spoke beside him.

    Wooyoung nearly shot up standing, and slowly, almost mechanically turned his head to meet the boatswain’s cool stare. He had removed his coat and vest, dressed only in black pants and white, long-sleeved cotton shirt. His blonde hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. Despite his simpler attire, Yeosang still radiated an aura of importance and poise: Wooyoung whether it was physically even possible for the boatswain to look anything short of elegant.

    ‘’Would murderous fit better?’’ Yunho chirped, and winked at Mingi and Wooyoung who, out of pure horror, had frozen in place.

    ‘’Perhaps,’’ Yeosang mused coolly, something akin to amusement twinkling in his brown eyes. 

                                                        ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    As soon as Wooyoung had stepped back onto Asine’s streets, all the nervousness caused by Yeosang’s words simply floated away. He, Mingi, and Yunho entered the tavern the Aglaea’s crew most often frequented when they were in the town. Wooyoung saw that Hongjoong and Seonghwa were already at the bar getting their usual orders. 

    He had a pretty good idea about San’s location: his master was rather popular among the ladies in town, and usually always disappeared during the night only to be the first back on the ship, hints of lipstick sometimes at the corners of his mouth. 

    Jongho, on the other hand, had volunteered to stay on ship duty. The redhead had grown up watching sailors slowly, to quote, ‘’slowly turning their livers into useless lumps of shit’’, and thus felt no particular pull towards the wonders of alcohol. He had stated that this was the perfect chance for him to sharpen and polish the swords on the ship that had begun to collect rust in the armory. 

    Music and chatter rang across the tavern. Flames burned on the torches placed on the walls, and bathed the entire establishment in yellow glow.  The tavern was one of the only places on land where the crew could relax: it was one of the few private businesses in the port not controlled by the navy, and as long as one wouldn’t cause trouble for the owner, no questions were asked.

    Wooyoung clapped his hands in rhythm with the music, his head swinging from side to side. In the middle of the tavern floor, people spun around in pairs, arm in arm and hopped around in the steps passed familiar to everyone. Wooyoung felt the touch of warm skin on his hand, and saw a young woman looking at him, a wide grin across her face as she pulled him to his feet and dragged him to the dancefloor. He saw Mingi and Seonghwa pulled along too.

    He felt the music right in his soul, the world around him turning into something distant as the music filled his mind. He didn’t even need to think about the steps, having executed them numerous times during his months on the Aglaea. He hopped and spun, laughter leaving his lips. He heard the sounds of glasses clinking together, of people around singing along to the songs as he stomped on the ground. 

    Wooyoung loved dancing, he loved when time seemed to halt as music began to play. Dancing made him feel free, made him feel like he was truly alive. He felt euphoric.

    However, luck seemed to not be on his side lately, as a piercing scream suddenly cut through the tavern.


    A woman rushed down the steps from the tavern’s entrance to the lower floor where the crew was. Her long hair flowed in the air behind her, and her large eyes, identical to the Aglaea’s navigator’s ones, were wide as she frantically searched for a familiar face.


    Yunho stepped out, a confused look on his face.

    ‘’Uh, I was going to visit you later, sorry if---’’

    ‘’Oh I don’t care about that, you sappy child: you have to leave, now!’’

    Yunho blinked as his mother stepped in front of him and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the stairs while she ferociously motioned for the rest of the crew to follow along. Too confused to question the woman, the captain and rest of the crew members walked behind the mother-son duo.

    ‘’Mom, what’s going on? Why do I have to leave?’’

    ‘’Yes, ma’am, I would very much like an answer to that, too,’’ Hongjoong now spoke, back to his senses after the initial confusion. 

    Wooyoung nodded tightly: he and Yunho had planned on visiting Yunho’s mother just before they had to leave to not attract too much attention.

    ‘’That is the reason,’’ Yunho’s mother simply said and pointed at the direction the Aglea was docked at, and a collective gasp left the crew. Even from this distance, they could see there were far too many, and far too unfamiliar faces on their ship’s deck, and clashes of metal sounded across the water. Someone was attempting to take their ship.

    ‘’Wooyoung, Yunho. Go find San, now. The rest, time to go to teach those assholes who are attempting to take our property a motherfucking lesson,’’ Hongjoong growled.

    ‘’Aye, Captain!’’ Wooyoung and Yunho saluted and watched the backs of their crew members as they sprinted away.

    Yunho’s mother turned towards the two of them, her hand still holding Yunho’s in hers. She dropped it and opened her arms instead, and they both launched themselves into her embrace, wrapping arms around her shoulders, towering over her shorter form. She laughed and patted their backs soothingly.

    ‘’I’m sorry, Mom,’’ Yungo whispered.

    ‘’Pfft, nonsense, nothing for you to feel sorry about, darling. Come visit me another time. And be careful. Both of you,’’ she murmured, tightening her arms around them.

    They nodded and released the woman, who then pointed into another direction.

    ‘’I think your friend went there. One of our girls tried to get him to come with her, but he had seemed rather busy.’’

    The location Yunho’s mother pointed at was Solon’s shop. Solon was a retired merchant who had sailed across all the world’s seas, and was often consulted by sailors, pirate and the Imperial Navy alike, about sailing as well as the ocean’s mysteries. Wooyoung couldn’t understand what San would gain from visiting the eccentric old man.

    ‘’Thanks, mom! Wooyoung, let’s go.’’

                                                               ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    The racket coming from above woke Dite up. Just what in Ocean Mother’s name was going on with the humans this time, making so much noise in the middle of the night while others tried to sleep? Dite groaned, about to attempt to go back to sleep when an unfamiliar scent caught her nose.

    Eight days had now passed in total after she was thrown into the mouldy cell, and during that time, she had learned which were the scents that belonged to this particular ship and group of humans. Of course, she couldn’t still differentiate all the individuals, but she knew who belonged and who didn’t. And just now, she smelled a whole bunch of didn’t. And judging from the yells coming down from above, those unfamiliar scents had not arrived with friendly intentions.

    ‘’Just fucking great: simply amazing, I am so lucky,’’ she murmured sarcastically. If the humans with unfamiliar scents were so hostile towards the humans of the crew, how would they react to her?

    Suddenly Dite heard the sound of footsteps quickly coming down the stairs reading to the brig. She tensed, barely breathing as she waited for the door to burst open.

    Instead of a burst through, the door opened with a very quiet creak and a small head poked in. Dite recognized the face: it was the human child who she had almost attacked in her panicked state. He was shaking, and looked between whatever was behind him and her. Ultimately, he seemed to decide Dite was the better choice and slipped into the brig.

    Dite relaxed slightly. A child was of no harm to her, even in her two-legged state. Besides, she did feel just a tiny pang of guilt thinking about how she had nearly attacked an innocent child, human or not. 

    ‘’Tell me, human child,’’ she whispered: somehow the mood was not the one for loudly spoken words. ‘’What is going on there?’’

    The child looked at her nervously, but then with a surprising courage, approached her and stood right in front of her cell and gripped the bars tightly.

    ‘’Please, Miss Siren,’’ he began with a trembling voice, ‘’please do that singing thing of yours. The gunner has already been offed, and I’m scared Mister Kang and Mister Choi and the rest of the ship duty won’t be able to keep those fiends off for much longer!’’

    Dite raised her brow. The child wanted her to use her song to get rid of the unfamiliar humans? The idea frustrated and tempted her at the same time. It didn’t matter, though: she could only use her song in her full siren form, and even though she was slowly recovering, she was still far too weak to transform. 

    Another set of footsteps, this time loud and heavy, then sounded at the stairs. The human child started to tremble, casting a terrified look towards the doorway and then back towards Dite.

    ‘’Please, Miss, I’m begging you, I--I’ll even secretly let you free if you help,’’ he cried.

    ‘’Child, if I could currently use my song, don’t you think I would’ve left the moment those bastards decided to dump me into this musty room?’’

    Pure horror seemed to take over the child’s features as realization sunk into him. Then, Dite noticed the keys dangling from his pocket. She listened to the footsteps: it only sounded like one person. Perhaps, if she only had an element of surprise, she could take on one human, even in this form.

    ‘’Listen carefully to me now, human child. If you value your life, you’re going to have to trust me.’’

    author’s note: aaand chapter four is here! tbh nothing much happens in this one, but i wanted to introduce some of the characters as well as start building relationships between them before we delve into action!

    this is probably going to be the last update for a next few weeks because my break’s about to be over and my studies are looming just around the corner T___T

    #ateez pirate au #ateez imagines #ateez x reader #ateez story#ateez fic #jung wooyoung x reader #jung yunho x reader #choi jongho x reader #choi san x reader #kim hongjoong x reader #park seonghwa x reader #song mingi x reader #kang yeosang x reader #siren au#fic:hoths
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    — rock, pandemia, eu e você. ♡

    🖇️ capa para doação

    📆 23/10/21

    🗝️ caso se inspire, de os créditos!

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    perfidy (teaser)

    Pairing - Choi San x Reader

    Genre - Mafia AU

    A/N: Not in the mood to write today so I'm posting a teaser. If you would like to be tagged then send me an ask!

    “Why did you want to become a lawyer in the first place?” San asked curiously one morning while you reviewed for your Criminal Law class. In the time he had known you, you didn’t seem particularly passionate about defending people and their rights as you were about being paid to argue with people, so it made sense that he was curious.

    He watched you work your ass off in your classes, always to pass with flying colours but you never seemed to take pride in it. San wouldn’t have thought differently of you if you said that you were only doing this because you just found it interesting or were in it for the money. Not every career needed to have some deep and philosophical meaning in life.

    “To find a way I could get emancipated while keeping my inheritance.” You replied nonchalantly, shoving cereal into your mouth.

    Before he could help it, San burst into laughter and you didn’t even pay any mind, though a small smile did spread on your face at the sound. You continued to eat your breakfast, going over the notes you had taken last class.

    “That’s a funny joke.”

    You paused, raising your head from your notebook to watch him with a perplexed frown.


    #ateez fluff#ateez #ateez x reader #ateez x you #ateez smut#ateez fanfic #ateez mafia au #kpop mafia au #kpop imagines #choi san x reader #choi san #choi san imagines #choi san fic #choi san oneshot #san x reader #san imagines #ateez san x reader #ateez san #ateez san fluff
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