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    in which the boys cheer ivy up in the best way possible.

    warnings: crying, cyber bullying

    summary: after a long… year, and rude comments ivy finally breaks. and the boys know just the way to cheer her up

    genre: slight angst, fluff

    a/n: not proof read :/ i finished this at 3:30 am yall ㅠㅠ

    2019 has been quite the year, and while it was a pretty successful year. success usually came with stress. after wave won, the group wanted to do everything to keep up the the publicity.

    three comebacks, five music videos, two dance performances, and an extra ep on top of it. and of course mama and planning for a new comeback.

    they were busy, there’s no lying. and frankly, ivy hasn’t felt this stressed since her time at jyp or produce. which is saying a lot considering she’s the only female in a 9 member group.

    but finally, they were home for a while. they get to rest. no promotions, no recording, no filming. just relaxation.

    ivy decided she would look on twitter, seeing what the fans were up to. recently she hasn’t been able to catch up on what fans say so it’s nice to have time to do that now.

    “ivy, what’re you doin?” mingi asked when he walked into their room.

    “lookin’ at twitter. why?” she mumbled from the top bunk

    mingi pat her head and covered her up as best as he could “you should rest, it’s been hard for you lately. and i know you’re tired you stayed up watching jongho play video games until three in the morning” he chuckled

    “i’m fine” she shook her head

    “okay… i’m going to get some snack”

    “buy me pickles”

    “yes dear” she chuckled and left the room

    the girl smiled and continued scrolling through her secret account. liking funny posts about her and the other members. but of course, she always scrolls too far

    rude comments were always normal, especially for her. but the boys, her friends, her family even does everything they can to prevent her from seeing. but she knows they’re there. she knows what people think about her. she doesn’t need twitter to see that.

    but even though she knows what people think, it’s always been hard for her to physically see it typed out under an ‘unpopular kpop opinions’ tweet. and no so surprisingly, there were a lot of thing said about her.

    ‘ateez’s only weakness is ivy; she struggles to keep up and her voice doesn’t match most tittle tracks’ 57% agree

    ‘ivy from ateez would be better as a soloist’ 79% agree

    ‘ivy should’ve stayed under jyp’ 45% agree

    ‘i cant stand ivy of ateez, she seems like a pick me’ 32% agree

    and her least favorite

    ‘ivy from ateez definitely had to do SOMETHING to be able to debut with 8 boys’ 49% agree

    why are people so rude? what did she ever do to these people?

    she’s constantly called a whore, a ‘pick me’, untalented, or told that she’s better off somewhere else. why is it so hard for people to just except that she IS and ateez member. gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to talent.

    but of course, everything is always separated. girl groups, boy groups. there’s the fastest man in the world. and the fastest woman in the world. it’s almost as if people hate seeing men and women going hand in hand. and working together. almost like men don’t want women out showing them in any way.

    ivy found herself in a hole of rude comments and the back handed compliments like ‘yeah she’s good for being the only girl’ or ‘she has talent, she just doesn’t fit with ateez’. comment after comment, and they started getting to her.

    ivy hated crying, but she hated being stressed and talked about badly. and sometimes she breaks. so she’s crying.

    like. sobbing, crying.

    “ivy?” jongho calls out as he knocks on the door to their room

    the girl quickly tries to wipe her tears and faces the wall before jongho gets the chance to walk in.

    “you alright?” the older asked

    “mhm” she mumbled, sniffling slightly

    “what’s wrong?” he asks again

    “n-nothing jjong” she said through her rough voice

    jongho sighs and decides not to push any further. he grabs what he needed from his bunk and left. still crying, she kept reading tweets. seeing what ways she could perfect her work. maybe loose more weight, work out more. possibly work more on her dancing and vocals. after a while she eventually fell asleep, tired from the excessive crying.

    jongho told the boys that he heard soft sobs before walking into the room, and that ivy didn’t seem to be well. seonghwa and yunho told them it’d be best to let her cry it out before talking to her, knowing that most of the time ivy doesn’t want to talk about it. she’d rather cry then cuddle.

    when mingi got home with snacks for everyone, he was updated on the events. so he grabbed the youngest members snack and drink before going to the bedroom once again. looked at the top bunk of his and ivy’s bunk, seeing the younger sound asleep now facing away from the wall. her hair was messy as usual but her cheeks were stained with pink-ish tears streaks. her nose seemed to have a similar pink shade, and her face was more puffy than usual.

    “jiji” he whispered and moved the hair away from her face. “i got snacks precious”

    mingi smiled sadly as her eyes fluttered open and her natural pout stayed on display. “hm?” she hummed

    “snack, i got you a cherry pepsi too” he placed the bag of snack and the pepsi bottle on the bed

    “thanks” she whispered in a sleepy voice while sitting up

    “your welcome. are you alright? the others said you seemed upset earlier”

    “i’m fine” she simply said and opened her bag of hot cheetos. she held one out in front of mingi’s lip. the older giggled and took the chip in his mouth.

    “i know you don’t like talking about things, but we’re always here if you want to”

    “i know” she nodded

    “your pickles are in the fridge”

    mingi nodded back before rubbing her hand and walking out of the room.

    ivy decided to get out of bed and stretch a little. she grabbed candy wrappers from her snickers bar that mingi has also got her and went out to throw them away.

    “hi lovely” san smiled and pat her hair

    “hi sannie” she responded softly before throwing her wrappers away.

    it’s hard when her day gets ruined by people on the internet. her whole mood changes, which ultimately ruins everyone’s mood. she hates that. she hates that they’re all practically linked together. they feel each other emotions.

    “ivy, do you wanna talk?” san ask and hugged her smaller frame

    “i’m okay” she whispered

    “you don’t seem okay though” wooyoung said, neither of them noticed that he had walked in at any point.

    “i’m fine” she insisted, she didn’t want to worry them. she knows they know she’s sad, but if they knew why it’d be heartbreaking.

    “talk to us jisoo” san rubbed her back

    “i don’t want to! can you drop it?” ivy broke, she didn’t mean to go off on them and yell. she’s ashamed of that. but when she doesn’t want to talk, that’s that.

    she ran out of the kitchen and went straight to her shared bedroom again. she shut the door, climbed up to her bunk, and covered herself with her favorite blanket that yeosang gave her for christmas last year.

    yunho walked in the kitchen aft ivy stormed past him, and after he heard her yell. “what’d you two do?”

    “we just want her to talk to us” wooyoung defended

    “she doesn’t want to talk guys. you’ve known ivy long enough to know she’s not one to talk about her emotions and stuff. you just have to comfort her” yunho stated, slightly pissed off that the two upset her even more.

    “what’s going on?” hongjoong asked as he walked into the kitchen, he looks like he just woke up from a nap

    “ivy won’t talk to us. and we don’t know what’s wrong” san said

    “you don’t have to know what’s wrong to be there for her” hongjoong shook his head and sighed. “go apologize, distract her or something. i’ll go get seonghwa”

    “why?” wooyoung asked

    “gonna buy her a fucking plushie” the older sighed

    the other three laughed, even though hongjoong secretly loves buying ivy things, and he loves her love for plushies. he always acts like he hates her getting them. mainly because they take up their dorm. but that’s besides the point.

    wooyoung and san went to apologize to the young girl.

    “it’s okay, i’m just tired” she sniffled and let wooyoung continue rubbing her head. “i don’t like worrying you guys” she said

    “you shouldn’t always worry about us you know?” wooyoung reassured, but the first only stayed silent. he sighed and climbed up the ladder of her bunk “let’s watch a movie”

    “what about san?” ivy chuckled, there wasn’t enough room for the older due to it being a twin and her excessive amount of pillows and stuffed animals.

    “i’ll be fine, i promised yunho i’d play video games with him and yeosang” san smiled as he checked his phone seeing the older’s texts. he left the two to cuddle up and watch their movies.

    wooyoung smiled and grabbed ivy’s laptop and typed in their password for disney plus once he reached the website. “lion king?” he asked

    the girl nodded and laid her head on his shoulder. within twenty minutes of the movie, there was a knock.

    “yes?” she called out

    “come out here” hongjoong poked his head into the room with a smile

    she looked at wooyoung who just shrugged and got off the bunk. they walked into the living area and saw a new stuffed animal on the couch.

    “surprise” hongjoong sighed

    ivy chuckled and hugged him before walking over and grabbing the new dinosaur stuffy.

    “thank you guys” she smiled and looked at the toy

    mingi smiled and hugged her first, which lead to a group hug. until wooyoung complained that someone was touching his butt.

    so maybe they don’t know what exactly what was wrong that day. but they don’t need to, because they made their youngest happy without needing details. and that’s the best gift ivy could ask for.

    and the dino plush.

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    ♡Dating Sanhwa♡

    Tagging: @rosegaming117 @snailosaur @wooyoungqueen @wooyoungs @queenofgames
    Genres: fluff, comfort, soft, poly relationship, idol au, bl, (y/n), x reader, head Cannons,
    Pairing: San x Seonghwa x Reader
    Warnings: this the first fanfic i have EVER written so you have my permission not to dance but to cringe in the comments  

    Cuddles 24/7

    Literally first thing they wanna do with you when they get back from tour/anywhere is cuddle

    And every time you guys cuddle san just buries you and seonghwa in plushies and blankets

    Then you guys get as comfortable as possible cuz there really tired™.

    They just absolutely love it when you wear their clothes

    Like seonghwa would just blush and look at you in awe cuz he thinks you look so cute

    And san would have stars in his eyes and shower you with complements and kisses.

    Seonghwa cooks for you two because he knows you and san love it whenever he cooks

    And taking care of the ones he loves makes him feel happy.

    but would beat you and san if you didn't clean up after yourselves

    You just absolutely fall in love with san and seonghwa all over again when you see both of them loving one another

    you feel so soft whenever you see them cuddling or kissing each other

    When the guys told the rest of ateez about your relationship they where surprised but supportive of you and them

    Surprised because they thought you guys where just really good friends (lol) cause you three where always together.

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    We didn't win in the pre-voting for The Show in Starpass BUT WE CAN STILL WIN Live Voting

    Please prepare 500 jellies on Starpass on all accounts. We need it for TOMORROW (Sept. 27; 6PM KST)

    Let's win this for ATEEZ!

    #ateez #ateez kim hongjoong #ateez park seonghwa #ateez jeong yunho #ateez kang yeosang #ateez san #ateez song mingi #ateez jung wooyoung #ateez choi jongho #ateez edits#ateez gifs#ateez fluff#ateez angst#ateez smut#ateez updates
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    part three: death by croissant

    A S S I G N M E N T

    pairing: assassin!jungkook x student!reader

    -> his assignment: gather intel on your family and tie up any loose ends. Jungkook had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

    A/n: welcome jungkook to the group chat! He is normal and ordinary and definitely not up to anything nefarious!

    previous < masterlist > next

    #bts fake social media #bts fake tweets #bts fake texts #bts fake chat #bts text #bts text au #bts social media au #bts social au #tomorrow x together #txt#ateez#twice #jungkook x y/n #jungkook x reader #jungkook x you #jungkook fluff #bts x reader #bts x y/n #bts x you #bts jungkook#bts smau#bts fanfiction#bts au#soobin#yeonjun#wooyoung#chaeyoung#bts crack#bts fluff
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    Kim Hongjoong

    Park Seonghwa

    Jeong Yunho

    Kang Yeosang 

    Choi San

    Song Mingi

    Jung Wooyoung

    Choi Jongho

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    26.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    “𝘚𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵.”

    Choi San💖

    He was there. I could feel it. He came out only when I couldn’t suppress my anger anymore. He helped me cope with the sadness mixed with the anger I felt when I couldn’t stand up for people and situations that deserved justice. Where someone was getting judged way too hard, or someone was getting treated rather poorly, I just stood there, filling the pitcher of my patience slowly.

    I realised that he appeared twice. Once, when it was half full, because he made the bully disappear. It felt like a warning-the grim smirk plastered on his glorious face, eyebrow raised when he saw me gawking at him. 𝘏𝘰𝘸 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘰𝘥?

    The next time was when the pitcher overflowed, because I couldn’t stop crying or yelling at myself, degradation slowly seeping through the crevices of my broken self esteem. He appeared in his full grace-horns glowing, dark red and black wings slowly fluttering like a simple gust of wind blowing on a stormy night, that characteristic smirk etched on his face, like he never happened to smile in his whole lifetime.

    He changed me. He gave me the self esteem I desired. But what I didn’t know that I unknowingly made a deal with Satan himself, who was slowly feeding off on all my emotions, and was going to leave me hollow from within. Like a parasite, but to whom the cure wasn’t known.

    The pitcher was empty, but it was slowly filling. I didn’t want him to come back, so I tried to change myself. I wanted to stand up for myself. But I realised that Satan wasn’t really bad. He was a better friend than God himself, because he talked to me. Although he gave me some really gruesome suggestions, he was an absolute sweetheart. We made a deal of our own-he wouldn’t drain me of my emotions, and he would come out when I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

    But the time I came home tear stained because I got stood up was an exception. Because not did he come back all angry, but also brought me a tub of mint chocolate ice cream and watched a movie. That was a surprise because he looked so calm, and for the first time, he smiled.He wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, such that his body warmth made me feel all mushy and warm.

    At that time, I realised that he wasn’t really bad as people ade him look like. But the complete opposite.

    𝘚𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵.

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  • leaderienugie
    26.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Migraine: Part 9 - [2/2]

    ∙↬ Pairing: CEO!Seonghwa x Doctor!Reader

    ∙↬ Genre: Smut, Fluff

    ∙↬ AU Selected: Arranged Marriage

    ∙↬ Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 ||

    Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 - [1/2] ||

    Part 9 - [2/2]

     ∙↬ Warnings: dom!Seonghwa, sub!Reader, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex, oral sex (f receiving), nipple play, finger sucking, making out, praise, impregnation kink, blindfold, edging, slight of choking, etc.

    Word Count: 4.4K+ Words.

    Summary: Seonghwa and you trying for a baby.

    Author’s Note: We’re getting very veeeeery close to the end of Migraine, wah, what a work. Hope you enjoy this one, sure you guys would, right? Ehe... 

    Taglists: @treasure-hwa​​ @lmhmh01​​ @mirror-juliet​​ @cipheress-to-k-pop​​

    "Would you like to try for a baby?" Seonghwa blinks a couple of times.

    "You.. Are you serious? W-we could wait until you're ready- Umm... I don't want to force you!" He raked his fingers through his hair in response.

    "Park Seonghwa, I'm serious." You smiled and his face lighten.

    You thought he was about to hug you when he leans down but then he suddenly swept you off your feet and into his arms. He lifts you in bridal style, making you yelped. You immediately swung your arms around his neck, hugging him close. He let out a chuckle and effortlessly carries you to his bedroom. He carefully lays you down on his bed and hovers above you, your lips collide with him in a tender kiss. His lips then moved onto your ears, nibbling and sucking on your ear lobes before whispering tender words to you.

    "I love you.. Thank you for wanting to be a parent with me." Your face flushed as his words rang out in your head.

    You softly tugging on his hair, watching a pair of beautiful brown eyes glaze your skin as he begins to unzipped your gown, gently pull them and your bra off of your frame. Your body was getting hot and you found yourself arching upward, yearning to get close to Seonghwa and to feel him. It was already overwhelming but you knew it was just the beginning. He made it clear as he moved down to your ears and down onto your neck, ticking you as his tongue trailed across it, priming it. He started slowly, letting his teeth glide on your dampened skin, before he took a bite, finishing off by sucking on the tender flesh, eliciting a gasp from you.

    He continued his task, trailing little kisses in between as his right hand stroked your sides, squeeze on your thighs, and gave it a good smack before going back to your hips and once again focusing on your lips. He kissed you hungrily and you can feel his body temperature had risen significantly high as well. His hand urgently sliding upwards, grabbing your breast, and massaging it in circles. You felt your nipples stiffen at his contact and you knew it felt it too, the way his eyes narrowed at you with a knowing look, before simultaneous nipping at your neck and squeezing on the peaked tips. Reflexively you rubbed your legs together to ease a dull ache in your lower region.

    Seonghwa sees what you were doing, he parted your legs and pulled you close to him, and started grinding on you feverishly, hand still working its magic on your chest. The friction between you felt so good, you started grinding back getting even more excited, feeling him rigid against you. You were so into the motion you didn't even notice that he had stopped massaging your breasts and gone under your pants and into your panties until his finger just slightly made contact with your clit.

    "Fuck-" You gasped out loud.

    "You're wet.." Seonghwa responded huskily, showing you his fingers dripping with your juices before he licked them and then takes them into his mouth, allowing you to slowly see them go in and out and finishing with a loud slurping sound.

    "You taste so good.."

    You felt your face go a dark shade of scarlet. You were speechless and consumed by the need for him. He kisses you again as his hands go down to your panties. He then expertly peeled off your panties and discarded them to the floor below. His cock pressed against your leg, still covered by the fabric of his black slacks. He scooted back a bit and his hands push your legs apart roughly and his mouth goes straight to your core.

    "Fuck, Seonghwa!" You shout as he runs his tongue over your clit.

    You grab his hair and pull him more firmly against you. He eats like a starving man, licking, sucking, tongue fucking, and occasionally nipping at you. You are dripping within minutes and he slips two fingers in causing your back to arch. Seonghwa growls against you as he licks over your clit while fucking in and out of you with his fingers curled. The coil in you tightens as each sensation overwhelms your senses. You pull your knees up, spreading yourself wider for him. Seonghwa's warm hand squeezes your thighs as he laves over your clit.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna-" Your entire body jerks as the coil in you snaps and your orgasm washes over you.

    The only coherent thoughts in your mind were curses as you came down from a blinding orgasm, panting hard as you lay limp and naked on the bed. Seonghwa's fingers were truly magic, never failing to leave you a stuttering mess. When you dared to open your eyes for a moment you weren't sure whether to regret this decision or not. You lifted your head once your mind became clear, only to see your still fully clothed husband, popping up from between your legs a bit and shooting you a grin that gave him an expression that looked satisfied and teasing all the same.

    A light whimper left your mouth at the thought of more stimulation. He had already given you an orgasm with his fingers alone, and your clit began to swollen and became sensitive, throbbing from the abuse of his thumb. Seonghwa sits up on the bed and casually taking off the black cloth belt. He then leaned down while staring down at you.

    "I want to try something." He announced as you were panting. "Y-yeah..?"

    "I want to use this as a blindfold." He lowered it to run it slowly through his fingers. "Let's play a bit, yeah?"

    "Okay.." You breathed without hesitation.

    Seonghwa dragged the silky fabric on your skin, from your thighs to your core and stomach. It was cool on your skin as he slipped it over your eyes, tying it securely behind your head as he leaned in to whisper in your ear. His breath was hot, his chest firm as it pressed flush against yours.

    "Do you want to see butterflies?" You gulped, knowing the meaning behind it. "Y-yes, please.." You breathed out.

    Feather-light touches danced across your skin, your breath hitched in the back of your throat, a shiver of anticipation prickled your skin, as a hand cupped your breast, a thumb circling your perked nipple. Your back arched and you pushed yourself further into the hand teasing you, desperately seeking more friction. Seonghwa's chuckle vibrated through you, your senses heightened as the blindfold rested across your eyes. You licked your lips, a soft whimper escaped as his hand drew back, leaving a growing ache deep inside you.

    His lips brushing your ear softly before he moved to capture your mouth with his. His taste was sweet, creamy, and rich, a combination you couldn't quite decipher but left you hungry for more. You couldn't see him, but you could hear the pounding of his heart, could feel the heat of his skin next to yours, and could smell the combination that was uniquely Seonghwa. You licked your lips again, savoring the taste of him on your tongue. He kissed you again but it's more demanding, more fire and heat, his tongue teasing yours, a dance you know he will win because his skills with his mouth were a cardinal sin and made you weak at the knees.

    "Do you trust me?" He whispered against your neck, his hot breath causing a tingle down your spine and you nodded.

    "Use your words, my precious," He said firmly. "Do you trust me?"

    "I trust you," You whispered.

    "Any time you want me to stop, tell me. You feel uncomfortable with anything I do, tell me, and I'll wait."

    You swallowed slowly, nodding at his reassurance. His fingers skimmed your skin. He followed the shape of your body, moving lower and lower until he reached between your legs. He drew a slow outline across your slit before applying more pressure. You bit your bottom lip, wiggling against his hand, desperately searching for more stimulation. Seonghwa complied, his palm moved up, and two of his fingers slipped between your folds, entering you, fingers curling ever so slightly, as his thumb started circling your clit.

    You gasped, raising your hips so he could penetrate you deeper, trying and failing to match his rhythm as your hands gripping the sheet underneath. Just then, he slipped in his third finger, making you jolted slightly. His fingers were slick with your juices as he circled inward, sliding them in and out, brushing across your most sensitive spot. He knew which of your buttons to push, which would send a ripple of pleasure through you that would have you mewling as he worked his fingers in and out of you.

    Your heart thudded against your chest as you panted, muscles coiling tightly together as though they were waiting to spring forth. Just as you felt the orgasm coming up fast, a cry started to escape your lips and Seonghwa withdrew his hand. Leaving you tethering on the edge, hips bucking desperately searching for the elusive friction that would give you your release.

    "Why.. Why did you do that?" You swallowed hard, earning a naughty grin from Seonghwa.

    "Well, I did say I wanted to play a bit, so just endure it, baby." "B-but, please!" You pleaded, wiggling in frustration.

    "Patience." He demands, giving you a good slap on your clit.

    Seonghwa continues to tease against your skin before dipping his mouth to trail kisses down your neck, across your collar bone, and further down until his tongue rolled over your perked nipple. He spent his time teasing them, sucking and licking, moving from one to the other, ensuring neither went without attention for long. Teeth gently grazed each peak drawing a sharp hiss between your teeth, the sensations bubbling through you as though you had were set to simmer, and then there was something else, something cold that left a stinging prickling trail across your breasts before he soothed with his hot mouth. Seonghwa rolled out his wedding ring and drag it across your right nipple and let it rest there.

    He took a mouthful of your other breast into his hot mouth, the combination of hot and cold had you arching your back upwards, pushing yourself further into his grasp. He'd twirl the ring around your nipple, giggling as it began to hardened. He teased, and taunted, sucked, and nibbled until you couldn't tell the difference between pain and pleasure only that combined they had your toes curling and heat pooling between your legs and your pulse quickening. With the blindfold, everything felt so much more intense, so much more that you couldn't put it into words.

    You quivered, moaning his name, "Seonghwa."

    You could hear him move, feel the bed shift by you with his weight, each sound, each movement caused your muscles to clench and unclench the tension building. Without you knowing, Seonghwa has removed every piece of his clothing and hopped on the bed, putting his wedding ring back on his finger. He has lowered his head between your legs again. His cheeks pressing against your bare thighs. He kissed his way up one thigh, moving closer to your core before blowing gently onto your pussy.

    The pressure was a perfect combination switching from soft, and then firm, then soft again, Seonghwa's mouth worked your tender folds to your needy nub. He licked, and he sucked, taking away your breath as he brought you to the edge again and again. Every time you felt your muscles clenching and your body tremor he pulled back, kissing your inner thigh once again letting the build-up fall back to simmering rather than the boiling point, before starting all over again. The pressure was building as every part of you cried out for that unreachable release.

    "Seonghwa, please.." "Please what?" "Let me come.. Like last time.."

    You whimper, biting down on your bottom lip hard as your whole body writhes against the bed, seeking more, chasing for more friction, as his tongue licks in circular motions across your clit.

    "I like it.. Love the way you beg.."

    He groaned against your pussy, his breath making your body clench and thrum, but just as you reach that boiling peak, he pulls back once again, kissing his way up your body until he can capture your mouth with his. You can taste yourself on his tongue, and a groan escapes your lips as you melted back into the bed. Seonghwa was determined, determined to bring you to the edge again and again.

    "Okay, I'll let you come but first, open your legs a little more." He said against your mouth, teeth nipping at your bottom lip.

    You complied, stretching your legs a little wider. You felt the bed shift as Seonghwa moved, you could feel him pushing his bare knee between your legs until you could feel it pressing against your pussy. You moaned softly, wriggling your bottom lower until you could press yourself hard against his knee, the friction sending shivers up your spine. Seonghwa smiled against your lips, you could feel the movement before capturing yours with his once again, tongue teasing yours.

    You rolled your hips, letting your pussy push against his knee. He let you as he nibbled at your neck, let you shift and rub against him, panting as you built yourself closer and closer, thighs squeezing his knee, bringing yourself so desperately close, just a little further, a bit more pressure and you would come. You claw at his back, digging your nails into his muscles, grip him tightly as you were about to come. Your muscles tightened, and the pressure was building and building, your whole body trembling as you drew closer and closer, and then Seonghwa shifted, pulling his knee away, leaving you a panting mess as a desperate plea escaped your throat.

    "Y-you lied!" You cried out. "I was close.."

    He presses his forehead to yours, nose softly nuzzling yours, before he gently unties the blindfold, letting it slip away. You blink as your eyes adjust to the light, meeting Seonghwa's gaze with your own, taking in the deep stares that were full of so many emotions. Silent promises between the two of you that none but you would be able to understand. You watch as the corner of his lips turns up into a smile.

    "I'm sorry, I'll give you what you want. Now, tell me, what you need?"

    You lifted your head a bit and your eyes widening as you saw his cock standing proudly, leaking with precum. He followed your gaze and chuckles darkly. You released a pleased sigh as you felt his erection against your slick inner flesh, pressing against you. He shifted the angle of his hips and ground slowly against you, and you gasped as his length rubbed against your already swollen, sensitive clit.

    You moaned, looking up at him. You loosely wrapped your legs around him so he could still move freely, your hands resting open on the pillow near your head. It felt wonderful that he kept rubbing himself against you, and you kept your gaze locked to his, letting yourself moan and gasp and sob at each successive wave of arousal and desire. He didn't penetrate you yet, he just kept stimulating until you were rocking under him, your sex slick are tender and pulsing with need.

    "Come inside me," You moaned. "Please..."

    "Yes, beautiful," He whispered.

    He gripped his length and pumped slowly for a second. You could feel him between your legs, and a whimper escaped your lips, as he leaned over your body. Positioning the tip of his length at your opening, he slowly pushed the velvet head of his cock between your folds until he was completely sheathed in your heat. He holds himself there, he gives a quick peck against your lips. You then arch into his touch, before he lifts one of your legs, letting you hook it around his waist tightly as he gives a quick thrust into you, making you inhaled sharply. Seonghwa looked fondly at you, the ghost of a smile lingering on his lips.

    "I'll be a bit rougher, okay?" He caressed your cheek and you nodded hastily.

    Seonghwa's chiseled body hovered from above, dropped eyes drooped even more and the brown of his irises lit up but instead of anger, they were lit up with passion, lust, and an intense focus as he watched you writhe underneath him with each quick snap of his hips against yours at a rough pace that left the bed creaking.

    The near teasing grunt of his voice is the complete opposite of the hands at your waist gently caressing your body wherever he can reach. The curves and dips of your hips, warm thighs, smooth stomach, and the sides of your ribcage until finally, he reached the underside of your breast. Perfectly teardrop-shaped sacks of flesh that fit the palm of his hands perfectly once he began to knead them. Using the shock factor of rolling your sensitive nipple between his thumb and pointer finger to force more of his thick cock into your tight walls until he was nearly at the hilt, a moan rumbling through both of your bodies as he pressed his chest against yours.

    In one swift movement, your right leg was hooked over his shoulder and his lips were on yours to bring your attention away from the burning sensation of your leg being bent and stretched in such an uncomfortable position. Tongue colliding with yours desperate to get a taste of you, remnants of your orgasm that took place on his tongue earlier still leaving a sweet trail on his tongue.

    He pulls away only to watch your face contort into expressions of pleasure as he pushes himself into you until you've taken him all with a wince, grunts sounding from his lips with each clench of your walls around him.

    "You're mine, mine only."

    Despite the quick pace of his hips and roughness of the snaps against your thighs, that's sure to leave bruises tomorrow, his words are soft and genuine as he interlocks his fingers with yours as he nears his orgasm.

    "My precious wife.. I'll make sure to fuck you until you're nice and full and dripping with my cum down your thighs. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

    You didn't even have to respond because of the clenching of your walls and arousal pouring out of your pussy with each pounding his thick cock gave to you. Signaling that the two of you were nearing your orgasms fast, Seonghwa's words only edging you on more.

    "That's it, baby. Cum all over my cock like a good girl and I'll give you all of my babies."

    That was what it took to finally send you over the edge, back arching off the mattress of the bed and pushing your chest further against your husband's, warranting to wrap his arms around you as you reached your climax. Soon after you felt the familiarity of warm ropes of liquid shooting into you so deep that you swore you could feel it in your womb. Still, neither of you moved from your position even after you had come down from your orgasms. Relishing the feeling before the post-clarity guilt hit the two of you.

    "Let's do it again, round 2.." He spoke up in between pants after a while and you look at him in shock.

    "Need to keep you nice and stuffed to make sure my seeds stay inside of you. I'm going to make sure I put a baby in you tonight." He grinned, thrusting into you at a slow pace, a hand sneaking up to wrap around your throat.

    "Now, let's start again." He mutters, squeezing your throat lightly, and continues to ram into you.

    "I love the look on your face, it's a masterpiece."

    He squeezed your throat harshly, only for a second before he removed it and traced your lips with his index and middle finger. You opened your mouth, gratefully accepting them as he continued to thrust into you, slowing the pace opting instead to make every stroke hit deeper and deeper. You swirled your tongue around his fingers, keeping your watery eyes on him, how his black hair was matting together from sweat, hanging over his face so that you could see him perfectly.

    The way that he bit his lip as he stared at you, watching his eyes sweep over your body. Allowing your own eyes to wander downwards, and seeing the way that his cock disappeared into you, covered in a white coating that was most definitely from your creaming. Another whimper left your mouth as you felt your orgasm fastly approaching, with the view of your husband looking like a sex god, you could definitely feel the fifth orgasm threatening to come.

    Your eyes started to flutter shut as you desperately tried to hold it until he permitted you. Not wanting to release before him again. Seonghwa groaned at how you're tightening around him, feeling his own orgasm quickly approaching. You accidentally bite his fingers too hard that he groaned loudly, but smirks afterward, pressing his fingers flat on your tongue, keeping your mouth open.

    "My little sweetheart. All mine. Cum again, I know you want to."

    Quickening his pace, Seonghwa leaned down close to your ear, feeling your nails dragging down his back. With those last thrusts, your fifth orgasm hit you hard, you let out a weak moan on your lips as your eyes rolled, your back arching off the bed to press against his chest. Feeling your walls seizing around him, Seonghwa quickly thrusting deeper and deeper until he released his thick load into you.

    "That's my good girl." He chuckles, pulling his fingers out of your mouth.

    He then panted and slowly pulling out and stares at your tired figure below him. He wouldn't admit it but he felt a sense of pride seeing you covered in his marks and creamy cum leaking out of your pussy. He rubbed over your thigh with his previous fingers that were covered with your drool and quickly went to shove the oozing cum back into you. You whimper softly, too weak to stop him. He sighs in satisfaction, an excited smile playing on his face. He lied beside you and stays there for a while, waiting for you to say something.

    "Baby, you're okay?" He'd ask, laying on his side to look at you.

    You hummed and give a slight nod after he made you cum multiple times tonight. Seonghwa pushed a few strands of your hair to be able to get a good look at your face. You were still dazed, can't hear anything he's mumbling about. Without further ado, he sits up and went to the bathroom. He hummed happily while waiting for the water to warm, thinking about how he might've just potentially made you pregnant especially on the first try.

    After wringing out two rags to make sure they were damp, he walked back into the room, chuckling quietly to see you sleeping in the same position he had left you. After wiping all of the sweat off of you, he threw the rags into the hamper. Your chest rises and falls slowly, and he hopped on the bed, sitting next to you. He gently wakes you up, only to see you lazily open your eyes. He smiled, telling you to take a bath together before both of you went to bed. You turned away, as you were tired to do anything else. Seonghwa then started pouting but continue to shake you.

    "Come on, baby, get up. We at least need to shower before bed."

    "But I'm tired.." You whined back. "I'll do all the work again, just stay awake okay?"

    You slowly turned to Seonghwa and put both of your hands out. He then excitedly picked you up, bridal style, and made his way to the bathroom. You were curled up, your back against his chest as he held you, enveloped in the warmth and steam of the bath and the floral-smelling oils in the water. You let out a long exhale, pleased and content when he brought one of his hands up to play with your hair.

    "What happens if you're not pregnant..?" He'd whisper, one hand caressing your stomach.

    You smiled softly, tilting your head upwards. "Well, we can try again, right?"

    He giggled in response and plant a quick peck on your temple. "I love you so much."

    "I love you too, and.. can you sing for me?" You'd ask. "Of course." He smiled and began to sing.

    You melted further, relaxing and letting yourself leaning back. You closed your eyes and let him lull you into a half-awake state. Loving the way his deep, honey-like voice sounded in the bathroom. The way it reverberated and bounced off and seemed to fill the quiet room. Just before you knew, you've fallen asleep, making him smile widely as he proceeds to sing while hugging you close, rocking you side to side.

    After finished taking a bath together, Seonghwa dressed you in one of his own shirts on you. He has been imagining you in one of his clothes and finally, he could see you wear one. He then put on a sweater with sweatpants before helping to dry your hair and changes the sheets. He'd gently carry you to the bed once he confirm everything is done. Carefully laying you down before taking the empty and cozy spot next to you.

    He'd pull you closer to him so your head was resting on his chest. Seonghwa couldn't deny the fact that his heart fluttered at you cuddling closer to him. You whimper when he moved to pull the blanket over the two of you, and hearing the happy hum when he laid back beside you. He smiles happily as he strokes your head, another hand softly patting your bum.

    "Hopefully we'll be able to become parents," Seonghwa whispers.

    "Mhm.." You hummed and he kisses the top of your head.

    "Let's go to sleep, good night, precious." You smiled at the nickname and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck.

    "Night, honey."

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  • sorryimananti-romantic
    26.09.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Kang Yeosang x reader

    enemies to lover au

    word count: 9.4?k

    genre and warnings: angst, suggestive, violence

    synopsis: ateez au in which kang yeosang and you are sworn enemies belonging to rival gangs until you both are at the mercy of a common enemy and have to work together, discovering those strong feelings you had for each other might not be hate.

    Seconds. Minutes. Hours.

    Days. Months. Years?

    You had no idea how much time had passed, but you finally opened your eyes and saw light- the door to your cell opened and a tall figure stood with another figure which was now pushed roughly to the concrete floor, hands cuffed, a groan of pain escaping them.

    You squinted your eyes, the world a blur as you tried to make what you could see of their face- who was it this time?

    The figure finally got up on its knees and sighed, having sit back, their shoes brushing against your feet, and you wished it was day so the sunlight would have revealed the identity of the figure.

    "Are you... okay?" You managed to say, your throat parched. In this pitch dark, you couldn't make out anything, and you were glad, because you weren't sure the figure in front of you would like the sight of you-

    "You sound strangely familiar," the voice said- clearly a man, and very, very familiar to you too.

    In fact, you recognized him instantly.

    Kang Yeosang.

    But it couldn't be. What was Kang Yeosang, basically the right hand to his boss doing in your cell?

    But then, what were you, also your own boss' most trustworthy employee and his assassin doing in this cell?

    "I'm sure you don't know me," you scoffed internally at the irony of the situation. Kang Yeosang, your worst nightmare and enemy, now in front of you. You should take this chance and kill him, except you were tied to the post as well, and you were in no condition to move.

    "I'm sure I do, actually," you could hear the haughtiness in his voice which indicated that yes, he recognized your voice too. You suddenly regretted the pointless verbal arguments and fights you've had with him over the years which had left your voices printed in each other's memories- as well as habits, such as-

    "Fancy seeing you here."

    - how to make you angry instantly.

    But it went both ways.

    "Miss me too much, Yeosang?" You laughed sarcastically, "Can't spend three days without seeing me?"

    As a matter of fact, he was used to seeing you, and you him. You both worked for the top drug dealers- rivals though sometimes business partners. And nothing was dramatic about it save for the fact that you and Yeosang hadn't hit it off very well and had infamously become sworn enemies, both of you bent on driving the other to the edge.

    "How many days do you think have passed?" Yeosang asked, genuinely worried because you thought it had only been three days. And you dreaded answering because you weren't sure you would like what you had to hear.

    "Don't tell me," panic laced your voice, and in that moment, an understanding passed between you two- and both of you were glad the other couldn't see your face.

    "How did you even get here?" You asked, "I didn't think you could slip. Losing your touch already?"

    "Well, you wouldn't believe it," Yeosang's voice was low, "But it's a deal between our gangs gone wrong. I came to save you."

    "Ha," you scoffed loudly, "As if."

    "I'm not lying," Yeosang simply said, "You've been missing for 3 weeks now. We were working together after all, even though I hated the idea of it from the beginning. And when you got taken, your boss might have... lost it a bit."

    Though you did feel as if a bucket of water had been dumped on you because 3 weeks? but you had to scoff at the mention of your boss.

    "As if he cares."

    The bitterness with which you spat those words had Yeosang raising his brows. His own boss, Hongjoong, was like a friend to Yeosang, so he couldn't imagine why you were so bitter. Were you not close to your boss?

    "He does, I guess, because he chose me to get you. Though now that I'm here... I think it was a wrong decision. Maybe I should just get out of here alone..."

    "Did he really send you?" You had to ask, "I can't imagine why- oh."

    You had almost forgotten about it, and you loudly cursed as you realized just why your boss cared so much about getting you back-

    You had the key.

    The key to all his wealth that he had slipped in your hand when you both had found yourself at your enemy's den, the small key that you had hid in your shoe first, occasionally changing its spot according to the situation.

    "Oh?" Yeosang echoed, "Must be a big reason."

    "Oh you have no idea," you had to laugh, "You have no idea."

    Silence fell as you thought about the whole situation, finally breaking it as you said, "Think about it- my boss sent his rival's right hand- basically an enemy- to retrieve me. Now what value would a person like me have? Why did he not send one of his cronies?"

    "Ah," Yeosang said, "You either have or know something that's valuable to him, and he can't let you die right now."

    "Bingo," you said, "And now that I have the chance, I would die before letting him have it."

    Yeosang was shaken at your words- just what had you gone through these past three weeks? And what fate awaited him?

    "What's happened to you?"

    "Worry about yourself," you sighed, "you're gonna regret making a deal with my boss real soon."

    And regret he did, to some extent.

    He blamed himself for getting caught and being put in this tiny cell. As daylight poured and woke him up from his sleep, he looked at you and his heart sank dangerously at the sight of you-

    Your button up shirt was okay from the front, but tattered at the back, hanging only from the sleeves, covering your front- but your back had to be bare and he couldn't see it. Your hair was matted to your face and neck and fell down messily, and your face-

    So pale. Void of colour. Your cheekbones were protruding rather sharply, and Yeosang had to commend you because you were still hanging on to life even though you looked as good as dead.

    You were one stubborn soul, after all.

    "Like what you see?" A voice boomed and Yeosang's head whipped to the source- one of the men who had caught him watching you from the window.

    Yeosang didn't dare reply as he unlocked the door and arrived with a tray of food- rather good treatment seeing the food consisted of rice and chicken and put it in front of Yeosang, injecting a drug in him- the same drug they had used to catch both him and you- rendering him weak enough to not fight back but not weak enough to not eat his own food.

    "Eat," he ordered, "Boss has asked for special treatment for you- maybe your boss is good to you, after all. He's trying to strike a deal to get you out unharmed. As for her-"

    The man looked at you and you grinned at him, infuriating him (because why not?) and he went out for a moment, coming with a bowl of soup only, pushing it on your lips and forcing you to drink, drops of it dripping down and your tongue burned because it was too hot but you couldn't retort- you had to eat whatever they gave or else you'd starve.

    But Yeosang there had lost his appetite at the sight of this- why wasn't your boss trying anything to get you out, he wondered? Especially when you supposedly had something he wanted? Was he scared the enemy would figure out? Or was he just a coward, hoping you'd die with the item in question?

    Why were these people keeping you alive then?

    Just what had you caught yourself into?

    Yeosang took a chicken leg and hid it behind him, his hands shaking from the effects of the drugs, eating the rest as the man watched him the whole time, saying he'd be back in an hour so they could go to relieve themselves.

    As the man shut the cell and went away, Yeosang waited for a good five minutes before calling your name and grabbing your attention.

    "Just what have you caught yourself into?"

    "Forget that," you said, your eyes bright as you worked out a plan, "Can you get me out of here? Or will you go alone?"

    "Of course I will get you out," Yeosang said, and you raised your brow at the quick response- it didn't sound right coming from his mouth, since you two, in normal circumstances, would have done anything to get the other in trouble. And Yeosang understood, rolling his eyes, "They're basically torturing you here. And even though we're... enemies, as everyone likes to call us... I wouldn't wish this sort of a treatment on anyone."

    "Not even me?" You smiled.

    "Not even you."

    You were impressed- he had principles, after all.

    "Okay, here's the plan. When that scumbag comes back and takes us, you need to somehow get close to the man and take one of his hairpins out- keep it hidden. Don't reveal it until we're back and I say so- you'll be tied and so will I, but you need to give me the pin before you get out, Yeosang, you hear me? From the looks of it, your boss is gonna get you out by tomorrow night. Can you do this for me?"

    Yeosang nodded, figuring he could do that for you, but still surprised at how you believed you were doomed if not for him.

    And he really couldn't stand how tired you looked- as if you had given up altogether. Your hands tied up made it difficult for you to sit in a position other than being on your knees- and it was brutal. And about your back-

    He had a glimpse, and he wasn't sure he wanted to see what damage they had done.

    So one hour later when the man came and drugged the two again, waiting for a minute before uncuffing the two and dragging you both rather easily to the toilet, Yeosang went in first. When he came out and you tried going in, Yeosang purposely bumped into the man, rather swiftly turning and apologizing to nobody in general, the man groaning in warning.

    Tied back at their usual spots, you looked at him, worry lacing your eyes. "Tell me you did it."

    Yeosang stuck out his tongue and you laughed in disbelief- he had done it, the hairpin right in the middle of his tongue, of all the goddamn places. "I can't uncuff myself, or you," Yeosang said, his hands tied behind him, "But you... you can."

    "I can," you admitted, "after the effects of the drug wears off."

    "And you know I'll get out on my own, but will you... uncuff me too?"

    "Well," you sighed, "We may have a problem- I can't exactly fight on my own anymore. I may have a broken something and my back hurts like hell. You're pretty fresh, so if you're up for it..."

    "And what do I get out of it?" Yeosang smirked, and you rolled your eyes because this wasn't the time to get playful.

    "What do you want?"

    "What do I want... interesting."

    "Yeosang, we don't have all day, and if you come up with something disgustingly evil I'll personally end you after we get out of here."

    "Nothing... for now," Yeosang announced, "But you owe me one after this."

    "Done. Now hand it over."

    Yeosang smirked as he slid closer to you, the chains on his cuff preventing him from getting too close but it was enough- he stretched until his face was near you, and you brought your face closer too, rolling your eyes at the devilish smirk as he pushed the pin out of his mouth, holding it at the tip from his teeth, and you caught the pin from the other end, your lips slightly brushing with his, a sigh of relief escaping you as you drew back, because the key of freedom was now in your mouth.

    Yeosang drew back and watched as you pushed yourself up with excruciating effort, working your mouth expertly and uncuffing yourself in a minute, falling to your knees in a very abrupt motion and almost crying in relief-

    But Yeosang's breath stuck in his throat, because your back-

    Your back was littered with scars- and the worst thing was that only a few of them were new.

    "Who did this to you?"

    Yeosang's voice was grim, and you looked up to see his gaze fixed at your back.

    "That scumbag, of course-"

    "Not those scars," Yeosang shook his head, "The others."

    You bit your lips, having completely forgotten about the long scars that decorated your back. "Nothing you need to know."

    You wobbled behind Yeosang, uncuffing him and almost falling down, Yeosang holding you up, making you lean at his side and use him for support. He brought the chicken leg in front of you, making you laugh and shake your head as you took it rather gladly, eating it and oh, you haven't had something normal in weeks now.

    You didn't notice how Yeosang was absently tucking your hair behind- you were too busy eating. And when he took off his own outer shirt and wrapped it around you, it was only then you noticed his gaze that made you flush because of a number of reasons-

    First- the gesture itself. All your lives you had hated each other just for the sake of it, and this... this was making you wonder why you both ever got stuck in that meaningless cycle of hate.

    And second- he was extremely buff, his biceps now visible in the black half sleeved shirt he was left with. His streaked hair contrasted rather well with it, and you had to stop your eyes from roaming all around him, praying he hadn't noticed.

    "So," Yeosang's deep voice broke you out of your trance, "What's the plan?"


    The two of you pretended to be chained for the remainder of the evening, waiting for the time when the man would come for interrogation- it was a fixed time of the day, you had noted. So anyone who peeked in out of curiosity would find you both chained well, but right before the man arrived, Yeosang stationed himself next to the door, punching the man once and knocking him out instantly.

    "Wow," you breathed, "Forgot for a second you were strong."

    "Forgot?" Yeosang huffed, "Do you not remember the time I knocked you out with just a-"

    "Let's not dwell on the past," You weakly got up, "Chain him like he did me."

    Yeosang understood, chaining him just like you had been for the past weeks, taking all his weapons, handing two daggers to you and keeping one and a gun for himself. He finally looked at you, thinking.

    "Can you run?"

    Which was how you both found yourselves running for your lives, you gathering all your energy to fight close range while Yeosang covered you with the gun, encountering a good five men before Yeosang jumped out of the first floor window to the truck, promising to catch you and urging you to jump instantly.

    And he didn't let you down; he caught you rather carefully, as if afraid to hurt you further, grabbing your hand and jumping down, running further down the alley, taking two turns and you stopped him abruptly, pointing at the narrow alley where a couple were making out rather heatedly, and Yeosang understood, dragging you in the alley, grabbing the fur jacket on the bike of the couple and wearing it over himself, turning and embracing you in what would look like a make-out session to anyone passing by-

    Except it was his forehead on yours, noses brushing, his hands in your hair, your arms automatically going around his waist for support as he bent you back a bit.

    You were suddenly conscious of how you hadn't washed in days- one of the people in that building, a woman, had attended to your scars about three days ago and had washed you as best as she could, saying the boss didn't like his captives dirty when he came during interrogations.

    But this should be the last of your concerns right now-

    "They're gone?" Yeosang whispered, his breath warm against your skin, the statement coming out more like a question- not what he had intended. But his heart was beating like crazy and it was a surprise his voice hadn't cracked-

    "I think so," you whispered back, eyes meeting his-

    And that was a mistake.

    Because his eyes locked back, and you couldn't pull away from his gaze, having noticed for the first time just how light his eyes were-

    "That's my jacket!"

    Yeosang rolled his eyes, taking it off and apologizing, saying he was hiding from his friends. Thankfully, the man didn't argue further, and Yeosang grabbed your hand, walking to the next street and getting into a convenience store, your eyes scanning your surroundings for any signs of the enemy.

    Yeosang used the phone to contact one of his friends while you waited, wrapping Yeosang's shirt tighter around yourself since it was a bit chilly. Yeosang came back with two bowls of ramen, preparing them and waiting for it to be cooked.

    "You've got nowhere to go, do you?"

    You pursed your lips, "Boss... he'll kill me once he finds me and gets what he needs."


    "Because he'll never believe I kept his secret to myself and did not betray him," your lips quivered, "Because... because I kept the secret to myself after going through everything-"

    You didn't know whether it was the relief of escaping alive or the thought of death at your doorstep, or simply the fact that your boss, that bastard would never believe you didn't sell him out- but you were suddenly crying, and you hid your face, turning away from Yeosang as you sobbed, trying to stop but you held it in too long-

    Yeosang said your name, which just made you cry harder, telling him between hiccups that you didn't know why you were crying, but he understood. He only rubbed your shoulders as you sniffed, cursing yourself because you were crying in front of Yeosang, of all the people, which could also be the reason why you were crying harder.

    "Come with me," Yeosang simply said, turning you to face him, "We'll figure something out. For now, come with me."

    "Yeosang," you shook your head, "my boss will go at war with your gang if he knows you guys have me. And he will know, because those men we just escaped from? They're gonna tell him that you, Kang bloody Yeosang, helped me escape. So just drop me off at the port or something- no need to involve yourself-"

    "Oh, the ramen's getting soggy," Yeosang, completely ignoring you, handed you chopsticks and blew at his noodles, wowing at how good it tasted, urging you to eat. And you did- because he clearly wasn't ready to have this conversation.

    Just as you finished eating, a car stopped in front of the store and Yeosang motioned for you to follow him. Unsure, you did- ironically, he was the only one you could trust right now.

    "Why am I even following you when we hate each other," you muttered, and Yeosang scoffed.

    "Why am I even inviting you, huh? Get in," he held the door open for you and you sat at the backseat, Yeosang going in the front and when the driver turned to get a look at you-


    You were going to escape- you weren't sure you would survive the ride to wherever the destination was when the driver was none other than Wooyoung.

    "Oh how the tables have turned!" He laughed, Yeosang slapping his arms and looking apologetically at you, as if saying that yes, this was his only option and he's sorry.

    "She's been a captive for 3 weeks, can you tone it down a bit?" Yeosang glared at Wooyoung who couldn't stop grinning as he drove.

    "Almost didn't recognize you, you poor thing," Wooyoung looked at you from the rear-view mirror and you just stared out of the window, "Did they not feed you there?"

    You and Wooyoung were actually on friendlier terms than you and Yeosang had ever been, which came as quite a surprise to everyone who learned that, since Yeosang and Wooyoung went quite a way back and well... Wooyoung was friends with basically everyone. He was someone you warmed up to instantly. And though you weren't his 'friend', you could easily have been because you had never found it difficult to have a simple chat with him whenever they met up for business- or as rivals, in a fight.

    "They did not, actually, if you can't tell from my face," you retorted, Wooyoung ooh-ing at your response, noticing that you were very angry right now.

    "What do you wanna eat? Come on, I still owe you a meal, don't I? Or was it the other way round?"

    It was the other way round, but you weren't going to admit it. "You do. And I would like some coffee and anything with sugar very, very much."

    Which was how you ended up in Yeosang's room, wide awake with coffee in your system, digging into the brownies as Yeosang and Wooyoung examined your back, allowing Wooyoung only because apparently he was 'good at this'.

    As for Yeosang... he had already seen it.

    "I would ask about the old scars, but I feel like it's not my place," Wooyoung bit his lips, meeting Yeosang's gaze and Yeosang nodded, the both of them strangely feeling angered at the sight of her torn back, but you- you were trying to distract yourself.

    "Gosh, I could eat the whole box," you muttered as you took a third brownie, and Yeosang shook his head at you, but he was internally pleased to see you eat.

    "You'll end up throwing up if you eat too much," Wooyoung warned, "Take the box away, Yeosang."

    "No!" You wailed, trying to get up but Yeosang was quicker, the brownies out of reach now. Grumpily, you nibbled at the one in your hand.

    "I have to go," Wooyoung read a text from his phone and announced, "Business calls. Yeosang, patch up the wound- you can wash up if you want to first."

    "Oh I do," you got up, finishing the brownie, "You better have a good fucking shampoo, Yeosang."

    After a very long shower, your back literally burning as you stifled your screams, the shampoo residue stinging the still open wounds, you wrapped yourself in the bathrobe, coming out to get your wounds treated.

    Yeosang cleared his throat, realizing that you'd be quite naked as he tended to your back. But all thoughts left him when he beheld your now red wounds.

    "Maybe you shouldn't have showered..."

    "Please, I felt filthy," you muttered, "Just get it over with."

    Yeosang applied ointment to your wounds, his hands gentle, then taped bandages, and before he knew, he was running his finger across an old scar-

    And you noticed.

    "Who did this to you?"

    His voice barely came out as a whisper, and you just ignored the question, asking for clothes. Yeosang handed you new clothes which included a soft button up shirt, trousers and even undergarments, and you eyes him suspiciously.

    "Got these at the store," Yeosang simply said, and you realized he had planned all this before hand. Thanking him, you ditched the bra- it would only hurt your wounds and you wore the rest. Coming out of the bathroom, you stood awkwardly, and Yeosang motioned at the chair next to him, where he had been sitting and gazing out at the sky.

    You turned on the dim lamp and turned off all other lights before you joined him, and he offered you water, which you gladly took.

    "My boss... you know he practically raised me, right?"

    Yeosang hadn't expected you to chat with him so he was caught off-guard, but he shook his head yes.

    "Well... let's just say he didn't quite know how to tame me."

    Yeosang was about to speak but then he realized what you were talking about-

    The scars.

    "You know nothing justifies what he did to you."

    "I know," you sighed, "I know."

    "And now... the fact that he'll kill you the first chance he gets-" Yeosang let out a frustrated sigh as he ran his hands through his hair.

    "I still have to go-"

    "Don't," Yeosang practically begged, surprising you with the desperation that laced his voice, "Don't go back."


    "No," he took your hand, surprising you yet again, your heart picking pace, "You don't need to go back, okay? He will find out that you're here and he'll come after us anyway, even if we let you go... but we got you, okay? I got your back. So trust me, and don't go."

    You scanned his face- there was no hint of mischief in his eyes anymore, in fact it was worry that you saw. And you were conflicted- in any other situation, you would have known this was a simple prank- something you both often did; making bold confessions out of nowhere just to rile the other person up, but this...

    You looked down at the hand that held yours, caressing it absently. And you knew there was nothing but truth here.

    "If you insist," you scoffed, "What's got you all chummy, Kang Yeosang?"

    Yeosang laughed shyly- shyly? You hadn't expected this either.

    "You know what," Yeosang got up, helping you up and taking you to one of the single beds in the room, "We don't have to fight anymore. Why did we fight anyway? Let's be friends instead."

    "Now where would the fun in that be?" You retorted, and Yeosang clapped.

    "I was going to make fun of you if you were going to say yes," Yeosang smirked, and you realized some of this was a prank after all. You couldn't figure him out. "Get some sleep. It's gonna be a big day tomorrow."


    "Bloody hell."

    All it took was one look at your face for those words to escape Kim Hongjoong's mouth- the gang leader. And you knew you had to be looking horrible for him to lose his demeanor.

    Truth be told, you hadn't taken one look in the mirror ever since you got back, and you weren't eager to as well. But you bit your lip as you looked at Yeosang, and he nodded in confirmation.

    Bloody hell indeed.

    "Tell me you're feeding her," Hongjoong slumped back, "You're all skin and bones."

    "I can imagine," you took your seat in front of Hongjoong, only three of you in his office, "now, shall we?"

    "So tell me," Hongjoong leaned forward, elbows on the table, "What do I get out of this?"

    "Well," you cleared your throat, "I don't have any idea how valuable this key is," you picked it out from your shoe, waving it in the air, "but I am sure it is too valuable to lose. I'll have to see the contents to be sure."

    "And you said it belongs to a safe, which is located..."

    "We'll have to raid one of my boss' resorts, it seems."

    It was Yeosang's idea- all night he had been thinking while you had slept comfortably for the first time- and you had been out for a good 26 hours, especially with the fever. You were force-fed medicines and you were finally able to walk without falling after two days.

    So Yeosang had suggested that she join their gang- or stay on the run forever. You couldn't imagine joining their gang since the 8 of them were so closely knit, and you told him, but he was having none of it. Wooyoung came by, agreeing that it was a good idea- all of them already were familiar with you so it wouldn't be too awkward, plus, according to Wooyoung, 'this place needs a feminine touch'.

    You could run away- but you knew the life ahead wouldn't be easy that way. You would always be cautious of every step you took and you'd have to look behind your back everywhere. Your boss wouldn't let you live peacefully, ever.

    "Raiding is a specialty of ours," Hongjoong grinned, "And you have the key to access something so valuable to your boss that he couldn't risk getting out his most trustworthy employee."

    "Correct," you nodded, "What do I get in return?"

    "Welcome to the gang," Hongjoong announced, "You'll work with Yeosang and San- you're all assassins, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, you'll have to be faithful."

    "Of course," you set your chin high, "I was faithful to my boss even in captivity, but it looks like he betrayed me. So yes, I can guarantee my loyalty as long as you guarantee yours."

    Hongjoong scanned your face, slowly nodding, "I say we got ourselves quite a gem, eh Yeosang?"

    Yeosang laughed, "Are we not enough for you Hongjoong?"

    You were surprised at how casually Yeosang and Hongjoong could interact- with your boss, it had been all formalities and him practicing his authority on anyone and everyone, but this...

    It felt warm, and you couldn't help but smile.

    "We need to be quick with this operation," Hongjoong said, "We have planted a false trail indicating you ran away, but your former fellow employees will soon realize it's us you're with. How quick can you be?"

    "Tonight," you said, nodding at Yeosang, "Let's do it tonight."


    "Are you sure you can do this?" Yeosang asked for the fifth time, and you stopped in the middle of wearing your gear.

    "Yeosang," you sighed, "What's got you so worried about me?"

    Yeosang noticed the playfulness in your tone, "A number of things, actually. Apart from the fact that this could still be a trap that you're setting us up for, apart from the fact that you might possibly betray us tonight, I do think your physical health isn't so fit right now."

    You jumped in the air, "I feel lighter, which means I'll be quicker."

    Yeosang raised his brow, waiting for you to address the other problem in question. You counted your daggers and bullets, finally looking at him.

    "I can't prove it with words, so you'll just have to see if I pass the test tonight."

    "She does have a point," San said as he handed you a bulletproof vest and night vision glasses, "It's not like she'll tell you if she plans on betraying us."

    "See," you smirked, "He knows. You're asking dumb questions, Yeosang."

    "Well," Yeosang waited for San to leave before slowly stepping forward, until he was almost touching you, his figure towering over you and he glared at you.

    "If any of my friends get hurt tonight because of you," Yeosang's voice was deep, making a shiver run down your spine, "I won't spare you."

    "Well," you retorted, glaring back, standing on your tip toes, "If you hand me over to the very person who has tortured me all my life and who I finally have the chance to escape from... I'll never forgive you, Kang Yeosang."

    Something flashed in Yeosang's eyes, but he only matched your glare, the two of you thinking, none of you moving.

    "The tension between them is so obvious," Wooyoung muttered to San, the two of them giggling, and you just hmph-ed at Yeosang before turning away.

    "Are we going or what?"


    "Are you sure this is the right place?"

    "I have a good memory, Seonghwa," you tsk-ed at his question, "And when I tell you I saw a glimpse of the address to the resort he most frequently visits, it has to be this- or the one least frequently visited."

    "Have you ever seen the safe?" Seonghwa asked, using his binoculars to count the number of men stationed outside, "I have to say, with the number of men stationed outside..."

    "My boss is... a dumb man, actually," you admitted, and Seonghwa grinned because you both knew it was true, "He doesn't believe in the art of deception. He's straightforward like that- stationing 40 men outside a single resort? You'd think it was made of gold."

    "How has no one robbed him till date?"

    "Me," you flipped your hair and Yeosang, who was right next to you, scoffed, "Plus manpower. Simple and efficient."

    "Right," Seonghwa slid down from the tree, motioning for everyone to gather for the plan.

    "Alright, we have to get her inside since she won't just hand over the key to us," Seonghwa gave you a side-eye and you stuck your tongue out, "Our first priority is getting Yeosang and her inside, and we'll prevent any of those men entering the house."

    "I'll distract them," Wooyoung said, winking once before acting like a drunken person, a bottle in his hand as he sang a song about illusions, slowly trailing to the path that led to the gate. Meanwhile, San went at the back, acting the same and you and Yeosang waited for the cue while Yunho and Seonghwa went to clear the path.

    And a few moments later, when fire lit the sky, you and Yeosang jumped over the wall, swiftly running to the nearest window and getting down.

    "I know where the alarms are, but there's no guarantee if boss replaced some after I got caught," you whispered, motioning for him to follow you, "The safe is actually in the basement, or so the rumours say."

    "Let's get inside," Yeosang said, breaking the window with a rock and clearing the glass with his sleeve, entering first and making sure it was clear before allowing you to enter, and as soon as you did-

    You jumped on Yeosang, landing on the floor, the bullet narrowly escaping his head, and in a quick motion your dagger went flying for the attacker's heart, rendering him immobile. Yeosang was breathless for a few moments before getting up.

    "Watch your back," you said, taking the dagger out and sliding it back, letting the man bleed to death- you didn't look at his face, because you knew you'd recognize him- or anyone who dies tonight, as a matter of fact.

    "Thanks," Yeosang breathed, and you led the way to the stairs, noticing two men stationed at the door of the single room in the basement.

    "Now that's an upgrade too," you muttered, turning to look at Yeosang who was so close to you as he peeked over you that your face bumped on his shoulder, "Back off a bit, give me space to breathe."

    Yeosang purposely got closer, almost making you lose your step and fall in front of the guards, and you slapped his arm as he stifled a giggle, "This is no time to play!"

    "Oh? What time do we play then, pray tell?"

    Ignoring him, you loaded your gun with tranquilizers, Yeosang doing the same, aiming to take the guards one on one since they had the element of surprise. Knocking them out in seconds and unarming them, you tried opening the door that was locked.

    "Okay, hear me out," you said, raising your hands in surrender, "I have no idea what's inside. This could be a trap, we could find too much inside, I don't know what happens, okay?"

    "Okay," Yeosang practically dismissed your statement, bending over to unlock the door with pins, and you sighed.

    "I'm serious," you warned, "I'm not responsible for whatever happens."

    Having unlocked the door, Yeosang sighed, putting his hands on your shoulders as he scanned your surprised face.

    "I... I know. I know you can be trusted, just don't let me down on your part, will you?"

    The dim lights were making Yeosang's facial structure seem like art- truly a sculpture. You gulped, nodding, and didn't miss the smirk as he took his hands off, nodding at you once and opening the door.

    It was a simple room set like an office, but-

    Another room.

    "I'm betting 10 that there's an assassin who's not me or you in this room-"

    Yeosang almost knocked the breath out of you as he whirled you at the side, meeting the said assassin's dagger with his own, the two engaging in close combat and it took you a few seconds to grasp the situation, taking a dagger in each hand and waiting for an opening-

    But the two were blindingly quick and a grunt of pain escaped Yeosang as the dagger sliced his arm, and at the very moment when Yeosang's defense dropped and the assassin let loose-

    You sent the dagger flying for the nape of his neck, grinning when it hit home.

    "Go easy with the killings, will you?" Yeosang shook his head, examining his arm, "Who pissed you off tonight?"

    "I can't believe my boss stationed a person here who is not me when I'm the one he's supposed to have been trusting the most."

    Yeosang stared at you- your training had taught you to kill brutally and that was a fact known to everyone, and he realized you were your boss' right hand for a reason.

    You were practically invincible, and oh, he never realized how hot you looked in your assassin gear.

    "You done gawking?" You said, bending down to unlock the door you hoped was the last door tonight, and Yeosang shook his head as he grinned.

    "The old you is back, it seems," he said, referring to your tone.

    "That's still me, don't expect me to be all chummy with you-"

    "Easy with this pin," Yeosang's hand slid over yours, guiding it to twist the pin in the door and you didn't hear the door unlock because all you could hear was Yeosang's breath near your ears.

    He was getting to you, and both of you knew it.

    As if on purpose, he slid his hand across your arm before withdrawing it away, opening the door before you could question his actions-

    "That is one big ass safe."

    You breathed- Yeosang was right. It was one big ass safe alright. You took out the key that you had safely taped to your bra, Yeosang watching with his mouth agape, and you both held your breath unconsciously when you put in the key, marveling at how it fit right in and turned it.

    You opened the door to reveal a shitload of papers- documents, probably property documents and whatnot, but in the middle of it was another password protected safe.

    "Should we just, I don't know, carry it with us?"

    "Boss isn't that dumb," you let out a short laugh at Yeosang's question, motioning at the wire behind the locker, indicating it was either going to combust or activate an alarm if anything went wrong.

    "Now what?" Yeosang said.

    "First of all, now you know I can be trusted."

    Yeosang scanned you. "For all I know, there's gonna be a 'got you' card inside."

    You rolled your eyes, burning holes as you glared at the locker- as if your eyes could unlock them. "Now what could the password be?"

    "Try 0000."

    "Yeosang," you sighed, running a frustrated hand through your hair, "It must be a date- an important date to him."

    Yeosang's phone vibrated, and he picked it up, his eyebrows furrowed in worry as he listened.

    "They're largely outnumbered now," Yeosang said, "We have two minutes max. Think."

    "I can't think right now," you groaned, clenching your hair, "There must be a number of possibilities. I can't go back without checking the locker, Yeosang, without taking what he has, he'll come and get me-"

    "Hey, hey," Yeosang called your name, grabbing you by the arms and making you sit on a chair he dragged, rubbing your shoulders in comfort.

    "You are a genius, you know that, right? You know you got a brain that works, right?"

    You nodded, "Not working."

    Yeosang shook his head at your words, watching your leg fidget and your hands tremble as time ran out, and you had to stand up because this was too much-

    "Look at me," Yeosang said, and you turned, not expecting what happened next, which was Yeosang's hands cupping your face, tucking your hair aside gently, basically just...

    Comfort touch. That's what it was.

    "Relax," he whispered, "You'll be safe whether we get this or not. I won't let anything happen to you, you hear me?"

    You couldn't really hear him, in fact, because your heart was pounding loudly because of the pressure and the situation you were in right now. Yeosang brought you closer, wrapping his arms around you, his hand caressing your head.

    "Take a deep breath, with me, come on," he instructed, and you followed, your breaths syncing, "You've done so well. You've held on for so long, any one would have given in by now. But not you. You know why?"

    Yeosang drew back, caressing your face.

    "Because you're strong. You're the strongest person I know, you hear me?"

    You knew it wasn't the time to cry, but you couldn't stop the tears that pricked your eyes, and Yeosang only smiled as he wiped your eyes, planting a lingering kiss on your forehead.

    "You have 3 tries. We can try, or we can turn back. It's your choice."

    "We have to try," you said, and Yeosang nodded.

    "Do your best. I got you."

    You were glad for the words and were convinced there was some magic to all this because suddenly your head was clear, and you stepped inside the safe, entering your boss' birthday-

    The beep that sounded was awful.

    "It's okay, go on," Yeosang rubbed your back gently, and you nodded, entering the date he became the leader of this gang-


    "I don't know," you cried, but Yeosang only hugged you again, assuring you it didn't matter, and though you told him it could be dangerous, he only said they'd had enough time to take cover in case that happened.

    You wracked your brain- what was so important to him that he'd use it as a password?

    It felt like you were downed in ice as realization dawned upon you-

    He had handed you the key.

    He had always told people that you were his most important asset.

    It had to be the date he met you for the first time.

    You went down memory lane as you recalled the events of that time 15 years ago- when you had just been a child, freshly orphaned and left with what people presumed was your father's insurmountable wealth all passed down to you (but had been passed to charity, from what you knew)- but because your father had enemies, you had been running for your life until your boss- your father's friend- had found you and taken you in.

    You were suddenly dreading what the locker held in.

    Your fingers felt numb as you pressed the date and waited for that awful beep to sound- but the only sound you heard was Yeosang's gasp as the locker clicked open.

    "You did it," Yeosang breathed, clapping.

    "I did it," you laughed, looking at Yeosang, "I did it."

    "Take whatever you want," Yeosang said, "No time to look, fill our bags and let's get away."

    You nodded, Yeosang opening the bags and you filling it with the cash, the gold bars and some documents- you made sure the locker was as empty as new before you shut it, shutting the safe too and taking the key with you, Yunho joining you as soon as you exited the building, and you stopped for a second, burying the key beneath a random plant only you would remember.

    You saw all the men knocked out on the way and you had to praise Seonghwa, Wooyoung, Yunho and San for so efficiently having done the job, only minor cuts and bruises as the damage. You didn't dare open the bags until you were back in the room with Yeosang, the rest giving you the space you needed because it was your right to see it first.

    And yours alone- however Yeosang had tagged along casually, and you didn't mind.

    "I can't believe this," you groaned, "In my enemy's room, with my boss' wealth at my feet."

    "That sounds... interesting," Yeosang smirked, and you rolled your eyes, "I like it better when we're not at each other's throats."

    "I don't," you said casually, but it looked like Yeosang had other plans as he slid behind you, drawing your hair at one side and whispering in your ear-

    "How about being at each other's throats... like this?"

    You had to squeeze your eyes shut at the feel of his breath on your skin as he breathed in, his nose tingling your neck-


    "Shh," he whispered, his arms wrapping around your waist, "I want you so bad."

    You couldn't tell if this was him getting at you like he used to- back when things were normal. He'd do things like this to rile you up, and though you both would never admit it, it turned you both on in inexplainable ways. However, you were always confused as to what he wanted-

    You turned around, grabbing Yeosang's hands before he could try anything, "Can you stop being a dick for two minutes?"

    "You think I don't want you?" Yeosang raised his brow as he pulled you dangerously close, "You think I'm lying?"

    "I wouldn't believe you, Kang Yeosang," you glared at him, "All you do is lie anyway."

    "I've never lied about how I felt about you."

    "And that's a lie too."

    Yeosang groaned in frustration, "Why do you think I never made a move on you?"

    You pursed your lips- was he actually serious about this?

    "All this... flirting we did, as 'enemies'- and what a title for us when all I wanted was you this close to me," Yeosang sighed, and you couldn't believe what you were hearing, "I didn't want to get you in trouble with your boss- I knew he was an animal. I care about you, even though it might not seem like it. And now that I know what an absolute monster he's been to you..."

    You watched Yeosang's brows furrow in a pained expression as he brought his hand to your face.

    "I'm never going to let you go back."

    You sighed, leaning into his touch, and that was all the confirmation he needed as he brought his face closer until your lips brushed-

    And then he drew back.

    "You might want to make sure nothing in there would change your mind," Yeosang's voice was hoarse, "I don't... I'm not doing this if you are going to go away."

    Your knees were already weak and truth be told, you knew nothing in there would change your mind- you were never going back, not to him. You sighed, resting your head against Yeosang's chest as you calmed your breathing, not looking at him as you made your way to the bag which contained the documents.

    You examined them one by one, Yeosang counting the cash and the gold in the meanwhile, and by the time you were done, you were crying rather hysterically.

    "What's the matter?" Yeosang rubbed your back but you just slumped further down in the bed as you muffled your cries, muffled your screams. Yeosang held you as you cried, and between your sobs you managed to say some words-

    Lies. Betrayal.

    Your boss... he had never been that dumb, alright. He'd given 10 year old you the proof you needed- fake documents that said your father's wealth had been passed down to charity except a small amount for you, which wasn't enough in any way. However, the documents in your hands now said otherwise-

    Your father, one of the wealthiest businessman of his time, had left all his wealth to his sole heir- you. He'd left nothing to his friend- your boss. Everything inside the locker, all the contents belonged to you alone- all legal money so you wouldn't get in trouble for it.

    You cried for the life you could have had, for the pain of the scars you had on your back.

    And Yeosang was fuming as he heard that, promising to teach your boss a lesson- and his tone said he was serious.

    Sipping from the cup of coffee that Yeosang got for you, you finally calmed down, looking at the cash and the gold spread around you in sets.

    "All of this... it's only yours."

    "What am I gonna do, with all of this?"

    "Anything you want," Yeosang's smile was genuine.

    "Tell me one thing, Yeosang," you set your cup down, "Why do you like me?"

    Yeosang sighed, smiling, "You got me good since the day we met. I did hate you at first, just like you must have hated me, but... somehow, I started looking forward to our interactions."

    You smiled, shaking your head, making him laugh out loud- the laugh that had always been music to your ears.

    "What am I going to do with you, Kang Yeosang?"

    Yeosang couldn't take it anymore- he climbed on the bed, crawling forward until his lips met yours, and the sigh that escaped you said enough.


    Fucking finally.

    Your arms immediately wrapped around his neck as he pushed you back, getting on top of you and kissing you, the kisses picking pace with every passing second, and he had to break apart when you groaned into the kiss.

    "I wish I did this earlier," he couldn't breathe.

    "Never too late," you smirked, and he brought his mouth back on yours, moving in unison, and you marveled at how they fit as if made for each other. One of his hands guided your face, holding at your neck, his thumb caressing your face while the other roamed around your waist, teasingly slow.

    Yeosang broke the kiss, catching his breath as he took his time to memorize your face, his eyes roaming slowly around, taking in the curves and angles.

    He caught you by surprise when he started peppering soft kisses all over your face- on your forehead, cheeks, nose, until you were a blushing mess and you couldn't take it anymore.

    "You owe me one, remember?"

    It took you a good moment to realize what he was talking about: when he had freed you from captivity.

    You did owe him one.

    You scanned his face, biting your lip. What was he thinking?

    Before you could ask, he was kissing your jaw, travelling down your neck, satisfied grunts escaping both of you and you almost forgot what he had just said until he mumbled-

    "I want you. So. Bad."

    Your stomach sank dangerously at his words, and you just responded by fisting his shirt and connecting your mouths again, and Yeosang started unbuttoning your shirt and broke apart only to take off his own, going to attack your neck, wringing out moans from you as he teased your bare skin, his hands going lower and lower, stopping again as he scanned your eyes for any sign of discomfort, smiling when he found them dazed instead.

    "You owe me one." He caressed your face so gently, as if it held something fragile, "Don't leave. Stay here, with me. That's what I want."

    "I was going to tell you to keep it for later because I was going to stay anyway," you smirked, "too bad you've lost your opportunity-"

    "I take it back," Yeosang laughed, kissing your forehead, "How come you've decided to stay?"

    You took a deep breath, thinking how to word it and Yeosang lay down with you, "I've always admired how close knit the 8 of you are, and work like friends, without hierarchies, without pulling ranks. And the way you're willing to accept me, no questions asked... I'm overwhelmed, to be honest."

    Yeosang smiled, tracing shapes on your waist, making you tickle slightly, "We're practically friends, the guys adored you anyway."

    "You hated me!"

    "Never," Yeosang shook his head, "I just needed a reason to talk to you and rile you up. You know how I love it when you frown at me or glare at me-"

    You slapped Yeosang's hand, making him laugh out loud, "I hate you."

    "Do you, now?"

    "Anyways," you gulped, ignoring the devilish smirk on his face, "You have to let me do one thing."

    Though Yeosang strongly rejected your idea, you only pushed forward, seeing it as a sort of investment, promising it wasn't a gift and you were getting something out of it too- though everyone thought it was too much to accept, especially Hongjoong. But you told them you weren't going to take the money to your grave-

    And you had to take your property back from your boss.

    The very lavish house he lived in that belonged to you- you had to take it back. He wasn't allowed to dwell there anymore. You were going to whip him like he did to you all those years, and if you felt merciful enough, you would give him the gift of death. And then you'd get your boys out of the old mansion they currently lived in, and make your house the new residence.

    You didn't let yourself be distracted by anyone- especially Yeosang- as you planned the downfall of your previous gang, and when you stood outside your home, the 8 of them by your side, you kissed Yeosang and made him promise he wouldn't interfere and wouldn't risk his life, making everyone promise the same.

    "Once night time comes," Yeosang growled in your ear, "I am gonna make you mine."

    You practically melted right there- you wanted to tell him that he already owned you. But you only sighed, nodding.

    He had you alright.

    And he only proved it when it was the middle of the night, your bodies still sore from all the fighting, your minds relieved because you were now in your home, safe, and your boss was... well, dead, not before you made him sign a document that made you the sole heir to all his property and wealth as well. The men and women, his employees, either died fighting or surrendered- most of them had known you and hated their boss like you did.

    It had been laughably easy.

    And you could have said you were prepared for how the events turned out, but nothing could have prepared you for when you and Yeosang finally went in your room and he shut the door, practically slamming you against the wall as he kissed the living soul out of you.

    And you knew it was gonna be a long, long night, especially with the both of you fighting for dominance, none of you giving in, clothes off in a hurried motion, slamming on basically every wall and furniture, marking each other's skin and making each other moan so loud you were positive everyone heard it.

    And as you lay in bed, in Yeosang's embrace, you felt safe, for the first time in your life.

    "I think I like us better when we're at each other's throats after all," you grinned, making Yeosang open one eye to see what you actually meant. And his smile told you he wasn't disappointed.

    "I like us better like that too," Yeosang said, making you squeal as he attacked your neck with kisses and bites again.

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    Who am I - Part 3

    “Who am I?” is a question that keeps coming up in Y/N’s mind. Impossible for her to remember anything from her past since she was found by her adoptive parents in the woods, at the gates of death. A new family, a new identity, that’s what Y/N has to be content with. However, the traces from her past remains in her and comes back to haunt her every night. What is the tattoo on her wrist? Who is this man in her dream that seems like the only escape of the harsh reality she lives in? Would she finds answers if she found out who is this handsome stranger?

    Genre: Mafia AU, smut, angst, fluff

    TW series: Please, be aware that this story will contains a lot of triggering content such as smut, blood, death, murder, attempt of murder, betraying, drugs, rape, kidnapping, sexual assault, human trafficking, memory loss and symptoms of PTSD. Do not read if you are under a legal age or if you are sensible!

    TW chapter: angst, memory loss, mention of dead bodies, anxiety attack, mention of someone who passed away, Seonghwa is kind of an asshole with reader. Once again, the reader as a really dark past so please read with caution..

    Words: 5060


    Chapter 3:

    A month had already passed by after my argument with Hyerin, we really did fight a lot but it never lasted long, we always found a way to make up somehow and that’s exactly what happened after a week of me giving her the cold shoulder. She came back to me with a pout, we just looked at each other for a few minutes before she gave me my favorite chocolates in a small and cute bag – this damn girl knew how to talk to me.

    I saw San and Hongjoong a few times after this, but nothing in particular happened and I was glad, it would have been too much for me to handle in such a short amount of time.

    “Wow, you sure do eat a lot” Hongjoong laughed when I stuffed my mouth with a delicious dessert from our café “Eat slowly or else you will choke on your food” he smiled when I took another big bite “No worries, I have a small mouth but I can take a lot in it” San was the one who chocked at my words, coughing and trying to catch his breath.

    “Pervert” I laughed.

    We were having a great time, Hongjong asked me a lot of questions about myself and even though I was used to lying, I couldn’t help but feel bad every time.

    “I’m full. Y/N you can eat mine if you want” I looked at the plate Hongjoong was pushing in my direction but stopped him the middle way “I can’t eat strawberry’ I shook my head “I’m allergic to it”

    I saw him stopped completely, his smile fading away as soon as the words left my mouth. He glanced at San who glanced back and for a moment I thought about what could be so wrong for them to look so serious. It was becoming weird…

    “That’s not…a common allergy” San said, not breaking eye contact with me.

    “I don’t know” I shrugged “I don’t think it’s a rare one either” I took my straw between my teeth and drank the content of my cup in one go.

    The rest of the day was calm, Hyerin and I were basically the only ones to talk while the boys were watching us and sometimes nodding to show some interest in our story.

    After some time, we stood up to leave the café but were stopped by the boys.

    “Hey, can we bring you somewhere?”


    I sat down shyly with Hyerin on the couch. When the boys told us they wanted to bring us somewhere, I didn’t think it would be Hongjoong’s apartment.

    “This is…Do you live here?” Hongjoong laughed and came back from the kitchen with a few cups, followed by San who was himself bringing drinks “Of course, I live here” he said “Why? Do you think I will bring you somewhere else?” he asked.

    I shook my hands “N-no! It’s just that…this place is very luxurious. I-I didn’t know you were rich or something” I closed my eyes, embarrassed by my own stuttering. I shouldn’t let myself be impressed, but never I would have thought that Hongjoong could live in such a place. He was barely older than me and the only explication I had was that he was either born with a silver spoon in his mouth or either he was doing shady businesses.

    San didn’t look fazed at all, it was probably not the first time he came here after all. He poured a drink to Hyerin with a lovely smile, not caring about me anymore since he could sense that Hyerin wasn’t comfortable either.

    “What do you want to drink Y/N?” asked Hongjoong “Nothing, I’m full with what I ate enough earlier” I politely declined his offer with a small smile which he didn’t give it back. He didn’t look too pleased by my answer. As I was about to ask him if he was okay, I heard the sound of shattering glass breaking against the ground “I’m sorry!” Hyerin panicked and tried to pick up the pieces with bare hands without listening to San’s warning tone “You are going to hurt yourself, baby!”

    Flashes were quick to appear in my mind, blood everywhere, dead bodies around me. Suddenly, a nauseous feeling appeared in my stomach, my breath hitched and felt heavier than ever. My wrist was burning, as a reminder of what could have possibly happened to me.

    I turned my head in her direction and I saw it – a trail of blood in her hand.

    Hyerin froze and looked at me while hiding her hand behind her back “I’m okay Y/N, don’t look”

    Hongjoong ordered something to San and then took my face between his hands, trying to soothe me with his calm voice.

    My body was shaking, my mind cloudy. Everything was all a blur.

    I missed how Hyerin yelled, saying to the boys that I had a blood phobia which caused me to have a panic attack every time I saw even a small amount of blood.

    “How did you do that?” Hyerin asked “Lemons are extremely bitter, the bitterness of it will bring you out of a panic attack and force you to focus on what is happening in your mouth” Hongjoong calmly stated before standing up “Are you okay?”

    San quickly returned with a wedge of lemon that he put in my mouth, forcing me to chew until the acidity of the fruit disturbed the tranquility of my taste buds.

    An electrifying wave ran through my whole body, putting an end to my irregular breathing. “You’re going to be okay Y/N, take it easy and follow my breathing” I was now able to understand again what was being said and calmed down quickly.

    I nodded “I’m sorry” my cold fingers brushed against each other in an attempt to gain some warmness back.

    Hyerin came to my side and hugged me, rubbing my arm with her now, bandaged hand “It’s okay, there’s nothing to apologize for” she put her head on my shoulder, silently giving me some comfort and support.

    I slammed the man on the ground, keeping him still thanks to my weight against his torso. He circled my thighs and with the strength of his arms he flipped me over. I felt my back hit the smooth ground before the man gripped my arms to stop me from moving.

    “It’s over Y/N” I scoffed and tried to steady my breath.

    Jiyeon stood up and came back with a bottle of water “Drink some water” he said with a smile and I repeated the same sentence, mimicking him in one of the most childish ways “I can’t believe I lost once again!” I dramatically let my arms fall on the ground, making my friend laugh his heart out.

    “You’re better than before, I’m just too strong for you yet” He sat down by my side “I’m not worried though, you’ll easily be able to defend yourself against an average man” I nodded, still frustrated “Thanks”

    He gave me a satisfied nod and changed the subject of the conversation to talk about his crush, how much he was in love with her and how a perfect human she was. I rolled my eyes without containing my smile, it was good to see him so happy and I secretly wished to feel this kind of feeling too.

    Jiyeon is the first friend I ever had, or at least the first friend I remember. We both met when I was still recovering at the hospital and he quickly became a confident, someone I could easily lean on without any fear of being judged.

    “Do you still have nightmares at night?” he asked “Not as much as before” I lied, not wanting him to worry over something he couldn’t help me with.

    I had two or three boyfriends since I moved on with my actual family, but I have never felt the love they described in the books, never felt my spine shivers under the touch of a man, and never felt the sweet heartbeat of my heart quickened when someone brushed their lips against mine.

    It was quite the contrary…

    During all of my previous relations, I was almost disgusted when they touched me, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Their hands were just roughly touching my skin without giving me the love I was hoping for.

    “Do you want to go somewhere to grab a snack or something?” Jiyeon asked me after our little training session “I’m gonna pass” I said “I promised Hyerin to go out with her”

    Jiyeon gave me the “ok” sign and drive me home before I could decline his offer. We chatted a bit more in the car and soon after, I was already with Hyerin in a mall to make some shopping and buy some clothes.

    “Wow Y/N! You are stunning in this dress!” Hyerin exclaimed herself when I got out of the fitting room “You should show your arms more often! You are always wearing long sleeves, what a waste”

    I huffed and got back in to change my clothes “Nooo! Let me see you!” Hyerin joked with a whiny voice.

    After a while, we went to a nearby café to buy an ice cream “Salty caramel! My favorite” sang Hyerin happily.

    We decided to rest in one of the most famous parks in Seoul, it was my first time there but it wasn’t disappointing at all, everything was calm, beautiful, relaxing.

    ‘I should come here with Yubin, mom, and dad someday’ I thought to myself.

    We walked at a slow pace, chatting about some birds that were flying in the sky and puppies that were particularly friendly with us.

    Everything was smooth until I saw him.

    My legs stopped, unable to move forward and my mouth, agape, let escape a small gasp. My eyes were fixed on the tall man that was standing a few meters away from us “I know him” I said.

    My mind and heart were filled with so many emotions, some of them that I couldn’t even describe: Excitement, joy, anxiety, surprise, and the strongest one, fear.

    Tall, black hair, tanned skin. There was no doubt: It was my lover in my dreams.

    Hyerin followed my gaze until she met the same silhouette I was looking at “Ah” she laughed “Park Seonghwa?” she whispered in my ear not to attract any unnecessary attention from us and mostly not from the man we were staring at.

    “I know him!” I repeated once again, shaking Hyerin’s arm.

    “Of course, who doesn’t know him, dummy!” she patted my back in a friendly way and giggled slightly “Do you want to go talk to him?” She asked “He’s a friend of San! But there are some bad rumors about him, I don’t know if it’s actually a good idea” she lowered her voice and put her finger under her chin, gazing thoughtfully up to the sky.


    My lips were dry, my heartbeat loud and heavy in my chest. I turned my heels and ran in an unknown direction until my legs couldn’t take it anymore. I heard Hyerin’s voice calling for me but ignore it and never stopped running. What would happen if I talked to him? Will I remember everything or will I just look dumb in front of him? There were too many suffocating questions in my mind, I couldn’t face him, not yet.


    Seonghwa looked up from the screen of his phone when he heard a female voice calling for someone. He saw two women and one of them was running away, probably a stupid argument between two friends. He couldn’t have cared less.

    A stronger man came to Seonghwa and sighed, exhausted by his recent mission “Do you have the information I asked for?” Seonghwa wasted no time and asked many questions to the youngest.

    “You could at least ask if I’m okay!” the shortest said in an offended tone “Come on Jongho, you are standing in both of your feet without a single scratch. I think you’ll be just fine” Seonghwa patted his shoulder with a slight smirk.


    “It was a false trail…again” he tells to the older one “I’m seriously considering the fact that there’s a mole in our gang!”

    Seonghwa looked up to the sky, processing the new information while the sun hit his delicate skin with his slight warmness “It’s funny how I was wondering the exact same thing” he chuckled darkly “And let me tell you: If I find this fucker, I will slide his throat until there’s no blood left in his body”

    Jongho gulped, knowing very well that Seonghwa was dead serious. He had already the luck – or the unluck – to see his friend kill in the most horrific way, some people that were trying to defy his authority.

    Mostly when it comes to the death of his ex-lover.

    Seonghwa was a patient man and he was caring towards his younger brothers even if his demeanor didn’t let this part of his personality be seen. However, the oldest of the group had a really bad temper, no one couldn’t contain him when he was angry and he seemed to lose all sanity towards the people that were suspected to be the killer of his loved and missed girlfriend.

    “Where are we going?” Jongho asked, sitting in the passenger seat of Seonghwa’s luxurious car.

    “I bought flowers for Nae-ri. We are going to visit her grave” he stated and Jongho just nodded his head slightly before watching the landscape through the glass of the window.

    Seonghwa parked his car in his usual spot and take a big breath, taking in the beautiful view of the sun meets the ground in a beautiful shade of orange et purple colors. A small face crept into his face as he looked at the horizon, hearing the sound of the wind pushing with a strange softness, the trees around them.

    “Seonghwa!” A girl pushed herself in his arms, circling his body with her thinner arms “I missed you”

    Jongho huffed and went straight to his lost friend’s grave when Seonghwa’s body relaxed against the woman, patting her head while she was shamelessly putting her body closer to his.

    “How have you been Seo-ri?” Seonghwa smiled “Bad! Really bad! You never come to see me” she pouted and finally stepped back when she saw the beautiful flowers “Are these-” she started but was cut off by Seonghwa “Yes, these are for your sister”

    “Of course, they are” her voice came harsher than she intended it to but Seonghwa ignore it and joined Jongho who was currently sitting in front of the grave, hands joined and eyes closed.

    The tall man smiled fondly and stepped closer to the grave, carefully putting the flowers down. He closed his eyes and silently prayed for the soul of the one he had once cherished and loved with all his heart.

    He had so many regrets, one of them was the last thing he told her before she passed away “Get lost” he had said during a heated argument where words overpowered what the mind truly meant. He would have given all he had, money, arms, power, everything…just to see her again, hold her closer to his body and say how sorry he was, how much he loved her.

    The memory of Nae-ri was still haunting him at night. He couldn’t help but think about the way she was killed, how lonely and scared she must have felt and how he wasn’t there to protect her when she needed it the more.

    His eyes watered but he didn’t dare to let the tears fall, not when he hadn’t killed the fucker who took out the only hope he had in life.

    One day he will cry, but this day will be to say “Nae-ri, I have finally avenged you”

    5 AM: My eyes were wide open, looking at the ceiling. I sighed for the tenth time this night and finally decided to go and get some water.

    My mind couldn’t stop thinking about this man - Park Seonghwa as Hyerin called him. I could swear it was the same man that the one who met me almost every night in my dreams.

    My mind was trying to process everything that happened recently. Hyerin told me that San and Seonghwa were friends. San was surprised when he saw me, the same reaction from the others boys and finally…Seonghwa was the boy of my dreams – quite literally.

    “Park Seonghwa…” I took my phone and searched for his name on the Internet. Strangely enough, there was nothing about him, no social media, nothing.

    “Great” I whispered, ironically, falling once again on the soft mattress.

    "Could it be possible...?"


    “Hyerin! I need your help!” I exclaimed myself, hitting the table with so much force that Hyerin’s drink shook at the impact.

    Her eyes widened, almost spitting the content of her mouth before swallowing it to prevent any unfortunate incident “What is it?”

    I couldn’t explain it to her the story so I chose the easy way and told her I wanted to meet the unfamous Park Seonghwa to ask him his number. She yelped at the news, clapping her hands together, excited to see her friend finally making a move on someone.

    “Promised, you won’t tell San, okay?” I blinked my eyes cutely which she responded with a quick “Of course!” before she went to her dressing, picking up some clothes for me to wear.

    “Perfect! You are beautiful!” She concluded, pushing me towards the big mirror of her room. I felt embarrassed as I saw my reflection on the clear glass, I looked so different from usual. Right now, I was elegant and pretty at the same time, my hair slightly curled up was completing my face, the pink of my cheek and the red of my lips.

    Everything was perfect.


    My heartbeat sped up as I entered the same club, I went to with Hyerin a month ago. San, Hongjoong, and Yunho were there last time, and so should be Seonghwa.

    “Okay, this time there’s no turning back, no run-away Y/N” I muttered to myself as a way to cheer myself up.

    “I don’t know where San is…” Hyerin said, her eyes wandering in the people all across the room.

    “I guess I have to find him myself…” I entered a tight hallway with a few doors, they were all closed except one. My curiosity tilted, I opened the door slowly and passed my head through the entrance with cautiousness.

    “Go get your man, I’ll try to find the one I want” I winked making her laugh loudly. She nodded anyway and we split up in two different directions.

    I easily spent 20 minutes just by asking for information from the staff that worked in this club. Every single person I asked for information from, looked at me as if I was the dumbest human alive in this world.

    There was nothing in there, it was just a simple room, probably where the staff ate during their rest time. I sighed, disappointed, and came back to the hallway when suddenly, I hit something or rather someone.

    “I’m sorry!” I apologized quickly and looked up. My breath hitched when his strong gaze met my own. Hongjoong was here too, but no one dared to break the silence which felt heavier with every second.

    “Who the fuck are you, bitch?” He growled.

    All the confidence I had previously mustered up, left my body as soon as the words left his mouth. Its voice was low, manly, rough, so much different from the beautiful melody from the man of my dream. There was no tenderness and love in his eyes, just an intimidating and cold aura.

    He put his hand inside his jacket, probably to take out a gun and shoot me without a second thought, without any regret.

    “Calm down Seonghwa!” Hongjoong gripped his arm, stopping his movement “You knew it?!” He yelled, “What kind of shit is this?!”

    I was standing here, in front of them, they were yelling and cursing at each other but I couldn’t feel anything except disappointment and bitterness.

    'Ah. That’s not him.'

    It took a few minutes for Hongjoong to convince his friend to leave which he eventually did but not without giving me a last and scary look.

    “Look Y/N, I’m sorry. Forget about it, will you?” kindly asked Hongjoong.

    “Okay. I’m good at forgetting things anyway” I smiled weakly, not strong enough to keep the act of the happy girl.

    Maybe it was for the best…

    When I came home this same night, there was nothing, not even a bit of sadness, just an emptiness that feels fuller than ever.

    Strangely enough, it was the first time that I slept well, without any dream.

    Seonghwa’s body was shaking from anger, or maybe from despair, he wasn’t quite sure himself. His fist hit the wall in a loud and short sound, quickly followed by a painful whined, not caused by the pain he was physically feeling from the impact, but from the harsh squeeze of his heart.

    How ironic he thought.

    It was as if his dream had become true, as if he was able to see her again, the only wish he couldn’t grant. However, she was gone, forever. No one could replace her and the simple idea of someone daring looking like her made his blood boil. He turned his heel to come back to where he let the mysterious woman be but was stopped by a firm hand on his shoulder.

    “Don’t” Hongjoong whispered in an almost inaudible sound, his voice cracking from the emotion he was himself feeling. Nae-ri was his best friend too after all.

    “Who is she?”

    “I’ll tell you when you’ll calm down-”

    “I’m perfectly calm!” He yelled, fist clenched, nails digging into the soft skin of his shaking hands.

    A short silence surrounded the two men before Seonghwa finally decided to leave the place, probably realizing that he was far away from being calm.

    Hongjoong stood up there for a moment, processing everything that had happened a few minutes ago. Y/N was probably confused and sad that she had been treated that way, it was understandable but he didn’t want her to hate Seonghwa, not with the way she looked.

    “Shit Hongjoong…You are so selfish” he muttered to himself. All he could think at the moment was how Y/N looked like his old and lost friend, he wasn’t even thinking of her well-being, but how could he? If she wasn’t the perfect copy of Nae-ri, he probably wouldn’t have even spared her a glance in the first place.

    “You look dead in the face bro”

    Wooyoung joked a little, seeing the tensed muscles on Hongjong’s face, he sighed when he got no answers, knowing already what had happened earlier, he was in charge of the camera security after all and this place was full of them in case enemies decided to break in.

    “Let me alone for a while, will you?” It wasn’t a question but not an order either, it sounded more like a silent plead to Wooyoung who sighed and left the hallway to grant the wish of his older friend.

    What Hongjoong didn’t know was that Wooyoung got news about Y/N. He had the time to go where she was supposedly born, where she had – at least officially – studied before she moved out to Seoul. However, no one knew her, no document could prove her presence at the school she had been studying at. Every teacher, every classmate, everyone told the same thing “I’ve never heard of a Y/N before”

    Y/N wasn’t all clean and Wooyoung was determined to find out every little secret about her if it could help his friends.

    “Did you tell him?” Yeosang, another member of Seonghwa’s mafia gang asked.

    “He wasn’t in a good mood”

    “That’s understandable. We never saw Nae-ri, we both joined the group after her death so we can’t relate to the situation” logically stated Yeosang with a calm and tidy voice.

    If Wooyoung was the fire with his burning and charismatic personality, Yeosang would be the ice. They were each other so different yet so complementary, sometimes people were wondering how could they even befriend. This friendship was the kind that couldn't break even with a gun placed on your temple. They both knew it and cherished the link between them.

    With a simple glance, they nod at each other in a common accord, they will find out who the girl is for the sake of the people they are now used to call “their family”

    “Welcome! I’ll come in a second!”

    Seonghwa entered with Hongjoog on the small café, soon enough, the smell of hot coffee and sweets hit his nose in an incredible mix of scents. A feminine and melodic voice welcoming them from far away was the confirmation they came to a good place.

    The small sound of the ring could be heard from afar. I sighed, preparing my best commercial smile to greet the new customers.

    My smile fell when I saw the two – oh too much- familiar faces. It took all I had not to snap at them to get lost but there was no way to lose my job because of them, because of him.

    “You can sit wherever you want Hongjoong” I took my notebook out and asked them the usual question “what would you like to order?”

    I did my best to ignore Seonghwa’s intense staring and focused on my job. It was easier than I thought it will be.

    “An espresso for you and an ice Americano for the gentleman with you. That’s it, I’ll be right back” I smiled.

    Seonghwa opened his mouth to say something but I was already heading over the counter without sparing him a second glance, which made things harder for Hongjoong to hide his smile.

    “She looks angry” he said “And you can’t say you didn’t deserve it”

    Seonghwa’s eyebrows fell into a deep frown, he wasn’t used to be treated this way. Usually, people were either scared of him or either wanted to befriend him, maybe to gain some power. In both ways, Seonghwa was always treated with upper respect, people did all they could do to satisfy his desires. He was now used to it, and even found it normal to see people behave this way when they were around him, not that he cared about these low lives anyway.

    I was cursing under my breath as I prepared the drinks.

    How dare he showed himself in front of me as if nothing happened? After the way he talked to me yesterday?

    Oh boy, there was no way I could let him go away freely with this.

    He said I was a bitch? Let’s show him what a bitch can do

    Hongjoong was the one to yelp, giving the biggest reaction as if he was the one with wet clothes.I put my hand in front of my mouth and gasped in a fake concern “Oh my God, sir. I’m so sorry!”

    I put Hongjoong’s order in front of him with a smile and went to do the same for Seonghwa when I – not so, unfortunately – tripped on my own feet.

    My grip on the cup loosed, the Ice Americano slipped out of my hand before crashing on top of Seonghwa’s pants.

    He pushed himself and his chair back in a quick movement. His mouth opened. No sound came out.

    I took a few tissues to help him clean up. His gaze locked up with mine while a slight and satisfied smile crept to my face. Serves him right!

    My manager quickly came to help, alerted by the fuss. He bowed a few times, apologizing profusely “I’m so sorry! She doesn’t make mistakes usually. Please order everything you want sir. We will give it to you for free” he blurred out, bowing one more time, the “Customer is king” rules clear in his mind.

    “Of course, not” I smiled politely and left them alone.

    After a good scolding by my manager, I came back with a new Ice Americano.

    Seonghwa chuckled darkly when I put his drink down on the table “You did it on purpose, don’t you?” he smirked.

    I was done with work for today.


    Seonghwa looked down at the paper in front of him with his usual cold stone expression “So, you’re telling me we know nothing about her before 2015?” Wooyoung nodded "I went there with Yeosang and asked her old classmates. There was not a single one of them who knew who she was.” He said “Even she had no friend, she’s good looking, her face is one of a kind that you don’t forget that easily” he concluded.

    “I know that, she has the same face as Nae-ri” huffed Seonghwa, his finger tapping against the cold surface of his desk “When is the first trace we have of her?”

    Wooyoung took his own paper in hand, reading the black ink contrasting against the white paper “She was brought to the Yonsei hospital the day of her birthday, on the 24th of February 2015, for a neurological problem”

    “That’s not it. It’s almost a year after Nae-ri’s death” sighed Seonghwa, massaging is temples in an attempt to soothe the growing headache that was pulsing against his fingers “Is she just a clone or something?

    “Probably” Wooyoung sat down in front of his older friend, at the opposite side of his desk “But I will find everything about her” promised Wooyoung.

    “If you have the time to do so, why don’t you search for the murderer of Nae-ri!” snapped Seonghwa, voice full of venom.

    Wooyoung’s eyes rolled back, annoyance visible in his feature “I worked on Nae-ri’s case for years but you ordered Jongho to take my place because I wasn’t competent enough for you, remember?” he scoffed.

    Seonghwa tsked, not satisfied with Wooyoung’s answer. He finally asked him to get out of his office to let him cool off.

    After some time, his fingers brushed against the picture of two teenagers, both of them smiling at each other with love filling their eyes.

    “Wait for me Nae-ri”


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    Okay, Seonghwa was not very nice with the reader lol.

    As usual, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you soon!

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    — together ☆

    pairing choi jongho x fem!reader

    wc 1k

    warnings fighting

    requested : 1 from angst

    a/n i have mixed reactions for this ;-;

    things with choi jongho didn't go as you thought it would.

    you felt your 9-month relationship with your boyfriend go downhill, after the honeymoon phase you had, where you felt as if there was nothing more important than you and him.

    or perhaps, you thought, it was your fault.

    you didn't realize you kept pushing jongho away to put work in front. putting all your priorities aside, stress-loaded work first.

    it was pointed out first when your friend pointed out the last time you went on a date with jongho, perhaps almost 4 weeks ago. because you canceled on him last week, and the week before that.

    after that, he stopped coming over to your place and being a personal cuddle bear for you, while he watched you work. he stopped, calling you, asking you about your day, and talking about how his went either.

    you'd often zone out, thinking about the time when he would come over, and you'd have an idea to bake a cake, ending up in a burnt substance (that definitely was not cake) and sugar-filled kisses (more like flour filled)

    or when you'd have that time of the month, and you said you couldn't meet him, he showed up in under 15 minutes at your door, with your favorite ice cream flavor, pads, and stuffed toys he stole from his roommate.

    you missed him.

    jjong <3 [3:31pm] : hey, baby

    jjong <3 [3:31pm] : we need to have a talk...

    jjong <3 [3:31pm] : can i come over?

    whatever he was going to talk to you about, you deserved it. you deserved it for pushing him aside.

    but you weren't ready to let him go. but what if, you just... weren't meant to be?

    y/n [3:40 pm] : of course

    y/n [3:40 pm] : come over

    yyou took a deep breath before you headed to open the door, knowing it was jongho on the other side. you opened it, letting him come in, closing the door behind him.

    "hi" he said.

    "hi" your words came out as a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear. "have a seat"

    you sat down next to him, while his eyes rested on the random tv show on the muted television. "have you...gotten rest recently ?" you eyed the man's dark circles, trying to lighten the awkward atmosphere.

    "no, works's been hectic" he sighed. he turned toward you, breath hitching as he started, "funny how you're the one asking"


    "believe it or not, you've not asked me once, about how my day went, if your work is that important, why date me in the first place, huh?"

    taken aback, your brain went blank. "jongho, please-"

    "really? 'please?' that's what you say?" his voice rose. "and about us, I think we need to take a break"

    the breakup took a toll on you, the workload stressing you out even more than before.

    "babe, y/n, ever heard of sleep? you've been pulling all-nighters for two weeks now" ryujin snapped, watching you not being able to stand on your feet up straight.

    ryujin was your trusted best friend, and you've been with each other for every heartbreak, and she was the person who'd wake you at 3am to either: cry about her exes, or, tell you about the hot guy she hooked up with. unpredictable, really.

    "I'll put you to bed, or I'll just call jongho and complain, you never listen-"

    "that won't work anymore" your voice came out groggy.

    "what? "

    "he left, ryu" you said, head hitting the pillows after a long time.

    "you didn't tell me? y/n? oh my, what a jerk !" he cussed, along with a line of profanities.

    "it isn't his fault" you started, "I kept pushing him away for work, and didn't realize until he, yeah"

    "I'm sorry"

    "'s fine, he'll get someone better than me, soon enough, she'll treat him better"

    ryujin [9:20 pm] : excuse u, better get ur ass at y/n's

    jongho [9:22pm] : whats wrong? why?

    ryujin [9:22pm] : I just found out, sorry, and nvm

    jongho [9:22pm] : ??

    ryujin [9:22pm] : you left y/n

    jongho [9:22pm] : yeah, I did, and I do regret it

    ryujin [9:22pm] : wow, nice try buddy

    jongho [9:22pm] : wym? is she okay?

    ryujin [9:23pm] : no????

    jongho [9:23pm] :why???

    jongho [9:23pm] : hello?

    jongho [9:25pm] : ryujin?

    jongho [9:26pm] : wheres y/n?

    jongho [9:55pm] : I'll be at y/n's tmrw

    you couldn't say your stomach did flips when you saw jongho with another girl at the usual cafe you went to, but your feelings said something else.

    why were you jealous? sad? mad, even?

    you held back tears, watching him with whoever the girl got touchy, and excused yourself to the bathroom, trying to not bawl right there.

    you silently hoped he did notice you, an excuse to hear his voice again. you silently got out, waiting at your table for your order.


    it was a deja vu when you same scene of the day you let jongho in, and the day he left you.

    he refused to sit down, hoping you'd be okay hearing him out. you agreed, letting him talk.

    "I don't wanna give up on you, y/n" his voice boomed, after a few moments of silence. "I'm not ready for this to be over"

    you didn't say anything, heart beating so loud, he could probably hear it.

    "although, I know, we didn't end it on best terms, .I... I hope we could try...." he trailed off.

    "I hope so too" his head snapped up at your words, and not giving time for you to continue before your face was met with his chest, with him almost suffocating you.

    "I've missed you in my arms" he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

    his lips met yours swiftly, his lips moving sweetly against yours.

    "we'll get through this together"

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  • in-my-world
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Heaven - Eighteen (Hongjoong AU)

    Genre: fluff, angst, suggestive

    Warning(s): mentions of food, alcohol, and sexual activity

    Words: 1K

    A/N: Ask to have warnings or triggers added, and ask to be tagged in future parts.

    After my date with Hongjoong I couldn’t sleep, my heart was beating so fast from it all and although I knew I should tell Jules she was going to have to wait. 

    It was nearing midnight when I decided to shower. Closing my eyes to rinse my hair only made me feel like what had happened earlier wasn’t real. I bit my lip to keep from shouting in disbelief, as the memories played behind my eyelids.

    After I dried off and dressed I sent a quick message to Jules letting her know I got home and I would talk to her later.

    Hongjoong had sent a message saying he had gotten back. I sent a simple good night message before I turned off my phone, thankful it was the weekend and slipped into bed to sleep. 


    Saturday came and went and it was Sunday. I had gotten called to have dinner with my brother and his fiancé. I agreed not thinking my parents would be there, unfortunately I was wrong.

    I dressed in some nicer clothes, and left making my way to the restaurant.

    Stepping in and finding my brother, I also saw my parents sitting there. My mother dressed nearly to the nines and my father dressed in one of his normal work suits. My brother and his fiancé were dressed more casually.

    “Hello, we just ordered for you because you’re late,” my mother snapped, her eyes sharp and scrutinizing.

    I simply nodded and sat between my father and brother. I kept quiet while the others were talking, next week was the wedding and I could tell my future sister-in-law and brother were stressed.

    The dinner went by at a snail's pace. My mother sent her meal back and ordered something completely different, meaning we all had to wait until her food arrived; steaming hot food on a white porcelain plate while ours was cold and in some cases gelatinized. 


    After being dragged through the meal and finally able to leave to the safety of my own home, it occurred to me that I wanted to spend time with my best friend and have a cheap alcoholic beverage. 

    “Jules, are you free right now,” I asked, giving no leave for her to even greet me. 

    She shuffled around on her end a bit before answering, “of course, I’ll bring the drinks and you got snacks right.”

    A quick conversation cemented the hastily made plans for the evening.

    I changed into comfortable clothes before setting up the living room for a night of drinking, junk food, and enjoyable company.

    Jules arrived within thirty minutes of me calling her. Her hands bore gifts of alcohol so ease my tension ridden mind and body.

    “Wait so you finally had a real kiss, but that’s all and you haven’t seen or talked to each other since last night,” Jules parroted, looking at me in slight distaste. 

    I shrugged, sipping on the bottle of cheap red wine reminding me of when we stole a bottle from my parents and got drunk together for the first time.

    “I don’t know what to say, I mean I’m starting to think one night stands are easier,” I sigh, slumping against the couch. 

    Jules snorted, “you’re not the one night stand type, plus you’ve liked Hongjoong for how long,” she inquired, pointing an accusatory finger my way. 

    I knew she was right, the one time I had a one night stand was terrible. I ended up feeling gross and guilty, although it was consensual and nothing bad had happened. Jules may not know exactly how long I had had romantic feelings for Hongjoong, but to be honest I wasn’t sure how long it was that I had started to see him as more than a friend. 

    The conversation turned to her relationship, she and Mingi were more serious and had been together for nearly half a year. 

    “I could see myself living with him, maybe even eventually sometime later, marrying him,” she muttered, her eyes glued to the mug containing her share of the wine.

    I smiled, genuinely happy my best friend was experiencing an adult and wonderful relationship. 

    “As long as I can be in the wedding and steal the spotlight,” I joked, causing the blushing Jules to push my shoulder. 

    The night wore on Jules had crawled into my bed and passed out, while I was savoring the last of wine left. I opened the window that looked over the shared grass patch of the apartment building, the night air was turning cold once again and it was nearing autumn. 

    Taking out my phone I click on the messages between Hongjoong and I. Reading through them I realize how formal we are with each other, it looked a lot like a message I would send a coworker than someone I was in a brand new relationship with. 

    With a wine drunk brain I sent Hongjoong a message; not sure if he was even awake since it was nearing one in the morning, I hit send. Something sober me would never have the guts to do nor say, but that was something sober me would have to deal with. 

    I cleared the living room of the mess we had made and crawled into bed with Jules.


    The sunlight hitting me directly in the face first thing was a harsh wake up call. Soon followed up with the sounds of my phone alarm going off. 

    I sat up, my eyes closed tightly from the sun, I blindly searched for my phone. Not finding it in the usual spot beside my bed, I was forced to open my eyes. Not seeing it on my bedside table and seeing Jules still sleeping soundly, I hurried to find it. 

    Spotting it quickly on the living room floor, I grabbed it and turned off the alarm. I froze seeing the messages, at least ten from Hongjoong. 

    I opened them and read over everything feeling nauseous, although not sure if it was from the excessive drinking or because of what I had sent. I wanted to curl up into a ball and cease to exist.


    Ask to be tagged in later chapters

    @stars-of-the-heart​ @soonyounq​ @blueish-sun​ @seoultraveller​ @wonderlandless​

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  • letteredwings
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    #thanks for asking this was fun 🥺 hope you like <3 #wooyoung fluff#wooyoung scenarios#ateez fluff#ateez scenarios
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  • letteredwings
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Boreddddd, so lads pls send ONE member and then a au for some headcannons.

    E.g. eric and a date at the Funfair

    Can send for The Boyz and Ateez :)

    Specify pronouns please or I'll just do gn reader

    (Obviously have a right to say no <3)

    #the boyz scenarios #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #the boyz smut #ateez scenarios#ateez fluff#ateez angst#ateez smut
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    cheorgraphies by yuri

    note: songs in bold means she had been the only cheorgrapher.


    dream girls - i.o.i


    from - ateez

    pirate king - ateez

    treasure - ateez

    say my name - ateez

    hala hala - ateez

    horizon - ateez

    fireworks - ateez


    oh mama - bling bling

    let me know - pixy

    dumb dumb- somi

    star - loona

    ponzona - purple kiss

    total cheorgraphies in total: 13

    #aesocnet. #deluxeocnet#mochiocnet #kpop extra member #ateez extra member #ateez 9th member #ateez fanfic #ateez 9th memeber au #ateez oc member #kpop au#ateez oc#ateez#ateez fluff #ateez ninth member au #ateez ninth member #ateez female oc #ateez female member #ateez female addition #ateez girl member #ateez addition
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    (khj x gn! reader, fluff, slight suggestive themes)


    hongjoong will kiss your forehead any chance he gets because to him it's a simple yet passionate way of displaying affection and the love he feels for you. he especially does it when you two are cuddling. they may be random at times but who are you to question it?


    these are honestly just random and they consist of conversations such as what's stressing either of you and the other just attentively listens. he loves to hear you vent because you tend to ramble and he thinks it's cute when you do so. he just cares about your mental so much and wants you to be happy :'(


    it's mostly you who is guilty of doing this but you stare at this man any chance you get. he may be doing something as simple as washing the dishes and you'll stare at his hands, or maybe he's simply scrolling through social media and you'll stare at the little things he does while doing so, such as sticking out his tongue or furrowing his brows. whatever it is you stare.


    god when i say this man just wants to take care of you i mean it. whenever you guys are making out he's always looking for ways to pleasure you. all he wants to do is make you feel good. pins you to the bed and gives you hickeys all over your neck that are so large that you'll have to use makeup to cover them up the next day

    IN CONCLUSION kim hongjoong is the best bf you could ask for and ur extremely grateful for such a caring man like him

    #hongjoong #hongjoong x reader #ateez x reader #ateez#fluff#suggestive#cute #actually proud of this
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    [The Melody We Share]

    Requested by @likecloudwraparoundmoon <3 (So sorry it took me so long to get this request done)

    Pairing(s) → Idol-Producer! Hongjoong x Fem-Producer!Reader

    Genre → Smutty, Fluff

    Summary → You’re in a relationship with the leader of the group you produce for. Kim Hongjoong of Ateez, you guys are producing for new songs in the album. Hongjoong gets a little flirty while working, you guys can’t continue working in this mood.

    Ateez Masterlist!

    ˚ · .

    ✦ ˚  ·    .

    · •. * . •   ·

    •. ✶

    “Hongjoong, don’t you think this would song better in the beginning of the song?” You said staring at him while he looked deeply into the computer screen. He was in a deep thinking mode, closing his eyes to tune out distractions. He hummed the melody and beat of the song, singing the lyrics from time to time.

    You just watched in awe, it was like watching a painter get all the right concepts in order. You then took the headphones from Hongjoong’s head to help a little with the work. “Oh deja vu~ ahhh, to me it songs like it could be the chorus. Then, we have the ‘da da da’ maybe we could go with a slower sound?” You said, making all kinds of hand gestures to express your idea.

    Hongjoong was responding just staring into your eyes, no expression at all. It was kind of feeling you out how he wasn’t saying anything, it made you nervous. “H-hongjoong?”

    “Sorry, you’re really cute when you’re working babe.” He said with a sly smirk and a flirty tone. Your cheeks flushed with heat, turning away from his sharp gaze. “Whatever, get working Mr. Kim. I cant work when you’re looking at me like that.”

    “Yes ma’am.” He said, chuckling a little bit at your shy response to his gaze. Truth be told, he wanted to make out badly, all the work was frustrating enough. So, he took matter into his own hands and deleted the last piece they created. You looked at him shocked and mad, you guys took hours to make those beats. “Wh-“

    “I want your attention, Y/n.”

    “Well you could’ve asked why did you delete-“

    Hongjoong placed his hand on your thigh, inching himself closer to your chair. Your breath hitched a little, heart beat fastening at his bold approach. “Y/n, I admire you and your work. Seeing you so focused is kind of hot you know? You’re messing with my head.” Hongjoong was whispering into your ear, every word speaking volume of its own. Goosebumps ran up and down your skin and his soothing voice, the voice next to your eardrum felt like the perfect melody. The sound you’ve been looking for was right there, right in front of you.

    Hongjoong bit your ear, then teasingly sucked on the skin centimeters below your ear. You let out a small whimper and Hongjoong smirked feeling achieved to get you riled up. He then placed his knee in between your thighs, pressing against your heat. A soft moan escaped from your lips, making you clasp your hand onto your mouth. The friction on your cunt was messing with you, and it was all Kim Hongjoong’s fault.

    He then started to kiss down your neck, pressing his knee even harder on your cunt.

    “Y/n, i’d love to make you scream right here, right now. Let’s forget about the work for now, okay?”

    #ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#ateez#ateez smut #ateez x reader #ateez wooyoung#ateez san#ateez hongjoong#ateez yunho#jung wooyoung #kim hongjoong smut #hongjoong smut #kim hongjoong fluff #ateez kim hongjoong #hongjoong ateez #choi san fluff #san smut #hongjoong x y/n #hongjoong x reader #hongjoong angst#kpopidol#kpop smut#smutty #ateez hongjoong smut
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    𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬:


    #ateez#stray kids #stray kids imagines #stray kids smut #stray kids fluff #ateez imagines#ateez smut#ateez fluff
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