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    just with this teaser i can already tell that turbulence will probably be one of my fav song from fever epilogue…my god i love ateez so much, they really never miss

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    ATEEZ - Turbulence MV Teaser
    #ok but when did they even film this? #am i stupid or does hongjoong have the mullet here already? also sans hair is way longer and the darker blue #i am SO confused #the mv looks quite nice i think #but why are they all so depressed i thought yunho said something about the song being a bit like utopia #why is this whole thing either really blue or really yellow though #ateez#hongjoong#seonghwa#yunho#yeosang#mingi#san#wooyoung#jongho#ateezedit#my gifs#fever epilogue
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    december 1st

    ❀ kim hongjoong x reader

    ❀ gender neutral

    ❀ “I think December 1st in my favorite day of the whole year. On winter’s edge, with the promise of the holiday season, but not close enough to feel rushed. It’s just always felt perfect.”

    ❀ word count: 424

    Hongjoong wished he had his phone at hand, or a camera, because as he watched you bustle around your cramped apartment living room with a light in your eyes that couldn’t be extinguished by anything in this moment, all he wanted to do was take a picture and immortalise how beautiful you looked. Your hands fiddled with a ribbon as you tied it on the handmade ornaments the two of you had spent the afternoon making. Whilst Hongjoong’s were beautifully painted with delicate strokes, your own looked a little more like a kindergarten art project. Still, he loved yours just as much as his own, even with their slightly mangled snowmen.

    He pushed himself up from where he’d been leaning against the door and made his way over to you, eyes never leaving your frame as your tongue poked out the corner of your mouth in concentration. Settling himself beside you on the floor, he gently picked at some pieces of tinsel that made their way into your hair.

    “Well someone is awfully happy,” he commented as he brushed at the strands of hair framing your face, pushing them behind your ear.

    A warm blush overtook your features at his actions as you replied, “I have every reason to be. It’s snowing outside, we have hot chocolate, and it’s the start of our first Christmas season living together.”

    A bubbly feeling settled in Hongjoong’s stomach hearing how happy you were. Still he was curious as he questioned, “Sure, but you look happier than you do on Christmas day itself. You haven’t even gotten any presents yet.” He poked at your side teasingly, eliciting a small whine from you.

    “I think December 1st in my favorite day of the whole year, though, as opposed to actual Christmas day. On winter’s edge, with the promise of the holiday season, but not close enough to feel rushed. It’s just always felt perfect,” you softly admitted, glancing up at your boyfriend with a shy smile.

    “Hmm, I think it’s you who’s perfect.”

    There was a beat where you just stared at each other. Then uncontrollable giggles spilled out from both of you, your bodies falling into one another.

    “Joong, what in the world kind of line was that?”

    “I know, I know that was so corny, I’m sorry baby.”

    “Dang, you write ballads for Seonghwa and all I get are cheesy one liners.”

    As the two of you devolved into lighthearted bickering, only one thought went through Hongjoong’s mind. God, he was in love. So, so in love.

    #ficscafe#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios #kim hongjoong fics #ateez x reader #kim hongjoong imagines #kim hongjoong fanfiction #kim hongjoong drabbles #kim hongjoong #kim hongjoong scenarios #ateez drabbles#ateez fics #kim hongjoong x reader
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    What kind of madness is going on with ateez?

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    ateez advent calender ❆

    hello all! i am back to writing after disappearing again whoopsies. this is the masterlist for my christmas ateez series! there will be a little baby fic for each day of advent leading up to christmas and i will update this as i go along

    ❆ status: ongoing

    ❆ pairings: ot8 x reader (individual pairings listed by the day)

    ❆ genre(s): fluff, angst, crack, magical realism, sci-fi

    december 1st ; kim hongjoong ; “I think December 1st in my favorite day of the whole year. On winter’s edge, with the promise of the holiday season, but not close enough to feel rushed. It’s just always felt perfect.”

    december 2nd ; kang yeosang ; “Wait, is every piece of Christmas decor you own Nightmare Before Christmas themed?” “…maybe”

    december 3rd ; choi jongho ; “Deserts are just another myth like Christmas or humans.”

    december 4th ; choi san ; “I swear, if you had the audacity to hang mistletoe in my house after everything you did I’ll…”

    december 5th ; jeong yunho ; “So, you’ve never been kissed under mistletoe?” “Actually, I’ve never been kissed at all.”

    december 6th ; jeong wooyoung ; “You know it’s an ugly Christmas sweater contest, not a ‘Medusa turning people to stone’ hideous Christmas sweater contest, right?”

    december 7th ; song mingi ; “Wait, you’ve never seen real snow?!” “Yeah, it’s not that bizarre a concept.”

    december 8th ; jeong yunho ; “In my defense, ice-skating always looked romantic in movies.”

    december 9th ; jeong wooyoung ; “I know it’s technically not Christmas yet but…”

    december 10th ; park seonghwa ; “I’ve read a lot about this Christmas holiday of yours. I never expected it to be quite like this.”

    december 11th ; choi san ; “It’s just snow; it’s not going to kill you.” “…so humans aren’t susceptible to hypothermia?” “…you’re not human though…”

    december 12th ; song mingi ; “Remember those fairy tales we used to read, the ones with nutcrackers and fairies and toy soldiers?” “Yeah, what about them?” “Well, it’s just that you were right. The mouse king really does have seven heads.”

    december 13th ; kim hongjoong ; “Wait, you’re the ‘ghost of Christmas past’? Ha, now I know this is a dream! That’s what I get for letting myself get conned into watching all those stupid movies.” “Quite the contrary, this is what you get for believing none of those things could ever happen to you.”

    december 14th ; jeong wooyoung ; “Have you ever wrapped a present before?” “…Why do you ask?”

    december 15th ; choi jongho ; “All I want to do is curl up on the sofa, light a roaring fire, sip on a mug of hot chocolate, and not leave my house for a week.”

    december 16th ; choi san ; “I didn’t realize there were people who actually waited to open their advent calendars instead of eating all the chocolate on Thanksgiving.”

    december 17th; kang yeosang ; “I know the holidays are supposed to be the time of joy and happy sentimentality, but I can’t stop remembering all the dead I see throughout the winter nights.”

    december 18th ; song mingi ; “When you were a kid, did you ever like to catch snowflakes on your tongue?”

    december 19th ; park seonghwa ; “When I was young I’d always try to listen for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and every time I’d catch that sound of jingling bells just after 3:00 a.m. ‘Course I grew out of all of that, but I still hear the jingling every Christmas Eve, only now I can’t figure out why.”

    december 20th ; kim hongjoong ; “Why are you so afraid of the cold?”

    december 21st ; choi jongho ; “My only new year’s resolution is to finally gather the courage to ask you out on a date.”

    december 22nd ; kang yeosang ; “I thought you said you didn’t celebrate Christmas…”

    december 23rd ; jeong yunho ; “What did you receive from Father Christmas this year?”

    december 24th ; park seonghwa ; “I wish I could spend every Christmas Eve like this.”

    primroseyunho / virginia © 2021

    #ficscafe#ateez imagines#ateez reactions#ateez scenarios#ateez fanfic#ateez drabbles#christmas fanfic #jeong yunho imagines #ateez x reader #park seonghwa imagines #choi san imagines #choi jongho imagines #song mingi imagines #kim hongjoong imagines #jung wooyoung imagines #jung yunho imagines #kang yeosang imagines
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    TEEZ' The Season


    "Eight days, Eight men, and Eight different stories."

    ↬ starring: ateez x reader

    ↬ genre/s: fluff, christmas/holidays au, established relationship, friends to lovers

    ↬ coming this december 18, 2021!

    ↬ by yours truly, dairyminki 🎄



    - Snowy Snuggles (read here!)


    - Eventful Eve (read here!)


    - Tiptoe Under The Mistletoe (read here!)


    - To Build A Snowman (read here!)


    - Winter Wonderland (read here!)


    - Sweaters and Shy Smiles (read here!)


    - Christmas Bake-off (read here!)


    - Red Nosed (read here!)


    ↬ fic titles are subject to change

    ↬ some fics might be posted with a little delay if i find myself busy >< (tho i'll make sure to finish everything!)

    ↬ send an ask if you want to be added to the taglist!

    #ateez x reader #ateez fluff#ateez imagine#ateez scenarios #hongjoong x reader #seonghwa x reader #yunho x reader #yeosang x reader #san x reader #mingi x reader #wooyoung x reader #jongho x reader #ateez christmas au #teez' the season masterlist #dairyminkiwrites #lol idk if anyone will see this
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    Wooyoung: we made a mistake

    San: "we"?!

    Wooyoung: oh right. San made a mistake

    #Ateez#incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #ateez incorrect quotes #ateez incorrect texts #8 makes 1 team #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect kpop #kpop incorrect quotes #hongjoong#seonghwa#yunho#san#yeosang#mingi#wooyoung#jongho
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    #ash answers #trickster!hongjoong #ateez smut
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    Ateez Receipts

    🔒: Private



    – MTLS


    – SHIPS


    – OTHER























    -- YUNHO










    -- YEOSANG










    -- SAN










    -- MINGI




















    -- JONGHO









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  • peachybun-bun
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Ateez Thigh Riding Reaction

    pairing; ateez x gender neutral reader

    genre; smut, reactions

    notes/warnings; swearing, thigh riding, making out... suggestive smutty shit


    Starts as you wanting to get his attention

    Probably won’t realize what’s happening at first

    But it doesn’t take long for him to figure it out

    Full attention on you

    Hands on your hips as you ride him

    Small smile and eyes full of lust as he watches you

    Only kisses you when you finally cum

    “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to ignore you.”


    Soft kisses

    Soft touch

    Will watch you, but mostly keeps his eyes on yours

    Kisses to your chest and neck

    Focus is on you and your pleasure

    Buries his face in your neck as you hug him to you when you cum

    More soft kisses as he smiles with his hands smoothing over your back

    “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart. I can’t get enough of you.”


    Starts as a heavy make out session

    He initiates by moving you over his thigh

    Keeps his hands on your hips as he guides you

    Kisses you between your whines

    Eyes closed as your forehead rests against his

    Grips your hips tighter as you cum

    Smiles as he lifts you up to carry you to bed


    Eyebrows would shoot up at your request

    Smirks a little cocky smirk as you straddle his thigh

    Excited about watching you get off on him

    Leans back in his chair as he watches you

    Hands would be on your hips or legs

    Loves hearing you moan

    Curls his fingers into you as you orgasm

    “You look so pretty when you cum.”


    Would rather fuck you, and tells you as much

    Spreads his legs so you have room

    Definitely won’t admit how much it turns him on

    Uses one hand to tease you

    Other hand rests on or around your throat with just enough pressure to make you crazy

    Smirks as you cum on him

    Squeezes your ass once you come to a stop

    “Now I get to cum on you.”


    Thrilled with you wanting to use him like that

    Shy smile as you start riding his thigh

    Watches you with interest

    Hands on your sides and hips

    Switch flips at the sound of your first moan

    Bottom lip caught in his teeth

    Hands grip you tighter as you keep going

    Flexes his thigh to tease you a little

    Breathing heavy as you reach your high

    “Fuck, babe. Now the other one?”


    Hands all over

    Giddy with the fact that you want to get off on his thigh

    Tries his best to be patient as he watches you

    Hands. Every. Where.

    Wants your hands on him too

    Eventually gets too impatient and will just end up fucking you before you cum


    Unsure if he’ll enjoy it at first

    But once he sees you enjoying it, he’s going to like it

    If you’re not already naked, you’re going to be

    Gonna do what he can to make you moan while you go

    Lips all over your chest

    His hands pressed to your back

    Pulling his hair will just make him harder

    Holds you close to him as you cum

    Won’t give you a chance to catch your breath before he’s flipping you both so he’s on top


    tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @dnghycks-bestie @givememunjang @ateezbabysitters @chittaphonstar @cottoncandy-kiwiin @sparklymin @rdflare51 @stopitvpls​ @verylonelymind @givememunjang @glitteringcoffeefreak @frappenha @cottoncandy-kiwiin​ @poopandshitetc @donutswjam​ @shingisimp​ @tbzboba

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    211202 ATEEZofficial Twitter Update

    [📷] ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE 야간비행(Turbulence) Music Video Teaser Poster
    [야간비행(Turbulence)] M/V RELEASE 2021. 12. 03 6PM
    #hongjoong#ateez #p: concept photo #p: group photo #p: sns#ot8 #era: fever epilogue #211202
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    [211201] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    야간비행(Turbulence) Music Video Teaser Poster 
    M/V RELEASE 2021. 12. 03 6PM 
    ALBUM RELEASE 2021. 12. 10 6PM ⠀ 
    #FEVER_EPILOGUE #야간비행 #Turbulence #ATEEZ #에이티즈

    Credit: ATEEZofficial 

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  • in-my-world
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Heaven - Twenty (Hongjoong AU)

    Genre: fluff, angst, suggestive

    Warning(s): mentions of alcohol and food

    Words: 1.5K

    A/N: Ask to have warnings or triggers added, and ask to be tagged in future parts

    Hongjoong’s words rang through my head as the rehearsal went on. Each person taking their turn walking down the aisle practicing the timing with the music. I stood there and half listened to the soon to be newlyweds practiced and rehearsed words as they held hands.

    Hongjoong could be seen wandering around with the musicians chatting about their instruments. A faint smile was on my face as I watched him wander around, then came the time for the wedding party to walk back down the aisle and the rehearsal was over.

    “Y/N, thank you so much for agreeing to be in the wedding,” my brother’s fiancé, Rosalie, commented as we walked towards the set tables for dinner.

    I nodded, “I just wanted to be helpful, and I’m glad I could help,” I answered, being genuine in my answer.

    We walked together to the dinner table and took our respective seats, Hongjoong who hadn’t been thought of for the dinner ended up being roped into sitting between my aunts who fussed over him. I sat next to my fellow wedding party member and across from aforementioned aunts, Hongjoong and had silent conversations while eating the delicious food.


    I had gotten up to use the restroom, after washing my hands and exiting I was cornered by the one person I had been avoiding at all costs.

    My mother’s cold and scrutinizing gaze pierced through me. I refused to say the first word, knowing regardless she wouldn’t be happy or satisfied.

    “Why would you have him come to something that’s meant for family only, do you want Rosalie’s family to think your father and I let you kids slum around with just anyone,” she scolded, crossing her arms, the dazzling rings and bracelets catching the light.

    I couldn’t think of how to answer, knowing that no matter what I said she would be angry and spiteful.

    “There you are, Eugene is making a toast,” Hongjoong interrupted, hearing the name of my brother mentioned my mother perked up, “and for the record, Rosalie’s father and I have a fondness for the same music.”

    I bit back a laugh at the expression that crossed my mother’s face. She stormed back into the ballroom and left us standing there.

    “Thank you, I don’t understand why I can’t just stand up to her,” I said, relaxing my tense posture.

    Hongjoong walked closer to where I was standing, he reached out and took my hand “you don’t have to thank me, and it’s not easy to stand up to your parents even if they are abusive, just know that no matter what you have people who have your back and love you,” he reassured, his voice having a softness to them.

    Sighing, I nodded, “we better go back, and definitely drink too much,” I said, pulling Hongjoong behind me.


    I was whisked away early in the morning to have breakfast with the wedding party. My head was pounding against my skull, as I tried to remember the previous night after we all left the ballroom.

    Hongjoong was still sleeping on the overly plush couch when I left the room. It was an hour until the actual wedding and we all went to get changed, I decided to go last to sneak away and give Hongjoong a wake up call. I opened the door to the room and saw him sitting on the couch with his phone in hand and dressed in a button up and tie, navy slacks, polished dress shoes and a suit jacket thrown over the arm of the couch.

    “I thought you were meant to be getting ready,” he said, standing up and putting his phone in his pocket.

    I shrugged, “I snuck away to make sure you were awake,” I argued, not wanting him to know my true thoughts of wishing to see his bed head and cute confused expressions after just waking up.

    “Are you sure you didn’t just want to see me,” he teased, raising an eyebrow in question.

    I rolled my eyes, “I have to get back and get changed, you better get down there, I’ll see you later,” I rattled off making a quick escape.

    After changing and making our way to the ballroom the wedding ceremony went by in a blur, before I knew it the reception was in full swing. My uncle on my dad’s side had made a bet he could out drink my oldest cousin on my mom’s side. My brother and sister-in-law had made their rounds and done their first dance.

    I was searching for Hongjoong before I found him sitting next to Rosalie’s parents; he looked comfortable chatting with the man and woman. I grabbed a glass of wine, being my first drink of the night, I made my way over to my relatives and chatted for a bit knowing I wouldn’t have to worry too much about Hongjoong.


    I had only drank one glass of wine and switched to water. I needed to be sober and not hungover in the morning for the long drive back to the city. Making my way back to Hongjoong and seeing him still sitting there alone nursing a drink.

    “There you are, where were you, I was waiting for you to dance with me,” he pouted, his face flushed slightly pink and tie loosened.

    I had never seen drunk Hongjoong, but judging from his slow blinking and slightly slurred words, he was a long way from sober.

    “Do you think you can make it to the room alone,” I asked, leaning down to his level so he could hear over the volume of the music.

    He shook his head, “I don’t want to go back, not until you dance with me,” he protested.

    I stood up, “I’ll dance with you back in the room, come on it’s late and we have a long drive back home,” I said, holding out my hand to him.

    Hongjoong scrunched up his nose, “fine, but only because you’re pretty,” he pouted, taking my hand.

    I walked with him, side-by-side to the elevator. Once inside the metal box he leaned against the side resting his head against it. It got to our floor, the doors opened and we got out making our way down the hall to our room.

    Hongjoong had taken hold of my hand and was stumbling into me every few steps. I stopped outside our room making Hongjoong run into my back, I unlocked the door and turned on the light.

    “I’m going to shower, will you be okay,” I asked, sitting Hongjoong on the couch.

    He nodded, but didn’t let go of my hand, “I can’t stop thinking of kissing you,” he admitted, tugging at my hand lighting.

    I sat down next to him, “you’re drunk, and I don’t want to embarrass you so I’ll forget you said that,” I retorted, feeling embarrassed for him.

    He shook his head, “I’m not going to be embarrassed, I want to kiss you.”

    I looked at him, his face already turned towards me. My eyes flickered to his lips, before I looked away. What was I thinking? I can't kiss him, he’s drunk.

    Lost in thought I didn’t notice Hongjoong letting go of my hand, until it was on my face and turning me to look at him once again. His lips landed on mine, they tasted slightly like the alcohol he was drinking. I sat there waiting for him to pull away.

    “Why didn’t you kiss me back, do you not love me,” he cried, his eyes turning glassy.

    I laughed, “you’re not sober enough to be doing anything like his right now, save it for some other time.”

    He bit his lip, “so you don’t like me then, what were those messages then,” he questioned.

    I landed a quick peck on his lips stopping him from asking any more questions.

    “I do like you, I just don’t want to do anything together you won’t remember,” I argued.

    Hongjoong sighed attempting to remove his tie, “I will remember, because I’m not that drunk.”

    I stood up, “I’m going to shower, and then I am going to sleep because I’m tired, I do love you though,” I whispered.

    I walked towards the bathroom before being stopped once again by Hongjoong, but this time he kissed me right away. His lips were pressed against mine, passion pouring into the kiss. I gave in, my body giving into the passion and emotion in the kiss. I moved my lips against his, arms wrapping about his neck and pulling him closer. One of his hands moved down from my neck to my waist and looped around it to pull me tighter against him.

    We broke apart, breaths coming out in pants, “we really should sleep,” I prompted, although the heat in my body said something different.

    “No, I want to see the sunrise with you,” he protested, pulling me towards the bed.

    We fell together onto the mattress and let the pillows and blankets engulf us. I really didn’t care if he was drunk or not it didn’t matter, because being with him was my own piece of heaven.


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