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    It’s getting hot in here😍

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    20 - c.jongho + balcony sex (18+)

    » c.jongho x fem!reader » 18+ dni if minor » language, explicit smut, semi-public sex, piv, unprotected sex, manhandling, strength kink, oral sex: f receiving, manual stimulation, vaginal fingering, multiple orgasms, soft sex, alcohol mention, creampie » wc 2.4k » link to masterlist

    “the weather is really nice this morning,” you say through a sip of coffee, glancing over your shoulder as jongho steps out to join you on the balcony. “you’re up early.”

    “as are you,” he sighs back. your gaze drags over his form as he comes into view, noting the simple white tee over grey sweatpants that he went to bed in last night. he must have just rolled out of bed and come straight here given how mussed his hair still looks. you watch over the lip of your mug as he steps closer to the railing, elbows coming to a rest on the flat bit. the city isn’t busy at this hour; at least not in terms of pedestrians and such. the cars are still going every which way without relent, but that’s not very interesting to watch anyway. the beach just beyond the road is the main view you chose this condo for, and the whole reason you’re out this early. the waves look prettiest as the sun is coming up over them.

    “did you want some coffee, my love?”

    “i can get some later, you don’t need to get up.”

    instead of heeding his words, you give a little shrug and set your own mug down beside you.

    “perhaps you’re simply lucky enough that your loving wife is willing to make coffee for you.” you pull yourself to your feet, glancing over jongho’s bedhead one more time before dipping back into the condo to fetch another mug. you don’t see why he was complaining so much anyway because it takes you less than a minute to pour plain black coffee with one sugar packet stirred in, but that’s neither here nor there.

    when you return to the balcony, jongho has moved to one of the chairs — the one beside yours — and he’s swiping through his phone with little intent.

    “what did you want to do today?” he asks when you pass the mug over to him. rather than returning to your own chair, you decide to be a bit of a pest and crawl in beside him in his own, sneaking up under his arm to rest your head against his chest. “we only have two days left here before we gotta go back.”

    “yeah, i just don’t know what else we can do. we’ve done pretty much everything already.”

    “mm, not quite, we haven’t gone down to that place on the water yet.” jongho sets his mug down beside yours on the table adjacent to the chair then settles his arm around your waist.

    “which one? the restaurant?”

    “yeah, with the crab dip you like.”

    “oh! yeah, i wanna go there for sure! wooyoung will be upset we went without him though.”

    “last i checked woo isn’t my wife, so he can suck it up.” you huff out a laugh at jongho’s mumbled comment, pressing your face further into his warm shirt.

    “you know…” you purse your lips before continuing, watching a few birds fly overhead before the rest of your thought comes to you. “honeymoons are a bit overrated, i think.”

    “hm? what makes you say that?”

    “not that, like, i’m having a bad time. i’m having the best time ever honestly. but people always make it out to be this crazy insane thing where you do crazy insane things.”

    “well, we can’t really compare to wooyoung, can we?”

    “i suppose not. i’m just saying that there’s no reason why honeymoons can only happen once. or at least trips like these. every trip can be a honeymoon in some way, right?”

    jongho hums against your forehead, and you let the vibration roll through you, a happy warmth budding in your chest at the same time.

    “what’s some crazy insane thing that you think should happen then?”

    “i don’t know anything off the top of my head. people like wooyoung would probably fuck on every surface of the condo. or out here on the balcony.” you don’t think twice about your little comment, and at first, you don’t think jongho does either. he doesn’t mention it beyond that at least, so when you carry about with your day (which still isn’t very eventful, actually), you put that to the back of your mind and forget about it.

    jongho does end up taking you to that nice restaurant with the crab dip though, and you walk it off along the beach outside the complex you’re staying at afterwards before going back up to your room. and because you had put that earlier conversation from morning to the back of your mind, you didn’t really think much when jongho asked if you wanted to drink some champagne out on the balcony in the evening after dinner. you simply changed into your nightgown and followed him out to stand by the rail with glass in hand, watching the waves as sunlight dimmed further.

    the first sign that your new husband is up to something comes when he lays a hand over your ass. not on your back or on your hip, no, no — your ass. a full fistful of it too. and you know he’s always had a thing for your ass, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. when it turns to surprise is when he reaches around your abdomen to collect the fabric of your nightgown and pulls it to bunch at your tailbone.

    “do you want something, dear?” you sigh through a sip of alcohol. jongho hums behind you. you hear a little clink the glance over your shoulder to see him setting his glass down on the end table between the chairs.

    “yeah, you might wanna put that down for a minute.” he gestures to the glass in your own hand, and all you can do is arch a brow at him, clinging to the crystal like it’s your most prized possession.

    “excuse me, i feel like a rich housewife who just killed her older husband for money.”

    “yes well, your younger husband asking you to set the glass down so you don’t accidentally drop is on some random passerby down there.”

    your pout is lost on jongho as he takes the glass from your hands anyway without paying any mind to your complaints. you’re about to be butthurt about it too, until, that is, he sinks to his knees behind you with your gown still pulled up over your panty-clad ass. in a very attractive fluid motion, he brings your underwear to your ankles and those familiar feelings of butterflies and anticipation blossom in your gut like they did when you and he first started dating. at least it’s nice to know that marriage and a honeymoon haven’t dulled that brightness in your feelings for him. and neither one of those things has dimmed the reaction your body has to him either because when he spreads your thighs a bit further with a show of raw strength, you feel arousal pool in your nether regions.

    you brace yourself on the rail with your elbows pressed to the metal. it digs into your skin a little bit, but you’re going to take stability over pain because jongho could knock you clean off this balcony altogether without the support. except when his fingers press to your folds and spread you wide enough to expose your core, he doesn’t immediately dip those digits into you and scissor you open. instead, he leans in and drags the flat of his tongue over your labia, tasting the arousal that’s already wettened your skin. your back arches against your will and pushes your ass further into jongho’s face, something that earns you a low chuckle and vibrations that shudder over your clit immediately.

    “jongho, baby,” you whine when he pulls away to stare a little. you glance back at him, pout coming back to your lips, and this time it pays off.

    “needy, needy.”

    “well maybe if you didn’t tease—”

    “maybe if you let me take a minute to breathe so i don’t pass out trying to eat you out.”

    “oh, shut up back there before i choke you out with my ass.”

    “yeah now it really feels like we’re married,” jongho laughs again, and when you blink back at him, you find a pretty smile and love in his eyes. which is cute — it really is, however, it would be a lot cuter if he weren’t teasing you with the tip of his tongue again two seconds later like you didn’t just tell him to stop teasing.

    “i take back, ah, everything i said earlier. i never ever want another honeymoon if this is what you’re gonna, fuck jongho, be like!” he chooses that opportune moment to fuck his tongue into your cunt without warning, eliciting a pretty string of moans and curses that blend together into one heaping mess. your head falls forward so far that you nearly knock it against the railing, only stopping because of how your arms lay flat on the metal. jongho wraps his large hands around the tops of your thighs, close to your hips but just barely, and that’s all it takes for him to drag your body back to his mouth. his blunt nails press little crescents into your skin, but the grip isn’t painful by any means. even if it did hurt, that pain would be drowned out by the pleasure that’s radiating through you thanks to his tongue through your folds and dipping into your heat time and time again.

    your body registers the fact that one of his hands slips away to join where he has his tongue pressed into you, but your mind certainly does not, thanks to the pleasant cotton fuzz clouding most thoughts outside ‘oh god‘, ‘oh fuck’, and ‘i’m gonna cum if he keeps this up'. and keep it up he does because you feel the threads of pleasure that have been pulled tight snap all of a sudden, sending you over a hasty edge to an orgasm that makes you tilt your head back and cry out to the night air before you.

    you’re still panting into the crook of your elbow when jongho stands up, wiping at his lower lip lewdly with a smug little grin on his stupid pretty face.

    “don’t say a word,” you whine, peeking out at him from your elbow.

    “hm? don’t mention how you came in less than two minutes?”

    “stop, it was longer than that!”

    “no, no, i don’t think it was.”

    “you’re a menace, shut up and fuck me now, please.”

    “only since you asked nicely,” jongho teases again, hands securing on your waist as he pulls himself back to his feet to stand behind you now.

    “i’m having second thoughts about this whole marriage thing. maybe i should become a nun.”

    “and miss out on the best fucks of your life? i don’t see how you could manage, but go ahead.” you twist against the rail to look jongho in the eye, and for a moment you consider slapping his arm in retaliation but he interrupts that thought by pressing a quick kiss to your nose then your cheek and finally to your lips. maybe you can’t stay that mad at him. you let him hook an arm around your back, dragging a leg up to snake around the back of his thigh as he nudges at your folds with his bare cock now. the angle is awkward at best, and not nearly as sexy as the porns make it out to be, but you don’t really find yourself minding all too much because it’s jongho. were it anyone else, you’d hate it and ask to move, but you just want jongho. with you, around you, at your side, and most important (right now at least) inside you. so you grip the back of his neck with a hand and tug him as close as you can manage. his hips press closer to yours with the movement, your foot helping urge his legs into motion, and at last his cock breaches your cunt and sinks deeper into you.

    “i love you so much,” you murmur against his mouth when he buries himself fully in your heat. “mr. ‘best fucks of my life’.”

    “i love you too, mrs. ‘best fucks of my life’,” jongho laughs in response, greeting your kiss with eagerness.

    “right, yeah, we gotta stop with the nicknames before we get too used to them. the others would be merciless if they heard that.”

    “i suppose. i think i’ll stick to calling you other things. baby, sweetheart, darling, honey, my beloved, luckiest person on earth…”

    you open your mouth to retort, and jongho seems to realize your argument is about to start because he rolls his hips against yours immediately, cock dragging inside you in a way that has you moaning again.

    “fuck you,” you hiss out before your noises start up once more with their ceaseless patterns.

    “i’m fucking you, actually,” jongho purrs into the shell of your ear. he catches the cartilage between his teeth, nipping just enough to make you shiver, and you keen under his touch.

    “yeah, well, fuck me harder then.” you suppose you are the luckiest person on earth, because jongho gives you everything you ask for and more no matter what. and that stands true here as well with him rocking into your cunt with faster thrusts that build you up to another crashing orgasm in what is definitely more than two minutes (you’ll argue it later though). you cum with a cry and a shout of your husband’s name, one that falls on his ears directly, and when your walls squeeze tight around his member, you bring him to his high as well. his thrusts turn choppy, losing their direction and rhythm before stilling completely. he paints your inner walls white with cum, sighing into the curve of your neck as he does.

    you know he’s come down from his orgasm when his breaths turn to lazy kisses.

    “gonna carry me to bed like a good husband?” you murmur into his soft hair.

    “anything for you, my darling wife.”

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    Unexpected Company Part Three

    ⇒ pairing: p. seonghwa x fem!reader

    ⇒ smut, dirty talk, pet names, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex (do not do this irl), hair pulling, fingering

    ⇒ word count: 4.5k

    ⇒ summary: As you become increasingly upset by Seonghwa’s distant nature, he takes it upon himself to try and ease your frustration.

    💖 read part one here and part two here

    💕 view my masterlist here

    ⇒ author’s note: can be read as part of the story or stand alone (may just miss a few plot points)

    “I just don’t get it!” Wooyoung rages as you two sit on your couch watching trashy reality TV together. “Brian kissed Maria and Nina is still going to defend him like that?”

    “It is all for the show, you know that, right?” You laugh amusedly because of how invested he gets in the cast despite how much he claims to hate these shows.

    “I don’t know. This one cuts deep,” he replies in all seriousness as he stuffs more chips in his mouth, eyes glued to the screen. “I mean seriously, he needs to either commit or just leave her alone. He’s just toying with her and she lets him do it.”

    Your amusement disappears as the situation begins to sound familiar to your own. It was only last Saturday that you were wrapped up with Seonghwa in the VIP room of a crowded club, but it feels like it has been ages. You have replayed the night over and over again in your head, but you focus only on how upset the whole experience left you. You partly blame yourself for being too much of a coward to discuss your relationship with him, but you also think about how unwilling he seemed to bring it up and how distant he was afterwards. It has been frustrating you more and more as you continue to dwell on it.

    You just wish you could figure out your relationship with him, but you still have no way to contact him without either asking Wooyoung for his number or hoping to run into each other. You feel that asking Wooyoung would clearly alert him to what was going on and may also make you seem too needy to Seonghwa if all he wants from you is sex.

    You curse yourself internally for being exactly the cast member Wooyoung is currently annoyed with. Seonghwa isn’t indicating that he’ll make any moves to take your relationship past the physical aspect, but he hasn’t rejected the idea either. You feel like you are letting him keep you on the hook since he knows just how much he affects you and you let him do as he pleases. In fact, you don’t even know much about him besides how it feels to have him all over you.

    You glance at your best friend beside you and wonder if you might be able to get some information out of him without making him too suspicious. Feeling devious, you reposition a little to look at him.

    “So… how are you doing these days?” you ask, trying to simply play the part of a curious and caring friend.

    “Fine,” he replies shortly as he continues to watch the television. “Work has been annoying, but I just drink it off at Club Tempest.”

    You see your in.

    “With Seonghwa?” you inquire.

    “Sometimes, but he is really busy so usually I hang out with Yeosang or San, why?”

    “Oh, I was just wondering since he was there last weekend,” you babble as you quickly try to excuse your interest, but Wooyoung doesn’t even pay it the slightest mind since he is too invested in the show playing. “It must be weird living with Seonghwa since he is gone all the time.”

    “I mean, not really,” Wooyoung states indifferently with a shrug. “It’s kind of just like living alone most of the time, but he’s a good roommate when he’s around.”

    “What is he always doing if he’s never home?” You imagine all the strange things he could be doing with his time as you await the answer. Maybe he already has a girlfriend that he is with all the time. Maybe he lives a secret double life as a celebrity. Maybe he is actually a government spy that is hiding as a commoner but carries out dangerous hidden missions behind our backs.

    Or maybe you’re just spiralling into ridiculous scenarios.

    “I’m not sure. Never really asked him about it.”

    You huff. Of course Wooyoung wouldn’t ask. He’s too aloof and nonchalant to care about his roommate’s whereabouts like that. You could probably tell him that you’re going on vacation in Antarctica to get the perfect tan and he would simply reply with ‘have a good time.’

    Still wanting to find out more about Seonghwa, you shamelessly continue to dig.

    “But you said he is a good roommate, right?”

    “Yeah, I mean he is really clean and cooks me some food sometimes. The only annoying thing is when he has girls over, but I do that too so I can’t really complain.”

    Your heart sinks in your chest even though you know you have no right to feel so jealous and upset. Still, you can’t stop wondering if he thinks of you as just another one of the girls he ‘has over.’

    “Oh, really?” you try to question casually. “Is that like… a common thing?”

    You sit desperately on the edge of your seat as you fear the answer.

    “Not really, just every now and then. Like I said, he’s way too busy so I guess he just needs a good lay every now and then since it’s not like he dates anyone.” Your interest is piqued as you focus on the latter part of Wooyoung’s reply.

    “He doesn’t date anyone? What do you mean?” In your head, there are many different interpretations of this statement. He could be a serial player that breaks hearts right and left, he could be opposed to the idea of romance altogether, he could be traumatized from a past relationship, or so many more possibilities that you again get carried away with.

    “I don’t know. I’ve just never seen him date someone properly.”

    Sometimes Wooyoung is annoyingly uninterested in the lives of other people and you feel like smacking him in the arm from how unhelpful he is at the moment.

    “You know what’s weird,” he suddenly quips as he finally rips his attention away from the television to look at you. “You’re asking so much about Seonghwa.”

    Oh shit.

    “Oh, I just--”

    “But he was asking about you before, too,” he interrupts before you can make excuses.

    “He was?” you ask incredulously.

    “Yeah, it was last Sunday, the day after the club. He was just asking about you. It was strange,” Wooyoung states as you probably look confused and stunned. “Hasn’t he texted you?”

    “What? How would he text me?” You are entirely lost in the turn this conversation has taken since you never gave Seonghwa your number and you haven’t heard anything from him. You aren’t even sure what Seonghwa would text you and why Wooyoung would know about it.

    “He asked me for your number that Sunday.” Your heart skips a beat and you begin to feel butterflies, but then Wooyoung continues. “He said he just wanted to get back the hoodie you took home that one night.”

    You instantly frown at the realization. Of course he didn’t want your number so he could talk to you or flirt with you. You feel stupid for even thinking that for a split second and become frustrated with yourself, but even moreso with him. You had forgotten all about that dumb sweatshirt after washing it and hanging it up in your closet to return to him at a later date. Even though it belongs to him, you are annoyed at the idea of him going out of his way to get something of his out of your possession, almost as if he is denying you permission to covet or remember him.

    You also notice Wooyoung’s statement that Seonghwa asked for your number a week ago and still hasn’t texted or called you. You assume that surely he is avoiding you since having to see you to get his hoodie back is too burdensome or awkward. He’s probably afraid that you’ll try to talk about your relationship with him and he’ll have to break it to you that he never wanted anything past your body.

    Now in a terrible mood, you stomp off to retrieve the item and come back to toss it into Wooyoung’s lap. “Just give it back to him when you see him.”

    Not detecting your icy disposition, Wooyoung simply replies with a “sure” and focuses again on the TV. You get through another hour or so of trashy shows before subtly hinting that you want Wooyoung to leave because you have a headache. Since it is already ten o’clock, he heads back home with the sweatshirt in hand after giving you the same big, comforting hug he has given you for years.

    Now all alone in your apartment, you try to take your mind off of your frustration by settling into a nice bubble bath and drinking a few glasses of your favorite red wine. As you start to feel a slight buzz from the alcohol, you hear your phone start ringing from the bathroom counter. Not wanting to be interrupted, you ignore it until it stops vibrating. As soon as you start to relax, however, it starts ringing again.

    Irritated, you stand up and march over to where your phone rests near the sink, leaving small puddles on the tile floor with each step you take. The number is unfamiliar, but you pick up to keep them from interrupting again.

    “Hello?” you answer impatiently.

    “You didn’t pick up the first time,” the person on the other side of the line hums calmly. “Are you avoiding me?”

    That voice. You know exactly who it is and the same frustration you felt earlier once again makes your chest tighten.

    “I don’t even know your number,” you spit back in an obviously upset tone. “How would I know to avoid your call?”

    He simply chuckles in amusement, clearly loving the reaction you are giving him. You get more annoyed at the sound.

    “Plus I’m not the one who had your phone number for a week and didn’t even text,” you sneer scathingly to try and get to him.

    “Ah,” he simply sighs in enlightenment. “Is that why you’re upset? You wanted me to call you? Or perhaps you wanted me to come and see you?”

    His suggestive tone makes your cheeks flush, but you scoff at his haughtiness. “No. I’m just saying that if one of us is doing the avoiding, it is obviously you.”

    “Then why did you send my hoodie back with Wooyoung, hm?” he purrs, knowing he has you trapped. You were so clearly avoiding him by using Wooyoung as a middle man, but you can’t admit that now.

    “He said you wanted it back, so I gave it back. It was just faster,” you blatantly lie, and you worry that Seonghwa can see right through you as he usually does.

    “So you’re not avoiding me, then?” he questions in a teasing tone as if he is always one step ahead of you.

    “No.” You try to sound convincing, but it comes out as more of a question despite your annoyance with him at the moment.

    “Ah, I see. So then maybe I should just come over so we can ‘not avoid each other’ together,” he proposes as your heart begins to race.

    “Don’t come over,” you command as you scramble to come up with an excuse, thinking of one after a momentary pause that hints at your panic. “You don’t even know where I live.”

    “You could tell me,” he points out confidently. “Or I could always just ask Wooyoung.”

    Your eyes go wide at the thought of him asking Wooyoung for your address since it is practically equivalent to putting up a billboard in front of his apartment declaring that you two are fucking.

    “I’m not going to tell you and don’t ask Wooyoung,” you demand with frustration. “Just don’t come over.”

    “Hm,” he hums curiously. “It sounds kind of like you are avoiding me, but that couldn’t be right, could it?”

    He is talking circles around you and you know it. There is no way you are going to win this battle and your annoyance takes over as you seek to end this confrontation.

    “It doesn’t even matter,” you huff angrily. “If you’re just going to mess with me, I’m hanging up.”

    Without waiting for him to respond, you quickly press the red ‘end call’ button and set your phone back down on the counter. You groan loudly with exasperation and head back to the bath you had forgotten about. The water is only lukewarm by now, but you still sink back into it and down another glass of wine without hesitation.

    At this moment in time, you wish you could go back and undo what happened on that first rainy night you two spent together. You think of his intimidating gaze and beautiful face, irked by how handsome he is and how much you let him get to you. You recall just how defenseless you are in front of him and curse him out in your head.

    Stupid Seonghwa. Stupid hot, seductive, sexy, mysterious Seonghwa.

    The bath grows colder as you stew in your animosity, but you sit and drink for another fifteen minutes before the doorbell rings. Your head immediately snaps towards the sound and your heart drops in your chest. There is no way.

    After a considerable silence, it rings again. You pull yourself out of the water and wrap a towel around your body, your hair still dry and resting on your shoulders. You very cautiously and quietly exit the bathroom and tiptoe to the front door as if he can hear any minute sound you may make. The doorbell rings a third time, making you jump as you approach the sound carefully.

    You look through the peephole and, of course, find Seonghwa standing there casually in a black t-shirt and ripped black jeans, his hair styled up and out of his face like it was at the club. You gasp loudly as he startles you by knocking directly against the door while your face is so close to it. You can tell he hears you when he chuckles lowly to himself.

    “Open the door,” he chimes as you panic. Did he really ask Wooyoung for your address like he said he would?

    You try to sound firm and brave as you reply, but your heart feels like it is going to burst as you stand there practically naked. “I told you not to come.”

    “I came anyway,” he states obviously, shrugging as if it is the most casual thing in the world. “So are you going to let me in or am I going to stand here ringing your doorbell all night?”

    Determined to show him just how upset you are, you crack the door open just enough to speak with him, but make sure it is too narrow for him to comfortably waltz inside. He instantly looks down and notices your attire, the corners of his lips turning up at the sight.

    “Why are you here?” you question before he can make any snide remarks.

    “To not avoid you,” he answers indifferently.

    “I said ‘don’t come over,’” you remind him, but he only smirks in response.

    “That just made me want to do it more.”

    His suggestive words and piercing eyes start to get to you as your cheeks turn bright red, once again betraying you by making you far too easy to read. You try not to shrink under his gaze as you attempt to appear as upset as you truly are. Of course, however, he sees the effect he has on you as clear as day and brings his hand up to gently caress your flushed cheek with the back of his fingers.

    “Am I making you warm?” he questions dominantly as you dare not to move, letting him softly touch you as you feel the wetness increasing in your core. You hate how much your body betrays you at moments like this. You want so desperately to resist him and prove your anger by sending him home, but he continues to break down your frustration with every second he spends focused on you.

    “N-no,” you stutter unconvincingly. “It is just warm out.”

    A large gust of cold air blows just as you finish your sentence and you look down at the ground in embarrassment.

    “It’s okay, baby girl. I already know how hot I make you feel,” he purrs as his hand continues to caress your face, his fingertips passing over your lips slowly. “I know how I make your heart beat so fast. Especially when I do things like this.”

    He begins walking towards you and you instinctively back away and into your apartment. He simply follows you as he lets himself in, never tearing his eyes off of your face as he slowly and calmly backs you against the wall. Once you are flat against it with nowhere else to go, he puts one hand on the wall and leans in so that his face is only inches from yours. You feel so vulnerable and under his control as he stares at you like his prey. He takes his free hand and rests it on top of your heart, feeling just how unbelievably quick your pulse is as your nerves grow.

    “Like I thought.”

    You are too embarrassed and worked up to even reply, simply looking up at him with shy eyes while he ponders exactly what to do with you.

    “Why were you avoiding me?” he questions mockingly. “Are you mad at me?”

    Yes. You want to say yes.

    “No,” you answer instead as he cuts through your defenses at the speed of light. He smiles down at you from the answer. He leans further down and begins sucking and biting your neck at a devilishly slow pace.

    “I don’t know if I believe you,” he states, continuing to kiss down towards your collarbone between words. “Should I make it up to you?”

    His proposition makes your core ache in need and you can feel yourself getting wet for him as he moves closer and closer to the edge of your towel. Unable to resist the sensation, you finally cave.


    He grins up at you and carefully pulls your towel off your body, letting it fall to the floor and revealing your naked figure. He moves his lips to your nipple, sucking and licking it teasingly as his hand stimulates your other one before switching over. You can’t help but moan quietly at the feeling, wishing he would continue his way down your body and towards your most sensitive parts.

    “Seonghwa, please,” you whimper pathetically considering you were hellbent on hating him just a short while ago.

    “What is it, baby?” he chimes in response, knowing just how to make you bend to his will. “What is it you want?”

    “Please eat me out,” you request as you sacrifice your dignity and give in to his expertise.

    “Since you asked so kindly…” he trails off as he kisses down your stomach and places one of your legs over his shoulder to get the perfect view of your pussy. He takes his middle finger and brushes it along your slit, feeling just how wet you are for him and then chuckling. “You act so angry, but what is all this?”

    He takes his finger into his mouth and tastes your arousal, causing you to hide your face in your hands from embarrassment. He pays it no mind, however, as he brings his mouth to your core and reminds you just how amazing he is at eating pussy. He switches between sucking and quickly licking your clit in order to get you moaning and breathing heavily above him. Your hands naturally rest in his hair as he continues to play with you.

    Without warning, he plunges two fingers into your hole and begins curling them up at the perfect angle to continuously brush against your g-spot. You gasp at the feeling and tighten your grip on his hair, causing him to moan against your clit. You instinctively begin grinding your core against him as he brings you closer and closer to you high. You can feel yourself approaching release as he continues mercilessly.

    “Seonghwa,” you whine breathily. “I’m- I’m gonna…”

    Before you can reach a state of ecstasy, Seonghwa has pulled away from your body entirely, leaving you shocked at how cruelly he has ripped away your orgasm.

    “What are you--”

    “Not yet,” he interrupts as he stands up and slips his shirt off. “I want you to cum around my cock.”

    His words only turn you on more as your hands rush towards his belt and he slips off his boots using only his feet. You rapidly remove the rest of his clothing and find that he is already rock hard and ready to have you to himself. He pulls your face against his and makes out with you hungrily as you guide him towards your bedroom, never breaking the kiss in the process.

    The backs of your knees hit the end of the bed and you sit down before sliding yourself further up. As your head reaches the pillows, he places himself on top of you and continues kissing you feverishly while stroking his dick.

    “Do you want me to fuck you, baby girl?” he asks although he already knows the answers.

    “Fuck me, Seonghwa,” you plead as the need to have him inside you grows.

    Without any further hesitation, he begins to push the head of his enormous dick into you, causing you to gasp as he stretches you out. He is kind enough to slowly enter you until he is all the way in and pausing so you can adjust. After a moment, he starts to experimentally pump in and out of you as you already moan underneath him, his size alone making it feel incredible.

    “Fuck, you have such a tight little pussy, baby,” he purrs in your ear as you wrap your legs around his waist. “How does it feel to be stuffed full of my cock?”

    His dirty mouth does wonders as he also picks up the pace, hitting you in just the right spot with each thrust.

    “It feels so good,” you moan truthfully, your hands grabbing onto his strong arms to keep yourself grounded. “You’re so fucking big.”

    He moans at the compliment and snaps his hips even harder. You pull him back in to kiss you as he continuously pounds into your pussy, lewd noises filling the room in the process. After a while, he pulls away and slips his dick out of you to command you shortly.

    “Turn over.”

    You do as he says and get on all fours as he begins to fuck you from behind. In this position, his dick hits you at an even better angle and you can’t help but curse loudly at just how good it feels. He picks up his pace and begins to get rough with how hard he is fucking you, but you love every second of it and how intense the feeling is.

    “You take my cock so well, baby girl,” he praises as his hand comes down to smack you on the ass, causing you to yelp in surprise. “So good for me.”

    He slaps you a few more times and you honestly wish he wouldn’t stop since it turns you on so much. Instead of spanking you, however, he locks his fingers into your hair and pulls you up so that your back is leaning against his chest. He doesn’t even slow his rhythm at all as he reaches around you with his free hand and begins rubbing your clit ruthlessly.

    “I want you to cum for me, baby,” he growls in your ear as your moans get louder. “Cum on my cock.”

    You are getting so close to orgasming and you let out a string of curse words as it builds endlessly. You finally reach your high and your pussy tightens powerfully around his dick, causing him to hiss at just how good it feels. As you come down from euphoria, Seonghwa lets go of your hair and you fall back down onto all fours.

    “My turn, baby,” he coos before ruthlessly pounding into you from behind, chasing his own high as moans spill endlessly from his mouth.

    You whimper at the sensation because of how sensitive you are while he fucks you roughly. It only takes him another minute before he is pulling out of you and cumming on your reddened ass, delicious groans filling the silence and making you wish you could see his expression right now.

    As his breathing begins to slow, he reaches for the tissues on your nightstand and cleans his cum off of your body. Once he is done, you plop down on the mattress, exhausted. He settles in next to you and pulls you closer to his warm body. You rest your head on his arm and hand on his chest as you both lay speechless, eyes drifting closed from how spent you both are. The last thing you remember before falling asleep is the feeling of him pulling the comforter over you.

    You wake abruptly in the morning as your pre-set alarm on your phone goes off. It is only six a.m., but you have to get ready for work since it is a Monday. After silencing the deafening alarm, you immediately recall last night’s events and look to your side in search of Seonghwa. The only things beside you in the bed, however, are your spare pillows and the comforter you kicked off in the middle of the night.

    Confused, you get up and slip on a t-shirt and panties before beginning to cautiously search your apartment for Seonghwa. You check the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen before concluding he must have left already.

    The same disappointment that you felt last time swells in your chest and you plop down on the couch to ponder the situation. Did he leave right after you fell asleep or did he wake up even before six a.m. in hopes of avoiding an awkward morning conversation? Is he that averse to speaking to you when it doesn’t involve getting into your panties? Is he just trying to avoid the inevitable conversation about what you two are? Is he finally ditching you now that you’ve slept with him?

    You check your phone to see if he sent you anything, but find that you only have numerous missed calls and messages from Wooyoung. Starting from relatively calm last night, his messages become more freaked out as they go on. He began by curiously trying to figure out why Seonghwa wanted your address to questioning why he left their apartment suddenly to freaking out as he put the pieces together when Seonghwa didn’t come home until the early hours of the morning.

    You feel a headache coming on and groan as you rest your head in your hands.

    Stupid Seonghwa.

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  • stay-tinystars
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Ship: Mingi x female reader

    Established relationship, parent au, fluff

    Word count: 262

    Warnings: Halloween parties, costumes. Let me know if I need to add anything.

    You stared down at the red dripping off your hands. The dark red staining your hands, literally. You looked in the mirror, your eyes seemed to glow red as did your husband's.

    "We're never going to get these stains out are we?" Mingi laughed, as he touched his red neck. His hand sticking slightly to the fake blood which was to be expected. The smiles along with the fangs and colored contacts made you both look quite creepy.

    "I think we're going to have red stains on our skin for a week," you laughed.

    "It's worth it mom!" Doyun said as he touched the two red spots you put as bite marks on his neck.

    It was your son's idea to have the whole family be vampires this Halloween. The 8 year old didn't want to be as he said "some lame non scary thing. I want to scare people".

    Mingis laughter was a stark contrast to the dark look you had both assembled. Even the 10 month old looked quite frightening with the blood red binky in her mouth. And the fake blood splattered across the small white dress you had found for her.

    "Well, are we ready to go to the party?" You asked as you picked up Hajoon, balancing her on your hip.

    "I'm ready to scare everyone!" Doyun called as he headed for the door.

    "Do you think he will scare people?" Mingi asked, you nodded.

    "I do, because I texted Yunho and he assured me the guys will pretend to be scared when we arrive" You smiled.

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  • joongsanhwa
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙥𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 — 𝑦𝑢𝑛ℎ𝑜

    genre: best friends-to-lovers au, fluff, angst if you squint, a bit of crack, gn!reader
    word count: 1.6k
    summary: When your little harmless 'assumption' about your best friend causes the room to feel unusual, you were about to find out the reason in an interesting way.


    The day couldn't get any less boring, so here you were in your best friends' room. Yunho and San are roommates and 2/9 of your friend group. Why were you in their room? Well you see, Mingi is asleep. On the other hand, Seonghwa is busy cleaning up his and Hongjoong's room, while the latter was obviously at his studio. Do I even have to mention how messy the trio, JongWooSang, 's room is? No offense, but never mind that.

    You were lying down beside San on his bed, leaning against his body with your head resting on his chest, both of you drained from the boredom. It doesn't make sense, but it currently made sense. San yawned as he watched Yunho play his computer game in full concentration.

    You lifelessly scrolled through Instagram, seeing pictures of your friends and other people you don't acquaint with. It was BORING boring, nothing was interesting to talk about, not until your eyes caught attention to the recent post of this woman named 'Hyejin'. [a/n: she's an oc.]

    As far as your mind can remember, she used to be Yunho's classmate back in the last year of high school. They recently had a reunion with his other classmates, just three days ago actually, and Yunho swore he was bored out of his life. He didn't attend just one class reunion, but three reunions in a year and he gave up from there. He said and quote, "It's so boring there, everyone just eats, takes a few pics with people then leaves afterward." You were honestly glad he stopped. In your defense, you wanted to spend time with him.

    Back to the topic, Hyejin's recent post was a picture of her and Yunho standing beside each other from the recent reunion they had. Yunho wanted to go home at that time and she went up to Yunho herself, but you didn't need to know that. The post was also accompanied by an overused caption of 'with Yunho <3'. Innocent, but kind of suspicious. "She even added a heart, how interesting." You thought.

    You couldn't help but release a scoff at how ridiculous she must've looked when she thought of posting that picture. It's not that you hated the woman or something, you just found it funny how she's showing her interest in Yunho to everyone.

    It wasn't the first time Hyejin posted a picture of her and Yunho together, this was the third time she did that, and let me just say that she never posts pictures of her with other guys. Just. Yunho. You, and all of his friends, knew that she for sure took multiple photos with other people during the reunion, but she decided to only post the one with Yunho in it. You're not so slick, bestie. You found it a little bit amusing, but this wasn't your business, to begin with anyway. Why should you care? Yeah, why should I?

    "Hey, Yunho. Not to assume or anything, but I think this Hyejin girl likes you." You announced in a nonchalant tone, not even sparing the said man a glance.

    You weren't even sure if he was listening to you at the moment, his attention still on his game with his headphones on. San, on the other hand, heard you loud and clear with both ears. Not really expecting a reaction from him, you continued your actions and as soon as he opened, that's when the bickering of the day started.

    " 'Not to assume' then proceeds to assume." San scoffed at you playfully, "How would you know? Are you some kind of fortune-teller?"

    The sarcasm was as clear as the night sky right now.

    You shrugged your shoulders, "No, but I can feel it."

    San glanced at Yunho momentarily to check his reaction to your proposition, but he didn't show any reaction at all nor did he even move from his place. "And what made you say that? I mean, you don't know even know her that much to make such assumption."

    "She's been posting pictures of her and Yunho, just them, with cute captions. I don't know, I just kind of felt suspicious of her intentions. In my defense, I know when a person likes someone and I'm just saying what I think is happening."

    At that moment, San thought you were the stupidest person he's ever met. How could you say you know when a person likes someone? He doesn't know how your mind works sometimes. Both men thought about your words and still seeing the lack of reaction from Yunho, San decided not to go deeper with the conversation.

    "Anyways, it doesn't mean anything. So, mind your own business next time."

    You were slightly offended by his tone, that's for sure. "Hey, I was just saying. Why are you suddenly talking to me like that? Geez, Choi San."

    "There was no reason for you to say that to Yunho, he's not even listening to you."

    Don't get it wrong, you and San were best friends, and bickering at each other was a sign of your playful friendship. Today though wasn't like that, his remarks weren't as playful as it usually was.

    "So what if he's not listening? You didn't have to give me that tone, it's offensive. It's not like he likes her and I'm intruding on their relationship or whatever they have going on." You rolled your eyes in the process.

    San caught the way Yunho's fist tightened around the mouse control and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't scared. "Still, y/n. Don't talk about her next time, got it?"

    "Yeah yeah, whatever you say. You didn't have to be sensitive about it." You mumbled the last part under your breath, but it didn't go unheard by the two men in the room.

    "You know, y/n." San started, pulling you closer towards his body. "For a person who knows when someone has feelings for another, you're quite the oblivious one."

    You looked up at San confusingly, "What do you mean? Is there something I don't know about or am I just stupid?"

    San gave you a side-eye, then patted your head gently. "You're not stupid, just oblivious."

    Even in the middle of bickering, he wouldn't want to call you degrading names. That was one thing you liked about him. Upon hearing that, Yunho unintentionally slammed his mouse control on the table and it startled both you and San because he wasn't one to act like that. No, not at all.

    San, though, was more aware of the reason behind Yunho's actions. He removed himself from your body, stood up from his bed, and excused himself. "Wooyoung is calling me, so I'll leave you two here." It was a lie, everyone knows that, but he left so quickly that no one got to say anything back.

    Once he was completely out of the room, you huffed and lay back down on the bed. "What's wrong with him? And Yunho, what's wrong with you too?" Yunho could only let out a deep sigh, but still no response.

    You found the situation very odd and uncomfortable to your liking, this wasn't what you expected when you decided to visit your best friends' dorm. "You two are acting weird today and I have no idea what's going on, I think I'll just leave too."

    Now it was your turn to stand up from the bed but before you could walk towards the door, the man finally spoke up for the first time since you had arrived. "y/n, wait."

    Turning to face him, he did the same, but he had his head down avoiding your eyes. "What do you think of me...and Hyejin?"

    Okay, now you were more confused than earlier. I thought he wasn't listening to my conversation with San, I guess he did. "I mean, I'm not exactly thinking of anything since it's not that big of a deal." You casually shrugged at him.

    Yunho nodded slowly, "I see...that's good."

    "By the way, did something happen during your game earlier? You looked, I don't know, annoyed?" You asked him, unsure.

    "Oh that, uh...haha, it's nothing." He waved his hand in denial, but you wanted to know the truth.

    Though you hate to force him to open up to you, you felt so left behind from them these days. May it be secrets or invites, your group doesn't hide anything from each other and that's why you needed to know.

    "Why do I feel like you guys are hiding something from me?" You narrowed your eyes towards his direction, "You haven't been opening up to me these days, San literally had to call me oblivious."

    Silence, there was a moment of silence as Yunho debated whether he should finally take the risk or not. Well, why not take the opportunity while it's there?

    "I know now is not the perfect time to sat this, but I don't want to leave with the thought of Hyejin and me together." He took a deep breath before holding your arms in place, "l/n y/n, I like you. I like you romantically, so don't ever talk about other girls to me."

    Oh? OH.

    "I-I wasn't expecting that, Yunho..."

    "You don't have to say anything, I just want to make sure you don't misunderstand the whole 'Hyejin' situation."

    "But, I wasn't-"

    "Anyways," He cut you off, stepping back from you. "Hongjoong-hyung is calling me, so I'll leave you here for a while." He actually wanted to hide himself from the embarrassment.

    You watched as he hurried out of the room, "Hongjoong isn't even back home yet." You muttered, not missing the butterflies in your stomach. As speechless as you were, you found his confession cute enough so you'll give him a pass.

    "Jeong Yunho, get back here!"

    ─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───

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  • graveyardmoons
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    touch 🔞

    ― optional female mc | fem!reader ― w: mutual masturbation, fingering ― 852 w. ― s: when you tease and please one another ― [original]

    When she touches you, your body comes alive with a burning hot desire. Every time her fingers brush your skin, electricity surges through each limb to make you anticipate the moment she goes further. As you lay on the bed together on a lazy afternoon, her wandering hands always lead to more. With her fingertips ghosting over your mound, it’s only a second before she dips her hand between your parting thighs. 

    A gasp fills the room and it makes her giggle. She is fully aware of what she does to you, what she does to your body. Goosebumps flood your skin as she teases your folds, running her fingers down your slit only to draw them back up toward your clit. Your eyes flutter closed before you’re grinning, and then you bite your lip as she circles the swollen, aching and ready nub with gentle caresses.

    She can’t help but to touch herself when she feels the softness of your skin. Her own hand lowers down her stomach before she’s sinking her fingers between her thighs. A quiet whimper falls from her lips, causing you to open your eyes to turn and look at her. Your sights fall to the hand working between her legs first, before your attention is drawn back to the one touching you. 

    She quickens her pace on the both of you. The motions earn another gasp from your lips and you can’t help it when your hand falls to cover her fingers working diligently. Slick arousal spills from your entrance as you begin moving your hips in time with her. She can’t stop the moans spilling from within, either. You notice her sink her hand lower to dip her fingers into her soaked pussy, the sight making your body flushed with desire.

    She does the same to you, lowering the digits to the arousal dripping out before pulling them back to your clit, continuing to circle the swollen bud to have you whimpering her name.

    “So wet, baby,” she whispers with a grin to send a wave of heat rushing through your body. 

    “Feels so good,” you can’t help but to moan in return, digging your nails into her skin as she plays between your thighs. The tension begins to build. The warmth bubbles from between your legs thanks to her. Every touch is electric, pleasure filling your body until you can take no more.

    Suddenly, you’re gripping her wrist as the waves of bliss roll through every inch of your body. You hold her tight as you ride out the pleasure thanks to her fingers, coming undone with a gasp and a moan of her name. 

    And after you begin coming undone, she continues her teasing. Her fingers drop to your entrance, gathering up your juices after the pleasure before returning to your clit, brushing over the far too sensitive nub until you’re gasping and pushing her away.

    But now that you’re taken care of, you turn your attention to her. Climbing to your knees, you gently push her hand out of the way to pin to her side as she giggles. With a devious glint in your eye, your hand dives between her thighs, picking up where she left off. You feel the slickness of her arousal between her folds, toying with her slit for a moment before finding her clit.

    “Make me come,” she whimpers desperately, sending another wave of heat through your body, but this time it’s with the desire to give her pleasure, make her feel good, and get her off. 

    “You’re so wet, baby,” you taunt her with her own previous words, a smirk on your face to make her bite her lip. Even more so when your hand lowers to pump your fingers inside of her dripping heat, only a few times, curling them against her walls to make her back arch from the bed and her toes curl. Then you pull away to align the digits with your mouth, pushing them inside to suck her juices right off your skin, tasting her sweetness right from the source.

    “Fuck,” she gasps in surprise, and you’re pleased enough with yourself so you return the attention to her clit once again. Steady motions of pleasurable circles are drawn against her flesh. Her breaths grow heavy as her eyes snap shut. You feel the tension in her body and know she’s growing close.

    “Come for me, baby,” you whisper the encouragement, feeling her hips roll and her thighs quiver with the need for release.

    It doesn’t take much longer for her to spill over the edge. The pleasure rushes through her as she gasps and tightens her thighs around your hand. A few whimpers of your name fall from her lips. The moment takes hold as she squirms and moans and gasps and trembles. 

    Then she begins coming down from the high. Her body is spent. Her breaths remain heavy. You lean in to place a few kisses against her temple to soothe her to relaxation, and the worn out grin on her lips tells you just how much she loves it.

    #Optional bias #optional bias smut #optional bias x reader #x reader #x reader smut #idol x reader #idol x reader smut #kpop#kpop smut#kpop imagines #optional bias imagines #bts smut#exo smut#got7 smut #monsta x smut #nct smut#ateez smut #stray kids smut #blackpink smut#twice smut #red velvet smut
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  • hongism
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    18 - k.hongjoong & c.san + exhibitionism (18+)

    » k.hongjoong x fem!reader x c.san » 18+ dni if minor » language, explicit smut, exhibitionism, threesome, poly dynamics, public sex, unprotected sex, teasing, manual stimulation, handjobs, grinding, marking, double penetration, piv, anal, anal plugs, vaginal fingering, double penetration, anal/vaginal creampie, use of petnames (kitten, sweetheart, darling) » wc 2.5k » link to masterlist

    “the shower is really nice, joong,” san announces as he steps out from the bathroom with you close behind him, arms slung around his waist. the flush to both your cheeks and his has nothing to do with the heat from your shower, and the plug nestled in your ass keeps the evidence of what you two were doing in there from spilling out entirely.

    “mhm, are you two already doing salacious things when we’ve only just got here?” hongjoong inquires from his spot on the couch. in reality, it had been his idea and plan to go on a weekend trip to this place — a quaint hot springs resort not far out of the city, but enough so that it really feels like a vacation. and while you had intended to simply shower off the gross feeling that came from a long car ride, san slipped in with you. it’s always hard to refuse him when his lips start roaming your body, so you had no qualms with letting him have a bit of fun before the true break started. your other lover seems unamused by your antics, even as san collapses on the couch cushions fully nude on top of hongjoong, lips roaming to find the older’s like it’s instinct.

    “you know how sannie is,” you reply through a smile, watching on with fondness as hongjoong continues to be ravaged by san’s kisses.

    “wanna go out to the hot springs,” san says when he finally pulls back from his unrelenting attack.

    “now? we just got here.”

    “and? don’t be a buzzkill, joong, you can sleep after we go out there! i wanna skinny dip.”

    “need i remind you that this is a public coed hot springs resort?” hongjoong snips. san releases a high-pitched whine and rolls away from the couch, pulling himself to his feet to stand in his nude glory right in front of hongjoong. the gesture is almost amusing, and you find yourself wanting to laugh as hongjoong desperately tries to avoid making eye contact with san’s softened dick that’s less than a foot away from his face.

    “all the more fun,” you purr, one edge of your lips pulling up to smile in hongjoong’s direction.

    “see?” san’s next huff of air is a triumphant one.

    “fine, but you have to wear a swimsuit; it’s not clothing optional!”

    san walks off with a pout but he offers no complaint to hongjoong’s demand. you take one look at hongjoong’s furrowed brows and tired expression, and it doesn’t take much to know what’s on his mind based on the look in his eyes.

    “baby, stop thinking about work for one day. we’re here for the whole weekend, and sannie really wants this to be a chance for you to relax and get away from thinking about work. so if anything, just try for today, yeah?” hongjoong stands up at your words, coming closer to where you linger beside the couch, and when he reaches you, he dips in for a quick kiss. “please?”

    “okay, i’ll try my best.”

    “thank you,” you whisper back, pressing your lips over his once more, and there’s a smile hovering over your lips this time that he mimics. “now let’s go change before san gets fussy over how slow we are.”

    as it turns out, san doesn’t bother either of you as you’re changing into your swimsuits, but he does stick near the edge of the door to the hot springs with a little bounce to his step that reminds you of a little kid. you can’t blame him really; this trip has been a long time coming, and you only just managed to pull hongjoong away from work because there was a lull in promotions and producing and schedules that allowed him to be dragged off for three days. while you aren’t nearly as busy as either of them, your own job prevented the trip from happening a few months ago, so the excitement san is feeling is understandable and warranted. you let him hook an arm around your waist as you leave the room, stepping onto the path to the hot springs with his fingers teasing the bare skin around your hip. hongjoong is close behind the two of you but not enough so to be hot on your heels or anything. you have a sneaking suspicion that he’s thinking about work again, something he shouldn’t be doing, but you don’t have the heart to call him out in front of san.

    mostly because san is simply elated when you finally reach the hot springs, pulling you into the warm water without warning and nearly treating it like a pool at first. of course, hongjoong doesn’t let that behavior last long.

    “san-ah, this is a public place, please behave.”

    and indeed it is, but there aren’t any other people around you. frankly, you think there aren’t many people here since it’s a friday and not quite the weekend or the end of the work week yet, but it doesn’t matter much in the long run. if san wants to fuck around, nothing is going to stop him from doing that — not even a persistent hongjoong who whines about it the whole time while feeding into what san wants. you wade through the water to move closer to hongjoong, slipping into the space by his side without hesitation. he takes an arm around your shoulders and draws you further against his body while san attempts to make himself float in the water. (to no avail, but he’s cute so you aren’t about to tell him to stop).

    eventually, somehow, you end up further pressed against hongjoong in the water, legs straddling his hips as you lay your head against his shoulder that still hovers above the water. it’s lazy and affectionate, and you have no ulterior motives. emphasis on you, because when san decides to wade over to where the two of you are perched, you know he’s up to something. that nagging feeling only continues when his hands secure on your hips and he uses your weight to pull himself flush against your back.

    “no one’s out here but us…” he starts, murmured words that brush between your shoulder blades.

    “san.” hongjoong’s tone holds a bit of warning, but it’s gentle and there isn’t much heat to it.

    “come on, joong, we haven’t had time for all three of us to mess around in a long time. i already had her ass in the shower so she’s all stretched and prepped anyway.”

    “oh, you planned this,” hongjoong snorts back in reply as his hands wander to cover where san’s rest against your hips.

    “guilty as charged, maybe. i just think we should use this opportunity to the fullest. please, darling?” san and hongjoong make eye contact over your shoulder, and you huff out a little laugh at the fading exasperation in the latter’s eyes.

    “you’re just gonna let him get away with being a menace like this?” the question is directed at you, but you simply hum in response and move a hand from hongjoong’s waist to someplace lower. his breath hitches against your ear. “nevermind, the both of you are absolutely evil.”

    “guilty as charged,” you echo san’s earlier words to hongjoong again now as you take his concealed and softened member into your palm through his swim shorts. hongjoong sighs into your neck, but then his lips start moving over your skin in a way that’s telling truly. your hips roll down into the space where your hand grips his cock. san is already pushing your bottoms to the side and revealing the end of the little black plug he stuck in you after your shower. you let him move your hips higher, exposing your most private parts to the empty scenery as he tugs the plug out of your ass. if a whimper escapes you, you’ll never admit it, but you will have no shame in saying that you clench your puckered hole around nothing when san frees the plug from your ass because his cum is still inside you and you don’t want to drip it into the hot springs water.

    “san-ah,” hongjoong exhales quietly, eyes trained on the plug as san sets it on the stone near hongjoong’s shoulder.

    “shh, it’ll be okay, we’ll be quick.” san’s member touches your entrance without warning, already firmly erect against your fluttering hole, and you choose to focus your attention on hongjoong’s cock rather than san when he starts pushing into you. really it doesn’t hurt one bit, not with how he fucked you in the shower and with the extra help from the plug, but you’re more interested in getting hongjoong in your other hole right now.

    “finger me, joongie? want your cock in me as sannie fucks me.”

    hongjoong releases a string of expletives that sound far too attractive coming from his tongue. he fumbles to get a hand down between your legs, nearly knocking your own away from his dick in his rush to slip into your swimsuit and reach your cunt.

    “what, kitten? one cock isn’t enough for you?” he murmurs against the curve of your neck. san bottoms out inside the wet and messy heat of your ass, and you feel his breath at the nape of your neck as he settles there, not moving inside you quite yet. “insatiable.”

    “it’s, ah, your fault.” hongjoong pushes two fingers into your pussy, not bothering with the prep of just one as he starts scissoring his digits inside you immediately.

    “hm? our fault? or just mine?”

    “both of you,” you hiss. your hand finds the side of hongjoong’s face against your shoulder then you pull him up to look at you with fingers laced through his hair. through the obvious lust in his eyes, there’s the fondness you’ve grown so familiar with, and for a moment, you stop to simply stare and take in that adoration. then, hongjoong is curling his fingers inside your cunt and you cry out in surprise and pleasure combined, head dipping to rest against hongjoong’s forehead. he chuckles into your open mouth, repeating the same motion inside your walls just to hear that pretty noise again.

    “mm, i think our kitten deserves to be spoiled though. who cares if she’s insatiable?” san’s the one to utter the words, and he only speaks when hongjoong pulls his fingers free of your cunt. “i want our baby girl to get everything she wants and more.”

    “you’re the root of the problem then,” hongjoong huffs out but you know there’s no real venom to his tone. he can put up his front — act nonchalant and disinterested all he wants — at the end of the day, he’s the one who spoils you and san more than anyone else; he just refuses to admit the extent of how whipped he is for both of you.

    his cock presses up against the entrance to your cunt, nudging your folds apart to welcome his length better, and before beginning your descent onto him, you take his lips with yours in a sweet but chaste kiss.

    “you love us so much,” you giggle into him. hongjoong only has the chance to huff out a shaky laugh because your walls are clenching around his length and taking him deeper into you. san’s still at your back, working lazy kisses over every inch of skin he has access to, and you can tell he’s not being shy about the marks he’s leaving there. and though you wish you could do the same in return, you simply tilt your head back and revel in the delightful stretch between your legs. on one hand, it feels a bit like you’re being split open, but the warm water around you helps relax your tense muscles and makes the adjustment period more manageable by a long shot.

    “can i start moving, kitten?” san asks behind you, a little desperation to his plea, and you don’t doubt that he’s getting impatient given how long he’s been sitting still inside you.

    “please,” you exhale in response. your eyelids flutter shut as san begins to move a little, and with your forehead still pressed to hongjoong’s, you can feel his soft pants of breath over your face. “see? wasn’t the break worth it?”

    hongjoong laughs, trying to contain his grin to no avail, then his hips start to build a pace that works in time with san’s thrusts.

    “yeah, sweetheart, you know that damn well.” you can’t muster up a reply between your moans, broken and choppy sounds that come with every rub of their cocks inside you. but you’re fairly certain there’s a smile on your lips at the very least.

    perhaps you shouldn’t feel at peace in a situation like this — with water splashing around you and both men fucking you so relentlessly in an open and public space, but the euphoric pleasure outweighs everything else. that feeling only builds in your gut, tightens the coils that threaten to snap at any second, and you just give yourself over to the sensations flowing through your body.

    san cums first — you think he does at least, things start to blur together when you near your own high — but someone definitely cums before you do, and it must be san because he’s the one who always sinks his teeth into the flesh of your shoulder to muffle his noisy whines. he adds to the mess already stuffed inside your ass, fingers massaging small rings into your ass as his dick twitches inside you. when you orgasm right after, your walls squeeze around both their cocks, sucking them deeper into you and preventing hongjoong from moving much more than he is. that added pressure, it seems, spurs hongjoong to cum as well, and he doesn’t bother pulling out before his seed paints your inner walls white.

    “a good start to our vacation, don’t you think?” san asks once he fully comes down from his orgasm. hongjoong dips closer to your mouth and lays a kiss to your lips before pulling away and motioning for san to come closer. the other man obliges with no shortage of joy, delighting in his dosage of post-sex kisses with little hums of approval the entire time.

    “i’m never taking you two here again.”


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  • blu-joons
    20.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    DAD ATEEZ A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Hongjoong


    The most important thing for Hongjoong whenever he is affectionate around you is that you feel safe with him. He knows pregnancy is slightly terrifying for you sometimes, and so he’ll always try to comfort you in his hold.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    When it comes to keeping you safe, one of the biggest things for him to do is research and look up all the things that he can do to make life easier for you. Whether it’s a simple massage, or maybe a specific meal that he can cook to give you more energy, Hongjoong will do whatever to make life with your bump easier for you.


    Most nights when he leaves work, Hongjoong will send you a text to see if there is something that you want him to pick up. Even if it means him getting home a little bit later, seeing the smile on your face when he returns with whatever you’ve requested is always worth it for him, no matter how tired he sometimes is.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Your due date was very important for Hongjoong, mainly because he wanted to be there with you when the time came. Polishing everything off at work was his biggest priority, making sure that the group was left in a good place for however long he would be gone was crucial. The last thing Hongjoong wanted to do was leave you in your last week of pregnancy alone just in case your baby decided to arrive a little earlier than planned.


    He can’t wait to become a dad, that’s the one thing he tells you almost every day whenever he cuddles up around your bump, but as much as Hongjoong wants to enjoy your pregnancy, at times when it comes to getting organised, he can become very serious. Hongjoong liked to stay on top of things, and even though you wanted to relax sometimes, Hongjoong wanted to get things done so you had less to worry about later.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Hongjoong’s family were beyond excited for the two of you to settle down and start a family together. For years they had watched Hongjoong as an incredible leader, knowing that one day those skills would translate into becoming a great dad too. They knew things would be hard for you both, but they were more than happy to support you whenever you needed them and enjoy your pregnancy with you.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    He was pretty determined that the two of you should find out the gender of your baby so that the two of you could stay organised. Hongjoong could see the practical sides of finding out the gender of your baby, from organising the nursery and buying their wardrobe, it seemed like the logical thing for the both of you to do.


    The sound of your baby’s heartbeat always turned Hongjoong into someone incredibly soft, he could never quite believe what he was hearing from the monitor. You could often see him tearing up out of the corner of your eye, even if Hongjoong refused to admit that it was something that made him emotional.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    In the way that he treated you was often how you found Hongjoong letting you know that he loved you the most. Despite how busy he was getting things completed before your baby arrived, he always found the time for you still in between all of the chaos, never letting you be forgotten in his list of priorities.


    Although he doesn’t particularly feel jealous, underhand comments can often get under Hongjoong’s skin. Even if he knows that someone is joking about how he will be as a dad, he still can’t help but get a little bit defensive. Hongjoong isn’t someone that will create a huge scene, but whoever passed the comment will be able to tell by the look in his eyes as he stares at them that he was far from impressed with what they had said.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    At the end of the day when he finally let himself relax, Hongjoong would relax his arm around your bump so that he could feel your baby’s kicks. He often felt as if he missed out throughout the day with his schedule, and so the night-time was always when he made the most of feeling your baby wriggling around.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was very serious throughout your labour, although he tried to appear calm, he was far from it. The tension in the room made Hongjoong incredibly nervous, and although he was always beside you and holding your hand, you could feel how fearful he was by his hold. He barely smiled, watching over everything with a very close eye until eventually your baby made an appearance, allowing him to smile again.


    There was never a chance of Hongjoong leaving you alone in the mornings, he would make sure that he was up at an early time so that he was already awake and able to head straight for the bathroom when he heard you get up. As you jumped up from the bed and darted out of the room across the landing and beside the toilet, he would do the same.


    Hongjoong loved to treat the construction of your nursery as a chance to spend time with you. It was rare for you to spend quality time with one another when you were so busy, but your baby’s nursery was the perfect excuse.


    He was obsessed with your hands and how protective they were around your bump. Whenever they were empty, they would rest against the top of your bump, it was a small act, but it always put a smile on Hongjoong’s face.


    After you gave birth, Hongjoong was very protective of you and wary of giving your body the time to heal. Aside from taking care of your baby, he barely let you do anything else, as he had done at work, Hongjoong took the responsibility on at home too, not letting you do any of the things that you usually did.


    One evening Hongjoong took you by surprise, coming home to ask you if you wanted to hear a small song that he had spent his time writing at the studio, with all of it revolving around your pregnancy and his emotions surrounding it.


    The most important item in your baby’s nursery was the giant minion plushie that Hongjoong had purchased online. There was no way he wasn’t going to have one of his favourite things in your baby’s room, hoping to pass down his love and his collection of them onto your baby some day when they favoured them too.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    He loved to show off your scans, especially whenever he was at work as everyone always knew how excited Hongjoong was. He would take the day off for your appointments, so everyone would prepare the day before knowing that he was coming in the following day to tell them all about how it had all gone.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The two of you had discussed having a baby, but you never made any specific plans to start trying for one, so when you found out you were pregnant, it was a surprise, but something that you also felt ready for.


    He loved to make sure you were well looked after for the whole day of your appointments, spending morning right through until night with you on the days of them.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    Hongjoong was keen to wait to invite guests around until you were starting to get back on your feet. The last thing he wanted to do was leave you feeling guilty with people coming to your house when you couldn’t even stand.


    For the most part, Hongjoong was patient in waiting for your baby to arrive, determined to make the most of the nine months you had of pregnancy.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    His kisses are especially soft with you whilst you’re pregnant, always taking care of you and making sure that you feel loved. Every kiss is filled with love, Hongjoong will never leave a kiss wasted on you whilst you’re pregnant.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his human, by far his most favourite person in the entire world.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    Hongjoong made an effort to make sure that he came home every night rather than sleeping at the studio so that he could fall asleep beside your bump and also make sure that you felt well looked after by him too.



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  • ateez-amanda
    20.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Amanda's Outfits for Deja Vu Stages

    Disclaimers: none of the photos are mine but the collages are


    taglist: send an ask to be on the taglist! :)

    210916 mcountdown; 210929 show champion
    210917 music bank; 210922 show champion
    210919 inkigayo
    210924 music bank
    210925 music core
    210926 inkigayo
    210928 the show
    #ateez-amanda #fever pt. 3; amanda #9th member of ateez #ateez 9th member #ateez ninth member #ateez female addition #ateez female member #ateez oc #ateez female oc #ateez imagines#ateez au #ateez extra member #kpop oc #kpop female oc #kpop addition #kpop female member
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  • inadaydream99
    20.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Best Friends

    Part One - A Bet Is Made

    Ateez non-idol au, university au, gender of reader not specified but written with female reader in mind

    A/N - This is a rewrite of the first fic I wrote, the original name ‘Just Friends, Or Maybe More?’. I’ve always looked back on it and known I could make it so much better, so as a celebration for hitting 1000 followers I thought I’d finally rewrite it! I hope you enjoy!

    Disclaimer: This is purely fictional and does not in any way represent the members in real life. This fic is a rewrite and so will seem familiar in plot if you have read the original (which will remain linked on my masterlist). I have modified the plot for the purpose of not being identical to the original.

    If you were able to travel back in time and tell yourself about the odd situation you find yourself in right now, your past self would think you’re delusional. But that’s just it, life is crazy when you are friends with eight incredibly handsome, talented and interesting guys.

    You initially became friends with Mingi because you took the same classes in your first year of university. He’d turned up late to the introductory lecture and rushed into the first seat he came across. Which coincidentally happened to be the one beside you. You remember how his hair was all messy and how he clumsily flung his bag down onto the floor. You also remember how he asked if he could share your textbook because he’d forgotten to bring his; which you found strange considering the loud thud his bag made when it fell on the floor. I mean, what was he keeping in there, rocks?

    At the time you didn’t really pay him much attention, assuming that that would most likely be your only interaction with Mingi. But the following week he sat next to you again. Although, thankfully this time he wasn’t late.

    You slowly became closer to Mingi through these classes and eventually began hanging out to work on assignments together, your friendship growing very quickly because you found him so easy to get along with; he’s just a genuine guy, and very funny.

    Naturally, once you’d formed a solid friendship with him, Mingi introduced you to his group of friends. You came to realise that you had classes with Wooyoung and San, despite not having spoken to them before. And then Wooyoung had introduced you to Yeosang, Seonghwa and Jongho at a party a few weeks later. You recognised Hongjoong from your Literature class when you first met while studying with San. And Finally, Yunho, you’d heard a lot about before you met and, despite not taking any of the same classes, you became close to him quickly too.

    One of the first things you observed about your friends was how much they bounced off each other. Never before had you witnessed a group of people with such diverse interests and experiences get along so well. It’s also not unusual to hear them getting themselves into random bets with one another; they’re some of the most competitive people you’ve ever met and while you’d happily have them on your team during a pub quiz, you’d never want to go up against them.

    And while you’re not technically doing that, you do find yourself in the midst of the biggest bet you’ve seen them get into…

    It all started when you’d finally finished the most dreaded shift of yours. Working part time at the student cafe on your university campus seemed simple enough and also a necessary income for you to survive. But, there was nothing that you dreaded more in the world than the final day of classes before a break in the semester. Mostly because classes always end early on the last day and gives students all the more reason to flood the cafe. You see, despite having a week off of classes, assignments are continuous and you’re expected to ‘utilise you’re break to work’ instead of actually taking time to relax.

    Instead of going back to their dorms, however, students seem to flood every possible social space they can. Everywhere you look there’s overtired students with their head stuck in books or glued to their laptops, surviving off of caffeine for as long as their body can handle. Those are the ones that actually do use the break for work. Then there are those who take any chance to escape classes and seize the opportunity to have a good time. And that also starts at the cafe; large groups of friends socialising over coffee in celebration.

    In summary, it’s hectic.

    After your shift had finally come to an end you’d rushed straight over to see your friends, hoping that they would see the stress and exhaustion on your face and invite you in for lots of warm hugs and, most importantly, rest.

    But no. Instead you find yourself in the middle of a heated debate between Wooyoung and Jongho, both of them barking at each other, and in Wooyoung’s case literally barking, all because they can’t stand to lose. Despite loving that they chose to live together because it made it so much easier for you to pay them all a visit. Right now you were wishing you had just gone back to your own dorm instead.

    “Guys!” You finally lose your patience, raising your voice over the arguing to gain their attention. “I’ve got such a headache.” You whimper, your hands massaging your temples as you shut your eyes. It’s almost pathetic how sorry you feel for yourself at this point.

    “Sorry.” They both reluctantly mumble, remaining silent until you open your eyes once again to take in their apologetic frowns.

    “What were you even arguing about anyway?” You question, watching as Jongho shoots an uneasy side glance to Wooyoung signalling for him to speak up.

    “That I’m your favourite.” Wooyoung mumbles. It’s like he knows how ridiculous the argument is before he’s even admitted it out loud.

    “Which isn’t true because I am.” Jongho grumbles, huffing as he crosses his arms over his chest defensively. He’s clearly not ready to give up just yet.

    “Enough.” You scold. “I don’t have a favourite so your argument is pointless.” You bluntly state. Despite your harsh tone, you feel bad for talking to them this way. It’s unlike you, but then again, you’re not feeling your best.

    “Pft. Yeah right.” Your head snaps to find Hongjoong stood beside you the second you hear his scoff. He’s obviously heard enough of your conversation to understand what’s been going on, but you’d been too wrapped up in your own self pity to notice his presence.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” You tilt your head in question, teeth gritted from the sheer audacity Hongjoong has to question you.

    “I don’t mean it that way.” He holds his hands up in surrender to your glare. “I just think everyone has things they favour for no reason other than they do, and so it’s unlikely that you differ with us.” Hongjoong continues to reason, watching you carefully as you take in his words.

    You understand where he is coming from, but at the end of the day, it’s only his opinion. You really can’t be bothered to continue this conversation for much longer, only wanting to lay down and maybe take a nap.

    “I’m gonna have a rest.” You sigh. “We can talk after.” You add, sending each of them a small smile, hoping they understand that you aren’t trying to be rude.

    The three of them watch wordlessly as you head towards the living room. Maybe you’ll be ready to talk it out a bit later on, but for now, all you want is sleep.


    It’s a few hours later and you wake up to find your headache gone and your head laying on someone’s chest.

    You cast an unsure gaze around the room without moving your head away from your human pillow, disorientated because when you’d initially snuggled up on the sofa you had been alone.

    “Feeling better?” A hushed voice whispers down at you, their hand soothingly running through your hair in comfort.

    Peering up you notice that it’s Yunho you’ve been cuddled into. His soft smile filling you with warmth before you wrap your arms around him properly.

    “I wanted to watch this drama and you looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you.” He informs you, sensing your impending question.

    “Thank you.” You whisper, your voice still a little hoarse from your sleep.

    It’s when you finally pull away from Yunho’s embrace to sit up properly that you are fully able to take in your surroundings.

    The tv is playing the drama quietly, only just loud enough to hear if everything remains silent. Then you notice San perched in the corner adjacent to where you are sat, focused on the book in his hands. Yeosang is to San’s left, scrolling through his phone and occasionally flicking his gaze up to the tv to catch a glimpse of what is going on.

    It’s quiet. Too quite for comfort. And you find yourself waiting, listening out for even a hint of noise coming from one of the other rooms.

    “Where is everyone else?” You turn your attention back to Yunho once again. You watch as he pauses the tv before shifting in his seat to face you properly.

    “I don’t know.” He chuckles. “But it feels weird, right?” Yunho continues and you nod in agreement.

    Your little observation doesn’t last for long however, the rest of the guys piling through the front door and shattering the tranquil atmosphere that had settled within mere seconds.

    “I got waffles!” Wooyoung rushes into the room, holding the waffles in the air like a trophy and successfully gaining everyone’s attention.

    “Oh! Can I have one?” You spring up, sending Wooyoung your biggest smile.

    “Sorry. I don’t share with liars.” He mocks, sticking his tongue out at you playfully. You roll your eyes in response, disappointed but not surprised that he’s still salty about earlier. “Sannie come and get a waffle.” Wooyoung bounces over to San, handing him a waffle almost ceremoniously.

    “Why are you a liar?” Yunho raises a brow, evidently not being aware of your pre nap debate.

    “(Y/N) said she doesn’t have a favourite.” Yunho lets out an overly dramatic gasp upon hearing Wooyoung’s words, his hand covering his chest in shock as he looks at you with wide eyes.

    “But I thought I was your favourite.” You left out a giggle at his feigned offence, cuddling into his side the second Yunho begins to laugh along with you.

    “What? favourite? who?” Seonghwa questions as he enters the room. He’d only heard selected words and uttered those back instantly for more clarification.

    “Are we still seriously going on about this?” You complain, shooting Jongho a displeased pout when he responds “yes” cheekily.

    “Can someone fill us in please?” Yeosang presses, placing his phone down on the table beside him so he can invest his full, undivided attention onto the conversation at hand.

    You become a little self conscious as Hongjoong recaps the earlier debate, all eight of your friends staring at you when a lull in the conversation falls.

    “Come on (Y/N), you’re seriously not going to defend yourself?” Wooyoung pesters, earning a reprimanding smack to his arm from San; waffle stuffed into his mouth rendering him unable to speak.

    “But I really don’t favour any of you. I can prove it.”You complain, your tone remnant of a whiny child.

    “Seems like a challenge to me.” Hongjoong chuckles.

    “Oh really? What are you gonna do, charm me into becoming my favourite?” You snort in amusement, clearly joking. Except no one else finds it funny. Instead they all stare at you in silence, waiting for you to notice that, yes, that is exactly what they are planning to do.


    So the Bet has been set. A battle of favourites is about to be underway. Despite you not being able to technically win this bet, as it’s between the guys, you are the one that will be showered in attention and judging. So you feel like you’ve won before it’s even started.

    The rules are as follows:

    1. You must spend one day with each of the guys equally.

    2. Each one of them gets to choose what you both do on their day and no one is allowed to complain about it.

    3. The winner is decided by you, based on the day and who’s company you enjoy the most. The catch being that you have to choose only one winner.

    It’s a difficult decision, but one that you are willing to take. I mean, it’s literally eight incredibly handsome guys fighting to be your favourite. You’d have to be insane not to want that.

    “So who is going first?” You question, glancing around the room to see if there is any eager participants.

    Ironically, no one volunteers.

    “Maybe we should decide by rock, paper, scissors?” Mingi suggests.

    [Chapter Two coming soon]

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  • restlessmaknae
    20.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    masterlist ✦ ateez

    angst [🌪]  fluff [☀]  action [♦]  comforting [♥]


    ✒ wanna rant? ♥ ☀


    ✒ the call of the ocean 🌪


    ✒ love the way you frown ☀


    ✒ take a piece of my heart and make it all your own ☀ ♥


    ✒ I. Did you find your treasure? → prince!Wooyoung x OC ☀ 🌪 ♦

    ✒ II. Did you find your dream? → prince!San x OC ☀ 🌪 ♦

    ✒ III. Can you see the changes? → prince!Yunho x OC ☀ 🌪 ♦

    ✒ IV. We are the history → prince!Seonghwa x OC ☀ 🌪 ♦

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  • hwaillight
    20.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    request rules + info

    i’ll write about anyone from the boyz and ateez, and about any ship! if i don’t know their character that well, then it might take a while for me to write it. Open for any suggestions and requests starting from one shots, imagines, stories, headcanons, reactions, mtl and along with the other stuff that i haven’t mentioned :D

    what i can write: fluff, angst, any AU trope, poly, fantasy, dystopian, slight nsfw, major character death, little space, possessive or toxic behaviours, ABO verse, platonic/romantic ships, idol x reader / idol x oc, hybrids 

    not so much (less experience with): yandere, major/heavy nsfw

    you can also send me a song, a picture, a prompt or an aesthetic for me to write about a certain character! tell me a brief idea of what you have imagined and i’ll try my best to make it come true <3

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  • escapewriter
    20.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    part 8 - i corn not go on

    iced tea

    mingi x reader

    genre : fluff, humor, slight angst, smau, slice of life au, college au, friends to lovers

    warnings : swearing

    prev : next



    ⤷ iced tea can refresh someone on a warm day. however, when you give it to the same performer outside the coffee house without missing a single day, it doesn’t feel that refreshing when the act goes unnoticed.

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  • m00niesk7
    20.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    relationship with hyunjin


    these two are couple of wackos with each other. they keep each other close due to "circumstances". hyunjin is the the only one of moon's biological family that she still considers family. hyunjin loves and appreciates his noona and even though they've only known each other for a few years it feels as if they've never been apart in the first place.

    ❀ aesthetics ❀

    ∆ laughing on the couch

    ∆ bickering over what to eat for lunch

    ∆ playing with kkami/bibi

    ∆ home cooked meals

    ∆ dance practice

    ∆ ruffling each other's hair

    ∆ hyunjin bragging about his height

    ∆ stealing each other's snacks

    ∆ sibling telepathy

    ∆ loudly singing to their playlist

    ∆ yelling over videogames

    ❀ memorable moments ❀

    ∆ when they first met and there was just awkward silence and overwhelmed emotions

    ∆ when they had went out for lunch one day which resulted in a dating scandal

    ∆ when they were playing around in the snow (winter 2019) then moon threw a snowball at hyunjin's face; he got up to get her back but tripped instead

    ∆ when they were making cookies and moon decided to take an nap, so she told hyunjin to watch them. which he forgot to do and took kkami out for a walk. he came back to a house full of smoke and a very upset moon

    ∆ when they were both in kq's dance studio and hyunjin was feeling mischievous and proceeded to trip moon while she was dancing. i kid you not, they had a whole wrestling match in that practice room

    ∆ when moon was feeling vulnerable during her hiatus and needed someone to talk to, hyunjin was there

    ∆ when hyunjin needed someone to be there for him during his scandal/hiatus, moon was there

    ∆ when they had finished watching a scary movie and were getting ready for bed and hyunjin asked if she could sleep in his or with him

    ∆ when moon was the choreographer for skz' back door and walked through the practice room door, she was greeted with a loud, "NOONA!"

    ∆ when they went out one night to walk around the city and talk, just enjoying each other's presence

    ❀ photo memories ❀

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  • cursedsunoo
    20.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #ɞ — ateez #ɞ — seonghwa #ɞ — hongjoong #ɞ — yunho #ɞ — yeosang #ɞ — san #ɞ — mingi #ɞ — wooyoung #ɞ — jongho #ateez x reader #ateez imagine#ateez reactions
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  • bobateastay
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    you'll be fine (without me) - c.s

    choi san x gender neutral!reader

    cw - angst, mentions of organs/physical pain

    word count: 3.9k

    this fic has been written as a part of @yungisstar1117-writes' october collab! check out the other works for the collab on her blog!

    San thinks that there are three kinds of pain.

    The first kind is a warning. It’s the twist in your stomach before you throw up. The numbing pain in your joints that forebodes arthritis. For a singer and a dancer like him, it’s the throat ache when you forget to warm up or the throb of a muscle when it's been overworked. This is a good kind of pain. It tells you when you’re too close to the ledge and gives you a chance to step back from it. San has nothing against this kind of pain.

    The second kind is the kind that comes with healing. It’s the dull ache of a scab that’s fading into a scar. It’s the occasional pins and needles in the back of your head when a migraine is fading away. This kind of pain is a border between pain and safety more than anything else. San has nothing against this kind of pain either.

    San doesn’t have an analogy for the third kind of pain. It isn’t a prologue to deterioration but deterioration itself, with no promise of recovery or cure. Like the stale, sterile air of a palliative care ward, it lets you know that you will not come back from it. It tells you this gently, because although it occasionally takes the form of a sharp, sudden, stabbing shock between your ribs, this is always the kind of pain that builds gradually - so gradually that you’re only aware of it when it finally greets you with an eager smile, as though to ask ‘weren’t you expecting me?’. This is the kind of pain that San respects most. It’s the kind that can be spotted early, when it’s still nothing but gum on the sole of your shoe or a loose thread in your shirt. Nobody spots it early, San knows that. But at least it gives you a chance.

    San knows you like the back of his hand. He always has. He can’t really say that meeting you was love at first sight. Instead, the two of you had clicked together like puzzle pieces. If he could describe his friendship and relationship with you, he’d say that it was a perfectly synchronised dance break. Everything with you feels like muscle memory, even new things, like the two of you have done it all before dozens of times in a past life. Whether it’s your fingers in his hair or your lips against his temple in a gentle kiss, you’re familiar to San. Like the lyrics to his favourite songs, the choreography for their comebacks, the smell of his bedsheets and the taste of his favourite ice cream. It’s this familiarity that he leans into and loves. It’s this familiarity that meets the requirements for the third kind of pain. It’s how he can tell when it’s coming.

    He knows that the words ‘break up’ will never leave your lips - the two of you aren’t something that can be broken up. The two of you have been sharing things for as long as he can remember. You share mattresses during sleepovers, drinks at coffee shops, eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner. San can’t really remember when the sharing stopped being the sharing of objects and became the sharing of each other. Every freckle and beauty mark on San’s skin is just as much yours as they are his. Every crease in your lips and quiet scar on your body is imprinted onto him. There’s no boundary between the two of you. You are just as much him as you are yourself - he is just as much you as he is himself.

    So the words ‘break up’ would be unrealistic. Redundant. The words that San hears are thousands of times worse.

    “I don’t think this is right anymore. I don’t think that we’re right for each other anymore,” is what you say to him. He tries to convince himself that he misheard you. The two of you are sitting in a cafe, lively and bustling. Maybe he misheard you over the baby bawling two tables away or over the group of teenagers bickering with each other fondly. He tries as hard as he can to convince himself but it doesn’t work. He knows he didn’t mishear.

    Worst of all, he thinks that things are still right. How could they not be? He would've noticed if something was wrong, surely. He knows you like the back of his hand after all. How could he not have noticed?

    He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say. You’re the only person he’s ever dated. He’s never had to be sad about something like this before. He’s never had his heart broken. Heartbreak. What a stupid word, he thinks. A heart doesn’t break. It isn’t made of glass or metal or plastic parts that can snap or splinter. The heart is alive, like any other organ in the body. So it doesn’t break. It stops beating. It stops pumping blood. It sits in your chest, useless. It rots. It dies.

    “Are you sure?” he finally asks. His voice is steadier than he expects but even so the tight pain in his chest makes itself known in his voice. He takes in your expression. The crease in your brow. The frown on your lips. He can feel the same mannerisms present on his own face. He wonders which of you is subconsciously mirroring the other.

    “I’m sure,” you whisper.

    San can feel his heart stop beating. He feels when it stops pumping blood, sitting uselessly in his chest. He knows that soon it will rot. And it will die.

    When he gets home, Seonghwa asks him if he bought laundry detergent. San tries to remember when he was told to buy laundry detergent but all he remembers is your words from earlier in the day.

    “No, I didn’t buy any,” he replies, toeing off his shoes and moving to get himself a glass of water from the kitchen. Every step seems to take years and by the time he’s gotten his glass of water, Seonghwa is lingering behind him with a furrow between his brows.

    “Are you okay Sannie?” the older man asks.

    San knows that he hasn’t been okay since every familiar crease of your features told him that he was going to leave the cafe with news that he didn’t want to hear. That he hasn’t been okay since he saw your familiar face in the cafe where you told him that things weren’t right anymore. But up until now the pain in his chest has been his own to hold, hidden inside of him and entirely his own, and now that Seonghwa sees it he feels naked, stripped to the bone.

    “No,” he replies honestly. He’s holding onto the glass of water so tightly that his knuckles have turned white and he’s scared that he’s going to break it. Seonghwa wraps an arm around his shoulders and although their height difference is next to nothing, he tucks San’s head away into his shoulder the way a parent does with a child.

    “Whatever it is, I’m here. We’re all here. You’ll be alright,” he reassures San.

    San does break the glass, although it’s not with his hand. It falls from his grip, and the sound of it shattering on the floor is what pulls the first sob from San’s chest.

    When San wakes up in the middle of the night, there’s a gaping hole in his chest where his lungs used to be. He had always heard of people feeling numb after break ups and when he’d gone to sleep last night he’d hoped it would be true, that he’d wake up cold and empty and despondent. Instead, there’s an unbearable pain in his chest that makes it hard to sit up. Each of his breaths is conscious and forced to the point where he’s gasping for air that isn’t reaching his lungs.

    “San?” Yunho’s half-asleep voice calls from the bunk below his, making him vaguely aware that he shouldn’t be awake yet.

    San doesn’t answer - whether he can’t or doesn’t want to he’s not sure. The phantom pain of where his lungs used to inflate and his heart used to beat is paralysing, his chest rising and falling erratically as he tries to convince himself that his organs are still inside of him. He tries to convince himself that he didn’t leave them behind on the table at the cafe for you to keep, bloody and convulsing on the coffee-stained table like fish out of water.

    “San, are you okay?” Yunho asks, sounding significantly less asleep.

    But he did leave them behind on the table, didn’t he? His heart was never only his. It was yours too, and you’d torn it out of his chest - not selfishly, not maliciously, but you’d torn it out all the same, to keep it for yourself when you didn’t even want it anymore. What a useless organ donor he is, San thinks to himself.

    Yunho’s hand is against his back now and San wonders if the other can feel his heartbeat or if his chest really is as hollow as it feels.

    “I’m going to get Hongjoong,” Yunho tells him, every trace of sleep gone from his voice.

    By the time Hongjoong gets to their room, there’s spit dribbling down San’s bottom lip, accompanied by snot and tears. Hongjoong takes his face in his hands and wipes away the spit and the snot and the tears without a trace of disgust, holding him and taking slow, steady breaths until San is copying him. There’s no air in his lungs but they inflate all the same, fueling the pain until it’s the only thing in San’s body.

    “What’s wrong, San? Do you need me to call anybody?” Hongjoong asks, using the hem of his pyjama shirt to wipe San’s cheeks. San knows what he’s implying. He’s asking whether he should call you. San shakes his head, letting out a small hiccup. “Okay. Do you want someone here with you? I have to leave soon but do you want Seonghwa to stay with you?”

    “Yes please,” he replies. Hongjoong’s hands are careful when they stroke his hair out of his face and Yunho’s are warm when he squeezes his shoulders.

    “Sleep well Sannie,” Yunho says as he gets back into his own bunk.

    Seonghwa is gentle with him when he climbs into bed, fully awake even though he’s only just trudged out of bed. His hands card through San’s hair and rub circles into his back until San can feel his heart beating again and his lungs filling with air.

    “Oh baby,” Seonghwa whispers against his hair. “You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

    The pain in San’s chest dissipates slowly until there’s nothing there. The numbness settles in its place and San finds that he’s not nearly as relieved as he thought he would be.

    San spends the next few days trying to remember when the lines between the two of you became blurred. When you turned from his friend into his best friend and from his best friend into his soulmate. He’s fussy about the word ‘soulmate’ because he’s never believed in the concept of fate and blind love that lies behind it, but he doesn’t mind the idea of somebody becoming a soulmate over time. He figures that that’s what happened with you.

    He thinks of the times you would buy him a drink at the grocery store when you went to buy snacks for yourself - always thinking of him even if nobody had asked you to. He thinks of his belongings in your apartment - his stuffed animals, his clothes, the things he’d owned before moving into the dorm that he didn’t want to send back home - and he thinks of your belongings in his own room, because although he doesn’t have as many of your things in his shared room with Yunho, he has enough clothes and CDs and old photos that your presence is always there. When he inhales, he can feel your presence lingering in his nostrils and forming a lump in his throat, so that each breath suffocates him more than the last. The lump stays glued in his throat even when he’s not in his room.

    During practice, he can feel Hongjoong’s eyes lingering on him, watching his slip ups and every crumple of his features when the music comes to an abrupt stop so that they can start over. He can barely tell when he’s making mistakes but the choreographer’s voice is sharp in his ears each time he stumbles, reminding San of what he’s done wrong. It’s nearing the end of the day and their dance practice when Hongjoong comes up behind him, his steady hand pressing between his shoulder blades where sweat has soaked through his shirt.

    “Do you need to sit out?” he asks. His tone is firm - they’re still at work after all - but when San meets his eyes he can see the same worry that’s there when Mingi’s back pain flares up or Jongho’s knee is aching. After all, Hongjoong is their leader through and through. “Do you want to go home?”

    “No,” San lies. He does want to go home - more than anything in the world he wants to go back to his parents’ house and see Byeol and help his mother cook dinner, so that he can pretend that he’s still living in the time when he didn’t know you yet. So that he can pretend that your scent isn’t lingering on his skin even after he’s scrubbed himself raw in the shower and that he doesn’t still want to talk to you about everything that happens, even when the thought of seeing your face (half your own expression, half a replica of his) makes him feel nauseous. If he goes home, he can pretend that he’s never experienced those things. But that’s not the home that Hongjoong means. The home that Hongjoong means is the dorm and the dorm is riddled with traces of you. Beside him, Hongjoong lets out a soft sigh.

    “Can you at least tell me what’s wrong?” the older man asks. San shakes his head. He can feel his lungs screaming for air despite the fact that he’s breathing steadily. “Tomorrow, okay? You can’t wake up in the middle of the night the way you did the other day and slip up so many times without talking about it. Sit out for now.”

    When they get back to the dorm, San doesn’t rush for the bathroom or for a glass of water or to find a phone charger the way the rest of his members do. He walks to his room, ignoring the way his stomach churns with each step he takes. He pushes open the door and stands in the doorway for a moment, taking in the sight of the pictures he has stuck up on the walls (pictures of you, of you and him, or of mundane objects that you had decided were photo-worthy) before he steps forward and begins to take them down.

    The photos and postcards flutter to the floor in the odd, pretty way that paper does until they’ve formed a small pile. Slowly, your clothes join the pile. Some t-shirts, the odd pair of underwear and a couple of hoodies and sweaters. One of them is an ATEEZ tour hoodie that he’d gifted you. He remembers the way your face lit up upon seeing it and the way you’d thrown yourself at him in a hug while thanking him. He shakes his head forcefully in the hopes that it’ll clear the memory from his mind but it doesn't work. All it does is make his neck hurt.

    A few small stuffed animals join the pile and then two bigger ones. He sets down a few CDs (carefully, because he feels like the sound of them hitting the floor might be too much to handle) and a notebook. When he turns to inspect the pile, he sees Seonghwa standing in the doorway. His expression is soft and sorry, but not pitiful.

    “Sannie,” he whispers, voice so faint that San almost doesn’t hear it over the quiet chatter coming from Wooyoung’s room. San chooses not to reply, staring down at the pile of your belongings until his vision is fuzzy and unfocused. “What happened?”

    “It’s over,” San answers.

    “Since when?” Seonghwa asks and although San hates the question he knows that Seonghwa is only trying to help, not to pry.

    “A few days ago,” San replies. He reaches up to his face and toys with his bottom lip, tugging at it until some skin comes loose. He pulls the skin off and flicks it to the floor. “I can feel it.”

    “What do you mean?” Seonghwa asks in that same gentle voice he uses when he treats them not as his members or flatmates but as his friends that are younger than him and need his help. He steps into the room and lets his hand rest atop San’s head. “What do you feel?”

    “It hurts,” San says, his voice coming out so weak that he startles even himself. He lifts a hand to point to his chest, before resting it on his stomach.

    “Do you want to sleep in someone else’s room tonight until we get this stuff out tomorrow? We can ask Wooyoung and Yeosang if you could stay with them,” Seonghwa suggests, moving his hand so that it’s rubbing circles into San’s back. Firm, slow circles that are grounding. San would be thankful if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t want to be grounded. He nods and lets himself be pushed around the dorm for the rest of the evening - to the bathroom for a shower, to the kitchen for dinner - until he’s tucked into bed with Wooyoung. Yeosang is on the floor, leaning against the bed so that he can run his fingers through San’s hair.

    “You’re going to be okay,” Yeosang whispers to him. “You’ll feel better soon and the two of you can always stay friends.”

    San is tempted to make a comment about how fast news travels in the dorm but instead he shakes his head.

    “You’ve known Wooyoung for seven or... Eight years, right?” he asks. Yeosang gives a soft hum of confirmation, so he continues. “If someone told you that you had to act the same way with him as you did in the first year you knew him, it wouldn’t be fair, would it? He’d still be there, but he’d be half of the Wooyoung that’s your friend now. Or less than half. It’d be worse to look at him and see less than it would be to never see him again, right?”

    Yeosang doesn’t say anything for a while and the only indication that he’s still awake is his fingers still moving against San’s scalp. Before he can speak, Wooyoung lets out a little grunt from where his head is on top of San’s chest, startling both of them.

    “I’ll always be Yeosang’s best friend, never half,” he mumbles, words slurring together as he pushes himself to stay awake. Yeosang laughs quietly, moving his hand from San’s head to briefly ruffle Wooyoung’s hair. “You’ll be okay, Sannie.”

    San supposes that it’ll be like that for you and that you’ll be fine without him. He’s not so sure that it’ll be like that for him. You’ll be fine and he’ll be anything but.

    San leaves dance practice early a few days later to go to the convenience store below the company building. He steps through the elevator doors a little too late, feels the door catch on the back of his shoe before it slides shut. He considers crossing the street when he gets downstairs, just for the sake of walking on the same asphalt that careless drivers are speeding on. Just for the sake of feeling anything other than the despondency in his chest. He walks into the convenience store instead, only to be met by the sight of you standing in the aisle right in front of him.

    He’s wonders why you're here. He glances at the two drinks in your hands - your favourite soda beside his favourite soda. He wonders if his favourite is there out of habit or coincidence. It might even be intentional. He spends a while debating whether or not he should say hello. There’s a paralysing pain in his throat that makes him unsure as to whether he’d even be able to speak, as though aside from his heart, you'd ripped the vocal chords from his throat as well. He figures that you might as well have - nothing feels worth saying if it’s not to you. And yet now that you're in front of him, it seems he has nothing to say to you at all.

    “San,” your voice interrupts his train of thought. He shifts his attention from the bottles of soda in your hands to your face, trying to ignore the twist of his stomach when your face contorts in what looks like pain, knuckles turning pale where you’re holding onto the bottles. “Hey.”

    “Hey,” he says back, his voice more quiet than he’d expected it to be.

    There’s a moment of silence that nauseates San. He’s never felt awkward around you before, never had to experience the heavy tension that lingers between the two of you right now. Despite the lack of words spoken, there’s far too much being said with just the look on your face. So many words build up in the back of San’s throat that they tangle together to block the air from getting to his lungs. He tries to swallow them even though he knows that he’ll never be able to.

    Even through the pain and discomfort, he watches as your expression unknowingly mimics his and feels how his lip begins to tremble just as yours does. Unconscious and familiar movements that will always be second nature. They’re more painful than anything San has ever had to experience.

    “I’m so sorry,” you say. Tears wet your bottom lashes but they don’t fall down your cheeks. Not yet. “I’m sorry, San. I still want you here. In my life, I mean.”

    You stumble over your words and San is terrified that he’ll end up doing the same.

    “I know. But I-” he pauses and takes a long, deep breath as the tears that have been stinging his eyes begin to roll down his cheeks. He looks away from you and when he looks back, he sees that you’re crying too. “I can’t see you without thinking about everything. And you- you’re the one who doesn’t want me that way anymore. You don’t need me.”

    “I still love you. I love you more than anybody else on this earth,” you whimper. A sob pushes its way out of San’s chest before he can stop it and he lifts his hands to wipe away the tears on his face, uncaring of the way the heel of his palm hits his eye a little too hard and causes sharp pain to radiate through his skull.

    “I love you too,” he says. He looks down at the familiar sight of two drinks in your hand - one for you and one for him - and the indigestible tangle makes its way up his throat, spilling out in words that he doesn’t want to say out loud. “But you’ll be fine without me.”

    You don’t say anything. He isn’t sure what he expected. Maybe for you to tell him that he’s wrong and that you need him and that you could never be fine without him, the same way he could never be fine without you. Instead you’re silent. And it hurts. It’s like the stale, sterile air of a palliative care ward, letting him know that he won’t come back from this. It tells him this gently, through a sharp, sudden, stabbing shock between his ribs that he knows has been building gradually - so gradually that he’s only aware of it now, when it finally greets him with an eager smile, as though to ask ‘weren’t you expecting me?’. And San respects this kind of pain but he wishes he didn’t have to look it in the eyes like this.

    He leaves you to steep in your own silence and to hold onto the drink for him that will never be meant for him again. He doesn’t go back to practice. He collects a few of his things from the dorm, and wrapped in enough clothes to hide each of his recognisable features, he gets on a train home. His heart sits dead in his chest and he’s taunted by the peaceful feeling that settles over him. Maybe he’ll be fine without you.

    #ateez x reader #choi san x reader #ateez angst #choi san angst #ateez fanfic #choi san fanfic #ateez fic #choi san fic #ateez imagines #choi san imagines #ateez scenarios #choi san scenarios #angst
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  • ericssmile
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    She Showed Me All The Stars || I Wanna Watch The Stars Too (With You)

    [SUMMARY: After leaving YG Entertainment once her group DESTINY had disbanded, Y/N joined KQ and is now working towards a solo debut. With her promising skills of being a self-producer and song writer it's bound to happen sooner than later. But what if along the way, she gets herself caught up in not one, but two scandals back to back? Will it impact her awaiting debut? Will she find a way to come clean about everything? Or will her dreams just come tumbling down all because of false rumors?]


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    TAG LIST: @flowerboykun @marsophilia

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  • hongism
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    19 - k.yeosang + sex toys/gloves (18+)

    » k.yeosang x gn!reader » 18+ dni if minor » language, explicit smut, sex toys, glove/hand kink, corruption, dirty talk, slight degradation, multiple orgasms, nipple play, choking » wc 1.4k » link to masterlist

    part of you wonders if perhaps this might have been easier to handle blindfolded. it would defeat a lot of the whole purpose of doing this, and this was your idea at the end of the day, but still — seeing yeosang before you in this manner was a lot more manageable in your head, and in your head only.

    because now as he stands before you dressed in a skintight black turtleneck that accentuates his muscles in ways that should be illegal for anyone to see casually and leather pants that match the set of black gloves covering his hands up to his wrists, you are seriously reconsidering your idea of him doing this. the way your heart is racing inside the confines of your chest is borderline dangerous to your health. you wouldn’t be surprised if he had to stop this madness simply because you’ve passed out, and you’re wondering if that’s a possibility because of the way your breath keeps hitching when he paces back and forth in front of you.

    on one hand, it’s the anticipation of what’s to come that’s driving you slightly insane.

    on the other, it’s the vibrator currently stuck up your ass that’s rubbing inside your walls in a way that has you jolting without really meaning to. then there are the little metal clamps that sit perched around your nipples, with stupid bells attached to the ends so that every time you breathe, a tinkling sound echoes through the quiet room. and lastly, there’s the way yeosang walks back and forth with his eyes closed as he bobs his head in time with the tinny noises of your bells.

    the reality of it all comes crashing down on you when he tilts his head in your directions and snaps one eye open.

    there’s a wash of humiliation over your body, one that makes you want to curl into yourself and disappear from sight entirely. you manage to stave that off long enough to make some form of prolonged eye contact and sink your teeth into your lower lip like it’ll do any good in concealing the noises spilling out of you.

    “how many?” he asks out of the blue. you need some prompting for the question, mind already addled with pleasure to a point where nothing is really making sense, and the scenery around yeosang is starting to bleed together in a muddled way. “have you cum at all?” he asks again, rephrasing the question at your confusion.

    “twice, twice, i’ve cum twice,” you stammer out. it’s hard to ignore the shakiness in your tone, but yeosang doesn’t comment on it thankfully. he stretches a hand in your direction, latching onto the base of your throat like he’s going to grip it tight. rather than doing that, he merely tilts your head from side to side and admires the way your glossy eyes follow his movements without fail.

    “good. are we continuing?” and despite the humiliation of this position, it does feel good to have some power left in you, the kind that only yeosang gives you in times like these. you offer a series of shaky nods, and it’s enough for him to hum and tighten his grip on your throat. “aren’t you being a bit ungrateful? i’ve let you cum twice and you still want more?”

    “that’s hardly anything at all,” you bite back before his hand constricts a little more. the leather of the glove isn’t smooth by any means, and it’s enough to dig into your skin without hurting too badly. for some reason (one you might need to reflect on later), it’s not enough. “can you take the glove off?”

    “and dirty my hands on the likes of you?” he counters without missing a beat. and right then, with those words, another wave of pleasure sweeps over you. you curl in on yourself at the sensation, vibrator pushing deeper into your ass at just the right angle to have you falling apart on the edge of the bed for the third time tonight. yeosang holds you up by the throat and doesn’t say anything while you go through the motions of the orgasm — he gives you a deceptively simple stare, one that holds little to no emotion at first glance, even if you know him better than that. you’re still gasping for air when he finally decides to speak again. “i don’t think i should bother. you seem to be doing just fine yourself.”

    “no!” you all but spit the word out, trying desperately to keep him from withdrawing from your form to no avail. yeosang draws back and returns to his original position a few feet from the bed. you have the ability to bring yourself off the bed and chase after him, yet something (read: the vibrator) keeps you rooted to the spot.

    “from what i recall, you said you’d be quiet while i did some work… but all i can fucking hear are those damn bells ringing nonstop.”

    “i can remove them if you’d rather,” you offer with a bit of heat to your tone that isn’t truly genuine, but you want to see yeosang beg for you to keep them on since his eyes keep dipping down to watch the swaying movements with every jingle.

    “that’s not what i said.”

    “it’s what i heard.”

    yeosang’s expression turns to one of slight disbelief then, and you’ll admit that you’re being a bit more mouthy than usual right now. later, you’ll blame the fact that your orgasms have turned your brain to mush.

    “don’t i look prettiest when i’m all fucked out and ruined for you?” you continue, shifting your tone to one that’s sickeningly sweet. yeosang’s face softens.

    “you always look beautiful in my eyes, no matter what you’re doing.”


    yeosang smiles a little, enough to be noticeable, then steps into your space again. this time, however, his hand closes around your throat and pushes with enough strength to make you fall further back on the bed. his form comes closer as he straddles your hips against the mattress, and when he finally settles, it’s with his crotch pressed up against yours in the lewdest of ways. he rolls into you like that, a debase mimicry of how he might ride you or fuck you even. you exhale a shaky sigh.

    “maybe i should fuck around a little… lower myself to your level and be filthy like you. you’re so good at it anyway, yeah? three times isn’t even enough, is it?” he lifts one hand to his mouth, biting into the leather at the tip of his middle finger, and in one smooth, fluid motion, he tugs the material away before tossing it to the side. the hand on your throat remains as he lowers his now bare fingers to tease one of your nipples. the clamp tightens as he squeezes around it, and your back arches off the bed in a way that must appear painful to the naked eye, but your nerves are thrumming with pleasure instead.

    “m-more,” you exhale through a moan.

    “more,” yeosang repeats back to you, and this time it’s accompanied by a little laugh. “okay, darling. if it’s more you want, then it’s what you’ll get.”

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    —dirty talk. (m)

    ⟶ pairing: jung wooyoung x fem!reader 

    ⟶ genre: fwb!wooyoung / innocent!reader + fluff / smut 

    ⟶ words: 8,957

    ⟶ rating: 18+ 

    ⟶ summary: so maybe asking your best friend for help with sex is wrong for a number of reasons, but you swear you’re still just friends. nothing more, nor less.

    ⟶ warnings: brief accidental sexting?, the ‘oh no! accidentally sent nudes to the wrong person who also has sexual tension with you!’ trope but we cut it quick bc these two are idiots, masturbation, sex toys (just a vibrator), oral sex (f and m receiving), fingering, handjob, blowjob, cum eating, doggy style, breast play/fondling, spit play, praise kink, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, protected sex, aftercare!!

    ⟶ note: this is part two to body talk but this can be read on it’s own without really reading the first part!!! also tagging @ddaechwita​ bc she constantly encourages my wooyoung simping and let me ramble to her about this fic hehe

    It’s a little known fact that you will do anything for Wooyoung.

    He’s your best friend, and so it’s always been that way. The only one to make him laugh when he’s stressed, the only one to calm his nerves when he’s mad, the only one to see him cry, far from prying eyes and behind closed doors, when he’s upset. When you were kids, and he fell down from his bike and broke his leg, you spent the entire summer with him on the sidelines, stowed away in his house binge-watching every and any movie, while his friends ran off to play. When you were a junior in high school, you snuck him out of detention and whisked him away to a party in the next city over. 

    Wherever he went, or wanted to go, you would be dragged along, and you had no qualms about it. Wooyoung, for all intents and purposes, somehow managed to make it all look so easy, with the world in the palm of his hand, and you would do anything to witness it all.

    Which is why, one day, when you were twelve, you had told yourself in an innocent yet heartfelt manner that Wooyoung was a boy you could only ever dream of having as your husband and, given the chance, you would marry him in a heartbeat. It was a silly little joke at the time, one that both yours and Wooyoung’s parents liked to indulge in from time to time, constantly supporting the idea of the two of you getting married one day. But then Wooyoung started liking girls other than you. Then, college happened. Then, Yeonjun happened.

    Now, you swear Yeonjun’s your dream man. Jinsol thinks you’re just being a simp, and maybe you are. 

    But your first date with Yeonjun went better than you ever could have imagined. After months of fantasizing what it would be like to be with him ━ daydreaming in your classes as you gaze at him, thinking of him at any and all hours of the day, giggling over late night texts he sends your way ━ what more could you want?

    He’s charming in all the right ways, chivalrous and attentive, pulling out all the stops to impress you, as if you needed any more impressing. Complimenting the pretty floral dress you put on for him, holding open doors, pulling out your chair at the restaurant, insisting to pay for dinner even when you haughtily protest because it’s the 21st century and you should split the bill. He listens when you talk, and listens some more when you gush about a favourite hobby, all bright-eyed and smiles. He’s funny, and sweet, not overbearing in any way ━ a satisfying contrast and triumph after trying to sort through the rest of your college male population for a date. 

    You could almost swear Yeonjun’s your dream man.

    Besides, any doubts you could have about him would be squashed by the second date, and surely by the third, right? 


    Because, for some reason, your third date with Yeonjun leaves you feeling as indecisive as the first, despite having a good time, which is a bad omen you can’t quite seem to wrap your head around. 

    “I don’t know. He just hasn’t made any moves,” You sigh now to your roommate and friend. Jinsol sits across from you at her vanity where she had been in the process of writing an essay before you interrupted her by storming into her room and sprawling out on her bed. 

    “Nothing?” Fortunately, Jinsol seems more invested in your love life (or lack thereof) than her essay. 

    “I mean, he kissed me on the cheek on our first date, and he held my hand on the second date, but other than that… It feels like we’re going nowhere,” You muse. “Is it always like that? Is he even into me or is he just pitying me at this point?”

    Jinsol, on the other hand, seems to have it all sorted out. She’s reading you like a psychologist, tapping her pen against her pursed lips. “So, let me get this straight: you like Yeonjun, but you’re ready to give up because he’s not railing you at this very moment.”

    “What? No!” You sputter for air, but a small piece of you timidly wonders if maybe she’s right. “That’s not it at all. I just… I love being with him, and I love how nice he treats me. But… is it wrong to kind of wish for things to be moving a little bit faster?”

    “Hmm,” Jinsol hums. “Maybe you just need to spice it up a bit.”

    “How do I do that?”

    “Well… Maybe Yeonjun doesn’t want to make the next big move because he’s scared how you’ll react,” Jinsol says. “So, take the lead. Send him nudes or something.”

    She says it as if it were easy, but you have no idea how to remind her that up until three weeks ago, you were still a virgin. You flop back onto her bed with a hefty sigh. “You’re no help.”

    “It doesn’t have to be full nudity,” she insists. “Men are so simple. Just, like, send him a pic of your sideboob and I’m sure he’ll bust a nut. Or some cute lingerie.” 

    “Whatever. I’ll figure it out.”

    Jinsol snorts in response. Instead of urging you on to sexually exploit yourself, she chooses to ask, “How does Wooyoung feel about all this?”


    “Yeah. You did sleep with him.” Okay, so maybe Jinsol doesn’t need reminding that you asked your best friend to take your virginity and he had so readily accepted the offer because what else are friends for? You’re still not so sure why you decided to tell her the truth, but you’re certain she would have read it on your face in an instant, so there wasn’t really a point to lying to her. “I’m sure he has something to say. How exactly do you propose you move on together as friends when you’ve had him between your legs?” 

    “It was just a one time thing,” You insist. “He knows that.”

    “Are you sure?”

    You’re not so sure if you even know or want it to be more. You hate it when it feels like she’s right. Except you swear she’s not. The tiny voice in the back of your head that objects to Jinsol’s inquiries and Yeonjun’s presence is shaped in the form of Wooyoung, but you know it doesn’t mean anything. 

    While you and Wooyoung have moved on from that night as well as a pair of friends can ━ diving immediately back into your innocent and chaste friendship almost as soon as the day after your night with him ━ you’re scared to wonder distantly if he’s thought of the night at all since then. Aside from gifting you a hot pink vibrator as a joke (practice makes perfect, he had said) a few days after which you’ve since stowed away deep in the confinements of your closet, he hasn’t exactly spoken about the moment shared between you two ━ and you’re not quite sure if you want him to or not.

    As if on cue, your phone dings with a message that lights up the screen. You read it swiftly:

    From: wooyo❤️ Sent: 1:25p.m.

    yours on friday? feeling like ramen and bingeing harry potter 

    And how could you say no to him? Because above everything else ━ Yeonjun, Jinsol, and your own worries aside ━ you’re scared to wonder distantly that while you like to insist Yeonjun’s this charming boy of your dreams, Yeonjun’s not Wooyoung.

    When Jinsol said to take nudes for Yeonjun, you didn’t think you would take her this seriously. Yet, here you are.

    To be fair, you figured you’d start off easy and small and take her advice on sending him something in a pretty piece of lingerie. What could possibly go wrong with that? Which is why that leaves you here, the same night as your discussion with Jinsol, standing in front of your vanity mirror in nothing but your underwear. It’s the sexiest piece you could find in your closet without going to spend dozens of dollars on a fancier set. A black see-through lace bra, and similar matching panties. 

    You take about a hundred pictures, fussing over angles and lighting (and then think, fuck it, and take a few topless ones, before you remind yourself that you have no idea what you’re doing and to reel back on your excitement) until you settle on one mirror picture in which your face is covered by your phone and only your torso can be seen. At the very least, Jinsol’s out of town, having left early for the weekend to be with her family, leaving you to your own devices, and the thought of doing something so out of your comfort zone thrills you to no end, outweighing any thought of possible drastic outcomes.

    So, you spend another eternity debating over whether or not you should actually send it until you ultimately cave in. Opening up your phone, you click on Yeonjun’s messages and quickly send the picture.

    Then, as if plagued, you toss your phone away from you and try to calm your nerves. Until, not even five minutes later, your phone lights up with an incoming message: 

    From: wooyo❤️ Sent: 10:25 p.m.

    well, shit 

    is it my lucky day?

    You spend less than a second trying to foolishly decipher his cryptic text before you unlock your phone and reality slaps you in the face. 


    Oh, fuck. 

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, this isn’t good. 

    This is far from good.

    You sent it to Wooyoung.

    So, maybe in your anxious haste, you mistakenly tapped on Wooyoung’s messages instead of Yeonjun’s, and maybe now you’re starting to realize why you were ever nervous in the first place to send nudes because it’s a such a stupid idea. How are you ever supposed to live this down? At the very least, it’s not as if he hasn’t already seen you in far less clothing, but that does little in calming you when you consider the fact that Wooyoung hasn’t mentioned the night he took your virginity, and so neither have you. 

    It doesn’t stop you from panicking though. You urgently fumble to call him, heart racing as you lift your phone to your ear. He answers the call just as quickly as he had replied to your picture, but doesn’t stand a chance in even speaking first when you frantically start spewing excuses.

    “Oh my god, Wooyoung, I’m so sorry. I was just messing around and━”

    “It’s okay.” You hear him laugh on the other end, and it helps calm your shrilly beating heart, only just. “If it means anything, it was pretty hot.”

    “Wooyoung,” You whine miserably, hiding your face in the palm of your hand as if he can even see. You dread when your heart flutters in your chest at his words. 

    “You’re the one who sent it to me,” he quips smugly.

    “It was an accident. It wasn’t meant to go to you.”

    “Oh.” A beat of silence surpasses as he pauses to register this. “It wasn’t? Who was it for then?”

    “I━” You stammer hotly. It’s not as if you’re lying to him, but yet your face warms with a certain type of timidness that you can’t deny. “Well, Jinsol said she thinks I should make the next move with Yeonjun because he hasn’t and━”

    “So you went out and bought that for Yeonjun?”

    “I’ve had it for a while.”

    “You don’t just buy sexy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it,” Wooyoung points out, matter-of-fact. “How long were you planning to lose your virginity, exactly?”

    You roll your eyes as you settle back onto your bed. “I bought it because it made me feel sexy.”

    Wooyoung lets out a small breathless chuckle. “Well, it’s definitely working.”

    God, you hate this. Every certain thing he says drives you insane, like now. Does he even realize? Do you? You try to find excuses for the way your heart skips a beat every time, but lately it feels as if you’re grasping at straws.

    “Wooyoung,” You whine softly. “Don’t say that kind of stuff.”

    “Why not?” You can hear the grin in his voice, and the tantalizing tone of his words. “I can stop if you want me to.”

    “No.” You say this a little too quickly, and you hope he doesn’t notice. “No, I don’t want you to.”

    Oh. If you were next to him, Wooyoung would certainly be a lost cause, gnawing on his lower lip. He’s fortunate at the very least either way you wouldn’t be able to tell the way your words shoot a nerve right down to his dick. So, tauntingly, he tries again. “Anyway, can’t believe you were keeping something like that a secret from me. You should’ve worn it that night.”

    Frazzled, you find yourself probing him onward with a dazed, “Yeah?”

    “Yeah.” You can’t tell if he’s teasing you or not, and are left even more so confused by his next brazen statement. “Would’ve had sex with you in that instead. Then maybe you could have sent a picture of that to Yeonjun.”

    You hate how his words have such an effect on you, but it’s a thought you now can’t not imagine. Sprawled out beneath him in the same pretty piece, just for him, as he drives you to euphoria and back. Almost instinctively, your thighs press together, and you scoff out a small, weak, “You’re so dumb.” 

    But you’ve never spoken so casually yet so crudely with Wooyoung, and the thought alone is enough to drive you insane. You crave to hear more from him, unabashed excitement coursing through your veins like electricity. So, gathering your wits, you smile a little to yourself. “No, you know what? I think I’ll just settle on one of the topless ones to send to Yeonjun.”

    “T-Topless?” Wooyoung sputters. “So you took full nudes?”

    “Maybe I did.”

    “You’re driving me crazy, do you know that?”

    He hears you let out an airy and dismissive giggle, and though you choose not to answer, he wonders if you believe him. Elsewhere, you wonder if he means it. Instead, after a short pensive pause, you muster the courage to ask, “Have you… Have you thought about it at all? You know…?”

    “That night?” Wooyoung asks. He’s quiet for a long while, and you start to think you’ve asked something detrimental before he finally responds. “Hmm… Not really. Sometimes.”

    That’s certainly not what you were expecting. But does it even matter? 

    If you consider the thought, what were you even expecting to hear from him? It had been your suggestion in the first place after all, and an offer that he had graciously taken you upon for the sake of “helping” you. There was never supposed to be any obligations or consequences or any other sort of outcomes for that night. Everything he’s said since then has just been a way to play with you, and certainly now. There’s no reason for him to think about that night in any other implication, other than for what it was. Just sex, albeit with your best friend. And maybe that’s all you’ll ever be to him.

    It shouldn’t matter anyway. At the very least, you have Yeonjun. 

    So then why doesn’t that make you feel any better?

    You hate this.

    You can’t seem to think straight, your mind a constant whirlwind of thoughts springing from Wooyoung to Yeonjun and back again. A never ending ceaselessly worrying cycle of the two boys, with every thought ending right back on Wooyoung. Friday arrives fast, and while you’re certain the entire population of your school have ventured off in search of whatever wild ensuing frat party is being held that night for a reason to get drunk, you’re left home alone. Jinsol is still gone, away in her hometown, leaving you here, sprawled out on your bed in your room by yourself, wallowing in your own thoughts. 

    You haven’t been able to stop thinking about your conversation with Wooyoung from the night before from the accidental almost-nude situation. But, moreover, while you’ve tried not to dwell too long on the night Wooyoung took your virginity almost three weeks ago, it still seems to find a way to worm itself into your mind; and, meanwhile, it seems as if it has left Wooyoung’s mind altogether ━ or, rather, isn’t on his mind in the way you would like. But your own feelings for him are a scrambled mess, because you swear you don’t have feelings for him. 

    Still, as far as you’re concerned, that whole moment could have very well been just a wild figment of your imagination. But it’s not. It’s very much real. You remember it well, in the haunting ghost of his touch on you. The shape of his lips as they mark your body all over; the way it felt when he had his head between your legs, the way it felt when he was in you. There was no forgetting the lingering touches he left on you in his wake. You’ve certainly never felt that way before, coming undone at his every advances. 

    You’ve thought about it in detail, and in less detail, in your dreams and awake, over the past few weeks, but each time you’ve shushed it away like the dirty little secret it is. 

    God, you really, really, really hate this. 

    But not as much as you hate Wooyoung for making you feel this way, and it isn’t even his fault. Not even you know why you’re starting to lose your cool, but you’ll be damned if you ever tell him. 

    You miss that night. You miss his warmth. You miss the euphoria and pleasure. (Maybe you just miss him). 

    Maybe that’s what you need. A way to release all your tension, and reminiscence in that fading pleasure a little longer. You’re starting to realize that maybe you simply just have needs that aren’t being met. 

    Fuck it, you think. 

    Still sprawled on your bed, your hand moves to dip between your thighs shyly, slipping below the waistband of your leggings. You know the way, have touched yourself before in the past, but it’s not something you usually try, if only because it never quite feels right, never quite drives you to euphoria. Still, you touch yourself now over your panties and are startled at the sudden pooling wetness that’s already there. Wasting no time, you try rubbing your fingers at your clit in small, quick circles, desperately trying to feel something, but it’s all wrong. You can’t seem to focus. 

    You can sense your mind start to wander towards Wooyoung, but you hastily try to imagine Yeonjun instead. Yeonjun touching you where you want, kissing you where you want. You try again, dipping your fingers past the material of your panties, but it isn’t the same. Something’s missing. Maybe you’re just trying too hard.

    The little black box is still stashed away in your closet, harbouring the god awful hot pink vibrator Wooyoung had bought you. Would it be so wrong to try? If you even know how to use it. But Wooyoung had said it would be helpful for practice, and that you don’t have to be good at getting off as long as it makes you feel good.

    So, you stagger off your bed and dig around through your closet for the box, pulling the toy out from within. Then, you strip yourself from your leggings, and settle back onto your bed. The bullet vibrator clicks on with a buzzing hum, and you try again. You press it lightly to your clit, then a bit harder as the pressure starts to build, the vibrations sending chills up your body. It makes your hips buck forward almost instantly, and a sudden cry slips past your lips. You spread your thighs a little wider, running the toy along your folds, teasing it at your entrance. What did Wooyoung say? Imagine every little thing you want to have happen to you, and do it.

    You can’t help yourself. Your mind starts to wander to Wooyoung even before you can stop it. 

    The night comes flooding back to you. You think of what it felt like to kiss Wooyoung, the taste and feeling of his lips; the way it felt when he had his head burrowed in your leaking cunt, all wet and messy as he had you coming on his tongue. The feeling of his fingers stretching you open, and then his dick. The way he fit so snugly inside you, filling you to the brim, pounding into you so hard, you could barely form a coherent thought. How soft and careful he was at the same time, despite trying not to get so carried away himself. You picture his face, the way it had been so contorted with pleasure because of you and the way you were making him feel, dark hooded eyes and praises meant only for you.

    “W-Wooyoung━” His name tumbles from your lips in a needy whimper. There’s a small thought in the back of your head that warns you to stop, but how can you when it feels so good? To imagine him, here with you. 

    You push the vibrator past your slick folds with ease. Thrusting it into yourself, you let your other hand come up to rub at your clit, and the added sensation has your head spinning, your hips bucking forward, and teeth gnawing on your lower lip. You’re already so wet, the vibrator glides into you so smoothly, your walls sucking it in. You can feel yourself clench at the thought of Wooyoung’s dick replacing your efforts, and another whine in the shape of his name sounds from you when━


    Oh, crap. 

    You nearly jump from the bed when you hear Wooyoung’s all too familiar voice, dragging you harshly back down to reality. Fleetingly, you think this is just a terrible nightmare, but then you see Wooyoung standing by your door, wide-eyed and mouth agape. As you come to your senses, you somehow manage to turn the vibrator off, fling it to the side, and toss your bed sheets over your exposed lower half. This is it, you think miserably to yourself, this is where you die from crippling embarrassment.

    “Oh my god, Wooyoung!” You exclaim, mortified, your face burning intensely. How the hell do you recover from this? “What are you doing here? How’d you even get in?”

    “I━ Uh…” Wooyoung blinks, trying to recollect himself. “Thought we agreed it was movie night tonight? And you weren’t answering your texts or the door, but then I remembered you gave me a spare key because that one time you locked yourself out when Jinsol was out of town━” He says this briskly, sweeping over the obvious fact to instead gawk at you some more. “Er… I’m sorry. Were you just━?”

    “No!” You cry out, as if you haven’t been so obviously caught in the act. You dread to know how long he’s been watching, let alone if he’s heard you moan his name. You toss one of your pillows at his head in defense but he dodges it swiftly, grabbing onto it instead. 

    He bursts out into amused laughter. “Glad to know you were putting my gift to use.”

    “Wooyoung, we are not discussing this right now. Can you just━ Oh god, this is so awkward. Can you just go?”

    “You want me to leave?” Wooyoung blinks. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    “You’re so stubborn,” You quip, exasperated. “Then can you give me a minute? I’m trying not to pass away here from embarrassment.”

    He clearly can tell you’re nervous, staring anywhere but at him. Your frazzled expression and tight grip on the bed sheets is evidence enough for him. Still, he lingers, gnawing on his lower lip as he eyes you closely. 

    “Don’t be. That was fucking hot.” He takes a cautious step into the room. “Besides, masturbation is a healthy, normal part of life. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

    Yeah, you begrudge, but maybe thinking of your best friend while you do it isn’t so normal. “Wooyoung.” 

    “I could help you,” he suggests quickly. Then, fearing he’s been a little too bold, he adds, “If you wanted me to.”

    “Y-You… what?”

    “It just looked like you were struggling a bit,” he points out. “I could help. Think of it as… Friends helping friends. Like we agreed on before.”

    “Shut up.” The room feels as if it starts to spin.

    The faintest of taunting smirks tugs at his lips. “Then I guess I’ll just leave you to it.”

    You think he’s bluffing, and you certainly don’t think you’ll take him up on his offer, until you watch him turn slowly on his heel to walk back out of your room. It’s only then that your weak-willed self finally caves. “Wait! Woo━”

    He pauses at once, spinning back around to face you. The tantalizing grin is still plastered on his face.

    “Don’t go,” You plead finally. You aren’t quite sure what possesses you to be so honest to him but, then again, it is Wooyoung. He knows you better than you know yourself. “It’s just so… It’s so frustrating!”

    “What is?”

    “This!” You moan miserably. “It doesn’t feel right. I don’t get how you guys are able to jerk off, like, every hour.”

    Wooyoung bites at his lip to hide his amused smile as he finally steps further into your room. “You’re thinking too much about it. Just focus on the pleasure. Try again.”

    “Right now?” You stammer.

    But Wooyoung doesn’t answer, instead looking expectantly on. So, you shyly grab the vibrator again and peel back the duvet covering your exposed legs. He watches as you turn the toy back on, knees buckled together and hiding most of the show. His attentive eyes never leave you though, and you try to keep your gaze locked on him until you’re pressing the toy against your clit and your lashes droop at the feeling. It’s oddly electrifying to have him watch you so closely as you try to get off before him, but then you want more, and beckon for him in a small whine.

    “Poor thing,” he tuts. He clambers onto your bed, and wedges your knees apart at once so that you’re on full display for him, glistening cunt and all. Wooyoung figures if he stays still any longer, he might just bust a nut without even being in you and hastens to comply. “I’ll stop teasing you. Let me help.”

    “Please,” You choke out.

    So, his hand lightly brushes yours away from the toy as he takes control of it. He focuses it on your clit first, pressing the vibrating tip of it firmly against the sensitive nub, causing your hips to twitch beneath him. You marvel at how the feeling of the toy is similar to before, but somehow his actions seem to make it entirely different in a good way. Rubbing it in small circles against you, you simper with delight and reach out eagerly to pull him down to you to catch your lips on his. He welcomes it entirely, smiling into the kiss as he glides the vibrator down to your folds, teasing your entrance which is already slick with arousal.

    He feels your mouth pop open against his at the feeling, and he chuckles to himself. He nips at your lower lip, suckling at it. “You like that, don’t you?”

    “Mhm,” You moan. “Wooyoung.”

    “Bet it doesn’t feel as good as my hands,” he muses thoughtfully. He moves to kiss at the underside of your jaw as he runs the vibrator back up to your clit, then down again. “Or my mouth. Does it?”

    “N-No,” You admit sheepishly, in a breathy groan. 

    “What about my dick?” he continues insouciantly. “Must really miss it if you’re so desperate to get off with this toy.”

    As he presses the vibrator a little more firmly against your clit, you whine in response. “Fuck, Woo…”

    “Want more?” He kisses at your throat now, nipping at the delicate skin. “I can make you feel so good, I promise. You know I can.”

    “Please, Woo.” 

    You hasten to catch his lips on yours and, a moment of clarity dawning on him, you can hear him murmur gently against your mouth, “Tell me if you want to stop.”

    You can only manage to nod in response, hands fisting in his hair. But it’s the small reassuring tone in his voice that sends your heart into a flutter, even amongst all the building pleasure. You watch as he pulls apart from you to settle himself between your thighs, shifting your legs further apart. As he presses the vibrating toy against your folds again, he sticks out his tongue to tease the hard muscle against your clit. He busies himself by sucking and lapping at the sensitive bud, slowly edging the toy past your folds, with just the tip’s end gyrating against you. 

    “F-Fuck, Wooyoung,” You whine, a broken yet delighted noise. 

    Wooyoung marvels momentarily at how sexy you sound, revels in how much he missed hearing you sound like this ━ and all because of him ━ and hastens to hear more. He works the toy further into you, thrusting it into you in a way that has your hips squirming; elsewhere, his mouth continues to work against you, lewd wet noises from his tongue and lips as he sucks against your clit sending you spiralling. All he can imagine is what it felt like to have his dick burrowed in your cunt, making you come around him and turning you into a pitiful mess. He glances up at you now and watches as you twist and turn, hands fisting at the sheets beneath you. Your brows crease together, and your pretty mouth open in a glorious moan.

    “Fuck, fuck━” You cry out. “Wooyoung, I’m gonna━ Gonna come. Don’t stop, please━”

    But your voice splinters off once more as you simper. The crescendoing build up of the toy’s vibrations, mixed with Wooyoung working it into you steadily, and his tongue against you, sends you teetering over the edge. He can feel you clench around the toy, his ministrations slowing as your pussy sucks it inward, and the sticky wetness pooling around your walls and the toy intensifies. 

    “God, you’re fucking dripping,” he moans mostly to himself, as your head still seems to be in the clouds, so preoccupied by the way he’s making you feel. He twists the toy further into you to help you ride out your high, enjoying the way you moan out his name again and desperately try to grind against the toy, rubbing against his knuckles. “You’re so sexy like this. So needy for me.”

    As you start to cringe from the oversensitivity, panting a wearied breath of air, Wooyoung pulls the toy away from you and turns it off, tossing it to the side. He can’t help but snicker amusedly at how blissfully exhausted you already look, and though he wants nothing more than to fuck himself into you, he refrains, favouring the idea of making sure you’re still enjoying yourself above anything else. Half an hour ago on the way to your apartment, Wooyoung couldn’t have even guessed he’d be in this same position with you again and, truthfully, wasn’t trying to push his luck anymore than what it was already gracing him with. Instead, he clambers back up your figure, pressing a delicate kiss to the underside of your jaw. His thumb rubs soft circles against your hip. “You good?”

    “Amazing,” You giggle dreamily. 

    “Ouch,” he quips tauntingly. “Don’t think I got that response when it was my dick instead of that toy.”

    He feels your fingers jab at his sides if only because you both know he’s teasing. If he thinks back to that night, everything about it was near perfect. Your reaction afterward at least seemed to make him think so anyway.  

    “You’re so stupid,” You retort now, and it makes him grin. 

    “What got you feeling so frustrated anyway?” he tuts jokingly. It’s getting harder to focus as he keeps kissing down your jaw to your neck and back up again. Your neck cranes to allow him access, and he nibbles lightly at your throat. “Yeonjun?”

    “We’re not discussing that.” 

    “And why not?”

    Because you’ve completely forgotten about Yeonjun at this point, only being reminded of the boy once Wooyoung mentioned him. To ignore this shameless thought, you gnaw at your lip as you gaze up at Wooyoung. You murmur a little softly and a little dazedly, “Because you talk too much, Wooyoung━”

    He feigns mock hurt as he gasps at you, though you both know you’re not necessarily wrong. “I do not━”

    You continue on as if you hadn’t heard him, “━And because I think I owe you a favour.”

    “You━ Huh?” 

    That definitely shuts him up, and he’s only left to continue gawking at you some more as you grasp at his face to pull him down for an eager kiss. Your hips jut upward to meet his, pressing against the growing hardness that is his dick.

    “I want you in my mouth, Wooyoung.”

    “Oh, fuck━” Wooyoung swears he nearly comes then and there. In fact, he’s left so stunned by your sudden boldness that he can’t help but continue to gawk even as you push him over until he’s splayed out beneath you and you’re straddling his hips. He can’t deny how devastatingly attractive it is to see you take charge, though he has to remind himself you’ve never done much sexually aside from the last time you slept with him. He stops you briefly, propping himself up on his elbows. “Wait, wait━ Are you sure?”

    “Yes, please,” You beg. “Just tell me what to do.”

    Wooyoung bites at his lip as you reach out greedily to tug at the top of his pants, unzipping them enough to pull his dick from the tight confinements. He hisses delightfully as you grasp him at the base of his cock, palm warm around him. He hates how easily susceptible to you he is, practically melting in your hands. Elsewhere, you feel your heart in the center of your throat, adrenaline and excitement spurring you onward. He’s thicker in your hands than from what you remember, one bulging vein lining the side, and tip all angry red and glistening. The same familiar thought threatens to resurface in your mind, begging to ask you “is this what best friends do?” but you shoo it away as fast as it appears.

    “Ah━ A little firmer. Y-Yeah, like that.” His lip stays wedged between his teeth as he instructs you, head threatening to fall back as you do as you’re told. You grip him a little tighter, pumping him at a steady pace that makes the room spin. “Fuck━ Fuck, you can━”

    But his words splinter off when you run the palm of your hand over the tip of his cock, a throaty moan ripping from him that excites you even further. To have him so easily controlled beneath you and at your every touch sends you into a frenzy that wants you to please him more, let him fuck your throat raw. You descend onto him at once, licking up his length to the tip of his dick before wrapping your mouth around him. 

    “Oh, shit,” he groans, hips bucking up into your mouth. “Fuck, yes. That feels so fucking good.”

    “Let me give you more, Wooyoung, please,” You rasp against him. “Anything. Just tell me what feels good.”

    “Just━” He nearly chokes when you let your tongue lav at his tip. “You’ll tell me if you want to stop?” 

    You nod around his dick, wide eyes gazing up at him so prettily. He’s genuinely surprised he hasn’t come down your throat yet, but behind every lustful wish of his, is the apprehension to take care of you firstly. Just because you had sex with him once doesn’t mean you’re suddenly comfortable with everything. 

    “O-Okay,” he says with much difficulty. “Okay. Can you see how much you can hold in your mouth for me, baby?”

    You do as you’re told, sinking down onto his length. You go only so far as your mouth allows until it feels as if he’s hitting the back of your throat, and involuntarily gag around him. A wave of embarrassment washes over you until you notice him shudder, whimpering aloud. 

    Your mouth pops off of him at once. “Fuck, Wooyoung.”

    “Shit,” he winces through a pant. “Too much?”

    “No, that was so hot. I need you to do that again.” 

    He’s pleasantly surprised to hear you moan your words softly, maybe a little sheepishly. His eyes shimmer darkly, watching you so intently through his lashes as you sink down on him again. His hand almost instantly flies out to encompass the back of your head, steadying both of yourselves. He helps guide you the rest of the way, grunting. You don’t take him as far as last time, though where your mouth can’t reach, your hand takes over, pumping leisurely at the base of his throbbing cock. 

    “Hollow out your cheeks a bit,” he says. “And━ A-And you can switch it up. Use your tongue instead of your hand sometimes. Ah━ Ah, fuck, yes. So good━”

    You swallow around him out of instinct, and he nearly comes undone then and there. Another deep moan tumbles from him, his hand gripping tighter at your hair.

    “Fuuuck,” he groans. “Do that again, please.”

    So, you do, gulping around him. Then, you run your tongue over the glistening tip of his dick while your hand follows suit, spreading his leaking precum and your saliva around his length. You find a steady rhythm, switching between your mouth and your hand, jerking him off in just a way that results in a wet mess, lewd squelches of your tongue and mouth around him filling his ears. Drool starts to pool out of the corners of your mouth, both it and his cum shining along your chin.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, so good,” he cries. “You like it, huh? Having my cock stuffed in your mouth?” 

    You moan languidly around him, nodding in response. It’s filthy and foul how quick you are to please him, so invested in seeing him come. The thrill of controlling him beneath you almost sends you over the edge. His hips buck up into your mouth, desperately trying to fuck himself into you, but he relents, only letting you give what you can take.

    “You look so fucking pretty like this, sucking me off,” he whines. “Ah━ So fucking good.”

    Another moan sounds from him as you take him as far as you can one more time, letting him hit the back of your throat. It seems to be the final straw for him, teetering close to his approach.

    “Gonna come,” he rasps. “Fuck━ Wait, you don’t have to━”

    He comes in your mouth and down your throat with one final moan as you swallow around him, and you do your best ━ of course you do ━ taking all of his cum and devouring it in one gulp that leaves him breathless. He had tried to warn you against it, but you had so readily welcomed it, and he’s still trying to recover from the aftermath of how sexy it was to witness even long after he’s finished painting your mouth in milky white. Some of it spills out of the corner of your mouth, saliva and cum dribbling down your chin but you lick it away at once as your head pops off of him. 

    “Kinda like having you like this,” You giggle mostly to yourself. “A complete mess.”

    Wooyoung struggles to catch his breath as you clamber back up to him. “You didn’t have to swallow.”

    “Rather you come down my throat than on my bed sheets,” You quip. “Besides, I kinda liked it.”

    Your answer simultaneously seems to make him want to laugh and moan. “If you keep talking like that, I’ll bust a nut again.”

    “Charming,” You grin. “And tempting. I mean, we aren’t done now, are we?”

    Wooyoung quirks a brow, a mischievous look dazzling his eyes. “Not unless you are. Still doing fine?”

    You hum in reassurance, busying yourself by kissing up his throat. “Want more. Want you in me, Wooyoung.”

    “Fuck, yes, please.” 

    Exhilaration fills him to the brim as he flips you both over so you’re on your back. He can’t help but lean down to kiss you for a messy, heated kiss as you both sloppily try to help the other out of their clothes. When you’re both stripped bare, Wooyoung leans back on his knees and reaches for his wallet, procuring a condom from inside. He tears the wrapper off and slides the rubber along his glistening length, then pauses. 

    “Don’t have any lube, do you?” he asks. “I don’t want it to feel uncomfortable for you.”

    “No,” You shake your head. Then, suddenly, an idea pops into your mind. “Spit on me.”

    Wooyoung gawks at you. “Fuck, that’s so hot. You’re gonna actually kill me.”

    Your airy snickers sound like music to his ears, but it fades out into a shallow moan as he runs his thumb up your folds to your clit. He leans over you, purses his lips, and spits directly onto your pussy, then again, using his thumb to run it along your already shimmering cunt. You whimper at the feeling, thighs instinctively spreading wider for him. Then, he positions his cock at your entrance, teasing the tip of it against your hole before slowly pushing into you with ease. Lube or spit, Wooyoung realizes you probably don’t even need either considering how wet you are. He hisses at the feeling, your warm walls sucking him in.

    “W-Wooyoung,” You rasp, nails clawing at his back. “Fuck, Wooyoung.”

    God, you’ve missed this. So has Wooyoung. The feeling of his dick buried in your walls is something neither of you can never get used to, yet it feels so right. As if you were made for him. As if you were his. 

    He sinks into you balls deep, stilling just for a moment to let you adjust to his size. He rubs comforting circles against your hips as he kisses you slowly. “Good? Comfortable?”

    “More than,” You sigh. He thrusts into you carefully, adopting a relaxed pace. “Shit, Woo. Want you to wreck me so badly. Please━”

    Wooyoung surely likes the sound of that. He nibbles at your ear lobe, murmuring, “Can we try something? Can you get on your knees for me? Turn around.”

    He pulls out of you just briskly enough to help you to your knees. Then, he gets behind you. 

    “Arch your back a bit more for me.”

    You do as you’re told, jutting your ass out just right for him to guide his cock back into you, one hand planted firmly on the small of your back. He pushes all the way into you, and you swear you can feel him in the base of your stomach. A wanton moan falls from you as he settles you back onto his knees, pressing your back to his chest. 

    “It feels better like this,” he murmurs. “Deeper.”

    “Fuck, yes,” You gasp out. “Feels so good…”

    But you can’t speak, head falling back against his shoulder. Instead, he takes the liberty of fucking himself up into you delicately. His hands roam the front of your body, grasping at your breasts which bounce with each thrust, fingers tweaking at your perked nipples. Somehow, this position is even more intimate, his body so close to yours, and his cock shoved so far into your throbbing walls. 

    He kisses at the underside of your jaw, one hand dipping between your thighs to rub at your clit, while the other continues to fondle your breast, kneading the soft flesh between his fingers. He can feel you quiver at his every touch, thighs shaking beneath you. Your walls clench so tightly around him with each gyrating thrust.

    “You like that, don’t you?” he hums into your ear. “I can tell. You’re squeezing so tight around me. Poor, needy baby.”

    Your mouth flies open in a moan, and your hand flies out to grip at his wrist as if to anchor his fingers to your clit. Elsewhere, his hand from your breast drops to hook his arm around your waist. He pushes you slightly forward, though keeps his chest pressed taut against your back, if only to have more space to thrust himself into you. His pace quickens, hips snapping up into yours.

    “You can’t even talk,” he tuts. “Like my dick that much? Wanted me to fuck you that badly, huh? Shit, can’t wait to make you come again. Wanna feel you cream all over my cock.”

    “Oh my god, Wooyoung,” You gasp out, collapsing forward at once. 

    Your hands flail out to prop yourself up, but Wooyoung’s pace never stutters. His hips pound against your ass now, quick enough for his dick to hit a certain spot in you again and again until you’re crumbling apart. You come without warning, a sudden gush of wetness drenching his cock as he plunges himself into you, his hand never once leaving it’s spot from between your legs. A wearied mantra of his name tears from you, so hot and broken. “Oh god, Wooyoung━”

    “Fuck, yes,” he growls. “Ah━ Yes, just like that. Fuck, need to face you. You’re always so pretty when you’re fucked out.”

    Hasty hands fumble to pull himself out of you and turn you around, yet somehow he still manages to remain heedful and gentle as he spreads you out before him on your back. He wedges himself between your thighs again, sinking into your sopping and wrecked cunt. And he’s right ━ you’ve never look so sexy. All hooded, exhausted eyes gazing up at him, brows pinched together, mouth popped open in a delicate ‘O’. 

    When he hears you gasp sharply from the sensitivity of your past two orgasms, he slows his ministrations to distract you with a kiss. “Enough? We can stop.”

    “No,” You whine tiredly, clinging to him desperately. “Not yet. Want you to come. Please, please, Wooyoung. Use me. Wanna feel it.”

    He moans into your mouth. He can’t resist his urges, nor your own sweet yet vulgar desire. He’s sluggish as he thrusts into you now, nearing his own end. It’s only when he feels you come again from the overstimulation ━ pussy clenching so taut around him, he can barely move ━ that he feels his release. 

    He spills into the condom with one final thrust into you, a delirious cry of your name ripping from his throat. “Ah━ Ah━ Fuck, Y/N. So good, so fucking good.”

    Finally, he crumples against you sheepishly, burrowing his face in your collarbones, and suddenly the room falls silent. He listens as your heart mellows from a shrill thud, though feels you still quivering from your orgasms even long after. He wonders if you’ve begun to nod off before he pulls out of you, ripping the soiled condom from his softening dick, until he sees you softly gazing at him.

    “You look so tired,” he says, penitently. He presses an all too tender kiss to your sweaty temple. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

    “Wooyoung, I’m fine,” You promise in a snicker, though your heart swells twice the size in your chest as his sudden careful switch in demeanour. 

    “Here, come with me.”

    He whisks you up and away from the bed to your bathroom, where he sits you on the toilet as he runs a bath for you, just like he had the first night he slept with you. He waits until it gets warm and soapy, lavender notes wafting around the room from the bath bomb he had nicked from Jinsol’s side of the cabinet. Then, he helps you into the porcelain tub. He’s stopped by you when you tug at his hand lightly, asking innocently, “Join me?”

    And he can’t possibly say no. So, he settles into the water with you, wedging you between his thighs as you rest your back against his chest. It’s comforting to be like this after such an intense night, the warm water and his presence soothing your aching body. As usual, away from the bed where everything had happened, you feel as if you and Wooyoung have returned to nothing but an innocent pair of friends ━ but, deep down, you know that’s not the case. Maybe it’s in the way your heart warms and flutters with his every touch even now, his arms wrapped around your middle.

    He hears you whisper at some point, “Thanks, Youngie.”

    “For the sex or the bath?”

    “Both,” You laugh. “Everything. I needed it.”

    He bites at his lip as if to hide the foolish smile threatening to spread across his face, but you aren’t even looking at him right now. Instead, you’re resting your head against his shoulder, staring at the way your fingers play with his own in a gesture not quite a hand-hold but makes Wooyoung’s head spin in a good way nevertheless.

    “We can…” he trails off. “We can make this a regular thing. If you want.”

    “You would want that?” Your eyes light up as you crane your neck to look at him.

    “Just for practice, of course.”

    “Right. Of course.”

    “I mean, friends helping friends is a completely natural thing to do, right?”

    “Yeah, totally.”

    There’s a beat of silence as you stare at once another, before you each dissolve into a fit of laughter that almost seems self-aware but is really just fueled by the growing exhaustion from the night. Still, Wooyoung’s proposition hangs heavy in the air, exciting you to no end. Was it so wrong to feel that way about your best friend? Maybe so.

    “Now, about those nudes…” Wooyoung’s abrupt mention of the nudes you had taken for Yeonjun causes you to groan aloud.

    “Ugh, so stupid. I know,” You roll your eyes. “I already deleted them.”

    “Damn.” You’re startled to hear Wooyoung sound genuinely upset. Though it’s not for long and, instead, replacing it, is a playful grin. “Guess I can settle for the real thing though.”

    He reaches down to grasp at the underside of one of your breasts, and you gasp. Your fingers prod at his sides, though you’re far from offended. “Wooyoung!”

    Wooyoung snickers, but your voice fades out into a delighted hum as his head dips lower so that he can kiss his way down from your collarbones to your chest. 

    “Can we still watch a movie tonight?” he asks pensively, and a little too chastely, considering the way he continues to kiss at your chest. 

    Still, the question makes you smile wide. “Only if you make me ramen.”


    Wooyoung mirrors your smile, so wide and pure that you almost forget all about the night. It’s easy anyways, if only because Wooyoung has a way with his words and actions, grounding you back to reality with every joke and every delicate touch. 

    Because that’s what friends do, after all ━ ramen and sex aside.

    But maybe, just maybe, you want something more.

    Wooyoung’s only just returned to his apartment from a full day of classes, craving nothing but to crawl back to his room to sleep the rest of the evening away until you eventually call him to wake him up like you typically do, when he gets a series of sudden texts from you in a row. He sees the messages first, the chat bubble with your display name and the silliest picture of you he could find as your display icon:

    thanks for the other night woo

    thought you might like these xoxo

    It seems to take an eternity for his phone to unlock and for the messages to load properly, until he finally sees it. Two pictures, one right after the other, both of you which you had taken in a mirror. The first one is similar to the one you had accidentally sent him instead of Yeonjun that one night, clad in a similar black lace bra, sheer enough that he can see every shape and curve and detail of your breasts. The other picture is you, completely topless. 

    He nearly chokes. 

    Then, he decides any prospective nap he had thought he was going to take that evening pales in comparison to what he wants to do now. Jerking off to your picture doesn’t sound so bad, nor does calling you to hear your voice on the other end.

    He’s fortunate when you pick up on the second ring.

    “You’re lucky I didn’t open those texts while I was in class.”

    “Why?” He can hear the smirk in your voice. “So you wouldn’t risk popping a boner in front of everyone? For someone who has so much experience, you sure love my boobs a lot.”

    Wooyoung can’t help but roll his eyes, though it’s not his fault. He has urges too ━ some of which aren’t being met right now. “What are you doing right now?”

    “Walking back to my dorm. Yeonjun asked if we should meet for coffee but━”

    “Great. Don’t go home just yet,” he says. “I need you at mine, now.”

    You cackle on the other end. “For another practice session or just so you can get me to suck you off again?”

    “Yeah, both. Either one,” he says urgently. “Unless…”

    “Say no more,” You interrupt him, making him grin from ear-to-ear. “I’ll be there in ten.”

    And Wooyoung thinks, yeah, he can get used to this. If you’re his before Yeonjun can get you, or his in any way, then he can definitely get used to it.

    (Though maybe not for very long.)

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    Kinktober Day 14

    Day 14: Dirty Talk with San


    Tags: @mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear


    “Look at my little slut, couldn’t even wait till we got to our bedroom~”

    “My cock looks so good down your throat, such a dirty girl~”

    “Take it like the good little slut you are,babygirl..”

    You feel your panties getting wetter with every word that left his mouth. San had just gotten back from performing today, and you ended up watching said performance. It left you feeling all hot and bothered to say the least, the way your boyfriend moved his hips on stage, his facial expressions and the way he looked on stage, it was all too much for you. You felt like this comeback was going to be the death of you.

    So when San came into your shared apartment, you didn’t even give him a proper welcome home before you guided him to the couch. San was confused at first, but that confusion quickly changed into a look of lust with a smirk on his face. He watched you make quick work of his sweatpants and boxers, “Damn baby...did I rile you up that bad?” He teasingly asked as you bobbed your head up and down, leaving no inch of his cock untouched. San let out a groan as he placed a hand on the back of your head. “Look at my little whore, taking my dick like a good girl~” You let out a muffled moan of your own as San begins guiding you with his hand.

    “Yea~. Take it all, like the good little slut I know you are princess.” He growls as he pushes your head farther down smirking at your little whines as you take him until he hit the back of your throat. “This dirty little mouth belongs to me, all mine~. Only i can fuck this throat like this.” He mumbled as he begins bucking his hips, practically fucking your face. You look up at him through your lashes making him let out a low groan.

    “Shit baby, don’t look at me like that, or else I’ll be painting your throat and mouth white~” You give him a look as if to say ‘Do it”. San groans as he harshly grabs the back of your head, fucking your face. “Such a dirty, dirty girl, letting me use your throat like this..” He groans out as with one final thrust you feel hot ropes of cum shooting down your throat. San lets go of your head and watches you lean back to sit on your knees, cum threatening to spill from your lips. You smirk and swallow the cum, showing your tongue afterwards making San moan out.

    “Do that again princess and I’ll have you screaming, my dirty girl~”

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