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    02.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    birthday | park seonghwa

    pairing: seonghwa × female reader

    genre: slight angst, fluff

    word count: 3.4k

    a/n: one of my personal favourites, i didn't proofread it but i hope this is good! it was fun writing this, a tad bit of personal feelings involved hshsh hope you'll like it. please do reblog !! thank u <3

    The second you turned the television off, the living room that was once filled with loud noise and a bright light was now silent and inevitably dark. Your mind went blank for a second before you sighed unconsciously and walked up to the fridge, opening the door to grab a can of beer for yourself.

    You went outside to your balcony and leaned against the railing, staring into the night sky where the streetlights & the busy traffic illuminated the city on the night of your last 20th. Opening the can which gave off a loud pop sound, you brought the can to your lips and took a sip of the cold beverage which stung your throat initially but you didn’t mind the effect because your mind was too busy worrying about other things.

    It felt different.

    It felt a little too different to celebrate your birthday without Seonghwa by your side and you had to fight back the urge to text him or call him at every chance you had. It had been months since you both had broken up, but you had also spent every birthday with him ever since you were 18. So, you really didn’t know what to do considering he would always have something planned up his sleeve for you and vice versa.

    Truth to be told, you couldn’t even think of how you spent your days normally without him in your life. It was funny to think you survived 4 months without someone crucial in your life, you were a mess, of course, but your will to live pulled you out of the mess that you had created for yourself.

    You weren’t you without Seonghwa and he wasn’t Seonghwa without you.

    You resisted the urge to cry as you thought of him, taking bigger sips of your beer that you were now halfway done with, trying to mask the pain away by being drunk. The traffic started to slow down which was a sign for you that midnight was inching closer since the road would be clear by then. Once again, you started to zone out and think about what you could do.

    “Go out for lunch?” You asked yourself. Then you shook your head. Your friends were busy. They had informed you a week earlier and you didn’t want to have a mental breakdown in public as you ate by yourself on your 21st.

    Buy yourself a birthday cake? You shook your head again. You hated cake and there was no one to finish it, your neighbours were out of town so you wouldn’t be able to give it to them too. If Seonghwa was around, he would finish it up for you.

    Order takeout and sleep in the entire day? You sighed, bringing the can to your lips as you finished your beer. You were already doing that every single day. But then again, it wouldn’t hurt to repeat another day like that. You could just cook for yourself at home and start a new DIY project. Only for it to sleep for the rest of the year considering you never finish anything that you start by yourself, Seonghwa was always there to complete it for you.

    “You’re so pathetic.” You told yourself, letting out an airy chuckle before your chest and throat tightened up, your eyes welling up with tears. The cold breeze slapped your skin, which made you realise you were dressed up in just a t-shirt and your loose shorts. But that only made your heart swell more at the thought of your ex boyfriend that you were still undeniably in love with.

    Seonghwa was indeed much more different from your previous 2 other exes and he was the only one you couldn’t seem to move on from. Maybe it was because he didn’t screw up, didn’t break your trust and made sure you felt safe with him. Maybe it was because he was careful with his words and was patient with everything you did. 

    Maybe, it was solely because he was Park Seonghwa.

    He knew how much you hated birthdays. But, he never failed to make them better for you ever since you both first met. He was the polar opposite of you, he was taken aback when he found out you hated birthdays. You could still remember his exact words when you had dropped the alleged grenade on him.

    “How can someone hate birthdays? And cake, may I add. Is your life that sad, Y/N?” He whisper-yelled, trying not to grab others’ attention while you both were in a cafe for a breakfast date.

    “I just don’t find them amusing. I would be excited for 11 months only to be disappointed on my birthday itself, so I don’t see why I should bother about it anymore.” You told him in a calm manner, cutting your pancake and feeding him a fork which he gladly accepted without any second thought.

    “Now, let’s not speak of it. There’s still like months to go.”

    Eventually, your 18th birthday arrived. Per expected, nothing happened. You did feel disappointed but you weren’t surprised, which made the pain feel easier to bear and forget. You spent your morning with your family and had seaweed soup per tradition, it was also your first birthday with Seonghwa so he insisted on bringing you out in the evening. You didn’t think anything of it so you agreed to it and followed suit.

    To your surprise, it was more than just “I forgot to wrap your present.”

    “Seonghwa, what is this?” You asked in shock, not being able to react to what he had gifted you with. "You said you forgot to wrap my present?"

    "Yeah…." He trailed off, rubbing his neck anxiously, "I did forget to wrap it, but do you like it?" He said, a grin plastered onto his face.

    You were simply too shocked to reply, which made Seonghwa think you were mad or you were unhappy with what he's given you. "Or you don't like it…"

    "No!" You shrieked, making him jump in surprise before he looked at you. You looked up at him, gulping down your saliva unsure of how to react to the customised fireworks he had prepared for your birthday, which had spelt your name out before a bunch of heart fireworks burst next to them. 

    You were guilty for letting him spend a hefty amount of money on your 'gift', let alone booking an empty park just for you to see the fireworks. You began crying on the spot, which made Seonghwa's heart drop at the sight of it, as his hands made their way to your back to rub them.

    "Y/N, what's wrong? Did I do something?" He asked, worried you were afraid of fireworks. You shook your head before you looked up at him and sobbed, "Why did you spend so much for me?"

    "It's your birthday, baby, of course I'm going to go all out for you. If it wasn't for today 18 years ago, I don't think I would have met the love of my life." He told you, his hands cupping your cheeks as you leaned into the warmth of his hands.

    Your words got stuck in your throat, you didn't know what to say to him. He wouldn't have gone this far if you didn't mean a lot to him, right? So, why was it hard for you to feel the same way? Before you started crying again, you threw yourself into his arms and gave him a tight hug.

    Seonghwa smiled to himself at the gesture since it was rare for you to hug him voluntarily, he was fazed with you in his arms & before he could stroke your head, you pulled away to look at him with a smile on your face.

    "Thank you, Hwa. I really love it. Definitely the best birthday I've ever had." You told him, which made him grin widely, his cheeks tinting red from both shyness and happiness.

    "Now, let's cut the cake and sing a song for you!"

    Time flew and you were practically inseparable from Seonghwa ever since your birthday. You tried to do the same for him on his 19th but he didn't allow you to spend a single cent and insisted that you stayed the night with him, which you didn't have problems agreeing with.

    It also resulted in you having your first kiss with Seonghwa, which took your relationship to a whole new phase.

    Your 19th came by as well and you reminded Seonghwa almost a million of times to never repeat what he did for your 18th every time he asked you for what you wanted. He did take note of it but he didn't exactly promise you he wouldn't do it.

    So, it took you by surprise when he gifted you with a coffee machine that you've been eyeing for months now along with an ice maker that was in your shopping cart.

    "No way! You actually got me this?"

    He chuckled at your expression, "You spend way too much time and money at Starbucks so we're settling your coffee addiction with this machine."

    Your mouth was still wide open as you looked at the pink machine in front of you. Your boyfriend was insane for getting you the limited edition version out of every single existing version out there.

    Yet, you were beyond elated with the gift choice and you were glad he didn't go out of his way to do something extravagant. Both of you spent the rest of the night at his place where he cooked dinner for you & an endless amount of caffeine, thanks to your newfound love. 

    Then, the big twenties had arrived. Seonghwa wasn't with you for his 20th which made you feel upset but that didn't stop you from travelling to his college so that you could give him a surprise.

    The boy was upset that he couldn't meet up with his girlfriend as he was stuck in his dorm on the weekend while his friends were out partying. He wasn't a huge fan of getting drunk among strangers so he kept it lowkey and preferred staying at home.

    So, when there was a random knock on his dorm door at 9pm, he was confused. Was the party cancelled? His roommates had no other reason to come home early as well. He mindlessly opened the door to be met with your toothy grin in front of him.

    As if he was falling in love for the first time, his heart took 10 million leaps every time he saw you and it was no different this time round. He had missed you so much, he didn't even care about the CCTVs guarding the corridor as he kissed you right in front of his door. Took him a quick second to realise before he pulled away and embraced you in a hug.

    "I missed you so much, Y/N, I'm happy to see you tonight." He mumbled into your ear while your cheeks flushed, not knowing what to say as he was sudden with his actions.

    "I missed you too, Hwa. Now, if you don't mind, why don't we head inside and unwrap the gift I got you?"

    He could sense the excitement in your voice and you both went inside, plopping down on the couch to see what you've gotten him. “Wow, it’s heavy,” He chuckled, “Is it a vacuum cleaner?”

    Your smile dropped as you stopped at his couch while he sat down, only to see that you were still standing. “What?” Realisation sunk in, “Y/N, are you serious?”

    “This is the last birthday I’m getting you a gift, nothing is ever a surprise!” You whined, plopping down beside him while he excitedly unwrapped the box to see the Dyson vacuum he’s been wanting. You couldn’t even smile because he had easily guessed the gift, even though it was a joke.

    He was so excited about it that he just examined the exterior without peeling off the protective plastic, he then wrapped it back and closed it before looking over to the other paper bag you held. He arched a brow at it before you handed it to him with a straight face, which he gladly took.

    “Another gift?” He asked, hiding a smirk because he had a feeling he knew what you got him but he didn’t want you to frown the entire evening so he tried to act like he didn’t know. You simply hummed in reply while he tried to guess what the item was by feeling the box.

    “Well, baby, I don’t know about you but this is probably a bag of potatoes.” He said, frowning as he slowly unboxed the package. You smacked his back out of anger, “If I were going to get you potatoes, I might as well buy you a damn farm!”

    He chuckled, looking at you. “No one grows potatoes on a farm, though.”

    “Park Seonghwa, I’m gonna leave if you keep this up.” You threatened him, not having a reply to his smart comeback. He didn't wipe off the smile on his face, instead he kept quiet and opened the gift and to his surprise, he actually didn’t expect this one.

    You had expected him to give you a cocky reply but he was silent, smiling at the air purifier that came in as a plus one when you bought the vacuum cleaner. “Is it pretty?” You asked in the smallest voice ever, moving forward a little to see his face.

    He turned to look at you and gave you a smile, his eyes lighting up with love as he looked at you. “Very. I love the gifts, baby. Thank you so much.” He thanked you, making you grin. “These probably costed you a fortune though, wh-”

    “The price doesn’t matter, your birthday comes once in a year. Plus, we can use this at our place when you think about it for the future.” You cut him off, not wanting him to bother about how much you spent on it. You did save up money and worked extra time at your part-time job whenever you could, you wanted some extra pocket money and you had more than enough for his gift so you just bought him his dream vacuum cleaner.

    “Let me rephrase that - you bought this as a gift, with the thought of us living together someday?” He asked, a smirk on his face. You tried to hide the blush on your face as you tried to think of reasons to not say yes to him but you did. You looked away and observed his dorm for the first time, “Your place is cool.”

    He laughed, causing you to copy his action before he leaned in and gave you an unexpected peck on the lips. You looked into his eyes, wondering if he felt the same as you did, but you didn’t need a verbal answer because when he leaned in to kiss you again, you knew he loved you more than you could ever imagine him to.

    Months went by and it was your 20th birthday, but it was the same as his 20th. You were stuck in your dorm, studying for the exams you had the following week. You told Seonghwa that he didn’t have to come over because you were busy studying anyway and you wouldn’t be able to do anything with him. 

    But, when he was standing in front of your dorm at 2 in the morning, you could only respond with a gasp. “Park Seonghwa, are you crazy?”

    “Happy birthday, my love.” He wished you, giving you a kiss on the forehead before he handed you a medium sized boxed that was tied together with a satin ribbon. “Wanted to mail you but I would rather see you face to face when you open this up.”

    You both went inside your room and sat on your bed, as you opened his gift for you. It was unusually different from his usual expensive gifts that flaunted his rich status which he always denied and claimed that it was his parents’, not his. The box contained polaroids of you two, some of your favourite chocolate bars, a matching ring set along with handwritten letters for you.

    It was a small gesture from his side as your boyfriend but it felt like you had received one of the biggest forms of gratitude, love and attention packed in the form of a boy. You smiled at the cute things he did and you squealed out loud, extremely happy with what you had. You threw yourself into his arms and hugged him tightly, giggles leaving your lips for a good 5 minutes while his huge hand rested on your back.

    “Why are you the best boyfriend in this world? You surprise me every year without fail.” You mumbled into his shirt, holding back the tears that threatened to pour out when you got a little emotional.

    “Are you going to cry now?” He teasingly asked you, making you pull away to look at him.

    You looked at him for a good minute, taking in his beautiful features and your heart swelling at the thought of you always feeling the happiest whenever you were with him. You knew he had to be the one, he knew you like the back of his hand and accepted your flaws without any questioning. 

    “Seonghwa?” You called out in a soft tone, making his eyes grow wide, surprised that you had used his full name instead of the endearing nickname you gave him.

    “Yeah? What’s up?” He questioned you, hands still around your waist while you both stared into each other’s eyes.

    “I love you.”

    Seonghwa would swear to God he would never ever forget this moment, it took you so much of time to cozy up and accept him into your life, he thought he would never see this day happen in life. A day where you would say those 3 words to him, that he’s been aching to tell you but he was so scared you didn’t feel the same way yet. 

    “I love you too, Y/N.” He replied back without any hesitation, smiling back at you before he leaned in and kissed you, which never failed to give you butterflies every single time.

    So, what went wrong in your perfect relationship that everyone envied?

    You crushed the beer can in your hand and walked to the kitchen to throw it in the trash bin. You didn’t eat dinner and the beer was already making you tipsy despite it being your first can. You didn’t want to stay up anymore because you knew very well you were gonna dwell over your past birthdays and Seonghwa in general.

    Checking your phone, it showed 12.01 and not even a single notification popped up. You closed it in an instance and shrugged it off, it wasn’t something new - people were often busy with their day so wishing a person was the last thing on their mind.

    You turned off every light in your house and were about to walk to your room until you heard 3 knocks on your door. You weren’t gonna lie, it did give you the creeps because whoever it was could have simply rung the doorbell but then again, it was midnight. You never acknowledged the loud noises whenever you were sound asleep.

    Anxiety filled your veins as you went to open the door, thanking God for letting you live this long and if it was a serial killer in front of you, you were fine with dying. But very much to your surprise, an all-too familiar face stood there, your favourite coat covered his tall frame well while his eyes were wide from surprise, not expecting you to open the door late at night.

    You could swear your heart skipped more than a beat at the sight of Seonghwa in front of you, you were at a loss for words. His eyebags spoke more than enough words and he took his time scanning your face that had its turn crying as well.

    He handed you a bouquet of crimson red carnations, with a soft smile lingering on his pink lips that you missed kissing. You took it without hesitation and never let your eyes leave his. He definitely remembered, there was no way he was going to let you live another day in pain, even after he had promised to not leave you, even after you were the one to leave him first and even after not talking for months.

    “Happy birthday, Y/N.”

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    The feeling of soft kisses being placed all over your face awakens you from your sleep. Lazily opening your eyes, they meet Seonghwa's. A smile was on his face as he stared at you lovingly. "Happy birthday baby". He whispered, pulling you closer to his body..

    #so yeah it's my birthday so here is a random timestamps to celebrate!! #ateez#park seonghwa#ateez seonghwa #park seonghwa imagines #park seonghwa scenarios #park seonghwa timestamps #kpop timestamps #ateez seonghwa imagines #ateez seonghwa scenarios #ateez seonghwa timestamps #ateez imagines#ateez fanfic#ateez scenario#ateez timestamps#kpop imagines
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  • sunlightwoo
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    meet dad!wooyoung

    pairing: dad!wooyoung x fem!reader | genre: fluff, dad au | wc: <500

    your biggest enemy


    he is the one husband that makes sure that you’re taking your vitamins so that he can take his vitamins

    gaslight but make it a good way

    “if you don’t take it, i won’t take mine and we both know how chaotic it will be”

    but he loves you and makes sure that you are healthy all the time

    even if you may try to strangle him

    but you cannot hate him as much as you try to 

    the day that you both found out that you were having a daughter, it can go one of two ways

    she can be like you

    or him

    and eventually even after she is born and being coddled by both you and wooyung

    somehow with your luck in this world

    she is his twin

    nala is like a splitting image of him

    “mommy! daddy said you have to give me cookies because i had a good day at preschool today!”

    “really? your teacher said otherwise”

    cues wooyoung coming into the kitchen and ready to defend his best friend and light of his life because he knows that it wasn’t her fault 

    he too got the phone call and when he had asked nala for what had happened

    it really wasn’t her fault

    the kid provoked her by speaking badly about her parents

    even though violence isn’t the answer as you have heavily emphasized

    wooyoung quietly tells her it’s okay if it’s necessary and she feels better even though you have given her a lecture about her actions

    wooyoung will go out of his way his princess is protected and away from the world’s harm

    even if she may be his spawn

    she is the cutest little gremlin 

    and you both lover her so much even if she may give you gray hairs early from how stressed you are always trying to keep up with her

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  • sunlightwoo
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    meet dad!mingi

    pairing: dad!mingi x fem!reader | genre: fluff, dad au | wc: <500 | tw: mentions of death

    so mingi and you have been friends for a long time

    like you knew each other inside and out

    and he knew about you from your past to present

    he has also watched you, from afar, fall in love with someone else in pain knowing that it wasn’t him

    but that didn’t stop him from being your best friend

    he was always there for you

    even after your husband had passed away when your son was about three

    you thought your life was over at the time considering you had last thought that he was your soulmate

    but if it weren’t for mingi, then you wouldn’t be where you were now with your son, eunwoo

    mingi knew that eventually eunwoo would find out about his biological father

    but he would do his best to be the best father figure he can be for him

    but eunwoo and mingi’s bond eventually becomes soft

    they are best friends that will try to tag team against you, especially when it comes to desserts and treats

    will use his height as an advantage for piggy back rides and to place eunwoo on his shoulders for fun moments at the park

    the day that eunwoo starts calling mingi dad however

    he’s like me?? dad????

    you were shocked too, but when mingi had left to push on the swings you may or may not have shed a tear a bit

    because at the time you had only been dating mingi for a bit

    cause it was like a relationship that you were in with him but without the label

    however you knew that he was meant to last forever, even though it took him to realize it

    but mingi treasures both you and eunwoo close to his heart

    even if eunwoo may not be his blood child, he loves him like he’s his own

    and maybe one day, you could give eunwoo a sibling someday when the time is right

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  • daystiny
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    forever unfound | j.yh

    pairing: millionaire!jeong yunho x fem reader

    genre: angst, divorced husband!yunho

    warnings: running away, obsession with money, mild anxiety

    word count: 0.39k

    taglist: @sanchoimountain @hehetmonspace (wanna be added? just reply to this post with your favourite groups and I’ll add you asap!)

    networks: @k-mysticsnet @ateezlovenet @k-library @destinyverse

    an: Due to many requests, I’ve written a second part for one of my stories. Please read “Forever Unloved” for a better idea about this story. Thank you @littlejeonginsworld @avantalem @fciryhj and @creativitybeware , this one’s for you!! 💕

    // Feedback and reblogs are much appreciated as they allow my creations to reach you!

    It’s been said many times and in many ways: money makes the world go around. It’s all you’ve ever remembered, after hearing Yunho’s hardheaded arguments with his co-workers: money… and how it moved the earth.

    But you knew that your own husband and these other people knew that better than you ever could. Nevertheless, his obsession for wealth annoyed you significantly.

    Loud noises crept around your head for seven years. That’s an entire married relationship worth of sounds that made you jolt and flinch. Sounds that scare you.

    The sound of an aggressively motorized paper shredder, the loud, quick clicks of a mouse and the repeated ringing of his office phone were always echoing in the room. Your shared room.

    It was another thing you recalled of the place you ran away from.

    However, your presence was something that Yunho seemed to keep forgetting, until he looked at the bill for necessities. Food, water, electricity, this place you called “home” - things that meant everything to you.

    Then why were you so unhappy?

    He paid for them efficiently and without complaint, for the man rarely acknowledged your presence. Yunho left behind his earnings, but also left you in shambles, anxiety and loneliness. Repeatedly.

    But today, you had enough. After privately selling your necklace and ring, you managed to escape Yunho’s mansion and avoid being on the radar for a police search. From a disguise to a fake ID, you were safely hidden away. Almost.

    News articles reported the day you “vanished” from the world, which may or may not have been true to an extent.

    The money you’ve collected was enough to pay for food and water, and you were staying in a secluded motel with free services. But after some time, you began to ponder whether or not you could ever return to the outside world… to see your family again, have a job, and find love, at the very least.

    But you knew the answer to all of these wonders. Nothing changed after you left Jeong Yunho, you were still powerless, unable to lie about your identity for long. And now, you were too weak to come out of hiding. Where you were in the world was a mystery to even you…

    And this is where the dreaded, seven year long headache led you.


    © daystiny, 2021

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  • svnmoo-n
    02.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I guess I never stopped loving you… || Kim Hongjoong

    Genre: Angst/fluff

    Paring: Kim Hongjoong & GN!reader

    Word Count: 845

    It has been months since you and Hongjoong decided to split. It was a mutual agreement really. He was busy being a great leader to seven wonderful people, someone the atiny looked up too and just a wonderful person overall. You felt like you were held to high standards because of it. You felt like you failed to be the most perfect partner to him. So when you two had the talk about it, he understood completely and that’s when you decided to just be friends. Yet, he never left your mind. After meeting with other people, he was always in the back of your mind.

    “I saw [y/n] earlier.” Wooyoung brought up out of nowhere during their dinner. Hongjoong brought his head up so quickly just to hear more. “They’re doing fine from their words. I miss them here at the dorms or in the studio with us.” The boys agreed with Woo. You were everyone's best friend. You were so bright and so bubbly with every member, having an inside joke with all of them.

    “Where’d you see them?” Hongjoong asked. Wooyoung looked at him really confused as of why he even asked in the first place. In all honesty, Hongjoong didn’t even know why he asked. After the breakup, he started to overwork a lot; staying late at the studio, dancing a lot more to keep his mind active, writing raps with mingi more and just doing what he can so that he wouldn’t think of you. He missed you so much he was just blind to it.

    “They’re working at the new café down the street. I went to grab a drink when we took a break and I saw them behind the counter.” Woo answered, shoving rice into his mouth. Hongjoong went back to his dinner, trying his best not to think of you or really how he was going to try and talk to you when he decided to visit the café.

    That same night you were closing up. Just you, the comforting night behind the windows and the soft radio playing overhead. You pulled the curtains down over the windows followed by wiping down the tables and chairs. You looked at the menu to see Hongjoongs favorite coffee. You thought about when you saw Wooyoung. How his eyes lit up from seeing you. He had explained that everyone missed having you around and how Hongjoong had been overworking himself after the split. Honestly you were left speechless that he was overworked, he usually never was. You told Woo that he never left your mind and that you missed everything. He agreed to let the rest of them know that he ran into them in hope to get him back or get a type of closure.

    You walked over to the equipment and started working on his drink. On the to go cup you wrote his name, bringing back the times where you would steal sips from his drink from time to time. Putting the lid onto the drink you took a sip and just felt some sort of euphoria run though you; bringing back those simple times. You missed him. You really did. He always made time for you, he always cared for you and looked after you when he was busy or away. Kim Hongjoong was really an amazing guy.

    As days passed by, you haven’t seen any of the members stop by. After seeing Wooyoung after months felt refreshing. The day was slow for a Tuesday, the sun barely had risen past the city. You stood behind the counter, cleaning equipment and restocking. A small bell above the door had rung, walking up to the register, you looked at the screen pulling up the menu.

    “Welcome in! What can I get started for you?” You asked, finally looking up. Your eyes were met with his. Even if he was hardly taller than you, you still looked up to him. “Joong…” Your voice hardly over a whisper. He had a shy smile on his face, clearly nervous.

    “You know what to get me.” He laughed. You smiled and shakily put in his order. What was wrong with you? After wanting to see him and talk to him you were a nervous wreck. Your entire body was shaking and sweaty. After calculating the total he paid and just waited. You worked around swiftly, avoiding coworkers and making the drink just how he likes it. Before placing the drink on the counter, you grabbed a napkin and a marker from your apron and wrote down your new number. You ended up changing it after you two broke up in case it ever got leaked, but that never happened.

    “Hongjoong!” You yelled, placing the drink on the napkin. He came up and grabbed his drink. You looked at him in his eyes again, looking for something, longing to feel something.

    “I missed you.” He whispered.

    “I missed you more.”

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  • pxedpiper
    01.08.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Hello!! I know it's been a Hot Minute since I've uploaded anything, and being completely honest with you, I still don't have much of the next chapter of Horizon done. There are a multitude of reasons for this but the main one is: it's been hard finding the motivation to write. HOWEVER, I wanna fix that !

    So, here's my idea: I'd like to start doing mtl posts !! I would also like to do smth along the lines of hard hour posts so I can get more comfortable writing nsfw topics !! You know, just small things to get my mind running again, or at the very least bring the activity back. So, while my requests have never been CLOSED, I'm officially declaring them open for any group I write for!

    As a reminder, the groups I write for are as follows:

    - TO1 - Seventeen - BTS - Ateez - Stray Kids - NCT (All units, including Shotaro and Sungchan) - ONF - VAV - Super M - EXO (OT9) - SHINee - The Boyz (trial run) - SF9 (trial run) - PLT (Mostly Gaho and Villain [even though Villain is no longer part of PLT I'll still include him as he seems to be on good terms with the rest])

    Another reminder: if you are under 18 I ask that you not send any nsfw requests OR read the ones that are sent in, I understand I cannot stop you but I'd like to warn against it just in case. I would also like to direct everyone to my rules page to see what I won't write !!

    Hoping to get some things in to liven up the blog again uwu also if you don't follow the blog and just happen to see this feel free to join in !!

    (Any Horizon fans can ask specifically for Horizon characters if you want *insert eye emoji here*)

    Edit: oh yeah small addition these are indefinitely open until I say we have enough so don’t worry about being too late to send them!!!

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  • bobateastay
    01.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    ateez + breeding/cumming inside headcanons

    ateez x gender neutral!reader

    cw - smut (unprotected sex obv, cum eating, mention of stomach bulges), generally soft

    equal amount of bullet points for each member <3

    taglist: @pikacuuuuuuu @lovely-ateez @sunsethw4 @xirenex @seonghwanotes


    honestly he doesn't think about it much unless you bring it up

    even then he won't respond with much more than a "you're so cute!"

    definitely not opposed to it though, especially if you're interested

    he feels weird about it the first time

    but fuck he loves how flustered you get when he stills inside of you to cum

    ends up more interested in it than you are

    not because he thinks it's particularly hot but because it makes him ecstatic that you trust him enough to let him do it

    if he's horny enough, he'll lick it out of you and kiss you after

    wants you to taste him even if he's not cumming in your mouth or on your hands

    "you look so cute when i cum inside, i can't believe i got lucky enough to have someone like you."


    there's not a single time you have sex that he doesn't think about breeding you

    he'd never ask you about it though

    both because he's shy and because he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable

    if you offer to let him cum inside you, he'll be speechless

    not that he stays that way long

    even if you can't get pregnant, he's always reminded of building a family with you when he breeds you

    he's so, so in love with you that it's all he can say to you when he's thinking of filling you up

    cums as deep inside you as possible, grinding his hips forward even when he's done cumming

    will 100% sit back and watch his cum drip from your hole, lips pulled into a proud smile

    "you're so fucking pretty like this, please let me show you how much i love you."


    like Hongjoong, it's not really a big deal to him where he cums when you have sex

    largely because it's never a serious activity and is mostly both of you being horny or Yunho wanting to be affectionate with you

    but on the occasions when he does cum inside, he thinks it's the hottest thing ever

    the kind to bruise your hips with his grip and thrust that extra bit harder if he knows he's going to be cumming inside of you

    likes to bite and kiss at your neck and jaw when he does

    he doesn't make the connection but somewhere in the back of his head there's a feeling of ownership that comes with breeding

    because Yunho is very aware that he's the only one who gets to see you like this and wreck you like this

    after he pulls out he waits for his load to start dripping from you before he pushes it back in with his fingers

    if he's particularly horny he might fuck a second load into you as well

    "i can't wait to fill you up, you always moan the loudest when i cum inside."


    it's not like he hasn't thought of cumming inside of you

    however, he doesn't like the idea of the extra clean up that comes with it

    if you catch him when he's in the right mood, he'll be more than happy to fuck his cum into you

    mumbles under his breath the whole time about how bad he wants to make you full of his cum

    and if he has a free day he does exactly that, cumming inside of you two or three times before letting both of you rest

    he loves to sit back and hold your legs spread open while watching his cum leak from your hole

    but he gets embarrassed about it quickly and launches into cleaning up before you can comment on the stunned, fucked out look on his face

    gets hard at just the mention of breeding you

    if he doesn't have a free day, your best chance is to ask him if he wants to fuck in the shower

    "you can take one more load, right baby? you wanted to me to fill you up after all."


    he loves breeding you and has no problem making that clear

    openly asks if he can cum inside of you, more than willing to discuss what you're most comfortable with

    it's no fun if you're not as into it as he is

    although that feels impossible at times with how excited he gets about it

    teases you when he feels you clench around him when he cums, even if he's just as much of a mess as you are

    whines and breathy moans are all you'll hear from him

    he's solely focused on fucking you as deep as he can, wanting every drop of precum and cum to stay deep in you

    always wants to cockwarm after he's done cumming in you, just to make sure his cum won't drip out

    which is sweet until he falls asleep on top of you

    "fuck, do you know how hot you look right now? i wish i could fuck you full like this everyday."


    he fucking loves cumming while inside of you and gets a little whiny cumming anywhere else

    which means you've always used condoms - he doesn't really care, he's just happy to have you around him when he cums

    he assumes that breeding you will be more or less the same

    and it is, except the knowledge that he's spilling inside of you all but makes Mingi lose his mind

    ruts into you rough and sloppy, mind clouded by the idea of making your tummy bulge with his cum

    like Seonghwa, he associates the whole act with family-making

    which isn't necessarily something he thinks about often but in the moment it makes his dick throb

    he likes the idea of breeding you in a way that everybody would be able to see

    he wastes all his energy fucking you and is lazy about cleaning up though, so letting him cuddle you right after is a bad idea

    "you feel so good- shit, i wanna make you so full that your tummy swells. would you like that too?"


    absolutely shameless

    you don't get far before Wooyoung makes it known that he loves to make as much of a mess as he can during sex

    messes of course include - but are not limited to - breeding you as much as he can

    he isn't hell-bent on cumming inside but he loves how it feels to have you clenching around him when he orgasms

    sneaky mumbles of "you'll look fucking gorgeous with my cum dripping down your thighs" while you're making out

    surprisingly enough, Wooyoung doesn't make the family connection

    he vaguely acknowledges it but it's hard to do much more than that when he's so focused on wrecking you

    likes to get two loads in you if there's enough time

    won't stop teasing and giggling after but it's only because he's so giddy with how much he loves you and how much you trust him

    "it isn't enough that you're already sweaty and crying, you want my cum inside of you too? i'll give you anything you want, just say it out loud."


    he's not a massive fan of it

    he doesn't mind the clean up too much but the risks outweigh the pros for him

    but if you catch him in an affectionate mood he might be up for it

    to him it's less about ownership or making a mess of you and more about letting you know how much he trusts you

    he wants to show you just how good you make him feel and tries his best to give the same back to you

    won't make any direct comments about cumming inside of you

    tries to get as much skin-on-skin contact as possible

    since he's going to cum inside he figures he might as well get as close to you as he can in every way

    gets shy about it after and tries to pretend it didn't really happen, rushing into clean up and cuddles as quickly as he can

    "does it feel good baby? i love you, wanna make you feel good just for me."

    #ateez x reader #ateez smut #kim hongjoong smut #park seonghwa smut #jeong yunho smut #kang yeosang smut #choi san smut #song mingi smut #jung wooyoung smut #choi jongho smut #ateez reactions#ateez scenarios#ateez imagines
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  • jazzy1919
    01.08.2021 - 12 hours ago



    a - angst

    f - fluff

    s - suggestive 

    prompt list

    Requests: OPEN

    Want to be part of the taglist? Send an ask!

                                         ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    Series Masterlists

       ♤ stages of love (a, f, s) (ongoing)

                                           ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    Stray Kids

    ♤ Hwang Hyunjin

           ♡ three words - prologue - one (a, f) (ongoing)

       ♤ Han Jisung

            ♡ reasons - prologue - one - two - three (a, f, s) (ongoing)

                                           ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


      ♤ Shin Ryujin

           ♡ all your ex’s (a, f, s)

                                           ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


     ♤ Yang Jungwon

          ♡ killshot (a, f) 

                                          ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


    ♤ Park Seonghwa 

         ♡ 10:30pm (a)

    ♤ Jung Wooyoung

        ♡ 12:00am (f)

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  • svnmoo-n
    01.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Master List

    fluff 🧸
    angst 🥀
    smut 🌙


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ I guess I never stopped loving you 🥀🧸


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet


    ↳ nothing yet

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  • jazzy1919
    01.08.2021 - 13 hours ago


    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I have a new blog specfically made for 9th member Ateez scenarios! I would really apperciate if you could check it out as I’ve made my first post already! Here’s the link to the first post! 

    Sukis Profile

    #9th member of ateez #ateez#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#ateez reactions #9th member of atz #atz
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  • ikigaitsuki
    01.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    requests open <3

    hello!! i’m currently up for taking some requests - rules & guidelines can be read here

    i can write for any member of skz or ateez, or even someone else if you really wanna make me push the boat out

    i’m in need of creative influence🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    (of course i have stuff in the works but they aren’t really hitting for me rn))))

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  • svnmoo-n
    01.08.2021 - 15 hours ago

    new writer alert

    hello! i’m ryu, my preferred pronouns are she/they. i’ll write mostly fluffs and angst, smuts will very; i’m not super comfortable with it but i will write it ^-^

    groups i write for: only the boyz and ateez! those are the groups i’m the most comfortable with <3

    {please be aware of my feelings. i am human after all. i am open to criticism though. i suffer from very heavy dyslexia so typos and mistakes are bound to happen so please be open minded about that}

    request: open!

    rules: please just don’t be rude (will add more as time goes on)

    master list !!

    #ateez#the boyz#ateez imagines #the boyz imagines #ateez fluff#ateez angst #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #ateez smut #the boyz smut #i have no idea what is even happening i’ve been holding this off for months
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  • closer-stars
    01.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Heart of Depth (4)

    Member: Yeosang Genre: Action, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Fluff, a little tension. Genshin Inspired AU Word Count: ~5k Requested: Sort of yeah Content: Yeosang x MC development. More world building. Food stuff. some history, some typical genshin shenanigans. Mild Violence. Mentions of death Note: Surprise lol. I’ve been working on this fic at the same time as gut feeling hence the speedy posting, part 5 to be posted soon.  Network: @ateezlovenet Tag list: @barsformars @miniyeo @jeongyunhoed @yeekies @yeotlny @frankenstein852 @shinyddeonghwa @prodbyteez @yeochikin @yeocult @harubirus

    Part 3

    Yeosang’s friend, Hongjoong, arrives at your shop today. He waits for you and Wooyoung patiently by the door. Well, you assume it’s Hongjoong based on his mannerisms. He didn’t seem like the men Wooyoung had to fight the night before. The two of you approach your shop carefully: the grip you have on your keys were tight, Wooyoung’s stance was low enough to not get weird glances but low enough to give him enough force to jump should it not be him. 

    The male notices the two of you and greets you politely. “Hello, I’m Kim Hongjoong, Kang told me about your need for assistance.” The introduction puts your guards down. You remember Yeosang’s description of the male, around Wooyoung’s height, eyes that seem inquisitive, with wavy hair that seem to frame his face. If none of these events had happened, you would’ve assumed he was a model with how he carried himself. 

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You introduce yourself and Wooyoung, as you open the shop for the day. Not even a few minutes after, people start pouring into your shop-- some of them with obvious relief on their features. They speak of their worries of the shop having closed down or you and Wooyoung not doing alright. All of which are shut down with reassurances. As the three of you go about with the orders and other needed rituals, you teach Hongjoong the ins and outs of your shop, what to press to make certain types of coffee, how to make foamed milk and so on. “Oh and if you want to create any dishes, feel free to do so. Some of Wooyoung’s creations are on the menu as well.” 

    Throughout the day, the three of you try to get to know each other more, even asking Hongjoong for tidbits about who Yeosang and San really are and who he really is. He answers simply about himself, a Dendro holder, whose blood is similar to that of San’s. “So how old are you?” Wooyoung asks. 

    “Younger than San, older than you.” It was a simple answer but enough to give the two of you an idea of how long he has walked the earth. It also explains his oddly shaped pupils but perhaps a detailed rundown of his lineage is for another day.

    Wooyoung returns to where the two of you are, just in time to get the gist of the conversation as you guide Hongjoong through making an iced macchiato. “Yeah and most of the earnings made from those dishes go to you.” He eggs the other male on with a cheeky grin on his face. Hongjoong, catching onto his antics, releases a light laugh after having made enough milk foam for the order. 

    “I’ll consider that.” You let Hongjoong pour the order into a plastic cup for the customer. You don’t miss the lingering gazes from the women as well. Maybe having an attractive barista could help with the sales. 


    You were back running business as usual. Only since that incident, you had to start closing a little earlier than usual. You had to write on your small board that you’ll only be able to be open until 5PM every day for the next few weeks due to personal reasons. Wooyoung spends the rest of the day in the studio, though he gets creative with the journey there-- using various train lines, or even walking through different streets just to make sure he doesn’t become predictable from the Abyss. He was more worried for you though. Hongjoong as well, walks with you usually: either walking the two of you to your apartment or elsewhere, just for safety. It was part of the agreement after all. 

    For today the shop has to close early, at least he can be reassured that you’ll be safe with Yeosang for tonight. “Damn, you really dressed up for tonight huh?” Wooyoung muses as he leans against the counter. Hongjoong lingers around Wooyoung’s side. For the entire day, Wooyoung gave the older male a rundown of your relationship with Yeosang-- at least the parts you forgot to add, which generally was the romantic aspect. 

    To be fair, you did put a little more effort today hoping that Wooyoung wouldn’t notice unless you wanted to be teased. Your blouse, though it can be easily wrinkled, hangs on your body well. It’s also one of your favorites simply for how it feels cool to the touch. You were wearing slacks as well, not your usuals for comfort and practicality but today, knowing Yeosang’s preferences when it comes to dates, it was better to just dress up.  “Shush.” You chide him, wrinkling your nose at his teasings. “I know he’s seen me in just shorts or joggers when I’m working but considering it’s a date…” Until now, whenever you say that you’re going on a date with him, your heart beats a little faster. “I figured I might as well... “ 

    The mischievous glint in Wooyoung’s eyes softens just a bit as he snickers at how flustered you look. “Don’t worry about it too much, the two of you have really good dynamics. Guess you could say there’s a spark” He rests against his elbows this time. The pun doesn’t go unnoticed by Hongjoong. “Have you even seen how he looks at you? That guy’s really smitten.” There was also a hint of curiosity behind the soft gaze Yeosang carries for you. He wonders what it is, but if there’s anything being an electro user tells him, it’s patience. “Besides, your shop has garnered a bunch of loyal customers now. They don’t mind the early close especially for personal reasons. At least have fun tonight.” 

    You look at the clock. It won’t be long until he picks you up from the shop then. “You already know how to lock up this place right?” It won’t be long either until Wooyoung has to head to the studio. 

    “Of course. The keys are with me and the extra set of keys are at home.” He rolls his eyes in jest at your concern. “Do you have Regalia with you?” He returns. 

    Regalia’s the name of the bracelet you’ve been wearing since day one of living with Wooyoung’s family. One of the last few things you’ve kept from your family that he’s aware of. He doesn’t usually mind you not wearing it during work but with the recent events, you can only assume this is for your peace of mind. “Yup.” You raise your wrist to his view, and he sees the cool toned beads adorn and accentuate the silver charm that rests just above where your pulse is. 

    Your vision was peaking under your top, just by your waist, not wanting to bring too much attention to your capabilities but still wanting to stay on the safe side. Underneath the calm facade, lies the same person who’s still wary of everything since then. A figure catches his eye by the door. It’s Yeosang, this time wearing a cream blazer under a simple printed white shirt and dark gray pants and ankle boots. He always manages to make you feel a tad bit underdressed with his fashion sense. You envy Wooyoung’s nonchalance to the fashion differences, then again, Wooyoung’s been confident in his own style. That’s what got him to where he is now. 

    Just as you were about to ask Wooyoung a question, he beats you to it. “Yes, you look fine. Now go and have your date.” He shooes you off with a wave of his hand. You shoot him a look of mild annoyance for his ability to see through your facade. So with that done, you grab your things on top of the counter and wave him goodbye. 

    “Call me when something comes up okay?” 

    He says nothing but shoots you an okay sign, making sure you focus on the man who’s been waiting for you like a lovesick puppy by the door. 

    Just as you step out of the shop, you’re greeted by a warm smile from him. It’s interesting how that smile made him look younger when he’s already thousands of years older than you. It just comes with the whole Archon responsibility, you suppose. As you approach him, he hands you a bouquet of various flowers-- peeking above the flowers, you see his cheeks bloom into an endearing pink.

    “Yeosang what’s this for?” You ask, the wrapped flowers in your hands has you dumbfounded. You weren’t sure if it was a double peonies but you’ve definitely seen this before somehow. You knew that this was a rarity but how he managed to acquire them at the height of their beauty at this time of the year was a feat for you. “What is this?” A white flower, not yet in full bloom, is surrounded by simple greens and hyacinths. You gaze at them for a moment, before returning your gaze to the man in front of you.

    The tips of his ears shine bright pink, a stark contrast to his black-blue hair. “I thought you might appreciate another type of flower to be in your shop.” You can’t turn down this gift. Double peonies have been something you would usually see online. To know that these are real ones and they’re in your hands, it was truly an experience. “Neve Jewel.” He answers your question softly

    You look at him for a moment, shocked at how he got this flower for you. “How often should I water them?” You ask as you try to look for a vase or a spare pot that you would plant them in for the time being in your shop. You’d love to bring home a sapling of this down the line. 

    “Every three days.” He says after clearing his throat. If he didn’t, he would’ve stuttered through the tip. The look of pure glee in your eyes made him think that getting you the flowers was a good decision, at least it was good enough to make his chest feel warm. As you look through the pots in your shop, you realize there’s no space for them: looks like you’ll have to carry them for the entirety of the date. 

    He offers you the crook of his arm, for you to hold onto for the rest of the date. “So what’s the plan for tonight?” You ask as you gently hold onto his arm as he offered. The night was still young and there was so much they could do and for all you know he might pull more surprises. 

      “Well, for starters, you have the freedom to choose what we eat tonight. I figure it’s only fair to let you choose this time as it was my choice last time.” That’s right, you remember the last restaurant being expensive and him being able to pay with ease. A small part of you wonders if he could cover your further studies or help with the studio Wooyoung also works in. 

    The power to choose makes you hum in thought. Truthfully the decisions were countless. “How about pizza and pasta? I know a place you might like.” A short pause. “Well, we can look at the menu and see if you like it, if not we go elsewhere.” You offer. 

    You hate to admit that ever since knowing Yeosang’s the Archon, you started seeing him in a slightly different light. Maybe it’s your insecurities? Wondering who else did he love before you. Was it your jealousy? Wanting to know what he knows about this world and perhaps beyond-- along with his financial security. It can’t be helped, there have been times where you gave up something you eyed for more important things. Living on your own isn’t easy but at least you work at your own pace. 

    “Something on your mind?” Yeosang asks softly. He doesn’t want anyone listening in on them as he starts noticing fleeting glances at either you or him. It didn’t take much for him to know that your thoughts were running again. Your hand felt loose in his arm, and your footsteps felt like they were floating. It was funny to him how you reminded him of them yet still be your own person. 

    “Ah?” You hummed, blinking a few times to get back to reality. “Nothing too pressing, just curiosity over how life has been for you since Day 1.” You admit. You know of their existence: of Archons that bestow these visions, of beings that are half human, half something, or even not entirely human that walk with you. To be in their presence though, is another topic entirely. “Along with the chances of meeting the likes of your kind.” 

    He flashes a small smile at your honesty. “I see. All of which are understandable thoughts. I suppose I can tell you a few stories over dinner.” He promises. There’s something comforting in how he carries no hint of resentment, but it leads to more curiosity of what he has buried in all these years. “If time still permits today, I’ll show you some places that hold significance to me that people nowadays do not know of.” 

    “You say a lot of promises, Yeosang.” You note teasingly. As you do so, you gesture to the restaurant that you had set your eyes (and stomach) on. “Check out their menu first?” 

    He looks at the restaurant and chuckles. “My dear, San always pesters me about this place. I don’t eat here as often as he does but trust me, I have no issues with tonight’s choice.” He would come here often for San’s favorite especially after a long night of dealing with awry beings that try to wreck havoc. It’s enough to get him through a few hours until he crashes. 

    His words reassure you and thus, the two of you enter the premises, finding comfort in a booth, away from any eyes that could wander. After the orders have been made, you were left alone with him once more. From your place, you could watch people walk past the restaurant on one side, while the cars zoom past on the other. Yeosang lets you look around for a moment before he starts telling you some of his stories. “So which one would you like to know about?” 

    He answers your questions to the best of his ability. Yes, even if people try to recreate the food from the past, it’s still not the same, not even with the same ingredients, things just naturally changes over time and he has come to accept that. His current favorite is fried chicken though, even better if it’s the half-half type. He tells you about a plot of raised land on the other side of the river. You weren’t aware of this story: how that was initially something like a mountain only for him to flatten it with the force of water after an immortal being thought they were greater than the heavens that made them. He admits that the immortal was a dear friend of his who had changed as time passed them by. A god of earthquakes, he tells you. “So with that in mind, it’s impossible to fully wipe out any archon or immortal being.” Your inquisitive and sharp mind warms his heart. Humanity’s curiosity is their greatest downfall. Yet, this is what pushes beings like him to protect you and your kind. It’s what has kept your species going. 

    “Yes and no. This dear friend of mine, he can’t..” he trails off as he tries to find the right word, tilting his head in thought. “His material body cannot come back but his essence lives on. It explains the tremors we feel occasionally.” Some gods are forgotten as well, buried deep in the oceans he rules in where only the darkest parts of humanity’s consciousness can only remember. Yet from time to time, occurrences happen that tell him that there are people that still remember. Fortunately, before the discussion gets any depressing, the food arrives and he takes this chance to know more about you and anything you’re curious about with these flowers that rest on your lap. 

    He asks you about the latest social networking apps, he has the basics of where most people are but the other apps that entertain certain niches intrigue him. Though you didn’t have all the answers, he was sure he’d leave this restaurant knowing more than before. He finds out that your passion for baking and making different types of coffee came after you saw Wooyoung struggle juggling his dance team and studies. The daily expenses of buying coffee eventually build up over time so you take matters into your own hands. Now, you’ve got a shop up and running and the rest is pretty much history. He respects you for that. The Archon also realizes that perhaps San was right with this restaurant. Another restaurant to add to his options in the days to come. 

    The rest of the dinner goes well, lasting for two hours before the two of you decide to leave and walk around somewhere quiet. Somewhere that the two of you could get away from the constant bustle of modern life. 

    The walk to the quieter side of the city was a fruitful one. The conversation between the two of you never stops as each of you try to understand each other-- especially with you trying to understand his roots along with his riches. “So, you being.. An archon.. Is that how you were able to get that apartment?” You understand that he’s not quite immortal, having the ability to die as well but he does have the ability to live longer than most. You learned that gods can die, but deaths caused by humans have resulted in violent natural happenings.

    “Yes and no.” He answers with a slight tilt of his lips. “Some of the objects from the historical collection are mine but I had to pull some legal strings to make the public think it’s from someone else, and for the stockholders to continue funding the museum. Some of them have been bought and sold through me to older gods and Archons who have passed on, some archaic family clans as well and so on.” He hints towards other groups with money that have helped fund his museum and keep them safe, though through less than morally ethical means. Simply put, the museum has helped him amass a big fortune with one part going to his anonymous safety for reasons and the other parts going to other necessities of the community around him.  

    Something stirs in you to explain something to him. “I suppose I owe you a story as well.” You admit softly. You start to tell him about your family life, how you grew up in a family that was passionate about their jobs: your father, a historian while your mother was a fairly known ceramist who also had a passion for what your father pursued. It’s through the attempts of recreating the pottery of the past that made their names fairly well known in those days-- also making you have a keen interest and skill in the history and the arts. Your father came across certain writings, unfamiliar to the academe but familiar to those who were interested in the taboo. He and your mother got too close, from what you understood. The pursuit of making connections and knowledge cost them their life. They made sure you were safe from everything, keeping you hidden from the perpetrators. 

    Wooyoung’s parents were close to yours, it took forever in a child's mind before they found you, hiding in a closet with the Regalia in your small hands. Once they found you, they made sure you didn’t see the aftermath. Their urns rest in a quiet columbarium out of town. Since then, you grew up with Wooyoung’s family. It’s not the same as having your actual parents grow with you but they did their best to step into their roles for you and for Wooyoung. “It’s been years, and I’ve learned to cope with the absence so please, don’t worry about me.” You reassure him. You’ve been so accustomed, so annoyed with the looks of pity given to you by others who know this story-- which are usually by word of mouth. 

    He lets his eyes wander around the scenery in front of him. The way the lights bounce against the water, the quiet hum of people milling about by the water. His eyes catch sight of a small family letting their kids play about by the water. The way you talk about your family makes him wonder how you were like when you were younger. The you he knows now is different from the you Wooyoung has known since he was a child. You don’t step into the same river but water always passes where it came from. Simply put, you are still you. Heavens be damned, because he’s enamored by you.  

    As you tell your stories, your eyes catch a glimpse of the same family. There’s something in your chest that twists that you cast your eyes downward. The flowers were still in your arms, you didn’t want to leave it in the stale air of the car. 

    He sees you look down at the flowers, your fingers fiddling with the wrapping and some of the petals. “Feel free to ask questions about them, my dear.” 

    Giving you that green light to ask immediately had you talking. “Okay, first question, How? I thought this didn’t exist anymore?” You remember the first dinner you had with him, how he bought a painting of the said flower and told you how rare it was. So how did he manage to get an actual one?

    He finds a bench, away from people that were there for perhaps the same reasons as the two of you. He pats the spot next to him for you to sit down as well to which you oblige. Once you do so, he looks up at the sky, seeing the faint shimmers of the stars above. The waters will continue to move to a near unrecognizable state yet the stars no matter how much they move, they still look the same. The man next to you tries to figure out his words, but eventually he just decides to say it plainly. “I had the same thoughts as you, about its existence. San was the one who notified me of its reemergence. He found it growing in the museum’s garden, in full bloom every night.” 

      You stare at the lone blooming flower in your hands, wondering if there’s more in the garden, but one question suddenly nags at you. “Why did you give it to me when you’re heavily attached to this flower?” You were flattered, you can’t deny that-- a rare flower from someone who has been fluttering your heart? That was a unique way to be courted Yet, the lapse in thought bothers you, a rare flower that he obviously holds dear to him, given to you? What made him think of this? 

    “They were someone dear to me as well.” He starts. His voice takes on a more sober tone, making sure you were comfortable leaning on his shoulder. “A dear immortal as well, just like San and I.” It takes a few moments of silence for you to understand the gravity of their relationship. “They were someone well loved by the people, taught them how to handle resources on an economic point of view with other regions, taught them handiwork beyond that of warfare, a lot of things that were out of my field to put it simply..” He has already accepted and forgiven himself of his shortcomings to become someone like them at that time. “Their favorite flower is this, my love.” He says, his fingers fiddle with the edge of its wrapper. “Everyone associated it with them.” Despite the harsh cold that ice gives, it was also a time for trust. When it was too cold, they’d make shelter out of ice and various twigs and fur. If it was too hot, they provided them with cool winds. It’s why the Neve Jewel glows as such, depending on the season. 

    “Unfortunately, I couldn’t protect them at their time of death.” His eyes stay still at the river that quietly flows past them. “Their last wish to me was to make sure the people survive the journey. Weird isn’t it? The god of water protecting the followers of Ice.” He rests his temple against yours. “Eventually after their passing, Neve Jewels ceased to exist. Until you came along.”



    “What if I’m not them?” 

    “Yeosang, you know you need to be prepared to accept the fact they might not be your previous lover.” 

    It’s a question he’s considered since he met you. He admits, it wasn’t easy to consider accepting that you might not return. He remembers the concern in San’s face when he was still so hopeful. 

    “Of course, grief never leaves you. It always stays with you, you eventually learn how to live with it.” He tips his head in thought, acknowledging the weight of the concern.

    You didn’t want to cry here: not when the date was going so well. A soft chuckle leaves your lips to loosen up the tight feeling in your chest. “Mhm, I guess so.” It’s a half hearted answer you have to admit but it was better than letting the silence cue the tears. 

    “But if you let me, I’ll still love you the same.” 

    A deep breath loosens the pulsating pain in your head from the unshed tears. “I guess life does work weirdly.” You add under your breath, leaning against his shoulder as you fiddle with the wrapping of the gifted flower. 

    He readjusts himself to make sure you don’t get uncomfortable. There’s something in your words that tells him, it would be better to shift the topic. “I’m a little disheartened that i never got to tour you around the museum but that’s alright, one of these days, I’ll bring you around, show you my favorite works and tell you some stories behind them.” 

    “I’d like that, sounds like you got a lot you’d like to share too.” You muse softly, taking in the scent of nature and him. 

    “I catch you lingering by the entrance sometimes.” Even though he has invited you and Wooyoung to stay in the museum’s offices with him for the sake of safety, you’d just linger by the souvenirs. You remember Wooyoung proposing the idea of having a small shop next to the souvenirs, but you shot it down. It’s not because you don’t think it’ll do well but because who else will manage the shop? Hongjoong’s a good candidate but until you’re certain he’ll stay after this mess. 

    With how everything is going, you wonder if he finds time to rest. “Please, you’ve got a lot on your plate. I’d rather not add to that, Yeosang.” You say with a breathy laugh of embarrassment. 

    “You know that I don’t mind your presence.” He’s been spending his hours with you after work for the past few months. “I wouldn’t have asked you on a date, if I did mind.” He tilts your chin gently to look at him. 

    His eyes, holy shit, you could drown in how they look: shades of blue with hints of green and streaks of white. The ocean resides in this man and you’d be damned if you didn’t feel yourself melt in his touch. “If it still isn’t obvious, my dear, I would like to ask you, if you are willing to be my lover?” 

    Something flashes at the corner of your eye, and it’s coming straight at you.

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