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  • hwatiny0304
    28.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    [📰] Ateez is nominated for today's "The Show".

    Let's quickly get to the starpass app and get them as much live votes as we can.

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  • seonghwas-wife
    28.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    My ateez background that I use- the grey boxes are for widgets. If you have a mac I'm not sure how you put widgets but your all smart I'm sure you can figure it out. For my fellow windows/hp users I use the rain meter widgets. If you want my widgets here are the links:

    Music player- https://www.deviantart.com/apexxx-sensei/art/Lampo-798930945

    Music Visualizer- https://www.deviantart.com/lilshizzy/art/Rainmeter-Simple-Media-1-1-212678796

    Clock- https://www.deviantart.com/burnwell88/art/xclock-skin-rainmeter-135154123 (Not sure, but lampo does provide more clock skins, you can also use your own if it fits!)

    Weather widget- https://www.deviantart.com/aj-dekkers/art/JDWS-01-Jelle-Dekkers-Weather-Skins-01-862701418

    Hope you guys enjoy this! I will also be releasing my own lock screen (black theme) and a black theme BTS home screen that I made for one of my friends.

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  • purplesanhwa
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    ateez ✧ deja vu✧ 210928
    #ateez#ateezedit#ateezgif#seonghwa#hongjoong#yunho#yeosang#san#mingi#wooyoung#jongho#mine:gif #mine:ot8.gif #era:fever part.3 #stage:deja vu #ot8 ending fairy!! #idk what font they used so i just tried to make it look similar hffhgk
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  • totheworld-thisisnct
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Strawberry smoothies and little drops of love

    Fic Masterlist

    Chapter 10 is out now!! Please support me by interacting with my works 🥺❤️❤️ thank you guys!!

    Here's a little snippet from Chapter 10:

     "Rise and shine, baby~"

    "Mhm....kiss me," San murmured into Wooyoung's neck as the younger man coaxed him awake with soft, compelling words, telling him that it was nearly nine am already and that he had to wake up.

    Wooyoung giggled, using one finger to tilt San's head up and capture his lips with his own, quite literally kissing him awake.

    "Good morning," Wooyoung mumbled into San's mouth, and the older smiled into the kiss, humming softly as he gained consciousness.

    "Good morning to you too," San uttered as he pulled away, smiling, "I love waking up with you next to me."

    Wooyoung giggled, nudging his nose against San's in a sort of eskimo kiss, "Me too."


    Link to Chapter 10

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  • primroseyunho
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ateez as nyu guys

    ❀ ot8 ❀ this is just crack i'm so sorry this will make no sense if you don't go to nyu or have no real knowledge of it ❀ warnings/tags: crack, college!ateez, i cannot emphasise enough how stupid this is for real read at your own risk kiddos ❀ a/n: this is just for funsies for me to let out feelings about the guys i go to college with at this silly purple school (aka nyu) i go to lmAO and also to ease my way back into writing again. pls don't take any of this seriously lads ❀ word count: 1257

    ❀ kim hongjoong

    nyu school: tisch

    major: music production

    not one of the clout chasing tisch kids but all the ones who are like that are totally obsessed with him

    probably is doing a minor in politics or linguistics bc we know this boy loves to overwork himself

    doesn't realise that all the girls who try to talk to him are flirting and not just being friendly

    if you're classmates and you miss a day, he totally lets you borrow his notes ugh he'd be so sweet

    i feel like he's the guy who you share friends with but don't actually know you're all mutual friends

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 6/10 because even though he's lovely i will always be wary of tisch boys and also don't overlap with them a bunch because i am a boring pre-law gal and not an art student

    ❀ park seonghwa

    nyu school: stern

    major: business

    listen, yall, i cannot tell u how saddened i am to associate the angel of all heavens with st*rn but we gotta be honest with ourselves

    best boy hwa is going to school for practical purposes

    he would be one of the only four valid sternies ever all the rest of them can choke

    he is a classy boi and fits in well with the whole rich kids vibe

    he would mostly be friends with non-sternies or stern women

    he is that bitch who rolls up to class at 8am in full designer looking like he got off a runway whilst the rest of us look like trash

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 6.5/10 he lost points because god stern kids are the worst and also we all feel such deep disgust and envy at the fancy looking 8am kids and that is exactly the kind of nyu guy seonghwa would be. he gained points though for being a stern guy who i wouldn't want to murder - that's a very difficult feat

    ❀ jeong yunho

    nyu school: cas

    major: data science

    maybe not data science exactly but he definitely is a stem kid it's just the ~vibes~

    he's a real one who would help my humanities ass pull through in the required science classes

    is an elevate mentor (stem mentor program for high schoolers) and loves it so much

    definitely used to accidentally mansplain all the time freshman year before he knew better

    100% no doubt is part of the competitive frisbee team (yes that's a thing)

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 10/10 i can guarantee i'd see him in the kimmel cafeteria and would be texting all my friends about how rude and borderline illegal it is for him to be hot whilst shoving his face full of food. totally would flirt with him if we had class together

    ❀ kang yeosang

    nyu school: gallatin

    major: who tf knows

    okay so quick context for this one, gallatin is where kids can literally design and make up their own major. literally they can major in anything as long as they can defend and explain it to an advisor

    feel like this is fitting because really what even is happening inside this beautiful man's head half the time - do you know? because i sure as shit do not

    he's an undercover gym bro but he goes to 404 fitness, not the palladium gym which is why we like him still

    is one of the washington square park skater bois

    captain of the quidditch team (yes, that's also a thing too, i am not kidding)

    he's the kid in class who doesn't talk much but when he does it's really fucking smart shit

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 10000/10 oh besties gallatin skater boys might be my kryptonite and that is vaguely humiliating but lets skate on past that. he's the guy in my class who makes me feel gooey inside when he says i've made a good point. definitely thought i was in love with him for fall semester but by spring we never see each other again

    ❀ choi san

    nyu school: steinhardt

    major: education

    he's the guy i've been friends with since freshman year but still never remember what his major is sorry bestie

    works at the ULC as a tutor

    somehow knows everyone and is at every party you end up at

    everyone is at least slightly in love with him even if they are totally platonic

    is in parliamentary debate club, taekwondo team, and history society

    ..... okay maybe not history society but let me pretend since i'm the history society vice president

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 8/10 had a thing for him freshman fall (although i probably had a crush on everyone i met freshman fall) but then became very good friends and now it's all platonic. he fits into the description of two of my closest friends too well for me to envision romance in this scenario whoops

    ❀ song mingi

    nyu school: cas

    major: maths

    i am on my smart kid mingi agenda yall don't appreciate or hype this man's intelligence nearly as much as he deserves

    he's the overgrown puppy friend who doesn't realise that he looks big and scary

    holds the heavy as shit doors at every nyu building open for you god bless

    is in the presidential honors program

    tragically he's probably a palladium gym bro

    definitely gets high in the park and has probably tried acid lets be honest here

    one of the safety guy friends at parties who i love because it means i can get inebriated without feeling unsafe

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 11/10 smart men who also satisfy my size kink rlly pull me in with such little effort. also i am frequently found painting and reading in the park whilst my friends get high with me babysitting them since i am almost always the only sober one. the tables turn when it's time to get drunk in the park though hehe

    ❀ jeong wooyoung

    nyu school: tisch

    major: performance studies

    this dramatic little shit is a tisch kid through and through

    such an extrovert and knows literally everyone ever

    does performance studies because he's an all rounder over achiever

    flirts almost as often as he breathes

    has hooked up with at least one of your friends but isn't a dick in the aftermath

    probably a micro influencer who posts tiktoks romanticising new york city life

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: 6.5/10 i would definitely be friends with him but all the flirting gives off big banter chill vibes and not romantic ones. he's still hot though so like, i'd look every once and a while, ya know *wink wonk*

    ❀ choi jongho

    nyu school: steinhardt

    major: vocal performance

    listen no one knows why vocal performance isn't in tisch (the literal arts school) and is instead in steinhardt but just go with it

    has one of the most insane schedules because of all the private practices and rehearsals he has to attend

    you'd meet him in a required core class and both struggle through it together

    would share his table at bobst (the library) with no complaint wow what an angel

    an unexpected and undercover pre-law kid - you'd only find out because you both went to a ULS meeting

    also an undercover party boy you cannot convince me otherwise he is absolutely rooftop party crush material

    fucks it up so good at open mic and karaoke nights

    how likely am i to have crushed on him: infinity/10 no no see this is now a problem because i have created the perfect man in my head now and he doesn't exist in reality omfg jongho??? as a vocal performance guy???? who's PRELAW??? dream man

    okay that's the end of me wishing i went to college with ateez love yall and you're insane if you've gotten this far askjfhkjaf lots of kissies for u all

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  • lovesanmotion
    28.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ateez yeosang#ateez scenarios#ateez jongho#ateez fanfic#ateez wooyoung#ateez san#ateez seonghwa#ateez hongjoong#ateez mingi#ateez yunho #yandere!hongjoong #yandere!seonghwa #yandere!yunho #yandere!yeosang #yandere!san #yandere!mingi #yandere!wooyoung #yandere!jongho #yandere!ateez x y/n #yandere!ateez x you #yandere!ateez x reader #kang yeosang#choi jongho#jung wooyoung#choi san#park seonghwa#kim hongjoong#song mingi#jeong yunho #yandere!ateez
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  • kpopkitty01
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ateez Reaction to Meeting You His Celebrity Crush -------------------------


    You were one of the special MCs on a show Ateez was going to be on. When Hongjoong found this out he was super excited but also really scared because he didn’t want his feelings for you to be shown and be painfully obvious to everyone watching. So when they went on the show his worries were not for nothing. He couldn’t help but look at you constantly and smile. The other MC would take notice of Hongjoong gidiness so Wooyoung would say “Actually our leader here is a big fan of Y/N.” gesturing toward the now blushing man. Trying to keep his composure he would say “Yes, I am. I think your an amazing performer.” After the show, the members would continue to tease him about it but he didn’t care, because what they didn’t know is before they left you two had exchanged numbers.


    They were at a show and you were one of the performers that was going to appear that night. Seonghwa was absolutely delighted that you were there and that ateez was going to be on the same stage as you. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to meet you in person he went looking around backstage to see if you would be standing around there. To his disapointment you were not. One of the staff noticed him. “Excuse me sir are you looking for someone.” now feeling a bit shy “Ah yes I wanted to see.. uh meet Y/N Y/L/N I’m a big fan of her music.” “She’s in her dressing room I can take you to her.” his eyes would get a bit big “You’re sure that’s ok?” the staff shook her head “I happen to know she really likes Ateez.” She knocked on the door. “Mrs. Y/L/N you have someone here that wants to meet you and then she went off to leave you two alone. You answered the door a bit shocked to see who was standing there. Seonghwa told you how big of a fan he was and how he would keep supporting you. You really liked him so before he left you slipped him your number.


    For the past month you had received a bunch of small gifts from a secret admirer like chocolates, candy, flowers etc. Usually it was resting on your dressing room table attached with a note usually saying something like. “Your performance was outstanding.” “You're a very special person, and I hope your future awards match your efforts.” “Have a wonderful day!” and it would be signed with nothing but an “S” you had your suspicions on who it could be but you couldn’t be sure because you knew quite a few men that had a name starting with the letter “S”. One day you were showing someone out in the hall the flowers you had just received. Ateez was also in the hall and you caught him looking at you with the flowers and smiling. You made eye contact and he quickly looked away. You now were very suspicious so the next time you and Ateez were working the same music show you'd be ready to catch San red-handed. You left your dressing room door wide open and hid behind your changing screen scrolling through your social media as you waited. Sure enough about an hour later San came in carrying a small bouquet of flowers. You slowly stepped out of your hiding place. “So, it was you.” startled San would turn to you. Sputtering his words a bit “Um yeah. I really like you.” “Then why didn't you come and talk to me?” he shrugged “I guess I was just scared I’d get rejected.” you smiled at how cute he was being. “Here’s my number. We should just hang out sometime.” you'd say with a wink.


    Here you were finally in front of him. He could finally talk to you and tell you all the things he had wanted to for so long. Except now he found himself speechless you reached out your hand for him to shake it and he happily did. “You guys did an amazing performance. You should all be proud of yourselves.” They all nodded and thanked you. San noticed Yeosang’s hesitancy and spoke up before you could leave. “Our member Yeosang is a big fan of yours. He really looks up to you.” Yeosang gave San a dirty look. Your attention turned to Yeosang. “Oh really?” “Yes.” He started to smile wider. “I’ve been a fan of yours. Since the beginning.” “Oh thank you, that’s so nice. I also really like your style and vocals.Maybe would could do a collaboration sometime?” His eyes grew wide. “That would be great!” he said enthusiastically You nodded. “Definitely, I’ll let you know.” you bowed and went away accompanied by your manager. San smugly looked at Yeosang. “You owe me a thank you.”


    Never told any of his other members who he was crushing on. So they were quite surprised how shy and flustered he was getting when you were meeting all of them at a mutual music show. You bowed and went away as it was your turn to perform next. Yunho would stand there mentally kicking himself for not saying more to you when he had had the chance. After your performance was over he’d make some excuse to his members and leave to go find you. He would be waiting by your dressing room door. “Hi, your one of the Ateez members right?” you’d ask. “What are you doing here?”Still being shy he’d tell you how much he liked you. The minute those puppy dog eyes looked at you, you fell for him too.


    Ateez was on tour and was staying at a nice hotel for about two nights. While the rest of the members were in their rooms resting for the show they had in a few hours Mingi was around the lobby getting some snacks for himself and the other members out of the vending machine. When he heard a woman's voice say. “Hi, excuse me?” he turned around to see you standing in front of him. You were about the last person he expected to see. “I'm looking for the hotel's gym but I can't seem to find it. Do you know where it is?” judging by his facial expression you knew he recognized you. “Umm, sorry I don't know.” you sighed “That's ok. I'll keep looking.” he didn't not want to say anything for fear of missing on the opportunity. “I didn't realize we were staying at the same hotel as Y/N Y/L/N.” you chuckled “You recognize me huh?” “Of course I do. I'm such a big fan. I just love your music.” “Thats so nice to hear. We must be performing at the same place.” You said the place and he confirmed that you indeed were. “Well, I'm sure well see each other again then. Until then.” when Mingi returned to his members he had the biggest smile on his face.


    He’s definitely going to play it cool like he could’nt care either way if he met you but in the inside he’s freaking out like a teenage fan girl. He’d see you walk toward the group with your million dollar smile. Wooyoung just can’t help but smile back. Even though he’s nervous he’s not going to let this opportunity pass. He’s flirting with you and not breaking eye contact making you blush a bit. After you were done meeting Ateez you walked away. You were then stopped by non other than Wooyoung. He gave you a smile and bit his lip. “You want to meet up sometime? Just the two of us?” He’d hand you his phone which was open to “New Contact” so you could put in your number. You obediently put in all your necessary info and handed his phone back to him. “You sure have game.” You said playfully. He chuckled “Why thank you.” He gave you a quick wink and went back to his members with a smug smile on his face.


    His hyungs would know who he was crushing on because one day for some reason he thought it was a good idea to tell them. After that anytime your face would show up online, in a magazine, or on TV one of the members would have to tease him about it. He didn’t really mind though he’d just nod and smile and just take it. So you can imagine how bad all the members were when you were at an awards dinner at a table right across from Ateez. “Go say something to her.” San said shoving Jongho with his elbow. “Don’t miss this opportunity.” Yunho added. “Alright.” Jongho said getting up and walking over to your table. You stopped talking to the person next to you. His hands folded in front of him while politely introduced himself “Hi, my name is Jongho. I just wanted to say I think your a very talented and special person, and I hope that tonight your efforts are reflected.” You thanked him and got into a small conversation. He came back to his table. “So how did it go?” Hongjoong asked. Jongho smiled while looking at nothing in particular. “She wants to hang out sometime.”

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  • soft4teez
    28.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ivy’s relationships outside ateez

    she has too many friends, but here’s a few of them.

    { ryujin }

    status: “married couple”
    ship name: ryuvy
    popularity: 10/10

    met at jay why pee

    one of the MANY 01’ liners. (an o.g.)

    literally the blue print of many peoples wattpad stories.

    if there’s ryujin, there’s ivy. if there’s ivy, there ryujin

    literally never separatethem.

    they talk about each other SO. MUCH.

    cheek kisses🥺

    they love each other so much. it’s the cutest

    fans are always eager for interactions.

    more recently they’ve been sharing happy birthdays online

    constant flirting

    vlive interruptions >>>>

    “and th- oh, ryujin-ah is calling. hello?”

    “hey honey how are you

    { beomgyu }

    status: “heart eyes”
    ship name: ivgyu
    popularity: 8/10

    met through yeosang and wooyoung

    one of the 01’ liners. he claims he’s an o.g. but the true o.g.’s disagree

    they don’t get very many interactions but they talk about each other often.

    every-time they see each other their eyes sparkle. it’s so cute how they get so excited

    waving at each other all the time

    wooyoung, yeosang, and ivy leaving their own group to go talk to txt is a normal thing.

    one time they got caught hugging and fans freaked. out.

    “we’re good friends with ateez members” - yeonjun

    “hi ivy😁” - beomgyu

    { somi }

    status: “also married couple”
    ship name: somvy
    popularity: 10/10

    met at jyp

    again, an o.g. 01’ liner.

    they call each other wifey so.

    somi invites ivy over to her studio often and one time introduced her to blackpink. somi said it’s recorded but fans have yet to see it.

    they buy each other birthday presents and always open them on vlive 🥺🥺🥺

    somi’s little sister LOVES ivy. it’s the cutest thing ever.

    graduated together

    somi won against ateez during her comeback and she made ivy stay on stage (yes ivy laughed at her for breaking the trophy)

    ‘baby ivy’ and ‘somi love’

    somi is really the only one of ivy’s friends that goes to the ateez dorms. so she’s pretty close with ateez now.

    short baby and tall baby.

    “baby ivy got me a birthday gift!”

    { renjun }

    status: “are they blushing?”
    ship name: renvy
    popularity: 5/10

    no one knows how tf they met. most people guess it was through chenle but no one knows how she met chenle either so ???

    1/2 people on this list that aren’t 01

    they’ve never been seen together. the only reason people know they’re friends is because chenle mentioned once.

    they sometimes talk about each other, and every time they do they get all smiley

    this is literally the most confusing ship in ateez and nct history.

    biggest meme on atiny twt for a whileeee

    there was ONE interaction that was caught and it was literally them laughing over something and it was a two second clips

    the biggest mystery in atinyzen history.

    “oh! yes me and renjun oppa are friends☺️”

    { chaeryeong }

    status: “SISTERS”
    ship name: ivyeong
    popularity: 9/10

    met at jay why puke

    o.g. 01 liner.

    they both have sisters… but they claim to be each other’s favorite “sisters” so

    they’re so cute


    gets pouty when they’re separated

    they told a story about how one time they were out in public and an elderly lady asked if they were sisters and they said yes even though they look nothing alike.

    they’re also friends with each other’s sisters.

    chaeryeong never shuts up about how ivy would’ve been amazing in i.o.i or even iz*one

    all of itzy has an ateez lightstick and ivy forced her members to by itzy’s light ring when it came out.

    “i’m actually ivy’s #1 fan”

    { chenle }

    status: “chaos”
    ship name: chenvy
    popularity: 6/10

    no one knows how they met. they both claim different things

    01 liner

    they were seen together maybe twice and that was when they were gathering their 01 cul- i mean- liner meeting at mama 2020 and when they were spotted high-fiving after a performance

    though they haven’t been seen together, the nct members like to talk about how chaotic the two are together. occasionally ateez members too

    marks worst nightmare.

    you should what happened when she met jaemin-

    anyway, they’re great. they talk about each other often and people love them

    “chenle and ivy together is like watching dogs at a dog park” - mark

    “they can’t be that bad” - johnny

    (he later regretted saying that)

    { jihan }

    status: “new besties”
    ship name: 2ji
    popularity: 5/10

    met through yeosang!!

    1/2 not 01 liner

    they’re such cuties !

    jihan talked about how yeosang introduced them one time and ivy talked about it the next day on universe

    they have selfies together…

    the amount of hugging-

    ivy calls her baby all the time

    currently trying to make plans for her to meet all of weeekly

    ivy = jihan’s biggest fan now

    there’s so much room for them to get closer so stay tuned !!!

    “ivy unnie is very kind… she called me pretty”

    “jihan is so sweet!! she’s the cutest guys!”

    { jeongin }

    status: “sibling shit”
    ship name: iv.n. or jeongvy
    popularity: 10/10

    OKAY. met at jyp

    o.g. 01 liner.

    besties. like. B E S T I E S

    changbin and wooyoungs blue print ✋🏼

    they act like siblings so anytime someone tries to even talk about dating they gag.

    jeongin tries being the ‘leader’ of 01. ivy says somi should be, it’s undecided

    he bought her candy one time for her birthday and purposely made majority of it her least favorite candies.

    they stress each other out but that’s okay.

    they’re so cute together though

    interactions are so normal. and during kingdom it was like a buffet of interactions.

    they would talk to each other informally on camera like changbin and wooyoung. and seonghwa would scold ivy and wooyoung because they were technically their seniors.

    giving chan and hongjoong headaches >>>>

    “hey jeongin-ah!”

    “ivy! quit they’re out seniors here”

    “it’s okay oppa, he’s my best friend.”

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  • dailykoreanpop
    28.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ATEEZ Continues to Provide Laughter in New UNIVERSE Short Form Variety Show

    KQ Entertainment's eight-piece boy group ATEEZ shows their quirky and funny sides with the new UNIVERSE short form variety show "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ."

    Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ to Showcase Boy Group's New Adventures and Chemistry

    The new show is an upgraded version of the "Parasite Challenge," which drew considerable attention at the UNIVERSE platform.

    The first episode of the new "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ" has been uploaded on the UNIVERSE YouTube channel.

    Fans are now excited about the next adventures of Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho, revealing their chemistry as a unit and previously unseen sides to their personalities.


    UJUNG and ATINY Alert: WJSN, ATEEZ to Hold Back-to-Back Fan Meet Events on UNIVERSE

    In their first episode, ATEEZ faced the "Refrigerator Breaking Mission" without letting their landlord know. In particular, Hongjoong had to go on a solo mission to find ingredients for making tteokbokki.

    The group leader showed his potential for slapstick comedy as a large donut tube was wrapped around his body, with his funny movements drawing laughter from his groupmates.

    ATEEZ has been active in the UNIVERSE platform, giving their ATINY fanbase multiple opportunities to connect and even interact with them. Earlier this month, the NCSoft and Klap-developed fan interaction platform hosted ATEEZ's latest comeback showcase.

    In the "ATEEZ [ZERO: FEVER Part.3]," the KQ Entertainment boy group was able to show the content of their latest release, plus various interactive segments that allowed the artists and their fans to connect on an entirely new level.

    The "Parasite Challenge Double-Up ATEEZ" is an eight-episode short form entertainment show available on the UNIVERSE app, with new episodes released every Wednesday and Friday at 10 AM KST.

    Credit: Kpopstarz 

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  • joongfm
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ~ Jongho Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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  • teddybear-jongho
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ATEEZ- Having a Crush On You


    He’d try to hide it, which he does semi well. He just doesn’t want to seem overbearing or to make you uncomfortable. He just can’t help but to stare at you sometimes and to do things for you. Seriously it can be any little thing and he’s jumping up to do it for you.

    One of his favorite things to do with you is eating, whether it’s at a park or the dorms, he just cherishes that time he has with you. His stomach is doing numerous flips and he’s completely nervous but he oddly loves that feeling because there’s an elation that comes with it, and he just doesn’t want to come down from that high. He loves the butterflies and the sudden jolt of his stomach that comes when he sees you.

    He also loves the fact that you shield him from the boys teasing, how you opt to tease and joke with them in return.


    When I say this man does not stop smiling when you’re around and he’s so incredibly nice to you. Seriously he always goes out of his way to do the nicest things for you. He’s the type to cheer you up when you’re not feeling your best.

    Loves just being in your presence to be honest. He’s really chill though inside his thoughts are going a mile a minute. Tries his hardest not to stare at you but he can’t help the little glances, they make his stomach do flips and he loves the feeling.

    He’s also into spending quality time with you because he loves getting to know you better. He wants to know anything he can, he wants you to know that he’s always listening when you’re talking to him.


    It’s the cutest. I can see him love giving you piggyback rides and comparing the sizes of your hands. You know this emoji 🥺 that’s him but when you’re not looking. He’s literally amazed at everything you do, gets excited too. Seriously, he's so impressed by anything you do.

    He loves putting a smile on your face, he likes to see just how much he could make you laugh. And if it’s always a good day for him if he gets to see you or hangout with you.

    I feel like he likes taking you to arcades and he loves helping you with the games you’re not so good at. He stands behind you and guides your hands. He seems so calm but inside he’s over the moon.


    You would not know at all until he tells you. He’s that good at hiding it. He's an awkward wreck when around you, he doesn’t really know how to act when around you. He gets a jolt in his stomach every time you come around, there’s an unusual surge of happiness he feels and all he knows is that he wants it to happen every day.

    I feel like he’s the type to share things with you but besides that he’s quiet? He adores when you start a conversation with him, he looks forward to that and he always hopes you do whenever you’re around each other.

    He’s really nice to you also which confuses the boys because he’s never that nice to them and that’s how they find out. You don’t know but the boys do.


    He wants skinship. Hugs, cuddles, arm linking, just anything he can get. It makes him extremely happy and unable to keep a smile off his face. He’s so sweet to you.

    He blows your phone up, loves texting you but loves FaceTiming you even more. He wants to know about your day, he could listen to you go on and on with the most satisfied dazed look on his face. He sends you links from Instagram and Twitter with a message that says “this made me think of you.” And it’s always something so sweet.

    He’s always pressed up against, sharing his food with you and or eating yours and pouts when you’re being stingy, “I always share with you.” He says with a pout which always makes you give in.


    A nervous baby. He’s so jumpy and smiley around you. He never not smiles when you’re around. He offers you everything. His coat? You got it. A bite of his food? You got it. He jumps at the chance to give you anything you need.

    Always invites you to places but he’s a nervous wreck before he asks because he thinks you’re going to say no. Always opens doors for you and walks extra slow because he knows he tends to walk fast. Will melt if you link arms with him so you could keep up.

    I feel like he would enjoy playing video games with you and teaching you how to play his favorite ones. I also feel like he'd love doing some of your favorite things too. He literally does not mind at all and even jumps at the chance to do anything with you.


    So loud. He’s so loud around you. His favorite pastime is laughing with you. Makes it a habit to make you laugh. Like San, he’ll want skinship, he’ll text and FaceTime you a lot. It would be like you’re already in a relationship.

    He’ll annoy you too. It’s how he shows affection. Will constantly be over your shoulder and in your business 24/7. Your business is his business now, you’re one.

    Likes to have you over the dorm so he can cook for you. Will pout and whine if you’re not paying attention to him and all the hard work he is doing for you. He’s extra and dramatic like that. Wants you in on all of his shenanigans.


    He steals lots of glances, he doesn’t want you to catch him but he can’t help it. He likes the feeling he gets when he sees you. He’s never really felt like this so he really doesn’t know what to do.

    Of course he loves showing off his strengths to you. He loves the moments when he can give you piggyback rides, he won’t ask if you want one because he’s too nervous but he won't ever deny you if you ask.

    Smiles discreetly whenever you sit next to him. He’s such a gentleman around you, he makes sure he isn’t rough with you like he is with the boys. I can see him having some jealousy or worry when he sees someone smiling and talking to you.

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