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    05.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    (Warnings:Alcohol, Suggestive, a pinch of angst, and Fluff)

    Summary: Another girl is giving your man, Seonghwa, a lap dance. You drank too much and got drunk instead.

    Why are you by yourself?” Emmi, your friend, asked because you came with your boyfriend Seonghwa in the first place.

    Loud music played as you shook your head. “He’s just with his friends right now.” You mumbled as Emmi’s eyes widened.

    “Look behind you.” She points at something as you followed the direction.

    It was Seonghwa….with multiple girls surrounding him. One of them suggestively danced against his lap as he only hyped her up to continue.

    His sly smile was glued to his lips as he took small sips of alcohol.

    Your blood boiled as you immediately took your eyes off from the disgusting scene.

    At that moment Emmi’s phone rang and she needed to go home due to family emergency.

    “Are you sure you’d be okay?” She asked one last time as you nodded.

    The moment she left you took shots after shots, Not giving a care in the world anymore.

    You forgot how much you’ve drank already, but the world seemed to be spinning.

    Your face was burning red from the alcohol as you finished drinking.

    You suddenly got the urge to stand up and go dance. That’s when you spotted Wooyoung.

    “Woo! Let’s get it!” You wrapped your arms around him as he danced along with you.

    You were drunk as Woo tried to get you out of the place.

    “Hyung.” He managed to get you to where Seonghwa was and pulled you next to him.

    “What happened to her?” Seonghwa was furious as his brows furrowed.

    “Let me go!” You pushed Wooyoung and slipped away.

    “Bye bye~~~” You sang while skipping back to the dance floor.

    “This is the most I’ve seen her drunk.” Wooyoung explains as Seonghwa puts his drink down.

    He quickly followed after you and grabbed you by the wrist.

    “Who are you! Where are you taking me!” You stomped as he dragged you behind him.

    You drank so much you couldn’t even recognize your own boyfriend anymore.

    “Y/n, I told you not to drink too much. Why’d-“

    You interrupted him and poked his cheeks, laughing hysterically to yourself.

    “You look like my boyfriend.” You pinched both of his cheeks and cupped his perfect face.

    “He’s really handsome….” You smiled as you caught a glimpse of the girl who was on his lap a few minutes ago.

    You immediately frowned and pushed Seonghwa away. “But he’s a meanie. I don’t want to see him anymore. I hateu himmm….”

    You rubbed your eyes while yawning loudly.

    “NoW LeAve me AloNe!” You crossed your arms around your chest and walked away.

    Seonghwa, of course, did not let you go.

    “Why are you mad at him?” He intertwined his hands with your smaller ones.

    “…h-he doesn’t like me anymore.” Your eyes get teary as your lips pouted at the past memory from awhile ago.

    “He loves you more than anything!” Seonghwa sits you down as he looked into your twinkling eyes.

    “You’re lying. I saw him with another girl! She was on his lap! AND!….he…he smiled happily when she touched him….! But He’s mine and mine only.” You sniffled as your grasp tightened on his hands.

    Seonghwa’s hearts ached in pain as he now knows how you felt. “Come with me.” He holds you as you shook your head.

    “I don’t leave with strangers.” You turned away as Seonghwa came in front of you.

    “Your boyfriend actually told me to come get you.” He says as you narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously.

    “Hmph! I still don’t want to see him-“

    You pouted as he shows you a picture of himself. “He’s really worried about you right now. Look at him.”

    You looked at the photo and he was sad, which made your heart ache as well.

    “Oh no. What happened!?” You shook Seonghwa as he grabbed you.

    “Come on! We have to go to him!” The two of you leave as he starts driving.

    “He told me to-“

    *Sound of you snoring*

    Seonghwa smiles as he placed his jacket over you on the car and continued to drive home while you slept.


    “Baby….we’re home.” You hear his voice before finally getting up.

    “Seonghwa?” Your view was blurry as he looked into your eyes.

    “Where is he?” You rubbed your sleepy and drowsy eyes while looking around the living room.

    “Is it because he’s still dancing with that girl.” You mumbled and sat down on the couch, looking down.

    “The girl from the club?” Seonghwa sits beside you as you gasped.

    “How’d you know!?” Your eyes widened while he giggled.

    “That girl means nothing to him, Y/n.” He pats your back as you shook your head.

    “Then what if I did the same thing too, would he be okay.” You mumbled some more as an idea popped in your head.

    “Stay seated!” You demanded as you placed your phone in front of the coffee table, recording the entire thing.

    “I’m going to send this to Seonghwa. Hmm! This is what he gets.” You danced back to the man, not knowing that it was actually Seonghwa.

    “Spread your legs.” You opened his thighs and quickly straddled onto one of them, wrapping your arms around his neck.

    You looked back at the camera and smirked. “Park Seonghwa! You meanie! This is my revenge!” You kissed down Seonghwa’s jaw as he laughed at your attempts.

    “Baby….” He held your face as you hummed in response.

    “You’re drunk, go to sleep.” Seonghwa whispered as you smirked.

    “Did you hear that Seonghwa?” You turned to look at the camera that was still recording.

    “This man right here wants to sleep with me. I guess I won’t be needing you tonight.” You cackled stupidly and snuggled into Seonghwa’s embrace as he smiled.

    “You’re pretty possessive, huh?” He says as you hugged him tighter.

    “Hwa’s mine!” You blurted out before passing out on his lap.

    *Next Morning*

    You opened your eyes and there was a huge headache. Your eyes squinted at the bright room as memories started playing from last night.

    “Did I…sleep with a stranger?” You gasped and looked under your clothes to see yourself only wearing panties and a pair of shirt.

    “Ahhhh!!!!!!” You screamed as Seonghwa immediately woke up beside you.

    “What is it?” He embraces you as your heart broke down.

    “Seonghwa….I think I cheated on you. I saw you with that girl at the club and so I got jealous and drank too much and came home with a random guy. I’m-“

    He kisses you to shut you up.

    “Look at this.” He plays the video from last night that you had recorded.

    “Spread your legs…” The words from last night that you had said were recorded in the video as you watched carefully to see that the man was actually Seonghwa.

    You gasped and covered your mouth.

    “Wait!” You processed everything as a huge blush came upon your face.

    “I didn’t know you were the jealous type.” Seonghwa teases as you pouted.

    “Yah! You still haven’t explained why she was in your lap!” You bit your lips furiously as he put the phone down.

    “S-she was hired….by Wooyoung.” He scratched his neck as your brows furrowed.


    “I got insecure when you never seemed to get jealous over me….I thought you didn’t like me enough.” Seonghwa confessed as your eyes widened.

    “Never! I….I like you too much. I AM jealous! I just never showed it because I thought you’d think I’d be too clingy!” You explained as he smiled.

    “I love you cutie.” He pinched your nose as you squished his cheeks.

    “Now why don’t we continue from that video?”Seonghwa whsipered into your ears as the video was still playing.

    You could hear him whispering in the video, “I’ll get her tomorrow.”

    Your jaw dropped as he wiggled his eyebrows cutely, asking for permission.

    “You waited all night?” You asked quietly as Seonghwa’s delicate fingers danced against your tummy.

    “I deserve a reward don’t I?” He spreads your legs just like how you did it to him last night and began kissing down your neck.

    *It was going to be a looooooong day*

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  • shotbyvity
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    request 1 : Hi love, I wanted to ask a Smut about Y/N and Wooyoung doing Vanilla Sex, and yes, involving lots of kissing and caressing <3

    request 2: Hi love, could you do another scene of Wooyoung and Y/N teasing each other to have sex ♥️

    You crept silently to the side of Wooyoung, who watched you from the corner of his eye and smiled satisfied with the attitude. It had been about twenty minutes into the movie since the moment they decided to stop paying attention to play with each other. At first somewhat distanced, but now that everyone in the group had dispersed to sleep you thought it was a good idea to take a bolder approach.

    "I thought they never left"

    Wooyoung chuckled minimally and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, bringing you closer. You curled up next to him and lay down, staring at the television as he did. Your right hand rests on his knee under the blanket, stroking and stroking his full thigh.


    "I'm not doing anything"

    You snatch and keep the caresses in that region, as something that didn't really want anything, it seemed much more interesting to play with it than to watch any movie. Wooyoung didn't seem too reluctant either, the smile on his face already made it clear that there was no intention of actually stopping you and because of that you just walked forward, ignoring the fact that you were in the middle of the room that even though it was dark was noticeable. thing you were doing there.

    His hand looked for the volume of the pants and it didn't take long for you to press the volume still asleep, wooyoung leaned his body a little more forward and brought you closer, snuggling him.

    "You're worthless, Y/n"

    You laughed minimally reaching your hand through his pants and boxers, a favorable situation and in moments you were masturbating with more freedom. Wooyoung was slowly starting to pant near his ear and toss his head back trying to keep as much silence as possible. You watched with a smile on your face satisfied with the reaction and keeping your digits firmly on his cock, slowly jerking him off.

    "you know you can do better than that"

    commented wooyoung through the heavy breath that ran from his lips straight to your ears like melody. on the message you walked away from him on the sofa and lowered your lips towards the exposed member, wooyoung laid your own body a little more and then you bit him. a moan came out of wooyoung's lips that soon caressed your hair, on the other hand your tongue sucked all the way to the base, wooyoung's member was already pulsing by the previous stimulus and the short and salty taste of the prejoy was present once in a while.

    wooyoung held his own tongue to end up nnot cursing and closed his eyes leaving only the sensation of your lips sucking his cock as would the tastiest candy in the world. you took it deep, little by little and careful not to choke and the feeling that his anxious moan caused was indescribable

    "It's enough baby, come here"

    you stopped what you were doing pulling the air between your lips and then followed wooyoung's guidance to sit on the sofa

    "ride me huh"

    you nodded and then removed the underside of your pajamas you as you went to wooyoung's lap touched your own intimacy feeling the damp presence already with little, you sighed slightly and then held the base of wooyoung's cock and fitted it over your entrance, thus slipping slowly into itself.

    Wooyoung moaned softly and held you by the hip waiting for you to get used to so you could start riding. you kept your hands steady on wooyoung's shoulders and then gasped low and finally began to move. you were in the dark keeping those movements and even then there was a risk of someone seeing first hand coming towards the room. wooyoung bit his lower lip and tipped his head back again as you moved your hips back and forth against him.

    "fuck y/n...where did you learn that"

    you laughed a little, taking your hands to the back of his head and holding the strands of it caressing them as you kept the thrusts

    "you do not need to know"

    you laughed again and watched wooyoung bring her face to the crook of her neck and then start kissing and lightly branding. from his lips came a frequent melody of low moans and subtle praise in the direction of wooyoung.

    "you fuck so well so woo..."

    you moaned squeezing wooyoung's shoulders and arched your back when he started to force his hips up, suspending you so he could fuck you. there wasn't much dialogue, wooyoung knew how to get you to the max as fast as you with him. little by little the bodies came together in a single breath and the limits reached at the same time.

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  • captainhongjoongwriter
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Bakery Ft Hongjoong

    Warning: Very Fluffy and short. —--- Hongjoong stands next to his girlfriend as he scoops cookie dough into an ice cream scooper, and put the scooped cookie dough onto the tray, he glances at Kayla and smirks when he sees the powder sugar, once he saw it he couldn’t help what he did next, He grabs a handful of the powder sugar and throws it at Kayl making her gaps and look over at him and whines “Hongjoong, why?” Hongjoong chuckles and grabs another handful and throws it at her face making her squeal and pout at him but before she can say anything, Hongjoong wraps his arms around her waist and pecks her lips gently and says “Why? Because you're my donut, and I saw my donut didn’t have any powdered sugar.” Kayla blushes and covers her face and whines, making Hongjoong do that pirate laugh he does sometimes.

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  • sanniedaysmarsnights
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sanniedaysmarsnights MASTERLIST

    I have written the amount of fics on this blog that I am starting to lose track of them myself, so it was time to make a masterlist XD


    Handsome Hours | Series 1 - Hongjoong x Reader (I have like 10 more chapters written but proofreading things is SLOW) Part 1 Part 2

    Soft Shivers | Series 2 - Wooyoung x Reader Part 1 (discontinued until it gains more interest)

    Mommy Please | Series 3 - Hongjoong x Reader x San x Seonghwa Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Sneaky kittens | Series 4 - Vampire/cat shifter!San x reader Part 1 (a story in and of its own though)


    Dreaming together | Oneshot 1 - Yunho

    Snacking under the moon | Oneshot 2 - Yunho x Reader x Seonghwa

    Too hot to handle | Oneshot 3 - San x Reader x Mingi

    Just as planned | Oneshot 4 - Jongho

    Soft San | Oneshot 5 - San

    A beatiful angel | Oneshot 6 - Yeosang x reader


    Holding Hands | Imagine 1 - Hongjoong

    Holding Hands | Drabble 2 - Hongjoong

    My leather baby | Imagine 3 - Hongjoong x reader


    Hongjoong: 1,

    San: 1, 2, 3, 4,

    Yeosang: 1,

    Miscellaneous pairings and/or OT8: 1, 2, 3,

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  • rainsunni
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago


    words: 259

    pairing: k.h. x reader

    genre: cool fun platonic

    sum: The morning after a sleepover with your best friend.

    ⚠: ~

    "I did something!" His voice booms from the bathroom. You sit up from laying on his bed. Your phone is forgotten next to the bag of hot cheetos. 

    "What did you do now, Hong?" Your mild concern slips into your words. 

    "On the count of three!" 







    The door slams open. Your jaw drops. Before you is your best friend with a permed faux hawk with a small fade on the sides. It's a dark purple mixed with soft pinks. He smiles brightly while showing off his dyed hands. You're too stunned to utter a word.

    "Wait! There's more." He does a 180° jump to show off the back of his head. A small curled mullet lays beautifully over his neck. He looks over his shoulder at you.

    "You like?" He asks out of reassurance.

    Without a doubt, you want to show him how amazing he looks. How amazing he is. But-

    You nod, losing all functional motors to do anything else. Your body slowly slumps down. From your belly you push yourself to roll to the edge of his bed. Joong giggles as he watches your theatrics.

    With one last look at the angel of a man, you slip off the bed. A thump followed by his bellow of laughter.

    The corners of your lips lift up as you lay on his comforter that was discarded there when the two of you woke up. This was definitely the best sleepover you have ever experienced. Your mind wanders back to him.

    He's so cool~

    #hongjoong#kim hongjoong #hongjoong x reader #ateez x reader #ateez#oneshot#platonic
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  • wasteitonserendipity
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    All the Time (Kim Hongjoong ft. Mingi)

    Group: Ateez
    Member: Hongjoong ft. Mingi
    Genre: Angst and some fluff if you squint
    Word Count: 1736
    Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, joong being an asshole?
    Based on the song All the Time by Zara Larson
    (a/n: hiya! one day i will be consistent... today is not that day lol I'm considering doing a part two but I'm not sure just yet! As always requests are open!)

    The summer heat hit your skin as soon as you stepped out of your apartment, the warmth comforting you a little. Summertime was your favorite time of the year, between pool parties, rooftop bars and late night escapades you were always finding something to get into. The only thing that you disliked, no hated, about summer was that it always made you think of him.

    Fuckin Kim Hongjoong.

    You were supposed to keep it casual, nothing serious, no strings. But of course you broke that rule early on thinking you could push your feelings down like you always did. You’d spent two summers in each other’s beds and it was some of the best nights you’d ever had. You two seemed to understand each other in ways that no one else did and you missed that feeling more than you ever cared to admit. The fact that you both were trainees but mostly the fact that you were at a company that was adamantly against their trainees dating, you knew that what you had couldn’t last.


    “So, you’re not even willing to hear me out?” you sighed as you ran your hand through your hair for what seemed like the millionth time today.

    “We said ‘no strings’,” Hongjoong spit as he gathered his clothes from your bedroom floor, “and these feel like strings.”

    “I didn’t know asking you to not openly flirt in front of me was strings,” you rolled your eyes, as you pulled a tshirt over your head, “I just figured it was basic decency but okay, whatever.”

    “‘No, strings. No feelings. Just sex.’ That’s what we agreed on,” he said with a huff, “we’re friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

    “Well, with friends like you, who needs friends.” you shook your head as you left the room not wanting to look at him. You needed water and air now because the amount of tension in the room was absolutely suffocating.

    “So what,” he said following you into the kitchen, “that’s it? We’re just not friends anymore?”

    You stopped mid-pour, setting down the pitcher in your hand mainly out of fear of dropping it from how much your hands were shaking. You took a deep breath, you were prepared to lose your best friend at this point because losing him would be better than this.

    Losing him would be easier than holding onto something that was so very one sided. Losing him would be easier than putting yourself through the endless torture of the sympathetic looks the boys would give you when you see Hongjoong chatting up someone else at the bar when you all would go out. Losing him would be easier than pretending that he didn’t rip a piece of your heart out every time he told you he loved you while you two were laying in each other's arms.

    You don’t know when it became more than sex for you, in fact there was part of you deep, deep down that hoped that this whole situation would help him see you in a new light but that clearly wasn’t the case.

    “Hongjoong,” you sighed, not being able to look him, “we haven’t been friends for a long time now and you know it.”

    He nodded. That’s all, just nodded and made his way to the door.

    And just like that he walked out of your apartment and out of your life. He gave up before you even had a chance to begin, and that’s probably the part that hurt the worst.

    But that was almost three years ago and you knew it was time to move on.

    So you did.

    You focused on perfecting your art and became one of the most successful female producers in your age group.

    You were ready to take on the world but first you were going to party with some of your closest friends.

    The rooftop party was in full swing by the time you had arrived. Your friends always knew how to throw bangers, just crazy enough to be memorable but nothing that would warrant a visit from the police. Tonight was a special occasion, the return of the Ateez boys. Even though you produced for HYBE now, you still kept in touch with most of the people you’d been trained with and that included one of the biggest boy bands in the world.

    “Y/N!” you heard a deep voice boom from behind you.

    You turned to see a now honey blonde Mingi charging towards you, arms extended and his usual gummy grin.

    “Hey, Mingi!” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

    You always enjoyed spending time with Mingi. His personality was so unique to anyone you’d ever met and he was always up to have a good time. You were probably the closest to him out of all of the boys, next to Hongjoong. Even after things with you and Hongjoong ended he’d always made an effort to check up on you now and then.

    “You look great,” he smiled wide, spinning you around, “how’ve you been?”

    “I’ve been great, Mr. World Famous Superstar,” you chuckled, giving his shoulder a light shove, “still producing and writing. not too much, ya know? I’ve actually got some pretty big news.”

    “You’re finally gonna give me a shot?” he teased, giving you a thumbs up.

    “Yes, you dweeb,” you said flatly, rolling your eyes, “I’m madly in love with you and have been for a long time.”

    “Knew it,” he said with a wink, “but for real, what is it?”

    “Well,” you took a deep breath, “I’ve actually been working on a mixtape. I’m pitching it at the beginning of the week!”

    “You’re kidding!” he bellowed, hugging you again tightly, “congratulations, love!”

    “Thanks! It’s not a sure thing yet, but at least I get to pitch it.”

    “I told you,” he chuckled, “you should’ve done more Idol training! You would’ve been amazing.”

    “Yeah,” you sigh, “but you know what kind of music I wanted to do. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had.”

    “Maybe,” he shrugged as he handed you a drink, “you know who said the same thing?”

    You rolled your eyes at him again. Yes, you knew who said pretty much the same thing all those years ago and you weren’t about to say his name.

    Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

    “Have you seen him yet?” he asked as he took a sip from his cup, watching you intently over the top of it. You knew he was gauging your reaction, just like any of the boys would in this situation

    “Mingles,” you laughed, shaking your head, “you’re the first person I’ve seen tonight.”

    He put his hands up in defense and giggled, “I was just checking.”

    “Okay, okay,” you laughed, trying to ease the tension, “I need whatever you’re having but ya know, stronger,”

    “I can hold my liquor now,” Mingi huffed, “thank you very much!”

    He grabbed you by the hand and you both made your way to the corner where drinks were being poured. What you didn’t know was that there was a pair of eyes trailing you from the opposite end of the busy rooftop.

    “You know that could’ve been you, right?” Seonghwa prodded, bringing Hongjoong out of his very obvious trance.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hongjoong sighed, shaking his head as he took the red mystery cup from Seonghwa’s hand.

    “Sure you don’t, tough guy,” Seonghwa rolled his eyes.

    Being the oldest and the one the boys, and you at one time, would go to for advice he knew everything. He knew the feelings you were harboring for your then best friend. He knew that Hongjoong was struggling with his feelings for you but then overcompensating in the worst ways.

    He also knew how Mingi felt about you.

    “He likes her, ya know,” the eldest said nonchalantly as he took a sip from his cup as he watched you and Mingi fall back into the comfortable banter you always had.

    “Everyone does, it’s Y/N,” Hongjoong said with a pensive sigh.

    “No, you fucking moron,” Seonghwa shook his head yet again, “he likes her. Like the way she used to like you. He never made a move out of respect for you. He knew about your little thing that was going on and knew that if it came down to the two of you Y/N would have chosen you at the time.”

    Hongjoong just stood there, eyes big at the new information.

    “I-I didn’t,” he stuttered.

    “Yeah, I know. No one did because it’s fucking Mingi. He’d rather suffer in silence and see his friends happy together than get greedy and go after someone who he might not have a shot with but it looks like he might have a shot now though.”

    They turned their attention to the two of you, Mingi’s chin resting comfortably on your shoulder, his arms around your waist as you listened to Wooyoung chatter about his AOTM stage. You two looked like you just fit together. Hongjoong felt a pang in his chest when you looked up at Mingi and smiled. You truly looked at him like he hung the stars and he reciprocated that look right back at you, something Hongjoong had never been able to do, at least not at times you would notice.

    As if you knew you were being spoken about, you looked in the direction of the two oldest boys immediately making eye contact with Hongjoong. You gave him a cordial smile and wave before taking Mingi by the hand and plopping yourselves down on the couches by Jongho and Yunho.

    “I fucked up so bad,” Hongjoong sighed.

    “Yeah,” Seonghwa mused, “you did. And there’s no going back from that now.”

    “Harsh much?” Hongjoong quipped in annoyance.

    “I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that what you did was okay. She was your best friend, Joong and you walked out on her. Not the other way around. So no, you don’t get to be pitied in this situation. You wanna do right by her? Start by being a good friend with no ulterior motive. Be supportive, be there. That’s the best I’ve got right now.”

    You looked happy now, Hongjoong couldn’t deny that.

    Maybe this was for the best.

    At least that’s what he’d tell himself until he believed it himself.

    #ateez writing #hongjoong one shot #mingi one shot #ateez oneshot#ateez#ateez angst
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  • rainsunni
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    mine & ours▪

    words: 361

    pairing: p.s. x reader

    genre: xtra sweet fluff

    sum: You and Seonghwa's short love story.

    ⚠: ~

    One plus one, equals two. You and him are part of the universe's equation.

    The emotionally driven man who has shed tears as much as he sweats. A leader in his own way. A caring soul filled with maternal instincts.

    He cooks for you when you're ill. Remembering his mother's recipes. He helps you take a sip from the straw while you hold the water bottle(too stubborn to let him do everything for you). He rechills the soaked cloth upon your forehead. Make sure you're tucked in comfortably.

    You pled for him to leave you be. Worried he might catch what you have. He refuses. Choosing to be stubborn as well.

    He cuts off your begging with the suggestion of a movie marathon. You already know the title he's going to say. You can hear the beginning credits as they roll up the screen. Fading into the background of outer space.

    The both of you fall asleep before the end credits of the last film plays. You, alone in the shared bed, while he's in the desk chair. When morning comes and your fever has passed. Things start to look better.

    The balance between the even and odd days are nothing the two of you can't handle. You work around him. The gears running smoothly through the relationship. If he forgets something, you're sure to remind him. If you need a favor, he doesn't hesitate to act. An equal with an equal. Take one away and the other won't completely fall apart, but it sure as hell feels like the end of the world.

    The two of you lean on each other to go about with your lives. His energy plays with yours. Yin and yang. He tends to switch up between onyx and ivory. You don't mind. As long as he's there by your side.

    He's sweet with homemade chocolates and a bouquet full of an assortment of flowers. He couldn't choose just one. They all felt right for you. Eyes twinkle when he's happy. Laughs are shared. Smiles in the midst of kisses. Hugs free of pain. Hearts thumping along to the same melody.

    "Listen, it's our song."

    #seonghwa #ateez x reader #park seonghwa #seonghwa x reader #oneshot#atz fluff#ateez
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  • dreamtof0rget
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Anxiety - Choi San

    You and San had known each other for a little bit over a year now. While your friendship wasn´t that long yet it most certainly was an extremely important one to San and also to you. San had met you once through KQ as back then you were an intern and got the privilege of working with Ateez. The boys were all extremely nice to you which immediately led to a friendship with all of them. However, you and San bonded over the fact you both came from small towns and you guys always seemed to have something to talk about. This was now a whole year ago and you still talk to all the boys, well mostly because you are now a full term employee at KQ. You are part of their staff. If they have VLives planned, there you are helping them out. They have a schedule to follow? You are usually there as well. The managers actually quite enjoy having you around as well since you seem to keep the boys a little bit more in check, especially San who seems to want to act more mature around you. Everyone else could see the reason why he did, but you thought, it was simply growing up.

    Lately, you had been feeling rather down. Your sleep schedule was all over to place, your eating habits were also all over the place and you just knew this feeling all too well. You used to feel like that all the time at school. While in videos and in their logs the staff, including you are blurred out, in real life that just isn´t possible. A few days ago, for your birthday, the boys had been so kind and had planned a whole day for you. They had the day off and since they had such a good relationship with you, they had wanted to somehow give back for the wonderful work you did. They had planned to take you out for dinner and then head off to karaoke and that is exactly what they did. Everything was fun and going smoothly until you had been leaving the restaurant. Apparently, some fans had caught wind of the boys being out and of course plenty rushed to the scene. You were used to seeing the boys deal with this but not you, not in the flesh. You felt so anxious walking through the mass of girls, it left a real imprint on you. Of course, pictures had been taken of you heading into the car with the boys and it kinda blew up after that. KQ had quickly explained the matter, as they didn´t want the boys or you, dealing with any bad messages but it was too late. The feeling of anxiety had been with you constantly since that night and you were truly considering your job right now. While you loved working with the boys, you had to think of your mental state, and getting messages from girls, you didn´t even know, telling you that you just were not worthy of being around the boys and worse, didn´t help it.

    So here you were about to head into the practice room. You took a deep breath before putting on a fake smile and walking in and looking at the boys sprawled out on the floor, out of breath. You chuckled to yourself and shook your head "alright boys, I think that is enough for today. Clear up schedule is done. Go home and rest. You too Hongjoong, you have been sleeping at the studio the past 3 days, that is enough" you said sternly as the boys got up. Hongjoong shook his head and walked over to you "yes mother" he teased before giving you a hug. You were glad he did because they had no idea it would be their last. You went on, hugging each boy as they headed out, San was as usual the last one. 

    The boy had noticed the change in you and he was aware something was off. He hugged you and felt you hug him back tightly. Something was definitely off. He continued holding on to you as he spoke "Hey, listen, I wanted to make sure you are okay. I know your birthday evening didn´t go as planned and I can´t imagine how overwhelmed you were. So if there is anything you want to talk about or just rant or anything please, text me or just call me. You know I´m always just a call away." he said as he slowly stepped back to look at your face. You kept the same fake smile on your lips and nodded "yeah, of course. Don´t worry about it Sannie. I´m fine" you said as you fully let go of him "now go. or they might leave without you" a joke to attempt and hide your sadness. You didn´t want to tell them you were quitting because honestly, they would for sure do something to convince you to stay and you didn´t think staying was the right choice for you. San smiled and kissed your head before heading out and that was the last you saw of him. "enjoy your week off. you worked hard! Enjoy Jeju" you called out after him


    A week had passed and the boys had most definitely enjoyed their week away on Jeju island. San was worried about you tho. You had not texted him, or called him or giving any sign of you to him or any of the other boys. The boys would tell him, to stop worrying that you were probably enjoying your week away from them and their shenanigans, however this was proven to be wrong as they came to the studio that Monday morning. Everyone was set up in the conference room, and they were currently talking about the upcoming tour dates. San was looking at his paper in silence until he finally spoke up "will (y/n) be joining us?" he asked. The room had gone quiet which the boys found odd. Their manager cleared his throat "No. She will not. (y/n), no longer works for KQ. She resigned a week ago" he said, actually feeling sorry, as he saw the boys sad faces. "what? she quit? why would she not tell us?" Wooyoung asked as he sat up straight.

    "I thought she liked working here? Who´s going to help me tease Wooyoung now?" Yeosang asked earning a glare from Wooyoung who was right next to him. San was in complete silence. Everything made sense. The hug, the way you hugged him, he should have known. He got up "I have somewhere to go" he excused himself and left. Their manager was about to say something before Seonghwa spoke up "We both know San is not going to listen to either of us. Everyone knows he has a soft spot for (y/n) and she probably quit because of what happened on her birthday. We should have talked to her, or been more careful" he looked at the other boys. "Let´s just resume. San knows what he´s doing" Hongjoong piped in before they continued the meeting.

    San knew where you lived, the boys had been over a few times, and he was heading there full speed. It wasn´t too far which was good. On his way there he called you. You were packing up as you had decided to go spend some time with your parents away from KQ and everything else, you just needed to escape. You didn´t check the caller ID as you picked up simply assuming it was your mother. You had told them everything about what happened and them wanting to keep you safe suggested you come be with them for a while. "hello? Mom you don´t need to call me every 5 seconds. The panic attacks are getting better I swear" you said not even thinking.

    "Panic attacks? Why didn´t you tell me you were leaving?" San asked through the phone as he continued running.

    You felt your breath get stuck in your lungs for a moment as you stopped packing and sat on your bed "San....I... I didn´t have to tell you San. I simply happen to work with you. I´m fine" you argued, wanting to shut him out. It was your defense mechanism.

    "Don´t play that game with me (y/n). I know you. I knew something wasn´t right, I should have done something sooner. Look, I know it´s hard and it´s so scary but you can´t leave. You can´t leave us. You can´t leave me" 

    You could hear the pain in his voice "what are you talking about San? You´re fine without me. All of you" 

    He laughed, almost in a bitter way. "Fine? Fine.....do you know how bad it hurts every time you weren´t there? Despite being on vacation, it sucked because you weren´t there. Now open the door"

    You were confused but walked through your front door and opened it. You were faced with an out of breath San, who slipped his phone into his pocket before almost tackling you in a hug "please....please don´t leave." he whispered, suppressing his tears. Over the past year, San had found himself feeling attracted to you, in the most pure way possible. You brought him joy and comfort and he couldn´t be without you anymore. He didn´t want to. You shook your head "I am not coming back San....you don´t know what they said...I..." you felt yourself get chocked up at everything that had been pressuring your brain and heart lately. You couldn´t back the tears and San didn´t mind, he let you cry it out on his chest. The two of you just stood there at your entrance, holding on to each other like you were each other´s life lines. After a while, he pulled away from the hug and wiped your tears with his thumbs before pulling you into a kiss. You felt like you were going to melt in that moment. The way he had been holding you made you feel safe, but being in his arms like this made you feel like nothing could hurt you. After a bit San pulled away and directed you to the couch " sit"

    You went ahead and took a seat, after being gone for a few moment San came into the living room with two cups of tea. He handed you one and set his down before getting his phone, sending a text to the boys, saying he would not be back until that night or next morning and focused solely on you. "Now....Darling, I´m all yours and I´m all ears so lay it all on me. All your worries, everything just let them out" he said gently rubbing your cheek. For the rest of the day, that is exactly what you did. You told him everything, from you troubles with anxiety in the past and how you had been currently feeling. San was nothing but helpful and understanding. Of course, being the hopeless romantic he was, he held physical contact with you the whole time in order to make sure you knew he was right there. The two of you made dinner together, and you still did feel anxious, after all it doesn´t just fade away, but this time you felt like you could handle it because you weren´t alone. San was right there with you. You had dinner and eventually you knew you had to call your parents to let them know you weren´t going back after all.

    "Hi mom" you said as you facetimed your mother "I just wanted to let you know, I´m not coming home just yet. I think I´m going to stick around here just a while longer. Give the job another try" 

    "If you think that is what is best for you honey, I understand. Just please be careful." You mother said worried about you. She soon spotted a head laying on your shoulder " (y/n). Who is that with you?" 

    San perked up and fixed his shirt before taking your phone " Mrs.(y/l/n). I´m Choi San your daughter´s boyfriend. It is so nice to meet you. I now understand where she gets her looks." he said politely to your mother. You felt yourself blush and nudged him to stop.

    "Nice to meet you San, take care of my baby, will you? (y/n) I like him, you should bring him home eventually" your mother said and before you could even say anything, San was already making plans with your mother to come and meet her and your father. You sat, watching him interact with your mother, a smile on your face as you admired your now boyfriend. You knew you were extremely lucky.

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    crying destination▪

    words: 239

    pairing: p.s. × reader

    genre: sad fluff?

    sum: You and Seonghwa go to a special place when things get bad.

    ⚠: ~

    Some days, you and Seonghwa take the two hour drive to where the mountains rest. Stop at the small town nearby and get something to eat. After a decent breakfast, you'll waste more gas reaching the lake. 

    Then you abandon your vehicle, choosing to walk the rest of the way. Holding each other's hands as the two of you trek along the shore. The silence is there, but that didn't mean your heads were.

    Both of you had, by far, the worst week. Storming emotions and heavy sadness. That's what led you two to your special spot. 

    Thanks to the sunny weather, the flora are in bloom. Standing tall with rosey cheeks. They smile at your shadows as you step into their home. You sit down on the grassy areas avoiding the pink flowers that sway with the breeze. 

    Seonghwa releases a heavy sigh. You stare up at him as he stares out into the open. You feel his pain. 

    You reach out a hand to his, pulling him down to sit next to you. He turns with a clearly forced smile.

    "It's... o-okay."

    The noon sun beams upon you both with hopeful days ahead. The wind picks up, carrying life into your deflated lungs. 

    He leans his head against yours as similar tears spill to the ground where yours have kissed. In harmony the world falls off your shoulders. Free from your burdens- for just a little while.

    #seonghwa#ateez #seonghwa x reader #park seonghwa #ateez x reader #oneshot#sad fluff
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    #yunho#ateez#ateez imagine#ateez imagines #ateez x reader #ateez x y/n #ateez x you #ateez yunho #ateez jeong yunho #jeong yunho#ateez fluff#ateez angst#wooyoung#seonghwa#mingi#hongjoong #yunho x reader #yunho fluff#yunho oneshot#yunho imagine#yunho imagines#yunho scenarios #yunho x y/n #yunho x you #ateez x female reader #ateez x atiny #yunho angst
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    Best Friends

    Chapter Four - Rainy Days

    A/N - Here is the fourth chapter of Best Friends! This has honestly taken so long to write and I’ve been so busy with assignments…

    Disclaimer: This is purely fictional and does not in any way represent the members in real life. This fic is a rewrite and so will seem familiar in plot if you have read the original (which will remain linked on my masterlist). I have modified the plot for the purpose of not being identical to the original.

    Monday sees more torrential rain batter down onto the earth. And you awake to Yunho whistling some random melody as he pulls open the curtains in the living room. You really miss your own bed, but you’re kinda trapped at your friends until it’s safe enough to make the journey home.

    “Morning (Y/N)!” Yunho chirps, bright eyes sparkling as he springs around with lots of energy. Too much energy for the morning…

    “Morning.” You yawn, “I really need some caffeine.” You groggily mumble through a tired smile, sitting up on the sofa and stretching out your arms as far as they can go.

    “On it.” Yunho runs into the kitchen. You chuckle to yourself at his enthusiasm, never knowing just how much of a morning person Yunho was until now.

    “Oh good, you’re awake.” Yeosang lazily flops into the seat beside you, resting his head back against the cushions as his eyes flutter shut momentarily.

    “And why are you awake?” You furrow your brows in mild concern.

    “Yunho’s my roommate.” Yeosang sleepily mumbles, sighing in content as he allows himself to relax further into the soft pillowy cushions behind him. And that’s all the information you need to put two and two together. “I don’t know how he’s going to contain all his energy being trapped in this apartment all day.” Yeosang adds a moment later. This earns an amused puff of air through your nose in response. But it’s something you hadn’t considered until now…

    “And it’s my day with him too.” You inform, throwing your head back in uncontrolled laughter when Yeosang simply responds with a sarcastic “good luck”.

    Just as the silence begins to settle around you both, Yunho brings you a coffee and places it on the table beside you with a tender mutter about being careful because it’s hot.

    “Thanks.” You shoot him a smile, wasting no time in taking the first sip of your drink.

    You watch as Yunho takes a seat by the window, watching as the rain trails down the side heavily. He ponders for a moment, deep in thought, and you wonder what is going on in his head.

    “We were meant to go to the theme park today.” He sighs, turning his attention back to you once again.

    The evident disappointment on his face makes you melt; the way his eyes seem to become wider by the second as his pout grows, only making his look even more puppy-like.

    It’s sometimes difficult to believe that when you first met Yunho he made you feel shy. It’s not that you didn’t like him, the opposite in fact. He was just so bouncy and full of energy, like he effortlessly gained the whole rooms attention from his infectious smile alone. But it’s times like these, when he seems to become more subdued and thoughtful, where you are reminded that you’re not too dissimilar from each other. Yunho is just better at handling attention. Which is a good thing because he receives a lot.

    Countless times when you hung out with him alone, you’ve noticed other men and women eyeing up your friend. And then their gaze lands onto you in judgement. You even overheard two girls whispering to each other “why is he with her?”. Most likely in jealousy, because it’s no secret that Yunho is incredibly handsome. But, despite being aware of that, it didn’t make their words sting any less…

    It’s not like you’ve got very high self esteem to begin with, but adding on the fact that you somehow managed to become friends with people that are jaw droppingly attractive didn’t help.

    And observing the way Yunho looks so ethereal just by watching the rain reminded you of this.

    “(Y/N) doesn’t seem too fond of your idea, so looks like the rain did you a favour.” Yeosang’s quip brings you back to your senses, watching as Yunho moves to sit beside you to gain your attention.

    “Is that true?” He practically whispers as he silently begs you to answer honestly.

    “Maybe…” you trail off. I mean, you have never really liked big rollercoasters and theme parks are always so loud and crowded anyway. Plus there’s the fact that Yunho would have persuaded you to go on all the fast rides by holding your hand for comfort, which would have made you even more nervous.

    “Oh.” Yunho mutters in disappointment.

    “But I love spending time with you, so I would have still enjoyed it.” You try to console him by gently patting his shoulder and this seems to make him smile once again.

    “Is there anything you want to do instead?” He questions, giving you the opportunity to decide on your days activities with him.

    “Well…” you trail off, evil smirk adorning your lips. This makes Yunho feel unsure, but he trusts you, right?


    “Aaaaand, done!” You finish placing the last few pieces of Yunho’s hair, taking a step back to view your work of art.

    “How do I look?” He peers up at you, watching as you take your time to scrutinise the finished product.

    Despite having his worst fears coming true when you’d suggested to do his hair and makeup, Yunho couldn’t say no to you. After all, he wants his day to be your favourite and he had no better ideas to suggest.

    “You look like a beautiful princess.” You confidently beam. “Oh, wait!” Yunho pauses when you suddenly remember, placing the plastic tiara on his head. “Now look.”

    “Oh… wow.” You can tell Yunho is taken aback by his appearance, clearly not wanting to hurt your feelings but also not knowing what to say.

    You stifle your giggles, finding so much amusement in his reaction. Of course, Yunho isn’t aware that you’d purposely tried to do his makeup as interesting as possible; a colourful mix of light blues and pinks swirled together all over his face, and two little piggy tails standing bolt upright on the very top of his head.

    You continue to watch as Yunho begins to lean his face, tilting his neck in different obscure angles to see if he can find one that makes him look the best. He pulls of the look flawlessly.

    “I like it.” He nods affirmatively after a few more minutes of concentrated assessment.

    “Really!” You’re eyes light up excitedly.

    “I mean, it’s definitely unique and I like unique.”

    The fact that Yunho is so kind to you even though you have made a mess of his head makes you unbelievably flustered. And you know it’s his natural way of being, that he’s not forcing himself to be nice. So much so, that just the thought of making him angry scares you. Because you know that if he became mad over something, it’s serious.

    “Thank you.” Yunho stands up from the desk chair that you’d pulled into the middle of his room. His arms are outstretched, as he wordlessly invites you for a hug, which you gladly accept.

    Being squished into his body, his arms securing around your smaller frame, you feel safe. It’s like hugging a giant teddy bear. Yunho gives you the same warmth and heart racing joy that your favourite plushy did as a child. It’s addictive and you never want to leave his embrace.

    “Can I do your makeup now?” He whispers, only audible to you because you’re literally squished into him. He laughs when you make no effort to move your head from being buried into his chest, simply nodding it up and down to signify your agreement. “You’ll need to let me go then.”

    And you reluctantly do… after clinging to him for a few more seconds…


    “What on earth happened to you?” San blurts in disbelief when you and Yunho causally walk into the living room. Or so you’d tried to be causal. You’re both actually failing to suppress your amused giggles, knowing that you look ridiculous.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Yunho jests, the fact he is unable to hide is cheesy smirk giving everything away.

    “Oh, wait, I think I know what San’s talking about.” You suddenly turn from smiling at San to face Yunho. He stares at you bewildered for a moment. “You have a little something here.” You inform, simultaneously reaching up to wipe the corner of his mouth with the pad of your thumb.

    Yunho remains in stunned silence while you do so, his hands grabbing onto your waist as you stand on your tip toes in order to reach his face, just so you don’t loose your balance and fall into him.

    “Thanks.” He timidly smiles down at you, seemingly forgetting your silly joke as he becomes seriously engrossed in how you just made his heart soar.

    “Well… you keep doing you but I’m gonna go.” San breaks your little bubble, reminding you both that he is in fact a witness to what has just happened.

    Despite this, neither you or Yunho make an effort to move, his hands still settled on your waist as you remain close.

    “See you.” Yunho mumbles in response to San, although his gaze doesn’t flicker away from yours. An elated chuckle bubbling up and out of his mouth when your smiles grow even more.

    You’re just so infatuated that you are unable to look away from each other.

    [Chapter Three] [Chapter Five]

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  • fallinforgyu
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    pairing: domestic!mingi/afab reader

    summary: a cleaning day with your husband takes a little detour <3

    warnings: ovulation kink (is that a thing?), oral sex (f. receiving), breeding kink, kitchen sex

    requested: kinda! i posted a hard hours idea about this and an anon inspired me to write it :) i hope you like it, anon! 

    word count: 1.5K

    taglist: @yunsangoveryonder​​ (send me an ask if you want to be added! 💌)

    masterlist here

    The thing about being married that nobody warns you about is what happens after you get married. After the rehearsal dinners and parties and honeymoon, when all the dust settles and all you have left is the buzz of being attached to another person for the rest of your life.

    Many people complain about the dullness of those few months after a wedding, but you felt quite the opposite. Married life with Mingi was sweet, filled with little moments of purpose. Eye contact in the bathroom mirror as you both brushed your teeth in the morning, a different flower in the vase on your coffee table every week because Mingi brought one home for you every Tuesday (he wouldn’t stop until he’d given you every type of flower in the world, he promised), hanging up the laundry to dry because that’s what his mom always did and he swore the sheets felt softer that way.

    Sweet. And simple. 

    You’d been married for a little over a month, and things couldn’t be better. Well, with one exception: you hadn’t had sex since your honeymoon. It wasn’t on purpose, it just turned out that married life was also a little busy. Between getting back to your jobs, doing paperwork to get your name changed, and buying a house, there wasn’t much time for sex at the end of the day. The house sort of reflected your busyness as well, with dishes piled in the sink and papers covering the dining table. Mingi groaned but reluctantly agreed when you suggested a chore day to get the place back in order.

    And, okay… you also just wanted an excuse to tease him. It wasn’t completely your fault; you were ovulating and also just needy after waiting for a month (and the rumors are true: husband dick is even better than boyfriend dick). 

    So you wore shorts so short they were basically underwear and a tight camisole with no bra underneath. You arched your back a little more than necessary as you scrubbed the bathtub and the floor; you pushed your tits together as you scrubbed the dishes in the sink.

    Your efforts didn’t go unnoticed by Mingi. After a few hours, he broke his silence. 

    “You’re killing me.” He groaned, attempting to dust the tops of shelves you couldn’t reach but losing his focus.

    “What?” You feigned innocence, focusing on the dish you were cleaning.

    “Come on,” he sighed. “You’re practically naked… Why are you doing this to me?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You quipped, trying and failing to hide a smile.

    He put down the duster and moved behind you, placing his large hands on your hips. He leaned down to press little kisses against your neck. “I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.” He mumbled.

    “Ming… I really do have to get these dishes done, though.” You giggled as his hair tickled your cheek.

    “Dishes will still be there when we’re done.” He sucked a love bite into your neck, licking the sensitive skin when he was satisfied with the mark.

    “O-ah-okay,” you breathed. “L-let’s go to the bedroom.”

    “Why?” He continued kissing your neck “It’s our house… It’s our kitchen. Plus,” he snaked a hand up to pinch your hardened nipple. “I know for a fact this counter is clean… I was staring at these tits while you wiped it down.”

    The stimulation forced you to involuntarily arch your back against him, pressing your ass into his erection. Being up against him reminded you of how much bigger than you he was, which only made you wetter.

    “Okay.” you breathed.

    Mingi wasted no time ripping your pathetic excuse for shorts off and pulling your tank top down so he could massage your sensitive breasts. He gently pressed a large hand to the small of your back, encouraging you to bend over the counter.

    You inhaled sharply as your bare chest pressed against the cold countertop and cold air hit your exposed pussy. Mingi soothingly brushed his hands over your ass and the backs of your thighs, lightly groping.

    He kneeled down behind you and gripped your ass cheeks, pulling them apart to fully reveal your glistening pussy to him.

    “Jesus christ, baby,” he breathed. “You’re fucking soaked.”

    You couldn’t do anything but whimper, feeling incredibly vulnerable in this position. 

    “You look so god damn delicious… C’mere, honey.” He pulled your hips closer to him. “Let me have a taste.”

    You didn’t even have time to protest before he greedily buried his face in your cunt, lapping up and slurping your juices. His long tongue flicked against your puffy clit before he gently slid two fingers inside of you, scissoring them and curling them against your g-spot.

    “Mingi! F-fuck, god…” You squeezed your eyes shut, embarrassed at how quickly he had you falling apart. 

    He pulled away from your cunt to breathe. “You’re ovulating, aren’t you baby?”

    “H-how’d you-”

    “You’re so swollen,” he continued scissoring his fingers. “And wet.”

    A few beats of silence passed. “I…” You took a deep breath. “I want a baby, Mingi.” you whispered. “Want your cock.”

    He slowly rose to his feet, removing his fingers from you. He wrapped his thick lips around his fingers, cleaning them off and tasting your arousal again.

    “Is that right?”


    He stepped out of his sweats, giving his hardened dick a few pumps before aligning it with your entrance. 

    “You want me to give you a baby, sweetheart?” He purred in your ear as he slowly pushed his cock inside of you. 

    “Mph! Y-yes, Mingi… P-please.” You pushed your hips back against him so that his full length was inside.

    “Look at that, baby, fuck.” He groaned. “You take my cock so well.”

    You smiled a little bit out of pride. When you and Mingi first started dating, his dick was almost too big for you. Sex sort of became an event with all the prep that was involved so that you could fit him. Now, after years of practice, he fits inside you perfectly.

    His thrusts started out slow and deep, the tip of his cock brushing your a-spot with every stroke. You rested your head against your arms on the counter, letting yourself get fucked just how you wanted.

    “You look so sexy like this, baby.” He lightly slapped your ass. “Gonna make you so nice and full.”

    You let out a moan. You felt like a bitch in heat; all you cared about was carrying Mingi’s baby, being marked in a way that would never fade or go away, being claimed. 

    Mingi gently tugged you up by your hair so that your face was close to his. He leaned down to the shell of your ear. 

    “I love you so much, Y/N. Can’t wait to have babies with you.”

    “L-love you so much, Ming.” Your heart swelled at his softness. You knew he’d need encouragement if you wanted him to be rough with you. “D-don’t be gentle, love. Fuck me hard. Put a baby in me.”

    Mingi let out a low groan, letting go of your hair to place his massive hands on your hips, pulling them to him in time with his thrusts as he started pounding into you.

    “Shit, baby… How are you this fucking wet?” He whined. “You’re making s-such a mess…”

    You whimpered with every slam of his hips. He was hitting every spot, bringing you closer and closer to an orgasm with each movement.

    “W-want you to cum first.” You choked out.

    “Why...Why’s that, baby?” He breathed.

    “I wanna… wanna feel it inside.”

    His thrusts started getting sloppier then, and he started moaning loudly. You almost wished he hadn’t, because the sound only brought you closer to the edge and you really did want him to cum first.

    “Mingi,” You whined. “Please.”

    “I know, baby,” He gritted. “S-so close.”

    You clenched your already-swollen walls around Mingi’s cock even tighter, and he let out a borderline pornographic moan.

    He kept fucking you as he came, pushing his cum as deep as it could get. That hot feeling of being filled was all you needed to finally let yourself go. You spasmed around him, milking the rest of the cum from his sensitive cock.

    If your pussy was messy before, it was positively filthy now. You were gushing when Mingi finally pulled out of you, a combination of his and your cum dribbling down your legs.

    Mingi wrapped his arms around your waist, peppering little kisses on your shoulders as you came down from your high.

    “We’re…” you breathed, “We’re gonna have to clean the kitchen again…”

    “Mmm…” He panted. “I have a better idea.” 


    “I’m gonna fuck you in every room of this house until you have a baby in you. Doesn’t that sound way more fun?”

    It did. And clean homes are overrated, anyway.

    #mingi smut #mingi hard hours #mingi/reader#mingi oneshot #mingi x reader #ateez smut #ateez hard hours #ateez/reader#ateez blurbs #ateez x reader
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  • shinescape
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    Silver Lining

    Mingi x Fem Reader x Yunho

    tw: poly relationship

    note: Happy birthday @hello-kumamimi! 🥳 Truly an unexpected friendship that happened and thank you for indulging along with me in the random ideas and aus💛 I honestly tried to stay away from poly but as you said it's my thing 😌 Also, this was suppose to be wholesome, well it still is...but I have no regrets. Enjoy the read!

    Making yourself a hot drink, you leaned against the counter top and scrolled through the messages you’ve missed the night before. Occasionally sipping and reading each group chat but not bother replying since most of them were not important or have been answered by others in it.

    Checking the time, you decided to leave for work. But as you walked past the dining table, your eyes noticed a black card sitting all by itself on the wooden surface. Curious, you took it up and read it’s content. That’s when you realised they were probably still asleep and would probably be up by noon.

    “Guess it’s me and the whole house again.” You placed the invitation card down and headed off to work. As you walked to the bus stop, the black card lingered in your mind. Your boyfriends were invited to a party held by one of the fashion houses they modeled for.

    You were happy that they were getting the recognition they surely deserve for all their hard work in the industry. But you also wished they would at least be home tonight, just the three of you watching movies and enjoying dinner together.

    It’s been awhile since that last happened. It’s either you were home later and they had gone off to bed or the other way around. Shaking the thought off you mumbled to yourself, “It’s part of their job, be understanding.”

    Half of the day at work was hellish, everything had to be settled by the end of the day and you very much hated it when they rushed you. Not only that, your mood turned even sour when the manager called your team over and chose to scold you for something that was not even your team’s fault in the first place. The only thing you had in mind after that was to go home as soon as possible and forget work existed.

    You massage your shoulders for a minute before typing away on your computer. “Hey, do you want to go grab lunch at the usual place?” Your colleague asked with an apologetic smile. She knew what had happened earlier and you didn’t mind it much. Standing up for the team felt good for once despite getting scolded ever worse after that.

    “I’m ordering in today.” You gave a smile before turning back to your workload. She patted your back assuringly. “Don’t work too hard, okay?” You nodded back as your fingers swiftly typed along the keyboard. Noticing that it was already lunch time, you unpack the food container that arrived not too long ago and started eating.

    You joined in with your other colleagues who stayed in like you did and listened to their conversation quietly. They understood that you probably needed space and you were glad they didn’t pester you too much about it. Although not in the mood to talk, you listened attentively as they talked about the new face of a certain fashion house which you were very familiar with.

    “Jung Yunho is more of my type, handsome and husband material!” You smiled at the comment and waited for the others to put in their argument as well.

    “Well Mingi may have a fierce looking face but he’s the cutest ever. Did you watch their latest interview?”

    “Of course, how could I miss them? Do you know these models?” They turned to you, eager to know your answer about the hot topic.

    You nodded knowingly and they went on about how you could not know them since they’re quite well known in the fashion industry these days. Of course you had to agree with that, you literally live with them.

    A long sigh escaped your lips as you stepped out from the elevator doors. “I’m finally home” As you were looking for your house keys, you noticed the lights flashing from your phone that had been in silent mode the whole day. The fact that you didn’t even touch your phone at all amazed even yourself.

    Unlocking the door, a light chuckle left lips as you scrolled through the chat. Despite going through a stressful day, they always knew when and how to cheer you up. The number of memes and stickers were endless.

    You wanted to reply to each of their questions but there were too many so you just replied saying that you’ve arrived home. Throwing yourself on the bed and only made you realise that they won’t be home until hours later.

    Your happiness was short lived, you thought sadly. Putting your phone down, you got ready to have a warm shower and thought of what to do after. There’s still ways to end the day properly and you were going to do just that.

    The two men who were at the four seater dining table froze when they heard the door slamming loudly. “Did she not see us?” Mingi asked as he licked the frosting off his lips.

    Yunho turned to him and cupped his chin, wiping the bottom of his lips. “She’ll come out soon and you still have some left here.” Licking the frosting off his finger, Yunho continued to eat the cake they had brought back.

    You stepped out of the bedroom moments later and stopped in the middle of the hallway, taking in how bright the house was and locked eyes with your boyfriends. With confusion written over your face, you padded over to the table. “Why are you two home? And is that strawberry cheesecake?” Yunho nodded and cut a slice for you almost immediately.

    Mingi pulled you over to him and made you sit on his lap, hugging you close. “We ditched the event and came home.” He nuzzled in your neck and smiled at the fact he finally got to hold you after days of being away from one another.

    “Is it okay to even do that?” Yunho leaned over the table to feed you and you couldn’t help but hummed in delight as the sweet dessert melted in your mouth. You leaned back on Mingi’s chest as he rested his arms over your middle. A smile found its way on your face as it felt nice to finally be able to relax properly.

    “It’s fine, our agency probably took care of it. Besides, we were worried about our princess here. You haven’t replied to any of our chats for two days!” You flinched at the sudden high pitched voice from him and patted his arm assuringly.

    “Mingi calm down. I got busy lately, even had a bad day today too and...wait, how long have you two been home?” You wanted to ramble on about the unfortunate events you had to deal with but something else caught your attention instead.

    Yunho looked as equally puzzled as you were. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You got off from Mingi and took in the sight of them still clad in their suits. “Are those designers?”

    They nodded in unison and eyed you innocently. “And you’re eating cake, what if you stain them?” Yes, you were aware of this. The gifts they receive from endorsing and modelling various products and they would find ways to pamper you with such expensive clothing as well.

    But seeing them casually eating something that might leave a mark on those well tailor-made garments made you frown. It was definitely not something you could buy even with the paycheck you had.

    Yunho stood up and scooped you into his arms. Earlier that day you had imagined what you would be doing back at home. Watching a movie and bundled up on the sofa all alone or enjoying a hotpot serving for one person as you enjoy a drama you’ve been holding back from watching.

    But now, all solo plans vanished from your thoughts. Has it been that long since you last slept in the same bed with them that you felt heat rushing so fast throughout your body just from being held like that?

    “Baby, I thought you like seeing us in suits? Do you not like it anymore, should I take it off now?” Your fingers gripped tightly on his shoulder, glaring at his words when in reality you were screaming inside your head. He leaned over and smirked at your flustered expression.

    At the corner of your eye, you spotted Mingi coming close and rested his chin on top of your hand that had relaxed on Yunho’s shoulder. “You said you had a bad day, princess. Should we make it better for you?”

    Cuddling while being wrapped in a huge blanket seemed like a great plan now that they’re both home, was what you wanted to suggest. But from the looks of it, something else would happen instead. Something even better than you had expected all day.

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  • pixirosita
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    melt into me | j.yh

    paring: dancer!yunho x dancer!reader

    warnings: some cursing, slightly suggestive?

    word count: 1,084

    [just yunho main dancer brain rot, (i also rlly miss dancing


    "i need you to fall into me, (y/n)."

    you sigh, your black mesh practice skirt flitting with each of your movements. you stare at each other as you stand in yunho's arms, watching him ready himself for the most troublesome part of this dance.

    "i am falling."

    yunho regards you with a stoic glare, his lips pressed into a thin line, making the stress lines on his forehead more prominent, and you feel the hand that's wrapped around yours tighten slightly.

    "you know what i mean," he whispers, trying his best to not lose his composure.

    "i just can't fucking fall into character for this choreo..." you probably look a little silly; hair all ruffled from countless spins, and yunho doesn't fare any better, the sweat on his face and neck only making you feel worse about the situation at hand.

    yunho lets his head fall, the weight of the action causing you to buckle slightly, mainly due to the high heels strapped to your feet that you've been wearing for the past two hours. you know yunho would never let you fall, and his grip on you doesn't falter despite the clear irritation on his face.

    "(y/n)," the serious tone in his voice subconsciously causing you to stand up straighter.

    then before you even have a chance to answer he's gripping your arms with such force you nearly do fall this time.

    "we're not in high school, i need you to be here with me," he begs and he lowers his head so he can rest his forehead against yours.

    "please, i need you to let go."

    from the outside, yunho probably looked completely manic and maybe he was. but you know him better, having been your dance partner for six years going on seven, he would never act in a way where you felt he would do something actually crazy. although it had been a while since either of you have gone through a block like this, you don’t remember a time where you’ve seen him like... this.

    desperately begging you to completely lose your inhibitions and let him take the lead.

    "yunho..." you mumble out, scared that at this proximity he could see the part of you hellbent on refusing to let go.

    he moves back before you’re even given a chance to finish your thought, his arms going back to position and you naturally follow suit, your gloved hands finding their positions easily.

    “let’s do this one more time, no music, just us.”


    “you can trust me, i'm being serious.”

    “i know,” you say with a small smile, and if you stare long enough you think you can see slight tendrils of anxiety etch his features and it’s enough to make you feel better; because now you know you’re not the only one who’s scared of the intimacy this dance begs.

    he doesn’t start right away, letting the tension in the empty room simmer for so long that you felt you would've stopped breathing if he didn't start soon. your trained mind won’t let you look at him though; you're not supposed to. you don't look at each other until two eight counts pass. you have half the mind to think he's doing this on purpose as a means to further push you out of this rut but you’re not given time to dwell on it before he's snapping you out of your thoughts again.

    “five, six, seven..” and then you're being pulled across the dance floor. feeling the support of his hands almost makes you smile, his hands always held you perfectly, never overbearing or too slack. he spins you beautifully or so you’d like to think he does, but you're not worried. you always feel beautiful when you’re with him like this. bringing you back to center stage you feel his leg slot between your legs and you know that’s your cue. your cue to let go and let yunho do all the work from here. 

    closing your eyes, you let your head loll backwards, almost sighing as you feel his hand trail down your back. allowing yourself to go slack once he secures his hand around your waist, you hear him hum appreciatively as he sees you finally submit to this piece. swinging you delicately from one side to the other, you feel him shift and move in time with you but it’s not until you feel his breath against your neck that you almost gasp. ever the attentive partner, he notices.

    “relax,” he mumbles against your skin and in that moment you feel the room get hotter than it already was, your body suddenly hyper aware of his hands on you.

    he slowly pulls you back up, chest flush against his and you finally look at him through your lashes feeling your skin prickle at the way he’s unabashedly drinking you in, dark eyes roaming all over you. from your exposed shoulders, to the slight cleavage that has no choice but to be pushed against his chest, you feel his stare and under this stare he thinks you’re the most captivating person he’s ever seen. smoothly adjusting his body, he keeps his eyes trained on yours and all you can do is dumbly fall into his eyes as they pour nothing but love into yours. he leans backwards, sweeping your leg up onto his hip in such a rehearsed motion that it shouldn’t catch you by surprise but the way he slightly grips a tad harder than necessary, does. 

    without missing a beat you lean as far back as the position allows you and extend your arms prettily behind you, feeling some relief come from the fact that you were almost. done. you didn't know how much longer you could last with this sudden switch in dynamic that has you nearly keening with every touch of yunho’s hand against your skin. yunho anchors you back down towards him and then you’re being led across the floor once more, his head swinging in time with each spin. and with each spin you feel yourself fall deeper into him.  

    he looks divine like this, when all he’s overtaken by is the pull between you and him. a man so enthralled by what he loves, a true passion that he has for performing that you wouldn’t dare dream of anyone else better suited as your partner. no one else you would rather bow and hold hands with on the big stage, than the man that is jeong yunho.

    #yunho x reader #yunho fluff#yunho fanfic #ateez x reader #yunho oneshot#ateez oneshot #yunho soft hours #yunho scenarios#ateez scenarios #this was very self indulgent #AHHH okay it feels so good to get smth out even if it's short <33 #i haven't written in sooo long so plsss do take this with a grain of salf lmfao #🌼🌼🌼#ateez yunho
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  • hongism
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    everything finds its place - j.wooyoung (18+)

    » j.wooyoung x fem!reader » 18+ dni if minor, slight angst, fluff, smut, domestic » warnings: language, explicit smut, cockwarming, oral sex: f, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, creampie, praise, cum eating, fingering, piv, really soft dirty talk, slight breeding/impregnation kink, shower sex, kitchen sex, nipple/breast play, marking, slight hair pulling » summary: you don't need a dictionary of reasons to love wooyoung though you could easily come up with one; you simply do, as he does you, and it shows in every little thing he does. » wc 7.0k » banner made by my mostest beloved talented @miinsang​ ;;-;

    “Where are you going?”

    It’s near three in the morning when the question falls from your lover’s lips, his limbs still tangled in the comfort of your warm sheets. You’re full of exhaustion yourself, a kind that stretches deeper than just a simple need for sleep, but that’s not what has you up at this hour. Your stirring must have dragged Wooyoung out of the comfort of his rest as well, however, because he’s pushing up on his elbows within seconds and blinking at you through the darkness.

    “Just going to the bathroom real quick,” you murmur back with grogginess lacing your tone. “Go back to sleep, baby.”

    Wooyoung hums a little, a high-pitched noise that resonates in the small room as you continue into the bathroom. He makes no other sounds of protest, so you think you’re in the clear for at least a little while, but you don’t release the tension in your shoulders until you’re safely behind the door.

    The silence, as always, is stifling and suffocating. There’s a pressure building in your skull that’s threatening to burst at any second, but frankly, it’s been doing that for weeks at a time by now so you can’t say you’re all too surprised to feel it now. And sure, yes, you’re aware that the late hour is also contributing to your dismal mood, along with the lack of proper rest, but it’s fine. It takes less than a minute for you to find the painkillers in the cabinet tucked against the wall, and another ten seconds for you to swallow the pills down dry before you’re stepping over the lip of the bathtub and sinking against the cold porcelain. The chill is pleasant, in a way, especially as it seeps through your clothing and eases some of the miserable heat crawling at your skin. There’s always the lingering comments from your mother in your mind — the ‘well if you worked less, you wouldn’t have so many migraines‘ and ‘if you just slept, it wouldn’t be so bad‘ — which is all fine in theory, but melatonin only works when it feels like it, and you simply have too much on your plate to just ‘work less’.

    A breath of relief falls from your lips, lashes fluttering as you shut your eyes and rest your head on the lip of porcelain under your neck. Worst case scenario is that you fall asleep here and Wooyoung finds you sprawled out in an empty tub in the middle of the night. But for now, the cold is helping ease some of the pressure in your head, taking away the dreadful migraine stabbing away at your brain, so you delight in it while it lasts.

    You have no clue how long you’ve been in there by the time a soft series of knocks resound. You might have truly fallen asleep given how disoriented you feel when you open your eyes, and how Wooyoung’s figure sways as he steps into your line of sight. He says nothing at first, almost a silent understanding passing between the two of you, and then he’s at your side, hand outstretched and waiting for yours to join.

    “Come back to bed, darling.”

    You slip your palm over his without a word and let him lift your body. One of his large hands secures around your hip, fingers digging into the flesh there with enough force to keep you up when your knees go wobbly from lack of use and a rush of blood to the head. You feel lips rest against your temple. Subconsciously, your body leans into his, almost like it’s a gut reaction for you to have in response to his kisses. The pain in your head persists a bit, but it’s starting to dwindle to a dull throb. The hand on your hip slips up to cup your waist.

    “’m sorry,” comes your soft murmur, pressed to the skin of his cheek as your words slur from exhaustion.

    “Shh, let’s get back in bed and sleep properly, okay? Gonna give yourself a crick in your neck if you sleep in the tub like that.” Wooyoung’s push to get you in bed is nothing more than a gentle nudge, one that’s accompanied by him pulling the sheets back for you to climb back under their warmth. He stumbles over the mattress as he climbs over your body and lets out a huff of annoyance when his toes catch on the edge of the blanket over the comforter, but other than that he manages to slip under the sheets without much trouble. Your bodies immediately gravitate towards each other without much preamble, his hand snaking around your waist as you push your back to his chest. Legs tangle together, your bare ones gliding across his that are covered by his pajamas. Two halves of a whole, as he likes to say, with you only wearing his shirt while he only wears pants.

    Lips brush over the nape of your neck.

    “Head hurting again?” he asks against your skin, warm breath sending a slight chill down your spine.

    “Yeah, woke me up.” You secure your hand around the one he has laid flat against your abdomen.

    “We can go back to the doctor next week. I’ve got some time off, just practice and lessons to take care of.”

    “I can go alone, you don’t need to take time out for that.”

    “Wanna go with you,” he mutters, and his lips reach the juncture of your neck and shoulder.

    “Let’s talk about it in the morning. It’s really late, and I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

    Wooyoung’s thumb rubs against your abdomen, tucking up under the fabric of your shirt and reaching your bare skin. The subtle comfort in the sensation has you sighing, and your head relaxes against the pillow. Yet even with his body pressed impossibly close to yours, his lips on your neck, breath on your skin, arm pulling you close to his chest, it’s still somehow not close enough for your liking.

    You twist your head to look at your lover out the corner of your eye.

    “Warm me?”

    His shut eyes snap open to look at you, and through the tiredness lingering there, you see the inquiry in his gaze. You suppose it is somewhat amusing to hear out of the blue at a time like this. It’s basically the equivalent of saying ‘my brain hurts, fuck it out of me?‘, but you don’t really want anything more than the intimacy it provides if you’re being honest.

    “You sure? No prep or anything?”

    “Yeah, just use some lube.”

    You feel his weight shift against the mattress, then his arm is slipping away from your waist as he turns to rifle through the bedside table. The two of you work in quiet harmony in the late-night hour; you pull your underwear down to your ankles then discard them over the edge of the bed with a mental promise that you’ll get them in the morning, while Wooyoung squirts some cold lube onto his palm and shifts onto his back to warm it against his soft member. You brace yourself with a sharp inhale when he returns to your body, chest pressing back against you as he lifts your leg a bit for better access. The angle isn’t easy by any means, but the two of you have down this enough to where he slips between your folds and nudges his still soft cock into your heat with the help of the lube. It’s a little cold at first, but that starts to settle as he does, arm drawing back around your waist and tugging you closer as your bodies relax together. It’s far too late for either of you to have the energy for anything else — even Wooyoung’s regular insatiate appetite when it comes to sex seems to be on hold based on how his dick isn’t even twitching inside you — but the intimacy it provides is intoxicating in its own way. You smile softly against the pillow as Wooyoung’s chin returns to your shoulder and his nose pokes at the underside of your jaw.

    “I love you,” you murmur into the pillow, but Wooyoung hears it nonetheless.

    “I love you too, darling,” he whispers in reply, “so so much, more than anything.”

    He lulls you back to a rather dreamless sleep with those words, tucked close to your body and filling you up from the inside out, and despite the heat radiating off his body, you rest peacefully this time around. Well enough, apparently, to sleep through both your morning alarm and Wooyoung’s and get woken up at the ripe hour of ten o’clock to the sound of both alarms blaring in stilted harmony. And even then, it’s moreso Wooyoung’s rustling in the sheets that stirs you from your sleep as he reaches over your head to grab your phone off your bedside table before twisting at the waist to do the same with his own. You only decide to move when his hand brushes over your hip, and you tilt your head in his direction already knowing what’s coming. He huffs out a soft laugh before delivering the kiss to your forehead.

    “Good morning, baby. Sleep better this time?”

    “Mhm, did you?”

    Wooyoung responds by pressing his lips to your nose first, then another to your cheek before giggling against your skin and pressing closer to you like he can’t get enough of you.

    “It was nice and cozy~” The slight shift in his hips reminds you of your position leftover from last night, and you resist the urge to roll your eyes at him by returning the next kiss he offers. “I’ll make breakfast for you, what do you want? Craving anything in particular?”

    “Make me some pancakes, chef.”

    “Hey, don’t get too greedy here! I’m still your boyfriend first before I’m anything else!”

    “Right, yes, of course, darling. Could you please cut up some strawberries for me too?” Wooyoung shifts his weight, and suddenly the warmth inside you is dissipating as he flips you onto your back and cages you in from above. Forehead pressed to yours, he has you effectively pinned to the bed with hands on either side of your head and knees braced around your hips, and you have nowhere to look except for his pretty brown eyes that are reflecting bits of the morning light from the window.

    “Should I make coffee for you too, hm? Churn some butter while I’m at it? How about we move out to a farm in the countryside so I can get you fresh milk every morning too?” He can barely contain the smile stretching his lips as he speaks, and you have to bite back your laughter in an effort to seem even a little bit serious in return.

    “Your dick is brushing my leg, Woo baby. Can you at least put that thing away before you mount me?”

    “Technically, I would need to have it out if I’m trying to mount you.”

    “At least make me some food before you fuck me.”

    “I’m here trying to be a good little househusband for once and you’re just teasing me, isn’t that cruel?” Wooyoung sits back on his heels, hands sliding down to pinch your sides. You jolt with the sensation only for him to repeat it again before sliding up to your armpits and tickling you there instead.

    “A-Ah, Woo, it’s too — it’s too early for this!” You whine between broken laughs. “What if I pee myself from laughing too hard?”

    “Then I’ll change the sheets while laughing at you for wetting the bed because I’m such a good and gentle partner.” Despite saying that, Wooyoung chooses to roll off the side of the bed, hands hooked under your armpits as he hoists you up with him. You both underestimate the motion, however, and you slide back down to the mattress with him in tow with a little oof of air escaping from your lips as you do.

    “At least pick me up properly, you big oaf.”

    Wooyoung grumbles into your neck as he hooks his hands around the underside of your ass, hoisting you up on his waist with significantly less trouble this time around, and admittedly you offer a little assistance in wrapping your legs around his body to secure yourself there.

    “Pancakes and strawberries for my darling, is that right?”

    “Mhm, let me make coffee for us?”

    “No, no, I’ll take care of it. Let me do everything for you this time.” Wooyoung leans his face closer to yours, almost begging for a kiss from you at this point, and you give a simple peck in response as he continues to carry you to the kitchen.

    “So good to me,” you sigh through a smile. It’s easy to admire Wooyoung in this light when the morning is reaching its peak and is about to break into the afternoon, and the light that cascades over him only makes his tanned skin glow more. If you had more time, you’d spend hours just tracing mindless patterns over his skin, but he’s reached the kitchen by now, setting you down on the L-shaped counter by the oven. He pulls away too quickly for your liking, hands lingering on your body for only a few seconds before he moves over to the refrigerator with a low hum. You don’t recognize the tune but it’s enough to make your heart sing with affection nonetheless.

    You get the pleasure of seeing him in all sorts of lights: performing on stage under flashing ones that strobe over his body and accentuate his performance, dingy fading ones as he works himself to the bone in a crowded and stuffy practice room, brilliant white ones in his own dorm when he spoils you with endless amounts of food, and your own here in this very apartment that arguably need to be replaced. In your eyes, nothing compares to Jung Wooyoung, because he’s simply one of a kind no matter where he is or what he’s doing. On days like these, however, where it’s just the two of you tucked away in quiet intimacy, you think he’s more brilliant than ever.

    He takes care of the coffee first, flicking the switch on the empty pot that you reset last night after dinner, then continues with his mission of gathering ingredients for breakfast while you remain on your countertop and watch him work with hands tucked under your thighs.

    “What did I do to deserve you?”

    The question slips out under your breath, one that you intended to keep to yourself and your thoughts, but Wooyoung’s head snaps in your direction a second later. He answers you with a bright smile that splits his face and makes his cheeks glow with rosy embarrassment.

    “You existed, and that’s all it took honestly.”

    You aren’t sure whether you’re startled because you were caught saying such a thing or if it’s because of how pure and genuine Wooyoung’s answer is, but either way, you feel your heart fluttering in the confines of your chest as he returns to mixing ingredients without missing a beat. You cough as though that’ll make your flustered state dwindle any.

    “Can I help with anything?”

    “Just sit there and look pretty for me, yeah? Gives me something to look forward to.” As romantic as Wooyoung is, he’s equally cheeky, and that’s clearly evident in his comment that he says with a wink and upturned smirk. Unfortunately, you love him cheesiness and all, along with all his teasing that made you fall into his hands in the first place.

    Having each other like this is rare, and you can’t stop drinking it in even as Wooyoung hands you a cup of coffee that’s prepared just how you like it because he has that memorized along with many of your other likes and dislikes and everything in-between.

    “And now we wait for them to cook,” he hums, holding the mug up to your lips before you grab it from his hands. He settles between your knees, and it only takes a hair of pressure for him to nudge his way between them, back pressed to the lip of the granite top so he can watch the pan from his new vantage point. You set the mug down at your side and bring your hands up to his tousled hair.

    “You look like a kid with your bangs parted like this,” you mutter, smothering his hair down flat against his head. Wooyoung tilts back to look you in the eye at this awkward upside-down angle. He puffs his cheeks full of air.

    “Are you mocking me? I’m cooking for you, getting you coffee, carrying you around, and you’re mocking me?”

    You release an airy little laugh then bend to kiss his forehead between his bangs.

    “You didn’t take all your makeup off last night.” You thumb at the skin under Wooyoung’s eyes where it’s still swollen from sleep, brushing the leftover mascara there away as best you can.

    “Got lazy. Wanted to get in bed with you. I’ll wash it off in the shower after we eat.”

    You hum under your breath, dragging blunt nails over Wooyoung’s scalps, and his lashes flutter at the sensation, easing further back into you with a slight smile playing at his lips.

    “Head still hurt this morning?”

    “No, I’m feeling much better.”

    “I’m glad,” Wooyoung says as he cracks an eye open to glance over at the stovetop. He pushes up from between your legs to fumble with the pancakes. “Don’t have too much coffee this morning. We should see how you do with just one cup and if that makes any difference.”

    “A chef, a lover, a househusband, and a doctor? I struck gold with you, Woo,” you tease through another sip of coffee, only half-hearted in your quip. He knows it too, based on how he’s smiling at you from the stove.

    “All those qualities and more, darling. Means I’ll be fantastic as your future spouse.” He pulls two plates out of the cupboard without much show. “How many do you want?”

    “Start me with two, I can’t eat the way you and your four stomachs can.” A yawn fights its way up your throat, and you barely swallow it back before setting your mug down.

    “Hey, I’m a growing boy, I need those four stomachs.”

    When you look back up at him, he’s staring you down with an imperceptible expression painting his features, and you do nothing more than tilt your head in question. Wooyoung is quick to shake his head and look back at the skillet.

    “What’s up with you?” you whine, hopping down from the counter to envelop his waist with your arms. His body is as warm as ever, your personal space heater as you like to call him, and you can feel the rumble of a hum in his chest as you smash your cheek against his shoulder blade.

    “Just thinking.”

    “About what, baby?” The drawl in your tone is a bit childish, you’ll admit that much, but it’s a tone that always gets Wooyoung to answer you honestly and you know you have your strengths when it comes to him.

    “Let me finish these pancakes first without burning them, ‘kay?”

    You release your grip on his waist with a triumphant huff and rope around the side of the island to sit across from where your partner currently works at the stove. When he finally turns around with a plate in hand, there’s a pretty pile of strawberries atop the two pancakes as well, and he offers a grin as he sets it down in front of you.

    “Ah, you forgot your coffee.” He returns a second later with your mug in hand and nods towards the plate after seeing that you haven’t touched your fork yet. “Go ahead and eat while I make mine, love. You know I eat, like, four times faster than you do.”

    “Maybe I just like savoring everything you do.”

    “You’re certainly quick in other areas,” Wooyoung snickers, turning back to the stove before you can reach across the island and smack him. “Perks of me and my big dick, huh?”

    “You’re avoiding the subject,” you counter as you lift your fork and aim it in his direction. Tonguing the inside of his cheek, he glances back at you over his shoulder. “What do you keep thinking about?”

    Wooyoung waves a dismissive hand through the air but he inhales like he’s about to speak so you stay quiet as you watch him mill about the kitchen a little aimlessly.

    “I know we’ve talked about it before… like, only a little? But it’s still something that’s been on my mind these days more and more. And I can’t promise anything obviously because… work, you know, and that’s another thing I feel sorry for but — I just see my future being with you, y/n. I want my future to be with you, you know that.”

    “I know,” you whisper. It’s a fight to try to get him to make eye contact with you, and all your attempts are fruitless as he grabs a spatula and refocuses his attention on the stove.

    “I want to be with you, whether we’re married or not, I know labels aren’t your favorite thing and that’s fine! I’m more than happy with how things are now, and if we just… have that commitment to each other then I’d be happy too. Maybe I’m just in some sort of mood these days but every time I see a family out in public or a mom with her baby or just couples together without a care in the world, I can’t help but think about how much I want to give that to you.” Wooyoung speaks in an animated way, hands flailing even when he has the spatula in hand, and it only increases once he sets the utensil down. “I’m a confident guy, yeah, there’s no doubt about that, but I really just — I want to hear you say it directly, I want to know what you want too, where I’m lacking or things I could fix if need be, or if it’s just too much for you—”

    “You think I want to break up?” you interject on a whim, nearly dropping your fork to the plate in your shock.

    “Not… no, not necessarily, I guess I’m just presenting it as an option. You’ve been so stressed recently, and your headaches are getting worse and now they’re bleeding into your sleep too.”

    “And you think that’s your fault?”

    Wooyoung doesn’t answer, but you don’t think he needs to with how quickly he turns back to the stove and fusses over the pancakes.

    “Woo… darling.” You set your fork down properly now and push up from your seat, wrapping around the side of the island to lay a hand against his waist. He fumbles with the stove knobs instead of looking at you, but you don’t push for him to face you until he’s fully turned it off and moved the pan off the hot burner. “My headaches have nothing to do with you, I promise. It’s from work, okay? I’ve just been having to work longer hours to make up for a few coworkers being sick here and there, that’s all it is. And… and yes, I would love to have a family with you one day, I truly would, but I know that takes time too. Which isn’t a bad thing either, we can enjoy the here and the now first before dipping our toes in those waters. No matter what happens, I want my future to be with you too in whatever way possible.” You reach up to cup his cheek with your palm, a delicate frown taking over your lips as soon as you stop speaking for a moment. “I’m sorry I wasn’t clear about that and that I led you to doubt my feelings.”

    “I think — we’ve both been really busy and things have been hectic, and I guess we just haven’t had a chance to make up for lost time. Like last night was the first time we’ve been able to do anything, and even so, we didn’t really do much at all.”

    “Well, today we have all the time in the world, don’t we? No work for either of us and no one to see but each other.” You tuck your arms around Wooyoung’s waist as you speak, pulling him as close as he’ll allow.

    “Anything I want?” he inquires with a brow quirked down at you.

    “As long as it doesn’t involve tickling again, you know how much I hate it.”

    Wooyoung huffs out a laugh as he takes your face between his hands. Soft lips meet yours in the gentlest of kisses, one that starts sweet and innocent but devolves into something more intense within mere seconds of touching each other. You want to argue that the two of you should at least eat breakfast since Wooyoung worked so hard on it, but then he’s pressing your body between his and the edge of the island, and you know you’re fighting a losing battle with your own desire. His tongue dances over your lower lip, and his hands go down to cup your ass where it’s pressed to the lip of the counter. You sigh into his mouth, a content and happy sound more than anything else, but Wooyoung takes it as his opening to press further into you and invade your mouth with his tongue.

    There’s a hand pressing between your legs now, working up the hem of the shirt, and it’s only then that you remember the underwear you left on the floor of the bedroom which you had promised you would remember to put back on. You suppose it’s Wooyoung’s fault really because he distracted you in the first place this morning and carried you off to the kitchen before you even had a chance to grab them. It gives him easy access now, however, as you grip the edge of the counter with two of his fingers pushing between your folds and rubbing over your slit as he all but fucks his tongue into your mouth. The attention leaves you with a heady sensation in your bones, one that makes you feel a bit lightheaded and dazed with arousal. When he finally pulls his lips off yours, you’re gasping for air. Wooyoung, on the other hand, doesn’t miss a beat in dipping down to drag his teeth over the column of your neck. It’s a grazing little series of bites, ones that won’t stick to your skin the way you want them to, but you also know that this is just another layer of his teasing.

    If there’s one thing Wooyoung loves to do, it’s work you up to a point of desperation only to snatch the ground out from under your feet right when you think you’re stable, and you honestly love it just as much as he does. Which is why when he hikes your shirt up higher and higher until he’s able to push the bottom hem between your lips, you aren’t surprised or apprehensive. He brings the hand that was just teasing your clit up to roll over your right nipple, just as he catches the left one between his lips. The suck he gives to your breast is a rough one, and it sends little jolts of sensitivity through your body. Combined with the way his damp thumb and index finger are rolling across your other nipple, you think you might see stars. Wooyoung isn’t one to half-ass anything though, and he sends his free hand down between your legs once more to tease at your entrance with just his middle finger at first.

    You open your mouth to chastise him in some way — perhaps tell him that you don’t want to wait and just want him to fuck you open on two fingers — but he rolls his tongue in a sinful circle around your nipple. That shuts you up before you can even make a sound, head falling back as your lips part in a silent cry of pleasure. He chooses that moment to slip his first finger into your cunt.

    “W–Wooyoung…” you stammer through an attempt to conceal your little hisses and moans. It’s a grossly unsuccessful attempt with how Wooyoung is stimulating you so much at once, and you know you won’t last very long once he puts another finger in you. And almost like he’s reading your mind, he decides to slide his index finger alongside his middle one, bracing his hand against you with his thumb placed strategically close to your clit. Not enough to give you the stimulation your body wants so badly, but enough to tease the idea of it so that every jolt of your muscles has his thumb brushing your bud. He teases your nipples like a man possessed, only encouraged by how you’re reacting to his ministrations, and you snake a hand through his long hair to secure his mouth around your breast. “If you — ah, ah, if you don’t stop, I’ll—”

    “What?” Wooyoung interrupts, pulling off your nipple with a lewd pop of saliva. “You’ll cum? Then let’s go, baby girl.”

    You can only tug at his strands harder as he twists his fingers at that particular angle inside your cunt, and you do see starts this time in the form of little white spots dancing across your vision as you squeeze your eyes shut at the force of your orgasm. It’s dreadfully short but the euphoric sensation that washes over you is unmatched, and your daze continues even as Wooyoung flips you around and bends you in half over the counter.

    “So pretty, so good, can I fuck you, baby? Your good little househusband, huh? Let me fuck you full of cum and babies too. I’ll do so well for you, let me do my job, let me fill you so much you have no choice but to get pregnant.” Wooyoung’s desperate words come out in purred whispers against your ear as he leans over you, fingers pressing back into your fluttering hole to work you open even more to accommodate his cock. “Please, I have such a nice big dick for you, darling, can I show you how good it is again? Been so long since I fucked you properly, miss your body so much when I’m gone.”

    “Woo, please,” you whine, reaching around your back to grab for him. He catches your hand in his only to take it and pin it against the small of your back. His fingers slip out of you without further ado, and something larger comes to rest against your folds. “Fuck me, baby, please. Miss your cock so much, fill me up so good I never forget the feel of it again.”

    “God, you’re so perfect,” Wooyoung hisses through gritted teeth. He drives his cock home in one quick thrust, an attempt to make the stretch as quick and painless as possible, and he settles fully in your tight heat. You can hear his labored breaths moving in time with your own, both your bodies straining in different ways right now, but Wooyoung is endlessly patient with you as your walls slowly relax around his length.

    It hits you before you really know what’s happening, and in hindsight, it’s most likely because Wooyoung didn’t give you much of a winddown time from your first orgasm, because the overstimulation of his cock rubbing over your walls so soon after an orgasm has your body shaking weakly with the effects of a second, far less eventful orgasm. Wooyoung fucks you through it, arm weaving between your hips and the countertop like he’s worried about bruising you by knocking you against the hard surface over and over. It saves your hips from a more painful reminder of how well he’s fucking you in the very least, and he’s quick to offer another reminder as a remedy — lips brush over the top of your shoulder before he’s sucking harshly at the unblemished skin there. It does nothing to muffle his whiny moans, but you prefer it that way. It’s always something of an ego boost when you can hear him so affected by the pleasure coursing through his body as well.

    He returns to being mouthy as soon as he’s satisfied with the line of marks along your shoulder, ones that dip down to your shoulder blade and paint the skin there.

    “Feels good, yeah? Fuck, y/n, baby, fuck, I love you so much.”

    You’re almost fully consumed by your own pleasure and the words nearly go in one ear and out the other without you really processing them.

    “L-Love you too, love you so much, always want you, Woo, I want you so badly,” you stammer out in a rush to get the words into Wooyoung’s head as quickly as possible. “Only you, just you, please, please.”

    “Can I cum in you, darling? I’m so close, I’m — ah, gonna cum any second now.”

    “Yes, yes, fill me up, you can fuck me full of your cum.” You’re nodding along with your words for no real reason because Wooyoung isn’t watching the movements of your head and instead has his gaze focused on the place where his cock disappears into your cunt with every staggered thrust.

    You don’t get a third orgasm out of it, but you don’t really need one either because the feeling of Wooyoung stilling inside you just before shooting hot ropes of cum into your heat and painting your walls white is a pleasure of its own. He stays there well after he’s come down from his high, and neither of you makes much of an effort to move as you’re catching your breath and he’s laying kisses along the length of your spine.

    “Couldn’t even wait until after breakfast,” you complain through a heaving breath. Wooyoung scoffs against your back.

    “You know you’re irresistible, don’t play coy with me.”

    “Mhm, if I’m so irresistible, then take me to the shower and help me get cleaned up so we can eat in peace.”

    “Gonna have to clean the countertops too when we’re done,” Wooyoung sighs, pulling back enough to let his soft member slip out of your pussy. You clench weakly around nothing but it’s to no avail really because his cum will start spilling out of you regardless. Not as quickly as you imagined, though, because Wooyoung tugs you into his arms and gives a little grunt as he hoists you up into his arms.

    “Look at you go,” you murmur with a grin tugging at your lips. Your head comes to rest against his shoulder, nose brushing his sweat-slick neck.

    He’s ever the gentleman with you: helps you out of your shirt and doesn’t let you enter the shower until the water is warm enough, then he tilts his head down so you can wash through his hair while his hands roam your naked body.

    “Baby…” he says halfway through your second rinse of his hair.

    “Hm?” You barely have time to blink before he’s sinking to his knees under the shower stream, water pelting down on the back of his head in the least graceful way imaginable. He doesn’t seem to mind, or at least he’s too focused on some other goal as he braces you against the shower wall and pushes up between your legs. You blink down at him, finding his pretty brown eyes blinking right back at you from just below your groin.

    “You know I have to. Practically tradition at this point.”

    There’s no time for any other thoughts because Wooyoung has his tongue on you in the next second, teasing and prodding at your used entrance where cum has been leaking out. He has no complaints about tasting himself on your folds; in fact, he dips his tongue further into you like he’s trying to force every last drop back into your cunt.

    It’s times like these that you really appreciate Wooyoung’s nose. Because while it’s inarguably attractive and suits his face well in normal aspects of life, the slight curve of his bridge and the larger than average size of it prove to be an invaluable asset in these scenarios as well. And when you’re riding his face, but this angle will have to do as the tip of his nose rubs up against your sensitive clit. He flicks his tongue over your entrance, teasing you with the idea of him going deeper, and the sensation has your hips rolling forward over his face. His fingers tighten around your ass as you brace yours on his head and shoulder.

    “Right there, fuck, right there!” Your voice grates against the sound of streaming water. Wooyoung lifts his chin just enough to close his lips around your clit and then sucks over the nub. You’re embarrassingly close already, a quick and impending orgasm that already feels better than both the ones you experienced in the kitchen. Wooyoung pokes his tongue between his lips and rolls it over your clit in an obsessive manner until your thighs quake around his skull. He doesn’t stop even as you cry out that you’re cumming and simply continues to work you through it until you’re dizzy from both the steam of the shower and the overstimulation of your poor bud.

    Wooyoung drags his body against yours as he pulls himself to his feet, cradling you to the wall of the shower, and when he fully stands up, he presses a quick kiss to your temple.

    “Alright, now we can get all cleaned up.”

    “Done being a menace then?”

    “For now~” Wooyoung rubs his nose over yours, and you feel embarrassment flush your skin give where that nose just way mere seconds ago. “Don’t tempt me, I might end up asking for more.”

    “Can we at least eat breakfast first? It’s getting all cold out there.”

    Wooyoung tilts his head back as he laughs. Water splashes over his neck and toned chest, making him look both sinfully and unfairly good, and you force your gaze higher before you turn out just like him with his insatiable appetite.

    “Yeah, we can eat out on the balcony and watch the birds and squirrels in the park too.”

    He ends up keeping his hands to himself for the most part for the rest of your shower; rather, you should say that he keeps his touches innocent because he can’t seem to go without touching you for more than a few seconds at a time. Even when you both climb out of the shower and towel down, he helps you slip into a new change of clothes with another unknown tune on his lips.

    Compared to how your morning has gone so far, breakfast (uninterrupted this time) is rather uneventful. You end up on the balcony only after eating because it’s far too windy to be eating anything out there, but the breeze is nice along with the weather.

    You’re leaning over the railing to get a better look at the park below when Wooyoung sneaks up on you, arms snaking around your shoulders and securing there.

    “Finish cleaning?”

    “Yep, dishwasher is running now. I’ll empty it after it has a chance to dry up a little.”

    “Those two squirrels we saw in the summer had another set of babies, I think,” you hum, nodding down at the scenery below.

    “Damn, the squirrels are getting more action than us?”

    “Oh my god,” you scoff. Wooyoung feigns a whine of pain as you send a well-aimed elbow into his ribcage. “Look, you can see some tiny ones down there with a bigger one.”

    “Your eyesight is far better than mine, love. They look like ants to me.”

    “Well, you aren’t wearing your glasses or contacts, dumbass.”

    “Your dumbass.”

    You reply by reaching up over your shoulder and pinching Wooyoung’s cheek between your fingers.


    “I love you, my dumbass.”

    Wooyoung hums his approval, and you bring your hands to rest on his forearms that are currently pressed into your collarbone.

    “Let’s enjoy today to the fullest, baby. I’ll take you anywhere you wanna go, alright? It’s your day to choose whatever we do.” Wooyoung pauses to press his cheek against your hair, and you tighten your hold on the arms he has enveloped around your shoulders. “I wanna pamper you endlessly today.”

    “What’s the occasion? Is it some anniversary I forgot about?”

    “No, nothing like that. Just… you being you.” You can’t see Wooyoung’s face well enough to decipher his expression, but you don’t particularly feel a need to either with how tightly he’s gripping you. “You came back to bed last night, you woke up in my arms this morning, aren’t those things enough for me to want to give you love?”

    “You were the one to bring me back and wake me up,” you mumble under your breath, but Wooyoung either doesn’t hear you or chooses to ignore your comment. He simply sways his body from side to side with you still caught up in his arms in a way that has you moving with him. “We never got to go hiking on that trail we found in the park last time. The weather’s not too bad either?”

    “Let me pack a lunch for us to bring, then we can leave, how’s that sound?” Wooyoung moves his chin off your shoulder like he’s about to leave, but you don’t let up on your grip on his arm quite yet, still watching the scenery in front of you with hands wrapped around his.



    please do not copy, steal, or otherwise use my words. do not translate or post elsewhere without explicit permission from me first. this work is copyright 2021, calypso, hongism, all rights reserved.

    #wooyoung x reader #wooyoung smut #ateez x reader #ateez smut#wooyoung fic#wooyoung oneshot#ateez oneshot#ateez fic#ateez fanfic#ateez angst#ateez fluff#wooyoung angst#wooyoung fluff#wooyoung fanfic #caly.writes #NO dom/sub in this at all #argue with a wall #it's therapeutic (for me) and i'm giving it (to you) #anyway enjoy sickly sweet domestic wooyoung <3 #YALL LOOK HOW TALENTED BEE IS IM CRYING #CRYINGGGGG #SHE'S EVERYTHING LOOK AT HERRRRR
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  • capaimagines
    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Choi San - unexpected encounter

    Pairing: Choi San x Reader | Genre: angst & fluff | Warnings: mentions of abuse, panic & anxiety attacks, swearing | WC: 1.0k

    Request: Can I maybe request for best friend San, walking in on readers boyfriend being abusive? maybe like a little fight and panic attack? A lot of angst but fluff too please

    Maybe inviting your two best friends over to your apartment was a bad idea when your boyfriend decided to pay an unexpected visit. You wish you could turn back time and not have sent that message to your best friends San and Wooyoung because they were undoubtedly about to witness something you had been hiding from them for a while. Something you had been too scared to admit to them when they’d randomly see a bruise on your body or the way your bubbly personality suddenly became dull.

    Your boyfriend decided to pop by for a while to what he would call spending time with you, or what you would call verbally abuse the shit out of you for hours. You knew better than to speak back, but when he would accuse you of cheating on him with your best friend, you couldn't hold back. Which involved him throwing a punch or touching you in places you didn’t want him to. What first started off as a loving relationship slowly went down hill when you realized his possessive and manipulative aura. 

    “I don’t know why you keep lying to me, Y/N,” Your boyfriend stated, inching closer and closer to you until you were backed against the wall, “Just tell me the truth. You’re fucking that guy aren’t you? The one with the pink hair.”

    “No,” You breathed out, “We are just friends, we’ve been friends since pre-school.”

    “Stop fucking lying to me,” He barked, hand on your waist tight, the other holding himself against the wall, “How long? How long have you been fucking him behind my back?”

    Your breath got caught in your throat when his hand slipped inside your jeans, touching you unpleasantly, “Stop. Just stop!” You yelled, using all your energy to try and push him away, only to have him grab you and push you against the floor.

    On the other side of your apartment, your two friends were beginning to get worried when you suddenly stopped texting them and they could hear grunting and groaning from outside your apartment door.

    “Y/N?” San called only to be met with sudden silence.

    “That can't be good,” Wooyoung mumbled next to San who immediately went for the door and thanked the gods it was open. Although the sight they were met with was not what they imagined.

    Your boyfriend was positioned over your frame on the ground, hand covering your mouth as he was sucking on the skin of your chest. San saw red, throwing the bags in his hands on the floor he barged inside and towards your boyfriend, toppling over as he threw punches. Wooyoung on the other hand took a hold of you, pulling you into a seated position in his lap. From the way your cries intensified and your body began to shake, Wooyoung knew what was happening and he also knew that despite suffering from panic attacks, San was the only one who managed to calm you down.

    “San, stop!” Wooyoung shouted at the male who kept punching, “You have to stop San! Leave him and come help me.”

    San on the other hand couldn't seem to stop. He was angry, fuming. He never liked your boyfriend and he knew the truth of your relationship to some degree, just never had it in him to actually say anything, thinking that you would come to him if you were in trouble. 

    “San!” Wooyoung yelled again, hands gripping tightly to your shaking body, “Y/N’s having a panic attack. I need you to get a hold of yourself and help her.”

    Immediately once San heard Wooyoung, he pushed your boyfriend and made his way over to sit in front of you, hands going to cup your tear stained cheeks.

    “Y/N,” San firmly stated, “Y/N, look at me.”

    Wooyoung had gently let you go, glaring down at your--what was about to be ex--boyfriend, “Leave now. I’m calling the cops," Your boyfriend ran out, muttering something about how this wasn’t over yet, but you could barely hear that. You were still panicking.

    “Y/N,” San said a little more sternly and your eyes finally looked up to meet him. His heart broke at the sight of your tear-stained cheeks and glossy amber eyes. 

    “Y-you’re mad,” You stuttered and San shook his head profusely. 

    “Not at you, Y/N. Never at you. Can you hold my hand? Squeeze it?” You listened, grabbing his outstretched hand and giving it a squeeze.

    He smiled and squeezed back, “Good job, dove. It’s me and Wooyoung-ie. Just us two," Now, you were starting to panic for a whole different reason. You never wanted anyone to know what was going on behind closed doors. You never wanted to put anyone in the middle of your own life turmoil.

    “O-oh, God!” You stood up and gripped at your hair tightly, “Y-you weren’t supposed to see that! Y-you weren’t supposed to be here yet! Leave! You have to leave now!” San stood up and gripped your hands. He didn’t need you pulling your hair out.

    “I’m glad we were here. Who knows what would have happened if we weren’t. Y/N, why didn’t you say anything? We’re best friends! You’re supposed to come to me when you’re in trouble!” Wooyoung lightly smacked San’s back, shaking his head. Now was not the time to question why you had kept quiet. That could be for another day.

    “It’s okay,” San sighed, pulling you into his chest and squeezing you tight, “You’re okay and you’re never going to see him again. I’ll make sure of that,” You didn’t say anything because honestly, you weren’t sure if San could keep that promise. San wasn’t sure he could either.

    But he was going to do his damn best to not break this one.

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  • deja-vux
    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The Secret Garden~The Prince & The Servant

    Word Count: 2.8k+ Warnings: Mentions of death and murder A/N: Here is 3 out of 8 I listened to a lot of the Narnia soundtrack for this one the rest will be released within the following days. other than that enjoy. :) Reincarnate Masterlist KPOP Masterlist


            The crowd cheered as the king and prince returned with their soldiers from battle across the sea with a rival country.  In celebration, a grand feast and ball were held in their honor. During dinner, an announcement was made claiming that the young Prince Yunho would be promoted from lieutenant to second in command due to his decisions made in battle which resulted in their victory. As a gift for his promotion, the king’s advisor claimed to have a gift to bestow upon him. “For you my prince we have a rare exotic flower from a faraway land brought to fulfill your needs and desires,” one announced as they parted making way for the horse that carried a girl dressed in clothes not from their region. She rolled her eyes as the crowd oohed and aahed. Curious about where she had come from he asked her only to be met with silence and a piercing gaze. Although Yunho had taken no offense his father and advisors thought differently, “Speak savage,” he commanded as Yunho attempted to stop him to no avail. His father’s advisors were quick to pull her off the horse causing her to hit the floor with a grunt as the crowd laughed. Not wanting their actions to continue any longer he stood from his seat, “That’s enough. I won’t tolerate the belittlement of anyone especially on what is to be such a joyous occasion,” Yunho stated before turning to his former nanny asking her to take her to his room and clean her up as well as get her some food.

           He sat as he watched her spit in the face of the advisors causing them to complain asking for a form of punishment to be bestowed upon her Yunho couldn’t help but smirk as he shrugged his shoulders claiming to have seen nothing. The night carried on as usual after that with the guest eventually leaving. As he retreated to his room he wondered what someone like her would be doing here after realizing the answer he stopped his thoughts opening the door to find her rummaging through his things looking for something. “What are you looking for? If it’s money all you had to do was ask,” he asked, raising a brow.

    “If it was money I was looking for I would have left long ago,” she stated calmly.

    “Ah so she does speak,” he teased, referring to her silence earlier.

    “I prefer not to speak to incels,” she said venomously as he grabbed her wrist gently stopping her.

    “You never answered my question,” he replied nonchalantly.

    “I’m looking for a weapon so I can escape,” she admits to him, why she doesn’t understand but for the first time since arriving in this strange new world, she can hold a conversation with someone.

    “You won’t get far. They’ll hang you if you get caught,” he replies, letting go of her hand.

    “You don’t know me,” she retorts, continuing her search.

    “You stick out like a sore thumb and my father’s advisors already have a target on your back because of the stunt you pulled earlier. I warn you because I know you don’t want to be here and didn’t ask to be taken from your home. I even got in a bit of trouble for helping you,” he confessed.

    “I didn’t ask for your help,” she shot back, “If you’re trying to make me guilty you’re failing miserably,” she responded, her back facing him.

    “Wasn’t my intention but I do have an offer,” he suggested.

    “I don’t want to sleep with you,” she said coldly.

    “Once again not my intention. Although I can’t offer you freedom seeing as I can’t pardon anyone yet I can keep you safe till then. I can offer you food and a place to stay of course you’d have to work so that the others don’t question anything but I can do it up until the day,” he explained.

           She turned to face him, crossing her arms over her chest glaring daggers at him from across the room. “And why should I trust you to keep your word,” she asked.

    “I don’t expect you to believe that, which is why I want to show you,” he said, gathering a change of clothes for himself.

    “What are you doing?” she asked, confused by his actions.

    “I’m grabbing some things I’ll need for tomorrow the room is yours for tonight until we find you a place to stay,” he explained.

    “I’m not going to kick you out of your room, did you not hear what I said?” she asked, yanking the clothes out of his hands.

    “Good thing you aren’t then,” he smiled softly attempting to take it but she quickly took it out of his reach.

           Despite her successful maneuvers, she was no match for his taller stature. One false move caused her to fall back taking Yunho with him. She looked up at him with wide eyes as his arms laid at her side causing her to unknowingly hold her breath. Their compromising situation until a servant mistakenly walked into the room immediately turning back and exiting. Yunho cleared his throat immediately standing straight dusting himself off as she sat up looking down so her hair could cover the light blush spreading over her face. Despite his embarrassment, Yunho couldn’t help but the image of her lying beneath him, to him she looked ethereal. He then gathered his belongings getting ready to leave when she grabbed his wrist stopping him, “Please, stay,” she said quietly almost as if she were embarrassed. He nodded softly, joining her as they slept together side by side. Although the prince was a stranger to the young girl she felt safe in his warm and welcoming presence. Anyone could tell he was pure of heart and always saw the best in people.

           As time passed she grew accustomed to living in the palace walls, even finding herself fond of baking or being in the fields near the garden or the stables. Yunho had up until now kept his promise and the pair would occasionally steal glances at one another. Most nights they snuck into the western garden which had been left untouched since the passing of the queen that was until Y/N arrived. Once again the flowers began to bloom and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth resumed its process. While there he would teach her the things he learned, how to read and write, as well as share playful banter amongst one another. During balls, they slip away from the crowd to share an intimate dance between them with the moon as their witness. On nights where Y/N’s past would come to harm her in her sleep, she found solace in his embrace, limbs tangled underneath the sheets. By far their favorite pastime was riding together in the countryside. It was something they could do openly without getting in trouble seeing as she tended to the horse for most of her day. As they raced through the fields he smiled brightly at the sound of her laughter as she crossed their makeshift finish line, her smile as bright as the morning light. She pulled over next to Yunho, giving him a warm smile tilting her head slightly to the side, “What are you thinking about?” she asked.

    “You, me, us,” he answered proudly.

    “What about us?” her eyes lighting up with curiosity.

    “Our future, Y/N I want us to get married, have kids, and grow old together,” he confessed, releasing a breath he never knew he was holding.

    “You and I both know that can’t happen. As much as I would love to be your wife, they would never allow the future king to marry a commoner, especially a former slave. They would consider it an abomination against the royal family and not to mention the rules would never allow it,” she reminded him.

    “Screw the rules. I’m going to be king in a week which means I could change them,” he rebutted.

    “But it also means you’d be putting a target on your back and I don’t want to see you get hurt,” she admitted, “We know when this started it would only be temporary and that we wouldn’t have the happy ending we wanted.”

    “I know but now that we’re together I don’t want it to end,” he said lowering his head.

           She raised his chin gently placing a soft kiss on his lips attempting to comfort him. He returned the favor grabbing her by the waist and pulling her closer causing her to gasp softly. They pulled away resting their foreheads against one another as their horses began to circle. Stopping them he took her hand in his kissing the back of her hand, “Let’s run away together elope and never look back,” he suggested. Her eyes widen as she wondered if she had heard him correctly. Was he serious?! Not only was he willing to give up the throne but he was willing to give it up for a foreigner he had met a little over 2 years ago. Speechless by his bold and spontaneous suggestion she was left questioning where she stood. Although she wanted nothing more than to stay by his side till the end of their lives she also didn’t want to be the reason he left his family and everything he’s ever known behind. “I’m serious Y/N. I don’t expect you to have an answer right this moment but I want you to at least consider it,” he offered. She nodded softly as her mind raced with what-if scenarios.

           Days had passed since she’d last seen him due to the preparations for his coronation and today she had to decide if she truly wanted to be by his side till their last breath or if she was willing to see him happy with someone else for the rest of his life. As she paced back and forth in her room a knock was heard at her door as a letter slipped under it. On it was the prince’s seal desperate to hear from him she opened the letter.

    “My dearest, Y/N,

           It has been days since we last spoke and I apologize for my absence but unfortunately duty calls. I write you this letter to remind you that you still have my mind crossed. I can’t seem to focus on anything other than the moments we share together. Most importantly those in the garden, surrounded by the roses filled with moonlight. Your smile, that brings the morning light and your laughter which fills the summer breeze. I hope that you have considered my offer that I gave the last time we spoke. If so, meet me at midnight at the place where we shared our first kiss.

                                                                                          Yours truly, Yunho”

           She smiled warmly as she finally made her decision. Beginning to write her response she bit her lip in excitement. As she thought of what to pack for the unpredictable journey ahead of them. As midnight approached she peeked out her door to see if the halls were empty. Once in the clear, she grabbed her bag making her way over to the garden as quietly as possible. As she arrived she sat on the bench they usually shared waiting for him. Seconds turned into minutes which then turned to an hour just as she felt he had abandoned her she heard footsteps approaching. She turned excited as she expected it to be her prince charming coming to whisk her away but was instead face to face with the king. Quickly putting the pieces together she attempted to escape but was caught quickly in his tight grip. His gloved hand muffled her screams for help as she felt a piercing pain in her stomach, her screams turning into whimpers as she felt her lower body go numb. The king quietly lulled her laying her against the bench as he pulled out the knife letting her bleed out. As she turned to look her killer in the eye she felt the world around her go cold. “I knew I should have thrown you out the day you arrived but you bewitched my son in order to stay. Even then the life he handed to you was not enough. You wanted more. Do you think you two could go behind my back to plot against me and his right to the throne? You will not ruin my chance to build a union with our allies in the east,” the king monologue.

    “Why?” was all she managed to croak out.

    “I will not let you taint my son. Of course, he’ll believe this was all your doing because I know nothing,” he smirked before placing the knife in Y/N’s hand and dropping a letter at her feet as he took her bag and made his exit through a hidden entrance.

           Unaware of the events that had just occurred Yunho was waiting patiently at the stables for Y/N to show up. He turned towards her horse as he began to stir and cause a commotion. Yunho attempted to calm the beast as his personal servant and friend Mingi approached in a frenzy. “Yunho it’s Y/N she’s in the garden sh- she, she’s gone,” Mingi stuttered causing his heart to drop as he stormed out sprinting towards the garden. As he arrived his feet came to a halt, his knees dropping to the floor as he saw the sight in front of him. Mingi not far behind attempted to console his friend who was now holding his former lover’s cold corpse covered in her blood as he begged for her to wake despite knowing she wouldn’t. As Mingi assessed the scene in front of him he noticed the envelope on the floor. Catching his friend’s attention he showed him the letter as he sniffled softly his heart in pieces. Mingi opened the seal and began to read.

    “My dearly Beloved,

           I want you to know that I’ve considered your offer over and over to the point where I can’t think of anything but the life we could share together. Although my love for you is never-ending and I can’t help but fantasize about what could have been, it is all it will ever be. I can not bear to burden you with the guilt of leaving your family and everything you have ever known and loved behind which is why I must let you go. My heart can no longer bear to see us part, but I hope you will. Live for me and I know you will accomplish amazing things. Never lose sight of what’s truly important.

                                                                                           Forever Yours, Y/N”

    “I should have told you sooner, I should have told you that day at the river but I was foolish to think everything would be fine. This is all my fault,” he thought aloud.

    “There’s nothing you could have done to change this,” Mingi said, attempting to comfort him.


    “Damn so the father did it?” Yunho asked as he read the script.

    “Yes and the prince eventually died of a broken heart,” the director explained, “It wasn’t until he was on his deathbed that a servant found the real letter she had written,” he continued handing him the copy of it.

    “My Love,

           I have considered your offer time and time again continuing to land on the same conclusion. I will be joining you as we ride away to elope as I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. Every time I imagine my future you are there with me. You stand from a distance as children play in an open field before calling supper time. As they run inside to wash up I scold them for leaving muddy tracks in the home with a smile on my face for as pestering as it might be its home. I see the flowers bloom as we sit on the porch of the dream home you describe from your dreams and I see the moonlight as we share a dance in the garden. To know that those possibilities are mere moments away means the world to me so I accept your offer and in return give you my faith, loyalty, and everlasting love.

                                                                                           Sincerely yours, Y/N”

           Yunho shed a tear as he read it, interrupted as there was a knock on the door. The director turned and approached the door as he explained that his actress playing their counterpart would be joining them for a chemistry test. Yunho nodded softly before looking over at the woman in question. He felt his heart flutter as he felt a wave of emotions come in waves. Her smile was infectious as she introduced herself, “Nice to finally meet you, my name is Y/N.”

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    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    At Arms Length~The Soldier & The Thief

    Word Count: 3.2k+ Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide, robbery, and revenge A/N: Not gonna lie I made myself cry with this one. When the story reaches the climax I highly recommend listening to Wish We Had More Time and Already Gone by Hans Zimmer which is what I was listening to when I wrote this. Parts of this are inspired by Hotel Del Luna which I highly recommend watching other than that enjoy story #2. Reincarnate Masterlist  KPOP Masterlist

    720 AD

           Y/N watched over the mountain top as the carriages and carts drew near. Steal the goods, that's all they had to do. As the group neared she sent her crew down the mountain. From up tope she watched as they ravaged through stealing anything worth of value they could find while fighting off the guards. As a guard approached her brother to strike him with his sword she raised her bowing to aim her arrow hitting the man’s hand. Seonghwa turned to see who his attacker was finding them shielding their face. She watched as he boarded his horse heading towards her. She quickly turned her horse, blowing her whistle signaling the others to retreat to camp. As she left she took a detour planning to lead the soldier astray and kill him. However, that plan was cut short when he knocked her off her horse causing the wind to be knocked out of her chest as it hit the floor. Coming back to her senses she quickly got up pulling out her sword. As she charged at him he hopped off his horse to counter attack. The two moved swiftly together in an almost never-ending battle that was until he knocked her off her feet in a moment of uncertainty, her scarf revealing her identity as it fell.

          Entranced by her beauty yet shocked by his opponent’s appearance Seonghwa became distracted as he admired her delicate features which only puzzled him more. Before he could say or do anything else she reached for a rock hitting his head and causing him to fall over as she stood. Seonghwa quickly composed himself as she grabbed her sword both of them pointing their weapon at one another. The two began their battle once again but instead of a fight, it became more of dance as the two moved almost in sync with one another blocking one another’s move perfectly. Every time she passed by him only inches away he felt as if the world slowed around him and there was nothing but the two of them. Her stare was almost intoxicating as her infectious smirk. Only the sound of their feet shuffling and the clanging of metal could be heard as they continued their dance. Their struggle continued until it culminated gracefully with her wrapped in his arms, her chest pressed against his as her dominant hand was held behind her back. Using her current position to her advantage she closed the space between them kissing him. Caught by surprise he returned the action melting into her kiss as his heart fluttered before everything went black.

          As the soldier’s body fell with a thud Y/N wiped her mouth as she picked both her sword and his off the floor before tying him up and getting him back on his horse. As Seonghwa came to his senses he awoke to find himself off the ground and on a beach his body tied to his horse as it was led by the mystery woman in front of him. Seonghwa attempted to free himself from his restraints but could not succeed. He did though manage to reach for the rag wrapped around his mouth being used to gag him. “If you're planning to use me for ransom it won’t work. I’m just another soldier among thousands,” he said, hoping to be let go.

    “That may be true but I believe you're worth more than you think,” she said nonchalantly, keeping her gaze forward.

          Puzzled, Seonghwa tilted his head to the side as he attempted to figure out what she was talking about. His silence caused her to stop turning her horse so she could face him both of them side by side their gaze once again locked upon one another’s. “You see, while the princess might not have blinked an eye at her jewels being stolen something else did worry her,” Y/N explained as she grabbed his chin gently, “A certain guard who has gone beyond the line to protect and serve her majesty. I’m sure you’ll be worth a pretty penny if she wants you back in one piece,” she smirked.

    “We’ve only ever spoken on this journey,” he explained her touch sending chills down his spine.

    “Then she’s found herself a pretty face to admire,” she clarified.

    “If she did then I’m guessing so did you that’s why you kept me isn’t it,” Seonghwa teased only for his back to hit the ground as she pushed him off the horse.

          Seonghwa sat up as Y/N unmounted her horse walking towards him. As she reached him he smiled up at her mischievously. He was getting under her skin which is why she reacted the way she did, which she too might have gotten the same feeling when they shared a kiss. Giving her puppy eyes and an innocent smile he tilted his head to the side waiting for her to speak when she only returned his actions with a glare he spoke up containing his composure despite his heart feeling like it was about to implode. “Your silence only further proves my point,” he said confidently.

    “You’re a nuisance I don’t even know what she sees in you,” she scoffed.

    “I can assure you it’s more than just my pretty face,” he said winking as she rolled her eyes, “By the way your horse is running off,” he stated calmly, causing her to turn.

          He was right as she turned to run after it he took advantage to find a way out of his restraints. As she continued running she found herself running over a sinkhole quickly becoming a victim. She began to crawl and climb her way back up to no avail only sinking further and further down as water began to pour in. as she struggled she watched as he approached his arm still tied together. He chuckled softly as she watched her struggle knowing he could use it to his advantage. “If only there was someone to help,” he teased, “Too bad I’m just a nuisance with a pretty face,” he sighed.

    “Help me please,” she said, dropping the tough girl’s act as her eyes filled with fear.

    “Give me my sword then,” he responded.

    “What?! I can’t do that especially at this moment,” she responded.

    “Then I guess I can’t help you,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

          As the water went over her knees weighing her into the sand even further she sighed before reluctantly throwing the sword towards him. Quickly he bound the sword to the sand cutting himself free before walking off. She watched in dismay as panic began to take over as she began to claw at anything to grip onto, her waist now buried deep in the sand. Just as she had begun to lose all hope a rope was thrown at her. Looking up to her surprise she found that the soldier had returned with both horses in tow. “Hurry grab on,” he advised as she followed his instruction before startling the horse causing it to run a few feet the force of its speed causing her to almost fly out. Just as she landed safely back on the steady ground she lost her balance, almost falling victim to the hole again until he caught her in his arms pulling her further away from the edge. As she caught her breath and turned to face him she realized the position and the current expression on his face as she held onto him for dear life. “What did I tell you I’m more than just a pretty face,” he teased. Wanting to avoid the current feeling in her chest she pushed him away grabbing his sword from the sand. Just as he was about to follow he fell to the floor with a heavy thud. Confused by Seonghwa’s sudden silence she turned to find her brother playfully tossing a rock in his hand as if it were a ball. She held back a laugh as he helped tie up the soldier once more, mounting him on the horse before returning to camp.

          Weeks would go by and in a strange turn of events, the soldier and thief would bond with one another forming a strong connection. It had all started the day they were on the beach together the three of them, the only ones awake as her brother played music the other pair shared a bottle of wine. As she passed him the bottle he took note of the carving on it puzzled he turned to her. It’s a star that’s how I know it's mine,” she relieved. Putting the pieces together, he took her hand, dipping it in the water. Confused yet intrigued she watched as he moved her finger gently making lines that formed characters she had seen but could not read. Once he finished he let her take a look at the writing in the sand, “Y/N, that's how you write it,” he revealed. As he let go to take a sip of the wine he could feel his touch linger on her skin as she turned away as pink warmth spread across her cheeks. From that point on every night once everyone had gone to bed they would meet by the tree near the shore and lay against it as they told each other stories of their past, accomplishments of their present, and things they hoped to complete in their future. As the days went by the hopes of their future quickly changed to involve one another.

          As she laid in his arms her side to her chest as his back was against the bark of the tree she sighed happily as the salt breeze filled her nostrils. She closed her eyes letting the moment sink in as the fire continued to crackle before them. Seonghwa gently moved her hair to the side before kissing her temple, causing her to look up at him. I wish moments like these could last forever,” she admitted.

    “They can,” he encouraged, “We could run away, find a beach just like this one and build a house away from everyone else. It would only be us, the stars, the moon, and the ocean.”

          She smiled at the thought, nodding softly at him, “I’d like that.”

    “Then let’s leave tomorrow,” he suggested, and to his luck, she agreed, “Same time tomorrow we’ll meet here, take what we can, and go just you and I,” he concluded.

          As the pair fell into slumber dreaming of what could be it would all soon be shattered. The next day while out looking for supplies Y/N’s brother pulled Seonghwa pulled him to the side telling him not to continue with his elopement with his sister as the princess they had attacked was now seeking vengeance on her for stealing her first love. “You have to let her go, leaving with her will only cause more harm than good. If you truly love my sister, let her go, break her heart so we can leave and escape together,” Y/N’s brother pleaded. Seonghwa looked at him with pain in his eyes knowing exactly what the princess was capable of when provoked. Reluctantly he agreed, begging him to promise to keep them safe. Once he did they returned with the rest of the group before returning with them to camp. Night fell and Y/N made her way over to their spot near the tree. She spent what felt like eons waiting for him to arrive slumber eventually taking over. The next morning she awoke to the end of a blade in her face.

          She sat up surrounded by palace guards unarmed and alone she put her hands up in surrender. As she was put under restraint the princess stepped forward. “This should teach you not to mess with what doesn’t belong to you,” the princess spit out venomously as she tossed a necklace at her, covered in blood. As it hit the floor realization dawned upon her that she was the last of her crew. She fell to her knees as her legs went weak, a heart-piercing wail leaving her lips as she processed the death of her crew and most importantly her brother. How could she be such a fool and let a stranger let alone a palace guard into her inner circle? As they attempted to mount her onto the horse she kicked and screamed in agony as tears ran down her face. It wasn’t long till her world went black. She awoke on the cold floor of a cell she knew it wouldn’t be long until she was executed as she sat up leaning her head against the wall she heard footsteps approaching. Without bothering to turn she already knew who it was but she didn’t wish to speak to him. “Y/N please look at me I didn’t plan this,” he begged, reaching for her but she responded with nothing but silence. “Your brother and I promised one another to keep you safe, he kept his end of the bargain and I'll keep up mine. I will make this right, I promise, I won't let them hurt you,” he confessed before getting up and saying goodbye. Little did she know it’d be the last time he’d be telling her that. As dusk approached, screams could be heard from within the palace walls.

          Blades clanged against one another and the smell of smoke filled the air. Soon enough people were running left and right for salvation and in the commotion, Y/N managed to steal the keys of a guard escaping from her chains. Running along the halls and corridors she watched an ally group attack and ransack the palace, their leader stumbling upon the young girl he once raised as his own. “Hurry we must leave, the young boy has only given us so much time to distract everyone,” he admitted. This was Seonghwa’s doing?! She couldn’t believe it she had to go find him. Without a word she once again ran through the halls ignoring her name being called before getting lost in the maze of corridors. Just as she heard guards approaching she was pulled into one of the rooms shushed as they ran by. “Find the traitor, I want him alive!” the captain yelled as they passed. Turning to look at him she hugged him in a tight embrace as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You have to get out of here before they see you’ve escaped,” he warned.

    “What about you?” she asked, fearing where this was headed.

    “It's me they’re after, not you, I’ll only slow you down. I just wish we had more time,” he chuckled.

    “No, don't say that,” she choked up.

    “It’s true, I’ve already been injured, the princess’ bite is worse than her bark,” he joked before revealing his bandaged wound, “Go follow the stars till you reach the shore.,” he said, placing a short but gentle kiss on her lips.

    “I’m not leaving you behind,” she complained.

    “I’m not giving you a choice,” he said before hiding her in the closet and storming out of the room causing a ruckus.

          Caught unexpectedly she stumbled to get back up but by the time she managed to get out he was already downstairs surrounded by guards ready to be taken in. carelessly she called out his name, tears brimming her eyes as he looked up at her with the same puppy eyes and innocent smile he had given her on the day they met. A single tear slipped from his eyes as he took a deep breath sheathing his sword into his torso causing a scream to get caught in her throat as the guards dispersed from his dying body, the captain claiming him a coward as the flames grew higher causing them to evacuate. As he was left alone she staggered down the stairs to where his body laid avoiding the corpses and falling debris. She gently lifted his head into her arms as he coughed weakly. Tears now streamed down her face as she wiped the soot off his cheek, “Please stay with me,” she begged as her hands shook. He gave a weak smile as his hand wearily cupped her face as if she were made of glass wiping her tears. “What did I tell you more than just a pretty face,” he teased his voice hoarse from the smoke, “You have to go take the sword with you it’ll protect you,” he said as his eyes began to flutter.

    “No, I'm not letting you die. I already lost someone important to me. I can't lose you too,” she sobbed hysterically.

    “It’s okay I promise you we’ll meet again when you least expect it just like we once did,” he said hopefully.

          With the last bit of strength he had, he took his hand in hers putting it on the grip of the sword forcing her to pull it out as she begged him to stop. As his eyes fell to an eternal slumber she begged for him to wake up ignoring the flames that grew higher and higher around her.  Distracted, a horse ran in with its rider pulling her off the ground ignoring her protest against it as they rode out into safety. As he examined her for any injury she sniffled softly avoiding eye contact. Her heart now frozen and made of stone she took his sword wiping off the blood before finding a horse and grabbing one of the bandit’s supply bags. “Where are you going?” the leader of the bandits asked.

    “To balance the scales,” she stated coldly before riding off.

    2021- 1000 years later

    “We have a reported robbery at the jewelry store on western and third,” the intercom stated, causing Seonghwa to turn on his lights and drive to the destination.

          Not too far away he saw someone running through the streets down an alley. Quickly he chased after them, cornering them until the car could go no further. Trapped, the mysterious figure began to climb the fire escape with Seonghwa in close pursuit. As they reached the top the stranger attempted an attack which he quickly blocked. Once again their sparr had almost turned into a dance, both of them moving harmoniously in a battle of offense and defense until she took over pinning him to the ground, her scarf falling revealing her identity. Seonghwa’s eyes widened as he recognized the face in front of him. Y/N too had become stunned as she recognized the man lying underneath her. “I know you from somewhere,” Seonghwa thought aloud before the sound of sirens approaching pulled them out of their trance. Quietly Y/N stood up quickly grabbing the bag of goods to exit. Just as she was about to leave he called out to her, “Wait I can help you. I promise I won't let them hurt you,” he said standing.

    “Do me a favor, stop being a nuisance and cut the act,” she shot back before dropping to the roof of the next building, escaping leaving Seonghwa stunned.

          He couldn't tell where he knew her from or why she returned his comment with such playful banter all he knew was that he had to see her again.

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    Uncharted Waters~The Pirate & The Socialite

    Word Count: 2.2k+ Warnings: Mentions of violence, death, hangings A/N: This is the first of eight I hope you enjoy as I tidy up the next one. I was bopping to the PotC soundtrack while writing this especially Will and Elizabeth’s theme(iyky). I hope you all enjoy  :) Reincarnate Masterlist KPOP Masterlist

    1699- 7 years

           The eastern wind blew cold that day when they met on her father’s ship as they sailed towards their new home. Just as it seemed that the shore was on the horizon fog encapsulated the ship causing the grown men aboard to cower in fear. They had heard the tail of pirates, especially of the crew of the infamous Deja Vu which plumaged villages and ransacked them of their goods leaving no survivors with no remorse. Not to mention vanquished anyone who stood in their way. As they near the flaming ship the men couldn’t help but curiously look over at the sinking vessel wondering what may have caused such an ordeal. As the captain attempted to calm the men down as Y/N stared over the ledge to find a boy unconsciously floating on a chest. Their silence had quickly turned into panic as Y/N called man overboard making them rush to save the young lad. He looked exhausted and frail and about her age. His clothes were disheveled and his hair was a mess with scratches and bruises covering his body and face. The boy was quiet but still breathing, she watched over him as the men looked for any other possible survivors. As she gently brushed his hair out of his face she noticed something shining under his sleeve. Carefully she lifted his arm to find a dagger with unique engravings and patterns. Quickly enough her mind put the pieces together as she let out a soft gasp, “You’re a pirate,” she whispered before being startled by his hand reaching for hers as he suddenly awoke gasping for air.

    “Where am I?” he asked weakly.

    “Don’t worry you’re safe now no one can hurt you,” Y/N replied,  “What is your name?”

    “Hongjoong, Kim Hongjoong,” he replied before slipping back into unconsciousness his grip releasing.

          As the sound of her father approached she quickly slipped the dagger from Honjoong’s side, hiding it behind the skirt of her dress as she turned to face. “Has he awoken yet, was he able to tell you anything Y/N?” her father asked.

    “He says his name is Kim Hongjoong, that’s all,” she replied before her father nodded.

    “Very well. Watch over him till we reach the shore and find him some help,” he stated before dismissing himself.

    1709- 17 years

          Ten years would pass since that fateful day and the pair had grown closer than ever becoming inseparable that was until that fateful day when everything would change. Pirates had invaded Porto Virtu. It was chaos all around people screaming in terror as buildings burned. The Deja Vu had come to claim its missing heir. After years and years of searching, he was found. They raided home upon home until reaching the governor’s home atop the hill. Here Y/N was currently fighting for her life as she watched the maids and servants be shot or maimed. Managing to hide in one of the cupboard spaces she held her breath covering her mouth to keep quiet as she watched through the crack. Turning to look away for a second the cupboard doors swung causing her to shriek until a hand flew over her mouth as the faceless voice attempted to lull her. She looked up cautiously to realize it was Hongjoong. “Quiet, we have to get you out of here quickly,” he whispered. She simply nodded as she noticed the scratch on his face and his blouse which was covered in blood. He quickly led her through the tattered hallways to the entrance of a secret pathway locking the room to the door behind him as he gave her the instructions on how to escape safely. Before he could close the door behind her she turned to face him, “Wait what about you Joong? They’ll kill you once they see you, come with me,” Y/N pleaded.

    “I have to make sure the governor is safe as well first. It’s only fair I return the favor of saving him and his daughter’s life just as they saved mine,” he confessed as the doorknob began to rattle, “Now hurry before they see you again.”

          Going to close the entryway once again she stopped him pulling him into a deep kiss. It was desperate and yet passionate fueled by years of want and silent admiration from both ends. The rattle turned banging pulled them apart as Hongjoong remembered the current urgency. She slipped his ring into his pocket before letting him close the door as the men could be heard barging in. Despite wanting to go back she pushed forward through the dark tunnels until eventually finding salvation.

    1713-21 years

          Years passed after the incident and she never saw Hongjoong again. He had kept his promise of saving her father though. Just like countless others who had gone missing, they presumed he had become one of the many casualties of that ill-fated night. Unbeknownst to them though, the only reason they had left as abruptly as they arrived was because Hongjoong had agreed to take his place as the next pirate king. Now captain of the Deja Vu he roamed the 7 seas quickly readapting to the life he was born into. Long gone was his proper hair now traded for long hair with a braid hanging from the side. Gold adorned his ears and his eyes were smokey yet piercing. He had become a natural with a sword and was born to be a leader and yet something was always missing. No matter how much booze he drank, what he stole, or who offered to sleep with him, nothing could fill the hole in his chest caused by the only woman he ever loved. He knew it was risky but he had to see her again. When he arrived back to Porto Virtu he caught wind of her engagement to the old hag of a commodore which made his stomach drop as he knew she’d never willingly agreed to such a thing he had to whisk her away tonight. As night approached the governor’s home began to light up with music and laughter as the party went underway.

          Guests from all over had come to celebrate the engagement. Hongjoong watched from afar as he plotted away, twirling the ring tied around his neck between his fingers as he decided if this was the right choice. After choosing he sent his men on their way reminding them that although everything was fair game, the governor and his daughter were off-limits. They complied before charging towards the gates of the mansion causing the crowd to panic. Having dealt with pirates before Y/N was more than prepared this time around. She helped the servants to the passageway before going back to find her father. As she snuck through the halls searching for him she held Hongjoongs knife close ready to attack. Just as she turned the corner she heard someone behind her. Immediately she turned to elbow the stranger pinning him to the wall as she held the blade of the knife to his throat. Hongjoong let out a grunt before chuckling as he looked down at her. “Holding my own weapon against me, now that’s a bit ironic don’t you think?” he teased.

    “Who are you and what do you want,” she asked menacingly.

    “Has it really been that long that you don’t remember me anymore?’ he asked feeling a twinge in his heart, “Surely you must remember me precious.”

          With the sound of her nickname leaving his lips she dropped the knife from her hand in shock before taking a step back to get a better look at him. She couldn’t believe it, he was standing right in front of her. She pulled him towards the moonlight to get a better look. Right on his cheekbone, the same scar caused by the cut made on his face the day they met. Her finger gently brushed over it as he leaned into her touch holding her hand in place before turning to place a gentle kiss in her palm. “I’ve missed you more than you could ever know,” he smiled as she threw herself into his embrace.  She looked up at him with the same light in her eyes as she had all those years ago. He cautiously leaned down cupping her face wanting nothing more than to embrace her from the dangers of the world. Feeling brave she pulled him closer by the collar of his coat closing the space between them. Lost in what felt like paradise tragedy would soon strike as soldiers burst into the room pulling the two apart. Hongjoong fought against the hold on him as Y/N did the same, the commodore and her father walking in not too long after. On the orders of the commodore, Hongjoong was knocked out, the end of a musket being the last thing he saw as Y/N screamed in agony.

          The next morning as the smoke cleared citizens were brought to the gallows to witness the hanging of the pirate king and captain of the infamous Deja Vu. Many cheered and applauded as Y/N was forced to watch to kill her spirit. As they lead him to the platform she pleaded with them to stop looking to her father to help. He could only bow his head in disappointment and regret. She wasn’t the only one losing someone, he was also losing the son he never had but he also knew interfering would cause more harm than good. He could only hear his daughter’s agonizing cries as they dropped the floor from beneath Hongjoong his feet mere inches off the floor as her ring fell from his hands like a rosary from a worshipper’s hands.

    2020-23 years old

          Hongjoong woke up covered in sweat gasping for air as he held his neck. Worried, Seonghwa walked in asking if everything was okay. “It’s the same dream, isn’t it? The one where you’re hanged,” he asks.

    “Yes but this time I saw a girl. She was crying out my name as they brought me up. It was the same girl from my other dreams,” he explained.

    “Ah yes, the mysterious girl from the fields that you’d have picnics with,” Seonghwa remembered, “Get ready there’s something I want to show you,” he informed tossing him some clean clothes.

    “What is it?” he asked as he got up to get dressed.

    “You’ll see when we get there. It might help you figure out those dreams a little better,” he replied before exiting the room.

          As they entered the museum Hongjoong rolled his eyes at the sight of the banner for the new exhibit labeled Pirates: Bandits of the Sea. “Come on you might find something useful,” Seonghwa said as they walked through the doors. As they peered through the many artifacts Hongjoong couldn’t help but be pulled towards a certain section pertaining to the Pirate King. Just as he was about to reach for the ring on display he was startled by a person approaching. Turning to see the figure his jaw dropped. It was the woman from his dreams standing right in front of him. Her hair laid perfectly against her delicate clothing, a strong contrast to his bold and edgy outfit choice. She too had taken an interest in the exhibit reading the information on the panel in front of the artifacts. Feeling his stare she turned to give him a warm smile which he awkwardly returned in shock causing her to giggle. “I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N nice to meet you,” she stated..

    “Kim Hongjoong, nice to meet you as well. Sorry for staring, I just feel like I know you from somewhere,” he apologized.

    “It’s okay I understand the feeling,” she nodded.

    “I should probably find my friend but it was nice meeting you,” he said, holding his hand out.

    “Ditto,” she smiled softly, going to shake his hand.

          The moment their hands touched a chill ran through their veins as flashbacks played through their minds. Everything from the day they had met, to Hongjoong’s death, up until this moment. The two let go as a shiver ran up their spine and goosebumps formed on their skin. “It’s you, you’re the one that saved me the day from a watery grave,” Hongjoong exclaimed, “The one I keep seeing in my dreams.”

    “You’re the owner of the dagger my father gave me,” she replied, “It was yours and I took it to hide your identity, and yet even then I was the cause of your death,” she said as tears brimmed her eyes.

    “It was my fault I knew the risk I was running when going after you but I instead chose to follow my heart instead of my head,” he clarified, “It was never your fault I was to blame,” he said wiping the tear on her face.

    “Yes but I was selfish and made you stay,” she confessed.

    “And yet even then I forgave you. Even in death I never held a grudge. My only regret was not coming for you sooner. I guess fate has a funny way of working huh?’ he teased.

    “I guess it does,” she smiled, sniffling softly.

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