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    Gaze 》 P. Seonghwa

    𝑹𝒆𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒅: 𝒀𝒆𝒔/𝑵𝒐

    𝑷𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: Park Seonghwa x Female Reader

    𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: public sex, swearing

    𝑮𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: smut

    𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔: 2124

    𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: Seonghwa swears he is a patient person and has no need for controlling. At least not until it comes to her.

    𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆: I write these in third person pov, with no names because I don't like Y/n. No names are mentioned at all, the reader is "the girl" or "the boy", and other characters have names. I write in third pov because it allows me to write about thoughts from all characters. That's all! Thank you for supporting my work and happy sinning! 🍒


    "I swear you look like a fucking predator with that look on your face."

    Seonghwa scoffed at the younger man, not tearing his gaze away from the young female standing near a tall table. He could tell she was tired and her feet were killing her. The sparkly heels she was wearing looked so perfect on her. The burning liquid going down the man's throat was only making his thoughts run more wild and free. Even his right hand and loyal partner, Kim Hongjoong, was getting annoyed. This has been going on the whole week now; Seonghwa acting like he doesn't care but somehow ending up in the places where she was and keeping his distance. He wasn't supposed to kill her, but the way she resembled her father made his blood boil. He wanted her to suffer. But more than that, he wanted to make her squirm under his touch as he shows her what a good lover is.

    "You never wait this long to fuck. What's going on?"

    "What's going on is her father is tied up in our club at Vegas while she's here innocently drinking that cranberry juice pretending she's tipsy. She has his eyes. Those disgusting evil eyes."

    Hongjoong shifted in his seat, his eyes monitoring Seonghwa's body language. He was getting very uncomfortable on the couch. It was odd how the girl didn't notice the eyes on her yet.

    "You've got to be fucking with me."

    The younger man didn't even register his words properly. The older one had already gotten up, tossing his blazer over his shoulder while holding it with two fingers. He made his way towards the young girl, putting his hand on her waist and pushing her into his body as the young man in front of them watched with a raised eyebrow.

    Hongjoong knew that as much as Seonghwa hated her for resembling her father so much, he also had a big thing for innocent and lost looking girls in crowded places like these. Especially if they wore outfits that weren't even for a club, it just showed how they don't do it often and are fresh. Seonghwa doesn't do it often, but when he does, he does it so good that it leaves women begging for more and complaining that so many hours is actually not much. He is used to it. In fact, it only boosts his ego.

    "Don't you have studying to do at this hour, little boy?" He scoffed at the young man in front of them.

    Jung Wooyoung laughed at his leader's words. He was used to being degraded by his boss when in company, and Wooyoung low-key liked it. He would never admit it out loud.

    "And don't you have people to kill, Mr Park?"

    Seonghwa could feel the girl getting tense under his touch. The warmth of her skin had disappeared in a second, a look of confusion evident on her face. The conversation didn't continue. Instead, the young man slightly bowed to the older one with a smirk, then left.

    "I must admit that the dress looks perfect on you. Almost feeling bad for the fate that awaits it."

    The girl gulped. She finally recognised the features of the handsome man in front of her. Just like her mother had described him, with eyes that put hearts on fire, perfectly symmetrical face and such confident posture. He was undeniably breathtaking. The temperature inside the club was rising, resulting in tiny beads of sweat to form on his forehead and his chest slowly rising and falling as he had a tough time breathing.

    After a few moments of silence, she parted her lips to speak. Instead, she got nervous with the man's eyes on her. The glass of juice was in her hand, ready to slide down her throat deliciously. But Seonghwa had a different idea. He put the glass back, then leaned in and cupped her face. She didn't have time to react. She only held onto his arms so that she wouldn't fall down. Warm liquid was poured from his mouth into hers, giving her throat a strange feeling she didn't like. She didn't dare to protest.

    The man pulled away, making sure she swallowed. She was perfect, already listening to him like a good girl. He loves good girls.

    "Let's get you a real drink, love."

    She couldn't believe how easily she believed and followed him. For an overthinker, her mind was quite blank in this situation. Park Seonghwa pulled the girl towards the corner of the room, just at the end of the bar. She was pressed against the wall, his body blocking the view of the crowd behind them.

    "Before that, tell me if you enjoyed Wooyoung's sweet talk?"

    The girl was scared. The way he looked down at her made her feel so small and worthless. She wasn't sure what would happen next, but judging by the way his lips curved up in a smirk because of her silence, it won't end good.

    "Let me try a different approach and see if you'll still like Wooyoung."

    "Who says I like him?" She finally spoke.

    Seonghwa had to bite back an unnecessary praise. Her voice had to be the most satisfying one he had ever heard. Her eyes innocently looked up at him, wondering why his teeth tugged at his bottom lip so harshly.

    "Wooyoung has his ways of making people fall for him. But so do I."

    Her view was fully blocked once he put his hands on the wall right next to her head. His cologne was sharp and overwhelming. She didn't like that either. Wooyoung's was sweet and gentle. She swears she could just fall into his arms and stay there.

    "Tell me, does Wooyoung make you shiver with a simple touch?"

    Seonghwa dragged the tip of his finger down her neck, stopping at the collarbone and gently brushing the fabric of her dress. As if touching her wasn't enough, the man lowered his head until it was in the space between her neck and head. Until then, the girl was more focused on the pain in her feet because of her heels than him. But the moment a pair of warm lips and hot tongue started to leave a trail down her neck, she forgot about everything. She gasped, her fingers found their way into his hair while her other hand held onto his shoulder. His lips knew just where to go and what to do. He had her sighing and gulping with just a few kisses on her exposed skin. He didn't even do the real thing yet.

    "Oh, love. You have nobody to take care of your slutty little needs? I could make you orgasm with neck kisses only." He laughed in her face.

    Her cheeks heated up. No, she didn't have anyone. Mainly because she didn't like bringing men home out of respect towards her father. Doing it anywhere else was a major no. Nowhere was safe. But maybe she could make an exception tonight. Just for tonight...

    Park Seonghwa then placed his hand on the back of her thigh, gently lifting her leg up so that he could get closer to her. She could feel a hard and warm area pressed against her inner thigh, very close to the space between her legs. She was almost burning down there, her clit aching for the touch of the handsome stranger in front of her.

    "Stay quiet for me."

    She didn't have time to ask why. Instead, she did exactly the opposite of what she was told: she moaned and threw her head against the wall, her eyes rolling back from the sudden sensation. Seonghwa was pushing into her clothed clit, slowly but harshly moving his hips against her. She wasn't sure when or how, but she found herself moving together with him. His lips were back on her neck, hot tongue and lips taking care of just the right spot below her jawline. Her fingers desperately gripped his shoulders, then slid down his chest and stomach and stopped on his erection. She unzipped his pants with ease, taking it out in a second and giving it a few strokes. The tip in her hand was already dripping, and it was just the thing she needed.

    Seonghwa allowed her to do what she wanted. It was amusing to see her struggle with her panties. She tried to move them aside, but lost her patience when they kept falling back in place.

    "Allow me, doll."

    And with a single hand movement, the ripped fabric was removed from her body and stuffed inside Seonghwa's pocket. Her clit was now exposed to the cool air and Park Seonghwa. Her hand reached down to give herself some attention, but it got slapped away. The man cupped her jaw, turning her head towards the dancing crowd.

    "Find Wooyoung." He ordered.

    It didn't take long. Jung Wooyoung was seated next to Kim Hongjoong, both of them chatting and enjoying their drinks. Wooyoung felt a gaze on him, so he looked around the room until he found the pair of eyes in the crowd. She stared at him as her jaw was slowly dropping. Inch by inch, Seonghwa pushed inside of her. Right there, among all those people.

    "Fuck–" She moaned, rolling her hips against his to get more.

    "Is Wooyoung enjoying the show, princess?"

    "I— I don't think he is."

    The man turned her face towards him. She wished to kiss that smirk off his face.

    "Are you enjoying being watched?"

    "Yes." She admitted.

    The short answer made Seonghwa lose his mind. She loved being watched. Who would've guessed? He pounded into her mercilessly, not caring if the bartenders are looking. His only goal was to keep Wooyoung busy staring at them. He wanted to let him know that when he wants something, he gets it.

    Seonghwa pulled the fabric of the dress down and exposed one of her breasts, then immediately attached his lips to the sensitive bud. His tongue swirled around it, his lips gently tugged it and his fingers worked their wonders on her clit.

    "Oh, please." She begged, the sensation from all three places being too much to handle. She was so close, yet so far. Wooyoung's eyes never left hers. It made her blood rush and her heat beat fast.

    He licked his lips, then brought his fingers to his mouth. He slowly inserted two of them inside his mouth, then took them out and smirked. The sudden interest she was getting from two ridiculously handsome men was a bit confusing, but she didn't complain. She didn't want the feeling to stop. But she was getting closer and closer, and Seonghwa showed no intention of slowing down. He grabbed her hair, pulling pulled her head back so that he could have easier access to her neck and chest. He left wet stripes all over her skin, lost in the feeling of her warm and tight hole.

    "Are you close, my pretty little slut?"

    The addition of my before the nickname made something inside of her burst. She saw white before her eyes, her orgasm washing over her body like a fresh ocean wave. Her chest was rising and falling, still exposed to Seonghwa. He kept pounding into her, his moves getting sloppy due to his own orgasm.

    Warm liquid filled her as his cock throbbed inside. He slowly moved a few more times, then carefully pulled out. The white streak was visible down her leg, but she was too tired to care. As much as she just wanted to lay on her comfy bed, she wanted more of him.

    "It seems like your little wooer is having a difficult time over there."

    They both looked over at Wooyoung who was biting his lip. He didn't seem mad or jealous. He seemed entertained. He got a free show from his hot boss and a hot girl. How could he possibly complain?

    "As much as I have a thing for watching too, I can't let him have you, pretty girl. You're only mine to watch now."

    #ateez#kpop smut#ateez imagine#ateez smut#ateez imagines #ateez x reader #ateez x y/n #ateez x you #ateez seonghwa #park seonghwa smut #seonghwa smut#seonghwa scenarios#seonghwa oneshot#seonghwa drabble#ateez drabbles #seonghwa x reader #seonghwa x y/n #seonghwa x you
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    skate skate go | jeong yunho

    word count: 1.1k

    genre: fluff, yunho x figure skater!reader

    warnings: yunho just falls multiple times but nothing gorey also a lot of cursing

    a/n: i would very much like to start skating again and pls don't axe me if i get the terminology wrong i literally looked up ice skating tutorials and attempted to describe what they were doing ksdjfasf

    with winter's icy weather going on, the local pond near your house had turned into the perfect (and safe) ice skating rink for everybody to enjoy.

    taking advantage of the free ice skating rink outside your house, your boyfriend had insisted that you guys go skate on it one day before the ice melts. of course, you agreed to go and after walking out during a lame movie, you hand over your father's hockey skates that he let yunho borrow for the night.

    although it was your boyfriend's first time ever ice skating, you on the other hand had been figure skating competitively for a couple years while you were younger. ever since revealing that little fact about yourself to yunho, he had been dying to see you figure skate.

    to be honest, you were always a little nervous to skate in front of your boyfriend because what if you just absolutely ate it in front of him. but slowly over time as the two of you became more comfortable with each other, you were beginning to open up to the idea of showing him a couple of tricks.

    secretly, you had been practicing a little bit everyday whenever you had the chance to you because you didn't want him to see you completely rusty in your skates plus, it was a good workout for you anyways.

    after helping yunho lace his skates, you helped up him slowly as he death gripped your forearms. "ready?"

    a nervous chuckle escaped yunho's chapped lips, "i think so."

    you smile softly, "don't worry, it's like riding a bike kind of. first, push off your dominant foot and then let your other foot trail behind lightly and then push again."

    "ok, push." you focus on yunho's feet as he pushes off his right foot and then wobbly glides for a second before repeating.

    "there! keep doing that!" you encourage proudly.

    slowly, yunho begins to settle into the rhythm of pushing and gliding and carefully he loosens the grip on your arms which turn into his hands hovering over you.

    "you're doing great yun!" you beam at him.

    a smile works onto his face as he now begins to pick up pace causing you to skate backwards faster. "good job!"

    however, yunho quickly loses his balance and falls onto the icy floor.

    "fuck." yunho groans on the floor.

    "yunho!" you rush over to him and help him up again, "are you good?"

    "yeah, i think i was just going too fast." he answers with his cheeks flushed from the cold.

    you nod, "you wanna try again?"

    "hell yeah, i do." he answered quickly, his voice full of persistence.

    persistence was one of things that you loved about yunho. you loved how once he put his mind to something he could do it. for example, you were watching him learn a new dance with an extremely difficult choreography and as frustrating it was to learn, yunho never gave up. it was absolutely inspiring to see his passion for dancing bloom right in front of you.

    maybe that's why he wanted to see you skate so badly. he just wanted to see your passion bloom in front of him.

    after a couple falls, yunho had finally managed to get up and start skating on his own which had you teeming with happiness. it was absolutely adorable watching him skate across the lake and then wave to where ever you were.

    you tried to catch up to yunho across the lake but, he kept skating away from you.

    "yunho!" you shout at him in fake annoyance. "stop running away from me!"

    your boyfriend just laughs in response before losing his balance once again and eating complete shit.

    "oh my god, are you okay?" you ask again. this time the fall looked like the hardest one yet.

    "yes, just lost my balance." yunho groans in pain.

    you help your boyfriend up again, before skating to the edge of the natural rink to let him sit down. "rest for a bit and then we can head back inside."

    yunho pulls you into his side as you subconsciously scoot even closer to his warm body.

    for a minute, you guys sit in silence and enjoy the empty lake in the cold air. it was a peaceful moment in your guys' busy and hectic lives. and it was a much needed break from everything.

    "now," yunho turns to look at you and you already can feel the puppy eyes begin to form. "can you please show me some fancy figure skating moves?"

    "fancy, i don't know about that." you answer as you get up from yunho's warm embrace. "but i can try."

    you don't know why but your nerves begin to bounce around in your body as you feel your heart beat quicken. you took a deep breathe in order to calm down before you start taking a small lap in the rink to warm yourself up. once you feel confident enough, you allow yourself to turn around in order to try a double toe. you feel yourself rotate twice in the air with your arms tucked in before spreading your arms wide to catch and slow yourself down. as the satisfaction of you successfully landing the trick you feel your confidence grow. you begin to experiment with old moves again such as a fankick to an illusion and axels.

    even if you did fall a couple of times during your "routine" you couldn't care less. you just picked yourself up off the floor and continued skating. there was no snobby judges or competitive parents watching you. it was just yunho watching you in awe and it felt amazing to know that even if you did mess up, he wouldn't snicker maliciously about it in front you.

    usually after competitions, you always felt stressed and anxious after routines, but today you felt relaxed and maybe even a little bit at peace afterwards.

    with a big smile you skated back to your boyfriend.

    "holy shit! i didn't know you could do that!" yunho exclaims, immediately standing up and almost eating shit once again.

    "yunho!" you grabbed ahold of his forearms, but it was too late and the both of you went tumbling down.

    you ended up falling on top of yunho as he took most of the fall damage. right away, you get up and extend a hand out for him, "oh fuck, are you okay yun?"

    "yes." he groaned in pain sitting up and grabbing ahold of your warm hand, "i'm think i'm done skating for today."

    a small laugh escaped your throat as you giggle at your boyfriend's response causing him to pull you into his lap squeezing a yelp out of you.

    "hey!" you pout, lightly shoving your boyfriend.

    "that's what you get, loser." yunho smiles before kissing the pout off your lips on the icy ground.

    #jeong yunho#yunho#yunho ateez#yunho oneshots#yunho oneshot #yunho x reader #yunho imagine#yunho imagines#yunho fluff #jeong yunho fluff #yunho ateez fluff #ateez fluff #yunho fluff oneshots #yunho fluff oneshot #jeong yunho fluff oneshot #jeong yunho fluff oneshots #yunho drabbles #ateez fluff oneshots #ateez fluff oneshot #ateez imagines#ateez oneshot #ateez fluff imagine #ateez fluff imagines #ateez x reader #ateez scenarios#kpop oneshot#kpop oneshots #kpop fluff oneshots
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    Yeosang, for the life of him, can’t figure out why his stomach aches whenever you’re around.

    aka: The 3 times you give him butterflies, the 1 time he gives them to you  the title was so long I had to change it

    Kang Yeosang x reader

    Genre: fluff, clueless Yeosang

    Word count: <1k

    1. Kang Yeosang doesn’t know a lot about love. He knows there are different types of love, like the love he has for his friends. But being in love? That’s a line he finds himself terrified to cross, so he pushes it into the deepest corner of his mind in hopes of forgetting. Most nights he does. 

    However, there is one thing that he’s sure of. And that’s how his stomach aches whenever you walk into the room. He doesn’t put the two pieces together, instead, he mentions it to Wooyoung and the two conclude that it was because he ate dessert before dinner. 


    So when he feels his stomach seize again as you wave and sing out a ‘hello’ at him he racks his brain to figure out what he ate that day.

    He gets through dance practice with a dull pain that never subsides despite how much water he drinks. Yeosang and the others wave you goodbye, and he carries on with his night as he would any other. 

    He doesn’t notice that his stomach ache is long gone by the time he gets back to the dorm.

    2. It isn’t quite a pain but more like a buzz, Yeosang tries to explain to Seonghwa one day. The elder nods, giving him a sympathetic yet amused grin. Yeosang had not once turned his attention back to Seonghwa, his eyes had been glued to you as you rehearsed with San.

    “How odd.”

     He can hear the amusement in Seonghwa’s voice and he rolls his eyes at the lack of concern. 

    “Is it really that bad?” Seonghwa asks and Yeosang shakes his head. It’s something he can tolerate but at the same time he thinks he should go see the doctor about it. He’s stopped eating dessert before dinner and while his chicken addiction hasn’t slowed he’s confident that that’s not the problem either. Yeosang ponders some more, he did have some of Wooyoung’s cooking earlier. He furrows his brow.


    He eyes the grinning Wooyoung beside him.

    “Of what?”

    “Of San.”

    His mouth drops slightly in shock and he stammers at Wooyoung’s accusation. He had nothing to be jealous over. Why would he even-?

    “Yeosang! Woo! Hwa! Break’s over!” You called out with a grin and Yeosang felt his stomach twirl.

    He blames Wooyoung’s cooking.

    3. It wasn’t uncommon for you to join the group on music video shoots. You liked to be there to make sure the choreography looked good on camera and for support. At least that’s what you tell Wooyoung after he caught you admiring Yeosang from afar. He doesn’t buy it for even a second. 

    Yeosang only groans in frustration as he sees you walking up to him after his fifth goof up. He can’t seem to keep track of his feet today and he knows it aggravates his group mates. He’s fully prepared for a scolding from you as you stop in front of him, head tilted to the side. What he’s not prepared for is the gentle smile that’s painted on your lips.


    Yeosang realizes his hands have been trembling and he lets out another sigh. 

    “I had it in practice I don’t understand.”

    “It’s okay.” you hum as you rub your hand up and down his arm. “I still get butterflies when I have to do big performances like this too. We’ll run through it again.”


    Yeosang can only stare blankly at you.


    Oh no.

    “Yes.” is all he can manage to get out and you giggle. 

    The countless hours of stomach pains and clammy hands, the fruitless doctors appointments and horrifying internet diagnosis's.

    All over butterflies?

    Oh no, no, no. It’s so much more than that. 

    His body runs through the moves like second nature and he can’t help but tilt his head at you as you praise him for getting it. 

    And just like that the stomach ache is back, but this time he knows. He’ll never admit it to you but he knows. 

    Kang Yeosang has a crush on you.

    +1. “My studio’s having a talent show if you want to come.” you had blurted out one night after practice. You had voiced it to the room but your eyes were set on Yeosang.

    “The kids would love it. They’re even making me do a solo.” you continued with a chuckle. 

    “We’ll be there!” Yeosang nearly shouted. He ignored Wooyoung’s nudge, the way your eyes lit up had his lips curling into a smile. 

    You couldn’t help but frown as the texts kept coming in that each boy couldn’t make it. They were busy, you knew this but you couldn’t help the lingering disappointment that sat in your heart. Your frown quickly shifted to a smile as the kids on stage finished their dance.

    “You look nice.”

    Your stomach whirled as you turned to see Yeosang, a small bouquet of flowers in his hands. 

    “You made it!”

    “I didn’t want to miss it.” he cleared his throat and thrust the flowers towards you. “I got you these, though I probably should have waited till you were done to give them to you.”

    “You still can, I’ll come find you after the show yeah?”

    Deal! I’ll even take you out to dinner after.” His smile has you screaming on the inside and you press your luck a little further. 

    “It’s a date then?”

    Yeosang gasps, and you swear you see the galaxy in his eyes.

    “It’s a date.”

    And as you step out onto the stage your nerves have settled, but the butterflies? They’re alive and well.

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  • rainsunni
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    stardust above▪

    words: 233

    pairing: c.j. x reader

    genre: xtra sweet fluff

    sum: On a car drive with your love, Jongho.


    Resting your head on his lap in a moving car. The morning sun beams through the crystal glass. Missing you entirely, but capturing his face instead.

    Your view is magical. Watching dust particles dance around and his face be haloed. Bathed in sweet honey light.

    He lowers the window, letting the cool autumn air in. The ocean breeze combs through his warm toned hair. Revealing his forehead every passing second. You tilt your head—so engrossed with his beauty. Jongho is beautiful, but the word does not do him enough justice.

    He looks even more surreal when your eyes are locked. Foreheads leaning on each other. Smiles, wide.

    He must be on the same wavelength as you, as his stare drops down along with a smile—similar to your own. He brushes his fingers through your hair. Curling strands of it with care. He softly whispers declarations of his love.

    Thank you, dawn. For opening my eyes again to see him for another day.

    Your words are silent as you kiss them onto his knuckles. The blessed hand is released to lay on your ribcage. 

    You both share a longing glance as the sun rises more from the depths of the sea. The rays paint over the passing car. Stretching and consuming every inch of metal.

    The lovers and their driver. We can only assume. Their destination is everywhere, but nowhere in the same breath.

    #jongho#choi jongho#ateez fluff#ateez au #ateez x reader #oneshot #jongho x reader
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  • rainsunni
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    words: 246

    pairing: k.y. x reader

    genre: horror

    sum: Yeosang isn't the good guy, nor are you.

    ⚠: death, some gore

    I know a guy with different shades of eyes. One brown. One cloudy blue. He looked normal to everyone else. Whatever is normal. 

    Alas there was a hidden treasure of his. A vile creature that rested over his face. Rows of ivory bones moved as one. His animal was good to him, but ready to strike others. You happened to get too close. 

    Sticking your tainted hand into his owner's heart. Squeezing the life out of him. Playing the victim was a mask. One that he saw through. He had enough. Heart no longer alive.

    The roaring of thunder silenced the hammer that cracked your skull. Flashes of lightning illuminated the unkempt apartment. The red walls were a beautiful disaster. Your corpse was a waste of space. Yeosang sighed feeling his good work come to bite him in the ass. He stepped over the body, headed for his couch. He dropped his weight onto the worn cushions with relief. 

    His snake slithered over his head down between his eyes. Curling around his blood spotted neck with a pleasing hiss. He smirked. 

    "Don't mess with Geminis, little thing. I told you from the beginning," His good eye trails from your legs to your smashed head. The rest of your blood is pooling around like a twisted halo. "You didn't listen," He wipes at his mouth, purposely staining his skin with your blood that was left on his hand.

    "Now I gotta clean up the mess you made."

    |inspired by (ig) rhubarbyoghurt "...Yeosang and his pet the snake skelton.."|

    #kang yeosang#yeosang #yeosang x reader #ateez au#oneshot #ateez x reader #ateez horror
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  • rainsunni
    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    you were warned▪

    words: 512

    pairing: j.w. x reader

    genre: horror

    sum: The new guy and the rebellious teens of a little town.

    ⚠: blood mention + some horror elements.

    Autumn of 1991. In a small town hidden by tall red cedar trees. A legend lives since the day people found this land. Some say the story is used to keep children from misbehaving. Others believe creatures live amongst them. You were unsure. Your mom was not. Her paranoia seeped into your own mind, but you were stubborn enough to dismiss her warnings. Staying out late with your rebellious friends on a full moon. That was the night you would awaken to the horrors of your tiny town.

    A new guy joined your party. He was only a couple inches taller than you. He had a lean frame and some wideness to his shoulders. Despite the school uniform, he had a dangerous appearance to him. Sexy—but something was off.

    His oxyn hair was parted nicely to reveal some of his forehead. Dreamy eyes and soft lips. Shiny jewels hung from his lobes. A small mole adorn under his left eye. The epitome of young love. 

    Your small group ventured into the thick forestry. Climbing over logs covered in moss to jumping over small boulders. Once in a while you would stop to take in the fun. The smiles and drunken laughter. The moonlight beaming upon you—and him. 

    The new kid was closer than you expected. Giving you a fright. He stifled his giggles. You grew warm with embarrassment. He walked past you, bumping his arm into yours purposely. Butterflies erupted from your belly. He looked back and beckoned you with a jolt of his head. You followed in his shadow on soft legs.

    Despite the eerie silence around you. The other's loud chatter kept the party alive. You reached the clearing where a small bonfire was being set up. Wooyoung, the mysterious hottie, offered his hand. How could you resist.

    You placed your hand in his palm and an icy chill traveled up your arm. You stayed quiet about it, knowing some people have cold hands. Nothing abnormal about that. 

    How foolish.

    As the night carried on, blood rushed through azure veins. Bittersweet with alcohol. The thrill of young humans. The taste of cherry lip balm as Wooyoung kisses you. The fireworks behind closed eyes. It was all too good to be true. Way too perfect. That's how he liked it.

    Pulling away from the fragile being to slowly unveil the monster. His eyes erupted into red with black crawling vines filling the whites of his eyes. The muscles of his face became hard and horrifying. Your screams had already alerted the others. Unfortunately, they were too slow to escape with their lives.

    He smiles, revealing his fangs. Your screams are now raw coming from a place deep in your chest. He enjoys it. He savors the terror in your human eyes. It's all his for the taking. 

    He's swift with the kill. Piercing your neck and drinking your essence. It doesn't take long before he's bathing the forest floor crimson. 

    Kids, always be wary of creatures from bedtime stories. You never know what can happen, if you don't hear my warning.

    |inspired by (ig) r_sikart "...but it's 90s Wooyoung..."|

    #jung wooyoung#wooyoung #wooyoung x reader #ateez x reader #ateez au#ateez horror#oneshot
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  • shinescape
    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    Choi San x Fem Reader


    You were standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water as your eyes fixed on him who was focused on his game. Leaning back, you watch as he battled it out in the game. He wasn’t really talkative to begin with but he turned really quiet when he’s gaming and you noticed that.

    Well, he does make frustrated noises when he loses a match or a team member is not cooperating. Watching him play was like a hobby for you now when you have nothing to occupy yourself.

    But then, the flower bouquet on the dining table caught your eyes. You went to put the glass away and walked over to the table, a smile graced your face as you held onto the bouquet.

    “San, did we pack any vases before coming here?” You pouted slightly seeing how the petals are starting to dry.

    “I don’t think we did. Why?” You grabbed an empty mug and filled it with some water before placing the bouquet in. “It’s fine, I got it.” Walking over to San, he glanced over to you before focusing back on the screen.

    “The rest of our things will come in the weekend, why were you looking for a vase anyway?” He asked, fingers tapping away on the console.

    “It was for the hand bouquet. I don’t want to throw it away.” A smile formed on his lips remembering what happened earlier that day. It was no other than the long awaited part where the bride throws the hand bouquet and the person catching it will be the next to get married, from what you were told.

    Out of all of your friends, the one that caught it was Seonghwa, one of San’s closest friends. He too was shocked that he caught it and accepted his fate but not until his friends started teasing him to no end that he returned the beautifully arranged flowers back to you with a defeated face.

    “I wanted to let Seonghwa have it since he seemed genuinely happy when it landed in his hands but you,” You punched his arm before continuing on “and the others were making fun of him. I hope he doesn’t take it to heart what happened earlier.”

    “But why was he so eager to catch it anyway? It’s not like he has a partner.” San protested.

    “Whatever, just play your game.”

    You didn’t want to argue anymore and started looking around the area until something beside the foot of the sofa caught your eye. It was a cream coloured paper bag and you carefully dragged it out to where you were sitting to have a closer look. There was a rectangular shaped box in it and you brought it out, a little card attached on its front.

    “A little housewarming gift for the newlyweds. Have fun!” You read it out loud as your brows furrowed in confusion. San was too focused to even hear you until you pinched his shirt to grab his attention.

    “San, do you know who gave this?” He shook his head as his eyes stared hard at the black rectangular shaped box trying to recall anything. “No, I don’t. Did they say anything on the card?” You read back the exact words and his eyes widened a bit.

    “Just put it away, it’s probably from one of the guys.” As he was talking, you had already put out what looks like a regular Jenga tower. “San, come play with me! It’s just Jenga. But why is the box painted black?” You mumbled to yourself as he put away his console and gave his full attention to you.

    “You want to start first?” San suggested with a smirk on his face. “No, you start first.” You watched as he took a block out from the tower and carefully placed it on the top.

    “Your turn” He proudly said, dimples evident on his happy face. You rolled your eyes and was about to take out a block when you looked back at the one he placed earlier. “There’s something written on the side.” Taking the block away, you read what was engraved on it.

    “Put the block back, love.” “There’s an instruction on this block, you have to do it first then I can proceed. Look.” You pointed to the small lettering on the block.

    “Hold hands for the rest of the game”

    He raised a brow at you to which you shrugged back. “There’s no rules written on the box so we don’t have to follow what it says here.” You said nothing but moved closer to his side and extended your palm.

    “Love, this is ridiculous.”

    “Just do it.”

    He sighed and intertwined your hands together. He never thought you were the type to follow rules this seriously especially in a game but went along with it.

    You manage to take out a block and read it before looking away embarrassed. San peeked at you, wondering why you didn’t place it on the top of the tower. “What does your block say?”

    “Kiss your second favourite part of yours on your partner.” Your cheeks heated up as he had an amused look plastered on his face. Quickly, you pressed your lips on his cheek and pulled away. “Your turn.” You said simply but San wanted to linger on at what you did before taking a block.

    “My cheek is your second favourite, really? Then what’s the first?” He jutted his lips thinking it was that but you shook your head vigorously. “It’s not your lips, now take a block, San.”

    Holding hands was already making you feel uneasy, kissing him out of nowhere just added more to it. You wanted this to end so bad but you won’t tell him that, he’d think that you admit defeat. You eyed how he placed the new wooden block beside yours and turned to look at you.

    “Don’t move” Your brow knitted together as he leaned closer and bit the base of your neck. The hand that was holding him instantly went to his shoulder to push him away. “What are you doing?”

    “It says here…make a mark on your partner. So don’t move.”

    Groaning at the continuous ringing sound, you searched for the source and found San’s phone flashing on the ground amongst the pile of clothes. You picked it up and saw that there’s an incoming call and went to the sleeping figure who seemed to be in a deep sleep.

    “San, wake up. Phone call…” You patted his arm to which he groggily took the phone and answered it. Putting on his pyjama shirt, you turn to look back at him, eyes shut tight but he was mumbling things to the person on the other line. You shook your head at him and left for the kitchen.

    A yawn left your lips as you sleepily made some hot drinks for the both of you. You could have slept some more but the phone woke you up and going back to sleep seemed harder then.

    As you slowly sipped on the hot beverage, a loud thud was heard from the room. San came out, pulling his pyjama pants and hurriedly went to the door. “Who could that be?” You mumbled to yourself and padded your way over to the wall to take a peek.

    “Oh, did I interrupt something?” You recognise that obnoxious laugh anywhere and finally went to stand behind San with a deadpan look. San tried to make you go back inside but you were curious as to why his best friend was this early at your place.

    “Your mother-” He eyed both of you before continuing, “...mothers told me to check up on you two. Everything good?” He chuckled to himself.

    “Just leave.” San said and pushed his friend out, slamming the door right in his face.

    “Is it okay to do that?” You thought he could have stayed for breakfast if San had let him too. But seeing the way he was staring at you made you think otherwise. “It’s more than fine besides I’m not about to let him see you like this…with that all over your neck.” He looked away and went back to the bedroom.

    Only then did you realise that you were just in his shirt, collars exposed and nothing else. A gasp left your lips as you pulled the collar closer to your neck. The action doesn’t change the fact that your painted neck was probably seen earlier.

    “Was he the one who gave us that Jenga?!” You shouted.

    “Yes! Who else would give such a thing if not him.” He shouted back from the room.

    There was a short silence before San walked back out and took your hand, dragging you back to bed. “Let’s just go back to sleep, love. No one is going to bother us anymore.”

    You hummed in response before dropping yourself beside him, snuggling close in his embrace.

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  • hwaflms
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚! ⭒bf!san x reader 𖦹 𝗚𝗘𝗡𝗥𝗘! ⭒fluff 𖦹  𝗪𝗖!⭒0.330k 𖦹 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦! ⭒none, just fluff! 𖦹 𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗘𝗦! ⭒ this is a lil birthday present for my love mai (@gummygowon) mai, ilysm and i hope you have an amazing day <3

    [11:30 a.m.] your eyes flicker open at the feeling of someone's lips peppering kiss all over your face, scrunching your features up as a tired smile makes its way onto them.

    "morning, beautiful", san's slightly hoarse voice cooes, brushing some stray hairs off of your forehead before placing a gentle kiss on the skin, cupping your cheek. his thumb gently strokes the flesh, causing you to let out a soft hum and snuggle further into his warm body.

    "morning, sannie", you mumbled drowsily in return, curling your body into him and bringing a hand up to place on his chest. "what time is it?"

    "11:30, sweetheart. you've been sleeping a while", he replied gently, slipping his arm around your waist, effectively caging you against him.

    "what? how long have you been awake?", you asked, peering up at him with a frown. "a couple hours", he shrugged, pressing his lips to the crown of your head.

    "you've just been laying here with me for a couple hours?" you questioned in disbelief, trying to move away so you could sit up, but his strong arms kept you locked in the position you were in, letting out a whine of disapproval as he buries his face in your hair.

    "you looked so cute and peaceful. i didn't want to wake you up", he murmured into your hair, hand coming up to stroke it slowly, the feeling so relaxing that it could lull you back to sleep.

    you simply giggled in response, inhaling and exhaling contently in response to his hands now playing with your hair, causing your eyes to droop.

    "mmm, if you keep doing that, i might just fall back asleep", your voice was faint as it was somewhat muffled by the material of his shirt, and he let out a short chuckle, placing what seemed like the hundredth kiss to your temple delicately, nodding his head.

    "go back to sleep, angel. i'm more than happy to just lie here with you."

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  • mercurygguk
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    considering writing for ateez too…… although it would probably make me more stressed about posting lmao

    #would anyone read them tho? #i have a wooyoung oneshot already that i isn’t on tumblr anymore since i deleted my ateez blog
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  • jonghoh
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    independence day | ateez ot8

    genre: realistic fiction, fantasy, action
    characters: outlaw!ateez ot8
    description: Ateez are dirty “sewer rats” that make a plan on Independence Day to dispose of a corpse that they obtained through unscrupulous means.
    word count: 5.1k
    warnings: blood, dead bodies, cremation, mentions of cannibalism, murder, fire, rats, swearing
    author’s note: this is the fic for ateez’s fireworks music video (there are more in my masterlist here). yeehaw. uh nat this is for u ig. bc. u know. bulnoriya
    taglist: @itsapapisongo @mangomingki​ @irehlevant @blueprint-han​ @doievoir​ @bvlnoriyas​ @wooyeosang​

    Underground business was underground for a reason - it was too violent and traumatizing to be shown above ground.

    Because of this, when Hongjoong had amassed the eight of them all of those years ago to do the dirty work of even dirtier corporate men to maintain a sliver of livelihood, he had chosen the sewer system as his headquarters. It was disgusting - Hongjoong knew more rats than humans and smelled more like a rat than a human - but disgusting was the job of murder. And since it was the sewer system, Hongjoong was only under the eyes of the rats as he washed the blood off of his hands from the one faucet of clean water that Yeosang had hijacked from the building above them. And the rats were always silent as if they too agreed upon the deeds that the eight of them committed daily, a trait from them that Hongjoong had been grateful for. Better the rats see them than any human above ground.

    It had come to the point, and perhaps this tied in with Hongjoong having more rats as friends than humans as friends, where the eight of them now called themselves the Sewer Rats. They had donned the name because of where they lived, but also for the fact that being more in contact with blood than water tended to ostracize themselves from the rest of society. But none of them ever wished to live above ground in the first place. They loved what they did, even if it was in the sewers.

    The odd jobs they did - murder, stealing, burning, breaking and entering, maiming, destroying, hunting, and bribing - were in high demand. If there was any human interaction in the sewers, it was ironically done by men in expensive business attire with greed clouding their minds. “Dispose of this man,” “burn down this building,” “gouge his eyes out,” were normal requests from them, the words coming out of their mouths casually while they looked spiffy in their crisp, dark suits and immaculately styled hair. It was just a task on their agenda to be crossed off before going to their next meeting, or their fancy lunch outing, or playing with their children in the front yard next to their white picket fence on Sunshine Street. Hongjoong didn’t care for their polarizing life choices. None of the Sewer Rats cared. They paid well.

    And normally, these were their only clients. Greed and desire for pain came from the highest up because they could never fathom anything else for their worst enemies. “Creative, but perhaps a bit neurotic,” Seonghwa would always say when they discussed their clients of this affinity. So when someone different came into contact with the Sewer Rats, someone that had sworn to protect the nation they lived under - literally - to say they were mildly surprised was an understatement.

    The secret service agent had silently tipped them off a few hours earlier, so four of them - Hongjoong, Seonghwa, San, Wooyoung - had curiously come out to see what he wanted of them, the rest of them in the middle of a job. But instead of theft, money laundering, or fraud - any of those they expected from someone in contact with the government  - the secret service agent had come out of the shadows of the sewers carrying a human corpse.

    “Please,” the secret service agent had said, “you need to dispose of this body for me.” They had heard this sentence many times, but never in a situation such as this one, not from the mouth of a person that had so many political ties. “I will pay you extensively if you do it well and unnoticed.” And then he had given them the payment amount.

    Hongjoong was almost knocked off his feet upon hearing the amount. The other three’s eyes widened. The sum of money, and a handsome sum it was, would allow all eight of them to leave the sewers and integrate back into society. And while none of them particularly wanted to do so, some nerves tugged at each of them that a job such as the one they did currently could only keep them going for so long - how long would it take before they switched from rotting in a sewer to rotting in a jail? The nasty jobs they did had a time bomb attached to it and the eight were helplessly ignorant to when it would inevitably go off and destroy their already fractured lives.

    So the four of them had accepted the job immediately, the thought of money alone compelling. But as they discovered more about the task that they had been given, they wished they had never succumbed to their greed. Because when the agent had left the sewers, they had realized the body’s identity too late.

    “This body was the Secretary of Commerce of our government,” Wooyoung had whispered, his hands shaking as he brushed back the hair of the corpse to get a better look at his face to truly confirm if he was correct about the corpse’s identity. With a quick internet search, they affirmed that Wooyoung was right. Among being a critical member of the government, they had also discovered that he had been 10th in line for the presidency as a perk of his job. Now, not only did the job of disposing of him get infinitely harder with this bit of information, but the four of them had realized almost simultaneously that they perhaps would not get out of this alive. And even if they did - the government would surely find out about them with their undercover agents, federal investigators, and private eyes.

    The Sewer Rats’ location, the capital of their country, allowed for expensive jobs from rich people with even richer grudges and a penchant for evildoing. But it also meant that this job in particular was terrifyingly dangerous. Only a week ago had this man likely waved hello to the president of their nation. The government would blaze through hell to find his body, to eventually find the Sewer Rats and exterminate them like the pests and menaces they were, while the secret service agent that had given them this body would be unscathed and unnoticed.

    And how were they going to tell the other four?

    “We tell them the truth,” San said two hours after the body had been delivered to them, his eyes reflecting the light from one of the few dim lights in the sewer. “Because honestly, Hongjoong, I think we can treat this like any other body and-”

    “We can tell them the truth, yes,” Hongjoong interjected, “but this is not a normal body. This is a body that is worth a lot of money and prestige. So we cannot treat it like any normal body.”

    San’s face formed a scowl, but he said nothing more. Hongjoong had been doing this longer than him - he had to at least trust Hongjoong and his expertise even if he did not agree with it.

    “Then what do you think we should do?” Wooyoung said, rocking back and forth on his heels, no doubt to get out extra energy and anxiety that was bubbling in his stomach. His question was directed at Hongjoong.

    Hongjoong shrugged. “We could bury it. Or cremate it. But I’m so damn scared of the police- hell, the government finding us,” he said. Worry crinkled on his forehead. “Their security agents, I imagine, are top-notch. This isn't a personal crime anymore. This is national.”

    On the far end of the sewer, a door creaked open, disrupting their group panic. The four of them shot their heads in the direction of the noise. Two small figures had entered. Hongjoong recognized the jacket on one and the hat on the other - these two were Yeosang and Jongho, back from their murder attempt. He wondered if they had succeeded.

    And as they got closer, the clearer the two of them were. Hongjoong opened his mouth to ask how their job went when Jongho, who had been strolling with his hands in his pockets, removed them to show them stained with a dark red substance that could have only been blood. Only then did Hongjoong notice the red-brown stain that was forming on the front pocket of his hoodie. So they succeeded. Jongho smiled as he wiggled his bloodstained fingers.

    “Hey!” Yeosang called, waving a friendly hand to the four of them. “It went well!”

    As if Hongjoong hadn’t concluded that already with the color of Jongho’s hands, he gave a thumbs up anyway. The rest of them smiled at their two friends as they approached - but then it dawned on them that they would have to explain the body to them. They would have to explain the trouble it had now put them in, and they could only hope they wouldn’t be upset with the choices they had made.

    San’s sharp features grew sinister when he saw Jongho’s hands. “Looks like it was fun, too,” he said to him, and Jongho gave him a knowing smile.

    “Hearts are easy,” he said, shrugging.

    “Who’s that?” Yeosang said, and Jongho too turned his attention to where Yeosang was pointing. The original four’s hearts sank.

    “A body was given to us to dispose of,” Seonghwa said. Hongjoong could hear the uncertainty in his voice like the statement was flawed in some way and he was bad at lying. “And we’ll get a large sum of money if we do.”

    “Nice,” the two of them hissed, now coming closer to approach the body.

    “How much?” Jongho said, crouching down to closely examine the body that was laid haphazardly on the floor of the sewers.

    “Considering he was the Secretary of Commerce of our nation, well…”

    Yeosang and Jongho looked at each other. Jongho looked at Hongjoong. Yeosang looked at Seonghwa. San looked at Wooyoung in a panic.

    “So that’s why there were police downtown,” Yeosang whispered to himself. “Well, shit.”

    “Police?” Wooyoung said, throwing his hands in the air, exasperated. “Stupendous,” he said, his voice full of worry. “We might as well turn ourselves in now since our heads are on sticks already. Perhaps I will lie in their beds wearing lingerie if I’m going to be that noticeable for them-”

    “Please do not,” Hongjoong said, raising his eyebrows at Wooyoung. “And calm down. We’ll figure something out.” As much as Hongjoong hated the situation as much as Wooyoung and the others did, and the new and burning photo of Wooyoung in lacy nightwear in his mind, he didn’t want to give the two newcomers the sense that this task was completely impossible. Because while it seemed impossible to him at the moment, he had to remember their past victories together as a team - and they were pretty powerful together.

    They had gotten through much crazier situations as eight, like the mass poisoning that was covered up as a contamination of the water supply, or the death of a CFO that was thought to be because of old age, not that he had fallen down a flight of stairs because Yunho had pushed him. All of those instances had seemed impossible, but they all had critical roles they played perfectly that allowed the others to be protected and allowed the plan to work without a hitch. It wasn’t clear right now, but there was a voice inside Hongjoong that said they would survive. They would make it. It was in their nature to do so as Sewer Rats, doing dirty tasks that no one else ever did in places that no one had ever ventured, using unique strategies that no one would ever think of because they were not rats. Their sewer, as disgusting as it was, would give them a huge advantage against anyone looking for them - no one would think to look there. The thought of that gave Hongjoong some relief.

    So Hongjoong had briefed them on what they had to do, what they knew, and what plans they had at the moment. To his relief, the two of them seemed fine with the circumstances, taking it all in rather easily. Yunho and Mingi, at the morgue doing paid work, would have to be briefed in the morning. But it was night, and Hongjoong was hungry. They were all hungry. Perhaps, they could think of what to do in the morning - perhaps a dream would allow clearance for a perfect idea that would secure their safety and money that would save them from living any more days with the rats.

    “I say we eat the body,” Mingi said at seven in the morning.

    Hongjoong was still in his pajamas, sleep pulling his eyes down as he stood next to the corpse, now pushed to the side of the sewer to give the illusion he was sleeping against the wall. He was awake because Mingi was awake, and he was chattering about the influx of bodies in the morgue that he and Yunho had witnessed. The last thing he had wanted was for Mingi to walk into the room with a body on the floor and no explanation tied to why it was there. He doubted it was the first time Mingi had seen a dead body out of the blue - after all, he worked in a morgue - but he didn’t want to take any chances, and he didn’t want any unnecessary harm to be done to the body.

    Hongjoong sighed. “We are not doing that.”

    “But it would be fun!” Mingi insisted, raising his eyebrows like this was somehow the greatest idea he ever had. Hongjoong sighed again. It was too early for this.

    “Fun for you,” Hongjoong said, ever the pragmatist, “but it’s not practical. How would we cook the body? What do we do with the bones? How would you get the rest of them - and me - to eat it?” He couldn’t believe what he was saying.

    “Nah, I was just kidding,” Mingi shrugged, batting his hand with a laugh. “Though,” he said suddenly, his eyes lighting up, “we could-”

    Hongjoong glared at him. Mingi did not finish his sentence.

    “Will you tell Yunho about this when he wakes up?” Hongjoong continued wearily. “Tell him we don’t have a plan yet, but I’m working on it.”

    “We’re working on it,” Mingi said, winking. “But if push comes to shove, Hongjoong…”

    “I’ll eat you after I eat him,” Hongjoong muttered. “And I’m going back to sleep.”

    But even in sleep, Hongjoong was at a loss for ideas. It was unusual of him to be like this - usually out-of-the-box ideas came to him immediately, whether it was from a dream or a thought he had during his morning eggs. But this body, this damn body of the Secretary of Commerce, had stumped him. And as he slept, his brain gave him no solstice to calm the anxiety of not knowing a plan. Instead, he received dreams of the police coming to skin all eight of them alive, to burn them at the stake like witches while fireworks burst in the night sky in flurries of colors behind their charing bodies in a celebration that the Sewer Rats had been stopped. He prayed that, perhaps, at least one of the other seven members had come up with an idea during the night and he would wake up with a solution for the corpse that was now a part of their entourage.

    “Eating the body seems doable,” Yunho said while the eight of them sat around a table eating frozen sausages and attempted boiled eggs - courtesy of Jongho. Absolutely no new ideas had been thought of and it didn’t help any of them digest their breakfast. “It’s better than whatever shit we’re eating currently.”

    “For the last time!” Hongjoong cried, shaking his head while he stabbed at an egg with his fork - and missed. “We are not resorting to cannibalism.”

    “Sounds like someone is satisfied with the food they’re getting every day,” Yunho said suspiciously while he took a sip of mysteriously murky water from a tin can. “You know, human meat is lucrative, and perhaps we could get even more money-”

    “I’m literally trying to eat,” Seonghwa cut in, glaring at Yunho and then Mingi. “Human food. Food that is not from my own fucking species. So I agree with Hongjoong. We’re not doing that.”

    The two of them put their hands up in defeat, shaking their heads. “Fine,” they chorused.

    But as the days became longer and more uncertain, little progress was made on what to do with the body. Wooyoung had the smart idea of ceasing all cannibalism thoughts by suggesting they cremate the body - a compromise that left all parties happy. It wasn’t cannibalism, which satisfied most of the group, and fire was used in the act, which was something that all of them enjoyed using for tasks, Yunho and Mingi no exception. It would also remove the corpse that was beginning to attract flies and rats, and, if needed, detour the police from them if they decided to venture down to the sewers.

    So Hongjoong had sent Mingi and Yunho out to get a coffin, some gasoline, and a lighter. This was the convenience of the morgue - coffins were easy to come by, and the other items were easy to obtain in comparison. And with police crawling around looking for their corpse, Hongjoong had come up with one of his classically brilliant ideas for Yunho and Mingi to stay under their radar while getting the coffin.

    “There has got to be some kind of garage sale going on, somewhere,” Hongjoong said to the two of them, standing in front of them with his arms folded across his chest like he was sending his two delinquent children off to school and was pleading for them to not misbehave while they were there. “Find a huge cardboard box from one of the items - a couch, a desk, whatever - and put the coffin in it. That way, when you two are bickering on your way back to the sewers, you look like too pissy movers instead of two very suspicious men carrying a goddamn coffin in the middle of downtown. No one will pay any attention to you.”

    “Sounds perfect for us,” Mingi nodded before saluting at Hongjoong. Hongjoong gained ten years of age on his face.

    “Please, just get it done,” he said, sighing. “And don’t forget the gasoline and the lighter.”

    “Will do!” The two chorused, and Hongjoong watched as they skipped off to do their tasks. As silly as they were, he knew they would do it. Now he had to turn his attention to other tasks; for as much as there was on his mind regarding the body, there were still more things to worry about to keep his life in the sewers afloat. Hongjoong walked deeper into the sewers en route to his room to get changed into a suit. He had to do some convincing on a businessman.

    Only San and Yeosang were present when Mingi and Yunho returned a few hours later, whistling a merry tune as they walked in with an enormous cardboard box that they carried together. On Yunho’s back was a yellow backpack. “The coffin for the Secretary is here!” He cried as he and Mingi set the large box down. Yunho took off his backpack and unloaded a pack of lighters and a jar of gasoline.

    When Hongjoong came back in his bloodstained suit a few hours later, he found the coffin to be satisfactory. “No one suspected you as you walked down the street?” He asked Yunho and Mingi, who shook their heads.

    “We were the most annoying movers on the planet,” Mingi said, satisfied. He looked over to where their corpse sat. The rats had started to eat away at him - but better him than the Sewer Rats’ supply of food.

    “We sang patriotic songs on the way so we blended right in with Independence Day coming up,” Yunho said with a grin. “Off-key. It was great.”

    “So when are we dealing with the body?” Mingi asked, still looking at it as it sat. “Tonight, after dinner?”

    After dinner was an ideal time to do it - vendors and markets came alive during the night, and the food they made was no exception. From spicy and delicious chicken dishes to hearty soups, downtown was filled with wonderful smells and smoke. The smoke from the food would not be any different from the smoke that would come from burning the body, giving them a secure cover. Hongjoong was determined to outwit the police until the end - and this was how he would begin it.

    So when nighttime came and the eight of them could smell their favorite noodle dish from a vendor near a drain that led to the sewers, they were ready to dispose of this corpse. Jongho picked him up and threw him into the casket unceremoniously. Almost instantly, rats followed, leaping from parts of the sewers that Hongjoong didn’t even know existed to get into the casket with the body. They all cringed.

    “Is that what they think of us?” Wooyoung whispered to San while Seonghwa poured the gasoline all over the body. “Just waiting until we die so they can feast on our meat?”

    “Probably.” San shrugged at Wooyoung before walking towards the body with a lighter in his hands. He flicked it with his thumb and the flame appeared, small and meek yet glowing with a powerful orange hue. The fire reflected in his dark eyes as he looked at it, watching it dance while it captured the oxygen in the air.

    “You know those scenes in movies where the guy throws the lighter and all of the gasoline lights up upon its impact, making a huge fire?” San said. “That’d be cool if that happened, but it’s probably just a movie thing.” Keeping the lighter on, he threw it casually into the coffin.

    An enormous fire, filled with angry oranges and powerful yellows and daunting blues, erupted from the coffin in explosive effect, and San yelped as it appeared in front of him. He jumped back to get away from the scorching heat, his mouth wide open.

    “It’s not just a movie thing,” Wooyoung snickered, giving his friend a little nudge as the fire put on a show in front of them.

    “No shit,” San murmured as he watched the fire. It was a bit like a campfire sing-a-long - eight men in a circle, enjoying a bit of the heat that was so rare down in the dank sewers and watching the fire’s experienced dance as it ate up the body. Except it wasn’t a campfire sing-a-long, because it was the body of a human and they were rejoicing as it went up in flames.

    It took about two hours, but the fire soon quieted down and all that was left was a pile of ashes in the center of the coffin.

    “There’s probably damn rats in the ashes, too,” Hongjoong said as he grabbed a smaller cardboard box and began shoveling the ashes into it with a spoon he had eaten cereal with the morning prior. “They could have just gone hungry,” he said with a sort of conviction as if he had remorse for the rats after damning them, “now they’re dead.”

    But now that the body was gone, no one knew what to do with the ashes. “We could just sprinkle them somewhere and be done,” Seonghwa said, but Hongjoong wouldn’t allow it. Human ashes were not biodegradable, and although he was a murderer he was not an anti-environmentalist.

    “But besides,” Hongjoong said, continuing his reasoning, “although safety intelligence officers wouldn’t be able to tell whose body it was, I still don’t want them to find a convenient pile of human ashes in some alleyway downtown. We need a way that will spread them. That is how we will outsmart them.”

    “Or just throw them into a dumpster, call it a day,” Jongho said, shrugging. “Who’s going to root through a dumpster?”

    The idea induced a few murmurs around the boys, but Hongjoong shook his head. It was a valid idea - but something was itching at him to do something bigger, something better. It was a job, an obligation, to rid themselves of the body, but Hongjoong wanted to make this something worth remembering - something explosive and bombastic - like fireworks.

    And the idea hit Hongjoong like a train, and he grinned so widely that everyone stared at him with concerned looks.

    “That’s your murder face,” Mingi said hesitantly. “Your scheming face.”

    “Because I’ve come up with an idea for the body,” Hongjoong said, and he could feel the worry of this task melting away - this plan was perfect. This plan was genius. This plan would leave absolutely no traces - and in any instance, it was the perfect irony for a person of the Secretary’s caliber to be dealt with like this.

    So on Independence Day, the Sewer Rats left their home and surfaced above ground. Thanks to Yunho and Mingi, they all sported the colors of their nation through flags, silly hats, and pins. Wearing the colors was a representation of their pride for the country that had pushed them into the sewers. Yeosang carried a backpack on his back, and inside were the remains of the Secretary of Commerce in a box, among other tools for their plan. As they meandered by a group of police making sure people on the streets were behaving - there was going to be a large display of fireworks for the public in a big clearing - Yeosang gave them a smile.

    “Careful,” Hongjoong muttered to him after seeing his friendly face.

    “It’s fine,” Yeosang said, laughing as he nudged Hongjoong in the side. “There are too many people. They’re not going to pay any attention to us, not when there’s so much more activity going on that’s clearly a lot more dangerous.” He gestured towards a group of teenagers that were waving sparklers in each others’ faces. “They can worry about people like them.”

    “That looks fun,” Wooyoung ogled at the teenagers.

    Hongjoong looked at him with his eyebrows raised. “No.”

    The eight of them, and they looked like quaint college students, situated themselves on a blanket in the grass brought by Seonghwa surrounded by dozens of other families preparing to see the fireworks. Around them, police loomed, and as the sky darkened, they looked more like ominous demons. But darkness would be a benefit for them as well - Yeosang, the main component for disposing of the Secretary of Commerce, would only be a vaguely human shape to others so long as the sun was not in the sky. It was a natural disguise given to him by nature, like nature wanted them to succeed.

    “See you guys in a bit, I’m going to get some hot dogs,” Yeosang said to them as he stood up from the blanket, and the others murmured affirmatives. In reality, they all knew he was going elsewhere.

    Yeosang weaved through the crowd with the backpack on his shoulders, looking around for where the fireworks could be set up. It was generally advised that people sit a certain distance away from the base of the fireworks to reduce residue from falling on the viewers as the fireworks exploded in the sky, so as Yeosang kept walking, the crowd thinned until he was one of few people in a large clearing. Ahead, he saw the silhouettes of people moving around - he knew with an almost certainty that they were the workers that would set up the fireworks for the upcoming show. And if they weren’t, Yeosang was a Sewer Rat. He could take on anyone.

    As he got closer, Yeosang’s steps slowed and he changed from walking to crouching, then to crawling completely on his stomach. He was close enough that he could hear them now, even when he was on the ground and grass was brushing against his face - these were the fireworks workers, chatting with each other and making sure the fireworks were ready to go for the show.

    “Twenty minutes till, I’m excited,” one said.

    Yeosang snuck behind a large box, undoubtedly filled with excess fireworks. For a fleeting moment, he considered stealing a few - they could likely make a killing on certain markets - but he retracted the thought immediately. He was here for the ashes, and if he played his cards right, he, and the rest of the Sewer Rats, would have enough money to never steal again. The weight of their freedom and his was heavy on his shoulders, and Yeosang could only pray that he would not mess up. Their livelihood depended on it.

    So when one of the workers, done checking the fireworks for the fifth time to make sure they were set up correctly decided to film a TikTok to amuse the rest of his bored coworkers, Yeosang made a grab for one of the giant shelled fireworks in line next to the cannon-like mechanism that would shoot them into the air. He turned the shell around in his hands, then removed the backpack from his back and took out what he needed - the ashes, a small drill, and a funnel.

    The sound of a popular TikTok audio was enough to cover the noise of the drilling as Yeosang created a tiny hole in the shelled firework. He coughed just to be cheeky - no one heard him. He was all smiles as he used the funnel to neatly dump the Secretary of Commerce inside the shell of the firework. When he was done, he carefully placed the firework back where it was and crawled away.

    When the fireworks went off at the hour, people cheered while others were in awe over the beauty of them all. The Sewer Rats cheered as well, but for vastly different reasons.

    The fireworks were so mesmerizing that it was impossible to notice the ashes from the reactions of the chemicals raining down onto the viewers as they admired the multi-colored display of fireworks. It was impossible to differentiate those ashes from the ashes of a government man raining down on his people on the most patriotic day of the entire year. With their task complete, the Sewer Rats declared independence.

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    Wooyoung finally decides he’s ready to lose his virginity to you

    Request: Hi sweetie! could i request innocent virgin!wooyoung being insecure during his first time and reader takes over, just a sensual moment and ends all fluffy <33 tysm if u write it!

    Genre: smut & fluff (more fluff/story focused than just a standard pwp)

    Word count: 4 336

    Warnings: loss of virginity (but with experienced f!reader), some first time-related anxiety, Wooyoung is kind of a mess ngl (understandably so, of course), unprotected non-penetrative sex

    A/N: Hi! Thank you so much for the request! I wasn’t sure whether you wanted this to be just a very suggestive fluff or full-on smut, so I did something in between in the end, hope that’s okay. Either way, I hope you like it and have a nice day!

    It was already dark outside as you settled on the couch in your living room, getting ready for yet another one of your monthly movie nights with Wooyoung. You made sure to turn up the heat just a bit higher, bringing in some more blankets from your bedroom to warm your boyfriend up. 

    He’d arrived just moments ago, running late due to the heavy snow outside. He was covered in snow from head to toe, some snowflakes even catching onto his long eyelashes.

    The snow started melting immediately after he came inside, however, making him rush into your bathroom to dry himself off. He was freezing, internally scolding himself for underestimating the weather forecast this morning. You, on the other hand, were scolding him verbally on top of that, chiding him for his choice of clothing as you helped him dry his hair with a warm towel.

    He just sat on the bathtub’s edge in silence, letting you take care of him as he quietly listened to your words. Even though you were telling him off, he couldn’t help but feel warm inside, knowing you were doing so purely out of love and affection for him. 

    After you were finished with his hair, you stepped back to look at the result, making Wooyoung look up at you as well. You quickly retrieved a brush from one of the bathroom drawers, running it through his hair gently and slowing down at even the slightest hint of a knot to not hurt him. Wooyoung could feel his cheeks heating up at the gesture, fueled even more by the focused look on your face as you fixed every strand of hair to line up perfectly with the rest.

    Once you were finished, you lent a hand to Wooyoung to help him stand up again, receiving a small ‘thank you’ in return. You stepped back to let him see himself in the mirror, smiling at his satisfied expression.

    “Wow, it looks so nice and fluffy! You should do my hair more often,” he said, running a hand over the dark, soft locks of hair.

    “Ah, it’s nothing, don’t mention it,” you brushed him off, trying to suppress the fluttering feeling in your chest at his praise. “Let’s get back to our movie night, shall we?” You asked, reaching out your hand again to lead him back into your living room. 

    As you settled down on your couch, though, you couldn’t help but feel like something was a bit...off. Not in a bad way, but off nonetheless. Maybe it was because of the way you helped Wooyoung tuck himself into the blankets, ensuring he was properly warm for the evening to come. Or the way he ended up tossing the blanket off a few minutes later anyways, deciding to just snuggle up under one big blanket with you instead. Or, maybe, it was because of the countless looks he was throwing at you from the corner of his eye, clearly not paying any attention to the movie you were watching.

    You decided to ignore it for now, just enjoying the presence and warmth of your boyfriend as you let yourself be immersed in the story before you. Besides, if something was really going on, you knew Wooyoung would tell you sooner or later anyways.

    And, lo and behold, he did.

    Even before he had come over today, Wooyoung had been thinking a lot during the past few weeks. Every night, he’d find himself lying in his bed, reflecting on your relationship and how things had been progressing so far. He wanted to take things at a slower, comfortable pace, and so you two did. When he told you about his experience from his past relationships (or lack thereof), you were surprisingly accepting. Without skipping a beat, you made sure to let him know you were willing to wait as long as he needed you to.

    And that’s exactly what you did.

    But lately, Wooyoung couldn’t help but want more.

    Over the past few months, you’d proven to be exactly what Wooyoung needed in a girlfriend. Loving, understanding, kind, and patient. Oh, so patient with him.

    And now, Wooyoung felt like he needed to repay you for your patience. Not in an ‘I owe her this’ way, of course not. But in an ‘I can’t wait to finally do this with her and thank her for everything’ way. He didn’t feel pressure from you. He felt pressure from himself, the steadily growing need to be even closer to you, to link your lives in a different, deeper way.

    He knew he could trust you with his whole life. He knew you trusted him with yours.

    He was ready.

    You felt a hand softly rest on your knee, steadily creeping up and up, until it slowly, almost cautiously, curved around to stop at your inner thigh. Its movements halted there, safe for the occasional brush of a thumb against the soft skin.

    You turned to look at Wooyoung, curiosity piqued at his sudden advances. He was pretending to be focused on the TV screen, however, wavering eyes refusing to meet yours as a faint blush spread across his cheeks.

    Oh, he definitely knew you were looking at him.

    Biting back a smirk, you decided to take the initiative into your own hands. You let one of your own hands slip under the blanket as well, swiftly joining Wooyoung’s on top of your thigh. You could tell he didn’t expect the sudden touch, flinching slightly as your fingertips danced up his wrist, suddenly stopping to grip his forearm.

    You used this to pull him closer to you, taking him by surprise as you planted your lips on his, getting a small, meek noise from him in return. You didn’t falter, however, snaking your other hand around his waist to bring him closer.

    As if on instinct, his lips locked with yours, his free hand wrapping around your neck to push your chests together. You guided his other hand to your hips, freeing your grip on him to help him climb into your lap. He did so almost automatically, used to this position after finding himself in it just about every movie night you’d spent together.

    But yet again, even this felt different tonight. You’d made out with Wooyoung numerous times, each movement feeling like second nature to you at this point. And yet you could feel something more in them this time. A different kind of affection and closeness, a new passion you’d never felt in Wooyoung before. His hands were somehow more curious, his kisses more feverish, and the subtle grinding of his hips against your thigh was, well...anything but subtle.

    A sudden moan filled the room, making you pull away and look at Wooyoung. He was panting, trying to catch his breath and keep himself grounded. It wasn’t easy though, not with the effect you had on him, especially right now. Your kisses felt intoxicating, clouding his mind with anything but innocent thoughts.

    And it wasn’t much easier for you either. With your boyfriend on top of you, hard and needy in your lap as he looked at you with glazed-over eyes, you were holding onto every bit of restraint in you to not pounce on him right then and there.

    “Baby, as much as I love doing this, I hope you know you’re breaching a dangerous territory right now,” you told him, voice more breathless and unsteady than you’d expected.

    “I do, and I want it,” he replied, looking deeply into your eyes to make sure you were listening, “I’m ready, Y/N.”


    You blinked at him a couple times, trying to process what he’d just said. “W-wait, really? Are you sure?” You asked, disbelief evident in your voice.

    You knew this was going to happen at some point, but you were still completely taken aback when he said those words. Today? Right now? Right here? With you? But how? Why?

    “Yes, I’m absolutely sure. I want to make you feel good,” Wooyoung said, trying to sound as confident about his decision as possible. 

    It was still difficult, though. With your dark eyes completely focused on him, he couldn’t help but feel more exposed and vulnerable than ever before. 

    This was not the time, however. He didn’t want to lose his composure in front of you, not yet at least. He knew you were probably looking forward to this, and he couldn’t afford to let you down.

    With a newfound fervor, he closed the distance between the two of you yet again, pouring all of his pent-up feelings into the kiss. You reciprocated immediately, trailing one of your hands into his hair to tug at the strands lightly.

    The effect was instant. Wooyoung’s hips stuttered into yours at the electrifying feeling shooting down his spine, a groan escaping his lips. His hands roamed your sides, slowing down to grip at your waist every now and then to hold you close.

    You pulled away, breathing heavily to try to catch your breath. “Wanna take this to the bedroom?” You asked, unable to hide the amused grin when he nodded immediately, jumping off of your lap to follow you to your room.

    Walking down the short hallway, you already got started on your sweater, grabbing the hem and pulling it off right as you breached the doorway. You didn’t need to look back to know that Wooyoung was right on your trail, opting to lie down on the bed instead and watch as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. You’d seen him shirtless a few times before, yet the view was still as stunning as ever. He wasn’t exactly muscular, but you could tell he worked out regularly. Not that it really mattered, honestly. He’d look amazing no matter what to you.

    The mattress dipped next to you as he joined you on the bed, hovering above your lying form to kiss you again. You happily let him, letting your hands roam the smooth expanse of his back. His own touches seemed a lot more tentative, though, only lightly grazing your arms every now and then. You thought he just wanted to ease into it slowly, so you let him work up to everything at his own pace. But when a few more moments passed and he was still avoiding most of your body, you decided to speak up.

    “You know you can touch me, right?” You asked curiously, hoping the question didn’t come off as patronizing. Luckily, it didn’t seem to have that effect, judging by Wooyoung’s sheepish chuckle and red cheeks. “Y-yeah, of course I know. Right.”

    Carefully, he rested one of his hands on your waist while still supporting himself with the other on the bed. His mouth trailed down from your lips to your chin, giving it a light peck before venturing further down. You let out a gasp when he reached your neck, feeling him smirk against your skin. His hand started roaming a bit more as well, even ghosting over your bra occasionally before quickly retracting again. Cute.

    Your hands didn’t stray from him either. As you lightly raked your nails down his back with your left hand, your right was steadily moving lower and lower until it found the waistband of his jeans. You let your fingertips slip under it, gently tugging at the material to hint to Wooyoung what you wanted. It didn’t seem like he’d understood your hints, however, making no effort to stop making little love bites on your collar bones.

    “Baby,” you called out, making him stop abruptly and raise his head. 

    “Yeah?” He asked, sounding a bit startled. 

    “Do you think we could take them off?” You said, lightly tugging at his waistband again.

    It didn’t seem like Wooyoung understood what you meant, though. “What?” He asked back, confused.

    “Your pants,” you replied, giggling at his confused expression.

    Finally, he seemed to snap out of his daze, shaking his head as he came to his senses again. “O-oh, yeah. Sorry, I just got a little distracted,” he muttered, averting his gaze as he pulled away awkwardly.

    “It’s okay, Wooyoung. You don’t need to apologize for anything,” you reassured him, watching as he fumbled with the buckle of his belt on the edge of the bed. “Are you sure you’re comfortable though? Or are we going too fast?” You inquired, suddenly worried as you noticed his hands trembling.

    “No!” He replied a bit too loudly, catching himself off-guard as well, “I-I mean- no, we’re not going too fast, really. It’s fine.”

    He’d never admit it, but right now, he was incredibly nervous. And, as much as you wanted your words to calm and reassure him, for Wooyoung, it did the exact opposite.

    When he thought about finally doing this with you, he wanted to do well. He wanted to make you feel good, and hopefully enjoy himself too. He thought he would be ready and know exactly what to do since he already had quite a bit of...watching experience, but once it came down to actually doing it himself, he was lost. And, judging by your constant questions of whether he was fine and really sure about this, you were probably pretty unimpressed by his performance so far.

    Finally, despite all the dark, self-deprecating thoughts running through his mind, he managed to undo his belt, just as you started pulling down your own pants as well. You didn’t comment on his response any further, deciding to stop questioning him for now and see what would happen next.

    Well, you didn’t have to wait long.

    “Oh, fuck.”

    You stopped in your tracks, looking over at Wooyoung. He was still sitting on the end of the bed, but this time, he was holding his jeans in his hands, rummaging through the pockets.

    “What’s wrong?” You asked gently, shuffling over to Wooyoung.

    He just sighed, dropping the jeans on the floor.

    “I, uh, I left the- I left the condoms in my bag. I’ll go and get them, I’m sorry,” Wooyoung stuttered out, turning to face you again. It was right then that you finally noticed the look on his face - wary eyes scanning every bit of your expression, scared of your reaction.

    Not giving you a chance to respond, he quickly stood up, making his way to the bedroom door again. But before he could reach it, your voice stopped him.

    “Wooyoung,” you said with a sad sigh, feeling your heart twist at the clear anxiety in his eyes once he turned around. “Come here.”

    He hesitantly did so, slowly walking back to you on the bed. You don’t miss the way he subconsciously covers his clothed crotch with his hands, cheeks heating up at the sudden feeling of exposure. He sits back down on the bed, avoiding your eyes the whole time.

    You rest your palm on his knee, rubbing it gently. “Everything’s going to be alright, don’t stress it. Let’s calm down a bit, okay?” You speak in a hushed voice, hoping to soothe his nerves at least a little bit.

    He nods with a sigh, realizing you are right. Somehow, in the midst of all of this, he’d managed to get so focused on getting everything right that he wasn’t even enjoying it anymore. None of this was going the way he wanted, yet he kept being so adamant about continuing that he started to lose himself in the process.

    You ask him to lay down for you, to which he complies almost immediately. He watches as you climb on top of him, straddling his hips in one swift motion. He blushes when your thigh nudges his hard-on, realizing you definitely feel it as well.

    “Are you nervous?” You ask, though you’re pretty sure you know the answer to that question already.

    Confirming your suspicions, Wooyoung nods hesitantly, biting on his lower lip as his eyes meet yours again. 

    You just smile, reaching over to pet his hair which is still fluffy from you drying it earlier. “There’s nothing to be nervous about, baby. You’ve been doing great so far, don’t worry.”

    And it’s then that Wooyoung speaks up again, protesting your claims. “Have I, though?” He can’t just silently agree with you when he knows it isn’t true. “I’m supposed to lead you, make you feel good, and I can’t even do that right,” he complains guiltily, eyes downcast as his fingers absent-mindedly trace shapes on your leg.

    You chuckle, making him look back up at you with wide eyes. “And who told you that?”

    Wooyoung thinks for a second, silence filling the room. “Well...porn?”

    You just hum this time, suppressing the urge to laugh at his terrible source of information. Instead, you distract yourself with his chest again, running a finger down his sternum as you lean down, pressing your bodies together.

    “But it doesn’t have to be like that, does it? It will be whatever we want it to be,” you say, a playful smile on your lips. Leaning closer to his ear, you whisper: “Besides, those girls in the videos are faking it anyways. Something I’ll make sure I won’t have to do.”

    Wooyoung couldn’t help the blush at your words, just the idea of actually making you cum making his head spin.

    “Let’s try this again, yeah?” You ask, and though the excitement in your voice is more than clear, you also make sure Wooyoung knows this is still very much his call to make.

    He agrees with an enthusiastic nod, making you smile at him again, this time even getting a smile back.

    Raising your hips a bit, your fingers slide under the waistband of his underwear. “Can I take this off?” You ask, tugging at the fabric lightly.

    He shyly lets you, lifting up his own hips to make it easier for you. As you pull them off, you’re immediately greeted with his dick, revealing itself to you for the first time. You look at it with intent, feeling more excited than ever to finally see Wooyoung completely bare before you.

    “Is- is it okay? I was nervous about doing well for most of this so I couldn’t get...you know, completely hard. Sorry,” he apologizes bashfully, feeling a new wave of embarrassment wash over him as he tries to explain himself.

    Before he can even try to continue, however, you shush him, saving him from any more awkwardness. “Babe, I’m telling you, it’s okay,” you assure him, brushing your thumb against his hipbone as you speak. “Besides, you have a pretty dick,” you tease, watching his reaction with a playful grin. The response is immediate, Wooyoung letting out an embarrassed whine and hiding his face behind his hands. You chuckle, not failing to notice the way said dick twitches at your words, making your grin even wider.

    You decide not to tease him any longer, leaning over to your nightstand to retrieve a small bottle of lube and a pack of condoms. Wooyoung watches you with curious eyes as you pop the cap open and squeeze some of it out onto your hand, looking at you with utmost focus.

    At last, you wrap your hand around him, making him let out a hiss at the cold feeling. You look up at him as you do so, checking to see if he was okay with everything. But, seeing the way his bottom lip was stuck between his teeth, eyes shut as he takes in the feeling of you finally touching him, you don’t even have to ask.

    With a small smile tugging at your lips, you slowly start to move your hand, watching as Wooyoung’s thighs immediately tense at the sensation.

    Soon enough, you’ve got a completely hard Wooyoung beneath you, breathing heavily under your ministrations. But then, much to Wooyoung’s displeasure, you pull your hand away, and it takes everything in him not to whine at the sudden loss of contact. Opening his eyes to see what you’ll do next, he’s surprised by your lidded gaze intently watching him, completely focused on him this whole time.

    You remove yourself from him just long enough to take your bra and underwear off as well before easily getting on top of him again. He’s too busy with seeing your breasts for the first time to even register your movements on top of him, letting you do whatever. When he does notice, though, it’s already too late. 

    His gaze immediately falls down to his cock when he feels your wetness press against it, watching you with big, expectant eyes. But when he realizes you’re not moving, he gives you a confused look.

    “A-aren’t you- shouldn’t you put it in-” but before he could properly finish his sentence, his own moan cuts him off as you start grinding against him, rubbing yourself against his hard cock. As if on instinct, Wooyoung’s hips begin to buck up against yours as he lets himself drown in the new, yet incredibly addicting feeling. He’s seen this in porn a few times, sure, but never did he expect you to do it, let alone for it to feel this good.

    He wasn’t alone, though, as your breathing also becomes more labored, finding just the perfect angle for yourself as well.

    Watching your blissed-out expression from below, Wooyoung’s hands reach up to grab your hips. He makes no effort to change or control your pace, however, letting you do as you please instead. After a while, though, he has no other choice but to close his eyes again, already feeling way too close just from the sight of you on top of him.

    But even that doesn’t work forever.

    Just a few minutes later, Wooyoung is writhing on the bed, one hand gripping the sheets tightly as he desperately tries to hold himself back. But with each of your thrusts forward, he can feel himself quickly getting closer and closer to the edge.

    “Y/N, Y/N, I’m gonna cum,” he moans out, trying to keep his voice steady. “I’m really sorry but I can’t-” another groan slips past his lips as you grind over the head of his cock again, “I can’t hold back any longer.”

    Finally managing to finish his sentence, he opens his eyes to peek at your reaction. He tried to last long, he really did, but it’s all just too much for him at this point. He expects that you’ll be disappointed with how short it took for him to cum, but to his surprise, it seems to have quite the opposite effect.

    You smile at him, speeding up your movements even more. “Then cum, baby. Nobody’s stopping you,” you reply, trying to chase your own high. 

    You truly didn’t mind. You knew it wasn’t realistic for him to last hours during his first time (or anytime soon, really). Besides, you couldn’t wait to see his orgasm face anyways.

    “O-okay, thank you,” Wooyoung stuttered out, grasping at the sheets harder as he ground up into you uncontrollably. It was as if his hips were moving on their own, the only goal being to just- “Y/N!” Wooyoung cried out, arching his back off the bed as his entire body tensed, ropes of cum shooting onto his stomach.

    You kept moving for a few more seconds, helping him ride out his orgasm as his body fell back on the mattress. The sound of his labored breathing filled the room, mixing with your own stuttered breaths.

    A smile made its way onto Wooyoung’s lips as he met your amused eyes, watching as his muscles still twitched every now and then with the aftershocks of his orgasm.

    “There you go,” you said, leaning down to give him a quick peck before opening the drawer of your nightstand yet again, this time to retrieve a pack of tissues. You didn’t cum yet, but that could wait. For now, at least.

    With the first tissue, you gently wiped his stomach clean, crumpling it up before getting a second one to wipe the sweat off his forehead and chest.

    “You really prepared for this, huh?” Wooyoung asked breathlessly, chuckling as he relaxed against the pillow.

    “I mean, this was bound to happen at some point, wasn’t it?” You questioned back, giving him a cheeky grin as you rose off the bed to dispose of the tissues. “At least I didn’t need to run out of the room for condoms, unlike someone,” you teased, making Wooyoung whine. 

    “Oh, come on! I was nervous!” He protested albeit he couldn’t stay mad for long. Not when he was staring at your naked figure strutting around anyways. 

    “Besides, we didn’t even use them in the end,” he continued to argue, sitting up on the bed as he still kept his eyes on you. “I mean, technically, I’m still a virgin, sooo...” he trailed off, making you turn around. 

    “Wait, you don’t think this is all for tonight, do you?” You asked with a chuckle, approaching him on the bed once more. 

    His body stiffened, not expecting the sudden proximity. “I-it isn’t?” He asked back, clearly surprised by your bold response.

    You just grinned, leaning in for a quick kiss before pulling away to ruffle his hair. “Of course not,” you said, watching his eyes widen as you climbed back onto his lap. “We’re just getting started, baby.”

    Thank you for reading! And remember, any feedback is always appreciated! ♥

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    1K Special Announcement

    ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *.

    Hello Everyone! As some of you may know, I have finally reached 1K followers! So as a special thanks, anyone who is currently following me can send in a request with four requirements! If all four are not met I will fill this in myself, so if you haven’t done so don’t get angry if the result isn’t what you thought it’d be. Do your part and I’ll do mine.

    The 4 Requirements Are:

    Pairing: (e.g. WooSan X [Gn]Sub!Reader )

    Genre/s: (e.g. Fluff + College au)

    Specific features: (e.g. somnophilia, oral [m receiving] + bondage)

    Prompt/s: (e.g. “Why do you have to hurt me like this.” + “At least kiss me before you go.”

    Some prompt lists if you’re stuck ♡

    Fluff Prompts: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    Smut Prompts: ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

    Angst Prompts: ♤ ♤ ♤ ♤ ♤

    Yandere Prompts: ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♢

    please note: if you send in an ask, do not expect an instant answer. I will be answering however many i desire at any pace I desire. If i wanna answer two, I’ll do that if I fucking want to. I cannot guarantee your ask will be answered as prior to popular belief writers are human beings with actual lives to live <3

    ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *. ✰・ 。゚★: *.

    Taglist: @jwnghyuns @serialee @galaxteez @a-soft-hornytiny @yunhospuppy @ferryberryhwa @nyghtwolff-1117 @yunhomocide @mabeloveseonghwa @aluxuriousjourney @wishuponthestars @multidreams-and-desires @fallinforwoo @dazzling-lightzzz @wooyoungsbae @vampireyeosang @joongs-lost-treasure @littleninja97 @deja-vux @shingisimp @hopexclouds @mirror-juliet @atz-diary @hatsudenjo3x @joti17 @da-bins-yu @bangchu-choi

    © 𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝟏𝟏𝟏𝟕-𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬. 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝.

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    Kpop Masterlist

    [Last update 01/11/22]

    Requests are opened





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    [Last update 01/11/22]

    Requests are opened 》Please feel free to send me suggestions《

    💖Park Seonghwa💖

    Inception 》In progress《 45%


    💙Kim Hongjoong💙

    Eternal Sunshine 》In progress《 10%

    Pirate King 》In progress《 25%


    💛Jeong Yunho💛

    Take me home 》In progress《 5%


    💜Kang Yeosang💜

    I'm the one 》Unwritten《 0%


    🖤Choi San🖤

    Meant to be 《Masterlist》

    Good lil boy 》Unwritten《 0%


    💚Song Mingi💚

    Be with you 》Unwritten《 0%


    ❤Jung Wooyoung❤

    Turbulence 》Unwritten《 0%


    🧡Choi Jongho🧡

    Rocky 》Unwritten《 0%



    Ateez fever series 《Masterlist》


    How you hold hands with ateez

    First kiss with ateez

    Ateez entering your room while you're changing

    Going to an ateez concert

    Meeting ateez for the first time

    Ateez when their crush kisses them on the cheek

    Ateez coming to you for comfort

    You get caught staring at them

    Ateez when you die

    Catching ateez's attention at a fansign

    Ateez finding out you're a teacher

    Ateez getting mad at you

    Ateez when you have a fight


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    begin again | jwy

    pairing: jung wooyoung x gn!reader
    genre: song fic, friends to lovers au, college au
    synopsis: the one where jung wooyoung made you believe in love again.
    warnings: none, fluff, not proofread!
    word count: 855
    author’s note: just a sweet, little wooyoung brain rot bc i listen to an unhealthy amount of taylor swift and these are the consequences.
    playlist: begin again - taylor swift


    In the past eight months it had been hard for you to remember who you used to be and what you used to like. It’s not that you had forgotten, but rather had grown so accustomed to pushing it aside in favor of what he thought you were. So much so that every time you stumbled upon a piece of who you were, it took a second to put together that it was actually you.

    But if on one hand, you’d recovered pretty well, on the other, you were still absolutely abhorred by the idea of love. The last time you were in love it ended terribly, you weren’t going to put yourself through the same pain again.

    But you know what they say: the heart wants what it wants.

    But you know what they say: the heart wants what it wants.

    So, it was safe to say you were completely floored when you recognized a familiar warmth blooming in your chest when you saw Wooyoung throw his head back and laugh like a little kid. His laughter was contagious, it elicited giddy giggles from you that you were quick to hide behind your coffee mug.

    This isn’t supposed to be happening, you thought.

    Then again whenever your eyes drifted away from the scattered notes on the table to fall on his delicate features, you couldn’t help the rush of blood from that reddened your cheeks. You weren’t sure how it happened, how this study session with him turned into you furiously trying to suppress the growing feelings in your chest.

    Maybe it was the way Wooyoung listened to you or took interest in what you said and actually laughed at your jokes. He never had. But the boy in front of you did, he remembered what you said, listened to you ramble about your interests instead of brushing them off as stupid or childish. He didn’t belittle your passions, instead, he listened with rapt attention and shared his own.

    “What are you staring at?” his question made your eyes widen in surprise, he was looking at you with an amused grin. You felt yourself blush even more, if possible. “Nothing” you were quick to say. Wooyoung just smiled at you some more before resuming his reading.

    You’d spent the last eight months trying to recover from the damage your ex had done and swore to never let anyone hurt you the way he had ever again. Wooyoung was there to break your fall when it happened. He was there for the sleepless nights and teary-eyed days. He was someone you’d heavily relied on. And maybe you were reading this all wrong, perhaps his attentions towards you weren’t meant to be anything more than friendly, but if you were going to get your heart broken all over again, you’d rather it happened sooner than later.

    "Hey Woo,” you called, his head snapping up from his book immediately, flashing you his signature smile. You ignored the furious thumping of your heart. “Wanna go on a date?” and he was never the type to appear flustered or taken aback, he usually had a remark ready for any occasion. But seeing him a blubbering, blushing mess was a sight to be seen. “I- you, I mean, well… you and me?” you nodded, a little amused. Wooyoung looked a little shy now. “I’d like that”

    So the next Wednesday, when you met at the café near campus you always studied at, you didn’t bother hiding how you felt. You didn’t worry about putting up a mask to make him like you, because you knew you didn’t need it.

    Wooyoung was giddy the entire time. He felt so happy seeing you like this, finally past the hurt that idiot had put you through. There was a spark in your eyes he had missed for so long, one he finally saw igniting them again. It made his heart flutter and soar. He had only dared to hope you’d like him as much as he liked you, and most of all, he needed you to know he would never let you go.

    “If we do this” he was holding your hand over the table, sharing earphones while listening to the playlist you’d made. “I want you to know that I’d never hurt you” you knew he was being honest, looking at you with eyes full of sincerity. You squeezed his hand. “I know” and truly you did.

    Wooyoung leaned his forehead against yours. “And I hope you know just how much I care about you” your heart clenched. You were scared, yeah, but you had faith in him. Just like he had in you. You nodded, making him smile. "Good" he brushed a sweet kiss on your cheek, making your heart flutter.

    You’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn, and end. But on a Wednesday in a café, you watched it begin again.

    #jung wooyoung#ateez wooyoung#wooyoung drabbles#wooyoung drabble#wooyoung fluff #wooyoung x y/n #wooyoung x you #wooyoung x reader #wooyoung oneshot#wooyoung fic#wooyoung ateez #ateez wooyoung fluff #ateez wooyoung fanfic #wooyoung fanfic #ateez wooyoung angst #ateez jung wooyoung #ateez jung wooyoung fluff #jung wooyoung fluff #jung wooyoung fanfic #ateez wooyoung fic #fluff#oneshot#ateez angst#ateez fluff#kpop fic#kpop fanfic#ateez fanfic#ateez#ateez fic#ateez drabbles
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  • loving4woo
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    J.WY — 2:58 AM ,

    song rec: walking through a storm - acid ghost

    no one knew about the two desperate souls gazing at the glowing skyscrapers as they carry the emptiness of adulthood. while the coldness attempts to scare you away– it's always tough, never the opposite, as if the last quivering spirit left to your bodies are the only ones who served as a comfort to the heavy night.

    "couldn't we just runaway?" asked you in such quietness while you try hard not to spill the urging tears. gliding clouds mixing up to your unsteady breaths.

    "i'm afraid that we can't, y/n"

    it's hard to accept the reality when you have grown enough to the point that life isn't like the old romance movies you both love to watch every sunday evening. that it's nothing but bitter. lonely. just heavy. and it suffocates, because the mishaps? it's always there choking you with no hint of sympathy.

    so you turn your heavy eyes to wooyoung, seeking for the sparks that the pair of his holds to share the out burned of yours "...but you know, at least the universe gave us each other right? we could be lost but i'm always with you," he spoke, voice so soft.

    with that you knew he'll be the sole reason to survive the endless troubles the world has yet to throw at you. he'll be the one to make you live and make you feel alive.

    "you're my last resort, wooyoung."

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  • ashotofeuphoria
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    Pairing: Bf! Yunho x Gf! Reader

    Genre: Fluff (self-indulgent sorry)

    Word Count: 6.1k (not proofread sorry if it reads weird)

    Warnings: one gendered insult (Whore), reader is told to unalive herself as an insult (roughly 8 paragraphs/dialouge in)

    Authors Note: This is for all my retail workers who want so desperately to leave their jobs for something better. For all my gals and pals who just want someone to take care of them.

    Work was usually bad for you, but today? Today was something else. Maybe it was the added stress of the holiday season working in retail, but patience was wearing thin on everyone, and basic manners seemed to be left at the door. You weren’t inexperienced at your job; you did know what you were doing. Granted, you had only worked there for about half a year, but that was plenty of time to know how everything worked, and to answer the questions you needed to. That didn’t seem to matter though. You were the person standing in front of them. You were their punching bag in those moments, and by God did you take a beating. It started off decent. You were helping on the sales floor, directing people in the right direction, explaining how certain products worked, and how to use them. Answering any questions that you could, being pulled this way and that by customers, all while management delegated youas the do-it-all for the shift. “Everyone else is busy with bigger tasks” they would say, and you had a hard time saying “No”. They knew that.

    The first customer that crossed a line was a guy in his twenties. Normally people your age were the easiest to assist. (If they weren’t hitting on you.) You were only doing your job, asking for his email and number for rewards, scanning all his items, and smiling and being friendly. You were paid to do that. You were required to do that. It was your job. You weren’t flirting, surely, he had to know that. It didn’t seem so when he started complimenting you. All you did was smile kindly and continue ringing up his items. It didn’t warrant a response you thought. If you said thank you, he would just continue, he would think you liked what as happening. But he didn’t like the lack of a gratitude to his compliments.

    “You’re really full of yourself, huh?” He sneered when he realized you weren’t acknowledging his flirtations.

    “Sir- I would lose my job if I-”, you started to defend yourself.

    “You just think everyone wants you, I bet you hear it all the time. Love hearing how pretty you are don't you? Fucking Whore.” He barked out.

    You just stood there in shock, your eyes tearing up. But you had to take it. There wasn’t much else that could be done except trying to rush him out of the store. You gave him his total, let him swipe his card, and gently handed him his bag, placing the receipt in the bag as you did so.

    “Have a good night.” You said lightly, void of all emotion.

    “Go kill yourself.” He spat out with a roll of his eyes and a middle finger in the air.

    The audacity, the vileness in the statement. You couldn’t hold back all the tears as a few slid down your cheeks. No one had even seen him do it. The one time you needed someone else in the line, it was empty. You squatted down below the counter, acting like you were grabbing something, and gently held your face in your hands, letting out a few shaky breaths, and wiping your tears as they fell. When a minute had passed, you glanced into a drawer pulling out some receipt paper to replace the paper in the printer.

    You slowly stood back up hoping your face wasn’t too red, or eyes too puffy. And you proceeded on with your shift like nothing happened. You knew it wasn’t good for a job to wreck this much havoc on your health. You frequently couldn’t take your legally required breaks for lunch because of short staffing and shitty management. You would leave it soon. You had promised your boyfriend you would. You and Yunho have dated for 2 years. He’s seen you change, and he hates seeing you in the condition you’re in. You used to smile more, laugh more, enjoy life more. He knew the job was destroying you, and he tried to remind you of that when he could. But it was a job. It paid the bills. It wasn’t supposed to be heaven on Earth.

    Hours passed, and you took your lunch break while walking around the floor working. You were hungry, tired, and counting down the minutes to when you would be able to leave and go home. It was busy in the store, but all the customers seemed to know what they needed and were in and out quickly. Until an old man walked in, leaning heavily on his cane. You were trained to assist the elderly, mothers, and mothers to be when they entered the store. It was not only because the company viewed these customers as liabilities but because, they say, if you treat these customers right, others take notice. Or at least that’s the idea. But no one really cares.

    “Welcome in sir, can I help you-“ you started out chirpy before he interrupted.

    “Where is the man in charge! I don’t want your help. I want a man who knows what he’s doing.” He scoffed.

    Okay, fair. He wants to talk to management. Easy, you'll just call a manager up to deal with him.

    “No problem, sir, let me call for our manager and she can help you.” You politely informed him as you reached for your headset to page your manager. You started speaking into it lowly, ‘manager to the front entrance please, a man is requesting a manager’.

    “Are you deaf? None of you kids ever listen. I need a man. You stupid piece of shit.” At the end of his tirade, he reared his head back and spat on you. Spat. On you. You winced when it hit your face. “Go ahead. Call for him. I bet now he’ll come, bitch.” Your eyes burned behind your closed eyelids.

    “Please excuse me, sir. I’ll go get him.” You weakly responded, leaving him to rush yourself to the back room. You wiped your face on your shirt sleeve, desperate to get the spit off you. You made a beeline to the staff restroom, passing your manager on the way.

    “You should stay at the front with the customer until a manager gets there, Y/N, so we know who needs help. You know that. Don’t make me remind you.” She verbally pushes as she speedily walks herself to the front.

    You run into the staff restroom and lock the door behind you. You lean over the sink, pulling your mask off and pulling the faucet on, splashing water on your face to clean it of the grime. You put some hand soap in your hands and rub it over your cheeks, eager to rid yourself of the germs. When you felt cleaner and had dried your face off, you looked up and hated the face you saw in the mirror. You stepped back hitting the wall and slid down it. You could hear your manager calling for you over the headset, so you carefully pulled it off your ear and laid it on the ground. You didn’t even have the energy to fight anymore. You were done. You stared blankly at the base of the sink for several minutes before you collected yourself enough to stand, replace your mask, and leave the restroom.

    You calmly walked to your locker, grabbed your coat, bag, and car keys. Clocked out and walked out.

    You made it to your car, unlocked it, sat in the driver’s seat, and closed the door. You leaned your forehead on the steering wheel and weakly cried. It was so late at night, the store was closing soon, and you just wanted to go home. You sat for probably an hour in the silence, listening to your own breathing, no energy to do anything else. When you looked up finally the parking lot was empty, and the store lights were off. You reached for your phone and saw a text from Yunho.

    Yun <3: Hey jagiya i love you

    hope work isn’t too bad today

    I’ll see you later tonight

    You teared up a little, knowing how much he cared for you. A love that was such a stark contrast from how you were treated today.

    Y/N: i just need a hug rn

    You don’t know what exactly you need right now after today, but you do know you at least want him holding you for a little while. You hear a ringtone and see Yunho calling. You let a ring a few times before swiping to accept the call.

    “hi”, you answer weakly.

    “Baby what’s wrong? Are you okay? Did something happen?” Yunho asks concerned.

    You sniffle and everything that happened today starts playing in your mind. Yunho can hear you sniffling and crying.

    “Baby, nonono. Why the tears? What happened jagi? Was it that bad?” He tenderly speaks to you.

    You can’t respond, having trouble controlling your breathing between the sobs. Your intakes of breath are sharp and jagged, and you can only stutter through “I-i-i I’m s-so tired Yun” before you break into another fit of sobs.

    “Are you home? Or still at work?”

    “In m-my car a-at work.”

    “Okay, I’m coming to you, okay? I’ll take you back to my dorm. You’re staying with me tonight. I’ll get Joong to drive your car to the car park. I just gotta get dressed and wake him up, and then I’ll be ten minutes away. Okay?” He rushes through his sentences, wanting you to know he’s there for you. That you’ll only be alone in your car for another few minutes.

    “okay” you sniffle, your crying mostly subsided. Hearing his voice was comforting to you. Knowing he was on his way to you even more so.

    “Stay on the phone with me until I get there, yeah? I don’t want you just sitting there alone. I’m here with you.”

    “mhmm” you agree sitting in your car silently while he keeps talking through the phone. He tells you he’s only 3 minutes away now, to look out for his car coming in the parking lot. You can hear Joong talking to him in the background about tomorrow’s rehearsal plans. He keeps you in the conversation by never taking the phone away from his ear, including you in his responses. Soon enough you see his car pull into the lot, and his familiar headlights park in front of your car. You watch him unbuckle, jump out of his car, and run over to your door. You hang up the phone and reach over to unlock the door. He swings it open, smiles brightly at you, ducks into the car, and wraps his arm around you pulling you so close to his body you’d think he wants to envelop you in him and keep you forever.

    “Hi baby, I love you, I’m sorry you had such a horrible day.” He whispers into your hair as he holds you close. One hand around your back and the other holding the back of your head into his chest. You don’t say anything to him just wrap your arms around his waist and press your face harder into his chest, slowly regulating your breathing, matching his.

    “What can I do for you baby?” He gently asks.

    You had calmed down enough to speak clearly and mumble into his chest, “I don’t know can you just hold me for a little longer?”

    “Of course, jagi. Of course.” He squeezes you tighter, and holds you to him, smoothing over your hair. A few minutes pass and you feel exhaustion weighing your eyelids down.

    “I wanna go home Yun. I wanna shower and change and go to sleep. I feel so gross.” You whisper to him.

    “Okay, let’s get you home then. C’mon pretty.” He puts an arm around your shoulders and an arm under your knees and lifts you bridal style out of the car seat. He walks towards his car, and you see Hongjoong slide out of the passenger seat of Yunho’s car, and hold the door open for you both.

    “I heard you had a rough day at work Y/N. Its brutal out there sometimes. We’re all here for you. I’ll get your car to the dorm tonight, yeah? Are the keys in your car?” Hongjoong asks you sweet and gentle.

    You lean your head over Yunho’s arm, “Thank you Joongie, the keys are in the ignition.” He nods in acknowledgement and walks to your car, hopping in and turning the ignition.

    Yunho places you into the passenger seat like precious cargo, reaches over you and buckles you in. He places a kiss on the tip of your nose, closes your door, and jogs over to the driver’s side to buckle himself in. You lean your head against the window, completely exhausted, while Yunho scrolls through his music to queue your comfort favorites for the ride to the dorm. Yunho smiles over at you endearingly, like he has never loved you more than he does right now. He places his hand gently on your thigh and rubs light circles on your jeans.

    “Do you want to talk about what happened yet or would you rather a quiet ride for right now?” He inquires, not sure how far to push for you to open up, but knowing you’ll let him in when you’ve relaxed.

    “I think I want quiet,” you respond, not entirely sure of your answer.

    “Okay, no problem love. We’ll be home soon.” He leans over to peck a kiss on your cheek, puts the car into gear, and sets off toward the dorms. Hongjoong trails closely behind.

    You arrive at the dorms with no obstructions thanks to the minimal traffic on the road at this time of night. Your eyes had closed, and you were drifting off in your seat, head lightly nodding off before you caught yourself and would jerk upright. You were almost fast asleep when you heard the ding of Yunho unbuckling his seatbelt.

    “Ah, jagiya, we made it to the dorm. Stay there, I’ll run around to help you out of the car.” He says as he’s already halfway out of the car. You’re too tired to notice that Hongjoong has parked on Yunho’s side and is standing to the side waiting to walk up with you both. You nod and unbuckle yourself as Yunho appears at your window, opening the door, and lending a hand to help you step out on your own. You lean heavily against him as you ground yourself, and you both start walking towards the elevator. Yunho can feel your weight as you lean harder into him, and he hears your feet dragging. He can only imagine what your face looks like right now, in your sleepwalking state.

    “Jagi come here. You can barely walk you’re so tired.” He stops walking and lightly tugs on your arm to get you to face him. He squats down and gestures for you to wrap your arms around his neck. He’s going to carry you the rest of the way. He can sense you hesitating, “C’mon baby I know you’re tired, just let me help you.” You shrug knowing you have nothing to lose, and jump softly into his arms, your arms wrapped tightly around his neck and your head resting on his shoulder. He stands and lifts you up from under your arms, so that you can straddle his waist with your legs, and he can support your weight with his hands. He lets you adjust yourself slightly until he can feel you relax into him.

    He walks you over to the elevator and presses the button to go up. Hongjoong is beside Yunho waiting, eyeing you concerned, Hongjoong had seen you beaten down from work before (Yunho told his brothers everything) but he had never seen you so tired you couldn’t stay awake. But he knew with Yunho watching after you, you’d be just fine. He knew how much Yunho loved you and knew the boy would go to the ends of the Earth if it meant making you happy.

    The elevator dinged as the doors slid open and Yunho walked you inside, holding the door for Joong so he could stand to the side. Yunho let one of his hands support you and transitioned the other to rub small circles on your lower back. The ride up is short, but even so, you managed to fall fast asleep. Yunho felt you get heavier as your breathing deepened, and he glanced down to see your face finally softened and your eyelids fluttering. He was ever so careful not to wake you as he walked you the rest of the way to his room.

    -Yunho’s POV-

    Hongjoong didn’t bring his keys, and mine were deep in one of my pockets, so I carefully knocked on the door. Not so loud that I’d wake Y/N but loud enough one of the boys would hear and open it. I’m banking on San still being awake playing on the computer.

    I can hear shuffling and after a moment, the door unlocks and San swings it open. A look of confusion and concern etched on his face.

    “Hyung? Y/N?” I can hear the concern laced in his voice. I step aside and Hongjoong makes his way inside first, walking past San.

    “Shhh Sannie. She fell asleep.” I whisper to him. “She had a really bad day at work, I’m gonna go to my room to lay her down really quick. I’ll explain in a minute when I come back.”

    “Ahhh” he whispers back, his tone matching mine. He steps aside with a curt nod of the head, and I walk down the hallway to my room. Everyone except Joong and San are asleep, so I try to tiptoe, careful not to make any noise on the creaky floorboards. Rehearsals and recording have gotten more intense as the months have gone on, and as we’ve gotten closer to tour and yet another comeback.

    I crack open the door to my room and push my way in careful not to bump Y/N on anything as I make my way blindly. Gently, with my arms supporting her back and head, I lay her down on the bed. With her head resting on the pillow, I untangle her legs from my waist and lay her on her side. I tug a blanket up and over her, and lightly tuck in the sides so she stays warm. I stand up and walk to the side of the room flicking on the nightlight I keep plugged in, for when she stays over. As the room faintly lights up, I realize how many dirty clothes are scattered around, so I quickly pick them up off the floor and off the edge of the bed and place them in the hamper.

    I’m about to leave the room to go talk to Sannie when I notice some of her hair has fallen in her face. Walking back over to the bed, I squat down and tuck the hair behind her ear from where it had escaped her ponytail. I let my thumb trace her cheek. Sometimes I can’t believe the world can be so cruel to someone so kindhearted. I kiss the top of her head, inhaling the scent of her shampoo, and then kiss both her cheek and the tip of her nose.

    Easing my door closed to just a crack, I walk back to the living room where Hongjoong is now debriefing San on the situation. I walk in just as I hear Hongjoong finish his thoughts.

    “- I mean if it were up to me, she would be done at that shit-hole, living here with us, and finding a new hobby or something to do until she’s back on her feet. But that’s up to them to decide.” He glances up as I walk in.

    “She’s in the bed sleeping now.” I explain as I sit across from San, next to Joong. “Thanks for catching San up, Joong, you can go back to bed. And thank you for waking up to help me get her here. I owe you.” I smile at him; I really do owe him for this. He may be our leader, but he deserves all the rest he can get.

    “I was just explaining how something happened at her work again, but that whatever it was really got to her this time. And anytime. I’m the leader, it’s like part of the job to be there for everyone. Love y’all, goodnight.” Hongjoong says as he stands up and exits towards his room a sleepy look in his eyes as he yawns.

    San turns to me looking excited but wary, “Can she really stay with us finally? We all love when she’s around, and if it would make her happier…” he trails off.

    “I think she may really quit this time. And if she does, I’d love her to move in. It’s more a matter of convincing her to accept the offer though. I don’t know what it was that happened tonight but when she tells me I’ll let you know. She was so torn up on the phone before we got there. I mean the job is literally tearing her to pieces. I can’t remember the last time she came home after a shift and was happy or at least content.” Tears are starting to prick at my eyes at the thought of Y/N being so drained of life.

    “Is there anything we can say or do for her to help? You know we’ve already discussed it and she’s welcome at any time to move in. But if the issue is that you need help convincing her, what can we say to help? I mean she knows you’ll support her if she decides to quit right?” San is so eager, he loves Y/N too and hates seeing her so overworked and stressed. If there’s anything he could say that could magically convince her I know he would.

    “I don’t think it’ll be as easy as one conversation Sannie but who knows. I already offered multiple times but it’s hard for her to accept the help. She was raised to work hard, but I don’t think she can distinguish working hard and working herself to exhaustion.” Frustration is rising in my tone as I think of how much easier it would be if I could just quit the job for her and take care of her.

    “Yun, even you don’t know the difference between that most days. You’ve been busting your ass at rehearsals lately, but you hide that from her because you know how much more exhausted she’s been from her job.” San challenges.

    “I know I know, but it was just so different this time Sannie. I think this was really the breaking point for her. If that’s the case, I’ll make sure you see a lot more of her and that she stays with us from now on. But let me see what happened first and then we’ll go from there.” I stand from my spot and walk towards the kitchen. “Thank you for being awake and grabbing the door earlier.”

    “Oh no problem, Hyung. I was just playing League.” He happily quirks, standing up and following me to the kitchen.

    “Well, you can go back to playing games if you want. I’m gonna make Y/N some tea and go back to my room to check on her. Ill text you if I need anything tomorrow morning.” I’m quietly fumbling through the cabinets trying to find tea and a mug.

    “The tea is next to the sink, and the mugs are above the fridge. You must be so tired Yun, please get some sleep too, yeah?” he reaches into the cabinet next to the sink and hands me the box before patting me on the back reassuringly and leaving to go resume his game.

    My mind is so scattered trying to think of how to convince her to quit her job but for herself. How to convince her to stay with us. For now, I’ll make a cup of tea and maybe I’ll run a bath for her. But I don’t know if she wants to take a bath anymore. Shit, she may just sleep through the entire night now with how tired she made herself earlier. I’ll make the tea and if she doesn’t wake up when I get back into my room then I’ll just drink it myself. Problem solved. At least until tomorrow. With the tea brewed and steeping in a mug, I slip back down the hallway and into my room, clicking the door shut behind me.

    -End Yunho’s POV-

    You stir awake when you feel the bed move under you. Blinking the sleep out of your eyes, you focus as well as you can on Yunho’s large figure sitting on the edge of the bed next to you. It takes you a second before you can comprehend that he’s laid you in the bed after carrying you in from the car. You don’t know how much time as passed.

    “Good morning,” Yunho softly speaks to you, his hand cupping your cheek.

    “Hi,” you meekly reply.

    “I made some tea for you. Oolong. Only a little drizzle of honey. Like you like it.” He smiles at you, transferring the warm cup into your hand once you sat up. “It hasn’t been long since you fell asleep, only like 20 minutes.”

    “I’m sorry you had to carry me all the way up. Thank you for caring for me, Yun.” You mean it. As sorry as you are that he’s put up with you tonight, you’re grateful you have him to support you.

    “No no, don’t be sorry. I’d do it every day if you needed me to. Seriously. You’re mine, and that means I take care of you and look after you. Those are the rules, jagiya.”

    “I love you, Yun.”

    “I love you more, Y/N.”

    You sit in silence for a minute while Yun rubs soft circles on your leg as you finish your tea. When the cup is finally empty, you place it on Yunho’s nightstand gently.

    Yunho leans forward, hesitating until he feels you lean into his touch. He brings his face close enough that his nose is nearly touching yours, his eyes drawn down focused on your lips. “Jagiya, I don’t know what happened today, and you don’t have to tell me. If you don’t want to. I just need to make sure you know that I will always support you in everything you do. Even if you do choose to stay at your job. Especially if you choose to quit. But more than anything, I need you to know how much I love and care about you and your wellbeing. Baby, this job is slowly taking you from me. I can see it happening. You hardly smile anymore; you never laugh like you used to. I want the happy you back. And I want you to know I’ll support you if you choose to quit. You’ll always have a place here with me. With us.”

    You had closed your eyes and the tears were slowly falling down your cheeks hearing the heartfelt sentiments leaving Yunho’s mouth. You know he’d care for you for the rest of his life if you’d just let him. But you didn’t like the idea of being a burden. Of being too much. You wanted to be able to provide for yourself. And having a job and your own place felt good. Yunho reared back just enough to focus on your face. He wiped the tears that had fallen down your cheeks.

    “I love you Y/N. You don’t have to make any decisions tonight. You don’t even have to tell me what happened. I just wanted you to hear what’s been on my mind, okay?”

    You nod your head gently, leaning into his palm cupping your cheek. He reaches his arms around you and pulls you tight against him. Enveloping you in a hug so warm you wanted to melt in it.

    “You said earlier you wanted to go home, bathe, and get changed. Do you want me to run you a bath? I can help you wash your hair. And then we’ll get changed and get some sleep?” Yunho lightly questioned.

    “Yeah, a bath would be nice.”

    “Alright, I’ll go get it started” Yunho stood to walk over to the bathroom adjoined to his room. With the door open you could see him starting the water and checking the temperature with his hand until it was just warm enough. He grabbed a bottle of bath salts, sprinkling them into the water, and then used your favorite eucalyptus essential oil to add some fragrance. He stood up and grabbed a towel placing it on the heater next to the door, it would be warm when you got done bathing.

    “C’mon jagi. It’s perfectly warm.” You stand up from the bed and Yunho walks you over to the bathtub, your hand in his. “Here, I can help you.” His hand slips under the hem of your shirt, raising your arms so he could take it off you. Pulling the shirt up, he smoothed your hair back down, pecked a kiss on your forehead and unclipped your bra, pulling the straps down your arms. It was all so domestic. His fingers smoothly worked over your jeans button and pulled your zipper undone. He slid his hand over your thighs as he pushed the fabric down. Allowing to step out of the pants. You pulled your underwear down as he turned to the side to let you step in, his hand held out for you in case you slipped. You sink into the warm water, instantly soothed by the warmth.

    “Is there anything else that would comfort you right now? Are you hungry? I can make you a snack.”

    “Just want you to stay here, Yun. Want to be close to you.”

    “Okay jagi, I’ll stay right here with you.” He gazed at you with all the love he could muster. He wasn't looking at your body, but at yourself, seeing you for you, not sexualizing the moment. It felt comforting.

    “Can you get in with me? So I can lean against you?” You sheepishly asked him.

    “Y/N I would want nothing more.” He swiftly undresses himself and eases into the tub behind you. His hands pull your shoulders back against him once he’s situated, and you can feel his muscles imprinted on your skin. You slip further into the tub, water barely below your chin. His arms wrap around you and the feel of his large frame surrounding you relieved you of the stress your body was holding onto.

    “Thank you,” you softly whisper to him.

    “Always” he responds, his hands rubbing up and down your biceps. He kisses the top of your head in-between ‘I love yous’. After a few minutes pass Yunho pushes you forward gently and tells you to tilt your head back so he can wash your hair. You feel him swirling your hair around in the water, and then you feel his hand support the back of your neck as he lifts your head out of the water. He lathers your shampoo in your hair and you feel relaxed enough to converse with him about what happened. You recount all the details of your workday, the man who hit on you, and the old man who spit on you. How it made you feel so disgusted, like such a lowlife. How you clocked out and walked out and didn’t turn back. How deep down you knew you had quit but that it didn’t bring you the comfort you thought it would have, since you hadn’t told your manager.

    As you finish your story, Yunho has washed the shampoo from your hair and was finished conditioning it, when you finally sighed, bringing him back to concentration. You couldn’t see the anger in his eyes as he heard what those men had said and done to you. He had zoned out thinking of all the things he would’ve said to them should he have been there. But he lets you air out all your frustrations and doesn’t offer his input until you’ve finished and asked him for it. He didn’t want to burden you, making you feel worse, knowing how enraged it makes him to hear you be treated that way. So instead, he compliments you. Calls you what you are. The opposite of everything you were called earlier.

    “You’re beautiful jagiya. I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing someone more beautiful both inside and out than you. I’m so sorry you were treated that way, and I can’t imagine how that must’ve felt in the moment, especially now after thinking about it all day. But nothing they told you in anger holds any truth to you as a person.” He smooths over your hair brushing through it with his fingers. “You are smart, you are gorgeous, you are kind-hearted, and you are so strong. Especially for opening up and telling me. You are hardworking, and you deserve so much better than that job can offer you.” You smile up at him, tilting your head to give him a brief but deep kiss.

    “I know Yun. You tell me every day.” You smile into the kiss before pulling away, turning around in the tub, sitting cross-legged in front of him. He searches your eyes as you struggle to think of what to say next. What you know he wants to hear. You wrap your arms under his and around his waist pulling yourself into him.

    “I don’t think I have it in me to call them tomorrow. To tell them that I really did quit.”

    “I’ll call for you.”

    “No, Yun I- “

    “No. No questions asked I’ll tell them for you. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to them, but because you want to, I’ll take that burden for you.” Yunho smiles down into your hair, kissing the top of your head, relieved that you’ll come back to him once more, that you’ll be happy again. “But promise me this jagiya. Stay with me for a little while until you can get back on your feet. I know your independent and you don’t need my help, but I want you to take my help. To let yourself be taken care of for once. Until you’re happier again."

    “Okay Yun. I can do that.” You kiss him deeply, your hand lightly hovering on either side of his face. “Thank you for loving me the way that you do.” You kiss him again. “Thank you for being the most kind and caring man I’ve ever met. For always being there for me.”

    “Nonsense, you deserve nothing less.” He pecks you once more on the lips. “Do you want to get out and get changed so we can get some rest?”

    “I’d love nothing more.” You stand from where you’re seated, and slowly step out of the tub, careful not to slip, Yunho’s hand never leaving your lower back until you’ve walked towards the towels. You wrap the warm towel around you and watch as Yunho pulls himself up and out of the bathtub. You watch as the water splashes out the tub and drips everywhere as he walks toward you. You giggle at him, “Yun, you always make a mess baby. You’re like a big puppy.”

    “Your big puppy.” Yunho taps your nose and cheeses down at you, as he wraps around you and lifts you up, twirling you around. “There's my pretty girls smile. I missed you baby.” He kisses the tip of your nose. “Let’s get some sleep, I’ll call your boss in the morning for you. Okay?”

    “Okay. I love you, Yunho.” You lay your head on his chest briefly, before walking to the dresser to change.

    You both finish your nightly routine, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and washing your face. When you finish drying your hair, you look over to the bed to see Yunho watching you. He lifts the edge of the comforter up enticing you to climb under. You scoot backwards pressing your back to his chest when you hear him pout and flip you around.

    “Want you closer,” He pouts at you. You bury your face into his chest.

    “Better?” You ask him.

    “Better.” He responds. You fall asleep with his arm wrapped around you, breathing in his scent, and matching his steady breaths and slowing heart rate.

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    House Full of Mirrors - Yeosang

    Okay wow I haven’t been here in a hot minute but I decided to write something and I’m not quite sure where to put it. I’ll put it here for now and then maybe I’ll put it on my twitter but who knows. I just thought I’d do something that I’d been thinking about. My mind has been funky lately so here ya go, enjoy this writing. Idk if this is really angst or not??

    Dream little bit bigger they said. It’s unclear how that would work out in the world she lives in; she lives in a house full of mirrors. They show the reflections of everything she hates to see about herself, and yet she’s still here. The darkness inside eats away at her soul the way acid eats the flesh of bodies. Yet, unlike bodies, the darkness feeds off the insecurities and fear that reside deep within. It’s the side that no one sees, at least that’s what she hopes when she wakes in the morning.

    No will to leave the bed that buries her under the plush covers, where it’s always warm and nothing can touch her. This is where she feels most safe, hidden from the world and the wondering eyes. The eyes that rake up and down her form with lust and disgust. The eyes that reflect the parts of herself that she loathes. She doesn’t see brightness within her soul, all she sees is shades of gray and black that refuse to lighten.

    Most days she shelters herself, hoping that the day will end faster, and sleep will come quickly. She hates the sound of birds; the sound reminds her of alarm bells ringing. She hates the sound of vehicles; they remind her of the ways she could escape if she was better. She hates the voices of people; it shakes her to the core as they only fuel the fire of self-hatred. Yet, there is one person she cannot hate the voice of no matter how hard she tries.

    That voice reminds her of honey in lemon tea and the calmness of sitting on the beach in the warm summer breeze. It brightens her eyes and brings her out of the darkness that engulfs her. The way the voice flows like water down the river sends bolts of electricity through her spine, reigniting the drive to live. It is the one thing that she can listen to and not feel completely alone and afraid of herself. She forgets the house filled with mirrors; she forgets her sadness as if it never were there.

    “Hey you, what are you thinking about?”

    A light poke to the nose followed by a sugary sweet smile greeted her dulled eyes. As she stared back at the man kneeling next to her, that familiar warmth and comfort crept through her heart.

    “Was I thinking?”

    She might say her voice sounds like broken glass, shattering new bottles with each word that escapes her lips. Yet the man beside her would say otherwise. He found it soothing, soft like silk and fresh as if it was a warm spring day.

    “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?”

    He smiled down at her, bringing his fingers to gently tuck loose strands of hair behind her ear. Again, the warmth crept through her body from the delicate touch; she wished it could be this way always.

    “You might be looking into things too deeply then.”

    The smile she gave barely reached her eyes, but the boy could tell it was a genuinely happy smile even if it was small. It warmed his heart to know she would always give him at least one genuine smile throughout the day.

    “Well, if you weren’t thinking then can I join you?”

    “You never have to ask Yeosang.”

    The man let out a small grunt as he positioned himself to lay on his stomach next to the girl in front of the fire. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, taking in how her gaze softened with the yellow glow warming her cheeks. This was one of his favorite things to do with her; simply exist in quiet crackles of fire in sweaters and fluffy socks. It contrasted the ambiance of the outside world where the wind howled, and snow fell fast. He didn’t mind though as any time spent with her was the best part of his day.

    Despite living in her house full of mirrors, she saw her reflection less when he was around. To her, Yeosang was the one person who could help pick her back up when she fell. He would move the mountains she saw and turn them into rolling green hills. He could take her fear and diminish it with a cup of coffee. In the simplest of terms; he was her reason to smile and let others in.

    “I was thinking”

    “Wow good for you.”

    She beamed at him, patting his head lightly. He pouted in fain sadness.

    “Anyways, I was thinking that we could go get coffee. I miss sitting in a café and listening to you read to me.”

    It caught her off guard and for a moment the house full of mirrors began to suck her light back. Even a candle flame blowing in the wind would have been brighter than her in the moment. What would happen if she left? Would people look at her with those lifeless, cold eyes she had become familiar with? If she stepped out of her walls of reflections and thoughts, would she survive?

    He saw her fear, a quick glint as if a whisp had flashed out of eyesight. Within the house, there was peace so long as he was around. This he knew well, but the girl he saw wasn’t this shell. It wasn’t the number on the scale she weighed herself on. It wasn’t the words that screamed back at her through her reflections. It wasn’t the grey clouds that hung over head as she lay in bed waiting for the day to pass by. It was just her that he saw. The spark of something that couldn’t be copied by any other person, being, or object. It was the pure heart of a tiger that fought with vigor.

    “Please? You never finished reading from your book of poems.”

    He offered a smile; sweeter than whipped cream and lighter than cotton candy.

    “I don’t know Yeosang… I haven’t really been collecting poems as much as I used to.”

    “It’s alright. I just like hearing your voice.”

    “You do?”

    “Of course, I like everything about you. You’re my light when things get tough, just as much as I’m yours. We’ve stuck together through thick and thin.”

    “Well, I guess we could go out and get coffee sometime. Maybe I’ll have a new poem for you by then.”

    Once again, he smiled at her and she felt that warmth seep into her chest, begging to come out after all those years with him. Begging to be heard instead of pushed back into the shadows where the demons lived. Begging to be let out of the cage she had put so much work into building so nothing could hurt her. It yearned for sunlight, and in the back of her mind she knew this would come in time.

    “You know, you’re my favorite person right?”

    “Ah, I would have never guessed.”

    “Haha, very funny. In all seriousness though, if I didn’t have you I know my life wouldn’t be as full. It would be darker and emptier.”

    “I feel the same way. I really appreciate you.”

    “I want to be honest here.”

    Yeosang had his gaze fixed on the slowly burning fire as he spoke. He feared that if he looked at her she might run away and that was the last thing he wanted in this moment.

    “I know you feel you live in a house full of mirrors. I know you feel like that number on the scale dictates how people treat you. I know that when you don’t go out, you lay in bed. I know that I can’t fix you. I know that I can only patch holes. Yet, I know that I’d never trade you for anything else. I know I want you now, and always. I just want you… is that selfish?”

    She didn’t know what to say to him; it’s a sudden expression of words she doesn’t hear often. It scared her to the core. It sent cracks down her heart and through the walls she had built so high and strong within. These mirrors and demons had their way, leaving nothing behind in their wake. The path they left was filled with destruction, death, and rot.

    “I understand it’s hard to know why I’m saying this, but I know you know that I haven’t lied.”

    “I can’t be the judge of whether what you said is selfish or not. I just know that if you mean it… I wouldn’t try to stop you.”

    “Well then.”

    He sat up instantly, crossing his legs as he held out a hand toward her. The fire crackling made his face glow the way an angels might. She grasped his hand, matching his sitting position. It scared her. While she said she wouldn’t stop him, the repercussions of his actions, if they failed, would be world shattering. Her guard was falling along with her pain.

    “I’d love the chance to show you the world. I’d love the chance to show you what I see in those beautiful eyes, laugh, and mind of yours. If you trust me enough, will you let me be your partner?”

    Despite the initial hesitance, she did believe him and trust him not to crush her the way others had. Pushing her below the water until she couldn’t breathe, taking away all the air in her lungs as she drowned further than the time before. With Yeosang, it would be different. She knew just from the look in his eyes and how gently he cared for her.

    “I think I’d love to give you a chance to show me the world.”

    Yeosang brought a hand up to her cheek, rubbing his thumb over it, soothing the nerves that lay just beneath. As she leaned into his touch the mirrors that had always stared back began to melt away. The demons and crushing words grew smaller in form, fleeing for the dark corners of her mind. For now she was genuinely happy and the ever present thoughts faded in and out of view. For now, her house full of mirrors was simply a house with one mirror. In that reflection she saw the two of them shining like stars. For the first time in a long time, the mirror showed exactly what her life truly was; simple but radiant with the person who had a voice of honey in lemon tea.

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